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John Arrowsmith

May 30th

Hi !
Just arrived home from Grimsby at 2.00am and wanted to say a massive well done to all the teams who competed tonight at the Premier Final - WHAT a night!
Congratulations to Longcroft for winning the title and Buttershaw achieving 3rd place in their first Premier year - wow!
However I want to say a huge well done to all the Hornsea Team - 6 awards and second place is awesome. We have achieved a top 3 placing in finals going back to 2002 and that is a huge achievement in itself!
I know how hard Luke and the stage crew have worked for their award and I am very proud of you all. To also win set design, make up design and lighting design reflects the hard work of many.
I am also proud of the team winning the student leadership award - this justly reflects the amazing team spirit we witnessed today! Thank-you for believing in yourself and 'being the best you can be' tonight.
Love - Karen Hylton (a very proud liaison teacher :)

EEEEEEEEEEE! 2nd place in the premier final! Awesome! I'm so proud of everyone at hornsea especially as the competition was soo good! What a final!
After all the hard work you've put in you so deserve it and every one of those awards! Well done (-:
I just can't believe it's over already!!!
Also well done to longcroft and all the other teams who performed tonight - everyone was amazing!
EE! But well done Hornsea and thanks to everyone to helped make tonight's performance as brill as it was!
I'm definitely not going to be able to sleep tonight!
Loads of love - Sophie N (Choreographer HORNSEA! :-D)

A big, big thank-you to the Rocka crew and volunteers for all your support at Grimsby from the Nicest Kids in Town at the Northern final.
A few thanks to all the teams who welcomed us newbies, especially the Disco Divas from Winnies, and the Peterhead and Torry teams.
St Aidan's School will soon be no more (reorganisation) and we have certainly gone out with a bang !
Thank-you to Mr and Mrs Murphy who made our trip possible and came with us (along with the littlest Nicest Kid in Town, Matilda!)
Thanks also to Kevin - you were more than a bus driver ... you rebuilt the set (more than once) and looked after us all - you Rock!
Thanks to Nessa for not only giving birth to our leading lady, Hayley, along with the one and only Rachel (doing nearly all of the hair - it's time to rest now..... :)
To Mrs Stonebridge, Miss Ward, Miss JRAE and Super Debbie - you were all amazing.
Last but not least to my wonderful crew - dedication and always smiling - and to my dancers, you were amazing and you reached new heights ... I could not have asked for more.
Thanks for the last few months - time to plot our next adventure at Richard Rose Central Academy !!!
See you all Monday. YOU ARE THE NICEST KIDS IN TOWN!!!
Love and Hugs - Mrs B xxxxx.........xxx(90 of them :)

2nd place and 5 awards :D
Well done, abdy ! Wee done scotland proud
Well done to all the other skools !
Wiz a majik day - the bus journey was well worth iit!!
Hello to abody i spoke to ... sorry can't remeber all your names lol but you were all realli fine folk!!
Cya next yeer in aberdeeen then grimsby for the premierships :D:D
Toni Xx [Peterheeed :)]

WOW! Just got back from Grimsby at 4 this morning after coming in 3rd place! Can't believe that we'll be in the premier next year! Its mad.... and it only took us five years (and a lot of hard work !)
Well done to everyone!
Southfield Technology College)

All you Winnie dancers - WELL DONE for 5th place!! You were amazing and performed brilliantly - you were definitely the most entertaining (even though we didn't get that award!). You all danced the best you ever have and THANKS to you all - I was so proud of you all.
Just remember how well you have done to get to the Northern final and how many thousands of people entered originally.
Lots of Love - Mrs Clarke XX
ps John - it was nice to meet you and have a chat at the burger van about 8.30am.
A massive thanks to all the Rock Challenge crew - we have enjoyed both events so much.
The day was sooooo long though!!! I don't know how you all do it :)

Well done to the other teams ! We didn't win but oh well ... at least we got this far and we are not going to stop. We will see you next year - hopefully.
Well done to peterhead school - i liked your performance !
Laura (St Aidan's County High School) xD

OMGGGGG weldonnnee SOuthfieldddd!! Was not expecting us to come third at Grimbsy, or even to get placed at all :)
Had an awsum day - really looking forward to the northern premier finalss, what an opportunity.
Thank-youu so much !
Wel done to all the schools who took part at Grimsby.
Love - Laura (The Southfield Crew :)

Yesterdayy Waz Fab! (But Was Really Long Day and Very Tiring- :(
It Wazz Great Meeting New People.. Espeshily Hayley, Kelzi And Stu From St Aidan's In Carlisle.. All A Laugh :)
And John - Remember Wen ii Came & Sed Hii In Thee Morning? :P (Yes, ma'am :)
I Can't Beleive Our Skool Didnt Get ONE Award.. Which Was Pretty Disappointing.. We Were All Devastated After Our Hard Work.. But We Did Come 5th Out Of 12 Scoolz Wich Is Quite Good..
If Eny1 From St Aidan's Is Reading This and They Know Hayley and Kelzi and Stu From Year 11 Will You Get Them 2 Come On Ere and Tell Um 2 Leve Me a Message :) ((Tell Them It's Soph From Winifred Holtby))
Ohh Myy.. i almost Forgot 2 Mention Mike :D
If Eny1 Noz Mike From St. Aidan's (Erm ... Big Hairr.. Eyebroww Peirced.. Erm.. Big Hole Fingz In His Ears.. PMSL) Tell Him 2 Drop Me a Message On Here.. (( I Waz Thaa 1 Dressd As a Scary Emo )) :P
Soph (Winifred Holtby)

Wini, we rocked rockchallenge!
I am so proud that we was placed. None of us was expecting it!
WELL DONE South Holderness! =)
Yazz X

Well done evri1 who competed at grimsby last nite...
1ST PLACE SHTC...come on shtc...well done...premiership here we come...all thnx to mrs truran
Lv evri1 involved frm shtc...u r all amazin...

OH MY GOSH! Everyone was so impressive at Grimsby !
I can't believe Phd came 2nd! I hope to see you all at Grimsby again, especially you Winifred Holtby guys ;)
Well done to the winners - you dudes rocked. Shout-out to Torry too ! You are winners - you put on one amazing show that everyone enjoyed, and made our day at the finals really good [patriotic much?] :D
Bye guys :)
Bethany [brunette bollywood type person :)]

WOW!!! What a final! The standards were so high and the atmosphere at Grimsby was amazing - can't wait to see the DVDs to see everyones performances properly.
Great to see all the team again (you too, John - sorry I didn't chat for longer) and special hellos to our fellow Scots from Torry (loving the bagpipes !)
But most of all a HUGE thank-you to all from Peterhead: you made me so proud (can't believe I cried after the performance). Despite ALL the disasters we made it and I couldn't have asked for any more. Premiers here we come!
Miss M (Peterhead)

Well Done 2 All The Schools Who Competed At Grimsby!! The Standard Was Soo High!
Am Soo Chuffed 4 Phd Coming 2nd Place Bbz!! The Long Bus Journey Was Worth It, Even With 1 Of Our Buses Breaking Down Twice!
Gutted 4 Torry Tho - Was Expecting Them 2 Bee Placed! :(
Congratulations 2 Every1 In The Top 3! And Phd Will Bee Seeing Yoos In The Premiers Nxt Yr! :)
Chriz (aka Frankenstein's Monster) xxx

Wow ! Well done, Peterhead ! 2nd place and 5 awards.... fantastic.
I told Lorna at the heats that I thought you may do much better when the choreography aspects were marked by a separate judge.
I bet the buses floated back on the long journey to Peterhead.
Enjoy all your accolades - you thoroughly deserve them.
Vanessa (Firpark)

Well done to southy!
Just got a phone call...at midnight...luckily i wasn't asleep! Hahaa!
Good luck to all the schools in tomorrow's finals....ARCHIE will be there cheering you all on! Look out for us! And we'll Look Out for you!
Awesome!... Hope you've all had a fun time this year...We've missed you all a bit much and it's veryy strange watching it and not actually performing! Wierd!
Peace and love, guys!
Rachael [Archie =] xx

Weeyy!!! Rocka 2moroo!! Can't wait!!
The team's been working soo hard and all that left now is to be your best hornseaa!! That's what rock challenge is all about! YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU BnQ IT!:-D
Everybody remember to have fun and gud luk too all the other teams !
Thank-you to all the choreographers, stage crew and everybody else for makein rock challenge fab to be a part of but thank-you most of all to MRS HYLTON!! She's taught us all to be the best we can be and go out there and have fun!! Thank-you!!
Gud luk 2 all the other teams!!
xxxxxxxxxxxx tasha xxxxxxxxxxxx (hornseaa)

Good luck for tomorrow - i'm sure it's gonna be really good!
Good luck to all you other teams as well tomorow night !
Thank-you so much to Mrs.Hylton, the stage crew, choreographers, dianne and cathy, and all the other people, who took their time in helping Hornsea Rock Challenge 2008!
It's looking goood, so let's keep the energy up and show them all what Hornsea School is about!
Megan, xo

Good luck tomorrow, everyone ! Looking forward to the day !
I've had loads of fun being in the team this year and can't wait for tomorrow! :)
x Thank-you mrs hylton for all the motivation and confidence you have given to the team!
Ellie X
PS: Be Your Best !

Hey Hornsea, today was the first time i ever saw the piece for rock challenge 2008 and just want to say how fantastic it looks. It is a very strong piece and you all should be very proud of what you all have achieved.
It is a great honour to be part of the Hornsea team for another year - great spirit and I could not imagine myself anywere else!!!
Keep Smiling and all the best for tomorrow at the Rock Challenge Northern Premier Final!!
Paul W (Hornsea)

omgggggg cannot believe the final is tomorrow! really excited now hehe.
good luck to every1 in tonight's open final and good luck to the competition tomorrow at grimsby :)
had a great rehearsal today :D
See everyone tomorrow :D
bekki .k. from HORNSEA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cannot believe it is here at last and we are al soooo exited to go - can't wait to raise the roof with our performance
I am extremely looking forward to seein the other 10 schoolz! IT'S THE TIME!! IT'S HERE!!
It will be sad to see that trophy go back again after winning it last year !! :P (unless we win it again hmmmm !!!) WE CAN DO IT ALL ONCE AGAIN!
Just a MASSIVE thank-you to everyone hu has put SOOOO much effort into it all! DIANE, CATHY, MRS HYLTON, LUKE, WILL, CHRISTIAN AND EVRYONE!!!
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ... writing this message n listning to our 2007 winning performance song ... aagghhhhh ... "I LIKE THE WAY U MOOOOOVVVEE!" lol
Well anyway, guys, gtg
We're like one big huge family ... love you all kisses hugs mwah
Love x-holz-x

Eeeee! Final tomorrow!! I can't believe it's come so fast.
A massive thanks to everyone who's been involved this year!
Well done to everyone at rehearsal today! It looked fab!
I know you'll do your absolute best tomorrow night - i know you can do it!
Cannot wait for tomorrow! It's going to be wicked!
Good luck to all the open schools competing tonight and all the schools competing at the prem with us tomorrow!
But WE LOVE YOU HORNSEA WE DO! Bring it on 'cos we are definitely in the right type of mood!!!
Loads of love - Sophie N (HORNSEA!)

