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Feb 29th

Hey !
I have checked out the pictures for stevange day two and the hertswood award pics are mixed up with caroline chisholm ... ours are on their page and theirs are on ours....
Also well done to all the schools !
Hertswood, i am proud of our third place and the other awards we picked up ! Well done to all of you and for representing hertswood in such a well-mannered way.
Well done to barnwell - you guys did so well for your first year, and i hope you enjoy the finals...

Soph (hertswood)
I've passed your message about the pics straight on to Nick the photographer - thanks for letting us know, Soph !!
John (your white-bearded old editor and stage sweeper-upper :)

Well done everyone !
Congratulations, Kings Langley ! Loved your performance ... and so did my mum - she cried !!!!
Can't wait till next year !

Leah (Monks Walk) xxxx

WOW! What can I say ?!
Kings Langley, you were truly amazing, and all your hard work paid off! To win when the standards set by all the schools was so high was a fantastic achievement.
Well done to all the schools who took part - it was a great night !


Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has just told me that Solway have pulled out of Carlisle Day 2
John in the Yorkshire wind


Feb 28th

Wow, Kings Langley ! We did it, eh ? Still seems so surreal ... congrats!
Just wanna say to the other schools, you were awesome! Well done to everyone!
I also loved the fact that we were all in the same place to get ready. All the schools interacted with each other, which I thought was pretty cool!
Well done, and keep up the good work!

Emma (Kings Langley) xo

Well done to everyone at stevenage last night and good luck to those schools competing tonight !
Thanks to all the rock challenge people who ran yesterday - it was amazing!!!
See you in portsmouth :D!

Karen (Kings Langley)

WOW guys ! You were amazing last night. I can't believe we won!! YAY!!
Rock Challenge was amazing so i just wanted to thank the crew for making yesterday so incredible. I enjoyed the day more than i think i ever have before (and i've been doing it for 5 years).
And thank you to all the other schools ! You were so friendly and it made everything so much better knowing that everyone wanted everyone else to do brilliantly, especially Monks Walk - our neighbours. You were so supportive of us and you did amazing.
Well Done to everyone that has already competed and good luck to everyone else. SEE YOU IN PORTSMOUTH!!

Love - Becca (Kings Langley) xx x xx

Heya !
Well done to all the teams in last night's rocka and a big well done to kings langley for their performance ! It was truly amazing!!!!
A big thank-you to sally, sarah, hari and the rest of the teachers for making this possible again and a big shout out to all the rocka crew AND CAN I HAVE YOUR TROUSERS, PLEASE ! I LIKE THEM LOTS !!!!!!!!!!

Linzi (Vandyke) xD

Hello :)
OMG i can't believe it.. we actually won! I'm so proud of everyone at kings langley - thank you for working so hard and putting up with me :)
Also thank you to all the other teams who were all very friendly - you were all great :)
Special messages. Miss Dolan
- well, yesterday was emotional, but today was worse. Thank you so much for everything you have done ! It really wouldn't have been possible without you. You are an inspiration to everyone ... thank-you for the opportunity!!! Love youuuu !
Mrs Butt - You are full of laughs even when you have lost your voice! You have been the backbone of rocca at school and for me you were great support. Love you and aribah
Byrony and Chess - my skeleton choreographers: to put it bluntly i love you. You have put up with my tears and made me laugh soo much..I will never ever forget times we had (including chess's funny bunny hops and leaps :) I'm soo glad i could share winning with you!
Chloe - you have been great support. You always make me feel proud of myself and can make me smile by doing little things. Yesterday i was inconsolable but you stuck around Thank you for everything :) Love you
Becca, Steph and Josh - I love you to the moon and back. Becca, you have been great support and a privilege to work with. Steph, you never ever ever fail to make me smile. Josh josh josh, you are such good fun and make me laugh uncontrollably. You 3 are stars in my eyes :)
Kelly B - you deserve a mention ! Thank you for being so briiliant! Oh, the laughs we have had.
And everyone else in the cast, backstage, and media things - you were wonderful!
Thank you to the whole rock challenge: event organisers and volunteers ! Without you the fun wouldn't be possible.
Yesterday was probably the best day of my life :)
I'm over the moon, the sun, the stars and all the little planets and satellites in between! :)

Jessica (Dance Captain - Kings Langley)

Well done to everyone who performed yesterday at stevenage!! It Rocked!!
Well done to David as Old Tom, and all of the Vandyke Team ! You should all be proud of our performance - it was great!!
Thanks Sally, Sarah and Harri for all the work you put in!! :D

Richard (Vandyke)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to the Rock Challenge crew. Every year you amaze me and make the experience just perfect.
A big shout to (can't remember his name) the guy who took us to the stage and all that!! He was such a good laugh and his hair looked good after Laura and I gave it a bit of spray haha!!!

Obviously i'm gutted that we didn't get placed or anything, but soooo proud of my team!! We did ourselves proud and we had an amazing day.
Shout-out to the 2 guys in Quarrendon who were immense dancers - well done !
Well done to everyone else !!

Gizelle xxx

Just a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in the day one of Stevenage Rock Challenge yesterday! We are STOKED to have won, and amazed at the competition we were up against. Everyone put so much into it, and EVERYONE should be so proud of themselves right now!
I would like to take this opportunity to say to MONKS WALK school that you guys were so lovely to be neighbours with in the dressing room, and thank you so much for the congratulations you offered us after the event.
Rickmansworth, your piece rocked, and we were so sure you'd done it! Hope you get through to the finals too.
Thanks again Rock Challenge, and see you in Portsmouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss D (Kings Langley)

Graham, John and Roger (the Kings Langley Caretakers)


Feb 27th

NO internet access all day today at the venue so have just got back to the Travelodge, got online (at the usual high wifi rate), so have frantically caught up with results, themes, opinion poll and then messages for today ... bear with me !
John (Old Editor / stage sweeper-upper :)

Good Luck to everyone at Stevenage!!! Thanks to Tim, Elaine & Lucy Liu for your messages about our DVD !
It arrived yesterday in the post. Bit sad that it's got blank bits (because a couple of the cameras stopped working :-( but it's still a good momento and it shows plenty to improve on before the finals.
Miss M (Peterhead)

Goood Luck All Schools 2day and 2moro!
Would Be Good To See The Winners In Grimsby :D

Steph (Peterhead) Xxxxxxxxx


Feb 26th

OK folks, I'm in at a Travelodge and their wifi is working so (despite the EXTORTIONATE rates they charge :) I've logged on to catch up with the messages
John (Editor :)

In response to last night's message, I have purchased a fire extinguisher and briefed my family, close friends and performers on fire regulations and a simple and effective fire drill in the event of my combustion. Unless this event occurs early, i will see you all tomorrow ...
I think what i am really trying to say is ...
Joe (Vandyke)

OMG! Only 9 hours to go guys! Excited much?
I can't wait to be up on that stage with all you guys tomorrow ... you're going to be fantastic. Your team spirit this year is amazing and it's brilliant to see everyone getting on so fabulously.
I love you all, and I hope you all have a great, fun day - You Deserve It !!

Much love - Becca (KLS Dance Captain) xx x xx

Good luck to each and every one of you in the kings langley crew ! It's been a joy to watch you all put it together :)
Remember, you're all winners !

