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Jul 31st 2006

Hiya ex~archie rocka
Tel colin i sed hi den
xxxxxxxxxxx kay xxxxxxxxxxxx (havener nd bennies)

A VERY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JOHN. Hope you had a really great sparkley birthday with lots of surprises.
xxxxxxxxxx Speak To You Soon - Sparkle. xxxxxxxxxxx
(Ed: thank-you, ma'am ! :))

ARCHIE YEAR 11s - for those of you who do not know, May Sum is the chinese in town - just round the corner from Bolo and Dias and opposite the side entrance for BHS
Could you all get back to me either way, cos if it's not suitable to meet up there after your GCSE results are out to celebrate and to discuss Rocka Australia then we can do it another time perhaps.

Hiya ! Haven't posted owt in ages!!!
Cnt wait till sunday cause i'm going to spain!!!! Wohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm kind of missng being at skwl even tho i cnt stand it!!! Lol !!!
have a good time in ibiza!!!
Jade- i'm sure you'll cope without your captain and well done for fundraising - i'm sooo proud!!!
GTG now - tlk to y'all l8er
Bye bye - daisy (Hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Jul 30th 2006

Three days to go until our melbourne 2006 rocker heats!!
Jodie down under xx
(Ed: Good Luck, Jodie, and Enjoy the Day !! :)

Happy Birthday Mr A. (I promised you that i wouldn't forget!)
Take Care ... hope you had a good day
Clare B xxx
ps Sorry this is a bit late in the day - i have just finished work
Clare, you're a star ! Thank-you !!
Now ... how many days till the NEXT "Classics in the Park" open-air concert ?
John (Editor :)

Hey hanson peeps !
Sum gd news ... i've gt 1 BIG BIG box full of money frm fundraisin an all my worthless change tht i've kindly donated lol
Jade (hanson) xx

Aww HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! Hope you had a great day! (Ed: thank-you, Rosie ! :)
While you're partying (Ed: = washing up :) I'm working my socks off here on the island because Cowes Week is upon us, bringing an additional nine thousand sailors plus many more spectators. The poor little town of Cowes is simply bursting at the seams, but it still a spectacle I suggest people do not miss.
Seen quite a few familiar faces (eg Mr. Newth from Sandown) and several from Cowes and even the odd staff from Ryde School every so often popping into the store - and already they say to me they have ideas for 2007!
Remember, guys - work hard, play harder!
Rosie (Rockateer)

Ed: happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me ...
Heh heh ... sad, or what ?!!


Jul 29th 2006

Hiya !
Can you please tell me the schools already entered for the bournemouth event, please?!?
Hannah xx
(Ed: I wouldn't know, Hannah, but maybe someone who does will answer :)

Hi peeps
I'm gutted ... my captain (Faye A) is leavin mi club (City) ... she's gt a place in blackburn. I'm sooo pleased for her bt i know evry1 will miss her lol! (Maybe sum peeps frm thornton know her)
Stace - hope ya enjoy ibiza!!!:D
Jade - hanson xoxox

Hello John
Sheeeesh !! It's not even august yet and some events are already full or half full!!! LOOKING GOOD!! :D
Ness (rockateer with bandaged finger after slicer incident at work ... all i can say is that when it happened my words were "$#@! &*^$" (etc) "Get me a first-aider" :)


Jul 28th 2006

Calling All Archie Ex Year 11s!!!
Thought we could meet up on GCSE results day in the afternoon to celebrate getting your results and to discuss plans for rock challenge Australia!
May Sum in town at 1pm. Possibly move venues if it's a nice sunny day!
Let us know if you can make it, please !
Hayley & Caroline xx

Hi people - haven't written for ages!!!
Can't believe it's the hols already!!! I still keep thinking it's just a weekend!!!
Hiya to the people from Ashfield!!!!
It's too hot!!!! We haven't even had a thunderstorm! YET!!! Hope there's 1 soon!!!
Naomi (Thornton)

Hi peeps
Roxy - u r soooooo right.
Aniway, i'm gonna hav to go ... i'm very ill :( Feel rubbish
Jade (hanson) xx

Helloo! I haven't posted for a while...so here I am!
Hope everyone is enjoying the Summer Holidays and this lovely weather! Can't believe we've had a week off already ... the time is just flying by - before we know it, it will be back to school! Hehe!
Emma - Hope u're having a fab holiday ! I'll see you when i get back from mine! Hehe! (Ibiza in 3 weeks! Woohoo!)
Anyhow, gonna go catch the rays whilst they're still out to play!
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx

John - my school has not received any 2007 details and we would like to etc.
Phil (Hyde Technology School)
ps You no longer sign off as "Grey haired stage hand". Does this mean you are no longer hands on ?
Hi Phil !
In fact yes, still backstage and still helping heave sets off etc etc, but because Wendy wasn't well when the tour started, we didn't really get into it this year until it was heading downhill towards the end, so I killed the "stagehand" bit because for most of the 2006 Tour I wasn't there (sob !) and then didn't put it back in.
I've passed your message on to Tim, by the way.
John (Editor ... and WHITE-haired stagehand :)


Jul 27th 2006

Just reading about Archie saying about "not getting recognition in the local press" and stuff!! The local press pay hardly any attention at all (except really localised papers like the Driff Times and Post, which aren't that exciting anyway!) When we won we got in the Driff Times on one day and that was about it!
When we went to Oz, we were on Look North for about 2 minutes, and i got the impression they didn't even care anyway! There are so many Rock Challenge events in the area and so many local winning schools - past and present - yet they seem to not realise Rock Challenge exists! Instead they go on and on and on repeating about all the ways the NHS in Lincolnshire is in crisis all the time, and ignore everything else!!
Maybe if local news and more papers actually became bothered about telling people about things like Rocka then it might grow quicker and become huge like in Oz - until then its got no chance of quick growth !! It's just great that it's starting to get on the Hull big screen ... let's just hope it grows from there!!
Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)
ps some things i learnt while in Poland the last week ... beautiful cities, v v friendly people, eat absolutely loads of potatoes!!!


Jul 26th 2006

Hi !
Sitting at home by the PC and there is one heck of a lightning storm going on....pink, blue, white etc fork and sheet lightning..... oh, and here comes the rain.. amazing to watch.
Ness (rockateer..in a thunderstorm) :)

Hi evri1 ... jus leavin a short message ...
... it's toooooooooo warm!!!!!!!
Uh - and life's nt fair - my stepdad wnt let me on msn :@
Cya ... jade (hanson) xx

Could someone from Thornton Grammar list me the names of the songs used for the Robin Hoood 2005 piece, please??


Jul 25th 2006

The Big Screen in Hull!!! Great publicity for Rocka!! AND the BBC's Jonathon Parker ! I never knew that he was a judge !! A very theatrical man indeed! BBC Radio Humberside, sunday night, 6-8pm. His radio show - it's gr8!
We have sent in our 2007 application here at Baysgarth! We all can't wait to get started on next year's piece. (Got to do some fundraising first though!!)

Hope people enjoyed Hull's performances at the big screen!
All the best to everyone for the summer hols that are finally here!!!
Jack at Baysgarth

Archie - if u go 2 aussie, i promise you it will be great ! It is a long way but it is well worth it
If you want sum fundraising ideas, bag-packs are good. Do a couple of them throughout the 6 weeks hols


Hello Tom From Brynmawr
Regarding the music, i was enquiring about most of your sound track
Even if u could let me know what some of the music was, that would be great.
Ness (Rockateer)

Hi peeps - hope evri1 is k, n havin a great summer like me ... nt ... i'm (let's guess, john) bored :)
I'm listenin to sad love songs ... i reli need to get a life lol
Cya - jade (hanson) xoxox

The Brilliant Lisa from the Humberside Police LifeStyle Unit has sent me two photos of the Hull Big Screen Rock Challenge event held on Sunday ... it makes up a tiny bit for the loss of my 130 pictures (sob !)
Cick on the picture names to see each of them ... Screen 1 ... Screen 2
The pictures were sent to Lisa by the BBC :)
John (Editor)


Jul 24th 2006

Hi peeps !
Emma - i put down guitar, bass guitar or drums, so hopefully Miss W will get me a space :D
Hope ya gd aniway an enjoy ya holiday!!:)
An stace - where ya been, or where r u ? U ain't left a message for a while !
Jade (hanson) xoxoxo


Nice weva's bak agen!!! (Afta the random storms!! :D!) Ony prob is all my summer stuff is in my caseeeee!!! I'm walkin abou in jeans n scruffy tshirts!!!:(:(:(:((
Jade - oooo ... wot instrument u wana play???? I actually got my flute out the ova day!!! :S (Ain't played it in agesssss!!)
Stace- wer ya beeeen ? Ain't spkn 2 ya in a wile!!
Well, am off on hols on wed :S:S:S! Soooo i will prob post a messg wen am away :D!!! ENJOY SUMMER!!!!!!
Lv - Emma xxxxx (hanson) xxxxx

News in from Tim: the Carlisle Events days have moved to Friday April 20th and Saturday April 21st (ie one day later in each case :)
This is due to the venue's availability (or not ... depends how you look at it ? :)
John (Editor)

Hi everyone. I'm Tom from Brynmawr (yes, I know some of you can't spell it :) and just to say thanx for all your comments. I guess some of you have found our video on You Tube and hopefully we'll put it on our new website - www.brymawr-drama.co.uk - soon.
Vanessa - you asked about the music we used ... which bit did u mean?

We raised £240 at the big screen yesterday!!! That's great cos it can pay for all our promotional stuff getting information out to companies etc....
There may be some other fundraising stuff this summer. I'll keep you posted on this website or ring the Archie Rock Challenge Phone Number (INFORMATION IN YOUR PACK FROM THURSDAY) and leave your contact details if you haven't already filled in a contacts form.

Mrs B

Archie ... Andrew Marvell ... LifeStyle ... Jonny ... anyone else ... I am soooo sorry :(
I took 130 pics of yesterday's Hull Big Screen event.
They looked OK when I checked them on the camera.
Popped the card in the computer to take the pics off it and onto the hard drive ...
... "Error reading card"
Many attempts later - with several different programs - I finally had to give up ... somehow all the pics have disappeared :(
John ... Editor


Jul 23rd 2006

HAYLEY BUCHAN - are there ne mor roka archie events coming up ? If so, cud u please put it on this site or let us all know by text or phone or something ?
Thanx xx

Hi john n emily
I wasn't in the cage. The door was above my head an i was strokin a cat (this all took place in ma aunty's vets, by da way) and i gt up an whacked my head on da door. It knocked me straight on my backside bt i didn't cry lol so there's the story (go on, evri1 ... laugh!!!!!)
Jade (hanson) xx

Jade - wot were u doin with a cage?
Hope all u ppl r havin a nice holiday so far. The weather's not bad - jus sum drizzle but at least it's not a downpour.
Got nowt else 2 say except bye bye so all u hansoners - 6th of september!!
Bye bye ... emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxo

ARCHI ROCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, 2day went great ! There were so many of archie there supporting, especially JAN
I think the only thing that was bad was the pigeons - they jst insisted on flyin so low ... what is their purpose ? :))
Also i felt so sori 4 al the litle kids that the kangaroo mascot made cry :)

Hi peeps !
Evry1 frm hanson, i've gt photos of tht weddin i went to so i'll brin thm wen we go bk to skwl (stace - bet ya dyin to c thm lol)
I hit my head on a cgae yestady (Ed: cgae ... cage ?) (Ed: and if it WAS a cage, what were you doing in a cage ???!! :) and i've gt a massive lump on mi head so tht hurts a lot
Emma - funny ya say that ... i've filled in the form to take up an instrument soo hopefully i'll get a place on da timetable
Bye ... jade (hanson) xxx

JODIE FROM ARCHIE - it's 1.30pm today at McDonalds in town. (You would have known all this if you had been at the meeting thurs night!!! Naughty person ... )
See you there
Mrs B


Jul 22nd 2006

Hey John !
Success at the one big dance event for archie. Interviewed on radio, kids filmed for BBC Look North (although it hasn't been shown) and possible further invitation to go to Look North studio.
Looking forward to tomorrow.
How was your day?
(Ed: my day's been good, even if not back home till a half after midnight Sunday ... Wendy's show went well, and I got light on it :)
EVEN better ... advance ticket sales for tomorrow were rubbish so it's been cancelled, thus I CAN come to the ball after all ... well, the Hull Screen anyway

Lol ... i'm jz wanderin ... i gt no letta bout all this stuff like archie on the screen ... am gerrin confused, or is it jz people that are still at the school? I dunno :)
Jodie (archie) xx
(Ed: 3 till 4 Sunday ... the Hull Rocka shown on the Big Screen ... not confusing, Jodie, and I dare say some of the people out shopping will stop to watch at least some of it :))

What can i say ! What a great day it was at the gemtec arena where we was part of a wrld record. It's the first time i danced like that lol and was so embarrassed to do it but now we have a world record im buzzing :))
Congrats to all the other archie ppl that was there today :)

Whooo ... 2007 events are beginning to fill up already ! Keep your eyes on the Tour Calendar pages, everyone, but to save you going there now, Tim has emailed to say that (a) Perth 2007 is cancelled, and (b) the following event days are already half full (so if you particularly want to be in one of them, get your skates on !) - St Albans Day Two, Crawley, Bournemouth, Portsmouth Day Three, Portsmouth Day Five and Bradford Day Two
John (Editor)

I'm told that in the 2007 Production Books, Liaison Teachers (especially new ones ?) are being pointed towards the teams' themes on the website as help if they're struggling to think of something. To make the search for 2006 themes far easier, I've put pretty much most of what there is into a new - separate - page. Click here to go there.
John (Editor :)


Jul 21st 2006

Arghhhhhh, tht virus is bak - oh no!!!!
My m8 shud hav used the cream, john ... her sunburn is reli bad and i was reeli mean an jus laughed at her (bt i'm burnt on mi face)
Cya - jade xxx (hanson)
ps took me 20 mins to write this as tht silly virus box kept poppin up so i expect peeps to read this message jj lol!

