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Oct 31st 2006

Hey to the archie rocka crew !
Well, just a shout out to you all to say BRING IT ON AUSTRALIA. (Well, it may be a while to go but surely i ain't the only one that's excited ?) Get them messages rollin in and let the world know that we are coming hey hey !
Don't forget rehearsals on the 11th of november at archie school at 4pm
Well done to all those who made it 2 rehearsals at the freedom centre !
C u all soon - colin (the ginger rocka lol) x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Hi ! It's darren again !
I'm so excited - i can't wait. I hope everybody is practising hard and is lovin it


Oct 29th 2006

I'd better put up a note to the team members who are sending in the "We ARE entered" sorts of messages.
The reason that your team's names aren't on the 2007 Tour Calendar entry lists on this website is that NO "We intend to enter" indications or entry details for your teams have been received by UK Rocka HQ so no, you HAVEN'T entered. You might have a theme, you might even be rehearsing, but you've not entered.
The closing date for 2007 entries was September 30th ... it's now almost the end of October ... if I were you, I'd get someone at school to get in touch with UK Rocka HQ as soon as possible !
(And Sarah ... NO team - Prem or Open - is automatically re-entered for the following year. Prem teams have in the past decided not to re-enter for any one year, just as Open schools have. Being a Prem team doesn't mean automatic re-entry.)
Where there aren't too many entries at a venue then there's usually not going to be a problem squeezing a very late-entry team in but at the busier events, teams who don't get their entries in on time may find not only that they can't get in on the day they want - they might even have to travel to a different venue altogether
John (Editor :)

Hey,everyone ! First message i've posted on here.
Sam... i'm from nelson thom n also just noticed we're not up on the list yet ?! Must just be a delay.... i can definitely assure you all that NTS is back this year, with a great theme and an even better dance!
Good luck all... see you soon!
Fiona xx

Hello everyone. Just want to say "Hello !" to everyone from my old school - ASHFIELD - and "Good Luck in Rocka" ... not that they will need it.
I just want to say to Stuart from Peterhead that there is no need to be so cheeky about Ashfield - i think everyone wants to win. Oh, and they are entered. If you didn't know, they are a premier school. Chill out, mate.
LET'S GO, ASHFIELD, LET'S GO!! Bring the title home where it belongs.....
Love from Sarah xoxox

Hey Crew !
OMG... more schools at Sands on Friday
. Oh well ... no-one brings the noise as much as Cockermouth do.lol
Just remember rehearsals 2moro, guys, and bring ur forms please. Thankyouz
NO BENNIES AND WHITEHAVEN????? I rely on my crew frm the Benz. Heehee
No Nelson Thom either???? That's odd... loadsa old skools aren't on the list this year.. Ashfield???
BTW Firpark, uze all sound dead cool... can't wait 2 see u all at Carlisle.
Let's Go, Cockermouth !


Oct 28th 2006

Heyah !
A cnt believe tht us lot 4rm torry ain't doin rock challenge this yr:@
It's mah last yr at skwl n a reli wanted 2 get involved

We dun so well last yr n we can do the sme this yr!!! C'mon, torry :P
Peterhead, do urselves proud agn. I'll b comin 2 watch uze in aberdeen ... cnt w8 :P
Torry quine


Oct 27th 2006

Hey!! Mhairi from peterhead again!
Just wanted to back up what stuart said about westhill and torry! Gutted to see that Westhill haven't entered this year... gone from two teams down to none! Hope u lot will still come along on the night to see all the other teams entered and show support etc! Will miss you guys!!
Also Torry!!! What's happened!!! Can't believe u lot haven't entered - u have a great team and have always done well!! You have a well deserved place in the prems and it would be a pity not to see you do so well again!!

Well, i need to be off again. Got to pack for my weekend away (dancing championships which are involving overnight stays and i still have to pack!! :)
Cya - Mhairi (peterhead!!)


Oct 26th 2006

Oohhhhh, Stuart (Peterheed)
What can I say ... except ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT :)))

Hello everyone :)
Great to see the list of teams entered!!
Glad to see cathedral are back for 2007!! U guys are great!! Looking forward to seein wot uze come up with!!
Good to see 2 new skls in aberdeen too - turriff and the skl from dundee!! I'm sure uze will enjoy ur 1st yr!!
Good to see the return of northfield too
, but sad not to see some familiar teams in aberdeen :(
Westhill!! Why ain't uze enterin ? Uze have done it every yr since it started in abdn!!

And TORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?? Plz say there is a mistake and uze are entering??! (If any1 from torry is readin this - uze HAVE to enter!! Mary - u have to do it!! We can't have uze not doing it and no scottish skl in the prems!! Come on - u know u can do it and pull off another amazin performance!!! GO TORRY!!!! Whoo hooo !!
Oh - and quoting from sparkles message from ashfield "Everyone wants that title but maybe - just maybe - Ashfield wants it more!!!!" If this is the case, why ain't uze on the entry list? Surely if uze were that keen to get the title agan u wud make sure u entered early? :)))
Well, good luck to everyone entered ! The 2007 tour looks like it's gonna be great, and it looks like there's loads of events too!! Whoo hooo !

Stuart (Peterheed)

Received the entry list a few days ago! (Ed: newsy-emails service still working for you, then :)
Line-up looks pretty good! Can't wait now!! Not long at all...is slightly scary!
Where's all the peterhead lot disappeared to?!! Remember - practices start bak after the october holidays so member pe kits etc! (Ed again: and forms etc)
Big shout out to all the other schools competing in aberdeen! Can't wait to see the final performances... hope everything is running smoothly for ya!
It's great to see so many new schools in rocka this year! And two for aberdeen! Wow - rocka is scotland is growing! 3 new scottish schools this year! Ahhhh ...

Well, better be off!!
Mhairi (Peterhead!!)

Hi all you lot from Peterhead Academy. Just a quick reminder that rehearsals start again on Monday, so be there with your PE kit and please remember to bring back your completed forms and initial payment
All you kids in stage crew - these forms with be with you soon
Rock Challenge Committee

John - is there any news on a Cardiff event? If so, I might see if I can magically appear on a day off!
All the best - Dan (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama)
(Ed: Nothing that I know of, Dan :(
What a pity, eh ? Would love to go to an event in the home of the new series of "Dr Who" and "Torchwood" !

For those of you who didn't understand Ness's "RCD" comment, she was saying "Happy Birthday !" to stage manager DAVE :)
Happy birthday, mate !


Oct 25th 2006

It's so good to see so many new schools taking part in rock challenge this year ... can't wait - it's gonna be so great !
See you all at bradford day 1 and the premier finals!!!!

Sarah h (TGS)

Where are all the Brochers???? You can't all be on holiday !
Get them messages up here !
Remember - rehearsals at lunchtime on Monday 30th.
Come on, you Brochers - get your messages on here NOW!!!!
Alan (Fraserburgh)

Rehearsal at the Preston Road Freedom Centre this Friday at 12 noon
See you all there!!!!


