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Jul 31st

G'Day everyone !
This will be our last e-mail from Oz, as today our journey home begins.
Yesterday was an early start for us, leaving the Meroo Centre in the Blue Mountains and heading into Sydney for our last night.
We arrived at the Quality Cambridge Hotel, left our luggage, and headed into Sydney.
Those of us that were feeling brave headed off to the Sydney Tower, for our SkyWalk Experience, which was well worth it ! We went up to the top of the tower, and our guide took us outside and around the edge. The view was spectacular - we were able to see all the way to the Blue Mountains!
After that, we all headed to the shops, like all good English Tourists do. Time to shop, and buy souvenirs for the family. I'm really not sure how some of these cases will close!! There seems to be so much more to pack than we arrived with!
Our meal last night was a real treat. We headed off on a 5-minute walk to Wagamama's Noodle Bar ... all 81 of us!! The meal was great.
We had one last event planned for the group - a party back at the Hotel (much to the surprise of the students :) Mrs Allinson managed to convince them that we needed to talk to the group before they headed to their room, and as they were ushered towards the Conference Room, the music was turned on and the party started. A time to dance / relax / talk or just laugh at everyone else dancing for our last night.
This morning there's just a couple of hours to fit in some last-minute shopping before our coach picks us up to start our long journey home from the airport.
It's difficult to believe that we have been here in Australia almost 2 weeks now, and that this experience that very few will ever have the chance to do again will be over.
See you all soon - The Archie Rock Challenge Team in Australia 2007

Today there's a last trip through Sydney for the Archie Team in Australia before they catch the 9.10pm Emirates flight back home to Manchester Airport via Dubai Airport. What an adventure ...
John (Editor)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YESTERDAY, JOHN!!! Hope u had a good one!!! (Ed: Thank-you, Stuart ! Yep ... did the usual sorts of things ... mowed the long grass, then spent time under Wendy's Micra sorting out an 'orrible rattle that had developed (cured now :) etc :))
Yeah, i've been readin the archie updates too, n missed yesterday's :( (Probs havin too much fun!!! :)
Just looked at the crew pic... 2007... It's not the same, not being taken in grimsby :(
Stuart (peterheed)


Jul 30th

I can't believe it ... 20 past 10 in the evening and no much-appreciated daily update from the Archie Rock Challenge Team in Australia ? Aaaarrrgghhh ... I'm getting withdrawal symptoms !
John, your geriatric editor (listening to an iTunes download - "Mr Rock & Roll", by Amy Macdonald. (Great stuff :)
ps "Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me" etc :))


Jul 29th

Hi everyone !
This is our last night at The Meroo Centre. We're all feeling a little tired, but tomorrow we head off to Sydney, and our last stop for the Tour. Some of us are looking forward to the activities we have planned, but also there is the opportunity for SHOPPING - one of our favourite things to do!
Today was a day of activities, and again the weather was good. Apparently it is still a bit cold for the locals ... they say it's the coldest winter they have had for years ... but it feels like a summer's day to us!

Some of the students have this to say:

Hi everyone ! This is Bronia :)
Today has been really good but also soooooooo tiring. We have done everything, from giant swinging to running around fields with sheep, collecting alphabet letters. We also did our very own "X-Factor", with judges - it was a right laugh (and my group won :)
We really donít want to come to the end of this trip but it's nearly the end ...
Bye for now ...
Luv - Bronia xxxxxxxxxxxx
ps miss u and luv u, mam xxxxxxxxxxxx Can't wait 2 see everyone xxx AND I can't wait to show you my new accent ha-ha :))

Colin speaking now:-
Missing u all very much, especially my mum and nephew. It's been hard spending so long away from home and I can't wait to get home and give u a big hug, mum.
I have had such a fab time and it's been great living the dream and giving my all on the Australian stage. We rocked the show and impressed so many people ... hopefully we did Great Britain proud and made our family, friends and supporters happy.
The chance of a lifetime is nearly over and I don't wanna leave this place (it's full of surprises and scenic beauty) but gotta come home and see the place I love least :))
Love ya, mam, and can't wait to c u
Love you so very much and miss ya lots x x x x x x x x x x x x x
See you soon x x x x x x x x x x x mwah and big hugs
Archie rocks 4 life

Sarah Giblin now:
Hi everyone !
Today's been great. We did loads of team activities - it was great fun ! We climbed a giant totem pole and abseiled down it, then went on yet another giant swing which was great fun.
Later this evening we hosted our own talent show (which we rocked ... and won :) Our team name was Marie as a tribute to Mrs. O'Neil who unfortunately couldn't come with us, but we have had a great time at the other side of the world.
Miss you all and love you loads. Will be home soon ...
Love - Sarah g xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The end of another day. It's an early start for us tomorrow, as we leave here at 9am. We'd best start packing our cases now, or maybe (as we normally do :) we'll leave it until the morning and just chuck it all in :))
Bye for now ! More news tomorrow !
The Archie Rock Challenge Crew, in Australia 2007


Jul 28th

G'Day, all you Sheilas and Bruces!!!! This is Chantelle Nelson and Jamie-Lee MacKenzie here!! :)
Well, today we had a late start from all the rocking we did last night (cough cough ... 10 awards) which we must say was a fantastic night.
We packed and left the Wollongong Surf and Leisure Resort (where we'd all had a crazy 2 nights!!!!!) and arrived at the Merroo Christian Centre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Just to let you all know - we DO all have a bible in all rooms.)
We started off with some fantastic activities to wake us all up! First in line was the boomerang-throwing. What CAN we say ... "There were some good throwers and some left-handed throwers!!!" :) Then we swiftly moved on to aboriginal painting, where all the Archie Rockers took part in some awesome art work (which is coming back with us!) Finally the last activity ... whip-cracking (which was an experience in itself!!!!) and after a lovely meal we all had a campfire with marshmallows and all tried Billy Tea and Damper. (I loved the damper!) To finish the evening everyone had a cheerful sing-song!!!!(Mr Carr won the singing comp).
OK everybody - we are now all off to bed!!!! We are SHATTERED!!!!!
Love you all ... see you all soon - all the Archie rockers!!!!!! xxxxxxx
Following their successful appearance at the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge day at the WIN Entertainment Centre yesterday, the Archbishop Thurstan School Rock Challenge Team in Australia 2007 today leave Wollongong and head for two days at the Merroo Christian Conference Centre and the 'Life" Adventure Site, both at Kurrajong in the "rolling, green foothills of the Blue Mountains".
John (Editor)


