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Hans Emblad - Former Director Substance Abuse Programme, World Health Organisation

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Dec 30th 2006

Hey every1 ! 'Tis katie from cathedral high school
Well, we had a year off and are now coming back ... and i can't wait!
Will be so good to get into rehearsals then the shows ! Rock Challenge is a brill experience and i've been in every one we've done.
Just wanna say to everyone whose first year it is - YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT!

See you all soon
Love - katy xxx

Hi john !
I have only just received my CRB form and i've applied to do the Aberdeen event ... will the check be done and back in time because i'm a bit concerned it won't be
Thanks !
Hello !
According to the CRB website's "FAQ" page they aim to process 90% of standard checks in 10 days
Hope that helps !
John (Editor)


Dec 29th 2006

Just a note to say how sad it was to read about the tragic death of the young girl from St Thomas à Becket in Wakefield, one of the many UK Rock Challenge schools.
Life can hit us all hard sometimes. Keep your chins up if you can! :)
I feel for you all ... we endured a similar experience at Baysgarth not so long ago.
On a better note, here's hoping everyone involved in Rocka 2007 has had a great Christmas, I did and I am now looking foward to 2007 and a brand new Rock Challenge Year!! (I can't wait much longer! :) I am even looking foward to those very hectic months before the Grimsby heat where we all go mad in a bid to polish and finalise all aspects of our performance!!
Enjoy the New Year, and see you all soon !

Jack D from the Baysgarth Astronauts :)


Dec 27th 2006

Are archbishop thurstan competing this year?

I think it would be nice if everyone who has a spare minute could check out the link to one of the Rock Challenge schools and give a thought to the girl who lost her life just over 2 weeks ago
Here's a link to the Leeds Today Yorkshire Evening Post article covering the news.
John (Editor)


Dec 26th 2006

I hope everyone is enjoying the festive season, cos once new year is out of the way, aberdeen will be on us so quickly you wouldn't believe !!
Stay safe, everyone, and see you next year :))



Dec 24th 2006

Ahh, it's good to be home for xmas, and to celebrate I thought I'd spread some of the Hemel Hempstead Crimble Cheer and join in with the YouTube light show, so here's my road at xmas last year (there's more this year..) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCiOyUUkXMI
My house is the first you see, with the flashing holly :)
Have a fab day - relax, eat lots, change into some looser trousers if needs be!
Amy (volunteer, ex Longdean)
(Ed: hi, Amy, and Happy Christmas :)

Hi John
We're here in the fog!!!! We decided to visit the homeland for Christmas - hmmmm ... not impressed!!!
It's great to catch up with family and friends. I'm even going to drop into Thornton's Rocka team, and visit Ralph Thoresby. (And apparently I have an Aussie accent now :))
Happy Christmas
Luv - Jodie (usually "down under" :)


Dec 23rd 2006

Hiya, Archie crew !
Well done for raising all the money that we have up to now - so proud !
Can't wait to perform in Auzzi :))

Come on, Archie !

Hi Jodie Down Under ! How's the tour going down there?
We must be mad because we are trying about coming over to OZ next year!!! We would love to forge some links with a school out there (preferably a competing school from Sydney ... if you have any contacts ?!!)
We would love to hear from you and if you fancy a trip up to Yorkshire in Dec / Jan we will be busy doing lots of aussie-related fundraising events!
Look forward to hearing from you!

Caroline (Archie, Hull)


Dec 21st 2006

Hello everyone !
Just a quick message from the Rock Challenge office to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.
See you all next year!

Dave, Tim, Zoie, Mitch and Nat

Hiya! It's richard from vandyke!!!
We are all really looking forward to this year's rock challenge!!!!! We cannot wait!!!
Have a great xmas!!


Dec 20th 2006

*><*[{~Merry Christmas Everyone~}]*><*
From The Mortal Crew (Stainburn)

Ben at Buchan Embroidery - THANK YOU !
Thanks to Ben I have now found out what happened to the fabulous 2005 "Christmas Lights" house. The house is still there but the lights aren't any more ... instead, they've been recreated in a "drive-thru" experience at nearby Oaks Ridge Park in Mason, Ohio :)All the videos are hosted by the "Pulse~Journal" newspaper of Ohio
John (Editor)

Hi John !
I also found these:Enjoy !
Ness (Rockateer :)
ps Message 4 DAVEY - the Song with the drums in on the 25 years of Rock Eisteddfod is Safri Duo - The Bongo Song.
Ness (Rockateer)

I nearly forgot - how COULD I ???
For those of you who loved it last year, here's a re-run of the fun 2005 Christmas Lights video from YouTube !
The house is in America, and I haven't discovered if they've bettered it this year but if they have, I'll let you know :))
John (Editor)

For many folk, this will be the last chance you have to get here on a broadband service and not a dialup so (for everyone) here's a short seasonal piece of music plus a video performed ENTIRELY on bicycle parts that I've found on the web ... but it may be a bit slow to start up.
Enjoy, and have a very Happy Christmas :))
John (Editor)

Heya !
Well done to everyone - you've worked really hard at rehearsals and everything is now coming together.
Hope you have a great xmas and new yr, and don't forget to keep up those squats and situps!!!!

Lindsay (Manhood team)


Dec 19th 2006

Hiya!!! Becki here!
So so so excited 4 Portsmouth day 2 !
Miltoncross ... premiership School!!
Ms Rose
is hard at work again, being assisted by Mr Grey and Mr Spicer. The soundtrack has been recorded and we're ½ way through the Choreographing.
It's gonna b just as good as "Jack the Lad" - we don't doubt Ms Rose for 1 second!!
(Spite United All The Way!!!)
../x/..:*+*Becki*+*:../x/.. (miltoncross)

Heyy every1 !
Thanx, davey, and glad u enjoyed da show ! (We did anyways :)
Guess wot, davey - it's our rockie entry so u can c da fun agen lol.
Only 4½ months til rockie - which is gonna b brilliant ! C every1 den
Oh ... and i am gonna b racheal maddocks stage crew - cnt wait. C every1 in april !