Graham, John and Roger (The Kings Langley Caretakers !)
Well Done, you three ! THINK that's the first time there's ever been a "Good Luck" message from a caretakers' team :))
John the Old (Editor :)

Heyy Everyone =]
Good luck to everyone competing 2moro! I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time at rocka ! (I know i did at aberdeen rock challenge and i wish i could do it all again but oh well ... i'll just have to wait til next year :(
Once again - have fun 2moro !

Emma (Ellon Academy, Scotland)

My last rock challenge with Vandyke being stage crew :( but can't wait until tomorrow
I would say how good Vandyke's performance looks ... but I simply can't tell from behind the scenery :P
Good luck to all the other schools competing ! It should be good to meet some different schools for a change.
One last note - Joe, don't get too excited !! :)

OK guys ... this message page will be quiet for a wee while now 'cos I'm just about to set off on the 3½ hours drive to Stevenage - woo !!
I'll try and log on again around elevenish to catch up on any late messages.
Sleep well - if you can :)
John (Editor) in breezy Yorkshire

OMG ... only 14 hours till rocka in stevenage!!!!!!
I heard that gaz and babs are hosting tomorrow!!! :)
Look forward to seeing all the schools tomorrow!!!
Vandyke will rock the arena!!
A big thanks to sally, sarah and hari for getting us this far!!
Good luck to everyone tomorrow!!!!

Linzi xD

Can we just say a massive thank you to the lovely email we received from Chesham Park Community College wishing us luck. We really appreciated the good will, and want to say the same to you!
See you tomorrow!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooo!!
Kings Langley Crew

Good Luck To everyone tomoz... it's going to be a gr8 day!!
We're going to do you proud, sally!!
Come on Vandyke


Vandyke Vandyke Vandyke Vandyke Vandyke Vandyke Vandyke Vandyke
Can you tell we're excited yet ??

Mr A

Whaaa!! Monkeys are after me!! Pie is gr8!!
Good Luck to every school tomorrow!!
Vandyke are gonna rock :D
Mat Says Hi!! :D
Vandyke are looking gr8!!

George (Vandyke - whooo !)

Come on Vandyke !
Good Luck to the other Schools competing tomorrow at stevenage :D

I'm on standby with a fire extingisher for joe ;p (Ed: thanks, Richard :)
Can't wait till tomorrow - it's going to be awesome :D
Vandyke, it's looking great! Yesterday's rehearsal was fantastic!! Tomorrow Will be Great !

Richard (Vandyke) :D

, don't combust - we need you haha.
This is going to be an awesome year!!! Good luck to everyone but...


Hey you lot!
Woopee dooooo! Wishing you all the very best and sending you much love
Swainy (Kings Langley) XXX

Good luck ! You've put the work in so now enjoy it. Believe in yourselves and anything can happen!!!!
The Shipp (Kings Langley School)

Good luck all of you at KLS, You have all worked so hard rehearsing all hours of the day. Enjoy yourselves and break a leg!
Miss Creed (Kings Langley School)

Heya !
OMG - can't believe that it is only about 23 hours till rocka in stevenage!!!! Can't believe how quickly it has come round!!
Glad to be going to stevenage and i think that the piece looks très très good!
I shall be buzzing all day tomorrow and can't wait to get to stevenage and get the day started!!! It's going to be my 3rd year - let's make it as good as the last two years!!!! (Which it probably will be!) Looking forward to going now!!
Ready or not, Vandyke are coming!!!!

Linzi (Vandyke)

Hello all,
Ms Marshall from Peterhead - yes, the individual DVDs were handed out on the night, but not Peterhead's, which I believe was sent out yesterday!
Joe from Vandyke - what a brilliant message! But try not to combust onstage: there's a strict "No Pyrotechnics" rule, lol.
Good luck to all the Stevenage schools performing tomorrow and Thursday; can't wait to see what you've come up with!
All the best - Tim (UK Event Manager)


Feb 25th
Hey everyone !
Today i went to a conference about Othello for my english lit a level. The train back was packed and i was surrounded by (mostly) total strangers when I suddenly realised that Rock Challenge was in 2 DAYS!!!
At this point i wanted to shout in extreme euphoria, but had to supress it for fear of concerning the other passengers, and so i made some kind of squeak and a gasp, which i quickly covered with the swallowing of a sweet ...
I received an interesting look from the man next to me, and a general murmur went around the carriage at my "squeak" ...
At this point it faded into random words seeded together until i realised my teacher was giving me a funny look, so i buried my head in my 19 pages of notes and began furiously highlighting in attempt to regain my dignity ...
I think all i am trying to say here is that i am SO excited about Rock Challenge 2008 and Vandyke's performance that there is the distinct possibility that i will spontaneously combust before wednesday ...
Joe (Vandyke)
Linzi ... anybody at Vandyke ... stand by to put Joe out, please ?
John (Editor :)

Well done to everyone in Aberdeen ! You were all amazing.
Thanks soooo much to everyone at Mackie for all their hard work this year - you were all fab!

I'm pretty sure we got our DVD handed out at the end along with the boarded poster, if that helps at all?
Elaine (Mackie)

One and a bit days till my 1st "southern" rocka (but really my 4th year)!!!! Woop! Can't wait!!!!
Already sooooo excited!! It looks amazing from the wings on stage!
Hope all the other schools' rehearsals are going well ?!
A BIG hello to Longcroft! I miss you loads !!!!!!!

Laura (Vandyke) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I really enjoyed Rock Challenge and want to say "Thanks again" for putting the show together - it was absolutely brilliant and i hope to do it again.
Katie (St Machar)

Hey !
Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who came to Dubai with us! You lot were awesome !!
I can't wait for this year's Rock Challenge!

Alex (Crickhowell High School)
ps a special "Hey !" to Ben and Dave - your fan club's still up and running :)

Only 2 days ... can't believe how quickly it has come round this year.
Just want to wish all the teams involved at Stevenage GOOD LUCK!
If the messages from Scotland are anything to go by, it should be a great event!
Good luck Kings Langley Rocka! You have done me proud, and I can't wait to see you up there on the stage
Miss D x

Hey Miss M... we got our DVD on the night... the one with just your school with close ups etc!
Lucy Liu (Fraserburgh) x

Heya !
Just like to say a big hello to all the teams at stevenage day 1!!!
Vandyke are commming to rock the arena!!!!!

Linzi (Vandyke)

Hi !
Wondering if some of the other teams from Aberdeen would be able to help. Were the schools' DVDs handed out after the show? We never received ours and I'm wondering if we ran off too early or if they're all still to be sent out.
Miss M (Peterhead)


Feb 24th
It's great to be called "legend" so thanks, smiler ! (Whoever you are :))
Davey (Rocka Tour Runner)

Torry's Going To Grimsby !!!!!
Well done to all the other school at the aberdeen ! We were all winners after all the hard work over the months.
Davey is a ledge !!!!
I am so proud of all the torry team who have worked their socks off. Big up Barry Gartland - we couldn't have done it without his wisdom.
Roll on Grimsby !!!!!!!!!!

