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"In my 30 or 40 years of experience of combating drug abuse or alcohol abuse or tobacco misuse this is by far the most effective preventative action I have come across, one of the very few preventative activities to have a proven record of being successful, and I think anybody who considers these problems important in the world and have the possibility and the means to make a contribution should seriously consider supporting the Rock Challenge."
Hans Emblad - Former Director Substance Abuse Programme, World Health Organisation

Jan 31st 2007

Hey Peeeps !
This Year's Rock Challenge Should Be Goood (Some Of The Themes Sound Goood :)
Goood Luck To Everyone Performing At Grimsby
Hope Everyone Has A Great Day And Meets Lots Of Friends :)

Love - Sammmy.x (Matthew Humberstone School)

Hey, all you rock challengers!!
So excited to hear whitehaven and st benedicts will definitely be returning this year, and the theme sounds... well, probably the best we've ever done!
I'll be back helping y'all out in whatever way i can... i actually did our theme as a module at uni so hopefully that will help!! (Ooooh - so cryptic!) I might try n volunteer for carlisle day 1 too if i can get time off work!
Big congratulations to our lovely chief - nichola - on the birth of the 3rd skillen boy!! So excited to see him!
Looking forward to seeing all the rocka team
(and you, john) in april... good luck to everyone this year - can't believe it's here already!!
Lotsa love - natasha (st benedicts skivvy)
ps. dunno if your still taking mosh suggestions but here are a few:
  • standing in the way of control - gossip
  • same jeans (or wasted little dj's) - the view
  • atlantis to interzone - klaxons
  • over and over - hotchip
  • goldigger - kanye west
...and for the cheese in me...
  • something kinda ooh - girls aloud
  • star girl - mcfly (in fact, anything by mcfly)
  • ring the alarm - beyonce


Jan 30th 2007

OMG i am totally flippin mental agen. Dunno wot's up wid me! I blame u jonny! (N u totally know i'll laf on stage thanx 2 u!)
I lurv rocka ... woooooooooooohooooooooooooooo !

Luv - Sarah (thornton)
ps keep them msgs rolling in people!

Heya all ov yaz lol
Saz, am so gonna make u laff on stage (will be ace lol) n am not doin it in drag lol u know wat i'm on bout
Neway, good luk to every1 !
Cheers - Jonny xx

Last year we (Manhood Community College's Youth Wing) brought in a professional film company to follow the story of our UK Rock Challenge 2006 entry and they made an excellent film, which not only promotes our school but also Rock Challenge generally !
We are hoping to get it shown on TV but we also feel that it would be very useful to other people, perhaps (for example) to promote the concept of Rock Challenge when trying to persuade a Head Teacher to introduce it to her/his school, or for a school to show to prospective team sponsors.

The film is on DVD and lasts just over half-an-hour (including our team's performance).
We do have to make a charge for this: the film costs £15, plus £5 postage and packing, so £20 in all.
Please pay by cheque made out to Manhood Youth Wing and post your order (DON'T forget to include your name and address etc ! :) posted to Manhood Community College Youth Wing, School Lane, Selsey, West Sussex PO20 9EH
Best wishes - Keith Martin (Youth Tutor)


Jan 29th 2007

Hey there!
I can't believe ther'z only 2 weeks till Aberdeen!!
Jst like 2 wish every1 from all the schools competing good luck and we'll c u in aberdeen!!

Fae linzi (broch/fraserburgh) x


Jan 28th 2007

Hello! Kirstie and Tom here from RYDE HIGH SCHOOL COMMITTEE!
It's only .... 91 days til we venture off to Germany (for the 4th time!!!) and 97 until our heat at the good old portsmouth guildhall!
We actually cannot wait!!! Rehearsals
started a few weeks ago and basically we've taught our amazing dancers nearly all of it! We can't believe how well it's going - we're usually ripping out our hair at this point in time! We both can't wait 2 c what it looks like all together.... bring it on !!
We can't wait to see everybody's performaces... very exciting!
Anybody going to share their themes yet???
(We'll tell you ours if you tell us yours ;-)
Kirstie + Tom
Ooooh ... lovely thought but folks, make sure first that you're not going to upset the rest of your team before you tell :)
John (Editor :)

It's okay ...we'd have made it up! Haha! Kirstie + Tom

Hi! My name is alison and i am not doing rock challenge this year because i now have a job and i couldn't make the auditions (neva mind! )
I have done rock challenge for the last three years with driffield school and really enjoyed every moment (apart for when i had to be freddy mercury and had to have my hair died!)
Thank-you for the wonderful opportunity you have given me and my friends
ps do you know how i could get hold of pictures from the last 3 years?
Hello, Alison ! Thanks for the lovely message !!
Now then ... "pictures for the last three years" ... it just so happens that Nick the Photographer has emailed me to say that he is now offering a new service ... he can already put any team's photos from 2005 and 2006 on his website so that you can get a good look at them (and maybe order some prints too ! :)) He'll probably also do this for 2004 pictures too but there may be a delay !!
YOU WILL NEED A USERNAME AND PASSWORD to be able to view the pictures ... in order to get these, email Nick on nick@nickscott.co.uk and he'll get back to you :))

John (Editor :)


Jan 27th 2007

Hello all!
Just a note to thank all the students involved in the 2007 School Production here at Baysgarth, "BATS The Musical". We had a fab time once more and created some great memories!
And now, of course..... Rock Challenge at Grimsby draws ever closer, another performing arts activity at school and I can't wait! We'll all be fantastic and I'm looking foward to see our piece develop even futher before polishing time happens!!!