OMGGG ! I cnt believe next yr is fillin up already!!!! We've ony jus dun this one n next yr cms sooooo far away!!! (September cms too far away hehe!!!)
I ope evry1's doin ok,! n no-one's sufferin frm heatstroke!!!
I wish the weva wud make its mind up!! 'Tis cloudy in the mrnin n then sunny in aft :S:S:S!!!
Stace - hw ur drivin lesson go??? U missd soul!!!!!!!!
Jade - aaww ... u always get bored!!! Errrmmmm ... take up an instrument - u dnt get bored then!! hehe!!! :D
Neways, is jus a quick messg!! Am tireddd!!!
Lv - Emma xxxxx(hanson)xxxx

ARCHIE ROCKERZ - gud luk for the dance at gemtec 2moz ! We're gna show evey1 wot we're made ov even though it's nt a competition lol.
Also gud luk 4 sunday ! We'll b wlkin with our heads held high around town in our t-shirts. Go on archie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lukz like we r gna get 2 aussie after all - bring on the hard work and we'll b the first school in hull 2 get ther.

Hey !
I cnt wait till nxt year ... i so ope we get to go 2 aussie - it will b ace.
Whoever was askin bout colin frm archie ? I know im
Ex-archie performer 2006

Heya All !
It seems like ages since i last posted a message on here. Well ... exams are over, there's no more school - well ... at least not until september.
AHHHHHH ... Results Day only a month and 3 days away :(:(
It seems really weird not having done rock challenge for like 2 months ... oh how i miss it - The Music, The Dancing, The Crew - ahhh, how time flies.
I can't wait until next year - Rock Challenge is GREAT!!!!!

See ya, Dudes
Luv - Lauren aka Princess Scissor Girl (Cowes)

Hi peeps !
It's da hols and i'm already (can u guess, john??? lol)(Ed: yes I can !! :) bored!!!! There's nolt to do, it's too warm as well, bt thn agen i'm neva eva satisfied !
Hope evri1 has a gd summer hols an i'll see all the rocka crew at skwl wen we go bk
Jade (hanson) xx
ps hope ur gud, john
(Ed: the weekend's coming up and I'll be spending most of Saturday - and Sunday afternoon - inside the tiny little Spotlight Theatre in Bridlington ... yep, I'm good :))


Jul 20th 2006

Do u know if the hanson rock challenge performed in bradford is on video on the internet anywhere ? If so, please could i ave the link
I miss rocka so much
Thanks x x x
(Ed: hello Jade N !! LONG time since we last heard from you :)
But no ... the only two videos anyone has found are Brynmawr's and Cox Green's ... no-one has found any others out there ... sooo sorry

Hey! It's fernie here.
Thanks, john, for forwarding that question for me!!!
Well, the weather was great whilst it lasted.
Hope everyone has a great summer!!!
Fernie xxx (Driff)

Hiya !
We break up 2day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooo happy!!
It's been boilin these past few days!! (Yet i seem to hav developed a cold!!:'(:'(
Emma- i know where u cn get ipod earphones from cause i want sum for mine. U cn get them from argos but they're £25!
GTG now ... tlk to y'all l8er
Daisy (hanson) xoxoxoxox

Hi !
The weather is cooling down and i'm not complainin cos it's brill - i've finally cooled down on the last day of school!!!!!!!!!!! Yey!!!!!!!!!
GTG cos ma teacher's gonna switch me off!!! Scary
Bye bye ... emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Hi peeps !
Last day at skwl ... jus in geog on da putas, thn i've gt my las lesson of music !!!!
Can't believe it's anotha yr ova
Daisy is leaning ova me anoyin me lol!
Bye 4 now ... jade (hanson) xoxoxoxo


Jul 19th 2006

Hi All !
Archie have nothing to be paranoid about
As far as the images in the production booklet are concerned, they are not pictures of schools who have particularly achieved anything above or beyond anyone else ... they are simply pictures of random Rock Challenge performances
The poster pictures are picked to complement the design itself. Again, no picture is picked because of achievement.
I do agree that Archie haven't received the recognition they deserve in the press, however. This is a problem in general for the Rock Challenge - for such a visual event, you would think the press - in all its forms - would be vastly more interested in featuring us. (In fact, one of our sponsors recently wrote to the paper in Hull anonymously stating just that.)
Hope that clears things up from our end at least.
Perhaps people could write to their local papers and celebrate all that's good about Rock Challenge and see if you guys can get something published ?! (Please let John know if you do.)
Dave (Stage Manager / BYBF)

Hia everyone!! Haven't left a message for aaaaageeesss!!!
Seems like the message page is going through the usual quiet time over the summer ... giving john a lil break to do other things like watch grandchildren, go to airshows... etc ... very busy man is our john!! (Hope ur gettin plenty rest n ready for ur road trip up to aberdeen for the start of the tour!?!?! U HAVE to come bk this yr - u promised!! :) (Ed: see you at the Music Hall, Stu :)
Well, i hope everyone is havin a nice summer and enjoyin the unusual british weather!! I can't believe how hot it's been!!! Monday was like soo hot in peterhead and it was my day off WHOO HOO!!! Any1 going anywhere xcitin? I'm not :( ... mum n dad are going to florida and leavin me homealone!! KEVIN!!!! Haha
I was curling a lady's hair today at work and the whole time i was speakin abou rock challenge to her but it was her that was askin about it. Lots of clients are like "U did that rock challenge ?" n then i tell them all about it and how good it is ! Hehe ... they get a 20 min wash instead of like 2 mins just so i can tell them all about it!! :))
Just after that, the WELLA order came in (every week i fone wella to put in an order for colour n that.) U think i should say to Wella that i did rock challenge and they should sponsor it again ! (They were such a good sponsor !)
Is everyone gettin ideas ready for 2007? Wow ... it won't be long till rehearsals start n all that!! Xcitin!!
(I have a really good theme if there is any1 wants it?! Get in contact!!
Well, enjoy the sun!!!
Stuart (peterheed)

I completely agree with caroline - Archie have not had NOWHERE NEAR enuf of the media attention that we deserve.
Why is it that the local media r not interested in our school ??!!!!!!!!!!! It puts everyone down because we have achieved a great goal and we want to be noticed and share it with other ppl. IT'S NOT FAIR!!!! WE ARE NORTHERN PREMIER CHAMPS NOW AND IT NEEDS TO BE RECOGNISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even though evry1 is feelin down, dey r still up 4 fundraising events towards AUSSIE. If ne1 knows of any way we can raise loadza money, suggestions wud b appreciated.


Hey, it's fern here! Hope that everyone is ok! I'm liking the weather at the moment as I'm going to Portugal on Friday and it's warming me up for the heat there.
Just a question for John here. Me and some of my friends have decided to write and ask for sponsors. We have written a letter describing what rock challenge is all about, but i wondered if it would be possible maybe to get a copy of the dvd of different snippets of rock challenges (the ones that were played at the prem final this year) so that they can see how great it is!! (Or just ANYTHING that would be of use to us to pass on!! Don't worry if you do not have anything but it would be fab if you do :)
Thanks - fern (driff) xxx
Hello, Fern ! Firstly, the weather will break overnight ... go to this lightning-detection page to see what's headed north towards us !!
Secondly, I - OF COURSE - know NOTHING !! But I've forwarded your message straight on to Zoie / Dave / Tim, and I'm sure there'll be a reply soon. Hang in there :)
John (Editor)

Hello !
Just a quick message to ask if anyone knows what the music was that Brynmawr School used in this year's Rock Challenge???
Ness (rockateer)

Since becoming Rock Challenge Northern Premier Champions we have tried very hard to gain the recognition from the local media that we feel that we deserve. However, it seems that they are just not interested in our news!
I had, though, expected when the much-anticipated 2007 production booklet arrived at the school there may have been a photo of our performance featured in it somewhere, but no - not once!!!
Archie have not had one of their performers featured on any of the artwork (even the globe!) Ever! Or had a photo of their performance in the production booklet! Quite frankly, we are becoming paranoid!!

Hi, folks
Spreading on the sunscreen cream / lotion is the LAST step in a list of things you should already have done if you're heading out into the blaze from the sun.
This Aussie website explains them all so ... go on ... take a look !
John (Editor)

ps and here's the Met Office UV index page for the UK :)


Jul 18th 2006

Hi peeps
Isn't it WARM ???
2 more days to go an thts the end of yr 8 ... wooooooooooooooooooooooo cnt wait
I had 2 ice creams for mi dinner 2 day lol!
I'm jus ramblin on so bye 4 now ... jade (hanson) x
(Ed: taken to healthy eating then, Jade ? :)

OMG! It's soooo hot!! I sat in the sun for 10 mins yesterday making props for a childrens' theatre group... and i'm now nicely cooked :)
I'm just glad the place where i work is always -3 degrees :D
Ness (rockateer)
(Ed: and I've been in an airless school hall through from this morning till 10 tonight, Ness ... phew but 'twas warm :)

Hiya all ... howz evry1 2day ?
Duz any1 know colin frm archie ?
Luv - kay
ps am boilin lol xxxxxxxx

Stace, hardly any schools seem to offer music, and if they do it tends to be not v good!!
I didn't do music cos i'm rubbish at composin and i do enough of it as it is. (I do piano, viola and singing !!)
The thing that annoys me is the lack of music stuff out there most of the time and in schools!! There seems to be so much focus on dance and drama that music gets neglected!!
I'm lucky to be in the orchestra ... we have such a laugh (most of the time when we're not meant to be :) It's great and i'll really miss it when i go!!
Good Luck doing music though, once you've found somewhere that does it - it is good!!

I recognise the name Hannah Harwood ... I didn't meet her but i've heard of her!!
Enjoy the sun everyone!!
Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)

Now that the 2007 production books are firmly in the grasp of most liaison teachers, it's time to inform you it's only 209 days until the tour kicks off in aberdeen on the 12th February...... Can't wait
Jonny (Buttershaw / Rocka Volunteer)


Jul 16th 2006

Reading about all the things you are all up to, and one thing a lot of you seem to be doing is lazing in the sun so heres a hint if you do get burnt... NATURAL YOGHURT is good for cooling you down, especially if its been in the fridge..(You cover yourself in it, not eat it, but Im sure you could if you were hungry enough!!!!)
ps STILL MISSING YOU JOAN..... and Ross, Vicki, Eileen, Edward, Emma, THE GIRLS and of course the Sew Sew Girls....

