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Aug 31st 2006

Hey hey all.
I'm still in old New York City (staying here till October now - yippie.)
I am having a great time. Was in Boston doing a few dances with them which is always fun (did the right type of mood to get them warmed up) and have used a lot of skills which i learned from rock challenge here - they go down a treat.
I am leading a sponsored dance with 5000 kids tomorrow so i will be doing a mega long mosh pit and going to use some of my rock challenge mosh pit skills.
I hope everybody is well and that you had a great summer. I will see all the Northfield team when i get back.
Yet again thanx to rock challenge for getting me into dance. I have had an amazing time over here and i have been asked to come back as part of the leadership team next year so i'm well excited.
I'll hopefully see you all at the aberdeen events and maybe more ... because i have friends to stay with all over the country now, i will be around. Roll on my 6th rock challenge !
Lesley-Ann xxxxx (ex Northfield student Leader)

Well, i'd managed to keep miself safe all the hols soo far, bt tday i fell out of the window n hit my head on the floor. It reli hurts
I'm jus clumsy
Jade (hanson)
ps ohhh noooooooo ... skwl soon

A loooong long post today ... the latest from Ants, out on the road in Australia with the Croc Festival team :)

Hi guys. Hope this all finds you well !

Well, another 2 Festivals down and the first of the double-headers completed.
We started with a late night flight to Darwin on Friday night, and after just a few hours were back at the airport for a "stupid o'clock" flight to the mining town of Kunanarra. From here (after a quick bite) it was a 4-hour drive to Halls Creek, the next venue on the tour. I have been to Halls Creek before and it's still a hot dry place. This year was no different, except i had packed extra lip balm and didn't suffer in the same way as last year.

Halls Creek was for us quite a straightforward festival. It was slightly smaller than last year, which proved little problem for us. The setup was completed in record time and for once the only major issue was the rented forklift which still had no alternator (still unfixed from last year) which meant it had to be left running all day. Eventually the constant restarting took its toll and it had to be left to one side for the company to pick up. It is also (being in Western Australia) full of the fine red dust which Australia is famous for. No matter what happens during the day, you will go home with the dirt covering your body. A bit depressing for a pale boy like me who - when he gets in from work and thinks he has finally obtained some form of sun tan - can only watch it wash off down the drain in the shower 2 minutes later. Because of the dryness and the work, however, i still have a lot of the dirt in the cracks in my hand several days later. No matter how hard i scrub, it will not shift.

Halls Creek is a mining town of only a 1000 people. It has some crazy alcohol problems, which are apparent every day, with the site being surrounded by empty beer cans just the other side of the fence. Out in the West you really get to see some of the issues facing some of the more remote areas of Australia.

Then with Halls completed (bumped out in record time as well) and me only making one child cry all week, we headed for sunset at China Wall, a natural rock formation that resembles a miniature version of the great wall of China, although a lot older.

Then it was back to Kunanarra for a charter flight to Meekatharra, the second leg of the double header. When i say charter, i mean a 17-seater cigar tube aeroplane where you can't stand up straight ... in fact, it's hard to stand up in half. No one had warned us about the storm in our flightpath so we ended up diverting to Broome on the west coast, and the flight was extended for another 2 hours (no toilet either). Luckily the pilot found a tailwind which swept us all the way down in only 3 hours rather than 4.

Meekatharra is another mining town - although the big companies have left now - and it is run by local interests. It's a town of about 500, and unknown to us it was sitting on a bed of rock. If it wasn't such a small festival then we could have had some major problems. The first sign of the rock came when hammering in pickets on the nice green oval ... you would come to a sudden stop about a foot into the ground. This was a lot worse at the exhibition trailers, where it was only a few inches before we hit the hard stuff and even with the big power tools, there was no way the pegs were going into the ground. With the trailers put on stand-by for the afternoon, and after a problem putting one of the roofs on the trailers (I put one of the runners in the wrong way around) we had got to a nice stage to finish the day.

