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Oct 31st

Hello all !
Just a quick message to say a big Happy Hallowe'en to one and all! Have much (safe) fun if you’re out trick-or-treating or carving pumpkins or just watching scary films at home!
Here's a picture of the pumpkin I designed and carved this year, which I'm very proud of. I hope everyone has as much fun doing their's as I did mine!
Happy haunting!

Tim Trick or Treat (UK Event Manager)


Oct 30th

YAY for rocka !
Vandyke are going to portsmouth - which is a change! Can't wait till it comes about, although it will come around so quick!
Just wanna say thanks to sally and sarah for letting up do this again! It really wouldn't be possible without ur help. These teachers truly rock!

Linzi (Vandyke)

Woooo ... can't wait for rock challenge 08 ! Getting excited already !
Good luck to all my fellow rock challenge team at Buttershaw ... we're gonna rock Bradford AGAIN!!!!!

I've just changed the "colour mixing" link on the website's "TECH" page ... it now points to a much nicer demo of the way in which the basic colours in stage lights (green / red / blue) mix together, and it's really useful for whoever's designing your Rock Challenge stage lighting to know how it works. Click here to go directly to the demo
John (Editor)

Is it true that Andrew Marvell are now in the premier division?? If so, well done. But why?
Stefan (Archie)
(Ed: a northern Prem team has opted out of UKRC for 2008, Stefan (and no, I don't know which one :)
When that happens, their place can be offered to the next highest-scoring team in the Opens. That team might jump at the chance, or might not. Andrew Marvell, it seems, did :)


Oct 27th

Hey john ! You may not remember me! Kat ov hanson - was a catgirl at york one year :D (Ed: you were also a fine emailer, Kate - welcome back :)
Anywho.... i can't believe i haven't seen hanson on this site in ages. Have we not entered rock challenge? And if not, why not? It made my schooldays some of the best of my life :D
Kat x x x
ps hoping to volunteer this year. I miss Rock Challenge too much and i'm way tooooo old now to be in a team !
We'll look forward to seeing you as a volunteer in 2008, Kate, and no - I can't see Hanson's name on the entry list either :(

GOOD LUCK BUTTERSHAW!!!! I can't wait to see what you bring to Bradford this year - and as a PREMIER Finalist!!!!
Also ... Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Love"!!! She Best be Number 1 tomorrow!!! LOVE HER SONG!!!!
Ed: I've been followspotting a show for Wendy this week so have seen no TV but the Leona Lewis video is here for anyone else who hasn't seen it either :)

Woo - not long to go till the Aberdeen event ! (Well, it is, but it will pass quickly! :)
13 schools at the aberdeen event :O! It will be even bigger and better competition :D
Am not in rock challenge this year :( but i hopefully i will get to see it! If ANYBODY knows where i can get tickets from for the event (ie ticketmaster or something) please tell me, as i won't be able to get them from the school
Good luck to everyone !
I've just added the AECC Box Office number to the Tour Calendar for you, but here it is as well: 0870 272 6600
John (Editor :)


Oct 25th

The Westlife tix have been snapped up ! Well done to the first one to reply, condolences to all the others, and thanks again to Vanessa for making them available through the website :)
John (Editor)

Yes, the page so many have been waiting for ... the website's "newsy-email" readers got it yesterday and now, for everyone else, THE FULL UK 2008 TOUR CALENDAR is on the website ... all the teams at all (nearly :) the events.
Huge thanks to Tim for getting it to us so quickly after the confirm-your-entry date !
John (Editor)

A classroom assistant at Firpark has kindly donated 3 tickets to see Westlife and The MacDonald Brothers at the AECC Aberdeen this Sunday as she cannot use them. If anybody would like to go, the doors open at 2.00pm and they must be over 14 (with under 18s accompanied by an adult). It says on the tickets that photographic proof of age may be required. Can people contact me, through John, if they would like to go and I will try to get the tickets to them
Vanessa (Firpark)
Email me on john@arrowsmith.demon.co.uk


Oct 22nd

You'll get your unique password after that so that you can start to use Global Rock Challenge's Online Production System :)
John (Editor)


Oct 21st

Ed: I've tidied up the "TECH" page a little bit, added a couple of new resources to it, and taken out some of the old ones. If anyone knows of more good (and cheap :) resources in the areas of make-up, costumes, sets, sound, lighting, and "Miscellaneous" that would be of help to Rock Challenge teams' support and backstage crews (either everywhere or just in your particular region), don't forget to let me know on john@arrowsmith.demon.co.uk !


