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Apr 30th

Hi guys ... 10pm and editing the Messages page through the day in the dark wings downstage left at the Hackney Empire, London (on an unsecured open wifi network ... ah well, can't have everything :)

WOOHOO!!! With less than 2 days to go we're finally (just about) ready! Rehearsals were great tonight (even though I did lots of shouting) and will be even better tomorrow, AND...Our t-shirts have arrived!
Go team UCC - rackatacar rackatacar !!!

Loads of love and hugs - Reardon (UCC) xxx

Heyy Again x
Only 3 weeks till southern finals :p Can't wait..
Shout out to : Loz a and T.. Jazmine.. Maisy...Sophie.. Kayleigh... we have such a giggle . tehe

Karla (Toynbee)

OMG ... am so excited and cannot wait for the final ... i don't know if i can take any more !!
Well done, guys !!

Miss Owens (Team Hamble 2008)

Hello All
Well, i'm currently sitting in the balcony at the Hackney Empire (using Ruddy's laptop as he has nipped off to do some "work" :)
We have a HUGE crew here in London as we split on thursday when half of us make the long journey up to Carlisle. It's great to read all the messages building up to the Carlisle events. I think this is my 5th year in a row going to The Sands Centre and it's always a really good-natured and fun event and the standard gets better and better. Looking forward to a great couple of days - see you there !
Dan (RC Assistant Stage Manager and compere)

Lauren... Yes, i LOVED the colour-coded booklet (i want a copy please :P)
Hope all is going well in london ?! I wish i could be there but will deffo be in carlisle this week.
I'm also looking forward to my assemblies at Mayfield CE as well ... i'm really looking forward to getting my Joseph Coat on again ... teehee :)
Hope all is well in the the dark, dark wings of the hackney empire.
See you soon, carlisle ...
Davey Anscombe (2008 Tour Runner)
Can't say if all is well at the Empire, Davey ... can't see :))
But wow, has it rained today ... and last night on the way down the M1 :((
John (editing, in the dark, dark wings ... :)

Heeey x
Good Luck UCC :)
Excited !

xx Loiss xx (Cockermouth School)

Good Luck Cockermouth! Hope you all have an awesome day and I'm sure the performance will kick ass! See you there!
Katy S x x x x

I am from Mayfield School, and I competed in Rock Challenge on March 22nd. I really enjoyed the day, and everyone did really well and looked great.
I was just wondering what has happened to the results ? (Ed: would you believe that your UK Messages etc page editor hasn't yet received the official printout from the crew, Chloe ?)
Well done to everyone that got through to the finals and good luck !
Chloe (Mayfield School) x

OMG !!!!!! Three more days and the excitement is building in our rehearsals !!!
We all can't wait for the sands centre on friday. We hope that the experience will be good or even better than last year because i thought it was awesome ! Last year was my first time and i thought it was a great way to educate kids about a healthy lifestyle.
Hope to see everybody on friday ! Good Luck !!

Love Ya All - Connor (St Aidan's County High School) XXXXXXXX

Hey Hey Hey !
The Aberdeen Heats Were Very Good ! (And Peterhead Academy Came 2nd Place ! :)
Cnt Wait Until Grimsby ! 30th May !

Jo (Peterhead Academy) xxxxxxxxx


Apr 29th

Hello !
I'm Sophie from Bedfordshire, and I competed in Rock Challenge at the weekend as part of the Alameda Middle School and Redbourne Upper School's piece "I can't cry hard enough".
I really enjoyed it and even though our piece went horribly wrong, we still came 5th so it wasn't too bad after all =]
A little message from me and my friends ... WE LOVE RUDDY ;)

Hey guys !
Good luck Hey guys !
Good luck to all the premier schools performing on the 23rd may at portsmouth - hope you all do well !!!!
A big shout out to lytchett (of course :) and also cox green school - u rocked in april !!!!!!

See ya all soon in may
Luv - jojo !!!!!!!!!! (Lytchett Minster School)

A huge "Thank-You !" to all the rock challenge crew and volunteers ! U made the end of the portsmouth tour an awesome experience for me and i cannot wait until the finals to c u all again.
.... u are crazy !
Hello to John and thank-you for keeping me company during the awards ceremony thursday night (Haha ... it was interesting to say the least - what do YOU think ? :))
Well done to my old Sandown crew! 6 years and you finally did it - 3rd time in the finals, 1st time going as a winner (though you're always winners to me)
Rosie and Sophie from sandown
- u guys r fantastic to run it this year with the helpers for the mirror piece dance - love it (you know who you are :)
Good luck in the finals, guys - I will be there !
Well done to Brynmawr ! U guys were awesome and soooooo lovely and ur piece was fabola ... wishing u luck in the finals also !
WOOO to Ryde High ! You won too! (Bring on an IoW-filled finals woop woop !!) C u at the finals and thanks for supporting Sandown :)

Righto ... back to a life not so fun as rock challenge :(
Sorry for the long message! I'm sure i've forgotten something but hey ...
Sam (Volunteer :)
Sitting by you through the awards was an interesting experience, Sam, but ultimately you seemed very happy !! :)
See you again at the finals !
John (editing from sunny Yorkshire :)

So excited for friday ... I truly feel that this is our best performance to date!!

Good luck to all the other schools performing at carlisle - especially mayfield :)
Cockermouth kids ... please remember your black underwear!!
He he :)
Emma (cockermouth wardrobe and hair stylist)


Apr 28th

Well done Brynmawr again for beating Yateley lol ! It was a quality piece.
Well done to everyone who competed on Friday ... was a wicked day. Gutted we didn't qualify as it was my last year of competing, but glad i did it one last time though, 'cos it was amazing.
Good luck to everyone in the finals ... gonna miss the experience of rock challenge ...

