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Jan 31st
Hey Guys !
Just want to wish Buttershaw the best of luck for the prems! I'd intended to put a message up here after i watched your rehearsal a couple of weeks ago, but i've just been sooo busy!
Well, what can i say ?! You guys totally blew me away with your dancing, and you've still got a long way to go before u showcase at Bradford! I can only imagine what it will be like by then!
I'm loving the Energetic, Humourous, Sexy, "ELECTRIC" performance!!! Yet again Mrs Reardon and her team have got you doing what you do best!
Enjoy the rest of your rehearsals, and i shall see you ALL at Bradford!

Huge shout out to my gorgeous Danika! Mwaaah! Where have you been ?!?!
See you soon ...
James D (Ex Buttershaw)


Jan 30th
Enjoy performing ? Well, so too does RAF Aircraft Marshaller SAC Dean Tabreham :)
Enjoy his recent performance on the tarmac as he marshalls aircraft early this year at RAF Lossiemouth ... and in the process raises over £1000 for charity (and the music ain't bad either :)

John (Still webmaster ... maybe there's a few more days left yet :)

Well, rock challenge has come round once again at cowes and is well underway.
We are all really excited and can't wait for the competition this year !
It's great to have the chance to be in the prodution team two years in a row and be part of the mentalness that is a cowes high rock!!!! Go cowes high!!!
Good luck to everyone who is taking part this year, especially those who will be perfoming in three weeks in aberdeen! Have fun ! That's what it's all about :))

Luv - luce xxx (Cowes High School)

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ tells me that the Hornsea Community Primary have just pulled out of the East Yorkshire Junior Event at Hull, and that the Jam Dance Company will be showcasing at London Day One :)


Jan 29th
Hi John !
Re "Rocka Babies" - please pass on my congratulations to the happy parents !!
Hope to catch up with you, probably at the Portsmouth show (s).
Hope you and Wendy are both well.
Regards - Dave Arnold

Hii ...
Just wanted to ask if it's possible for me to help out with rock challenge at the portsmouth days? I've been in 2 rock challenge performances and loved the days that we were there.
Thanks - dan x
Hello Dan !
Go to this page, print it out, fill in everything you can once you've made sure that you can satisfy the various conditions put on to would-be volunteers before they can be accepted, and post it off to the address given.
Good Luck !
John the Elderly Webmaster (still :)

L.O.N.G.C.R.O.F.T....S.C.H.O.O.L !

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has informed me that Our Lady and St Patricks have pulled out of the Carlisle Junior, and The Angmering out of Crawley. She also tells me that Matthew Arnold have moved to Portsmouth Day 2 and Brookfield Community to Portsmouth Day 3, and Grange Primary (a new school) are going to showcase at the new Derby event ! :)


Jan 28th
"Old" Rocka hands will be pleased to hear that NAT and Kurt, and OLLY and Jolene, have new babies !
You can read more - and see the photos - by clicking here :)
Congratulations and best wishes to them from everyone at UK Rock Challenge !
Dave (UKRC Stage Manager / BYBF General Manager)

Hello to all at UCC!
Just wanted to say a really big thank you for all your enthusiasm last week - and a BIG GOOD LUCK to you all for auditions on Tuesday!
Mrs Reardon and Miss Shreeve xx (Ullswater Community College)


Jan 27th
Hi !
Hello and good luck to everyone competing this year ! Hope you all have a fab time.
Ness (Rockateer)

Heyyy !
Misss Reardon Rocks our Socks !
Whooo !! Goo U.C.C !
Can't Waitt !

Lurvee ...
Sophiee & Bethh XxX


Jan 25th
Heyyya everybody =]
Just want to say gd luck to everyone from Ellon! Not long til Aberdeen Rock Challenge now! Yay! I can't wait :D We're gonna rock =]
Emma S xox (Ellon)
ps John - i love how you found a website that translates "min"! Heeheeh!
Ed: Thank-you, Emma (I try to please :))

Heya rocka !
Still getting closer and closer ...
It's looking good!!!!! It's thanks to sally, sarah, hari and bethan that it looks how it does!! Thanks ! xD
Big shout out to the rock challenge team and ex team members!!! We will try to do you proud!