Oct 20th

Aaaahh ...
There's a couple of other things in my life that I support (in a VERY small way :)) besides Rocka, strange to say, but I've never volunteered at this next one - which is a bit sad, really :(
She's an aeroplane and on Thursday she flew again, after ten years of restoration work by some very dedicated people at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire.
A YouTube video of the takeoff on Thursday's first test flight after restoration can be found here.
John (Editor)


Oct 19th

Hey guys! Hope everyone's still good!
Did you know it's nearly Christmas? (Apparently so)
The Rock Challenge National Final looks immense! I REALLY wanna volunteer for that if our school doesn't go through! (You can put a good word in for me, can't you john? :]) (Ed: I've gotta get ME accepted as a vollie first ... priority :) (And how cruel :))
I can't wait for it now! Bring on Rocka!
Stu xx (Haycliffe)

If anyone was planning on entering at Grimsby, please call the UK Rock Challenge office immediately on 02380 617729 !
Tim (UK Events Manager)

Tim (UK Events manager) at UK Rocka HQ has now just sent me one update for the 2008 Tour Calendar - Portsmouth One is now FULL
John (Editor)

Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has just sent me one update for the 2008 Tour Calendar - Grimsby is changed from "Half Full" to "Very Nearly Full".
John (Editor)

There's a strictly 18+ Indie Night at the Marchon Club in Whitehaven on Fri Nov 16, with a number of bands and performers all giving their time for free and raising funds for a number of local charities, including the North West Ambulance Service and the West Cumberland Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Also hoping to benefit from the evening is ... the St Benedicts and Whitehaven Rock Challenge team !
More details here
John (Editor)


Oct 16th

National Final in July 2009 ?
All Scottish schools will have been on their summer hols for about 2 weeks by 11th July! Interesting times ahead if a Scottish open school qualifies for the Nationals !

Vanessa Geib :)))))

Oct 15th

Hey john - so the national finals - will it be from 2008 results or the 2009 results??? (Ed: I'm assuming the 2009 ? :)
Still gettin excited for Aberdeen!! Closer and Closer!! Need to buy a new flag for this year !!
Amy (peterhead) xoxoxox

Dave, I'm sure this is going to be one of many replies you sift through but was excited to read the "newsy email" and had to reply!

Well done to all involved - it's great to hear there's going to be a national level showcase for Rock Challenge. 'Tis already going in the diary as something to get to, and hopefully volunteer at! Scary seeing the date though - hopefully I'd have been working in the industry for over a year (I leave this easter!) I still remember my first Rock Challenge, which sparked up my enthusiasm for all things tech (yes, it's all your fault!)

And great that the BYBF have decided to provide some funding for those involved; having been involved in the fundraising for ours, and trying to get to our events on a shoestring (difficult, given the IoW's geography), I could just see some poor LT somewhere with the job of telling the team "Well, we've qualified for the National Finals in Sheffield, but can't afford to get there" :(
Although I'm sure they'd find a way - Rock Challenge spirit almost always seems to win through !)

I know this has been something that has been dreamed about for a long time. Congratulations to all in the Rocka office and the BYBF for managing to make it happen. Knowing how much work goes into organizing something of this scale even this far before the event, I take my hats off to you all. Best of luck with organizing it, and I hope it's as much of a success as we all want it to be - I'm sure it will be.

Hope to see you at some point on the tour this year!


National Finals ?! All i can say is "It's long awaited !!" :)
I remember "back in the day" when i was in Rock Challenge and we were in premier, we always bugged our teachers sayin "What do we do after the premier finals ?". Finally - NATIONAL FINALS ! I soooooo can't wait !

If all goes well this year then i'll see anyone involved with it there. I'm sure it will be amazing (and I just looked on the website - it's got a phenomenal 12,000 seating capacity !!! It is incredible !
John - how's the weather in crackin' old yorkshire ? (Calm, Davey ... calm ... :)
Davey (ex Park Community)

Woo ... We Got In!!
Really Excited about rocka 2008 but it's our last year:(
Why can't they have a rock challenge national final 2008? 2009 is ages away:(
Would be an amazing experience!

Hope everything is going well in John And Wendy World!!
Hope everyone's prep's going well, especially buttershaw! Cyaz at bradford!
Big Waves To Sarah, Taisha (Ashfield) and Naomi!

