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Apr 25th

Hi ! It's daniel from miltoncross school
I just wanna know when the pictures and themes are going to be put on here ... i really want to see them !!!!!!!!!!!
(Themes when I receive them from the Rock Challenge crew, Daniel, and pictures when I've received the various CDs from Nick the Magic Photographer and have had time in which to process / upload them. That help ?
John - voluntary website provider / editor for UK Rocka :)

OMG OMG OMG !!! Literally a matter of hours before i leave to get on the ferry for portsmouth to go to the heats to showcase our piece as we are premier!!!!!!!!!
THANK-YOU SO SO SO MUCH TO EVERYBODY!!! Especially Mizzee, James, Kim, Sally, Lauren, Lucy, Lucy's mum!, miss segal, stagecrew, dancers, backstage, everyone !!
Eeek ! I'm so excited ! I'm in the process of trying on my pirate costume for the day!! I should really get some sleep but too excited!

Larry x

Hey !
I can't believe how great Saturday was at carlisle ! All the schools were brilliant !
Well done Southfield and best of luck in grimsby !
Haven and Bennies, we rocked ! We did both schools proud, and yeah we were definitely the loudest ! Well done gina :)
I can't wait until next year but i don't think i'll be co-hosting again .... that was much more nerve-racking than our performance !
Cya next year, crew !

Lots of love - holly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi peepz !
Ne 11 weeks til aussie ... cnt wait ! Nt lookin 4ward 2 the flight, though (nd evry 1 frm archie ... plz note - mr carr has learnt the full rolf harris cd so we "won't b bored on the aeroplane". (Ed: ohhhhhh NNNNNNOOOOOOO ! Poor you :))
Gud luck to all the skools performin in the UK ! Hope it goes well ... so far they've bin great
Lv frm all the archie crew xx

Well done to MX last night! We all rocked!
Good luck to everyone else and well done to all the people who have already performed!
*!Goodluck MX for the finals!*

xx :) xx
Nicola and Ben (MX 07)

Well done miltoncross !
Wot a day !
Got 2 get it perfect now for the finals ! Wwwoooooo !!



Tami x (Milton Cross)

Hello there !
Just avnt left a msg 4 a while so hey - thought i'd reappear ! :)
OMG ow soon is bradford! Am well hyped up - gonna b seriously fab!
Good luk 2 every1 else performin! N big shout owt 2 Antonia (buttershaw) Tom (matty humbo) Vicky, Robyn n any1 else iv 4goten (ashfield)
I so so so sooooo cannot w8 4 grimsby 2 ... gonna be fandabidozy!
Noticed that Haycliffe managed 2 get a section in the Telegraph and Argus the other nite ! Cnt remember wich tho, but hey - tis allllllll gud!
Lukin forward 2 seein all ma mexican buds on friday cos yey - shud b ther!!!! Woooo !!
- r u volunteerin 4 bradford at all?
Lotsa luv from Sarah :) (thorntoner!)

Well done to all the other schools competing last night ! You were all amazing!!!
Thanks to everyone who has helped make rock challenge 2007 so great !
Come on mx!

Hannah s

Miltoncross: You rocked last night !
My jaw dropped at the excellence of your school performance ! At no point in time could i take my eyes off the stage for 1 second. The school must be commended for this performance and your teachers must be truly proud. Well done and the best of luck in the finals !
Donna Kirk :)

A big Congratulations and Thank-You to all the Peterhead crew who turned up to help at the show last night ! You did a fantastic job of showing the parents of the school and the community just exactly what Rock Challenge is all about and just how much fun it can be !
Hopefully we'll have a huge number of new faces at auditions as a result. Get those thinking caps on and remember to bring your themes with you on Thursday!


Helloo Everyone !! =D
31 Days Till The Final =P
We're Sooooooooo Excited !! Not Long Now !
Hope You've All Been Practising - Because This Year I Think We're Going To See Some Tough Competition =P
Good Luck To You All !

Lotsa Love - Danielle & Sophie (Matthew Humberstone School) x

HI John !
Just so you know, there have been some big alterations to the bradford event, so here goes:
Day 1 now only consists of Sheldon Heath, Thornton, Central Technology College and Haycliffe (moved from day 2)
Day 2 consists of Buttershaw, Tong, Royds and Airedale
so sadly it's only 4 schools each day :-(


Apr 24th

:D 8/8 Awards Possible For Miltoncross Tonight xD
Not Bad For Our Third Year, Huh?!
Can't Wait For The Premier Finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hiya royyddsss !!!
It's only 9 days 2 go!!! Woo!!
Gud luk ... luv yaa


Wow!! Rock challenge is finally here !
I'm sooooo excited ... i can't hold it in!! I can't wait till next thursday (bradford day 2)
Good luck to all my fellow students from buttershaw high taking part in rock challenge. You have all worked sooo hard!! It's gonna be an ace night!
Also good luck to everyone else on bradford day 2!!

Lots of love - rachel xxxxx

Just got back from Germany..... We came 3rd!!!!!! :-D
Couldn't be happier! Had the greatest time EVER! Best Germany trip so far ... we have a new link school and they were the nicest people ever! They took us on a tour of Dresden and made us feel so welcome! Can't wait til next time ... and such a good time ...
Left Dresden this morning at 4am ... got home 3pm ... leaving 7.50am for portsmouth heat.... RYDE HIGH ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!!!
See you all at the guildhall tomorrow!

Kirstie (RHS Committee!) x

From Mayfield :Well done to all who performed at Rock Challenge in Carlisle !
I really enjoyed Friday night
Thanks to St Joseph's students for being so thoughtful and supportive to our students during the day.Thanks also to Stainburn who cheered us on and to Cockermouth who have always clapped and sang their hearts out for us.
The spirit of rock challenge was alive and well in Carlisle that night and I was really proud to be part of the show. This is my last rock challenge but I will be back to watch next year
PS Thanks to Mayfield Students and staff - as you all know, I will always think of you as the best!

Regards - Sue Leathers (China Girl)

Congratulations to Cockermouth and Southfield Schools for winning the Carlisle events! The standard this year was very high and I want to say congratulations to all!
Keep dancing!

Miss Havard

Wooooo !
Hey guys ! We haven't written in a while probs because we're too busy fundraising and stuff for aussi lol
A huge gd luck to all the schools competin in the london heat and a big well done to all the schools who have competed so far - u've been great!
Keep on rokin' people nd 1 last thing ... ARCHIE - we need to keep the faith because we are gonna get to aussi and it's gonna be a great experience! Woop woop !

Rach (Archie)

Heats tomorrow! Can't wait!!
Good luck to all the schools that are performing tomorrow . . . will be a great day!! Watch out for the girls in pink!
Go wavell!!!

