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Sep 27th

Morning, Rockin Rockas!! It's adam, ex john smeaton student!!
I hope the mighty John Smeaton are performing this year??? Hopefully you will, and come back with a brill performance ! (Let me know, guys, n i will help u out!) C'mon smeaton - get back to ur good ole days!!
Also a big shout out to Buttershaw n Thornton!

See you soon ...
Adam (Ex John Smeaton member) Woooo!


Sep 26th

I'm so glad Selby College is doing rock challenge for the first time ever ! I can't wait ! It's going to be soo good - and it's all because of me that we're doing it !
I'm soo excited !!
(I ope we win :)
Ven x

Hello, everyone !
There's been a change of dates - Crawley Rock Challenge day is now on Tuesday, March 18th instead of Wednesday March 19th !!!
Please update your calendars.
Tim (UK Event Manager)


Sep 25th

Hello :)
Just heard from Tim (UK Event Manager):- Southampton One is now accepting entries, and Southampton Two is now full
(John (Editor)

I'm trying to update the "HEALTH ISSUES" page of the website by adding a section on cyberbullying - it's much in the news recently.
Reporting abuse on Bebo seems fairly straightforward, Windows Live and MySpaces a bit less so.
I gave up on trying to put together helpful info on reporting abusive text messages after my first run at this ... I found that Vodafone do seem to do something about abusive texters - but only on Vodafone New Zealend ?? Doh !
I'll get back to this section some time this week but in the meantime, if anyone can send me details about how to report abusive texters from any of the UK's main mobile phone service providers do please let me know :)
You can check out what I've found so far by going here
John (Editor)


Sep 24th

I've just - 1.25pm - revised the 2008 Tour Calendar listing to include 8 updates that Tim (UK Event Manager) emailed me a short while ago. 'Tis here for you to check out. (Newsy-email readers have already got it in their intrays, of course :)
John (Editor)

Heyyyy Guyss!!
Rehearsals Going Great So Far!
Only About 5 Months To Go Till Aberdeen =]
Goood Luck To Everyone!
Shout Out To St Machar!
Good Luck =]

Steph nd Yazzi ...=] (Peterhead) xxxxx

Hey !
Wanted to know if u had spoken to sally ? If not, i will speak to her today
'Tis your team and your entry, Linzi ... get talking, to Sally and everyone !
John (Editor) in the raaaiiinnn !! :)


Sep 23rd

John - in reply to your question on the 21st ...
There are a lot of potential teams out there ! It was good to see Rock Challenge introduced to London last year but I think there are still so many places which are a must, some of which you have mentioned already.
Bristol, Wales and the Midlands would be great, but how do we introduce rock challenge to these areas? That I don't know ! (How was London introduced?)
My first thoughts would be sending letters to the schools letting them know what Rocka is all about, sending DVDs to numerous schools to show how it can help young people and then go onto visiting schools, doing presentations and letting schools know what a great experience they could have!!! :-)
Nat (ex Sheldon Heath, now Vollie)
I do so agree that it needs to spread, Nat.
The hardest part must be that UK Rock Challenge can't just go selling it to schools in new areas and getting them all keen to do it the following year if people holding the local area purse-strings haven't also been sold on the idea, because if guaranteed funding for each new event isn't already in place can you imagine how betrayed the new schools would be if they got all excited by the idea of taking part and then there was nowhere around to go to ?
It's a bit of a "chicken and egg" situation, isn't it. I suspect that the sell to local organisations / institutions able to fund each local event has to come first. Rock Challenge has to keep plugging away but ... it's a slooow process. Aaarrrgghhhhh !! :(
John (Editor :)

Hey Peeps!
Would just like to wish Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College the best of luck for their first ever premier final!! I'm sure you guys will come up with yet another stunning performance!! Keep up the hard work and i'll see you all very soon!!
James (Ex Buttershaw)