Hi peeps!
It's just too warm ! How long is it goin to last??
Stace - it WAS borin, but jus tht particular lesson . Ya see, i dnt have the attention span to watch a video like the one wat we were watchin, bt apart frm tht it's brill!
Sorry to all those peeps in my science class (lent on a big red button an all the power went off which was jus perfect timing since we were watchin tv lol)
Anyway, i dnt think there's olt to say so i'm off to burn in the red hotttttttttttt sun (Ed: nooooooo !!! Use the cream !! :)
Bye - jade (hanson) xoxox

Hey! Hope everyone is doing well, and "having fun in the sun"! Nice to see that this lovely weather of ours is going to last! Yey!
Roxy - Hey! At the mo i do Music Tech A Level, but am starting "proper" Music A Level in September! (Due to our school not offering it this year, and still not next year!! But luckily another school are willing to take me for Music! Yey!)
First instrument is voice! (Amongst other things that I try and play!! Hehe, i'm alrite really!) So yeah, am hoping to do a Music Degree! Can't wait! P.S Hope you have a nice time in Poland! Sounds ace! Have fun!
Well, i'm gonna go catch the rays while they're still shining bright! (Ooo that was a prettyful sentence for me! Hehe!)
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx

Heyyy ... Roxy (driff) - Hannah Harwood :S:S!! She's in like her 2nd year of uni now tho n had a gap year :S:S!! She sed she did it in like the first-ever rocka challenge ova here!! So i dunno weva u'll know her :S:S:S!!!
Ooooooooooo - tis warm 2day!!! Had plenty of suncream on tho :D:D:D!!!!! Betta to b safe than sorry!! :))
Woohooo ... our 2007 production manual came fru 2day!!! Nice big pile of paper!!!
Newayss, nice short messg!!! Got 2 c if i can get ne replacement ipod earfones!!! (The white ones!!! Ne1 know wer i can get em from????)
Lv - Emma xxx(hanson)xxx
John - hpe ur sunburn is betta!
(Ed: hello, you ! At least the headache's gone now ! And yes, folks - I'm a dork for NOT putting on sunblocker (though I did do my hands and arms, 'tis still not enough. Stay safe :))
(Ed again: ps Emma - I'm not an iPodder, but you might start with this website and I've also seen a few groups where "Koss The Plug" replacements were recommended as good AND cheap at around 13 quid ? I've no experience ... ask around ... anyone got good replacement ideas for iPod earphones ? :)

Hope everyone's enjoying this boiling weather but not getting too burnt!! It's meant to get hotter by the end of the week but I'm not here cos I'm going to Poland with the East Riding Youth Orchestra (I'm leader of the viola section) It's my third and last tour but it's been ace on the others and i can't wait to go!!
It's ace everyone saying how great Hull Uni is ! My mum went there, and I would have considered it but it's way too close to Driff and I wanted to go somewhere new!!
Stace - R u doing music, by any chance? My sister does music at leeds! What do u play ? (Out of interest :)
Emma - just wondered if you knew the name of the person who did Rocka with Driff?
I'm quite sad that I'm out of the country on sunday ... it would have been cool to go and watch Rocka on the Hull Big Screen ... it'll look good!!

Hope anyone who comes to Driff Show enjoys it ... i'm not here, but it's too expensive for me anyway (but if you are going, have fun!! :)
Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)
ps John - how busy are you at the mo ?! Hope it calms down soon and you can just have a chill, hehe!!
(Ed: Hi, Roxy ... got sunburnt at Classics on Saturday, again when I was with the grandchildren at an airshow yesterday, and got 350 pics from "Classics" written over to 24 CDs this morning to distribute to 6 groups of interested people this afternoon ... now on the "look after the grandchildren after school" shift :))
(Ed again: ps have fun in Poland - SURE you will ! :)

Jonny from Buttershaw - the Hull Rock Challenge Event performances get shown on the Hull Big Screen starting at 3pm on Sunday. Hope that helps ! (And thanks to Archie's teacher - Hayley - for letting me know ! :))
John (Editor)

Hello! Well haven't posted a message for ages...so here I am!!
Emma - Hull Uni was fab!
The Music Dept was just like wow ! There's this one room (can't remember the name ... it's like a small theatre thing) and I walked in and just stood there with my mouth open! Lol! Miss W had to get me to leave the room ... I could have stayed all day!
All of Music Dept was just prettyfull! The whole Uni was pure niceness! I just need to get the grades now! Hehe! ps Can't believe we bumped into you!
Jade - Music...Boring ? lol! What planet are you on!! It is soo not! (Wait until we get you stuck into choir!) Ha, you saw another sandwich!
Well, i hope everyone is okay, and enjoying this lovely sunny weather again! I know I am! Hehe!
Right - i guess i'll be going!
Love - Stace xxxx Hanson xxxx
PS Hey John! Hope you're keeping well! :-))
(Ed: apart from a sunburnt forehead ... outdoors all day yesterday at "Classics in the Park" and again today but this time watching at an airshow over near Howden / Selby ... I SOOO should have used sunblocker instead of just relying on the wide-brimmed hat :))

Hi peeps !
Glad ya enjoyed ya week at hull uni, emma ... sounds gd.
Havin a terrible weekend ... i've jus fallen out with my best m8 an it dnt luk gd
Aniway, cya ... jade xxxx (hanson)

Heyyyy !!!! Jus gt bak frm a week at hull uni, n as u can prob tell - i loved it!!!!! It was aaaaaaceee!! I wanna go bak!!!

Well, am in school 2mora 2 srt out these stupid a-levels!!! :@!! (I have got a letter sayin i ony picked two options! I picked 4!!! N the columns ain't got ne music option!!! They got music tech bu no music :@:@:@!!!! So go n srt tha out 2mora!!!
Ne goss on malta, hansoners???? I'm gonna go dwn 2 music 2 ask abou tha as well!!!! N u will c me bak at rehearsals this week!!!! OMG ... U GUYS BREAK UP!!!! Wahoo!!!
Stace- wot u rekon of hull?? I neva got 2 c the music dep :(!!! It funky????
Ooooo ... one of the buddies at hull did rocka wiv driffield in the first year in the north !!! She sed she loved it!!! (Rocka certainly leaves its mark :D:D:D!!! :)
Also, is one of the rocka events held at an ice rink :S:S:S??? A group went ice skatin n sum1 sed rocka was held ther :S:S:S:S!!! Neways, yeah - it was sooooooo aaaaaaceeee!!!! N i miss evry1!!!
C y'all sooonnn!!!!!
Lv - Emma xxxxx(hanson)xxxxx
(Ed: "Yes" to the ice-rink, Emma ... in Hull, Rocka's been held in the New Theatre, in the City Hall, and now it's held in the Ice Arena :)

Hi !
I just want to say Congratulations to all the people from Cowes High who took part in Newport Carnival ! Huge congrats on your award!!! :)
Ness (Rockateer)

Hi There Everyone.
Just taking a break from the lovely weather here in Lanzarote, and believe everyone back home is getting really good weather as well.
Hope all is well with all you Rockers and can't wait till we all start back to R C again. (In fact can't wait till I get back home. I MISS YOU, JOAN... awwwhhhhhh.)
Well, better go for another day of sun. Love to you all ...
PS There's lots of Pedros out here, BUT WE ALL KNOW THAT THERE'S ONLY ONE TRUE PEDRO.....Isn't that right, my LOVELY STAGE HUSBAND ??!!!!!!


Jul 15th 2006

Hi All!!
Sarah here ... I'm an Aussie volunteer and past rocka performer, and I just wanted to say "Hi !" and wish everyone luck with this year's rocka.
We are about to kick off here in Melbourne and we can't wait!!
Great to have Dave with us last year - hope to meet some more of your awesome crew!!

Luv - all the Aussie volunteer crew XOXOX
(Great to hear from you, Sarah ! Hope Melbourne goes really well for you - let us know ?
John (Editor :)

Hi john ... i was just wondering if you knew what time the big screen showing is in hull next sunday ?
Jonny - sorry, no, but I WILL find out and let you know !
John (Editor) (Back home from all-day volunteering at "Classics in the Park"

OMG, i cnt wait till rock challenge starts agen ... i miss it soo much. (I hope i get in lol :)
I've just come back from london ... i went 2 go n see billy elliot and it is out of this world - absolutely fantastic. If u have the chance to go and see it, then do coz it is brill. (I'm going agen with school in november hehe :)
R archie going 2 australia ? If so, gd luck and have a great time.
Lots of love - bekki.k. from **********HORNSEA**********


Jul 14th 2006

It's nerli here, peeps ... can u guess.......? THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR:Dyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - can't wait lol!
Today was brill ! I walked round a field twice - can life get much more fun????
i saw another sandwich lol!
Well, nolt else to say so bye bye ...
Jade (hanson) xoxox

Hiya - it's daisy :)
Went to pop choir today and i love it!! I love the song as well!
Cnt wait till september. Got to get fundraising for rocka cause i def want to do it nxt year!

Bye bye ... daisy (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Jul 13th 2006

Hey :D
I thought i'd write because according to john... i'm a star!... thanks, john!
The welsh school that i can't spell ... (Ed: you mean Brynmawr :) ... your dance was amazing! Very lively, very entertaining.. well done!
Anyway, must go... coursework awaits.
Ellen (boundstone) xxx

Hi peeps !
Finally gt msn bak - i can't live without it (i must get a life ya think? :)
Nolt to say reli ... i've gt to do a healthy-eatin day tmoz ... onli gt 1 word for tht (can ya guess, john?) (Ed: yes, I can :) BORING!! :)) (Ed again: and I guessed right :)
Anyway, gonna go ... jade (hanson) xoxoxox
ps john - u suggested music cdnt b borin, did u not? Well, it was today ... i nerli fell asleep across the table watchin sum video on mozart ... zzzzzzzzz!!

Tim's just "WinMessengered" me ... the 2007 Production Books should be in at the Fab UK Rocka HQ from the printers TODAY, and with luck they should also most / all be posted out to Liaison Teachers today / tomorrow, so keep your eyes on the school post !!
John (Editor :)

Ello !
Break up a week 2day, oh yeah ! (I'll b in yr 9 in september ... OMG this yr as gon so fast!)
Comin singin 2moro - always fun!
Got ma "healthy lifestyle" day 2moz too. We av 2 walk/run a mile!! It is 4 sport relief so i'm happy 2 do it:)
(I'm gettin a pair of red socks also!!!! Yeah ... i love socks ... i'm so strange! :)
Anyhow, gtg ... bye bye ... emily (hanson) xxoxoxoxoxox

Thanks to Ness for info regarding the DVD.
That's actually what I did, the first time. And it played. After that - vanished. But huge thanks ... it is reassuring to know that I'm not totally loopy! At least it WAS where I thought it was, once. Where it is now - who knows! Thank you tho.
I'm off to find some chocolate ... see if that magics it back on to the DVD!
Cheers - Liz

Hi !
A couple of questions:

  • Can we enter for next year yet? If so, how?
  • Are you aware that the southern finals are actually in Half-Term hols? I know it may be due to problems with booking the venue but it makes it very difficult if any team gets to the final and finds that half their team are on holiday!
Vicki (Hamble)
(Ed: Hi Vicki ! (1) I've passed your question on to the Fab HQ. (2) There were comments about the half-term finals in the postings on July 6th, and some helpful replies from northern teams (who are well used to half-term finals :) on July 7th ... scroll down for a look :)

Davey- the opening track is "Walkie Talkie Man" by Steriogram. Hope that helps ?!
Dave (Stage Manager)
(Ed: cheers for that answer, Dave ! Davey - now that I know, you might like this website :)

Help for Liz Segal:-

I think I have the same dvd from visions as u, Liz. On mine, you need to select the first school on the second dvd and (all being well) it should play the montage first and then the school that's named. Hope this helps u :)

Ness (Rockateer and ex-Cowes High) :)

Tim, I think ur gawjus :)
Can I gt ur pic nxt tme ?
Lv - kay (agen :)) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi agen ... it's daisy, n i haven't written in AGES!!
Cnt wait till nxt thursday - it's the end of the year!!! Yey!!
My legs are killin me from sports day!
I handed in my malta form yesterday so i'm definitely goin!! (I'm comin tomoz bt accordin to jade it's quite funny!)
Hope evry1 is ok
Bye ... daisy (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Hello all !
BAD NEWS on the DVD front, I am afraid. We are only able to supply each school with one copy of their individual performance (which they can copy if they wish by applying for a special license) and one copy of the whole show they appeared in (which they are NOT able to copy). The rules on this are very strict and are due to music licensing laws, so as much as we might like to sell DVDs of shows, at present we are simply not able to.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!
All the best - Tim (UK Rock Challenge Event Manager)

(Ed: thanks for the clarification, Tim !)