Day 2 and while we waited for new pegs for the trailers, we began the issue of setting up the Croc Village for the children to stay. Unfortunately, their site was also rock, and plastic pegs really don't go into that sort of ground. The issue was hampered by the local "sea breeze" (as the locals call it, although we are 500km from the nearest Ocean). Whilst setting up tents and before we had pegged them down, we would have to watch as the wind would pick them up and deposit them over the fence upside down. It was quickly decided that our usual production-line method wouldn't work, so one tent at a time it was. This process was broken up by the many calls to go and save other marquees on the main site, which were also suffering from the wind.

Still, even with all these extra problems, we managed to get everything up in time and ready for a visit from several Ministers and Senators who had come to see the Festival in all its glory. Tuesday night was disco night for all the students who had arrived, and i spent my time on the ramp being a Ramp Nasty and telling kids they "couldn't get on the stage this way and would have to go around the other way."

Another great festival was completed by another great bump out. We got most of the site back in its relevant boxes on Thursday night and were on the road friday by 10.30am and heading for a five-hour drive to Geraldton (an old Croc Festival location) and after Geraldton it was straight to Perth and a free weekend in the town of Freemantle, followed by a flight back to Sydney.

So it's South Australia next, and back to Port Augusta. No more nice weather and no more small Festivals - the work begins now
. Going to be a fun trip (and the return of Iced Coffee) but more of that later.

Take care ... speak again soon.
Ants in Australia


Aug 30th 2006

Just now noticed how rubbish i look in the rocka foto on the main page. (Note 2 self - check mirror next time b4 big foto!! :))
Hannah x
(Ed: (1) No you don't :) (2) You back in the Library ?)


Aug 28th 2006

Yeah! Got gcse results on thursday! I'm really pleased! Got Cs in history, food, maths and double in science, and Ds in german and both english exams!! Unlucky rock challenge - you've got me for two more years!
Richard (vandyke!!)

OMG omg omg Leeds Festival was awesome ! Awwww - there aren't words to describe it. Wow!!!!!
Jade (hanson) xx


Aug 26th 2006

Yay! I passed GCSE ICT! I'm only in Year 9 but I got an A so yay me lol! ;)
I can't believe Rocka is nearly started again! Our school's doing a show first so good luck to everyone taking part in Buddy, and we'll c all da Rocka ppls soon!
Oh yeah - and well done everyone on ur GCSE reslts from Brynmawr!

Tom (Brynmawr)

Hey john ! It's hannah the vol! Been offline 4 ages now as my comp is broken at home so am in the rubbish library in town now, on my lunch break (how sad!!)
Can u email me and tell me what's been going on in this world ! I feel out of the loop lol!
Hannah X
(Ed: I'll be in touch, Hannah. Poor you !!)


Aug 25th 2006

Heya ppz - howz u all ?
Cnt wait t c some of yas nxt yr

Hiya everybody at archie !
We are holding a CAR WASH to raise some money for the australia trip. If anybody's interested in helping please ring rose elliott (me) and i will tell you the details. Try and spread the word around about it, and enjoy the rest of your holiday

Love ya all - rose X X X

And it starts again !
PETERHEAD ACADEMY ROCK CHALLENGE 2007 AUDITIONS MONDAY 28TH AUGUST 3.30-5.00PM IN THE PE DEPARTMENT. All welcome to come along and give it a go. Bring your P.E. kit and your sense of rhythm and see if you can make the cut for 2007. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
(nb This is not stage crew auditions or to sign up for stage crew. This is purely for performers. Stage Crew auditions to follow at a later date. For details keep an eye on the plasma screens)
Good Luck!


Aug 24th 2006

Whoooooo ! I got my expressive arts results 2day and i got an A !!
Whoooo - i'm so happy ! I'm only in year 9 but a few of us got to take it 2 years early and i got an A - whoooooo !
(Hehehe :)
Hope yr 11s did well
Love - bekki.k. (hornsea) **********

GOOD LUCK to everyone waiting for their GCSE RESULTS today !! Fingers crossed ...
John (Editor :)


