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Nov 30th
Well, the page isn't gone yet!
I've noticed a couple of other messages about how the Global page is out of date, and so different to your one. It's completely true, and it'd be such a shame to lose the up-to-date-ness of this website.

Calling all school / college sound people :))
One of the good book guides to PA systems, sound reinforcement, band sound systems etc has always been a book called "The Sound Reinforcement Handbook" published by Yamaha.
I've just had news that they've revised / updated it AND produced it as a two-hour instructional DVD called "Exploring Sound Reinforcement".
This could be good ... if you want to check it out, go here
John (still Editor :)

Hello !
Ur still up n runnin, john ! Yeah !! :)
I keep comin on the web n typin www.rockchallenge.co.uk n ur site keeps commin up ... just dreadin the time i type it in n the new one comes up!!
No offence to the ppl who wil b doin the new one... jst u've done such a gd job with it over the yrs. It's kept up to date, n the message page is jst great, n i love the buzz on it nearer events :D
Will miss it soooooooooooooo much!! Really just won't be the same!!
1st thing i always did after a rocka event - no matter how tired i was n how covered in makeup n face paints - i was straight onto the comp to type a message about the event!!
Also made some great friends thru the message board - good way to keep in touch n share experiences. (I'm gonna have to have a look thru all the old messages!!)
John ... can u keep the countdown timer runnin on www.johnarro.co.uk until aberdeen!!! Can we just keep it a secret page ... n we can all still go on it n leave mesages ? (Hehe ... we won't tell any1!!)
Anyway, hope everyone is gettin ready for 2008 ? I can't wait ... i'm xcited already!! Can't wait to hear the "right type of mood" agen !! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
Stuart (peterheed)
(Ed: OK - I'll leave the countdown timer running on what will then be the "John's archive" site, Stu, but no new messages will appear there. That will all be up to the people running the new UK web pages when they come online, and any messages that come to me I'll just be forwarding on to them to handle - sob ;-(


Nov 29th
Hello !
Michelle at UK Rocka HQ advises me that two new teams are entered: Chesham Park Community at Stevenage 1, and Purbrook Juniors at Pompey J2 (plus the website received an email yesterday from a student at a school in south-west Wales asking how to go about entering a team in 2009 :)
Ahhh ... it's all good ... sort of :)

Been over to the new website. Don't like it. It has not got half of the sorts of information on it as is on the johnarro site (looks more corporate:)))
I am hoping that this will change if your site goes but I cannot see the personal service being done on the new site. I just hope I am wrong.

Oh John...that's quite sad really.
I'm going to be hunting through the archives making sure I've got every last scrap of info I might need in the future!
I shall have to see what these new UK pages are like in comparison (not as great, I am imagining)
It was great!
Pip pip

Aww, it's just so sad that it's going! It's always been there, and gets people all excited about Rocka, and keeps people informed all the time - and not even just with Rock Challenge stuff!
I've taken a look at the Global pages - it's nothing at all compared to the UK ones!
On a brighter note though - I got an interview at the Uni I have applied to!
Naomi :)
PS the T-Shirt competition is going well!
(Ed: Well done on getting the interview, Naomi !)

Dear John
We will be sad to see you go. Thank-you for all your hard work and commitment to the website over the years: you have done sooo many people proud by keeping us updated and posting millions of messages on the web.
Hope to see you around next year on the tour :D
Rosie and Ness (Rockateers)
(Ed: touch wood, you will CERTAINLY see myself and Wendy around on the 2009 tour :)


Nov 28th


Hello !

I've been providing web pages about Rock Challenge here in the UK since 1997, initially as an add-on to pages carrying South Hunsley School newsletters (another thing I used voluntarily to do at that time for Wendy, who taught there and who also started their run of annual Rock Challenge teams till she retired :)

Those pages developed in coverage and soon became the website www.rockchallenge.co.uk, freely provided and run as UK Rock Challenge's official website.

In recent months, however, and particularly following a redesign and relaunch of the Global Rock Challenge website in Australia, it's been clear that Global Rock wanted to produce their own UK pages within their overall website, going along with other country-specific pages that they run.

Following an overnight email, it looks as if that handover will be taking place within the next day or two ... I'm now just waiting for final confirmation of the address where the pages will be housed so that I can arrange the process by which whenever anyone types "www.rockchallenge.co.uk" into their web browser in the future then they won't come to the present UK website housed at www.johnarro.co.uk but will go to UK pages housed somewhere on www.globalrockchallenge.com

I'm going to keep the old pages (as "museum" pages) probably till around the end of 2008 so that anyone who always intended to download anything from them has plenty of time in which to do it, but they won't be updated any more (apart from a bit of tidying up :)

You'll be able to get to the "museum archive" pages to download stuff (I may call them "John's Rocka Archive 1997 to 2007" ? :) by going to www.johnarro.co.uk over the next 13 months or so.

