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Feb 28th 2007 (8 messages)

Well done to all the schools that performed on tuesday in st albans ! You were all fantastic !
My school (Francis Combe
) has done Rock Challenge for about 4 years running and i was SO upset when our school told us we weren't taking part this year as our dance teacher has moved on to another school. It really is an amazing day and i really hope we will perform next year!!!
Anyways, well done and keep up the good work =]
Hannah (Francis Combe School)

Hey guys!
Everyone did great at St Albans on 27th!
So happy that we got Best Choreography as it is my first year as a choreographer, and my last year in Rock Challenge so it's made it extra special

Love - Beth xxx

Hellooo all at rock challenge!!!
I go to kings langley school (in run dmc dance!!! =D) and jus wanted to say thank you so much for a great day yesterday!! I have taken part in rocka for yearrrrsss but this year was sooooo goodd !! x we had such a laugh and it was all thank to all of you..x
Well done to all the schools, especially Hertswood and Rickmandsworth!! x
Thank you for our amazing seven awards and 2nd place...x It has put a smile on everyone's faceee!!x =D
C u next yearrr !! x
Much lovenesss ...
Jessica A ..x Kings Langley !!
ps I just want to say how proud of Kings Langley I am!! Especially Run dmc as your choreographer ... you've all done me proud and without you, rocka wouldn't have been the same..x..x

Hi John! We're like big kids ... we REALLY can't wait until the southampton heats ! We're counting down the days (11 days or 8 working shifts) until our 3 weeks off work :D
By the way, on Sunday the 11th of March Rosie and I will be doing our monthly Orienteering trek in last year's Rocka tees in Parkhurst Forest on the Isle of Wight so if any island folk are out Orienteering along with us that day or just walking the dog, please say "Hi !"
Ness and Rosie (Rockateers)

Hi to the Vandyke Crew
Good Luck ! I saw the video of your preview evening and it looks awesome.
Congrats on all the hard work that has gone in up to now and I wish I could be there to see you (damn uni timetable!) Better still I wish I could still be in the team performing!
Keep up the hard work and hope you have an awesome day, which I'm sure you all will.
Rosemary (ex-vandyke) (Aww ... it's sad saying ex-vandkye)

Hey people! Hope you're all working hard.
Would just like to wish all the primary schools very best of luck - yaz all will enjoy it
Well done westfield ! You're doing well - you're all super stars


Hello all Rockateers everywhere ! By my calculations it is... 30 days as of Midnight until the Grimsby heats! ARGH! ( We haven't even got the scenery built yet! :S )
Oh well, it'll be alright on the night - even if we do make our LT (The fabuloso Valentino) have a hernia from the stress!

Just like to re-iterate a large thank-you to BARTON TOWN COUNCIL - the school's first official sponsor for this year's event and for a small town that £250 quid is a very generous donation - and to reinforce that point ... thanks to Rock Challenge and more importantly to Baysgarth SV and PJS for allowing us all to do SOMETHING FAB!
PS Jack D - Take note of the school's actual official name... haha!
John (Baysgarth Loony Asylum)

Hiya People :)
Not Long Till Open Heats At Grimsby Auditorium. Hope Everyone Does Well !
Everyone Talk To People At Matthew Humberstone School :)
Love - Sambob & Richiee xxxx


Feb 27th 2007 (7 messages)

Hey everyone !
I'm sooooo exited about Rock Challenge ! Not that long now!!!! Lookin 4ward to showin our piece at grimsby n seein everyone else's
Everyone this year at hornsea is working so hard as always :)
Han xxx (HORNSEA)

AHHHHHHH !!! One Rehearsal Left =] Can't Wait.. Friday's Gnna B Mazinnnn :D
Goodd Luck Everyoneeee !

Boundstone R Gonnaa Rock Socks! Woop!
Jessssss xXx

Hiiiiiiiiii =D
Wow .. like 2 days till rock challenge now!
I'm sooooooo scared!!! First person on stage ! (Haha - i can't wait!!!)

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to my rock challenge buddie Georgieeeeeee =D She's a right legend =D and i love her lots and lots and lots =D
See everyone friday!!!!!
Good luck everyone else!!! Sure all your dances are amazing!! xx

Ellen [Boundstone] <3 xx

HIYA AL U HORNSEA PEOPLE OUT THERE! I've just been readin al the messages (from hornsea) and let me tel ya it took me a long time!
A HUUUUUUUUUGE thank you to all our choreographers cos we'd be a bit stuck without u, and also a HUUUUUUUUGE thank you to mrs. hylton for all the hard work and effort that goes into it, and to evry1 else who has helped out this year ... you r wel and truly loved!
Best of luck 2 all da other scools competing!
Lots of love - natalie xxxxxxxxx

Just thought i'd leave another message as i am full of wisdom!
and ... erm ...
Yes, that is all!!
Oh ... and good luck to all the schools on wednesday!!
Dean (vandyke) x

I am proud of every single member of the Vandyke team this year! You have all worked so hard and we have such a GREAT piece!
Woooooooooo ... i'm so excited ! It's gonna be AMAZING!!

Love - Emily P xxx

Hey every1! Lizzie from hornsea!
We had another great rehearsal tonight. It seemed to go really quickly but i enjoyed it. (There was a much better turnout too ... keep it up, hornsea!)
I think our ending is great! It'll just take a bit of practice to get it drilled into our heads but we'll get there n i know it'll look "mint". (Using ur word, mrs.h!lol)
We're all v.glad 2 c luke back on the scene! Hope u make a full recovery n ur feeling better soon !
C every1 at friday's rehearsal!
Woo ... only 32 days to go til the showcase!! Woohoo!


Feb 26th 2007


I can't wait till wednesday!!! Our piece is looking great!! :)
As administrator of the Vandyke Global Learning Community forum I have great pleasure in passing on the following messages of support for the Vandyke team:
  • Sharon Smith at the Los Gatos High School, Los Gatos, California sends her best wishes to the team. She said that the American students loved our piece last year and wanted desperately to come over this year to watch us again!!! (Instead they had to settle for second best - we sent Daniel Forge over to them!!! :)
  • Rita and Francis also send their best wishes and wish they could be over here. Instead they want us to send Hari over to them so I will look into a one way ticket for him!! (Only joking, hari - I tried to use you as a battering tool but they rejected you!!)
  • Daniel Forge (Los Gatos/ Vandyke student) sends his best wishes to the team
  • Tyrone Bird (the MYP for South Bedfordshire) sends his best wishes and apologises for not being able to attend
Good luck to all involved in day two!! It is going to be great!!!
Richard (DMYP)


Feb 25th 2007 (9 messages)

Aaaaa ... Rocka on Friday and i'm already excited and hyper about it ! It's such an amazing day!
I can't wait to see the other skools' pieces! Good luck to everyone taking part at crawley - see you there!! =]

Just wanna say a quick shout out to my rocka buddy Ellen - she rocks socks haha - and can't forget all the other peeps from boundstone ... this year is gonna rock!
Georgie <3 (Boundstone)

Eeeekkkkk! Rock challenge is getting near!
I can't wait to show our piece to everyone, and to see everyone else's!

So much hard work has gone into it this year. I'm really excited about our ending ... it's going to be hard work but i know with the team and choreographers we have this year that we can do it!
See all the hornsea crew on monday!

Hey all! It's Jenny, ex-VANDYKE!!!
I saw the piece on tuesday evening - coming back to Vandyke especially from University where I'm now studying Drama (in my 2nd yr now) and you know what? IT BLEW ME AWAY!!! It was so awesome! Vandyke has excelled itself yet again!
I was in two rockas - "Your Choice" in 2004 and "The Mousehole Lights" in 2005 and Rocka is one thing you really miss being involved in :(
But.... if you guys do as well as you did on Tuesday evening I think you'll certainly BLOW EVERYONE AWAY! Remember ... FACIAL EXPRESSIONS *wink wink* and have FUN!
Good luck, Vandyke! Hope to see YOU at the finals!! I'll be there!!! :)

Woohooo - go rock challengers everywhere!!! =]
HUGE thanks to the choreographers this year - you guys are so great and we couldn't be where we are without you
and another HUGE thanks to Mrs Hylton for everything that she does every year for hornsea school - we love her and we couldn't do what we're doing today without everything she does!!!
My second year doing rock challenge - can't believe it!!! So excited and can't wait to perform again!!!
Seriously loving rocka this year :)
Good luck to all the other schools!!! =D

xxx Verry (Hornsea) xxx

To all Rock Challenge KINGS LANGLEY cast members:
Only 2 more sleeps until we are at St Albans, and I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you and well done to you all. The dancers and drama students have worked so hard this year, and you should all be very proud of yourselves
Choreographers - Natalie, Abbi, Jess, Bryony, Josh, Chess, Jodie, Ashleigh, Sarah, Beth and Becca - you have been fab! Couldn't ask for a more dedicated bunch
To the backstage crew, hair, makeup and costume designers - you work so hard and I am VERY impressed with what you do!
Finally, to Ted and Kate, my dance captains - your last year with us and I will miss you loads next year
Go for it on Tuesday and enjoy every minute! I'm proud of you all
Finally, GOOD LUCK to all the other schools and teams!

Love - Miss D xxx

GOOD LUCK VANDYKE!!! You Guys rock !
It was such a privilege to work with you last week. You are a fantastic team and i wish you all the best on Weds. You've worked so incredibly hard to produce a top quality piece of dance/drama
Hope you have a great day ! Have fun, work hard, and you'll do fantastic
X x X x X
ps Good Luck to all the RC teams! Rocka Rocks!

