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Jun 13th 2006

Hi there ! Just a quick reply to Stampy's message ... the music South Downs College used was Nina Simone "Windmills of Your Mind" ... hope this helps ?
Ness (Rockateer)

Hey ! It's flic from south downs
In reply to Stampy's msg
, our sound track was two nina simone songs and of course the speech of good old legend martin luther king. Sorry i don't know the titles of the songs but hopefully that was some help hehehe.
Can't wait for next year's rocky to start! I'm definitely voluteering again - it was brill and i'd defo recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it ! There is nothing better out there - just jump up on stage and let loose!!!!
C'mon 2007 - i'm in THE RIGHT TYPE OF MOOD !!!!!!!!!!

Flic xxxxxxxxxx

The nominated teams for the recently-announced "National Premier Awards" will be listed here on the website at midday tomorrow ... see you here ... :)
John (Editor ... in the rain ...)

Hey to all, n well done to all for beein great at rock challenge's last week
I sat and watched some of the schools performances on video at school the other day and everyone looks so good on stage, i must admit
Well done again !
Love - jane (drifffield) x xx

Hey !
I was just wondering what the music from South Downs College piece was from the Southern Premier Final... I know I'm a bit slow, but was thinking about it the other day and it is really starting to bug me!!!
Thanks !
Stampy xx
(Ed: any South Downers out there who know ? :)


Jun 12th 2006

Well dun 2 all da skewls agen ! U all rocked n was great watchin u all!
Especially well dun 2 every1 @ archie ... luff ya all ldz

Sorri i cnt make da party (not dat ne1 will notice lol)
Bibi ... jodie (x-archie pupil) :'(

Hello All! Just thought i'd pop on and put up a message...again!! Hehe!
It's really quite warm still even though it's 22.36! We've even resorted to having fans around the house! It's a shame they don't colour co-ordinate with the decor... Hehe!
Wow... just finished reading about the "Premier Awards"!! I'm probably a step or two behind, though, but hey! Lol.
Well... don't really have much to say tonight... probably due to the lack of sleep i've had and the tendency i'm having to falling asleep at the keys!
So on that note, i'll be off!
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx
(Ed: not YOU as well falling asleep over the keyboard as well as me, Stace ? Sheesh ... :)

I know it's been ages bt we all miss rocka so much.
Bournemouth heats were amazing!! This was my third year - next will be our last as we're going into 2nd year of 6th form.
Gonna miss taff spam siany and miky!
Shakin our booties won't be the same without you!!
We're gonna win next year to show miss otton wot she's missing ... can't believe ur leaving us ... ur such an inspiration.
All the schools rocked and each deserved the awards they gt, speshly looe ! Wahey - congratulations!
Btec dance has been amazing and i can't believe everything is over. Rock challenge was the perfect ending to our last year together!!

Despite our lighting mucking up, we still rocked and will b bak nxt year stronger thn ever!! For all those entering bournemouth next year all we gta say is bring it!!!
Love y'all x.x.x.x.x.x. oakmead

Hi! It's me (daisy), jade and em in science in the library !!! Thought we'd say hi so "Hi !!!"
Cnt wait til nxt yr (even tho there appears to be sum ppl who want to do it that we don't !!! :D:D:D:D)
Bye 4 now ... daisy, jade, and em xoxoxoxoxoxo (hanson baby rockers!!!!)

Soo Now Rocka's Over For Another Year =[
I Enjoyed It Soo Much nd Can't Wait Till Next Year.. Well Done To All Schools That Participated Throughout This Year's Rocka!
Can't Wait Till The Southern Premiership Finals 2007 (Portsmouth) - Come On Miltoncross !

Lewii (MX)

Alright, guys ... this is probably the last chance i'll get to post a message before i go for my shoulder operation tomorrow morning (it's my other shoulder ... not the shoulder i've already had done)
It's just so unfortunate that i have to have 5 weeks off work throughout the world cup ... as you can imagine, i'm devastated ;-)
Oh well ... better crack on with my last day of work
Well done, everyone, for an awesome tour
Jonny (Buttershaw / Volunteer / ASM in 2007)
(Ed: good luck tomorrow and afterwards, Jonny)


Jun 11th 2006

Hello folks !
Was yesterday a stunning performance by England against Paraguay ? Only you can say :)
However, I CAN report a stunning performance by the UK Rock Challenge Team, for they've just announced THE UK 2006 ROCK CHALLENGE PREMIER AWARDS scheme !!
You can read all about it here :)

Heyyyy !
I fink the new awards aaaaaace! It will b interestin 2 c who wins wot! But as evry1 keeps sayin IT'S THE TAKING PART THAT COUNTS!!! No1 shud 4get tha!!!!
Wowowow - the debate's bn ace! I agree wiv stuart - wot's the next topic????
Oooooooo ... evry1 watch the match on sat???? Nice safe win 4 england!!! Bring on the next match!!!
Hw is evry1 enjoyin the sunshine???? I ony gt 2 exams leftt sooooo i'm hopin the weva keeps up!!! Get a nice tan (afta the redness :(((
Grd luk 2 all yr11s wiv 2mora's maths!!!! Hpe tis nice n easy lololol
Stace -
i want gossip!!!!
I wnt b in skool at lunch nw until wed 4 singin!!!! Sooo i will need 2 catch up wiv gosss!! (I ope we can get 30 peeps 4 the trip!!!!!!!)
Cnt believe rocka is alllll ova 4 now !!! 'Tis weirddd!!! Bt it will soon b nxt yr!!! Quicker than we fink!!! lol!!!
Ah well ... c u guys nxt yr!!!

Lv - Emma xxxx(hanson)xxxxx

Hey ppl!!! It's jo from lytchett minster school
Had a great time in portsmouth on the 11th may ... it was an amazing day, full of energy!

Just like to say stuart (aka Ruddy) - you are reli good lookin and a good laugh hehe, and i think a lot of other girls from the other schools thought that too.
Cox Green - u made the changing room a laugh, n ur performance was amazing ... it was a very moving and emotional piece.
The rock challenge crew - you're all a great laugh and i love doing all the dances
lol. I hope u haven't forgotten our rubber chicken we do every year !
Well, i'm off now ... c y'all next year for more amazing performances n Good Luck to everyone in 2007 :)
Jojo xxxx

Hello! I don't seem to have posted a message for a while, so this may be the most appropriate time ... when i'm turning into a lobster...after spending far too much time in the sun! Hehe. Ooops! :-))
Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather that we very rarely manage to see for longer than what...errm ... a day! Lol! But now we've been lucky enough to get a whole week!!
Can't believe another year of Rocka has actually passed us by... doesn't seem two minutes since we were at Bradford!!
Hmmm...back at school as of Thursday... A2, here we come! Lol! Looking forward to going back to be honest!
( Plus I'm sure everyone is looking forward to having me back, hehe!)
Well, i'd best be off!!
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx
PS Hey John! Hope ur okay!
(Ed: unusually, I'm actually ENJOYING the heat for once ... don't usually ! Been watching a rehearsal of Act 1 of a thing Wendy's directing this afty, and now I'm dealing with messages then grabbing something to eat THEN - finally - starting on the 1997 and 1998 Results Pages ... always bang up-todate on THIS website, ain't I :))

Hello !
Wow ! Just read about the national prem awards!! That's a really cool idea!! Everyone got something to get excited about again!! Whoo hooo!! Can't wait to hear the nominations and then the results!!
Yesterday i was down in Edinburgh at this huge Christian Concert! There was loads n loads of ppl there and heeps of huge bands playin!! When we was all waitin to go in there was a dj on a wee stage and he was like "We need dancers !" so i went forward and started dancin and going crazy and then he picked 4 ppl to go on stage at night ... and i was picked whoo hoo!!
Then at night we went onto the HUGE stage in front of over 6500 people (it was like crazy - u couldn't see the back of the crowd, just a sea of ppl) and i had to dance myself - i went crazy and i won the dance-off!!! Whoo hoo!! It waz crazy ... all these ppl cheerin "GO STU !" ... random ppl i didn't know!! I felt famous!! lol (And the concert was recorded for the God Channel, so i might even be on sky!! Whoo hoo!! My 5 mins of fame!!

Stuart (Peterheed / volunteer)

I agree with liz from Cowes High... performing arts is a harsh industry and although Rock Challenge is about meeting new friends and having fun, it also is a competition. I agree with roxy from driff too, because people can often be heard in the auditorium commenting on performances when watching other schools rehearse. I think people should praise each other for their success, rather than being jealous of another school.