No Wildern?!!! WHAT?!!!!
Any idea if this is the final list of teams entered or is it just those entered so far ? John? :S
Wildern haven't missed one since RC began here!
(DO know that Tim has given up waiting for some teams to send their entry details in, Ferni, or even to declare that they ARE entering ... the website list couldn't be delayed any longer ! It can still be added to (as far as I'm concerned :))
John (Editor)

Happy Birthday, RCD ! Have a great one !!
Ness (Rockateer)

I was just looking and it's only 15 weeks til rocka starts in aberdeen ! Only 15 more rehearsals (if at 1 a week) - how close does that sound ?
The full entry list looks like a pretty good line-up at most events. I got it yesterday, as will most people who are on the website's "newsy-emails" list.
Take care - Jonny (Buttershaw / Volunteer)


Oct 24th 2006

The full (so far :) list of teams taking part in the 2007 UK Rock Challenge WILL be on the website some time tomorrow !!
John (Editor :)

Cannot wait to see everybody at Rock Challenge !
It's going to be so good ... I can feel it in my bones . ha ah ah ha ha
Andrew (Firpark)

Hi to all ! I'm darren, I'm 12 and i go to firpark
Good luck - see u at carlisle



Oct 22nd 2006

Hope you don't mind but i'm gonna update the Ashfield message to not r u gonna rock on stage but WE WILL ROCK ON THAT STAGE. Just wait and see.
Competition is going to be good this year. Each year teams just get better and better. Everyone wants that title but maybe - just maybe - Ashfield wants it more!!!!

No, I haven't got it for you yet (sob !) but Tim says I should have the FULL 2007 TOUR CALENDAR (teams and all :)) during this week.
Remember to sign up for the newsy-emails service if you want to be one of the VERY first to see it ... beat the website copy ... exciting, eh ???!!
John (Editor)


Oct 21st 2006

C'mon ASHFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U r Gonna Rock that stage once again xoxo
Watch out, everyone, cuz Ashfield's coming back for more xoxoxox


Oct 20th 2006

Heeel aha ... i notice sum park community peeps on here so i can ask my question iv wanted 2 ask for ages lol Were any of ur present team members in the team u had for 03 with scooby ? We were against u that year n got talkin to a few of ya but haven't heard back since. DO give us a bell :)
Sam (Sandown)

Hello :)
I'm a past performer/choreographer and a great lover of the Rock Challenge experience. I have a BA and MA in choreography and present professional works regularly in London.
I would love to help any schools just starting out in the Rock Challenge or anyone who just needs a little bit of creative input!! Whether it's giving advice on producing a professional piece of theatre, workshopping themes and concepts or just general tips on creating a great piece of original choreography, I'll be happy to help.
Contact me on katiewilliams@rockchallenge.co.uk
Good Luck, and hope to work with you soon.

Katie Williams

Hi All ! Haven't left a message for an age - again!
How's everybody doing? Nice relaxing week off for everyone this next week, I hope, then back into getting Rocka pieces ready.
Uni is as good as always although my dissertation is giving me a bit of worry (10,000 words due in by first day back after Easter break). Sounds as though I've got ages yet to do it ? I used to think that, but believe me that I'm starting to think it's nowhere near enough time.
In answer to Nat asking about volunteering- this will be my third year volunteering and I love it! It's such fun to be able to be on the other side of the coin instead of performing. Production meetings are always as much fun for the crew as for the performers as well, but seriously, it is definitely an experience volunteering. You get to see all the work and effort that goes not just into making each individual show but also into the tour as a whole.
Hopefully doing a bit more of the tour this year as well, since chances are it will probs be my last. Hopefully doing St Albans, Southampton, Bournemouth, Grimsby, Carlisle, Portsmouth, Bradford and all the finals.
Oh yeah, and anyone in the south of England, be sure to tune into Inside Out on BBC 1 at 7.30 cos they're showing bits of rehearsals and a performance I did over the summer with a theatre company I'm a part of!!!! Very excited, though I'll be working when it's being aired so having to video it.
Hope you and Wendy are both keeping well, John!
Take care all and as Dave said be sure to check out the Rock Challenge MySpace Page!
Simon (Volunteer) xxxx

Heyy rockers ! Haven't been on here 4 ages!
Aww ... bless ya, davey ! Nice 2 know u r stil a parkie boy!
We got our theme this year (it's connected with our school show) n omg ... it's the best choreography i hav eva seen, n our set is out of this world.
Can't wait 2 c the ova skools' themes ... gonna be good dis year.
It's my last year :'(

but hopefully i can carry it on wen i go 2 college (south downs)
Anyways, i am gonna stop chattin on here :)
Love, every1 !
Whitley (parkie!!!)
ps happy 16th birthday laura xxx love ya xxxxx


Oct 19th 2006

Hey ! How's everyone's rehearsals goin??
It's weird not doin rock challenge ever again ... shows how much u miss it..
Hey Peterhead !
How's the rehearsals goin??? Do u know wat day u r on so i can come and watch ?
St Machar Crew - how is it goin?? I heard wat ur theme is ... it looks exciting and i canna wait to see it!!! Do u know wat day u r on ?
Claire (ex St Machar Academy)
(Ed: Claire ... don't tell everyone but there's a rumour around that I may get the full list of teams very soon ... then you'll know who's on which day, won't you. And if you've signed up for the "Latest News by Email" service ... then you'll get the full list even sooner than on the website !!! :)


Oct 18th 2006

Just went on the rock challenge my space !! It's cool, but u shud get a bebo for rock challenge - it's so much better!!! It's addictive!!
Stuart (Peterheed)

Thanks everyone for all the info!! It sounds great an i really enjoy doing all the things u mentioned and takin part in the moshin would also be fab lol!
I think i will definitely do some volunteering! Hope to meet some of yaz soon!

Nat (ex Sheldon Heath)

Hi All !
Just a quick one -, for anyone who doesn't already know, Rock Challenge has a MySpace. Nothing flashy but worth a look.
It's at www.myspace.com/rockchallenge
Enjoy ...

Dave (Stage Manager)

John- I guessed who you meant by usual lot - as in Me, Jonny, Ashley, Stuart, Rosie and Adam etc.
All i can say, Nat, is that volunteering is a brilliant experience. I myself have done rock challenge for 10 years (next year's the 11th) and John and Wendy too, so it can't be that bad.
There are different jobs to do each day, and no one day is the same as another, but they are all extremely enjoyable !
The mosh has to be one of the best parts of the day as you can make a fool of yourself, and an even bigger one if you fall over doing it :)
(Crew will know what i mean :)
Ness (who is now able to work fully after my accident last week where i work )
(Ed: oh gosh ... another one ?? Still have all your fingers / thumbs, or was it something different this time around ?)