Bye For Now ...
Love - Bekky And Rachie (Thornton 2008:)

Hii !
OMG tht is such incredible news bowt da national final thing ! How cool is THAT gonna b:?
Hopefully wil b performin ther - if not, am well up 4 volunteerin :)
Wow ... that's soooooooooo excitin !
Best b goin 4 now, tho ... wrky stuf 2 do as am stil in skool ... woooo
Luv - Sarah (thornton)

Hello !
I've just received the following from Dave and know that you'll all want to read it straight away
Best wishes - John (Voluntary website provider / editor)


Dear All

The Board of Directors of The Be Your Best Foundation are proud to announce the plans for the first ever UK Rock Challenge National Final. The commitment of the Foundation follows consultation with teachers, Rock Challenge staff and volunteers, and industry professionals.

Date: Saturday 11th July, 2009 (The Saturday before the last week of term for most of the UK’s schools.)
Qualification: The top 5 in each Premier Final will qualify along with the TWO highest scoring Open Finalists making 12 schools in total and keeping the standard exceptionally high.
Venue: Hallam FM Arena (Sheffield Arena). This venue is ideal as space for scenery is limitless and dressing rooms will not cause too many issues with a few schools changing in a marquee on the inside of the Arena, but most having actual changing rooms. Geographically, Sheffield is actually pretty central with the venue also 2 minutes from the motorway with lots of parking.
Grants for qualifying schools: The Be Your Best Foundation has committed money for the schools who qualify for the National Final, with grants being offered based on distance from Sheffield. The amount of funding is yet to be confirmed and will be reliant on the sponsorship available.
Sponsorship: We are close to confirming a major sponsor for the event and will make a further announcement once this is confirmed.
Television Coverage: It is still very early to be working on PR for the event but we hope to gain some form of television coverage.
Volunteering: We will need as many pairs of hands as possible so any former students or even teachers who would like to volunteer their services should they not qualify would be welcomed to the team.

The committee tasked with staging the National Final are still very keen to hear any comments on the plan and would encourage you to send your feedback directly to david.beal@bybf.org.uk

I hope this all makes sense and that everyone is as excited as we are!

Dave Beal, Tim Macfarlane and Mervyn Bishop (National Finals Committee)

Woop woop ! Can't wait for aberdeen - it's so exciting!
Saw some of our costumes on saturday and they are amazing !
Good luck to everybody else competing, and here's to aberdeen - yipeeeee!

Katie (Fraserburgh) xxxxxxx


Oct 13th

Well, cast list went up on Wednesday ! Well done to EVERYONE who auditioned. I wasn't there watching, but I've heard that people are getting better every year.
Congratulations to those who got in - make us proud, yeah ?!
I'm looking forward to starting properly this year, and seeing how the new Student Leadership team works. I'm feeling very privileged at the moment, as I got my long-awaited "assistant backstage student leader2 position - Whey!
Chins up to everyone out there doing UCAS at the moment; it'll all be over soon, then all you've got to do is wait for your multitude of offers ;)

Naomi (Cockermouth)

Hey !
Well, i'm finally home after a long long fantastic summer in the States. (Learnt how to step dance ... was well awesome!!)
Northfield, i heard you're going strong ?! I'm sure i will be up to visit soon. (I'm going to be flying up and down to London for dance classes - and hopefully getting some in ireland too - so i will be kept busy, but i'm making sure i'm home for rocka this year.)
No more of this "flying in in the morning business" either, cause i missed the morning production meeting this year (which made me really sad!!) so in 2008 i wll be there start to finish ... then i will be heading back to the States the morning after for 18 months, so i might miss rocka 2009 - which i'm kinda bummed about!! We will see how it goes :)

Lesley-Ann xx


Oct 12th

Blimey - a second Tour Calendar update from Michelle at UK Rocka HQ - two in one day !!
Here it is - "Carlisle Junior is now FULL"
John (Editor)

Go Cockermouth ! This year really do us proud - like always - for everyone at school and for the students that have gone to uni after growing up through secondary school with the team!
I'll be there on the night :)

Rachel P (ex Cockermouth)

Heyy john!!
Any ideas when we can get to see this year's posters??
AM sooooooooo excited for aberdeen tho!! It's gettin closer n closer!!
Good luck to every1 that is going!! Hope you r all getting everything togeter!!