Jun 10th 2006

Hi guys !
Just a heads-up ... I'll be bringing the "Comments please" debate to an end at the end on Sunday night ... huge thanks to the contributors so far for the thought you've put into your responses (You're great - I expected nothing less :))
John (Editor)

WOOOWWW WEEE!!! Jus got the message bout the prem nominations ... I may have to read the email again cos i'm slightly confused :S but i've probly skipped lines of it as i jump off my seat a bit excited!! How kool is that ?!
Woohoo ! Go Rock Challenge! :D

(Let's hope this is new and i've not lost my memory heehee !)
Lots and lots of luv! Christine (Ashfield !)

Hi all !
OMG ... it's been absolutely aaaages since i have written on here!!
I just wanted to comment on the debate going on regarding the special awards. My old school King Richards have been in rocka since the very beginning in 1996, and 9 times out of 10 we usually got placed (hence our being in the southern prem) yet this year we did not get placed in the finals, and did not get an award either!
Although some of the team were initially upset about this, they soon came to understand that rock challenge is about sooo much more than an award! There are not that many people who can say they have danced in front of thousands of their friends and family on a professional stage! The whole experience is much more rewarding then a piece of paper that says you had the best set, best costume etc. Don't get me wrong - it's GREAT when you receive an award, but wouldn't it feel soo much better knowing that u got it because u did truly have the best set, rather then because u didn't have any awards so to make u feel better u get a random one, which isn't because of the hard work but because of sympathy! I know which i would rather. If you are recieving rewards out of sympathy, then you dont know what to work on next time is the way i see it.

As a dedicated rocka since 1997, i was upset to find out that KRS were retiring this year from the competition due to the demand for more in-house productions at the school, but i now can't wait until i finish my dance degree and start teaching so that i can introduce another school to the competition, using all my experience that i have gained from the amazing Tod over the years. I know my dad (who builds kr's sets) is just as upset but don't worry, dad - i have big plans for the future lol.
Neways, enough of me blabbering on ... i need to get on researching for my dissertation ... ahhhhh!
Love to all, a "Hi !" to all KRS students, and good luck to the BTEC girlies who are taking their GCSEs ... i'll miss the classes with u guys when u go :(

Love - Tights and Tutus - Kat Nutland XxX
ps well done lloyd and southdowns ! I loved your performance ! It reminded me so much of my south downs days ... it was total lloyd style lol :)
(Ed: great to hear from you again, Kat !
Say "Hi !" to your Dad from me, will you ? I know how much he liked building Rocka sets for KR ... hope you succeed in finding him an exciting alternative, otherwise he'll just have to hit the dreaded M25 etc more often again in the drive to jobs

Hi There One and All !
On the theme of team spirit ... just popped on to say GOOD LUCK ENGLAND for today's match.

Hi folks !

It's open to all members of the team and stage crew only as it is a big "Congratulations !" to you guys (though those of you in the team who have French students are welcome to bring those along with you.)

Friends of Rock Challenge Committee.

Just to make it clear what i meant in my original message!! Rite now i couldn't care less about the awards ... like everyone's saying, it's just people's opinions and i'm so proud of Driff School and all they've achieved while i've bin there and in the Rock Challenge! My only concern is that the attitudes of many of the competitors (from Driffield as well) is changing and not for the better!!
This year some people were so focused on winning in the Driff team that it made it less fun. I just wanted to have a laugh like i always do but with that constant focus on "We have to win" it made it no fun, with people arguing constantly!! Yeah, of course i did want to win too, but it wasn't the thing i wanted most!! I love Rock Challenge and i think it's great! The things i look forward to most are the production meetings cos they are so much fun - you can be such a big kid (which is great !) - and also bein on stage as i love performing! I hate the results bit of the day ... you just get so tense and upset and generally just feel pretty sick ... it's just not as fun as the rest of it!!
To conclude my little rant there, i just think the fun and excitement and buzz (not provided by drugs) needs to go back into Rock Challenge, cos it is still there but not to the extent it used to be, and if we want Rock Challenge to grow then we've got make it as fun and as friendly as we can!!
Love - Roxy from Driff

I think wot Liz (Cowes) said about the placing and awards being more for the people not in rock challenge is quite true.
If you participate in rock challenge then you understand it's about sooooo much more and at the end of the day it is nice to win but your final placing and awards aren't that important when you have had such a great day and had the experience of performin in a professional venue in front of a sell-out audience and got that NATURAL HIGH!!!
However the "outsiders" (soz but i couldn't think of another word) don't experience this, and to them the placings are a way of summin up how good the skls are. When i came home i got the "So how did they do?" "Wot place did they come in?" from everyone and when I said they came 6th everyone was like "Oh :(" cuz we got 2nd in the 2004 open) but the team members all had a brilliant time and enjoyed it soooo much ... it was like soooo much fun n that's wot counts!!
The "outsiders" just don't see wot goes on behind a rock challenge day ... they just see the night where the skls are competin for a place!! That was a good point, Liz!!
The message page is fairly buzzing, john, eh ? And you're keepin up well like usual wi ur peer wee fingers!!! Wot's next for discussion? I love this!! Hehe
Stuart (Peterheed/ volunteer)

Hello ! Just thought i would add my little bit to debate that is ongoing on the website. As the debate looks like it is relating to the northern finals in particular, being in the finals is an award in itself, as you fought off the competition in your preliminary rounds and as 99% of the schools competing won awards in their heats those of you in the finals were bound to have won an award at some point this year. The premier schools achieved awards of excellence in their showcase performances. It's the taking part and having fun that counts - awards are added bonuses.


Jun 9th 2006

Hey guys!
I just wanted to say that Roxy won't have meant any harm or offence with her original comments about the special awards or the split between open and prem having an effect on the communications between schools at the final! The message (as i see it) is that she felt - as i do - that we did deserve an award and that after the success Driffield School is known for, it was a shock and a disappointment to leave with no reward for this. However, NONE of us felt we left with "nothing" and as i was the member of our team who cried the most on that fateful night i think i'm a safe opinion to go by!! Like i've said before, all the schools were brilliant and yes, they did deserve what they got!
Rock Challenge is a fantastic event and personally i came into it at the best time. I became part of the team in Year 9 which was 2003 .... the year DRIFFIELD WON! It was brilliant (i was Jesse from Toy Story!!) For me it's got harder every year seeing Driff fall lower, but taking part in the event is always such fun.... however i back the point on the change in friendliness between schools!! In my first two years i met so many people - some i still write to n txt etc - but iv literally met no-one since the split into open and prem! Anyways...not to dwell!
You really are all brilliant, in both open and prem leagues. Well done for the work you put on every year, and let's never feel we'v left with "nothin" as this will never be the case...... the first time it is i feel this would be the end of Rock Challenge!
Thanks to all the Rocka crew for another BRILL year and i hope to see u next yr, guys!
Love - Jen Jen (DRIFF!!)

Hey Every1!!!
Well done to all the skools that took part in the premier finals!!!
Well done 2 archie!!!
I got 1 o ur tops!!! lmao!!!
Smiler n dan (gargoyles!) uz r legends !!!
I can't w8 till nxt yr!!! I had sooo much fun n i hope nxt time will b even beta!!! Cyaz ther!!!

Luv - kirsty (the french poodle-walker 4rm Torry Acad!!!! LOL!!!) ~ xxxXXXxxx~

OMG! Can't believe evry1's arguin over awards nd stuff cause at da end ov da day it's da takin part dat counts. Dnt get me wrong - i mean it feels gr8 to win, bt rock challenge is about meetin new friends nd experiencin new stuff!!! (End ov big speech)
Meanwhile ...
Hey hey hey ! Can't wait till our party - it's gonna be propa funni WAHUU!!!
Can't wait to see da yr 11s agen - missed ya all loads - nd am alredy buzzin 4 next year's rock challenge !

Anyways, am goin now lol xx
-:*:-rachael-:*:- <<<(From ARCHIE)

Hi every1 - it's us agen!
Well, we've finali finished r week of exams! Only 5 more left 2 do!!! Den we can relax, n in july go 2 paris!!! Shud b wel gud!
Luvd rock challenge this yr - it was gr8! Agen a huge wel dun 2 all da skools!
About da debate - we think those who deserve da awards, clearly shud get dem. Those who got dem - CONGRATULATIONS! However, we do think every skool deserves at least 1 award ... it's not reali a "pity" award cos every1 wrks der socks off! Understand it gives u da encouragement 2 come bck da nxt yr betta dan eva, but it's stil unfair.
A big hello 2 all r m8s - vicki (dont 4get me (rachael) do u remember me?), robyn, jen, lotti!
Hello 2 naomi, n rebecca - happy birthday!
C ya all l8a ... luv frm rachael n sarah

Blimey! Someone get Lauren from Cowes and Katie D a chair and a nice cup of tea! :o)
It's nice to see Rocka inspiring so much passion in people and most of you put your views across very well. That just goes to show how much you guys care about Rock Challenge so it's good to see.
I don't think any debate would see the end to special awards so you don't have to worry about that but as most of the comments seem to be against the sharing of awards, you guys could change the shape of the way they are awarded in the future by making your opinions known. Everyone's opinion is very interesting so make sure you get your two cents in before Sunday!
As this debate seems to have come from those performing in the finals: here I go with the old man bit "When i was a boy ..." and we got through to the rocka finals we were so honoured to be at the finals that we didn't care about winning anything else. We were just so happy to be there and we had our awards from the heats anyway. People talk about coming away with nothing but a lot of people will never get to perform on a stage in a big theatre in front of a live audience. THE DRUG FREE HIGH!
Also Davy from Peterhead - check your team's results and you will have a backstage crew judging sheet with all the criteria on there. It's a very simple "scores out of 10" system, including safety, communication, efficiency etc etc
Dan (Rocka ASM)

Well done to everyone who took part this year. I went on the 27th April.
Bridgemary, you were amazin and deserved to win. The grange were good too - i thought you should have been ranked higher.
I loved every minute of the rock challenge and can't wait till next year.