Hiya hornsea !
are goin brill and every1's havin a good time. Big thanx to the choreographers - aaron, kaye, lottie and sophie, and every1 who has helped in some way and - of course - Mrs. Hylton cos without her we don't know wot we would do
This is my 2nd year of rockchallenge n i hope we will all have as much fun as last year
Come on hornsea - i know we can do it this year !
Good luck 2 all the other other skools involved !
Luv - hanna xxxxxx

I watched this year's vandyke upper school entry at a preview evening and it is one of the best rock challenge pieces i have seen for a long time. It has an interesting story to it and all of the performers looked like they have worked so hard to get the piece to the high standard that it is

How AMAZING is our Vandyke team ? This year is the biggest team we've had so far and it seems we've all pulled together and created a piece that is truly exciting and innovative. The concept that we have chosen is completely original and carries a really hard hitting message. Everyone has worked so hard this year, and I think all our efforts will be worth it
I think the whole team is really looking forward to Wednesday; people who have been and already experienced it are so excited to be experiencing it again, and new people are anticipating what they have been told about the day
Good luck to everyone ... !


Feb 24th 2007 (8 messages)

Becki M here!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dis has been my first year in rock challenge and so far it has been awesome
Thank-you, mrs hylton, for makin hornsea such a success in the past years - i went 2 see ma sister in it and it was always really good!!!!!!
Thanks 2 the choreographers - Lottie, Aaron, Kay nd Sophie. Dey are all really gd dancers nd some1 to lk up 2 in the team

Gd luck 2 all da other teams who r competing in rock challenge ! I can't wait until grimsby!!! (I am gettin a bit nervous tho cos i have neva been on stage in grimsby b4 !!!!!)

Hope we can really make you proud, mrs hylton!!!
Luv - becki (HORNSEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) xxxxxxx

I am sure i am addicted to this site!!! Rock Challenge is Great!!!
4 days ... or (to be precise) 3 days 23 hours 14 minutes and 40 seconds until we should get to st. albans!
This year is going to be great!! Come on Vandyke!!
Make that 14 minutes and 30 seconds ... :)

Hiyaaa! It's emily .s. from hornsea :p
It's my first year doing rock challenge and it's been ace so far. I can't wait till the big day tho i reali don't want rock challenge to end !!!
Thank-you mrs hylton and all the choreographers
for teaching us all. All the dances are reali starting to look good
Woo ! I'm just so excited ! I'm really enjoying it ... everyone's working so hard and it's reali starting to show
Good luck everyone

Love - .:~emily.s.~:. xoxoxox

Hellooo every1 at hornsea school!
Can't wait till grimsby! Every1 has been tryin sooooo hard n hopefully it will all pay off =)
Big thanx to mrs hylton
because it wouldn't be happening without her!!
Big thanx to the choreographers for all the hard work they have done, to luke for the amazing set (get well soon!), to mrs.webb + kristen for all your help (as usual!) and a huuuge thank-you for every1 else who takes part
It's our first year in rock challenge, every1 has made us feel welcome and we have made new friends already!
Good luck to all the other schools!!

Jess and Emily! x x x

Hello hello ! It's Laura from Driffield school!!!!
Thanks for your message, Danny ! Good luck to Hornsea and you of course (the star of your show :D)
Our rock challenge is looking great this year. The 6th-form committee have done so much ! Our round at Hull isn't far away so we are rehearsing hard
Love - Laura x

Errr ...
That is all !
Love - Dean (vandyke) x x
(Ed: you may not have said much, Dean, but you certainly got it right :)

Heeeey ! It's Nat from Driffield
Good luck to all the schools this year !
We are not in the premier now but we are still rehearsing and putting our all into it
See you in hull !

Love - Nat x
(Ed: 31 days, Nat ... we'll see you all then ! :)


Feb 23rd 2007 (10 messages)

Hi guys!!!
OMG ... 5 weeks 2day n we will have been at the heat!!! I can't wait!!!!
It's all really coming together n lookin fab!!! Thanx to everyone helpin with it at skool this year
Good luck to all the schools who have already started performing
Can't wait to see all the schools at our heat ... it's always fab to see what everyone's been doin and i am sure they will all be fab
It's my 5th year in rock challenge this year (woo !) n i'm still lovin being part of it. It is such a fab day and the buzz you get when you go on on the night is immense
See you all at rehearsals next week - woo!!!!

Love ya - Darryl (hornsea)
We love you hornsea we do oh hornsea we love you oi oi oi

WOW!!! Reading all your messages makes me feel so happy i just can't stop smiling :)
Hornsea rock challengers, i salute you!!!
I really don't know how you're putting up with all my strange phrases and words for movements!!! lol :) I'm so happy to be choreographing for you this year - i look forward to each rehearsal with you all!!!
Big-up the team spirit - wooo
A HUGE thank-you to Mrs Hylton for giving me this chance and being there for us, always. Without you... where would we be?? You are the "rock" in our rock challenge hehe!!!
Well, so i don't natter on... just like to wish all the other schools luck and can't wait to see you all
All the best to you all!!!

Love - kaye (HORNSEA choreographer) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey every1 !
Having great fun at rock challenge ! It's soooo good :)
Thanks to all the choroegraphers (kay, lottie, aaron and sophie) and thanks sooooooooo much to mrs hylton and every1 else
Gud luk 2 all the other teams, and gud luk hornsea too !
Luv ya loads - tasha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Guys!
Loads of messages from Hornsea School... you must all be getting really in the Rocka spirit this year! It is always great to read people who are having a great time rehearsing their Rock Challenge performance
John ... forgot to mention ... a couple of weeks ago, a lunchtime presenter called Blair Jacobs at our local radio station, BBC Radio Humberside in Hull and Grimsby rang to ask me if I would speak to him on air about the state of the young generation today. I did and - of course - I had to mention the phenomenal amount of benefits that events such as Rock Challenge provide for us young people. He was keen to find out about the local heats in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire - more great publicity to the world's best out-of-school activity!
Hope everyone is enjoying their experience so far.... not long guys!!!!! Keep smiling, dancing and rehearsing !

Jack (Baysgarth School Technology College) (That's our official name, John !!! :)
(Ed: thanks for the heads-up about your school's name, Jack, but on the list of entries I actually have to use the names that were given on everyone's entry forms :)

Heyy!!! Come on hornsea - we can do it this year!!
Good luck to all the other schools!
Thanks to Mrs Hylton and all the choroegraphers
for all their hard work and coming up with the brill theme!
We've had some really good rehearsals so far so keep it up!!
Thanks again to Mrs Hylton for organising it all !!
Lauren xxx

I am addicted to rock challenge ! This is my 3rd in 4 years! (I missed one because of going to the USA)
I have to say that this Vandyke team is Gr8!! The preview evening went gr8!! Our piece is looking gr8, and thanks must go to the 6th-form team: Hari, Emily etc. and of course to Sally, without whom none of this would have happened!! Cheers for all the effort you put in!!

Hi evry1 ! Another day, another rehearsal :)
It went really well at lunch with a full section rehearsal. Well done 2 lottie, kaye and aaron for helping us 2 make it look even stronger.
Thanks to evry1 that makes rock challenge happen up and down the country ! It's such a fab thing to be involved with
Well, well done every1 and keep up the hard work!
Jess h (Go Hornsea)

Wow ! There are so many messages ...
Thank-you to everyone in the team ! You keep congratulating the choreographers but we really couldn't have done it without everyone's talent and team spirit
A special thank-you to the one and only Hylton ! No-one knows how much effort is actually required from her (and luke, for the greatest stage crew of all time:) and also to mrs webb and kristen for all the effort needed to make the team we are today
Good luck, everyone, and thank-you

Lottie (HORNSEA - of course :) x x

Hey all you Hornsea rockers! Miss Wood here! Thought I'd leave you all a message and let you know how proud I am of you all!
As most of you know, this is the first year I have been involved in rock challenge and I am loving every minute of it. It gives me such a buzz to come and see you all at lunch and after school - it makes me forget all about the day at work and reminds me how much you guys love being a part of something so fantastic, and how wonderful it is that you have all allowed me to share that feeling with you.
You are all working so hard at your sections and it looks great now, never mind in 5 weeks time!
Major congratulations to the choreographers - it is a stunning piece of work you have done ! (:- wow :-)
Mrs Hylton - what can I say!!! You're putting so much work into this production. I didn't realise how much was involved and I think you do the most fantastic job!
I have no doubt I'll be posting more things on here in the weeks to come but -for now- keep up the brilliant hard work you are all doing, it is going to be spectacular and it's all down to you guys. GO FOR IT!!!

Heya HORNSEA guys!!!!
Well, here it all goes again ! Another year and another fantastic theme!!!!! (Thnx mrs H :p )
Gud luck to all the other schools this year and to all those who are doing rock challenge for the 1st time - u'll love it
Also gud luck to all those who are taking part for the first time this year in our team ! Well done cz u r all working so hard n it's payin off!!!!!!
Gud luck, everyone, n see u all at grimsby ! Wooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Michaela (HORNSEA) xxxxxxxx

Hello everybody from Hornsea school!!
Not long now until your showcase at Grimsby! I've just been reading Mrs Hylton's message and it sounds like you've all been working really hard - but that's nothing new!
Mrs Hylton is right in the way that it may seem like everyone's so busy and it's getting closer to the time but do your best and ultimately enjoy yourself!!
There's nothing quite like being part of that Rock Challenge team....something i miss so much and you really have to live every moment of it!!
Perserverance does pay and as for Mrs Hylton's slave-driving....unfortunately that's just something you have to put up with!!! (I'm only joking, Mrs Hylton...you know that!!)
I'm hoping to possibly make it to the final to show my undying support of Hornsea School. I haven't heard anything about this year's entry so it will all be a surprise but i know whatever you do it will be amazing ... especially as it has come from the never-ending creative head of Mrs Hylton. I wish you all the best in the showcase and also the final and i hope to see you all soon.
Also - lots and lots of Good Luck to all the other schools in their heats and finals

Lots of love - Michelle xxx (Past Hornsea Team member)


Feb 22nd 2007 (17 messages)

Hey everyone from Hornsea ! This year is going to be a big one and great too!
Thanks to Mrs Hylton and all the choreographers who came up with our fantastic theme this year - can't wait !