Loves ya - whitley (park community!!)
ps can we have the racheal maddocks and park community video of our entry in the open finals on youtube, please ? We will love u 4ever if u can put that up !
Thanx - park community rockie fanbase !!
Rock Challenge doesn't "own" your video ... your schools do ! The few that have been put up on YouTube haven't come from Rocka but from the teams themselves ...
Hope that helps ?
John (Editor :)

Hello !
Someone has carried out a search on the Rock Challenge website for the words "Are you allowed to smoke there ?" so ... just in case whoever they were is still wondering ...
if anyone from any team is seen smoking anywhere (or doing any of the other "forbiddens") on a Rock Challenge Event day ... inside or outside the venue ... further away ... in the town ... in the countryside ... in a park ... in the county ... in the universe (you get the picture ? :)) then
(1) that person / those people can take no further part in the Rock Challenge day and have to be taken away from it, and

(2) the team is deducted 2 penalty ranking places, so that even if their performance scores enough points to take first place in the evening show, they will only be awarded third place and, as such, will not be able to go through to the regional finals.
If the search failed to find the answer, I hope the few lines above make the situation totally clear :))

John (Editor)


Dec 18th 2006

Ho Ho Ho John !
Merry XMAS to everyone :)
Just a quick question - does anyone know the name of the song that the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge use for their 25th anniversary DVD (the one with all the samba drums in it) ? I know it's a club song ... i don't know the name of it but i want to get hold of it.
Thanks - Davey (Volunteer)

Hey !
I was just wondering ... on the volunteer application form it asks what area i would like to be involved in on the day ..stage or production ... do you know what either of these would involve ? (Because i don't really know what to put! Oops! :)
Thank you - Natalie
(Ed: a quick reply from ignorant me, Nat - "Production" sees you much more involved around the Production Office side of the day ie right in there at the hub of the operation ... maybe sorting out posters / helping with the paperwork / sorting out awards / looking after judges / being at the centre of all the goss ( :)) etc, whereas stage sees you largely backstage helping sort out sets / load-in etc. Both see you on stage for the mosh, of course (if you wish :)
Perhaps one of the crew will answer this - it's bound to be better than me if they do :))


Dec 16th 2006

Hi all
Last night i went to see Park Community School's final showing of "Leigh Parker at the Court of King Arthur"
Just to say, guys - watching from the audience for the first time was a bit weird but at the same time it was amazing. Well done for the best show i have ever seen put on at the school ... from back-stage to on-stage, 100 percent amazing.
Mr G & all the other staff worked hard and more importantly you guys did too - it was the best team effort i have ever seen.
Cracking, Guys !

Davey (Ex-Park Community School)

I've just realised some of our rock challenge videos are on youtube!
I had almost forgotten the pink catsuits and bald wigs! Ha!
Soph xaxbxc

I went to japan LAST week for rock challenge. It was completely amazing, though i'm not sure I can describe it in a way that would explain just HOW special it was. (WHOA ... that sounded cheesy. TRUE, THOUGH !)
Thank-you again. Same time next year? :))

Jess Berry (ex-wavellite!)

On 25th April, 1986, the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl in the Soviet Union suffered a massive explosion. A cloud of radioactive material drifted north and then west across much of Europe, depositing radioactive fallout as it went. Sheep farmers in the highland areas of Britain were particularly badly affected, as their animals grazed on radioactive grass. News of the explosion was slow to leak out, for the former Soviet Union was notoriously secretive ... only the rapidly-climbing radiation levels alerted the rest of Europe.
Today, many schools and communities across the UK offer breaks away from the still-affected area to the Children of Chernobyl.
And the reason for that brief history lesson ? I've just received a message from Ben in Bathurst, Australia, pointing me to YouTube, where you too can watch the Bathurst PCYC Rock Eisteddfod performance called "1.23 AM", their take on that fateful day
John (Editor)


Dec 15th 2006

Can sum1 help me urgently please ?!
What school is it to the right of the main girl's armpit ? (Lol) I mean the the girls in red tutus ?
Please sum1 post on here and help me out ?!

Sam xx

Hi John !
Out of all the schools i guessed, i did well to only get wye valley wrong (it's queen mary's)
Vanessa (Volunteer)

Hi :)
With regards to the poster ... on the main girl's right is a pic of maria h (think that's right) from king richard school (she's the cute little one, smiling, with glasses.)

I thought of rock challenge, so I thought I'd say "Hello !" to all of you LUCKY people taking part!
Take flasks of soup
- especially if you are crew - it can be very cold outside and you will want some proper food! Don't just take pringles and chocolate like we did most of the time!
Pip pip!
Charlotte Endersby (I used to go to Cathedral!)

Actually, make that 14 missed pictures for Vanessa on the 2007 poster ... if you include the ones in green in the background !
Get guessing :))
Tim (Event Manager)

Hello everyone!!
Hope everyone is ready for christmas n new yr!! It will soon be time for skls t break up n think - once they go bk it will only be a few weeks till rocka 2007 starts!!! Whoo hooo ! I can't wait!!!
How's everyones rehearsals comin along? I'm lookin forward to seein some great performances again - hope everyone will be raisin the bar for 2007!! Can't wait for the prem finals too - sure they will be outstanding as usual!!
Me n marisa r comin in on monday for a spy to see how peterheed r gettin on so far
... sure it looks amazin!!!
John - u n wendy still comin t abdn? 1st time for a few yrs!!
Stuart (Peterheed)
(Ed: the plans still are for us to be at the AECC, Stuart, though - as before - something unexpected may come up to stop us getting there. DO hope not !! :))


Dec 14th 2006

Hello all !
Glad people are liking the artwork! I think it's a good one too!
Vanessa did really well yesterday on spotting the teams, but from what I can see she's missing 10 (I think) and made one mistake in her list. Can anyone help her out?? :)
Hope everyone is well and gearing up for Christmas and the upcoming tour!!

All the best - Tim (Event Manager)

HI ALL! It's a bit late, but here nonetheless ...


I had the time of my life!
We visited such awesome sights (the Buddha, Mount Fuji etc) and met some really lovely people (including Michael and "Killer", our tour guy)

Oh ... and did a TINY bit of shopping (haha!)

The country was so clean and quiet (rather surprising) so it was a bit of a shock when 40 english rockers tuned up and rocked out!

The day was amazing, plus we FINALLY met the australians and saw them dance - crikey ! They were pretty lovely too.

Only hiccup of the whole trip was our lead (as everyone knows by now) becoming ill (eek!) but i think we did an ok job and hopefully did him proud. (Thanks, Marissa and Hannah and the rest of the team :} hehe)

Slightly sad i'll never do it again, but definitely gotta help out this year.

Much love and sqiggles - Soph


Dec 13th 2006

Aberdeen tickets are on sale to schools now for their allowance, and to the public on Jan 1st.
Don't know if the Box Office will be open then (or even the 2nd!) so it could be the 3rd before you can get through but give it a go earlier - the answering machine will soon tell you if they're closed.
If you're unlucky, you could leave a message here - some of the schools may end up with extra.
Good luck!

Lorna (Peterhead)

Hi John !

