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Mar 31st

Can't wait to watch all the schools in the Waterfront Hall tomorrow nyt, especially my old ASHFIELD!
Sarah (ex Ashfield Girls') Xoxo

Heyy guyz !
Thanks a lot ! You were awesome
Bye bye ...
Jack D and Cookie (cripple with crutches) - Central Technology and Sports College

Mrs B and some of the team are off to Italy - but we'll be back next Thursday!
Look after yourselves and remember - only 9 school days till "Dance Factor 2008" - our BIG Fundraiser for Rocka !

Mrs B (St Aidan's County High School)

Hello all !!!
Fellow Baysgarth crew:- great rehearsal yesterday ! Just a little bit more 'finishing off' and tweaking to do, and we're there! WAHOO !!!!!
Bit more set painting and getting messy with paint and costume thread too !!!

John and Wendy:- hope all is well as Grimsby draws nearer ! I'll be able to see you again after what seems such a long time !!!! Hope you are both giddy with excitement during this Rocka 08 tour !!!
See you all soon ! Good luck and 'enjoy!' too !!! :)
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth 08)


Mar 30th

Hi !
I'm looking forward to volunteering again in grimsby (if I can afford it :)
I'm hoping my knee doesn't come out again while I do the macaraina ! It seems like this year's tour has had knee problems and I hope no more happens - it's very painful especially when they think you're fibbing
Hope everyone has fun for the rest of the tour and hopefully I can go down to grimsby !
See you soon ...

Vicky C (ex Keith Grammar School)

Dear Rock Challenge
We at Ambergate just wanted to say thank you for a great day and congratulations to all those who took part.

Joanne Peasgood

Well done to everyone !
Amazing, thanks to all the teachers at OATHALL ... yes, come on - we won !
Amazing everyone ... love you all so much

Lovesss - jessica (Oathall Community School :)


Mar 28th

A huggggeeeee well done to all the schools that competed in grantham on 27th march. It was good.
Thanx, Rock Challenge, for lookin after me in the green room after my knee came out !
(And you thought i was fakin ? He he ... noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ... TIM AND RUDDY - i still have my knee :)
Thanx 4 all ya hard work and effort,that you all put in for the show.
MITCH, you're ace !
Thanx for helpin my hop .... after you commented on my skinnyness :)) (It's fake he he :)
You all were a laugh ! (I tried to bribe ruddy off his boots but it didn't work....)
Thanx again, and see you all again in the open finals ! (WOOP WOOP ! FIRST PLACE WALTON ! He he :)
Love ya all - Sheri L (WGHS Grantham) xxxxx

Hey hey everybody at st. aidans ! Hope you are all still practising your steps even though we are on holiday lol
Hope you all have a great easter, and to everybody goin to italy next thursday - it's going to be A BLAST :)

Lots of lovageness ... connor XOX


Mar 27th

Oh my, I haven't been keeping very up to date around here, have I !? I've been so busy working on Cockermouth Sixth Form's yearbook recently, and generally just been keeping very busy!
Looking forward to May, not only because it means Rocka, but because it means STUDY LEAVE! And I finally get out of there - A Levels are horrid!
Hope that the final stages are going really well for everyone, and that all the easter eggies don't cause too much memory loss of routines!

Saw the photo of your garden, John - that looks amazing! All we've had is blustery snow that doesn't settle at all. But it's MARCH (nearly APRIL) and we certainly shouldn't be having this weather!
Most of all I'm looking forward to the photography competition - I'll be the one with duct tape in one hand, and a camera in the other! (I've a sudden feeling I've said that before...!)
Right- I must sleep! :D

Naomi (Cockermouth)
(Ed: duct tape in one hand, camera in the other ... where's the cup of tea going ! :))


Mar 26th

Just read the message about firpark... well done!! I'm sure ur soundtrack will sound great!!
Can't wait to see uze all again!! Won't be long now
Hope uze are all workin hard on ur performance ?!! How many weeks now ??!
Can't believe how quick time goes past... it's almost april :O (then it will be may... n carlisle n grimsby time!! Wooo hooo !! :)
I was on john's rocka archive pages last nite, readin thru old message. I was readin ones from 2004... brought bk lots of memories... brought a tear to my eye!!
To me that was like the best rocka year!! I put everything i had into our performance that yr... helped out doin lots !!
It really was a rollercoaster yr tho... me n marisa nearly walked out like a month b4 aberdeen cuz no1 was puttin in effort n we thought it looked rubbish. We shouted at half the team the night b4 aberdeen n almost had about 5 walk out the day b4... then we all pulled together like a true team n pulled off a fantastic performance n won ... then pulled out the finals ! Then we went on a rescue mission, havin meetins with any1 who would listen and try n help, we got to re-enter the finals, n came 2nd !!That was in 2004 ... maybe leap years are lucky for us peterheed lot. 2008 is a leap year ... fingers crossed... hehe :)
Everyone enjoyin the tour as usual??
Well done to everyone who has performed already. I still come on n check every day, n it sounds like there's been some amazin performances!!
Good luck for everyone at grantham this week n belfast nxt
... espesh ashfield... can't wait to see wot uze do this yr... (Vicki.. u not gonna tell me the theme ??!?)
Stuart (peterheed)


Mar 25th

Well done to all the Firparkers today !
We went to the recording studio and got our soundtrack done. Thanks to Sandy from
The Foundry Music Lab, Motherwell, for producing our soundtrack - once again at no cost to us. All the people involved with Foundry Music are stars.
In the afternoon we impressed the HMIe with rehearsals for our Rock Challenge. The inspector had requested that he saw Rock Challenge on his return visit as it has recently been cited as an area of good practice in a National HMIe report.
We did not disappoint :)))) Well done, everybody !!