The rehearsal was so great today, Hornsea! The set is immense and the dance is ace!
Everyone has been working so hard and i hope the hard work pays off tomorrow...
Mrs Hylton, you are a star! (Putting up with us all haha!)
Good luck to all the other schools! See you all tomorrow!
Ruth = ]


May 29th

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT ! Grimsby tomorrow ! We are all well excited ...
Winifred to win, init !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
D for Discover
I for irresistibly great
S for Sensational
O for obviously going to win
DISCO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Init !!
James (Winifred Holtby)
Actually ... ummm ... no, James ... "DISCO" it isn't :))
"DISO" ???
John (editing :)

Hi Everyone ! Remember me ?
I am so annoyed with myself right now because I am unable to attend the finals due to a number of things (mostly cost) and worries that the same things might happen to me as they did in aberdeen (i.e. my knee dislocating etc). Sorry I am waffling on a bit.
Anyway please can you say a huge hello to all the other crew and volunteers as I wish I was there and please can you say a huge Good Luck to Torry and Peterhead as I remember being in that situation with Keith last year as it was one of Keith's best moments even though we won no awards. (Sorry - I'm waffling again.)
Anyway you will definitely see me again in Aberdeen next year if that's ok. I'm going to be the first in the queue because I would love to complete a whole day's volunteering without any mishaps.
I can't wait to see everyone again next year and I hope that everyone has great fun over the last few days of the tour
Bye for now - Vicky
PS Please thank Tim for the hug he gave me at the end of the aberdeen heat as it really cheered me up.

Congratulations to The Petersfield School for getting a mention in the online version of the "PETERSFIELD AND BORDON POST" and also to Driffield School for getting news of their upcoming Northern Prem performance into the online version of the "DRIFFIELD TODAY" newspaper !

Also farewell to Irene Moore, the Liaison Teacher from De Aston School, who has retired from the school in order to take up a career as a freelance dance teacher (I'll miss you from the northern Rock Challenge events at Grimsby even though it's been a while since I last saw you with a team there ! :)
There's a photo and more details in the online version of the "MARKET RASEN MAIL" newspaper

Wooohoooo ! Grimsby tomorrow :D:D Soooo excited!
The rest of my team left this morning on a bus but quite a few of us have an exam on Friday morning so are flying down afterwards! Going to miss most of the day tho :( ... gutted!
Anddd ... it's my 6th and final year doing rock challenge. I'm going to miss it a lot next year ... think i'll volunteer tho
See you all tomorrow!! :D

Claire (Peterhead) xxx

Heey !
I just wanted to say about the portsmouth finals that the day was awesome so thank-you.
Every school was wicked and although we came 6th we were still buzzing by the end ... can't wait til next year !!

Love - louise r (Regents Park dancer)

Hey guys !
Today's the day we have the great bus journey down from the Lake District lol.
Can't wait to see if we can't make mr.murphy cry again lol.
Lookin forward 2 2mra and can't wait.
OMG ..... finals ... we never would have dreamed of this opportunity so once again the nicest kids are bringing it to the plate.
Good luck to everyone in grimsby tomorrow ! Come and have a chat !
I'll probs be the one dancing around at every chance i get (and don't worry everyone - we don't bite :))
Can't wait - c u all 2mra !


Heya every1 !
A long while since i left a message on here ... bin way 2 busy with revision and the likes (can't wait til the exams r over!)
Anyways, just wanted to say gud luck to all the teams that are competing this weekend at grimsby!
A quick hello to all my mates - robyn n vicki frm ashfield and all my mates from thornton including megan, joe, selma and holly, all my new mates this yr! (U guys r ace! :)
Can't wait now 4 saturday! It's gonna b brill! It's sad tho cos it's my last yr! :(
Oh well ... i'll b comin bak at some point so it's not all bad!

John, hope you and wendy r doin well and look forward to seeing you agen on saturday!
Right, best get back to the revision for 2day. C u all soon!
Love - rachael (thornton)

2 Days!!! Can't wait !
Hope the same thing doesn't happen as happened at hull... owch!
Good Luck Driff. We Can do it.
Thanks to all the performing arts staff ! We are going to go out there and win it for you!
Kimm (Driffield) xx

Can't wait to watch all the other schools doin their thang :)

Love - B xx

Heeeya :)
Leavin for grimsby in nae lang :D:D
Ten hoor bus journey or something like that :(
Will be worth it tho :))
Can't wait to see what all the other schools have come up with ... good luck :)
See youu there ...

xx Toni [Peterheed :)] xx

Hiya "Nicest kids in town" :D
Unfortunately I'll miss grimsby :(
But am so proud to be a part of such an amazing dance company. "The Nicest Kids in Town" will show everyone what we're made of. Give it the best you've got cause we've got the best.
Have a great time, and enjoy every experience Grimsby throws at you. I 'll be thinking of you all
Love you all - Kat (St. Aidan's County High School) xxx :D

Marissa (Winifred Holtby)

Zoie and the Crew will be at the Scoop (an open-air performance space next door to City Hall, London, across the river from the Tower of London) on July 8th ... so too will several UK Rock Challenge teams. Why ?
Well, there's a day of activities starting at 11am but at 1pm Zoie and the Crew are going to try and break the world record for the biggest-ever dance class !

For further details, CLICK HERE.
See you there too ?! :)


May 28th

Heyy !
Good Luck 2 All The Other Schools Competing At Grimsby!
Can't Wait For It Noww! My First Yr.. Come On Phd Woot Woot! :)

Chriz (Peterhead) xxx

Hey guys :)
Good luck to everyone doing the Grimsby finals ! (Portsmouth was great :)
Well done to everyone involved at Kings Langley Rocka. We did an amazing job, and 4th place and 7 awards for our first time in the open finals was really great - well done guys :)

Are the short-film competition results going to be posted on the website?
Lauren (Kings Langley Rock Challenge) xxx
Hi, Lauren !
I'll ask Tim for the results :)
John, editing in sunny (at the mo :) Yorkshire


Hi rock challenge!
Well done to all of the schools who entered the Southern Regional Final A!
Thanks to everyone who took part and helped make Rock Challenge happen - without you guys, we would never had got this far!

Nikki (The Petersfield School)

Wooooop! 2 Dayzz! Only 1 Rehearsal Left :O
Can't Wait :D
Gonna Bee Fab!!
Grimsby, Heree We Comeee!

Soph - Winni!

Come on, you winnie rockers! We are ace !
Let's do BHE proud, and bring it home :D
Milly, Allie and Viki (WINifred Holtby 2008 !!)
x x x

Well !! Not long to go now !
Just wanna say good luck to all the other prem schools for saturday !! The standard's always high ! All my 7 years, it's been amazing !
Last year performing ... kinda sad ! Love rocka loads!! Big thanks to rock challenge and bybf for giving this opportunity !
Well, everyone's practising hard, i'm sure ! Hope everything goes well !
"Sweet Dreams" and good luck 2 all !!

Jordan (Ashfield Girls' "Sweet Dreams") xox

I am getting so excited now ! It's only 2day and tomorrow we got a rehearsal - the last one ... it's going way too fast !
Oh well - grimsby, here come winifred holtby ! Prepare to be dazzled because we are no 1
I hope all the schools do well. Good luck for every one
Love ya all - cindie f (winnie)

The online version of the "Portsmouth News" newspaper has a nice little piece about the southern finals - you can read it HERE
John, editing in drizzly Yorkshire

2 days left until rock challenge 08 - Can't wait !
Everyone in ashfield is working really hard! We Can doo itt ... thisss is our year to win that trophyy =]
Good luck to all the schools - c yas soon :)
Tyler, Ashley and Shannon (Ashfield Girls') xxx

Heyaaaaa HORNSEA ! We r all workin reali well. On saturday let's jst go out there n show mrs hylton and everybody we can do it.
Mrs hylton is workin reali hard with all ov us (we all love her to bitss) n kaye, sophie, sophie, lotti n jess - u r amazing to work with too.
I am so happy i am in rock challenge - it is FANTASTIC !

GOOD LUCK to all the skools on saturday ! Jst BE YOUR BEST - that's all you can do. Have a great time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xox katiee xox


May 27th

Good luck to all schools competing in the Northern finals.
Special good luck to my old team Peterhead - go and wow them!

For the third year in a row I cannot see the finals due to work :(((
I have seen some of the heats, however, so I know the audience are in for an entertaining night on Friday from St Aidan's, Torry and Southfield.
Wish I could be there ... Vanessa Geib (Firpark)

Two more days to go..... Two more days to go !!!!!!!
The Nicest Kids in Town are coming to see you all in sunny Grimsby! Come and say hello - we love meeting new people at Rocka !
Thanks to Luke, Jack, Jade, Tessa and Lucy
for helping me with last-minute preparations in school tomorrow ! Year 11s - keep revising, Year 12 and Year 13 - see you tomorrow for your practical exam prep! Then and only then will the Nicest Kids be ready to board the bus and journey south...
See you all on Friday ! We can't wait - Carlisle has its fingers crossed for you all so remember, you can't stop the beat !

Love and great excitement - Mrs B (St Aidan's County High School) x

Ohh Myy ... Am Excited !!
Only 2 Dayss ... Ahh, So Can't Waiit :):)
Can't Wait To Meet The Other Schools And See What You Guys Have Come Up With! Good Luck Everyone! :D:D

Korin (Peterhead)

Good Luck to The Nicest Kids in Town on Friday night ! Hope you all have a great time and do St Aidan's proud for the last time!
Big thank-you to Mrs Boothman and Miss Rae for all your time, effort and patience.
Enjoy the day and just do what you all do best..... dance !!!!!!!!!

Angela (Connor's Mum - St Aidan's County High School :)

Hi everyone !
Just a quick thank-you really for making this year again another great year! (I can't believe it - 5 years volunteering already!)
Well done to all the schools who competed in the southern finals ! I thought you were all great!
Well done to TPS ! Although not all of you could make it to rehearsals as you were off doing exams, you still won !
Congrats to Tim on his 10th year! I loved the batman video - it brought back memories as i was there with my school performing as well !
Well, i will be back next year - am going to try and do some more events in the South, hopefully the Grimsby finals too, and def the Nationals ! Cannot wait !!
Thanks to all the crew: Dave, Mitchy, Tim, Zoie, Dan X, Ash, Ollie, Mark, Ruddy, Graham, Ed and Paul, Guildhall Nick and Jimmy, for making this year one of the best years ! And of course not forgetting my fellow volunteers Hannah, Davey, Sam, Sam A, Danni, Caitlin, Ness, Rosie and Tanya, and not forgetting either the wonderful editor John and his lovely wife Wendy!
(If i have forgotten anyone i am sorry - i know there are loads of you !)
Well ... until next year! And make sure you spread the word about Rock Challenge - it's FAB !
Kate (Rock Challenge Volunteer!)