Linzi (Vandyke)


Jan 24th
I guess it's been even busier than usual at UK Rocka HQ today ! Michelle tells me that David Lister have pulled out of Hull, Mount Carmel have entered the London Junior event, and no less than THREE more new teams have entered the new Derby event: Chellaston, Springwell and Tupton Hall !

Heyyy !! Tasha and alanna from ashfield here ... just fought we'd leave a wee message =)
Hpe every1's rehearsals r goin well ?! R's r well underway nd this is gna b r best year yet ....
Big "Hey hey !" 2 bekky ! Wee love youuu, dude =p
C ya at grimsby x0x0x


Jan 23rd
Michelle at UK Rocka HQ tells me that Bourne Grammar have pulled out of Grantham, Newbold Community out of Derby, and Queen Mary's out of Southampton. The updated tour calendar is here


Jan 22nd
Hey again !
2night's frst pwactice was sooo kwl ! Cnt w8 till nxt week lol
Hey to all yaz (especially at ucc) n a big hey 2 miss reardon (da bst teacher eva !) ily - cyaz sooon xxx

Lottie xd ily X0X0X0X
ps cnt w8 4 drama club 2moz, n gud luk - dnt worri, it's gonna b ace (last msg not just 2 uccers)

Heyya !
Can't wait til tonight ! Gonna be ace ! :)
I can't wait til rock challenge comes to carlisle ... it's gonna be awesome!!

ily xxx
Zoe (UCC)

Cnt w8 till frst practice 2night !
Hi to all teams - u r gonna b gud - and an even bigga hey 2 all ucc peeps ! ILY ... gonna be gud !

Lottie x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x =D (UCC)

Miiisss Reardon rockkkss! =]
German again ;) (Ed: "TUT !" (again :))
Good lucccccccck !
Sach, Chloe & Hannah xxx (Ullswater Community College)

Haya !
Rocka's getting ever closer as the weeks start to creep away! Looking forward to it! :]
Linzi (Vandyke)
Ed: fingers are crossed that I'll see you all at Stevenage ... 35 days ! :)

Hey !!
Can't believe it's only like 30 days till the Aberdeen event. Should be gd, like !
I'm gutted that I am gonna miss RC this year :( (I left school not long ago to go and tour with a circus as a Lighting Technician so I ain't gonna be at home for the event :(
I will take this opportunity to say gd luck to my team at Ellon Academy and I wish them the best of luck on the event day ! I'm sure tht it will go well (and the Lighting will be awesome cause I designed it lol :D)
Gd luck to all the other teams involved this year and I hope the event day runs smoothly.
Kyle (Ex Ellon Academy LX Director)


Jan 21st

Dear all,

Please be aware that the tickets for the Aberdeen show have been sent out with an incorrect start time of 1000.

Could all students and schools please spread the word to any who have bought - or who are planning to buy - tickets that the show starts at 7:00pm as always !

We would greatly appreciate this.

We are now trying to ascertain whether or not replacement tickets will need to be sent out, and will inform schools about this as soon as we know anything further.

Our apologies for any confusion or inconvenience.

Tim (UK Events Manager)


Jan 19th
The mosh is now finished !
A big "Thank-you !" to everyone who sent in suggestions. I took much inspiration from them
As to what is IN the final mosh ... I'm keeping it as a surprise for you to discover on your event day :)
Dave (UK Stage Manager)

Re the Aberdeen tix: Interesting! I'll investigate.
Tim :) (UK Events Manager)


Jan 18th
Mosh tracks ...
Se:Sa (featuring Sharon Phillips) - Like This Like That
, or
Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About It :)
Tonii xxx (Peterhead)

Just bought tickets to go see Rock Challenge in Aberdeen (:D:D cant wait :D) but it says it starts at 10:00 ... is that true?