Smiler (Torry)

Me again! :)
How do we get the username and password for our school for the photographer's site?!
Lucy x
Hi Lucy :)
Your username / password come either from your Liaison Teacher or direct from Nick if you email him / phone him up (and his contact details are on his website :)
John - still in the sun :))

Hey John!
Yes, that's the newspaper website (www.eveningexpress.co.uk)! It was friday's paper and there were a few pics of schools with captions underneath and a small write-up mentionin Torry's piece etc...
Lucy Liu (Fraserburgh) xx

The Aberdeen results are here, the themes are here, your chance to vote in its opinion poll is here, and the Aberdeen minipics are here :)

Ahhh ...... I can't believe I missed Rock Challenge in the Deen!!! So busy I totally forgot...
I miss Rock Challenge loads. Think it was 2002/03/04/05 I was in it and it was always amazing :D
I've gathered that Torry won this year, so well done to them and to all the other teams :D

Fiona F xxxxx (ex Mackie)
Hi Fiona ! Long time no hear :)
John (Editor)


Feb 23rd
What a start to the 2008 tour !
Thank-you to everyone who was at aberdeen on thursday for an enthusiastic and amazing show
. (Thank-you especially to the co-host and representatives from torry academy who were having a good old natter near the end of the show night :)
I still managed to guess the top 3 schools which was quite fun lol and now i'm looking forward to the rest of the tour and can't wait for the finals to see the amazing performances from the other night again. 'Twas truly amazing.
Davey (Rocka Tour Runner)

Dear all

Just a quick note to thank all of the Aberdeen schools for giving us such a great start to the 2008 Rock Challenge® tour yesterday. All 12 schools showed enthusiasm and dedication to the event and its cause right from the early morning start through to the end of the night and the inter-school support was, as always, outstanding; yesterday was buzzing from the moment the first school stepped through the door. In addition I'm sure everyone will agree that standard-wise the event took another leap again this year and we can't wait to see what the rest of 2008 - and 2009 - brings !

It was also great to see so many people with their cameras out and we hope that some of you budding photographers will be planning to enter the brand new photograph competition. We're currently trying to sort out how we're going to take entries, but for the moment you can email entries to tim@rockchallenge.co.uk or post them to Rock Challenge Photography Competition, Rock Challenge, Wessex House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 9FD (our headquarters!) Make sure when you send in your entries that you give your name, your school name, the date that the photograph was taken on, a short title for the photo and, if you want, a description of the photo. Remember that each person can only submit a maximum of three photographs!

Look forward to seeing all the other events and if they live up to the Aberdeen schools' great start to the tour !

Keep rocking!

Tim (Event Manager - UK Rock Challenge®)

Well! Rock Challenge has finally begun again + i am so excited!!
If it's half as good as 2007 was, it will still be utterly fantastic!! :D

2 months 10 days till we showcase in Derby, and 3 months 7 days till we go to premier league and compete in Grimsby! I couldn't be more excited!
Preparation for our performance is well under way and everyone is gettin into the rock challenge spirit!
I'm hopin to see some familiar faces from last year (+ i'm VERY excited!! I think i've already said that though! :)
Good luck to all the other schools competing in all your heats at the moment ! I'm sure you will all do really well!
All the Best - Eleanor x (Rawlett Community Sports College)

Just a big thank-you to all the Stagecrews at Aberdeen. We pushed you hard and you all stepped up your game on the night. It was great to work with you all, and I look forward to seeing you all next year !
On a wider note, thanks to all the Aberdeen Schools. It's been a few years since I was last so far north and I had forgotten how enthusiastic you all are :-) It was a long and tiring day for all of us on the crew, but your drive, enthusiasm, smiling faces, pizza, sweets, and attitude made it all the easier. Whether a Teacher or student, you were all fantastic and inspiring :-)

So ... next week is Stevenage. Already getting goose bumps. Will see everyone there.
Ants (A.S.M.)

Having spent an interesting 13 hours on various trains getting home on Friday I have now completed (in record time !) all the Aberdeen pictures which are now on-line (and having acquired space for an additional 15000 pictures I am able to keep last year's pictures on-line a little longer too :)
Congratulations to ALL involved at Aberdeen ! What a start to the tour ... the standards continue to rise - unbelievable!
Nick the Photographer

Don't forget that this website (owned and run by me for free for UK Rocka since the late 1990s) will be switched off soon so that new UK-specific pages on the Global website in Australia can be switched on.
I'll keep these pages up till certainly the end of 2008 if I can, but the messages / results / news etc won't be updated here any more - only on the new pages when they come.
You'll still be able to find these old pages at www.johnarro.co.uk and I would encourage you to download anything you like from them that you'd quite like to remember :)

Hiya =]
A while ago i remember there was the video of the RAF guy dancing and you said if anyone finds any other good dancing videos, send you the link ?
Well, i've found a really good one (but you've most probably seen it ...)
It's here and it's a man dancing to tons of different dances
Once again congrats to all the schools that were at aberdeen rocka, and also to the hip-hop school who put on an amazing performance during the day!
Emma (Ellon Academy)
Heh heh ... like it, Emma ! (Remind you of any recent moshes ?? :))
And don't forget the robots from last year, or the treadmills one from waaaay back :))
John (Editor)

Hey john!!
Did u enjoy abdn!? Was nice to see you (and i hope u liked your ice cream?)
Have you seen the evening express?! There is a picture from fraserburgh with caption - "TOP PERFORMANCE"
Why why why are we not going to grimsby!?!? :(
LOL ... anyways, we're still rly chuft we our place ... 3rd out of 12 - OHH YEEEAAAHHH !!! (And we now hav 2 brand new awards added to our collection! Yippeeee!!!)
Lucy Liu (Fraserburgh) xx
Thanks for coming and finding me, Lucy ! Was great to see you again :)
LOVED the ice-cream :)
Haven't seen the paper ... will now go Googling to see if it's online anywhere ...
John (Editor)
ps have found a website called http://www.eveningexpress.co.uk (is that the one ?) but no pics of anything Rock Challengey or Fraserburghey


Feb 22nd
Massive congratulations to everyone involved at the Aberdeen Rock Challenge !
Great to see so many "old" friends through the day !
Peterhead: thanks for the pizza ! (I was stuffed :)
I Broch: thanks for the ice-cream-in-a-tub ! (Aaaah - Bicocchi's :))
The drive back south took a bit longer than the drive north but this time it wasn't because of gridlocked roads (though crawling past the Geordieland Metro Centre for 3 miles at 5mph isn't exactly fun :) but because Wendy and I diverted a bit and popped into Berwick on Tweed, then down to the causeway road to Holy Island (no, I didn't even THINK about driving over :)) and finally along the Northumberland Coastal Route past Bamburgh Castle. Lovely :))
John (Editor)

Sympathy on your drive north on Wednesday, John ! Hate the Forth Bridge and the A1 is the pits.
I got back to the lovely Lanarkshire at 3.30am and was awake and on my way to Glasgow at 9am. The lack of sleep was well worth it though - outstanding show at the AECC last night. Any of the five teams could have taken the top spot in my opinion. I would not have liked to judge last night.
Congrats to Torry and especially Peterhead (no bias here :) for getting through to the finals.
Really liked the Brochers (well done, Alan and Kate) and thought Arbroath's choreography was excellent for first-timers.
One show down and Carlisle draws nearer :))))))

Vanessa (Firpark)

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Aberdeen Rock Challenge yesterday (21 February). The whole evening was brilliant and every team gave a great performance.
Good luck to Torry and Peterhead Academies in Grimsby in May
Terry Ashton (Aberdeen City Council)