As I do every year when the new Artwork comes out, i play "Guess the School". So far i have come up with:
  • Peterhead Academy (main girl)
  • Ravenswood School (btm Right)
  • Brynmawr (main girl's right armpit)
  • Hornsea School (btm left of flag)
  • Archbishop Thurstan (scooter)
  • Milton cross (main girl's tummy)
  • Boundstone (tail of the challenge "G"')
  • Denbigh (girl with Blue headphones)
  • Keith Grammar (cats btm right)
  • Torry Academy (girl's left armpit)
  • Buttershaw (long pic top middle of flag)
  • Garforth (below Denbigh)
  • Our Lady of Lourdes school (girl's left hand on the left)
  • Ulidia Integrated College (Challenge "E")
  • Cliftonville school (girl with Crown on)
  • Kesteven and Grantham Girls' school (Btm to the right of girl with crown)
  • St. Luke's combined feeder schools (below St. Vincents)
  • Paulsgrove School (top right of challenge "G")
  • St. Vincent's College (left hand below little finger)
  • Winton School (below St. Luke's)
  • Bognor Regis (right of BYB logo)
  • Crickhowell High (frogs top left of flag)
  • The Wye Valley School (Chap in wolf mask....tho i'm not too sure)
  • Cox Green (behind girl's left arm)
Ness (Rockateer)


Dec 12th 2006

OMG OMG!! Can you believe it ?? The Greek Chorus - the blue people - are on the Rock Challenge 07 poster!!! Woooo !!
We rock!
07 Rock Challenge is going to be awesome!

Tami x

Does anyone know where you can get tickets for the aberdeen show????


I'm just about recovered from our trip to japan - after sleeping for pretty much all day yesterday.

I just thought (on behalf of all the students that went to Japan with Wavell) I would like to send all our thanks to the teachers that took us (Mr Branch, Miss McKie, Mr Walters and Mr Hamblin) for all the hard work that they all put into taking us, and also for all the work that they did whilst we were out there.

The week was an experience that I'm sure none of us will forget. The food was ... hmm... brilliant! The hotels were actually immense. The people were so friendly and generous. (The culture in Japan is so different to that here in the UK, and it was quite a shock to us.)

Thank-you also to Global Rock Challenge for allowing us to go on such a venture to the far east ! It was an opportunity that I'm pretty sure would never have come up unless it was for Rock Challenge.

Some last things:-
(1) You Know!!!!! (And now ... so do the Japanese!!!)
and (2) I just lost the game. BUMMER (I guess only the people that went to Japan will know what I'm talking about :)

Have a good one, and Thank-you for 5 good years of Rock Challenge wonderfulness!
Tom (ex-Wavell)

John! Konnichi wa!
Back in the UK and totally worn out but the trip to Japan was worth every second of all the hassle and organisation.

We got on really well with everyone, and Michael Di Stasio was brilliant at organising the event - and us.

We had some fantastic places to stay and met some brilliant people. Akira (our guide) was an absolute star and then there were the teams from Japan and Aus who were just brilliant.

On the day of the event, our Salvador Dali (Nigel) went down with what is known as the Tokyo bug. He started throwing up etc etc very badly ... so badly that we had to get an ambulance to take him to hospital ... and this was one hour before the start of the show!!!! So - after considerable deliberation - Sam and I came up with a cunning plan for a change in the cast, and the team produced the performance of their lives!

Nigel got back to the hotel by midnight after having been rehydrated through drips etc!
Our performance went down very well and several people came up and said that if it had been a competition we would have won so I guess we will claim an unofficial world champion status, having beaten the Aussies and with our lead dancer out!! (What might they have thought if he could have performed?!)

We were also awarded our participation award by the Aussie High Commissioner to Japan and as everyone left the theatre, the track they played was ours! We all felt very honoured and proud of the team!

The tour to all the various places was fascinating and everyone had the best time as we all learnt about Japanese culture and stayed in some truly beautiful places. A totally brilliant time was had by all!

Best wishes - Japanese Phil and the Wavell Team!


Dec 11th 2006

Luv the poster!! (No picz of broch academy tho :@ jkz!! :)
Canna wait 4 aberdeen heatz ! Broch's
gan ti win - woo, go broch !!
Cyi ! Lindsay x

Hi John !
This is just to say thanks to Stu & Lorna for their help with the hotels. It's all booked now and i do not know how i missed the one right next door!! :)
I also want to say good luck to Ruddy for his role in Aladdin in southsea in a couple of weeks ! I'm coming to see it so - as they say - "Break a leg!!!"
I'm just sooo wowed by wavell !! I think it's brilliant that a school so close to home went over to JAPAN ! That is mad !! I'm sooo jealous ... it's like my all-time favorite place on earth!!!


Hey peeps!
I cannot wait any longer! 2007 will be the best year for us!
I'm looking forward to seeing you all in march at Grimsby! Good luck!

Love - Nathan (De Aston) xx

Love the poster ! (The milton cross blue people r amazing - they made me laff :)
Cnt wait for rock challenge heats and volunteering (note to self - must do crb check !)
Short-list auditions 4 our lot tomorrow ... good luck, guys - i promise 2 b fair with the committee (luv u all!)
Can't wait to see the crew trousers ! Will they be green ????? Can't wait (hehe :))

Sam - the only original sandownian rocka left :(


Dec 10th/9th 2006

John ! Konnichi wa !
Salvador himself would have been totally proud of last night's Wavell spectacular ! Yes, John, it was a hit !
The students were great ! The staff co-ordinated it all so well ... the audience gasped at the imagery. Great response !

We have video and photographic footage but it will need some post-production time to piece it all together.
Great night. Wanted a much bigger crowd than we got, but the show went down well and all the sponsors want to back the event again in 2007.
The UK team spent the night with the Aussie REC team at the Tokyo Olympic Centre dormitory. Today they go to
ODAIBA, a sensational, 23rd Century-looking place with shopping and entertainment and futuristic displays and food galore. They've got a full day there.
After that, they go on to their final accommodation place ... Ryokan Kangetsu, a traditional Japanese hotel ("Ryokan" is the Japanese word for this type of grass-mat-floored hotel)
Cheers, and stay tuned !
Michael (Producer - "Be Your Best" Rock Challenge Japan)


Dec 8th 2006

John, Konnichi wa !
About to leave my PC for the Hall and the big Japan Rock Challenge event !
It's been one heck of a "challenge" making sure this event goes ahead ... but they can't stop this rollercoaster now ! :-)
Meeting the Wavell team in an hour. They are in excellent condition and spirits ... and ready to take it to the stage this afternoon (rehearsal) and from 6:30PM tonight !
Yesterday saw them tour KAMAKURA ... see here for some images (They took in many of these spots !)
Cheers, and stay tuned over the weekend for some feedback + snaps !
Michael (Producer - "Be Your Best" Rock Challenge Japan)

Dec 7th 2006

John (Editor :)