Let me now say a "Goodbye" ! Providing UK Rocka with their website has been hugely rewarding over the past ten or so years and I will - of course - miss the contact it has enabled me to have with so many teachers, team members and ex-team members / volunteers ... you've been great :))

Take care, everyone. May all your futures be everything you could hope for :)
John (Soon to be EX voluntary website provider / editor for UK Rock Challenge at http://www.rockchallenge.co.uk :)

Noooo!!! I can't believe it ! They can't close this website down!!!
Poor John ...
And who are we going to ask all our rocka questions to ???
Anyways, thank-you john for doing this website for all these years
Naomi (Thornton)

I guess things must move on....
I was one of those who used to spend ages up until our event keeping up with messages from our team mates on the message page. I can't believe that was 10 years ago!!! (But i'm still involved and well in the thick of things.)
Take care - keep rocking!

Ahhh, John, early "retirement" then ? Whose idea was this ???!!!!
Anyway, I've got your email adress so I will still be able to let u know how Baysgarth's Rocka 08 is coming on.
Will miss the great messages and the laughs, mate.
Will speak soon, and I'll definitely come and see you at Grimsby next April when we are competing!!!
Meanwhile, enjoy some relaxation :)
Cap'n Jack (Distraught :(
Baysgarth 07

I am sure everyone who has used this site for any reason over the last 11 years would join with me in thanking you for the huge amounts of work you have put into maintaining the quality and consistency of the messaging board during that time. I know I and my students have used it on a regular basis and found the personal touch very welcoming. Your service to the young people of Hornsea School over the last 11 years has been amazing. For some of them it's been an absolute lifeline.
John, you are a star and we look forward to still seeing you at events around the country during the 2008 season - it wouldn't be the same without you!
Best Wishes,
Karen Hylton and all the Hornsea Team.
ps we will enjoy looking at all the memories in the archive material - a great idea.

John, just a little sadness from me tonight.
Grimsby Auditorium 1998 is when we first met, I think. How time flies!
I've been a fan of this website for a long time and I know it has inspired many. Happy "retirement" :))))
Vanessa (ex Healing School, ex Peterhead Academy, and now at Firpark)

John, you will be sorely missed
You have been very kind to me over the years and very interested in what I was doing.
Good Luck for the future.
Matt (archie crew)

Good luck, and thanks for all the updates

I just want to say a big thank-you to you for the hours you have put in and the great service you have provided !
You have helped us here in Crickhowell forge a link with many other schools, and students have had a great opportunity to network all over the place.
Sincere thanks
Sally Dawkins (Crickhowell)
ps hope you will still be attending events

Hi John!
Aaaw, that's really sad! Who I am going to harass with R/C questions now!? Lol :)
Oh well - all good things come to an end.
Thanks for all your work over the past few years !
Tom (Brynmawr)

Dear John
You have provided an amazing website for years and I know that anything that will replace those pages has an extremely high standard to live up to.
Will you still be attending Rock Challenge events?
I don't doubt that all the students and staff who have commented on the Rock Challenge website will keep in touch with you regardless.
Good luck in everything, and hope to see you next year in Aberdeen
Davy (Ex-peterhead/volunteer)

Mr. John Arrowsmith
It's been an absolute pleasure conversing with you, and all of us at the Vandyke Team really appreciate all of your help with every query and problem we've had.
Take care!
From all of us.
Hari and the Vandyke Rock Challenge team x

Dear John
What sad news!
Can we both say a big thank-you for all your support for the shop and, more importantly, the work you have done on the website for all these years. You will be sorely missed.
Love and best wishes for the future
Lindsey and Marie (Sew n So Fabrics)

John - will you still be part of Rocka at the venues? You must still be there !
Sally (Vandyke)

Many thanks for all you have contributed to the UK RC website over the last 10 years - your contributions have, I'm sure, been invaluable. I very much hope they give you your own page to blog on; your emails always cheered me up on a bleak morning at work!!
Hope to see you around at the forthcoming Rocka events in St Albans and at the Premier Final in Portsmouth.
Maks Taylor (Hemel Hempstead School)

John! I'm so so sad that the website is changing! It's honestly like half of the whole Rock Challenge experience - being able to keep in touch with other teams and hearing about everyone's rehearsals and allll the other stuff that goes on.
It's really really sad that the page is being moved and I'm very sorry to hear about it.
Thank-you for all the work you've put into it for so long - I know so many people really appreciate it and find it all so useful and helpful.
That's honestly the worst news I've heard since I got my school report....
Naomi (Cockermouth)
:' (

We love you, John!!
Thank-you for all the time and effort you've put in over the years with Rock Challenge!
This website has helped so many teams to bond together / make new friends / get excited about the big day!! We're all going to miss you!!