Mar 24th

We lv u oathall we do, we lv u oathall we do, or shld i say 'OTH-ALL' lol
Well dun to all the people hu went to Eastbourne!! (And we'll all miss u, naomi, bt at least we won on ur last yr :(
FINALS here we come!!

Lv u all - fran! (Oathall Community College) x

Heya john !
I loved the pic of your garden - 'twas truly cold looking lol
Newho, the tour is drawing to the half-way mark and i can't wait to see everyone in belfast ... all my old friends. It will be nice to see you again (Lizi, Torri, Vikki and Zoe !) It'll be nice to see my cousin Hannah as well. It's my first year doing belfast and i've heard a lot of good things about it so see you all there :)
Davey (2008 Rock Challenge Tour Runner)


Mar 23rd

The snow arrived today ... and 10cm of it here in Barton!
I had a driving lesson at 9 o'clock
... it was scary being out in a car in such horrendous conditions !!
Passed my theory test on Wednesday ... plan to take my test in 3 or 4 weeks...bring on the open road !!! :)
So ... as it snows here, Grimsby Rocka draws ever nearer ... can't wait ! (And the set this year looks mint! :)
See y'all soon ... enjoy the snow!! (For those of you lucky to have got some !!)
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth 08)

It's Easter Sunday, and you might expect Easter Bunnies and pictures of nodding daffodils and little lambs gambolling in the sunny fields ? Well ... no ! Click here for the view of my bit of Yorkshire (the back garden :) at a quarter to seven this morning :))
John (Editor)


Mar 22nd

....party time....excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to Oathall Community College on winning 1st place, and a special "Thanks !" to the people who helped us to achieve this

I hope we all do Rock Challenge again next year, Brune Park !
Our dance pics look mazin so next year we will still do well (and hopefully win !)
"Brune park rock the house - say brune park rock the house"
Kirsty (Brune Park)

Well done to all oathall school - we rule !!!
I can't believe we won ! I was so shocked and amazed by everyone's performances
I am glad i am part of the rock challenge !!!

Casey (Oathall)


Mar 21st

Lizzie (Oathall) x

OMGGG !!! I can't believe we won rock challenge ! First time in 10 years ... well done.
We all enjoyed the day!!
Well done to all the other schools - their dances were amazing !!

Jade K and Casey D (Oathall)

It's 7pm, it's dark outside, and ... it's snowing, so it must be the beginning of the Easter Holiday weekend :)
John (Editor)

Massive Congratulation to OATHALL COMMUNITY COLLEGE for winning at Eastbourne !
We had such a fun time and it was amazing that we won - first time in ten years !!

Chelsey C (Oathall)

Heya All
What a day in eastbourne yesterday - was truly amazing.
Well done to Oathall who won, your piece was very original and i loved your soundtrack
A couple of shoutouts: one to 'contact lens girl' from bexhill - sorry to embarrass you in front of you classmates :) and also again from bexhill: the cohost and reps - you guys were really nice to talk to :)
Unfortunately i won't be at grantham but i will deffo be there in spirit !
Will see you all in belfast.
Thanks Again, Eastbourne...

Davey (Rocka Crew Runner / ex Park Community School)


Mar 20th

A MASSIVE CONGRATS to RYDE HIGH SCHOOL for WINNING the Dresden Rock Challenge Competition!
I'm so proud of you all - best hair & make-up, best costume & FIRST place!!!! Bring On Portsmouth!
Also massive well done 2 Wildern School for coming 3rd!

Kirstie (Ryde High)

4 weeks to Pompey ! Easter rehearsals will be very important so really be up for it. Remember to get into character and give it your all.
Thanks for your hard work and I wish you luck.
Special mention for Lindz, Annie, Mark, Georgia, Emily, Catherine and Nicky
Greetings to the Rock Challenge Crew
(and a special good morning to John A from Keith).
Good morning, Keith ! (Though mine was written on the 21st - finally back on the beloved PC at home :)


Mar 19th

Was really really good this year at Crawley but we were really bummed that we went wrong and it never happened before! :(
Oh well, we still placed (which was good) but that don't matter as we all enjoyed it a lot!
Thanks to all the CREW at rocka as they were fabby!! Hope to see you guys next year! And I hope to get involved again! X

Lily (Millais School BackStage Crew)

Good grief! Just got back from the german competition and we only went and got best costume, best hair and make-up and 1st place!! (Makes us european champions :D :)
Sooo happy! Can't believe me and my 4 mates that have been making up our entries for the past 3 years finally get noticed!! Soo proud of his team :D
Bring on pompey 22nd april ... you better watch out!
Jack the Ripper ;)


Well done everyone at last night's rock challenge !!!!! Everyone had loadz of fun and it was wicked. I'm deffo doing it next year!!!
Our hair was crazy.
Luff yoo all rock challenge peeps!!!!!!!
Good luck to all the peeps in the southern finals and have fun!!!

