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Aug 31st

Oh my goodness!! I've never before experienced something soo sad today!!
We announced who was successful for gettin in as performers in this yr's global and i feel like a monster for the people who didn't!! It was horrible, but we had over 100 people audition so to have them all would be breaking the rules! It was sooo hard tho!!! :(
Loved seeing the look on the faces that made it, tho, spesh the young ones - they were overwhelmed! Was a gr8 feeling for that!
Lucy (Fraserburgh) xx


Aug 30th

The Leeds Event at the West Yorkshire Playhouse on Tuesday April 8th (still not a confirmed date) is VERY NEARLY FULL. If you've not yet entered your team here, please contact the UK Rock Challenge® office on 02380 617729 for more information.


Aug 28th

I'd just like to take a moment to dedicate a message to our old headteacher at cockermouth school.
Mr Wilde, who sadly died of cancer last week, was a fabulous headteacher and an inspiration to the rock challenge team. He always backed us 100% and was always cheering us on, from the audience and from the back of the school hall (and i'm pretty sure he had a say in how mrs wilde made the costumes :)
The cockermouth rock challenge team will i'm sure miss his enthusiasm and support next year but i know they're gonna make sure the performance this year is the best one ever, as it is what mr wilde would have wanted.
You will be sorely missed, mr wilde.
Many thanks.
The Cockermouth Rock Challenge Team and ex-rocka Sam French

Well, our auditions have officially started!! Got throught 1st and 2nd soo far ... rest of the week is 3rd-6th!
Soooo many people have turned up, though! There's never been this much soo it's actually quite scary bcus i can't believe its my yr's turn to be in charge of everything!!! There's soo much work that needs done ... it's unbelievable!
I rly can't wait to get started cus our theme is ace! I actually love it, so i hope all goes well with it !! :)

Lucy (Fraserburgh) x

Rrite evry1 !
We cnt believe it's nearli a month since we got back frm aussie nd we're both sat in tenerife burnin like lobsters
We hope that archie are gna du roka nxt yr coz it will b gr8 2 watch it instead of bein in it, coz the amount of times we have dun it nd not watched it live is unbelieveable ! Lol L(
Lv - emz nd doz xxx

Hello!!!!!! Havnt left a msg in sooo long!
I know it's a bit late but well dun 2 everyone with their results! (I've been 2 london 4 the weekend so haven't been able 2 leave a msg til now!
Hello 2 u as well, Bekky!!! It's nice 2 hear frm u! Glad ur havin fun, and if u see aaron say hi frm me!
I can't believe it ... i've got my first driving lesson next week! I am sooo nervous!
Big hello 2 all my mates - Tasha frm Ashfield espesh!

Well, best be going. Got lots of stuff 2 b doin!
Luv - rachael (thornton)

Hiiiiiiii bekz ! Gr8 2 hear frm u n dat ur avin a faab time !
I agree - cnt believe ow soon rocka is n dat sum skools av strtd alrdy! 2 weeks til WE strt bak at skool, let alone rocka!