Well done to everyone ... we have been working so hard and we know that if we keep it up we will come out with a great result.
Good luck to all the other schools that are involved this year !
Thanks again to Mrs Hylton. Come on, Hornsea - we can do it!

Becky & Jon x x x x x

Heyy!!! Becky P here from hornsea !!
Right - this is my first rock challange at Hornsea and i must say how much i am enjoying it! The group of people that are in it are amazing. All we need now is to come together and DANCE like we've never danced before.. we're getting there!! .
I have to admit that i am not the strongest dancer ... in fact, i didn't think i could dance but i've been put in this team and been taught by the best and i mean the BEST (Choroegraphers Kay, Lottie, Sophie and Aaron!) and it's been put together by Mrs Hylton!!! If it wasn't for her it wouldn't be happening!!
I am so excited for the showcase etc. and i know it will be an experience!! Thank you so much, you lot !

Becky xx

WOW! Not Many Rehearsals Left Now Which Means One Thing...Rocka Is Near :O (But Have No Fear - Boundstone R Near :D)
Wooooo ! I Can't Wait.. Boundstone's Third Year And We R Gonna B Bigger And Better Than Ever Before So U Better Watch Out :P
And It's Only 8 Dayssssssss Away :O

Hi Guys !
Just want to say a huge thanks to all the people making this year's Rock Challenge entry for Hornsea School such a success. I know just how busy everyone is at the moment, but I am also sure that we will get there in the end! I also want to wish all the team members involved over the weekend in dance shows/exams and the European Championships in particular the very best of luck! I am sure you will be successful and make everyone associated with you very proud.
I want to especially thank the choreography team for all their inspiring creativity and ideas over the last few weeks. Your ideas are very complex and demanding, but "perseverance pays" and I am sure we will create a piece to make us all feel very proud on March 30th.
The buzz of taking part in such a fantastic event will stay with you all for a very long time and I know that many of our team have not performed in a Rock Challenge before, but you are doing a fantastic job so far! I may be a "slave driver" [thanks, Ellie!] but you know that in the end you will be pleased you went that extra mile! Thanks also to all the team helping create such an impressive technical outcome.
Good luck to all the schools performing in the coming weeks - Scotland seem to have kicked off Rock Challenge 2007 in style!
Looking foward to meeting up again, John, in 5 weeks time - is it really that time again?
Kind Regards - Karen Hylton (Liaison Teacher)
(Ed: Hi, Karen, and yes it IS that time again ... or soon will be ... before I see your lovely team again I also get to meet other brilliant people too, at St Albans, Crawley, Southampton and Hull. Ahhhh ... yet MORE reasons why I like doing this :)

Hellooooooooooo! It's lizzie here from hornsea
I'm really excited about our piece this year ! I know it's going to b great once everything is perfectly in time! (As you like, mrs.h! I'd like to say thanks for sticking with us all n i'm sure people will do everthing they can now to be at every full call!
Sori i had to leave a bit early at yesterday's rehearsal but i had a nice birthday meal!
Luke- get well soon ! We're missing you!
Thank-you to mrs webb n kristen
for dedicating yourselves for yet another year to the costume and soundtrack!
Thanks to mr.hylton for all the time you n mrs.h have spent selecting the songs for our piece. We couldn't be without u!
Also thank-you to miss wood for taking an interest and coming along to help out in rehearsals.
When you have a think, you just realise that rock challenge is certainly not just about the dancers bcos so many other things need to happen ! You lose track of all the people involved - thanku to everybody ! x
I'm aware team members are doing various fundraisers including sponsored dancathons, cycles and walks and many other things to help raise money. We need to get as many people involved as possible ! Anyone can join in - just speak up during rehearsals!

Nice to see lots of hornsea messages! Keep up the good work, guys!
Thanks again to every1 n good luk 2 all the schools that will be at grimsby on the 30th march. I can't believe there's going to be 10 schools there on the day.
I know it's going to b a great day and an even better show evening! C u all there !

Lots of love - lizzie xxxxxxx (Hornsea School!)

Hiiiii to all the HORNSEA team!
Just wanted to say that even though it didn't have a brilliant start, i felt that tonight's rehearsal went really well! The ending's going to look amazing when we finally get it all right - and i know we will! :D
I know it hasn't been totally easy for Mrs. Hylton but i can really see all the pieces coming together and i can't wait 'til the showcase to show off our hard work!
BIIIG thank-you to Aaron, Kay, Sophie and Lottie for their amazing work with us and for the really good choreography! Big thank-you to Mrs. Hylton too - without her.. well i don't think there would be much of a hornsea team! Thank-you for putting so much time and effort into getting everything sorted and i hope we do you proud! :]
Good luck to everyone !

Laura xxxx

OMG there is going to be another Wendy ... i have to meet you!!
Vandyke rocks :P Wish i'd joined RC sooner but oh well ... better late than never i suppose...

Wendy (the one from Vandyke)

Hiii, it's Ellie from Hornsea :)
Just want to write about how good the rehearsal went tonight. OK, I KNOW it wasn't a great start, but after everyone got into it was really really good and we made loadsa progress, and for the first time I felt that the ending especially is really starting to come together!! The ending's gonna be amaazing when we can all get it just right, It's gonna be hard work but I know that we can do it!! I hope the rehearsals next week are just as good (and I hope we can have a rehearsal with everyyyone there too :)
I'm planning a sponsored silence to raise some money for the team. I know it'll be hard, but I think there'll be plenty of people who'll pay to shut me up for a while!
5~ish weeks to go til the showcase at Grimsby!! I know we have a lot of work to do but I know that we can definitely do it, cos Hylton may be a bit of a slavedriver but we know it's for our own good!! (Hehe - only joking, mrs hylton! :P) and I also know that Hornsea school wouldn't be as great as it is if it wasn't for mrs hylton and her 5, 6 , 7, 8s for nothing! So thankyouuu and I hope we'll do you proud :)
Good luck to everyone we'll be seeing at the showcase ! Can't wait to see everyone's performances!
See everyone at hornsea on mondayyyy!

Ellie xxx

This year is going to be great. We've got a fab choreography team and we've got a great dancing team. Just stay focused, Hornsea, and we'll surely win
Good luck to the other schools

Heyy ! Haven't left a message on here for a while so thought i would :)
Wow - how gd did the aberdeen event look ?! Well done 2 every1 who was in tht :)
Hornsea's is coming along reallly nicely
. Had a full call tonight but unfortunately i cud only b thr for like 20 mins but i thought it was reallllly gd. All the sections are improving, rehearsal after rehearsal, and i'm sooooooooo excited for grimsby 30th - not long now !
Gooood look to every1 who is competing in that event

Lots of love - bekki.k (hornsea)
We love u, hornsea, we do - we love u, hornsea, we do - we love u, hornsea, we do - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hornsea we love u oioioi

Hey ! It's Alistair from Hornsea School
Everything is looking really good! It's my first rock challenge - as it is for many others - but they're all showing that they're here to dance and not be the babies of the team! Go us year 8s!

First of all, thanks to Mrs Hylton, whose dedication to Rock Challenge has been FAB! As far as I know she's attended every rehearsal so far and is keeping everything in place! (There are lots of people who have sacrificed lots to be at rehearsals, though attendance is slipping at Full Calls)
The theme this year seems really interesting, and the material is very professional, so a very big cheer for the choreographers: Lottie, Aaron, Kay and Sophie! Woo!
The set
is already looking really promising, and should be great! We all hope Luke gets back soon and recovers!
I hear Mrs Webb is doing the costumes again so a BIG thanks to her
- your plans on the outfits seem really cool.
I hope people are showing support ... I know a lot are showing their help as donations are greatly appreciated
So come on, Hornsea! We know we can do it!
Ally :P

Hi guys
I so can't wait until the showcase - it's gna be mint!! It's my 1st rock challenge dis year and so far i'm luvin evry minute of it
Good luck 2 every1 and all the schools takin part - hope it all goes 2 plan
I was so excited when i got in da team coz i'd seen rock challenge b4 and knew wat a fab thing i was letting my selfin for!
Rehearsals are goin ok 4 hornsea ... we had one 2day that went well (bit long though!!!)
Good luck and enjoy urselves !

Luv - Jess xxx (hornsea)

VANDYKE RC is gonna be GREAT this year! I'm co-hosting and can say it's amazing
Big thanx to sally allsopp, tha main woman!
Hayley g!

Let's Go, Cockermouth School...not long until we "jump on it".haha
Best of luck to all schools competing this year
Muchas luff

Hey Everyone! It's Lizi and Lori-Anne here frm Ashfield Girls'
We can't wait till rock challenge. Hope every1 is practising hard and doing well !
Can't wait to see yaz all soon !

Byeeeeeee - Lizi and Lori-Anne and Kodi =]

It's getting close now to the southampton week !
I can't wait to see what the south has to offer :)

See you there, john?
(Ed: St Albans 1 and 2, Crawley, and then a break - we'll be at So'ton 5 and Junior Day, Jonny :)


Feb 21st 2007 (9 messages)

Hey !
I am so proud of the Vandyke Rock Challenge Team. You guys have made this year soo special and I am so honoured to be a part of this team. I love you all so much and we are gonna ROCK next week!!
I'd also like to thank the teachers, Sarah Anderson and - of course - the wonderful Sally Allsopp, for all their hard work and commitment.
And I really can't forget the other Sixth Form team for all their hard work throughout the year. We started this thing last July and your dedication has made this thing special, so thank-you to Hayley Green, Joe Childs, Vanessa Lee, Clarice Anderson, Kassey Rutland, Nathan Rutherford and - of course - Miss Emily Purchase !!! You are all so amazing and you should be proud of what we have achieved.
Also to the helpers from previous years: Catt Mott, Dean Murphy, Abi Allsopp and Vicki Kaye. You've helped us out a lot and we appreciate your support to our team.
Thank-you again. You all make me so proud.
Hari XxX
Good luck to all the other teams around the country as well. See you at St. Albans!