Woooooooooooooooooo! 2 Sleeps :D Hehe !
I'm So Excited. Just Bin Shopping To Get My Essentials lol :)
Gonna Be A Long Bus Journey But Well Worth It :D
Good Luck To Everyone Going! Can't Wait To Hopefully Meet Lots Of New Peeepz :D Woooooooop!

Wunce Again Look Out For The Hyper Blonde In The Bright Orange :D
Love - Steph :D (Peterhead) Xxxxxxxxxxxx

Well done to everyone at Ravens Wood ! You've done yourselves proud - everything you worked for has been achieved !
Thanks, Rocka, for a brilliant day at the southern premier finals - Rock on!

Oh my gosh! Premier Finals on Saturday ... can't wait ... soo excited. Can't wait to meet new people :)
Good luck to all the schools competing, but a special good luck to my school - Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College... our first premier final !!!
We're gonna raise the roof on Grimsby Auditorium!! E for Electro :)

Rachel xx

Hi All
I'm sorry i couldn't be around to run for everyone at portsmouth southern finals... however i was watching the show on open a,b and prem nights.
Lauren from cowes high, i really enjoyed your speech on the stage that night (and i was expecting a bit about ure loverly colour-coded book :) but it's nice to be missed !
Will be around next year - Davey Anscombe (2008 Tour Runner)
ps see everyone at northerns

Hey everyone !
Good luck to all the schools this year x
Can't wait till the Premier Final - it's gonna be relli fun !
Good luck, hornsea school x BE YOUR BEST x

5 days to go till the Premier Final ... x ..good luck.. x
Ellie (Hornsea)

Heyyy Everyonee!!!! You All Excited For Grimsby??? I Know I Am And The Rest Of Peterhead As Well!!
I Can't Believe It's On Friday :O It's Passed So Quick!!
Can't Wait To Meet New Schools N Have So Much Banter With Everyone!! :=D
Goo Peterhead!!
Good Luck To The Rest Of The Other Schools!!

Amy (Peterhead) XxxxxoO*

Hey everyone !
Good luck for grimsby!
Marlierae (winifred holtby school)

Heyy !
Yeah, i'm excited about rocka. Our theme is "The Gippsland Panther" and it's gonna be awesome!!I'm in year 8 this year - last year made so many new friends and one of them i was really good friends with and can't wait to see them again!
OK - seeyaz all at rocka 08
Nataile (Traralgon Secondary College - Australia) x


May 26th

Heyyy ! Everyone excited for rocka challenge ? I think so!! =]
Can't wait to come down to Grimsby and meet new friends and have an amazing time !! :D:D Sooo excited !

How's everyone doing ?
Luv - Jenna (Peterhead) Xxx

Just bk from Peterheed's last rehearsal b4 grimsby !!! Was lookin good !!! (I forgot how impressive our book was until i saw it again just now !!)
Good luck to all the teams goin to grimsby!! Can't wait to see wot everyone is doin !!! Every yr seems to get better n better n i'm sure this yr will be no exception !!! Hope everyones last minute rehearsals are goin good ?!!
Everyone remember... every team is a winner to be there so no matter wot the result is, everyone is still winners and u shud all be proud to have got thru to the finals!! Jst go n have a great day n make lots of friends... ENJOY IT !!! It's something u will never forget. (Wish i cud perform again :(
To all the prem teams too - i can't wait to see wot uze r all doin... every yr uze raise that bar another level and i'm sure uze will all amaze me again !!!
Can't wait to see everyone again. Vicky from ashfield
- u better come find me !! Have uze got any props u can leave me as a souvenir this yr ? I've still got the batton from lst yr :D
John.. me n kimberley will be sure to come n say hi again. Doesn't feel like that long since carlisle, eh ?!! Time flies !!!
Hope everyone from peterheed is ready for the loonnnnnngggg bus run to grimsby :( It's such a long journey but it will all be worth it !! 2 buses plus an aeroplane flight for exam pupils... just wot we've come to expect now... our 5th trip to the finals :)

Oh, and FIRPARK - YOUR VIDEO FOR THE SHORT VID COMP IS REALLY GOOD ! I'VE WATCHED IT A FEW TIMES!! It's funny (and thankz for the card too.. i'm sure i'll be back nxt yr to help again)
Stuart (peterheed)

Hi !
I just wanted to wish all the teams competing in the Open and Premier Finals the very best of luck for this coming Friday and Saturday at Grimsby Auditorium. If you are travelling a long distance I hope you have a safe and uneventful journey!
I would especially like to wish the Hornsea team all the luck in the world and thank them for their continued commitment and support at rehearsals. I know you can go out there and 'be your best' and I want you to know that I totally believe in you all. The whole team are all very special to me and I am so very proud of each and every one of you! Just make sure you enjoy the experience and have a fantastic day filled with great memories
Best Wishes - Karen Hylton (Hornsea Liaison Teacher)


May 25th

Not long left now and we are all so excited !
I just want to say that whatever happens on Friday night, you are all brilliant and this year's Rock Challenge has been so much fun
I have every faith that you all can do it and walk away winners on Friday night.
I hope you are all practising at home and make sure you are all there on Thursday afternoon and be ready to sweat !!!
I will be so proud of you when I see you up there against all the other schools
Lots of Love - Mrs Clarke (Winifred Holtby Technology College)

Hey ... wassup everyone
A big thanks to jenny,tyson, sue and emma for making this year's rock challenge the best it has ever been (my opinion) and just think - bognor's first time in the premier league and we got placed ! That just sends a massive buzzzzzz through everyone - even me.
A special well done to ravens wood who came first. I really thought you sent the message out clear and i got a good understanding about your piece.
Lastly, a big well done to everyone - not just from bognor or ravenswood but to every single person - teachers, volunteers, crew ... and even stage crew. Well done and good luck for the following years of rock chalenge

Jamie (Bognor Regis Community College) xxx

OMG ... only 5 days left till rock challenge final ... cannot wait - it's going to be an outstandingly great show !
Thank-you (again :) to Mrs Boothman for putting up with us for at least 5 months lolz. Thank-you for the choreography you made for us - you made it the best it can be and it got us another opportunity to show our performance again.
See you guys on thursday at 4pm on the bus ! xD

GOOD LUCK - Laura (St Aidan's County High School)

Come on WiiNii ! Only 1 rehearsal left lol !
I'm scared ... how quick has this flown by ?! Aahh, boyess n gurlls, i am dead excited (oh yeah !)

But just 'cos i'm scareed dnt meen yhuu gonna win, u other schools, cuz we are winners and it ain't about to change
Watch out, grimsby, winni is comin and we're here to put a smile on yhuur face :)
Lv ya all x-x-x- [X-FAE-X] -x-x-x (WiiNii)

Congratulations to all the Mountbatten School Team Two as I've just realised that you were the only Southampton area school that got a placing in the Southern finals !!! I think that's fantastic. Well done !
Looking forward to next year
A Parent

Hi to all the Rock Challenge Crew and competitors.
Thanks for making my last premier final as a Lighting Designer for Priestlands School so amazing. (The Best Lighting Design award was just the icing on the cake.)
Cheers to Tanya, Hannah, John, Paul, Dave, Ness, Zoie, Graham, Ed - and anyone else I have forgotten - for making the Get In and the Final itself one hell of a laugh and a lovely end to 3 years of Rocka.
Well done especially to Barton Primary School for their showcase performance. It really was amazing what a primary school can achieve, and the cheers during the run-through and the show itself showed how amazing it was!
Fingers crossed for volunteering next year!

Thanks - Tom (Priestlands School Lighting Designer)
And it was great to see you already leaping in and volunteering through the Prem Final show on Saturday night, Tom ! Good Luck for next year.
John in the Yorkshire sun

Friday 23rd May. Premier Finals. What can I say? We did absolutely amazing but clearly the judges were too blown away by our performance to see just how fab it was.
We'll be back next year with even more to throw at you - so don't say we didn't warn ya ! Let's just remember that we're still a premier team and we had the best time ever !
A huge huge mahusivve THANK-YOU to all of the year elevens for the super choreography and to all the staff that made it possible - you have no idea how truly amazing you are.
So... when do we start rehearsing for 2009 ? =P

xxxxx Rose ( Regents Park Crew ) xxxxx


May 24th

Got back home in Yorkshire from the Southern Finals last night, caught up with the messages, then discovered that the UK web pages had gone down again, so it's now actually 7.25am Sunday, the sun is shining here in the north (and I hear that GB came last in the Eurovision Song Contest ?)
Well, there are no losers on these pages. WHATEVER the awards - even teams who walked away with none - the Southern Finals were GREAT and a huuuuge "Well Done !" must go to every team for their work at the Portsmouth Guildhall in the Open Finals A and B and in the Prem final.
VERY enjoyable 3 days for Wendy and myself, and VERY impressed so many times.
As always at Portsmouth, it was again great to see so many "old friends" in the teams but again tinged with the usual sadness because for so many team members it was their last Rock Challenge as a performer / back stage crew member. To you especially, remember your Rocka days (sure you will ! :), try to spread the word about what a great thing it is to do, maybe come and volunteer in 2009 if you can, and my very best wishes and hopes for all your futures.
John (finally catching up with some results now that the web pages seem to be back up and running

Our children, who won Southampton Junior Rock Challenge, were asked to showcase their piece at the premier finals yesterday.
I would like to say how impressed I was by the behaviour and support shown to our children by the senior teams. They spoke to our children as equals and with respect. They gave them encouragement and were vocal in their appreciation of the children's talents.
I would like therefore to thank all of the students there for making it a day for our children to remember. Teenagers get so much bad press from today's media, but the wonderful individuals that we met are a super example to society and great role models for our young children. Well done and many thanks.