Emma xXx (wavell arms dealers girl)

Can't wait until the heats tomorrow, guys!
Good luck to all the other schools, especially all the new schools entering. Hope you have a great day ... it's going to be great because ... it always is!
Woooh ... go Wavell =] =]

Bobbie O [[Wavell Arms Dealer Girl]] xx xx xx


Apr 23rd

Heya !
Wow ... it has all finally started to look like a piece of a rock challenge performance :):)
With only two days to go we finally have costumes and a set. It'ss a miracle :):)
I'm getting excited now!!
The day is going to be amazing. Everyone has to remember to have fun - stop worrying and enjoy the day - it's the best way to go :)
A HUGE "Well done !!!!!!" to lauren who has done an amazing job on the set in only a week
. It looks like it has taken a month. It is going to look amazing (and remember, don't look at what could go wrong!! Look at everything good :) You have got a great lot of stage crew behind you and it will be great
Also well done to lucy who stupidly managed to snap her achilles and has been on crutches for most of the pricess but has yet still been there to help us all out and get all her businessy stuff done
Kim and James - the choerography looks great. You have done so well :)
And mizzee producer - well done for attempting to keep us all on track !(I know it has been hard - we aren't that easy to look after lol!)
Well done to all the cast who have put up with long boring rehearsals and having to change their dances constantly. You have all been great and so patient!!!!
Love you all - Sally (Cowes High Team)

Rock Challenge Carlisle Day 1 Was Brill ! Loved The Atmosphere
Thank You Verry Much Miss Maria ... We Won 3 Awards !
Good Luck Too Every1 Elsee....And Well Donee!


OMG!! It's Tomorrow!!
Come On, Mx - Let's Show Them What We're Made Of
Can't Wait! Gonna Be Aweseome. From Audience To Stage, Long Time Coming But Finally! :)
Let's Have A Ball !

Hannah G xxxx (Miltoncross Premier School)

Well Excited, Guys !
Good Luck To All The Participating Schools Tomoz, I'm Sure Y'all Do Amazing... You All Have My Support =]
Milton Cross... I LOVE YOU GUYS! =P
And Priory On Wednesday, I love Some Of You Too =]
Do Well =]

Well, That's It I Guess...
Tami xxxx (Milton Cross - Premiership! Woo)

Wow - global rock in 3 days!!! Woop - i can't wait! I'm so excited ... the day is going to be amazing!!!!!!
I'd better go b4 i talk too much, but good luck to all the schools and well done to the schools that have got thru so far!!!
Lucia (cowes high!)

Well done all the Cumbrian schools in both the Carlisle events - 2 great days !
A big WELL DONE to the primary schools who showed us all how it should be done


Yes, we did it, Southfield ! WE GOT THRU!!!!!
Well done to all da ova schools - you were all amazing!!!!
Really enjoyed the whole day (and thought Westfield was brill!!! :)
Yey !!!
See u at Grimsby, Cockermouth ! We'll be cheerin u on!!

eMmA xxxxxxxxxxxx


Apr 22nd (13 messages)

Hey all!
Would just like to wish my old school - buttershaw high - the best of luck for bradford day 2! I'm sure you guys will be fabulous !!
I bet kay and the team are exhausted as always around this time of year! Well, i'll be there to support you all on the day ... how could i possibly miss it!?
HUGE good luck to Thornton Grammar too ! I'm sure your showcase at bradford will be amazing ! (Hey danika ! Be proud, babe, very proud!!!)

Big hello to John and Wendy too ... long time no speak or see!
I think it's amazing how much i still think of rock challenge, even when i'm out over the atlantic or at the other side of the world in my job! Rock Challenge, you guys are awesome! Keep up the amazing work! And see you all very soon!

James (Ex Buttershaw High)

Well done to all the schools last nite ! You wer all fab, specially the primary schools (you did so well!)
Congrats St Bennies and Whitehaven (you wer great) but very well done to Southfield and good luck to us in Grimsby

KT x

Whooo !! Back home :)
It may have been a mini-heatwave for the London Marathon but it was low cloud and rain, rain, rain in the Lake District today (and not before time, judging by the state of some of the rivers and lakes)
OK ... on with today's messages ...
John (Editor)

We've been working hard for this ... we may be a small team but let's give a massive performance!!!

Lots of love - danielle (tramp 1) X
(Danielle ... I know that trying to run a team in a 16-to-19 FE College has to be about one of the hardest ways to do Rock Challenge imaginable ... well done to you all
John (Editor)

A big shout out for Manhood Community College!
Just had our last rehearsal today and it looks wicked, - everyone has worked really hard
Looking forward to tuesday - it's going to be a great day !
Good luck to the other schools competing - can't wait to see what everyone has come up with!!


OMG i cn't say how good yesterday was ! (My throat is actually killing me lol)
I was so proud of us all at bennies n haven n so pleased we gt placed cz it was my last year :(
(I cnt believe it. No more rock challenge for me :((
(Dnt worry, i am definitely coming back next year with you on the day so we can still be the loudest school there even if i won't be living here and more :)
Thank you so much to nichola and miss ramsey for putting up with me over the years, and i'm really gona miss our practices when i move. Luv u as much as framsey luvs haribo
lol (private joke lol :)
A very very big congratulations to southfield for coming first ! You were great, as well as all the other schools there yesterday
Lots and lots of love and kisses from the really loud girl at bennies and haven who couldn't shut up all day long
Gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps TIM, TIM - GIVE US A WAVE lol xxxxxxxxxxx

A very big WELL DONE to the Cockermouth team for coming first on Friday at Carlisle - you were OUTSTANDING (this is the comment I have had said to me many times since Friday by people who were there)
As soon as I saw the rehearsal I knew we were in with a chance and once the costumes were on there was no stopping you all. You all looked great and wore your costumes well
Thanks for being so patient during the mammoth hair and make-up session, but it was worth it because the girls who were boys did look like (cow)boys! Even Ramsay felt the girls looked more manly than he did so we had to paint on more facial hair to keep him satisfied!!!
My ears are still ringing from all the screaming after the result
I'm keeping my funky pink cowboy hat ready for Grimsby. Let's hope the AS exams don't affect too many of the cast :((
Well done too to Stainburn and Firpark
I then went along to Carlisle 2 as well, and really enjoyed the night, so congratulations to Southfield, Bennies/Whitehaven and Nelson Thomlinson.
See you at Grimsby, Southfield !

Janet Wilde (aka "Wilde West Designs")

OMG what a truly wicked day friday was!!!
Well done to The Lakes, St Joes and - of course - our rivals for a million years, Stainburn!!!! You were all so good and we really didn't think we had a chance of getting into the top 3!!
Also well done to Firpark and Mayfield - you guys were so good as well. You really bring the fun to rock challenge, and I loved both your performances!
This is my last year at rock challenge (and after 5 years i really don't want to stop) but what a way to end it!!
Bring on grimsby, and i can't wait to come and watch you all next year!!!
Well done everyone!!!!