Well, i guess i'd be counted as one of the "usual gang" on here!! lol!! (Ed: ohhhhh yes !! :))
Well, this yr will be my 3rd yr of voluteering and i love it!! My 1st yr i was still at skl and performin so i volunteered at the aberdeen day we went performin in and the open final at grimsby too cuz we was premier that yr!! I loved it !
Now that iv left skl :( i did both aberdeen days and both finals at grimsby - it was majik!!!
There's so many things u can do ... i'm not strong so don't do nothing with sets (and i'd end up breakin sumin really important off sum1s set prob!!) but the merch stand is fun to work on and we were pretty good at it in abdn... i was runnin around with the spikeys round my neck sellin them then eveytime sum1 wanted to buy one it took like 5 mins to untangle!! Good fun!!
Also jobs like foldin programmes n puttin the theme sheets in ... that's fun too cuz u can just sit n watch the skls rehearse while u do it!!
Gettin to be up on the stage doin the mosh with the crew is also great fun!!!
U shud deff go for it, Nat, cuz it's great fun and u get to xperience rock challenge from a different side and get to know the crew a lot better n stuff!!!
I can't wait to volunteer nxt yr ... won't be long till aberdeen!!!
I want to get to the southern finals one yr but not sure if i'll make it this yr cuz im tryin to get to carlisle to see miss geib's new skl perform so looks like it will be 2 aberdeen days, carlisle n northern finals for me!!! Woo hooo!!!
Everyone - the message page is still a bit quiet!! Come on - rocka's gettin closer!! By this time of yr me and marisa wud have been on every day leavin messages in our prime yrs of rock challenge!! Now we r old-timers and have to leave room for the youngsters!! lol!! So come on, everyone - get postin!!
Stuart (Peterheed)

Hi nat !
In reply to your message ... 2006 was my first time as a volunteer, and it's the best experience ever !
You still get to re-live your experiences on stage lol but obviously there is a bit of work you gotta do - however, you're having fun while doing it. There are small jobs and big jobs but they all lead to rewards :)
Hope this helps ?
PS John - if you know any schools that need backing tracks, put them in my direction :)

John - by "usual lot" i'm guessing you mean me, ness, rosie, stuart, hannah etc ? (Ed: yup ! :))
Well, Nat, it depends on which part of a rock challenge day you most want to get involved in. I personally spend all my time lugging sets about backstage or out in a tent because that's what i prefer, but you might do that or work on the merchandise stand, or be running jobs for zoie and tim - but the best thing is you get to make a fool of yourself on the stage during the "mosh" session
Whichever job you do, you'll end up loving it ... after all, john and wendy have been volunteering for 10 years so it can't be THAT bad


Oct 17th 2006

I've performed at rock challenge for the last two years with sheldon heath community arts college in birmingham, and I'm hoping to volunteer for some events next year as i'm now 18 :( and at uni! :)
Just wondering if anyone could tell me the sorts of things you do on a day at rock challenge as a volunteer ?
Thanks Muchus!
Hello, Nat :)
I'll let one or other of the usual gang answer that one for you ... if they're reading this :)))
John (Editor)

It is 118 days or 3 months, 26 days til RC07 kicks off at the AECC !
And as far as the aussie performances go ... WOW ! How good was St Columba's performance ?! The dancing was absolutely spot on

Hiya sam ! It's Whitehaven school
Cnt w8 t c u agen ! We met up with u lst yr

Lv nd bst wishes - kay xxxxxxx


Oct 16th 2006

Hey Cockermouthians ! REMINDER OF REHEARSALS TOMORROW 3:30 till 4:30. Back to regular Montag after half-term 3:30 till 5pm.
Gonna be spending tonight coming up with some dance moves for tomorrow..... i'm thinking of using a bitta NSync in tribute to Gus lol (Love ya, man)
ps I love my Rocka Lads ... u make me proud ... even if i made you dance to Cascada :))

WOW ! The aussie tv specials look fab!! Great performances and huge sets!! Well done everyone!!
Watchin them gets you all excited for the 2007 tour to start!! I can't wait - just 4 months to go now!! Whooo hoooo!!! And the going bk to the AECC is going to be great!!!!
I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with this year. Peterheed
- i'll try get in one monday after the hols 2 c how uze r doing ... i'm sure it will be amazin as usual!!
Good luck to everyone else startin rehearsals etc espesh all the scottish skls!!
It's good to see all the comments from FIRPARK!! Listen to GEIBO! She'll teach uze well and uze will have a great performance!! (Hopin to get to carlisle if i can manage, to see uze all perform!! Good luck - uze will have a great day!!)

Stuart (Peterheed)

"Mise Gulubela vividly recalls the day she learned she should be a sangoma or witchdoctor. Her grandmother had taken the Cape Town teenager to consult her own sangoma, who was adamant: Mise was one of the gifted few, a traditional spiritual healer with the power of prophecy. Not long after, Mise's ancestors came to her in her dreams, confirming her calling and telling her she must leave her school and pursue her destiny.

But the 17-year-old is torn. Like many South Africans of the Xhosa culture she feels compelled to follow her destined path. But there is school, her friends and, above all, her choreography.

When we meet Mise she is teaching her classmates the final steps in the music and dance production she has choreographed for her school's inaugural entry in the Rock Challenge, an Australian event that seeks to address global social ills through music and dance.
Enjoy that ? It's the beginning of a news article carried in the online arts pages of the newspaper "The Australian".
You can read the rest of the article by clicking here ... enjoy !
John (Editor :)

Hey John! Greetings here from drizzly Brizzle!
Well, I've just finished my Freshers' Fortnight and I'm already bogged down with reading (34 hours per week!!) so of course I'm online instead! Thought I'd drop a line because I met someone t'other day who used to take part back in the rocka day and we had a lil rocka reminiscence sesh.
I've been trying to work out which dates I can do this year, but it's not looking promising for my home event at St Albans (which I'm gutted about) because I have lectures mon-thurs! Maybe I'll have to work my magic and wangle my way out of it!
Anyway, hope all is well with everyone - love to yourself and Wendy!
Amy (volunteer and ex-Longdean)


Oct 15th 2006

Hi John ! I thought you might like to know the results of the Aussie TV specials!
  • National Champion: St Columbas' - Fear or No Fear
  • 2nd: Smith's Hill HS - Tibet: Roof of the World
  • 3rd: Randwick Girls' and Boys' - A League of Their Own
  • 4th: Mackellar Girls' - A Streetcar named Desire
  • 5th: Northmead HS - Porphyria's Lover
Thanks, Laura ! ALL the TV Special performances are now on the Aussie Rock Eisteddfod website for anyone who wants to check them out
John (Editor)
ps the polls box will be updated when I can work out how to get 11 choices instead of the limit of ten :)


Oct 14th 2006

Hi all !
Just under four months til the heats ! I'm looking forward to seeing all the guys from Park Community, Ashfield, St Machars and the one and only Sandown High
I'm doing half the tour this year - Aberdeen, Belfast, Southampton and PORTSMOUTH GUILDHALL and GRIMSBY and some others!!! I'm looking forward to it.(Why can't rock challenge be all year round ?!
If anyone from Portsmouth Area need soundtracks made let me know, as im working in a studio environment now :)
Davey (ROCKATEER :):)

No-one has left a message from hanson in ages, so i suppose i'll jus say hi ... "Hi !"
Emily (hanson) xxxxxxxxxxx

Woohoo ... nae lang till rocka ! I can't wait :D
Who else is in day 2 in abdeen, and does anyone know when the tickets are all on sale ? A can't wait to see ya all in the fantastic shows

Hey! Was just wondering if you knew when the 2007 tour calender will show what schools have entered into the competition so far?
Thanks - Nat
Hi, Nat ! No full entry list from Tim at UK Rocka HQ yet for me to publish here on the website yet ... as soon as it does come, I'll announce it to the newsy-emails list first (hope you're signed up for that ?? :) and then get it formatted as a web page ... it'll be on the website a few short hours later.
John (Editor)

Hiya, Amy and Sarah-Jane ... sorry for not getting back to you two sooner.
I am keeping very well and I'm sure there's excitement for this year's Rocka in school. Keep on Sparkling everyone. See you soon.
COME ON ASHFIELD ! This messages page is quite quiet without you.