Aug 21st 2006

Wow!! Have just been to see Beauty and the Beast at the Mayflower in Southampton, It was flipping amazing - really worth seeing. Pyrotechnics and scene changes - Phenomenal.. therefore i'm going to see it again sunday...can't wait:)))
Also there is a very very high chance that i'll be going up to the west end to see Phantom of the Opera in october. Then somewhen this year / early next, i'm off to the national theatre on a backstage tour etc...:)
Oh well... best get back to building the set for my own show back here which goes up in two weeks!!!!
Ness (rockateer)

Hi ! Is elisse from thornton grammar school
Can't believe we got sixth again !!! Disappointin to say the least! (At least the stage crew got recognised, and well done to all thornton's performer's big cheese! lol :)
Hi to katie and jane from driffield ! Was great meetin u and i was shocked to see u guys didn't get anything!
Am lookin forward to next year ... we aren't goin away with 6th agen lol! x

Hey! Its vicki *M* from ASHFIELD!!
Haven't been on here in ages - been soo busy it's unreal - but i missed everybody so thought i'd say hey!
I've just had the most amazing summer ever! Totally awesome - wish it didn't have to end - but i miss every1 at school so will be great to see them and get started back into rocka!!
Love - vicki *M* xxxxx


Aug 19th 2006

Awww my legs r killin ... football this mornin, thn leeds frm 1pm-8pm, thn football in the mornin agn with a kit which is like 3 sizes too big ! (I'm nt divin cos the shorts will fall down)
I've had such a stressin week ... arghhhhhh
Jade (hanson) xxxx


Aug 18th 2006

Yay!! I got 3 A's so i'm off to Liverpool to do Law (and i'm in the East Riding Mail so if anyone sees it, i'm there, hehe!! :)
The Archie person who asked where Driff performed - we were meant to perform in Sydney but then a bit before we went they realised that the venue had been double-booked so the Rock Challenge event was moved to a date after we'd have gone home, so instead we had to fly to Brisbane and we performed there!!
Only just over 4 weeks and i go to uni!! Can't wait! Hope everyone else got the results they wanted!!
Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)


Aug 17th 2006

Hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ain't posted a message in ages!!!!
I'm in Northern Ireland right now. When I come back to sunny scotland I'll be living on my lonesome in aberdeen for uni 'cos my family is stayin here :( (All together ... "awwwwwwwwwwww" !)
Anyway, can't wait till Aberdeen rocka even tho it's quite a while away lol.... I'll def be volunteering!!!!
Davy (ex-peterhead, Volunteer etc :)

Wow..loved the quick change video posted by Dave !
John has has told me that i'm not allowed to tell him (john) how it's done as he says it would spoil the magic (in which i agree, so my lips are sealed) but loved the video. Have watched it about 20 times now - really cool :)
Ness (rockateer)
(Ed: and if you DO tell anyone on here how it's done, Vanessa, I'm not going to read that ... I'll put the message up while keeping my eyes firmly closed :)

Hi John!
Just thought I'd let you know that I got the grades I needed - so I'm off to Bristol!! I'm so happy :)
Amy (Rocka volunteer)

Just seen the clip that Dave sent in re Costume Changes. That is amazing - and I thought that ASHFIELD were quick with all the team changing for the finale - but that was truly QUICK and entertaining ! In fact I have to watch that again - the expressions on the audience and judges' faces were very funny!!

Hi - Park here
I know dis is a bit late but well done to milton cross for winnin. If ya don't already know, milton cross's head dance teacher (mrs rose) used to teach at our school and she is the best dancer i have eva seen. I wud love to have her bk but i know tht isn't possible!
Hope to c every1 at rock challenge agen and gd luck to every1 tht have their exam results comin thru.
Cya all year - cnt wait :)

Mwah - whitley (park community)


Aug 16th 2006

GOOD LUCK to everyone hanging on for exam results tomorrow (Thursday)
If you DON'T get the grades you need, don't rush off into clearing without having had thoughts first about alternative courses you could still take.
The "Guardian" newspaper's Education Guardian website will have advice.
The "Independent" newspaper will have all the UCAS vacancies listed inside a mammoth supplement tomorrow morning, and helpful advice (+ "agony aunts" :) on their Help with Clearing website.
The UCAS clearing hotline number is 0870 1122211 and you could also look at the UCAS clearing website for advice.
The fingers are crossed for you all ... teachers as well as students :)
John (Editor)