Debbie Webb (Barton Primary School)

Hey John and Hey all you Global Rockers !
Well, that's Global Rock finished with for me now i've reached the grand old age of 18, but I'm hoping to come back and volunteer because i DON'T want this to be the end of my Journey :[
Southern Premiers were great and i had such an amazing day thanks to the Cowes High team
. You guys looked fantastic out there. Please don't be disheartened at the results - whatever they come out like, be proud knowing that you did yourselves proud.
Cowes Stage Crew, you guys were amazing. I'm so proud to have worked with you all and even though we didn't get the stage crew award, i believe you guys were the best [and we still have the one from the heats =]
I must add that i missed Davey this time round ... no-one there to mock my colour-coded system !
A few Personal Thank-Yous:
To the Cowes Teachers
- You guys are amazing and we could not have got where we were without you, especially Thompson for making me go it alone to prove i could do it.
Tim: heaven alone knows why you chose me to do the speaking last night but i'm glad you did. You obviously believed i was good enough and sometimes that's all i need; you were also so reassuring and made me feel so much better about it, so Thank-You.
Dave: Thank-You for the support and for making my last Rock Challenge such a great one by keeping up the energy of it all.
Ollie and Guildhall Nick: Thank-you for the Spanner, and for all your help with our set, and for making me laugh so much. I'm really sorry i didn't mention you in my talking. (Oh, and Thank-You for the Careers advice ! Haha - wasn't a conversation i was expecting but was good all the same :)
Ashley: Thank-you for the Stage Crew award in the heats. It really made this year one of the best ever as it seemed like all the hard work was worth it. Thank-you for believing in me and being so supportive.
All the other crew backstage: Thanks for the hugs and the support and for just making it such an amazing experience.
One of the biggest thank-yous though goes to you, John. You were fantastic yesterday and i can never thank you enough. You helped me when i was struggling with getting my set organised 'cos of those blooming legs and i also really enjoyed the various chats we had throughout the day. You were again so supportive after i came off stage pretty quickly after talking (i dunno why i ran away hehe) and i really needed that hug ... i just owe you a massive thank-you. (ps and don't forgot your old website needs to go pink especially for me !! :)
OK - i've written a bit of an essay and i'm sorry. I know you will anyway, john, but can you please pass on my thank-yous that i have written on to the rest of the rock challenge crew.
I'm going now ... saturday night television and sleeping on the sofa because after getting home at 2am, getting up at 6.30am isn't a good idea - silly work.
I will now share the love, and leave
Loves - Lauren (Cowes High Co-Stage Manager 08) xxxx
Cheers, Lauren - lovely to see you and of course I'll pass everything on :)

YES ! Ravens Wood School are the southern premier champs !
Oh, wot a buzz !
5 awards and 1st place in only our second year in prem !
A massive congrats to every1: performers, stage crew, teachers, parents and any1 else.
Dr Berwick, our head teacher, was there yesterday and that's saying something.
Bring on sheffield next year !
Woooooooooooooooooooo! WELL DONE - WE WERE GR8!
Bognor - well done. You came 5th with no awards but that's wot we got last year and look where we are this year :)

Well done to everyone involved in Hamble's Rocka team this year! You were all awesome! You totally deserved to be at the finals and made us all proud again.
I really enjoyed being 'Lola' in rehearsals !
You know me - never one to enjoy the limelight - but i wasn't a patch on Natalie!
It was great to see the Rocka crew too (especially you, John!)
Roll on next year! I know Jane has big plans for scenery - OMG help me! See you all there!!
Mrs B xx
PS Well done Batman Tim on your 10 years! Thanks to people like you for making Rocka what it is!

WOAHMYGOSH ! Amazing day yesterday ! Everybody was amazing and i think our team were quite shocked at how high the standard was lol! Very Very Good !
We are completely chuffed to bits with fourth place and our prizes as this is miss mcgill's last year with us and her eleventh in rock challenge so quite emotional for our team anyway!
Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did - and see you all next year!!

Abby (Lytchett Minster)
ps BIG shout-out to the wavell reps and co-host....*cough* boiler room! Legends!

AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! FANTASTIC! EXCITING! Our first visit to Rock Challenge and what an event.
Well done, Priestlands, for a great performance. You can hold your heads up high. First time in the Premier and an award for lighting too. Isla very proud of you.
To everyone involved, a huge well done and thanks especially to the staff. How soon do we get to go again?!
Fiona (Priestlands)

Hi !
Well done to all the schools that were at the southern finals on wednesday the 21st.
Although we didn't make the top five, we won best stage crew!!! We also won best video performance and achievement in drug awareness.
Thank-you to ms. murray and kelly for choreographing and also thanks to jake for helping us (the stage crew) out. Without jake we probably wouldn't have won best stage crew, and we would never have got to the finals if everyone hadn't worked as hard as they did.
My first rock challenge final and hopefully not my last!

Chris (Mouse - Priestlands)

The Northern Premier Finals are so so close now ! Can't wait !
We can do it, Driff - we've had our last rehearsal and as a team we've really pulled it together. Everyone has worked so hard since the heat - Driff really have the spirit.
COME ON DRIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 More Days Till Grimsby, Babiee..
Woop Woop :)
We Iz Gonna Dance Owah Sockz Off ;)
Good Luck 2 Da Rest Ov The Skoolz..

Sophiie (Winifred Holtby) x

Gd luck to all at st pauls - we deserve a place in premier
All a the hard work goes down to MRS STEVENS - thanx !
Good luck to everyone !!!

Hia! x x
Cannot wait for our ROCKA 2008! Got a feeling it is going to be a special year. Heats neva went as well as planned but finals are going to be the perfect and absolutely amazing performance.
Wev all seen sum of the competition and actually, longcoft, i thought urs was mint!
Can't bleeve it's on saturday! We'll all be working hard untill.
Love and leave you all ... counting down the days!

Lurrrvvvvvvv - x-holz-x ! (hornsea) x x

Heyy evry1!
Only 6 days til grimsby! We r all so excited! WoopWoop! We're gonna rock that stage on fridy nite!
A big big thank-yuhh 2 MR WILKINSON! MRS CLARKE! MISS MACKENZIE! MR PEMBLE! and every1 else who helped us win! We couldnt av dun it without yuhh! Well done winnie!
Good luck 2 all the other teams!
Luv yuhh winni!

BETH! (winifred holtby) xoxoxoxox

Here We Go, 6 days left! So Excited.
Only got 2 hours of rehersals left but we're only polishing up, because we are ACE!! :S
The coach to Grimsby is going to be Brill ... "Everywhere We Go"! Hahah
Good luck to all the other schools, because you'll need it! Mwahahahah (Evil Laugh :)
Winni, Remember - Put Everything Into It... We Can Win It.
Abbie [Winifred Holtby XxxX =]

OMG only 6 days until grimsby =)!! Can't wait ! We are going to rock the night!
Good luck to everyone!! And a big big thank-you to mrs boothman for putting up with us for the past 5 months - we all really appreciate it!!

Love you all - Hannah (Nicest kids in town -= St Aidan's) xxxxxxx



May 23rd

Wooooooooooo!!! Kings Langley! You were amazing on Wednesday at the open finals, and FOURTH place for our first time in the final was amazing!
I think the best award had to be PERFORMERS' CHOICE, because that means so much to have the other schools like our performance.
Loads of thank-yous ....
Dance Captains - Becca and Jess - Love.com!
Choreographers (too many of you to mention), good job guys!
The teachers that give up their time and lives for Rocka - Mrs Butt, Mrs Shipp, Mrs Norris, Mr Luff BUFF Puff, Miss Dobson, Mrs Snow and Ms Wacko Jacko ... thank you!
The Rocka team - all sooooooo amazing and dedicated.
John - thanks for the hug when we were watching our school rehearse, and what you said to me meant a lot.
Finally .... the cast and crew .... you blow me away with your dedication and commitment to the cause. I know I shout, moan, blackmail, bribe and sometimes smile in the process but you do ALL deserve the final and if they had a TEACHER'S CHOICE award, I'd vote you lot!!
OK, oscar speech over ... BRING ON 09 ... Kings are coming (again !)
Love - Miss D (The proudest teacher in the universe) xxx

Well Done to Sandown and Brynmawr for last night at the southern open final !
Also another well done to the guys from our heat - Purbrook - we'll be seeing you in premier next year :D!
Kirstie ( Ryde High Choreographer) xxxx

A massive thank-you to mrs hylton, stage crew and the choreographers, and of course cathy and diane. We hope you all have a good time on saturday because we are all very excited about it.
Good luck, everyone :D

Joanna and Emily (Hornsea)

Wheyyy !! Rock Challenge yesterday was sick ! (Still not as good as stevenage, though - that WAS the best ! Good experience though !)
Can't believe we only got 1 award (best soundtrack !) lol ! Oh well.
We did get through in stevenage by half a mark between us and Kings Langley, the winning school.
Good experience which will be remembered.
Congrats to the qualifying schools !

Ruby x

Well, that's Rocka done for another year.
Well done to everyone in Ryde High (I was in the audience cheering for you !) and well done to everyone at both the Open Final A and Open Final B !
We came fourth last night but hey - we still got the best award going ... BEST STAGE CREW (Woo ! Haha :) AND the all important Spirit of Rock Challenge !
See you next year ... Bigger and Better !

Tom [Brynmawr =]

Hey everyone !!!
Well done to sandown for coming in at 3rd place last night (!!!) and - of course -
RYDE HIGH SCHOOL for coming in only 1/2 a point off first place on wednesday, which means WE ARE BACK IN PREMIERE NEXT YEAR !!!
Well done to everyone ! I can't wait till next year ... even though it will be my last year =[
Thank-you to the committee for all their hard work for the last 3 years ... we don't want you to leave !!!! Let's keep it up and make them proud !!

Lots of love - Lucie (Ryde High Dancer)

Heyy to everyone !!
Good luck to everyone going down to grimsby one week today! I am sure you will will all look amazing :)
Aidan's - good luck to everyone in the cast ... you really ARE the nicest kids in town ! Well done for working your socks off !

Lv - kim and kelz xx

A massive thank-you to mrs hylton, stage crew and the choreographers, and of course cathy and diane. We hope you all have a good time on saturday because we are all very excited about it.
Good luck, everyone :D

Joanna and Emily (Hornsea)

Wheyyy !! Rock Challenge yesterday was sick ! (Still not as good as stevenage, though - that WAS the best ! Good experience though !)
Can't believe we only got 1 award (best soundtrack !) lol ! Oh well.
We did get through in stevenage by half a mark between us and Kings Langley, the winning school.
Good experience which will be remembered.
Congrats to the qualifying schools !

Ruby x

Well, that's Rocka done for another year.
Well done to everyone in Ryde High (I was in the audience cheering for you !) and well done to everyone at both the Open Final A and Open Final B !
We came fourth last night but hey - we still got the best award going ... BEST STAGE CREW (Woo ! Haha :) AND the all important Spirit of Rock Challenge !
See you next year ... Bigger and Better !

Tom [Brynmawr =]

Hey everyone !!!
Well done to sandown for coming in at 3rd place last night (!!!) and - of course -
RYDE HIGH SCHOOL for coming in only 1/2 a point off first place on wednesday, which means WE ARE BACK IN PREMIERE NEXT YEAR !!!
Well done to everyone ! I can't wait till next year ... even though it will be my last year =[
Thank-you to the committee for all their hard work for the last 3 years ... we don't want you to leave !!!! Let's keep it up and make them proud !!