Kat (Oriel High School)

Hey everbody ! Great rehearsal last night ... it was great to see the full company working together and it's looking great!!!!
Hope ta see everyone after easter for the full company rehearsal again!!
Thank-you Mrs.Von Tussle for all the hard work you have put in to this project since january, and a big well done to the entire company again!!!
Remember, this year the nicest kids in town are coming to carlisle and we hope to see you all there!!
GOOD LUCK everybody !

Love - connor XOX (St Aidan's County High School)


Mar 15th

You just KNOW you're going to kick yourself in years to come if you don't pick up a Rocka 2008 teeshirt :)
If you can't get to an event to buy one there, then click here for the downloadable order form ... the fab star-spangled artwork on a black (Fruit of the Loom) teeshirt in a range of sizes from small to XL (guess which your spreading website editor is wearing) plus a range of other goodies too !

Not long till Crawley!! Bring on tuesday - it's going to be yet another amazing year!
This is going to be my 4th year of performing in Rocka and it's been great every single year.
Good luck to everyone performing !
It will be nice to see some familiar faces :)
Go Boundstonee !!!

Georgie ( BCC )

How we have grown at St Aidan's ! 22 took part in 2006, 54 in 2007, 70 this year (and that's just the performers). Several team members in years 10, 11 and 12 are on nicotine patches - the thought of not being part of Rocka has really concentrated their minds on giving up smoking.
We have been having a ball
, working to a selection of happy songs. The school is undergoing a merger process with another to become an Academy and having the Rock Challenge has given us all a positive escape from the inevitable stress such a process brings with it.
My Dance studio is occupied every break and lunchtime as well as after school and the children can't get enough of it- shy kids making new friends- young people who find their niche and place in the school community through the piece.
And now, just for the team ... WOW!!!! First full company rehearsal this week, and 70 of you all working in almost perfect harmony. Outstanding discipline and focus - see you all on Monday and Tuesday.
Hope you all enjoyed the buzz of working as a team and all those different parts linking together. You are all stars ... keep up the good work !

Love - Mrs Von Tussle (St Aidan's County High School) x


Mar 14th

Heyyy !
1 month to go till bradford !!! Can't Wait !
Good luck, everyonee !

Loveee - jess (Royds Choreographer) x x x

Wembley Wembley ! We're the famous GRIMSBY TOWN and we're off to Wembley WEMBLEY !
Good luck to all the schools on 21st April in Grimsby !! Can't wait to see all your new themes !!

Tom (Matty Humberstone)

Hi !
Thanks 4 Letting Me Email On The Rock Challenge 2008. (Ed: could I stop you, Megan ? :))
Lealands R The Best !
Megan L (Backstage for Lealands)

I still wanna a pair of rocka trousers ! :)
Good luck to all the teams in portsmouth and other events, and good luck kings langley - you really deserve to win!!! YOU ROCK ROCKA!

Linzi (Vandyke)


Mar 13th

Well done woodlands :] Dun relli well
Thanks to mr pearce (mr perfect), mrs murray, mrs brown, stage crew, and a big big big thanks to kelly. 2nd place - maybe going through to the finals - whoop !

Well done to all the other schools !


Well Done Woodlands People ! We All Did Really Well =)
Hope We Get Through To The Final ... Highest Scoring Second Place So Far!
Only Lost By One Point =(
C'mon Woodlands ! Woop Woop !

Ihisha and Shelley

Well done WOODLANDS ****** u were all brillant !
Woop - Best Crew ! Luv it :)
Thanks for help Jake, Pearcy, Murray nd Miss Brown, and a very spesh Thanks to you KELLY (u legend ... espesh on the air guitar lmao :)
******* We are all stars ********

And well done all the other skls =]

Jack p (Woodlands)


Mar 12th

Congratulations, Barton Primary, for your outstanding performance, dedication and hard work. We are so very proud of you all.
Dot, Pete, Simon, Nicola & Lucy

WELL DONE WOODLANDS! I am so proud of every single one of you that took part in this performance.
You were all fantastic and worked brilliantly together as a team, and all your hard work paid off in the end because we came 2nd. Whoop!

Kelly (Woodlands Community College)

OMG it sucks :(
Ellon Academy did so wel again this year nd gues wht ... we aren't doin it nxt year!
Ellon Girl


Mar 11th

Wow :D
Crawley heats in a week ! We'll be performing on stage next Tuesday, guyyys ...
Good luck to everyone elsse ! Can't wait to see your performances.
C'mon boundstooooooooone :)

Bryonyy (Boundstone CC)

Well done to everyone who took part on Saturday 8th in the Soton Junior Rock Challenge. Every dance was exceptional.
Many thanks to the whole of the St. Mark's team from a very proud mum - we can only guess how hard you worked and everyone's effort was outstanding.
Very well done, Barton Primary ! You definitely upped the challenge for next year and you totally deserved top place !
Thank you, Rock Challenge.

Vickie Ibbott (St Mark's Primary School)

WELL DONE BRUNE PARK!!!!!!!!!! We deffo rocked the house !
All the utha tems were great 2
Thank-you 2 the committee for choreographing a brilliant dance ! I really enjoyed it !!!!!!!!

Danielle (Brune Park Community College) xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx <3<3

Congratulations to all the St. Winifred's team - the whole day was fantastic and your performance was superb! You certainly deserved the "most entertaining performance" award - well done!!
Thank you to all the Rock Challenge crew/staff for making a long day so much fun : )

Julie Oakley


Mar 10th

WOW, Barton Primary ! What a performance!
Well done for coming 1st, definitely well deserved. Your performance just blew me away! You were all fantastic, and all your hard work paid off. You should all be very proud of yourselves.
Once again, well done!!!