Jul 27th

Hello everybody !
Today has been Rock Eisteddfod Challenge day - and what a day it has been.
We were up for breakfast at 7.30, and set off for the WIN Entertainment Centre at 8.30. When we arrived we saw a sight that we thought we may not over the last few days - our set, on the back of a lorry, waiting for us ! Some of us have never been so happy to see it :)
We found our dressing room and set about finding our way around. The day was similar to what we had been used to in the UK - everyone was really happy to see us, and we were made very welcome.
After a few hours meeting people from other schools, it was our time to rehearse, and we had a new member of the team on stage - none other than Mrs Buchan, appearing on stage and even sometimes looking like she knew the dance :)
After a very successful rehearsal, everything was going well, though we were really missing the motivational speaking from our favourite teacher, Miss O'Neill. There was nobody telling us all to "SMILE" all the time, so we called her back in the UK, put her on speakerphone and got her to do her classic countdown. There wasn't a dry eye in the car park but it was absolutely necessary and right that it happened. We love you, Marie!!!
So it was finally time for us to perform, and we were ready to show the Aussies how it's done. We took some stick from the compères as we were from England ... they tried the accent and were not very good at all!!
The performance went really well and we picked up Awards For Excellence in the Following Areas:

  • School Community Support
  • Entertainment
  • Concept
  • Set Design and Function
  • School Initiative
  • Soundtrack
  • Costume in Character
  • Stage Use
  • Drug Awareness
The only bad thing about the day is that we have had to leave our set behind as we have no way to get it back to the UK :(
It has found a good home, however, as the local Australian schools have all taken a piece each!! They were all sorting out what piece they wanted!!

We are now back at our accommodation, and have just seen the local news - and guess who has been on ? Yes, that's right ! It was us!! Mrs B on the TV again, along with our kids and even managing to mention the cricket!!
It's about time that we all had some sleep now. At least we have a late breakfast in the morning so a lie-in all round, then we depart for the Blue Mountains for 2 days relaxation before returning to Sydney.
Many thanks to you all for your emails of encouragement.
This has quite possibly been the most amazing day ever!!!! (We are true Aussies now!!!)

Big Love - The Archie Rock Challenge Team in Australia 2007

WOAH ... HOW JEALOUS AM I?!???! I've been readin archie's updates every day and sounds like they're havin an AMAZING time!!!
Lucky uze!!!!!!!! Enjoy it cuz it really is a once-in-a-lifetime oppertunity that u r sooo lucky to get!!!!
Read ur little chants!!! They're great!!! Go archie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooooooooo!!!!
PETERHEAD, I THINK WE SHUD ORGANISE TO GO OVER WITH "MAID IN SCOTLAND" to show them how us SCOTS ROCK!!! (And get all the old school peterhead rockers bk to go over too!!! KEEEEEEEEEN????????? DEFO!!!!!!!!!! Whoo hooo :)
Stuart (Peterheed)

Eyup john! Hope you're alright and not too busy!
I'm glad to see the 2008 draft calendar's up! I can't wait for rocka next year, even though it's at Leeds and not Bradford ... hmm, nothing a train ride can't solve though!
Anyway, I'm currently at 6th form in Bradford and I'm thinking of becoming a Rocka Volunteer next year for Leeds, even though it's way off and the date will probably change! I worked with Hanson as stage crew in 2005 and worked with Haycliffe this year and was thrilled to be at the northern final! I think Rock Challenge is a great event and I'd like to congratulate the crew and everyone else for making it happen each year!
After 6th form I'm hopefully going to uni to do technical theatre or stage management (or something along the lines of that) and was wondering how you got involved with Rock Challenge yourself? I'd love to work for Rock Challenge after I've finished uni (however unlikely that may be :)) and I'm probably going to volunteer at the Rock Challenge nearest my uni when I'm there!
So yeah. I'm basically wondering how you got into Rock Challenge yourself and if you think it's too early to apply as a Volunteer yet! Hmm ... I seen a bit keen here, but don't be afraid, I don't bite! Haha!
Regards - Stu :]
Short reply re volunteering - never too early to get in touch with tim@rockchallenge dot co dot uk, Stu, and let him know that you want to be a volunteer at Leeds in 2008, then fill in the form and send it off a bit nearer the date, when it looks as if the venue and the date have pretty much firmed up.
As to how I got involved, I'll leave that till a later day ... I'm not long back (11pm) from a day in Leicestershire and I'm a bit too tired this evening. (Old people, eh ? No stamina :))
John (Editor)

Today's the Day for the Archbishop Thurstan UK Rock Challenge Team in Australia, for today they spend at the WIN Entertainment Centre in the suburbs of Sydney ... yes, it's the i98FM Rock Challenge day for around 10 teams in all, including Archie :)
John (Editor)
ps Here's your check for the time in Sydney :)
PPS and i98FM have just run a plug for tonight's Event made by Matthew Henry ... yup, I'm listening online to a radio station in Australia ... isn't broadband amazing ??


Jul 26th

Thursday 26th July 2007... One day to go!!!
I can't believe that this time tomorrow we will have performed in Australia !!! Woooooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
Hayley and Chris have just been to have a quick peep at the venue and are very excited!!!! It's HUGE!

Sadly, this morning we left the Collaroy Centre. We are really going to miss that place - it was fantastic and the staff said that they would miss us too!!! "You are the best group that we have ever had." How ace is that!!! I can't imagine not waking up to that amazing sunrise over the ocean any more !
Anyway, we said goodbye and boarded the buses to Wollongong, with a lunch stop on Bondi Beach.
Most of us grabbed the only opportunity we may have of a McDonalds and then soaked up some sun on the beach.
We arrived at Wollongong Surf and Leisure Resort and checked out our little cabin rooms! TV at last! We all sat down for tea (and thankfully there was no chicken in sight!!! :) We spent the evening playing tennis, mini-golf and ... most importantly ... coming up with our exciting new chant !
Just picture it now - all 80 of us chanting this tomorrow as we enter the WIN entertainment centre. It's right on the beach - another beautiful place. We feel like all our dreams have finally come true!!!! It's just like Christmas Eve! Read our chant and join us!!!!!!