Ollie H (Yateley School)

Well done Purbrook Park for getting into the finals - found out today !!! We won't be against you but oh well !
Soooooo looking forward to it- saw the DVD and pics today and thought we did ace!!!
Well done again to TPS- we did the school proud and will do again hopefully at the finals !!!

Good luck to anyone else who got through! =)

Carri (The Petersfield School)

Come On Brynmawr! We did it! The Fluffy Sheep will be back in portsmouth for thee finals babiee !
Well done to everyone who performed on Friday and to the uk rock challenge team - you were all brilliant and made us feel welcome !
See you in the finals where Wales will be back to rock the house !

Sarah (Brynmawr School) x x x

I'm so proud of Hamble for getting to the final ! Got the news this morning and thought the roof was gonna come off the dance studio when we told the team! (And I get to see you again, John ! Good news all round ! See you on the 22nd May !)
Mrs B (Hamble Community Sports College) x
Looking forward to seeing you all again, Vicki ! Can't wait !!
John, editing in showery Yorkshire :)

Woop woop !
Well done to everyone who performed at portsmouth on friday ... especially Brynmawr school 4 winning ! U guys were great, and we'll c u again at the finals !!!!

Holly (The Petersfield School)

Well, what can I say !!! A MASSIVE well done to you all at Brynmawr !
I am soooo pleased that you came 1st ! You really deserved it as I know how hard you have all worked for this.
So sorry I couldn't be there with you this year :( ... was thinking of you all and keeping my fingers crossed, though !
Very best of luck for the finals ... you can do it !!
Mrs W (Brynmawr) xx

Wow ... it isn't long, people !
I am so excited ... we're all champions !!!!
It`s only 4 days to go ... wow !

Hope to see you all performing well - keep practising
Wow ... rock challenge, here we come
xxxxx good luck xxxx

Ellie (Ullswater)


Apr 27th

Firpark would like to wish everybody the best of luck for Friday in Carlisle.
We are ready to rock ... just need to find enough diesel to get us and our set to the Sands Centre. (Diesel an eye watering £1.39 a litre and rationed to £15 worth at the moment).
It would not be Rocka without a last minute crisis :))))

Good Luck To Everyone At Toynbee On May 21st! We Gonna Come 1st Like We Did Last Time :)
Shout-Outs To Karla, Loz.T, Loz.A, Kayleigh And Sophie.M! Luv You Girlies
Jasmine x

Just a quick "Well done !" 2 brynmawr and the petersfield schools! I came and watched on Friday and thought you were both brilliant and it's a shame we're not against u guys in the finals.
Also a huge well done 2 mayfield middle. I was proud to come from the i.o.w. watching your piece - you guys rocked!
We're all sooooo excited about the southern finals! 3 weeks and 2 days to go!
Ryde High Rock The House !

Kirstie (RHS Committee) :D

Heeyy everyone !
Goood Luck on friday ... exciting ! :)

Lisa H (UCC) X

Well done to Ryde School !! We were brilliant and the hard work paid off :D
Production team pulled it off - in particular many thanks need to go to Abby, Camilla and Pip ... without them it would not have been possible !

Oh ... and can i just say to Davey (Tour Runner) "Ha ! You may have mocked my colour-coded plan but i know you secretly loved it !" :))
Lauren (Cowes High)

Hello to everyone who will be at Carlisle Sands Centre on Friday 2nd May! Four more days to go and the St Aidan's Company can't wait to get there.
Special mention to some of our crew who gained distinctions last week:- Connor, Abby, Leanne and Jade U.
The Nicest Kids in Town are on the way, so look out for us and come and say Hello !

Good Luck to all of the teams taking part - hope you all have a fantastic day !
Mrs B (St Aidan's County High School) x x

Well done to everyone who competed on Thursday !
Ryde School, you were amazing ... did us really proud ... and your performance on the night was stunning. Well done production team ! WE did it !

3rd place, guys. Well done - you deserved it.
Camilla (Choreographer - Ryde School with Upper Chine) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well done to everyone that was at portsmouth on the 25th April ! (Especially to Brynmawr School ! You guys were fantastic !)
Third place for us after 2 years off and with a new teacher! WELL DONE YATELEY !!
We WILL be back for more ! See you next year !
Good luck everyone in the finals !

Julie <3 (Yateley School) xxxxxx

Well done to everyone that performed at portsmouth guild hall last friday ! Everyone was great
We came 2nd AND we're going to the final ... WHOO !
Well done, everyone ! You were all amazing !!

Jess (The Petersfield School)

Can't wait til wednesday and hackney !
on saturday was fantastic.
Portsmouth (just under a month) for the prem final.
Gd luck 2 every1 (and good luck, bullers, on thursday)
Keep My Pride !!!

Duncan (Ravens Wood)

There's a London Rocka item on the internet this morning :)
Click here for a prelude to next week's events at London's Hackney Empire theatre (plus a mention of the July 8th event too !)
John (editing from the laptop in damp Derbyshire)

Wow. 5 days till carlisle ! :D
Sooooo looking forward to it. Everyone's excited !
Good luck :)
St Benedicts And Whitehaven School


Apr 26th

Well Done to Everyone competing on the 24th in Portsmouth! You were all amazing!
Well done to everyone in Sandown too; all the hard work paid off! =)

Philippa (Sandown High School) x

Hii !
Rocka was amazing last night !
All the teams were fabulous and they did really good !
I can't believe we came first! Was a shock ! (Yaay ! :D)
C'mon Brynmawr !

Kirstie C x

Nice one, guys!!!
It was an awsum day! Well done everyone who took part!! Cannot wait for the final!