Kay Peers

Well Done St Winifred's Team ! "Most Entertaining Performance" - GREAT !
A fantastic day was had by all.
I'm really proud of Team and Staff

Carole Pearcey (St Winifred's School)

Wooooo ... still on a drug free high !!!!!!!!!!!
Still wanna a pair of trousers - they are so cooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linzi (Vandyke)

Forest Edge, you were 1st in my eyes! Thanks for making my little boy's dreams come true. You worked so hard and you made the night so special
Louise (Forest Edge) xx

We (Ryde High) are going to Germany in 3 days 2 compete over there and I cannot wait - although it's my last year :( !!!!
Good Luck 2 all the team - you guys are amazing!

Kirstie (RHS Committee) xxx
(Ed: good luck, Kirstie ! :)

Belated thanks for staging a super event at Stevenage ! On behalf of Druglink, it was great that we were associated with this truly great event.
Normally I would end my annual message by saying, "See you next Year" but no ...
... I'll see you all again in Portsmouth (23rd May)
I'll be supporting all the schools, of course, but I will pay particular attention to The Hemel Hempstead School (local school) and The South Downs College (I used to verify courses there :)

Tony Bolt (Druglink, Hemel Hempstead)

What an amazing evening !
Well done, Barnwell School, and a special thank-you to Ms Brown, Ms Gentry and Ms Pellen ... the kids were awesome and have never felt so proud.
The other schools were totally brilliant and it must have been a really tough decision for the judges.
Again, well done Barnwell ! (We Rock !)

J Durham


Mar 9th

OMG, i am so proud of all of team hamble 2008. What a night! And what a rehearsal... ;o)
You guys were awesome, as was the competition.
Thanks to all the staff and students from hamble for making this rock challenge experience one of the best !

Miss Owens (Hamble Community Sports College)

We did the show on the 6th. It's the 3rd time i've been involved and i still love it - definitely one of the highlights of my year !
Everyone was so friendly, the performances were amazing, and congratulations to everyone who was there that day
Matt D (Sutton Valence School)

Well done Barton Primary School for an excellent performance last night and also for coming first ... a winning performance !
You were all so great and you made us all very proud of you...

Donna S (Barton Primary School

I would like to congratulate all at St.Winifred's school for their tremendous effort last night. All the children and staff worked really hard and it was a well deserved "Most Entertaining Performance" award.
I think you deserved to win so watch this space ... Mr O`Flarerty will be back next year, all guns blazing !
Go, St.Winifreds !

From a very proud mum

Heyy ... can't wait for rocka at crawley !!! Not long now and the excitement is building haha ! =]
Good luck to all the schools taking part, and can't wait to see all the crew again !
This year is going to be great !

Georgie x (Boundstone Community College)


Mar 8th

Heyy !
I performed on the 7th of march n it was gr8 !
It was every1 in da groups first tym n we only did it for fun so we were all amazed to come in third place
We had a gr8 laff, we meet gr8 peepz, n just had a blast ! (Da rocka workers were pritty amazin tho 2 make it happen)
Luff u all
Cnt wait til nxt yr ... it will be even betta !

Lezley-Ann (Costello Technology College)

Hiya !
Where do i get a pair of rocka trousers !!!???!!! I want some !!!!
Bring on next year !
Good luck, kings langley ! Hope u win ur final !!! (U deserve it !!!!!!!!!!)

Linzi (Vandyke)
(Ed: YEARS ago I ran a competition, Linzi. Everyone who signed up to take my occasional newsy-emails was entered in a raffle to win one of 3 pairs of Rocka Trews, made especially for the 3 winners to their sizes. Don't THINK Sew and So would like to get involved in that again, but I'll do some asking around.)

I'm a proud mum who travelled down from Luton to Southampton for the show on 6th March.
Before that night the whole Rock Challenge concept was a bit of a mystery to me.
HOWEVER: I'd just like to say that after seeing all those wonderful performances, I have been totally blown away by the talent and dedication shown by Britain's young people.
Every performance had its strengths and every child involved (from performer to backstage) deserves HUGE credit for taking the step to become involved. The quality and professionalism of ALL the kids was staggering!
Well done to each and every one of you...you are ALL winners.
I look forward to next year with great enthusiasm!

Dee Lindley-Johnson (LEALANDS HIGH SCHOOL)

We are really happy to have come second in rock challenge ! Has been our best year yet :)
Hopefully we get through to the finals ...
we were only one point off first place. (Come On Woodlands ! :)
Well done to everyone that took part =]
Caitlin and Shelley (Woodlands Community College)

We did really well so well done, and well done to the other teams too ! You were all really good !
Well done to the winners - your dance was gr8 !
We all had lots of fun and teamwork, we got FOUR AWARDS, and we definitely rocked the house with our superb dancing and team spirit so "BRUNE PARK ROCK THE HOUSE! I SAY BRUNE PARK ROCK THE HOUSE"

Kirsty (Brune Park)

I really enjoyed rock challenge ! It gave me and my friends a natural high without having to take drugs or smoke (not that I ever have).
It was a hard job taking the scenery on and off the stage but it was all worth it (helping other crews and doing our bit) because we won best stage crew and the day was so much fun.
I hope to come again next year !