Hi Guys!
Well, "Hello !" from a very tired but very happy Peterhead.
Thanks to the guys for putting on such a fantastic day yesterday, as always. It was fabulous ! The atmosphere truly is electric in a 12-school heat - but it certainly does make for a long day! :)

Good to see you there as well, John. Always love it when you make the long trip up North to join us. Hope you enjoyed the Pizza.
I just want to say a huge "Congratulations !" to Torry for first place. You really were amazing and up to that high quality standard we've come to expect from you. And Fraserburgh! What can I say? I really thought you had it. You were really excellent and I don't think I could have judged the top 3 last night - it was a hard job.
Well done, Arbroath, for a great first time out ! 4th is something to be proud of.
But Peterhead ... what can i say! You really did us proud. The fun you had all day and the performance you pulled out of the bag last night made all the hard work and lack of sleep worthwhile. You did us, and yourselves, proud.
Thanks again to the team for all the hard work and hello to the volunteer from Keith my Dad ended up looking after. Hope you get better soon!
Will be watching eagerly to see who else we'll be seeing in Grimsby. Hopefully Dave and Olly will have learned the dances by then ... :)

Lorna (very proud Peterhead crew)

A big "Thanks" to everyone who helped me yesterday after my accident while doing the Macaraina. It will teach me not to do it so enthusatically in future. (I now have a splint which I have to wear for a fortnight as I dislocated my kneecap on stage :)
Thanks again !
Vicky (Volunteer at Aberdeen and Ex Keith Grammar School Pupil)

Hey Everyone =]
Well done to all the schools that were at the aberdeen rocka! All the schools were amazing and there was a great atmosphere at the AECC all day.
Congrats to Torry Academy ! You guys deserved to win! I'm sure you'll all have a fantastic time at grimsby ... it was amazing when we went down to grimsby last year so i hope you guys have as much fun as i did !

Emma (Ellon Academy)

Well Done to everyone who took part yesterday in aberdeen - you were all amazing! :D
Wooooooo ... Grimsby better watch out for peterhead :D:D
Misss You All, Spesh St Machar And Leanne From Ellon! :D:D

Steph xxxxxxxxx (Peterhead)

Lawza (Torry !!!!!) xxxxx

WOW!!!!!! What a show in Aberdeen!!!! All the teams did really well and there was such a buzz (partly due to some very loud Peterhead folk :)
Kids, you did me proud. It was definitely worth putting up with the pain to see you all and your reactions to the awards.
But don't relax too much cause soon we'll be back to rehearsals cause ... WE'RE GOING TO GRIMSBY!!!!
Miss M (Peterhead)

Well done to all the schools last night ! Everyone was a winner, put on a great show, and even left the audience guessing who was going to win due to the high standards of each school.
St Machar-
was so proud o ur performance and was gd with the scottish country dancing in there.
Congratulations to Torry for coming 1st place- your performance was amazing !
Peterhead- congratulations n coming 2nd and the performance was amazing too
Have to say to Arbroath- well done in comin 4th place. You showed that you don't need set and costume to put on a good performance.
Well done to all schools again and good luck to all schools who still have to perform !
Claire (ex St Machar)

Just home from the aberdeen rock challenge!!! Wot a day!!
Just a quick message cuz i'm shattered!!
Had a brilliant day n i hope everyone else enjoyed it too!! Well done to all the teams entered - everyone was amazin n the standard was sooo much higher than any other years!!
WHOO HOOO - WE HAVE NOW COMPLETED OUR AWARDS COLLECTION!! We got BEST CHOREOGRAPHY tonight which was the only one of the individual awards we hadn't won b4!! Wooo hoo ... GO US!!!

Also we got best make-up... well done lorna!
Oh ... and 2ND PLACE!!! Woooo hoooo ... we're goin to grimsby ... woooooooooo!!!

Well done to the top 5 - ELLON, ARBROATH, BROCH, PHD n TORRY!! I wudn't have liked to have been a judge 2nite!!
Well done everyone!!! Woooo !!!

Stuart (peterheed)

The first Rocka Results of 2008 are in and they're here.
John (Editor)

Hi from a noisy Aberdeen Rocka here at the AECC !!
Wanna read today's themes ? COURSE YOU DO ! :))

Click HERE :))
John (Editor)

Heyyy !
Can't wait till April 14th - Bradford's gonna be awesome!! :)
Hope everyone's having fun!
Good Luckk !!!

Loveee - Jess (Royds Choroegrapher) x x x x x

Lucia & Co (LONGCROFT, BEVERLEY) xxxxx

Vandykers - well done today (all-day rehearsal ... cool)
Let's do our best and be our best DRUG FREE HIGH!!!!!!!
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! Bring it on, Stevenage day 1


Good Luck to everyone in every rock challenge, especially everyone at Stevenage on the 27th! Can't wait to see it all in action !
Lalika J xxx (Kings Langley Rocka)

Hi to everyone at Royds
Today's rehearsal went extremely well, and it's looking really good!!!
Keep up the good work!!

I didn't say it yesterday because i thought that my message was getting a little long but there is soo much to say so i decided to do another one today.
I wanted - on behalf of everyone - to thank our backstage team, make-up team, media team, lighting team, Mrs Butt and most of all Miss Dolan. You are all so brilliant and this year you've done better than ever. Thank you SO much - it would never have happened if you hadn't been there.
I don't know what else to say, really, so thanks to everyone that has been a part of it this year. Oh, and on the off chance she reads it ... Miss Sora - we miss you and all your crazy ideas. :D
Lots of love (and luck)
Becca xx x xx (Kings Langley)


Feb 21st
I would like to say a special shout out to chloe l. She's my best friend and i wish her all the luck in the world.
Good luck to everone else too..
Jessica (Kings Langley) xxxx

Good luck to everyone at Kings Langley. You are all trying so hard this year. I can't wait to be up on that stage with all of you. You're amazing ... thank-you for everything.
And Jess
- you've supported me sooo much through this. I'm sure the whole cast agree with me when i say thank-you, you're the best.
Good luck to everyone at Kings and to all the other schools. The Rocka competition is always soo brilliant. I look forward to seeing your ideas again this year :D
Love from Becca (Dance Cap. - Kings Langley) xx x xx

Hi, everyone at UCC. I hope you do good
We are going to be very good ! I will be back stage but have fun
Lucy (Ullswater Community College)

Oh boy! The Rocka tour has begun ... where has time gone??!!!
Good luck to all
(and fingers crossed for the drive home, John - rather you than me!!! :)
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth, preparing for RC 08)

Hi from a noisy Aberdeen Rocka here at the AECC !!
Wanna read today's themes ? COURSE YOU DO ! :))

Click HERE :))
John (Editor)

Good luck 2 abdy in peterheed team ! Gan 2 see uze inite ! I ken uze will do majik :)
I just wish i was involved in it thiz yeer ...
Lu yas all n gd luk (nae tht uze will need it)

Sarah (ex peterhead academy)

Good Luck, Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College !
You guys ROCKED last year ... looking forward to another stunning performance!! Can't wait!!!!!!!