OMG did u hear it, peeps ? OMG ... tht thunder ... nt nice ... scared me to death ... i struggled to breath - very scary
Jade at 10.20 pm (hanson) xx

Only a grand total of 180 days until RC07 kicks off in the merry highlands !
180 days can be converted to:
  • 15,552,000 seconds, or
  • 259,200 minutes, or
  • 4320 hours, or
    25 weeks (rounded down)
It seems such a short time till it starts again when you look at the number of weeks.
I go to bulgaria on monday, which should be wicked. Has anyone been and can suggest good places to go ? (We're going to "sunny beach")
I hope everyone is enjoying their rest and re-charging those batteries for next year !
Jonny (Buttershaw and Rocka Volunteer)

Hello, folks !
Haven't a CLUE what had gone wrong with the Southampton mini-pics for 2006 but something quite clearly had ... eg (a) there were hardly any of them and (b) they were CARLISLE !!????
I've just finished redoing the Southampton mini-pics page and HOPEFULLY they're OK now BUT I do need anyone familiar with the So'ton teams to check that yours - or any you know of - look as if they've been named correctly because (trust me :) I could well have goofed on the rewriting I had to do this morning.
Let me know the errors you spot
Sincerely - John (Editor)


Aug 15th 2006

Loved Dave's quick-change thing but the real feat would be bringing it in within the Rocka costume budget:)))
Back to school for all us Scots this week and next week (seven weeks of holiday goes so quickly :((( ....... but - another Rocka year begins!!!
Vanessa Geib


Aug 14th 2006

Hi ! I'm from the rachel maddocks and park community team!
Thank-you to all the rockie crew for their support in this big success. We can sleep at night knowing that park community helped get the first disabled school to a rock challenge final !! We are still pinchin ourselves.
Park community has gone through a lot of hurts but then agen successes, but this has been the best year ever. Watch this space bcoz rachel maddocks and park community are comin bk this year
Thanks agen 4 all of your support
Park Community

I dont normally forward things around but this is a good one!
Dave (Stage Manager)
(Ed: my reaction was "HOW do they do that ???!" :)


Aug 11th 2006

Heloooooo everyone !! How are you all ?? I haven't put a message on in agggggggges lol so i thot i'd just say hello !!
Can't wait for rocka agen !!!! :))
Bye ... Toni fae peterheed xxxxx

Hello hello!
I haven't left a message on here for a LONG time so thought I'd stop by and say good luck to everyone who, like me, is nervously awaiting their A level results next Thurs - I hope you all get the grades you want, especially if you need them for uni :)
(I need AAA for Bristol (eep!))
Anyway I had better go finish cleaning the windows for mum - she's even shorter than me and can't reach!
Amy (Volunteer, ex Longdean)


Aug 10th 2006

OMG i cnt believe it ... it's been 2 mnths since we won in grimsby.
I cnt wait till nxt year - Aussie will b ace
Anybody frm driff who went a couple of years ago -
where did u perform??

Flying anywhere today or in the near future ?
The UK's security threat level has just (2am this morning) been raised to the highest ("Critical")
There's brief information on the MI5 website, more on hand luggage and searching you before boarding on the London Heathrow Airport security page, but the BEST advice as to what you can take on board as "hand luggage" (basically you're now allowed hardly anything at all and it's got to be in a small - preferably clear - plastic bag, but read the Beeb's web page) is here on the BBC website.
Stay cool about this, folks ... yes the queues may grow to enooooooooormous lengths but it's all to help save your lives.
John (Editor)


Aug 9th 2006

Hi peeps !
I've had a gd day 2day :) (Except frm j.p scarin the hell out of me at 10 at night - nt funny - and whackin me with his belt ... it reli hurt)
There's onli 1 thin i'm lokkin forward to an tht is Leeds Festival - can't wait !!!! :)
Aniway, gna go ... jade xx (hanson)
(Ed: Leeds Festival, eh ? Now me ... I'm looking forward to the Elvington Air Display :))