Hi everyone!!
Can't believe how close it's gettin to christmas :D (whoo hoo!!) then after all the festivities it won't be long till the ROCK CHALLENGE 08 tour kicks off in aberdeen!! Can't wait!!
Hope everyone is gettin on good with rehearsals n that ... I've been hearin gd things aboot phd ... i'm deffo gonna get in 12 monday b4 xmas... Just monday beein my day off wrk tryin to get xmas shoppin n that done!! But i will be in!! I'm sure uz r doin great!! Can't wait to see uze rock the stage at the AECC again!! Whooo hooo !
Good luck to everyone ! It will be a great day as usual !!
I'm gettin xcited!! I need to send away my volunteer form..... Aaahhh ... so much to do at this time of yr!!!

Just read the message about the rocka website. Awwww ... won't be the same not writin to john n gettin little "(ED: bla bla bla)" in the middle of comments!! :))
U've done a great job over the yrs john, esp bk in the day when me n marisa used to comment every day when the website was rockin. Shame the "new kids on the block" don't seem to be gettin into the whole message page as much as we did, but u've done a majik job and i hope the new website is just as good!!
Aberdeen this yr?? Hope so!! (Ed: hmmm ... think it's time I booked a Travelodge for me and Wendy, don't you ??! :)
(Ed: ps ... there you are, Stuart - I popped in an "(Ed: bla bla bla)" just for you :))
Oh ... n when is the artwork bein released? Can't wait to see it!!
BRING ON ROCKA 2008!! We're ready for it ... sure it will be better than ever!!
Stuart (peterheed)


Nov 25th
Helloooooo !
Just thort i'd put a quick message on to say hello 2 u 2, naomi!!! :)
Love - rachael xxx

Hey John! Thought I'd email in cus you said it was a bit quiet!
Hope everyone's OK ?! I think I'm coming down with some bug! Not good :[
Any idea when the volunteering packs are gonna get sent off? I swear down I'm obsessed and keep heckling the postman to see if mine's arrived! (Even though it is quite a way off yet!)
Any news on the national final in 2009 yet either?
Take care, all!
Stu (Haycliffe) x
(Ed: I, of course, know nothing, but I've passed your questions on :))

Hi !
Hope you're ok, John?? (Ed: yes, thanks, ma'am ! Website's only quiet 'cos very few are messaging at the mo ! :)
Hello to Sarie, Rachie and Becca. Get Well Soon, Bekky! Hope to see you all at school tomorrow! Rehearsal on Friday!!!
Naomi (Thornton)


Nov 23rd
Heyyyyy !
Just ad my 1st rehearsal n it wa soooooooooo much fun! Luvin it n it's only just bgun!!!! :)
Everythin alredy seems 2 b comin 2geva well n the costumes n music sound acccccce ! Am very excited bowt it all now hehe.
Big hello 2 taisha n alanna (n of course bekz - get wel soon, chuk:) n heyo rachy naomi becca emma caz n eeeeeeevry1 else i know but failed 2 remember hehe!
Luv - Sarah (Thornton)

Peterhead!!! Rock the stage :D
Do us proud :D:D
90 days to go; oh yess!


Nov 22nd
Hello all !
Hope that you are all well and that your Rock Challenge performances are ticking along nicely. I'm itching to get on tour and see what you've all come up with! I know what a couple of schools are doing and some of the themes we're going to see are fantastic!
I was reading the paper yesterday and saw an article about an exhibit that has just opened up at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and thought that some of you out there might be interested. It's called "Collaborators: UK Design for Performance 2003-2007" and it's all about sets, costumes, etc from the past few years. It looks great and I think I might make the effort to go up and see it ... and if you need some inspiration I'm sure you will find plenty there!
You can find more information here.
All the best,
Tim (UK Rock Challenge Event Manager)


