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Dec 30th
Hey John !
I see the website's still here.
Please say Global Rock Challenge have changed their mind! The official GRC pages seem very sparse...
Dan (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama)
Sorry, Dan, but no - the end of this website and the use of UK-specific pages on the Global Rock Challenge website in Australia is still going to happen. However, I've still not heard exactly when the changeover will take place.


Dec 28th
Whooo ! Rock Challenge made it into the Grimsby Telegraph's "Review of the Year" here where they say "Hundreds of students danced and sang their socks off at Grimsby Auditorium as part of this year's Rock Challenge. The Lindsey School and Community Arts College scooped first prize in the major dance event."
A big "Thank-you" to the Grimsby Telegraph !
(ps and if you go HERE and enter the words rock challenge in their "Search the Archives" box, you'll find over 250 photos :)


Dec 26th
Hiya rockin Rockas!! How's everyone doin on this festive boxing day morning ?!
Can't believe john smeaton aren't takin part this year - what's goin on, guys ?!!
Good luck to Buttershaw and Thornton! A big hiya to james from ex buttershaw!
Good luck Guys

Hopefully Smeaton will return soon!
Adam Wood (Ex John Smeaton !)


Dec 25th


Tim, Dave, Zoie, Nat, Mitch and the rest of the Rock Challenge Crew :)

Dec 23rd
I've just updated the "TECH" page with a link to a page offering brief descriptions - and links - to several excellent free / very cheap computer programs for sound ripping / editing / playback (you'll find it near the top of the "SOUND" section) and a link to a company (Edgy Productions) offering a wide range of musicals for Primary schools (to the end of KS2) at the end of the "OTHER" section. They send the scripts, music, ideas for staging etc and will certainly rattle along if the one I've recently seen ("Santa's on Strike", performed at a Primary in Derbyshire) is any guide :)


Dec 20th
Musical Chairs from Michelle at UK Rocka HQ ! Wildern Team 2 have moved from So'ton 3 to Pompey 3, Headington have moved from So'ton 3 to Pompey 5, and Cox Green have moved from Pompey 5 to Pompey 4.
(Stop the music !:))


Dec 19th
Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has just informed me that yet another new school has entered the 2008 UK Rock Challenge ! This time it's Shirebrook, and they'll be at Derby.
As usual, the tour calendar has also been updated :)


Dec 18th
Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has just informed me that a new school - Bourne Grammar School from Lincolnshire - has taken the plunge and entered at the Grantham event !
I've just updated the 2008 Tour Calendar to show this


Dec 17th
Gutted to hear the site's going down! =[
I'm sure we'll all miss the good ol' messages page and all the useful info contained herein!
But also erm .... help! The Aberdeen event draws ever closer and I haven't received anything back yet from Rocka HQ about my form I posted back to volunteer there!
*hopes form didn't get lost in the post*
Who would be the right person to get in touch with, john? :S
Steven (Ex-Peterhead Stage Crew)
(Ed: I'm just passing your details on to UK Rocka HQ myself, Steven ... hope you hear something back from them soon ?! :)

The chances are that it's not going to be a white Christmas across the UK this year (sob :) so if you're starved for "white" photos, click here for 12 from North America :)

Seems I'm a little slow, but so sorry to hear about the website moving, John. Not sure what I would have done in my Rocka days if it wasn't there and run by you.
All the very best to you and Wendy ... stay in touch.
Much love, and Merry Christmas
Rachel T (ex Brynmawr, now University College London) xxxx

Are you using "Audacity" (free) as your sound-editing software for your soundtrack ? You may like to know that the latest version (1.3.4) has just been released and is now available for free download and installation from here. Note that it's not a fully-tested version so there might still be glitches ... the last fully-tested version is 1.2.6 which is also available for free download from the same download page :)

The last of the Australian XMAS TV SPECIALS videos are now online. Click here to go and see the choice available, and don't forget to enter a just-for-fun vote :)
John (still Editor :)


Dec 15th
Can't wait till rocka!! And we are going to stevenage !!!!!
Linzi (Vandyke)


Dec 14th
Hello all !
At this time of year I am bugging you to support FORT Cancer Charity and its "Lake of Lights" event.
On Friday 21st Dec (5 to 8pm) the charity will once again be floating lights on Canoe Lake in Southsea, to symbolise those who can't be with us or maybe just to symbolise a special memory
If you are unable to attend but would still like information about the event the website is www.lakeoflights.org.uk ... if you are feeling wonderful and generous this xmas then the charity now has the ability to accept online donations at www.justgiving.com/lakeoflights :)
Many Thanks
Stuart (Ruddy - crew)


Dec 13th
Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has advised me of the following new entries:- Deptford Green and Mount Carmel at London 1, and Stockley Academy at London 2 !
The updated 2008 tour calendar is here


Dec 12th
Hi John !
I found these too and thought u might like them for the web page while it's still here :)

Ness (Rockateer)
(Ed: thanks, Vanessa ! :)