It was such a wicked day (espesh lunch time outside dancing round like crazy fools and playing bulldog and stuck-in-the-mud! :)
Love y'all! See ya at the finals ;)
xx rosie x (Lytchett Minster)

Woop, girls/ lads ! Only 5 days to go !
We r gonna b awsum
Good luck u.c.c
Sian ~Louise (UCC)

Dear Rock Challenge Crew (and John :)
A huge Thank-you for making us soooo welcome yesterday. It was great to see you all again ... you all do such an amazing job - you give students amazing memories (and their teachers!!)Thank-you once again !!
Finally to the Brynmawr Team - what can I say but you make me sooooooo proud!! Your determination, professionalism, energy and passion shone through your performance!(and your excellent singing of FLUFFY SHEEP!!!) Congratulations achieving FIRST PLACE - you did it !!!

Miss J (Brynmawr School)

Just reading all the messages everyone has posted ...
Thanks for all the support for Ryde High in the finals :D
Well done to everyone on the 22nd, and well done to brynmawr last night! :)
Can't wait for the 21st may!
Let's give the committee a big bang to finish on ! Going to miss them all ... won't be the same (N)

Love - Bernie xxxxxx

Yeah Yeah !!! Brynmawr so rocked Portsmouth !
Remember this date: 25th of April 2008 ! Thats the day the fluffy sheep came back !!
Wait for this date too: 22nd of may ! Finals, baby!
Let's rock the house, dudes!!
Jake xxx

Hello Everyone ... I have a funny feeling this will be a long message yet again ...
What a week in portsmouth: it was amazing. Congratulations to Toynbee, Warblington, Sandown High, Ryde High, Brynmawr and TPS for qualifying for the finals in Portsmouth this week. The standards of your performances were really high and were so enjoyable. The standards of the other schools were just as good too but there can only be one winner.
Id like to put a few shout-outs to The Park Community School students that were there yesterday and also to Mayfield CofE (your theme about the Isle of Wight was great and so much fun for the audience and it was also nice to speak to you guys ... i promise not to drink milk out of the carton next time :)
Now I can't wait to see all the guys in carlisle and will look forward to seeing you there :)
Thank You, Portsmouth !

Davey Anscombe (2008 Tour Runner)

Well done to everyone yesterday at Portsmouth Guildhall yesterday !!! You were all amazing !!!
Congratulations to Brynmawr School - see you at the final !!!
Thanks to everyone who helped out with TPS rock challenge - couldn't have done it without you !!!

Carri (The Petersfield School)


Apr 25th

Ullswater Rock !!
I can't wait ! It's just a week to go now. Me and my friends are counting down the days and we are getting so excited !

We have loads of drama kings and queens in our school, and we all work together so well !! Lovee Yoou, Reardon+Shrieve !!
Loveee - Bethh.;; =) *!

Well done to everyone on thursday 24th at portmouth guildhall! It was a great day out!
Woo !!! Ryde came 3rd !!

Love - lucy (Ryde School) x

Come On Ullswater !! It's only a week now, we all can't wait ! It's gonna be fabulous !!
Thanks Reardon+Shrieve for being great teachers and getting us involved in rock challenge. We can't wait to get involved and get on that stage !!
Good Luck To All The Other Schools ! I Can't Wait To See All Your Performances !!
Gooooo Ullswater !!


Had a great day on wednesday and just want to say thanks for a wicked time.
Well done to all there, but just to say Cheney won in spirit !!
See you next year

Well done to all of the toynbee team for winning on monday! It was such a good day and everyone was really good !
Luv to all the toynbee lot !

Sami xxxxx

Congrats to all the schools competing on Thurs 24th at portsmouth. Was a great competition.
Thanks to everyone in the sandown team who worked so hard - looking forward to the finals so much !!

Amy (Sandown High) x

Hey John =]
Was great to see you on Wednesday at Portsmouth (Ha - even if you DID take me by surprise when you started listening to me talking to my stage crew during the rehearsal for Cowes :)
Portsmouth on wednesday was amazing ... i had the best day ever !
Well done to the Cowes lot - you were amazing and did really well
, despite the fact you had to run off soon after performing. The 5 who stayed to collect the awards - ha, we're awesome ! [I love the other 4 =]
4 excellence awards and drug awareness, and - in my opinion the best one of the lot - BEST STAGE CREW ! That actually made me so happy ... it took all i had not to run and collect that award (and i look nice in the pictures hehehe).
I had the best time working with the stage crew - you guys were great. Ciaran (my co stage manager) was fantastic too. He's brilliant and worked so hard for Rock Challenge. Also Ashley (Assistant stage manager for Rock Challenge) is officially my fave person at the moment.
Premier Finals next and i can't wait .... it will be an amazing day
[and i will be back with my colour-coded plan of getting the set on and off the stage because it works =]
Well done to everyone else and the Island Schools - all doing very well so far.
See ya at the finals, John - hope to speak to you more
Lauren (Cowes High Co-Stage Manager 08)
See you at the finals, Lauren (and maybe listen to you again :)
John - editing the page :)

Well done 2 every1 who performed Yesturday(24th april) - you were all gr8t.
Kane (Ryde School)

One week till rock challenge in carlisle ... can't wait and neither can our team !
We have worked non-stop since january to get our piece to be its ultimate best and all of our pupils are 100% committed to the cause.
Thank-you, Mrs.Boothman, for all the stuff you have had to put up with since january because i know that choreographing isn't easy lol
Good luck to everybody on the 2nd of may at the sands in carlisle ! Good Luck ... Love Ya All !

Connor (St Aidan's County High School) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Good Luck to everyone from Yateley School today
Sally C xx

Heyahh !
Woohoo ... Rock Challenge Is Just Around The Corner, Guyss ! Can't Wait :]
Good Luck To Everyone :]
Miss Reardon - You Rock Our Sexy Socks =]

Lotsaa Love - Sophiie B and Beccaa M (UCC) ?x?
ps Can't Wait Until The TeeShirts Comee :D

Well done everyone at Portsmouth Guildhall 24th
Can't believe we came first... SO AMAZING. !
Well done, guys. Everyone did so well.
Lovelove - Rose (Sandown High) xxxx

This Was Such An Amazin Day!
Well Dne To All Tha Sklz, And Gd Luk If Yhu Havnt Competed Yet!

