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Mar 31st (14 messages)

Yesterday Was AMAZING !! I spoke On Stage For Theee Very First Time And Didn't Go Wrong - I'm Sooo Happy !!
All The Other Schools Were Fabulous And Some Of Your Choreography Was Stunning .. Well Doneee !!
Hope Too See Some Of You At Thee Finalss ..

Lotshaa Love - Daniellee ( Matthew Humberstone )

Hey all !
Yesterday wos amazin!!
Well done everyone - all the schools and hornsea's "crew"...good luck to everyone in the finallss!
Well done once again
See yoo all soon

xxxx emily hornsea xxxx

A MASSIVE thank-you to the Archie team for their outstanding performance last night at Hull's Freedom Centre! You looked amazing! Everybody in that room thought it was fantastic !
I know that you were all shattered fom a very busy week but you couldn't tell! Make sure you all have a relaxing 2 weeks off, you deserve it!
Good Luck to girls in Grease - sorry I can't get there to see it!
Also thank you Liam for performing last night and welcome to the Archie Team!!!

Caroline x x x

Hi ! Jess h here from hornsea!
The grimsby showcase was AMAZING!
It was such a rollercoaster of a day!
I could not believe it when i got off stage having done our piece - it was amazing!

Thank-you to the hair and makeup people (dont know all ya names bt u know who you are!)
Thank you to kathy for the fantastic costumes.
Thank-you to luke and crew for making and getting the set on it that crucial 4 minutes.
Thank-you to diane for painting the most amazingly complicated set i have ever seen!
Thank-you to kaye, lottie, sophie and aaron for best dancework ever.
Thank-you to miss wood and all the other teachers that helped on the day.
And finally thank-you to mrs h for ... well ... just holding it together and giving us all the best opportunity to perfom and be part of something so amazing.Hope I haven't missed anyone off bt if I have thank-you for being involved :)
I can't wait until the premier final in may - it's going to be even more awesome!!!
Luv - jess
Hornsea we love you! oi oi oi!

Yesterday was absolutely fab!!! All the schools were really good and it was a hard call for 1st place - you all deserved it!!! Really loved all the soundtracks as well - they had me singing and clapping along to every piece!!!

Well can i just say Hornsea that was brill!!! We realli went out there and gave it our all. Standing on that stage in the finale there was such a buzz!!! Well done to all you first-timers too ... bet you all had the time of your life!!!
I can't wait now til the final but sure it will come round quick enough!!! Was great to see all the rocker crew again and see you again in may!!!!

Love - Darryl (hornsea)

The Grimsby showcase on Friday was FANTASTIC!!! I was so excited about everything - and the themes from each school were really awesome!!! Everyone loved it ! (I sure did! :)
Well done to Lindsey school for getting into the Northern Final, and congratulations to everyone who competed from every school

On behalf of everyone from Hornsea school, a HUGE thank you for the lighting, set, to all the choreographers, to Mrs Hylton, to Mrs Webb for the fantastic costumes! To Diane Brown for her fantastic artwork and makeup, to everybody who did our makeup and hair and to everybody who helped us and made Friday as amazing as it was
Best of luck to all those yet to perform and compete! It's those 8 minutes that count!!!

Alistair [hornsea] :P

Well, Rock Challenge is over for Baysgarth for another year. We came second, but none of us really care... We all know we pulled off the best performance we possibly could, and even before the awards were announced the majority of us accepted that we had done our best and the rest didn't matter.
On the brighter side of it though..... SECOND! Amazing considering the disappointment of the Premier league last year. AND FIVE AWARDS!
  • Best Hair and Make-up... well done makeup/hair team
  • Best Set Design and Staging... congrats SV and Gaffa and the painting team
  • The Spirit of Rock Challenge... Thanks to all our nominating schools
  • Best Video Directors Assistant Award... Well done Amy (I watched on the monitor at the front and it looked very impressive)
And finally (but to me most importantly as I did it)...
  • ARCO AWARD FOR BEST LIGHTING DESIGN!!!!.... I hear that the crew were making some extremely good comments about my implementation and design. THANKS! :)
I'd once again like to thank SV for her tremendous amount of hard work and determination to pull us through again this year. I'd also like to thank PJS - You've been a pillar of support as well... and you may not have gotten your soundtrack award... but we know yours was best!
I'd also like to give thanks to EVERYONE from Baysgarth - you were all truly AMAZING! I have NEVER been more proud of one of Baysgarth's performances than I was last night. It will truly be a day that I never forget
Thanks to the Rock Challenge team for putting on such a great show, and well done to all the schools - especially Lindsey. There were elements of your piece that I was truly amazed by and you were rightful winners

John Peart (Baysgarth Ground Controller)

Last night was sooooooo good :)
Well done hornsea - i'm sooo proud of us :)
Yesterday was such a great day. Well done to all the other schools - you wer all great !
Can't wait till the final

Whuuu hornsea we love you ! :)
Charlotte b HORNSEA ! :) x

Well done every1 last nite at grimsby congrats 2 lindsey who won
Hornsea u were FAB!!!!!!!! I luv u all. Thnx 2 every1 who made last nite as gud as it cud have been haha!!!! C u all soon - keep practising for the premier final xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xx izzy from Hornsea xx

WELL... what a day! The Grimsby heat has been and gone!...and what a great day it was too!
Over the years of doing Rock Challenge, I feel that yesterday was a wonderful occasion to be a part of... all of the schools were very supportive of each other, the BEST DAY yet and a truly inspirational day to be a part of! :)

Rocka John! Great to meet you! What a fantastic, young-at-heart chap you are! Cap'n Jack told you that you should expect MORE messages... and here I am! :)
Cool Day yesterday wasn't it?.. Felt like a final!
Before I go on, congratulations to The Lindsey School who won the event at Grimbo lat night... you created a very imaginative performance, with some excellent choreography (you got the award too!)... Well Done to you all!
Meanwhile, my pride goes out to Baysgarth, OUR school who did so well last night who not only took SECOND place but also achieved FIVE recognition awards - and as CO-HOST I was very, very proud to receive the awards for SO much effort. Our awards for BEST SET DESIGN and STAGING, and LIGHTING DESIGN stood out for me
Our set did indeed stand out and oozed Mrs Valentine's creativity (and the rest of our painting team!)
John P's lighting design also achieved the recognition that it so thoroughly deserved! (Thanks GAFFA too!)
I was IMMEMSELY proud of Baysgarth's achievments and was thoroughly appreciative of not only the judges comments, but those from the local councils, sponsors and HUMBERSIDE Police... Keith Vickers a councillor from Barton was particularly proud of the only school in his "constituency" to do SO well!
It was also excellent to receive awards in Hair and Make-up, BEST Video Performance... and for the 1st time - The SPIRIT of Rock Challenge Award ( a really valuable award in my books, what a GREAT team Baysgarth are!)
Rocka John - hope YOU enjoyed our performance too
By the way... THE GRIMSBY TELEGRPAH website have published a good on-line article, and this morning a picture of Baysgarth's performance fronted the opening page of the website!
Mrs Valentine and Mr Scruton... two awesome teachers, THANK-YOU for all your tremendous hard work, support, leadership, creativity, professionalism, nagging and providing us with the opportunity to excel in ourselves. You can only be the VERY BEST, and you are. I hope we made you VERY Proud last night
Supporters (especially you Mai, you were great too - I loved the CO-HOSTING experience ( the presenter was great too! (Who was he, Rocka John?) Any Names? I Believe he was from Viking FM
Great day yesterday... sad it is over. One can now only hope that our second place score was high enough to provide us with an opportunity to perform at the OPEN event in MAY. Who knows?!
Love ROCK CHALLENGE, 'tis the best :)
JOHN - what a LEGEND. Great to meet such a friendly chap!
Best of Luck to everybody who is competing in the near future...ENJOY!
All the very best, (EXPECT LOADS of messages!) In between revision!
Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen - 2nd Place, VERY well deserved!) :)

Yesterday at Grimsby was the best day of my life !
We had so much fun and i wanna say a BIG thankyou to The Moorester (Mrs. Moore) Without you we wouldn't have been able to give a fantastic performance and all of your hard work that you put into it really paid off even though we didn't get placed, but that doesn't matter! Thank-you ever so much!
The back-up team Jackey, Kate, Ned and Mr. Taylor ... thanks for all your love and support and getting our costumes made-up because that did


Thank-you to all the staff that helped with hair and makeup
and to Dianne for creating that fantastic set
and to Cassie for all of those costumes
and stage crew =]
but the biggest thankyou has to go to Mrs Hylton as she came out smiling in the end =D
Lots of love and luck to the other teams
Milly- HORNSEA team=]

Wow Hornsea you wer terrific!!!
What more can I say ? How can we do more for the prem?
Looking forward to seeing you all after Easter ! Have a good holiday - you deserve it

Mrs Webb

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Well done to The Lindsey School and Community Arts ... we did ourselves proud !
Well what more can i say but here we come to the final!!!!!!!

Love - claire


Mar 30th

8am Friday, you'll be on your way to Grimsby. For many mums, dads, brothers, sisters and more, this will be the longest day of the year so here's just a minute to say we'll be thinking of you all day.
BAYSGARTH, we are so proud of you. I know it will be worth all those long hours you've put in
Miss V and Mr Scruton, you are shining examples of the teaching profession. Thank-you
For us awaits the best night of the year. As we don't have to put the work in, it always amazes me what a phenomenal buzz we the audience get. To all of you, thank you and see you later
Love you all - Helen (Capt. Jack's ma :)

All the best to longcroft and all the teams at grimsby today ! Hope you all did well
Looking forward to seeing longcroft at the premiers
Hope the day has been fantastic - i'm really gutted ive moved to a college that doesn't do rocka!
Phil - ex Longcroft techie

Hey Royds Rockers !!!
Today was well gd ... everyfing's going gr8 n it's all starting 2 cum 2togeather
Good Luk every 1 n Practise, Practise, Practise :)
Luv y'all - jess xx

Just adding a short note to say how proud I am of all my pupils... even before we go to do our performance at the Belfast Heat next Tuesday! They have been so committed & hardworking at every rehearsal & I know they will perform out of their skins on the night! We are all extremely excited & raring to get on that stage!
Thank-you so much to everyone on my team of staff... too many to mention, but they know who they are! They have given so much time and effort to help produce a fantastic rock challenge entry and I really do appreciate all their hardwork!
Good luck to all of the other schools performing at our heat, we are really looking forward to seeing your items!
Love & hugs to you, John!
Miss C. Willis (Belfast Model School for Girls)

Hey guys, Vicki,Chelsea, Kerry and "Ana" from Ashfield girls..
Really excited about tuesday at the Waterfront.. Can't wait to see all the other schools i bet you all will be as amazing as usual! Can't wait to Rock It :)
See you all in 4 days :D
And big thanks to all our crew :)
Love from Ashfield xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Mar 29th (30 messages)

WOW Doods! ROck ChallengE PraCtiCe Is Great SO Far!
We Will Do Great! Our Dance Is Realli Coming Quite Well! Wow! Hehe!
I'm Really Enjoyin Rock Challenge...Cnt Wait TIll May! WoOoOoOHooo
Yayy!! Go Us!

GO ROYDSS.........! YAY !
Cya Doodss ... MiiCaaa (ROyds ROck ChaLlenge.....Oh Yay!)

Well done driff! You just can't be doin with us common competitors, can ya? Have to be one better! You did great !! :)))
I didn't get chance to watch the performance, but i heard the student reps (yes, i mean YOU jonathan d :P)
A well-deserved victory, which topped off an AMAZING DAY!
My last yr doing it for howden :(

but i might just try and persuade john leggott college in good ol' scunny (where i'm going next yr) to get involved, so you rockas havent heard the last of me yet....mwhahahahaha!
BTW, if they did do it, where would they do it at? Just a quick question :)
(Ed: I'd guess Grimsby, Jenny :)
Big shout out to the ppl i met, and i'm sorry if i annoyed u all ... i just enjoy talking to people! U won't have to see me again next yr....or will you? Hehehe :)
Well done howden ! We did ourselves proud again
Jenny n xx

How proud am I!!!!!!!!! Malet Lambert, you were truly inspirational. You all worked so, so hard and it most certainly paid off on the night - the performance was out of this world.
Huge congratulations to all the other schools - especially you, Marvel - your performance was incredible - good luck for Grimsby !
Love from the proudest teacher ever !

Miss Huzzard.

Come on Ashfield Girls =D
Not long to go!! Keep up the good work and let's all rock the dance floor!

OMG it's tomorrow ! I am soo excited !
Well done driff for winning on wednesday hehe :)
Gd luck 2 every1 tomoz ! Whether ure competing or showcasing, i'm sure it will be a fantastic nite for every1
Thank u every1 in the hornsea team for making this year's entry possible
. I wnt name them coz i'll b here all nite but u know hu u r and thank u sooo much
Gd luck ! C u tomoz
Bekki.k. (hornsea)
We love u hornsea we do we love u hornsea we do we love u hornsea we do ohhhhhh hornsea we love u oi oi o

Hii Everyone!
Good luck tomorrow everyone for Big old GY! haha.
I'm so excited now ! Can't wait to perform for Lindsey Weyyyy!
See you all there :D

Crainie (Lindseyy!!)

OMG! Bring on tomorrow! I am so excited - we all are!
Hope evryone has a good time tomorrow !
I'm lookin forward to seeing the crew!
Let's just remember that it's not about the winning - it's about taking part and getting HIGH on the PERFOMING ARTS and not drugs!
Good luck and do your best!

Love from Nathan R (De Aston) xx

To Baysgarth (and especially jack, my big bro!) - good luck for tomorrow ! I know we're gonna rock the house down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luv - maisie

Go baysgarth!
I'm coming to watch tomorow night and i can't wait!
I'm sure it will be fine!
Enjoy yourselves!
Good luck!

Kate xx

Our last rehearsal tonight...went well!
Can't wait to get to grimsby tomorrow!
Thanx everyone! See you all bright and early tomorrow morning! =]
Good luck to all the other schools too!