All the best to every school entered this year - what a treat we are all in for!!! :)

John (Editor) - yes you are the legend!!! You know you are, we just like to tell you!!!
And everyone at Rocka HQ - bet you are all getting really excited ?!!! :) See you all soon!
Jack (Baysgarth Space Men and Starship Troopers :)


Jan 26th 2007

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!
OMG - i haven't left a msg on here in sooooooooo long!
Rocka rehearsal 2nite was fab - such a laf! (Bt Jonny ... don't u dare make me laf on stage like u did 2day!)
Hey Bekz! Ha - such a laf lol ... ace! Try 2 remember 2 practise!
Gud luk 2 all the other schools takin part! Can't wait for Grimsby!!!!! Yay - am completely hyper!
Bye for now ... luv from Sarah (thornton)

WOW!! Thank-you to john for putting a link to the ARE YOU IN THE RIGHT TYPE OF MOOD rock challenge song on the website. It's so great - doing the dance to it with all the crew on the day makes my rock challenge! I can't stop listening to it!!
Stacey (driffield school)

Hi John. I met you at Carlisle 2005 when i was working at St Benedicts.
I have since moved on and would like to introduce my new school to the whole Rock Challenge phenomenon! Was just wondering if there was any way of getting hold of a video either of the Carlisle 2005 day or a general vid to give them some idea of how fabulous the whole thing is and what is required?
Keep up the good work!
Thanks - Jane
Passed your message straight on to the crew, Jane !
When shall we two meet again ... Carlisle oh-eight ? Or Dunsinane ??? (With huuge apologies to Shakespeare :))
John (Editor :)

Good luck to all the teams performing at Aberdeen. We are sure it will be as great - if not even better - than last year !
For those still wanting to buy tickets - there are still some left. Each ticket costs £9 and the AECC charges a booking fee of 90p. Call them direct on 0870 272 6600 or get to their online booking form using this page
Have a great one!!
Grampian Police
Community Partnerships

Sorry - more film questions !
How long
can the film be (Ed: 3 to 4 minutes) and can it have separate sections to it?
Thank you - a stressed and curious Sam from Sandown after a very successful rehearsal
Sam - about sections ... Tim says "It's up to you how you do it, but it should play in one long film. If you did it into sections (eg like 1 - planning the piece, 2 - rehearsing, 3 - building set, 4 - the event day) then that's fine"

Izzat OK ?
John (Editor :)

JOHN AT BAYSGARTH - your entry into the "Make a Rocka Film" competition needs to be on DVD
You should also make sure that you've sent off your "Intention to Enter the Short Film Competition" form that's apparently available from your Liaison Teacher
Hope that helps ?
John (Editor :)

[H]eyo! How be Everyone..?!x
Wishin All Schools Good Luck =)... Lookz Grrrrrrrrrrrrr8 :P
Can't Wait To See Everyone's Performances :D

Anyhoo we better go.. Doin FRENCH :P :)
Xx From Miranda n Laura xX Peterheed Xx
~**~!x/>> GOOD LUCK <<\x!~**~

Heyy Guys - Amy and Brogan Here from MightyMighty Beckets :] !
Good Luck to all the schools this year - it's gonna be a good one!! Whheeyyy =]
We're lucky enough to be competing in the premiere league this year and we hope to make Miss Macky proud cause she is a total ledg!!
See You All At Bradford OR Grimsby ... whatever suits you best :D
Love - Beckets =]

A huge "GOOD LUCK !" to all the schools who are competin this year ! I really enjoyed all of the performances last year
Archie are off back to wer it all began - yes, to australia (WUHU! :)
Anyways, good luck agen nd hope u all do really well!!!

Xx RaCh (ArChIe) XX


Jan 25th 2007

Hi John
Just a quick question regarding the Rock Challenge short film competition... what format do "the people" ( who ever they may be :S ) want the videos submitted in ? Can i submit it as a complete DVD or do "they" require a specific file format ?
Any feedback would be a massive help... Thanks!
John (Baysgarth Space Man!)
Somebody will get back to you, John ... I'll email you the answer and also post it here so's we can all read it :)
John (Editor)

HEYYYYYYYY EVERYONE!!!! HEYYYY JOHN!! Very long time no speak!!! (Sorry!! Eek!!)
Aaargh!! 5th year is soooo hectic!!! I cannot keep up with all the work ... aaaaaa!!! Prelims in feb and i'm hoping i don't have one the day after the aberdeen rocka event cos if i do there is no way i'll pass!! I'll be too busy thinking about the day before... and actually any exam b4 the day wil be the same... ACTUALLY i'm just going to fail them all full stop!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!! lol!
But anyhoo, on a happier note...
GLOBAL ROCK TOUR STARTS LIKE IN SOOO NOT LONG!!! lol!! Wat is it ... 2 weeks on monday?!!? That's crazy!!! Aaaaaa!!! (lol! This is all i keep saying - "aaaaaaa!!" :)
I hope everyone is getting on fine and not getting too stressed out!! And John - how are you doing nowadays?! Will u be at the aberdeen event???
(Ed: hi, Lucy ! Plans are I'll be there - been away 4 too long :)


Jan 24th 2007

Hey every1 ! Lizzie here from hornsea!
I'm soo excited 4 this year's rock challenge ! I've been waiting 4 it since last year's final! I can certainly say i'm no less excited about it this year than i was before my 1st-ever rock challenge ... you get a buzz at every rehearsal
Thanku to the choreographers ! U've done a great job on this year's piece n i'm just so glad 2 b a part of it!

That's all for now but u've not seen the last of me ... i know it's early days, hornsea, but let's get this message board overflowing!
Good luck 2 all the other schools that will b at grimsby on march 30th ! Can't wait 2 c all your performances then !!
Lotsa luv - lizzie (Hornsea School) xxxxxx

Ahh ... a can't believe it - 18 days until th aberdeen show !
Phd - the dance is fantastic ! Uze will do brill !

On the home run now ! Keep concentrating and learning your sections.
You are dancing really well this year so keep your discipline and don't forget to smile!!
Everyone there Thursday. Enjoy.