(By the way, the tickets are on Ticketmaster :)
Ha ha ha - Love it !! :))
I'll give Tim a shout about the tix (he may not be too pleased :)
Many thanks for the heads-up !
ps I'm guessing 7pm start and ... 13 teams ... maybe a 10am-the-next-day finish (joking :)

Hey all !
Not long to go now until the tour kicks off!
Gutted i'm not in it this year :( it feels so strange!! )

I can't make it along on the day either to help Peterhead as i'm at uni, but i will be there deliverin the pizzas at teatime (John - mum says she will save u some :)
Coming to see the show at nite so will be shoutin for the team!
Can't wait to see the shows !
Good luck to all the other teams !! (And i know peterhead will do me proud!! :)

Mhairi (ex peterhead) xx
ps How are ya, john ?!? Long time no speak...xx
Half a ham and pineapple, please, Mum, if it's available !
Hello Mhairi ! Touch wood, see you at the AECC !

Mosh tracks !

  • Gimme More-Britney spears
  • Stronger-kanye West
  • spice ur ur life-spice girls
  • rock ur body-MVP
  • i'm not ok-my chemical romance
  • every me evry you-placebo
Rock on, Cockermouth ... show 'em how it's done !


Jan 17th
Our practice tonight was amazing ! I can reli see our performance coming together now and i can't wait - it's gonna be amazing !
Love from a baysgarth rocker challenger!!!!

Amy (Baysgarth) xxxx

Alo peeps (and the legend that is John :) (Ed: hee hee :))
I'm here in rainy old belfast, and just wanna say good luck to all the schools involved and i will enjoy watching you all this year as i do every year.
Anyways, i'm looking forward to seeing you at the first stop in aberdeen, so see you all then :)
Davey (2008 Runner :)

Hi Mrs Reardon !
YOU ROCK!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHER EVA !!!!!! See ya tomorrow for drama
Hey to everyone at UCC - this year we are gonna ROCK!

Vicky R (UCC)

Heya all UCC peeps
Carn't wait for this to happen - it's gonna be ace !
Lv you miss Reardon xxxxxxxxxx
Good luck to all the schools taking part !

Kirsty (UCC)

OMG, I can't believe that Wilberforce College has moved from brid at hull to hull at hull. That's upsetting (but also kinda a relief ... brid at hull has been manic the past two years and driffield have never had enough room as it is, so 2 more schools would have been madness !)
Good luck to them ... cya all there, but i will be rockateering, i hope ! (Sent off ma stuff the other day so hope to hear back soon. Woo !
Jonathan D (Driffield)

Simo & Steph ere min, rocking out in style!
Phd to win... :D (Would make me smile :)
I have an ace mosh song: The Blackout: "I'm A Riot"
Lookin 4ward to the show ... gan 4 the banter min XD
Simo rox XD xxx (Peterhead)
Hi, Simo (and Steph :)
English readers might like to scroll down THIS page if they find "min" a bit difficult to understand :)
See you all at Aberdeen, I hope !

WOOO ! On an unrelated note from Rock Challenge - I got into UNIVERSITY yesterday !! (ME ? In UNI ?? What's the world coming to...???? :)
There was someone called Maria from Ullswater there too, but I forgot to ask her about Rock Challenge. I'm not even sure if it's the same school!
May seems so close now, and it just didn't yesterday morning!
Naomi (Cockermouth)
YOU GO, Naomi ! MANY congratulations !!
John :)


Jan 16th
Hi mrs reardon !
I know i waz gonna do bkstage with Holly S but i'm gonna go 4 being on stage now
Hhey hey hey.... ullswater rockzzzz
Lv -sally-xx :-) (ucc)

Heeey agaain, rock challengers =]!
Can'''tt wait for this thinngg to start ! Wwoo!
Writtting again for Mrrss Reardonn! Wooohoooooooo!
Goood luck, schools! (Especially Ullswater ;)!

Sacha Xxxx

Haya !
Wanna know if the time warp will be playing at the stevenage day 1 event ????!!!!
Getting really excited now!!!!! It will be GREAT !!!!!
Linzi (Vandyke)
I will certainly try to play it during the daytime, Linzi, but I'm afraid it won't be appearing in the mosh
Dave (UK Stage Manager)

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has been in touch again - another brand-new team (John Port School) has entered at Derby!!