Emma! [baysgarth] x

Wooooooooo ! We won ! Yes!!!!!!!!
I cnt believe it .... 4 years on the trot and we went and did it again!!! We wer brill :)

Thank-you all for doing ure very best - ure amazing he he!!
Well done to all the other schools as well. I gotta say, Mally, ures wer excellent!!!!
"Hey all you marvel fans let me hear u clap ur hands"
clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
Now that uve got the beat, let me hear u stamp ure feet
stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp
Now that uve got the groove, let me hear ure bodies move
a wooo ah ah ah a wooo ah ah ah a wooo ah ah ah !
Woooo ! Wel done and can't wait for GRIMSBY BABYYYYY lol
Paris (co-host) x x x
GOOD LUCK to all the other schools at Grimsby too - cya there!!!
Paris (co-host of Andrew Marvell BEC)

As of now (18:25) it is... 14 hours 34 minutes and 51 seconds until Rock Challenge kicks off at Grimsby tomorrow.... AND I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really looking forward to seeing all the schools' hard work and I hope we all pull off a night to remember. Yes we all want to win... but at the end of the day, only one school can so let's just enjoy it anyway!
See you all then!
ps SV - Nice message. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in this year... YOU'VE BEEN FAB!

John P (Baysgarth Space Dude!)

Hello AGAIN!
Mrs Valentine, what a lovely message you have put on the website... we will ROCK this WORLD just for you !
Gotta say, Mrs V is the best teacher (and you too Mr Scruton!) at Baysgarth - two great people
... without them, our school would be flat as a pancake!
You ARE the best!
Hoping that we make you all so proud tomorrow.. YES - can you BELIEVE it? TOMORROW is Grimsby Rock Challenge!
I've been home an hour... and when I left, all our scenery was being packed away in the vans by GAFFA and the crew!
Two great big (MERCEDES) vans, full of our wonderful set, I say the best yet!
SV - oooh you are creative!

John... It really doesn't seem that long since last year... and back at Christmas when the student leaders and choreographers were planning and preparing and designing and creating! And... now it is here!
Hope everybody sleeps tonight ... lots of excitement!
Wishing all the schools at Grimsby tomorrow the very, very best of wishes and luck... I firmly believe that any school taking part has already achieved a supreme amount... and anything on top can only be a bonus!!!!
See you all tomorrow...CAN'T WAIT!
Well Done to Driffield too !! Fighting back, I see, from the disappointment (like us) of the Northern Premier final!
Go Baysgarth ! Very proud of you !

Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth School)

What can i say, guys, you were amazing! I am sooooooo proud of you all ! It was amazing!
A HUGE thanks to Mr Rogers (and our ace stagecrew) and Mrs Ventress, as well as all the teachers !
We are gonna rock at Grimsby!
Can't wait to see the DVD !
Have a good easter break everyone, and get ready for rehearsals after (hopefully a little less frantic!)

Love - Jude x x x x x x x x

WE DID IT!!!!!! WOO !
Well done 2 everyone 4 our performance last night ! We did each other proud. Grimsby here we come !


Wow ! I can't believe i'm finally here ! Rock challenge showcase 2morrow!!!!!!!!!
I'm so xcited! Good luck everyone!!!!

Jess (HORNSEA!!!!!!!!!)

Only a few hours now until Grimsby!!
Sat in English ... can't concentrate ... too EXCITED!!!!
Good luck to all the other schools!
Well done to Driffield last nite!! I'm sure you were fabulous!!
Hope everyone has a fab day tomorrow!!!
I would like to thank Mrs Valentine, Mr Scruton and Mrs Billanger! Without this team we would never be able to be in Rock Challenge!
I would also like to thank the Year 11 Team who have helped tweak the dances: Kassie, Jenny, Hannah, Sophie, Nicola (sorry if I have missed anyone off!! :)

Can't Wait! See you tomorrow!!

Love ya - Jenny J (BAYSGARTH!!!)

Hey all !
Well done to everyone in yesterday's "Brid at Hull" heats. I had an awesome day. Hectic! But good!
All of Withernsea are SO chuffed with 2nd place and I just watched the DVD and was amazed as i've never seen the performance from the audience point of view
Well done to Driffield and good luck at the finals. Your performance really was one to be proud of!
Roll on next year... my last year :o(

Aimee xxxxxxx (withernsea high)

Hey every1 !
5 days till we rock the stage at the Waterfront Hall on Tuesday the 3rd of April!!!!!
Looking forward 2 seeing every1's theme

Hope uze thought long n hard about it cus rís rocks socks lol!!!!
Good luck 2 every1 performing in Rock Challenge (Break a leg)!!!!! Keeper lit!!!!!
LET'S GO MODEL, LET'S GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi everyone....
A big well done to all the schools who took part in the hull rock challenge! ARCHIE really enjoyed performing for you all and would do it again any day!
A huge thank-you to all those people who very kindly donated money towards our australia fund!
Good luck to andrew marvel in the finals!

Rach 'n' Rose xx

Last night was amazing ! I can say it was the best rockas performance I have ever been in...
WE WON!! Grimsby here we come..

Well done to all the other schools at the heat yesterday ! There was some great performances !

Rachy B x x x

I am soooo proud of everyone, and the effort everyone has put in :D

I personally think the painted eye on our anger board was the best bit, wasn't it, Austin (Haaa ;)
Can't wait for Grimsby!
Danny and Chaz from Hornsea came to watch last night - i can't wait to go and watch them - it's gonna be aceeee
Even though our t-shirts were spelt wrong, Driffield, we didddd itttt !!!

Love - Laura xxx

Hey Everyonee !
Well, It's The First Of The Heats Tomoraa For Us And I really Can't Wait ! Gonna Beee Soo Good. Can't Wait To See All The Other Schools !
Hope Everybody's Ready For The Big Day - Gonna Be Amazing. Hehe
Can't Believe This Is My Last Year ... Always Have Soo Much Fun Meeting People & Doing The Performance
Can't Really Say How Excited I am =D =D !!
Hehee Tomoraa's Gonna Be Ace ! But Obviously The Finals Are Gunna Be Farr Better
Everyboddy Here Is All Excited & Wishing All The Other Schools The Best Of Luck !
Best Of Luck To Everyonee & We'll Be Shouting Our Support In The Rehearsals, But Of Courseee We'll Be Cheering Our Support Mostly in The Direction Of The Bestt School Ever; Matthew Humberstone =D =D
Hehe :)
Once Again Wishing Everyonee Millions Of Good Luck And Can't Wait, Less Than 13 Hours To Goo ! Wahooooo !!!
See Everybodyy Tomorrow =]

All My Love & Support - Kellie x

Hi everyone !
Rock Challenge tomorrow ... so excited !
Can't wait to see what everyone's done. This is our last year so let's make it the best!
Good luck to all the schools, and the best of luck to ours, Matthew Humberstone! =]
See you all on the day

Love - Zoe and Kellie xx

First time mum of Rock Challenge !
You made us all so proud last night
Well done to all schools - especially South Holderness!
Good Luck at Grimsby, Driffield ! You were fantastic!

Wooooo ! We're all off 2 grimsby !
Na na na na hooo,
Na na na na hooo
We're all off 2 grimsby!!!
Well done, marvell!! Can't wait 4 grimsby! :D

Luv - amy, dani, abbie n sophie x x x (andrew marvell BEC)

OMG we won!!!! :)
GO DRIFF!!!!!!!!!!!
Well done to everyone involved and thank-you to all the input of everyone who made this a success

ps hi john xxx
(Ed: Hi, guys ... see you there ... can't wait :))
Lizzie, Ruth, Nat and Charlotte (DRIFF TEAM)

A big well done 2 Driffield!!!!! We were immense! I'm still on a high now ! Can't wait til Grimsby!
Also well done to all the other schools at Hull, and thank-you to all the Rockers Crew for making the day so brilliant and enjoyable as always!

Love - Stacey (Student Representative lust girl)

Well, it's finally done and I'm so proud of all of the Baysgarth Team. You have been lovely to work with and I know how excited you are - including some of you who have never done RC before (but I think will soon become "addicts" to the experience.)
Thank-you to all those who have put in so much hard work with everything - you remind me why I am still a teacher! Good Luck on Friday and really enjoy the day.
To all the schools - Good Luck and have fun ! Let's make Friday the best Rock Challenge yet !

Love - Sarah Valentine (LT - Baysgarth School) x

I just can not believe it !
I just can NOT believe it!
We DID it, driff ... we DID it !!

You've made me very proud! I just can't believe that the months and months of planning, the weeks and weeks of rehearsing, the many many late nights set-painting have actually paid off!!
I think I can proudly say we deserved to win last night ! There wasn't one person on that stage (and back stage) who didn't give it everything
Well done to everyone else in the "brid at hull" heat - you were all fantastic too !
And again I say "COME ON DRIFFILED!!!!!!!!!!!"
Lots of love - Austin xxxxxxxxxxxx
(Ed: heh heh ... like the spelling "in-joke" there, Austin :)


Mar 28th (16 messages)

Well done andrew marvell ! Great piece
Well done also to all the other schools - you were fab !
Also can i add i kick bottoms in the cricket :D
Let's start a team up ... how bout that, dave ?

Jamie :D

Woooo! Well done, marvell ! 4th year running now! It was fab !
Well done every1 ... it was another great day at rock challenge and all the other schools were great! Well done 2 every other school there! (I thought malet lambert's was great, along with kelvin hall's!
Can't wait 2 go 2 grimsby now! Well done every1!

Luv - amy (AMBEC) x x x

Hiya RC!
I cnt believe we won yesterday ! I dnt believe it - 4 yrs in a row!
It was a real gd day yesterday - I loved it ! All the skools were fab (especially mally's - yours was gr8 :)

Well dun, marvell - we have jst gta work as hard as we hav bin 4 the finals! GD LUCK!!
Lv ya - Tazmin (Andrew Marvell BEC) x x x x

Just a note to congratulate Andrew Marvell for their success in Hull last night... I make it your third win on the trot at an "open" final event ?! Well Done to you all!
Our Drama and Dance teacher Mrs Ranner came to watch the heat last night, and although she was unable to stay for the results, she anticipated that you would come out victorious!
Congratulations to Malet Lambert and Wilberforce too!
Looking forward to Grimsby as the event draws ever closer... our impressions at the end of yesterday were very high; we are very proud of what we have created

I hope this year we gain recognition for all the immense hard work and determination many students and staff have put in here at Baysgarth! :)
All the very best to everybody taking part too in Hull (East Riding Event) tomorrow and of course at Grimsby on Friday. Not forgetting the hundreds of team members already awaiting their final!
I look foward to it all, as ever..!
See you all soon...CAN'T WAIT!

Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth School)

Hiya people!
I'd just like to say a big well done to all the skwls that competed in hull last nyt! U were all amazin n it was such a close competition!
A big woooop to andrew marvell ! This is our 4th year of winning n i cnt believe ... this has bin my last rock challenge n i'm gutted! (Cz i luv it haha llol :)
Anyhoo, gud luck 2 all the skwls in 2nyt's comp!
Wooooooooo ... grimsby, here we come :D:D

Lotsa luv - dani (andrew marvell) xxxxx

Hey guys n dolls !
Just a quick message to say gud luck to all those who are at grimsby on fri n well done to all the schools who have already performed!!!
Gud luck to all those who are doing rock challenge for the 1st time - u'll totally love it!!!!

All the hornsea crew are doing so well and are really strong now so let's keep up the hard work, guys !
See ya all on friday.........

Michaela (HORNSEA TEAM!!!) xxxxxxx

Just like to say well done to the hornsea cast for a good rehearsal tonight. It just gets better and better each time
Well done to the crew also for your commitment and effort shown today and yesterday
It's nice to see the new members of the crew getting stuck in: Liam, Wolfie, Adam, Georgia and Rachel ... you're working well
Good luck to everyone competing at Grimsby on Friday and we will see you all there !

Luke (Hornsea Stage Manager)

Hey alll ...
FRIDAYY..... only like 2 days left 2 goo!
My second rocka - i'm well excited!
Good luck to all the schools on friday && every school taking part in rock challenge this year!
11th year for hornsea this year and all thanks 2 mrs hylton!!
Also thanks to all th people from costumes / stage crew / makeup / school / and choreographers - where wouldd we be without you ?!
Thanks and once again good luck everyone

Emily from hornsea xxxxxxxxx

I'm so excited for grimsby on friday! Aaah!!!
Good luck to all the other schools that will be there too - we can't wait to see you!
Thank-you to everyone that has made hornsea's entry what it is this year:- mrs hylton, mrs webb, luke n the stage crew guys, molly, dianne, sally richardson ... the list goes on forever but u know who u are n i'm sure i can say on behalf of the whole dance team that we couldn't do it without you. When the hundreds of people fill the auditorium on friday night they just watch the 8 minutes that the dancers spend on stage, the set, the makeup and the costumes, but some of those audience members can't even begin to imagine the hours and weeks and months spent in preparation for those 8 minutes !
Those 8 minutes are YOUR time onstage ... it is YOUR time to shine and be the best you can be (Wahey! Could this possibly be any more cheesy! lol) so everybody STRETCH and SMILE and be proud to be part of this amazing event!!!!!

Good luck everyone! C u on friday! WOOOO !

Lizzie - Hornsea School!

Good luck Baysgarth! We are awesome this year!
Thanx Mrs V, Mr S, and everyone else!

Good luck to all the other schools competing on friday!
Can't wait!

Emma D

Hia 2 all the hornsea rok challenge ppl, mrs hylton and all of the ppl who are helping out this year
This is my first-ever rock challenge i've been in and it has been fab. Mrs Hylton- you are the best teacher ever and you are a big part of rock challenge and you have been great to all of us and we ALREADY can't wait till next year!!!
Thanks 2 Diane, Mrs Webb, Molly, Miss Wood, all of the stage crew and everybody else including Mrs Hylton again and Aaron, Kaye, Lottie and Sophie. You are all FAB!!!!!!!!

Gud luk 2 all of us for Grimsby on Friday and all of the other schools that will be there ... I hope you all do great and remember: BE YOUR BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great time, every!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxIzzy from Hornseaxx

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to everyone at hornsea! It's only 2 more days until da big day! (Well, actually 36 hours 23 minutes and 47 seconds but i didn't count because i'm not THAT sad!! Well... not much! :)
I'm reeeeeeeeeally excited (not that you can tell or anything)
A HUGE thankyooooooooooooooou to mrs hylton, choreographers, stage crew, mrs webb and lots of other people as well but if i don't stop i'll be here forever so a big thank-you to EVERYONE who has helped out !
Good luck to all the other schools who are competing - i think it's going to be tough this year!