Hello there!
I have been following the debate regarding the prizes and awards with some interest. Couldn't keep quiet for ever, so here's my contribution:

As many of my students will testify, I am extremely competitive, in all aspects of life (not just Rocka). When I first started doing Rock Challenge, I thought that the awards were important; they certainly look that way from "the outside". However, before we even got to the heats (this was before the Open/Prem split) I had completely changed my opinion. I was so proud of what my students were achieving, the learning that was happening, the quality and integrity of the project and the life skills that were being gained as a result of the project, I didn't give a damn about the awards. That said, it is somewhat reassuring when the judges (people we look up to as experts and professionals) agree with our view of the piece, and present awards.

Over the years, Cowes High has had mixed success - often doing well in the heats and then getting absolutely NOTHING in the Finals. It just makes you strive to improve. And I'm sorry to say it, but the circumstances of Rock Challenge and the awards / placings is good prep for reality. It is harsh and it does hurt, but get used to it, guys, because the real world (especially in the field of performing arts) is even more brutal. And I think competition is healthy. We do another project (Shakespeare Schools Festival) which is great, but resolutely non-competitive. And that is a let-down in a different way.

Pressure is put on the participants from all angles, because in the culture we have, everything needs to be measurable - "What did you win?" "Where were you placed?" We had all sorts of people trying to make us commit to "we will win this year", or "we will do better than X school". No way! It's the things that you can't measure that are important in this project. Maybe, in a strange way, the awards aren't for the benefit of the people who participate, but those who don't - the audience, the kids not involved, the parents etc., because they don't get to have the day that we do, don't feel what is like to perform in those venues, don't experience the 'buzz' that we have.

And if it was a choice, i know which one I would want!

People will always have opinions, and disagree and feel left out and disappointed. But it is a whole lot worse if you go to the Heats intending to win. If you believe in your "product" and value it for the experience it has given you, that is enough. Awards are a bonus. Cowes doesn't "go to win", although we are honest enough to say it would be nice. We go to try new forms and styles, to experiment, to try to drive forward, to subvert the "accepted" way of doing things, to be brave. Soemtimes it works, often it doesn't. My colleague often says "stepping off the cliff is essential. It doesn't matter if you fall flat on your face, or fly. The important bit is the step", and this applies as much to Rocka as everything else.

There you go! Maybe some new points to discuss? (And if you really want to get upset about something, try the debate about schools being judged on just ONE headline number (the A* to C GCSE pass rate) as a measure of how good/ successful/ valuable they are. Now that IS wrong !!

I have to get off my soapbox and have a cuppa now!
Cheers - Liz (Liaison Teacher, Cowes High School)

Heyhey ;D
Well dun 2 evry1 at grimsby !
Keep ur spiritz up, evry1 at baysy. We r gonna rok nxt yr.. juss u w8 :)


To all sl's - well done on saturday and all the crew ARCHIE!!! I can't believe we won - go ARCHIE!!! I couldn't come because i were in hospital - sos, miss buchan lol
Channy {go archie}

Well done to all the schools at rock challenge - i can't wait for next year !
Well done to miss buchan for putting all her effort in for ARCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hiya every1 ! We r in maths now ... having soooooo much fun lol!!!
Can't wait till next year :D
Luv y'all ... lois, steph n daisy (hanson)

Hey all :D
Please put the spirit bk into rocka because this is r fifth yr goin in2 rocka !
We have loved evry single second of it sooo keep the old days goin and just enjoy it. We know evry1 likes 2 win but at the end of the day it's the experience .....

Love - kelsey & sarah-jane XXXXXXXX (ashfield performers)

When Rock Challenge first started, which schools were involved and what were the results? When did it split into north and south? When did the awards actually get introduced?
All i know is what i know about Driff ... we started in 2nd year and won in either our 2nd or 3rd year (not sure which) but i was intrigued about other schools ?
Do you have any info, John?
Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)
Well, Roxy ... 1996 was pretty much Hampshire only and at Portsmouth (one event). Us folk in the North had never heard of it / didn't know of its existence.
In 1997 there were 7 events in the south, and it was also introduced to the north at Bradford and Hull (where it was held at the New Theatre but no Hull schools took part ... all East Riding only.)
The special awards were certainly there in 1997 ... I don't know about 1996 but I would guess they were there too ...
Sadly, you have reminded me of a VERY long-overdue job ... I actually HAVE the 1997 AND 1998 results but have never put them on the website ... aarrrrgggghhh :((
Give me till the end of Sunday to do that if you can ... I'm flat out with something else at the mo ...
John (Editor)


Jun 8th 2006 (36 messages)


It has been brought to our attention that a lot of schools entered into the Northern Region Premier Final have expressed concerns over the no-smoking rule having been broken without any penalty administered. We would like to clarify this situation and dispel the rumours that seem to be circulating.

During the evening performance, two schools came to us separately, both with students having observed "young people" wearing team tee-shirts smoking outside the front of the venue before the show. These concerns were investigated and it was discovered that those seen smoking were not members of the team, but were in fact members of the public audience who had purchased team tee-shirts to support their team. As the rules of the competition apply only to members of the team, no penalty was dispensed.

Although this is a unique situation, to stop it happening again we ask that if a school's supporters attending in the evening are intending to wear team tee-shirts then the school please enforces the fact that they must not smoke etc during the evening to prevent any confusion. This is already stated in the script at every show, where we ask that all audience members respect the ethos of the event by working to the same rules at the participants.


Hi Grace - it is a base budget of £1000 PLUS an extra £10 a head on costumes, although i think they might be changing the costume limits for 2007 because it's been the same for ages and is not enough. We'll get to know when the new production books come out. (Can anyone tell us when that is, BTW ???)
Claire (Peterhead Ex-Student Liaison :( )

Hello everyone ! Ain't rote for a while.
Whooooooaaaaahhhhh .. wot's going on wit all dis conflict ... I mean ... come on ... rocka is about meeting new friends n having a gd time ... remember dat ????
Still can't believe we won after all dis time ! We really did deserve it dis year (no offence to other schools as u were all fantastic in ur own special ways - we all was) but Archie reli did roc the night away
Can't wait for next yr, and the party ... can't believe wot we are doing but I best not say anything cuz I think itís a secret lol xx he he
Big loves from chantelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi evry1
Bin readin all th msgs n i totally agree that the school who earned the award should receive it. It shouldn't b fixed or given as "guilt" ... yeah, it's harsh, it's happnd 2 us, bt uv always gt nx yr. If u dnt gt an award u know wt u have 2 improve and u know ur competition!
It wud b unfair if the team tht had earned th award or 1st place didn't get it!
I also wudn't agree if the judges gave it 2 sum1 else bcoz it has 2 b "sum1 else's turn". If ur th best ur th best - end of!
amy x

I concur with everyone's comments on the "Sympathy award" idea. If awards are prizes for excellence, then they should be earned accordingly. Since heading the lighting front for my school I have put in many an effort into the script and training the team's follow-spotters. As with any branch of a Rocka team, the lighting team of course pursues the relevant award. Not winning an award inspires you further and gives you much more ideas to make next year's show better than the last. It's a brilliant motivator. Winning these awards gives an incredible morale boost (as anyone in Rocka would tell you) and the buzz you get out of winning it is near unbeatable. I was ecstatic, knowing that my follow-spotters and I were recognised for our achievements.
Meeting new people from other schools and having fun in the day's moshes also makes Rocka what it is. Rocka often gives even the quietest person the opportunity to be really loud and enjoy themselves.
Soooo, that's another fun-filled year of Rocka, and roll on the next! May I finally add my congratulations to everyone who participated in the finals. For those who were greeted by the latest invasion of bugs, take care of them! Their blue friends have travelled far and wide and so should these bright-minded folks!
See you all soon!