Well done to everyone involved in the Vandyke preview evening, it went really well. We are gonna rock next week!!!
Special thanks to Sally Allsopp for her great direction, fabulous ideas, and for putting a lot of her time and effort in to this year's fantastic piece ... THANK-YOU, SALLY!!!
Good luck Vandyke!!

Hey ! It's danny here from HORNSEA, with my first message of 2007 - and what another great year for rock challenge it's going to be !!!
Firstly a big hello to john and wendy ! Hope you're both ok? We will be expecting to see you at grimsby on the 30th of march (Ed: we'll see you all there, Danny - can't wait :)
This year's piece is looking very good, and starting to come together nicely. A big effort is needed by all to attend the rehearsals (like the two sessions in the holidays) as this is the only way we can move forward, so keep up the effort, hornsea guys!!
Mrs Hylton has yet again provided us with an excellent theme and is doing an amazing job!!! We all love you very much, miss, for all your hard work!!!
The choreographers
have done a great job with all the routines, so a big shout out to Lottie, Kaye, Sophie and Aaron for doing great!
Mrs Webb!!! Yet again making all the costumes !
Keep up the good work, miss, and your plans all sound great!!
Also the set seems to be coming on great too so get well soon, luke!!
A big hello to driffield School, and good luck. We aren't performing together this year and I think a lot of us at hornsea are going to miss you, so the best of luck and do east yorkshire proud!!! A big hi to laura fox, fern, emma, jude and rach !!! Hopefully i'm going to come to hull and watch you

Well, keep up the good work hornsea ... and start leaving some messages ! I see they've got a bit thin.
Good luck to all the other schools still to perform, and it sounds like scotland was a great success !
Cya soon ... danny xx

Hi All
Just want to say good luck to all teams competing this year in all areas (especially HULL!)
Thanks to Theresa from Matthew Humberstone for mentioning our appearance on BBC Look North a couple of weeks ago! (And yes, they should sit up and take notice of all the positivity that rock challenge brings to younsters in our schools!!)
We are ploughing on with our Fundraising for Australia. We still have a fair few thousand to go before July but we never believed that we could make it this far. It's all beyond our wildest dreams and all thanks to rock challenge so we are not giving up the fight to get there!
We are very upset that we couldn't also enter Rock Challenge this year and we will miss it dearly, but a new entry and planning for Oz was just too much for our little school!!!
Hopefully we will make it to the Hull event to show our support
. (It feels very strange not planning a new piece this year, as we are taking last year's "PAIR O'DICE LOST" to Sydney.
Best of luck, best wishes and big, big love on behalf of ARCHIE

I'm a past pupil of Ashfield Girls' High School :) Decided that since I missed Rocka so much I'd volunteer in Belfast this year - anyone else volunteering there?!? ANYONE???? :))
Nicky Reeves

Hi there
Well, it's that time again to see old (and new) friends as well as hundreds of very talented young people - see you all at St Albans soon !
I'll be running the drugs/alcohol awareness display at the Albans Arena
Peace and Respect - Tony (Outreach Worker, Druglink)

Last night's preview of vandyke's piece went great!
Big shout out to the tech team - you did great all day!!
Big thank-you to richard for sorting out the money for us!!
The piece is looking great and our judges were really supportive!!!
Big thank-you to Sarah Anderson (tenth year!!!), Hari and Emmily for directing the production, the rest of the 6th-form team for all their work behind the scenes, the TECH TEAM (were awesome, and will be even better on the day with scenery),the past students (abbi, dean, kat, vicki) and Of Course the performers!! (Remember what dean keeps telling you ... facial expressions!!)

Hi all !
Global Rock has hit and it's in full flow. We had our first lot of auditions yesterday and there are more tonight. The level of enthusiasm and energy was immense and we all are really excited about the heats - which are only 64 days away!!!
Good luck to those who have their performance soon - we all know how stressful this can be

All my luv - Luce (Cowes High Production Team) xXx

Hey rockin rockas!! It's adam wood here, ex john smeaton high school in leeds student!
Cnt believe we're not competin this year ... argh!!!!
Good luck to everyone involved this year, but especially all my luck to BUTTERSHAW - u rock, guys!!!!!!!!

Well, i've sed my lil bit for now! Smeaton shud be back next year so watch this space !!!
Adam (ex john smeaton student in leeds!!!!!!)


Feb 20th 2007 (5 messages)

Congratulations to everyone who appeared in Aberdeen - what an atmosphere !
Never been to a Rock Challenge in Scotland before but I will be there every year from now on (and hopefully we can showcase at the Scottish Parliament in the future :)

All the best !
Karen Gooch (Director, Be Your Best Foundation)

Good Luck to all participants of the rock challenge st albans day two ! Hope you enjoy the day
Vandyke's piece is looking good and is being showcased tonight
in front of many important people such as the local MYP, and DMYP
We would like to a huge thank-you to all the team, especially the tech team for their great work and the teachers for all their time and effort. We would especially like to thank Abi, Dean, Vikki and Kat for all their help developing our piece.
Huge thanks too for bedfordshire county council's youth opportunities funding. We really apreciate this and have been able to do many great things towards our concept this year
Finally. well done to Sarah Anderson (our link teacher) for raking up TEN YEARS OF ROCK CHALLENGE !

Linzi, Richard, Alli, Jemma and Louis

Heya John, and all the Rockas nationwide! Just spreading some Baysgarth love and team spirit to all competing this year, and - of course - putting on Baysgarth's fair share of messages!!
By the way, our town council in Barton has donated a couple of hundred pounds to our Rocka this year. Our expense is never very high, as we do all the painting ourselves and costume making too ... all of it!!!!! We do a lot of re-using materials here at Baysgarth!!
Wishing good fun at rehearsals to all......! :)
Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen)

Know i haven't written in ages, but jst wanted to say it sounds like everyone's loving Rock Challenge this year !
Really miss it! Might try to come to an event if i can ... hehe, depends on how well Driff do! :)
Just want to say well done to the schools who have already competed and good luck to everyone who still has!
And try to remember to have fun ! Even if u don't do as well as u want to, Rocka is a great thing to do so make the most of it while u can, cos when u've left (like me) you'll probably miss it a lot!

Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)

Tonight vandyke is showcasing its rock challenge production for parents and teachers before it gets shown to everyone at st.albans day two. We will also have representatives from bedfordshire county council's youth opportunities funding panel there - they generously gave us £1500 toward the cost of our production. Thank-you very much to them !


Feb 19th 2007 (2 messages)

Hi archie lot !
Can't wait till auzzi ... we're getting there ... just need to work hard and we WILL get there !
Like to say a big thanks to everyone who has donated tombola prizes etc.
Big "Freedom Centre" performance on the 30th march - let's make it worth it !
Rehearsals coming up - everyone needs to be there ... also bag-packs ... come on, archie, keep it up !

Love you all - rose xxx
(Ed: thank-you, Rose, and a big GOOD LUCK to you all too with your fundraising :)

It is my grim duty to announce that Brynmawr School aren't coming to Portsmouth this year! Aaaargh :(
Some of ya will know already that we are doing the schools' version of "We Will Rock You" instead! It's got the word "rock" in it so it won't be 2 different! (Check out our drama website for more details)
Anyway, good luck to all the teams taking part this year and hope the Rocka spirit lives on!
Tom =)


Feb 18th 2007 (3 messages)

Well, the Ashfield messages seem to have run dry ... so i'm here ... Vicki *M* from ASHFIELD GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL :D
Hope everyone is keeping well and really as excited about rocka 07 as Ashfield are ?! Rehearsals are under way and everyone in the team is pulling their weight as per usual and giving all their 110% already!
Can't wait until the waterfront.. not long to go :D
Missin all you rocka crew also... see you guys soon :D

Vicki xx

Heyy =]
OMG - can't wait till Rocka this year ... i'm so excited! Not long to go now!
I haven't left a msg on here for ages so thought i'd say hi to everyone, and also to say good luck to everyone and well done to the schools who have already taken part!
Boundstone is coming back for its third year and it's better than ever this year so watch out! Crawley here we come! :)
Good luck to all the other schools taking part - see you there !

Georgie <3 (Boundstone)

AT LAST !! It's taken me for EVER (for which my most sincere apologies) but at last I've got the Aberdeen minipics on the website. Click here to go there
John (Editor)

Only two days left until auditions at cowes and it's getting tense. Really excited but also feeling v nervous as the production team (me and my m8s) have never been in charge of something so big, but we've got a gr8 concept and idea and we are all really pumped
Well done to all those hu have already competed but sorry that ur rock challenge is over for another year while ours is just beginning
Good luck to everyone hu's getting their pieces up together for their events and remember - it's rock challenge so make sure it's NOT all about the winning - you HAVE to have FUN!!!

Luvyaz ...
Luv - Lucy xXx (Production Team at Cowes High IOW)


Feb 17th 2007 (13 messages)

Hello everyone!!
Getting really excited about the heats now :)
Just a shame that whatever team wins and manages to get into the open final ... it's at half term and most ppl (a lot of our team) will be on holiday :/
Well, good luck to everyone and hope everyone's rehearsals are going smoothly :):)

Thom (ryde high school committee) x

Hey !
The 2007 teeshirt available to buy using the merchandise form - is that the one to get if you are going to be working as a volunteer? (Ed: yes it is, Nat :)
Also - any of you guys working as a volunteer at bradford day 1? Can't wait! :D
Nat (ex sheldon heath)

HEY JOHN!!! Was nice to see you on monday!!! :) :)
(Ed: and great to see you again, Lucy ! :)
I was jst reading a few comments then i noticed the one abt a fraserburgh picture being used in a thing abt the Dubai rocka ... and i was in it!!!! I feel soo loved! Haha!!
But anyways ...
it's already nearly a week since the openin o rocka 2007!! That's crazy!! It was such an amazingly fun day! Woooohooo!!! Every school was soooo good on the day!!
I especially loved Keith!! Ur dances n stuf was jst soo good and in time n stuf! Looked amazing!!
I was shocked we got placed cus EVERY school was goood!! But wehey cus we did!!! Wooohooo!!
Won't be long before it's 2008 rock challenge!!! Aaaaa!!!!