Katii (Sandown High School) xxx

Well done to all the performers who performed on the 23rd ! Was an amazing day =D nd everyone done ammmmazingley =P
Carl M (Portsmouth College) xxx

Congratulations to all the schools that took part in last night's event in Pompey!
, your performance was stunning and can I say that I am very proud that my old school behaved so impeccably all day - no matter what the team, you cheered them all - that is what the 'spirit of Rock Challenge' is about. You were a credit not only to your school, but the Isle of Wight too!

Well done to all the other schools who competed at portsmouth guildhall on thursday 24th april ! You were all really good! (Especially compared to us :)
Mill Chase xx

Aaaaaah! Grimsby on monday was ace!
I loved every part of it!
(even washing my hair in the sink haha thanks chaz!)
Congrats to st.pauls and good luck to you and all the other schools in the open final!
I'm sooooo excited for 31st may! I can't wait to see the other prem school pieces! (Longcroft and matthew humberstone were great!)
Thank-you to everyone who made hornsea schools entry what it is! Thank-you mrs. hylton, mrs.webb, kristan, dianne, becky todd, sally and her team, stage crew and of course LUKE! Thank-you for all the time and effort put in and hope you get well soon!

xxxxx lizzie xxxxx

Well done everybody ! You were all wonderful at the showcase in Grimsby.
I am so proud to be a part of the Hornsea team and just want to thank you all for putting in all the efforts you have :)
I'd also like to thank everyone who made it possible on the day for the performance to look at good as it did.
I Wish all the other schools good luck!!
Get fixed quick Luke...i mean GET WELL SOON :)
Well done again Hornsea :)

Much love - jes x*x (Hornsea team member)

Good luck mary rose

Well Done To Every1 At Toynbee School On 21st April At Portsmouth! Can't Believe We Came 1st!
Big Thanks To Miss.T, Mr.B, Miss.D For Helping Us Get This Far! Good Luck Everyone x


Congratulations to everyone that took part in the third day of the Portsmouth Rock Challenge on the 23rd April! Everyone did a fantastic job and looked absolutely fabulous on stage with full costume! Some of the make-up was just spectacular.
I think everyone had such a great day so a massive thanks to everyone at Rock Challenge for keeping us entertained all day! Can't wait for the finals now
Well done Warblington. None of us have got our head around coming first place - never expected it in a million years. Thanks again!

Naomi (Warblington Committee)

WELL DONE EVERYONE...you were all wonderful....
Jess (Hornsea)

Good luck for carlisle, everyone ! I really can't wait until saturday 3rd !!!
Laura A (Mortal Crew) xxxxxxxxxxx

I took part in Rock Challenge in Grimsby and it was amazing!
Me and the rest of our school were screaming so loud when we found out we won! We were dead chuffed - four other awards too and air guitar!
Can't wait till the open finals in May!

And well done to Baysgarth who came second
Emma (St Paul's Catholic School)

Well done to everybody that participated in Wednesday 23rd rock challenge ! Everyone was fantastic !!
A very well done to my school warblington who came first in their first year of the competition !
Thank-you to all the teachers and everyone that helped

Danielle (Warblington School)

Aaaahhhh!!! Good luck to all the other schools at pompey day 5!!! Sooooo excited!!! Cya there!!! Have an amazing day!!! It's gonna be brilliant- my 3rd year of rock challenge- can't wait!!!
Carri (TPS)


Hey all!
Good luck to all the teams at Portsmouth tomorrow and watch out cos the fluffy sheep 'r a coming!
Oh Fluffy Sheep (8)
Woo! Can't wait.
Watch out cos Brynmawr are back!
Tom =]

Yesterday was amazing ! I just want to thank everyone at oxford school for sticking through with evrything. We reali have had ups and down, but all of us lot made it! And a mazzin thanx to all of the support we got from the other schools ! Evryone was and lookd amzing!
Rock Challenge hasn't changed since i last done it ....ITS STILL WIIIIICKED!! brap! lol.
Love to all the crew and ocs crew and teachers.

Lots of zee love - Maya F (Oxford Community School) xxx


Apr 24th

Hiaaa ;]
I'm really happy that me and my school are performing in one week. I've done rock challenge once already and it was great!
Hope to see some of you there - love you

Jess CJM xo

Well Done Toynbee.. Next Round Here we come..
Also well done to everyone else who competed on 21st april x at pompey xx
We Are All Winners !


Well done Toynbee for such an achievement in coming first on Monday 21st April 08 in Portsmouth !
Many congratulations to all the teachers for their hard work and especially a big Well Done to all the dancers - you are all Brilliant.
Your school should be pretty proud of you All !!!!!!

Ross G

Hey everyone!
A massive well done to all the schools who were at the Portsmouth heat on April 22nd- there were so many amazing performances!
Well done in particular to Ryde High for their win, you guys were fantastic.
Also to Baylis Court School whose performance I loved. Your drama skills were great and the music and costumes worked so well to give a strong and really original performance.
And lastly well done to my school - Manhood - we did ourselves proud, and watching the DVD back, it looked so colourful on-stage!
Good luck in the finals, Ryde High, and well done to all! It was a great day.

Charlotte C :-)


Apr 23rd

Hey !
Yesterday Rock Challenge took place and we all had a great day.
The rehearsals went well. especially when Oxford Community School Boys got the Biggest cheer ever with their hip hop dance.. girls luvd them 2
All the schools had an amazing time integrating with other schools and wishing them good luck, making new friends etc.
Rock Challenge was a brilliant experience - hope to do it again !