Chris (Mouse) (Woodlands Community College)
(Ed: that's all good stuff to hear, Chris ! Good for you :)

Alright, John. I can't spell :)
(Ed: well, to be honest, I quite liked "Showdown" :)
Tom (Matthew Humberstone)
(Ed again: you certainly can say that, Tom ! For anyone not in the know ... the Town beat Morecambe 1-0 to go through to the Wembley final of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy on March 30th :)

Well, Rock Challenge is round the corner once again ... April 21st is our Showdown. (Ed: hee hee ... "Showdown" sounds a lot more potentially violent than "Showcase", Tom :)
Can't wait to see everyone again and their new themes !

Tom G (Matthew Humberstone)

Day 5 and another awesome day at Rock Challege Southampton !
I'm so proud of everyone involved in our team! You were a credit to all of us!
I thought there was an amazingly high standard of entries on our day and I am so proud of us for coming 2nd
(even if Dan from Tauntons clearly thought we shouldn't - see last night's posting !)
I thought Cranbourne were awesome, as well as Costello and Totton College.
Who knows... maybe we'll see Cranbourne in the final ?!

Mrs Vicki Brunink (Hamble Community Sports College)
P.S. John, I missed you :(
Missed you too, Vicki. I've simply HAD to stay at home in Yorkshire this week to start learning my way around the new UK pages on the Global website in Australia :(
John (Editor)

After seeing other performances and all the results, makes me wanna win even more :D
Congrats to Barton Peveril for winning the other nightt
( Cat! Love Youuu! )
May 23rd is our time to shine, girlies :D:D:D
London Streets - remember it.. haha!
Sophieeee xxx (Regents Park)

My first time at Rock Challenge - wow ! (And we came 2nd)
What an amazing night - can't wait til next year !

Jimmy (Woodlands Community School)


Mar 7th

Went to watch my friend in Rock Challenge this evening and I have to say a MASSIVE well done to the team that won tonight (Ed: that would be Cranbourne :) - you were AMAZING!!!
To the guy that choreographed the piece... YOU ARE AWESOME!
I choreographed our team's entry and I was proud of ours but you,sir, are exceptional .... and you are younger than me - it's not fair ! Yes, you guys were very deserving winners!
I would also like to say congratulations to Totton College for an amazing performance, and well done to Emma J for excellent co-hosting (and btw, you guys should have come second :)
Dan (Tauntons College) x

Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College are going to lift the roof off St George's Hall, Bradford, with their performance!!! And that's the soundtrack alone... TRUST ME!!!!
Buttershaw supporter

Someone wrote "Hope the Southampton Day went well (EVEN if Barton Peveril didn't show up :)" I don't understand ... we did go. We won too :)
(Ed: I didn't understand it either ... I'm glad you were puzzled too :)
Open finals on may 21st here we come ! I'm so excited about it too! My last-ever RC and we get to go to the finals, which is brilliant !
I don't know if you remember but i said our piece was pretty poor ? It all came together in the end, about a week before the show. We weren't expecting to be placed either ... maybe 3rd if we were lucky ... because it was a tough day. There were some very good pieces from the schools so 1st was such a shock !
How is the new site going? It looks very impressive now.
Fern x (Barton Peveril)
(Ed: I still find the underlying structure of the new website extremely difficult to understand, Fern, though I'm happy to report that I can zip into it and change / update the text pretty darned quickly now ... especially compared to my sluggish attempts last week ! :)

Thanks for a great day - Henry Cort had an amazing time ! :D
It was my last year though :(

Thanks again - Gemma

As usual, Thornton will rock your sox off !!! We are the most consistent team (we have come 6th in the last three years :) but now we have some top-class performers and stage crew ready and waiting to blow your mind AND UNLEASH SOME TANTALISINGLY WONDERFUL TALENT !
We are getting our heads in the game, players

Love - Alex, Paige & Tom .x.x (Thornton Grammar School)

WELL DONE GIRLYYSSS ! 2nd on our first time and best choreography! I'm so proud of us :)
Thaankss for a wickedd daaaay, rock challenge crew ! :)

Maddie (Brighton Hill Community College)

As term draws to a close and the Waterfront Hall on April 1st gets ever closer, we in Dublin want to wish all the participating students and staff at Our Lady Of Lourdes, Cambridge House, St Louise's, Ashfield High, Limavady Partnership, Ballee High and Little Flower a wonderful day. Good luck on the night and we look forward to meeting with you and enjoying your performances in Belfast.
From Martin and all the rock challenge team at Larkin Community College


Mar 6th

AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I want to be in there with a rocka team!! Boo Hoo Hoo! I am definitely not keen on not having a team any more !
Wanna wish a massive good look to Thornton as always - i miss you guys and wish you every luck in the world - just hope you miss me toooo!!! ;)

Well, you'll def see me there at Bradford - and hopefully a few more venues (work permitting - doing lots of travelling around the country so hopefully get to those events i don't normally see !!!!)
John, i hope you are well and will see you in a few weeks - not long at all!!!
Good luck to everyone still left to perform !
Danika (still Thornton through and through!!!)

WHOAH!! We won!!!
Well done everyone else - you did really well!!
I loved regents parks and winton!! Better luck next year!
U were all awesome and wonderful! Thanx for the support !