Jul 12th 2006

Just wondering if it's possible to buy DVDs of the Northern Open and Premier finals. Although I went to see both, it would be great to look at the performances again.
Thanks ... Janet Wilde (Cockermouth School)

Just thought you'd like to know... i found a link for the southern grand finals winners dance on the good old interweb...
Enjoy :)

Thank-you SOOOOO MUCH !!! Lovely to see Brynmawr's piece again !!!!
John (Editor :)

Hi john ... it's davey here
What is the name of the song that opens the show in the evening ? It starts off with a guitar and then it's got really fast speaking/singing on it.
Can you help me, please ?
Thanks - davey

Is there any chance i could get a copy of these DVDs?
(Ed: I've sent the question to the Rock Challenge HQ, Amy, and wait to see the answer (though I believe it will be a "No"))

Help me - I'm going insane!
Someone very kindly sent me a copy of the Northern Prem Finals (full show, wide angle) on DVD. It's on 2 discs.
I was watching it yesterday (and blimey, some of the stuff is excellent!!) and found on the beginning of the SECOND disc (as they come back after the interval) a montage section with backing audio of "Right Type of Mood". 'Twas excellent. Went back to the DVD tonight, with a view to having another look at this section to use it as a teaching aid about montage editing / cueing visuals and music etc AND IT HAS GONE!!!!!!
(I know, using more than 3 exclamation marks is the sign of a diseased mind - that is the effect it has on me!)
I have watched the whole of both discs, plus our school's copy of the multi-angle dvd and the whole of the Southern Open Finals (both discs) again and I STILL can't find it. Bonkers. My husband heard it playing in from the next room so I know I'm not COMPLETELY deluded.
Can I please ask, no - BEG - that if anyone out there has the same DVD, could they have a look and see if this section is on there and if so, where?! Just to reassure me that I haven't completely lost the plot. I'd be really grateful.
Will wait anxiously (in the corner of the room with pants on my head and pencils up my nose) for the verdict.
Cheers - Liz on the Isle of Wight

ARCHIE - letters are all on their way to you now regarding the
Aussie initial meeting on thursday 20th July at 6.30pm and information regarding the
Big Dance Event at the GEMTEC arena on Saturday 22nd July, plus the screening of the
Hull Rock Challenge on the Big Screen sunday 23rd July!!!


It's kay agen lol ... am in skwl nd bored :))
Archies were class (nd I luv colin 4 lyf ... i'm da 1 tht giv im devil horns lol)
Luv yas all - Kay (Whitehaven) xxxxxxx

Hi peeps! Hope evri 1 is good
My legs r killing frm sports day
It is nerli the end of the school yr ... can't wait. It's soo borin in the 6 week hols bt it's better thn been at skwl
Aniway, goin now ... jade (hanson) xoxoxo
(Ed harrumph ... exCUSE me, Jade ... "boring" EVEN when you're starting a Rocka and getting it ready ??? And SURELY not "boring" in Music !!
Heh heh ...:))

Starting on Saturday 15th, it's London's "Big Dance" week. Listed as a part of that is an introduction to UK Rock Challenge. It's tonight - yes ... TONIGHT ! ... Wednesday, July 12 and is at the Engine Room, Wimbledon School of Art, Merton Hall Road, SW19 3QA from 5.30 - 7 pm, so go on ... if you've dropped in on this page by chance, are in the south-west of London, don't have a clue what Rock Challenge is all about, then maybe here's your chance to find out !
John (Editor :)

215 days till the 2007 Tour begins in Aberdeen, but just six weeks left till the third season of South African Rock Challenge opens in the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg ... read the news report here
John (Editor :)

Jul 11th 2006

R Archie going to Australia? When, where? R u performing?
I am so jealous :)

It was so amazing when we went, although i have to say the flights were horrible ... one two-hour, one eleven-hour, one nine-hour ... and the airline left about 9 suitcases in england (including mine and numerous others with costumes but we did get them back) but u know what ? IT WAS STILL WORTH IT !!!
My advice ... make sure your school are behind it completely
because we ended up with massive debts that our school eventually wiped, but also be careful financially because we've since struggling to compete in Rocka the last few years because of the trip and the way it worked out ... it can have serious knock-on effects!!
Get fundraising ! It is an incredibly expensive trip but so worth it - the Aussies are so friendly - even strangers in shops and in the airport ... it's fab!!

As for finals clashes with half-terms and exams:- it is a pain. One year we had about 20 students missing until the evening because of an exam, but nobody dropped out. The Northern Premier Final this year was the second saturday of a half term but i think it only affected about one person in our team!! Unfortunately, as Rock Challenge grows this is going to be what happens ... it will get more and more into exam times - it is a pain and it's always an issue, but what you do about it is difficult.
Hope everyone is good ! I'm enjoying been off (and went to Wimbledon, which was fab!! :)
Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)

I'm trying to think of a theme for next year's rock challenge. It will be good next year (tho it is my last ever year of doing the rock challenge :( but i wil come back to support meopham and all the rock challenge groups cuz i think the idea of this competition is brilliant!
Charlotte D (Meopham)


Jul 10th 2006

Hi peeps ... ain't left a message for a while ... been reli busy..
Got the jacket i wanted yhh!!
It's sports day tmoz ... hope it ain't tooo warm !
Jade (hanson) xoxoxoxo

Touch wood ... having stripped down, cleaned and re-assembled the desktop PC, it's started to work again after its past disastrous over-a-week :(
What I've found in its email tray is a message from Volunteer Adrian, received on June 30th. SORRY, ADRIAN !! Your message appears just below this one from me :)
John (Editor)

Hey Peoples
I've been away working in wales for a few weeks since the northern finals but just been catching up on messages and looks like everyone had a great time. I know i did - it was definitely worth the drive up, so thanks to hannah for persuading me to go ... well worth it.
Just planning now where to go next year ... with so many new friends all over the UK it looks like it could be a busy year next year !
Thanks to everyone this year for welcoming me along - have really enjoyed it - and thanks to Hannah, Davey, Kim n Stu for a fantastic few days in grimsby! See you all soon!!

Adrian D (Rocka Volunteer)


Jul 9th 2006

'Ello every1 ! U all ok?
Had an alrite weekend ... spent most of it wid ma mum an dad an my brat lil brother!! ha (It was fun really :)
Off timetable on friday again ... i think sumat 2 do with healthiness an food an lifestyles an stuff?
C ya all l8r ... bye bye ...
Emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

MASSIVE well done to everyone who took part in ROCKA 06 ! It was great, especially 4 ARCHIE - we'd waited a long time for that moment and we finally got it.
Both the dancers and crew worked well throughout ROCKA 06. Also a huge thanks to Hayley Buchan ... you were stressing to improve the standard and it worked in the end.
Everybody should be looking forward to australia next year. It will only happen if everyone keeps their hopes up, so keep up the messages and the team spirit and we will get there.
GO ON ARCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul 8th 2006

Hello all
I know it has been a few weeks since the Northern Premier Finals but many, many Congratulations to Archbishop Thurstan School. It was a well deserved win!
Also; Well Done in the 2006 National Premier Awards... you did pretty well!

I have been mascot-ing Archie by wearing The Pink Coat and Hat a few times - and with the heat we've been having it has been a struggle! But worth it!
Take Care and hope to see you all soon.
Tanya (Ex-Archie/ Volunteer/ Merch Girl/ Slave/ General Mad-Head!)

Hey evry1!!!! Hope you're all ok :)
It's so great to have finally finished all of my exams - already been off school for about three weeks now (although it seems like a life time lol)
Missin you all at Hornsea!!!!
I'm sooooo HAPPY that Callum, Sammie, Sophie and me (The four Hornsea choreographers) won a Princess Diana Memorial Award For Young People - it's such a privilege. I had such a great day on monday and I was so excited about receiving my award from the Archbishop Of York .. it was such a perfect day :D !!!
Have a great holiday, evry1, and enjoy the beautiful english weather!

Love - kaye xxx


Jul 7th 2006

I can understand the concerns of some of the staff re the Southern Finals.
Any team that qualifies for the Northerns from Scotland has the automatic nightmare of exam clashes at Standard grade and Higher level.

I heard all of the arguments from my head as to why all seniors should not take part, but they did participate and all of them achieved their expected grades or better. They became more focussed, more organised and more determined not to let Rock Challenge be used as an excuse for failure and prevent others from participating in future years.
On one occasion we had to fly 16 pupils to Grimsby from Aberdeen as the Finals clashed with the maths higher exam
No date is perfect for everybody -half terms are especially tricky- but often (another Geibo saying, Stuart) "Where there's a will, there's a way"

Hi John ! Apologies for being out of touch but end of term in Belfast is a very hectic time ... school finished one week ago - I think I finished today! Anyway, down to business!
First of all a well-deserved congratulations from all of us at Ashfield to the students at Archie! Having just settled a bill for more than £20,000 for our travel and accommodation to Grimsby I can empathize with your Australian plight. All I can say is that our money comes every year from our Rock Challenge community of committed parents. Pupils can opt to do a healthy lifestyle fundraiser (a bit like bob-a-job but the pupil must take on active jobs that give a health benefit such as mowing lawns or washing cars). This year we also sold off some props and costumes.
I am interested to hear the worries about exam dates and the Southern Finals. Ashfield encounters this problem most years and have managed to overcome it either by flying pupils to Leeds-Bradford directly after the exam (this year there were 9 such pupils) or (last year) we arranged to set up a hotel en route from Stranraer as an official exam centre! "Where there's a will, there's a way!"
Finally, John, I would like to take this opportunity to dispel some whispers that have come back to us regarding people wondering why Ashfield always arrive after lunch to the Rock Challenge Premier Finals. Please please please assure all Rock Challengers that if we had our way we would be standing at the doors before opening time! Our problem is that the only hotel capable of taking a booking of 146 people is two-and-a-half hours from Grimsby. Our coach drivers operate a tachograph system and have to carefully schedule their driving times across the 3 days and sadly we can not move until they say so!! We truly value the friendships our pupils have made through Rock Challenge (we have had regular visitors to various pupils' homes in Belfast) and would not wish anyone to misunderstand the reasons for the lateness of our time of arrival at the venue.
Nearly finished! May I take this opportunity to wish a happy and peaceful summer to the whole Rock Challenge fraternity - we look forward to meeting with you again next year !
Eileen Watson (Ashfield Liaison Teacher)

Hi every1 !
Gud turnout at choir 2day ! I've jus got the words 2 "bring him home" on the internet - i love that song!!
Still no luck with malta ... i don't really think i'll b goin which is a shame - it wud av bin fun. Oh well - can't always get wot u want ... nva mind!
Every1 at rock challenge alrite ! Hope u r!!
GTG an play lemmings ... i'm addicted!! It's fabtastic!!
C ya all monday ... bye bye - emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hi John
I can understand the concerns of some of the staff that take part in the Southern Finals. We were in a similar situation this year as it fell in Yr9 SATS and we ended up not using any Yr9 students.
However, the Northern Finals have always been at the end of May / start of June and this has not posed a problem, either with our Senior Management or with the students - in fact it has helped to keep them motivated towards their studies as rehearsals can be used as a break from studying where they can "vent through exercise" !
Sally (Liaison Teacher)


Jul 6th 2006 (9 messages)

Hi John - Hayley from Archie here, just writing for help and guidance (once again!)
The latest with the Australia trip is that there is a strong possibility it is going ahead!!! Our senior management team at school are 100% behind it BUT ... and it's a BIG "but" !!! ... we have to raise about £130,000
John do you know anyone we can contact to help us out in any way ? I'm writing off to loads of local companies (and one has already expressed an interest) but that's as far as it goes at the minute!
Help ... !
Hayley xxx
(Ed: replied to by email ... any helpful thoughts re fundraising / moneymaking, anyone ?! :)

Oooooo ... am likin all the messgs frm the hansoners!!!! Keep em comin!!
Well dun wiv the fundraisin, daisy!!! (N ooooooo .. we gonna have a nice big choir 2mora!! Am gonna drag myself outa bed 2 come :D:D:D!!! N then pack :S ... N then work :S ... N then show !!! Shud b ... er ... fun ....:S ....:D!
Stace - hope ya had a grd drivin lesson! n it wnt too hot :S:S:S! I will bring tickets 2mora!
Jade - ooooo, i bn 2 leeds 2day!!! Er.. agen...:S! It wa too hot tho!!! I wa stickin 2 bus windows! :S!
WELLLLL am hot nw, sooo i will c evry1 2mora! Prepared 2 sing!! Llllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Lv - Emma xxxx(hanson)xxxx
ps ere, i totally dnt trust the wevamen! I mean ... wer's the thunder n rain we wer ment 2 have!!! (Not tha i'm complainin!!! (Er ... sunburn :S:S:S)):)))

Stace - my sis sed tht u told her tht u need to c mi tmoz a sumat ... a dno ... i'll try an find u. Probs see u at choir aniways lol
Bye bye - jade (hanson) xoxoxxoxo

John - any idea why the changes to the southern finals?? It's going to give us a real problem with exams and study leave and hanging on to students for this long ?
This is something that is increasingly becoming a problem - the later and later timings. Does any one else have any comments?
Going on into June is just a nightmare. This is another 3 weeks extension. Not sure if we're going to be able to go!!
(Ed message passed onto the Rocka Office, Liz :)

Hi there
Just to warn you that the new Portsmouth Junior and Finals dates are during half-term. A lot of teachers/staff/children tend to have holiday time away during this period. Already, one teacher has admitted that he has paid his deposit for his holiday for May 2007 half-term.
I am uncertain what the situation will be at the school which I am currently working for, since this is a holiday period and the guarantees for children and staff to be available for that date is potentially troubling.
I would appreciate a reply about this matter ASAP since this has highlighted issues about whether the rock challenge may go ahead at my school.
Many thanks - Colin
(Ed: I have forwarded this message on to the Rock Challenge office but in the meantime ... comments. anyone ? The northern region is quite used now to having finals during their half-term break but I THINK this will be the first time that it has happened in the south ? Perhaps someone from the northern region might care to pass on their thoughts about half-term finals ... I note that the northern opens will be on a GCSE Design and Tech / IT / PE and AS English / Geography exams day in 2007 ...)