Keith Martin (Manhood Selsey)

OMG! It is nearly less than 2 months till "brid at hull" and we'll be off 2 be awsominated.
Our set looks great. It is absolutely GIGANTIC!!!
Gud luck 2 all there !
JDD @ Driff

Hello :)
As many of you know, the Dali-esque Rock Challenge team at The Wavell School (Farnborough) heaved themselves into the air at the beginning of December 2006 to fly off to Japan so that they could take part in the first Tokyo Rock Challenge.
Early this morning I received a link to five pages of photos from that show on the BYB Rock Challenge Japan website (200 or so in all, apparently chosen from around 2000 taken by the Tokyo School of Photography :)
Wavell - should you wish to go straight there - are mostly on the last page, but this link takes you to page one :))
Sincere best wishes
John (Editor) at 7.30am - looking out on a chilly dawn with perhaps just a centimetre or so of snow skinning the ground and roofs outside


Jan 23rd 2007

Hiya every1 - katie frm cathedral ere!
We r bk this yr n i soooooo cnt wait - it's gonna b wel fabbi :)
Thanx, miss, 4 lettin us do it!
Gd luk 2 all uva skwls - cnt wait !

Go cathedral ... woooooooooooooooo!
Luv every1 ... katie (cathedral)

Good Luck to every1 at Driff !
Just found out what scene i'm in.
This year's goin to be ace thanks to our committee who have done loads of work to make the performance a good one.
Good luck to everyone at the "Bridlington at Hull" heat and see you all there!!!!

Stephen (Driff)

Hello everyone!!!
Aaaaaahhhhh ... the 2007 tour is almost here!! Gettin xcitin n the mosh shud be good if the suggestions are anything to go by!! (Oh, n dave ... BAGPIPES!!!!!! Aaaahhhh, come on - how many yrs we been askin for them now ?!! :)
Went in to see peterhead's rehearsal yesterday!! Was loookin good - can't wait to see it all together when it's finished, with set n costumes - whoo hooo!!!!
Good luck to all the aberdeen skls in the final few weeks of rehearsals ! Lookin 4ward t see'n wot uv all come up with this yr!!
Good luck to all the other skls around the uk too!!
Stuart (Peterheed /volunteer)


Jan 22nd 2007

Hi all
ALAN BAKER (who starred in every single school show that park has ever put on over the last 12 years) died last tuesday.
He was always there for us where rock challenge was concerned - and always used to get us to finish our coursework "otherwise we couldn't do the heats" :)
I am not the only one to say that he was a legend in his own right. He was probably the most down-to-earth teacher/teaching assistant and not only did everyone see him as a teacher - we saw him as a friend and as the joker who used to laugh at us and make us laugh on stage ... and then made us get told off by our other teachers.
We'll miss you, alan.
///in memory of alan baker, 74, who died tuesday 16th 2007\\\
From everyone at Park Community School

Go Peterhead!! And GOOD LUCK to ALL THE SCHOOLS at Aberdeen! It's gonna be the best show yet :D

Hi ! Just thought i'd drop a quick msg now that i'm home from work (out of the big walk-in Freezer...yay!)
Hope everyone's rehearsals are going well? Hope to see you all at your various events if i'm there (or i might see u in Sainsbury's in Hedge End over the next 3 days :)
Ness (Rockateer)

Hi jon - it's kat (ex krs) ... just thought i would pop on and let you all know my good news :)
From september i will be working at Portchester School as their dance teacher!!!!! Yay - so excited !!!
And ... now i've finally got my teaching place i can introduce them to rock challenge!!!! Hurray - i can't wait ! Got loads of ideas already :)

Kat nutland XxX

Richard at Vandyke - 2007 tickets across the UK events are £9 each (finals are a tenner each :)
Thanks to Tim for that information
John (Editor)


Jan 21st 2007

Alright people! I have some suggestions for the mosh!
  1. the fratellis - chelsea dagger (classic)
  2. greenday - american idiot (this should be a staple track)
  3. franz ferdinand - do you want to? (one of the coolest bands ever)
  4. AFI - miss murder (an ace track from 06)
  5. chesney hawkes - the one and only (legendary)
  6. the feeling - fill my little world (a feel good song)
  7. fergie - fergalicious (you can't not <3 it)
  8. lily allen - smile (thumbs up)
  9. scissor sisters - i don't feel like dancing (one of my fave tracks from last year)
  10. lordi - hard rock hallelujiah (hehe)
Also... big shout out to 'Owden! (Howden)....hope to top last year's successful 3rd place (first time we've ever been placed !)
Luv ya all - Jenny (an out n out 'Owdener)

Hey all @ Driff School
We have just found out who has got in this year and it is so nerveracking.
Have 2 say our theme is brill and all those who are at "Bridlington at Hull" have got loads of competition.
I agree with sum of the mosh track suggestions and here are sum of my own which i think will be gud 4 Bridlington at Hull:
  • Rock this party - Bob sinclair
  • Put your hands up - Fedde le grand
  • just dance - Jamiroqui
  • Love don't let me go - David Guetta Vs The Egg
and any ovas tht u can think of, but i'm sure u wll pick sumfin great
Thanx and gud luck 2 all at "Bridlington at Hull" ... particularly Driff

Cya soon - Jonathan D

Hiya claire !
Yeah, rehearsals are going very gd. We're going to be having some costume rehearsals soon and we've been rehearsing with set. (And no we haven't been told to smile this year ... it's been "look evil", "look nasty" ... the total opposite ! :))
Gd to hear you'll be supporting us on the night but it's a shame you can't be in it this year!
Louise (St.Machar Academy)

Hi john - it's richard here from vandyke and beds cc central youth panel (youth opportunities fund)
I am just writing to ask how much the tickets for the st. albans day two event are, as we have received funding from the youth opportunities fund and as part of their checking up on some projects they have decided they would like to see our rock challenge piece
(Ed: just passed your question straight on for Tim to answer, Richard :)

Wooooooooo! Three weeks tomorro till the aberdeen event!!:D
Can't wait - gonna b awsum !
Hope to see yooh all there!

xXx[Steph]xXx (Peterheed)


Jan 20th 2007

Hey everyone ! Hope rehearsals are goin great :)
Not long til rock challenge starts in aberdeen - only 22 days ... time goes fast
I got my ticket for the Aberdeen show so i'll b supporting u all out there
St Machar- how's the rehearsals goin???? Remember to smile (i bet u r getting that from the teachers as well)
Peterhead- hello ! Hope rehearsals are goin good, n that's the same msg to all the other schools competing in aberdeen
Claire (ex St Machar Academy)

Had 2 rehearsals now n av learnt all ov my section!!!!! I'm real xcited bout it !! Th choreographers have made it reli gud - say thanks to thm all !!
I'm sooooo xcited ! I've neva bin in rock challenge b4 n evri1's bin tellin me how good it is!!
Gd luk, evri1 !