Just bak frm london n ws totally ace. Went 2 go c mary poppins in the west end n it was amazin (just kept on comparin it 2 rocka, tho lol :)
Cudn't believe the weather was roastin ... a relief 2 hide away in da theatre!
Oooh, i really cnt w8 2 get strtd wid rocka agen ! Gonna b ace this yr, i can feel it :)
Oh wel, got 2 go n unpak ma stuf frm hols - always da worst part :)
Bye 4 now. Hope every1's keepin well n best of luk 2 all those alredy strtn rocka! :D
Luv - Sarah (thornton)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WAS GREAT TO SEE SO MANY PEOPLE AT THE AUDITIONS YESTERDAY!!! Glad to see lots of new faces ... rocka's still goin strong in peterheeeed!!!
WOW bt everyone was really good, n uze all picked up that dance really quick n danced ure socks off. Good luck (n even if uze don't get called bk, don't panic cuz there's still stage crew n other things u can do cuz just goin to a rocka day is brill n u can try again for performin nxt yr!! I did stage crew for mi 1st yr n loved it!!)
After speakin to lorna today I'M LOVIN THE THEME EVEN MOOOOOOORRE!!! WOW - if all goes to plan, wow wow wow ! Excited!!!!
AND I'm off wrk on mondays so all u peterheed rockers will be see'n a lot more of me ... can't wait to get bk to helpin out :)
Geibo -
thot u mite av been gettin off to an early start too. Txt me with wot ure doin n stuff, n if u get any news - keep me updated!!
Can't wait to see the team again. If i can i'll try come down to see a rehearsal at some point later in the yr. Have u got all the kids from lst yrs plus more??! Can't wait....
John - time for the countdown already??! I think it cud be!!! (R u comin to abdn again ? Wendy too??)
Stuart (peterheed/volunteer)
(Ed: I was planning on starting the clock at 100 days to go, Stuart (and it's 177 days to go at the mo, by the way :) because over 100 tends to make folk think "Oh, we've still got loads of time" which isn't actually true, is it ! And yes, of course we're planning on seeing everyone at Aberdeen again - touch wood :)


Aug 25th

Ahhh ... can't believe it...it's rocka time ! Wooohooo !!
What i've been hearing ... Peterhead Academy is going to rock the stage!!!! It sounds brilliant so far and i've only heard the theme!
Good Luck to Peterhead - I'll be there cheering ya all on!

Well Hello hello hello!! It's THAT time again!! Hehe!!
I'm rly excited this yr for global cus i'm one of the like "co-ordinators" for our Global Rock team this yr!! Sooo like that means that me n the other 5 are in charge!! :) Muhahaha! So it's even more exciting!!
We're having our auditions all next week, then workshops the monday after!! Then hopefully get everyone told our theme n stuff so it's exciting!!!
We're all rly excited about it!! Aaaaaah!!!
Need to get fundraising tho!! Anyone any good ideas for fundraising ?! They would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks!! And wooooohoooooo - go global!! Hehe!! :)
Lucy Liu (Fraserburgh) xxx :)


Aug 24th

Firpark have started already, Stuart! (One week in)
Bigger team, bigger theme, bigger set but still a small, small budget :))))
80 pupils out of about 100 in the secondary school wanting to take part, and maybe a J-Rock team too for Carlisle in June, from our primary 6 and 7 classes :))))

(And we are still waiting for news from Strathclyde Police)

Can't believe that's the scottish skls away bk 2 skl after the summer hols.... time just flies!!!!!
Well, now uze ARE all back... TIME TO GET STARTED ON YOUR ROCKA '08 ENTRIES!!!!!! Whooo hooo!!
Glad to see (as usual) peterheed are quick off the mark (startin straight away - that's wot i like to see :) n from wot i've heard about their 2008 performance ideas... if u think u've seen big from b4, i think 2008 cud b even bigger n better.... bring it on!!! Can't wait to see it. I'm off wrk on mondays so i'm free to help!! Waaaaaaaaaaaay!!!
Firpark: sure u guys will be startin pretty soon too, n geibo no doubt will have another great idea ! Really lookn 4ward to comin to help uze too!! Was great fun lst yr ... can't wait again!!
(Whooo hooo - i LOVE this time of yr when everyone's gettin started on nxt yr's performances !!! :)
Well done to everyone who got exam results recently
. I'll jst repeat wot others have sed cuz it's soo true.. if u didn't get the results u were hopin for IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. There's sooo many more options and u don't always have to go to uni to get the job u want at the end of the day. I stayed on till the bitter end n got my highers n stuff,.. n i'm now doin hairdressin which i cud av left skl with no exams n done. Truth is, i stayed on till the very end to do rocka as much as i cud :D !! (If it wasn't for rocka i wud o been long gone!! Haha :)
Nxt yr will be my 3rd yr not performnin. I'm startin to feel old ... as fun as voluteerin n helpin out is, it's still not the same buzz as performin!! I wud give anything to perform in a rock challenge again!! :(
Well, good luck to everyone startin on nxt yr's just now. Look 4ward to see'n uze all soon ... aberdeen ... carlisle ... grimsby n hopefully belfast n southern finals too!! I'm xcited for 2008 already - wooooooooooooooo!
Stuart (peterheed/volunteer)