I've been asked to put up a link again to the Xmas lights display, so here it is, all the way back from Christmas 2005
Enjoy :)


Dec 11th
Tim at UK Rocka HQ has sent me several additions / deletions / moves to the tour calendar - the amended one is on the website

Michelle at UK ROcka HQ has sent me the following tour changes: King Edmunds with Culverhill have dropped out of Portsmouth 4, while Grantham Church High have entered at Grantham and Liss Juniors have entered at Portsmouth Junior 2 !
The just-updated full lists are here

I love the new poster.
Driffield School's top right (our "lust" scene from last year).
Jonathan (Driffield)


Dec 10th
Hello !
Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has just informed me that Chesnut Grove have pulled out of the London Day 1 event at the Hackney Empire. I've updated the 2008 Tour calendar.
John (still here :)


Dec 9th
So long since i've written on here and i can't believe it's going ?! I think this website has been going as long as i've been involved in rock challenge (and that's a long time!!)
Will be sad to see it go, but will we see you up in carlisle anyway, john ? (Ed: Wendy and I plan on being at the Sands again, Natasha :)
Was reading back-messages and thanks for mentioning my indie night "dance to the radio", john ! We raised £1500 for our charities and some of that will be going to the st benedicts and whitehaven team, so thanks to everyone on here who might have come and lent some support ! (And also anyone from cumbria who's into indie music - the next night is february 15th if you're interested ... shameless plugging!! :)
I'm so excited for RC this year
. Haven't started rehearsals yet but the ideas being bounced round are brill and because i'm having a year at home i can be involved loads more than when i was at uni!! Might even be able to volunteer at some days!! (And this is mine and Nicola's TENTH YEAR which is pretty exciting!! I think the longest of anyone from cumbria!!)
Anyway, hope everyone's rehearsals are going well and will see you all at carlisle !!
Yey for rock challenge !!

Natasha (bennies and haven long-term skivvy)

THE SECOND FIVE OF THE AUSSIE XMAS TV SPECIALS TEAMS are now available for viewing as a video stream !
Click here to go and watch Daramalan College with "Madame Butterfly", Harristown State High School with "Wanted - Robin Hood", Parkdale Secondary College with "Boudica - Queen of the Iceni", Riverside High School with "Buzz, Splat, Bang, Clash, Calm" and Smiths Hill High School with "Turandot".
Don't forget ... once you've watched all five, click here to vote in our just-for-fun poll :)
John (still editor ...)


Dec 8th
The 2008 rocka poster is cool !!!!!
Can't wait to see the rocka trousers for this year !!!!!! :)

Linzi (Vandyke)
(Ed: I wonder ... might there be stars ?? :)

Just had a look at the 2008 artwork and ... i like it!! Very bright!!
I do agree with the comment that it's very circus-poster like but that's not a bad thing, is it?!?
I think it's cool ... just missin one thing ... PETERHEAD on it !! (Haha - jkn!! :) That's 1st yr in a while we ain't been on it... since 2005 we've had a bit part on the poster (2005-- kimberley right in the "o" of the ROCK n duncan on it too, 2006-- alison right in the middle of the globe as the dog, 2007-- leanne the main girl on the poster
Time to let sum1 else have a shot, eh ?!! Hehehe :)
Stuart (peterheed)


Dec 7th
Hey John !
I'm going to miss the UK Rock Challenge website and just wanted to let you know that I think you've done a brilliant job with it for all these years!!!
It's been 5 years since I've performed in RC but still enjoy reading emails from you letting me know what's going on, and perusing through the message board to find out any gossip and looking at the pictures to see how they are doing things these days.
Anyway, I think you're great and the website will not be the same without you.
Kind Regards - Jill (Ex Wavell / Southampton Uni)
(Ed: replied to by email)

Sad to hear about the site. Will be sad to see it go!
It has been a great means of communication through the rocka community and I will miss coming on here, especially with all the hype as the events draw nearer!

Can't believe how soon it has all come around ... Rock Challenge 2008! Doesn't feel like yesterday we were at grimsby performing!
Hope all the schools are enjoying getting started :)

Darryl (Hornsea)
(Ed: cheers, Darryl :)

So, is the "8 Minutes To Save A Life" poster the official one for 2008 overall? Did I miss something with the "8 Minutes To Save A Life" part ?! I thought the tagline was something different!
Oh well. I like it ... but not as much as previous years, I must say - it's a tad circus-ish. (Maybe that's just because I can't view the full thing all at once, as I have to scroll down and see parts?)
Naomi (Cockermouth)
Hi, Naomi !
The website's tagline suggestions weren't all the suggestions received at UK Rocka HQ and the "8 minutes" one (from elsewhere) was liked the best.
Do you have a program called Irfanview on your PC ? If you don't, go here, download and install it.
Then use Irfanview to look at the file with ... lots of zooming in / zooming out options there !
Hope that helps ?
John (still Editor :)