Sohail Sheikh (Oxford Community School)

Well done to all those that took part in the Purbrook Park Rock Challenge. I thought you performed the piece exceptionally well and you were a credit to the school throughout the whole day. I am immensely proud of all every single one of you
Mrs Taylor

HUGE congratulations to all members of the Ryde high school's performance for coming 1ST last night !
I have been taking part in Rock Challenge for 5 years and it has always been such a good experience, but this will be my last year as i am too old now :( BOO HOO!
Thank-you so much to all the team for making the Committee VERY, VERY, VERY PROUD ! All our hard work on choreographing this has paid off!
See you at the final....

Holly W (Ryde High School)

A MASSIVE congratulations to RYDE HIGH SCHOOL for winning yesterday's rock challenge !
1st place, best make-up, best stage crew and performers' choice ... i hope you're all very proud of yourselves, 'coz I'm very proud of you! Can't wait to see the DVD!
Bring on the finals!

Kirstie (RHS Committee) x

Just a shout-out to ryde high who won yet again last night!!! We were awesome, guys !
Well done, everyone - especially the committee for all their hard work!!! We love you =]
Bring On Finals on may 21st!
Ryde High Rock the House!!!

Lots of love to u all!
Lucie [Ryde High dancer =] xxxxx

Woweeee ! Grimsby rock challenge went amazin!!!!
Well dun 2 every1 hu performed!!!!
Get well soon, luke!!
Thanks mrs hylton and every1 else hu made it happen!!

Luv - izzy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
We luv u hornsea we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done to every one at Baysgarth School on coming second last night !
As usual was an enjoyable day (even if it did take a LOT of coffee to keep awake !! :)
See you all soon!

Gaf (Ex baysgarth/ adult helper) x

WOW!!! XD! Yesterday was flipping fantastic, guys and girls at Grimsby. We rocked socks like mega time. :)
It was so much fun as every year is. And the performance went really well.*Teachers
*And of course the fellow techies! (Annie did fabulously on the lights, may i add!)
And how could i forget all the other schools who were really good as well ... well done everyone !

Much Love - Emma (Techie / Longcroft School & Performing Arts College) xxxxxxxx


Thank you for a brilliant day at Portsmouth on Monday. Congratulations to everyone who participated (especially those doing so for the first time.)
Well done Crickhowell - I was very proud of you all.
Special thanks to all the staff who helped sort the "Rubbish"
Till next time.....
Many thanks - Mrs S (Crickhowell High School)

Hey guys ! Had a great day yesterday .... was amazing ... (i luv u tim xxx ... hehe)
Anyways, well dun to saint paul ... urs was amazing ...
Can't wait till the northern finals ... c ya there, crew

Can't Wait to c ya all again ..
Much love - Katie (Matthew Humberstone)

Hey !
Well done to st paul's yesterday ! You guys were fantastic, as were every single one of the other schools in the grimsby comp last nite ... well done !
Also well done to the two other premier schools - you were both ace!
And wowow, hornsea ... a massive well done! Fab!!!!
Good luck to everyone at grimsby on the 31st - see you there!!

Bekki.k. (hornsea school) whooooooooooo
ps get well soon, luke - sorry to hear about what happened! Hope ure ok soon :) (and well done on ure stage crew award - you truly deserved it :D)


Apr 22nd

OK guys ... there will now be a delay of some hours before the page gets updated again 'cos I'm just about to head off on the drive from a chilly evening in Yorkshire to the basking warmth of the Travelodge in Portsmouth. See everyone there at Days 3, 4 and 5 ! :)
John (crossing fingers that there'll be wifi access somewhere :))

Grimsby Showcase was amazin. Had a great day. Well done to all the schools who were there performing.
Well done to St Paul's for winning
Can't wait till the NORTHERN PREMIER FINAL on 31st May ... See You All Soon, Northern Premier Finalists !

Tom (Matthew Humberstone)

Just a shout-out to south hunsley ! You all did really well yesterday and even if we didn't win, it was a brilliant day :)
Well done to all the other schools competing and i'll see all the finalists on the 31st :)

Jessica (South Hunsley)

"I just read your message on the rock challenge website:)"- Lauren got excited :D ahaha :))
Well done to baysgarth for second place, innit ;) Pretty mint !
Drew as a woman.. class! Proper gutted I didn't get to see it :/! Ah well ...

Oh yeah ... mum (A.K.A 'miss c') says sorry for missing it
Laura (Baysgarth) xx

Hi John !
In wake of the fantastic event at Grimsby yesterday... there is a good article in the Grimsby Telegraph! So John... fancy putting a link to it from the message page?! Would be great ! :)
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth 'In these Shoes?' 2008)

Well done to everyone in Portsmouth on Day One and a particular well done to Crickhowell High School students for such amazing rubbish in such a short time.
Thanks to all parents and support team
Mrs D. (Crickhowell High School)

Sooooooooooooo excited about tomorrow !! (It's the last day and we are just getting the last bits sorted out before we go.)
I wanna say good luck to all the schools who are competing at Portsmouth tomorrow (and a big shout out to the Cowes High Team - go cast and crew !!!!!! We love you !!! You rock !!! Luv u all !)

Luv - luce (choreographer, Cowes High Premiere School) xXx

Well....Grimsby Rocka 08 has been and gone and what a great day it was !!!
Congratulations to St Paul's on their 1st place
... but the mighty, mighty Baysgarth... 2nd PLACE again this year, with four 'special' awards too - well done team !!
Particularly impressive were the awards for choreography and most entertaining performance... was great to be recognised that we have worked really hard on these ! Once more, I was so VERY proud to represent our school this year ! :)
My thanks to every performer, member of the crew and all that have assisted us once more this year. We really do go from strength to strength, and we certainly ventured far this year, with a great performance !!!!!!!!!!
Mrs Valentine, Mr Scruton, Mrs Billinger, Mrs Habergham, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Bloy, Mum!!!! :) , Katy, Nat, Lindsey, John, Chumba....to all it was a great effort - and exactly what Rock Challenge is all about !