I'm back in the AECC on monday night for the Xfactor! Was just thinkin (ok - yes, this is jst loserish) but we were in dressing rooms on monday that sum1 famous has used! Cool eh! (Hahaha - kidding)
LUCY LIU (fraserburgh academy!!) xxx :)

I really enjoyed rock challenge this year !
It's always gr8 fun and i think everyone should giv it a try ! It's a gr8 chance 2 go on stage nd 2 mak lots of new friends nd build up ur teamwork.
I can't wait till nxt yr. Cya all in 2008 !

Heidi [[<3]] :)

I'm coming to watch my sister in her Rock Challenge at Crawley
Should be good! Has been the last two years (mainly because they have won two times running. =P)
Good luck, Boundstone!


I had gr8 fun at rock challenge, and even though banff didn't come in the top 5 we still all had fun.
Good lck 2 ellon that won our in area - uze will do really gr8
I can't wait till nxt year - see uze all in 2008

Byeee!!! lol[[<3]]

What Would I Do Without The Good Old Rocka, Eh? I've Just Been Looking Back At The Photos From 05 and 06 :)
Can't Wait Till Crawley - Gonna B Great :D
C U Guys In Two Weeks...
Good Luck Everyoneee xxxxxxxxx

Can't wait till st. albans day two!! Good luck to everyone taking part this year!!!
Come on, vandyke
- let's go out there and do everyone proud ... ESPECIALLY MRS. ANDERSON AS IT IS HER TENTH ROCK CHALLENGE!!!


Ahlo peeps!
Well done to everyone whose already had their rocka day! ^_^
WOO! Two weeks till Crawleeey...! So exciteddd but also, rather scared :p
Hope Boundstone do well again ... fingers crossed, dudes!
Good luck to everyone else, and see you there on the day!! :D

Toodles! x-x-x

Is there a theme this year? Like last year's was halloween?
Thankss xx
(Ed: themes were at the finals and no news yet ... they're a long way away :)

Hiiiiiiiiiiii ! Haven't left a message in aaaaages
Been doing loadssssssss of rehearsals! At school allll day monday doing it!!!
Woahhh ... only 2 weeks! It's gonna go soooo quickly!
Our dance is pretty wicked this year if i do say so myself - i can't wait for the soundtrack to be finished (it's awesome!!!)
Well done to everyone who competed on monday =D
Seeeeee loads of you in Crawley on the 2nd and good luck to everyone else

Ellen xxxx <3

OMG - 43 Days until our Grimsby heat!!! Panic stations, Baysgarth ! (No - only joking :)
I agree, Jack: the rehearsal yesterday was very good. I enjoyed having to stand in for people and stick-fight (was a highlight of mine.)
The part with Hannah's group (that was tactfully done so as not to reveal the plot or music there :D) looks absolutely amazing. I was saying to Sophie that it honestly was one of the best pieces of choreography we have ever had in one of our performances - or even in any Rock Challenges we've ever seen at Grimsby
Anyway, I'm off to drink some PG Tips now. Keep on Teapotting !
John (Baysgarth Starship Trooper)


Feb 16th 2007

Hi All
Just wanted to say WELL DONE to all the schools who took part on Monday at Aberdeen. What a fantastic day it was.
Congrats to Ellon and St Machar - have a great time in Grimsby !
To Peterhead - you were amazing and great to see so many boys involved this year. Special congrats to HOLLIE
- your point work was soo graceful (had a tear in my eye :)
Well, Peterhead - thinking caps on - get those ideas in for Rocka 2008!!
Edith (Peterhead Parent Helper)

Hi All !
Well, what a great start to the 2007 tour !
I hope I have captured the excitement and enjoyment of your performances. All the photographs from Aberdeen are now on-line for you to see (and buy! :)
You will need a username and password which you can get from your school (or e-mail me, nick@nickscott.co.uk)
Let me know your views on them.
Volunteers - you have your own gallery of photographs (again, you will need a username and password). This gallery will be updated throughout the tour
Enjoy !
Nick (Rock Challenge Photographer)

Hello all Rockas!
Well... I am sat here listening to our awesome soundtrack devised by Mr Scruton for our 2007 performance! Enjoying a relax after spending a morning and lunch finishing GCSE History Coursework... omg WHAT a chore!!! (Are there any other Year 11 Rock Challengers out there who feel like I do??? Please say there are...)
Rock Challenge seems to be the only thing that keeps me sane during these challenging last few months of compulsory education!!
Can't wait for the Grimsby heat!!!

What a great rehearsal Baysgarth had yesterday - four hours, with loads done... well done to us all!!! :) Well Done Spacestars!!!!!!
John (Editor) - hope you are keeping sane too, after the rush of Scottish emails that came in after the first 07 heat (in between the 7 hour car journeys!!!!) What a star you are!!!!!
Hope everybody's rehearsals are going well and you are all enjoying the ROCK CHALLENGE experience this year!!! Great to see so many new schools this year, isn't it???
See you all soon.... and you at Grimsby, John!!! :)
Jack (Baysgarth Spacemen...)

I can't believe rock challenge has come around so quickly again!!! 11 days till we take to the stage!!!
Come on vandyke!!! It's a gr8 piece we have!!!

Not performing this year :-( instead i am follow spotting!!! :-)
Richard (Vandyke)

Ellon and st machar - you better win in grimsby to show how good us aberdeen people are!
C'mon the Bluetoon for 2008 we are going ti rock aberdeen and win grimsby!!!

Aberdeen Rock Challenge was amazing!!! All the school were amazing!
Can't believe we got some people crying at our performance!
We're all really annoyed we didn't get placed but we tried our best and that's all we can do
Definitely gonna see Oldmachar back for another year!
Sarah (Oldmachar)


Feb 15th 2007 (6 messages)

Peterhead, thank-you for all the costumes and props ! We have been busy trying them on today
We need to let some costumes out and take some in, but we love them all
"Firpark Superstars" :)))))))

Whoa ... really tired now !
After aberdeen rocka on monday it was bk to wrk on tues 9-6, wed 9-8 thurs 9-8.30!! Aaaa ... catchin up on me now!!!
Peterhead, i can't wait to see the dvd ! It was soo fantastic - one of our best performances yet!!
Be proud of yourselves as uze all performed perfectly and uze all smiled (unless u were suposed to be scary :) and uze had a real professional stage presence!! Uze owned that stage as usual!!! I was soo proud watchin my old team perform!!
Stuart (proud peterheeder... come on, i heed!!)

Hi all (and the legend they call John :)
I'm sorry i missed the opening day of the tour. I was really gutted to find out that i couldn't go
I'm glad Machar went through and it will be nice to see you guys again in grimsby - CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Next venue i will be doing is Southampton so see you all then. Miss you guys (to the people that know who they are) so see you sooooon
Davey (ex PCS and 2007 Volly)

"Welcome to the House of Fun"
I'm just writing to say a Great Big Fat Well Done to all the schools who competed on Monday! It was most certainly a rocking day...
And one enormous whoop for everyone at Keith !
We may be a little school but we hopefully lifted the roof off the AECC!
Big Thanks to everyone for working so hard ... "Come Follow the Band!"
Ami (Keith Grammar)

Hey all ! It's jemima and jonana ere frm da cathedral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cnt wait til roca this yr - gna b mint!! Cnt wait 2 see every1 agen - missed ya all :)
Gd luk 2 every1 competing nd we will see u all at bradford on day 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv - jemima nd jonana xxxxxxxx woooooooooooooooooo
Our school is cool without a doubt
We shake our booties in and out
We wave our arms round and round
Everybody to the ground
We're here at rocka, girls and boys
So come on, cathedral, make some noise !!!!!!

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur!
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the RC experience so far. I am unfortunately missing the start of the tour as I am in Asia (lapping up sun, sea, sand and totally different cultures :) but I am looking forward to getting back on the road with the guys and helping you to perform at your best. I will be seeing some of you very soon when I join the tour in March and for those of you I have missed, well done; and those who have yet to perform - good luck!
Best Wishes - Max (RC ASM)
PS Hi John ! Keep up the cracking work on the web page. I know it gets very busy and you're up most of the night downloading messages whilst the tour is underway. Hope to catch up with you along the way.


Feb 14th 2007 (5 messages)

Hello all!
Just to say that Aberdeen was a fantastic start to the 2007 Rock Challenge® Tour! Congratulations to all of the schools and everyone who helped to make the event such a success.
A big well done also to Turriff and Braeview for making it through their first ever event; I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we hope you found your first year of involvement a great one and that we'll see you again next year!
One event down, which means only 35 left to go! Booooooooooooooooooooooo!

All the best
Tim (Event Manager)

Did Peterhead not win best set design or stage something along that lines ... because it's not on the results bit.
Congrats to ellon - uze were ace!! Uze are gan to love it down in grimsby :D
Peterhead - u were BRILLIIANT ! I thought youze were going to win!!

Hey !
Well done to all schools !
Total shock when we won ! Never thought we would do it (tho i think peterhead should have won as well)

Ian (ellon ... WOOOOOOOOO !)