Oct 13th 2006

Whoo! Broch Academy is on i 12th of feb!! Am soo excited !
We've all gt our partz nd we're startin right rehearsals after i tattie holz!

Lindsay fae i broch (fraserburgh)


Oct 12th 2006

Ladies and Gents - Miltoncross Is Back! Now A Prem School And Ready To Rock Out ROCK CHALLENGE!!!
Get Ready, People, For Another Fantastic Rocka Year !

Good luck for the schools
Ross (Firpark)

Hi Rock Challenge !
I play a cow ... I am covered up because I am shy
Jim (Firpark)

Hi ! Alison here.
I love rock challenge !
Alison (Firpark)

Hi ! I am Patrick and I am from Firpark school
I love break dancing and Rock Challenge

Patrick (Firpark)

I am looking forward to meeting you all at the rock challenge. What school are you at ?
Lee and Jamie (Firpark)

I am looking forward to meeting you, john.
I wish everyone good luck.
I am part of firpark school
Monica (Firpark)

Dear peterhead academy - thanks for your good wishes !
We wish everyone taking part in the rock challange good luck ... looking forward to meeting everybody there in april

Scott and Lee (Firpark)

Lewisss, Amyyy and Lizzz here.
Can't wait until tuesdayyy !

Lewisss, Amyyy and Lizzz


Oct 11th 2006

Helloooo looe ! U remember us ? It's sandown lol
I think we may have picked a theme - woohoo !
Maybe see u at a heat or sumthin this year?
Sam (sandownian rocka :))

Whooo !! Peterhead Academy have got the words "Global Rock Challenge" into the press (again :) with a report of a visit to their school by Scottish Ballet (who ran a dance workshop there) appearing in the local newspaper "the Buchanie". You can read the full story as it appears in the online version of "The Buchan Observer".
John (Editor)


Oct 10th 2006

Hello !
Some research 2 or 3 weeks ago showed that drugs education in schools not only does very little good - it may actually do some harm !
I've put together a news item about this ... if you'd like to read it, pop on over to the news page.
John (Editor :)

Hiya everyone from Looe Community School!!!!! Howz all of you ?!
Dunnno what to say but hi! From us ...
(Ed: thank-you ... errr ... "you" :)

Hiya rock challenge. It is Craig at FIR PARK school in motherwell
Looking forward to see youz all


Oct 9th 2006

Hey from Australia! Nice to see you lot over there taking note of what's going on Down Under !
Just to let you know about each of the 8 minute grabs ...
  • Calwell High School's theme was a very "politically aware" one, and very lucky to go ahead.
  • Fairhills are a great school to perform alongside (I've done it more than once!!) and are lovely kids.
  • Randwick are one of the best teams out there - Sydney represent
  • As for Brighton - Adelaide is O.K! (And so are they!)
See you at YOUR heats this year...
A huge cheer/scream from Erin in Australia.

Hi all !
I've been watching the Australian Rockas and some of them are brill! Shame we can't catch it all on TV, tho :(
Anyway - for those of you who asked about Brynmawr School's soundtrack for the 2006 Southern Premier, then it will be uploading on our website soon! ;)
Tom (Brynmawr)

Congratulations to all my Rocka lads ... U ALL GOT IN!!!!!!
Ali, Colby, Danny, Tom, Gus, Ramzi, Ben and Simon - well done, lads -u did me proud !
And well done to everyone else who got in too ! Let's make this the best year ever... C'mon Cockermouth !

See you all next week - Sam xx


Oct 8th 2006

The first 4 Aus performances shown on the TV specials are on the Aus Rocka website (yep, the full 8 minutes performance of them all.) Outstanding! (But you do need broadband to view)
Have fun:)))
Vanessa (Firpark)
Thanks for that heads-up, Vanessa ! For anyone who wants to click to see, use this link - http://tinyurl.com/rqdr2 and yes, you DO need broadband and even then I find myself that there's a fair amount of "buffering" going on ... but then, maybe my broadband's a bit slow :))
John (Editor)

The first of Australia's two Rock Eisteddfod TV Specials went out very early this morning. The second of the two programmes is on Sunday the 15th at 1pm on Channel 9 (that's around 3 or 4am Sunday here in the UK.)
Have you got friends or relatives in Australia ? Can they get Channel 9 TV ? Might they record the programme for you ??? Go on ... give them a call / send them a text / Skype them / Messenger them / email them ... they just might say "Yes!" :))
(But if you're phoning ... don't forget first to check out that they'll not be fast asleep !! Use the "World Clock" link a bit higher up this page :)
John (Editor)


Oct 6th 2006

Hello Firpark !
I had a feeling your entry had something to do with Miss Geib! Listen to everything she says and she'll teach you everything you need to know about Rock Challenge. And most of all ENJOY IT.
Hello Vanessa! So you've finally got a team again. You won't need to be shouting SMILE-EXTENSIONS at your plants any more. All the best of luck in Carlisle - we know you'll be fabulous.

All the best - the Peterhead Crew.


Oct 5th 2006 (7 messages)

Bekky n Rachie - i totally agree ... dunno wot i was thinking! But it was a fun afternoon!
Stil can't w8 4 2moz ... shud b so much fun - yet again ! Wooooooooooo hooooooooooooo i lurv rocka!!!!!!!!! (But full day 2moz - snore, n yes bek they do suck!)
Anywayz, gt 2 go ... essays 2 rite, people 2 talk 2 (n pointing 2 practise, Bekz!)
Bye for now - Sarah (Thornton)

Hello rock challenge - this is firpark school - way
Well, mrs geib is taking us to carlise. I am dying to meet the crew, especially dave the stage manager
Thanks - craig

Hiya Guys!!
I've done the rock challenge for the past two years now with st thomas à beckets catholic college and i had the best ever experience!!!! It is a great thing to get involved with and everyone involved in it is fantastic!!!
Well done to all the schools that performed in the 2006 rocka!
And an extra special well done to BECKETS!!! And if you want it - which i know you all do - put that effort in and appreciate what the teachers at school do for you!!!
I would just like to thank the new and improved MRS MCINTYRE for everything that she has done to help the school achieve what it can!! Thanks soo much, miss rimmer! (Sorry - 4got bout your new name !)
Thanks for the experience, rocka - it's been fab! - n thanks teachers Mrs Wright and Mrs McIntyre!!