Research reported in this week's "New Scientist" magazine supports those who say that teenagers who use cannabis are more likely to become addicted to heroin use later in their lives. The article describes the research method and what the results were - you can read it here.
John (Editor)

Hi everbody!!!
Can't wait until next year!!!!
Happy Birthday to Sarah and Rachael!!
Saw our video - was ace!!!! The photos are too!!!
Thanx to all the teachers that helped with our Rock Challenge!!!

Naomi (Thornton)

OMG i've gt headache ... it's reli bad - it feels like my head is being sawn in half :(
Need to go to leeds to go cloth shoppin
This silly computer keeps sayin it's gt a virus ... i h8 computers ... arrghhhhhhh
Jade - hanson xoxoxoxoxo
(Ed: Jade - you could try this free online scan of your PC if you've not got an anti-virus program on it. And can I recommend Grisoft's antivirus program ? It's free for personal use and you can get it from here :)

Hey every1 ! U all rite? Hope u r!
Still comin to pop choir 2moz - even though i'm not goin 2 malta, still gotta show sum spirit!! (But i'm still workin on the whole mum <-> malta thing so fingers crossed eh ?!!!!)
Jus playin lemmings - it's fab ... such a classic!!
Bye bye ... emily (hansonite!!!!) xoxoxoxoxoxox

I love colin from archie :)
Cox Green's was brilliant.
Can't wait til nxt yr !
Bennies n Havener


Jul 5th 2006

Hiya all hanson peeps ..
OMG ... soooo warm ... can't cope no more. If it's like this on sports day i'll end up like i was las yr (collapsed:()
Today has been rubbish except frm music (was on da keyboards - did reli well lol! :)
Miss ward .. ur a complete nutter ! Psycho lol! Ya make me laff.
Stace - ya welcome to tht dress lol
Anyway gonna go cos i'm goin to do geog hwk
Bye 4 now - jade hanson(hansonite) xoxoxxoxoxoxo

Hey every1 ! How's it goin ?
I'm soooooooo bored without the best thing in the world - dat's the almighty rock challenge, by the way. I love every minute of it and can't wait for next yr.
While i'm here, can we enter now and when is the deadline ?
Fanx ... lvya ... grace from portsmouth
(Ed: I believe Tim said the 2007 Production Books will be out inside the next couple of weeks, Grace, and everything you need will be in there. From memory, the absolute deadline - more or less - for entries is usually around the end of September :)

Hi y'all ! It's steph n lois here ... bored on the computers (there's no good websites 2 go on at skwl!)
How is every1? I am burning at the moment, it's sooo hot!!!
Bye 4 now ... steph n lois xoxoxoxox (hanson)
ps i'm gonna join pop choir but i'm not sure i'll b able 2 go 2 malta.

Hiya ! It's me - daisy
I'm thinkin of joinin the pop choir if that's ok wiv every1????
Been collecting money for the fund (8 so far!!!)

Went to wrose carnival on saturday and shocked myself by goin on the rides more than once!!
GTG now ... tlk to ya l8er
Bye - daisy xoxoxoxoxox

If you are taking part in the Portsmouth Junior Event in 2007, hope to be taking part in the Southern Open Finals "A" or "B", or are taking part in the Southern Prem Final in 2007, then DO check out the date changes that have just gone up on the Draft 2007 Tour Calendar
John (Editor :)


Jul 4th 2006

Hi peeps!
Had a reli hectic day ...absolutely covered in paint today lol!!! Hope evri1 has had a gd day
This weather is tooooooooooooooooo warm
I was caught on cam by manny wen i was on the sander with thm big googles on hehe!! :)
Aniway, gonna go ... cya
Jade (hanson)(hansonite) xx


Hello !
Having read some of the marvellous comments directed at Cox Green's performance, I just wanted to say thank-you on behalf of the team. We are very touched by all the lovely things people have said, and so delighted that people like our performance! In particular we're grateful to our lovely IT department for putting the DVD on the website so we in the team can remain obsessed by it!
Seriously, thank-you if you made a nice comment.
I really think all schools should put their DVD up if they can, as it would be great to see other people's!! Sure they're ALL amazing!!
One comment in particular that I should reply to ... the one from someone earlier this week mentioning the "teacher's choreography" etc. I have to speak up and say that our choreography has been done by two Year 12s and one Year 11. It was a truly student-led part of the performance ... I most certainly am not capable of choreographing a thing! :)
Some of the other comments mentioned the standard being different between north and south..... I've recently watched the Northern Premiers on DVD and all i can say is WOW! They're stunning! (Particular fave was St Thomas à Becket, but the others are fab too)

Anyway, thanks again for saying lovely things, and looking forward to next year!
Nicola (Cox Green LT)
Ed: if you haven't got Flash Player installed in order to watch Cox Green's performance, you can download it (it's free :) from here :)


Jul 3rd 2006

Keep the spirit of Rock Challenge alive!!!! NGF Premier Champions !!!

YEAR 11 - I need all of your contact numbers now you have left us.. Lots of Rocka things coming up and need to keep you posted !!!!!!!! SEE YOU AT THE PROM FRIDAY !
Stefan - we haven't practised our Scottish dancing and I'm scared!!!

Otherwise ... Archie, you've gone quiet ... is anyone there?? Keep up the vibe!!! More messages please
Love - Mrs B xx

OMG first of all england lose and are out of the world cup n now andy murray is out of wimbledon booo hooo ... wat is wrong with britain and sport lololololololol
Love - bekki.k from HORNSEA *****
ps glad u enjoyed our performance, jon

Well john, i did hit myself on the head ... that's probs y i can't remember lol!!!
Bye xx jade

By the way, all hanson rockers - 2 months 2day since bradford!!!

OMG it's been too long since i last left a message (how long, john - do u know???)
Well, i was chased by a bee agen today in pe (how i managed pe in the weather wat we've got i dno ) thn i hurt my shoulder ... i've been wearin a sling all day bt i'm nt wearin it becos it jus makes the bottom of my arm go all stiff sooo tht sling is history (by thnks to the peeps who singed it :)
Hope evry 1 has had a gd weekend (busiest 1 of my life lol) ... Wrose Carnival while 4 (i saw u, stace an emma) thn went to watch tht awful match, thn went to my presentation evening
Sunday- barbecue all day which was ruined by typical british thunder storm :@and tht is all i have to say ... ohhh... i've already raised £21 bt there's loads more to come (daisy's £5) soo i think we can raise this money if we reli try
I'm gonna go now cos i'm jus ignoring all mi m8s as usual
Oh ... an yeh, stace - shud i bring my lovely dress to malta lmao!!
So betta go now ... bye bye ... xxxx jade hanson (faithful hansonite - ...good description, john lol ps hope ur gd)
Jade (hanson)
(Ed: you hit yourself on the head on the 29th, Jade ... that was the last message, I think :)

Hi every1
Well, we're on r break (n thankful 4 it!) n we're njoyin every minute of it!
Can't w8 4 friday cos we're goin on r hols to paris! Shud b reali gud cos we're goin 4 r birthday 2! Can't w8!
Saw r vid last week, n it wa reali gud! Thanx 2 all da teachers who helped organise it! (I luvd da fotos too! :))

Neway, best b goin
Rachael n Sarah

Congratulations to Rock Challenge Volunteer Kayleigh who has just got engaged!!!! All the best and loves you loads.
Love - Simon xxxxx (Rocka Volunteer)

Can I just remind everyone who won the northern premier finals ! Was it ... ARCHIE ? YES ! COME ON, ARCHIE !
Even tho its a few weeks ago now, I still can't believe we won and I will always remember that day until I die - I still have a buzz lol
Thanks again to mrs buchan for everything she did to make all our dreams come true and for letting us have two great days in Hull and Grimsby

Thanks Again, and COME ON ARCHIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jul 2nd 2006

Emily - oooo, me n stace wa at carnival!!! Didn't go on ne rides tho :S We wa walkin abou wiv bags of doughnuts (mmmmmmmm they wer niceeee!!!) I ope ur head's ok!!!
Tom g (matthew humberstone) - omggg pooorrr england!!! Hmph!!! Bu yea - we will bbk lolol!!!
Stace - omgg ... piano exam!!!! I WELL MUCKED UP!!! B ritee! :S Cnt have dun tha bad :S
Hey hansoners!!! Sz i missd meetin on fri!!! Er ... i kinda slept in! :s:S:S!!! I will b ther on friday tho!! (I fink :S)
Is ther ne1 out ther in yr 11 goin 2 hull next week???? The university residential???:S:S:S:S Ther's 4 frm our skool goin n i wunda hu else :S:S:S!!!
Wellll, tha was a random messg!!! Hey 2 all rockers!!!
Lv - Emma xxxxxxxx(hanson)xxxx
ps John- nice heatwave 2day :D Spent all day inside wrkin then rehearsin tho :(:(:(!!!! Still - makes a change frm yorkshire rain :D
(Ed: 9.20pm and looking VERY stormy on the horizon ... :)

Cox Green, i just watched the video of your dance for about the 5th or 6th time. I'm still amazed by how a group of teenagers can pull of something so professional, so dramatic, so strong. You've used something so simple to represent something so complex and i think having the ability to do that is outstanding.
Not once have i been able to watch your dance without tears falling from my eyes
, and i think also having the ability to do that to not just one person, but hundreds, truly is amazing.
The ending to your dance was yet again so simple, but had so much power in it which made it even more dramatic. It was brilliant.
The teachers who choreographed your dance really do have some amazing ideas inside their heads, because to think up a theme like that and to create a dance of that much power really is something very few people can do.
I think every single dancer in your school should feel so proud after pulling off such a creative, outstanding, just overall brilliant piece of dance.
Well done cox green!!



Jul 1st 2006

OMG ... england r out of da world cup ... boo hoo :(
Went 2 Wrose Carnival 2day but had 2 come ome early cos i went on da waltzers an banged ma hed an wen i got off i was sick everywhere! Errrrrrrrrr! Now ma hed is bangin ... worse hedache eva
GTG ... cya all monday
Bye ... emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxox

OMG ... england lost and are out ... i am so upset i was crying ... i hate bloomin penalties and we r always so unlucky. Thought the lads played fab and cnt believe roony got sent off ... arghhhhhhhhhhh.
Love - bekki.k. from hornsea
ps it was real nice the other day wen john came to see our last ever performance and thanks for the nice message u left us.
Bekki.k. **** HORNSEA ****
(Ed: 'twas good to see all of you again, Bekki - loved it. AND - Bekki and Emily - Scotland's Andy Murray is through to the fourth round at Wimbledon :))

Hello! I haven't posted a message in a while...so here I am on this lovely sunny day!
Hope everyone is okay and enjoying this weather! (While it lasts!)
Wow, went to see James Blunt last night! Woohhhoooo! He was amazing! I advise any1 who likes his music to go see him if possible! He's got some prettyful new stuff! Some of which is very emotional *eyes water* stuff!
Pure niceness! Awww! :-D
Emma - Driving lessons were fab, thanx u! About Malta- i'm not 100% sure but it's looking very likely, by the number of new recruits at Choir on Friday!Jade - Glad we got you to come! And yep - it is kool! You'r'e going to love it! :-))
Emily and Jade - Well Done for fundraising, guys! Keep up the good work!