Sep 22nd

A reader messaged on Sept 19th to ask "Does anyone know if you can buy rock challenge tickets off the internet ? For the aberdeen show?? And round about when do the tickets normally go on sale ?!"
No-one has answered him / her so here's my (unofficial :) take on ticketing ...
Teams and their supporters get first pick of the tickets. That information gets to UK Rock Challenge a few weeks before each event.
After that, the venue gets to know how many tickets haven't been sold and where they are, and can then put them on sale to the general public. Often, this is a couple of weeks before the date of the event.
Usually, you can then buy them either on the phone from the venue's Box Office or through their internet sales system.
Links to the Box Offices' contact details will be put on the website's "UK 2008 Tour Calendar" during next month.
Hope that helps ?
John (Editor)
ps there's a bit more information about this on the website's "QUESTIONS" page

A reminder from me that any team reading this who STILL haven't sent in the "Intention to Enter" form (it's on page 20 of the "Rules and Forms" booklet) really needs to get a move on ... not only are so many events filling up fast but the deadline date on the form is September 28th, which - to save you looking - is this coming Friday :)
Everyone at UK Rocka HQ is, I'm sure, looking forward to receiving it ! :)
And another reminder - the next "forms" deadline date after that is Wednesday Oct 24th ... that's the form where you say you're definitely coming (and it's on page 21 :))
John (Editor)


Sep 21st

Hi !
My name is Charlotte and I go to Notre Dame Sixth Form College in Leeds.
I'm really interested in getting my college a place in this year's competition. I personally have taken part before with my high school and would love my friends at college to be able to experience Rock Challenge for themselves. Is there any chance there are any places left for this year?
Thanks x x
Charlotte - I've passed your message straight on to UK Rocka HQ BUT ... given that yesterday I heard that the arrangements for the planned event at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (which could have taken 10 teams) broke down and that a backup event put in its place at St George's Hall (which can only take 7 teams) is already full, I don't think that the news is going to be brilliant :((
John (Editor)

Hello all !
Just a bit of clarification about the situation with the event in Stevenage as there seems to be some confusion surrounding it.
Unlike previous years, both of the events in Hertfordshire in 2008 were initially open to any who wished to apply. We held a number of spaces for Hertfordshire schools, a number of spaces for outside-Hertfordshire schools, and a number of spaces for junior schools. (The vast majority of funding for the event comes from local Hertfordshire sponsors meaning that Hertfordshire schools are given more spaces.)
The spaces reserved for outside schools filled very quickly this year and thus at the moment there are only spaces remaining for Hertfordshire schools. If there are any spaces remaining after we have received all the entry forms we expect to, then we may be able to open up more spaces to outside-Hertfordshire schools, but we cannot guarantee this will be a possibility at this time.
Please understand that we at the Rock Challenge run each event to its full capacity to allow as many schools as possible to enter, but unfortunately we simply do not have the funding to run all the events we want to so that every school could have a local event to attend.

All the best - Tim (UK Event Manager)

When is Rocka going to come to the West Midlands?!?!!
Natalie (Ex Sheldon Heath, now Vollie)
Oh Nat ... wouldn't it be great ? And to South Wales too ... can you imagine being a vollie amid the sights and sounds of the "Torchwood" city ?!! And Newcastle / Gateshead ... the Eye, the Sage, the Baltic Centre ... aaaahhh ... Loads of other places too ... Bristol ... Liverpool ... so many potential teams
How do you suggest these areas - and others - can be woken up to the value of introducing the Rock Challenge Experience to their areas ? What other areas would be a "must-do" if one had much more funding ?!
John (Editor) in the raaaiiiinnnnn !! :))

Hey !
Was wondering if bedfordshire schools can enter rock challenge this year (because the Stevenage events have now been limited to Hertfordshire schools only) and if so, have vandyke entered anywhere ?
It would be a shame to lose good schools :(

Linzi (Vandyke Upper, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire)


Sep 20th

Hi John, and all!
Have organised our Rock Challenge assemblies for the next two weeks. We do these for the year sevens and eights who are mostly unfamiliar to the Baysgarth Rocka experience, so we shall be showing our video and and Number One short film!!!! :)
Shame about the Leeds event at the Playhouse. 'Tis a great venue!