Nov 21st
HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is currently enjoying much popularity :)
There's a good article about staging it (lots of photos of different groups' stage performances, and some notes about how to do it :) in the December free issue of an American magazine called "Stage Directions".
The article will probably become available on Stage Directions' website towards the end of December but will probably only have the text, not all the photos.
For the full article, you need to be a (free) subscriber to the magazine and if you sign up now perhaps you might be lucky and get it as your first downloadable pdf version ?
The subscription page is here - make sure you click on the Digital Download option !
John (Editor :)


Nov 20th
Hey, tis me agen!
I am sooo tired 2day!! I don't know why i'm so tired! It's not like i went 2 bed late, but am sooo tired! I've almost been falling asleep in lessons ... almost ...
AND BEKKY!!!!! Hope u get better sooon! Hope u can breath ok 2moro - we want u bak at school!
Luv - rachael xxx


Nov 19th
Aaaah... that countdown's making me nervous!!! :)
Can't believe how soon it is!! The time flies....!!
Lucy (Fraserburgh) xxx
Hello, Lucy
Stop watching it ...
John (Editor :)


Nov 18th
Sorry the messages didn't get on till late tonight, folks - I've been down in wet Northamptonshire today (without a laptop)
John (back in wet Yorkshire :)

Hello all!
Just a little note to let you know that we raised over £1400 from the talent show at Baysgarth on Friday! The evening was a fantastic success and the hall was packed; we had to put lots of extra seats, and had to stop only for - you've guessed it - HEALTH and SAFETY!
Great news, the profits from which we will divide between Children in Need and Baysgarth's Rocka 2008! Lots of money to do lots of great stuff! (Costumes and the like, I should think!)
So, all is well and the countdown has started ... where has the time gone ?

Catch y'around ...
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth 07)

Hi every1 ! Haven't left a message in ages!!!
Have had 2 practices so far - lots of fun!!!
Thanks for putting the countdown clock on!!
Good luck, Sarie, at cambridge!

Naomi (Thornton)

Heyy ... nice countdown clock!!!! Good job, countin down in seconds! Fab :)
I went to go see Countdown being filmed last week! Me and emma r gonna b on tv!!! Woo !
Rachael (thornton)


Nov 17th
Hey, countdown clock is looking guuuuuuuuuud ! Really fabulous! In seconds as well ... oooooooooh haha!
Had ma Cambridge interviews 2day ! Only just gt bk but av well enjoyd myself!!!
Cannot w8 2 go 2 uni - the only problem is that there'll be no rocka :( Boo hoo hoo ... gutted ... wil just av 2 keep updated wid da website insted haha!!!!
Really cannot w8 4 rocka 2 strt now ! I've gt my 1st rehearsal on friday - yeeeeeeeey ! Gonna b fabulous ... if a little mental ;)

Thanx agen 4 da clock, John - ur a *star*
Luv - Sarah (Thornton)
Ooh ... n thnx agen 4 da interview technique tips!!!

Luv The Countdown timer =D
So Glad I'm Not The Only One Counting Down :D
95 Days =]

Steph [Peterhead =] xxxxx

Wow to the countdown clock!
Go James Mc Fadden
(ex Motherwell - Firpark School is next to Motherwell's ground which is also called Firpark). Go Scotland !
It's quite mad up here ... nearly everybody wearing kilts, shirts or saltires. Best day to do your Christmas shopping if you are not a footie fan:)))

Hi, folks :)
I've just popped a link to a short video on to the website's "TECH" page. It's actually made by the first stagehands' trade union group formed in the USA (around Broadway, New York) and gives a brief glimpse of the work done backstage by its members. Enjoy :)
John (Editor)


Nov 16th
Hahaha ! The countdown clock's back ... and showing it is 96 days until my 18th birthday :)
Can't wait till Rocka 08. Cowes are gonna be back heheeh.

Am currently watching Children in Need!! Nothing like helping a good cause.
See ya all soon ...
Lauren (Cowes Rock Challenge 07 Stage Manager)

Nice 2 see u puttin a message up, taisha!!! Makes a change!
Rehearsals r goin reali well 4 thornton n hope they are 4 everyone else too!
Hello 2 bekky, sarah n all the ashfield lot! U lot r just ace!!!