  • We are the mighty Archie Crew
  • Let us show what we can do
  • To Ozzy all the way from Hull
  • We'll make sure today's not dull
  • With a pair of dice in Black and Pink
  • This is sure to make you think
  • So hear our music, watch us dance
  • Coz this will be your only chance
  • ARCHIE 1,2
  • ARCHIE 3,4
  • Archie 1,2 ...3,4
(In the tune of "I Like big Butts")
  • Weeeeee are Archie and you can not lie
  • You other schools can't deny
  • When we walk in with a pair of dice
  • And our costumes really nice
  • You go ......Woah
  • .....Woah
  • ....Woah
  • ...Woah
  • ..Wo!

We are doing this for all our families, friends and school and - best of all - for HULL!!! Who would believe that little Archie could come this far???
All of you will be with us tomorrow, in our thoughts. We love you all!!!!!!!!
All the love in the world from a very emotional and very excitable Archie Rock Challenge Crew in Australia 2007 !!!!!
ARCHIE RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A small "PS" from me ... the WIN Entertainment Centre reportedly seats up to 6,000 in the auditorium audience (Gosh :) and here's a link to the local i98FM radio station if you want to listen live to "Illawarra's No. 1 Radio Station" :)
John (Editor)

As the rain falls across Yorkshire again (but it's not torrential :) 'tis good to think of the Archbishop Thurstan Rock Challenge Team out there in Australia. (Their forecast for today was a bit showery, but highs of 20 degrees.)
Today's plans included their leaving the Collaroy Centre for the Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort, with a tour of the famous Bondi Beach in between and a look around Wollongong after their arrival there
John (Editor)


Jul 25th

Hi Everyone !
PANCAKES for breakfast - yum yum! (And for dinner ? Chicken! :)
We are bringing you today's update from our party at the Collaroy Surf Club (some of us are too tired to dance and the music isn't quite what we'd go for!!!)
For some of us it was an early start today, but for the others it was just another day ;-) We started off with breakfast as normal and then we stayed at the Collaroy for a fun day of activities, such as:
Giant Swing (this involved being strapped into a bungee harness while the rest of your group hauled you up 15 metres in the air, leaving you to finally pull the release rope to send you soaring into the air! Great!!!)
Flying Fox (this one also involved being strapped into a harness but this time we were flying through the air on a zip wire! ACE!!!)
Team Building (a range of different challenges which tested the team's skills and abilities to listen to each other)
The Leap of Faith (we once again had to be strapped into a harness but we were to go up into the air and do an assault course on a thin zip wire and then we had to climb up a pole, stand on it and jump to a ring where we were safely brought back down to the ground)
As you can imagine, all this in one day was very tiring for the lot of us but i guess we're all still going strong (even though we had a rehearsal for the last time before the BIG ONE on Friday, which we think will be televised in Aussi! :)
We're just about to have a dance-off on the beach (in the light and away from the sea ... don't worry :)
In the morning we will be moving to the Wollongong Surf and Leisure Resort (so we will be a tad upset about leaving all that chicken behind .... :) and also about leaving the nice people behind! :) (And some of us have been enjoying the fact that we have our own volleyball and tennis court, where we have been keeping fit and not just eating ....... yup ..... CHICKEN ! :))
Lots of love - the the Archie Rock Challenge Crew in Australia 2007 !!! xxxxx
Today's plans for Hull's Archbishop Thurstan Rock Challenge Team in Australia were to spend most of the day in activities in and around the Collaroy Centre, and in rehearsing for their showcase performance on Friday.
John (Editor - in the Yorkshire rain :)


Jul 24th

Today's update is brought to you by the group leaders!!! :)

G'day, guys !
What an action-packed day!!!
It started off with a brief visit to Palm Beach (AKA Summer Bay home of "Home and Away")
. Much to our disappointment there was no filming today (probably coz it was freezing and it was 8am). We walked along the beautiful beach and stopped for a group photo, then it wasn't long before we were back on the bus heading towards Taronga Zoo. We soon realised that there was a strong resemblance between Colin Hunter and the Gorillas!!! But seriously - it was an experience that we will never forget. We saw some beautiful animals, and Suddsy and Sharkey had a strong affiliation with the meercats.
Later in the morning we ventured out to sea on a harbour cruise. The Captain Cook Cruise was thoroughly enjoyable and many commented that they do not want to come home and possibly want to move out here in the future. The scenery on the cruise was phenomenal and we finally realised that all the bag-packs and fund-raising really was worthwhile.
After snapping some great pictures of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, we moved on to the aquarium.
There were many types of exotic creature within the tanks and some of us had the chance to touch some of these. Some of the sharks and stingrays were massive and quite amazing.
Tonight we had a Rock Challenge rehearsal. Everybody worked really hard and we are now preparing for our forthcoming performance on Friday. Bring it on!!!!!

The Collaroy Centre have commented on how much they love our group and that the staff do not want us to leave. Everybody is lovely here!
Can't wait for tomorrow!
Love - the Archie Rock Challenge Crew in Australia 2007 !!!
Here's today's photos from the Archie team ! 1 (looks like "ARCHIE" to me :) / 2 / 3 / 4
John (Editor)

Today's itinerary for the Archbishop Thurstan School's Rock Challenge Team in Australia was to go to the Taronga Zoo, then to Darling Harbour in Sydney, and the Sydney Aquarium. After getting back to the Collaroy Centre they're soon off out again, this time for an evening Harbour Cruise !
John (Editor)


Jul 23rd

Today's update comes from, Laura Wiles, Laura Scaife, Laura Penrose & Rachel Fishwick:-

Hi all !
Well, today, we started our day very early yet again! 7:15 start!!! (Most of us managed it! :) After breakfast we were meant to have our first rehearsal but unfortunately it had to be postponed, so instead we all went shopping, spending our well-earned money! (Or at least our parents' money!)
After lunch (which was chicken yet again - for the 4th day running) we went to the beach! Weather was kind of nice ... typical English summer! We swam in the ocean rock pool, which we can say was ... ICE COLD! We made a sand-castle using very handy plastic cup moulds! (And also buried Robin Burn De Vries, and made him a sand bra!) We played beach games such as kick rounders ... all the normal things you do on the beach!
We then came back to our complex via a few more shops, to a lovely dinner of... you guessed it ? BEEF! Then we made a lovely trip to AMF bowling and set a world record -


is the answer! Plus a few stray random members of the Australian public! Bus driver was rolling in it!
We played a few games of bowling, in which we can honestly say Hayley Buchan was as much use as a chocolate fireguard!
A few of us then moved on to the amusements arcade, and managed to rack up 9450 tickets for prizes!!! We then bought Archie the tiger for 5000 tickets, and passed it on to Hayley as a remembrance present, and as a mascot for our Rock Challenge team!
We then managed again to fit the 81 team of Rock Challenge on another single Decker bus!