Everywhere seems to be filling up quickly but I say, where are the "Humberside" schools then???!!!!! Is it not East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire ? (Formerly North and South Humberside ? :) !!!! (My moan for the day :)
Hope all is well ... keep smiling!
Rocka definitely under way now at Baysgarth ... soundtrack (almost perfected)!
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen 07...looking forward to 08 :)
Oh you're sooooo picky ! :))
Hi, Jack ! "Humberside" appeared on the updated Calendar Tim sent me today and I kept it because it was a convenient shorthand for "the Humberside Police Force area" - and they are BRILLIANT supporters of Rock Challenge !
John (Editor :)

Yet MORE changes to the 2008 Tour Calendar have just - 4.45pm - been posted up on the Tour Calendar page. They include a BRAND-NEW EVENT ! (In Derby :)

Hello everybody !
Got back from AUZZI a few weeks ago. It was sooo successful.
We couldn't have done it without our teachers - you were all great!
Sooo we did it in the end... Our DREAM came true - a journey we will never forget.
We're still going on about it. Met sooo many great people in AUZZI!

Love you all - Rose (Archbishop Thurstan) mwah x

Crawley is now FULL.
Tim (UK Event Manager)

Woohoo.. Back To Bradford! Good old home! Should be good!
Got our audition next Tuesday. Learnt most of our dance but Rachael can hardly move now so maybe it's too much ?! Haha - poor Rachael!!
Hope everyone's preparations are going well!!
Love - Bekky (Thornton)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tim's emailed me sad news ... the 10-team-capacity event scheduled for Tuesday April 8th in the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds cannot now be held there, on the 8th or on any alternative date.
The event has therefore had to be moved and becomes a 7-team-capacity event at St George's Hall, Bradford on Monday April 14th.
Because of its reduced capacity, the event is now full.

John (Editor)


Sep 19th

Does anyone know if you can buy rock challenge tickets off the internet ? For the aberdeen show?? And round about when do the tickets normally go on sale ?!
Thanks !


Sep 18th

Tim (UK Rock Challenge Event Manager) has just announced THIRTEEN 2008 Tour Calendar updates ! They include date changes for Eastbourne and Belfast, and spaces left at Stevenage for Hertfordshire schools only.
I've just uploaded the new version so head over to the 2008 Tour Calendar page to see if any of them affect YOU :)
ps and Southampton Four is now FULL ! (ANOTHER update ... 13 + 1 = 14 :)
John (Editor)

Internet Safety - take it SERIOUSLY !
Because I'm constantly on the lookout for "Good News" stories about Rock Challenge, I use the Google Alerts service.
Yesterday it threw up an item that - when I went to look at it - was actually a team member's blog in which she basically said that Rocka was still a good experience even though her team came away from the finals with no awards at all. (It was one of the finals in Australia.)
What totally horrified me, though, was that her full name, date of birth, home phone number, home town etc etc were shown on her blog space. AAARRRGGGGHHHHH ! :(
And that means it's easy to work out her exact home address too. And she's just 12 years old !
Folks - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ... if you run any sort of blog-space, KEEP IT VAGUE ! Use just your first name, or just your nickname. Don't give a hint as to where you live ... maybe say "Cumbria" or "Yorkshire" or "Hampshire" ... whatever. No more exact than that. "The North of England". Whatever. Never give out your usual email address - use a new one for your blog, one that you can cheerfully throw away at any time. Don't give out your MSN / Skype / mobile / home phone.
That 12-year-old in Australia gave away so much information that identity forgers around the world have everything they need to create whole new identities ... and that may be the least of the potential problems she could inadvertently be stirring up for herself :((
OK - enough preaching from me this sunny Tuesday morning. Just go and check out any blog-spaces you run and make sure they're suitably vague ... do it now :)
John (Editor)