Lv - natalie (who isn't at all mental... what they tell you is lies!)

The teapots are looking awesome this year!!
Can't Wait!! 1 DAY 8 HOURS!!! :)

**I'm a Little Teapot**
**Short and Stout**
** Here's My Handle**
** Here's My Spout**
**When the Kettle's Boiling**
** Hear Me Shout!**
Good luck to all of the other schools competing in this year's Rock Challenge!!

<3 Love Jenny <3

Yaaaaaa ... lil kell here agen
Ur all fab - keep up da good work, stretch, smile and just enjoy urselvs
Good luck 2 all de ova skwls competing in grimsby on friday ! I'm sure you'll do ok!! I'm looking 4ward 2 seeing wt u have all been up to!!!!
xx lil kell xx

Hey Royds !
Dance is lukin beastie!!! lol
Gonna b fab dis yr !
Jst wanted 2 wish u al gd luk ... keep puttin in da hard work ... it's gonna b ace!!
Luv u all - hollie xx

Well... GRIMSBY on FRIDAY.. finally got here lol....
Hope every1's rehearsing well !
MATTY HUMBO are gonna rock the show !
C y'all on friday :)

Tom (MHS)!!


Mar 27th

No internet access at the Hull Ice Arena ... these msgs come to you unformatted etc :((
John (Editor)

Rock challenge TOMORROW eeeekkkk
Come on Driff, we can do it!
Rehearsals were looking ace tonight and everyone should be soooo proud of themselves.
I hope everyone is up in time for the coach haaaaa :]
Love - Laura xxxx

Heya All
Well, Auditions are over. A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those from Cowes who auditioned you were all fantastic.
Well done to all of you who got in (the list went up yesterday it was soo exciting:).)
Also Thanks to all those who attended the support crew meeting yesterday. I am looking forward to working with you all
Well I better get some work done.
Again, Thank-you and well done to all those in the Cowes team this year - i know you'll all be great. Don't forget the meeting later on - You get to find out the Cowes Theme for 2007 - now that is very exciting if you ask me ;):)
Loves ya all
Lauren XxXxXxX (Cowes High Production Team)

Hi everyone at HORNSEA and all other schools competing not just in the UK but all around the world !!!
I've just spent an hour looking at the videos of Australian performances and the documentary on the south african rock challenge and would love to say they're so inspirational. The australians show us the talent we all have an can aspire to and the south africans put their heart and soul into the competition and you can really tell they're dancing for a purpose.
I's like to take this opertunity as its my last year in Rock Challenge unfortunately to say how much of an inspiration Rock Challenge has been to me. Not only do you find new levels of confidence but a support system between schools all wishing each other well

This is Hornsea's eleventh year in Rock Challenge and the achievements we've made are huge so thankyou to everyone who has taken part in hornsea rock challenge from the past setting the standard and today pushing the boundaries further.
I also want to say thankyou to the choreographers for the past three years that i've been involved although a lot of you have moved onto dance schools i think i'll always remember you
Everyone - no matter what school you're in, if it's your first or last time in Rock Challenge really make the most of it because it's gone before you know it.
Good Luck to everyone and Hornsea you know the moves its the passion behind the dance that will push you forward as a performer.
2 days until we perform. All the best
Jade from upper sixth form HORNSEA!!!

After an arduous 6 hour programming stint, the on-stage movers are finally FINISHED! As are the flats on the scenery... VERY cleverly conceptualised there SV. GOOD ON YOU!
I'm getting all excited now! YAY! I would give an update on how many seconds until the start of Friday's event.... but I won't!
Any who I'm off to add the final touches to my lighting plan... toodles.
John P (Baysgarth Rock-et Challenger)

Hiya Royds Rockers!!
our dance is lookin gd n where all having loadsa fun
i can't wait till may hope it will b as gd as last year
Good Luk Every 1

luv Jess xx

Hello mates, this year Baysgarth is looking AWESOME!
I'm not in it this year, but good luck! I'll be watching on the night. I've seen people around school in costumes looking fab!
And hello to all the year nines from baysy and to others :)

iyaaaaaaaaa peeps ur all doin gr8 only 3 days left keep goin ur all fab!!
rehersals are going good 2. just keep smiling and workin hard and don't forget - there is no "I" in team and that's wot we all are A TEAM n im so proud to be a part of it!!
WELL DONE LUKE the staging is gr8 and fanx to AARON'S MUM the artist the set looks soo magical well done!!
I'M GETTIN BUTTERFLIES NOW it's only 3days i cnt wait til i get 2 grimsby!!

WOOH! 3 more days left! we are working our socks off this week to get everything spick and span! All i can say is watch out coz this year is our best theme and there will be some hot competition!
Good luck every one and see you there!
love from Nathan R (De Aston)xx

Driff is at Hull tommorow, OMG can't wait ! It is gonna be totally awesome.
Good luk to evry1 and well done 2 all at Driff for the bag packing - over £1000 ! Woohoo !
Be there soon ... yayness.



Mar 26th (13 messages)

Just a quick message to wish all schools performing over the next 3 nights at Hull and Grimsby all the very best. I am sure you are feeling very excited as well as nervous, but just remember Rock Challenge is all about being the best that you can be and I am sure you will all shine in your own way!
A special good luck to all the schools at Grimsby on Friday, whether you are performing in the open competition or "showcasing" in preparation for the premier final in May. I am sure the event will be a really high standard as always.
All of the Hornsea team are really looking forward to meeting up with everyone again and I know the team are very excited - especially the 30 team members who have never been in a Rock Challenge before - can't wait to see the looks on their faces!
Have fun!

Karen Hylton - Liaison Teacher

GOOD LUCK FOR FRIDAY, HORNSEA! Everyone at stage crew and the whole school is behind you!!
It's looking great! Once again - good luck!
Adam w (stage crew)

Hello everyone... 'Tis I! Spaceman P-E-A-R-T... or as you may know me, John! It is now (as of 20:43 on 26th March) 3306963 seconds (according to this clock countdown thingy anyways) until Rock Challenge 07 starts in fair Grimsby [the astute amongst you will see a hint in that last sentence connected to an element of our school's involvement]
We are stepping it up a gear on flashiness this year, and I can't wait... dare I say it, but as far as technical aspects are going we are rivalling Hornsea :S... 6 ON-STAGE MOVING LIGHTS! Been programming them with Gaffa today... looking very good!
looked amazing on Sunday, guys ! I was very impressed... and I saw a spaceman suit earlier today... was GREAT!
I hope everyone is ready to be dazzled by our big extravaganza this year... might be my last Rock Challenge for Baysgarth so I want us to go out with a bang !
And remember... STRETCH AND SMILE :)
John (Baysgarth Rock-et Challenger)

Heya, all you Global Rockers out there !
Good luck to everyone, and especially The Lindsey School And Community Arts for friday's performance ! You go, team !
Hope it all goes well for everyone!!!


Hey everyone !
Good luck to everyone who is performing at grimsby on friday !
I'm soooooooooooo excited now ... not long to go !
And a BIG thanks to everyone who's helped make rock challenge happen this year at hornsea - wooooooooooo !

Lots of love - han (HORNSEA)

Hi every1 !
Good luck to everyone performing at grimsby on friday ! It will all come together and I hope you have an amazing day
I can't wait until our showcase on friday - it's gonna be so mint!!!!!!!!

Have a good rehearsal after school - not just hornsea but all schools ! Stretch, everybody - STRETCH!!!!!! (Well, i know you all do anyway)
Jess (Hornsea)

Just a well done to everyone who took part at Bournemouth from Everyone at St Eddies !!!!!