Luv - Amy (Peterhead) XxoxxXxoox
Hi Amy !
Lucy (Fraserburgh) asked the same question on Sept 5th, and Dave replied (on the 10th) that it wasn't going to be for a loooong time yet
That's all I know - sorry !
John (Editor :)

Hello :)
Michelle at UK Rocka HQ has just sent me some updates on the 2008 Tour Calendar. The full (updated - of course :) tour calendar is here, but to save you from having to search through it for the changes, they are ...
now FULL - London Junior and London Day Two
VERY NEARLY full - Portsmouth One, Portsmouth Junior Two, and Carlisle Junior

Best wishes - John (Editor)

Oct 10th

Hello !
I'm soo glad Selby College is doing rock challenge at Grimsby ! It's going to be ace - can't wait!!
I assume this means you've got in, Ven ? Good for you - we'll see you all there !

Hi John, hope all is well.
Received a bit of depressing news today...as I may have told you (once!) I am a member of Barton Operatic Society, and have been for 7 years. Anyway, we do a musical show anually, as well as a Christmas and a Summer Concert.
Sadly, what we call our "Hut" (a large self-contained wooden chalet, formally the "Old Scout Hut") that we have occupied and owned for many years and used as a rehearsal and storage space, was burned down by arsonists late on Monday night.
A piece of Barton's heritage and a great space for our young and old members to rehearse went up in smoke. Over 29 years of scenery, props and equipment, also the ready-constructed set for our forthcoming musical production "Sweet Charity" has been destroyed - thousands of pounds of damage and loss
What is this world coming to, John? A group of amateur people, old and young, putting good into the community but get treated like this. Life's crap sometimes, matee :(
We are gutted; having a close connection to Baysgarth School too ... both the head and the Operatic Society are gutted; there genuinely is nothing left.
Anyway, just thought I would let you know, as I know you have a keen interest for the Arts in our part of the world.
Rocka plans are well underway ... already had some production meetings and all is well; looking forward, with a great soundtrack and some fantastic physical drama/choreography ideas, and a great set design is being formulated by our team! As usual, everyone is pulling together ... it's tops! :)
Sent Tim our confirmation form last week, so all is well underway.
Hope to see you soon. Take care, and thanks for letting me have a moan. Horrible stuff about the fire :(
Hello to your lovely wife too!
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth)
'Tis a bummer, Jack. It only takes one or two grotty people to really mess things up for everyone else :((

Hello agen :)
I'm makin ma msgs a regular thing now hehe :) (It probs wnt last tho lol)
Yeeeeeeeeeeey ... rocka cast list was up 2day - am wel excited! N yeeeeeeeeey ... me n all ma frends r in wooooooooooooooooooo.
It sounds like it's gonna b such an incredible performance this yr, judgin by the theme n characters!
Big waaaaave 2 bekz n hello 2 caz, rach, naomi, becca n of course taisha. Yey !
Luv - Sarah (thornton) xx
PS John - how r u 2day ? Notice nobody's asked in a wee while :)
PPS I agree - go St George's Hall ! Da home of bradford rockas :)
We're both well, Sarah ! We're just (9pm) back from the twins' fourth birthday down there in Derbyshire :)
ps DELIGHTED you're all back in - see you all there !


Oct 9th

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !
OMG i sooooooooooo cannot w84 rocka 2 ge started. It's in tht moment wer the excitement's all ther wooooooooooo!
Haha ... can finally strt thinkin bowt rocka now iv dun all ma ucas application stuf - wooooo, such a relief :D
Yeeeeeeeey bekzy buddy haha ;)

GTG now. Stil hav sum essays 2 write: oh, the jooooooooooy
Luv - sarah (thornton :)

Hey guys! Hope everyone's okay!
Good to see that the Leeds Rock Challenge has been moved back to St George's Hall in Bradford - where it firmly belongs! (I think it's a better venue anyway :])
Hmmm ... I've just sent my 2008 volunteers form off for Bradford. (Don't think that's TOO early, do you john?) I just hope it gets there sometime soon despite the postal strikes!
I can't wait for 2008 Rocka! Should be amazing as per!

Stu :) (Haycliffe) xx
Good to hear you're volunteering in 2008, Stu !
Anybody else who hasn't started to think about getting their volunteering form filled in and sent off, click here for the page and get it printed off , filled in and posted in !
John (Editor)


Oct 8th

Can't wait till rocka begins here!
So hyped up. Rocka truly rocks!!!!