Love - jess x x


Jan 19th 2007 (7 messages)

Wow! It's not long until Hull Schools perform again at the Hull Arena once more!
I'm gonna be back with some more funky LX designs...would love to win another award...last year Kelvin Hall won best LX design...which was done by me! The amazing thing is that it was my first time ever doing a LX design. Lucky I guess!
Good luck to EVERYONE on every single Rock Challenge that goes on throughout the country. Just enjoy yourselves and have a laugh. At the end of the day it's all about having fun and realising that there's an alternative to drugs and alcohol and smoking... it's about living your life!
RC Stagecrew
- I'll be seeing you soon!! ^_^
Em (Kelvin Hall)

Hey people!! It's natalie, dancing for thomas à becket :) :)
I'm BUZZIN, and propa lukin 4ward 2 rocka this year - gna be ace!! (But also quite nervous 4 it 2)
We hav to mek miss maki proud ;)
A big gd luck to all the utha scools owt there!!
, ure gna b MINT on th nyt!!
Cya soon ... luv u ... natalie xxxxx

Waheyy !! Our Rock Challenge Rehearsals Have Begun .. And I Must Say Our Choreography This Year Looks Amazing =D
Hope All You Other Schools Are Having Fun With Yours =P
Much Love - Daniellee (Matthew Humberstonee =D)

Thanks, Theresa ! Going away on to the sites now to look for velvet
John - see you soon at Aberdeen, and will check your "pizza" order nearer the time :)
Lesley (Peterhead Academy Rock Challenge Committee)

Can't wait for the Aberdeen event!!!
Unfortunately (cos of exams) I didn't get my volunteer form in :(
I'm still goin to get a ticket, though, to go see the mighty Peterhead!!!
Davy (Ex-Peterhead/Volunteer) (Ed: is that "Ex-Volunteer" now, Davy ? :)

I cnt wait t c if i got in rock challenge or not !!!! :)
I'm soooooooooo excited
Kay xxx

Hi John
I've just seen Lesley's message about velvet. The following are not ebay shops although I think they do put some items on at times. The first two do have velvet as stock items. The third one is absolutely brilliant when you need large quantities of the same fabric, as they sell by the roll as well as by the metre
Hope this helps. I know how frustrating it is when you have a picture in your mind of the costume you want to produce but can't find the fabric you need!
Take care - Theresa (Matthew Humberstone)++++++++++++

Jan 17th 2007

Can anyone help us ? We are looking to buy 2 to 3 metres of dark purple velvet for this year's production. We don't want crushed velvet but this appears to be the only kind we can find on the internet at a reasonable price.
I did see somewhere on e-bay selling 2 metre pieces for around £8 but can't track it down again. If anyone knows which e-bay shop it is for sale in, this would be great.
Lesley (Peterhead Academy Rock Challenge Committee)
Here's a message from last year, Lesley ... is THIS the eBay shop you were thinking of ? Message follows ... good luck ... John (Editor)
Sew-n-So Fabrics are pleased to support The Be Your Best Foundation and all those taking part in the UK Rock Challenge. We are offering all schools taking part in this year's Challenge a 15% discount on all our ebay prices and, along with that offer, we will donate 10p of every pound spent by the schools to The Be Your Best Foundation.
We have a large range of fabrics available online at www.stores.ebay.co.uk/sew-n-so and can supply most fabrics, in lengths from 1m to 100m!
Please contact us by email at ljmacf@hotmail.com, online through ebay or by phone at 01983 812050, and ask for Lindsey or Marie. Please make sure you quote "Global Rock Challenge" in all your enquiries.
Meanwhile, may we wish everyone taking part the best of luck !
Lindsey & Marie (Sew-n-So Fabrics)

For the Mosh...
  • Something Kinda Oooh - Girls Aloud
  • Monster - The Automatic
  • Rock This Party - Bob Sinclair
  • Yeah Yeah - BodyRox
  • Put your hands up - Freddie Le Grande
  • Biology - Girls Aloud
Will think of more...
Ryde High!

Last comment didn't make sense - I put our germany date has been put forward so we have more time to perfect it but i meant it's been ... POSTPONED... so we have more time to perfect it haha!!!
The weather here is crazy. I nearly got blown away walking through school!
Kirstie (RHS)

omggggggggggggggggg ... i hae just had my first rocka rehearsal ... it was aceeeeeee ! The choreographers have done a really good job!
We only did the first lil bit but i thought it was fab. Cnt wait till the showcase now, n thn the final
Gd luk every1 else :)

Love - bekki.k. ********HORNSEA********

All at driffield ... you know who i mean ... the "committee" ... have done FANTASTIC so far and I'm SO proud.
This year will be my last and I'm really proud of it already! Well Done guys .... and CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Jeffi D xxxxxxx

Good luck to all schools takin part in aberdeenshire...but u better watch out...Ellon academy's about! (Hehehehehe! Bring it...x!)
Lookin 4ward 2 seein every1 on the day :]
Love - the Ellon Academy Rock Challenge Committee!!! x x x

Hey everyone "
Can't believe it's that time of year again (did not take long in coming round at all!!)
Hope everyone taking part is well on their way to being ready in time - especially everyone in aberdeen!
This is my last year and we have to make it a blast !