Heya !
We're from Little Flower Girls School in Belfast and we are so excited about performing at the waterfront hall next Tuesday!!! We have been rehearsing from September and just can't wait to get on stage!!!
Good luck to everyone else who is performing and also congratulations to all the schools who have won so far - well done!!!!!
Roll on next tues!!!
C ya soonies!!

~~~Belfast Girls~~~

Aye up:)
Can't wait until Friday(y)
Amy giles and sam faulding are coming to watch baysey - celebrities !
Good luck everyone ('Specially the aliens of the bunch :)

Star ship trooper Jo and bezzers who aren't in it :)

Hello, our fellow rock challengers !
Our hearts are pounding with immense excitement as the day of our performance draws closer. How the anticipation of seeing everyone's marvellous performances overflows our bodies with joy, and the image of a little bird singing gracefully on a tree branch in the sunshine pops into our heads
We do hope that everyone is keeping well and are feeling the rock challenge fever like we are
[[in the words of the beegees]] **ROCK FEVER, ROCK FEVER YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT**

But for now, we must dash ... toodle pip !
Love from the young ladies of Ashfield Girls', Specialists in Information, Communications and Technology :D
(Ed: Bless ! The sun is shining here in Yorkshire too, but you're waaaay more poetic than me :)

Whooooooo!!! Come on archie!
None of us can wait till tomorrow ! We're all real excited to be going back to hull for 1 last performance before we fly to aussi! Wooooooo!

We're well gonna make it, but only with the help and support from u guys!
If any1 has any more fundraising ideas, e-mail them in please !
Fank yoo ... love u all lots and lots like jelly tots!

Ben 'n' Rach (archie)

Sending everyone at Archie a last good luck message before 2moro, Hope u all enjoy the day (you deserve to, given all the hard work everyone's put in fundraising for Australia!) Just enjoy!
Good luck to everyone!


Good Luck to Baysgarth! You can do it in the final ! Your determination and positive attitude will really shine through in your performance
Look out for Bridie and Lauren - they are so amazing in technique and style
Love - Maisie


Mar 25th (9 messages)

Well done to all the teams at bournemouth... u were all amazin, specially the new schools !
Question -
does neone know the name of the track the rock challenge peeps dance to? When they go round in a square.. sorta goes summat like "Do do doo dooo" ... they jump rnd in a square then do the punches ... usually gets the croud shoutin owoh owh owh ?
Plz help :P
Geoff - Bmth Heat
Think you might have to click on the words "IN THE RIGHT TYPE OF MOOD?" further up this page, Geoff ...
John (Editor :)

A quick note to all those people who came to help out at the bag-pack at morrisons in beverley on saturday:- we raised over £1000 so a massive well done, driff! I am so proud!
Can't wait for wednesday !

Love - jude x x x (Driffield)

Just wanted t say a big HELLO t evre1 at Thornton! U guys ROCK! I saw ur performance briefly on friday and WOW what a performance it was! Actually cannot wait till we perform at Bradford and Grimsby (n yes i'll b at both/ u can't get rid of me that easily hehe :)
A message 4 the crew - i believe we're going 4 bigger and better this yr so be prepared 4 lots of hard work with a garanteed element of fun!
To all our new crew members - just remember to enjoy urselves as this will definitely be 1 of the best experiences of ur life (trust me!)
Good Luck to all the schools still to perform and Well Done to all those that already have!

C u all soon - Ashley (Thornton) x x x

Hello All!
I hope everbody concerned with the HULL and GRIMSBY events are having fun in their final few days of preparation! It is going to be great!
Our big rehearsal today went very well, with (as John P has said) some excellent costumes, and great lighting designs!
Looking forward to Grimsby, and I know that a lot of people have worked EXTREMELY hard on the performance from Baysgarth this year. Mrs Valentine and Mr Scruton who do a wonderful job year on year ... I know you are feeling the pressure at this time but I am sure that the team will make you VERY proud on Friday ! (We DESERVE to do well. The determination in this year's effort has been phenomenal)
As we enter the final week, the set looks great and our lighting design and OWN stage lights will be very professional !
Chins up one and all at Baysgarth, the effort has been excellent so far and I know that it will continue to be in our final "tweaking" and "polishing" stages!!!! I am very proud of all the team so far this year. I know that a lot of people have and are continuing to work very hard for the benefit of us all, so THANK-YOU very, very much. We have two great leaders (MRS V and MR S) who strive to make us the very best that we can be !
We're looking forward to Grimsby. Good Luck to all and we shall see you there ! (No doubt I will add a message before then as the excitement goes into overdrive! :)

All the very best... Cap'n Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen)
ps I see that Archbishop Thurstan have got themselves on the BBC HUMBER website... Well Done!
(Ed: thanks for the heads-up on that one, Cap'n Jack ! Here it is, for everyone to read / view :)

Hii !
Just wanted 2 say how incredible thornton's lukin! 'Tis ace 2 c it all comin 2geva!
wel dun wid da set! Luks totally ACE ... probs our best yet!!!
Jonny- missed u makin us laf at rehearsal tut tut :)
Bekz- am ok ... no bruises as yet ha ha n our extra prop will luk fab!
Rach- wel dun wid ur success!!!! U shud stay ther permanently!!!! :)
Oh well ... must b goin ... tonnes of work 2 b doin (hard wrk!) but hey, i av friday rehearsal 2 luk 4ward 2 - yeeeeeeey!!!!!
Luv - Sarah (thornton)

Cnt believe it's the Hull event so soon! How time flies!
Well, Gud Luck 2 everyone, especially the Archie Crew showcasing your performance ! I'll be shouting and cheering all the way from Chester!!! Just go and enjoy it ... i'm sure you will. Shame i'm nt there but never mind!


We haven't disappeared off the face of the earth although soon we will be disappearing to AUSSIE for 2 weeks
Can't wait until Hull ! It's gna b gr8 ... it's always been a fun day and got a great atmosphere - full of team spirit Gud luck to all the schools competing !

I hope we're not gna b the last skol 2 go 2 Aussie. We're putting in a lot of work ... nearly every weekend we have something planned to contribute towards the once-in-a-lifetime experience

Hi john ! Hope u r well (Ed: strangely ... tired after Bournemouth :)
I got my gtp placement and start teaching dance at portchester school in sept!!!! (There were 32 of us at interviews and only 20 places overall for the course which covers all subjects - not just dance - but i got one so i'm really lucky.) I'm so excited. I can't wait to introduce portchie to the world of rocka!!!!
I must also say a huge good luck to my little cousin hannah who is doing her first eva rock challenge with ryde high. I know she will love it! Break a leg, han !
Love ya lots - kat XxXx
(Ed: whoo ! Go you, Kat ! MANY congrats on the GTP !!)

Hey guys!
Not long till hull rock challenge!! Can't bloomin wait!
Massive good luck to my old school malet lambert! Go for it, gurlies ! Can't wait to see yas!
Good luck to my new team - WILBERFORCE COLLEGE!
(I'm sure we'll be finished by monday night ... i hope lol! haha! :)
Thanx to lee (our coach) and all the hard work he's put in!
See you all tuesday!!!

Woop Woop!

Hello ... and hope you've all woken up now after the shorter night (I haven't :)
Just uploaded the Southampton Day 5 minipics
John (Editor)


Mar 24th

Heya guys ! It's chaz from QE here
Thanx to everyone for a fab day at bournemouth - specially the rock challenge crew for really makin the day fun so enjoyable (a laugh) ... u guys are great !
Well done to st edwards for winning ... u were brill
QE all the way ... love u, all qe people
Chaz xxxxxx

Aaarrggghhh ... little sign of a working wifi internet connection at Bournemouth, and the telephone dialup connection kept breaking down :(
John (Editor)

We are all lukin forward to goin to Australia ! It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance and it's gna b ace
We can't wait until Tuesday 2 perform at HULL !
We had our final rehearsal today. (We all came out wid headache thanx Mrs B and Marie hehe "hold it" "Smile")
The dance is lukin better than ever and our set has been customised and it luks reali gr8

Hey guys !
I was in the bournemouth 2007 event an it was fab !
Congrats to st edwards who won !
Thanx to everyone for makin it such a fab day :)

Love u all - QE xxxxxxx
Hello, anonymous one :)
I enjoyed the Bournemouth day too !
Don't forget to vote in the Bournemouth Event Opinion Poll !
John the white-beared old OAP :))

Just wanted 2 say Well Done 2 St Edwards 4 cmin 1st and well dne QE 4 avin an amazin performance !
Ma last eva Rock Challenge and the 3 years i have done it have been gr8!
Well done 2 all the schools who did it at Bournemouth, and i shall be watchin next yr :(

"GIMME A Q............ Q..... GIMME A E.......... E
Love the mums PA lol

Erm ... in relation 2 the Rock Challenge Bournemouth Heat section, you have put that both Oakmead and QE won Spirit of Rock Challenge but that's untrue as only QE did
Write back
Thomas x
Thank-you, Thomas. I thought I heard it awarded twice as the results were read out over the loudspeakers so I put it down twice rather than leave it off altogether, and will check with Rocka HQ in the morning
John (Editor)


Mar 23rd

Wooooh ... bournemouth heats tonight !
Gd luck to everybody ! Cnt wait!!
Oakmead, u gotta do it this yr!!
x x x x

On a more serious note, massive well done to everyone in driff rock challenge. Rehearsals this week have been really tiring, but it's amazing to see how it's all coming together. We are sooooooo proud of you all!
Thanx to everyone who's written good luck messages. We can't wait for next wednesday!
To all the other schools at the "brid at hull" heat, let's make it a day to remember ! We're almost as excited to see all your performances as to doing our own. We hope they're all coming on really well, and we'll see ya all on wednesday!

Love - pudifa and kactus (jude and kate - driffield :) x x x x x x x x


Mar 22nd

Hey.. just a quick question ! Does anyone know any cheap accommodation near to st georges hall where the bradford events are taking place?
Nat White (ex sheldon heath, now vollie :-)

Hey there! Vicki,Ana and Nadia from Ashfield Girls' :)
Not long to go now ! Hope everyone is looking forward to taking part in Belfast!
Ana here- I'm really excited for my very first Rock Challenge experience ! Going to be a great day, and i hope to meet as many people as i can! :)
Hope everyone does well and can't wait to see everyone's performances .. will b amazing as per usual:)

Take care
Love - vicki, ana n nadia xx

Good morning :)
'Tis 7.45am and I've just got the Southampton 3 minipics up on the website
John (Editor)


Mar 21st (7 messages)

Hey guys!!
Soooo can't wait for rock challenge... less than 2 weeks now!!
Shuld b such a good day... cnt wait to get on that stage and show what the "girls' model" girls are made of :P

We have been working really hard but having sooo much fun!! Love the whole build up to the big day!! Wwhooooooopppp !!
Good luck to every1 taking part in the waterfront on the 3rd...
Let's go, models, let's go !!

Lauren H x0x0x0x0x <3

Oooo ! A week today and Driffield will be performing their hearts out righttttt now !
Today me and the girls have been painting the set - we are truly proud of our efforts :]
Good luck everyone, buttttt COME ON DRIFFIELDDDDDDD !
Love - Laura xxxx

There don't seem to be many messages from Baysgarth! (Well, ones that aren't from john or eyebrow raiser Jack ;)
Everything in our performance is looking well beautiful (the costumes are amazing :)
Well done to everyone in ray of light - the improvement is immense
Can't wait to see all the schools competing ! 'Tis going to be an awesome (yet tiring) day as normal :)
Good luck to everyone ... see you all next fridayy!

Love - Princess Alien Lauren :) x x x

A hugeeee thank you to aaron's mum diane for all the hard work she has done on the set. It is absolutely beautiful. I know that a lot of work has gone into the set as i see them hard at work on my way to and from work at the weekend and i am sure they work long into the night. It really is a fantastic set this year
Thanks2 every1 else as well ... all the main peeps who made this year's rock challenge what it is ... it's ace
OMG ... soo cannot believe it is next week ! I'm soooooo excited hehe
Gd luck every1 who is competing !

Love - bekki.k.******** Hornsea ********

Hiya y'all ... ur all doin gr8 ! Keep up da good work - ur all super stars
Dnt 4get 2 smile n STRETCH
I want to fank molly j 4 her advice ... i'm sure we will all try n make u proud!!
Love y'all ! Can't wait till 30th
Luv - lil kell xxxxxxxx

That's great news from Firpark, Vanessa. Hope you guys are all getting excited
Planning a trip to Glasgow sometime in the next fortnight with a cow. Will be in touch to make arrangements.
Good Luck with the rest of the rehearsals !


Hi, folks !
I've now processed / uploaded / corrected the Southampton Day 1 minipics and the the Southampton Day 4 minipics
John (Editor)

Big well done to the Firpark people who performed part of their rock challenge last night in aid of Bothwell Park special school's minibus fund. We are delighted to say that the school's fund raising was matched by the Variety Club and a brand new mini-bus was waiting outside the Civic Centre so all the theatregoers could see it :)))
Vanessa Geib


Mar 20th (10 messages)

Whooo ! Just home from a Big Chris Barber Jazz Band concert (great ! :) and now ... on with the MESSAGES !!
John (Editor :)

I would just like to say a big thank you to Diane (Aaron's mum) for all the effort and time she is putting in for the set (which is looking FAB!!) I was talking to her tonight and the time she is putting in is amazing. In fact ... another big thank you to everyone!!
Mrs Webb and your costumes - which are beautiful!!
The choreographers - Kaye, Aaron, Sophie and Lottie
Amazing woman who puts up with us all! :)
and wooo - i finally smiled! Haha!! :)
I'm quite excited now, sein as though this is my first rock challenge. A BIG experience!
Well done everyone! :)
xxxxxxxxxxxx Becky P (hornsea!)

Just a quick message to let you all know how FABULOUSLY well our rehearsals are going at the moment...
  • The set is built...
  • The actual performance is finished (in the tweaking stages now - very elaborate this year with the tweaks)...
  • The costumes are on their way to being finished (I hope)...
  • The short film is going well and a "mock one" has been made (ps John - Editor - I tried sending you a copy for a preview, but that didn't work! I'll try putting it on YouTube as it's quite a feat considering it was done on my home PC in an hour and without any filming that I have actually done for it)... (Ed: cheers, John :)
  • The lighting is virtually set in stone (and we for the first time ever will be having lights on stage! Exciting for me as I'm meant to be planning that :S)...
  • The soundtrack edited by the leg-end PJS is AMAZING!...
  • Hair and Make-Up are designed and being tested...
  • and last, but not least... THE T-SHIRTS HAVE ARRIVED! Very good design, well done Nick Finch for that!... (You teapots better buy one!)
Good luck with the final preparations everyone... See you all on 30th at Grimsby! 9 DAYS LEFT! YAY!
PS If any schools haven't replied to the letter I sent regarding filming on the day can you please contact me a.s.a.p as I need to plan what I can and can't film! Thanks !
John P (Baysgarth Rock-et Challenger!)

WHAT ABOUT ME?!?!?!?!?!?!

Jenny xx

Hiyaaaaaaa evryone !
Am ded excited about rock challenge this year - it's gonna be ded gud nd last year woz klass 2
Good luck 2 everyone competing at carlisle nd c u all there
Love - Gemma (stainburn school) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey ppls at royds !
Only 6 weeks left till rock challenge ... wooo!!! :)=D

Luv y'all - jess xxxxx

BIG HELLO to all who are off 2 "Brid at Hull"
The countdown is down in2 single figures now. YAY !