!! Don't know if the bus driver ever went to school ! He should try coming to England and attending Archbishop Thurstan - he might be a bit better at maths with Dave H as a teacher!!! AGREE???? (Don't think so!! :)
We're all very tired now, and ready for bed! Looking forward to going to Summer Bay, so look out for us on Home and Away! :))
Night Night ... Love you all
Love - the Archie Rock Challenge Crew in Australia 2007 !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jul 22nd

Today's "ARCHIE IN AUSTRALIA" update:

Hi all!
Today has been another really good day - the sun has been shining, and the temperatures the highest we have had so far. The locals continue to be amazed at a large group of us going out in shorts ... it's their winter and they think we're all mad!! (I think we might be!)
An early start this morning, followed by a long bus ride to the Port Stephen's area was well worth it. We were taken across the sand-dunes in 4 x 4 vehicles for lessons in sand-dune surfing (well ... by "lessons", one of our group volunteered to go first, and showed us how it was done, then we were all having a go!! :)
After a short journey to a local beech, it was BBQ time! Sausages all round, with plenty of water after the morning's activities.
After a short break allowing us to recover, we boarded a boat for our Dolphin Watch Cruise. We headed off into the sea to see if we could find the dolphins, and some of the students were even allowed to take the controls of the boat (some not managing to drive in a straight line.) After a while cruising around trying to find them, we finally found two groups of 5 or 6 dolphins swimming only a few metres off the side of the boat, so after a long day it was time to head off back to the bus.
We arrived back at the Collaroy Centre for a late meal, all feeling a bit tired, so it's time for a shower and also about time to give our rooms a good clean - they need it!!
Luckily we have an easier day tomorrow :)
That's all for now !
The Archie Oz Tour Crew
Archie's pics are here:- sand-dune surfing 1 / sand-dune surfing 2 / dolphins :)
John (Editor)

OMG ...I wish i was in Oz - it sounds like sooooooooo much fun :(
Am in such a rocka mood
... like just bin 2 c "Hairspray" - ow much fun is dat ! (You've soooooooooooooo gt 2 go n c it - tis ace !)
(BTW if ur a guy, chek wot ur gonna go n c if u do decide 2 watch hairspray - the guys who went wid us wer like "Wot is this we're watchin ?!" lol - n only go if u like musicals, but tis fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really hyper now, like "Woaaaah !" hehe :D

Oh wel ... want sum more sugar :)
Luv - Sarah (thornton) x x x x x x x x x x
PS sand-dune surfin sounds sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun :D


Jul 21st - "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" Day :)

Today's "ARCHIE IN AUSTRALIA" update comes from Chris Davies:

Hi Guys ! Hope everyone is OK back up in Hull!
Well, the sun came out today and we have had a great day. Everyone up bright and early after some much needed beauty sleep!
After breakfast we explored the Collaroy site. The lads enjoyed a game of touch rugby while the girls played tennis "girl's rules"! Some of us took a walk down to the beach to watch the surfers and checked out the shops!
Had lunch at Darling Harbour and then walked over to the Outback Centre to see the didgeridoo concert and a spot of souvenir shopping. Captain Cook took us on a guided walk around "The Rocks" (the oldest part of Sydney) ... yes, Geoffrey (our tour guide) actually dressed up as Captain Cook!
After dark we headed back down to Manly to the Quarantine Station for a very spooky Ghost Walk. Several strange sightings later we were back at Collaroy, tucked up in bed and wondering how on earth we are going to manage to make it up for breakfast at 7am. Port Stephens tomorrow ... dolphin cruise, sausage sizzle and sand dune surfing ...bring it on!!!
Well, I need some sleep now so night, night and we'll try not to have any nightmares!!!
The Archie Crew xxx
Hi, Archie ! Hull hasn't had the floods this past 36 hours. It's been parts of London, the Cotswolds and ... mostly ... south and south-west beyond Birmingham ... people were stuck on the M5 for something like 13 hours unable to go further or to get off the motorway
John (Editor)

Is your team planning on a catwalk fashion show as a fundraiser at any time ? Stagecrew - please watch this compilation of clips in order to give you a good idea of where you should be checking some of the Health and Safety aspects of the enterprise :)
John (Editor)

Today, the plan was for the Archbishop Thurstan Rock Challenge Team in Australia to spend the day in a place called "Manly" so I'll write this next bit in a deep voice:- "You can watch a Manly tourist video by clicking on this link."
Phew ... need a cup of tea and a bowl of porridge after that :)
John (Editor) about 9 hours behind the time in Manly

Sprinter Darren Campbell (Olympic gold medalist in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece) is supporting Barnet Central School Sports Partnership's bid to win £50,000 from Norwich Union
If they win, the Sports Partnership hopes to use the money to enter the 2008 London Rock Challenge.
The Partnership's Development Manager Rachel Osman is reported to have said ""With this money, we could transform dance in the borough, providing schools with not only the expertise but the resources to develop one of the key areas of the PE curriculum."
You can read the full story here in the online version of "This is Hertfordshire"
John (Editor)


Jul 20th

Today's "ARCHIE IN AUSTRALIA" update comes from Kiki Pattison-Smith, Jamie Arnell, & Lauren Skelton:

After two days of sweaty airports and plane food we've finally arrived down under! At 7:45am today (Friday) we landed in Sydney, Australia
A coach picked us up at the airport, and took us on a tour of Sydney ... the few who could actually fight the jet-lag learned all about the city's history, and landmarks.
After the tour we were taken to the Collaroy Centre where we were all treated to some real food! The weather's pretty miserable so we couldn't go rock pool swimming, so we stayed at the centre and played tennis, volleyball, rounders, and rugby in the grounds.
While we three are writing this, we're sitting in the common room with our quilts watching a film, while the rest play hide and seek outside - it's freezing!!!
Everyone's tired but happy, and tomorrow looks to be another busy day!