Sep 14th

My name is Charlotte ... I used to go to meopham school and take part in the rock challenge, but i'm afraid I have now left school and am studying for a musical theatre diploma at dance colleges in london and dartford so can you take me off the "newsy-emails" list ?
Good luck with keeping rock challenge going ! It's wicked and gives kids the opportunity to dance! I know I loved performing!
Charlotte x
'Tis done, Charlotte - you're now deleted from the list. Good Luck with your dancing career !
John (Editor)

There are some more bookings changes to the 2008 Tour Calendar! They are:-

  • Stevenage 1 - very nearly full
  • Stevenage 2 - very nearly full
  • Crawley - very nearly full
  • Portsmouth 5 - FULL
Tim (UK Events Manager)


Sep 13th

Hi john ! Hope all is well
Just a message to say that a big show of "Joseph" is taking place next year and is open to anyone under the age of 21
Auditions will be in january but applications can be put forward now. For more details see duesouthproductionsltd.co.nr
The application form will be available by the end of this week but there is an online query and sign-up service so please pass this message on if possible
We have 3 venues lined up and pretty much confirmed
Thanks - Davey

Just want to say a massive well done to Smith Hills High School for coming 2nd in the Sydney Premier Final. You guys really took care of us whilst we were over in Oz and I think our students have developed some long-lasting relationships with your students.
You fully deserve this success. Thanks for everything.
Hayley Buchan (ARCHIE) XXXX

Heya !
I so wish i could do rock challenge this year. I really do. Pleaseeeee

Hey Groovers!
Hope y'all had a great 2007 tour, and hope 2008 goes off!!! I've been out of the Rocka scene for about 2 years and I miss it so much!
Keep it realm, and stay in the right type of mood, drug free!!

Love - Star! (Ex-Performer, Global Tour 2000)
Blimey, Star ... 2000 Tour ? That seems so long ago now (but wasn't it great ? :)
John (Editor)


Sep 12th

Dear all.
Due to unforeseen delays in the progress of the renovation work at the Bridlington Spa, their management does no longer think they will be ready to accommodate us for the East Riding of Yorkshire events in 2008. Due to this, we will have to move the event back to Hull where it has run for the last couple of years. The East Riding event will now take place on Thursday, April 10th at the Hull Ice Arena.
We do apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, but unfortunately it is out of our hands. If you do have any problems or queries then please do not hesitate to get in contact as soon as possible.
Tim (UK Event Manager)
ps there are also two event updates: Aberdeen and Southampton Five are now FULL

Anyone messaged the website after 4pm today ? I won't have received it yet ... my internet service provider's email service has a problem. Their Status Line says "16:38 Sep 12 - Some customers may currently be unable to collect mail from pop3.demon.co.uk and Webmail. Engineers are investigating."John (Editor)


Sep 11th

Hello ! :)
Here's the latest update as to how the bookings are going. Briefly, they are as follows:-
Aberdeen - Very few spaces remaining
Stevenage 1 - Half full
Southampton 2 - Half full
Southampton 5 - Very few spaces remaining
Bournemouth - Very few spaces remaining
Crawley - Few spaces remaining
Eastbourne - Half full
Hull - Half full
Portsmouth 1 - Half full
Portsmouth 3 - Half Full
Portsmouth 4 - Half full
Portsmouth 5 - Few spaces remaining
Carlisle 1 - Very few spaces remaining
Many thanks !
Tim (UK Event Manager)
Ed: thanks for those, Tim ! I'll now get the Tour Calendar updated :)


Sep 10th

Lucy ...
You asked (Sept 5th) about the 2008 artwork
Dave says that it won't be available for quite a long time yet :)
John (Editor)