Good luck
Love - nicola h (mackie) xxx

Hiya all...!!
Cathedral had their auditions last night. Went fabi!! So glad i auditioned ... let's ope I GET IN!!!
Big shout 2 all u otha skwls that i knw.. thornton especially!

Byeeeee ... luf yhoo x x x x x x


Jan 16th 2007

Heya ppl !
Rock challenge in ABERDEEN soon - cnt wait !
Gd luk 2 all ma team m8s in MACKIE ACADEMY n good luck 2 all the other skls x.x.x

x. heather .x

Ahhh - not long til we do rock challenge again... although our Germany date has been put forward ... which means we have longer to perfect it :-D!!!
Can't wait to see everybody's performances!!!

Kirstie (RHS Committee!) xxxxx
Ryde High Rock the House !

Hiya guys
Good luck to them that r taking part in aberdeen !
Craig from firpark

Hiya guys!!!
It's cathedral's auditions tnyt.....VERY SCARED!!! Gud luk 2 all u peeps hu r takin part in tha audition - ur all fab!! C ya all tnyt wen ur ther
Big shout to tha editor - I LUV U!! LOL x
Cnt wait to c u all.... byeeeeee ...
Becceh x x x x x x
(Ed: hello, Becceh, from me, Granddad John :))


Jan 15th 2007

OMG ... not long until rock challenge again ! It's going to be great!
Good luck to all the schools for the Aberdeen day, and hello to peterhead - i'll hopefully see some people i remember from Grimsby!!

Louise (St.Machar Academy)

I wonder if you can help me? I performed in Rock Challenge in 2001 (bradford day 2) with my school - Sowerby Bridge High School.
Unfortunately my school have misplaced the video tape and I am trying to find a copy of it.
If you can help me i would be truly thankful. I hope to hear from you soon

Thank-you ... Melanie

Hi John !
We have booked Australia!!!! We have put down a £20,000 deposit !!!!!
Now here's the bad news ... rock challenge australia have now changed the dates and their first sydney event is the day we leave!!! I cannot describe how panic-stricken we are
Hayley (Archbishop Thurstan)

Our friday rehearsal was fun lol! Had a laf!
Cnt w8 4 bradford days 1+2 and thn grimsby - yey!

OMG ... Bradford Bulls season starts soon - cnt w8 ! Woohoo - c'mon Bulls!
Hope everyone is enjoyin thr rehearsals - cnt w8 2 watch all yr performances! Cyaz in May!
xxxxxx Emma and Rach (THORNTON!)


Jan 14th 2007

I've just added a link from the 2007 Tour page to Fraserburgh Academy's brand-new website (thanks to Debbie T for telling me about it !) and (of course) had a browse of the website too. Can I recommend their "Virtual Tour" ?!! Great fun - and it's reminded me that I STILL haven't received either of the two different "Virtual Tour" DVDs that South Hunsley have done (to the same tune :) in the past 5 or 6 years ... hmmm ... I'll get writing to them (yet again :) (Wendy's on both :))
John (Editor)


Jan 12th 2007 (5 messages)

No no no no no ...
For the mosh:
  • C'est La Vie by Bewitched!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A favourite in Cockermouth)
  • That or A Little Less Sixteen Candles by Fall Out Boy

Hiiii rockers! :)
I cnt w8 til wee do rock challenge
I wish we wer in carlisle day 1 bt sadly we r in day 2 bt wee r gona b 10 timz betta even thn wen we wer a premier team lolz
C yaz, bibi, n good luck 2 evry1 competing
Kayl (haven n bennies)

Hiiiiiiiiiii !
Got a rehearsal in half an hour - woohooo :)
Hope everyone's rehearsals are going ok
We went to see the panto in bradford last night. It was very coool! There was a good magician!!! He killed birds! :( And we nearly got killed by flying rocks and bats.
OK - we are going down to do our cleaning chores in the common-room now ... that's how much fun we have and how important we are!
Hugs n kisses xxxxx Sarah, Bekky, Rachael And Emma! (Thornton) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

TO ALL THE PETERHEAD ROCKA TEAM - YOUR TICKETS ARE HERE. They cost £9 each and you are all getting the total amount you asked for.
They will be available at the rehearsal on Monday - if you can bring your money, you will get them.
There are some spare tickets too so if you want more, see the person selling the tickets.
Any stage crew that did not ask for any, let us know as quickly as possible and we will give you what we have.

Mosh Tracks - i think we should have MC Hammer - Can't touch this


Jan 11th 2007 (7 messages)

Hi John !
More ideas for the mosh :-
  • Killers - Somebody told me
  • Robie Williams - Rock DJ
  • Tom Jones - Mamma to me not to come
  • Keane - is it any wonder (intro only)
  • U2 - Elevation
  • Song 2 - Blur
  • Scatman John - scatman
  • Black eyed peas - pump it
  • The Automatic - Monster
  • Robie Williams - Let me entertain you
  • The Chemical brothers - Galvanize
Ness and Rosie (Rockateers)

Jack D... YOU are the legend, and Emperor Ming Mong (can't repeat the rest of his extended name :S hehe)
Thanks for the compliment about the short film too, JD ! I agree - it is set to be fab, as is the set, and the lighting, and the soundtrack and the dancing and EVERYTHING! Baysgarth are going for something totally new this year so prepare to be AMAZED! (But have tissues ready as it's going to be really emotional in more ways than one)
(And I can't wait to see your PVC costume, JD - HAHA! :)

John (Baysgarth - Space Man!)

Hey to all the peeps in RC 2007 and gud luck 2 u all
I'm from Driffield School and we r only just starting to do auditions 4 2007 RC - then only 8 weeks of rehearsals !
Good luck again
and hope to c u all in the premier final ... even though we got relegated

Aberdeen in 31 days ! I canna wait!!
Broch Academy Rehearsals
are lookin ace. Lookin forward to seein the final piece with costumes and set. Nicola and the crew - you're doin a great job!
It's already been loads of fun this year and with a bigger venue in the AECC than the Music Hall and even more schools, it's gonna be an amazin day! (And good to see some new schools too - you're gonna absolutely LOVE it ! :)
Good luck to everyone competing all over the country, especially in Aberdeen ... can't wait to see what every1 has come up with this year !