Leanne x.x.x.x.x

Hey guys!!
Just want to say a HUGE well done to all the teams who performed in Aberdeen - it was a great night!!
Good luck to Ellon and St Machar in the finals.. enjoy it!!
To Peterhead
(bein an ex pupil myself) - i was sooo proud of uze ! Had a tear in my eye. No joke - was an amazing performance and u should be extremely happy with it!
Mhairi -
u did a great job to lead them ! I am tellin u it looked brilliant!!
John - was great to see u too. Just wish i could have helped durin the day.. May be comin to Carlisle to help miss geib with hers which will be great ... don't think u guys will ever get rid of us haha!!
Stephanie (ex pupil at Peterhead) xx
(Ed: was great to see you again, Stephanie ! Whoo - Carlisle - be there ! :))


Feb 13th 2007 (14 messages)

Hi, folks ! Got back earlier this evening after travelling home today from a LOVELY time at the Aberdeen event yesterday (and changing a rear wheel on the A1 southbound in under 10 mins ... had a flat tyre but v. pleased with the changing-the-wheel time though the wind from tons of traffic hurtling past behind me was a bit "Oooh-er" :))
GREAT to meet so many friends again :))
OK - the results that failed to upload last night just after the awards had all been presented ARE now on the website !
John (Editor :)

Heyah again! I forgot to say ... WELL DONE PETERHEAD!! Your's looked amazing and we were all gobsmacked when we found out you came 4th!! We thought tht yoo had it in the bag!!
Megan xx(st machar) xx

Well done to all the schools at Aberdeen. The usual results prediction service from myself was very wrong but then predicting Rocka placings can be a little like predicting the lottery results sometimes :)))
Nice to see so many friends, and Mhairi - you did a great job ! Be proud of everything you did.
Onwards to Carlisle and the first Rocka appearance of the "Firpark Superstars" :))))
(Aided by some ex-Peterhead Rockas and quite a few Peterhead costumes and props :)))
Bring it on!
Vanessa Geib (Liaison Teacher)

Hey everyone !
Well, the Aberdeen Event kicked off the 2007 Rock Challenge Tour in style, with amazing performances from all 12 schools ! It was an amazing night.
I'm am so glad i could be part of the day. Well done to everybody involved - it was a great start to the tour
I'm really really proud of Northfield Academy. You guys rocked (I've had the song "beat freaks" stuck in my head all day. :)
Well, hope to see u at other events
Lesley-Ann (ex northfield Academy)
ps was good seeing you again John
(Ed: you too, Lesley-Ann, and America has done you tons of good :)

Hey everyone!!
Well, aberdeen was a great day. Everyone was sooo good and the atmosphere durin the day in the AECC was eletric!! The mosh n everything was soooo goood!! Peterhead, i was really proud of uze. Uze were amazin and there wasn't anything u cud fault with the performance ... the set was amazin, sleepin beauty's castle fit for a real king to live in, the costumes were stunnin (espesh the animals - they looked amazin), the hair and make up was sooo good and the dances were all danced sooo well!!
Holly n leanne, ur dance was sooo good (n holly, u did majik with ur point work!!)
Was simply a magical performance that didn't get the credit it deserved!!!
Stuart (peterheed)

Well done to all the skls frm monday night at aberdeen! Yoo - we all realli good!
I can't wait to be (hopefully) down to grimsby again! lol
BTW thanks to the ppl frm Frazerburgh who helped me be4 i gt on stage!
Cuz i was soooo nervous!! But anyways lol!
Well dun to Ellon for winning!! woooooo lol
Frm megan, one of the loudest/one of the animals at st machar!! xx

WOW! Last Nyt!..Big Shock! x
Anyhoo, Well Done To All The Skools Who Took Part ! Everyone Left a Winner! x
St Machar Were Just Awsum - totally loved it! :D
, We Are Still Number One Evn If We didn't gt first place
Great Job, Mhairi! *xXx*
=) Laura (=

Wt r the results from yesterdayyyy ??
Darn it - I was just going to say "Well, look at the "2007 TOUR" page and you'll see them there but OH NO ... I uploaded them from the laptop to the website ALMOST before you'd all got out of the building last night but something must have gone wrong because they're not there, are they !! Aaaarrrgggggh !!!!
I'll just finish the messages, and then I'll investigate !
John (Editor)

Good luck to everyone who is taking part in rock challenge, especially people in St Albans day 2. Come on Vandyke, we can do it!
Joe (Vandyke)

I'd just like to say well done to all the schools that took part at the Aberdeen event last night. You were all amazing!!
Special hello to Sarah from Turrif !!!

Callum (Fraserburgh Lighting Designer)

Global in Aberdeen was amazing!!! Every skool performed great.
Well done to Ellon and the others that got placed
. We got placed 5th - woooohoo :)
Good luck to everyone else who is performing in global this year
Nicola (fraserburgh Academy) xx
ps Keith - ur skool's performance was amazing ! Well done !!

Hey !
Well done to ellon n st machar n all the other skools that were there on monday!! U all ROCKED!!!
Hi to Northfield!!! U guys Rocked n ur AMAZING people !!!!!
Can't wait til next year!!!!

Amy fae Peterhead! (The 1 with the scotland flag!)
(ps Thanks for signing it, John!!)
Ahhh ... I was the first :))
John (Editor :)

OMG!! I still can't believe that Ellon won last night in Aberdeen
Well done to all the other schools that took part - everyone was really really good
I have lost my voice today :(
Yesterday at the AECC had to be the best rock challenge in aberdeen so far. Everyone at ellon is so excited
Thanks to all the Rocka crew and we will cya in Grimsby

Kyle (Ellon Academy)

Well done to all the teams at the Aberdeen Rock Challenge event! What fantastic performances from everyone. The event gets better every year.
Best wishes to Ellon Academy and St Machar Academy who will be representing NE Scotland at Grimsby
Terry Ashton (Adviser - Guidance & Careers - Aberdeen City Council)

Congratulations to Ellon in coming 1st place last nite and also to St Machar Academy too 4 coming second place. St Machar, i am so proud o u all
Well, i saw rock challenge from a different point of view this year as i was in the audience
Well done to all the other schools competing last nite ! U all put on great performances and it was a tough competition for everyone.
- i was shocked that u only got 4th place - u were in my top 3 along with Keith Grammar School and of course St Machar
Mhairi - it was gd 2 c u again x

Claire (Ex St Machar Academy)


Feb 12th 2007

HELLO John from stu, kim n claire on ur laptop!!! Whey hey!!! We are at the aberdeen event and it's going good!!! All the rehearsals are lookin great!!

[[x[ Good luck to all the schools tonite! Especially PETERHEAD!!!! And to Turra, their first year! - Woop - go Vikki!!

Hi Guys!
Hope everybody's rehearsals are going good
Good luck everyone who's performing in Grimsby in March
Galey (Matthew Humberstone)

x! Just want to say good luck to Peterhead Academy tonight! I'll be there cheering you all on! Hope youz do the best as usual! x love
Ashleigh (Peterhead!x)

Good luck to all schools performing 2nite ! Cannot wait 2 c wat every1 as came up wiv this year !
Claire (Ex St Machar Academy)

Great....i'm going to Belfast in 3 hours (it's 2am) and so i'm missing rock challenge aberdeen for the first time in 6 years, and the "wonderful" weather man says snow is on the way - with the coach company saying it'll take 10 hours :(
Ah well, rant over !
I actually came online to wish peterhead the best of luck in Aberdeen ! I know you'll do everyone so proud. Go out and remember to smile!!!
Really really really wish I could be there with you all!!

Oh my goodness i am so excited! Not long till i'm volunteering again at another rocka event.
Can't believe it's now six years i have been involved with rocka and cannot wait to see Peterhead perform again! Good luck everyone!

John - can't wait to see you tomorrow ... it's been too long!

Good luck to abdy tomorrow hope - youz all dee well
Am only gan to see it this year ... unfortunately nae in it ... but next year. Shall be great!!!
Em... Goood luck to ma home tooon! BROCH YOU ROCK MY SOCKS HAHA!

Rachael :D :D

Good luck to all at Aberdeen - especially Peterhead!
From all at Stainburn School, Workington


Feb 11th 2007

Your messages will be much delayed today before they appear on this page because I'm on the road ... it's time for the seven hours (or more ... snow ?) drive from Yorkshire to Aberdeen ready for my volunteering stint tomorrow at the Aberdeen Rock Challenge (Whooo ! :)
Hopefully I'll get an internet connection later tonight and do some catching up
Seven (or more :) hours drive back through Tuesday so I'll be late then too but ... KEEP THOSE MESSAGES COMING IN !

John (Editor)


Feb 10th 2007

Former Peterhead Rocka member Stehanie Bruce is heading off to Disneyland Florida to play one of the characters there. You can read the story here in the online edition of "The Buchan Observer", and many thanks to Vanessa Geib for telling me about this :)
John (Editor)

Ahhhh ... 1 day and 2hrs ... a can't wait that long ! :))
Gd luk to all the skwls in aberdeen and more luck to peterhead
(well actually i don't really think u will need it as ur dance can't get any better, and ur set ... one word - WOW! I thought last year's was ace!)
Anyway, chow for now!

John - the Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for Grampian on Sunday. 15-25cm of snow with strong to gale force winds and drifts. Please warn anybody you know that is travelling on Sunday (Ed: that would be me ...) that the roads in Grampian can be horrendous.The forecast is better for Monday morning if journeys can be delayed (and it gives a chance for the ploughs and gritters to get out)
Take care
Vanessa (who once crashed in such conditions in Aberdeenshire)

Hey everyone !
Cannot believe only 1 day til rock challenge starts on monday
Good luck to all the schools competing in rock challenge this year and especially to all the Aberdeen schools on monday
Come on St Machar !
I loved the performance last week and i know u can do it again ! I will be there on the nite supporting u all the way
Hey to Mhairi from Peterhead n good luck to u and ur gang
Can't wait 2 c wat everyone has come up this year !

Claire (Ex St Machar Academy)

Good luck to everyone in aberdeen!! I'm sure it will be a great day!!
Everyone from mackie had better be at rehearsal tomorrow!!
All the best to everyone - see you all there!!!

Love - sophie from mackie xxx

Can't wait to see everyone at Aberdeen - it's going to be BRILL!