Hey davey - fit like?
The places lorna has pointed u to are ideal (Lorna, ur very organised ! Full of info on everything - comes in handy)
Yeah, the one right beside the AECC wud be perfect n it's only like 5 mins from the bus n train station, but i think u wud be able to get a bus from Union Street to it. Union Street is like just up a bit from the bus station n if u got a bus there to "Bridge of Don" i hink that shud get u off beside the AECC! (Or get on one to the Park n Ride n that's rite beside it!! Hope that helps a bit lol!! :) (U comin up urself?)
I need to fill out my volunteer form n get it sent off!! Must do it soon!!!
When i was all xcited about phd on the poster again, i forgot to say that i really like it ! I think it's one of the best, looks cool, and i'm already plannin where the green is goin in my hair to match the poster !! Hehe !
Peterheed - i'm goin to try and come in one monday b4 christmas to see how uze r gettin on. Sure uze r doing great as usual!!
Stuart (peterheed)

That is the most fantastic poster yet! Hooray!
AND it's my favourite colour too! Yippee!

Pip pip !

Hi Davey !
Big Holiday Inn practically attached to the AECC - you literally can't get any closer. 3 Holiday Inns in Aberdeen and it's the main one, Claymore Drive, Bridge of Don. You'll find it here: http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/hi/925/en/home
Other than that, there's a Premier Travel Inn 2 mins drive away, maybe 15 min walk. It's called Aberdeen North (Murchar) and you can find it here: http://www.premiertravelinn.com/pti/home.do?rw.cm=,PPC
Hope that helps !
Lorna (Peterhead)
ps Loving the 2007 Artwork, by the way !

I LOVE ROCK CHALLENGE bt i ain't in it this year :(
I realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy hope i can be a volunteer ...
Good luck everyone bt spesh BRUNE PARK!!!!

Stuart (volunteer and ex-peterhead): are there any hotels etc near the aberdeen conference centre that are easy to get to from where the coaches stop??? (I'm really stuck and i need to get it sorted !)
Cheers if you can help me !
Davey (volunteer and ex-Park Community School)


Dec 6th 2006

Hi John !
Just about to go home (10:15pm here) and just got off the phone from Phil Branch, who loved hearing how we are getting reports up about the Wavell group !
All students and staff are doing well and having a ball. Tomorrow they hit the KAMAKURA area south-west of Tokyo - a day trip to historically a very famous "samurai" area plus a big buddha !!!
Cheers - Michael (Producer - "Be Your Best" Rock Challenge Japan)

Heyy People !
Ah ... Almost Xmas... XD sooooo excited ... PLUUUS the fact rock challenge is soon - can't wait to see how it cumz together =) !
Xx Chowdig xX Laura (Peterheed)

Whooo hooo!!! Three yrs in a row peterhead have had a big presence on the poster !
  • 2005- we had kimberley in the "O" and duncan on the poster too
  • 2006- Alison right in the middle of the globe thingie
  • 2007- Leanne right in the front dominating the poster!!
WHOOO HOOO!!! Go peterheed!! Just shows all the work on the hair and make-up pays off!!
Nae lang noo!!! Hope everyone is gettin organised!!!!!
Stuart (Peterheed)

Thank-you so much for giving us daily reports of the Wavell School tour in Japan !
It is great for us parents back at home to have an idea of how things are going because we cannot communicate with them ourselves. We trust that they will enjoy their trip of a lifetime and meeting the newcomers to Global Rock Challenge !

All the best - a Wavell School Mum xx
ps Aaron and Kane: wear your loincloths with pride!!

It's been ages ago since i have written on this, but Rock Challenge is approaching and its only about ryt if i send my messages in, so how's everyone ? :D
OMG i still can't believe we won the southern "Open Finals A" rock challenge (or whatever they were called lol x)
Anyway, we are a premiere school this year and we rock :P
Must be going ... message yoo all asap.
Milton Cross Rock!

John !
The Wavell group are off to FUJI-Q HIGHLANDS PARK today. It's a "surprise" or "mystery destination" for them - they weren't told in advance!
It is a sensational theme park with Mt Fuji as the backdrop ... highest rollercoasters in the world ... called FUJIYAMA ... and it is one big MAMA !
Here's a link to a live Mt Fuji webcam. There's an absolutely PERFECT view for them this morning ... pure blue sky as a backdrop !
Mt Fuji ... now that IS one BIG Rock Challenge !!!
Cheers - Michael (Producer - "Be Your Best" Rock Challenge Japan)


Dec 5th 2006

Countdown clock is just like me at the moment - in need of new batteries!
Vanessa Geib :)
It says 68 days 3 hrs at the moment, Vanessa ... isn't that about right ?
John (Editor)

Hiya, rock challenge !
We r actually doing our dance as we speak, but i can't wait until we come to Carlisle ... 4 months still to go !
Can you believe ... i am a....... no, can't tell u that just now - just need to wait and see.
Good luck to wavell in japan !
Craig (Firpark)

John - Konnichi wa !
The Wavell team have landed, toured ASAKUSA (old Tokyo) and are now en route to the base of Mt Fuji
where they will be staying in a chalet by one of the 5 famous lakes of the region - Lake Yamanaka.
Teachers and students can best be described as excellent ambassadors for the UK school system ! Unbelievably great attitude, spark and cultural sensitivity. I'm proud to have them a part of this gig !!!
Cheers and stay tuned !
Michael (Producer - "Be Your Best" Rock Challenge Japan)


Dec 4th 2006

Hellllooooo! It's Kirstie and Rachael here from Ryde High!!!
We are sooo excited about Global Rock this year especially Germany!!! Only... 4 months to go!!! Not long to get anything ready!! We start teaching it in about 4 weeks.... scary stuff!!!
Kirstie + Rach (Ryde High Committee) xxx

Forty of Wavell's 2006 Rock Challenge team fly out to Japan today - they're going there to perform their "Dreams, Reality and Religion" piece at the new Rock Challenge event in Japan on Friday!
Also on stage during the day will be around fifty Rock Eisteddfod Challengers drawn from 16 schools across Australia performing a showcase piece created for the event, and six brand new teams from Japanese schools. Members of the Japanese government and various high commissions will be in the audience.
Wavell's team members will also spend some time exploring the history and culture of Japan ... and get a day shopping and sightseeing in Tokyo :)

Dec 1st 2006

Hello ! This is Lauren from Royds.
It is my first time doing Rock Challenge and I'm excited !