Love - Suzie xx (Cockermouth)

Congratulations to everybody who performed at Carlisle days 1 and 2. Two fantastic shows !
Thanks to Stuart and Kimberley (both ex-Peterhead) who hairdressed, face painted, stage crewed and follow-spotted for Firpark.
Thanks also to a wonderfully spirited guy from another team (whose name I cannot remember) who assisted Firpark on the second followspot: you showed the true spirit of Rock Challenge
The Firpark staff were excellent, giving up so much time and putting in so much effort, and are now well and truly hooked on the Rocka experience :)
, you did a fantastic job on the dvd (and you thought you were just coming along to assist backstage originally :))
And finally - to the pupils of Firpark Secondary School, who behaved perfectly all day and night (and that for some of you was a massive achievement in itself) and put in an excellent performance on stage at night
Oh ... Lorna and all the Peterhead crew deserve a special thank-you for lending us many of the costumes and driving to Livingston with the cow in the boot of their car! You guys Rock !
(Ed: that's a 300-miles return trip ? :))<br>Vanessa Geib

Well Done to all the schools at Carlisle Day 2 ! Your performances were great
Southfield's performance was amazing - brilliant costumes and music
Good luck for Grimsby - it's great we now have TWO Cumbrian schools representing us !

Woooooooooo ... Southfield won rock challenge 07 !
First time eva, guys, but yaz deserved it coz u wer fab!! Gud luck to evry1 for Grimsby - we can do it agen!!

Well dun ... Lurve yaz all - Ema nd Lisa xx

Only 2 days now !!!!!!!! Can't wait to show you all wat we are made of !! :)
(We are gonna rock your rock challenge socks off!!! :)
Hope everyone does well on tuesday !!!! :)
Daniel w (miltoncross school - premier showcase )

Wish we could do it all again ! U were awesome and u deserved those awards
Ssee yaz soon
Well done 2 everyone ! The last 2 days at carlise have been 2 good shows !

Lv - laura XxXx

Hellooo there! Haven't posted in AGES so thort i would come and sey hello :)
The deadline of april 27th draws near ... a mere 5 days to go - how very scary!
We still have many a thing to tweak and finish by the day but in true sandown style i do believe we will put the finishing touches on around 15 mins before we perform
Good luck to the other island schools - especially Sandham, who are performing tomorrow :D

Apart from feeling about 50 years older from the stress of running global rock i am extremely excited and proud of our team for putting in so much extra time (Including u dedicated ones yesterday making hat on the court outside :) (Ed: Sam ... explain "making hat" ... "making hay", perhaps ? :)
A special mention to my fellow student leaders and choreographers - Sophie, Rosie and Rach ! Hope you are not feeling the stress too much. (Rosie, i can't wait to see ur dressing up again this year ... for those of u who competed at either southern grand finals last yea or portsmouth day 4, i think u will remember rosie for her plastic bottom, 5ft hat and madonna b**bs! OR a gigantic spider with a bowl on her head!) (Ed: ohhhhhhh yes ! :)
Wow, i truly am writing an essay here so let's cut it short ... good luck, evry1, and see u on friday hehehee
Sam (Sandown High)

Apologies to everyone for being delayed with messages these last 2 or 3 days :(
Thank-you from Wendy and myself for two glorious days at Carlisle (and it was sooooo good to see so many old friends there too, even from as far away as Peterhead in Scotland :)
Apologies for messing up your theme on the website, Cockermouth - 'tis corrected now :)
Sunday today ... a gentle drive through part of the Lake District for us (and maybe a short stroll up a small hill somewhere too :) before the drive home ... see you all later tonight ...
John (Editor)
ps it's been a 3-Rock-Challenges week for me ... I know that 'cos I'm now wearing 3 Elastoplasts. Next comes a 4-Rock-Challenges week ... ooooer ... best buy some more :))


Apr 21st

Well done to all the schools who took part in carlisle day 2 - especially the teams who game 1st n 2nd and of course NTS who came 3rd ! Woooooooo !!!
Also - Netherhall, ur awsome n so friendly :)
Start the countdown to next year!

Fiona xxx

OMG ! I'm going to rock challenge on the 26th !! I can't wait !!!!!!!!! (I've lived, breathed and eaten rock challenge for the past 6 months :)
Shout out to my sir willam army - ramsay's gonna rock you, portmouth!
My love to anyone and everyone who is involved in rock challege!!!

Christie W xxxx

Good luck to the Ryde High School team going to Germany! (Especially Kirstie !) Have fun and rock!
Also - while I'm here - a quick "well done" to Cockermouth School ! We put our all into that performance and it paid off :)
It was a great day yesterday - had a lot of fun!
Good luck to all the schools in Carlisle day 2!!

Lv - Rachel (Cockermouth)

Heyyy everyone!!
Had such a gd dayy yesturda - it woz brill!!
Well done to stainburn, and well done to cockermouth
(we've finally found someone that can beat us lol :))
Gud luk for grimsby, cockermouth!
Gud luk to southfield for tonight - fingers crossed !
Hope to see you all again next rock challenge !!

Love - beth (mortal crew) xx

Hey !
Well done to evry 1 who was at carlisle day 1 last nite ! It was a brill day!!
Well done stainburn - 2nd, and 3 awards - woo!!!
Gd luck to southfield for today!!

Good luck, Portsmouth College, with your first-ever Rock Challenge performance. Have a fab day on Thursday
Tracey M x


Everyone was amazing yesterday. Stainburn and st joes - u guys rocked, and firpark and mayfield.... we were all rootin for ya
Hope today is just as good !
Bye bye, rock challenge ...

Sam (student leader, cockermouth)

NAAAArgh from all the St Aidan's Pirates at Carlisle Day One !
A biggy up from Captain Betty to the St Aidan's Motley Crew for showing the Best Choreography so well. You were SHIP SHAPE and BRISTOL FASHION!!!
Thanks to all the other teams for a Brilliant Day at Carlisle !

Mrs Boothman

Only 2 Days Till Portsmouth Day 2! Actually Can't Wait Now, It's Gonna Be Awesome !
Come On, Miltoncross ! Let's Show Everyone What We're Made Of
Good Luck To Everyone Competing On Tuesday :)
Hannah G - (Miltoncross Premier School) xxx

I really thought that stainburn were excellent today but Cockermouth beat them to the post with their flawless performance. It was definitely a close one
Well done to everyone - you are all champions !

Stainburn can now not say that they are undefeated. They have strong competition and i cannot wait for next year's rock challenge to see what they both bring to the table. (Cockermouth were definitely the louder team though! My ears are buzzing! :)


I cannot believe it. COCKERMOUTH WINS! I am so proud of them all and couldnt imagine helping at any other school. You truly all earned it!
Grimsby, here we come !

Like the judges said.. it was something that could definitely be seen on a west end stage! You are so professional!
Love you all !
Now ... let's get practising (and get those costumes back in!)
Not so much looking forward to ANOTHER 6 hrs non-stop doing hair ... but it's worth it!