Big good luck to all but even bigger good luck 2 Stephen, Hannah, and Laura at Driff


Hello all!!! Hope you are all ok n enjoyin the wonderful weather (it's freezin and has snowed all day :)
Just been lookin at the pictures and all the schools so far look fab ! Well done to you all!!
Can't wait til our heat now - i'm so excited!!! It's all really coming together now and everyone is putting all their effort in, both on stage and behind the scenes. Thank-you ... without you it would not be possible!!
Everyone's fundraisin seems to be goin well - well done everyone who has helped!!
See you all at rehearsals 2moro hehe especially danny, chaz and becky (my rocka chums!!!) It's great to have become good friends with many people in the team!!!
See you all in grimsby!!! COME AND TALK TO US :P

Love - darryl (hornsea)

OK ... the Eastbourne minipics (most of them, anyway) are now on the website, the Crawley minipics are up as well, and the 2007 Tour Calendar now shows which southern winners go to which Open Final ("A" or "B")
John (Editor :) in cold, windswept snowy Yorkshire

It's one month 'til we go to germany :-D!!! Can't wait... getting our t-shirts and hoodies soon as well!!!
Had our first dress rehearsal last week... went great!!!

Kirstie (Ryde High School Committee) x x x

Hey rockas! I hope you are all doing well and had a fab st patricks day :)
I just want to wish the girls at Little Flower Girls school all the best! Enjoy yourself, girls !
Helen :)


Mar 19th (11 messages)


Wow!!! What a fab rehearsal tonight, and what a buzz!!!
I'm sooooo excited now (well actually i've been excited for months now :))
Can't wait to see all the other schools pieces and get talking to you all - it's going to be a fab day!!! :)
Good luck to everyone!!! Keep rocking!!!

Loooooove you - kaye (HORNSEA!!!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Brraappp ... bigin up manhood ! We'll be there loud and proud to say we are from manhood !
Wanna say a massive thanks to you, mr martin and the girls - we luv them all. We have learnt so much
Thanks again jamie, cherry and george
Can't w8 2 c every1's dances !

Mwah xxx

Heya guys !
Well done to all the schools who hav already done their heats in rocka, n gud luck to all those who hav theirs to come........
Wooooo - week on friday - HORNSEA!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited and can't wait to see what the other schools hav got this year!!!

Big thank-you 2 Mrs Webb (4 our costumes) n Mrs H who are working so hard n to luke and all the stage crew whu hav put 2gether such a fab set 4 us - it's amazin!!!!
You're all working so hard ! Keep up the good work !
Loadsa luv n cuddles - michaela!!!

Rock challenge :)
I can't wait till our showcase and till the final
I'm so proud to say i'm from hornsea ! Everyone works hard, everyone does their best and everyone gets on ... we'll give it our all :)
Good luck to all the other schools!
Woooooo ... hornsea !
Charlotte b [hornsea :)!]

Wow - Thornton is looking absolutely fantastic!!! We are going to be ace!!!
Woow it's looking promising!!! Go Thornton!!!
Hi to everyone I know!!!

Wow! WHAT a week southampton was ! There were some amazing pieces over the week :)
I'm totally knackered (have been asleep for heaven knows how long) so am doing NOTHING until i drive to Bournemouth on Thursday ... FOR YET MORE ROCKA :)
Thank-you to Simon (Guildhall Lighing God) for amazing lighting to the Wizards in Winter (the music before the morning mosh)
Good to hear u made it home ok, Jonny ... will see u in Hull?

Ness (Rockateer)

Heya everyone!
Volunteering at Southampton 1 to 4 was AWESOME! The days were amazing!
I love you, HANNAH, DAVEY and everyone! Broccolli lol!
Ah, will be back next year! You can't "stop me now"...
Well done at all the people and schools who entered ! It was by far the most amazing week i've EVER had!
Lukey B from Queen's Park
; i never got to say WELL DONE! You were amazing - the best rocka i've ever seen. Good luck in the southern regional finals, guys!
To everyone who is yet to perform...BEST OF LUCK and BE YOUR BEST!

Fern (a vollie at sot'on days 1-4)

Right... i'm back in the great northern cold ! My little car managed the 535 mile round trip to the south coast and back :)
Wot an intense week it has been (i slept from 7pm til 7am this morning :)
Some of the schools were breathtaking !
I'm just counting down the 5 days of work now until the hull & grimsby week ... see you all there !

Jonny (Crew)

Hey there ! Vicki M from Ashfield here...
Very excited ... 2 weeks and a day to go till the Waterfornt event - scary, eh? But really can't wait - Ashfield are going to rock-it :D
My friend Ana is going to experience her first year of Rock Challenge and i have assured her that it will be one of the greatest days ever!
Hope everyone is doing well, and can't wait to see everyone's performances at the Waterfront ! Best of luck to all schools taking part and to st.louises for belfast and Grimsby finals with us!
See you guys in 2 weeks :)

Vicki xx

Hey ! It's stephen here from driff
Just here to say good luck to every school competing at the brid at hull heat

Sorry today's messages appeared late, and the latest minipics not at all yet ... I seem to have picked up some sort of vomiting / keeling over bug while in So'ton ... yuk :((
John (Editor) :)


Mar 18th

Hello Hello - Laura here from Driff :D
Brid at Hull rock challenge is coming sooonnn ! I can't wait ... neither can anyone at Driffield
Thanks Jenny :D Good luck to you too !
Message to JDD - best rehearsal ever haaaaaaa
Good Luck to Everyone
Love - Lauraaaaa xx

Love ya, John and Wendy!!!!
WAS SOO GOOD AT SOUTHAMPTON THIS WEEK (but i'm so tired, and dying from my cough and cold!!
Can't wait till portsmouth now ! It needs 2 hurry up!!
Love 2 all, and THANKS 4 A GREAT WEEK!

Hannah (volunteer) xXx
(Ed: Hannah ! Wooooo !! You're back on email !!! :)))

Not put a message on for oooooooh, a WEEK or so! Seems much longer than that! :)
Hope everybody is good! Southampton (as of all the other heats) appears to have taken the South down with a storm! Hope everyone concerned enjoyed themselves! I am looking forward to seeing the pictures and results! (No pressure there, John!)
(Ed: Heh heh ... yeah, right ... ! Grandchildren (5 of the 7) today, Cap'n, and then I'll get St Albans 2, Crawley and So'ton 1 up on the website afterwards. "Nick the Pic" hasn't given me any So'ton 2, 3, 4, 5 or Juniors yet. I don't know when the Rock Challenge team will pass on the results for the events I wasn't at :)
I have just returned from a rehearsal for Rocka today and it is amazing what 4 hours can do. Well done, Team Baysgarth - everybody worked very hard, put in a lot of effort, and our piece has come on leaps and bounds!
The set and staging and costumes are looking great too (Thanks Mum)!

See you all at Grimsby!!!!!
Cap'n Jack of the MIGHTY Baysgarth in Barton-on-Humber, spreading some more Baysgarth team spirit to all Rock Challengers

Hi rock challenge :)
Callie (Wavell)

Back home in (windy) Yorkshire after two smashing days of Rocka in Southampton on Friday and Saturday (the only two we could do out of this full WEEK !! :)
Crew / volunteers / video / teachers / performers / stage crews / sound (Ed from Tega) and lighting (Simon the King from the Guildhall) / Clare (venue) - everyone working soooo hard to make the days a tremendous success ! Whooooo !!
John the OAP (and your website Editor :)


Mar 17th (8 messages)

Wow! Hamble - you guys were AWESOME! You were, as always, a pleasure to be with all day and I was so proud of your 2nd place!! You deserved it after a brilliant performance!
and HOW did I not get that air guitar?! ;0p
Miss Owens :)

On tuesday 13th march we had the GREATEST time at Rock Challenge in Eastbourne !
Well done to everyone who participated ! They were all truly amazing
Now we can't wait for portsmouth!

Love - Jane (Filsham Valley School) xxxJane

Just want to say a huge well done to all of the Hamble team! You guys made us so proud today! Your enthusiasm and energy was contagious!
Also want to say thanks to all the Rock Challenge Crew - even though our day had fewer teams in it than some, we had an AMAZING time! DEFINITELY MY BEST ROCK CHALLENGE YET!
See you next year - with even more spirit!

Mrs Brunink (Hamble)
PS Well done Headington & good luck in the final!

WELL DONE to everyone who performed in Hamble's Rock Challenge last night. You were amazing! =]
Second place... hell yeah... that was well deserved

Congrats to all the other schools too.. everyone was FANTASTIC !
Hamble, you were great. BE PROUD !

Lots of love - Lucy W xxxxxx

Hey 2 all who r off 2 "Brid at Hull". Good luck 2 every1, but really big amount of good luck 2 Laura (driff's co-host) ... she will do us proud !
Good luck 2 all schools ... it is only 10 days to go !

Hey there ! Just wanted to say how fan-dabi-dozy rocka rehearsal was on friday! Woopee ... soo much fun ! 'Tis gr8 2 c it all coming together!! Lukin totally ACE!
Jonny- on second thoughts, please do try n make me n bekz laf ... it wil make it totally rule (shudn't b 2 hard tho! U neva know ... might b our winning formula!! :))
Soooo cannot w8 4 bradford ... woop woop will b fab!!!!!
Hey 2 all ma rocka buddies in thornton n ashfield, n HI 2 antonia 2! Cool ur doin it this year - luk 4ward 2 seein u!

Wel, that's bout it 4 now. Nice 2 get it all off my mind hehe
Luv from Sarah (thornton)

Eeeep!!! Not long until we show our stuff at the Hull Arena event on 27th March and BOY am I starting to get nervous. I might forget all my lighting cues!!
However, I'm 100% confident that it'll be AMAZING on the day... I want this one to be the best yet!
Good luck to EVERYONE who's performing ... including Archie ... you guys are always awesome and I hope you DO raise that money to go down under =] You deserve to go!
Enjoy the rehearsals and Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
(I think that should be played on the day... shows age :p)
Byee ... Em xx

WOOO!! GO GO GO HORNSEA!! 'Tis lil kell in da house ye heatin up da groove!
Jus wana say if we carry on rehearsing the way we are we'll do extremely wel so keep u da gd work n let's show everyone what we can do!
I am not one of da best dancers in the skwl but i give it my best shot! I will try n JUMP in tym wit evry1 else in the 1st guards if it's da lst fing i do! :)
A special mention 2 meggan c ... she has not had as many rehearsals in the 1st guard scene but already she has pulled through and looks fabulous when she dances - whooo go meggs (tis ya birthday whoooo well done meggan !)
Also i'd lyk to give a big fanx to LOVELY LOTTIE, AWESOME AARON, SWEET SOPHIE AND KIND KAY ! You all have done exceedingly well so far and u try 2 help us all as much as possible and fanx 2 u 2k7s rock challenge looks superb dis yr!! U all believe in us and i think dat dat's y most of us are all trying very hard because we know dat wen u shout at us (which is hardly ever) it's so dat we dnt look stupid on march 30th. Yey - cheers, choreographers - ur all great 2 work with!!
Fanx 2 all stagecrew and set designers
- the set looks magical ... it's all coming perfectly into place
Fanx to evry1 in the team. U are all trying ur hardest, of that i'm sure
Fanx to all da ppl who have been in rock challenge b4. U ave all shown me what a really good team i'm a part of ... u are all soo nice and pleasant 2 each ova!
Cheers to DANNY, DARRYL, CHELSEA (GUARD), AMY (GUARD), MICHAELA, JADE , CLAIRE, ADAM etc ... the list grows longer ... u all are just too kind. I dnt fink i have ever heard u ever beein horrid 2 any1 ... ur all da most kindest ppl i've ever met!! (OMG i fink i'm gonna cry!! (sniff sniff)
Well, that's all frm (sniff sniff) me ...
C u at monday's rehearsal (having a party, plz remember to SMILE) STRETCH AND JUS LOOK LYK UR ENJOYING THIS WONDERFUL DANCE SHOW, because dat's what it is ... it's wonderful! sniff sniff)


Mar 16th

Heyyyy !! Some dude was on about that song they use in the production meeting ... it's called "Jambo" and it's by Claude Mclin.
Hope that helped ?
x x x

Good luck every1 at lcsc high school ! Hope u av fun an win the global rock competition :)
Love ya all - carmen x x x x x x x x x x

Hi ! It's jimbob ere (ex archie pupil)
OMG ... ain't been on here for ages
Just want to wish my former school the best of luck in raising the money to go to australia. I still think of u all and how proud u have made me !
Miss the rock challenge hype and excitement and unfortunately can't make it to hull to cheer u on, but am trying to arrange something to get to the freedom centre thing. Just am busy at uni at the moment
Erm ... anyone from archie - will u try n get mrs b to get in touch cos i still want to be a part of the successful reign
C'mon, knock em dead, archie ! Good luck to all at the hull heats !
Hope to see you soon ... james

Hi everyone from hornsea ! You're all ace lol
Can't wait to go to grimsby !
Hornsea rehearsals have been great, guys lol. Just remember to smile n stay in lines n we will be minty
Good luck guys it is not long now lol bless you all lloll
Come on hornsea - you've gotta get ya get ya get ya get ya head in the game!!!!

Just want to say a huge thank you to Peterhead Academy who wrote to us offering a donation toward our Australia rock challenge venture. We are so grateful that you took the time to express an interest in what we're doing and we wish you all the luck with your performance this year (Not that you need it as your rocker team spirit shines through year after year!!)
Many thanks once again - THE ARCHIE TEAM

Thank you To All The Rock Challenge Staff, Crew And Rockateers For Making The Southampton Guildhall Thursday Show So Amazing
I Was The Lighting Designer/Director For Priestlands School And I Appreciated The New Moving Heads (For All U Non Techies Out There, The Ones Which Spin Around, Flash And Change Colour And Are Used In TV Alot)
It's The First Time Our School Has Come First! And, What A Night. I Will Once Again Be Taking The Seat Next To The Deck Op And Directing/Designing Lighting For Our Dance In The Finals!
Also, Thanks To Whoever It Was (Rockateer I Think) Who Dealt With The Accident Which Took Place In Our Dressing Room. Libby, Get Better Soon!
Cheers Again And Well Done To All The Other Schools We Competed Against And Good Luck To All The Other School Competing During The Rest Of The Competition

A biggggggg Good luck to Somerton Middle School ! You'll make Mrs Southwell, Mrs Kelly and Alli so proud! YOur piece was looking really good the other week =]
Also good luck to ABK
Gabby =]


Mar 15th (7 messages)


Sorry the messages are late today, everyone ! Didn't get to the Travelodge near Southampton till 11.30pm - but at least it's got dialup access to the internet - whooo !! :)
John (Editor)

Good Luck to my old school ASHFIELD GIRLS' !! Can't wait to go and watch your brilliant performance
Let's go, ASHFIELD!! Let's go!!!!
Love - Sarah W

Had such a good day in eastbourne !!
Congratulations to filsham valley for winning !
Thank-you to all the staff that helped out ... couldn't have done it without you all !!
Good luck to all the other schools ! See you next year xx

HEyy Agenn! I Just Think It's Fun Leaving Messages For youu ALll Too Read!!
Hope It Went Well For all Off Youu!
Yerr!! Go Royds ROck Challengerss!
Byeee - Mica (Royds ROck CHAllenger!)

Hi !
Well, i ain't happy wiv my skl cos me nd my mate ave got chucked out of doin rock challenge this year cos the headmaster says we have to do dance nd drama but i ave bin doin rock challenge for ages. This was the last year for me to do rock challenge as i am leavin skl to go to college :(
U lot goin to do rock challenge at bournemouth nd portsmouth - ave a gd time ! (I will be watchin - can't stop me from doin that!!)


Hii Royds ! Keep smilin :)
Luvin rocka soo far
Luv y'all ...

Jess XxXXxX

Hey dudes!
I miss rock challenge so much! (But still got to help at st albans day 2 with my school! :)
A question:- what is the song used by the Rocka Team in the production meeting ? It's like a dance song that has remixed like a theme tune and they gallop in a little circle and move their hips! Could someone please let me know what the song is please ?!
One other thing ... ROCK CHALLENGE RULEZ !
Love - Dean (Vandyke) x x x