Love - the Archie Crew! xxx (Archie Rock Challenge in Australia 2007!!)
Wooooo ! Thanks for the report, guys !! (And you may be pleased to know that it's raining again in the UK :)
John (Editor)

Just a quick message (in case any Ozzy Archie people get online while they're down under) from all of us at Rock Challenge to say we hope you have a fantastic time over there!
It's an amazing achievement to do what you've done and I'm sure we speak on behalf of all the UK schools when we say we hope you should be very proud of what's been achieved and we hope you have the time of your lives enjoying your just reward of an outstanding trip.
We know you'll be great ambassadors for the UK Rock Challenge.

All the best - Tim and the Rock Challenge Crew
PS We hope you got our card!

Hiya !
Woooooooooo ... Leeds Playhouse, eh? That'll certainly b different (if it dus indeed wrk out dat way!)
OMG am soooooooooooo lukin 4ward 2 nxt yrs rocka ! I just get such a buzz from it ! So fab ... wil b lost wen i cnt do it any more :(
(Wil def av 2 volunteer tho - dat wud b ace!!!!!!!!)

Yey - finished skool 4 da hols!!!! :) Time 2 catch up on some sleep hehe
Hiya 2 bekz n rachy n of course taisha haha
Bye 4 now ...
Luv - Sarah (thornton)


Jul 19th

The Grimsby event has moved. It's no longer going to be on Monday April 14th but will be on Monday April 21st instead.
John (Editor)

Those team members who totally enjoyed their time backstage at the Hackney Empire during their part in the two days of UK Rock Challenge there this year will be enormously pleased to hear that Othman Read (the Hackney Empire's Technical Manager) was awarded "Technician of the Year" by the ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) in their 2007 Theatre Show Awards held in June. You go, Hoff :))
John (Editor)


Jul 18th

It's now approx 11.40pm and we are about 4 hours from Dubai airport. Everything is going well so far !
Chris D (Archbishop Thurstan)

Hey everyone !
2008 calendar ... already looking forward to rock challenge next year!!!! :D
Can't wait!!!

Linzi (vandyke)

You KNOW it's provisional, you KNOW it's likely to change a bit, DON'T book your coaches etc etc just yet, but ain't it lovely to see it anyway ?
Tim has just sent me
the DRAFT 2008 UK Rock Challenge Tour Calendar (Updated 7.20pm July 19th). Enjoy :))
John (Editor)

  • Thurs, Feb 21st - Aberdeen - AECC
  • Weds, Feb 27th - Stevenage One - Leisure Centre
  • Thurs, Feb 28th - Stevenage Two - Leisure Centre
  • Mon, March 3rd - Southampton One - Guildhall
  • Tues, March 4th - Southampton Two - Guildhall
  • Weds, March 5th - Southampton Three - Guildhall
  • Thurs, March 6th - Southampton Four - Guildhall
  • Fri, March 7th - Southampton Five - Guildhall
  • Sat, March 8th - Southampton Junior - Guildhall
  • Tues, March 11th (TBC) - Eastbourne - Congress Theatre
  • Mon, March 17th - Bournemouth - Pavilion
  • Weds, March 19th - Crawley (West Sussex schools only) - Hawth
  • Thur, March 27th - Grantham (Lincolnshire Schools only) - Meres Leisure Centre
  • Weds, April 2nd - Belfast - Waterfront Hall
  • Tues, April 8th (TBC) - Leeds - West Yorkshire Playhouse
  • Fri, April 11th - Hull - Ice Arena
  • Mon, April 14th - Grimsby - Auditorium - moved to the 21st
  • Weds, April 16th - Bridlington Junior - Spa
  • Thurs, April 17th - Bridlington - Spa
  • Mon, April 21st - Grimsby - Auditorium
  • Mon, April 21st - Portsmouth One - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Tues, April 22nd - Portsmouth Two - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Weds, April 23rd - Portsmouth Three - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Thurs, April 24th - Portsmouth Four - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Fri, April 26th - Portsmouth Five - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Tues, April 29th - London Junior (London Schools only) - Hackney Empire
  • Weds, April 30th - London One (London Schools only) - Hackney Empire
  • Thurs, May 1st - London Two (London Schools only) - Hackney Empire
  • Fri, May 2nd - Carlisle One - Sands Centre
  • Sat, May 3rd - Carlisle Two - Sands Centre
  • Mon, May 19th - Portsmouth Junior One - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Tues, May 20th - Portsmouth Junior Two - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Weds, May 21st - Southern Open Final A - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Thurs, May 22nd - Southern Open Final B - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Fri, May 23rd - Southern Premier Final - Portsmouth Guildhall
  • Fri, May 30th - Northern Open Final - Grimsby Auditorium
  • Sat, May 31st - Northern Premier Final - Grimsby Auditorium
  • Fri, June 20th - Carlisle Junior - Sands Centre
TBC = "To Be Confirmed" ie these two dates are still very uncertain

Marie (Gommer's Mum) XXXXXXX

The Archbishop Thurstan School's Rock Challenge squad leave school at 2pm today for the ride to Manchester Airport, the first part of their JOURNEY TO AUSTRALIA !
They take off for Sydney at 8:50pm this evening
The first part of their journey is on one of these, and the second part is on one of these
Good Luck, guys !
John (Editor)

Sarah Ord, a member of the Banff Academy Rock Challenge team, has been picked from a thousand people who auditioned for one of the 36 places available on the Scottish Youth Theatre (SYT) Performance and Production Course in Glasgow this summer to play the lead role of Lyra in "His Dark Materials", a dramatisation of fantasy fiction author Philip Pullman's trilogy of novels
You can read the full story here in the online version of the Banffshire Journal
The show goes out across the end of July / beginning of August - Philip Pullman fans can find the dates / get tickets etc here :)
John (Editor)


Jul 17th

Hello all!
Just a note to wish Archbishop Thurstan all the very best for their forthcoming trip to OZ! I agree with Mrs Hylton from Hornsea; indeedio fly the flag for the UK Rock Rock Challenge (and especially us in Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire! :)
I am sure that you will all have a top time in Oz. I'm hoping you will send some pics to Rocka John for us all to take a look at!
Looking forward to our Sixth Form trip to Wales on Monday for a week...will be great fun!!!!! Really looking foward to the next two years in the 6th Form at Baysgarth!