Aiden is pure mint!
Rachel (St Aidan's County High School)

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ tells me that Oathall Community have moved back from Crawley to the Eastbourne event, and Wilberforce College have moved from "Bridlington at Hull" to "Hull at Hull" :)


Jan 15th
Hope all ucc peeps r excited ?! Gonaa b wkd!!!
Lv - sally (UCC :-)xxx

Heyaa guyys ... it's dora n jess
Hope every1 does reli well, tries their best, and hope that you all have fun and everything!! (We really want to win but it's okay if we don't hahaha :)
Shreavy and Reary rock - wooooooo
Dora n Jess (UCC) xxx

Heeey Guys :D
UCC Iss The Bestt School Ever!
Good Luck All The Otherr Schools =]
Miss Reardon ... We Are Writing This In German :O
Ourr Class Says "Thanks For Our Last Lesson" Hehe (And Sorry (From The Nice Kids :))
Love - CHLOEEE And Hannah (Ullswater Community College)
In German ? TUT !!! :)
John at the website

Heeeeeeeelloo fellow uccers =]
Mrs Reardon rockkkss!
Brinnnngg on rock challenge !

Sachaaaaaa! xxxxx (Ullswater Community College)


Jan 14th
Hi to all ucc peeps and teachers !
Mrs Reardon, ya da the kwlst drama teacher eva :)
Hope all skwls have a gd time and do well !

(Hope we win ! :)
Sally (Ullswater)

Hello John
Just a reminder to let all Baysgarth Rock Challengers know that the auditions are taking place for Year 7s, 8s and 9s tomorrow dinnertime, and Year 10s, 11s and the Sixth Form on Wednesday lunchtime (both in the Main Hall)
Students will have already put their name on the sheets available before Christmas, and this is the follow-up. They're not anything nerve-racking; we just want to see what you can do! :)
We are having a production meeting on Wednesday evening, so all is in hand ready for April!!! :)
Hope everybody else's plans are going well !

Shame Endeavour High have pulled out of Hull - Rocka is a big commitment.
See y'all around ...
Cap'n Jack (BAYSGARTH 08)

Heyya all the UCC people !
Can't wait til Rock challenge. Gonna be awesome, aye?
Cya soon ...
Zoe xxx (Ullswater Community College)

News from Michelle at UK Rocka HQ: Shirebrook (new school) have pulled out of Derby (new event), Endeavour have pulled out of Hull, and Little Flower have entered at Belfast !. The full calendar is here.

Ohhh my goodness - only 37 days until aberdeen ... crazy!
Good luck to everyone, and i hope everyone is as excited as we are !

Katie (Fraserburgh) xxxx


Jan 13th
Calling all Ullswater Rockas!
Can't wait to get started on our first ever entry! Thanks for coming to the meeting today and hope you're still as excited about it as I am!
Leave messages for our team here!

Mrs Reardon x (Ullswater)


Jan 12th
Calling all school / college / music department sound studio engineery people:-
(I wouldn't have a CLUE what to do with this next item, but you probably will :)
I've heard that a computer (PC only) sound product called Voyager GraphiMix has just become fully available for free download ... you only ever need to pay a registration fee for it ($25) if you need technical support.
As I said, I don't have a clue how it does what it does but you probably will after watching this little flash demo on the Voyager Sound website.
Pass this message on to the right people in your school / college for me ?
Good Luck !
John :)


Jan 11th
Firpark would like the following songs in the mosh:

  • Chelsea Dagger
  • 500 miles
  • Candyman
  • Take the High Road (dance mix)
Thanks from the very excited Firparkers who found out who made it into the Rock Challenge team today. Can't wait!