(Ed: good for you, Lauren ! Everyone's looking forward to Bradford :)

Have you got the themes for rocka 2007?!?!?! (Preferably bournemouth, please, as we're nt gonna be in Rock Challenge this year :(:(:(:(:(
Gna miss it soooo much

(I don't actually see the themes until I turn up at an event on the day so can't help you ... however, I suspect that not every team will yet have written out their final themes anyway !
John, on the laptop, in a Travelodge in the south-east :))
ps AWWWWW - you're not in it this year ? That's sad

Hi Johno the legend (Ed: HAH !! :)
Weird question, i know, but do you know what the rock challenge colour is this year ? 06 was purple and 2005 was red ... what will it be this year ? (And do you also know when HQ are sending out the letters to say we're in ? :))
Cheers, me dears !
(Ed: I've passed your questions on, Dave !)


Nov 29th 2006

If you came straight to this page, you won't have noticed that as of about half-ten this morning, there's now a slideshow of Nick Scott's 2006 Finals mini-pics running on this website's front page
Java Script need to be working in your Explorer / Firefox / Opera / Mozilla / Whatever web browser program or you'll not be able to watch it, but about 99.4% of all visitors to this website DO have Java enabled so you'll probably be OK :)
Let me know on john@arrowsmith.demon.co.uk if the timing (4 seconds per slide) seems about right to you or not ? The slideshow takes a few seconds before it starts.
John (Editor)


Nov 27th 2006

My name is Jodence and I absolutely love Rock Challenge! It is quite spiffing !
Bon Voyage

Cockermouth School:
2001-MoneyLove---best choreography
2002-Looking for a way out---3rd place
2003-Survival of the Kingdom---3rd place
2004-Hard Rock Life---1st place
2005-Shockin Rockin Rio--3rd place
2006-Scare Me,Wake Me, Save Me---2nd place
We're gonna make sure we continue the trend ... Cockermouth are gonna rock until we drop !
Rehearsals are well under way and we are gettin there brilliantly. Keep workin hard, guys, and see you tonight !


Hi John
I'm not involved with a Rocka team any more but Jodie's idea sounds truly awesome ! She has combined my two loves - Rock Eisteddfod Challenge and student exchange, and I wish her good luck with it !
Erin P, in Australia


Nov 26th 2006

Teacher Jodie Doble, of the Pakenham Secondary College's Rock Eisteddfod Challenge team in Pakenham (near Melbourne, Australia) would like to establish links with a UK Rock Challenge team. Read all about her ideas here and maybe it could be YOUR team that gets involved :)
John (Editor)

Hello !
I'm a past performer/choreographer and a great lover of the Rock Challenge experience. I have a BA and MA in choreography and present professional works regularly in London.
I would love to help any schools just starting out in the Rock Challenge or anyone who just needs a little bit of creative input!!
Giving advice on producing a professional piece of theatre, workshopping themes and concepts, or just general tips on creating a great piece of original choreography ... I'll be happy to help in the London, Kent, Surrey and Essex areas.
Contact me through John at the website (john@rockchallenge.co.uk)
Good luck, and hope to work with you soon !
Katie Williams

Heya John (and Wendy) and all u rockers!! Long time since i've been able 2 get online as it's been mental at work etc!
I just felt like catchin up with the RC buzz ... what's going down, people ? I feel soooo left out! (But you will all be glad 2 know i'll be back again next year, come rain or shine ... and I hope everyone's not getting too wet in this rubbish weather - i've never seen so much rain!!!)
Let me know what's going on in the RC world, u guys!! Miss u all!!
Kim n Stu (Peterhead) - i hope 2 be seeing u at the northern finals again as that was proper mental and i really miss my northern companions!!

Hope 2 speak soon, John - let me know how u are and what's new with you!!
Lots of love - Hannah (ex st vinnie and volunteer!) XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX


Nov 25th 2006

Hi, rocka crew !
I go to Kings Langley and really am looking forward to rocka this year ... it's going to be immense !
Can't wait to get that rocka buzz again !!!
See you all on the day :)

Lots of love - Jess x
(Ed: 94 days till St Albans, Jess ! Also can't wait :))

I am pleased to announce Baysgarth's Rock Challenge auditions are THIS WEEK! YAY!
Extra strict this year; us Year 11s are running the auditions and we don't take no rubbish, people! PLUS we are having acting auditions as well as dancing ones for the first time - pass both or you're outta here!
Good Luck everyone!

John P (The Space Man!) (That's a hint :)


Nov 23rd 2006

Heyah john !
How come it says Whitehaven Skwl haven't enterd on Carlisle day 1 ?
Lol xxx
Ed: nope, it doesn't say that ... it says that Bennies and Haven's entered on Carlisle Day 2, and I've put that 'cos that's what it says on the list of entries I got from the fab UK Rocka HQ :))

Hiya colin (the ginga 1) lol ! Can u memba me ? A giv u devil horns lol
Miss evry1 sooo much ... c sum of u soon
Luv yaz xxxxxxxxxxx
ps gud luck xxxxx:-):-):-)

Just a thought, Alan (and others ! :) ... the Scottish Government have a "celebrating schools' success" website at http://www.scottish-schools.gov.uk. Maybe we could get some mentions (and valuable publicity) for Rock Challenge on this site?
Vanessa Geib


Nov 22nd 2006

Well done to all the pupils, staff and the people of Fraserburgh who raised a massive £11,788 last week, and well done to the 6th years who organised it all. (And they had missed one day's fundraising as the school was closed due to a burst water pipe - they are an amazing bunch at the Broch ! :)
Rehearsals are going well AND we're going to need a lot of endurance training to cope with twelve schools in Aberdeen on one day. Come on, you Brochers - get your messages up here !
Hope the grandchildren are doing well (Ed: they are :) and hope you manage up to Aberdeen, John. (Ed again: Wendy and I fully intend to get there, Alan - we've missed too many Aberdeen events.)
Alan fae the Broch

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !! FINALLY !!!! Entered for Rock Challenge at long last!
I think our dance teacher received a huge lot of grief from us... imagine the hell it would have caused if we weren't entered! Thank heavens we are! (Although.. we start rehearsals next week... bit late if you ask me! We're gonna have to pull off something extra big if we want to get anywhere =[
Good luck all the other schools ... 2007 will be fab!!