Steven (Peterhead Lighting Manager)

As much as these messages are good to read, everyone seems to have forgotten 1 thing..............
xxxxxxx Waiting to hear from you all - Sparkle xxxxxxxx

Hey to Beth from Thornton ! You said you wouldn't want to be in any other team ... but if you were at ASHFIELD you would still prob say that you wouldn't wana be in any other school cuz as everyone can prob tell, Ashfield work as 1 big team who are friendly and help each other out and it shows with all the good results at the end!! (Well done girls!!)
From Sarah, an x-member xoxo

OMG ... i'm so excited bout next rock challenge ! It's gonna be amazing ! We've got an idea already and we will soon be rehearsing !
I had so much fun this year - it was great !
See ya next year in the finals

Well done to everyone in the premier final ! Every school was fab!
Well done to archie !

We did fab, guys! Hornsea oi oi oi!
This was my first-ever rock challenge and i loved every min of it! Thnkz so much to mrs hylton, stage crew, dancers... well everyone! Well done !!
Emily from hornsea xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi !
I just want to know if there is a limit on how much you spend on your performance ... we want to start fundraising but don't know our target. If there is then please could you email me and let me know ? Thank-you !
(Ed: there is, Grace, but I've forgotten how much ... anyone else remember the figure / got their Production Book handy ? (It's in the Production Book your LT has, by the way ... :)

Think there is a bit of confusion between Roxy (driff) n Matt (archie) ... let's try help clear it up. The year Matt was speakin about was 2002 when Archie walked away from the finals with nothin ... no awards, no place ... nothing. So too did peterhead that year!!
Roxy actually meant 2003, when driffield won and there were no special awards except best stagecrew, so only the winnin 3 skls walked away with a placin and the skl that got best stagecrew happened to be Hornsea who also got 2nd place, so 7 of the 10 schools that year walked away with "nothin"!!
But no-one really walks away with "nothing" !! You walk away havin had the most fun day of ur life and full of xcitement and promises to keep in touch with new friends etc!! Anyone who can say they walk away from a rock challenge day with NOTHING has totally missed the point - end of story!! :)
Hope the comments keep comin in, ppl!! This debate is good!!
Stuart (peterheed / volunteer)
PS Hello to Christine from ashfield ! Get my msn from vickie!!

Sorry Matt - i was wrong - it was 2003 when there were no awards. Got mixed up ... sorry!!
Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)

Hey ! It's the ST.L crew again !
Wud sum1 plz tell us hu the boy in the blue FCUK top hu helped us lifting r set is??
N btw, all the other skools wer totally amazin !
Thanks, peterhead, for those wee bugg things ! They wer cute!
TTYL ... see u all next year!:):)

Re "Comments please, folks !"
Hiya !
I have been reading the debate about the awards and i feel that way too much of a big deal is being made out of it all. As Dan said, the only Award the Rocka Crew get a say in is the Best Backstage Crew award ... the rest is based on the opinions of the judges and who the judges feel are the best in each category. EVERYBODY has their own OPINION on who is the BEST and the school that comes first ISN'T necessarily the best in EVERY category. Every Performance that takes place is fantastic and ALL have aspects that stand out as being good.
I don't think that all this talk about Sympathy Awards is doing anything for anyone ... everybody talking about it is just making some people feel devalued and that they weren't as good as the could have been. As long as on the night you in yourself feel that you have been the best you could have possibly been then who cares, thats all that matters.
I can't stand people saying things like "i hate it when schools get awards they don't deserve" !!! In YOUR opinion they weren't the best. In YOUR opinion somebody else should have got it. What right have you got to slate schools because they got awards ? It isn't fair on the schools that did and can't do much for their self-esteem and confidence.
In the Premier Finals last year, my school (Cowes) came away with nothing and were relegated but it never stopped us coming back bigger and better and now look at us - we came 2nd in the open finals and are back in the premier league.
Sorry, but all that needed to be said !
Lauren (Cowes High School) x x

All schools deserve at least 1 award cos a lot of da skools deserve a lot of da awards but dont get awarded em!

You guys are all hilarious having a debate over awards and prizes! If Rock Challenge is about a so-called be your best performance and achieving things for yourself and meeting new people and having loads of fun etc, then please tell me why the hell do you award schools with awards and 1st 2nd and 3rd! It's an awful way to end the day!!!!!!!!
If you ask every member of RC what Rockers is all about, i bet the word COMPETITION comes into the definitions somewhere! Basically you're all hypocrites on this website - INCLUDING ME! :))
Katie D

The ashfield bus is comin, n all da england skuls r runnin !!
(Y r my messages nt gettin sent 2 da pge ?)

Hey guys !
John, it's lovely to put a name to a face - i had no idea it was you waving at us on the buses as we left! Thanks for waving to us - put a smile on our faces !
Just a quick comment on the on-going debate. . .i don't really think it is fair if the awards are shared out even if someone doesn't have the best of something. . it's taking it away from another school. But, i also agree it is gutting when you walk away with nothing. Maybe even more awards should be introduced so the chances of winning one is increased :O lol !! (But if a team deserves a prize, they'll get one hopefully.)
All these messages seem to be about the premier finals -well done guys- and not the open finals. I couldn't be there for the Premiers but i'm sure it was fab. Hard luck to our fellow Cumbrians St Bennies and Whitehaven.
Well done to everyone! I felt honoured to meet Rolf Harris! The sets were amazing. Well done to Stainburn. It was a mass shame about the technical difficulties, but the rest of it must have been brilliant because we got 5th!! Whooo!
Best get back to revision now


Hiya everyone! It's Beth from Thornton
Well done to all the other schools but - no offence - there int ne other school thn thornton i wud rather b in. Everyone is so friendly with each other n we all help each other out.
I watched the video of our performance today n all i cud do was cry ... our performance was perfect and in time ... i've never seen nefin like it n am not jus sayin it cos i was in it - it was actually the best i'd seen.
Danika, i know ur proud of us ... i'm proud of YOU and i'd like t give u a massive thnx cos i think tht ur choregoraphy is the best of the whole rock challenge and i think we deserved to be rewarded like top 3 not sixth.
Anyway next year wer gonna kick some booty and show everyone how it's done, aren't we guys
Love ya all and thnk u all so much, spesh miss cowley and danika
xxxx beth xxxx

Every1 was great at grimsby
Big hello t the lases frm st thomas a beket
hu we wer tlkn t ... sz I dnt knw ur names ... n the boy wid the sweep ova lol
Hello t the grl n boy frm driffield hu me amy n jade wer tlkn t ... I cnt rememba ur names ... sori
Agen, every1 was great :)
Lots of luv - gina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (bennies n aven)

Hi ! Ain't put a message in for a while ...
I've jus found out tht i will b havin miss cole 4 the third yr in a row 4 music, which is cool cos i know her an tht lol
Hi to hanson rocka crew ! Brin on nxt yr ... can't wait (i must hav sed this a thousand times lol)
Bye bye ... jade (hanson) xx
(Ed: guess you've not been bored so far this week, Jade ? :))

Hiya Everyone!
Well done to evry1 that got placed - you all deserved them!
Although it's only my first year doin rok challenge i'm REALLY GUTTED bcz we didn't get placed and just to add salt to the wounds we didn't receive 1 award ... i wouldn't have minded even if it was just like a sympathy award!
Hi to roxy and the gang at Driffield ! I'm soooo sorry u didn't get placed ! I'm really gutted for u, roxy, bcz u cnt do it anymre ! :(
Hi to the 2 girls i was talkin to from ashfield
... i'm really sorry i cnt remember ur names! ... 1 had red hair and the other had dark brown hair and glasses !
Hi also to pat, nick n joe from driffield who were going round and talking to all the teams! I can remember u 3 bcz u were skitting the way we talk!
Evry1 that i've mentioned, msg bk if u want! :):):):)
Well done to all my fellow benny and haven ppl! We PERFORMED really well and we all know we deserved something but we will be back in the premier league, don't you worry! :))
I'll be in touch later!
Natalie GH (Egyptian) *St.Benedicts and Whitehaven*

In response to the comment about the backstage crew only having an opinion in the best backstage crew award ... I was wondering what exactly the criteria are for this particular award, as Peterhead would very much like it ... after all, in 6 years it's the only one outside of the premier division we have not won.
On another note, I totally agree that many now ONLY look at winning the rock challenge, to the extent that many schools at the Open Final this year were TOO competitive and upset many who were there for the first time and content simply to enjoy themselves and be a proud part of their school team.
Davy (Peterhead adult helper)