Emma (volunteer - costume and hair)


Apr 20th

Good luck to the wonderful bennies and haven team who will be shining on stage carlisle day2 !!!
This year's dance is awesome and considering you've been rehearsing for only 8 weeks i think you should be very proud and i'm very proud of you all!!
Hope all runs smoothly for our local teams at carlisle day2!! See you tomorrow, john, bright and early!!!
Good luck to all the other schools competing tomorrow!!
Love - natasha (bennies and haven ex student current volunteer) x x x


Apr 19th


Hello there
Just a relatively quick message 2 say WOW how gr8 is thornton lukin!
Hehe - am wel excited now ... i luv it wen it all comes 2geva! It's all lukin so good, probs our best eva!!!!
N howdy 2 all ma mexican buddies ! I found a sombrero (if dat's ow u spell it!) in Mr Sheil's room so we're all set! lol
Must b goin now ... gt about a billion essays 2 write n av 2 do them b4 i go 2 c ma mexican buddy 2moz! lol
Totally can't w8 4 grimsby! 4 one - i get 2 c all my buds, 2 - itl b an ace day, 3 - it'll mean exams r over 4 anuva year - yey!
I luuuurv rocka ... woopeeeeeeee!

Luv - sarah :) (thornton)

Hey all. Just like to say good luck on Tuesday in Portsmouth. I'm going there for Manhood woop woop. Gonna be great. Hehe. And hope you all have a good time - i know i will!!
Hope we win. Lmao!!
So yeah, man - good luck and have fun!!!!

OMG ... 1 day till rock challenge! We can't wait ! (U shud c our banner hee hee!!!!!!)
Gd luck to evryone - it's gna b gr8!!!
xxxx Come on, Southfield - let's show em hu's boss !
Emma and Laura ! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Can't wait till tomorra. but for today we wanna wish Beckstone Primary good luck!!! (Especially lal kirsten lol.)
Laura n Emma xxxxx

Hiya royds!!!=D
14 days 2 go til bradford - woo!!
Gud luk !

Luv - Jess XX

Firpark would like to wish everybody at Carlisle the best of luck. We are all hyper and despite a last minute hitch (would not be Rock Challenge without one!) we can not wait

Heya every1!!!! Espesh Bekky r Mexican companion!!
Just wanted 2 say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEKKY!!!! :D Hope u had a reali gr8 day!
Well, Thornton's performance looks even betta this yr! It's lukin reali gud!
Big HELLO 2 all of r Ashfield buddies - luk 4ward 2 seein u at Grimsby!
Also hello 2 Tom frm Matthew Humbo ! Sori u cudn't go 2 new york (so i hear) but hey, u get 2 c us lot at Grimsby!

Well, best b goin now ... tea time! Yum! :)
Frm the thornton twinnies


Apr 19th

Hi all
Just a quick query. Anyone know when the tickets for Northern Finals go on general sale? I know it'll be the middle of May but does anyone know the date?
Lorna (Peterhead)

Hey !
I'm sooo excited ! Carlisle day 1 tomora - woop woop!!!
Come on, stainburn - let's show them why we're undefeated!!!!!!!
Gd luk to evry1 else ! I cnt wait to see all the performances - woooo!!!

I am a member of Cowes High School and I am really excited about this year's Global Rock Challenge entry. Yet again we have created a stunning and breathtaking display with our school students.
I can tell this year is going excellent because this is our best performance yet. The competition should be no match to our Cowes High entry.
Look forward to seeing the finished piece on the day

Ahhhhhh ... sitting in the sun outside the Nottingham Playhouse theatre at a restaurant table, cappucino with a chocolate topping just by me, laptop open and wireless-connected to the internet ... what could be better !
John (Editor :)

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Carlisle tomorrow ... cannot wait !!
Lauren, Liz, Stacey, Rachel and I will be having our final meeting tonight to make sure everything goes smoothly 2moro. Cockermouth - be on your best behaviour
Wanna wish all schools 2moro best of luck - u will all be amazing ! Big shout goes to mayfield and firpark ... cockermouth will be cheering loads for ya
Let's Go, Cockermouth - give em the ol' razzle dazzle, razzle dazzle em. Haha :)
Only one more sleep.....

Sam, the chirpy student leader at Cockermouth

Westfield - what an awesome dress rehearsal !
U r superstars ! Keep up all the good work


Onli 1 day to go, stainburn!!!
We've all worked so hard n it's gonna b a great day!!

Also wanna say gd luck to southfield for saturday as well.... specially to damon as i luv im loads!!!
Jenna (stainburn)


Apr 18th

Ed: 'tis 10pm and I'm about to close down the little laptop and head down the motorway from Yorkshire to Nottingham, ready for tomorrow's event. Straight after tomorrow's evening show I'm hitting the night roads again, this time for two days at Carlisle. Messages may thus be erratic over the next few days ... but there WAS wireless broadband in Carlisle last year so Friday / Saturday should be good. Just Nottingham may be a problem.
ps loved Malet Lambert's production of "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" tonight - thanks for letting us know about it, Gemma ! :)

Hello everyone ! Haven't wrote on here for a while - don't worry tho ... iv still been on checkin how all th events are going!!
From the messaages sounds like everyone's havin a brill time n some great performances!! Well done everyone!!
Whoo hoo ! Just packin my stuff cuz i'm leavin straight after wrk 2moro to travel to glasgow where we're meetin geibo, then travellin with firpark to carslile on sat to help them out with their 1st rocka entry. It's really xciting - can't wait!!
Good luck everyone for carlisle on fri and espesh FIRPARK ! I'm sure uz will be amazin - can't wait to see it!!!

Stuart (Peterheed)

Hello Amy and Jen at Longcroft in Beverley !
Cheers for the message, guys ! I'm pleased you like our astronauts (I hope you weren't joking!) Great to see other schools supporting each other!
Best of luck for the Prem Final in May - YOUR performance quality was EXCELLENT. I hope somebody from the "Humberside" area does well again like Archie did in 2006 !

We were really pleased with our performance and enjoyed watching the performances back on the Widescreen DVD - Very Proud!
"Ta a lot" (as they say!) to Amy and Jen. Thank-you again for your kind comments, and all the best to you and your team for the final!
Best of Luck to all at Nottingham!

See y'all - Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth Astronauts)

Come on Stainburn!!!
Good luck to all the other schools too !!!
Can't wait !

Amie n Beth xxxxxxxxx

Grimsby Rock Challenge 2007 -
- we love the baysgarth astronauts!
Heck yes ! :)

Love - Amy & Jen (Longcroft School) x

THORNTON - thank you so much ! Monday u took on board what was said and you all looked fantastic!!!!
The set looks great - and it works so well (and that's without the wheels! Well done, stage crew!!!)
The costumes are all fab - Paige, you look extra special but don't forget to breath in!!!!!! Ha!
The finale has given me nightmares but i had absolutely nothing to worry about on Monday - you guys make it look so so easy!!!!
REALLY PROUD of you all ! You all look very amazing and have a fantastic piece!
See you Friday ...

Danika x x x x x x


Apr 17th

GUYS AT MX!!! We were so amazing last year and this year we can do even better! We have all worked so hard and we only have a week to go!
Can we work even harder? I think we can!
Good luck to all the schools competing on the 24th of april ! We will see you there!!!

Em, Revolving Crowd (Miltoncross - premier school!)