Thank-you to all the other schools for being such a friendly bunch... particularly the reps from Matthew Humberstone and Longcroft... was great to share experiences with you !!
Thank-you to all for another great day yesterday, and all the best to the three schools in the premier league. (Hornsea - what an AMAZING set!!! Congratulations !!!)

John and Wendy... was great to see you again. 'Twas another top event at Grimbo this year... enjoy the rest of the tour !!!
See y'all soon... who knows ? We MIGHT be the highest-scoring 2nd place school... we will wait and see :)
Thank-you, and good luck to those schools yet to compete !
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth School - "In These Shoes ?" 2008)

Good Luck Cowes High For Tomorrow Night (Wednesday 23rd) ! It's Gonna Be Amazing... :D
To The
To The
Bring On The
Come Dance With Me
Go Cowes Go Cowes
Go Go Go Cowes..
Have Fun - Kristina and Fay (Cowes High School) xxxxxx

Just a big thank-you to all the team for yesterday - I am really proud of you all and to win 7 awards made it extra special !
Keep up the hard work
- you deserve to do really well at the Premier Final in May and I am sure you will make me proud - again !
Kind Regards,
Karen Hylton (Liaison Teacher, Hornsea School)

ps Get well soon, Luke, and a big thanks to all the people who assisted yesterday afer his accident - it was much appreciated.

Heya guys !
Good luck to Ryde High today at Portsmouth guildhall !
Hope all the stage crew are still singing the old songs, ...

Lots of love - Amy (Sandown High School - traitor of the ryde high sex crew!!!)

Big HELLO to everyone at TPS!!! Good luck and all that jazz!!
Hope everyone has a great time on Friday!!! Can't wait!! :-)

Carri (The Petersfield School)
You're up early, Carri ! :)
John, editing at just past 6.30am (in SUNNY - at last - Yorkshire)


Apr 21st

SO sorry messages are late :(
Been at the Grimsby Auditorium all day today and not a sniff of a wifi network withinn a million miles of it :((
John (editing ... very late)

Good luck Ramsay on friday and Everyone else performing on friday - Good Luck And Enjoy It
WOOOO !!!!!

Leah (Sir William Ramsay)

OMG!!! I performed on the 1st of April this year for th 1st time in RC and i had some crac!! We all had great fun n enjoyed every minute of it! I would definitely love to do it again!
Al the other schools were good, particularly LCC (n us - LPT :)

Chloe P (Limavady Partnership Team)

First time i have seen this website and some of the messages are lovely.
I have done rock challenge for 2 years now and it's amazing (!!!! thanks to all the crew !!!!) and am performing once again on friday 25th april in the guildhall in portsmouth. The atmosphere and everything is amazing and sooo much fun! xxx
Want to wish good luck to the rest of the dancers from the petersfield school and thanks soooo much to ms baker ms stubington ms hunam and ms weatherhead and marcus and everyone! Love you all loads! =D

Lucy (The Petersfield School)

Waaaah ! Good luck for tonight to Katie, Lauren, Emma, Josh and Drew ;)
FTW BTZ (8) I'm a little tea pot
Laura C innit :D (Baysgarth)

Gd luck tomorrow every1 at bridgemary ! The piece looks reli gd this year thanks to miss White, Miss Hogan and miss Heisman!!
Aidan (Bridgemary)

Good Luck PPS!! Our dances are amazing and i think we're gonna do brilliant.
Good luck to everyone performing or taking part in it !!

Tash (Purbrook Park)

We are in english getting very excited about next friday !!!!!!!!
XXXX Connor n Zoe XXXXXXXX (St Aidan's)

C'mon Testwood Sports College...We Did It Once, We Can Do it Again...Roll On 21st May !!!
Sam V (Testwood Sports College)

Wooo tomorrow, spirit of the day here we come haha
Well all the schools this year look FANTASTIC! Well well mayfield we have a lot of work
Good luck for all the teams at guildhall !
Well, i'm going to go to bed now haha, because we have to be at guildhall at 7:45!
Good luck to everyone, and thank-you mrs waterfield ... we don't know were we would be without you
Byeeee !


Apr 20th

Good luck to Ryde High for tuesday :D
It's gonna be amazing :D
Thank-you to the committee for all your hard work ... we would be nowhere without you all ! =D

Ryde High Rock the House !!
Ashleigh (Ryde High School)

Hi everyone at Manhood!
Well done for the rehearsals today- it's looking really good!
Good luck to all the other schools too ! Can't wait to see what themes everyone's come up with this year.
See you all on April 22nd ! Keep smiling !

Charlotte C (Manhood Community College :)

Hello to all the Hornsea team 2008!!! Only me ... Daniel W :)
This is my first comment on the message board this year (and first real look on the new website) as i've been very busy with my final year of A levels. That's why i am not performing this year - however, i AM in the mighty stage crew :)
Firstly i would just like to say the piece looks great this year, and every single person involved in the team has worked so much.
As part of stage crew this year i've seen a total different side to it, and have realised the amount of effort and commitment some people have put in to make hornsea's piece what it is today!
Mrs Hylton
- yet again the mastermind and ROCK of hornsea school's rock challenge.
Luke- i don't know what hornsea or mrs hylton would do without you ... you really are the man for the job and us crew will make you proud tomorrow, i promise !!
Dianne- your work is amazing on the set
Kathy- costumes i saw on friday were top class as usual (shame i'm not wearing one :(
Everyone else that has been involved- the work has been fab.
To ALL HORNSEA TEAM: a massive good luck for tomorrow. Make hornsea proud of you, make our school proud of who we are, make mrs hylton proud of what you can achieve and finally make yourselves proud!!!!! You all know what you need to do, so DO IT to you full potenital and be your best!!!!
Good luck to all the other schools performing at grimsby tomorrow - shall be a great day !! See you all in the morning nice and early !