Katy (Ex Buttershaw)

Oh goodness - it's been a long time since I've left a message, but I felt the need to say Good Luck to everyone in aberdeen and say how jealous I am of everyone who is there ! Both my mum and my sister are there and I have just been phoned by my mum, which is rubbing it in a bit cos I am stuck in Dundee as I have uni classes (but I get to play with radioactivity later.... stupid people giving me dangerous chemicals ... when will they learn!)
If Peterhead make it to the finals, it will take more than radioactive iodine to stop me from being in Grimsby so do me proud, Peterhead ... I need a break, even if it is just to Grimsby!
Lynne (Ex-Peterhead)

AAAHH ... ROCK CHALLENGE 08 KICKS OFF TODAY!!! It's 1am n i can't sleep!!! 6 n a half hours n i'll be on the bus with the peterhead team on the way thru to the aecc!! Ready to rock it!!

John - i'll come n find u n wendy!!
Stuart (peterheed)

Oommmmmg sooooooooooo excited - it's today ! Woop woop :D:D !
Can't wait to see all the other schools !
Gd luck to everyone ... espesh Ellon tho - woop woop

Samantha (Ellon Academy) xxxx


Feb 20th
Sorry the messages are so late today ... the drive to Aberdeen from Yorkshire took 10 hours ... two 30-minute pitstops in there PLUS over an hour stuck in horrendous traffic jams south of the Forth Bridge (which, according to local radio, got EVEN worse after we'd got through it all)
John (Editor)

Hey ! Am sooooooooo excited ! Global the morn !!
Good luck to everyone ! It's going to be a great day
Nicola (Fraserburgh Academy) xxx

Does anyone know when Rock Challenge tomorrow will finish, or at least have an idea please ?
D'you want an uneducated guess ? Say 4 teams an hour, plus what ... 40 minutes to cover the interval and the judging ... so ABOUT 3h 45m after it starts ... but I'm NOT an expert - just a volunteer :)

Aaaaaah ... tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow!! Am soooo excited!! Can't wait to see everyone's performances!
Really pleased with our progress this year! Yipeeee!!!
Big shout out to Amy... thank-you very much for the thank-you lol!! Ur lovely !! :)
Aaaaaah ... good luck everyone !

Lucy Liu xxxxxxxxx (Fraserburgh)

Good luck to everyone in Aberdeen tomorrow ! I know it will be a blast! Wish I was there!
Can't wait till bradford now! Start Full Cast friday so yay !
Hope everyone is doing well
((Especially you, John! Many fab years still to come on the website .. oh what a good job you do!))
Big waves to everyone I Know, Especially Tasha And Alanna From Ashfield!!
See you soon!

Love - Bekky (Thornton) x x x x x

Sooooo excited for tomorrow!!
Good luck for all the schools performing in aberdeen!

Sophie X x x (Ellon Academy)

OMG! Rock Challenge tommorow .. wow! I can't wait til 2moro :)
Good luck to all my fellow ellon academy team members! We're gonna do great!
I'm really looking forward to seeing all the other schools' performances too ! I probably won't be able to sleep tonight - i'm so excited lol!
Good luck to all the other schools competing as well !

Emma (Ellon Academy)

Ahhhhh! Soooo exciteddd for aberdeen tomorrow! :D:D
It's my 6th and last (sadly) year doin rocka and it just keeps gettin better!
Good luck to everyone performing at Aberdeen...SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW !!

Claire S xx (Peterhead)

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to wish you all the best before this year's tour gets underway!! I hope all your preperations come together for a spectacular performance after one of your best days this year. Im sure you will make the most of your RC day !
I'm disappointed not to be touring with the RC crew this year but I will be popping along to watch some shows so may see you there.
Best Wishes
Max xx (ex -snuffle- RC ASM)

Good luck to every1 performing 2morrow, especially St Machar.
Can't wait 2 c all ur performances

Claire (Ex-St Machar Academy)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! 1 Sleeep :D
NEver Been so EXcited :D
Good Luck To EVERYONE at the aberdeen event :D

Steph In Peterheed :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss Havard, Mrs Wilde and all of Backstage's standards here at Cockermouth say "Carlisle is SOOOO SOOOOOON!"
Ed: you guys can thump me when I see you all :)

Hey !
I am always interested in what the other schools have done and what they have been awarded ...
Are you going to follow rocka this year like before ... with pics and results??

Ed: I intend to keep as much of the usual service going as I can :)


Feb 19th
1 day, 10 hours, 44 minutes!!! Huuuh - it's all so exciting!
Just had our whole day rehearsal today which i feel went really good. Think we'r all feelin great about our performance now - really excited ... it just looks fab!
Also big thank-you to Lucy, Jessica, Rachael, Jenna, Katie & Nicola for you guys' hard work - really did show today!
Aaahhh it's exciten - really, global day is the most exciten day of the year lol!
See you on thursday - good luck everyone!!!

Amy (Fraserburgh Academy) xxx

Haven't been on here in ages!
Can't believe i'm not in Rocka this year but a HUGE good luck to all the schools competing in the Hull Event - especially Wilberforce! All the money raising round college seems to be coming on good and the dance sounds awesome too (as some of my performance girls have demonstrated =])
Love - Jodie H (Wilberforce/Ex Archie Oz Rocka!) xxxx

John, Carlisle is not ages away - only 7 and a half school weeks for us at Firpark - scary !
OK ... maybe not quite "ages" away :))

Weeee! I'm so excited about the photography competition! I'm going to have one hand on my shutter release and one hand painting faces all day, methinks!
I'm assuming details of how to submit are to follow?
Only one day left now until it allll starts up!
Ohhh ... and anyone from Cockermouth - REMEMBER YOUR BLACK BIN LINERS! :D

Naomi (Cockermouth)
Hi Naomi !
If you are emailing your entry then I'll check for you as to whose addy would be best. If you're posting them in then it's the usual Rocka Office (Wessex House) address that's on the contacts page BUT we've also had a rather exciting alternative offer from someone who has heard about the comp. and the entry arrangements may be changed a bit, so hold off (well heck ... Carlisle ... it's a while away yet, isn't it :)
John (Editor)

Dear all
We'd really appreciate it if you could inform all of your team about this exciting new initiative! This year we are running the first ever Rock Challenge® Photograph Competition and we're looking for the best photo from the event day that truly captures the spirit of Rock Challenge®.

Here are just a few examples of when photos could be taken:

  • The journey to the venue
  • The mosh (crew or your team or just the general madness!)
  • Your rehearsal
  • Your stage crew working hard on the day
  • Getting the hair and make-up ready
  • The business of the dressing room
  • Having fun with friends and making new friends
  • After the results
Entries into the Rock Challenge® Photograph Competition are due in by Friday, June 30th to coincide with the announcement of the winners of the National Awards.

Here are the rules:
  • Both students and teachers can enter
  • Photos must be sent via email or post, but please bear in mind that we won't be able to send back any entries, so make sure you make a copy of your entered photo before sending it
  • Each individual may submit a maximum of three photographs
  • Make sure with your entry you give your name, your school name, the date that the photograph was taken on, a short title and, if you want, a description of the photo
  • No pictures can be taken of the evening performance onstage
If your photo involves 10 people or less, you must have the permission of those individuals involved before submitting your photograph for entry, i.e. if it's a picture of you and your friends or a couple of friends you make on your event day make sure they are okay for you to send the photo in! If your photograph is of many people from many schools, e.g. a big group shot of the mosh, we will send the photograph out to all of the schools on your event day to see if any schools have any issues with it being considered for entry (remember that some schools have individual child protection rules).
If your photograph involves Rock Challenge® crew members, do not worry about seeking permission from them - we will do this for you

The taking of photographs must not interfere with the running of the event day. You may not stop or disrupt the proceedings and please ensure that you do not interrupt Rock Challenge® crew members from doing their jobs !