James (Cantell) We came 2nd in rc (woo!) but do u go through or anything if u come 2nd ?
Mark (Winton)

Well done to everyone from the 4th March!!
I loved Cantell's costumes - they were well cool!!
I had a Fabulous time and can't wait till next year!! "Pineapple in a tin!!!" Whoooo !

Alicia (Ryeish Green) <3

Well done to all those on the 4th of march! All amazingg ..
Regents Park - good luck 4 the finals!

Beth (Tauntons College)

Well done to everyone for tuesday !!
Lil (Tauntons)


Mar 5th

Wahey ! 2nd place - not bad: so proud of it all! ;)
Well done to everyone, even if they didn't come in top three!
Was great ! Got such a high from the whole thing! Not just from the performance but the whole day in general!
Well done again, guys !

Leah (Winton)

I'm now back in my old job and ... 5 working weeks to go for us here at Firpark, Stuart (and it's all go). Pupils cutting, sticking, painting, sewing and dancing everywhere.
Sadly, our first full cast rehearsal (on Monday) was cancelled due to snow :((((
Will Firpark be ready? I hope so.......

Vanessa Geib (Firpark)

Well done for last night, everyone!
I can't wait for the premier finals. Everyone at school is so hyped up about it! Bring it!

But our science exam is the exact same day as the finals. What's going to happen?
Jemma (Regents Park)
Oh bother, Jemma ! :(
What USUALLY seems to happen is that you probably miss the part of the Rocka day that your exam is in and then get ferried to Portsmouth afterwards as fast as the bike pedals can turn so that you can at least take part in the evening performance, if not in the rehearsals etc, but it's sad. Make sure you talk to your LT about it and see if this is the only option open to you ...
John (Editor ... and (once upon a time - LONG ago) a school examinations officer)

We r coming back this year so look out, evry1 !!
Reeli xcited!!! Can't wait!!! :D:D:D

Jake (Brynmawr - Fluffy Sheep !)
Bring a couple of flat Welsh Cakes with you for me, Jake ? I've got withdrawal symptoms !! (The 3 dozen I bought at a food fair in Cardiff last year didn't last me very long at all ! :)
John (Editor)

Regents Park were the best! Even though we couldn't have won it as we are a PREMIER school, we were still the best there !
Sarah B (Regents Park)

Come on st aidans ! You gotta win this year =] (but lucky after getting best choreography last year hehe.)
Gd luk to everyone who is entering the carlisle rock challenge competition
xxx Laura (St Aidans) xxx

To Darryl and his mates from Aldworth Science College ---> we won our bet and you CHICKENED OUT !!
We were waiting in the front for you :D
Maybe next time, eh ? Hehe ! :)
xxx Fern and Seona xxx (Barton Peveril)

It's a shame we weren't competing coz we wld've won 100%! :(
Becci F (Regent's Park)
Your turn comes on May 23rd, Becci :)
John (Editor)

It was amazing ! Global Rock gives everyone such an amazing high, it is unbelieveable ! Everyone pulls together and the whole day is fantastic. I can't wait for the finals !!
Everyone at southampton guildhall (4th March ) was amazing - great work guys! (Especially tauntons who I think should have been placed either 1st or 2nd)

Rose (Regents Park) x

Well done Regents Park :D
Bring on the finals !

It was a really good day ! Definitely doin it nxt year !!
Becci (Regents Park)

Well done to all the teams that performed march 4th ! Had an AMAZING time and can't wait to do it next year !! (And we came 2nd ! :)
A massive well done to the winners (Cantell) !
All the dances were amazing and i think we can all agree that the night itself was great. (Who else has a sore throat and tired feet apart from me ?? :)
The people that did about HIV were really good too
(but why did he have no top on ?? :))
Trinity - you guys were really good too
x-Sarah-x (Winton School)

Well done to all the schools and colleges that performed last night - you were all really good !
We got 2nd place and we're really pleased :)
Well done cantell for getting 1st place ! Your performance was really funny and entertaining !
Also well done to my fellow team mates at winton - own performance was amazing ! =)

Rachel (Winton School) x

Another rock challenge gone and can't wait till next year !
Congratulations to kings langley ! Good luck in the finals !
Well done to the other schools too :)
Just want to say thank u to all of the year 11s and miss o'neil and miss larkai for all their help - couldn't have done it without u !

Laura (Quarrendon)


Mar 4th

Heyyy ! Everyonne that performed last nite was brilliant !
I reallly enjoyed myself and i would like to thankk all of the people who went. It's a bit of a shamme we didnn't win but well done to all the people who did - you were amazinng !
Thank- you to all the teachers who helped out. I hope i can do it again next year !
Welll done to everyone and thank-you again :) :}

Lots of love - tonicha (aldworth science college)

Heyy ... rock challenge was amazing ! This was our first year so we weren't sure what to expect :)
I think that we were let down because of our costumes and set ... we didn't realise how much impact they would have.
Annyhuuuu, the guys who came 1st at the southampton day 1 round were ammmaaazing ! So were 2nd place!! (I liked the toys :))

Ankush (Mandeville)

After 7 years of doing Rock Challenge and gettin a place in the top three each year with every school i've done it in, it was an upsetting time last night, knowing this would be the last time ever i could perform in rock challenge!
But we certainly did go out in style and won first place!!! What more could we ask for on our last year ?
Being one of the student representatives, we were all ecstatic and i've never screamed, jumped around and cried so much at the same time ever in my life! (Apart from winning in 2005 with regents park! :) It was amazing!
Well done to everyone on southampton night one - you were all really good!
All i can say now is watch out Portsmouth finals - the BP crew are coming !