Lots of love - Lucie (Ryde High Dancer)

Heyy to everyone !!
Good luck to everyone going down to grimsby one week today! I am sure you will will all look amazing :)
Aidan's - good luck to everyone in the cast ... you really ARE the nicest kids in town ! Well done for working your socks off !

Lv - kim and kelz xx


May 22nd

Hi guys !
No time to format stuff etc ... the audience is coming in behind me (I'm parked up at the front edge of the Pompey stage) so I'd best just get today's messages up and get out of the way !
John (Editing at the Guildhall :)


Well what can i say .. WELL DONE RYDE HIGH SCHOOL!!!!
Best Make-up, Most Original Concept, Student Leadership and 2ND PLACE!!! WE'RE BACK IN PREMIER!
I still cannot believe that it was only 1/2 a point between us and the petersfield school ( a very well done for winning!)!
Well Done to all the schools!
Can't believe that was my last rock challenge, going to miss it! but hopefully will be a volunteer next year!
Kirstie ( Ryde High Choerographer ) x

Hiiiiii :)
Well what a day yesterday was! Thank you everyone that took part at kings langley you are always amazing! And we are really proud! (especially us dance captains)
Thank you miss dolan youre always amazing and you have been a real inspiration to everyone!
Miss butt this just couldnt have been done without you! Youre a ray of sunshine!
We are really proud of our awards and place !
Well done to all you other schools and thank-you to the school that was standing next to us at the end (ones with massssive tutu!) You were really sweet so well done :)
Also just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the V.I.P woman who stood in front of us during awards. You were so supportive of us and it meant a lot to know that you thought so highly of us so thanks. (You're pretty cool too.)
And how can we forget John (Ed: easily :) Youre always fabulous and i think youre the best! (Ed again: awwww ... bless !!! :))

OK we promise to stop talking soon but there is sooooo much to say!
Finally, tom says "big shout out to all the 4 skeleton boys" :)
Well done to steph as well, our lead character, a best friend and just a truly amazing naturally happy girl. You have been a pleasure to work with and you have made this experience the most memorable. Guess what?... YOU BEAT ANOREXIA!!
OK last thing. We're amazing!! Bring on Rocka 09 !!!
love.com Becca, Jess and Tom :D xx x xx

heyaa nicest kids in town
well done everyone that took part you all done very well
cant beleive we won
well done to miss boothman couldnt av done it without you
grimsby finals here we come woop woop lol <3
luv you all - emma and jodie (st.aidans) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well Done Toynbee School for Wednesday nights performance at Portsmouth
You are all winners ,and gave another outstanding performance.
PLEASE do rock challenge so that others can experience a truly great show!
Ross G

2nd place :)
Premiere here we come
well done to everyone who performed!
Sabby and Sadie (Ryde High)

Heya !
well done everyone who performed last night at the finals!!! You were all brilliant!!! :)
HUGE congratulations to TPS...everyone has worked so hard and I think we thoroughly deserved our place!!!
Thanks Toynbee...it was fab sharing a dressing room with you and well done for all your awards!!!
Congratulations to everyone!!!
Carri (The Petersfield School)


May 21st

WOW, this year's RC was amazing ! Every year it is more energetic !
Amy-Louise (St Mary's) x

Good Luck to everyone tomorrow !!!!
And good luck to ryde for today (although it's a bit late ! :)
Saw the junior showcase last night at portsmouth -- they were all really good and some of the costumes were amazing ! Well done to you all !!!
GOOD LUCK!!!!! (again!)
Sian (Sandown) xxxxxx

Helllo All =D
Good Luck To Everyone that has got through to the northen finals in Grimsby! Luke is gonna go for it and smile his ikkle face off!
All three of us would like to say WE LOVE YOU, Mrs Boothman and Thank-you so much, your choreography is amazin !! We wouldn't have done it all without you! We are gonna DANCCCE our hearts out for you !
Luke says he'll have to shine because the parents are coming !!!! =\
Nicest Kids In Town, you are all amazin !
Much Love and Hugs - Jade U, Anna and Luke (The Nicest Kids in Town - St Aidan's County High School) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Come on, all you guys at open final a today !
Who will win?
Big shout to cranbourners - woup woup !
Chris (Cranbourne)


May 20th

Hi ! It's Bez from Ryde High... again
Just wanted to say thanks to tom from brynmawr ! Good luck to you on thursday ! (Saw your heats - you looked amazing :)
Love - Ryde High

Good luck to everyone in Portsmouth on the 21st !
Good luck especially to kings, and thank-you to all the teachers and dance captains who pushed us to get this far ! It's been soo much fun !

Luv - lali


Lauren from Cowes again. (I spend so much time here hahaha !)
So anywho ... premiers on friday ... soo excited !
I have no lessons tomorrow so will probably be painting props etc knowing me ... could be fun !
Aha ... am watching the Eurovision Semi-finals ... it's well funny :)
Only 3 days until my last ever rock challenge competing. It's gonna be a sad day :(
Good luck to everyone in all the finals north and south.
Special good luck to Ryde and Sandown in the southern open finals - do the island proud, guys.
I'm dreading saturday morning - i have to work at 8am and we don't get back on the island till gone 1 ... could be fun
Anywho, seee ya all soon.
Lauren (Cowes High) xx

We wanted to all say thank-you to our wonderful teachers, without whom we wouldn't be able to do RC so to Kelly O'Donnel and Michelle Murray - we all love you soo much and miss murray is nearly at her due date for her gorgeous baby ... soon jacob will have a little brother or sister to play with :) so we all wish her the best of luck !
And also a thank-you to all the teachers and staff that helped put costumes and set together ... we know how long it took to iron ALL our costumes :)
Good luck to all the other schools we are competing against on the 21st of may 2008 at portsmouth guildhall ! We are all so happy that we managed to beat off other competition for the highest second place to secure our place in the final !
Hope to see you all their tomorrow!
Good Luck, Woodlands! Do Us All Proud And Make Mr Peirce Cry Again! :)
Love you all x
Remember spirit of rock challenge is always ours so keep smiling and cheer everybody on!

So excited!! Can't wait ! Gd luck CJM
Hopefully my voice won't hurt as much as last time =]
Rosa (CJM) xx

Good luck to everyone for tomorrow, i'm sure everyone will be amazing!
Especially lots of luck, to Kings Langley :) Congrats to all the cast for making it this far yet again! Thanks to all those who just put that extra bit of effort in especially Miss D!
Come on Kings, let's show them what we're really made of, make Miss D proud of us, and make ourselves proud!
Lots of love - Emma xo

Hey Hey Guys!
Great Rehearsals Recently!
Can't Wait For Thee Finals! They Will Be Acee!
Good Luck!
Janiee (Hornsea)

Hello Everyone !
See you tomorrow, me hearties! Have a good day !!!
PS Look out for us at Durrington - we're employing a new "hugtime" rule. It involves random shouting of the word "hugtime", and random hugs !!!! :D

Gazza (Durrington High School !!)

Only 9 days to go.....
We've had our last rehearsal before Grimsby and the Nicest Kids in Town are looking good !!
Well Done, St Aidan's - the whole school and indeed the City of Carlisle are routing for you.
Thank-you for working so hard on the tweaks and changes - you look better than ever.
See you all on 29th at 4pm, on the bus !

Love - Mrs B (St Aidan's County High School)

Hey all rock challengers !
I wish every school the best of luck at portsmouth tomorrow, but especially kings langley school. Thank-you so much, jess and bryony - you are absolutely amazing dancers and you have bad being a sketaton in hero to zero a great time, not just for me but i'm sure all the sketatons
Also a great thank-you to mrs butt for all the costumes that we just wouldn't look our best without
But the biggest thank-you in the world to mrs dolan ! We love you so much and you have made the whole rock challenge experience amazing ! We so wouldn't have made it to the final without you and the rest of the crew
Also a thank-you to all the dancers, actors, backstage, video ppls, 'cos it takes every brick in kls rock challenge to build the strongest wall and blimey but isn't our wall strongg

We can do this, guys !
I love you all
Good luck, everybody (especially steph - you are amazinggggg !)
I hope my kiss worked ... it took me ages ... i don't think it is goin to tho ... oh well
Good luck !
Connieeee xx
Sorry, Steph, but the kiss didn't work :(
John, editing on a sunny evening in Yorkshire but shortly to get on the motorways etc down to Portsmouth :)

WOOO !!!!!!! Winni are coming to grimsby - WATCH OUT !!!! Can't wait !
Not long now, everyone !!!! Good luck x !
Darcy x

Well done for a great show on monday 19 may 2008 ! I am glad to be a part of the stage team.
Good luck for next year
Phillip (Portsdown Primary School)


May 19th

COME ON WINNII !! We Can Do It ! WHO0O0O0O0O0O0O0P...
Discover YouSelves ! Grimsby, Here We Come ! We Are Gonna Bring That Trophy Home ..
Not That Long Left Now !!! :D
Love You All From WINNII !
Marissa S (WINNII....)

Come on, winnie, we r da best !
Bring it on, Grimsby ... gonna win Northern final easy ... bring it on everybody !!!
xxxxxx winnie iz da best !!
Chloe (Winifred Holtby Technology College)

Hi all !
Good luck to everyone in the finals across the UK ... wish we could be there, but oh well ... bring on next year !!!!
A shout-out to Winifred Holtby School (all the best for the finals by the way )
. Any of you remember Mrs Ranner, an ex-drama teacher at your school ? She's been teaching at Baysgarth for 4 years now and just wondered if any of you lot remembered her ... she's brilliant.
Good Luck to all !

I'm in the midst of exams at the mo ... JOY !!!
John and Wendy...enjoy the finals; looking foward to the 2009 tour already !
All the best - Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth 1970s Rocka 2008)

Kings Langley School, you can do it ! Brilliant rehearsal tonight ... just let the adrenaline kick in and it will be fantastic.
Let's have a great day on Wednesday and enjoy ourselves. Go for it !

Love - Mrs Norris

Woooop - Not Long Now :)
Gonaaa Bee Fab !!!!!! GRIMBSY HERE WEE COMEE :D

Hiiyah John, BTW. Woz Youu At The Viking Fm Hull Arena Rock Challenge /: Cuz i Dunno If i Saw You :/ And Wil u Be At Grimsby ?
Soph x (Winifred Holtby Technology College)
Hi Sophieee ! If you saw a wizened little old white-haired white-bearded bloke mostly on / around the stage through the day, or in the SR wings in the evening show, then you might have noticed me, and yes, I'll be at Grimsby !
John, ready for Portsmouth Opens and Prem first :)

Hey !
Good luck to everyone competing in the finals this week !
A big shout out to Ryde High ! Good luck to you guys ! Shame we're not at the same final as you !