Luv - rachael (thornton)

Hey !
Haha ... we're gonna all b mental, constantly leavin msgs now wooo !
Bowt time the old countdown clock went up, ey???
(Ed: OK ... over Saturday ... with a bit of luck :)
OMG ... cambridge 2moz ! Ahhhhhhhh lol. Gonna b slightly mental ... fun-packed day of interviews :)
Hey tasha ! Lv u too, twinno ! N big wavey 2 bekz! lol Glad 2 c ur in da rocka spirit already !
Thornton's gonna b aceeeeeeeee n of corse wot wud we do widout u ashfield girlies haha ! Luv ya :))

Luv - Sarah (Thornton) xxx

Awk ... least i'm not the only 1 counting dwn the days!! 196 - nw that'll fly in ... b4 ya know it we'll b on r way 2 grimsby =) Cnt w8!
Luvya bekky!! xxxx
Ashfield's gna b better than ever this year!!
Gd luck wif rehearsals nd al every1 !!
Lotza luv - tasha xox (ashfield)


Nov 15th
Hey! I miss yaz too, Tasha and Alanna!
197 days to the final now:)
Haha ... i'm not sad and counting down:P
I don't start my rehearsals till middle of december but i've heard they're going fab for those that have started:)
Hopefully be the best year yet but ... my last too :(
Good luck to everyone rehearsing!

Luv - Bekky (Thornton) xxxxx

OMG ! Tasha n Alanna leavin a msg ! Wooooooooooooo !!
Hey 2 u 2 ! Cannot w8 2 c u agen - gonna b completely mental haha!!!
I soooooooo can't w8 :)

GTG now ... av g a interview 4 cambridge on saturday n gotta finish my prep hehe
Bye 4 now !
Luv - Sarah (Thornton)

Heyy !We noticed no1 from ashfield leaves any messages here so we fought we wud lol
Hope every1's preparations r goin well!!
We cnt w8 2 get started .. countin down the days really!!
Wana say a big heylo 2 bekky, sarah nd rachael from thornton ! We rele miss uze - cnt w8 2 c ya =)

Love - tasha nd alanna xxx ( ashfield!!!! )

Awwww :(
I can't believe Archie aren't rockin' this year :(
I will miss it soooo much but we're having a party ("rocka reunion" if ya like :) on saturday sooo that shall be fun!
Anyhoos, a huge good luck to everyone taking part this year - rock it!

Lv - Rachael (Archie) xxx

Hiya !
Can i use some of the comments from our team members on our own rock challenge newsletter?? Plllleeeaaassseee ... ?
Miss Earnshaw (Thornton Grammar's Liaison Teacher)
You can lift what you like from your Thornton team members, Miss E., but I'd suggest asking them too ?
John (Editor :)

Hi John!
The tagline chosen for 2008 is "8 Minutes to Change A Life !"
Natalie (BYBF Development Manager)

Hi folks :)
I've updated the "BENEFITS" page to incorporate the 2007 Feedback results.
John (Editor)


Nov 14th
Hey there !
Hmmm ... not liking this ... not being in a rock challenge team thing this year - baa, humbug, and all !!!!
Missing doing a little bit a choreography here and there and my head will i'm sure soon burst with the pressure of all my ideas being locked up inside - help me release them!!!! LOL!!!
Aww :(

I feel like i have forgotten something as i am not consumed by costume and set designs, and the rest of it that comes with it!!!! Oh well ... at least i gave my last idea to Thornton and they are going ahead with it!! Woo me!!!
Hope everyone is getting their pieces together !

Hope you are well, John, and hopefully will pop into Bradford and lend a hand!!!
Take care
Danika x x x
Awww, Danika ! It's lovely to hear from you but 'tis so sad that you're not involved with a team now :(
Fingers crossed we'll see you at Bradford
John (Editor)


Nov 13th
I've started getting teams' school / college websites linked in on the 2008 Tour page. This process will take a few days.
When I've finished, I will put a message up here in which I shout for help in getting the final last few found ... Google doesn't ALWAYS manage to track them down :)
John (Editor)


Nov 12th
Tagline suggestions had to be in by Friday the 9th (so no more now, please :)
Those forwarded to UK Rocka HQ that came from the website's talented readers / emailers were:-

"JUST ROCK", "Dance The Drugs Away", "Pure High on Pure Talent", "Rock On!" or "Be A Part Of It", "Be The Star", "Be The (A) Rock Star", "Dazzle", "Shine", "ROCK ON IT", "Knowing Me, Knowing You", "Dance Like No-one's Watching", "We Will Rock You", "Bring It On", "Reach Your Dream", "Face The Stars, Reach The Dream", "A Natural High", "Rocka Your Way To A Drug-Free High", "Rocka High", "Take the Challenge", "Face the Rock", "This is not just any dancing, it's Rock Challenge", "Life Is A Stage", "Shine Like a Star", "Fly High", "YOU ARE NOW ROCKING WITH THE BEST... OH YEAH!!", "Your Biggest Challenge Yet!", "Shine Like The Star You Are", and "Rock Til You Drop".