Hey all !
Wow - another tour starting already! It certainly comes around quick - not that that's a bad thing of course!
Really looking forward to it all
. The tour for me kicks off in Crawley in a couple of weeks (which reminds me I still need to book myself a bed there for 2 nights!)
All the best to everyone taking part in the Aberdeen and St Albans heats ! Let's really start off the tour with a bang - as I'm sure you guys will do!
Hi John - hope all is well at your end and will hopefully see you and Wendy down here for some of the Portsmouth and/or Southampton heats?
Simon (Volunteer)
(Ed: See you at Crawley first, Simon :)

Rock Challenge is in the news again! "The Press & Journal" has an article about the Aberdeen event on Monday
Benjamin (Peterheed)
ps John - probably see you there this time !
(Ed: see you there, Benjamin ... blocked roads / impassable snowdrifts etc permitting :)

Hello all!!!
WOW! Rocka starting in Scotland on MONDAY!! Good luck to all in the first-ever 2007 heat!!! I'm sure you will all be fantastic ambassadors for whichever school you come from!!!
Nat Smith-
great to hear from you (but what PVC are you talking about???!!! :)
Well Done Baysgarth ! Good rehearsals, and see you all on Thursday!!! We will be the best yet!!!!
Rocka John - legend - will you be at Aberdeen ? Are you REALLY excited yet?!!!! You do such an excellent job for the Rocka website, do you get a break to go to the Aberdeen heat?
Good Luck to all Rock Challengers!!!!!
Jack (Baysgarth Space Rockateers)
Hi, Cap'n Jack. I'm away early to Aberdeen on Sunday morning (early 'cos it's a bit of a drive from Yorkshire :) and am really looking forward to it. And no, my all-consuming hobby doesn't stay at home ... I'll be back online once I get there Sunday evening, then again Monday morning before the event and late Monday night after the event to get the results and the opinion poll up. Early Tuesday morning online again, then the drive back to Yorkshire and back online soon as I'm home again ... great fun :))


Feb 9th 2007 (10 messages)

Hiya everyone !
OMG ... it's on monday ! How exciting! I can't believe it's here already!
Gd luck to all the schools at the Aberdeen day and hiya to everyone at St.Machar Academy!

Louise (st.machar academy)

Cana believe it's 2 days awa!! Cana wait ! Sooo excited lol
Hope abdy's ready!
Gud luk to all the skools! Can't wait to see what you've all come up with this year

xxx Toni (peterheed) xxx

Oh my govies - only 3 sleeps til Rock Challenge - aaahhh, hehe!
I'm gettin so excited now ... can't wait to see what all the schools have come up with - sure every1 will be amazin as usual
(the standard in Scotland seems to always be high!)
We've only got one huge 5 hour rehearsal left on Sunday so that's gonna be fun! Just hope the snow doesn't come this weekend and block us in, but nuthin will stop the Broch!!!
Good luck 2 every1 in Aberdeen on Monday - it's gonna be soooo much fun!

Love - Debbie x x (FRASERBURGH aka BROCH ACADEMY!) x x

Scary weather forecast for Aberdeenshire, Angus and Perthshire on Sunday. According to the Beeb there'll be up to 25cm of snow and winds strong enough to make it drift. Hope it is better for Monday so everybody including myself, the lovely John, Wendy, the Rocka crew and all the competing teams can get to the AECC safely.
Best wishes to Alan and the Broch team (but little birds have been telling me it's gonna be Peterhead's year again. Goooooooooo Peterhead!)

Hi everyone! It's nearly Monday:O and Everyone at Ellon is so excited
Hope all the other schools' performances go well and we will cya on the day. SO EXCITED!! :)

(Got a full day rehearsal on Sunday so should be lots of fun :)

IT'S ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!! YYYEEEEYYYY!!!! Excitement all round!!!
Good Luck to everyone - but the main thing is to HAV FUN! GOOOO PETERHEAD!!!! And GOOO EVERYONE else!!!

/x/..Amy../x/ (PETERHEAD)

Hey everyone ! Ex-rocker here!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sooooooo excited for Baysgarth this year ! Can't wait to come and see the show!!!!!!! I am sure there will be a tear in my eye as i watch you all strut your funky stuff!!!!!
Just a message for my little JD
- you had better wear the PVC i've heard about as well as we did last year!!!!!!!
See you on March 30th at Grimsby ... good luck everyone!!!
(ps passed my driving test today - wahoo!)

Loads of love - nat smiff!!! xxx
Teapots all the way!!!br>
A 2005 Fraserburgh (I think ?!) photo was picked to illustrate another story about the Dubai Rock Challenge on the www. Click here to go there and see :)
John (Editor)

Good Luck to everyone for Aberdeen on Monday. (I personally am about ready to explode with the stress of it all. I'm sure this was supposed to be fun?!!!!) Looking forward to it nonetheless.
Hope the team get up, and teams get to Aberdeen (blizzards forecast for Sunday. Not that I want to add anything else to panic about :)
Good luck again to everyone competing. I'm sure it's gonna be a fabulous day

Lorna (Peterhead)

Hi Everyone !
FIT LIKE? (I've not said that in a while lol :)
Just wanted to say to all the pupils in PETERHEAD ACADEMY - good luck on Monday ! (I'm sure you won't need it cause I know you guys always work hard and do the school proud :)
Have fun !
Miss Mears xxxx

Good luck to everybody at Aberdeen ... but even more good luck to my old school, Peterheed


Feb 8th 2007 (8 messages)

Hey to everyone at MANHOOD!
Well done with the rehearsals ... we are nearly there with everything and it's looking great, so keep up the hard work!
We will see everyone next week at rehearsals!

Lindsay, Charlotte, Beth and Naomi (Manhood community college team)

Well done to Hayley and the rest of the Archie team for finally getting BBC Look North to sit up and take notice of Rock Challenge !
Let's hope they'll show a bit more interest when this year's events happen ...

Theresa Cook (MHS)

Hiyaaa :D It's Amy from Matthew Humberstone School
Can't wait for Rock Challenge.
Hope you're all having fun rehearsing :D
Can't wait to see everyone !

Lots of love - Mee <3 xx

Hi All !
Hope everyone's preparation for rocka is going well - and that those entering on monday are nearly ready! (I know the feeling when you're loading the van and the set's still got wet paint on it - it still happens now!)
I've not posted on here for a while due to lots of project work going on. However...there is an upside to all the work! My next college show is touring to Milan at the end of the term, so I'm just waiting until then!
I haven't had a time to check my timetable alongside the RC calendar, so not sure if I can get to watch any events (I missed Ryde's performance last year due to another hectic show going on in cardiff!) Hopefully, I will be able to get to at least one show :)
Also, just a quick hello to any potential technicians/stage managers coming to the stage management open day at RWCMD tomorrow. If you wanted to come, but didn't know about it, get in touch with me and I'll get info about the next one for you. Also, if anyone's coming for an interview let me know!
Good luck to everyone taking part this year!

Dan (Ex Ryde High, now at RWCMD)

Hi All !
Good luck to those of you who are competing/showcasing up in Aberdeen on Monday. Have a good trip, John and Wendy - hope to see you at some point on the tour :)
Nice to see that Cowes High haven't broken the habit of a life time.....lol
Ness (Rockateer)

Hiya all ! Katie, keli, jordan n chris frm cathedral ere.
Gd luk 2 all uva skwls performing! We soooooooooo cnt wait til we perform - it's gonna b so gd n wer hopin 2 meet ldz new ppl!
Cya soon, every1, n gd luk!

Katie, keli, jordan n chris (cathedral) xxx
Our school is cool without a doubt
We shake our booties in and out
We wave our arms round and round
Everybody to the ground,
We're here at rocka, girls and boys
So come on, cathedral, make some noise!!!!!!

Heya All !
OMG ... we at Cowes have finally got around to Global Rock
We are really excited about it this year. It's gonna be a good one.
Good luck to everyone taking part in Aberdeen next week - hope you all have a great time !
Good luck to all the Isle of Wight Schools this year, and well done for the most entries in any area of the UK - it's good to see the Rock Challenge bug spreading down here !
Anyone else taking part this year, have fun and a good luck !
(And all you Cowes Lot ... don't forget the Auditions ! Hope to see you there ...)

Loves ya all - Lucy and Lauren (Cowes Production Team)

Hey everyone! Kaye and Shel from Cathedral here!
This year is gonna be ace ... our last time in Rock Chall!
Good luck to all the other schools - see you in Bradford!
Go cathedral!!!
Our school is cool without a doubt
We shake our booties in and out
We wave our arms round n round
Everybody to the ground
We're here at rocka, girls and boys
So come on Cathedral, make some noise!!!


Feb 7th 2007

4 days!! Nicee!!!!
Can't wait for Monday ! Hope it's as good as every other year!
Broch are just gettn in the final rehearsals
... gettn everythin together!
Good luck to every1 performin - am sure evry1 will be amazin!
Good luck to Keith - you guys were amazin last year and am sure u will be as amazin iss year .... Darren
, dinna worry - ul be great haha!
Luv - Amy fae Fraserburgh Academy! xx

5 DAYS 5 DAYS!!!! YYYYYYEEEESSSSS!!! I can't wait!! It has came round sooooo quick!!!
I'm really xcited now!! Can't wait to see everyone again and see wot everyone is doing this yr!! TWELVE SCHOOLS - wow ! Busy day!!!