Hi !
Just to let every1 know thornton haven't bin relegated ... we came 6th so will be seein every1 in the premier agen next year!
Elisse (Thornton Grammar) xxx
(Ed: woohoo ! :))

Hey everyone !
Jus like to say big thanx to mrs b for al the hard work she has put into this year's rock challenge (it as paid off) and big thanx to jon for all the tym he has put in!!!
Dane (Rocka Archie)

Re "Comments please, folks !"
Get Your Controversy Out! lol
What's up with this ?
If ppl don't deserve an award then they shudn't get one... i mean, what's the point in sugar-coating things by saying "Oh yeah ... you were fab ... here, have "Most Entertaining Performance " ? Giving awards out willy-nilly is pants ! It takes the shine off the special awards, and totally cheapens them if they just hand out awards to make schools feel better for their work. You enter rock challenge for the sheer fun of it - if you're there to win then you should be able to accept the fact that there could be (or - more than likely - are !) better schools/colleges than yours on the day.
it must make the "crew" who give up a shed-load of their time to help us guys have a nice day and a great experience think "Well, why do i bother?"!
There may be times when awards are given out to make sure schools don't go empty handed, but it totally cheapens the awards and makes them feel kinda worthless (Note: this has been a very rare thing and it seems to be being stopped which is totally right! :D)
If you don't get anything, then you know what to work for next year.... try harder and make everything 100 times more fierce and brilliant.
Just get over it, guys - it's all about the experience!
Well done to everyone who competed this year !


Re "Comments please, folks !"
I'd just like to add a small point to the special awards debate. I totally agree with everything that has been said so far and all I can add is "Would you rather win a special award cause you deserved it or because you didn't win anything else?"
I know that often in our heat everyone receives a special award for something and it often feels like this is done by the judges to ensure that "everyone goes away with something". However in these situations it's often the case that certain efforts of certain individuals in teams that are winning a number of awards then go unrecognised because the certain award they are aiming for goes to a less worthy school as a "sympathy" award.
The other side of this is that the "school who receives the "sympathy" award is very aware that they were second best in that particular catagory as it's pretty obvious that the winning school was better than them and the kids in that school then feel worse as they know that they only received that award to make sure they didn't "go away with nothing". Surely this is worse - knowing the only award you won you didn't deserve?
I also do not think this debate can be used by the Rocka team as a reason to start up the question as to whether or not to do away with the special awards altogether again, as I think that the comments of the people from the 2002 finals prove why they are worthwhile. If you were to do away with the special awards a lot more effort would go unrecognised PARTICULARLY at heat level and I think the special awards make up a very important part of the whole event.

Re "Comments please, folks !"
Totally agree with all that stuff... What does the opinion of 4 or 5 judges matter when you've toiled over something for the best part of a year and you know in your heart of hearts that you've "been your best"; as the sponsors say?
For our School (South Holderness), it was the first time we've ever entered into the competition and for a great deal of the team it was their first taste of performing anything of that nature on a stage. Don't get me wrong - to win would have been very special indeed, but just the sheer experience alone, the feeling of fulfillment at seeing a team project coming together and the feeling of closeness to your team-mates that comes with that is pretty unbeatable.
But before i turn this here quick note into a miss world-esque essay about world peace and the like, i will say I've enjoyed this whole rock challenge thing more than i could've ever imagined after initially being dragged into the project against my will, and i'll be pretty sorry not to do it next year.
Plus the girl from Saint Louise's who was doing her "on point" stuff (see - i even got the lingo now!) was pretty darn awesome... and all of us guys were very amused by the whole ripping-out-the-heart thing... that was dead cool; can't beat a bit o' blood and gore in the midst of the grace of dance huh?! The "Australia" one was my personal favourite though, and that there plane crash one was also very cool. But isn't that like nearly all of 'em?! Jus goes to show how good it all was!
Oh yeah - a shout out must go to a certain young lady called Maddison from our school. She dislocated her knee between the heat and the final and so was unable to do her thing... But she's an awesome gymnast and I'm sure she'll be there next year.
Now that really is all!
James (South Holderness)

Hey hey again ! It's the ST.LOUISE'S crew here !
Well, we jus thought we'd say *congrats* to all the skools in the northern premmies - u all wer like amazin ! Ure sets wer amazin (esp the family portrait one which we all loved) n the dragon was cool n the frankenstin one was soo class !
Can't wait to next year! Rock Challenge is cool n every1 rocked !

Laters ... xoxo ... keep rockin!:):)

Re "Comments please, folks !"
Hey everyone!
Wow! Wot a debate goin on here!
It is true that any school who may wel have the best set, costumes, choreography etc shud of course get those awards! If u think bout it frm a winnin team's point of view and the judges had given awards away willy nilly to other schools that u rightfully deserved, ya'd be sooo annoyed!
However!!!!! The awards at Rock Challenge aren't wot we enter for and it shud b lyk that at every school! The highlight of rocka is meetin new people from my own school, meeting those frm previous years and new friends at other schools, as wel as the all-day buzz and fun! I jus met stuart ex peterhead this year (HEY !!! :D ) through vicki m and wow, he's volunteering now after being involved wif his school! How kool is that!! Sumit to b proud of!
That's wot rocka's al about! :D
Cnt wait until 2007!

Christine (ashfield) xox

Roxy from Driff - just to clarify ... there were loads of awards in the Northern Grand Final 2002 ... Driffield won best concept, remember ? (It does say on the web-site under Results 2002 where you'll notice that Archbishop Thurstan is the only school that have no awards next to their name.)

Well done to every1 from the northern premier final for all puttin on a gr8 show. Thanks to driffield for beein very supportive, and mikey from baysgarth - u was awesome and you really gave our school a lot of compliments. Thank you also hornsea - you gave a lot of support
C u all again next year

Colin (archie rocka)

Re "Comments please, folks !"
OMG ... bn readin all the messages abou the awards, n evry1 has got sum really really gurd points and all i can really do is back them all up !!!!
I feel the awards are a good thing because they recognise wot schools have done well and they shouldn't be given out because of sympathy - but it is nice to come away with something n i can sympathise wiv no winnin nefin! But as someone frm peterhead sed - it jus inspires ya 2 come bak next year more motivated and wiv more rocka spirit:D:D:D:D and neways 'TIS TAKING PART THA COUNTS and havin a great time as alwaysss :D:D:D !!!

OOO ... I GOT MY MALTA LETTER IN :D:D:D:D!!! I cnt believe wer actually goin on tourr!! It's bn talked abou n now wer actually guna do it :D:D:D
Wellll ... ony 3 exams 2 go!!! They seem 2 have gone really really fast!!! (Not tha i'm complain abou gettin em out of the way!!! :)
'Tis nice n sunny 2day!!! AGEN :D! Dunno weva 2 sit outside cz i gt burnt yest :(:(:(
Newayssss, beta gooo b4 int kickes me out!!!
Lv - Emma xxxxx(hanson)xxxx

Hey ... thnx 2 th ed for getting bk 2me !
I'm so happy now knowng tht we cn entr frm college because us girlies frm marvell dnt wna stop rock challenge - we love it. Nw i know we can carry on til wer 18 and thn stil carry on helpin owt ... i'm so happy!!!! :)
Thnku 4 th info, n il c u all nx yr thn ... hpefully ... fingas crossed ...

Amy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Re "Comments please, folks !"
Oooh ... it's interestin hearing what everyone has to say!!
I don't think anyone can argue with the view that the best costume, drama etc has to go to the best school - it's logical and wouldn't be fair otherwise!
I was lookin at the year we won (2002) and there was only one special award which was best stagecrew, so schools who say they got nothing that year, it was cos there weren't any awards to get except that !!!
I think the important thing to get from this is that people need to enjoy themselves more and be nicer and get into the Rock Challenge spirit more!! I know not everyone was horrid but also no school was completely nice this year and i think people should try to be nicer!! People need to change their attitudes and realise what Rock Challenge is all about! I'm not saying wanting to win is a bad thing, but i don't think that should be the main focus of the day !!
Love - Roxy from Driff

Re "Comments please, folks !"
I totally agree with Roxy. I understand that schools shouldn't get awards they don't deserve BUT for two schools who put just as much effort into their performance as any other to walk away at the end of the day with no award at all is very harsh. Hours and hours of rehearsals and not even getting recognised is upsetting and disappointing! Any member of my team would have been estactic to get even 5th place or even just one single award. I thought driffield took it very well and now they're in the opens they can become more determined for next year to achieve something.
Something that was achieved in each school on saturday for every member in the team was personal achievement ... even if it was your last or first time on stage, every single person did something to be proud of.
Thank-you ... Stacey W (driff) xxxxx