See you soon and U CAN DO IT BECKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey !
I really loved rocka ! It was great fun.
I'm in yr 12 now but comin bak 4 more!!!

Good luck, st thomas à beckets ! Iknow we will do well this year ... go, bradley, go.
A big thank u to mrs McIntyre (aka miss rimmer) - u r the best n we r grateful u can let us come again .... never give up, mrs m ... we love ya n our school is da best

Sat in school ... just hoping time will fly by like it has since the prem final in June.
Was at Grimsby on tuesday, seeing the Starlight Express - was fantastic!
But omg how quickly time goes ... it doesn't seem five minutes since we were last there with Rock Challenge!
Let's just hope time flies again - can't wait!
Baysgarth loves Rock Challenge! :)


Hiya ! It's Amy and Sarah-Jane here from ASHFIELD! Just wanted to say a big Happy Birthday to Wee Melissa Walker. Hope you have a brill b'day!!!
Hiyaaaaaaaa, Sparkle. How's u?
Amy & Sarah-Jane xxxx

Melissa - who is 7 today - is busy practising her dancing so beware, all you up and coming Rocka wannabes, 'cause the next generation is starting early !


Oct 4th 2006

Hi every1!!
Bekky - i think that "gud" is a big overstatement!! lol It wa wel funi tho! (No offence of course!)
Shud b gud on friday!! Can't w8! (Also i agree that full days do suck!)
Hello 2 emma, bekky, sarah, lydia, naomi, rebecca, alice n a load of other peeps frm thornton. Also hello 2 lauren, robyn, vicki n all ma other m8s that i met last yr n yrs b4 dat! (There's so many of u!)
Gotta go neway ... got an english essay to do
Bye 4 now!
Luv - rachael (thornton)


Oct 3rd 2006

HaHa, sarah ! "Good" is a bit of an overstatement, but least we ad a laf!
Bring on friday ... woohoo lol Full days at school suck.. no frees :( Well, things can only get better :)
Hey to lids..caz rach..sarah - C u guys tmoz
Luve - Bekky xxxx(thornton)xxxx
*!*!Happy Bday Tmoz Caz!*!*


Oct 2nd 2006

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !! I haven't left a msg up 4 soooooooo long
Hope evry1's doin gud !
Rocka auditions wer such a laf! Can't w8 2 get back into it - i'm so totally obsessed
- wel dun ... u wer gud ! :))
Hey 2 all my m8s in ashfield - Robyn, Vicki, Lauren. Hey 2 naomi, becca, rach n evry1 else !
Bye 4 now!
Luv - Sarah (thornton :)

Well done to all who auditioned tonight at Cockermouth... results on Friday.
My Rocka Lads, u did me proud tonight (even if i had 2 audition with ya... ;)
And harry ... u point that camera towards me again and it's goin down ur throat.lol :)
Once again, well done, everybody ! All that hard work paid off

Hiya !
Ballee rnt goin 2 be in rock chall dis year :(
It's cz al the skools in ballymena r shut 4 teachers trainin on the day of the belfast event
Wel, we wil prob jst go dwn n watch the show but wish we could be doin it - pure devastated coz it's r last year :((

Love - faye, louise n donna xxx (ballee)
Oh no !!! Faye - Louise - Donna ... have you considered volunteering for the day ? Click here to go to the Volunteering form
John (Editor)

Rachel and Angus - get off the Rocka webpage and get back to your drama/german/personal statement or wotever it is you SHOULD be doing!!!!Lol
Good luck tonite, u guys

Love - sam (the ever happy student leader with his tight black vest)
Let's go, cockermouth !
ps... good luck to all other schools at Carlisle, both on day 1 and 2.
BTW, are firpark on day one or two?? When mite the calender be up, john dear?? xx
(Ed: Hi, Sam ! Full (-ish) calendar only when Tim is happy to let it go out from the UK Rocka HQ near Sunny Southampton and away to your website editor in cloudy Yorkshire, So far, he isn't :))


Oct 1st 2006

How fantastic - another Scottish school! I'm so excited about that !
Absolutely all the best of luck to you guys in Carlisle. It's where we started our Rocka and I know some of our guys still have fond memories.
Keep that campaigning for a heat closer to home going! The more heats we have in Scotland the better !!

Lorna (Peterhead Academy)

My apologies for not getting today's or yesterday's messages up till late in the day ... been at the Masham Sheep Fair (in North Yorkshire) both days.
John (Editor)
ps must go and clean the muck off me wellies now ... nah ... I'll leave it till tomorrow

Sept 30th 2006

Big up my rocka lads at cockermouth: tom, gus, ramzi, colby, ali + ben, simon.. good luck at auditions on monday...remember to smile :))
And big up the backstagers
: harry, achy and jonny ... bright sparks
See y'all on monday
Dance dance kids

Sam from cockermouth

Hi Firpark ppl ! Our school will b performing at Carlisle too (we are whitehaven school)
Look 4ward to seeing u all
Luv nd best wishes - kay x


Sept 29th 2006

We are from Firpark School and we are looking forward to Rock Challenge 2007 in Carlisle. We have been shown all the DVDs and it looks fantastic.
We are going to be the first school to enter from the West of Scotland and we wish all of the other teams the best of luck !

Callum, Amy, Ross, Patrick, Lewis and Kieran
(Ed: we'll see you all at Carlisle !)

Hi John
Do you know when and what channel the aussie performances are going to be shown on over here ?
Cheers - Jonny
(Ed: probably the same one they're always shown on in the UK, Jonny ... ie not at all :(((


Sept 28th 2006

Heyyyy!!!! Long time no message!
Back at thornton ... 6th form now!
1st Auditions tmoz! Gd Luk Ppl - we'll all do great.... i hope 8-)

Hey john!! Hope you're doing ok!
Hey to all ma ashfield frends (Spesh ViCkI:) and the pickles and Caz from thornton! Luv yaz!!
Luv - Bekky!!! xxxxxxxx

Bring back the countdown clock!
OK ... tomorrow :))
John (Editor)

Hiya ppl ! Wat u all bin up 2?
Can't wait 4 rock challenge in auzzi ... it's gonna b gr8t ... we're so excited hehe!
Becky n jo-d


Sept 27th 2006

138 Days or 4 months, 16 days til the rocka07 event kicks off in aberdeen ! I hope everyone is getting back into it ...
We've got our auditions tomorrow so good luck, everyone at buttershaw, for tomorrow.
See you soon, john - take care
(Ed: you too, Jonny ! Approaching 11pm and we're just back from "Starlight Express" at ... you've guessed it ? ... the Grimsby Auditorium :)

Does anyone know what day fraserburgh academy are doing their show at the aecc in aberdeen ?