Sep 7th

Hey everyone! I hope everyone's getting excited about Rocka again!!! :)
Just to say that in the "In Pictures" part of the BBC website there is a ROCKA PICTURE from the Australian Rocka!! :) Fantastic!
Wish everyone the best of luck this year (with special mention to the VANDYKE team of course! And that I'd be honoured to come visit and "judge" ;) (Again)
I'm sure you'll all be amazing! :D

Jenny N (ex Vandyke) xXx
Jenny ... I can't find it :(
Help ? Anyone ?
John (Editor)


Sep 6th

Hello all :)
Just a quick note to say that those of you who attended the finals may have heard an Australian on the judging panel this year. Greg is the Liaison Teacher from Smith's Hill High School in Wollongong near Sydney, who came over from Oz on a "scholarship" to see the UK event in action and judge the five finals for us. He did an outstanding job and was very impressed by the standard of the whole event over here.

Anyway, his team - Smith's Hill - competed today in the Sydney Premier Grand Final with a performance based on "Carmen" and came overall second in the event! This is an outstanding achievement as anyone who's seen any Australian Rock Eisteddfod Challenge performances (some of which can be seen on youtube) will know. (Also, any Archie guys who travelled to Oz may have seen their performance while over there!)

Randwick Girls' and Boys' High Schools won the Sydney Premier event with their performance based on "Tank Girl". Randwick Girls' and Boys' are (easily) one of the most successful schools in Global Rock Challenge history, having placed first at FIVE out of the last 7 Sydney Premier Grand Finals! It's not all about competition, but that's a good track record! :)

Anyway, there you go - just a bit of news from the Global Rock Challenge world I thought it might be interesting to pass on !
All the best - Tim (UK Event Manager)

Just read thru the newspaper articles about Davidson High School's Performance of "Bad Knight II" (the performance causin all the controversy in Australia!!)
In my opinion such a performance shud not be banned. The point of rocka is to come up with ur OWN theme. N that politician sayin that it is gettin away from the healthy lifestyle message ... NO IT ISN'T!! That comes from the students involved in the production seein they can enjoy themselves without the use of drugs, drink, smokin etc.
Aaaaaaahhh ... does she realise how BORIN it wud be if EVERYONE just did performances about drinkin and drugs n that?!?!
I say good on them for tacklin a controversial issue. I think doin a relevant theme abt something that's happenin right now makes it even more interestin and xcitin!!! And of course it will be biased and one-sided - it's tellin one side of the story. Another skl cud choose to tell the other side if they wanted?!?

Our 2002 performance "When the boat comes in" cud have been seen as political. Nothing WAS said about it ... maybe not on such a big scale ... but still!!
I SAY "ANYTHING GOES !!!" The more different, wilder, controversial themes the better ... makes it more xcitin ... more interestin for the audience to watch too!!
Good Luck, Davidson High ! At the end of the day the students just want to perform their piece and enjoy themselves!!

Stuart (peterheed - lookin forward to seein all the xcitin 2008 themes here :)

Hey y'all! Sorry i haven't been on here in ages but i have been too busy traveling round America!! (Lucky me :)
I hope everybody is doing well. I can see the fun of Rock Challenge 2008 has already kicked off.
I have been offered a job teaching dancing for 18 months in America so i'm well excited. I am returning home to Aberdeen in two weeks after i go to Las Vegas - I'm so excited - then i will be up and down from London between October and February then I'm heading back to America for 18 months just after rocka 2008.
Hopefully i can get home for a week for rocka 2009 cause i really don't wanna miss it. (We should get an event set up in Massachusetts!! That would be awesome !)
Anyways, i'd best be off, but everybody take care and good luck to all who are getting ready for rocka 2008. I will stop in by Northfield as much as possible and see how they are getting on ... I'm excited already.
Take care everybody
Lesley-Ann (ex Northfield Academy)

YEEEAAAAA !!! I got in Rock Challenge this year!!!
Well done to every1 else tooo!! Can't wait to see evry1 agen!!!
A new flag iss year so abdy get myn pens to sign it!!!