But anyway, what I really came here to say is ...
THE FLUFFY SHEEP ARE IN THE FINAL ! Woo ! See you all on Thursday ! =]
Tom (Brynmawr School)


May 18th

Good luck to everyone in Portsmouth on the 21st !
Good luck especially to kings, and thank-you to all the teachers and dance captains who pushed us to get this far ! It's been soo much fun !

Luv - lali (Kings Langley)


May 17th



Wheyy! Come On Winni, We're Gonna Win It.
Good Luck To All The Other Teams, But - We Are Pretty Good!! Watch Out! Not Long Now, Practise, Practise, Practise! =] Wooo :)
Winifred Holtby Rule ! We Are Currently Hull Schools' Champions, Soon To Be Winners Of The Northern Finals. Oh Yeah, Sounds Good. Come On !! We Love To D.I.S.C.O :D:D:D

Well done to the 35 boys and 10 girls of the Firpark School Rock Challenge team who received a standing ovation at the Lanarkshire Arts Festival showcase last Tuesday evening. If the audience did not know about Rocka before they certainly do now :)))
After a string of outstanding choirs and musicians, they blew the roof off the Civic Centre in Motherwell. Comments from the audience such as 'Amazing,totally different' and 'by far the best piece of the night' came from audience members who had nothing to do with the school. MSPs, the Director of Education and the Provost were all singing Firpark's praise.
There have also been a few enquiries from other schools about Rocka so here's hoping we can use this show as a springboard for a West of Scotland Rock Challenge event
Vanessa Geib

Good Luck to everyone at the finals on Wednesday, especially Kings !
I'm soo proud of everyone and just want to say a huge thank you to Miss Dolan, Miss Butt and all our dance captains for making us work so hard !
See everyone there on Wednesday - can't wait !

Love - Steph (Kings Langley) xxx

Hey all ! Nearly time ... !
Good lukk to all the schools, but watch out - we put the D in DISCO !
PS thnx to mrs clarke, mr wilkinson and mrs mackenzie ... yhuur all important to us ... thank yhuu for yhur hard work xx

Hey guys. Can't believe the northern premier finals are just 2 weeks away !!!
Want to wish Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College the best of luck for their first yr as a premier school !!! I was so proud of you guys at bradford, Just enjoy yourselves, as you deserve to be there like everybody else !!! You were the Northern Open Final Winners last year - remember that !!!!! Electro !!!!

James (Ex Buttershaw)
ps look forward to seeing you there, John !
You too, James ! Going to be a great day, methinks :)

COME ON KINGS !!!!!! A little further (4 days) and we'll be in Portsmouth.
I know how hard it is with exams, coursework and trying to fit it all in, but WE CAN do this.
Keep the motivation going, and let's REALLY GO FOR IT in the last rehearsal on Monday evening. Show me what you've got and BRING IT ON !!!

Miss D at Kings Langley (slightly fraying around the edges ;-)

OMG!!! Can't believe the Northern Open finals are less than 2 weeks away - where's the time gone ?
Peterhead - I know it's hard with your exams but with only 2 rehearsals to go we need to see everyone at them !

Miss M (Peterhead Academy)


May 16th

Good luck to every school that's made it through to finals, Northern and Southern ! Hope you all have fun !! :)
Also "Hi John " =) (I haven't seen anyone leave u a message lately so thought i would 'cos i'm nice... sometimes :D)
Abbii x
Hello, Abbii, and thank-you for the message :)

Hi everyone !
OMG winni ... cnt believe we got through ! (Well, actually it's NOT a surprise really ... we are awwesome and sooo professional !)
Watch this space, competitors, cuzz we'll wooop ya...
Good luck to ya all !
Lv yazz all, winni ....
Faye, Claire and Sophie xx

Hiya !
Just wanna say good luck but winni are tring their hardest to win this competition so look out cus we're ready to win !!!
Discover yourself - it's disco time !! Winni are coming to GRIMSBY !!! Woohoo !!!!
Claire (Winifred Holtby)

We have done extremely well to get this far !
Even though it's my first time in rock challenge, cannot wait for grimsby xD

We have a chance of winning so come on, st aidan's, we can do this :D hehe
Luffya all - Laura (St Aidan's County High School) xx

Come on TPS ! We can do this ... our dance is great !
We get such a buzz from performing ... we are just na-tur-als !!!!
Luv u all, performers and great teachers !!!
Balloon girl he he

Wooooooooop! Onlii 3 More Rehearsals! :O (We Dnt Need Noo More Rehearsalz Relii Cuz We Oredii TOP Quality !!!! :D
A Lot Of Hard Work Az Gone Into Our Performance So We Definitely Deserve 2 Win The Final
We Had A Great Day At The Hull Rock Challenge, Thankz To All The RC Crew.
I Know We Wil Have An Even Longer, Harder But Most Importantly.. BETTER Day In Grimsby (If It's Possible :P)) And I Know Not One Of Us Can Wait !! See Youu All At Grimsby..
A Speshal Good Luck 2 All The Otherr Skools. :)

Lotza Luv - SofieLou (Winifred Holtby)

Brynmawr School's Rock Challenge Team get an article in the online version of the "GWENT GAZETTE" this week ... well done to them !
John (editing)


May 15th

Come on winni!!!! We can do it !
Only 3 more rehearsals left ! :)

WiiNNiiEE !!!

Hey winifred holtby rockers ! We all know that it's coming in 15 days (OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!) but i know we can make it because we are all fired up and ready to go
Everywhere we go, people want to know who we are ... shall we tell them ! We are WINNIE !!!!!!!!!!!I love u all ...
Bye for now - cindie f xoxoxo

Hiyaaa !
Wohooo ! Nearly Time Foo Comp ! Onli Few More Days :O :D
C'mon WINifred ! We're Gonna Win N Bring Our Flava To The Floor Hehee !
Good Luck To All The Uva Teams But Don't Think Twoce Coz Winni's Got It In The BAG !
C'mon Winii, Let's Bring The Trophee Home And Have Our One Of A Kind Spirit And Dance !!
Love - Star X X X [Winifred Holtby]

Winni !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited for grimsby ... onlii two more weeks to go :)
I crnt believe we came first. We couldn't hav done it without mr wilkinson, mrs clarke and mrs mackenzie - you have all been ace !
I crnt wait. Come on, winni, let's show them what we've got !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily (Winifred Holtby Technology College)

We can wiin !!
GL 2 all tha uver skoolz competin !!
Ellie =]

Hey Everyone !
Well Done Everyone.
Everyone From Winifred Holtby - Well Done !
We Wouldn't Have Won Without You, Miss Clarke, Mr Wilkinson And Miss Mackenzie - Wouldn't Have Dun It WithOut Your Help .. Thank-You !
2 Weeks Tomorro Till We Go To Grimbsy !!!

Love You All - Marissa

Hey winifred rockers ! Three more rehearsals left - COME ON !!!
Thank-you to mrs clark and mr wilkingson for our GREAT choreography and for boosting our confidence in dancing !
Also thanks to miss mackenzie for doing all the tickets and makeup and helping out in everything, and thanks to all the stage crew too. Thanks, everyone !

Amy (Winifred Holtby School)
ps 3 more rehearsals !

Good luck all !! It's getting soo close ... :)
Sarah (Winifred Holtby) xxxx

I can't believe it's nearly there ! The northern final - WOO !!
I'm so buzzed i can't wait !
- if we work as a team we can do it
Amy (Winifred Holtby) xx

A big thanks 2 the UKRC team for helping me out !
I'm now back at school and am so happy we won !!!
Lyaaah - Chloe (Springwell)


May 14th

Hey hey rockas !!!!
I really can't wait for the northern open finals ! OMG - onli 16 days - how excited am i ?!
Some people on our team have lost faith and dropped out of the chance to compete in the finals but we are still going to be there, fighting strong and flying the st.aidan's flag for the last time (in september we are due to merge with 2 other schools and become an academy)
So come on, aidan's - we can do it !!! (And you all know you're amazing ... love you all.)
Love - Connor xoxoxoxoxoxox

Wooo Driff. Pulled it all together as a team. Miss Bradley's right. We have changed so much. Helping each other. Looking out for each other because that's what a team does.
Northern Finals are soon and we're working our hardest, rehearsing at dinner times and after school and STILL fitting in exams and coursework.

We were also looking forward to travelling to London on July 8th to take part in the Rock Challenge attempt on the world record for the biggest dance class but the team won't be able to come now because it clashes with our Sports Day and we've been told we aren't allowed to miss that, so good luck to everyone who IS allowed to go.
Thanks to all teachers, stage crew and dancers at driffield school

Hey rockas !
I'm so excited for the northern premier final it is unbelievable !
had a fantastic rehearsal last week and looking forward to another tonight.
Just a quick thank-you to the team and everyone involved for the effort and commitment - we will rock grimsby on the 31st :D
Good luck, rockers !

xxx Lizzie (hornsea) xxx

Hey all (and John, still doing an excellent job on the page)
So i'm sat here in school in my free periods and thought i'd drop by 'cos this coursework is becoming tedious.
I probably came because it's performing arts coursework and it's the one there is a bit about tim in hahaha ! I don't think we ever really thanked him for coming in to see us - that was sooo fun.
Premier finals next friday - so excited !
Good luck to everyone in finals ... will be an amazing day
. [See ya there, John =]
Lauren (Cowes High)
See you all there, Lauren !
John, editing

Good luck to all the people at kings langley !!! Your performance is fantastic and you deserve to win. Hope it all goes well !
Good luck!

Linzi (Vandyke) xD


May 13th

Only one week and one day until we are on stage again for the southern finals !! Rehearsals going well, and everyone is getting nervous.
Can't wait to see everyone at the finals. Good luck to all the schools !
To my lovely lot ... keep up the good work and remember how proud I am of you ! We didn't expect the finals, so we are just so happy to be here !