Sept 25th 2006

Hey john ! Just checking how ya doing and whether everything at rock challenge is going good
I've found out the franklin college still do rock challenge - however i am not sure if i can do it
If i can't then i shall volunteer agen when you are doing it at grimsby so i can see everyone all over again
Hope wendy and you ar okies, and say hi to tim and everyone else there for me ?
Talk to you soon ... mary
(Ed: hi, Mary ! I've passed your message on to Tim :)

Hey all! I'm just here leaving pointless messages again :)
I'm going to go play ludo with my mum in a minute, even though i always lose - it really gets me annoyed but i love ... wait a minute i neva actually leave messages that r anything to do with rock challenge
Anyway gonna go now ... bye bye
Emily (hanson) x0x0x0x0x0x0x0

Hello !

A lovely message full of helpful ideas came in from Lorna at Peterhead - it's reproduced here in full ...


http://www.facepaintshop.co.uk/ - and cheap!
http://www.snazaroo.com/ -Good for tips but you'll find they're expensive and you might want to buy elsewhere
http://www.airbrushbodyart.co.uk/ -these guys have a really cool new bodypaint stuff that can either be sponged or airbrushed on. I've never used it but it looks pretty cool.
http://www.amazingfaces.co.uk/ - This woman doesn't have online ordering. You have to e-mail her and bank transfer or post a cheque but she has some really unusual products like UV face paints (and they do work). She was really helpful and rushed an order for us last year. A little more expensive but for the special bit of make-up, totally worth it. She also does face paint classes so check out the website.
http://www.backstageshop.co.uk/ -This is where I got my gold body paint from last year. You get it in gold, silver, bronze, copper, ivory and grey. It goes on so easily and you only need one coat. One bottle is enough for maybe 4 people. It stinks and my fingers were green for about a fortnight afterwards but if you check out the Peterhead Academy mini-pics and look at Zeus you'll see the results.


http://www.internationaldancesupplies.com/IDS.html - I'm sure I don't need to tell most of you about this place (the catalogue being every costume mistress's bible) but it's absolutely the best place to order everything from shoes to material to masks to full costumes. Watch out for items that only come in kiddy sizes though.
http://www.cheapfabrics.co.uk/ - If you make your own costumes be sure to check this place out
http://www.sewandstitch.co.uk/fabric.htm - one stop for hundreds of links.

Never underestimate fancy dress shops for costumes and props:
Be careful with budget though when you go down this route


Ideas wise just get yourself along to the theatre. Amateur and professional productions can give amazing ideas.
For supplies, a "must own" is a ScrewFix catalogue: http://www.screwfix.com/

And get yourself along to your local builders, lumber yards, B&Q etc and blag blag blag! You'll find you can get a lot of leftover wood either for free or next to nothing. Don't forget to put the estimated cost of your donations into the budget though! You never know, you might even get a local joiner interested enough in your cause to actually help with the building. All about getting the community involved !

Lorna (Peterhead Academy)


Sept 23rd 2006

Does anyone know what day peterhead academy are doing their show at the aecc in aberdeen ?


Sept 22nd 2006

Hey all !
Very tired ... sat at mr.comp ... nerli 12 ... have futi game tmoz
Had a bad an gud week ... mostly bad, leastly gud!!
jade (hanson) xx
ps miss w - i will go to the bass lesson at 8.30 am nt pm - i'll member tht think hehe (i am a bit thik at tht time in the mornin tho =()

There are some updates to the "Half full / Nearly full" stakes from Tim at UK Rocka HQ! Here they come ...
  • Aberdeen 1 - Half full
  • Carlisle 1 - Nearly full
  • Crawley - Nearly full
  • Eastbourne - Nearly full
  • Hull (Hull) - Nearly full
  • Hull (East Riding) - Nearly full
  • Portsmouth 1 - Half full
  • Portsmouth 2 - Half full
  • Portsmouth Junior 1 - Half full
  • Southampton 5 - Nearly full
  • St Albans 1 - Half full
As usual, if you want to check out the full list so far, click here for the Tour Calendar
John (Editor)


Sept 21st 2006

Gonna be a good crack this year - can't wait to get started. The "Beast" is finally coming out... just hope it's not too creased!!!!!
Look forward to seeing you all at the auditions !

Danika x x x

Heya guys ! Ain't visited here in a while! Ope all is ok ...
x c ya soon x
Beckie frm cathedral x mwah x
(Ed: Whooo, Beckie - Cathedral are back in for 2007 ? That's great to hear ! :)

A short note just to say ... I can't wait for ROCK CHALLENGE at Baysgarth to start! WE all can't wait for rehearsals to get under way as we fight back and be the best that we always are!!!
Baysgarth are fighting back to WIN WIN WIN!!!! And we can't wait to do it!!


HELLO, EVERYONE OUT THERE IN ROCKA LAND ! Hope everyone is well and looking forward to another great year of rocka.
Well, it's been a while since I was on here. Have you been missing me, John????? (This is where you reply "OOHHH YES, OF COURSE !!!!!!!!!") (Ed: natch :))
Thanks John!! I knew you were.
Have been soooooo busy lately but soon I might have other things on my mind like.... ROCK CHALLENGE 07.
A SPECIAL MENTION FOR VICKI *M*. Glad to see that you're still flying the flag high for ASHFIELD GIRLS. So come on girls and let's make sure that this year,.... WE ARE GOING TO BE OUR BEST.

Hey, mortal crew !
Fundraising's started already - hope uze are all up 4 a laugh.

We are gna rock more this year than eva. We're excited ... bt it's our last year - not happy :(
Hope uze are all well - keep smiling !
See every1 tues. Be happy !
Luv all XX


Sept 20th 2006

Dear All Rock Challengers!!
Next year - 2007 - the Apollo Theatre on the Isle of Wight are entering carnivals across the Island. The entries are being run by myself and two other Apollo Theatre members - Amy Simpson and David Lines.
We have come up with two ideas for our entries - they are "Narnia" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 2".
We would like to know people's thoughts on these ideas. If Rock Challengers have any other suggestions as for what we could do for an entry, all ideas will be much appreciated and taken into consideration !
Ness (Rockateer)

Heyy, Vicki *M* here from ole mighty ashfield girlies :)
Hope every1 is doing well.. but iv been wondering WHY ther is a lack of ashfield comments! lol ... all i c from us is me blabbering on.. (bt if you know me ul know i often do that haaa)
Well anyhooo - back to work i go
Can't wait til we start back on rocka ! Yeooooooo !!
Vix *m* Ashfield xxxxxxx


Sept 19th 2006

Well done to all those who helped out!
HUMBER BRIDGE WALK on Sunday 15th October - come and collect your sponsor forms and GET INVOLVED!!!
Don't forget Tiger's Lair this Thursday from 7pm !
Much Much more coming up!!!!