Danny w (hornsea stage crew !!!)
ps john, it's been ages. I hope yourself and wendy are good?? Hope to see you tomorrow - looking forward to another hornsea piece, i hope ?!!
See you all tomorrow, Danny (and good luck with the A2s as well :)
John (Editing)

Good luck to all the schools taking part (especially baysgarth! :)
Looking forward to tomorrow but getting up at 6:30 seems a bit of a challenge - a rock challenge, in fact!
Nervous- not just about waking up but because this is my first ever rock challenge, but excited all the same
Mai (baysgarth) xxxxx

Hello UCC Rockas!
Less than 2 weeks to go now! I'm starting to get really excited about it now we've put it all together !
Don't forget that Tuesday's rehearsal doesn't finish 'til 7pm.
Get lots of rest this week, I'm gonna be pushing you really hard !

Love to you all - Reardon (UCC) x

Good luck to all schools at Grimsby tomorrow!
Thanks to Mrs Edwards for her graffiti skills and great decision making! Also to Ms Murray for all her help sorting out the stage crew, to Roy for the last-minute set building (I love to change things right up to the last minute), the choreography group - what would I have done without you ... your dedication and energy have kept me sane over the last 8 months.
Most importantly, thanks to all the performers for your hard work and commitment. Do your best tomorrow, I know you will. Remember, if your cheeks don't have cramp, you're not smiling enough!

See you bright and early tomorrow !

Miss Lyden (South Hunsley) x

Hey Hornsea, Abigail here just wanting to wish you all lots and lots of luck for tomoz ! You will be fantastic as usual !
Just remember all my little pointers like ... ermmmmm, what was it again ... oh yes - USE YOUR FACES ! AHHHHHH He he!!
I'm really sorry i can't be there but i will be with you all in spirit (yey !) and i will try my hardest to make the final !!
Everyone has put lots of hard work into it again: Mrs H, Luke, Diane, Mrs Webb and the choreographers so let's just go out there and shine !!!

OK, i'm gabbing now just as usual, so good luck guys woop woop !!
All my love - Abigail Whiting (Ex Rocker) xxxxx

OMG!!!! Friday night was amazing ! Our run o the stage was amazing (and in costume as well) !
Well done to st.aidans dance co and the 6 primary schools that were involved in dance factor 08. It was an amazing night - thanks, everyone !
XOXO CONNOR XOXO (St Aidan's County High School)

Woooo ... come on hornsea!!!! Showcase tomorrow !
I know uv all bin working so hard - that includes the stage crew n choreographers too.
I'm so proud to know we have such a strong team spirit within our school and i know ur making Mrs H so proud =]
Good luck tomorrow, guys n gals, and good luck to all the other school as wel =]
Much love - michaela (hornsea) xXx

Good luck to all the other teams performing tomorrow :)

A big thank-you to everyone involved in Hornsea's entry this year - all the stage crew (luke especially), mrs hylton, cathy webb, the dancers and of course the choreographers. Everyone's had put in loads of time and effort to make the piece what it is and i can't wait to show everyone tomorrow :)
Wooo ... i'm so exciteddddd :D
Jessica (hornsea) xx

Good luck to all the schools who are competing or showcasing at grimsby tomorrow !
A special gd luck 2 hornsea who have been working soooo hard, especially all of the stage crew. Luke: u have been working soo hard on the set (and it is fantastic) along with many others who have been helping you :)
Kathy: thank-you for making the amazing costumes once again.
Thank-u to the choreographers for such amazing dances :) and lastly thank-you mrs hylton for being firm but fair :) Without you we would not be half the team we r today ... thank-you.

Good luck everyone !
Bekki (hornsea school) xxxxxxxxxxxxx :D

Come on hornseaa !
We all av been workin reali hard this week ... we av done reali well
I love the costumes, kathy.
Mrs hylton, i love yeww to bits ... u r so nice to all ov us n you are workin relai hard with us

Cnt wait for monday ... it will be a reali good day
Good luck to all da teams

xox katiee n holzz xox (hornseaaaa)

Hello everyone
Well, we have just finished our last rehearsal at school, so here we come guildhall - whooo.
Mayfield's performance is great :D ... we are having so much fun.
This week is going to be great:D I'm not going to let out any secrets, but everybody watching is going to love it.
We all work well as a team, having fun.

After all, it's NOT all about winning, is it. Hope everybody has fun watching and performing.
Everybody in the team would like to give a big big thanks to Mrs Waterfield ... we would be nowhere without you !
Best wishes for tuesday 22nd
Love - peyton (Mayfield School) x

Good luck to all the other schools on the 22nd april at Portsmouth Guildhall !
The Bridgemary Community Sports College Team

Hello all!
Have just held our final rehearsal this morning... everybody worked very hard to polish our performance and make sure everything looked the best.
We have worked hard this year and my thanks go to Mrs Valentine, Mr Scruton and the 6th form production team for all their help this year. We have faced a number of challenges but have come through well !! (Hope Mrs Valentine is feeling better now... :)
Looking forward to tomorrow immensely
, and to all on the Baysgarth team - go out there and enjoy the performance ! Be the best that you can be (I know you will! :)
Good luck to all schools tomorrow, showcasing or competing, and may the best performance win !!!!!

See you tomorrow, John and Wendy ... looking forward to a catch-up !!!
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth 08)

Heyy!! Rock Challenge tomoro!! Gud luck 2 all the other teams!!
Every1 is workin soo hard rehearsing (and it's gonna be ace!!) plus all the hard work from the choreographers and stage crew and specially luke and dianne, mis web and evry1 alse hu is makein rocka fab to be a part of!!
But where would we be without MRS HYLTON!! She makes our rock challenge the best!! Without her and all the other people puttin al their effort into bein the best we can be, we wouldn't be the team we are now and it's fab bein part of it!!