Tim at UK Rocka HQ has just confirmed the addition of Boroughbridge High School to the "Bridlington at Hull" event on Apr 10, and Settle College (a new team) at Grimsby on Apr 21
The updated tour calendar is here

Message for Linzi at Vandyke:-
I wish I could lay claim to the designs (or do I ?!!!)
The Rocka Crew choose the colour and do the design for the paint work, and I then just try and put the two together and come up with something they can wear!!
Luv - Lindsey at Sew n So Fabrics

OK, folks - here it is in all its right-way-round massive glory - THE UK 2008 TOUR ROCK CHALLENGE "8 MINUTES TO SAVE A LIFE" POSTER :)
Since these are the last dying days of the present website, I've uploaded the full 500k biggie file for you - so it may take a wee while longer to download than usual :))
Now let's see who can identify some / any of the faces and the teams ! :)
John (still here - just :)

14 people have now voted for their favourite out of the first five Aussie Rock Eisteddfod TV videos, and "Japanime" is clearly in the lead with 50% of the votes so far !
To see for yourself, click on the red "AUSSIE XMAS 2007 TV SPECIALS" link in the right-hand column ... and don't forget to vote afterwards !


Dec 6th
Hi !
Thought I'd be nice. Rotated it and attached the new poster in JPEG form for you.
Tom (Brynmawr)
(Ed: Hi and thanks, Tom ! I've now (Dec 7th) got the full poster online ! Enjoy :)

Hey everyone !
Can't wait till we go to portsmouth but it will be a très long day!!! :)
Thanks to sally, sarah and the head for letting us go to portsmouth !
Don't know wot i would have done without rocka!!!! Thankz xxxx

Linzi (Vandyke)
ps can't wait till rocka starts (in bonny socotland!!!!)
pps - me again - just like to say i am loving the rocka band from last year!!!!! Havn't stopped wearing it since i bought it!!! Must also say i want a pair of rocka trousers, and would love to know how u come up with ideas like that!!
x D
Lindsey at Sew n So has answered your question, Linzi - Dec 7 :)

Heya guys!
I was just wondering when the rock challenge 2008 poster will be put on the net?
Good luck for 2008, guys ! Sadly we are not participating but will be back for 2009!!
Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nathan x (De Aston)
HOPEFULLY the poster will appear here on the website before it has to close, Nathan !
I'll keep you posted.
John (still Editor :)


Dec 5th
Yay to Southfield entering at Carlisle ! We loved your piece last year, especially the make-up.


Dec 4th
Ohh, Southfield! I was wondering what had happened to you all!
Hi from Cockermouth, guys!


Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has just informed me that Southfield Technology College from Workington are now entered at Carlisle Day 2 :)
John (still Editor :)

She has also just told me that Regents Park have moved from Southampton 1 to Southampton 2 :)


Dec 2nd
You are still here.
Good ! :))))

Archie Archie rock this party, Archie Archie rock this party, Archie Archie rock this party
this is how we do it
front to front to front my baby, back to back to back my baby, side to side to side my baby
this is how we do it
ARCHIE ON TOUR in OZ 2007!!!!!

Hi John
Just wanted to say I'm mortified about the website being moved.
It's been a really big part of the rocka experience since I started 4 years ago. You've done an amazing job at running the site, and you've been a fantastic liaison with the whole of the UK.
I hope that there will be a place for you doing something regarding the new rocka site - if there isn't, it's a travesty!
I had an idea though ... all might not be lost - why not have a UK Rocka Message site! That way we can all still keep in touch with you and each other ? (I don't know if they'll put one on the new site but it won't be the same anyway!)
Anyway, I'll finish by saying THANKS! You've been great! And to quote a famous Rocka Tag Line - You've "Rocked [y]our world"!
John (Baysgarth)

Can't believe the UK website's goin!!!! It's not fair!! :(
Gonna miss it!
Thank-u, john, for running the website all these years. It's made rocka life even better!
Luv - rachael (thornton)

Saturday Dec 1st saw the first of the Australian TV Specials and once again they are being made available as streaming video on the Global website.
Click here to go to the page containing the first five - Randwick Girls' and Boys' High Schools with "TANK GIRL", Calwell High School with "KOKODA", Woodville High School with "WHO'S AFRAID ?", Fairhills High School with "JAPANIME !!" and Lisarow High School with "MELTING POINT".
(When you've watched them all, pop over to the Opinion Poll page and vote for YOUR favourite ?)
John (still here :) in the rain


Dec 1st
Sorry to hear about the website handover - the leadup to rocka performances really won't be the same without it!
Sad to see it go. It was ace to hear from the other teams before the big performance day
Jess (Hornsea)

NINE new teams from East Yorkshire joined UK Junior Rock Challenge this week !
They're all Primary schools and they signed up to take part on Tuesday evening at Beverley Longcroft School after presentations by the Humberside Police's "Lifestyle" unit and by Dave, Zoie and Michelle from UK Rocka HQ near Southampton.
They'll be in action at Hull's Ice Arena on Wednesday April 9th - good luck to them all !


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