(Ed: Wow ! Well done !! :)

I was looking at the website of an aberdeen newspaper "The Press and Journal" and noticed a story they were doing on next year's rock challenge. If anybody wants to have a look, the link is http://tinyurl.com/gag3a
PS I'm still living it large in New York but will be returning home to aberdeen in a month

Yay ! I gt bass lessons ! I'm happy bout tht :)
Oh, wat else to say ... i'm up to my eyeballs in hwk - i can't cope =[
Jade xx


Sept 18th 2006

Hi all
I feel rubbish. Dno y i feel rubbish ... maybe sum1 cud tell me
Skwl is jus makin me feel even worse
Aniway, goin to sulk ...
Jade xx

OK - practice tonite went well. Bless laal Ali who i know can dance - if ur reading this, mate, i have evry faith in ya ... u can do it!! :)
So many new faces, n loadsa lads (gus/ramzi/colby/tom etc)
If anyone frm cockermouth is reading this ... don't just go by tonite ... u can all do it ... u have the rocka sprit in ya !
Remember - further rehearsals this week and next - no auditions for a bit :)
Keep dancing, kids !

ps apologies to anyone who listened to me shout tonite. Hope i wasn't too scary :)


Sept 16th 2006

Hey ! You honestly don't know how excited about rocka i am. I was sitting in the computer room here in america when i got the news about the AECC.
It's so good it's gone back there. I emailed stu and kimby from peterhead straight away cause when we were there last time we shared a changing room with them both years. It's such an amazing place to have rocka !
I am so so so so excited ... i have been telling everyone over here but they don't have a clue what i'm on about. I'm so excited !!

OK ... i think you have all got it now hee hee :)
Can't wait to see abdy in 2007 - yay !
Speak soon - Lesley-Ann (ex Northfield) xxx


Sept 15th 2006

WOW!!!!! BACK TO THE AECC!!! Everyone enterin a team in abdn next yr is soooo lucky to be gettin to perform on that stage again - it's huge!! I loved it!!!
Oh, i'm sooo xcited ! Can't wait to volunteer in aberdeen now!!
The atmosphere in the aecc was always so much better than in the music hall, i thot!!! And it's a lot more spacious!!! I'm soooo xcited!!
Good luck to everyone startin their rehearsals!! I'm gonna try n get in to see peterhead some time!!! I'm sure uze will be amazin as usual!!!
Hope everyone had a good summer !!
Stuart (peterheed / volunteer)

Hello from sunny Yorkshire ! (Well, it is now :)
Tim from UK Rock Challenge HQ has just emailed me to say that there are changes ...
The Aberdeen events will now be held at the AECC (Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre) and Eastbourne has now moved to Tuesday, March 13th (that's from Monday March 5th)
Aberdeen Rock Challenge first started at the AECC before moving to the Music Hall. If you're unfamiliar with the AECC, their website is here:- http://www.aecc.co.uk/
and you can see where performers USED to enter, and where sets USED to be taken in (it may all be different now :)) by going to this website url:- http://tinyurl.com/nz8ly
With sincere best wishes - John (Editor)

Hey guys - becca from peterhead here!
Oh am so sad that i can't take part in rocka this year but i'll b volunteering 4 rocka in aberdeen!
I've started college now and it seems as tho everything is going ok at the moment! Goin to try and get to see the rehearsals in phd academy at some point ... hopefully nxt monday!
Well, it's the start of freshers week on monday so to everyone that's starting uni - good luck to u guys!

Got to go to class now ... bye guys!
Becca (ex-peterhead rockateer) xxxxx


Sept 15th 2006

Hey there! Vicki *m* here from Ashfield
Hope everyone's doing well and had a great summer.. well rested to get back into rocka! Can't wait til we start now !
Big helo 2 all my school rocka teamo.. you bunch of cool ppl haha ! Love yaz all - can't wait til we r all back together lol ( how sad am i ) ... i miss uze!!!
Love - Vicki *M* xxxxxxx (ASHFIELD yeoo)

Don't want to the bearer of bad news but the SQA have published the timetable for the 2007 exams up in Scotland already!!
(Ed: Phew! Good! Exam timetables for any "next year" should be out and published almost as soon as any "this year"'s exams are finishing ... people need to plan ahead !
Thanks for the url


Sept 13th 2006

Hey - ft lykey, abdy?
A got thru ma audition (Ed: WHOOOO !! :) nd oor 1st rehearsal's on friday
Am soo excited - canna wait 2 get bak in2 ahin!

L8rz ... luvsha - linzi fae i broch

Ed: Today's first message is the latest from UK Ants, now out in Australia on his third tour there ... Enjoy !

Hi all, hope this finds you well. I'll try not to be so long-winded this time !
Well, another festival down, and another huge success.
Port Augusta is in Southern Australia, about a 3 hour drive west of Adelaide.
We have always bad weather in Port Augusta. For the past 2 years it has been high winds and lots of rain and this year was no exception, but the volume had greatly reduced so though we still got wet and cold, we didn't get blown away or nearly drowned in the process.
It's funny - Port Augusta is sometimes described as Port Disgusta, but from my hotel room in the morning, looking out over the manicured park to the bridge crossing over the river, only the roar of the road trains' brakes could remind you of where you really were.
Port was the biggest festival so far, with around 2000+ students showing up. However, being the well-trained organised unit that we are, we were well prepared - in fact so much so that we were all ready to go by Tuesday morning. Tuesday night was disco night and when it started, this was when the rain began too so we all got a little damp on the stage (but luckily there was now a roof on the stage so no need to stop early any more.)
Wednesday and Thursday were great - the festival was huge and buzzing. I was very busy with over 80 students at a time into IW2B. (Ed: "I Want To Be...") We also had over 15 schools performing each night.
Then - almost before we knew it - we had packed it all away again (with some help from the medical students) and I then proceeded to spend some time in Adelaide with some of the crew and enjoyed the sites and sounds of this great city. In fact Adelaide is more like a big country town ... everyone seems to know someone, or someone you know. It also has a strange fascination with a drink called "Farmers' Union Iced Coffee", so much so that it is the only place in the world where a milk-based drink outsells coca cola. It's very strange going past a KFC or McDonalds and seeing the Iced Coffee display being bigger than the coke options !
After that (and a little shopping) I'm now back in Sydney, with 2 days off before i have to be in Kempsey. Kempsey is going to be the biggest festival ever ... last year it was huge at 3,500 but this year we are set to double that number, so we are going in a day early and i start work on saturday. Then straight from there to Moree - the town with the hot spas - so i'll be quiet for the next few weeks.
Take care all, stay in touch, speak soon.


Sept 12th 2006

Alrytee all =]
Can't wait for rocka challenge to start at Miltoncross again. We start auditions next month (I think) and I hope I get through.
Well done to everyone in the 2006 Rock Challenge.

C'mon MX ! We've won with "Jack The Lad".. We can win again =]
Lewis x

Cockermouth School Rock Challenge meeting and auditions Monday 18th September, 3:30 till 5pm...bring your dancing shoes and acting hands !!!
Cockermouth's back baby. Bigger, badder, and twice as loud. Bring the noise

Fresh from Tim at Rocka HQ - the brand-new Nottingham Event is on Thursday April 19th at the Nottingham Playhouse.
The theatre's website is at www.nottinghamplayhouse.co.uk
To see where the theatre is, click here and zoom right in to see where the performers enter and where the stage door is :)

The Southampton and Portsmouth listings on the 2007 Tour Calendar have also been brought up-to-date ... the web calendar was sadly outdated for those ... as also have the Aberdeen listings
John (Editor)

Hi again !
The TV Specials are in October, but I'm not 100% sure of the dates. I wrote them down at the Grand Final, but that info is at home! I think it's the 15th October (maybe) for the 1st one, and then the week after for the second one. Will check the dates at home and get back to you.