*~*Cat - Barton Peveril!*~*

Hey Everyone !
I Hope All Schools Are Up And Running ?!
It Isn't Long Now Until We Are ShowCasing At The Waterfront - It's Only Like Three Weeks. As Usual, Ashfield Are Flying AnD Can't Wait Until Grimsby

Jordan (Ashfield Girls' High School) xxxx

"Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes" (etc)
I'm quite bored and a bit sad that rocka has finished for vandyke for another year:(
:'( sob sob sob
I might just cry ...

Oh but we are ALL SO FAMILIAR with that feeling :(
Getting up on stage and performing is SUCH a high ... the withdrawal symptoms feel really bad :(
It's always good to perform it again ... school summer show ? ... to your area's Primaries to give them a taste of what can happen at "big school" ? ... some Parent Teachers evening ? Get planning ...
John (Editor :)

Big shout-out to all the other teams still waiting to compete!!
Can't wait to see the finals (and good luck to kings langley as their performance is truly amazing!!!!)
I want a pair of rocka crew trousers (they are so cool !!)
Loving the website. It's better than the other one but it's a little hard to find my way round it!

Linzi (Vandyke)

Hello all !
Well... the new website looks good, and dead pleased you're still knocking around the place, John !!!
The message page looks good too.
So, as the Grimsby heat draws ever closer... finger nails get bitten and we look forward. Our performance is very close to finishing. The costumes and set should be awesome too...
"Enjoy !!" to all schools competing today or in the near future
Looking forward to seeing you again at Grimsby, John, and hope your dear wife is keeping well !!
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth 08)
Wendy has been dreaming of having a Rocka Team again lately ... she says she has the concept, the blocking, the choreography ... the costumes ... :))
See you all at Grimsby !

Hey !
Glad to hear that there may be a crew photo !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watched our rocks dvd and it was truly amazing!!! :)

Linzi (Vandyke) xD

If any of the Southampton Day 1 team members are around at all, don't forget to let us know what you thought of your day by voting in YOUR POLL !
John in the Yorkshire sun ... with a thin layer of snow outside making it all look very pretty :)


Mar 3rd

So it's here!!! And it's lookin good!! Will just take a while to get used to (the new layout looks a bit more complicated than to wot we're used to ?!?) but the message page is still here and that's the main thing :) Whoo hooo !
Just a quick question - saw the newslettery thing - do we have to sign up to a new one or will it still be the same ? (Ed: the one on the global website is a different one, Stuart, so sign up to it :)
Goood luck john... hope u find ur way about... u sure are committed, stayin away from a whole week of events to get up n runnin with the Global UK site... go you !! (Ed again: thanks, Stuart ! Just finished updating the "Past Champions" page :)
Oh, i'm just bk from RIHANNA in the AECC (she was amaaaaaaazziiiinngg!!) but i had a sore throat already so after all the screamin n shoutin it's made it worse!!! (N bein in the AECC again i was like "Aaaaahhhh ... less than 2 weeks ago we were all here at rocka....")
Bring on carlisle... my nxt rocka event.. how many wrkn weeks, geibo??!?
Stuart (peterheed... and loaned out to firpark once a yr :))

Heya !
Dnt av long ... crswrk 2 do lol
Ain't left a msg in aggggggges bt just adta say a big woohoo bowt gud ol' john still being here! Really chuffed rocka life can continue as per usual :)
Thornton looking great so far - gud 2 c it all coming together once agen - n everything's soundin brilliant
Bring on bradford n grimsby!!!!!

Love - Sarah (thornton :)

Yay! The UK website is all still here! :D
... I've not looked around properly yet really...
Definitely see you for tea at the Sands, John! :D (That is- while we're not still drilling together our set >_____<)
Got my tickets ordered today too !
Naomi (Cockermouth)

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! Still buzzing from rocka last wednesday :)
Rocka is one of the best things to happen to me and i want to thank everyone from the stevenage day 1 event.
says "Hi !" (and "brush ur teeth before meals" !!!)
Thanks again to sally, sarah, hari and the rest of the team, and bring on next year!!! Vandyke will be bigger and better!!!!!!!!!
DRUG FREE HIGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO !

Linzi (Vandyke)
ps will there be a full photo of this year's rocka team ????
Wooo - Vandyke rule!
(Ed: I sincerely hope there is a 2008 crew pic here at the end of the tour ... might even get on it myself this year (I missed last year :))

Amazing website!! A bit hard to find my way round at first but have managed it!!!!!!!!! (Ed: I haven't :))
Can't wait till next year and the photos look amazing!!
Linzi (Vandyke)

Hello, folks !
Here we are, in our new home on machines in Australia ... hope we can all cope !
I'm up-to-date with messages and the tour calendar page at the moment. Other pages will be edited up to speed through this Southampton week (which I'm missing altogether so that I can get up to speed here ... remember that just like Paddington, I have a very little brain :)
John (Editor)

Hey !
A big well done to all the vandyke team!!!!! Thanks to sally, sarah, hari and all the other people that helped us along the way (and thank-you, joe, for not bursting into flames whilst performing!!! We are all truly thankful!!)
Can't wait till next year to make things bigger and better!!!!!!