Gud luck evry1 and see you tomoro!! :-)

Luv - tashaa (Hornsea) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The very best of luck to all the teams, open and premier, who are performing at Grimsby Auditorium this coming Monday. I am sure it will be a great day.
A special good luck though to Hornsea school for your showcase performance. You have all worked so incredibly hard for the last 2 months, so just go out there and really enjoy your performance. Remember to believe in yourselves and have the confidence to be your best. I know you will make me very proud, as always - although I might not say it often enough!
A special thank-you must go to all the set guys
; what a challenge you have posed yourselves this year and what amazing dedication you have shown. Thank-you so much to Luke and your Dad, Clive, Dianne and all the year 12 and 13 Art and Drama students for your dedication and commitment! Plus all the other staff and students who have contributed in any way.
Also thanks to all the rest of the production team, in particular year 12 and 13 choreographers Kaye, Sophie, Sophie, Jes and Lottie (congrats all of you on your distinction BTec!), Kristan for editing soundtrack and of course Kathy who, as always, has been a constant friend and support to me over the last 2 months
, especially during my unexpected illness - I really couldn't have carried on without you.
So, team, I'll see you all bright and breezy on Monday morning - and stage crew ... Sunday morning and we're already loading-up :)
Kind Regards,
Karen Hylton (Liaison Teacher, Hornsea School)

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
St Aidan's DanceCo, you rocked on Friday night at Dance Factor 2008. A great big Thank-you to each and every one of you - you were the bees knees!!!!

Well done to me, for not crying at the end - I saved it for Saturday when I saw the photos!
12 days and counting to Rocka...... a few refinements and rehearsal with the set over the next two weeks, and we will be ready to rock the Sands once again.
See you all at break on Monday,
Love - Mrs B (St Aidan's County High School)x x

Wow ! Am soo excited for this Friday ! Going down to compete for my second year and am absolutely buzzing =D
Rock Challenge is the best thing ever!!! Woo!
Good luck everyone !!!

Ella (Alameda Middle School and Redbourne Upper)

Well done, guys, especially st marys ! We all did our best.
Next year's gonna be great (Y)

Rio (St Mary's College :) x

Well hello - long time again !
You'd think I'd be busy with exams- but no ! I gave up revision as a bad habit a few weeks ago... (Yes, I'm KIDDING ! In case my mum/teachers read this !)
Fourteen more days left in school now, and even less until Carlisle! WHERE has all the time GONE ?!
Cockermouth's looking better each week, and everyone's getting more and more excited each week too.
Downside is that I'm in work at 9.30am on Saturday but I'm thinking I'll still be jumpy from all the chaos and excitement from the night before
:D Yaaaaay!

Naomi (Cockermouth)


Apr 19th

Buttershaw, we LOVED YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't get over the applauses and screams after ur performance!! I'm sure st george's hall was shaking - you certainly were ELECTRIC !!!!!!!!
Good Luck for Grimsby ! With a performance like that, you're going to do just fine !!

Katy (Buttershaw)

Hi everyone !
Thank-you to Zoie, Dave and the team. We at Crickhowell High had a fantastic time in Dubai !
We have created a new performance for portsmouth on 21st April. Good luck to everyone taking part. Thank-you lesley, thank-you Mr Timpson for letting us go.
See you in Portsmouth.


Apr 18th

Following the collapse of the UK Rocka pages for two days (carried these days on Global Rock Challenge machines in Australia) and the loss of all the April messages so far, I'm playing safe by putting new messages here as well, at least until the random problems that are still bothering users get cleared up :)
John (editing on the laptop, away from home)

AAAHHH ! Only two more days until the showcase event !
Hornsea - are we ready ? I think the answer has to be yes ! Everyone is working so hard - especially you, Mrs Hylton ... where would we be without you?
Keep up the fab work, everyone from Hornsea !

A great "GOOD LUCK !" to all the other competing teams ! Rock Your Socks Off !

Love - Jane (Hornsea !) xx

Hey everyone!
I've bin wonderin wot happend to the website! I've been chekin it every day! (Haha - am not sad at all! :)
Anyways, all my message sed was that bradford was an ace day! Well done to all of the schools that performed, in particular haycliffe and buttershaw cos i loved both of ur performances!
(N - of course - thornton! :) Wud just like to say thank-u to everyone who made it possible that night cos it wasn't easy rehearsing last and performing first, but i've seen the video and it looks reali good so a big thank you and well done!

Was nice to see you again, john! Can't wait for grimsby now! It's gonna b good :)
I keep telling myself that it's not my last year ... i AM goin to come back and volunteer so u havnt seen the last of me yet!
I am still reali shatterd tho. I don't know why this year's any different but i've been exhausted all week! Oh well ... i'll have a nice long lie-in at the weekend and i shud b fine!
Big hellos to Antonia, Becki and Jen from buttershaw, and of course all my mates from thornton!
- ur as crazy as ever! Was brill to see u again!
Anyways, best be going now because i have stupid amounts of work to get done! Oh well ... bring on grimsby, i say!
Luv - rachael (thornton)

Well done to everyone who took part on monday ! All were fantastic, especially settle (shud hav won) but well done to haycliffe !

Hiya every1
This was my first year this year and it was so much fun. It was such an enthusiastic day ... it was great.
Unfortunately i probably won't be doing rocka again ... well, not in england, but i might be moving to australia so i will try and do it over there instead
Sadie (Royds)

Had a great day in Bradford on Monday, with the crazy dancing in the morning and watching all the other fantastic performances.
Although we didn't win, we received costume, video, lighting and student leadership and we think that there couldn't have been a better winner so well done Haycliffe ! Good luck in Grimsby - hope you go all the way !
All the schools on the day were very nice and friendly, and especially Shelley College who apparently were also very nice to our co-host and student reps, so thanks and well done on second place!
Overall, thanks to everyone for making our rock challenge experience fantastic.
Royds xx


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