Entrants are free to use editing software as you see fit.

Along with the results of the National Awards we will announce the top entries into the competition. Each will receive a framed certificate for their success, with first place receiving a framed certificate and merchandise pack. Photographs may also be used in future publicity material, artwork, press releases, etc.

We already know that a lot of photos are taken on the event days and so we hope many students take up this opportunity to show off their photography skills!
Looking forward to seeing what entries we receive in this, the first year of the Photograph Competition !

All the best,
Tim (Event Manager, UK Rock Challenge®)

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ tells me that Airedale High have pulled out of Bradford, and Ambergate School have entered at Grantham !
John (Editor)


Feb 18th
Just to wish everyone competing at Aberdeen all the luck in the world!
I am sure you have all been working really hard and will give of your best on stage. Have fun !

Karen Hylton (Liaison Teacher, Hornsea School)


Feb 17th
Heyyyyyyy ...
OMG ! Anyone as excited as i am until aberdeen ? It's gonna b soo good, n can't wait to c all the ideas n tht - it wil look amazin !
Ellon has been working very hard again this year - i'm soo proud ... woot woot !
Good luck to all the other schools at the AECC n schools everywhere else as wel as at Aberdeen !

Samantha (Ellon Academy) xxxx

Good luck to everybody at Aberdeen, especially Peterhead.
The cow and the haggis are on their way back to Peterhead - too wet and warm for them in Motherwell !

Heyyyy Rocka!
Goood Luckk Everyonee :)
Loveee - Jess (Roydss Schoool) xx


Feb 16th
Hello Everyone!
How exciting ! Only 12 days left until we go stevenage! It's gone so quickly!
A big thank-you to our choreographers: Bryony, Chess, Abbi, Jodie and Sian. You have all worked extremely hard this year!
Also to our dancers - you are fabulous! :)
Becca S (my fellow dance captain) - it has been great working with you. I wouldn't swap you ever!

See you soon, rock challengers! :)
Good luck, everyone !

Jess xx (Kings Langley School)

Good luck to all of you ! Hope it's coming along good
See yah there !

Sadie x (Royds School)

Arrrrghhh..... it's like 4 days to global ! It's getting so exciting now !
Our performance is ace this year and our set ... woweeee !
Thanks to everybody's hard work to create such an amazing performance!

Good luck to all of the other schools involved ! I'm sure everyone will be amazing!

Katie xxxx (Fraserburgh)


Feb 15th
To all the cast and crew at KLS - "Well Done !" on rehearsal today ! I know how hard you are working.
To all the other schools in the Stevenage heats - hope things are going well for you!

Miss D xx (Kings Langley School)

Hi, Brenda
Just looked up "Heels" in the rule book, and the only shoe rules I can find are that you can't have heelies, and stagecrew can not have open toed shoes.
Hope that helps ?
Miss Marshall (Peterhead)
Miss M - you are a STAR !
John in the Travelodge :)

Can't Wait Till Rock Challenge !! It's going to be Gr8 again this year!! (My last year :'( ... but it's Still Going to be Gr8....
Message to sally and sarah at vandyke: don't stress - we WILL get there (eventually!!)
Come on, Vandyke!!
Good luck to the other teams involved in st. albans !!
(Ed: or even ... Stevenage ??? :)
Richard (Vandyke)

It's only 6 days till global in scotland - good luck, guys!!!
Hey, John !!! Are there any rules about wearing heels in the performance ???
Brenda xxx (Driffield)
Brenda - I'm in a Travelodge just off the M1 at the moment and I've no rule book with me. I'm sure there's a mention of "heels" somewhere on one of the pages but what it was I can't remember - doh ! Anyone else with the words ? Before i can get back to a rulebook (late Saturday) ??

Hey guys!!!!
OMG - it's only 6 days til rocka in Aberdeen!!!!! Can't wait!
Wil b great 2 c wat every1 is doin this year .... hope every1's performances are goin 2 plan!!!!
Good luck 2 every1 performin !
Ellon - i know u can do us proud ! Good luck 2 Kelly n Leanne - u wil make our performance amazin ! Luv ya

Gemma xxxxx (Ellon)


Feb 14th
Happy Valentines Day! Mwah!
Am excited and nervous/scared for next week lol ! Still a good few last-minute touches to be done but we're getting there!
Having a whole day rehearsal on in-service Tues so hopefully goes well, and then our final one on wednesday! It's exciting! Hehehehe!!!
Wooooohooo!! Go Global!!

Lucy xxxx (Fraserburgh)

Hey Guys!!
Happy Valentines Day !!
A Week Today And Rocka Will Be On The Go !! (Oh Yeah !!!)

Love - Leanne (Ellon Academy) x.x.x.x.x

Happy Valentines day!!!
Heeyyy!! OMG ! Aberdeen is only a week away !! I hope everyone is ready !!!
Good Luck to all the other schools!!! Can't wait to see everyone again !!

Amy (Peterhead !!!)

Good luck to everyone who is competing in Global Rock this year ! We are all looking forward to seeing you on 6th March :
Mrs Luxford and everyone at Sutton Valence School xxx


Feb 13th
Can't wait for rocka ! 7 days left :D
Mackie, you're doing great in rehearsals !
Can't wait to see everyone else's performances - sure you're all doing well!! See you all in a week - Good Luck :)

Lorna (Mackie Academy) xxxx

Hey Guys!
8 Days Left Till Rocka 2008 Babyyy! Can't Wait for it! Gonnna Be Amazinnng! =D
Hope Everyone Has A BRILL Time..Good Luck From Everyone At Mackie Academy..Can't Wait To See Everyone's Ideas..Bet They're GREAT =D!

Hannah Xxxx (Mackie Academy - Ohhh Yeahhh)

8 days to go from now - Rocka 08 !
Mackie, you're gonna do fab ... all that hard work will get used well...

Ashleigh XXXXX (Mackie Academy)

Whooo hooo... Just over a week to go till rocka 08 kicks off in aberdeen!! I'm soooo xcited ! It's come round soo quick!!
Hope all the aberdeen teams are ready to rocka and make this yrs the best yr in aberdeen ?!! Come on ... 13 teams ... i'm sure we can make some amount of noise in the aecc!!