It's sunny tonight...I have just taken the dogs for a walk!! Makes a change! lol :)
All the best...
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen (and women! :)) 2007

Aaarrgghh!! We go tomoro!!! Soooo excited I just don't know what to write haha! OMG!! Am just so excited - wooh!!
Can't believe it's finally here. To be honest, it WON'T be a dream come true until i am sat in the aiport!!

Anyhows, i will write soon
Love - kirsty c (archie rocka) xxx

Hi John !
Was just wondering when the 2007 rocka crew pic would be up? :o)
Hope you're ok!
Nat x
Hi Nat !
I is well. (About to do another longish drive - off to Herefordshire for a funeral today (but not of a relative :))
2007 Crew Pic - didn't know anyone had taken one ! I'll email Nick and see what he can let me have :)
John (Editor)


Jul 16th

Heya !
OMG yeah ... i am sooooooooo jealous of archie going to Oz ! I wanna go too ! (Was thinkin of sneaking in2 a suitcase, but on such a looooong flight mite b a little uncomfy?? Hmm... i will think of sumthin tho lol! :)
The best of luk 2 da whole lot of u goin ! Must b WEL excited ! (I'm lukin 4ward just 2 finishin skool let alone goin 2 auz!)
It must b sooooooo weird avin like "lost" ur set 2 a whole uva place. I know if our faithful old set went, i'd b like "Noooooooooooo !"
WOOO ... av finished 1 essay - yey ! Jus anuva 2 to do :( (Teachers rnt easin up, i tel ya :))
Oh wel ... nerly da hols n then i can sleep, n perhaps FINALLY go n c Shrek3 ... woop woop woop !
Wel, best b doin ma wrk ... snoooooooore ... Bye !
Luv - Sarah (thornton)

Hey John ! I was just reading your post about going to Cardiff - sounds like you had a good time, even though a damp trip
I am a Dr Who and Torchwood nut and am privileged to know a man who does some of the artwork for the DVDs, books etc. I was even more amazed when he presented me with a signed copy of a picture! Anyway, enough of that ...
Good Luck to Archie in Aussie !
And also hope everyone enjoys the long summer hols which are just around the corner!

Take care ...
Rosie (Rockateer)

JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
ARCHIE TEAM - uze r soooo lucky to be goin to astralia on wed!!!!! Good luck with ur trip!! I'm sure uze will all have an amazin time over there!! The long long flight will be well worth it, i'm sure!!!
Good luck with ur performance too ! Go out n give it ur all n show them how we rock over here in the uk!!!
Have a safe trip, and i'm sure we will all be updated how uze get on thru the rocka website!!!
Whooo hooo!! GOOD LUCK!!! ENJOY!!!!

Everyone else.... JEALOUS?!?! THOT SO!!!! (Wish i was going!!!! :))
Stuart (Peterheed)

Can you believe it, guys?? Just 2 days to go till we fly off down under !
Thank-you to beki nd rach from thornton ! (I'm sure we will have a good time :D)

Despite sitting here writing this message now, I STILL can't believe we're finally going ... the other day (in the awards ceremony, when they showed the promo dvd and then mr mulqueen started talkin) i felt lyk i was gunna cry :'(
Anyhoos, i'm really excited and gettin ready for the party now so cya soooon!
Rachael :D xx (Archbishop Thurstan)

The Hornsea School Rock Challenge Team would like to wish Archbishop Thurstan all the best with their forthcoming trip to Australia. I am sure you are in for a trip of a lifetime and will bring back some brilliant memories that will live with you for a very long time.
Be safe, have fun, and fly the flag for Rock Challenge UK!

Kind Regards,
Karen Hylton (Liaison Teacher)

Heya !
Oi, Missis Bekky n Rach ! Tut tut tut .. am apalled at u ... writin on da msg pge wen r ment 2 be doin ucas stuf!!!! lol :)
Birfday yestrday - yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey ... was soooooooo excited ... n nerly da hols, wich is even beta ! (Need sum time 2 just chill, cs av bin wrkin ma little sox off hehe!)
Orite taisha ! Hope all is well ;) n HEY John, hws u l8ly? Soz avnt bin online 4 like aggggggges ... wrk 2 b doin lol
Best b gettin bak 2 da joys of the french revolution now ... wooooo ... bt oh wel, nrly dun:)
Byeeeeee ...
Luv - Sarah (thornton) xxx

Alreet John! Hope you're ok, matee :)
Weather is looking a bit better! (Hopefully!)
Have been watching some RC performances on YouTube; was very impressed with Miltoncross's piece :)
Anyways... just spreading some Baysgarth joy!!!!!
Best of Luck and Fun to Archie in Hull... enjoy OZ!!! No doubt you will !!
Catch y'around
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth Space 07)

Pouring rain on the way down to Gloucestershire on Friday evening, got a VERY reddened face in the dazzling sun at RIAT Fairford on Saturday, then off to Cardiff (home of Dr Who and Torchwood these days :) Got slightly damp in the Cardiff Bay area but otherwise pretty good through the afternoon ... touched the Torchwood water column (I'm told that the Torchwood Three HQ is directly underneath it ? :)), looked at the Dr Who exhibition, popped in to the Millenium Hall - another Dr Who setting (where the Southampton Youth Brass Band were playing in the foyer ... don't think there were any Rock Challengers in the band, though :) and then pouring rain all the way back to Yorkshire yesterday evening
John (Editor)
ps no I'm not a nutty Dr Who / Torchwood fan but the granddaughter was with us too and she loves the Dr Who shows :))


Jul 13th

Lukin 4ward 2 breakin up 4 the summer! Hopefuli the weather wil get beta!
Hope Archie hav a gud time in oz!
Hey to taisha!
Ur mental! Can'y w8 2 do the auditions n get things goin agen!
Hi 2 Sarah!! (N hapi birthday 4 sunday!) (n 2 rachael as wel) n hapi birthday 2 bekky 4 nxt yr!
Bye 4 now ...
Luv - bekky and rachael (Thornton) xxxx
ps hi john n wendy!