Hiya guys !
Woo - rocka's hit so quickly ! One minute it was three weeks away then we went off for two weeks easter hols and suddenly we're back and it's ONLY EIGHT DAYS AWAY - EXCITEMENT!!! Can't actually w8 - i'm so hyped !
As a team we are so proud of our piece and so happy that it has come together and we have something to call our own
Anyways, betta go, otherwise wud actually talk about the excitement all day lol!
Luvyaz ! Luv - Luce (Cowes High Production Team)

Well done - yaz have tried so hard ... loves yaz all 2 bits
  • 2000 -1st place
  • 2001 -1st place
  • 2002 -1st place
  • 2003 -1st place
  • 2005 -year of rest
  • 2006 - 1st place
      2007 -well, we'll just have 2 wait and see but let's keeps up the routine, guys ! You have all tried so hard
      Lau xXxXxXxX

      Good luck to everyone from Cockermouth for Friday ! You will be brill as always !
      Gutted i'm gonna be missing it. Have Fun!

      Stephanie (ex Cockermouth performer)

      Hey all you rockin rockas!!!! It's kirslte n adwoode from John Smeaton in Leeds (ex students), wishin u all the best of luck in global rock !
      Hope u have a wicked time coz we know we all did!!! Esp good luck to buttershaw!!!!
      Smeaton will be back soon

      Kirstle n adwoode x

      Hi all ! Davey, Patsy and Josie here, just wishing all the other schools luck !
      Can't wait for the atmosphere on the day - it's gonna be a cracker !
      Biggin up all the schools from Leigh Park that have entered
      See you all soon .....

      Hey everyone!
      3 days till the big day|! good luck - we gonna be fab!
      Sooooooo excited ... our dress rehearsal 2day
      Can't wait till friday! Can't wait to see evry1 perform again!

      Lots of love - helen n mary! (cockermouth !) xxxxxxx


      Apr 16th (6 messages)

      Following the fantastic sucess achieved by mx last year, i am really looking forward to another superb show. You have all been working soooooo hard again this year and i am sure you will do us proud. go mx go !
      An excited parent from a town called malice

      The atmosphere at the Grimsby Auditorium on March 30th was fantastic all day and all the schools really "rocked the house". Well done to everyone who took part - the competition was really strong - but a special well done to Lindsey School and good luck in the open final when it comes!
      I was really proud of Hornsea School in their showcase performance: proud of how the Hornsea team worked together and really pulled out all the stops when it mattered. The support of the more experienced team members really helped the newer faces in the team and is just one of many reasons why your performance in the evening was so strong.
      Good luck at the premier final and well done for winning student leadership and 5 premier awards of excellence - those involved know who they are and also know why I nominated them.
      Sorry it has taken so long to write but I was lucky enough to jet off abroad straight after the event and only got back yesterday!!! (Feeling a great deal more relaxed than before I went! :)
      Kind Regards - Karen Hylton (Hornsea)

      Heya~! It's lucia here from cowes high!!!
      Thank-you to all the people running the cowes lot this year; you are all fab, you're doing a gr8 job and i love you all!! Also good luck to all the schools taking part in global rock this year, plus a huge "Congratulations!" to mrs seagull xxx

      10 days 2 go till portsmouth day 4 and i can't wait !
      Good luck to every1 from bridgemary


      Hello ! This is natalie, megan, ben and kim from wavell school :)
      A big good luck to all the schools competing this year! We hope you all enjoy yourselves !
      See you there, good luck practising, and let the best school win!


      Yeaaaah ... Cowes !
      Wicked Cool
      Keep vibin' off the global rockage

      Mizwahhhhh (Cowes High Massiv)


      Apr 15th

      GO COWES!!
      Our rocka piece is going well (i would say :)
      Can't wait till the day next week! EEK! it's going to be so fun!! Good luck to all the schools, and especially to fellow island school ryde with upper chine!!! Hope you guys win as we can't (because we're premier!!)
      xx Larry - (Cowes High premier!!) xx

      Judgement Day for Cockermouth in less than a week..... what will it be?
      Make it happen, Cockermouth ...
      2007 is our year !


      Apr 14th

      OMG!!! I can't actually believe that rock chl is in 1 week ! I am propa hyper alredi
      This is my final year in rck chal :(
      but it's gonna b the best cz iv gt a sidekick this year. That's right - FINALLY my little brother richard can do it ... but it's his first and last year as well :(
      If the schools in newcastle actually had rock challenge we myt b able t do it wen we move, bt they don't
      Anyway, can't wait t see all the other schools this year
      and especially the results, n don't worry, you'll know who we r - just listen for hooters, whistles and ME lol
      Love you all in the BENNIES AND HAVEN CREW - definitely can't wait !
      Lots of love - anig (gina xxxxxxxx)

      Hey hey hey - it's kelly ere, jus wantin 2 say i tought ashfield was fab omg dey were so good it was amazing their backround lol
      An i liked the ship in gurls model - was class lol - an i really liked little flowers as their's was rele sad ... i liked the wings an their cheerleading outfit
      Carrick, ur dance was gud but i liked ashfield da best
      Gud luck 2 all in final :D:D:D:D


      Apr 13th

      Hello ! Hope you are all having a fab holiday!!!
      Can't wait to get rehearsing again - the heat was such an immense day!!! - but the finals will come round soon enough :)
      Good luck to all schools yet to compete !

      Love - Darryl (hornsea)

      Hi John!
      Just to let you know that Baysgarth have had three small articles published in the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph since the heat in Grimsby. I'm not sure if these are on their website, but if you google the website you may be able to find some references. I have saved all the cuttings as a memory of 2007!
      Hope all is well, young man ! (Yes - that's you, John!) and that those waiting to perform are looking foward to it! You lucky ones who have heats in April and May have LOADS of time to prepare! No Pressure then!
      The very best of luck to everyone!

      It now seems AGES since we were at Grimsby on March the 30th, and we're back at school on Tuesday! How depressing! Not long to GCSE exams either! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH ! :)
      All the best !
      Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth Starship Troopers)
      (Ed: Hi Jack ... searching their website didn't work for me, neither in IE6 nor in Firefox nor in Mozilla ... hmmmmm :((

      ONLY 10 DAYS NOW !!!!!!!!!
      Daniel (miltoncross - premier school)


      Apr 11th

      Hey there! Vicki from Ashfield ( the Cool Russian with Partner on stage ;)
      Well, what can i say.. another amazing year for the Waterfront ! Each school was amazing!
      Well done to all the schools that were competing and a big well done to the Girls' Model! Youz were awesome ! (And a big hello to Emma and Nichola from that school.. you guys were complete Legends!)
      Good luck to Girls' Model and St.Louise's for Finals!
      Ashfield... so proud :D Everyone gave their best.. Great team work as well
      Had a great day :D

      Vix x


      Apr 9th

      Just a quick (but slightly delayed) HAPPY EASTER! Hope you have all had a good hol so far and have been relaxing ready for the day of rehearsals .........

      please please DON'T FORGET!!!