This yr is my 3rd yr not performin (where HAS the time gone ?!) but it's also my 1st yr since leavin to be goin to rock challenge as a member of the peterhead team!! Yes, i'm not volunteerin in aberdeen this yr but goin to help phd with their hair!! (So i get a phd tshirt and a helpers' hoodie (with my name on it :)) and a pizza without havin to scran one lol!!)
Good luck to everyone in your last week of rehearsals ! Hope everyones is goin good!! Can't wait to see wot everyone has came up with this yr!!
I love peterheed's this yr!! It's very fun!! N the set... wow!! "Bold and eyecatchin", i would say!! I'm sooo proud of everyone involved in peterheed's. Yet again another amazin performance!! Every year is sooo different but always soooo good!!!
To all the performers - i know uze can do it ... go out there n rock that stage like it's never been rocked before!! Don't stop smilin (unless ur not supposed to smile :) n most importantly have fun n enjoy ur 8 mins on that stage ! Show them wot we're made of!!! Wooooo !!!
John... good to hear ur gonna be involved with the new website ! It just wouldn't have been the same without you (and wot would u have done with all the spare time !?!? :)
Be seein u in aberdeen next week?!? I hope so!! Me... kimberley, n maybe marisa ?!? (Ed: thanks for the kind words, Stuart ! (And my pizza order's already in :))
FIRPARK - Geibo has been keepin me updated and i can't wait to see ur performance when me n kimberley come to carlisle with uze again!! I'm sure uze will do amazin again ... wooo hoo!! Keep workin hard n havin fun!!
Big hello to hannah, caitlin, tanya, davey
... can't remember who else i've forgotten to mention ... can't wait to get to grimsby to see uze all again (uze better all be goin to the finals again ?!) Feels like ages ago since lst yr!!
Hi to vicky from ashfield - see u in grimsby again in may ! Can't wait to see wot ashfield r doin this yr ... sure it will be big and bright as usual!!
Hello to all the Rocka Crew too ! See uze in aberdeen nxt week ... wooo!! Can't wait to hear the mosh n everything!!
(Can u tell i'm gettin xcited about rocka 08 ??! 8 sleeps!!! AHHHH ... ! :)
PETERHEAD - WORK HARD AT THE ALL-DAY REHEARSAL ! Goin in on an in-service day ... commitment!! It will pay off!!

Stuart (peterheed)

Hi, folks !
Some of you might like to know that "Sound Effects" have a sale ("up to 60% off" :) running through to the end of February. This might be a good time to go and search for that elusive sound effect you've always wanted but never found ?
Click here for their website :)
John (Editor) (And not involved with "Sound Effects in any way whatsoever :))


Feb 12th
Oooooooh !! I cannot believe rocka is so soon!!
Everything's happening at once! Got our school prom tomorrow (wooohooo) and then global the thursday after! Aaaaah!!
Our set is looking rly cool this year...i actually love it! And our costumes ... and our whole piece!! Wahey!!
Haha ! Soooo am very excited!
Can't wait to see everyone's performances! Good luck!

Lucy Liu xxxx (Fraserburgh)

John - you wrote "Yes, it seems that I will STILL be involved in websiting for them (Global Rock in Australia) as a volunteer Editor on the new pages, so you've not got rid of me quite yet :)" in the newsy email:-
Oh good! I didn't want you to leave
Awww Fergie ! Thank-you VERY much !!
John (Editor :)

I'm offended!
No ... only joking :)
There is a mistake in the 1997 results! It was Redbridge School....not "Cedbridge School" ...and i know this because this was the first time i ever performed in Rock Challenge and have been involved ever since (now with Regents Park CC in my 11th year!)
Weird reading them, though! Where have the years gone ?!!!

MANY thanks, Natasha ! I've corrected the error :)
John (Editor)

MISSING from the UK Rocka files since the dawn of time has been a sheet of paper containing the official results of the first-ever UK Rock Challenge. There was only one event, and it was held at the Portsmouth Guildhall in 1996.
Thanks to the AMAZING power of the internet, I have at last found a copy of those results, and now YOU can see them too ! Click here :)
Oh, go on then ... why not ... since we're going back to the dawn of time, here are the 1997 results too, containing the first-ever Rock Challenges held in the north as well as across parts of the south :)
John (Editor)


  • Dave says "THANKS !" to everyone who sent in ideas for the 2008 Mosh Tracks :) ;
  • the 2008 merch can be bought early (but allow up to 28 days for delivery);
  • Nat and Olly had January 2008 Rocka Babies :)
  • this website will disappear soon (there are new UK pages coming, housed and run by Global Rock Challenge® of Sydney, Australia. You can get a feel for what they'll look like by clicking here.)
    I will keep as much of this present website still available as I can for your personal downloads / reference etc. at www.johnarro.co.uk certainly till the end of 2008 but there'll be no more new Messages / Results / News / Pics etc here - they'll be on the new web pages after Switchover Day.

Feb 11th
Can't believe Rocka is only 9 days away!! Doesn't feel like a year ago we were last performing at the AECC!
Good luck to everyone at Ellon and all the other schools. We are gonna rock, guys!

Sophie (Ellon Academy) x x x x

Heyyyyyyy Everybody =]
WOW! Not long now til Aberdeen Rocka! I'm well excited :D
Good luck to all my fellow Ellon Academy performers and stage crew. Our theme,set, choreography and costumes are all amazing...We're gonna rock!
Good luck to all the other schools too! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's performances :D

Emma xox (Ellon Academy)

Hello to everybody !
St Aidan's County High School Carlisle are working hard morning, noon and night on their piece!
After our Best Choreography Award in 2007 we can't wait get back to The Sands Centre on May 2nd!
Well done so far, guys, for all of your hard work, especially Years 10 and 11. Enjoy your hols- see you soon-
Love - Mrs Von Tussle xxx


Feb 10th
Heyyy !
Goood Luuckk Everyonee !!
Can't Wait Till Bradford !
Keepp it up, Everyone at Royds ! Rehearsals are going goood ! We're Gonna 'Rock It' This Year !!!

Loveee - Jess (Royds Choreographer) x

Hey to all da ucc rockas !
Well done
if ya got through on tuesday ! If ya ddnt, hard luk
Miss Readen and Miss Shreeve - we lv u loads !

ps Good luck to all the schools taking part

Best of luck to Mrs Lang, Miss Billinge and all the AMAZING dancers/crew at The Hemel Hempstead School! Gutted I can't be there to cheer you all on :(
Love - Miss Sepala x


Feb 9th
It's soooo close now ! I'm soo excited !! (Pretty sure ya can tel that tho 4rm all my comments, but it IS sooo close and everything's starting to fit into place now so it's alll gooood :D)
Stage crew and everyone - you're doin a fantastic job as well as all of us performers ! Keep up the good work :)

Samantha xxx (Ellon Academy)

Hello all !
Good news that you're going to be involved in the new Global Rocka website, John ! I'm sure you'll pass on some of your expertise in website running !!
The tour is coming ever closer and here at Baysgarth we are continuing to work really hard to create a fantastic performance (and this year it's certainly a leap into Rocka history!)
Hope all is well for every team currently preparing ... especially those in Scotland - time is drawing ever nearer for you all! :)

By the way, Barton Operatic Society are putting their annual production on soon. This year it's "Sweet Charity" ("Hey, Big Spender !", "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and "The Rhythm of Life" etc) and it's in Baysgarth School Hall between 18th-23rd February 2008. Hope anyone in the area can come along and support us, and help the Society "rise from the ashes" (you may remember the fire last October.) Go here for more info and ticket details.
See y'all soon ...
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth 08)


Feb 8th
Hi all !
As i can see, the days are drawing nearer and my nerves and excitement are running away from me already ! The bad thing about it is i'm not even a performer.
Good luck to all the teams ! I can't wait to see you all :)
By the looks of the tour calendar, the crew have worked doubly hard already and the tour hasn't started yet - a big thank you again for everything.
Can't wait to see the different ideas this year :)
Davey (2008 Tour Runner / ex Park Community)

Heyyy !
Can't wait till Bradford - rocka's gonna be awesome this year !
Big shout out to everyone at Royds who have being putting in a lot of effort in the rehearsals ... Well Done ! :)
Good Luck to Everyone taking part ... hope you all have as much fun as we are !!
Seee youu soooon ... !