Just to wish all of Firpark good luck when they perform on Tuesday evening (20th March) at the Civic Centre, Motherwell, in aid of Bothwell Park Special School's minibus fund.
They will be sharing the stage with professional acts and invited guests from radio and TV, the concert is a complete 800-seat sell out, and ...WE WILL BE ADVERTISING ROCK CHALLENGE BIG TIME !!!
No pressure, guys - green light for go :)))))

Vanessa Geib


Mar 14th (9 messages)

Heyy Rock Challengers!
I Can't Wait TIl We Do Rock Challenge In May! Go Us!! Yay!!
Hope It Was Gd For The Rest Of Youu!
Micaa (Royds Rock Challenge! Yay !)

Can I wish all the best of luck to Hornsea this year. I have popped in a few times and the standard was exceptionally high!!
A piece of advice to all you Hornsea lot; Smile and enjoy, even though this is always in abundance. You all have so much to be proud of, and this is your time to shine!!
Remember, Hornsea dancers: "Do not try to dance better than anyone else. Only try to dance better than yourself." "Great dancers aren't great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion." Reciting words of wisdom to you maybe, but these are true. If I have learnt one thing since I have been at Uni practicing dance technique, it is this: if you are 100% passionate in what you do, you are 100% believable to an audience
Can I also take this opportunity to wish all the other Schools the best of luck and will see you all on the 30th of this month

Paul White (Hornsea stage crew)

Hey Rocka !
Just lyk 2 say hi 2 every1 at Royds !
This year's gonna b ace ... rehearsals r goin gr8, n r theme is kwl 2

Hope every1 is enjoyin it ! Good luck 2 all !

Luv - Jess XxXxXxX

YoO dOods !
Looking Forward To The Actual Thing Now! Woo!.. It's All Coming Together And Looking Really GoOd! :D
RoCk Onn ROyds ROckaAs! Yeahhh.

Rock Challenge is AMAZING!!!
Good luck everyone!
I can't wait until our showcase at grimsby on 30th march!!

Bye - jess h (HORNSEA!!!!!!!!!)

Thank-you soooo much to Vanessa from Firpark for providing the extra tickets for Cockermouth School. Now my form group can come and see us. Yayayayayayayayayayayaya !
So Cockermouth will be cheerin on Firpark all the way on Friday 20th April. Hahaha ! :)

Cheers - sam from cockermouth

Jst wanted to wish Driff the most luck in the world in a few weeks at "Brid in Hull"! I really miss Rocka so make sure u do us proud! (Also pls win, cos then I can come help at the final and get to watch Rocka and b there again! Hehe!)
Seriously - good luck everyone
(but Driff, you get a bit extra luck!) Love you all!
Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)
ps. John, uni is great! Been doin lots of dancin still ... competin in the University latin and ballroom competitions, like Nationals at the Winter Gardens last weekend. It has a certain Rock Challenge feel to it, which is great!
(Ed: hi, Roxy ! Great to see you here again ! :)

Hiya rocka ! Ain't written on ere for a while :)
OMG!!!! Four months till we fly off to the LAND DOWN UNDER!!!!! Not that long when ya think bout it!!!
ARCHIE CREW!! Still working hard on rehearsals for the HULL EVENT!! WOOOHHOOO!! Keep it up, Archie!! All the hard work and effort is very much appreciated by everyone. We deserve this once-in-a-lifetime dream!!! I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!
Good luck to everyone for all the performances at HULL ICE ARENA!!! Hope to see some familiar faces.. cya all soon ...
Love - kirsty c (EX-ARCHIE ROCKA) XX Hey!
Rock challenge was gr8 last night ! Well done to everyone - it was a gr8 day
Chris (crookhorn college of technology)
(Ed: glad to hear you enjoyed it, Chris ! Hope you've voted on your opinion poll ?)

Hey Royds Rockas !
It was great to see you all working hard. Your enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me
. As for your choreography and creative ideas, well, as ever they are fab
Glad you liked the soundtrack ! Trust me ... with the hours it takes, it's always nervewracking to play you the finished product
You're doing an amazing job with the theme (remember - no hints at our theme !) (Ed: awwwww... Miss ?!! :)
See you all at our next rehearsal (even though I'm a one-armed bandit at the mo, that won't stop me!!!)
Miss S :o)


Mar 13th (7 messages)

Well well well!
Hello From Miltoncross !
Can't wait for the shows - We Will Rock You!!

Hi guys :)
I hope you are all ready to be stunned by baysgarth ! We've been working hard this year but it's all going to be worth it, :)
I'm looking forward to the fun day of rock challenge on the 30th. It's going to be great !
Us baysgarth teapots have been letting off a bit of steam as we have been working so hard but i know it's all going to be worth it xxxxxxx

Congratulations to one and all in the Crickhowell Team ! You were brilliant and we were all extremely proud of your achievements!!
Well done to all the other teams at Southampton yesterday ! We all enjoyed a fantastic show last night and each performance was excellent and different.

See everyone again at the event next year - Helen x

Hi all
Just got back to uni in Chichester from day 2 in Southampton. Gutted I had to leave but I'm hoping to just get my mark in lecture then I'll be on my way back ... more or less!
Just want to say congratulations to Crickhowell for winning yesterday and thanks for providing the lunchtime entertainment for the crew by practising your dance in the car park!
Well done to everyone else who competed as well, and the couple of schools that I saw rehearsals for before I left today looked amazing. Should be a good show tonight!

See you and Wendy on Friday and Saturday hopefully, John!
Simon (Volunteer)
(Ed: Yep - we're still up for the journey south Thursday night, Simon :)

Hi, and congratulations to everyone involved with the Crickhowell team on Monday in Southampton. You did really well and everyone worked hard - not just the performers but all the backstage crew as well!!
Special thanks to the parents who travelled all the way from Wales and particularly to Sue, Helen and Lisa. (Happy birthday again to Sue :)

Mrs D

Hi everyone ... daymon from stainburn here !
Not long till carlisle now. The best of luck to everyone going to carlisle - stainburn will see you there bright and early for all rehearsals :)

Heyaa Guys !
We've been working hard and it's all coming together !
Good Luck to everyone ! Rock On !!
Royds Y11 Crew
x.x.x.x.x :))

The Angmering School got coverage of their appearance at Crawley in the online version of the "Littlehampton News" !
A souvenir edition of the Daily Echo's "Global Rock Challenge" issue will be on sale all week at the Southampton Guildhall.
If YOUR team gets coverage in the online press, DO let me know on john@arrowsmith.demon.co.uk :)
John (Editor)


Mar 12th

Hi everyone !
Can't wait till Rock Challenge 2007 arrives in Belfast! So excited!
Our girls at Little Flower have been practising hard so i want to thank them for their dedication!
I have been looking at the pictures from the shows and it looks fantastic
We at little flower want to wish everyone good luck and - most importantly - HAVE FUN!

Thanks - Olivia x

Heya guys! It's Kayleigh - Rocka Vollie!
Well, i'm here stuck at uni while all my fellow rockers are at day one in southampton! BORING!
(Got a performance on thursday so i thought i would take a minute out of my busy rehearsal schedule to write a message to everyone! :)
Good luck to everyone at southampton ! I will see those on friday and the juniors on sat cos i am coming home thurs night! (How dedicated am i!)
Hey to all my vollie friends! - you know who you are! - and heya to tim, zo, mark, dave and everyone else!
93 hours to go!

Love you all - Kayleigh!!!

16 days till "Brid at Hull"
JDD (Driff)

Hey all you Thornton Rockas !
Just a quick message to say how proud I am of you ALL! Your commitment and fantastic team spirit is amazing
. Once we get used to the massive props you will look more fantastic than you already do!
Nat- I'd get in the gym if I was you ... they will be really heavy to lift!!
Holly- don't worry ! I'm sure they won't drop you and they'll get the right level together!!! LOL!!!
Sarah- thank you for your fantastic enthusiasm and need for perfection ! It will all pay off and you and your stage crew are doing the best job!
Thank-you to Miss Moore and Mrs C ! (But Cowley ... just be careful not to fall through the tin next time!!!!!!!! :)
All i really want to say now is guys - keep up the great work ! You have made me very proud ! We have probably the best piece that we have ever done and your professionalism really shows. The effort that has gone in to making this piece what it is, is inspiring !
KEEP IT UP, THORNTON ! See you ALL friday!

Love - Danika x x x x x x x x x x x


Mar 11th (9 messages)

JDD from driff- so ya should blooming be sorry!!! lol (Just kidding hun :)
Good luck for co-hosting, laura ! Hope you do a good job!
Good luck to driff anyway (now you're competing with us "commoners" ! lol :)
Good luck to all the schools in "Brid at Hull" ! Gonna be so totally awesome!
Jenny (howden) xxx

Hiya !
Can't wait til rehearsals 2moro - it's all realli comin together
Hope all your fundraisin went well!!!
2moro is pj day at hornsea 6th form ... hehe, it is gonna be a laugh (and jess - we ARE stayin in them for rehearsal hehe :))
Big thanx to everyone involved in rocka at hornsea - love you all!!

Darryl (hornsea) xxxxx

Hey all goin 2 "Brid at Hull" !
I wrote a message a few days ago and i is sorry if i offended any1. Sorry, Laura from Driffield and 2 any1 who took offence - i DO actually want every1 2 do well !
On a lighter note, i have a rehrsal every night this week: Monday - 5.00 / Tuesday - 4.30 / Wednesday - 6.00 / Thursday - 6.00 ... it is off 2 be well gud !
Once again, sorry
JDD (Driffield)

To all my fellow members of driffield rockers - i wish you lots and lots of luck for this year's rock challenge! Your theme sounds top and i'm sure on the day you'll pull it off like you always do ! Just dance your little hearts out and get to the final!!
I wish i was still performing ... i feel so old now ... BOOOOOO!
Good luck to hornsea too ! No doubt you'll have another fab show!!
Some driff members who know me, let me know the results ? Wish i could come and support you all but can't make it!
Years 13s - make sure you leave rockers with a bang!!!

Lots of love and cuddles - jane wells (ex driffield schoolkid) x x x

Hello fellow people of rock challenge :D
I can't wait ! It's not long now...
, i wish you all the luck in the whole wide world ! Driffield are behind you, Hornsea!
Ha ! Yey, you are coming to see ours, and i'll be there in Grimsby cheering you on too, the star of the show !
Good luck to everyone

Love - Laura
ps driffield ... HELLL yeahhhh ...

Good luck to all the schools taking part in rock challenge and hope u all do really well ! Remember - have fun!
GO CHAMBERLAYNE!!!!! We will rock !
Good luck again to everyone

Beckii (chamberlayne park school, performing southampton wednesday 14th)

Hey everyone !
Only 19 days to go !
We're all getting really excited ... can't wait to see what you have all come up with ! Hopefully get to speak with some of you on the day :)
Should be fun ... talk soon

Love from Danielle, Zoe, Amy, Kellie, Ash and Chris

Hi !
Just a quick comment to say thank you for all the hard work put in by loads of people and most of all thank you mrs h coz without you so many people wouldn't have this fantastic opportunity to perform and be part of rock challenge and the team
So, danny
... r u staying in ur pjs 4 rehearsal ? Now that WOULD be funny!!!!!!!
Jess h

Wow Hornsea, loads of messages from your team this year..!!! Great to hear that you are all enjoying your Rocka expereince so far, and in such a fantastic team spirit too!!!
As for all of us at Baysgarth... let's keep up the hard work and effort and continue to strive to make an excellent piece of performance this year. I'm sure we will make lots of people very, very proud regardless
Mrs V and Mr Scruton, YOU ARE the BEST there is and thank-you for continuing to put up with us... what great people you are at Baysgarth..!

Positive spirits guys... the set is looking very professional too!!! Cheers Gaffa..:)
Ed (Cap'n John)- hope you're enjoying your website editing as always!!!! Grimsby draws ever closer.. March 30th!
Good luck to all
(especially at Baysgarth, and to you Mrs V as the top art teacher) and if you have art or drama practical exams in the next coming weeks for your GCSEs... BE YOUR BEST (as the Be Your Best Foundation would say!)
See you all soon... Cap'n Jack D (BTB) (Baysgarth THE Best! :)


Mar 10th (8 messages)


It is comin up to be my last rock challenge, as i leave school in about 3 months
I have had a real blast in doing rock challenge. I think it's really good to perform and to wait for the results. All the schools are friendly towards each other, and it's a really good day out
I will be coming to watch next year's as from when we see other teams rehearse i think they are very good to watch
Gd luck to all the schools this year but most of all COME ON MATTHEW HUMBERSTONE!!!!!!

Hey ! It's danny from hornsea!!!!
WOW what a great rehearsal friday night was. It's all starting to come together so well, and a can't wait ... in 2 weeks and 6 days we will be performing our piece at grimsby !
There was soooo much effort put in by all on friday night, and from now on we have just got to keep improving guys, by stretching, smiling, being strong and always staying in character. I'm sure now we are gonna be fine, but let's keep going
Loads of fundraising is goin on at the moment, so keep up the good work (the weather was good for your bike ride today, lizzie!!! Hope all went well ?)
All us 6th-formers are turning up in our pyjamas on monday, so should be a laff :)
The set is lookin fab
soooooo all the hard work luke and the rest of the crew are doing certainly is paying off because it looks great !
Mrs H !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wot a week it's been ! I have sooooo much gratitude for you!!! You are unbelievable and i don't know how you do it - 11 years on and still going !
The team this year is so different compared to previous years that I and other past rockers have been in. The team spirit between everyone is great great great and it's all because of you, miss!! You provide this opportunity for hornsea school, and everyone that is involved in rock challenge here should be very thankful and take the opportunity they have been given. All the work you are doing to make this piece is amazing along with mrs webb, luke, dianne (the painter), kristan, miss wood and everyone else involved. SO COME ON HORNSEA!!!!!!! Let's make everyone PROUD!!!!! Including ourselves!!!

Grimsby really is getting very close now and all us at hornsea can't wait!! I hope every other school and college around the country enjoys rock challenge as we do and i wish them all the best of luck and enjoyment.
Me and chaz are coming to watch the "Brid" event at Hull on wednesday the 28th - whuuuuuu, we can't wait and are coming along to support east yorkshire!!! A massive big good luck to driffield school - we're gonna miss you in the premier finals - and a special mention for laura f:- you're gonna do great and i'm gonna see you!!!!

Carry on all the good work, hornsea, and let's go to grimsby with a bang!!!
Cya all soon - danny xx

Just finished another long day working on the set!
Thanks to all the guys who are helping me out - Will, Paul, Mark, Pete, David and Clive. Thanks to all the cast for their kind comments too. Keep up the good work - the dancing looks better every time I see it!

Lastly, good luck to everyone competing at Southampton and Eastbourne next week.

Luke (Hornsea Stage Manager)

To all the Hornsea Team - past and present:- just to say how proud I am of the whole team and thanks for all the hard work you are putting into our hectic rehearsal sessions! I know you all think it will be worth it and are ready to do yourselves proud on March 30th at the Grimsby "showcase".
Thanks to all the massive amounts of fundraising going on to make our entry possible - it makes me really proud to see you working so hard to raise funds and not just relying on all the business support we receive. It really gives you a sense of ownership and that is partly what Rock Challenge is all about.