Love - Debbie x x x (FRASERBURGH AKA BROCH!)

Hey ! Park here :)
OMG ... rockie auditions 2day !
Cnt wait til we get on dat stage - it is gonna b xcellent!! Also cnt wait to c how miltoncross got on as dey have our ex-teacher mrs rose!!
Also think racheal maddocks r gonna be excellent dis year as they are stil partnered up wit park ! He he :)

Loves every1 loads
~~~xwhitx~~~ (park community and racheal maddocks!!)

Hiya guyz!!! It's becceh from cathedral x - jst wana know ow all u guyz r doin?!
Cnt w8 cuz WE'RE ACTUALLY DOIN ROCKIE!! Thnx, miss... ur a star!!
Auditions r nxt week.. lookin 4wad 2 it verrrri much
Cnt w8 2 c all u guys that r in our heat
, spesh ma lil fwend matty frm thornton (if ur takin part, that is !x) (Had 2 mention him - he's ma rocka bbz lmao :)
Oh, n john - i rememba u 2!!! (Ed: awww ... you poor thing ! Gave you nightmares ??!!! :))
C all u guys there ... cnt wait!
Hya 2 tha editor ! x (Ed: that's me again :))
Luf yoo all - becceh x x x x x x x

If anyone's interested, they can check out the live webcams of the ski resort that buttershaw and driffield will be visiting the week of the aberdeen shows - www.bormioonline.com

SO sorry I'm late to get the page up and running today ... been away from the computer on a backstage (etc) tour of all the new developments at the Leeds Grand Theatre
John (Editor :)


Jan 10th 2007 (7 messages)

Hello All!
Mrs V and Mr S, Year 11 Student Leaders and the Production Team - how exciting is our performance set to be?!
Totally Awesome! Baysgarth fighting back at the Grimsby Auditorium!
John P, our video's set to be great too! :)

Rocka John (Editor) - a legend!! What events shall you be heading to this year ???
Everyone's up for a bit of moshing, are they then, this year?? Some cool songs suggested (and I agree with the N Sync option - a banging tune if I say so myself!!! :)
Good Luck to all - enjoy your rehearsing preparation!!!

Jack D (The Baysgarth Starship Troopers :)
(Ed: Hi, Jack ! Hoping to be at Aberdeen / St Albans 2 / Crawley / So'ton 5 and Junior / both Hulls / Grimsby / Nottingham / both Carlisles / both Londons / Pompey 4 and 5 / both Bradfords / Grantham / all the finals BUT this is all dependent on how we can fit it in here at home with the other family commitments. Fingers are crossed (And hey, you - less of the "leg end" :))

It's coming along dead fast at Cockermouth.... powering through. Hahaha !
May i recommend for the mosh:
  • SOS-Rihanna
  • Helena-My Chemical Romance
  • Stay-Radford
  • Bye,Bye,Bye-NSync
And with regard to a certain suggestion.... do NOT use at carlisle ! Wouldn't want to upstage Cockermouth's performance now, would you? :))
Good work, cockermouth... i'm back

Well done to all at Cockermouth School for a fantastic rehearsal on Tuesday! Only a few minutes left - keep up the good work!!!
Miss Havard

Hey !
We gotta have MUSE - Your Time is Running Out ! We had it when we won with "toy" and can remember everyone just jumping up and down and dancing in the aisles - was an amazing experience
Oooooooh i can't wait ! Rocka's gonna be aaaaaaace! WE'RE BACK!
Love - katy (cathedral)
(Ed: 'tis great to see you guys back :)

For all the people that are performing for their first time (and I'm probably speaking for other people as well when i say this) :- if you're not used to performing or if it's your first public performance, Rock Challenge will be the most amazing time of your life
It feels like just yesterday that it was my first rock challenge. What made me the happiest was hearing our name being called out as the winner of the heats but even if you don't win or get a place you will still think "I'm glad i've done that, and i'm gonna keep on doing it" so remember, guys, first time or not - just have the best time of your life and think about the crackin times you're going to have !
If it's your LAST rocka experience then think of all the experiences you have had and have a brilliant time 'coz it will be the best laugh ever :) :) :)

(And don't forget ... if the team DO do play run - snow patrol please please PLEASE sing your hearts out coz it is a LEGEND OF A SONG:):)
Davey (Ex-Park Community School & Volunteer)


Jan 9th 2007

Forgot 2 say something to Peterhead Academy's Steph and Gary about their 1st year dancing in rock challenge...
it's a great experience that you will never forget !
I remember my 1st time in 2005 (well, it was the St Machar Academy's first year entering as well) and it was the best thing i ever did
Even i didn't know what to expect on my 1st year and I was nervous like you are now but when the day comes and when u r on stage you forget about the nerves and just go for it. You will want to do it again and again, right up until you finally leave school....
Claire (ex St Machar Academy)

Suggestions for mosh tracks... ahhh ... got loads..
  1. Blur-Song 2
  2. Cardigans-My Favourite Game
  3. The Coral-Dreaming of you (at's always fun!)
  4. any fratellis!!
  5. James- Sit Down (it's bin played before but always gets everyone dancin!)
  6. Jet-Are You Gonna Be My Girl
  7. The Killers-Mr Brightside
  8. Depesche Mode-Just Can't Get Enough
  9. The Las's-There She Goes!!!!
  10. Snow Patrol-Run (haha - just for a sing along lol!)
Well, at's just a few!!
Good luck to everyone when it comes..... SOON!!!
Amy xx (Fraserburgh aka Broch!!)

Hey everyone !
I canna believe it's 33 days til rock challenge starts in aberdeen
Good luck to all schools that are competing in aberdeen ! Hope rehearsals are goin well, and canna wait 2 c all ur performances

This year i will be watching from a different point of view as i will be in the audience instead of on stage and it's weird this year not having rock challenge rehearsals
Hey to St Machar and Peterhead Academy ! Hope rehearsals are goin great and u r all set for the big day - n remember to SMILE :)
Claire (ex St Machar Academy)

Hi !