Lovee - Jess (Royds Choreographer) x

Can't wait till global is year!
Gd luck to a the schools!

Kirsten (Fraserburgh Academy)


Feb 7th
Michelle at UK Rocka HQ tells me that Bacon Garth have pulled out of the East Yorkshire Junior Event.

Gd luck, kyle ! Gonna miss ya heapppppps like, but good.
N go, kelly n leanne ! Know u guys can do ... ure gonna rock :D

Love uze !
Samantha xxxx (Ellon)

Can't believe it's 2 weeks the day till global ... ahhhh. Am getting so excited !!
Keep up the gd work, everyone!!
Gd luck to all the skools that are in global this year !!

Nicola (Fraserburgh Academy) xxx

13 days until aberdeen :O
Can't wait to see all the performances, espesh Peterhead :D:D (Uze will rock the stage as always :D)

and ...
i still have not received the tickets yet from ticketmaster??? :O
Gd luck to all the schools :D
(Ed: I've not used TicketMaster much at all ... not after the tix to something we were going to arrived 3 days after the event :)
Get on to their telephone helpline :)

Hi Everyone !! Hope Rehearsals are goin well for all the schools takin part in the Aberdeen Event !
I really am gutted tht i can't be at this year's event but i think i will get over it. Gd luck to leanne and Kelly from Ellon.
(I'm currently sittin in a big train somewhere in england ... not sure where :)
Cyah ...
Kyle (ex Ellon Academy LX Director) :(

Feb 6th
Average 190bpm for Scotland? We HAVE to dance faster up here as it is sooooo cold:))) (12°C in my classroom last week when it was snowing!
And the AECC ? Brrrrrrrrr ... wrap up warm for the Aberdeen event !
Vanessa Geib (Firpark)


Feb 5th
A survey carried out by journalist John Lewis for "Uncut" magazine shows clear regional differences across the UK not only in preferred styles but also in beats-per-minute, ranging from a staggering 190bpm in Scotland
(read that part in a "Pinky and Perky" voice :) down to a staggeringly s-l-o-w 80bpm i-n t-h-e s-o-u-t-h o-f E-n-g-l-a-n-d (hope you achieved a suitably deep "the track's slowing down" voice for that part :)
You can read the BBC's report on this here, and download Uncut magazine's musical map of Britain here (but it's a 2.6MB download and really needs a broadband connection :)
ps I don't honestly think the guys from Tega will be varying their speeds :)

Oh wow - it's really great to hear that you'll still be involved with the new web pages, John! Hopefully it'll keep some good ol' Yorkshire weather updates present! : )
Naomi (Cockermouth)
Why, thank'ee muchly, Naomi !
It was a lovely surprise to hear that I was going to be expected to participate ... what I'm waiting for now are the details as to how I can :)

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ tells me that Swanmore Middle have pulled out of Portsmouth 2, and Forelands Middle from Portsmouth 4.

Heya all !
Just thought i would take a look at the counter ... not long now !
Seems so long ago that i was doin ma performance at grimsby in the open finals. Boy, that was a good performance ... so hard to keep a straight face when you knock into somebody in the finale :) (My tango partner knows exactly what i am on about. =D Loving her always !)
Good luck this year - hope rehearsals are going well ? I am gonna come and watch soon.
Jonathan (ex Driffield)

I canna believe only 15 days til Rock Challenge starts ! Where has the year gone ?!
Good luck to all schools - especially St Machar ... hope all is goin well n can't wait 2 c ur performance !
Big shout to Peterhead too !
Good Luck, everyone!

Claire (Ex St Machar Academy)

Hey Hey!
Big it up for Ellon Academy's new VDA Kelly W !! =]
Love - Leanne (LXD) x.x.x.x.x


Feb 4th
Just thought that regular contributors might like (or not !! :)) to know that it seems I will after all be involved in running some part of the new UK Rock Challenge pages after switchover from this website takes place ... wow !
More of anything at all about how that might work, I do not know. If you're signed up for the newsy-emails, I'll let you know when I find out :)
John in sunny Yorkshire
ps if you're not signed up, why not ? Click here and then just press "Send" or "Post" :)

Hi guys !
You can see what the new UK Rock Challenge pages housed by Global Rock Challenge in Australia look like so far by clicking here. You'll see that Tim has used quite a lot of pages you're already very familiar with.
The pages aren't really "live" yet but this quick look gives you a good first run-through of where you'll all need to go once this present website (owned and voluntarily run by me for UK Rocka as their official website for the past gazillion years :) has to close on switchover day.
Hope that helps :)


Feb 3rd
Hey Everybody =]
I've looked at the new website and i don't like it =[
It's nowhere near as good as this one ... i'm going to miss this site :(
But on the positive side - 17 days til Aberdeen Rock Challenge! Woohoo!
Emma (Ellon Academy)

I'm soooooooo excited for this year's rock challenge ! Last year was my first and it's not gonna be my last !
Good luck to everyone doing carlisle day 1 - hope to see you all there :)

Connor XXX (st. aidan's county high school (the nicest kids in town :))


Feb 1st
So ... how many people are going to be online counting down the last few seconds in 18 days time when the counter runs out ?!
It's so exciting to see it all come together at the moment!
Remember your black bin liners, dancing people of Cockermouth - WE BACKSTAGE SLAVES NEED 'EM!

Naomi (Cockermouth)

Wooo !! Soooooo can't wait til rocka aberdeen !! Woooooot !!!
Can't wait to seee everyone's designs n all that - soooooooooooooooooo excited !

Samantha xxxx (Ellon Academy)

Heyyya !
Rocka's gonna be awesome this yearr!! Can't wait !
Good luck to everyone taking part !

Lovee - jess (Royds School)

Hey Everybody!! Not Long Til Rocka Aberdeen Now!!
I Have Changed From A Dancer To A Lighting Technician So It's Going To Be A Whole Different Rocka Experience For Me And I Can't Wait!!
Can't Wait To See All My Mates From The Other Schools - Peterhead, Torry, Keith And St. Machar Academy!! See You All Soon!!

Leanne (Ellon Academy's New Lighting Technician!)

Can't wait til the 1st April !
Hpe r skul does well :):)

Jamie (Ballee High School) xx

Heya !
Can't believe it - 19 days till rocks starts this year!!!!!!!
Good luck to everyone taking part anywhere!!!! Have fun !!

Linzi (Vandyke)

The January issue of the (free) downloadable American "Stage Directions" magazine contained Part 1 of an article about creating stage lighting when you've no lights and very little money, and this month's Part 2 contains more hints and tips on how to achieve a good look on stage when you've next-to-nothing to work with. On page 12 there's also details of a nifty new device called "Leg-a-Matic" ("an easy way to fix 2 by 4 legs to platforms") and yet another example of the latest example in LED stage lighting units.
Stage Directions comes monthly: go here to subscribe to it.


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