Miss D (Kings Langley) xx

Hey TEAM !!!
First ov all i would like to say OMG !!! There's only 17 days till grimsby and we only have 1 rehearsal left !!
Second of all i would like to thank all the rock challenge team for being cheerful, happy and supportive on carlisle day 1 !
Big shout out to Davey !!!! (Hope you're still watching hairspray !!! ;) and Tim - my friend kelzey still wears your tie lol !!!
Another thing to say is a very special thank-you to the three most important people in the world at the moment -

Miss J Rae
, you're sooooo much fun - where would we be without ya ?!
Mr D Boothman ... OMG!!! Our sets are amazing - thank you for all the time and effort you have put into them !
And last but certainly not least Mrs Bendy Wendy Boothman - you are a star ! Where would I be without you ??? (Not where i am today, that's all i can say !!! :)

Hope Ta c every1 there next tuesday night or i will be very disappointed (and i will cry lol :)
Love ya all !!!!
Connor !!!! (St Aidan's "The Nicest Kids in Town") xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Woooooop! It's Like Only 17 Dayzz Til Grimsbyyy ! :D
Can't Believe We Won ... 1st Time Our School Has Ever Won! :O We Was Buzziing !! :D
Good Luck To Every1 Competing
, But Watch Yourr Backs 'Cos Winnie's Gonna' Win !! :)
Love - Soph (Winifred Holtby) x

Wooooooooooooop :)
17 Days Till Grimsby, Baby ! :)
Watch Out For Peterhead - We're Ready To Go Lol :)
(We Have Lyk 3 Rehearsals Left! Nervous :O lol :)
Good Luck To Everyone Going ! (Look Out For The Hyper Blondie :D)

Love - Steph (Peterhead :) Xxxxxx

Hey guys !
Just saying well done to all that participated in the dunedin stage challenge and a huge well done to otago girls high school (1st), kings high school (2nd) and QUEENS HIGH SCHOOL (3rd)
Larissa (Queens High School, New Zealand) xox
Hello, Larissa, and a big WELL DONE to you too - the very first team member (I'm guessing ? :) from outside the UK to use this page since everything changed :)
John, editing on a cloudy, cool morning in Yorkshire, UK


May 11th

Not long till the northern finals in Grimsby ... cannot wait !
Good luck to all schools who have made it this far xD
Thanks, Mrs Boothman
, for making us the best we can be, putting the team together ... and winning hehe :D
See you all in Grimsby !
Laura (St Aidan's County High School) xx

Southfield Technology College's Rock Challenge Team get an article in Cumbria's online "TIMES AND STAR" newspaper - good for them. There's also a small pic plus one of the Cockermouth School Rock Challenge Team.
Thanks to Naomi from the Cockermouth Team for the information !
John, in the Sunday-morning sun :)


May 10th

Hello to the Nicest Kids in Town !
Less than three weeks to Grimsby and I've been planning a few tweaks !
Rock Challenge Rehearsal for the cast is on this Tuesday after our party at Gianni's on Monday ! See you all 3.30-5.00pm ... that's the full cast and Year 8 crew !
Remember, you won the Carlisle Heat because you were the best on the night. You had really stiff competition, you pushed yourselves and it paid off !! Let's start the work again next week - break times for cast only - and see you all on Tuesday night.
Thanks to all the other Carlisle Day One schools for your encouragement and support for the final - that is what makes Rock Challenge so special !

All the best - Mrs B. (St. Aidan's County High School)


May 9th

The Our Lady of Lourdes Rock Challenge Team have got coverage for their fundraising for the finals in the online version of the "BALLYMONEY AND MOYLE TIMES". Well done, everyone ! :)
John, editing at approaching midnight on Friday 9th after another day in some dark stage wings somewhere (though not this time for Rock Challenge :)

Sandown Rock The House !!
We Came First! =]]

Finals Here We Come !!
Love - Laura (Sandown High School) xx


May 8th

Hi !
Just wanna say how fun rock challenge was at the derby assembly rooms on may 6th !
It was our first year doing it so we were only doing it for fun.
We had an amazing time and it was a great learning experience.
Hope to take part next year ! :)
Well done, everyone !

Natalie (Wilsthore B+E College) x

Well done to all of the competitors at the Sands Centre in Carlisle last saturday! I had a fantastic day and all of the schools i met were really nice =)
Unfortunately, for the 3rd time running, we didn't win (haha !) but just watch us fly back next year =)
A special thanks to all of my teachers, hairdressers, make-up artists etc.
RIP Mr Lynn. You were a great teacher and i know you would have loved our dance just as much as we all loved you <3
It's strange to think that just one year ago you were with us at the rock challenge.

Hevz (Lowton High School) x x x x x

Hii... Vikki And Zoe Here From Ashfield :)
Can't Wait For Finals.. Only A Few More Weeks :)
Good Luck To All The Schools Competing And Can't Wait To See Our Friends From Over There On The Mainland :)
See Uze All In Grimsby :D

Vikki And Zoe xoxox

Well done to all the cockermouth kids on may 2nd. I was so proud of you ... this was our best performance by far... extremely professional !
I know we didn't place (don't know what happened there ?!) but you were the best in my eyes ! (I'll have to start thinking of some wacky hairstyles ready for next year...)
Keep your chins up and I'll see you all in september for rock challenge rehearsals for 2009 !
Love ya all, my many adopted little sisters !!

Emma (wardrobe and hairstylist :) xx

Heey guys !
May 2nd was reaaally good ! Well done to all the schools who were in it (you were all great !)
Well done ucc - even though we didn't get a place, we still got 2 awards !
Oh well ... hope to see you all again next year !

Danielle (UCC) xxxx

How good was Carlisle Day 1 ?!
It was sooooo much fun goin down with FIRPARK again !! They r such good fun !!

Well done for another amazin performance. Uze all wrkd sooo hard n did so well !!
Me n kimberley really enjoyed spendin the day with uze n doin all ur hair n make-up for ur performance... and also followspottin - that was fun !!
Uze were all really well behaved and did urselvs and ur skl very proud !! Can't wait for nxt yr to help again !!
Special mention to the "demons of drink" - uze were amazin... kimberley did a great job on the body-paint n the hair just topped it off... just addded to ur amazin dancin... the judge was right - uze really DID look like u was on fire !!
GO FIRPARK !!! 3rd place 2 yrs in a row!!

Well done geibo... u keep pullin it out the bag yr on yr !! Good luck with ur shows u got commin up ... hope the kids do it just as well as they did at Carlisle 1 !!
Well done to all the other skls at carlisle too... Didn't get to see much of u (was soo busy doin all the hair backstage) but from wot i did see everyone was amazin. Well done to mayfield for gettin 2nd and st aidans for winnin !! C yaz in grimsby in a few weeks when i'll be there with peterhead !!
Aaaahhhh... GRIMSBY IS CLOSE !!! Can't wait ... it's gonna be so good !!
Well done to everyone who got thru to the finals - i'm sure everyone will be amazin as usual. Can't wait to see wot everyone is doin !! And the premiers - can't wait to see everyone there n wot amazin performances all uze have come up with this yr !!
So, peterheed
... uze know wot u got to do. Uze have been doin so well at rehearsals... just a few more weeks to perfect it all then it's time to go to grimsby n show them how we rock it !!
LET'S ROCK LIKE WE'VE NEVER ROCKED BEFORE !!! I know uze can do it..
Stuart (peterheed / firpark's "famous" hairdresser :)

Hi !
A big "Thank-you !" for giving us this amazing opportunity at St Columba's. Our boys are a real hit in school at the moment and we have erected our certificates in our Dance Studio.
The Rock Challenge experience was just as I remembered it as a child in Australia - you guys do an amazing job and give children who come from tough areas a chance to feel that sense of achievement in something they enjoy so much.
Thank you again, and all the best for the finals. We're looking forward to entering next year.
Cheers - Renee Mandanici (Head of Dance/Drama/Expressive Arts, St Columba's Boys School, Kent)

Mayfield School's Rock Challenge Team have made it into the online edition of "THE WHITEHAVEN NEWS", while Manhood Community College's Rock Challenge Team get reported in the online version of the "BOGNOR REGIS OBSERVER". Well done to both teams !
John (editing on a sunny morning in Yorkshire :)


May 7th

Morning all (almost :)
Congratulations to St Aidans and Southfield for coming first on the carlisle event days. Your pieces were somewhat inspriring. (St Aidan's - i meant what i said about not liking 'Hairspray' until I watched your piece. I actually watched the DVD all the way through without falling asleep, so i can't wait to see it at the finals...)
Unfortunately this looks like it's going to be my last tour so i'm hoping the finals go exceptionally well and i can't wait to see everyone there. Roll on Portsmouth Juniors and Finals :)
Davey Anscombe (2008 Tour Runner)

Royal Manor Arts College's Rock Challenge Team get nice coverage in the online "DORSET ECHO" newspaper, while The Gleed Girl's Technology College Rock Challenge Team apparently get a report in the online version of "SPALDING TODAY" but for me this web page didn't load despite waiting for aaaages (maybe you'll have better luck than me :)
John (Editing back at home in Yorkshire after the event in Derby yesterday)


May 5th

Apologies to all Cumbrians (etc :) for failing to get the messages up till this (Monday) morning. Wendy and I spent Sunday in the Lakes ... from Carlisle through Cockermouth to the Honister Pass, then into Keswick (taking GREAT care not to mess up the runners in the Keswick half-marathon that we didn't know was on as well) and on to the Whinlatter Forest Park before heading home via Penrith.
John (back home and editing again :)

Brilliant end to the Carlisle 1st night - go St. Aidans!!! You guys rocked. Good luck in the northern finals.
Thank-you, Mayfield - you make me realise why i am so lucky to be part of the team and the school. I couldn't be prouder of you all - you are all amazing and all your hard work paid off.
Here's to next year !

Tracey (Mayfield)


May 4th

We are so proud of all of you ! You were brilliant last night !
You make us extremely pleased to be working with such talented kids

Mr. and Mrs. D, Mr. S, and Mr. and Mrs. C

Well done to every school that performed at Carlisle on May 2nd ! You were all great =D
I can't believe we won. It's absolutely amazin ... it was my first rock challenge performance as well !!
I Loved every bit of it ! Can't wait for Grimsby ... all i can say is Bring it On !

Thank-you very much, Mrs B ! You have been a star !
Thanks also to all members of staff who helped out as well and to The Nicest Kids In Town ... you were all FAB !

Much Love - Jade U (St Aidans - The Nicest Kids in Town) x x x x x x x x x x

A very big well done to all who were in the friday night rock challenge - you were all great !
Can't wait for next year when i can be in it again !!! I'm comin back, people, bigger and better than ever !!!
Thank you also to lakes school for making the tent the place to be. It was great !!
Love to the haven and bennies rockas ... love you all, and can't wait to make next year's as good as this one !!

Peace ou homebois
Love - gina (haven and bennies !!!)

Hey everyone
Great show at sands :)
WELL DONE, EVERYONE ! You were all fantastic
See you next year

Pippa (st aidans) xx

Heyyyy !
Rocka was amazing this year, and fundraising has already started at Royds for next year.
Hi John ... are you still gaffa-taping stages ??
Good Luck to everyone still to perform !
Lovee - Jess (Royds)
Hi Jess ! No gaffa-taping stages since Bradford :)

OMG ... well done to st. aidans ! They rock !
I am ssssoooo proud to be part of haven and benniess. We did well and we'll do even betta next year ! (So watch out :)

Stacie D (haven and bennies) xxxxx

Well Done to everyone last night in Carlisle !! Especially Southfield for coming first !!!!
Loved it as always, but I'm so sad because the college I'm going to doesn't do Rock Challenge so this was my last year =(
Good Luck to everyone for next time !!