Hey guys!!
Well, this time next week we will be in OZ ! Can't believe that we have all achieved so much!!
See you all on Wednesday at Freedom Centre 12pm ready for the long journey :-)

Becky W xxxx

WOOOOOOOOOO ... Miltoncross Are Just THE Best Team Ever!! Three National Awards ... Count Em!
We've Won Every Comp So BOYAH!!!
Cait Nd Tanz (MXERS!!!!!!) x x x x


Jul 11th

Wow ... a week 2day and we're off 2 oz ! I know it's gonna b ace :)
A big thanx 2 hayley, caroline, and all the rest - without you this would not have been possible

C'mon, archie !


Jul 8th

We cnt believe it - a week on wednesday and we fly off 2 aussie ! We have got 1 last rehearsal 2moro and that's it till we get there !!
Hope the weather is better in sydney than it is here ...
We're really lookin 4ward 2 everything, part frm the long, long flight
Hope the set is all there safely. Fingers crossed ... we dnt realli wanna b rebuildin it all wen we get ther ! (Hayley m's gna kill us for even thinkin that bt neva mind :)
Lv - doz nd emz (archie)
Well ... it IS Winter out there ... try THIS LINK to see the forecast, Doz and Emz, THIS LINK to see the sort of aircraft the Archie team will be leaving Manchester in, and THIS LINK to see the sort of aircraft you'll be flying from Bangkok to Sydney in :))
John (Editor)

Likewise to Sarah - havnt bin on here in ages either!!!
BIG HELLO 2 TASHA!!!!! UR SO ACE!! Was gr8 2 speak 2 ya the other day!
Hello 2 Bekky n Sarah! Am well excited - am off 2 London 2moro!!!
Neway, best b goin ... my lunch is redy!
Luv - rachael xxx

Just a quick message to say i like the whole new message-form thing. After i sent the last message i was lyk "Woo" (yeah, cos i'm strange haha :)
And a big hello to my luvly friend Taisha from ashfield... luv you to bits, hun.. see you next year!! No matter what:D
Love - Bekky xxxxx (Thornton)
Thanks for the thumbs-up on the new message form, Bekky :)
John (Editor)

Just came across this and it made me smile ... sorry :)

Life's Two Most Important Lessons:
1.) Don't tell people everything you know.
John (Editor)


Jul 7th

Phew ... finally ... got the Eastbourne, Southampton Days 1 to 4, and Belfast results up on the Tour Calendar. Many thanks to Tim for sending them to me a couple of weeks ago :)
'Tis sooo good to have the phoneline working (and the broadband connection working reliably) again !
John (Editor)

OMG ... avnt been on here in sooo long. (Da form's changed a wee bit since was last around! :)
Wel, tis gud 2 b bak. Av been on random uni open days recently. 'Twas cambridge yesterday n am shattered, but it was the 1st one widout rain! (I cnt believe it - am lukin outa ma window n ceein blue skies!!!!!! Shok horror!)
Hey 2 bekz n rach !
2nite will b fun providin i dnt doze off lol
I agree wid u, missi - i am gonna miss all ma rcka m8s soooooooo much afta nxt yr. U'll neva get rid of me, tho - i'll just keep on volunteerin :))
GTG now ... the joys of wrk lol
Luv - Sarah (thornton)

Hey John!!
My word ... your garden looks awfully wet ! We were quite lucky here in the Thornton area as we live on a hill so there was no flooding for us really :)
I can't believe it's been over a month since rocka! Next year will be brill.. my last yr though ... boohoo :(
I've made some awesome friends though, most of whom i am still in touch with, and miss terribly!! We all live so far apart:(
Well, just a quick hiya to the twins Sarah and Rach! Love you guys - see you tomoro:)

Say hi to Wendy for me, John. See you guys again next year hopefully :)
Love - Bekky!! xxxxx (Big-Cheese Thornton)


Jul 6th

Hi everyone !
Hornsea had our celebration party last night and it was ace! We watched the journey from 2002 till 2007 on video and it was really cool and then we danced a lot hehe :)
Thank-you to EVERYONE that made rocka 2007 happen ! It really has changed my life
Kaye (one of our choreographers) was so right when she said "Mrs Hylton, u are our rock in rock challenge". Without her we would never have got to where we are today
Thank-you, and see u next year !

Byee ... Jess
Oh hornsea we love u oi oi oi

Alreet John (again! :) lol Hope everything's good
My ... your garden did get a good watering ! No chance of a hosepipe ban here in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire ! Hope you're ok, buddy. As ever, looking foward to next year!
To all at Baysgarth:- the 2007 Year 11 and 6th Form ball photos are on the school website! Just like Rock Challenge, Mrs V and Mr Scruton lead the way in another great event at school ! Cheers, guys!
Anyway, the 2008 tour awaits (although plenty of time to go yet.) We have already begun formulating some ideas for next year!
All the best, guys !
(And here's hoping the new "message form" keeps working, John !!!:)
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth School Rocka 07)

I so miss Rock Challenge, and i can't wait until our next one. (I've already started thinking of themes in my head :)
I check the website every day and still (under mini pics for the St.Albans day 2) it says 'Not yet'. It's been like that for 4 months now and i was just wondering when they are going to be up ?
Bethan x
Ahhh, Bethan ... I'm sorry ... you are soooo right (and it's not just St Albans, is it)
Right:- at the moment, I'm working my way through the missing results, which arrived with me on June 25th. I'm late on those partly because I've had problems with both (a) my phoneline (which was out of action for two weeks) (probably because of all the flooding in Yorkshire) and (b) my broadband connection, which hopefully was fixed "for ever" (touch wood :) at the telephone exchange some time during yesterday.
I SHOULD finish all the missing results and get them uploaded to the website this evening.
Then I have to go through the tour calendar and make a list of the names of all the teams (and whether it was an event or a final) for which there aren't any minipics yet because Nick the Lovely Photographer has totally reorganised how he catalogues things and I can't simply say "Pics, please, for Timbuctoo Day 3" - or something like that - any more.
I'll get that list off to him during the weekend and after that will sit back to see what comes !
Once again, my sincere apologies :((
John (Editor)