On another note ... i'm in year 11 ... does anyone know what happens if Rock Challenge is on the same day as a GCSE exam??
Much love - Ellen xoxo
Mostly, Ellen, folk are stuck if they've got an exam on the same day unless they can get permission to do the exam and then have someone drive them to the event ... it means y'do miss some (or most) of the day itself, though, and may only get there in time to take part in the evening performance :(
To check when your GCSE exams MIGHT be, click on this 2007 Exam Timetable link BUT be warned that you shouldn't take what it says as exactly when YOUR GCSE exams will be ... use it as a rough guide and then for any subjects you know you're entered for that do seem to clash, go and talk to your teacher in those subjects to see if the dates on this website's calendar are the ones they've got too.
John (Editor)


Nov 20th 2006

Details of hosts of new teams were emailed to me this afternoon from the fab UK Rocka HQ and I've just (9pm :) finished updating the 2007 Tour lists if you want to pop over and see if it affects your day out ! :)
(The new "late entries" certainly make London look much much better !)
Any errors are all mine
John (Editor)


Nov 19th 2006

Ness (rockateer)

Hi Lisa! Told ya i'd put a msg up 4 u, so here it is!
Hope ur lukin 4ward 2 ur 1st year of rocka - should b fab !
Now u hav 2 put a msg up!
Hi 2 everybody I know ... bekz, rach, naomi etc etc. (N bekz - soz I scared u wid da last msg ... didn't mean 2 make u jump!)
Luv - Sarah (thornton :) )

Many thanks to the Archbishop Thurstan team for letting me and Wendy come along last night to the second of your presentation evenings concerning your planned trip to Australia next year.
It was an excellent evening at the Freedom Centre, and we were delighted to see your Prem Final winning routine one more time (and to see so many ex-students back in the team to perform it again :)
The "Please Support Us" video was great too and we can only wish you the very best of success in your hardworking efforts to raise all the money you need.
John (Editor)


Nov 18th 2006

Hey ! It's nicola from fraserburgh academy and i have not left a message on this page for ages.
Where are all the fraserburgh academy messages ? (Ed: still waiting to be written ? :)
Can't wait till aberdeen ! Cya all there ! (Can't believe there are 12 schools on the day :)
Nicola xx

Hiii !
I dunno about boundstone ... apparently we have been entered and we r just about to start rehearsals ... bit late tho!

Hi All !
Check out the Rock Challenge Japan myspace ! There isn't much there yet but I'm sure they would appreciate a few friends from the UK Rocka alumni.
Dave (Stage Manager)


Nov 17th 2006

A big "Well done !" to Fraserburgh Academy who raised an amazing amount of money for Children in Need. It's good to see that one of the schools in Aberdeen is working together to make the world a better place - through Rock Challenge and the money you have raised for Children in Need you have made a huge difference to a lot of lives.
Well done, and see you soon in aberdeen !
Lesley-Ann (ex northfield academy performer)

Are boundstone not taking part in the crawley heats 2007?
Their name hasn't been on any of the lists sent to me from UK Rocka HQ so far, oh anonymous one ... sorreeee :(
John (Editor)

BIG IT UP TO ROCK CHALLENGE 2007 ! OMG!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ... LOVE IT..... !! Hehe
Soooooooo good that brune park are actually taking part again this year. I have faith in you haha! BP rock the house...... like always!!
Good luck, you lot!
You'd better work hard i wana c a brill performance coz I WILL be there. (Just because i have left school, bp rock challenge will NEVER get rid of me HAHAHAHAHA
Hannah s (ex-brune park rocka!!)
x x x kisses x x x hugs x x x
LOVE IT!!!!!


Nov 16th 2006

Yey!! Rock challenge is startin agen for the year!!
Glad to see primary schools taking part this year
but i'm a bit confused - can they win????

Hey, archie rocka crew!!!! Hope all the fundraising is going well ! Make sure you get one of them hats with the cork things on it lol ... imagine miss o'neill in one of them n speaking scottish lol !! (No offence, miss - gd luck !)
We are doing rock challenge at college - it's ace
Can't wait to see the new competition !

Cya all soon xXx
Lv ya - danielle (ex-archie rocka)


Nov 15th 2006

Hey all!
Just realised how quick this yr's gone! Only a few months until we'll be back down in Portsmouth!
I've been watching the Aussie Rockas and I thought that St. Columbas deserved a special mention. Theirs was really good!
I loved the music and if anyone can tell me what it was, that'd be gr8.
Just wishing everyone good luck for your rehearsals if u've started AND Merry Xmas (just getting in early! :)

Tom from Brynmawr (aka Brynmoore)

Hey y'all ! I'm an ex-rocker from Baysgarth, now at university.
I used to get involved with all aspects of rock challenge and i can't believe i won't be involved in the dancing this year....i miss it soooo much!!!!
If you saw the grimsby heat, last year i was one of the cat women in baysgarth's show!!!!!!!
It's so much fun !
This year i will hopefully be coming along for the day and wish baysgarth all the luck in the world ! You're always amazing - just remember to stay in time and give 100% if you want to do well, and also listen to Mrs.V, Mr. S and the year 11s (they know what they are on about!!!!)
I will be watching from the audience and cheering you on, so see you soon and good luck - teapots all the way !!!!
Lots of love - Natalie Smith xx

Hey hey !
Can't believe olly got married ! Just seen the pics - they're gorgeous.
Rocka is comin soon ... good luck to all schools competing
but special good look to BECKETS!!!

Hi guys!!!!!
OMG ... Rock Challenge ... here we are again - another year and another great chance to perform!
I'm just so happy that i'm getting to do rock challenge in my last year but - even better - i'm on our school's committee ! Aaaah!!
I know how excited we all are. Last year was fantastic and winning the heats was just the best feeling ever! Even though we haven't got long we WILL do the best we possibly can coz we will all work soo hard!!
Can't wait for the day - will be amazing as usual !

Love - Chels xx
"Brune Park Rock Da House"


Nov 14th 2006

Hey guys ! Thank you all for the Birthday wishes !
I walked into the office this morning to party poppers, balloons, sweets and a birthday cake alive with candles, all courtesy of Dave, Tim and the lovely Mitch. Bless them!!!!
Look forward to seeing you all soon, guys (scary, as it really is soon!!!!!!!!!)
Zoie (UK Producer)

Kate Sadler (Rockateer!) XXXX

Hiya, rock challenge ! Craig again
Can't wait until rock challenge ... just 5 months. See u there

Happy birthday zoie, from firpark (and our leader will be at the Aberdeen event to "bug" Peterhead)

Happy Chappy Slappy Birthday ZOZO ! Have a good one :)
Jonny (Volunteer)

Happy Birthday, Zoie !! :)
Have a great one !