Keep up the good work, Hornsea, and thanks once again to all the set guys grafting well into the night once school has finished for the day, not to mention working every weekend too! Thanks Kathy - I could not do this without your support (50 down just another 50 to go!!!) and Jemma a welcome new additon to the team! Thanks Kristan (yet again) and all the team of ex-Hornsea Rockers who continue to support in such a huge way year after year. Where you all suddenly appear from goodness only knows - it is as if someone rings a bell somewhere and the faithful regroup!
Well, the final countdown begins!

Karen Hylton - Liaison Teacher

Hi ! Jess h here from hornsea
went really well last night. It looks so brill and feels so much more real now we have some set
Good luck to every1 competing!


Hello everyone!
Big good luck to my old school Wildern (cait, rach, mini and everyone - that means you!), all my buddies from Wyvern, Amy Lucas St Anne's Schools ... all performing together on Tuesday! I'm so excited i can't wait!
And a massive good luck to the Barton Peveril team on Thursday too (katy, steph and everyone!) Sorry i can't be there :(
I'm volunteering this year - on Tues, Weds, Fri and Sat at the Southampton Rockas so good luck to all the teams taking part!

Love you - Ferni x

ARCHIE FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mar 9th (12 messages)

To all at Crickhowell High - you have all worked really hard ! Well done!
We just want to wish you all well for Monday. Go and enjoy the day and go for it!
Remember ... we leave at 7am !

Helen and Sue (The Bag Ladies!)

Good luck to everyone at Southampton Day 1. We travel so far but it's worth it to see everyone
We'd like to thank Lesley for all the hard work, and Michael - we love you even though you sometimes have two left feet
Only two days left !!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!!!!! Hope everyone's performances r comin on ok
Saw our performance today and it was the best ever!! I haven't seen it for a couple of weeks n it reli was great!
Don't worry, danika - our amazing piece of set will be fine. Think james will love it!!!!!!! (Set's lukin fantastic. The stagecrew are doin an excellent job)
Can't wait for bradford and grimsby now!
See you all at rehersals on friday!!

Sarah (stagecrew - TGS) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

OMG wat a rehearsal tonight ... it was the best one yet!!!! The whole thing is coming together soooo well now and i can't wait to see it in 3 weeks time :)
The set is amazin and it's not complete yet so it's going 2 b even more fab - a big thank u 2 luke and every1 else involved in the set-making process
Thank-you mrs h for making rock challenge at hornsea skwl wat it is today and a bigggggg thank u 2 the choreographers for making such a fantastic piece
Good luck to everyone in the grimsby event on the 30th - whooooo can't wait - and a big gd luck to everyone else who has still got 2 compete. Can't wait till the prem final - i bet it will be fantastic !
Gd luck every1

Bekki ********hornsea********

It's Ellie from Hornsea with just a quick message to say how great the rehearsal was tonight! Everything's really really coming together, the sections flow together really well and I think everyone's just loooaadss more excited now we've realised it's only three weeks to go!!
The set's looking great ... can't wait til it's completely finished (it's gonna be amazing!!)
Can't wait til the rehearals next week - I know they're gonna be eeeven better!!
Omgosshh ... three weeks to goooo!!! Yayy!

Oh hornsea we love you oioioi!

Hey everyone!
Hornsea had a great rehearsal tonight. Everything is looking reali fab n we just know that it will be even better in 3 weeks time!
Can't wait til march 30th ... it's gonna b ace!
The set is gonna b amazin when it's all finished so thanks 2 luke n the other stage-crew members! (We know u wer at skl til gon 8 on thurs cos we had dance class at skl n saw u in the hall! Thanks 4 all ur hard work n all the extra hours uv bin puttin in. Thank-you!!)
We're doin a sponsored cycle 2moro (sat) - can't wait 4 that (hope the weather's ok!) I know there's all sorts goin on around skl to raise money so good luck guys whatever ur up 2!
Hi 2 andrena at longcroft! We hope 2 c u at the showcase! xxxxxx
Good luck everyone n GO HORNSEA!!!!!!!!

Charlotte n Lizzie! (HORNSEA!!!!!!)

Hiya !
Well, what a fab rehearsal ... it's all starting to come together!!
3 weeks and - like mrs H said - by now we will probably have our hair and makeup done and be gettin costumed etc ... i can't wait!!!!!!
Well done to all the members of the team who have been doing fundraising - it's nice to see the spirit alive in the school !
Well done and Good luck to all other schools who have competed and still are or are yet to hehe
Finally, a big hello to anyone at Grimsby on friday the 30th ! Can't wait to meet lots of new people and watch all your performances !

Love ya - darryl (hornsea)
Oh hornsea we love you oi oi oi

Hi all !
Hope you're all having fun getting on with your performances and that they are all coming together really well
Only 48 days til Portsmouth Day 4 - OUR day to 'Rocka' it up. We are all so excited and really can't wait. Our piece is really beginning to shine and we can all see it start to get really good
Hope everyone who has their event soon has a great time, as that it what Global Rock is all about !

Luvyaz ... Luv - Luce (Cowes High Production Team) xXx

Yeah, it's important to point out that Archie are still a part of the Rock Challenge Spirit ! Just because this year we've had to concentrate everything on getting to Australia to showcase, we haven't deserted Rock Challenge - as you will see at the Hull event!
HOW EXCITING ! Shame i can't be there but i'll be sending all my luck all the way from Chester

Good Luck to all the other schools that are competing in not only the Hull Event but Rock Challenge in general
COME ON ARCHIE...still alive and kicking!!!


Oreet ! It's Sam and Lauren from Cockermouth
Just filled in our Rocka Volunteer applications for Saturday 21st.... wooooooohoooooooooo
Really excited about Rocka now....4 weeks left. Gonna be great
. (Cockermouth bringing the noise.haha)
Can't wait to see all the usual again plus some new faces - gonna be well good. See y'all on 20th
Sam and Lauren(The Cockermouth Student Leaders) xxxxxx

WOOOOOOOOOOO! You tell em, Hayley !
We're all really looking forward to seeing everyone again from the Hull heat - it's gonna be a great day! (Good luck to all the schools competing!)
We've started recording our progress to Australia on the camera we've got from the BBC
(Ed: GREAT ! They made good on their offer after all, eh ? Good on ya, BBC ! :) and it's gonna be good when it's been edited and finished, nd then everyone can see what sort of stuff Archie are getting up to before and after australia!
Keep up the good work, people, nd DON'T STOP BELIEVING! cause we ARE gonna get to aussi in the end!

Rach (an Archie gal)

Hiya !
We are all really excited about performing at the HULL ICE ARENA EVENT n the fact of the whole AUSTRALIA trip is really starting to hit me!!!! It all seems too good to be true except this message page.... COME ON ARCHIE - all the comments seem to have dried up!! We need to let people know that we are still here and we aren't going away any time soon.... well, until july at least!!
C everyone at rehearsals. Let's keep it going - it will be worth all the tears, bump n scrapes in the end!!

Hayley M (Archie Stage Crew) x


Mar 8th

Hey !
Can't wait till our heat. It's gonna be so exciting !
, you don't have to say sorry for jonathan. If he thought it would offend the other schools he wouldn't have written it. Everyone just wants to have a good time and yes we do want all the schools to do well :)

Hello all !
A big "Well done !" to all those hw have performed so far and "Good luck !" to all those that have still to perform !
Rock Challenge is truly amazing - can't wait till next year!!!!!!!
Well done, Vandyke !
A big thank-you to all the teachers involved but a huge thank-you to Mrs .Allsopp and Mrs.Anderson. I would also like to thank Dean and Catt and Hari and Emily!! We couldn't have done it without you !
Thank-you so much ... i enjoyed it all!!!!!

Linzi (Vandyke)

"Billy Elliott" star Liam Mower will be dancing on stage in Hull on March 30th at a special fundraiser organised by Archbishop Thurstan School to help his fellow students raise the last £60,000 they need to take their 2006 Rock Challenge team to Australia to showcase there ! You can read more here in an article from the online version of the "Hull Daily Mail"
John (Editor)

Good luck to everyone in Rocka Southampton !
We had a fantastic time in St Albans and we are stll reliving every moment in assemblies this week
Rock Challenge RULES - we love it !

Sally (Liaison Teacher, Vandyke)


Mar 7th (9 messages)

Hello to all, especially Hornsea!
I came and watched your full-call rehearsal tonight. I haven't seen it for about 10 days as I couldn't make it last week and I have to say - what a FANTASTIC improvement! I was very impressed with your work - you all looked so good - and the finale is looking fantastic now it is all finished!
I am well excited about it all now ... not long to go and you will be showing off your fantastic talents! Keep it up, guys! You are all fab and I am loving it more every time I come to rehearsal - it's great!

SMILE!!!!!!! :)

Miss Wood

Hello Babes of Rock Challenge
I've been pretty bummed out for a week seein as rock challenge will be over for another year ... and this time last week Vandyke would have been hitting the stage
To be fair, i look forward more to the rock challenge day than to christmas and ... to be quite frank ... i love it more than my mum

Shame Vandyke didn't get placed but fair play - the other schools were amazingly good
Hey ... i'm even so sad i have our soundtrack as my ring tone
Can't wait til next year ... and i so want to join the crew for my whole life :)

Cheers - Bethan xxxxxxx

Hiya !
OOOOOOOOMG ... the RC committee at Brune Park are extreeeemly excited!! Only 4 days untill we get to perform and it's going to be amazing!!
Love everyone that's taking part for our school coz it wouldn't be the same without one person - hair, make-up, stage crew or performers
Not long now ! Last rehearsal friday, then all we can do is our best :)
Good luck everyone!!

Chelsey xx

Hiya RC!
Cnt wait 4 rock challenge ... onli 20 days 2 go !
We're workin realli hard and we're all reali excited :)
Gd luck 2 al the otha skools!

Tazmin (andrew marvell)

Heyyy ! Hope everyone is oryt!!
Rehearsals going ok at thornton! 55 days till bradford day 1! It's going to be very short and sweet now!
if u mak ma and sarah laugh i may physically kill you! Rach - you give me the giggles:)
Luv to everyone ... Bekky (thornton) xxxxx

Jonathan from Driffield - it's Laura ... also from Driffield
We want EVERYONE to do well. Come on, now - don't be selfish

Love - Laura
ps apologies to all other schooolllssss :(

Just a quick line to say thank-you for inviting Guardsmen to display at Rock Challenge (Crawley). We all had a fabulous time and were very happy to have the opportunity to take our activity to a wider audience - something which we don't have the chance to do too often !!
Thank you once again


Gud luck solent!!! U gna b wikid on thursday!!
Luff - fay (cowes high)

Just been away watching a pre-season RAF Red Arrows sort of "dress-rehearsal" display. Lovely ! Ahhhhh - summer's obviously getting near !!
John (Editor :)

WOW ... i cnt believe it ... we r coming to hull agen to show our amazing piece from last year to promote our trip down under !
Not long to go ... only 4 mnths and we'll b whizzing off to Australia
Gd Luk 2 all hull schools - specially marvell!
Australia get ready coz Archie is coming!!!


Mar 6th (13 messages)

WOW ! I've just watched the video about rock challenge in south africa - it was amazing. I could go on for ages about the things in that video but i'll just say one - it said that they had been in the field for 9 hours with no food or water and i think THAT'S commitment ! Can u imagine if you were at a rock c. event and had no food etc ? I bet some people wouldn't perform!!
It's great to see how global rock challenge really is there. It brought home how fab it is to be part of it
Bye for now ...
Jess (Hornsea)

Hey ... jenny here from howden! 22 days til Brid at Hull, and i CAN'T WAIT!
Good luck to every school competing, and to mates at Cottingham and Driff (you know who u are)

Oh ... and Jonathan (from Driffield) - glad that you're confident, but isn't it meant to be the taking part that's the main thing? Just a little reminder for u - yes, Howden would also like to win but it's not the main thing on my mind
Still, good luck anyway, and may the best team win !
See all the Rocka crew on the 28th!
Jenny xx

Hey all... me again! (Sorry John!) :) (Ed: hehe :))
I was sat at lunch making costumes for our performance and suddenly realised... we are the ONLY school in North Lincolnshire to compete in Rock Challenge! WAHOOOOO!!!! GO BAYSGARTH!
Have just watched some more of the Ozzy performances, and some of them are awesomely good.... I particularly liked the "entrapment" one (the first video on the page) ... it is very good!
(Ed: that would be the Brighton Secondary College one, eh Jack ?)
Hope everyone is ticking over in the Rocka season... see you all at Grimbo on the 30th... AAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH, not long now!!!!
Jack (Baysgarth School)
ps Shaun (the guy that left a message for Hornsea and Baysgarth Rockas):- Han and Jen can't remember who you are ... they are most curious !

Dear All
I thought you might be interested in this link (www.teachers.tv/video/5476) to a Teachers' TV programme about the South African Rock Challenge. It's very good !
Dave (Stage Manager)

(Ed: whooo ... Go Dave ! Great video !!)

Hey all - Jonathan here from Driffield School
Not long now till Hull ... 22 days to go. Pretty scary now, but I ain't nervous coz we is off 2 win coz Driffield School is da "BOMB" :)
Good luck 2 all at Hull

Jonathan (Driffield)

Hi John
Just wanted to say how good it was to meet you (and Wendy) on Friday night at Crawley. Having received so many emails from you, and you having circulated Winterguard stuff for us, it was great to have a chance to put a face to a name!
If you get a chance to go to www.wguk.org.uk you'll see a brief mention about Friday night which links directly to the Rock Challenge website, so hopefully you'll soon have a few more of "our performers" following the fortunes of "your performers"
The Guardsmen compete again this Sunday in what is the last southern contest before the finals! Should be good!!
Regards - Dave

Hi John! How are you??
Thanks for the note about the South African video. We have seen it too - very moving!
Not long to go till our events now, and at long last we have our two new members of the team - Andy and Laura<br>Love to Wendy, and see you both soon

Hey john!!! How's things ?!! (Ed: 'tis the Rocka Season, Kate, so things is great - of course ! :)
I am really excited about rocka this yr! I have just had the confirmation that i am def ok for time off for the pompey heats!!! (I work in southampton so i may have to pop in a couple of evenings when the southampton heats are on because unfortunately i can't push it with the time off :(
See you all at pompey, peeps ... and maybe southampton!!!
Kate xxx (Rocka Volly) xxx
(Ed: Kate ... how about "Rockie Volly" instead ? It rhymes. And MAYBE I'll see you at So'ton on Friday and/or Saturday ... I too can't always get time off to do every event I'd like but I'm at those two :))

Well done to everyone involved in rock challenge st. albans day two!! You were fab!
Well done to the Vandyke Team ! You were great!! We didn't win but you did yourselves proud!! This year's performance was much better than last year's and we rocked!!
Special thanks to Hari and Sally
for all your hard work (we hope we did you proud!!) and also to the rest of the teachers and 6th-form team for all the work they put in to "GAME OVER!!"
Thanks! Richard (vandyke and beds youth opps funding!)

Hiyaa Everyonee!>Not Long Noww.. I'm Soo Exciteddd .. Our Last And It's Going To Be Our Best Year !! =D