It's the last day at skl for skls up here........ n it's a scorcher!!!! The sun is finally out!! Whoo hoo!!!
I went to see peterheed's skl show last nite - it was great (and it was good to see some rocka set recycled :)
Hope uze all have a great time in the hols and are ready to work hard when uz get bk. I can't WAIT to get in and help out! Sooo xcited for rocka 08!!! Whoo hooo !!
John - i'm usin the new message form for u to see if it wrks!! How'z ur garden now? Got all the water out? We have been lucky up here to miss all that !!
Happy holidays, everyone !
Stuart (peterheed)
Stuart: THANK-YOU for being the first to try out the new "Send Us a Message" page ! Seems to have worked like a dream :)
I didn't get a photo of the wilderness we call our back garden when it was at its deepest so here's a shot of it when it still had another six inches or so to rise. (That's a grandson in my wellies, venturing off down to where it started to get about two foot deep :)
John (Editor)

Hello, folks :)
The "Send Us a Message" feature hasn't been working since I moved this website over from Demon Internet to EasySpace
It's now been fixed BUT there's a small catch - it's now using an external website for processing, and they (1) present a small advert for their website forms service afterwards and (2) you have to press "Continue" to get back to Rocka
BUT ... it's (a) free and (b) SHOULD work for absolutely everyone ... unlike the old "Send Us a Message" form :)
Try it out now so that I can do some checking ? Pretty please ??? :)
John (Editor)


Jul 4th

The Be Your Best Foundation are proud to announce the results of their 2007 Rock Challenge evaluation.
4430 questionnaires were returned, 30% of those handed out.
I'm sure you'll agree that these results are extremely positive.
Best Wishes - Dave Beal (GENERAL MANAGER / STAGE MANAGER, Be Your Best Foundation)


Each participant in the 2007 UK Rock Challenge events was asked to complete a questionnaire. These were anonymous and were completed during the day of the event. 4430 questionnaires were returned.

  • 82% said that they spent 3 or more months rehearsing, with 84% spending 3 or more hours per week on their production outside of curriculum time.
  • 13% of respondents reported that they smoked before becoming involved in the Rock Challenge. Of those, 61% have stopped smoking due to their involvement. Also 27% have reduced the amount they smoke.
  • Of the respondents, 16% also reported that they drank alcohol before becoming involved in the event. Of those, 84% have stopped or reduced their alcohol intake since becoming involved in the Rock Challenge.
  • 81% of students who had used drugs before becoming involved in the Rock Challenge had now stopped or reduced their drug usage.
  • Of the respondents, 89% felt their self-esteem and teamwork skills had both improved since they became involved in the Rock Challenge.
  • Of the respondents, 14% said they had played truant from school before. Of those, 89% have stopped playing truant due to their involvement in the Rock Challenge.
  • 97% of respondents reported they enjoy school more since becoming involved in the Rock Challenge.
  • 96% also reported they have better relationships with their teachers following their involvement.
  • Of the respondents, 97% reported they have made new friends through the Rock Challenge.
  • 98.5% of respondents described the initiative as excellent or good when given the choice of excellent, good, average or poor.
There's a TINY shot of Rocka Volunteer Simon (he's the one holding a script - but only 'cos he's standing in for someone else :) in this report in the online version of Portsmouth's "The News" about the Titchfield Festival Theatre's upcoming Shakespearean season
John (Editor)


Jul 3rd

Hi all !
How's everyone enjoying the "summer"? Bit wet, isn't it !
Missing Rock Challenge like crazy even though I'm really busy at the moment! I'm stage managing "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for Titchfield Festival Theatre which opens next Thursday
. A bit nervous about that as it's been a while since I've done stage management, but on top of that I'm also rehearsing for "Merry Wives of Windsor" !! (It's supposed to be scripts down at rehearsal tonight but I still don't know my lines!)
Anyway, hope everyone is fine and dandy and that there are lots of ideas coming together already for themes for next year's tour - which I'm sure will be even more amazing than this year's was!
Simon (Volunteer) xxxx

JOHN - have u seen the advert on tv for some product called ROC ? It's supposed to change summin, n they say like "Go on - take up the ROCCHALLENGE!! Go to ROCCHALLENGE.CO.UK"
Hmmmm ... cud people maybe get confused and type in rockchallenge.co.uk ?? Let's hope so - mite get some extra publicity!!?!?
Stuart (Peterheed)

OK..so how exciting is this?? 2 weeks tomorrow we jet off to australia and the land down under!!
I'm really starting to get excited because i don't think the hugeness of this whole idea has hit me yet! I have just started to come to terms wiv it ... dat we r actually going n that it ISN'T just a crazy idea in our heads any more !
And it makes it so much more satisfying to know that we have all worked so hard to get there and that so many people have played such a massive part in it all!!! Thanks, guys!!

Hayley (a very excited archie stage crewer!!!) xxxxx


Jul 2nd

Stainburn School and Science College was awarded an Artsmark Silver Award at Preston's Charter Theatre last week. Well done, Stainburn !
Part of the work that led to the award was its Rock Challenge productions ! You can read the story here in the online version of the "Times and Star" newspaper
John (Editor)

One of the organisers of Netherhall School's first-ever entry into the Rock Challenge has become Head Girl for 2007 / 2008. Well done, Danielle !!
You can read the story here in the online version of the "Times and Star" newspaper.
John (Editor)

Oh but WHAT a relief !! Following the recent rains etc etc our phoneline went down permanently over a week ago (after several days of worsening operation after the first batch of stroms two or three weeks ago) but has JUST been repaired so I can again access the internet from home, download emails, talk to relatives etc etc (I can just see them running screaming from their houses even now :))
Our back garden was only flooded to two foot deep at its lowest point (and I've finished pumping it out :) and it missed the house (phew!)
Got all the way to RAF Waddington early Sunday morning ... JUST as they decided to cancel the airshow day (the second of the two days) because they were totally waterlogged in the carparks ... sob :(
Hope it stays fine for RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire in a couple of weeks ....
Anyone else going to be at Fairford ? Give me a wave if you are (I'll be wearing the teeshirt :)
John (Editor)


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