I have just thought of some more mosh tracks:-
  • What you waiting for - Gwen Stefani
  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft punk
  • I don't feel like dancing - Scissor sisters
  • Candyman - Christina Aguilera
  • She wants to move - N.E.R.D
These sound good. More to come !
Jonathan D (Ex Driffield School)
ps Good luck to every1 at Driff in their auditions next week ... might come and learn the dance just for fun :)

Hi all !
It's all getting close now. Our piece is getting there, and everyone seems to be loving it. Hope everyone else is going good.
Some of the guys at the school have suggestions for mosh tracks....
  • -solja boy- crank that (but the travis barker remix)
  • -aint nothing wrong- robert randolph ( it's from stomp the yard- awesome track)
  • -chelsea dagger- the fratellis
  • -cotton eye jo- rednex.....lol
  • -bob sinclair- sound of freedom
  • -my chemical romance- teenagers
There a few more but can't remember them !
Could you let us know if you choose any of them ? Please ??
Tyson (Bognor Regis !)
p.s shout out to ravenswood from all of us!


Jan 10th
Yo Guys!
Mosh tracks:- requests from the lads at Ravenswood would be anything by The Wombats! Great toe-tapping, catchy tunes that are sure to get everyone who's anyone screaming out the lyrics.
"Generator" by The Holloways ... another good tune to rely on.
Let us know if you pick our rocka tunes for the mix ?
Take Care,
Adam (Ravenswood)

Hey dave and rocka team!
Mosh tracks ? Well, "Soulja Boy" has GOT to be there! :)
To be a volly this year will i need a new CRB ?
(I still have one from last year but not sure how long they are valid for :)
Caitlin B

Ooooh gosh ... I've discovered some "Human Art" videos on YouTube. The link takes you to Video 4 (Monkey :) ... have a hunt once you're there for 1, 2, 3, 5 etc !

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ says that Thornhill have dropped out of Belfast and Sythwood have transferred from Portsmouth J2 to J1 !

Remember that the 2008 Merch Order Form is on the website :)
Post it (with the money !) to UK Rock Challenge, Wessex House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO50 9FD :)
That reminds me ... I've not sent MY order in yet ... must do it ... want to be one of the very first to wear the new 2008-style teeshirt !


Jan 9th
Hey Rock Challenge
I can't wait for this year's event ... it's seriously one of the best days of the year.
Bethan (Vandyke) x

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ tells me that Tanbridge have pulled out of Crawley, Oathall Community have zoomed in from Eastbourne to Crawley, and Medina House have entered Portsmouth Junior 2 !
As usual, the 2008 tour calendar shows the updates

Mosh Tracks:- I think

  • Oops Upside Your Head would be really fun to do
  • Pon de reply: Rihanna
  • Girlfriend: Avril Lavigne
    Alton towers remix: Happy Hardcore
  • Call on me: Eric Prydz
  • Rock This party: Bob Sinclair
  • We love to boogie: T-rex
Then there are the usuals like Sugarhill gang: jump on it, DJ Casper: Cha Cha Slide, and i can't think of any more but will post if i do.
Looking forward to rockateering at bridlington at hull - hopefully =D
Jonathan D (Ex Driffield School)


Jan 8th

Hello ! It's that time of year again when I give a shout-out to everyone to send in details of the tracks YOU would like to see included in the 2008 UK Rock Challenge Mosh !
Remember ... they need to be great but they also definitely need to be the tracks that you know will get all the team members on their feet and dancing in the aisles :)
I've got ideas of my own but I also need to hear what you say, so get those "Fab Mosh Trax" messages coming in to the website ... I'm standing by to read them ...
Here's to a great 2008 Tour !
Dave (UK Stage Manager)

Suggestions for mosh tracks ... has to be "Crank That" - Soulja Boy. You know we all know the dance ...

WooHoo !
The first event of 2008 is at Aberdeen, and the first article about it in 2008 has just appeared on the online edition of the Aberdeen "Evening Express"
. You can read it here :)

Hi, and Happy New Year!! (And glad to see this web site is still here :)
Can't believe it's nearly rocka time all over again ... hehe ... it comes around so fast!
Good Luck to anyone sitting AS and A2 exams !
I have one in a few weeks :(
Hope everyone's rehearsals are going well ! Can't wait til the tour starts (and hopefully we will get to see some pictures ... it's always nice to see and hear about the other heats :)
Love - darryl (hornsea)