      We will be busy in school wed/thurs/fri this week - prob in the drama studio or under school - if any of you want to help with the rest of the set or costumes
      The piece is looking fantastic so far and i keep looking over the rehearsal footage and the only thing we need to do more of now is just pure performance!!
      Well done, guys - you all look really great!!!!!!!
      See you all on Monday or sometime this week if you want to lend a hand (painting James' box of rest - urgh!) lol!
      ALL the best for the rest of the schools still to perform

      Love - Danika (Thornton) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Hey Royds!!!
      OMG ... we're performing in 24 days ... arrghhh lol !!! :):)

      Gdgd job it's going soo well ... hope we do just as gd as last year (if not betta, hopefully !! :)
      Keep smiling :D We're gonna rock socks !!!!! lol
      Gdgd luk every1!!
      :) :D Luv - Jess :) :D


      Apr 8th

      John (Editor :)

      G'day John & all
      Anyone on portsmouth day 3 should bring earplugs as the purbrook park sambistas are going to be the loudest people there. 20 drums being hit full power, so all beware!!! Its gonna be a cracker (but it's annoying for rehearsals as i have to tune the drums at 7:30 every morning ... argh ... headache :)
      See you soon - Davey (Rockateer & Ex Park Community)

      Just thought I would say a big congrats to Peterhead's Liason pupil Mhairi Greig for being awarded the Lions Club award for service to the school community for her work to rock challenge at the school's prizegiving. She put in a lot of work towards their performance and she really deserved it! Well done!!
      Lynne (Ex-Peterhead team member and Mhairi's big sis!)

      Hey john !
      Sorry i haven't been able to keep up to date much since the Aberdeen event but I'm currently in basingstoke
      Hopefully i'm going to make all the portsmouth AND carlisle events
      Congrats to all the schools who have already performed and good luck to all that are still to perform

      Lesley-Ann xx (Volunteer)

      Well done 2 st louise's specialist college!!! Woo hoo, u wer great, really fantastic at the waterfront hall :)
      Can't wait until grimsby - u know we're gonna win!!!!
      Good luck and a really big well done!!! Dance rocks !!!!!!!!!!
      xxx Fionnuala xxx


      Apr 7th

      Longcroft are brilliant!!! The best performance i have ever seen!

      17 days now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait !
      It's coming very quickly :)
      It's gonna be soooo fun - i can't wait !
      Sooo excited !

      I love it when we watch the others practise on the day and we do ours ... some of the other schools last year made a cheer for us which went..... "mx" (clap clap clap)
      17 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Daniel w (miltoncross premier school)

      Apr 6th

      Big well done to *ASHFIELD GURLS* ! We realli did *ROcK iT* on the stage at the waterfront * well done tu all d gurls *!!
      Cnt waitt until grimsby noww .. watchh out, ashfield r comin bkk
      C yaz after easter :)

      Amy xxxx

      Hey everyone! Its Alex from Carrickfergus Grammar!
      I'd just like to say a huge well done to all the schools competing on Tuesday - everyone did so well!!
      All the pupils of the grammar had a great day and we're hoping to convince the school to let us enter next year as well!!
      Good luck in the final, Girls Model!! :D


      Just a big big big thank-yooh to olivia hu helped us through rock challenge an we never wud av made it this far an done this well without her - thanks :D:D
      A thank-yooh to our back stage crew an mr caldwell hu did our scenery - thanks !

      Dear John
      Some time after 7.30pm I dropped my mobile phone in the sports hall area at Grimsby on Friday. I know someone must have picked it up as it has been used since (and I have now blocked it.)
      Is there any way you could put out a message asking for its return to Grimsby?
      And also ... when I unpacked our costumes I found one from another school in amongst ours. It is a white lycra dress with a net trim. I remember seeing children dressed in these costumes but do not know which school they were from ... they were possibly the school changing next to us in the sports hall. (Us being HORNSEA :)
      Thanks for your help !
      Kathy Webb
      I'll get both these messages out to the newsy-email readers too, Kathy
      John (Editor)


      Apr 5th

      Hey every one - it's annemarie from little flower
      Congrats to gurls model
      Everyone did their best - everyone was brilliant!!:D

      I think we done great even though it was our second year there
      xXxAnne MariexXx

      Well done to Girls Model and good luck in the finals !
      Also a a BIG good luck to Ashfield Girls for the premier finals - uze will be super as always!! All the best!
      Also gd luck to St Louise's as well !
      All the best, people

      Hello All! Just spreading some BAYSGARTH cheer about the place! :)
      Well Done to Belfast Model Girls School, by the way ! Congratulations to you all...
      Just doing some GCSE Graphics at the moment ... painful! (Having a break, as you can tell! :)
      Ground control to the SPACEMEN... "We await the score and results sheet !"
      Cap'n Jack of the MIGHTY BAYSGARTH


      Apr 4th (12 messages)

      Well Done, Belfast Model School For Girls!
      Ladies, you gave the 110% you were asked for - really proud of you all

      Little Flower and Carrick BRILL!
      Good luck to everyone taking part Friday and Saturday in the Grimsby finals !
      Let's Go Model! Let's Go!
      See you after Easter!

      Mrs. Willis

      Brilliant, lindsey ! Wot a day =D
      Well done to all the other schools ! There wasn't a bad performance
      Am looking forward to the finals :)

      (So watch out when you come to grimsby again ... lindsey will be waitin)
      JT (the lindsey school)

      Everyone at Ryde is soooo excited!!! WOOOOOO YEAH!!! RYDE HIGH ROCK THE HOUSE!!!

      Kirstie (RHS committee baby!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Well done to the GIRLS MODEL!! We were just fantastic!! Well done everyone, you all worked so hard... we worked TOEGTHER AS ONE!!!
      Well done to all the other schools ! You were brilliant!!
      Good luck to ASHFIELD and ST LOUISE'S at Grimsby at their final!
      Well, girls, guess what?? WE ARE GOIN TO GRIMSBY!!! WATCH OUT - GIRLS MODEL IS ABOUT!!!
      Roll on the 25th May!! LET'S GO, MODEL, LET'S MODEL!!

      Robyn (Girls Model)

      HeYyYy PeEpS !
      LeT's gO LiTtLe fLoWeR LeT's gOo :D
      Orlaigh n Cher here frm da flower :)
      Well done to all da other performers last nite and well done to Belfast Model - yaz wer brill. Good Luk for Grimsby - yaz wil do gr8 :D
      Little Flower Power HEHE!!!!!!!!
      XXXXX Orlaigh n Cheridan XXXXX

      Love - dan w (miltoncross - premier school)
      20 days until showcase ! Yey - well gonna be good :)
      Dan x

      Hey ! It's Minnie, Fern and Emma!!
      Still can't believe we won! Can't wait till the final!!
      Hope everyone is ready for the rehearsals after the holidays! Rehearsals till eight, guys........... only joking!!! (Everybody has done really well so far!!)