OMG - hi!!! It's me, daisy. I'm writing this from spain!!!
I've gotten sunburnt so badly and i've only been here for two days!!!!
Cnt wait to come bk and see y'all and (i know this sounds crazy bt ...) i cnt wait to go bk to skwl!!! How weird is that???????
Anyhow, i'm off bk to the pool now so i'll tlk 2 y'all l8er
Bye bye ... daisy (hanson) xoxoxoxox

I'm really bored :(
OMG, my house is full of spiders ... there was 1 on my bed last nite an i cudn't sleep so my dad had 2 come an get it ... it was awful
I see 1 every day. The bugs an spiders have a conspiracy against me ... they won't stop till they beat me
I wanna move house!!! Mine's full of spiders !It's not like it's winter so it's not cold - y can't they just stay outside?
Emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxox


Aug 8th 2006

Hey folks !
Just a message to let you know that Claire (Peterhead Academy Liaison) got her results this morning and despite a ridiculously stressful 6th year in which she combined her studies with organising a Rock Challenge entry, she managed to achieve a B in Advanced Higher Music and a C in Higher English. With that she then hopes to go to Aberdeen Uni to study Music and teaching.
Big congrats to her from all the Peterhead team - we're so proud of you. Also big congrats to everyone else who received good results today, especially from Peterhead. You worked hard for them.

Lorna (Peterhead Make-up crew)

Hi everyone !
Good luck to those in Scotland with their exams ! (We've got to wait until the 24th for ours! Boohooo ... ah well.)
Anyway ... parts of our sound track came from Billy Elliot The Musical Soundtrack CD and another part from Romeo And Juliet The Film Soundtrack CD and finally our last 2 tracks were from Frankie Goes To Hollywood! Hope this helps! ;)
Tom (Brynmawr)

Hello all !
Just a quick message to say good luck to all those getting their results today !
From all of us here at the Rock Challenge and Be Your Best Foundation (The Crew :)

(And don't forget, folks - the Scottish Enterprise exams results helpline is open from 8 till 8 on Tuesday and Wednesday (and then 10 till 6 until the 25th August) with help and advice on what to do if those results turn out to be a bit below what you needed ... call them (free :) on 0808 100 8000)
John (Editor)


Aug 7th 2006

Hey there everyone
I would like to say good luck to everyone that's getting their Standard and Highers exam results 2morrow !
Claire (St Machar Academy)

Archie - Thanks to everyone who's replied re Aussie. Very encouraging response!
YEAR 11S - REALLY COULD DO WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES IF POSS. Please send them to me, hayley.buchan@archbishopthurstan.hull.sch.uk
Thanks to those who have already responded - could you please text, send an instant message, call or knock on the doors of those people who haven't ?!

Cheers - Hayley

Hey peeps !
4 weeks left of gettin up at 1pm and sittin on computer listenin to sum reli gd music all day ....i need longer lol
Frm a lazy jade xx (hanson)

'Ello every1
I'm glad i'm not the only 1 that doesn't go on holiday!
Becky l's here wid me!! (Becky helped me an jade fundraise)
I really can't find anything 2 say so i shud probably shut up an go
Bye-bye - emily + becky (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Aug 6th 2006

Heyyya ... howz evry1 den??
I love colin 4 lyf :)
Kay xoxo

There's a page in the online version of Australia's "GirlFriend" magazine mentioning that Rocka was "the start of fame for Hollywood hottie Heath Ledger, Jackie O (Sydney's 2DAY FM radio queen) and Ada Nicodemou (Home and Away star)"
Australia's Rocka has also ("for the first time ever") got "an ambassador - talented new singer Brielle Davis, who says 'I was part of Rock Eisteddfod Challenge® when I was at school and the hunger to perform has grown stronger ever since. I'd love to hear your stories along the way and will be available to answer your questions through email on my website www.brielledavis.com. So, all the best and, most of all, ENJOY! Brielle' "
John (Editor)


Aug 4th 2006

Yeah ... archie r totally goin 2 AUSTRALIA...... well ... dat's if we can get d funds...
+ thanks 4 d fundraisin idea by d way, Bekki (hornsea).. will b happenin nxt july ...