Goin in on friday to help peterhead out with their all-day rehearsal so lookin 4ward to that ... get the xcitment started early n then just the weekend then it will be monday!!!
John - u xcited? 1st time up to aberdeen in 3 yrs!!! (Ed: SO ashamed of that, Stuart ! :)
Good luck, everyone - sure uze will all be amazin !
First-timers, uze willl love it and become addicted!!
(Like me ... 2 yrs on since i left skl n they still can't get rid of me) If you see me on monday come say "Hi !" ... i'll have a crew tshirt on n dark hair with a blond bit in my fringe ... unless i change it by monday!!! Haha :)
Stuart (peterheed/ volunteer)

Hey there!
Good luck to all schools in aberdeen! Can't wait - 5 days to go!!! Whoop whoop!
Catch yiz monday! Shari (fraserburgh)

John, the Dubai Rock Challenge was an amazing event and we look forward to it next year
Debra and Kumar (Dubai Scholars School)


Feb 6th 2007

Whoooo ... rocka rehearsal tomoz !
I love it so much n it's only like the 5th rehearsal so can't imagine how much i will love it wen i see al the other sections. I know thyl b fantastic coz the choreographers r fab as always
Whoooooooooooooo ... good luck every1 else n cnt wait till the prem final
(hehe - it's ages away but it will come round quick i'm sure)
C u soon .... bye !
xxxxx bekki.k. (hornsea****)

Good luck to all the schools in aberdeen !
Can't wait to see the show, espesh peterhead (from what i've heard of it, it sounds brilliant)
Cya all there x

Heya Everyone !
Rehearsals goin veerryy well ... wot an amazing set of choreographers this year! (And of course our famous mrs hylton!)
I am very excited for dis year's rocka - it's only ma second one and last year's woz amazin
Well done to everyone last year and GOOOD LUCK to everyone this year!

Emily (hornsea) xxxxx

I can't believe Global is on Monday - woohooo !
Gd luck to all the skools that are going to be at aberdeen
Go Fraserburgh - wahey !

Nicola (Fraserburgh Academy)xx

Hi guyss - it's sophie here from hornsea
Wuu - everyone is doing soo well ! It's looking fab!!!
Good luck everyone else - can't wait till march 30th
See you soon - love yaz loads!!!

Sophie xxxxxxxxxx


Feb 5th 2007

It's 53 days until the showcase at grimsby n i can't wait! It feels n sounds so far away but i'm sure it'll come around really quickly!
I can't wait 4 the day ... it's always so fun! I'm lookin 4ward 2 seein all the other schools' pieces as well - gud look 2 u!
I have another rehearsal soon and unfortunately my knees aren't looking forward to it but i am! :)
C u soon at grimsby !

Lizzie (Hornsea School!) xxx

Woooooo ... hey everyone !
Well, this is my first message of the year (Ed: welcome back, Amy ! :) and i can't wait for rock challenge to start.
Got my place to go to germany this year too. Can't wait !
Good luck to everyone !

Amy (RHS Stage Crew) xxxx

FINALLY managed to get a chance to get a message on here! Been so busying sorting everythin for next Monday! I'm goin crazy... but it's all worth it!
Peterhead guys, you are all doing fantastic and i'm so proud of every single one of u! You'll probs b glad to see the back of me and my nagging, but hopefully next Monday you'll remember everythin i've said to you and do me very proud!

Well, i need to head off to the dentist now (Aagghh!) but see everyone next Monday!!!
Can't wait to see you again, John!! Maybe get a hug this time since i won't be able to get you covered in gold!!
Mhairi (Peterhead Liason Student!!) xxxxxx
(Ed: hug on Monday, Mhairi ! (Gold wouldn't really have gone with the blacks, would it :))

Tim, you're certainly right ... it IS my 9th year. (No wonder i failed my maths a-level)
It FEELS like i've been doing this gig for much longer though!! :) Oh well, it's still been a long time (i'm getting on a bit now) and longer than most at our carlisle heat i think! Guess it means i'll have to come back again next year!
I'll see everyone at bennies and haven rehearsals next week!!

John - forgot to email you to tell you, but i did a fair bit of rocka promotion when i was teaching drama in america this summer. Will tell you all about it when i see you at carlisle!!
Good luck to all the scottish schools for next week!!
Love - natasha x
(Ed: see you at Carlisle, Natasha! We must grab a table in the Riverside Café, have a (decaf :) coffee and a natter)


Feb 4th 2007

Hey folks!!!!!
I sooooooo can't wait til aberdeen!!!! Gonna be soooo much fun but better! So much skools this year!! That means more people and more friends lol!!
OMG ... IT'S GETTIN SOOOOOOOOO CLOSE!!!! AAAAA ... i can't wait!!!!!
Good Luck Everyone!!!

/x/...Amy.../x/ (Peterhead)

Hello hello.... fellow global rockers... nearly time for aberdeen eh?
Ohhh so excited ! Good luck, everybody! Should be great fun!

Love - Katie (fraserburgh) (Yipeeeeeeeeee!) xx

I'm a little teapot,
Short and stout,
Here's my handle,
Here's my spout,
When the kettle's boiling,
Hear me shout,
TIP me up and pour me out!
Oh yes! It's that time of year again! Go baysgarth!
Amy (AKA the midget! :-) )

Dave and Zoie were helping out at Dubai's first-ever Rock Challenge yesterday !
You can read a report on last night's show here (it's a report carried in the online edition of the newspaper "Gulf News", and there's a mosh pic and quotes from Zoie ... scroll all the way down the item ie past the advert :))
Haven't a clue where Dubai is ? Click here for a map :))
John (Editor)

Ahhhhh ... 7 days n 11 hours till aberdeen ... ahhh, am gettin very nervis, but it will be worth it the end :D
Good luck to all the peterhead ppl - youz are all doing fantastic !

Hi !
OMG ... can't believe it's rocka time again!!! Can't wait - not long now!!!
Hope everyone's pieces are going ok!! Can't wait to see them all!! I know it will be a fab day at grimsby ... argh ... i raealli can't wait ! See you all there !
Good luck to all the schools competin in rocka this year!!!

Lv - darryl xxxxxxx
Go hornsea!!!

Can't wait till "brid at hull" ! It is off 2 be well fun



Feb 3rd 2007

Sam from Sandown:- Rosie and i travel over each day during southampton as we both live right near the ferry on the island and it works out cheaper for us, tho there is a premier travel inn just round the corner from the Guildhall if that's any help
Ness (Rockateer, on the sunny Isle of Wight :))


FEB 2nd 2007

Can't wait to perform
We're gonna be sooooo good with all the practising we've done
Come on, hessle

Hello all! (Including you, John) (Ed: oh, Sam ! Hello to you too :)
Just a little good luck message for my fellow global rock leader Sophie. She has an audition for the ITV Grease show on thursday! Supporting you all the way!
Furthermore.... congratulations to Megan W. She is one of our main characters this year AND is through to the South Coast Idol Semi Finals in march xxx

With love - Sam from Sandown xxx
PS I know i am very disorganised but the volunteer crb check will be returned today! Hope i'm still in time for the southampton heats!!!
PPS hello to the rock challenge crew working away in the office (i know it must be stressful)
PPPS a little question... does anyone know of a cheap travel inn where i can stay for the duration of the southampton heats ? (I do not feel like the trek over from Shanklin on the Island every day! Thank you xxx

Hey peeps
Is ther any1 out there who is entering the movie competition? Our teacher doesn't know where to get a form from or if it has bin sent 2 him. Can any1 find out 4 me?
Interestingly enough, JDD, it often helps to let someone know which team you're in ... that way it might be more possible to do something positive for you ! So - you going to get back to me ? Soon as you reply and let me know which team - and even your teacher's name - I shall be in touch with UK Rocka HQ to tell them the sad tale !
Looking forward to hearing from you :))
John (Editor :)

Yippee ! The countdown is in single figures now ! Rocka's so close it's untrue :)
My first involvement this year isn't til the southampton events, but i get to see what the southern standard is like compared to the northern

Hey rockas!
It's getting closer and closer to bradford - cannot wait to see all the other schools! Good luck!! =) =)
Also good luck to any1 that's performing at grimsby! I hope all the scools pull out a fantastic performance on the nyts =)

Congratulations to brad gettin in millennium in london!!See you all later ...
Luv - natalie (thomas à becket dancer - in ICT ;)


FEB 1st 2007

I've just been reading the messages we all left last year and they have made me smile lots so in the spirit of all things Rocka ... I'm going to kick of the ANNUAL BAYSGARTH TEAPOT CHANT!
I'm a little teapot,
Short and stout,
Here's my handle,
Here's my spout,
When the kettle's boiling,
Hear me shout,
TIP me up and pour me out!
Ah ... that's better!

As Mr Scruton said - the highest calibre of performers we have EVER had in a Rocka piece.
I got that "I'm so proud to be part of this school for once" moment yet again. YOU ARE ALL GOING TO BE FAB MY LITTLE STARSHIP TROOPERS!
John (Admiral of Starship Baysgarth)

Hiya everyone !
Just came on to say a massive good luck to our college, WILBERFORCE COLLEGE, taking part in rock challenge (at the hull day one) for the first-ever time!! We have been pushed for numbers but it's going great - good luck, guys!!!
Also massive good luck to our old school MALET LAMBERT! You were robbed last year, girlies - make this year count ! (Miss you all. Go for it!!! :)
Good luck to everyone taking part and to every school!

Lurv - beki-anne and jade (wilberforce) XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX
(Ed: whooo ! A first-ever msg from Wilberforce ?! See you at the Ice Arena :)

Hello all! Hope everyone is fine and dandy!
Us five in the office (Dave, Zoie, Nat, Mitch and I) are all in a blur trying to get everything ready for Feb 12th, but hopefully we'll be ready in time!
A quick question for Natasha from St Bennie's
- are you sure it's your 10th year? According to our records your first year was in Bradford in 1999, which would make this your 9th year as opposed to your 10th ?
All the best, guys!
Tim (Event Manager)

PRESS NEWS: many thanks to Volunteer Vanessa for the news that there's an article in the Isle of Wight County Press highlighting the record number of Isle of Wight schools taking part in Rock Challenge - believed to be the highest percentage of any schools in any area of the UK. (There's also a comment from Event Manager Tim in there too :)
Well done to Peterhead Academy for once again getting Rock Challenge mentioned in their local newspaper the Buchan Observer! Click here to read the story in the online edition of the "Buchanie"
Anybody else getting their Rock Challenge team into the news, DO let me know :)

John (Editor)


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