Good Luck to everyone ! I wonder if any of them will be chosen for 2008 ?! (Maybe a winner was emailed direct to UK HQ ... I wouldn't know :)
John (Editor)


Nov 9th
2008 TAGLINE SUGGESTIONS - today is the last day for your chance to affect the tagline on the 2008 artwork !
John (Editor)

Hey !
Just wanna say a big hello to everyone at portsmouth day 3, and also wanna say thanks to sally for letting vandyke do rocka again!! It truly rocks!!
Linzi (Vandyke)


"Dance The Drugs Away !"
(It's pretty hard to think up a tag line :D)


Nov 8th (5 messages)
G'day from not-too-sunny Bromley!
Tagline - my suggestion is "Pure High on Pure Talent !"
Much love to you and the RC crew
Adam (Ravenswood) xxx

Heyy All ! Been a while since i have been on here lol :)
Wilberforce Rocka sounds Ace ! Seen a bit of the dance demonstrated by Tash hehe and yeah i'm sure they'll be great !!
Can't believe i'm not in Rocka next year. I'll miss it :( -
Much love
Jodie (Wilberforce Student - Ex Archie Rocka :) xxxx

Heya !
Tagline suggestions - "Rock On!" or "Be A Part Of It !"
Anyway, haven't left a message in soooooo long!!!! Don't really know why cos i check the message board every day! It's like part of my daily routine - check email and then look at the message board!
Huge hello 2 all my m8s, including taisha from ashfield!!!
Sorry i haven't spoken 2 u in a while ... been really busy with homework!
Hello 2 all my thornton mates - bekky, sarah, naomie, rebecca, caz n just everyone else cos there's loads of ya!
Hi john and wendy!!
Really lookin forward 2 this year now - got my first rehearsal 2moro!!!! Can't wait!
Anyway, best be goin ... got too much stuff 2 do!
Rachael (thornton!) xxx

I'm getting that old nostalgic feeling, tho' it's a bit weird not being a part of a rocka team this year (but the joys of student life are hitting already! :D)
Sent away my forms for volunteering! Out of interest, John, do you know when I'll hear something/anything back about the application? Cheers! =]
Oh ... and for a tagline idea, how about...."Be The Star !" :)
Steven (ex Peterhead)

Heya !
Tagline - How bowt "Be The (A) Rock Star" for the tagline? (Or even "Dazzle" ?)
Luv - Sarah (Thornton :)
(Ed: "Dazzle" ... ahhh ... brings back very happy memories of one of the musicals (Book and lyrics by John Gardiner, Music by Andrew Parr) Wendy used to do at Hunsley (many years ago :) Link here
(ps even more fun - I got to wear black leathers (ahhhh :) and ride a 500cc motorbike through the school hall each night with one of the cast members on the pillion ... repeated that foolishness at another school's production too

The online version of Cumbria's "News and Star" today highlights the introduction of the Junior Rock Challenge to the area. You can read the article here
John (Editor)


Nov 7th (6 messages)
Tagline - I like the "Life Is A Stage" one from Mrs Brunink, but if you wanted something simple, how about just "Shine!" ? It gets the point across in just one word.
Naomi (Cockermouth)

Tagline ... how about...
I think it's cool :D
Michaela T (ex Barnhill)

Hi John !
I have a tagline ... "Knowing Me, Knowing You",
because Rock Challenge isn't just about the no drugs etc. It's also experiencing who you are, becoming friends with new people and working together as a team to achieve a natural and positive reward.
Ness (Rockateer)

Here's a few ...
1) "Dance Like No-one's Watching !"
2) "We Will Rock You !"
3) "Bring It On !"