      Thanks to danny and your friend for coming to support us - i heard the air horn!
      Well done to all the other schools - you were great!
      Just remember D to the riffield (or should i say iled)
      Can't wait to get started again !
      Bye ... min em and fernie (Driffield) x x x x x x x x x x

      Go Vicki Y from ashfield!! I know you rocked last night!
      Can't wait for 51 days!! Then i get to see you again in grimsby!!
      Can't wait to get back rehearsing - it's all coming together quickly now!!
      Can't wait to See Everyone!!:P Luv You Twinnies

      Luv - Bekky (Thornton) xxxxx

      Well Done Little Flower! You did yourselves and the school proud! I'm so proud of you all!
      Congratulations, Belfast Girls Model, and Good Luck for the final! You were great!!

      Olivia x

      ARCHIE !!
      A huge well done for Friday night!!! We couldn't have hoped for the evening to have gone any better than it did. The performances were spectacular!!!
      We welcome Liam ("Billy Elliot" :) to our very special team!! You really mixed very well with the VIPs and did Archie proud. Everybody thought you were fantastic, and many of the guests were quite emotional after you performed.
      It's amazing how far we have come and it's not over yet!! We raised in the region of £12,000 on Friday night. Just another £35,000 to go and we will be on that plane to OZ. Can't wait!!!!!
      We are so proud of each and every one of you!!!
      Big Love
      Mrs B xxxx

      What an incredible night! I just can't describe how proud I am of all my girls and my team! Nine awards including the big win! Absolutely unbelievable! Well done everyone !!
      Now have a really relaxing Easter break... coz we'll be back soon enough to rehearse for GRIMSBY!!! WE'RE IN THE FINAL, GIRLS! WOOHOO!
      "PROUD OR WHAT ??!!!"

      Miss Willis

      O WAT A NITE!!! :)
      ASHFIELD, i was there last nite supporting ya all and you really did me proud, u def did........ ROCK IT!!!
      Well done also to GIRLS MODEL ! U were fab n deserved 2 win!!
      xx Justine (ex-Ashfield) xx


      Apr 3rd (8 messages)

      OMG... The Time Is Approching Very Quick Now... Only 20 Something Days =S
      I'm Scared That My Scarf Will Come Off, Or My Material Will Fall Down, Or I Will Fall Off The Stairs Or I Will Do Something Bad =S
      Oh Well ...
      Well Done/Good Luck To All The Teams And Schools Participating...

      Love You All =]
      Tami xxx

      Hello everyone! Thom from ryde high school's committee (Y) just to say i'm getting so excited now about germany and the heats :D
      Only 15 days until we go to dresden to compete and then we get back on the 24th and perform in the heat at portsmouth on the 25th - gonna be so tired but i'm soo excited!

      Also just want to say that the committee are sooo proud of everyone at ryde and think it looks amazing! It's pretty different to what we usually do but hopefully will be a good change :)
      Whilst i'm here i might as well say how amazed i am at forelands middle school on the island as well for how chuffing immense they're looking atm. I love being in charge of two schools coz then i get to see two different performances on the day and everyone makes me so proud!! Thank-you so much (Y)
      I have been browsing the pics on here too and everyone this year looks outstanding and i think that it's gonna be an amazing year this year (Y) I'm gonna try and watch the premiers to see the schools we were up against last year and the new schools
      Well done to everyone who has already competed and good luck to everyone who is still waiting the big day! I know how hard everyone works and i'm sure everything will be awesome (Y)
      I can't wait - germany on the 23rd and portsmouth on the 25th :)
      THOM X

      Hhhiii! Jus getting ready to go to the waterfront hall to see Ashfield perform!! Can't wait! :D
      This is my first year not doing it n i reali miss it but i'm looking forward to be wowed by all the performances!
      Good luck to all at belfast!

      Christine (Ashfield) xo


      Hiya !
      Well done to everyone who took part in the rock challenge at Grimsby auditorium ! You all did great!
      Sophie p. from De-Aston XxXxXx

      Had an excellent day on Friday at Grimsby. Loved all the performances - a big congrats to all who took part !
      Just like to say well done to all the pupils and staff involved from LINDSEY and a big thank you from JACKO!!!!
      Thanks for all the kind comments on this message page, especially from HORNSEA - much appreciated !
      Finals - here we come!

      From MRS J and MR B

      Longcroft Longcroft Longcroft, I have NEVER been so proud!
      Thank-you for working so hard and believing in yourselves! Although sometimes Bhuyan and I feel like we are bashing our heads, you always deliver - and this time more than we could ever imagine
      It's now Tuesday and i am still as high as a kite ! We were not even part of the competition and already i am ecstatic in what we have achieved ! What a level of concentration - I just can't believe it - and yes, i shed a tear!
      Thank-you for making our job so worthwhile!
      Anyway, enough of all those soft sentiments :)
      Have a good Easter and see you for rehearsals for the Evening of Dance!!!
      Love to you all

      x Miss Mac x

      What a good day it was at the GRIMSBY HEAT !
      Well done to lindsey for getting through to the open final :)
      Can't wait to see all schools competing in the NORTHERN PREMIER FINAL



      Apr 2nd (10 messages)

      Hi guys
      Just (10.55pm Monday) uploaded the "Brid at Hull" minipics
      I don't as yet have either the Hull or the Grimsby ones
      John (Editor)

      JENNY & LIVIAA FROM LONGCROFT SCHOOL SAY "Our airhorns are better than yours !"
      See you in the premier finals!
      Jenny and Livi :)

      Hi dudes =D
      All excited for the waterfront 2moro ... aaahh, can't wait!!
      Good luck to all the schools that wil be there 2moro - all the best !
      We couldn't leave a message on this without sayin something about my team - THE one and only ashfield girls' !! We want to say a big thnx to all the ones hu have helped - all the teachers, pupils and the watson family :D
      Come on, Ashfield, and "LET'S ROCK IT" !

      Lizi, Kerry, Nadz, Lori-Anne and Leah

      To all our brilliant team - GO and ROCK!!!!
      St. Louise's, it's time to show that there is no real "power" without the "passion"!!!
      "Love youz all"

      Mrs Nelson xoxoxoxoxo
      PS Looking forward to meeting all the other schools - hopefully we will all have a great day together!

      Hello !
      Well done to everyone who performed on wednesday 8th march at Hull ! It was brilliant !!
      Shame howden school didn't win but i still thought it was good :)
      Fanx, frosty, 4 all the hard work u put into it n all da practises we did lol. It was really good fun and I loved it :)

      Ven x

      All the best to Ashfield Girls' 2mro night x

      A massive "GOOD LUCK" to all the girls at Little Flower School, Belfast. I know you have been working really hard and are just so excited about the big, live performance tomorrow!
      I can't wait to see it! Enjoy your big night!


      Hi everyone ! It's some of the girls from ashfield girls' high school! :D
      How youz all doin??
      Aaahhh ... not long till the waterfront now is it !? (Or even the premier in grimsby!)
      Hope all the schools r wrkin extra hard and doing the best they can!
      Good luck to all the schools tomorrow in the waterfront and see youz all there! x

      Good luck to Ashfield Girls' for 2mro!!
      You be super brilliant like always
      All the best!!