Ness (rockateer)

Happy Birthday, Zoie, from everyone at Peterhead !!
Hope you have a great day - see you all soon (90 days !)
Hi also to Miss Geib ! We would like to "BUG" your school to wish them luck. (Hope you are going to manage to get to the Aberdeen event !)
Peterhead Academy Rock Challenge Committee


Nov 13th 2006

Know wot u mean bowt it all bin a bit confudling, bt am sure we'll get the hang of it! Wil av a laf anywayz!
The only thing that wil get me through the borin history wrk is thinkin bowt rocka - yippeeeee! Go THORNTON!
Luv - Sarah (THORNTONER)

Aaaahhhhhh !!!! Y aren't boundstone entered in rocka this year ???!!!!! Gutted!!! Really wanna do it :(

Hi !
Well, it's 2007 SOON :)
Cnt wait til next year's showdown at GRIMSBY

MATTY HUMBO'S gna rock the house :P :))


Nov 12th 2006

Sad to see that some familiar teams are not in Rock Challenge this year but good to see Belfast Model back.
Vanessa Geib

Hiii Sarah !
Friday was ace ! The whole thing's a bit confusing though, sure it will be fine!
Hope your first day at work was good, rach! No killing customers, especially daft ones like me!! Just you wait!!
Hope everyone's havin fun rehearsing, and not rehearsing in some cases... See everyone soon - going to be a fab year!!
Luv - Bekky! (Thornton)

Hi ! I avn't left a msg up 4 soooo long (that's wot a-levels do 2 u!)
Hi 2 evry1 at thornton !
Wow - am luvin it thid year, as i always do! Am so excited - rocka always puts me in a fab mood!
Hi 2 all my m8s at ashfield, and tanya of course. Hope ur all doin gud! N hi 2 bekz, naomi, becca, vicky, lisa n evry 1 else !

Bye 4 now!
Luv - Sarah (thornton) :) Yay - go thornton!!!!!!


Nov 11th 2006

With the bitter chill in the air, the clear sign that winter is here, I trust most of you have at least decided what your theme for 2007 will be, with many of you already in full swing of rehearsals. Best of luck with those and remember - despite all the tears and frayed tempers, stick it out ... it's all worth it !
2007 will be my ninth year - five with a school team and four as a vollie, although in my last year I did both :)
Good luck to all those taking part and see many of you in the new year! (That's if you survive Christmas...)
Rosie (Rockateer)


Nov 10th 2006

Kym, Claire and Clare from Cockermouth.... if ur readin this, i miss you guys so much and i wish u'd come back to Rocka. I'm dedicating my performance in it this year to you, the original rock challenge girls (and sid as well.)
Hope Thompsons is going great for ya, chick
But times move on and whilst you have gone and flown solo, i have my rock challenge lads now, tho sadly only 6 of them will carry on for me angus and simon. Keep flying, guys - ur makin me proud
Good luck, cockermouth ... we are going to amaze ya all
Love - sam (ur oh so proud student leader)



Joan (Ashfield)

Hello all !
Haven't posted a message for a while but after reading about the amount of years everyone has been involved in Rocka, it made me realise that yes - 2007 will be my 10th year! Wahoo !! Can't believe it!!!
Hope everyone's entries are coming along ?! Have only just started at Thornton really but it is going ok.

Hope u and Wendy are well, John, and it's good (yet a touch scary) to see the countdown clock back!!!
See you soon.
Love - Danika (Thornton) x x x x x


Nov 9th 2006 (6 messages)

Hello ! I haven't been on this website in soooo long=[
I was part of the brune park committee last year... in college now and didn't get into the team=[.... but i'm hoping to still be there with you all - i'm sending a form in to be a volunteer... just fingers crossed haha
Good luck to all the schools out there ! You're all working really hard, i can imagine, and hope everyone is doing well.
Special good luck to the fellow Brune Parkers ! Can't wait to see what you come up with and i know you will do well =]

Love - laurie xxxxxxxx

oOo - Olly got married. That's so good.
Even though I'm not a regular rock challenger any more, I still read the newsletters.
Hooray! :)

Charlotte (ex cathedral)

Hello all! Just realised it has been a pretty long while since I last left a message so I thought I would take the time to write a bit.
Well Done to Archbishop Thurstan on their fundraising events for their Australia trip! I have turned up at a few and have been very impressed with some of the kids efforts that have been put in, but it is still a lot of money that is needed so come on, guys; keep it up !
After reading Johnny's and Dave's messages about how long they had been with RC, it also got me thinking: 2007 will be my FOURTH year in volunteering, and my FIFTH year involved! Where has the time gone...!?! It seems like only yesterday I was on stage with a white face and red bowler hat....
Tanya (Volunteer/Slave/Merch Gal/Archie Mascot)

Blimey ! Just read your message, Jonny ... great with the 5 years, mate! :)
U reminded me that 2007 is my 11th year doing rock challenge :))
It all started for me in 1997, as stage crew for Osborne Middle School (as the heartbeat!)
Ness (Rockateer)
Awwww ... 11 also for me and Wendy ... ain't it great !
John (Editor :)

Unfortunately, Dave, Adam is only 3 years old (but still a good effort ! :))
Jonny (Rocka Volunteer)


Nov 8th 2006

Hey john - thanks for the info about the artwork !
Every year i hope to get on that damn artwork so hopefully ... !
Cheers, dude !
Hi again, Carole .... oops, no ... hi Tom ! (I was right to be a bit uncertain about the name, wasn't I :))
John (Editor)

Just a quick note that this will be Jonny's ( and I assume Adam's) 5th year straight at the Bradford Rock Challenge. Good effort guys! Five more years to earn your gold frame!
Dave (Stage Manager)

Tim has produced a very nice A4 handout which highlights everything that's great about Rock Challenge.
It's in the form of a jpg picture file and he'd be delighted if you would like to use it as a part of your own publicity / fundraising efforts !
Click here to get the file (it's a 655k download), then save it to your hard drive before copying / pasting it into your own desktop publishing (etc) program for printing !
John (Editor :)

Hey !
Jst noticed about aberdeen day 2 been cancelled ... what a long nite it's goin 2 be, but it should be great fun 4 us the audience !
Hey to Peterhead and St Machar

Does any1 know when the tickets are going on sale ?
Claire (st machar academy)


Nov 7th 2006 (6 messages)

I'm home!!
Hey everybody ! I'm now back in sunny Aberdeen.
Had an awesome four months in America. Did so much stuff i never dreamt of doing. Danced my little heart out and loved every min of it.
I hope everybody had a great summer back here. Bet you are all (well ... aberdeen teams :) well on your way to creating your next rocka performance.
I'm very happy that Aberdeen is back in the AECC and that it's all on the same day. It's great when we are all together cause you get to know the schools a lot better. It brings the schools together as one and we don't often get the chance to do that in aberdeen.
Well, good luck, and i will be seeing you all there - that's if i actually get off my backside and sent in my volunteer form :)
I'm excited already ! See you all in february for year 6 - YAY !