Heyyyy! Auditions On Monday =]...Excited Much...?
Hope Everyone Does Well Enuff..=]
Luvv Yehh Alll..! Have Fun...!
Seee Yahh Ihhn Aberdeen...=]...=]

Luv - Steph M ( The Big Bad Peter'heed' ) xxxxx


Aug 23rd

Hi Guys ! Ready for Rocka 2008?
Just a big shout out to all those at Peterhead Academy with a message to let you know that AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD ON MONDAY IN THE GAMES HALL AT HALF 3 WITH CALLBACKS NEXT MONDAY
Spread the word, tell your friends and be there. We want to see plenty of new faces!

Lorna (Peterhead Academy)
(Ed: woooo ! Great to hear that someone's starting auditions, Lorna :)

I HAVE BROADBAND! After 2 months of rigmarole with AOL, you have no idea how good it is to go on the internet!
Anyway, just to say well done to EVERYONE who got their results today. I know that everyone I've spoken to got as much or better than what they expected
I personally did extremely well: in total I've got 5 A*s and 9 As so I'm really pleased with myself :)
I'm looking forward already to the 2008 Rock Challenge. I've heard from Baysgarth RC HQ that it's set to be another great show !
Well done again and cheerio!

John P (Baysgarth)
(Ed: well done, John :)

Hey All.... Haven't posted a message here in ages. I'm sitting in Disney Quest in Florida atm and thort i'd post a quick message!!
Hope everything's going ok for everyone, especially those who have got results !
It's far too hot here! We're waiting for the rain!
Can't wait for rocka next year ! (It's mad! Leeds is nearly full already and we ain't even back at school !)
Well, i'd better go.. Miss ya, twinnies (rach + sarah) ... see you in two nd half weeks
Love yas xxxxxxxx
ps Hope you and wendy are ok, John!! xx
Bekky (Thornton)
(Ed: lovely to hear from you again, Bekky :)


Aug 22nd

News in from Tim !
Get those "We intend to enter" forms (Page 20 in your "Rules and Forms" 2008 book) faxed in to the office as soon as you can ... ?!
John (Editor :)

Hi everyone !
Just a quick message to all of those getting GCSE results tomorrow. Exam times are extremely stressful - we've all been there - so a massive "Congratulations !" for just getting through it! :)
Like we said before, well done to those who achieve or exceed what they want but to those who don't do as well as they may have hoped, don't worry - many of the smartest and most successful people around didn't get straight A*s and there's always a path for you.
Good luck and keep smiling!
From the UK Rock Challenge Crew


Aug 18th

I know it's totally delayed, coz i've only just got internet access (Ed: whooo ... no stopping you now, eh Matt ?! :) but i'd just like to say what an amazin experience Archie's trip to Australia was, as you can probably guess from all the messages posted. All the kids were absolutely amazin, both when performing and throughout the whole trip, and they did the UK proud!
I really miss you all. It was the best time away ever and it was all because you were all ace

I can't believe that Archie's journey to Australia started 6 YEARS AGO - and i've been there to experience the whole journey. It's been ace, from winning at Hull's Ice Arena 6 years ago to performing at the WIN Centre in Australia just about 3 weeks ago!!!
Thanks to everyone involved in Rock Challenge !

All that's left to say now, i suppose, is ARCHIE, ARCHIE ROCKED THIS PARTY!
Matt (Archbishop Thurstan)

Hello agen !
Just fancied puttin a msg up, seein as i ain't bin on ere in agggggggggges :)
Went 2 c Starlight Express at the Alhambra last nite. It was incredible! OMG ... don't know how on earth they can do all dat dancin on roller skates!
Also wanted 2 say a huge "Congrats !" 2 all those who av received a-level results. Am chuffed wid my AS results n hope every1 gt wot they needed!
Also good luk 2 all those awaitin gcse results - i know how nervous a time it is so hope u all get wot u want!