      Come on the Ashfield Girlies!!

      Hiya hunni (Laura) ! Loving "Grease" lol
      Well done to driff - hope the finals go well!!!
      I'm loving your sparkly dress lol (well, chris likes it hehe :) Let's hope monday's show goes better!!! Still, no-one can beat my yellow dress and my hand-jive dress :)
      Can't wait till auzzi ... archie, we're getting there ... WELL DONE FOR FRIDAY NIGHT - VERY VERY SUCCESFUL !
      Love you all - mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      Rosie poosie xxxx

      Massive thanks to Mrs Cook of Matthew Humberstone and Cap'n Jack of Baysgarth for alerting me to this page on the website of the Grimsby Telegraph newspaper
      When you get there, click on "click here to launch the video console" and - after it has opened - click on "Lifestyle Rock Challenge" to see the Telegraph's short collection of mostly very brief edited highlights from the evening show on Friday
      John (Editor :)


      Apr 1st (13 messages)

      Ahhh ... back home at just after midnight Sunday night / Monday morning... drove straight down to London immediately after the show at Grimsby on Friday evening and managed only one dialup access all weekend ... soooooo good to get home to broadband again and do some catching-up :))
      John (Editor)

      I would just like to send a message to all our Baysgarth Rock Challenge Team because I won't see you until after the holidays...
      Thank-you for such a fantastic day ! It was the best RC day yet and it filled so many of us with pride to see you give your best performance ! Wait until you see Amy's fantastic DVD - it made me cry!!
      Remember we live to dance another day and PJS and I have already got ideas for next year - so some of you'd better make sure you don't run off to John Leggott college 'cos you will miss out!
      Have a lovely restful Easter

      Love - Mrs V x
      PS A thank you goes out to all the Rock Challenge crew who were just fantastic with our students

      Yaaaayyyy! It's Ellie from Hornsea...
      Friday at Grimsby was amazing! It's my fourth year in Rock Challenge and I think this was definitely the loudest and most exciting showcase for Hornsea!!
      Well done to all the schools who were competing - you were aalll great - and congrats to Lindsey: good luck in the final! It was also great to see the other prem schools who were also ace!

      I want to say a huuuge well done to Hornseaaaa!!! I know lotsa people were nervous about the costume change (including me ! :) but everything went smoothly, and it was such a huge buzz to be on stage with everyone in blue and white in the finale! There's quite a lot of first-time rockas in our team this year and I hope you all enjoyed it!! I can't wait to do it all over again in may :D
      Massive thank-you to everyone who makes rock challenge possible for hornsea school... mrs webb
      and her great costumes, luke for building the amazing set and dianne for her amazing artwork on it, sally for her beautiful make-up and to everyone else who helped with make-up and hair, mrs taylor, miss smith and miss wood for all their support through the day, Mr Hylton for helping choose the soundtrack which takes hours and is aalllways great, Molly for doing all the lighting, kaye, aaron, lottie and sophie for the ace routines, and of course Mrs Hylton, who holds the whole thing together and without whom it all wouldn't be possible! I hope we did you proud on friday!
      Well, I think I've ranted on for long enough now - just want to say a final well done to everyone at Hornsea - wooooooo!!!
      Lotsa love - ellie xxxxxxx
      ps. me, sophie and jess left a note in the telegram box on friday, but it didn't get read out so i'll say it here instead... The hooter guy in the Longcroft stage crew has the most amazing hair ever!!! It's just like...wow!!! :D

      Good Luck to my old school ASHFIELD GIRLS'
      I can't wait to go and watch your amazing performance
      Watch out everyone - ASHFIELD are coming!!!
      Love - Sarah xox

      Well done Baysy. You deserved 2nd (and even 1st) from where i was sat!
      Well done SV and PJS (if you read this). You should be proud of yourselves and your students
      I was sitting in the gods and it looked amazing. The "Is there anybody out there?" worked and the woman sat near me who supported De Aston even thought it was great!
      Well done everyone who is still in the shower getting rid of bucket-loads of hair-spray and hair-dye ... you deserve medals
      All the awards were completely and utterly deserved and the performance made me proud to say "I'm supporting Baysgarth" !
      You will come 1st next year!
      Rach Bowesy (baysy)

      I've bin watchin RC 4 4 yrs now n still avent taken part but I will do next yr!
      Go Baysgarth
      - ur t best!

      Well done to Lindsey for winning :D
      Rose from Archie -
      grease AGAIN tonight ! (I know you are jealous of my sparkly dress ... ermmm ... NO ! :)
      It's ok though cause you get the lovely yellow cardigan lol
      Love - Laura (Driff)

      Still cannot get over the fact we won ! What an awesome day (even tho i didn't arrive till 3!)
      Our concept and whole performance this year is great
      Well done to all the other skools who competed!


      WOW! Thank-you all so much for all the effort put into our showcase on friday. Everyone put all they had into it. It was absolutely fantastic - not just the dancers but the stage crew and all the costume and make-up people ... couldn't have done it without you
      Well done to all the schools competing - you were all amazing ! Can't wait till the final
      . Come on, hornsea :):)
      Love you all - Lottie x

      Wow ! Friday was fantastic ! I cnt stop dreaming about it lol!!! Thanks for such a great day - well done to everyone!!!
      I'm so proud of all the hornsea dancers - you were all amazing !
      I cnt wait until the final in may now!!!

      See you all again soon ... love ya all ... rocking forever - kaye xxxxxxxxxxx
      1, 2, 3, 4... hornsea scream if you want some more.....

      Grimsby! :O
      I loved it!!!
      Well done to Lindsey school for getting into the Northern Final - you were ace!! (So were all the other schools! :)
      • Thank you to mrs webb= costumes
      • Thank you to Sally Richardson and crew for makeup!
      • Thank you to Diane for the amazing set!
      • Thank you to The Legendary Mrs Hylton For Everything!!!!
      • And a MASSIVE thank you to the Hornsea crew for being the best people ever!
      I have made some ace friends and it's all from rock challenge! Thank you!!!! :):)
      Cannot wait for the Final now!! Woop woop!

      Becky P! (hornsea!!! :)

      Hia everyone !
      Congrats 2 the hornsea team 4 the other nite (i've left so many messages recently that ur probably all gettin sick of me haha :)
      I wanna thank everyone who made it fab!!!!!!!!!!
      Hornsea scream if you want some more AAGH!
      Hornsea hornsea watch us work it WERE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I love you all!!
      Thanks Mrs Hylton - you are so cool!!!!!!!!
      I can't wait till may!!!!!!

      Lots of Love - Izzy from Hornsea xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      Hey everyone!
      A huge well done to all the schools that competed at Rock Challenge on Friday in Grimsby. It was an amazing day :)
      Hi to the co-hosts from Lindsey and Hornsea schools who i met - you were both lovely lovely people!
      Congratulations to Lindsay on their win !
      We shall see Hornsea, Matthew Humberstone and the rest at the premier final!!!

      Lots of love - Leanne M (Longcroft School) x x x


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