Right, i'm confused. R archie going 2 australia ? Coz i really dnt get it
If thy r - wowowow ! N wen r they going ?
By the way, a gd way of fundraising is having a car boot spot at like a proper place and tell people the cause and have a bucket at ure like table thing and ask peeps 2 donate
Love - bekki k (hornsea - whooo)


Aug 3rd 2006

Archie Crew 'ere...... jus sat ere dreamin about us reachin Austaralia...... ages away yet, we know, but how FAB is it gonna be....... long way 2 go yet - lots of money to raise - but it is gonna be so worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ne1 owt ther that knows of a gud way of fundraisin ? Cos we are gonna need MAJOR help in dat department......... any info wud be much appreciated.....
Thanx - Carlz n Haylz (Archie Crew) xxxxx


Aug 2nd 2006

Hey guys (haven't posted owt in weeks)
Hope every1 is havin a gud holiday. So far mine's alrite, even though i had a filling an 2 teeth out on monday ... apart from that it's bin alrite so far
Not goin on holiday though ... i neva do - i seem 2 be makin up 4 it by spendin loads of time wid my family?
I mite have ma braces wen i go back 2 skool, but i mite have 2 wait longer
Anyway, gonna go now ... bye bye
Emily (hanson)
(Ed: so you don't go on holiday either, Emily ... that's two of us :)

Hi peeps
I can't believe this - u wnt etha. Sum1 hacked my mate's account an thy knew evrithin bout me ... absolutely evrithin frm wen i was born to who i love an things ... it's crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
A very shocked jade (hanson) xoxox
(Ed: and out of interest, how did YOU find out, Jade ?)

16 hours to go!!! Sleep is lacking. Fully intend to enjoy the Melbourne Event day, tho !
Are there any events December / January in the UK ??? (Coming over to play for a few weeks :)
Still looking for a mad school willing to forge international links with us out here in Australia ... anybody willing ?
Jodie down under


Aug 1st 2006

Hey peeps ... happy august lol!!!
Jade xx (hanson)

As the rain streams down from John o Groats and across me here in Yorkshire, 'tis time to update you with news of one of the Rock Challenge long-time volunteers, Ants (he's the one kneeling on the edge of the stage in the centre of the 2006 crew photo :)
Ants is now working as a member of the Croc Festival crew and is with them on what is his third tour in Australia. He emails whenever he can, and here's the first from this year's tour "down under" ... enjoy :)
John (Editor)

Hi one and all. I hope this finds you all well (and not too warm if you're in the UK.)
Well, i'm back in Oz for a third trip around the outback. A bit of a strange year already, as i had very little time to get ready for the trip this time around
I've been here over 2 weeks already, and have completed one job. Our first Festival was up in far North Queensland in the mining town of Weipa. To give you an idea of how remote it is, there is no tarmac road that far north and travelling the few hundred kms to the town can take between 12 hours to 3 days depending on the condition of the track.
Luckily we flew in (making this a much easier journey) and had a great Festival week. Compared to previous years, we had a lot of more experienced crew who all knew their jobs and hence we had the site ready in almost record time.
The kids were fantastic and seemed to really enjoy themselves. I was again running the "I Want To Be" workshop, where i spend the day making kids smile in the hope we can open their eyes to the possibilities of their futures.
This year we have an aeroplane theme, which has meant i now have to dress up as a pilot (photos to follow soon, i promise)
One problem this year was the weather - it rained most evenings, and it has never rained in Weipa in July before ... that's how strange it was. This meant one performance night was cancelled and we had to perform 22 schools in another evening instead - a lot of hard work and a very long night but we managed to get it done before the rain came down again.
After a successful week and an even better de-rig i spent the weekend in Cairns still on the north coast. It's a great little town with loads of backpackers and funky little places to totally distract you from the week just gone. It is also just a one-hour drive from one of the remote schools which came to the festival called Yarrabah, so we all piled into a minibus to discover just what kind of area some of these students travel from.
From there it was back to cold wet Sydney, and now I'm back in the town of Alice Springs for the second festival.
Take care, everyone.

If you enjoyed reading that, and want to know more about Global Rock Challenge's "Croc Festival", then click here to go there ...


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