Linzi (Vandyke)


Mar 2nd

Oh my goodness! It's actually going to happen! *sob*
I don't want these pages to go - I'll miss all the wonderful messages from the teams and all the updates about everything that's going on from you, John!
This is so sad! : (
I guess we'll all have to make our home on the new pages then... Cups of tea all around on Monday?!

Naomi (Cockermouth)
Naomi ... Global have asked if I'd be a web pages editor for them and I volunteered straight in. Given that everybody else is going to be too busy with the tour to do anything on the new web pages, guess who's STILL going to be updating you and keeping the messages etc going after the switchover some time Monday ? (OK, I may be a bit slower but that's only because I haven't cracked how to handle the new pages at anything like my normal speed yet :)
And because I'm therefore still involved, yes you will still be getting updates from me too so it's not all bad news :)
See you for a cup of tea at Carlisle ...
John (Editor) xxx

Oooooohhhhh noooooo .... this site is going? What will we do?
Will there be a message forum like this on the new one?

This website's been great! Thanks for all your great work on here, John.
Kings Langley Crew
See what I said (above) to Naomi ? The messages will keep going, plus much of the rest, plus - over time - new stuff :)
Thank-you for your kind comments :)
John (Editor)

Hi all !
Just a big thank-you to all the Stage Crews who worked at Stevenage last week. You were all brilliant and it was great fun to work with you all (although how Jonny and myself didn't win the best stage crew on day 2 after we helped all 3 junior schools is just pure Criminal!! ;-)
Seriously though, all of the schools were fantastic. We pushed you all hard and asked a lot of you, and you all delivered above and beyond. It was an absolute pleasure to work with every single one of you, and I hope to see you all back next year, just as excited, just as motivated, just as inspiring.
Special thank-you to the girls from Hinchingbrooke who stepped up and helped Laurence Haines with their performance. Thanks again, girls.

Well, that's me till Crawley. I'm hoping to make a few guest appearances along the way, my real life permitting.
Good luck to everyone who's off to Southampton this week. Have a great time, and i'll see everyone at an event sometime soon.
Ants (A.S.M. Aberdeen, Stevenage, Crawley, London)
PS still here then John? ;-)
Hi, Ants !
It all changes over to Australia some time during Monday.
John :)

Hello everyone !
Well, looks like the start of the 2008 tour has been a good one!! I'm sure the rest of the tour will be too and everyone will make 2008 the best year yet!! Wooo hooo !
Well done to everyone who has already performed. Aberdeen was amazin... such a leap in the standard to previous years!! Was an amazing day!!
.... we got alot of hard work to do over the next few months to perfect our performance for grimsby, but we can do it !! I know uze aren't scared of a bit of hard work ... we'll pull off another amazin performance n show them how scotland rock it!!! (Can't believe we r going to grimsby again... woooo, 5th time to the finals!!! Aaaaahhh!! (Will be my 7th :))
GOOD LUCK to everyone perfoming in the nxt few weeks ! Enjoy it cuz once u leave skl there's nothin as good as rock challenge ... i still keep comin bk yr after yr!!
Good luck to the amazin FIRPARK ! Work hard over the nxt few weeks and me n kimberley will see u soon!! Can't wait to go to carlisle!! Wooo!!

Well, just thot i'd leave my last message on here 2nite since the switchover is happening 2moro. John, u have done an amazin job with the website all these years - well done!! - n i'm sure u'll do just as good a job on the new site. Whoo hoo!! Cya in carlisle?? Then grimsby!! Whooo hooo !
Keep up the good work!! Can't imagine rocka without this site ... it helps keep the rocka buzz goin after the event days are over ... i have written i'm sure hundreds of messages to this site over the yrs!!
Stuart (Peterheed)
You're very kind, Stuart. Yes to Grimsby and Carlisle - see you there - and it was good to see you at Aberdeen !
Tomorrow will be interesting ... not all the pages are ready and I'm still slow at working on it but I'm missing Southampton (sob) just so that I can get up to speed

Wishing you guys all the luck in the world for tomorrow!! You've worked so hard on this and come so far. You should all be so proud of what you've achieved as a student-led team.
A big well done to Cat, Ronni and Vicky for all your hard work and good luck to everyone involved. Let's go out there and shine like we know we can
Good luck to everyone competing at Southampton tomorrow!

Helen (Cox Green) xxxx

Hello again :)
I've now put the Stevenage Day 2 minipics up on the website. Click here to go and see them.
John (Editor) in the Yorkshire sun :)

It was a great day at Stevenage ! Thanks to everyone who made it what it was.
All the performances were excellent but i must admit i really enjoyed Wye Valley. You were great!!!
Rock on Kings Langley School. You made me cry (3 times) and you don't know how hard that is!!!

Lots of love - Mrs Butt

Hello :)
I've just put the Stevenage Day 1 minipics up on the website. Click here to go and see them.
Day 2 will follow later on today.
John (Editor) in the Yorkshire sun :)


Mar 1st

Heyyy !
I can't waitt till Bradford, and by the sounds of the comments Rocka's Kicked off with a bang! Well done Everyone who has already performed:)
I can tell this year is gonna be better than ever!! GET READY, ROCKA - ROYDS ARE COMING AT YA !!!!!
Good Luckk to all the schools

Loveee - Jess (Royds Choreographer) x x x x

Sophie - Nick the Photographer has just emailed me to say that the problem has now been corrected ... hope that helps ?
John (Editor)


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