Best go now (the joy of a personal statement 2 write - woo hoo :)
Luv - sarah (thornton)
PS: thanx 2 tim and da rock challenge team 4 da lovely msg of support ! It certainly calmed me down n made me smile wen i was seriously nervous 4 results!


Aug 13th

Oooh, you LUCKY people in Eastbourne and Bournemouth ! You've got another fantastic team calling in, called the Red Arrows !
Get down to the seafront at Eastbourne on Saturday the 18th from 11.25am till 12.03 and/or on Sunday the 19th from 4.05pm to 4.43 if you want to see them. Get to the seafront at Bournemouth on Friday the 17th from 11.55am till 12.33
(They're also doing seafront displays at Weymouth on Wednesday afternoon, at Dawlish in Devon on Thursday afternoon, and are taking part in the Elvington Airshow - near York - on Saturday the 18th from 4.25pm till 5.03 ... aaaaah ... fingers crossed I'll get to that one :))
John (Editor)


Aug 12th

Holidays are over for some of the Scottish schools on Tuesday :((((
(And hopefully some good news will be waiting at Firpark from Strathclyde Police. Fingers crossed ...)

Vanessa Geib (Firpark)

I watched a massively bright "star" rise over towards the West last night and glide majestically across the sky to the east, all in the space of around five minutes
It wasn't a star, of course, nor a meteorite. No, it was the International Space Station with the Space Shuttle Endeavour attached to it (and somewhere on the outside as it passed over were two astronauts, working hard to set up the next piece of hardware to fix on)
You too can see it tonight (if these pesky clouds clear away ! :) Pop outside at 10pm tonight and look to the west. If you see a huge "star" come cruising smoothly upwards into the night sky at around 10.03 or 10.04 then you've probably spotted it. In the south of England it'll pass by almost overhead and last for around 6 minutes, in the north of Scotland it'll be quite low on the horizon and there'll only be 3 or so minutes of viewing time :(

  • You can get further guidance on when and where to see it by going here
  • There's a "Mission Control" map of where it is at any time - day or night - here
  • And live NASA TV is here :)
By the way, if you DO pop outside, spend a few minutes afterwards to look upwards to the north-east (~ish) ... with luck you'll be treated to a meteorite or two flashing past, for it's the annual Perseids display at the moment. You'll need DARK clear skies for these, though, but if you DO spot one ... don't forget to make a wish :))
John, your stargazing Editor :)


Aug 10th

Heya guys!
I can't believe we've been back now for just over a week ! It still doesn't feel right not waking up to a bang on the door and a breakfast just steps from our room! :(
One thing i really do miss, though, is the huge room at the Maroo Farm place, with the fire, where you could just lounge around, and the circle thing:

"Archie, Archie, rock this party,
Archie,Archie, rock this party
Archie, Archie, rock this party. This is how we do it!
Front to front to front to my baby,
Back to back to back to my baby,
Side to side to side to my baby. This is how we do it!"
(Hehe ... we didn't know the words so we made up our own! :)
Hayley, u'd best be doing rocka again this year because i don't think i can go much longer without it! I have nothing other to talk about (hence the big essay), I have nothing other to think about, and i can't stop lookin at the piccies!
Anyhoos, i'd just like to say thanks to the Archie team as well as Hayley and Caroline because without us i think them two may have struggled to pull off our amazing performance!
Love ya, guys :)
Rach xxx

Hi guys ! I think i have now just about recovered from our trip to Australia!!
I still can't get over how amazing it was!! The whole team knew that the staff had all put in a lot of effort but after getting there we all realised that it had been SO much more!
I'd always thought that the day we became champions in 2006 was goin to be the best day i ever had with rock challenge but when we got to the WIN stadium in Wollongong i realised that i was wrong, cos the atmosphere there was incredible!!
The whole team went out to Australia knowing just how brilliant the aussies are at rocka but we got out there and performed and we absolutely blew them away!! That just tells me that every team can do it!! Every1 that does rocka has something special and it showed with Archie cos we proved that we can do anything!! Whatever area u come from ... it doesn't matter!!
It is an experience that i will never forget!!! Thanks, guys!!!