Sept 11th 2006

Hi guys! Hope u r all well
Got nothing really to rite ... u must get fed up with these stupid messages i leave but who wud i b if i didn't leave a message every now and again eh? (Ed: life just wouldn't be the same for me, Emily :)
OK - i'm going to catch up on my emails ... bye bye
Emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hey folks - fit lyky ?!
I thought i wid write, k. I hina wrote in ages plus i am bored.
Gt a free period jst noo, n waitin till the rehearsal at 3.15 ... canna wait - it's gan ti b majik lolz
***stephib*** (peterheed) !!X

Hey UK !
I saw the Sydney Premier Division Grand Final on Friday, and let me tell you it was hot hot hot!
Randwick won - they did "A League of their Own".
Terrigal came 2nd (my personal favourite of the night) - they did "I am Sam" with the Dr Seuss characters and it was all about comformity vs. being yourself. It was amazing!!
Mackellar came 3rd with "A Streetcar named Desire", and 4th was a tie between Northmead with "Porphyria's Lover" and Smith's Hill with "Tibet". It rocked my socks off!
p.s. It's raining in Sydney today - you'd all feel right at home here!
Hi, Laura. Some familiar team names in that list !
Do you know when the TV Specials are ?
John (Editor)

Hey av nae left a message here 4 ages
Rocka auditions were last week - finding out if i'm in this morn.
Even if i dinna gt in am goin backstage
Canna wait 4 rehearsals 2 start
Linzi fae i broch (fraserburgh)


Sept 8th 2006

Hey peeps
Nt a big message..... I hate skwl sooooooo sooooooo much. I dnt like any of my teachers (bt miss cole - u r ok :)
(Ed: roll on the start of Rocka Rehearsals again, eh Jade ? Hang on in there ....)


Hey hey, all you rockas!!
Well, i'm back from america
They certainly were an interesting 3 months... I wore my rocka t-shirt and told everyone about it... and it turned out a girl working at my camp used to do it at her school in australia!! Yey - i've finally met a true international rock challenger!!

I'm back off to uni in a week, but i'm sure on my hols i'll be back helping out with bennies n haven again - i just can't drag myself away. (And this is my last year to help, as i graduate next year and then it's off into the real world :(
Has anyone noticed that the dancing on razorlight's video for "In the morning" is really similar to hornsea's choreography from the finals last year ? It's so cool - i love it (Hornsea, you rocked my socks!!)
Anyway, good luck to everyone starting rehearsals back at school!!

Millions much love - natasha x x x

WOOHOO !! Just had an update to the 2007 Tour Calendar from Tim ...
The London event is on Tuesday, April 24th (and there's POSSIBLY a second date too - Wednesday, April 25th) at the Hackney Empire !

The theatre's website is at www.hackneyempire.co.uk
To see where the theatre is, click here and zoom right in to the cars on the street outside :)
John (Editor)

ANOTHER message from Tim !
The GRIMSBY EVENT is FULL, Southampton Day 4 and Bradford Day 2 are NEARLY full, Southampton Days 2 and 5, Carlisle Day 1 and Portsmouth Day 4 are HALF full. To see the full list of events and how the entries are piling up, DO check out the online 2007 Tour Calendar !
John (Editor)


Sept 7th 2006

Hello everyone!
A quick "Congratulations !" to all of the sixth-form students who achieved the grades that they needed to get into uni! We will all miss you as part of the cockermouth school team 2007!
I was soo proud to be able to use my space time from uni to help with last year's costumes, and I am willing to take the time out again next yr to do the same and see what challenges they throw our way (normally at last min!!)
Good luck to everyone and let's get the ball rolling!!
Love you all - Emma xx (costume making helper and community helper :0)

Hi!! Parkie here
OMG ... bk at skwl today and ready 4 the new year!! Can't wait til i find out wat our rockie theme is but i have been told it is fun and creative and original ssoo watch this space lol ; )
I am so scared ... we have a dance production tht is our b-tec performin exam and i have gotta get a distinction :#

I reali miss rachael maddocks - dey were great - and i can't even work wit them this year coz it's the yr 10's turn :'( ... but we will c them at the heats (hopefully) Love yoo, clayton xxx (Most of u probably know him anyway lol!!!
Oh, and fanks to the rockie crew tht came to our celebration party ! We reali appreciate the fact tht u support us, and rememba ... treasure our t-shirts ... they will b worth lots of money in the future lol<br>Well, gotta go. Gd luck 2 every1 nxt yr!!
Whitley (yr 11 - park community school)


Sept 6th 2006

OK - i retract that statement from yesterday - it's not fun 2 b bk at skool ... 2day wasn't kwl. (It was gd 2 see every1 though!)
My neck's getting beta now but still stings if i move suddenly. Laser surgery hurts .. i've bin havin it done 2 years now (since i was 11!)
Anyway, gtg now ... my minutes r up
Bye bye - emily (hanson) xoxoxoxo


Sept 5th 2006

Emily - how can it be "good" goin bak to skwl ? It's boring!!!!!!!!!!!! And i'm soo goin to struggle gettin out of bed in the mornin ... i hav been sleepin till 1 in the afternoon (Yes, i know - laziness :)
Jade (hanson) x

Hey all!
Skool 2moro! In a way, i can't wait - holidays last 2 long and i get bored easily!
Was at hospital yesterday, havin laser surgery on my neck. Sounds painful? It is, and now it's all sore (but it does get me out of pe!)
Anyway bye, n c ya - all u hanson ppl - at skool
Emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxox


Sept 3rd 2006

Hey all !
I was very bored tday at the u16s futi match ... we beat nostell 19-0 an i had nothin to do in my net =[

Hey there!! It's Kimberley B here (ex-peterhead/ rocka volunteer)! Haven't left a message on here for ages - it's crazy!!
I'm in Canada (soaking up the sun) but yet i'm still thinkin bout rocka! haha Strange!
Hope everyone's getting their ideas ready for another great year of rocka and i'll most definitely be there along the way, volunteering and cheering everyone on =)
A huge hey to southern me - my hannah! Haven't heard from her in ages... felt like a lost a sister hehe!! And obviously also to the whole crew and also john! Roll on next year, huh ?!
Take care -x-

OMG ... so jealous of jade ... leeds festival ... omg ! I had 2 settle with party in the park today (which was cool ... got to see mcfly ... danny from it is so fit - omg - and saw sandi thom which was pretty cool. (Also got sum bunny ears!)
OK - i've bored u enough
Bye bye - emily (hanson) xoxoxoxox

Helloo ! How'z everyone ??
Ave got rocka auditions tomoro ... hopefully i'll get in. I can't wait altho am a bitty nervous lol
My birthday next friday - yaaaayyy lol
Oh well, am away ... bye ...
Toni fae peterheed xxx


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