Lesley-Ann (ex northfield academy team member)

OK folks ... don't wake me up ... Torchwood in ten minutes !
(John Editor :)

Hi everyone!! Hope rehearsals are going well!
Bit disappointed that Aberdeen day 2 is cancelled :( Is there any reason for this? (The evening performance of Day 1 is going last for ages with all 12 schools performing !)
Looking forward to seeing other schools' performances.
Kyle and Gillian from Ellon Academy :)
I don't know the reason, Kyle and Gillian, but hey, what a BUSY day it's going to be ... it'll feel almost like a final ! AND you get to see everybody this time :))
John (Editor)

AHHHHHHHHHH ... a LOT of competition for peterhead ... 12 skwls now

Hello, folks !
News just in from Tim at UK Rocka HQ: Aberdeen Day Two is cancelled, and all the teams involved have moved to Day One.
John (Editor - just rushing off to change the website's Tour Calendar ...)

Heya john ! It's karl (Frankenstein's monster) from Mortal Crew (Stainburn)
I've been talking to sum frends of myn and it seems that there will be primary schools showcasing on day one at Carlisle? If so, me and the mortal crewers have been talking and are wondering if you could set up a "buddy system" for the day, where some of us experienced rockers take sum of the little newbies under our wing for the day and help them out?
Let ma know what u n dave n co think ?!
All the best - Karl
Good to hear from you again, Karl ! Sounds like a good idea to me but I'm only a website and volunteer ! I've passed your message straight on to Dave, Zoie and Tim, and you'll undoubtedly hear something back - there are two primaries on Day 1 and two more on Day 2, by the way.
John (Editor)

Hiya John !
I'm just sending you a quick note to say that the Belfast Model School for Girls are back and we can't wait to see you all at the Waterfront Hall on 3rd April!!! Rehearsals have started and the girls are totally buzzing already!
I'm now in charge as our previous co-ordinating teacher retired in June, so I've taken over and am probably even more excited than the kids!!!
Anyway, hope you're keeping well and I'll maybe see you soon for another big hug, if not in Belfast then possibly Grimsby???!!!
Take care - Miss Willis (Girls' Model)
(Replied to by email)


Nov 6th 2006

Hey everyone !
I'm sooooo excited bout getting global rock under way ! I'm on the committee for ryde high school, and this year we're gonna rock (and i'm sure a lot of the other schools will too!!) Can't wait to see every1 else's!
Now we're back to the heats, it's even more exciting! We have made up the dances - near enuf - and now we have to design the costumes and set!
GERMANY!! Best thing ever known to man ! This will be my 4th year going to germany to compete and it's gonna be sooo coool!!
All the schools from all around the world - good luck with everything and hope every1 does as well as they deserve!

GOODEY, singing out from ryde high school! RYDE HIGH ROCK THE HOUSE SAY RYDE HIGH ROCK THE HOUSE!!! xx
p.s when is the 2007 artwork gonna be done, john? Thanks
It was sent to me from the printers on 24th Nov last year, Carole (Carole ?), so I'm hoping that it might come at around the same time this year too - would be nice, eh ?
John (Editor :)

Just in case anyone wants to check the exact number of days between now and their event, use this website:-
Jonny (Volunteer)


Nov 5th 2006

Good on you, Olly !
Have been married for 32 years and wouldn't have it any other way (such a romantic at heart!)

Izzy Moore (De Aston)

Congratulations, Olly!
Ness (rockateer)

Hi all !
Congrats and good luck to Olly !
Big up the cast & crew of Ashfield and Park Community School. I hope Park Community do well after their year out ... this will be their tenth year, and third year with Rachel Maddocks school. Let's go, PARK COMMUNITY - WOOHOO
Davey (Ex Park Community School & 2nd Year Rockateer)

Heyy!!! The pictures at Olly's wedding are rele nice! They look fab! Congratulations to both Olly and Jolene !
Hey to all my mates at thornton ! I think they're tryin to tell us something!!
lol hehe See yaz soon!
Hope everyone's had a good halloween and bonfire night!
Love - Bekky (TGS) xxxxx

Hello :)
I just KNOW the long-time members of this message page will be pleased to hear that a message from Dave came in to me this evening which simply said "Olly got married ! That's right - it happened, and here's the proof!"
The lovely lady's name is Jolene, and the two photos Dave sent can be found by following the links below:-
With best wishes - John (Voluntary website provider / editor for UK Rock Challenge)

It is 99 days now until it kicks off, and definitely time for the count down clock to return


Nov 4th 2006

A massive good luck to Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College!!!!!!
You were amazing last year!! Keep up the hard work and may your success continue!!!

Kay frm Bennis.... yay, i'm so glad Bennis r back. I'd heard you were dropping out entirely. Panic over !
I met so many ppl last year nd i cnt remember most of them (bt they all remember me :)
Five years in Rocka and Sam waves goodbye (i am going to cry on the day)

I am going to make sure it's the best year ever and i promise you all, you will be blown away by Cockermouth. We are going for our best ever performance... new moves, new faces, new music, new scenery... we are going to wow you all... watch out :)))
Seriously, gd luck 2 everyone. I'm hopin 2 volunteer on day 2. Fingers crossed.
See ya on Montag, Cockermouth. Sorry last week was cancelled :( bt this week we will be powering through
Big up my lads.... u guys r working so hard and i'm so proud of ya ! :)

Speak 2 ya soon ... sam

'Ello ! Hope uze are all ok :)
Sam frm cockermouth - bennies R in cz am frm da skwl lol. A met up wit ya last yr - cnt w8 ta c u all agn x (We r in carlisle day 1 - yey us :)
Anyway, bibi 4 nw ...
Kay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps good luck 2 evry1 xxxxxxxxxxx


Nov 3rd 2006

Hello John
I just wanted to be the first one to bug u............. so when's the artwork gonna be here?!
Ness (Rockateer)
Heh heh !
Last year Dave managed to get it to me before Xmas ... I'm hoping for something similar this year too !
John (Editor :)


Nov 2nd 2006

Hi - it is jamie from firpark school in motherwell
I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody has come up with.


Nov 1st 2006

I Don't Feel Like Dancin?????
Cockermouth Lads DO feel like dancing, and OMG but we are and we're gonna blow u all away !!!!
The Cockermouth Lads

BIG shout out to Archie Aussie crew!!
Big thanks to colin for your message !
We continue with our fundraising this weekend with a Car Boot Sale at Archbishop Thurstan School on Saturday from 8am, and bag-packing at ASDA (Hessle Road) from 10am
Bring it all on!!!

Hiya rock challenge ! Craig again
Can't wait to meet the crew and david the stage manager

Oh mi heed, sarah ex ashfield - i wasn't actually being cheeky, i was jst havin a joke!! I knew uze wud be entering!! Oh well ... sorry if any1 from ash took my comment the wrong way!!
The quine fae torry that left a message - aye, uze have to enter ! Go speak to mrs anderson - tell her uze have to do it ... say stuart says!! lol !!
Good luck!!!

Stuart (Peterheed)


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