Re "Comments please, folks !"
HI there Again.
After reading the piece that DAN (Assistant Stage Manager) wrote last night, I feel that I have to give my opinion. I feel that these Special Awards are SPECIAL and they should not go out to schools just so they have something. If it turns out that a particular school comes away with nearly all the awards then that's the way it should be. I mean ... if the school HAS the best costumes, the best concept, most entertaining, best set, etc. then they should be rewarded for that.
To give these awards away just to "spread them about" in my opinion would devalue them. If you are the best at something, then you get the best award for it, and even if that's ALL the awards then that's what you deserve.
Surely THOSE are the awards to aim for more than anything. ANYTHING AFTER THAT IS A BONUS.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SPARKLE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jun 7th 2006 (58 messages)

Re "Comments please, folks !"
Hi all
I hope it would not be too inappropriate to just clarify that the Rocka Crew has no say in the allocation of awards apart from "best backstage crew" which obviously the judges cannot decide from in front of the curtains. Once the evening has begun, the Rock Challenge crew is merely in charge of making sure the event runs smoothly, and decisions over who wins what is decided by the judges and nobody else.
I view the debate over special awards with much interest as it's often a very hot topic - please keep your comments coming in.
Dan X (Assistant Stage Manager)

I agree with what you said TOTALLY. Although it's LOVELY to WIN I feel that this year a little was lost about BEING YOUR BEST and enjoying the all-time high of performing on stage and belonging to a team. I think that some people have maybe forgotten what Rock Challenge is all about. Yes, be competitive but do it NICELY. REMEMBER THE FEELING WHEN EVERYTHING COMES TOGETHER AND HOW GOOD YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF AND OTHERS, AND WHAT YOU'VE ACHIEVED ... THAT'S PRICELESS!!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SPARKLE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well said, GEIBO ! You're right - rock challenge is about so much more than winnin and the comment "enjoy it while u can cuz b4 u know it ur time with ur team will be over" is soooo true!! I loved rock challenge so much that i stayed on at skl 2 more years than i would have just to do it for longer n even then, b4 i knew it the time had come to leave skl and leave rock challenge behind. (Well ... not totally, but leave the performin side behind!!!)
Good to hear from u, Geibo , and glad to hear ur still plannin something ... u always have some cunnning plan up ur sleeves ... wonder wot ur plannin this time?! U never cease to amaze!!
Missed u at the finals, and your predictions ... just wasn't the same without them!! We'll be seein u in aberdeen nxt year? Perth? The countdown begins!!!
I love it when the message page is like this ... full of comments and debates!! Keep it up, ppl!! Keep the rocka spirit alive durin the borin summer months while we all wait to start again for 2007!!!
Hope everyone is gettin their thinkin-caps on for 2007 themes ... let's make it the best yr ever!! (I have a really good idea ... has potential to be an amazin rocka piece!!! :))
Stuart (peterheed/ volunteer)

Hiya team !
Bk 2 me email 2day bwt marvell wntin 2 know wer we came... i'm nt at skool ne mre as i have left so therefore i wil not see my teacher 2 find owt n as we did not gt thru thr wil be no mre rok chalenge 4 me! (Ed: I guessed you'd left, Amy, but it's still your Liaison Teacher you need to contact in order to find out where your team came :)
Another question - hw old do u have 2 b 2 stop doin rok challenge? (Ed: 18 :) Would it be possible 4 us girls 2 carry on at college which is for 16-19 yr olds? Plz gt bk 2 me !
Amy (marvell) xxxxx
(Ed again ... of course you can form a team from your college, Amy ... just stop when you reach 18 (though after that you could be an "adult helper".) Be warned ... forming a team and keeping it going when at college seems to be very much harder than when at school, but some folks have done it and still do it ! :)

Re "Comments please, folks !"
"Schools walking away with nothing" and "sharing out the special awards" - comments like this are totally missing the point of Rock Challenge. The whole event is about sooooo much more than being placed or gaining those special awards. Yes, it is nice to be winners, but that happens only to a few schools each year. Enjoy Rock Challenge whilst you can, be grateful for the whole experience - your time in a team will pass really fast and who knows - you may be the winners next year and other schools will leave with nothing.
Congratulations to all the schools at the Finals and well done on what I have heard were great performances. It was the first time ever that I have not been able to attend the finals, due to other commitments. But I have a cunning plan for next year:))) ... maybe another Scottish "first" and the first steps on the way to my dream of a Scottish Final :)))
Watch this space............

Vanessa Geib

Hi There Citizens !
Hope everyone has recovered from the Friday and Saturday night finals, and that all the news - whether good or not so good - has settled and now's the time to look forward to the summer and then Rocka 07.
I must CONGRATULATE TGS on WINNING BEST STAGE CREW. Now seeing that I'm from Ashfield Stage Crew and we (well, ok - I !") soo wanted to win it, I do have to say well done. We thought we were FANTASTIC on the night - THE BEST - so for you to have won best stage crew YOU MUST HAVE BEEN REALLY FANTASTIC, soooo WELL DONE TO ALL THE TGS CREW, and as ASHLEY (SM) said - it pays off if you keep trying each year and maybe one year we will have the honor you guys have now. WELL DONE !

Re "Comments please, folks !" ... I agree with everything that has been stated about the awards scheme for Rocka 2006 - the awards should NOT just be handed out willy nilly! Whichever schools thoroughly deserve the awards should get the awards, as many of the schools rightly did.
However, it's the feeling inside of being one of the few to come home with nothing that makes you feel rotten. It just hurts a bit, you know?? When you've worked so hard for yourselves and with pride for your school.
But still... you win some, lose some and that's the way it goes!!! Nothing wrong with the Rock Challenge awards scheme. Lots of people will like your performance, despite the judges.
Fantastic Rocka year this year!!! NO HARD FEELINGS AT ALL!!!
Look forward to next year !
(Hopefully not the same scenario though!!! :)
Jack D (The Baysgarth "we keep our heads up" crew!)

It is great to see that so many of the other schools are supportive of TGS and believe we were "robbed" of a place on saturday and i'm glad you enjoyed the performance that much ! (And for those of you who don't agree, i don't think that we are complaining in any way - just expressing our emotion! :)
I'd like to thank Sally (Royds Liaison Teacher) for helping out backstage and i'm also glad you "loved" our performance and that you were rooting for us - we appreciate the support.
I have been involved in TGS rock challenge for 3 years and every year have wanted nothing but to win the award for best stage crew. Each year, when we didn't win, i always said "Next year can be our year" but it was made even more special to have won it this year as it was my final year with TGS (that doesn't mean i'm not coming back ... just off to uni) and i was given the position of TGS stage manager. I've loved every minute of it, even if it did come with added pressure to succeed. A huge "Thanks !" to Danika for making me her SM ... i only wish i could do it all again. And now you know how much this award means to me, i'd like to say that if giving up the award meant that TGS could place - i'd do it no questions asked, as i would much prefer the school to achieve as a whole than to get the separate award.
Chins up, guys, and i'll see you all next year, hopefully all with your "BIG CHEESE!" o n with another great performance to wow the audience and the judges!
Love and hugs to u all - xAshleyx (SM)

Hey, Hey ! just wanted to say a big "Hi !" to all the Kesteven and Grantham girls hu helped us wif r set - u wer brill n all bizz
U guys got second place - see u all in the premies nxt year! All bizz we got first place even though our set wasn't the best but the stage crew had a wee giggle together n all the ppl we met wer brill as!
Luv yaz all ... see u lot next year - can't wait!
The st louise's stage crew

(BTW what skool was the guy in the black top - stage crew wif his name on the back - luke, i fink .... well, somebody thinks ure cute lol)

OK ... ANOTHER message to all boundstone year 10s....
I'm talking to miss blake about our box thing tomorrow lunch to organise date and times etc and will let you know what she said as soon as!
We get a day out of school to do it - i think - and she said that it will be good if the year 10 dancers from both years do it lol but i will speak, and if you got any more ideas come find me!
And - btw - i think the cardboard box thing isn't happening, but the big box on the field thing is, so let's see lol!
Well done to all the northerners!!
xxxx Ellen xxxx

Well done to all those schools competing in the Northern Premier Final on Saturday night and congratulations to Archie!!
Special mention to the terrific Ashfield supporters
who use up a day of their holidays and lots of their hard-earned cash to travel over on Friday to support the team on Saturday evening - your support is unwavering.
The WHOLE Citizen 06 team had a blast on Saturday night and the girls really danced their socks off
- not to mention on Sunday travelling most of the day arriving back at school - still laughing and singing - at 10.40 pm.
Ashfield Stage Crew were amazing, working with the heavy flats, helicopter, and assorted bits and pieces - not bad for a team that is made up of 14 girls who have an average age of THIRTEEN - brilliant, or what???????
Rock On ......