Please note that this website is having to close (date not yet known) to be replaced by new UK pages housed by Global Rock on their machines in Australia. I'll keep as many of the old pages as I can, archived at www.johnarro.co.uk (so that you've got a chance to go back through old stuff, download any possibly useful links etc etc :)

The 2008 MERCH ORDER FORM is now on the website ! (It's an Adobe Reader pdf file, just like last year's was.)
Remember that the 2008 teeshirts sport the 2008 artwork - click here if you've not yet checked it out :)
John (still here :)


Jan 7th
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! This rocka is coming sooo fast!! I bet this year is going to pass in a flash!! Aaaaaa
Hope every1 had a lovely christmas and good new year
. (I myself was in tenerife sunbathing :)
Lucy (Fraserburgh) xxx

Hope Every1 Had An Aceeee Christmas and New Year!
Well, Rehearsals Start again 2day =]
Can't wait ... i think if i'm rite it's only 43 days till Aberdeen :O:O
Good Luck to all the schools competing ! Wooooop !

Steph [Peterhead] xXxXx

I am really exited about rocka this year!!!!! Can't wait to go to stevenage and rock the place!!!!
Thanks to sally, sarah and hari for making it possible!!!

Linzi (Vandyke) xD

Can't wait for the next rock challenge to start up again ! We had such a good time last year and for us we ended up coming 2nd place!
Jade (Hamble !)


Jan 6th
Hi everyone. Hope people have had a good Christmas and New Year. Happy 2008!
It's so strange that Rock Challenge is set to begin again in a matter of days! The first thing I said to someone else in our team was "Cockermouth to win this year"... That makes me really sad, doesn't it... Ahaa!?
I cannot wait for it all to begin. Looking forward to piecing all of our scenery together really really soon. (Planning it all has been proving too much fun to get anything set up! :)
Hope other teams are getting all excited - I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos just as much as taking part
. (Presuming, that is, that there will BE a website with photos.....!)
Anyway. I hadn't left a message in a while, so I thought I'd ramble on a bit - sorry about that!
Naomi (Cockermouth)
Hello, Naomi :)
I too hope that there will be daily (or near enough :) pics of each evening's show when the new UK pages come online in Australia and this website has to close, but what do I know ...
You have a good year ... see you all (fingers crossed) in Carlisle


Jan 4th
May Miltoncross Wish Everyone the Best Of Luck This Year!
Daviz (Miltoncross)
And can I say how sorry I am that I'll not be seeing you guys in the comp. this year ?

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ tells me that Barnhill have pulled out of the London One event :(

There's more about this latest piece of research in the "NEWS" section - click here to read it.

Hope the new year is good for everyone!
I'm really gonna miss this website!!! :(
Hope everyone's rehearsals all go well in the new year!
Hello 2 all my thornton mates!!
Big hello 2 taisha from ashfield! :)

Luv - rachael (thornton)
Thank-you, Rachael. See you at Bradford :)

Happy new year, John!
Totally gutted about the site =(
Hope to still keep in touch with you via e-mails and see you at some of the events this year!!
Take care
Nat x (Ex Sheldon Heath now Vollie =)
Thank-you, Nat. See you somewhere around :)


Jan 3rd
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
Heya ! Thought i would wish u a happy new year as i haven't done so already.
Can't wait till rocka. I was being sad and managed to work out it is 55 or so days till stevenage day 1 - YAY!
Linzi (Vandyke)
Happy New Year to you too, Linzi ! Only 55 days ? Blimey ... see you there :)
John, just back in Yorkshire after a drive up the M1 and was hoping to find it still all white and snowy but NOOOOO ... it's all melted here :(


Jan 2nd
Hello John! Happy New Year, mate!
I see the switch-over to the global Rocka website hasn't taken place yet?!!!! Oh well.... the longer it takes the better, I say! (Wooops, don't wanna get in trouble with Rocka HQ!! :)
Hope all is well, and looking forward to APRIL 08; there is no more "next year"...Rock Challenge is "this" year and time will race by !!!See y'all soon!
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth 08)
Thanks for the kind thought, Cap'n Jack !
John, on the little laptop, in chilly Derbyshire ... brrrr !


Jan 1st 2008
John (in wet Yorkshire :)


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