Quick note to all Baysgarth people ... rehearsals are on Wednesday and Thursday 3.30 till 4.30 from now until show time unless otherwise directed
John (Baysgarth)


There's a new kid on the block in RockaLand ... it's the opportunity for dedicated film-makers at your school/college to make a film about your team's 2007 experiences and enter it in competition.

Winners get
  • a framed certificate
  • the chance to see their film shown on the big screens at one of the regional finals
  • four complimentary tickets to the final their film is shown at
After that, the overall UK Film winning team is decided and they get a gold CD commemorating their success !


Canna wait till aberdeen :D
So excited and nervous! My first year dancin - can't wait :D
Hope everyone's rehearsals r goin well! Can't wait ti c you all agen :D

*~~ [S]tep[H]~~* (PETERHEED!!)

Hey abdy.
OMG i'm like well excited to be going to aberdeen this year - it will be mint!!!
It's ma first year dancing n i'm soooooo scared but fan we get there we will all be putting 110% to winning the competition and going to grimsby
Good luck to u all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary (Peterheed)


Jan 8th 2007

  1. If you haven't sent in your volunteer application form yet but you still want to volunteer, you're getting very late !! PLEASE complete the form from the website and send it in to Rocka HQ ASAP
  2. If you have sent a form in but haven't yet received a CRB form for completion in return, PLEASE call Rocka HQ on 023 8061 7729 because it means we didn't receive your form
  3. If you have done all of the above but you haven't yet completed and returned your CRB form - using the guidance notes because some sections need to be left blank - PLEASE do this ASAP (and don't forget to include photocopies of your ID ! :)
Dave (BYBF / Stage Manager)

Awwwwwwww i'm sorry !
I've been meanin to send mine away for aggggeeeesssss bt i kept forgettin n mi work was crazy busy before christmas but i'll go do it 2nite n send it in the post 2moro mornin!!! Sooorrry!!!
Stuart (Peterheed)

Hello !
I'm doing my best to fill in the CRB forms - I have to have a passport and drivers' licence copy notarised by the British High Commission to Australia and that's taking a few days. (Something about the cricket, they said..... teehee :)
Cheers - Erin in Australia)

SUGGESTIONS FOR TRACKS YOU'D LIKE TO SEE IN THE MOSH ARE STILL COMING IN - read the ones suggested so far on Jan 7th, 6th and 5th as well as today's suggestions :)

ABERDEEN TICKETS: I think the price of the tickets for Aberdeen Rock Challenge is £9 each and would be on sale now. We had to order ours through the SSEC in Glasgow but I'm not sure if that is where the general public order tickets from or not.
Lesley (Peterhead Academy Rock Challenge Committee)
(Ed: the Box Office number on this website is 08702 728 600 - if that helps :)

Looking forward to rock challenge !
Just want to comment on a message that lovely jack said about the girl who died recently. We did experience summat similar and it wasn't easy, but as time goes by it does get easier ... there'll be good days and bad, but she will always be wth you


Jan 7th 2007

Does anyone know how much the tickets are for the show in aberdeen? :D

  • "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" - Fedde Le Grande
  • "SexyBack" - Justin Timberlake
  • "Chelsea Dagger" - The Fratellis
  • "Ain't No Other Man" - Christina Aguilera
  • "Do You Love Me" - The Contours
  • "Freedom" - Wham!
  • "Mr Brightside" - The Killers
Miss P

At the St. Albans events (especially the one Vandyke is at- I think it's day 2) could we please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE have Basement Jaxx "Do Your Thing"?
Also would it be possible to have Five - "Everybody Get Up", S-Club - "Don't Stop Moving" & "Reach" and also pretty much any Spice Girl song. "Wannabe", "Spice Up Your Life" and "Who Do You Think You Are?" appear to be a favoured consensus at school!
On behalf of the Rock Challenge Team, we appreciate your help.
Thanks !
Hari A (Student Leader, Vandyke Upper School Rock Challenge team)

Hey everyone in the UK!
I'm really looking forward to 2007 since this year is our school's first year in the Premier Division AND we are competing in Melbourne so it's really exciting.
Good luck to every school competing in Australia & UK!! Have Fun!!

The Fish (Josh)


Jan 6th 2007

  • girl all the bad guys want - bowling for soup
  • The Black Parade - My chemical Romance
  • Numb - Linkin Park
  • Tribute - Tenacious
  • American Idiot - Greenday
xx~xx Kirsty xx~xx
(Ed: Hi, Kirsty ! Long time no see :)


Jan 5th 2007 (11 messages)

Go onto YouTube, type in "jump on it" and watch the video. I would think it wid be a very funny thing to do in rocka

My Ideas for mosh
  • Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a riot
  • Girls Aloud - Something kinda ooh
  • Cha Cha slide rocky horror mix
Ness (Rockateer)

Hey everyone! It's Hannah here
Sorry it's bn a long time since i've posted but it's mad at work in the real world but i'm quickly recapturing the rocka buzz! I'll be along again this year which i'm super happy about! How r u, john?
I have song suggestions....
  • Destiny's child - Lose my breath
  • Ice cube - You can do it
  • Apollo 440 - stop the rock
  • Fatman scoop - it takes two
  • stereogram - walkie talkie man! (Legendary)
  • Fall out boy - dance dance!!
Just some off the top of my head - i'm sure i'll think of more!! :))
Hey 2 Manhood Community College (where my sis goes!)
See u all at the portsmouth and southampton heats! Take care!
Love - Hannah! xXx
(Ed: lovely to hear from you again, Hannah ! You still without email ? :))

Alriiiigggghhhttttttttt John! Legend :)
Just spreading some Baysgarth love
Lauren x :)
(Ed: thank-you, ma'am :))

U shud play "JUMP ON IT" ... that shud get everyone up

Here's my suggestions for the mosh....
  • Akon - SMACK THAT
  • Nelly Furtado - Promiscious