Luv - haylz (archie stage crew)
ps archie ... wen duz fundraising start 4 next year???! xx


Aug 8th

Hello all!
Archie sound like they have had a great time in Australia...indeed flying the Hull flag proud! Well done you lot :)
Weather is great today, and I am off on holiday on Saturday to France, to a small little village called "Le Pouldu". Very quiet and peaceful and I am looking foward to some time away!
Of course, those eagerly anticipated GCSE results are coming closer and closer. It really doesn't seem that long ago since we sat slaving away in the hall! More to the point, it does not seem that long since we were busy with Rocka 07 at Baysgarth!
Well, we have a certain general "theme" (I think! :) formulated for 2008; though there are plenty of ideas still brewing in the pot!
To everyone... enjoy the summer, and best wishes for a well-earned rest to Archbishop Thurstan!

See y'around
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen 07)

HUGE thanks to Hari from Vandyke Upper who emailed me a few minutes ago with the warning that almost all the artwork had disappeared from the "ARTWORK" page
Thankfully I still had copies, they've now been uploaded, they're all there, and so you can now feel free to check out all those posters that existed looooong before most of you started getting involved in Rock Challenge :)
Click here to go there for a looksee...
John (Editor)


Aug 7th

Some of the links on the "PICS" page had fallen off. They've been reinstated (this evening) and so you can easily click through to the Carlisle 1, Crawley, "Brid" at Hull, Hull, and Grimsby images once again. In addition, the link to the Nottingham pics has also been placed there. You can check for yourself if you click here.
Sadly, I still don't have any minipics for the other events that are still missing :(
John (Editor)

I've just (9.30am) added pretty much all the themes used in the 2007 UK Rock Challenge tour so that new users in particular can get a feel for the sorts of things teams choose to create performances around. Click here to go straight there if you too want to check them through :)
John (Editor)


Aug 6th

Hello, John
I am finally returning to earth I think!!! I can't describe what an awesome experience we all shared. It was truly amazing and something I will treasure for the rest of my life.
I really want to thank you for all the support you have shown us and for getting our daily updates on the website. We will have to meet up so i can show you the thousands of pictures we have.
Thank you so much.
Hayley (Liaison Teacher - Archbishop Thurstan Rock Challenge Team to Australia 2007)

I've just put in all the missing themes (Belfast / Portsmouth 1 to 3 and Junior) on the results page
John (Editor) in the sun :)


Aug 3rd

I have just visited our team's rock challenge myspace and it has messages saying vandyke will not be doing rock challenge next year!! :'(
We are hoping we can pursuade sally and sarah to let us do rock challenge next year!! :(
This is a bleak time atm for us!

Think i have finally recovered from all the take-offs bt am still bouncing from the turbulence!!
Just wanted to say that i had the most amazing time in Australia with all 80 of you. You made me proud to be from hull and those 8 minutes in the WIN made all those take-offs well worth the tears
Love to you all - Becky xxx (Archbishop Thurstan)
PS Go Team !


Aug 2nd

The atmosphere of the show was amazing. I can't believe we won 10 awards and we even won Best Set Design :)
Everywhere was jst great and the australians are so friendly. Some of us didn't want to come home, even though it is warmer here than it was there...

Lv - Emz (Archie !)

Just woken up after catching on my much-missed sleep after Australia :D
I woke up with none of my room-mates to talk to or to tell my cracking jokes to :(

I can't believe it's actually over. Two weeks passed really fast ... probably all the fun of beein with the Archie rock challenge team. It's been the best 2 weeks of my life, spending it with you lot. Going to miss you all ... hopefully we can all keep in touch somehow
Take care, all of you :D

See you when i see you xxxxxx
Jamie (The Legend :)


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