Linzi (Vandyke)

Well done to Beverley Longcroft School's Rock Challenge team, who got their two national awards last June covered in last week's edition of the "East Riding Mail" newspaper !
You can read the short article here
John (Editor)


Oct 7th

I'm so looking forward to this year's Rock Challenge! It's my last year, and the theme is fantastic.
I'm just hoping that I won't be edged out of the Backstage Crew because of numbers! (Keeping my fingers crossed :) On the bright side, though, it's fabulous that so many people are wanting to take part this year.
There isn't ONE event that's less than half full already, I see? WOW!
Hoping this year we'll go out with a bang since this time round there's a LOT of people who've taken part and been key members of the team every year since our very first entry in Rock Challenge.
Good luck, everyone, and have fun putting everything together!

Naomi (Cockermouth. YEAH !) xx

Two months to go till ... the film "The Golden Compass" opens on December 7th ! Lyra, the alethiometer ... if you've read Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials: Northern Lights" you'll know what I'm babbling on about :))
Can't wait !
John (Editor)

Oct 5th

A quick message to John and Charlie - if the Grimsby Event was brought forward a week that would mean that Baysgarth and all the rest of the N Lincs and NE Lincs schools would have to perform in the middle of THEIR holidays ! :)
As it is, Grimsby is already on the training day at the beginning of term for us.
Mrs C (Matthew Humberstone School)


Oct 4th

When is the final confirmed version of the 2008 rocka tour going to be ready?
Yay for rocka !
Linzi (Vandyke)
"As soon as possible but by Oct 24th at the VERY latest" is the date for the final "We are definitely coming" forms to be in, Linzi. Tim will then have to have time in which to sort out the changes that will inevitably have to be made after that, and make sure everyone's as happy as possible with them. I'd guess perhaps ... mid November ?
I'll MSN Tim tomorrow (don't want to wake him up now - hee hee :) and see if he agrees with my guesstimate
John (Editor)

Golly gosh ! :))
Today's updated 2008 UK Rock Challenge Tour Calendar shows LOADS of events either full or very nearly full.
The full tour calendar corrected up to this evening is here
John (Editor)


Oct 3rd

Please Please Please x infinity could you move the date of the rock challenge in grimsby to a week before because we really really really want to be there and we can't because we've moved down south and it falls during our term dates and we cannot take any holiday. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!
John and Charlie (ex baysgarth)
What do you reckon the odds are that UK RC will change the Grimsby date just for you guys ?
John (Editor :)

Odds of 1 to 1000000000, John, but it should change to accommodate me! Haha :))

Heya ! I avnt left a msg here in far 2 long
Wooo - our audition last nite was gr8 fun (they always makes me smile :)
Our dance seemed 2 go alrite, jst gta w8 4 the results!
Heya 2 all ma groupies, n bekz ma roll buddy (hehe :D) plus of course our taisha from ashfield - u lot rule!!!! N hey 2 Antonia frm buttershaw - dnt go n injure urself b4 da show this yr!!!!!
GTG now ... uni application stuf 2 do ... oh the excitement ;)
Luv - Sarah (thornton ex tree, soldier, village woman, village man and ????? :)


Oct 1st

OMG ... it's just under 5 months till aberdeen!!!
I am gettin so excited now!!! I sooo canna wait to see every1 agenn!!!

When are the proper tour dates with the schools on goin up!???
Hope all schools are getting there with their rehearsals!!! Canna wait to see what every1 comes up with!!
Luv - Amy from PETERHEAD!!!! xoxox
Hi Amy !
I won't get a full listing until after all the teams have sent in their final confimed entries etc etc and Tim has then had time after that in order to make sure that everyone's been fitted in wherever there's a spare place etc etc ... you're looking at some time in November - if we're lucky :)
John (Editor)

It's October 1st so it's also a good time to remind everyone that your "2008 CONFIRMED ENTRY FORM" (it's page 21 of the "Forms" booklet) needs to be completed and sent in as soon as possible but by WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 24th at the VERY latest.
Tim tells me that the number of teams wanting to enter Rock Challenge this year is greater than the places available for them, so that tells me there's a list of schools waiting to jump in and grab any possible unconfirmed places that come up towards the end of this month !
John (Editor)


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