  • Eminem - Shake that Ass for Me
  • Beyonce - Irresistible (Ed: Irreplaceable ?)
  • Shakira - Hips Don't Lie
  • Pussycat Dolls - Wait a min
  • Justin Timberlake - sexy back
  • Sugababes - easy
  • Fergie - fergalicious
That's just a few i can think of off the top of my head just now!! They wud deff get everyone dancin!!!
Whoo hooo!!! Excitin!! It's gettin close - really need to send away my form!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!
Stuart (Peterheed)

Hiya John
My Australian team used Cha Cha Slide for all our warm up sessions and it was fab!!! The kids loved it.
(Ed: think that one's been in for the last two years so far ?)

Rockers ...
Music for mosh should have:
  • "Monster" by The Automatic even if it's for someone's intro. One of the best songs of 06
  • "In the Shadows" by The Rasmus
  • "I like the way you move" - Body Rockers. Simply must be in the mosh again
  • "Hard to Beat" - Hard-Fi
  • "I predict a Riot" - Kaiser Chiefs, although I think it was in last year's mosh too.
  • "Song 2" by Blur. It's been in before, but like nine years ago! (Showing my age again.... :)
  • "Let's get Loud" - Jennifer Lopez ... maybe a little cheesy...
I trust many of you are have now already started on your entry. I can say from experience it's hard work ... sometimes you just reach the end of your tether ... but stick at it because it's well worth it esp. when are a driving member of the team i.e.. producer or choreographer and you see your school on stage in rehearsals. The sense of your achievement of reaching the event day and getting the entry up to scratch is rather overwhelming. I had a few tears in the wings one year in the rehearsals and again in the evening (where the crew comforted me!)
Happy Rehearsals !
See many of you during the tour :)
Rosie (Rockateer)

Hey, John - got your email and i've got some great ideas that i KNOW people will love:-
  1. "All the rage" by Funeral For a Friend
  2. "Roses for the Dead" by Funeral for a Friend
  3. "Monsters" by Funeral For a Friend
  4. "American Idiot" by Green Day
  5. "St Jimmy" by Green Day
These are great, believe me !

Hi john
There's only 2 songs i would love to hear and they are Safri Duo - "The bong song" and Scissor Sisters - "Don't feel like dancin'"

THE 2007 MOSH !!!
would love you to send in your suggestions for tracks to be included in the 2007 mosh extravaganza so come along, everyone, and ROLL UP ROLL UP - what would YOU like to see everyone dancing along to in the 2007 mosh sessions !! Are there great old favourites from the moshes so far that you think simply can't be left out ? Are there new ones that make you wonder "Why haven't they included THIS one yet ?" Are there "I simply LOVE and MUST HAVE this track !" suggestions ?
Don't forget - the mosh MUSTN'T include those awful tracks that simply see the floor totally clear as soon as they start - they've GOT to be the ones that sees everyone rush to the floor to begin dancing :))
Email them in to ukmess@rockchallenge.co.uk or use the website's "Messages" form up near the top of this page ! Everyone's waiting to hear from you !
John (Editor)


Jan 4th 2007

Hi John
Just got the newsletter item about the Film Competition and I think it's an absolutely fantastic idea. I am going to make sure that our school makes an entry even if I have to organise it myself :))
Should be easier for me to do this as I've virtually single-handedly produced a Year DVD which is going to accompany our year book for the end of the year (which may I say is looking good, Year 11, so I hope you all enjoy the nostalgia)
though that was 1 hour 15 and the comp is only for 4 minutes so it may be a bit harder to squeeze in. However, our budding presenter - Nicola Spooner (Legend in her own right) - will I am sure lend her services and give you a film to remember!
I'm all excited now ... only two months and it's our heat! WOO HOO! (Or should that be ARGH ?!)
John Peart (Baysgarth)

VOLUNTEERS ! If you're worried about how long your Criminal Records Bureau check might be taking, the CRB has just launched a free online progress-checking web page. You'll need your application form reference number (and your date of birth - guess you might know that one already :)
Click here to go straight there.

John (Editor)
Cheers John ! Unfortunately, Rocka Volunteers are covered by an umbrella body (Hampshire County Council) so we won't know any of the individual reference numbers, but we're told turnaround is now at about two weeks.


Jan 2nd 2007


We're in the UK for a few weeks and just want to wish you all the best :))
Jodie Doble (Ex Thornton Grammar)
James Doble (Ex Copperfields College)


Jan 1st 2007

Re "Who's on the 2007 Poster ?" ... I'm The Fella On The Scooter For ARCHIE!!! :)
Lewis X
(Ed: good on ya, Lewis ! :)

I was really saddened to learn about the death of a student from a fellow rock challenge school.
During the summer our school lost two students so we know what you have been going through. Our thoughts are with everyone who knew the student.
Richard (vandyke upper school)

Yucky UK weather ! I forgot how wet it really is - and damp. The air and atmosphere is DAMP!! And cold and dark !
It's great to catch up with friends and family here in the UK but we're looking forwards to the sunshine and home back in Australia :)
Happy New Year !

Dave tells me that orders for the 2007 UK Rock Challenge Merchandise can now be sent in (wooo :)
The first orders sent in won't get an immediate response because the goods won't be available for shipping out until mid-January but if you want to be among the very first to receive a 2007 UK Rock Challenge Teeshirt (for example :)) then now would be a good time to send off an order !
I've put two copies of Dave's order form up on the websiteMy sincere best wishes for a very Happy and Peaceful New Year
John (Editor), on a breezy sunny morning in Yorkshire


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