John - Hello there! Hope you have a fab time at the Airshow! Hope u r doing well!
Anyhow, best go! Keep Rockin'!
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx
(Ed: good job you emailed, Stacey .. the little "ding-dong" announcing the arrival of a new message mercifully woke me up ... yep, middle of the day and fast asleep at the keyboard :))


Jun 30th 2006

Heyyyyyyyy !
OMG i ain't written in a while :S:S:S!!! N i ain't bn in skool 4 a wile either !! Soz i dint come this week!!! (Due 2 sleepin in n paintin!!!)
Stace - hpe u had a grd drivin lesson!!! N is it true wot am hearin abou the malta fing??? We got enuff peeps??:D:D:D!!!
Emily n Jade - yeyeyey!!! Money! Keep it rolin in!!! Wot can i do :S:S:S??!!!!

Hope evry1 is doin ok!! All the rocka team keepin busy???
Hope you enjoy ur airshow, john!!!
Lv - Emma xxxx (hanson) xxxxx
(Ed: I will, Emma, even though - sniff - "they ain't as good as they used to be" ... sheesh ... I must be getting old to come out with a line like that :))

Hi peeps
Had a good day today apart frm maths (where i was jus not even on this planet :) and the bee tryin to kill me in science :)
Can't believe stace an miss ward managed to get mi to go to pop thingy bt it was kwl an now i CAN go to malta lol!!
G2G ... cee evri1 nxt week yehhhh
I'm off timetable on tues :(
Jade (hanson) xxxx
ps john - computers ... they r useless, dnt ya think ? Hope ur gd
(Ed: if washing machines were as "reliable" as PCs, we'd never buy them, would we ... APART from that - and by the way I think the weather's too hot for the desktop ... will have to go in for some serious cooling on it ... where was I ... oh yes - APART from that, Jade, I'm good. You too, now that you ARE going to Malta ? :)

Second message 2day! Am i a faithful hansonite ?
Emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxo
(Ed: indeed you ARE, Emily :)

My mum won't let me go 2 malta ... my life is so unfair!!!
Anyhow ... did sum rocka fundraisin 2day - me an jade went car washin ... made £14 !!
Bye .. emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Yep ... that tom from thornton that ur on about is my brother! :)
Neva mind. (I think i know hu you are anyway!)
Love - sophie from thornton xxxxxxxxx

Advance warning ... the Messages page will be untouched on Sunday until very late at night, because early till late Sunday I will be at the RAF Waddington airshow (noise ... got to have noise :))
I'll wear the fab Rock Challenge teeshirt, of course (DESPITE the forecast very high temperatures :) so if you're there too and you see me, give a wave :)
Waddington Airshow website
John (Editor :)

My apologies to the faithful Hansonites but I've received your messages on the desktop PC which has now decided - second time this week - that it doesn't want to play today, so I can't access them to get uploaded to the website :(
John (Editor - on the faithful ... touch wood ... laptop instead)


Jun 29th 2006

Hiya peeps
I've gt the worst headache on earth ... i think it's the result of me hittn myself in the head yesterday wiv ma bat bt i'll live.. hopefully.. hope evri1's havin a betta week thn me :(
Anyway, betta go ... gotta get all this work dun otherwise my week will jus get worse !
See evri1 at the meetin 2moz
xx jade xx (hanson)

2007 TOUR UPDATES: the Grantham Junior Event has moved from May 4 to May 22, and the Portsmouth Finals ARE changing but I've not yet heard what / where / when ... keep you posted ...
John (Editor)

I think ur report will b alrite, jade, but ur not perfect (english!!!)
Well hi every1.
Every 1 keeps sayin "peeps" an now i say it ... it's so annoyin!!
Well, jus ritin my daily message - got 2 b loyal!
Bye ... emily (hanson) xoxoxoxoxoxo
ps keep rockin every1


Jun 28th 2006

I see that Tim is amongst the very special band of people who dream up rock challenge pieces :)))))
Stuart from Peterhead has recently joined the ranks too.

Vanessa (working, working, but on hols from 1pm tomorrow :)))) (For 7 weeks!!!)

Hi all hanson rockers
Has evri1 gt sum ideas???

Proper tired ... jus played a rounders match at salts (i whacked myself on the head with my own bat ... i'm sooooooooo clumsy lol!)
Today was reli borin except fr woodwork!
Reports out soon ... can't wait ... it has to be good ... plzz all hanson rockers tht know me - tell me if u think it wil b bad or good ... i think it will b
k g2g now cos i need to do things ... bye - jade xx hanson xx

Yes jade - i've got sum ideas as u know!
Ope every1 is alrite ... c u all friday - till then keep rockin!!
Emily (hanson)

Hello ... another message in response 2 dan from cowes high - sandown is making a global rock journey dvd. I have no idea about the content but the 1 we had last year was reli good n had the whole experience of the day on there etc. Hope this helps!!!
Sam x

Sparkle - I normally get through by making up ideas for future Rock Challenges! I've got a bank of about 20 in my head , ready and raring to go!
All the best - Tim

Well, I'm going to dream about NEXT YEAR'S ROCKA. Yepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. BUT I'M STILL BORED....


Jun 27th 2006

Just a huge congratulations to Callum, Samantha, Kaye and Sophie (choreography and student leadership team for Hornsea 2006) who found out yesterday that they are to receive a Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Award for their continued commitment to and involvement in the UK Rock Challenge. This will be presented on Monday next week by the Archbishop of York who is visiting the school. This is so deserved and is the icing on the cake for our 2006 entry "The Big Issue"!
Karen Hylton - A Very Proud Liaison Teacher

Yeah emma ... u r right cos we do need to raise a lot of money an the more we hav the more money we cn spend
So wat has evribodi been up 2 this week ? (I know it's onli the start lol) I've gt up late evri mornin so far this week
Hope evribodi has gt sum ideas in their heads for friday lol (I'll write thm down ... i neva remember anythin ... i can't remember wat i did yesterday lol!!)
C evri1 friday ..... jade (hanson) xxx

Hi ! Just a quick message while i'm online!
Av we got a meetin on friday? I ope so, cos it's good 2 see wot everyone's ideas are and friday dinner times are borin!
Bye ... emily (hanson) xoxoxoxox


Jun 26th 2006

Hi all ! Jus a short message today
51 days, john ? It dnt feel like :D
Hope evribodi's gettin ideas for fundraisin cos we soooo need it !!!
Gonna go ... jade (hanson) xx

Hi !
I'm soo excited bout next year's rocka ! My school hav got the theme sorted but we have a new teacher and she doesn't know how to enter us for next march - can you help??? Plzz ...
Jade xxxx
(Ed: Hello, Jade from an unknown school !
Send your teacher to this page ... all the details she needs are in the left-hand column !

Heyyyy ! Emily n jade - ere we need all the new members we can get!!!! The more peeps, the mre money n the mre chance of us doin rocka next year!!! Wahoooo!!!!
Stace -
i cnt come in 2mora lunch :S!!! Am goin shoppin!!! Agen :D:D:D:D!! hehe! (Bu i ain't spendin owt!!!)
I bn raidin my mum's cd collection!!! (She's gt a new mp3 playa!) I found sum aceeeeeee sound samples 4 rocka tracks :D:D:D!!! (Depends on the theme, i suppose ... hehe!!)
Newayss, jus a quick messg!!! Talk l8a!!!
Lv - Emma xxxx(hanson)xxxxx
ps john - u countin???? Wow - 51 daysss! Is tha a long time :s lmao!

Wow! Has it really bin 51 days since bradford rock challenge ?
Can't wait til nxt yrs
Emily (hanson)

Hello All! Been a while since i last posted a message...so thought i'd take this opportunity to do just that!
Hope everyone is keeping well!
Wow - had our first Rocka Meeting since "Joseph" on Friday. It was really nice to see that already new people are interested - let's make 'em feel welcome and show 'em the "Rocka Feeling", which i know we all do so well! :-D. See you all on Friday!
Oooo ... speaking of Friday ... i may not be at the meeting 'cos I'm off to see James Blunt! Wooohoooo! :-D! Can't wait! Listening to James Blunt under the stars! Hehe! ;-))
Anyhow, i better be going! I have more work to do than i first thought! Hmph!
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx

Hello!! It'z onli me again ... Charlotte from Meopham School!
Hehe ... sorry ... u probs sick of me emailing you (Ed: never :) but i thought i wud just let you know how i did in me English Youth Ballet Shows! Well, it was AMAZING! 2500 people for each show that we did! It was stunning and the costumes were beautiful! (I got an award from them too :D)
Tessa and Lauren from our school have both got into the Boot Camp on XFACTOR! They don't know who their mentor is yet but they hope it's simon cz he realli liked them!
Hi 2 all the rocketeers! (Specially 2 mark! :))
Thanks ... charlotte xxxxxxxxxxx

Hey all
Just to ask a question... has anyone made a Global Rock DVD & what was on it???? Did it go on sale and if they did, how much for? What was on the DVD? Was it just the main Global Rock performance? Did it have other years on there as well???
If you get back to me that would be cool. OK ... thanks

Dan (Cowes High)
(Ed: there is a promotional DVD, Dan ... a ten-minute promo plus three performances from 2005 ... designed to get more people supporting / entering ... might that be what you're thinking of ?)


Jun 25th 2006

To all the Oakmead Stars - I will miss you lots and wish you all the best for Rock Challenge in the future. I will be there to support you next year, cheering from the crowd!
After choreographing for Oakmead for 7yrs it will be odd not being involved...... best get the new college entered!!! (Just joking - that will be a while yet! :)
Take care... knock 'em dead and enjoy.

Love - Miss Otton x

Hi all
Have just seen the england game ... 1-0 ... 1-0 ... COME ON ENGLAND!!

Ness (rockateer)

Yey ... john left me a message ! Whoo hoo - i'm happy now
(But wot does "51 days" mean, john ?!)
C ya - emily (hanson)
(Ed: when I typed "51 days", it had been 51 days since Bradford ... tut ... you're not counting ?? :)

Ecuador are going to lose today!!!!
Come on, england ... oh england we love u oi oi oi..
Tom G (Matthew Humberstone School, ENGLAND)


Jun 24th 2006

Hi agen evri1
I'm soooooo bored ...
Do we hav anova meetin nxt fri ? Plzz ... sum1 tell me.
We gt a bit of sun today (yupee !) bt thn it decided to rain agen :(
Hope evri1 frm rocka is gd
Cya ... jade (hanson) xxx

Hey All ! Smiler From Torry Here - One Of The Burnt Gargoyles :)
Doesn't Matter About Winning - It's About Taking Part !
Me And Dan Have Now Gained Hero Status Back At Our School - We Even Got In The Press !

A Big Hello To Pat And Joe From .... Some School :)
I can't believe us scots hammered the english 8-3 at fotty ... c'mon the scot and a big cheer for ecuador 2moro
Smiler :)


Jun 23rd 2006

Tim sent me the Southern Finals themes on Monday ... I've JUST got the Open Final themes up on the website (all lumped together for both A and B and NOT in alphabetical order ... sorry !) Will get the Prem Final themes up later on.
John (Editor)

You guys are SMASHING people ... the results of the 2006 "Rock Challenge Users' Survey" are now in and you can read them here ... they are soooo encouraging !
John (Editor)

Jus sayin "Hiya !" seein as i'm online!
Already got loads of ideas 4 fundraising! I guess we've got 2 new members ha ha lol:):)
Bye ...
xxxxxxx emily.c. xxxxxxx (hanson)
(Hi john ! Everybody says hi an gets a message bak so i want one!!!!!!)
(Ed: Hi, Emily ! Fifty-one days !! :(

Hi evry1 !
Since miss ward thinks i leave a message evri day, i'll rite 1 now lol
Eniway (david hahahahaahahaha) aniway to all rocka peeps - plzzz let's do this ! Get fundraisin cos we all reli want to do this
Aniway, gonna go cos i need to go out lol
Cya ... jade xx (hanson)

I love sarah from marvell
Colin (archie rocka)

Lesley-Ann fae Northfield 'ere ... long time no see, dudes and dudettes.
Well done to all the teams in the 2006 rock challenge - u were all fab !
I am currently teaching dancing in New York and i am loving every min of it.
I'm taking this opportunity to say "Thank-you, Rock Challenge !" because if it wasn't for my involvement in teaching dancing in rock challenge at Northfield, i would not be where i am sitting right now, so thank you all. Special thanks too for Mrs Geib from Peterhead for getting rocka up and running in scotland.
I got to be off now but i will keep ya updated on my trip. Miss yaz all ... back in september ...
xxxx L-A xxx