Amy (Lowton High School) XXXXXXXXX

To all my amazing UCC Rockas - a HUGE well done for your fantastic performance on Friday night ! Thank-you for making me so proud.
Even though we weren't placed we won two great awards - original concept and best choreography !!! (Mr Gimber was 'MEGA' impressed !)
See you next week to watch the DVD (which is brill !).
Love and hugs to you all ...
Reardon (Ullswater Community College) xxx

OMG ... we won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grimsby 30th may - can't wait lol
Well done to everbody who took part at Carlisle and we hope to see everybody in the northern open final

Love u all - Connor (st aidans county high school) XXXXXXXXXXXX

Go SOUTHFIELD !!! Into the northern final for the second year - YEY! :D Can't wait
Well done to all the other schools who were at Carlisle on Saturday - u were great !

Southfield Technology College Crew :D

Thanks to everyone for last night. Had a great day, and still carn't believe that we WON ! I don't think any of us were expecting it, which made it all that much more.
Love everyone from Southfield, and all the teachers and crew that made it happen.
Carn't wait till Grimsby to have another awsum day! :)
Love - Laura (Southfielddd) x x x

Heyyy All :)
Amazing Day On Friday At Carlisle Day One !!
Every Single Performance Was Amazing And A Thrill To Watch. With The Standard Of Performances That Night, Everybody Was A Winner !!
Mayfield, You Deserved Every Award You Received :) You Guys Rocked !!
Woooo ... St Aidans Won !! Grimsby's Going To See What The "Nicest Kids In Town" Are Really Made Of ! =)

But What This Message Is Really About Is A Chance To Say Thank-you To Mrs Boothman Who Put Hours Of Her Time For Months Now Making Us The Best That We Can Pssibly Be. You've Been Amazing And For That - Thanks ! Also To Mr Boothman For Our Set! And All The Other Staff Involved !
Much Lovee - Lucy (St Aidans "Nicest Kids In Town") xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I had a great time at the sands centre carlisle !! I was only part of st aidans crew but it was really good !
I can't believe we won !!
Well done to all the other schools that joined in ... the lakes, cockermouth, ullswater, st josephs, mayfield (and anyone else :) ... you did great !


Hey guys !
Yesterday was so amazing ! Well done to everybody who participated ! Didn't want the day to end ! Was incredible !
Going to miss it =[
Good luck in the finals!!! Wooop x

Adam L (Liverpool College)

Well Done to everyone on Friday at Carlisle - everybody was awesome.
A BIG Well Done to MAYFIELD - you were brill and made me feel so proud. You put in an enormous amount of work since September (staff and students) and it all paid off... 2nd place ... AMAZING !!!!!
Thanks to all the other schools for your support and help through the day and we'll c u nxt year

xxxx Carolyn xxxx (Mayfield School)

Mayfield - you were fantastic ! A great performance, and a great result ! Congrats to the crew and the performers. See you next year !
Great news for St Aidans School ! Sorry that you are closing but a great result for your last year as a "St Aidans" team. Keep the spirit !!

Sue Leathers (Mayfield Special School)


May 3rd

Well done to everybody who performed in the Sands Centre Carlisle on 2nd and 3rd May. I've had 2 great days, one with my team and the second as a part of the audience.
Thanks go to Stuart and Kimberley (ex Peterhead pupils) who painted and hair-dressed all day long (sometimes with not so willing participants :)))
Liverpool College, you did my home city proud tonight - great choreography - and I loved Southfield's piece too.
Got a few more Firpark staff hooked on Rocka - they will be fighting for places on the bus next year :)))

Vanessa Geib (Firpark)

Just got back from Carlisle may 3rd. Was an excellent night and everyone deserved their awards.
I would like to credit our fab teachers and thank them all for their efforts. The parent helpers also for helping so much with hair and make-up and getting us that award.
We did this performance for Mr Lynn and we all know he was there in spirit to see us. Not all of us even knew him, but he left a gap in our lives when he lost his fight with cancer. R.I.P., Sir...

Liz T (Lowton High School)

Congratulations, Mayfield, you rock challenge stars, every one of you !!!! You did us proud !!!
Well done Carolyn, Janice and Liz for all the hard work you put in to organising this and to all the pupils and staff involved for the brilliant performance !!!

Totally excellent 2nd place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Mayfield !!!!

Cockermouth, you guys were amazing on friday ! You honestly deserved first place !
Don't get down ... bring on next year ! They'll HAVE to give you first then, or else !

Katy (ex Cockermouth) x x x x

Well done everyone for yesterday :D (And especially well done to ullswater :D)
Everyone rocked !
See you all next yearrr !

Sacha (Ullswater Community College) xxx

Hia all !
Had an amazing night last night in Carlisle - one never to be forgotten !
Well done to all that competed - you were all fabulous.
I am so proud to be a part of St. Aidan's County High School but still can't believe we won. We are now going to the finals - woohoo !!
A huge thank-you to Mrs B
... we wouldn't be here without you and we all muchly appreciate all the time and effort you put in to make us the best we can be.
Well done to all my fellow dancers ! We rocked last night and am so glad we get another opportunity to do it all again.
Thanks to all the teachers and support we received - you did an amazing job with the set, hair, lighting, props, scenery, and of course generally supporting our amazing team :)
Enjoy every second as we did in Carlisle because we look amazing! :D
Love you all - Kat xxx :D

Bullers Wood Rock !
I can't believe we won Rock Challenge Day 2 London AND got 4 awards. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Miss Tapp for all your hard work !
From everyone at Bullers ... Thanks everyone !!!!!!!!

Kelly (Bullers Wood School)

WELL DONE TO EVERYONE at carlisle last night ! You were FANTASTIC !!
See you next year !!
Anna K (Ullswater Community College)

Amazing show at the sands last night. So much wonderful talent from the cumbrian schools.
Very well done to st. aidans and mayfield - you deserved your placings. (The circus skills mayfield displayed were wonderful - loved the plate spinning !!!
Can't wait to see everyone next year - totally inspiring !

Helen (watching parent)

Heyy Rocka..
Northern Premier Finals in 28 days :D
I'm So Excited :D:D
Good Luck to Every other school competeing in the NORTHERN PREM FINAL ! Can't wait to see everyone else's performances.

Tom (Matthew Humberstone)

Good luck westfield school for tonight - you blow them away again !
Lucy Rose

A big, big Thank-you to all of the Rocka crew and schools who took part in the Carlisle Heat (day one). The Nicest Kids in Town from St Aidan's County High school had the time of their lives !
See you all in Grimsby 30th May 2008 !!!!!!

Love - Mrs B (St Aidan's County High School) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (can't fit 90 on) xxxxx

Heyy !
Well done to everyone that took part in rock challenge yesterday ! It was great and even though we didn't place this year ... it was still a blast !
Well done mayfield ! 2nd place - gooo you :)
Anyway good luck to the skwls 2nite

Heya guys !
Well done to the schools on the 2nd of may at the sands centre in carlisle ! You're all winners !
St Aidans came first ... whooo ... go us xD
Well done to mayfield - you totally deserved them awards :)
From the nicest kids in town - St Aidans County High School - whooo :D

Laura xxx

Just to say.... Rock On Netherhall, Guys !!! Cya latr 2day for Day 2 at the Sands Centre !
Much love and hyperness - from your lighting team xxxx

Alice at 1DRLAND


May 2nd

Not editing in the dark wings at the Hackney Empire 2day but while sitting on a soft leather settee in the light and airy restaurant at the Sands Centre, Carlisle (almost up to Scotland :), overlooking sheep and cattle grazing in the riverside meadows and parkland below the terrace outside :)
HOWEVER ... Wendy and I didn't get here after the Day 2 London Rock Challenge until 5.30 this morning and ... I keep falling asleep over the keyboard :(
John ... fazed but still editing the page :)

Just a quick message to say GOOD LUCK to Cockermouth School tonight in Carlisle ! I'll be there cheering you on !
- I'll see you later ... no doubt you'll be drowning in hair bobbles !
Also good luck to all the other schools performing in Carlisle tonight and tomorrow, and Westfield Primary - good luck ! (My little niece is performing - I can't believe it !)
Sammy (Ex Cockermouth School rocker and lifelong fan !)


May 1st

Woooo ... go stockley academy ! We got 3rd place ... 1st time entering as well ! We were well happy :)
Had so much fun ... thankz for a great day out !
Go stockley ! (chicken dippers lol :)

Hi guys !
Just a shout-out to say a huge thank you to Total for their support for our entry.
Looks like we're gonna make it to finals.
'Cause of exams we're having to fly 17 of our team from Aberdeen and it's almost doubled our travel costs so the support we've been given by a local company is very much appreciated. Looks like Peterhead'll definitely be rocking up in Grimsby.
Congrats, guys, on all the hard work you've put into fundraising and rehearsals. It looks fab. Grimsby, here we come.
Good luck to the guys in Carlisle. Especially a big shout-out to Vanessa and the guys at Firpark. Hope you all have a blast
See you in a month, John !
Lorna (Peterhead)

We're here once again - it's the evening before and everyone's getting excited !
The van is packed, my lunch for tomorrow is made, and all I have to remember now is to wake up in time ;)
Good luck to everyone at Carlisle tomorrow, and everyone on Saturday - I'd have liked to have been able to see both, but one will simply have to do, hehe..
But anyway, good luck, but most of all enjoy every second of it!

Naomi (Cockermouth)

Hi rock challenge !
I'm soooo excited about the finals! My school got through to the Southern Finals !
We're all hyped up already, AND about the pirate costume theme :)

Carlisle! :|
Can Not Wait !
Everything looks REALLY good :D
Bennies and Haven

Massive thanks to everyone on the team !
Rosa (CJM - Convent of Jesus and Mary) XXXXXXX

Wowzza- still ain't sunk in yet ... the FINALS ! AAARRRRRHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!
CJM all the way !
I am still recovering from all that screaming, CJM .... my voice ! (Oh well, all for a good cause !)

Veronica (Convent of Jesus and Mary)

The Empire was great on Wednesday !
Prem Final 3 weeks !!!
Video and Nick Scott Photos Look great !
Can't wait ...

(And i saw john tryin to edit anywhere possible on wednesday: merchandise table, judges' table, wings, front row :)
Duncan (Ravens Wood)

Attention all Bennies and Haven Rockers !
Only 12 and a half hours until the bus leaves for Carlisle !!!!
Dance looked fab yesterday at rehearsals, and all the subtle changes made all the difference.
Set looks and works brilliantly and everyone deserves a huge well done for all their efforts and enthusiasm !! (All us oldies are really proud of you all !!!)

Most importantly... ENJOY IT !!!!!

Miss Ramsay and Holly (Haven and Bennies)

We had an absolutely brilliant time on Tuesday ! Thank-you to everyone at the Hackney Empire for a really well organised and fun day.
Well done to all the schools for great performances. Rock on !

Sarah Shardlow (Foulds and Christ Church Combined)

Good Luck To Everyone Performing At Carlisle on Saturday !
Netherhall School

Jess (Convent of Jesus and Mary)


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