Amy (PETERHEAD!!!!) XooXxx


Sep 5th

Hey ... was just wondering when the new 2008 artwork will be out?!
Lucy (Fraserburgh) xx
Ed: I'll ask Dave, Lucy :)

Tomorrow it's September 6th ... but why bother to mention that ?
Because on September 6th a HIGHLY controversial Rock Eisteddfod Challenge performance takes place. It'll be performed by students from Davidson High School's Rock Challenge team and it caused a flurry of TV, radio and press coverage and criticism in Australia across mid-August.

You can find NineMSN's video coverage on this page, or read a range of newspaper and blog coverage below.

What do YOU think ? Should - for example - the school have pulled their performance when they heard that President Bush would be in Australia at the same time ? Should the Australian Government have banned the performance in case it embarrassed the President ? Should teams only (as Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop is quoted as having said) only choose to perform themes about a healthy lifestyle ? Let me know ... send in a message
John (Voluntary website provider / editor / occasional stage sweeper-upper :)

Tim has just sent in some updates to the 2008 Tour Calendar ... the full list (today's plus previous) is:
  • Thurs, Feb 21st - Aberdeen - AECC (VERY NEARLY FULL)
  • Fri, March 7th - Southampton Five - Guildhall (HALF FULL)
  • Mon, March 17th - Bournemouth - Pavilion (HALF FULL)
  • Tues, April 8th (TBC) - Leeds - West Yorkshire Playhouse (VERY NEARLY FULL - Please contact the Rock Challenge Office on 02380 617729 for more information)
  • Fri, May 2nd - Carlisle One - Sands Centre (VERY NEARLY FULL)
Don't forget that the "2008 Intention to Enter" form (it's page 20 of the "Rules and Sections" of the 2008 Production book) should be faxed to the Rock Challenge office by September 28th 2007 at the very latest but really it would be best to get it filled in, signed and sent off now if you've not yet done so :)


Sep 4th

Aha! Back to school tomorrow...and starting in the Sixth Form at Baysgarth! :) It's all gone so quickly!
Great to see some of the Scottish schools already underway with their 2008 performance in Rocka !
Weather was great today so I went off to Hull to buy a new rucksack for school... great stuff :(
Anyway, hope all is well. Looking forward to going back to school, and getting back into the swing of things.
Here goes to Rocka 2008 from Baysgarth...should be great fun!

See you all soon - Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth School Spacemen 2007)


Sep 3rd

Oh my Goodness!!! Oh my Goodness!!! Oh my Goodness!!! Oh my Goodness!!!!! I've never been sooo happy!!!!
We have our main parts and i'm ne kidding... watching them gave us all goosebumps!
Auditioned like diff people for the parts, n the people we picked are just perfect! Whenever we seen them we were like "YES - it's got to be them!!!"

AAAAAAAHHH ... am sooo excited now!!!! Can u tel?!!? I'm hyperrr!!! I won't sleep tonight!!!! I cannot wait !!! Woooohoooo!!
(I need to calm lol :)
Lucy (Fraserburgh) xx

Hey ! It's nicola from Fraserbugh Academy!
We have just picked our main parts - woohooo !
I am sooo excited for global 08. Can't wait till we get started properly !!!


Hi All
I'm sure i speak for the whole crew when i say that i'd like to send our condolences to those at Cockermouth School after the sad loss of Mr Wilde. Just remember that you guys did him proud.
I know he was especially pleased to see you guys at the finals this year.

I'm sure he will still be watching and cheering you on next year.
Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
Dan (ASM) and the Rock Challenge Crew


Sep 2nd

Rehearsals start on monday in the broch ... yay, the countdown begins!!
Lindsay (broch/fraserburgh academy) x


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