Jun 22nd 2006

Huhuhuhuh ???!!! WOT meetin 2mora ?????????? :S:S:S:S
Can sum1 frm hanson let me know asap :S:S:S!!! Fank uu!!!!
(Or i'll jus txt stace :)))
Lv - Emma xxx(hanson)xxx

Hi evri1 !
Yeah stace - i agree with u ... it's the onli subject i dnt get a complain in (becos i'm jus brill lol 7c in geography!!!!!!)
Emma - i mean 7 hours, and ur right ... i always spend too much in leeds too (thn miss bout three trains)Stace -i was reli suprised tht i gt effort 5 cos i mean at the beginin ... wel, i'm nt gonna say ... u can ask miss c ... bt i'm an angel now
Anyway i'm gonna go, and i'll c evri1 at the meetin tmoz at lunch break
Bye bye ... xxx jade (hanson)
ps u had a gd week, john??
(Ed: yup ... tho I'm soooo tired :)

Hey everybody ! I ain't been able to get on to the website to write anything but finally had the chance
I wana give a big shout out to ma former school - archie - who are amazing and they did everybody proud, especially me. I was gutted i missed it (weddings ... phwoar)
When i came in to watch it i had to hold back the tears ... it sent shivers up my spine ... it was amzing<br>For someone who has been involved for a while it means more ... after years of trying we finally can name ourselves champions ! We are a credit to hull, just like the lord mayor said
Well done to all the other schools on the nite - always great spirit and competition
I am always an archie fan and that's why i am always back for more.
The thanks have to go to mrs b who has inspired so many people and has taught me to have such aspirations in life ! You're great, mrs b, and you bring such enlightenment to the school and you deserve the most credit for this, but that's not to take away everbody else involved ... caroline, mrs o'neil and everybody, but pupils - you're the ones who did it and worked your magic on the stage. It was breathtaking ... a joy to watch.
And look at the awards we got AND the extra ones ... yessss, i couldn't be happier ... it means so much to me
I will miss it when i go to uni but i'll be back to get on the bandwagon to the finals to retain that title.
Thanks and bye xxxxx well done, guys ... australia hopefully lol
xxxx love ya all ... jimbob xxx james xxxx

Hi ! While i'm online i'll jus rite a quick message ...
Can sum1 plz tell me wot da meetin is about 2moro?!
How is every1 keepin ? (I seem 2 b goin through a rough patch in my life ... boo hoo!!!! :(
Well, bye 4 now ...
xxxxxxxxx emily xxxxxxxxx (hanson)

The "tom from thornton school" that is really fit is the older one ... he has blondeish brown hair, a fit body, i would say he's 18 and is soooooooo fit!!!!
xx xx

Wow ... just got back from my first driving lesson! All other road users, pedestrians, and my driving instructor and I - even the car - are still all in one piece! Woohoo! (Cos "I'm a natural"! Yey! :)
Jade - Have to agree with Emma there! Best subject! Well Done! :-D
Emma - The weather has turned, i agree! It's not good! Hmph.
Huge Congrats to all the winners of the national premier awards!
Anyhow, i will catch all Rocka people tomorrow! And the Music lot... seein as though you have not been blessed with my company today! Haha!
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx
PS Hello John! Hope you're doing well!
(Ed: tired - late nights from followspotting - and cold. OTHERWISE ... great :)

It's a 1.5 MB mp4 file and shows Volunteers Jonny and Adam (plus someone else :) slaying the dragon ... all together now ... "Awwwwwwww" :))
John (Editor)

Heyyyyy !
OMGGG ... it is me or has it suddenly returned to the middle of winter :S!!! Am soooo cold! Ova week wa wearin shorts - nw am wearin jeans n hoodies! Wunt surprise me if it snowed!!!
Jade -
ooooo, 7hr shoppin is easy lolol! I fink am jus wierd :S!! (Plus i spend 2 much hmph!) Am glad u had a grd time at ur weddin and gud luk wiv ur report!!! Effort 5 in music - yeyeyeyeye!! Best subject!!!
Stace - GURD LUK!!!
U will b startin ur lesson nw!!! BEWARE ALL OTHER ROAD USERS!!! :P jkkeee!!!
Newayz, off 2 skool 4 soul band!! Hope we got mre peeps 4 malta :D:D:D!!!
Lv - Emma xxxx(hanson)xxxx
(Ed: Bradford / Wakefield / Skipton all around 10 degrees at the mo, Emma, and breezy too ... no wonder you're cold, 'cos wind chill at 20mph takes that 10 down to nearer 6 or 7 degrees :)

To the anonymous emailer, with regard to the outcome of the awards being "the same".
As you will have read, the outcome was NOT the same in many cases - does this not devalue the original placings ?

Hello ! This is Kerry from Ashfield Girls'.
I would like to congratulate my school and all the other schools for all the national premiere awards that were given, but i was very disappointed to find that there was not an award for drug awareness. After all, isn't this what rock challenge is all about? Certainly in our school it is the most important part of rock challenge - and not just for pupils but for parents as well.

Puzzled Kerry (Ashfield)

Hello to the anonymous emailer (no email address either :) who asks - with regard to the National Premier Awards - "Was it fair to drag everyone back through all that to come out with the same thing? And was it the same judges that deliberated the awards as on the night of the event?"
(Ed: I can't answer your questions - I'm a voluntary website provider / editor and also an events volunteer, living in breezy Yorkshire ie about 250 miles / 4hrs 30mins away from the Rock Challenge HQ, and not a member either of UK Rock Challenge or of the Fab Crew.
Please send your questions to the UK Producer ... all the contact details you need are here


Jun 21st 2006

Hope all exams are nearly over or finished and the summer hols are almost upon us. REST WELL because before you know it, it will be... ROCKA TIME 2007!!

Oh noooooooo ... i h8 computers ... msn has signed evri1 out - includin me - and i need to talk to peeps . It's not fair ....arghh
(Ed: and I'm working the website from the laptop today, Jade, because the desktop PC stubbornly refuses to run ... )

A very big well done to the ASHFIELD sew-sew girls for their hard work making all our costumes. See - it WAS worth it !!! (I think it was matching the thread this year that must have swung it for us, and - of course - the way they were modelled ... girls, you were brilliant !

Hi agen !
Lol ... msn is signin evri1 out ..
Emma - how did u shop in leeds for seven hours (bet ya feet wa hurting) ... i've shopped for 5 - it's reli borin
Oh no ... end of yr reports ... wund wat my chances r of it being good? I know i've gt effort 5 in music :)
Anyway, gonna go ... bye - jade (hanson)
ps john - hope ur gd
(Ed: sure am, ma'am ... followspotting for one of Wendy's shows every night this week :)

Heyyy ... vicki *m* here from ashfield!
Best costumes in the UK! Truly deserved!! :)
Go on ashfield!
Well done to all the other schools!

Now i'm away back to packing.. i move house in 8 days and i haven't packed... wooooops
Loads of love - vicki *m*

Well done Hornsea! We rock! Look at the awards we got! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

Well done for receiving three National Premier awards!
Well done to all the other winners and nominees.
Off to see the Lord Mayor tomorrow. Don't be late !

Mrs B xxxxxx

Hiya ! It's sophie here 4m thornton
I cnt believe another year's gon! All i cn say is bring on nxt year, cs thornton r redy 2 win !
Hu keeps sayin "tom 4m thornton's fit?" cs ther r two, n 1 of them is my brother lol!Neway, cya soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WELL DONE TO ALL THE PREM AWARD WINNERS!!! (I jus got the email freww!!!! :)
Jus bn up 2 morrisons 2 get boxes so i can empty my room and decorate :D:D:D!!! It will give me summat 2 do wen am at home... alone... bored :( ... HMPH!!! (Fink i wud raver b in skool!!!) But we did have a nice shoppin trip yest!!! (7hrs shoppin in leeds :D:D:D!!!)
How are all the schools copin wivout rocka?? We ain't gt ne rehearsals bu weneva i go in, the rocka fever is still ther wen peeps talk abou it!!!
Ooooo ... longest summer day 2day :D 21st of june :D! Shame the weva dunt show it :(
No mre typin in the sun atm, john??? (Ed: nope, Emma ... just COOOOOL and breezy :)
Neways, i ope evry1 has a grd summer!!! :D!!
Lv - Emma xxxx(hanson)xxxx

Hello John - hope you are well? (Ed: yes, ma'am :)
I just wanted to ask a quick question about the RC crew pic ... will you be doing the same as last year by making the picture accessible to reveal who's who??
Ness (rockateer) (unwell..with bug!!! ) (Ed: awwww ... and yes, I will ... been rushed with stuff for Wendy's G and S operetta but will get round to it :)

Stuart Fae Peterhead - thanks for your kind words about The Big Issue and the Hornsea Team. Fortunately our prop box was only waiting to be loaded on to our truck when you saw it in the car park at Grimsby, so our performance wasn't "propless" after all!
Hope to see you in 2007 !
(Did I really just say that ?!)
Karen Hylton (LT)

Hello everyone!!
Oooo the xcitement to see who wins the awards !! I'm off work so i can check as soon as they go up!! (Then i'm going shoppin for new clothes!!)
Good luck to all the teams nominated for awards, espesh our great friends at TORRY ! Whoo hooo!!!
A big well done to Hornsea on your healthy schools award, and i wish i could have been there to see "The Big Issue" again!! I loved it at grimsby sooo much!!
(But was it a bit propless this time, as we found the lollipop stick and some umbrellas in the car park at the auditorum ?!! Oopz!!) But yeah - i wish i could see it again ... i've got to get the video somehow ... it's amazin!! (And i have to show marisa!! :) Also uze are such a nice team ... the ppl i spoke to from hornsea (and mrs hylton is lovely too!!!)
We love you hornsea we do, we love you hornsea we do, oi oi oi hornsea we love you!! Hehe
Well, i'll be on latr to check the awards!! Good luck
Stuart (Peterheed / Volunteer)

Earlsheaton Technology's team have notched up a report in the online edition of "Dewsbury Today" of their prowess at both the Bradford event and the Grimsby finals ... you can see it here.


Jun 20th 2006

A huge thanks to all the Hornsea team who made today such a special last performance of "The Big Issue". I know that many of you were very moved as the soundtrack came to a close, especially knowing that it was finally all over.
I guess those of you leaving the team felt it more than most ! You have created such a huge impact on the team this year - probably more that you will ever realise. This year will stay with me for a long time to come.
I am also pleased to report that the school achieved the Healthy Schools Award with flying colours and all the team should feel very proud that they contributed in some way to that success.

It was great to see you, John and Wendy - thanks for your support and encouragement as always.
Kind Regards - Karen Hylton (LT)

Hi There Everyone.
It's been a while since I've been on. Was chillin out since THE BIG WEDDING. Now I'm back from HONEYMOON (although I can't help but think I forgot something or someone! Oh yes ... PEDRO!!!!!) It's not the same when you're on your honeymoon on your own!!!!!! AWWWWW ... feel really sorry for me. lol
THE REAL REASON WHY I CAME ON IS TO WISH ALL THE SCHOOLS GOOD LUCK FOR THE RESULTS TOMORROW. HOPE YOU GET ALL THE AWARDS YOU WISHED FOR. There's one or two I have my eye on for the Ashfield team but let's wait and see what tomorrow brings. Time will tell.

Hi John & Wendy
It was great to see you two ebullient characters still in full swing - fantastic! - and great to hear you are still involved with Rock Challenge, irrepressible as ever!
Ian (National Healthy School Programme Coordinator, East Riding LEA)
Tremendous to see you too, Ian ! Fond memories of the outstanding support you offered to teams taking part in Rock Challenge in its very earliest days in the East Riding of Yorkshire :)
John (Editor)

Hi ! It's daisy here AGEN!! I havn't put a message in for eva so i thought i wud now seein as i hav sum spare time!!
Wt is with the excitement bout cox green school??????????????? I need to know!!
Well, i'm off now to watch the england match against sweden!! COME ON ENGLAND!!
Sees ya l8er !
Bye ... Daisy (hanson) xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox
ps: cnt wait for the meetin on friday ... i wunder wt it is about ????????????
(Ed: don't know about your meeting tomorrow, Daisy, but I'd guess that Cox Green have been talked about so much recently because not only did they do a good routine BUT it's on their website so YOU get the chance to watch too ! Click here to go there :)

Hiya ! Me agen jus doin nolt as usual huh
I cdnt play my rounders match today (las 1 as well) cos i've hurt my leg :(
Stace - tht dress ... it was actually reli bad cos i'm a complete tomboy an i kept on trippin ova it ... i was nerli flat on my face 'cos people kept on standin on the trail ... arghhhhhhhh
Anyway can't stay ... hwk to do
Jade (hanson) xx
ps john - yeah, i play for bradford city women's team n we are ace lol.
pps oh, and stace - gud luk on ya drivin lesson - ul do brill!! Jade x

Heylo! Thought i'd pop up a message to say hello, seein as though it's been a while!
I hope everybody is okay, and everyone's exams are going/went well!! :-D
Woohoooo...first driving lesson on Thursday!
Everyone keep off the roads! Lol! Only joking ! I'm sure i'll be a good driver! Haha.. who am i kidding! (Ed: I'll go for it, Stacey - SURE you'll be a good driver :)
Anyhow, that was just a short and sweet messgage from me today! Places to go, people to see, work to do.. you know how it is!
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx
PS Jade - Glad to hear you had a good Wedding! :-)) I'm sure the dress wasn't half as bad as u make it sound! Hehe! C u around!