Mrs C

Hey ! Hope every1n'z recoverd from the weekend (i have :)
Just wanted to tell stacey w i'm from bennies n haven n we came 10th, n if roxy sed she came 8th, thornton's in da middle but peeps - you've gotta remember ... no matta where ur placed in da final, ur that place in the entire north, so u can't put urselves down ... b 'n' w came 10th in the whole of the north n driffield came 8th in the whole of the north ! Just remember how many skewls actually competed and that's ur overall position and it's a much betta way ov putin it ratha than "aw we only got ....!!"
Love - Kirsty x x x x x x x x

Following on from the message from the Rock Challenge Organisers re smoking policy etc, can I add that the only thing about the whole event which disappointed me was the 15 person deep throng of smokers standing outside the front door at intervals on both open and premier finals nights. On both evenings, I went outside during the interval for a breath of "fresh" air... there's a laugh! Whilst i appreciate that the rules apply to members of the teams only, and that the teams do a great job in promoting healthy lifestyle values, the passing curious member of the public would have been hard-pressed to appreciate that this festival promoted a smoke-free lifestyle.
Come on supporters, do your bit ! At the very least stick on a patch for the evening and support the ethos of the event !


Hellooo!!! Just a quick message !
BOUNDSTONE YEAR 10s - i'm talking to miss blake tomorrow lunch about the "sitting in a box" thing, and i will let you know as soon as i find out what she says about it all. I'll talk to you about times, dates etc later.
Yeah ... anyway ... back to coursework now...


Re "Comments please, folks !"
To add my tuppenceworth in with the special awards debate.....
Personally i can see both sides of the argument. I know how much work goes into a rock challenge piece and if you walk away with no special awards and no placing then u do feel all your hard work has gone unrecognised, but it hasn't ! Everyone in the audience has seen ur performance and enjoyed it, and chances are there's people in the audience that have thought ur skl's performance was the best ! After all, a good performance is in the eye of the beholder.... the winnin performance isn't always everyone's favourite!! Also u have had the fun of the day and the performing ... remember, it isn't all about winning!!
I do agree that the open / prem split has made the prem skls more competitive as they don't compete at their local event to win through to the finals (they are just automatically there because they are good...) Also in theory a skl cud sit yr after yr after yr being really good but gettin placed 6th or 7th in the premier, gettin no individual awards in special areas but staying in the prem and continue like this for years ... now that WUD feel bad!! But i guess that's just the way it is.... and you are INVITED to be a prem team ... u could always take a yr out and come bk and try ur luck in the open if u don't like the prems!?!

I do feel that "sympathy awards" wouldn't be fair. If some1 has the best set and is going to win as well, i don't think it's fair that the team that has the 2nd-best set should get the best set award just because they aren't going to win?! If you have the best set, best hair, best make up, best costumes, best choreography in the eye of the judges, then u shud get those special awards for those areas and if u get these awards and the judges think u shud get 1st place too then u shud get all the awards the judges think ur best at AND ur 1st place!! U have to remember it's the judges' decision ... their "best set" etc might not be everyone's best but in the end it's up to them!!

We (peterhead) walked away from the 2002 finals with NOTHING ... no framed foto, no placing, no special awards ... NOTHING!! We walked away determined to come back bigger and better!! When we got back to the finals in 2004 then opens we walked away with 4 awards and 2nd place!! Whoo hooo!!!

If u get nothing u just have to keep your head high and think of next year and try harder, read your judges' comments, look at areas you can improve, and be more determined than ever to come back the next year BIGGER BETTER AND STRONGER!!!
And also NO, i DON'T think they shud introduce more special awards ! There's already loads n loads!! (They even split up best hair and best make-up ... makes waitin for the winners even longer!!!)

I do feel sorry for skls that walk away with nothing, but remember ... all the fun u had and friends u made and the great experience of being part of rock challenge, which we are sooo lucky to be part of!!! Remember that it's only the views of six judges that determines where the awards go, and many others in the audience may think urs was best!!! SO KEEP YOUR HEAD HIGH, STAY STRONG, BE MORE DETERMINED THAN EVER AND COME BACK STRONG IN 2007!!! And think ... if u get to the open finals u have a chance maybe of meetin the friendliest team ever - PETERHEAD (If they get to the opens again!! :))
Fae Stuart (Peterheed / volunteer)

Hey guys, I havn't left a message on here since Bradford day 2 when Buttershaw High were announced the WINNERS!!!!!!! (Sorry John ... i can't help flying around the world in my new jet-set lifestyle! lol :)
I was so gutted that i couldn't make the open finals - yet again i was in the skies - but i was thinking about you all, especially my ex school Buttershaw!! From the messages left on here (and that amazing picture of the dragon!) you guys seemed to have done exceptionally well!!! I can't wait for next year's entry ... i'll be phoning in sick at work if i have to! (Sssshhhh! Don't say anything!! lol.)
Big hello to Danika and the Thornton crew ! You know how amazing you are ... you don't need to win to know that!!!!
Hey to Adam from John Smeaton too!!!! Hope to see you guys at Bradford next year!!!
Take care everyone! See you all in 2007!

James (Ex Buttershaw)

Hey to all those Premier Final Rockas !
I was one of those crazy people that volunteered on Saturday and lugged set around. Sorry if I snapped at anyone but I was trying to help get your sets away from the stage as fast as I could!!!
WELL DONE to everyone that took part ! There were some glittering performances....
Thornton - loved
your piece and was rooting for you all the way ... sorry you didn't get placed. It was great to get to know your staff too, as often - as a liaison teacher - you are so caught up in your own school that you don't get chance to talk. Hope to see you all next year.
Also a big hello to Johnny and Adam from Buttershaw !
It was good to talk about rocka probs and share those nightmares from the staff side of Rocka!!!
Thank you so much to Zoie, Tim and the Rocka Team for welcoming us as Volunteers on Saturday and for everything they do to make Rock Challenge the experience it is - you guys ROCK. ROLL ON NEXT YEAR !!
Anyway, there's the bell for lunch so I should get going ... need to go check on my eleven Byelorussian children.........
Have fun in the sun, but be safe with getting your tan!!
Best Wishes - Sally (Royds Liaison Teacher and Rocka Volunteer)

Re "Comments please, folks !"
You can't just give out awards for sympathy. The best school in each category should win, and if the judges think that isn't your school then a team just has to face facts. It would be unfair if the best school in each category didn't get the award because it was given to another school out of sympathy.
And you're right, John - some schools really did used to leave the event with absolutely nothing ... Archbishop Thurstan (for example) in 2002 (our first year of competing) didn't even get a framed photgraph award - we have NOTHING to show for that year but OMG we do have for 2006 ... THE PREMIER LEAGUE TROPHY AND THE MOST AWARDS, which is what made winning on Saturday so so special and a Dream Come True.
We never complained about not getting anything because we enjoyed the experience, we kept working hard, improving every year and now this year we are the best!!!
This is NOT to say that I don't think the schools who didn't win a single award didn't deserve an award because in my eyes they did, but it's the judges' decision and at least you now have something to recognise your participation in a Final!
Keep the Rock Challenge Spirit, come back even better next year, and do an ARCHIE - LIVE THE DREAM!!! NORTHERN PREMIER CHAMPIONS!!!
A still smiling and crazily laughing, Matt

Re "Comments please, folks !"
John, i totally get that certain awards can't just go to anyone, eg best costume, choreography etc, but i think the thing that made it worse for us was that we got nothing yet we knew we could have got drug awareness and it would have been justified as we've had a prisoner in prison on drug crimes visit us and a lot of our team went to the prison itself to talk to other prisoners. I think the judges could have justified giving that award yet they chose not to (no offence, Ashfield, for getting it ! I don't mean at all that you don't deserve the award !!) I think with the awards which don't directly affect the competition, it would be nice if the judges could see if they could give them to schools who have nothing, mainly to stop people feeling really embarrassed and upset because that's how we felt on saturday and i think it is awful!!
Reading Jen's comment as well, i've noticed a real change in Rock Challenge over the last few years since it's been split between premier and open. From my experience the schools have become less friendly and there is more an ethos of wanting to win whereas before people would mingle more and make loads of friends! I think it is because the schools which go to the premier final haven't won anything to get there, so most of the schools there haven't won anything for about 3 years and it makes it really competitive! I don't know what could be done because the split between open and premier is good, but i think attitudes and the general atmosphere at the prems needs to get back to how it was years ago when schools really got on well!! What do other people think?
Love - Roxy (ex-Driff)

Hello all !
Many congratulations for all the schools who took part this year. It's getting better all the time.
Well done to all the finalists and Congratulations to the winners - especially Archbishop Thurstan (Only took 5 years and you've made it!)
((Oh, and I went to work in the fluffy pink jacket ! Everyone loved it........... well, almost!!))
Well done to Thornton (Rachael); you gave it a good shot.
Hope to see you all next year!
Tanya (Volunteer/Merch Girl/Slave/General Mad-Head!)