Hope All Your Rehearsals And Preparation Are Going Well .. See Youze All On Thee 30th March .. Look Out For Us With "Danielle" & "Ally" On our Tee-Shirts !
Lotshaa Love - Danielle And Alex From Matthew Humberstonee School =D x

Hey guys ! Vicki here from Ashfield Girls'!
Not long now to Waterfront.. wishing all the schools the Best of Luck ! I'm sure you all will be awesome!
For anyone here who is in their first year in Rock Challenge (at my school or any other schools) i guarantee it will be one of the best days you will ever have!

Take care - Vicki x

The Royds ICT Crew !!! Birch, Salty, Becki, Danni, Wilko, Zoe, Lacy - we cnt wait 4 r heats 2 begin !
Gd luck 2 all the other schools ... Rock On !!!! :))


Hi from all at bognor regis community college
Firstly we would like to say thank-you to all the teams in the crawley event (especially boundstone and durrington) for being so supportive and friendly. Crawley is the best rock challenge !
We can't believe we won ... it still hasn't sunk in yet and it even made our student leader cry :)
We're really looking forward to the final

Thank-you to all the rock challenge staff ... big shout to zoie, tim and mark (tyson said he might give you his coat, mark ! :) The shows wouldn't be the same without all you guys
Also all the best to ravens wood in their premier show and to our junior rock challenge team as it is their first time
Once again, thank-you everyone for being great ... we are over the moon

All the best ... bognor regis community college

Hello !
Here's some recent press coverage:-John (Editor)


Mar 5th

Evening all
I hope all the southampton heats are going to give me a warm welcome as it is going to be the first venue i have done so far :)
Can't wait for it all now ... i've been so excited. Hope to see you all in belfast, grimsby and definitely portsmouth ... see you soon !
Davey (rockateer and ex PCS)

Hey everyone!
Good luck to everyone at hornsea - i can't wait to see it :)
Good luck to baysgarth too ! (Some of my friends from primary school go there ... Jenny and Hannah - love you!
Good luck everyone - see you in 4 weeks

Shaun xxxxx

Heyy peeps !
OMG ... not long now !
I am doin the rachel maddocks and park rockie this year. It's my last year and i am confident that rachel maddock and park wil give me the sendin off i need !
(The theme this year is the best that rachel maddocks has every done :)
We have approx 7 rehearsals left ... we only rehearse once a week :(
Gd luck to park's other team (their theme is gd this year too) and also to miltoncross as they r always brilliant !

Loves every1 ... bye
xxx whitley (Park Community) xxx

HELLO from a bright and sunny Monday morning in Yorkshire !
The St Albans Junior and Day 1 minipics ARE now online (get to them from the Tour Results page links). Sorry they took so long ... I had to buy more webspace because I ran out half-way through uploading them ... tut :))
The Day 2 and Crawley minipics will be online when I receive the CD ... which I haven't yet.
John (Editor)


Mar 4th (7 messages)

Many congratulations to every team we saw at St Albans 1 and 2 and at Crawley ... three lovely days of Rock Challenge :)
John - your white-haired/white-bearded old Editor/Stagehand - and Wendy (Rocka Merch Star :)

Hey there ... long time no message ...
Mrs C and I are just going through the final bits of set and costume. I have to say, Thornton - we think this year is our best ever... and that's 10 yrs of Rock Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!
Good effort, guys ! The piece is looking absolutely fantastic, you are all working fab as a team, and that full cast slice gives me goose bumps everytime i watch it!!!!! Just keep it up !
Thank-you for making this year so challenging and fun ... see you ALL on friday !
Good Luck to all the schools yet to perform

Danika and Mrs C (Thornton Grammar) x x x x

Hi John... and everyone!
I'm sat here listening to Radio Humberside in my room... and am feeling very tired today... don't know why! At the moment there is a musical theatre programme on called "Westenders" Hmm ... very apt!!! A bloke called Jonathon Parker is one of the presenters... has he been a judge before ? At the Grimsby heats??? Hull too??? I seem to remember him mentioning it once....
(Ed: the name certainly sounds familiar, doesn't it ! :)
Anyway, everybody seems very delighted with the two St Albans heats... they seem to have gone very well, that's from reading all the messages... your note too John, you sound very jolly! (No wonder though... it's Rock Challenge season, how can anyone NOT be joyous?! :))
Hope everyone is having fun... we are!!! (In and amongst the blood sweat and tears that have already started with the student leaders and Mrs V and Mr S... all part of the fun though!)
See you soon... we meet at Grimbo ! :)

Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen)

Hiya ! Haven't put a msg up on here 4 ages! Really shud keep up 2 date more often!
Just wanted 2 say how fab rocka is this year! Bekz n Jonny such a laf! N hope u pick up the dance easily enough, Bekz! hehe Thornton r sooo gonna ROCK this year!!! Wooooooooo ... go thornton! (N emma - yeah ... spending time in the library is boring!!)
Gud luck 2 all da uva skools this year!! Can't w8 4 Bradford!
Bye 4 now ...
Luv - Sarah (thorntoner)

Hey everyone !
Good luck if you are still waiting for your day to come round !
I have just been reading the messages an would like to say to Rosemary (my sister) we missed you and would have loved you to perform with us as well!!
Linzi (vandyke)

I can't believe we changed the opening about 3 hours before the dance!!!! I was the first person on stage and it was amazing!! =D
I really can't wait to see the pictures
I've never been a main part before like i was this year! Its a shame we didn't come anywhere though. The dance was so much more fun to perform this year, though!! Amazing day!
Ellen [Boundstone] <3 xx

When will the pictures will be up from Crawley??? I can't wait to see them - the dances were amazing!!
Well done Bognor xx

Ellen [Boundstone] <3 xx
(Ed: I haven't yet received the Crawley (or St Albans Day 2) pics from Nick, Ellen, and don't know when I will. John ... just starting on St A's Junior and Day 1 pics :)

Hey every1 !
Been gr8 at rock challenge. It is soo much fun and it is soo gr8 to be part of the team !
All the choreographers are being really good at teaching the dance and everything - we could not have done it without them (they are fab :)
We could not have done it without mrs hylton as well (she is the best) and every1 else helping out too
It's my first year doing rock challenge and it is a gr8 experience :)
Good luck to hornsea and every1 else takin part !

Natasha (hornsea) xxxxxx


Mar 3rd

Hey everyone !
I would like to hear from another student from "game over" vandyke's concept about the myspace for vandyke's rock challenge. I hear that we haven't finished for this year and would like to find out
A huge thank-you to everyone at vandyke and every one at st albans day 2
Thank-you to the rock challenge stage crew ! We can't do it without you!!!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Linzi (vandyke)

Heya ! This is samantha (sam) from durrington high school
Bognor Regis Community College deserved to win. They were great ... so well done ... and they have some really nice people too!

Love ya all
xx sam xx

Hi all
Just got back home from Crawley and wanted to say a massive well done and thank-you to everyone who took part in the heat at the Hawth yesterday. Well done for putting on such a great show and thank-you for starting what will probably be my last Rock Challenge tour with such a bang!
A special big thank-you to the guys from Boundstone who did such a great job selling programmes before the start of the show! Bring on Southampton is all I can say!

Hi John -it was great to see u, and fun to be on the merch desk with Wendy. See the both of you for the last two days in Southampton!
Simon (Volunteer)
Good to see you again, Simon ! We're just (midnight Saturday) back home ... under a red moon ... but of course our trip back took longer because yes, we called in to see some grandchildren on the way :)


Mar 2nd (8 messages)

Hey everyone!
I'm soooo excited for the showcase ... it's only 4 weeks away!! This time in 4 weeks we will be in the middle of the performances!! Whooooo :D
I'm really looking forward to seeing what all the other schools have come up with this year ... i'm sure you have some fab themes
I can't wait for the day!!! It will be wicked!!!!!!!! :D

A HUGE THANK-YOU to mrs H, the choreographers, luke & his crew n mrs W. I also want to say a HUGE WELL DONE to the team because there are a lot of new members this year and everyone is working so hard to make our piece what it is already. I am really enjoying the rehearsals and they are going so well! GOOD LUCK to everyone involved this year!
Lots of love - chaz (HORNSEA!!!)
(ps hey danny!! hehe)

Heyyyyy! I'm from Brighton & Hove High School nd am competin in Eastbourne on the 13th (1 week nd 4 days!)
Just wanted 2 say good luck 2 us and to the other schools there - may the best schl win!
Love - sophie xxxxxx

Yippee ! We are coming to Hull to perform our Australia entry "Pair O' Dice Lost" from 2006!
Very excited ! We didn't want to miss out on all the excitement and we have lots to tell everyone about our plans for Australia so see you there. We'll be cheering all the Hull schools on!!!
Yippppppppppeeeee !

Mrs B xx

Hey people !
A huge "Well done !" to all the vandyke rock challenge team. I would also like to say thank-you to dean, catt and co for coming with us to st albans day 2
Thank-you, hari, for a great rock challenge concept!!!!! We love you!!!!!
Thank you to all the teachers as well - we couldn't have done it without you. Well done everyone!!!
Well done to the other schools that were at st albans day 2 ! You were all great and the day was fantastic. Can't wait to see you in 2008 for ANOTHER good year !

Linzi (vandyke)

Hey Guys !
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an awesome day in St Albans. It was such a great day and all the schools had brilliant ideas. It was a joy to watch!
Denbigh are AWESOME. The girls and guys really worked well as a team. My kids worked hard all day and really proved that BOYS CAN DANCE TOO!!
WOOP WOOP!!!!! Rock Challenge 2007 is one not to be forgotten!!

Karen Bailey (Liaison Teacher for Denbigh School)

Hi there!
I just want to say good luck to CATHEDRAL!
Love - Charlotte

H.E.Y H.E.Y Y.O.U G.E.T O.U.T O.F O.U.R W.A.Y C.O.Z 2.D.A.Y I.S T.H.E D.A.Y P.A.N.I.C'S. C.O.M.I.N.G. U.R W.A.Y.
Nearly time guys ... AHHHHHHHHH !

Hey John!
Expect LOTS of messages for the message page for the Baysgarth Rocka team... I told them that our input was slightly bare so far...! I see a few have already appeared....thanks Jordanne for the nice note!!!!
Hope everyone is good... the St Albans heats seem to have once more gone down a storm!!!! :) (Ed: and lunch in the theatre restaurant at Crawley has just gone down a treat too, Cap'n Jack :)
Looking forward to seeing the pictures!!!!! No presssure John, you do a great job!!! (Ed again - pictures at the weekend ... hopefully :)
Hope your connection to the net is now better.... enjoy rehearsing, and to those of you that took part...enjoy remembering a great experience this year, especially to the winners!
See you soon....
Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen)


Mar 1st (13 messages)

Hello everyone from BAYSGARTH SCHOOL! We had a good rehearsal today, although the day is getting pretty close. Hopefully everything will pull together for the day and we shall shine like little tinfoil spacemen and women of course. he he.
Just want to say a big thankyou to Mrs V and Mr Scruton who put up with us every year and of course the team this year who have endured painful knees for just one dance!
Good luck to all the other schools!

Love - Hannah (Baysgarth) xxxx

To everyone who performed at St Albans (27th Feb):
Kings Langley were so proud to be a part of this event, and we were made up with our 2nd place and awards, especially as it was truly a competition. Every single school had something amazing to give, and it was great to be a part of it! Congratulations to Rickmansworth and Hertswood on your places!
Our 96 performers had a ball (as usual :) and I hope they all enjoyed it as much the teachers and helpers did!!!!
To all of you left to dance, have a ball .... Rock Challenge really is a fantastic experience!

Miss D (R/C liaison teacher at KLS) xx

Hello. Wow ... been such a long time since I posted a message on the Rocka Site...still keep having a gander though!
Came across a message from a fellow Hansoner ... Amy! ... and yeah ... unfortunately we're not involved this year, but as Amy said some of us Hanson Girlies will be there cheering all you guys on at Bradford
Keep Rockin'. Good luck to all Schools involved this year!

Stacey Xxx

Hiya guys!
Just lookin at the results etc for the events so far. The themes sound fab - wish i could have seen them! Well done to everyone takin part and good luck to all schools still to compete!!!
Can't wait til the heat now - 4 weeks 2moro!!! Woo !!
All we can do is go out there and give it our best and i am sure that no one will let the team down!
I know that this year many of our team are involved in rocka for the first year and i hope you have as much fun as i have experienced in the last 5 years!! The buzz is fab.
Anyway i'd best go now ... see you all at rehearsals 2moro night ... it's all realli coming together well and lookin fab!
See you all at Grimsby
Love - Darryl (Hornsea)

I loved our day at st albans ! It was brilliant - and very tiring :)
Well done to my school ... unlucky we didn't win but well done to the winning teams :)
Everyone who took part was brilliant. Teachers on stage were very funny and the warm ups were fun :)

Well done to everyone who was at saint albans arena on the 28th February !
I'd like to give a special thanks to Sally and James who helped me when i passed (all three times) ... thank-you, Guys
I'd also like to congratulate the schools who got placed and hope Wye Valley have a great time in the finals :)
Finally, A Quick Thank you to the rock challenge crew ! Without you it would not have been half as much fun :)


Aawww ... hanson isn't doing rock challenge this year and it's my last year of 6th form! I'm so upset!
Good luck to all the schools in bradford day 1 & 2! Some of us yr13 hansoners are gonna be there both days cheering u on!
I want to come and help! Is that possible? :)

Love - amy xx
(Ed: I've passed your message on, Amy :)

Bradford is nearli here ... cnt w8 ... only gt lyk 2 munf 2 go ... we is so excited! It is gna rok!!
We'll c u at Bradford (well, whoeva's goin :)
Byeeee xxxxx Emsy and German!! (Thornton!)
ps we got bored in the library at school xxx

Hey - it's jamie (DRIFFIELD)
Good luck to everyone that has entered rock challenge this year ! Hope ya do well
I wanna mention that i love the co-host for driffield ... WHEEEEY ... good luck, Laura
LOVE YA ALL ... hope to speak to you every day
Jamie xXx

Well done everyone for St Albans Day 2 ! You were all fantastic !
Vandyke were proud to be part of such an excellent event. Thank you to all concerned for a great day ... great fun and great spirit
Vandyke, you rocked!!!!! 97 performers - well done !
We'll be back for more next year :)

Sally Allsopp (Liaison teacher - Vandyke Upper School, Leighton Buzzard, Beds)

Heyya baysy !
It's gonna be well ace
Thanks 2 mrs v, mr scruton, cassie, hannah, jenny, jack and everyone else

Jordanne xxxx

Hey rock challengers !
Not long till carlisle ... good luck to all the junior schools taking part, and - especially - well done westfield ! You're all trying so hard
Come on, mortal crew - let's rock once again !

Lau xXxXxxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

Come on baysgarth ! We can do it this year !
Luv yah all, spesh mr scruton nd miss valentine

Luv - jodie and sophie (Y9)

Sooooo looking forward to St Albans day 2 !
Our team (over 97 performers) is ready to rock - had a great evening preview on Tuesday and we are in this to have some real fun
Good luck to all the other schools performing at St Albans next week - it is going to be brilliant :)

Sally (liaison teacher for Vandyke)


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