Tagline - "Reach Your Dream!" or "Face The Stars, Reach The Dream!"
Katie (Barton Peveril)

Tagline - Rock Challenge is about no drugs so how about "A Natural High" ?
xx~xx Kirsty xx~xx


Nov 6th (13 messages)
Tag line 1 - "Rocka Your Way To A Drug-Free High"
Tag line 2 - "Rocka High"

How about "Take the Challenge" or "Face the Rock" or "This is not just any dancing, it's Rock Challenge!"
Diane H

How about "Life Is A Stage" for the tagline?
Hamble College are definitely looking forward to Rocka this year - us teachers are already in training for the air guitar competition!
Mrs Brunink x

Hey guys! Hey john! Hope everyone's okay again!
I'm just wondering if you can give me a bit of advice (I know you try your best, john)
I sent my voluntebber form off for Bradford about a month ago (at least it seems that long) and I haven't heard anything back yet. I'm wondering is this because:
A] it's lost in the post
b] it hasn't been delivered yet
c] UK Rocka HQ have received it but not got round to looking at volunteers for 2008 yet
d] it's arrived and you've read it but you all don't like me
e] i shouldn't expect anything back yet
f] all of the above
If you could clear this up for me I would be extreemely greatful!
Thankyooooooooooou :]
Stu (Haycliffe) x
(Ed: I've passed your message on to UK Rocka HQ, Stu :)

In previous years the UK Rock Challenge artwork has incorporated a tagline. For example:-

  • 2007 - Be Your Best, Be Yourself
  • 2006 - Rock Your World
  • 2005 - 10 Years On
  • 2004 - Go For It!
    2003 - Express Yourself
The 2008 artwork is almost complete (and, by the way, incorporates some stars in its design :) but we're leaving the tagline until the 9th (ie FRIDAY !) so that everyone reading this has a chance to send in what they think would be the best one.
Get your thinking caps on, and if you come up with what YOU feel would be a really memorable tagline, SEND IT IN !
Natalie (BYBF Development Manager)

I think a great tagline would be "Shine Like a Star"

How about "Fly High" for the tagline ?!

Just read the message about the tagline for the '08 artwork
My suggestion is....
Sums up rocka deffo!!
Stuart (Peterheed)

Tagline - "Your Biggest Challenge Yet!"
DuncH (Ravens Wood)

I reckon the new tagline should be something like "Shine Like The Star You Are" lol
Can't WAIT to get started on this year's performance =D
Lusi xx

How about "Rock Til You Drop" for the 2008 tagline ?!
Jonny (Crew)

Hi folks !
Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has told me that Fulbrook Middle are out of Stevenage 1, Bradbourne Team 2 are out of Eastbourne, and The Wye Valley (I didn't have them on the website calendar ... uh-oh ... :) have moved from Pompey 1 to Stevenage 1
John (Editor)

Heyyyy Guys...=]
Can't Wait Fur Rocka In Aberdeen :D
Rehearsals Going Aceee So Far!
Can't Wait To See The Art Work :D

Luvv From Steph! (Peterhead..=]) xoxox

Hi everyone!!
Can't believe how close it's gettin to christmas... which means just after christmas it will be the start of the 2008 tour!! Whey hey!!!
Hope everyone's rehearsals are comin along good!! Can't wait to see wot everyone has come up with this yr!! Sure it will be even better than lst yr!!
... sorry iv been busy the lst few mondays but i'll be bk in to see how uz r gettin along soon!! Sure uz r gettin on great :) Can't wait to see it all come together!!
Stuart (Peterheed)


Nov 5th
Heyyyyyyy !! Just thought I'd pop on now iv finally fixed the internet lol (it decided it didnt want 2 wrk at all ... grrrr!)
Rocka is gonna b sooooooooo ace this yr ! OMG, am well excited. Rehearsals alredy 2 get underway, and i know my character (all very exciting)
Cnt w8 2 meet up wid all ma frends agen
(n u, of course, John :)
OMG ... av gt an interview 4 cambridge in 2 weeks time and am nervous alredy. Aahhh ... :) Any1 gt any interview tips? lol
But hey, thers rocka 2 luk 4ward 2 evn tho it is ma last yr :(( wil miss it sooooooooo much ))
Luv - Sarah (thornton)
Cambridge Uni's own (brief !) tips are here. I also quite like the following sections - "Suggestions and Tips from Experienced Interviewers", " Characteristics of Good Interviewees" and "Examples of Typical Interview Problems" on this page BUT IGNORE THE OTHER SECTIONS OF THE PAGE ! :)
Good luck, Sarah !
John (Editor)

Yay!! First meeting today of vandyke's rock challenge team!!
Portsmouth is going to be great!! New teams to perform against :D

Richard (Vandyke)