Hornsea - thanks for letting me in to your school this morning ! LOVELY to see you all again and the last ever - I guess ? - rehearsal and public performance of your 2006 piece "The Big Issue".
Good Luck with the "Healthy Schools" award.
Best wishes ...
John (Editor :)


Jun 19th 2006

Hi every1 who took part in rock challenge!
I think every1 was brill (especially beckets !!lol!!)
I was in bradford on the 3rd of may and grimsby on the 3rd of june - it was kwl
Thanx to miss rimmer and ms wright and miss davies and miss gosling who helped to put the dance together, and a big thanx to every1 who helped to support us back at school !
Hope to c every1 agen nxt year!!!

Zoe - thomas à becket (well done for comin 2nd!!!)

A very big congrats to Ashfield's Star, Principal, and Head Teacher, all under the guise of Mrs Dinsmore who was awarded the OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List
A very big "Well Done !" You have made us all very proud!!


Jun 18th 2006

Hiya every1 ! It's toni ere from peterheed !
Has any1 from phd got a spare bug i cud hav ? I lost mine :(
Cox Green school's performance was mjk. I just watched the video - well done, guys !!
Hi to all the people i was talkin to from buttershaw
... i mis u al - aaron, kat, danielle, karl n every1 else :)
Well, am awa now ... cya xXx

Hi ! Geoff here
Just wondering why there are no themes up for bournemouth rock challenge 06???
(Ed: because I never received any, Geoff :)

Hiya all
I'm reli bored. The weddin on fri (if anybody at skwl was wunderin where a wa, well i was at the weddin) was actually reli gud apart frm wearing a silly dress. It was ok ... i enjoyed the night do cos i gt to take the dress off after hours of complainin about my sunburn (i dnt get there wasn't even any sun) so after i gt it off and changed into my beloved jeans lol i went an joined in on the party. Dint get home while 1:30 thn (for those who know me i'm absolutely out of my mind, mentalw/e) i gt up the next day at 7:00am to play football lol i luv it.
(Ed: are you in a team, Jade ? :)
Jus lookin out of my messy bedroom window and i can see the delightful british weather..... rain!!
Anyway, got to gooooooo cos i'm jus babblin on :)
Cya ... jade (hanson stage crew) x


Jun 17th 2006

Hey ! It's fernie here.
I just wanted to say that i watched the Cox Green video the other day and thought it was so good. It was very powerful and the soundtrack really added to the sense of the piece. It even had my mum in tears!!
The little child was a very good actor and his arm must have been hurting after holding it up for that long.
I think Driffield needs a soundtrack that's going to get the audience going next year!!
Fernie xxx (driff)

Oh my... WOW!!! Cox Green ... wow ... i was in tears watching your video.
If our school can ever pull of something half as good as that then wow
I'm speechless... amazing!!


Jun 16th 2006

Tom from thornton grammar was hot hot hot

Wahoo!!! Go Hornsea! 6 nominations! That's fantastic!!!!!

Emma:- you give all the encouragement to the girls AND keep vicky sane... how did you make it ? I mean, it's really hard to do that !

Hey archie !
I'm well gutted that this is nearly the end of my last year at this school and i will miss every1, especially my tutor group and Mr McKenzie, also Mrs Buchan (she is ace), Caroline (learning mentor) and Heidi (my learning mentor) who've been by my side helping me and getting me through these past 3 years. I'm gunna miss u guys

I hope 2 be back next year so bye for now ...
Love - colin (archie rocka) x x x x x


Jun 15th 2006

Wow !
Cox Green ... i've finally managed to get ur video to work
I had a little tear ... i'm sure if i'd seen it live i would have been crying me eyes out!!
I love the way the little boy was used ... such a brilliant actor and dancer ... everyone is really good, tho, and the soundtrack is so good (especially the first piece u used - it was beautiful!!)

Seriously, if that was second place, what was first place like?
I particularly liked that it was so simple, and the colour scheme (i love the red balloon!! :)
I'm getting a bit excited but i neva see other schools' Rock Challenges apart from in rehearsals but they're not the same as the night by a long way!!
I can't wait for next yr as hopefully if i volunteer i'll be able to watch some of the show as i've neva seen a Rock Challenge show and i think i should!! I just wish i could go to the South as well!! Maybe one day!!

Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)

WOW!!!!! HORNSEA GOT NOMINATED FOR 6 AWARDS!!! Can't believe it... that's soooooooo good!!!

Hi john ! Charlotte again from st bennies and haven.. u must b sik ov me lol!!
Can juniors enter rok chal? Just wondering :)
(Ed: Primaries can CERTAINLY enter, Charlotte, IF there's a Junior Event that they can get to. In Cumbria next year I assume it's two Senior events because if one was a Junior it would say so on the Calendar, and it doesn't. As always, there has to be funding for a Junior event, and a sufficient number of teams likely to enter it to make it all worthwhile.
In (eg) Grantham, Primaries have "showcased" at the Senior event ... if you have a Primary School in mind that you know would love to try it, then contact Zoie (look at the CONTACTS page for the email :) and you might be lucky

Just watched that video of Cox Green school ... so good..................
Cox Green School - your rock challenge was AMAZING and the standards of yours seem so much better than the northern final ... if you got second i would have loved to have seen who won!
Well done to you guys - it was brilliant !!!!!!!!

Love - jane x x

Stuart from Peterheed ... thank-you!
(Makes us blush :)
Nicola (Cox Green LT)

Those who took part in the Eastbourne Rock Challenge this year may like to know that the "RESPOND" group of teenagers from Hastings (who had been invited to showcase some of their own work at the Rock Challenge) were last week presented with certificates by the High Sheriff of East Sussex and the Lord Mayor of Hastings ... the story is carried here in the online edition of "Hastings Today"
John (Editor)


Jun 14th 2006

WOW ! Just watched Cox Green's rock challenge on their website!! It was really really good!! So dramatic!!! N that set ... it was like part of the dance ... it moved so well it was like one of the dancers, and the things that kept appearin behind the flats ... you couldn't see them comin on stage at all!! Wow!!
The people that were the weapons n causin the fire n destruction ... their hair and make-up was amazin, and their costumes were so clever the way they came off!! Well done!! I loved it !!
And so dramatic at the end, n that little boy was really really good ... makes u want to cry!! Aawww ...

Stuart (Peterheed/ volunteer)

To the lovely anonymous Bennies and Havener:- comments like that mean an awful lot to the Cox Green team and THANK YOU!!
Nicola (LT :)

Oh WOW!!! I did not realise that Baysgarth had been nominated for a premier award for 2006 - what a surprise!!! 2006 Best Concept Originality would be a great achievement, particularly as we came home empty-handed!!! Hope we get it !!! (But may the best schools win!!! :)
All the very best of luck to any school nominated for an award!!! We should all be privileged to be up for the awards anyway - an achievement in itself, I say!!
Looking forward to next year, when my sister will be joining us for her first time as a year 7!!! Where does time go???
All the very best to every school who took part this year ... I hope we get one award from the competition ... 2006 best concept would be fab!!!
See ya all soon...
Jack D (Baysgarth Superheroes, back to knock you flying next year!!!)

Congrats to Bennies and Whitehaven for the nominations ! See, every cloud...
Had to give me "Why i wanna be head boy" speech today.. essh. I'll be ok
Let's Go, Cockermouth....!!!!!!!! 2007 is our year !

Hi every1 ! It's me agen
My exams r goin ok - betta than i thort! Maths last week was a bit dodgy but apart frm that it's all pretty gud! Can't w8 til next week wen i finish dem all! Only french, drama, n media left!! (Don't know wot i'm gonna do with all my spare time afterwards! :)
Hi 2 all ma m8s frm all of da different various skools!!!
Bye 4 now ... rachael

OH MY GOSH!! How fabulous is cox green school's performance ! It is by far the most fantastic performance i have ever seen in my 5 years as a rock challenger!!
Bennies n Havener

Hey everyone!!
YAY - we got 2 nominations ! Even if we don't win, i think that's great ! (It makes me feel v special, lol!!)
I hope everyone's exams have gone - and are going - ok!!
I've done 3 and i've got 4 more!! I've had my longest 3 hour ones now so it's great!!
Is everyone enjoying the world cup? I am ... normally i don't really like football that much but there's something about the world cup!!
Anyway, cheers for the nominations, judges, hehe!! (Who decides who wins now???)
Have fun everyone, and all those who've finished their exams - make sure you all enjoy your hols!!

Love - Roxy from Driff

Oh gosh ... I've just been re-living one of my own personal highlights of this year's tour ... Cox Green School have put their 2006 performance on their school website ... you'll need broadband ...
Ahhh ... nostalgia, eh ?
John (Editor)

Heya Guys
Ahhhhh ... Everything's ending ...
Exams - Yay !
Rock Challenge - NOOOOOOOO !!
The Isle of Wight Festival - sooooooooo amazing ... Coldplay ROCKED !

Bring on 2007 and maybe we can see Cowes on that Premier Awards list * fingers crossed *
Can't wait till next year ... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !

Cya Guys real soon
Lauren (COWES)

Why can i not see nominations?????
(Ed: I haven't a CLUE, oh anonymous one ... perhaps the page was cached in your browser - have you clicked the "Refresh" button while connected to the page ? Sorry but that's all I can presently think of ... I've tested it in Firefox, Explorer 6, Mozilla and Opera and it worked OK in all of them.) Heyyy !!! Vicki *M* here from ashfield!!
5 nominations outa 14 ... that is so brilliant - well done us!! So chuffed! Thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooo !!!
We watched our rock challenge in front of assembly this morning ... i was near crying my eyes out, was sooo exciting. Every1 did amazin, girlies - all so proud!

Loveee - vicki *m*

Thank you very much for the replies re South Downs' music ! Have got it now - soooo gd!
Ta very muchly !
Stampy xxx

OMG ! EXAMS R OVA!!! :D:D:D:D!!! I jus got bak frm my last exam (science)!!! Ony dwnside 2 it is we walked home in the rain :@! Hmph! All the nice weva wa in the week we had the most exams!!! Well, it shud get betta soon!! (Fingas and toes crossed!!!)
Hw have all the yrs 11s found the exams??? :S (It wud b interestin 2 no ova peeps' opinions cz i dint find em 2 bad :S:S:S!!! :)
Ooooooooo ... award nominations goin up midday 2day!!! Grd luk 2 all the schools hopin 2 b on th list :D:D:D!!!!
OMG i ain't got nwt 2 do nw !!! :( (Ah well b in school at lunch!!! :)
Still sunny wer u r john???? (i was actually cold 2day :S) (Ed: same here, Emma ... rain most of yesterday after around 3pm and still totally cloudy now (but dry so far, though colder :))
Lv - Emma xxxxxxxx(hanson)xxxxxxxxx

Morning! Thought I best put a message on now, seein as though it's back to school tomorrow, which means I will have even less free time than usual! Oh well, the joys of 6th Form!
Had my interview yesterday ... and luckily they're willing to keep me on! Hehe! (Don't think they could cope without me! Well defo know some wouldn't! Haha!)
Woohooo..looking forward to being back!! Especially now we have the return of the Great British weather...RAIN! :-((
Wow... how long until midday?! Lol! The awards! Good Luck to all! :-D
Right, i'll be off! Going into school to drop in on my 2nd home! Lol!
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx

Hello all
Further to other messages, South Downs used two Nina Simone tracks in their soundtrack, The first is called "I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free" and the second is "Sinnerman", both great songs from the fantastic "Very Best of Nina Simone" album.
All the best ... Tim


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