Nov 4th
Hello John, and all ! Hope all is well, now the winter nights are drawing in. (Where did the summer go??!!!)
Exciting stuff about this National Final then, isn't it???!!! Finally! No, really - I'm sure all those at Rocka HQ have worked hard to get that prospect for us all to work at!!!
Looks like it will be a great heat at the Grimsby heat this year, especially two new schools - go for it, guys !
We have our annual talent show at school on Friday 16th November at Baysgarth, splitting the funds between Children in Need and Rock Challenge 08 at Baysgarth!!!
(Fancy coming along, John???!!!! No pressure!!!! Let me know, buddy!) (I shall be having a bit of a sing-song!!)
Rocka is well underway ... auditions soon! Soundtrack's finished ... will be doing some altering (a wee bit I think) to our story in line with the theme this year !
Will drop another msg soon. Let me know if you fancy dropping in to our talent show John. Sarah and Philip will be dead pleased to see you!
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen 07, looking forward to Rocka 08!)
Ed: I'll get back to you about the 16th, Cap'n Jack ! (It's a loooong time since we've been to Baysie for anything - last was a Fashion Show (I think ?) MANY years ago :)

Why hello everybody...
It's not long til Aberdeen now, but it looked a bit quiet for messages on the website so i thought i'd better leave one. Hope rehearsals are going well for all schools in the 2008 tour ?
My school is doing quite well atm: i've finally made the backing track woohoo (lol)
Hope all crew are well and Arrowsmith (the legend that is) - hope you and wendy are ok and well.
See you all soon...
Davey (ex Park Community)


Nov 3rd

Hi all ! Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the tour in the new year!
Been keeping busy this week with rehearsals for "My Fair Ladybbbbb" with St Luke's at New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth at the beginning of December. Was also supposed to have done a show last week but had to pull out at last minute because I did my back in falling down the stairs at home!
I'm looking forward to volunteering again even though I will only be able to do evenings now because of work. On the plus, I might be able to come along on the day my school (St Luke's!) are performing in Pompey if they let me!
Very excited about the looks of the 2008 tour calendar and also the National Final in 2009!

Keep in touch, everyone. Let us know how your schools are all getting on with getting pieces ready. I'm looking forward to seeing more great themes and even bigger sets than last year, just cos I enjoy seeing Olly and Dave sweat!
Hi John - hope you and Wendy are keeping well up north!
Simon (Volunteer) xxxx
Hi Simon ! We're (us two plus the two eldest grandchildren) just (9pm) back from a superbly choreographed big fireworks display over in Goole. VERY nice stuff ... :)


Nov 2nd

Hey guys!
Right, well ... what can I say ...
Cockermouth School Rockers - I hope you have your dancing shoes on coz we are going to be working you very hard this year, but that doesn't come without the loads of fun that we have as always :)
Once again I'll be there through the months helping mrs wilde with the costumes, and then on the day to do all your hair ... and after last yr there will be NO FRENCH PLAITS!
Hee hee.
You would think that being in my final year at uni would be enough work to do but I cannot not help out with you guys!
I hope you have all been working hard while i have been in between weeks in portugal and doing my dissertation and I will be there monday to see how you are doing, I hope to be impressed! xxx

Emma (costumes and hair :)

OK - cheers, and thanks for the reply on the 31st.
Well done, malet ! Maybe now you can achieve what we as a team first believed impossible, but look at us now - won the premier (with a back up of 13 awards) then jetted off to the great oz where we managed an amazing nine awards.
Good luck, Marvell - it's gonna be tough !!

Stefan (Archie)


Nov 1st

Wow, Tim's pumpkin is amazing! Well done!
And that Robot Dance is fabulous, John ! I actually watched the whole 3minutes 25secs! (I have to say, though, that they didn't seem to have a very good backstage team - trampling all over their fans at the end there!)
Getting going at Cockermouth now - can't wait to see what it's going to look like all together!
Naomi (Cockermouth)

I thought it would be a good time to give an update.
My Rock Challenge Photographs website is full with 19000 photographs - mainly from the 2007 tour. (There are also some from earlier years which have been placed online by request.)
I now have a dilemma as to how to approach the 2008 tour. I have no more space available so it is obvious that photographs will have to be deleted to make way for the new ones.
I HAVE DECIDED THAT AT THE END OF THIS YEAR I WILL DELETE THE ENTIRE COLLECTION AND START NEXT YEAR'S TOUR AFRESH. I will then add previous years' collections only by personal request.
Trying to keep up with you younger people, by the way, I have added some new options to buying the images. You can now purchase any image in one of three digital sizes. The procedure is exactly the same as for prints.
There will also be a voucher giving discount on photographs in the 2008 tour programme which is sold at the venues, so tell your parents and friends to look out for them !
Nick Scott (UK Rock Challenge photographer)

A robot dance for you :)
John (Editor)


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