Hi everyone !
Just wanted to thank all the schools for making this year's rock challenge one of the best!
Congratulations Archie for coming first !
From reading some of the messages it looks like you have waited a long time for it.

  • Torry ! Your gargoyles were so brave ! Hope they have recovered.
  • Baysgarth School ! Well done to you all!
  • Hornsea ! I loved your set ! Didn't realise that the dancers that stood against it at the start blended in. Cool!
  • Matthew Humberstone ! Congratulations to all your cast and crew!
  • Driffield ! Thought your interpretation of Phantom of the Opera deserved some recognition!
  • St. Benedict's and Whitehaven ! Loved the ribbons! Well done, guys!
  • St. Thomas à Becket! Congratulations on second place.
  • Ashfield Girls' ! Those dancing cows topped it off! As did the girls doing the jive - can't say i've ever seen any1 groove that fast before! Great work, guys ! Personally i thought you should have been placed higher!
And finally THORNTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL Specialist Sports and Science Foundation School! What a performance ! The best we've ever done it (especially the Stage Crew) I love you all and you've made me so proud!
I'd like to thank you all for the hard work you put in and Mr H - thanks for keeping quiet - i know it can't have been easy! He he!
A huge thank you to Danika and Mrs Cowley for everything ... those weekends, hols and after-school sessions we spent building and painting the set really really paid off! (Even if it did mean i didn't get my coursework done!:D)
For all of you who ever wondered how long we practised the stairs - i've been at it for 3 years!
Last but not least i'd like to thank all the rocka crew for making it a great day!
Thornton Grammar School's Stage Manager Ashley! (Professional Stair-Mover Extraordinaire :))
PS The quality of performance this year was brilliant ! Hope to see you all again next year! xxx

Hi ! Can i jst ask the rokky team 2 tell me what place we did come on friday at the northern open finals, or is it not possible to know below the 5th winner?
Plz gt bk as i'm very keen 2 know lol stil very upset!
Luv - amy frm marvell xxxxx
ps thnx colin 4 ur msg! x
(Ed: I think it's up to your Liaison Teacher to let you know, Amy. I don't know it to email you separately, so you'll just have to ask at school ... sorry ...)

Wow !!!!! Andrew Marvell ! I can't believe you dint get placed. I agree wiv the message from one ov ure peeps that ure performance was a lot better than last year. You did deserve a place and probably more than 1 award.
Well, at least u can say you was there and did the best u could. Well done, marvell

Love - colin (archie rocker)

Hi! I just want to add to Jen from Wales comment ... i'm also sure that Rock Challenge is a very enjoyable experience for all involved as well as for the audience - i thoroughly enjoyed watching all the pieces. However, i feel that perhaps it was unfair that some schools left the finals without even 1 special award. After all, each school put all their effort into it and being their best for the guts of a year and i'm sure they felt very discouraged leaving with nothing to show for this. Perhaps this could be looked at as an improvement for Rocka 2007 ?!
Sam - Scotland
(Ed: Sam ... I should mention that up to a couple of years ago, some teams really DID leave "with nothing to show for this." As a result of the feedback on that, the "Framed Photograph Award" was introduced and presented to all the teams' reps on stage - feedback indicated that this was a popular introduction. Are you now suggesting that the special awards should be "shared out" more equally among the teams ... regardless of whether or not any one team was the best in that performance area or not ? Or should Rock Challenge introduce more "Special Awards" ... what would they call them ... and wouldn't you still be faced with having to give them out to teams (in an effort to avoid their "having to leave with nothing to show for this", as you put it) who in whatever new area had been introduced STILL weren't actually the best in that area in the eyes of the judges ? Comments please, folks !
John (Editor :)

Hi guys!
Firstly, i'd like to say well done to all the schools in the Northern Premier Final - everyone's performance was fantastic!
Congratulations to Archie for 1st place.
Many thanks to everyone from Hornsea - Mrs Hylton especially - for such a great day! Well done to all our performers - you were superb! Special mention to my stage crew - you were amazing on both on the rehearsals and the night's performance ... I couldnt have asked for any more from you, and you did me proud.
Again, well done everyone, and see you next year!

Luke (Hornsea stage manager)

Heyy !!! Vicki *m* frm ashfield!! Woo ... still buzin from saturday ! Was definitely 1 of the best weekends of my life travelin as well! Was such a hilarious weekend ... never been so happy, n getin placed stil is soo great!
Bak next year! Woooo !
Can't wait to see every1 again! Thanks to all our teachers for taking us away - i had such a brilliant time!
Thanks 2 all my wee chums from other schools that have been mentioning me in their messages here - miss yaz!
Wana say a big helo 2 davey, one of the rock challenge volunteers who iv been talkin to who loves our school hehe ... he's great!
Got such a talent 4 music and everything else! It's been great chattin to ya!!
lol and big hello to you john - hope you're well. Was great to see you again on saturday lol u my wee chum!!
Love - vicki *m* ashfield xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(Ed: no chance to sit together and chat for a while this year, eh Vicki ? Ah well ... maybe NEXT year :)

Hey ppl!
Has any one from ARCHIE stopped smiling and randomly laughing crazily to themselves yet ? Bcoz I haven't ! Talk about a drug-free high !!! :-)
Well done 2 every1 on Saturday - it was the best Rock Challenge ever !!
Suppose I would say that, but no it really was - all the skoolz did themselves proud, ESPECIALLY THE ARCHIE CREW!!! You all shone through and showed every1 the fantastic talent that kids at ARCHIE have and above all you did it in the true ARCHIE way - you worked so so hard, you worked together in the face of adversity and finally achieved THE DREAM!!! ARCHBISHOP THURSTAN- NORTHERN PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!!! (I can't believe it - still hasn't sunk in)
A Constantly Smiling, Randomly Laughing, Matt

ARCHIE !!! ARCHIE !!! ARCHIE !!! ARCHIE !!! ARCHIE !!! We totally rocked, guys, and we made Mrs Buchan proud, as well as caroline and Mrs O'niell and Jan. Well done - we achieved the goal we have been working at for 5 whole years. We really deserved it and all i can say is i hope to be back next year, and the performance ...WOW !!!!!!!!! LOVE Y'ALL !
Love - Ginger Rocka Colin X X X X X X X X

Big shout out to all the Scottish schools that took part in the Northern finals over the weekend. You did an excellent job. A particular hello to those from St. Machar ... only we know the torture of those eleven-hour bus journeys !
Well done to Torry on Saturday.
The competition was very tough and you guys did excellently hanging on to your place. We were all so happy for you. Not to mention the fact that you were our own personal fan club. We tried to return the favour for you on Saturday but itís difficult to make noise when there are only 5 of us in the back row!!! Mind you, even then Mark still dreaded announcing those Aberdeen awards!
Iíd like to put in a special mention to all those in the Peterhead team. You really did us proud. 6 special awards is an excellent thing to take back up to Scotland. Congratulations to you all for grabbing spirit. Whoís got spirit? Scotland do!!!
Along with all the guys on Mhairiís list I think we should also thank the guys from Grampian Police, Harry, Louise and especially Andy. You have been such a big support for the team over the last year and we couldn't have done it without you guys. And Louise - WEíLL MISS YOU!!! Come back and visit!
And last but not least to Claire. Weíre all so proud of you for what youíve achieved this year. Itís been hard work but you did it and with style!
(Who can forget the curlers!) To win Student leadership was really just the icing on the cake for you and you totally deserve it. And if current rumours are correct this is only the beginning ... Zoe and the crew havenít seen the last of you.
Well done to all the team for yet another fantastic year of Rocka 2006! Things just get better and better. HERE'S TO 2007!
Lorna (Peterhead Make-up crew)


Hi ! Is elisse from thornton grammar school
Just like to say well done to the other teams
Can't believe we got sixth agen - bit disapointin to say the least! (Wiv big cheese an all! :) Still, well dun to all our performers and stage crew for a brilliant performance! (At least the stage crew got sum awards lol :)
Hi to katie and jane from driffield skool - was great meetin u guys! Can't believe u din't get any awards ... i don't know wat happened!
Can't wait till nxt year ... won't be gettin sixth agen lol x

Elisse (Thornton Grammar)

No way no way ... can't believe thornton grammar did not get a place. You guys were sound! I loved it - it was my favourite of the day!
TOM FROM THORNTON - you are one hottie!!!!!!!
Well done to hornsea for getting third - you were so professional!

Grace J

Whoo ! The Buchanie's online edition today carries a report about Peterhead Academy's visit to the Open finals at Grimsby
John (Editor :)

Hey to all and congratulations to all th Northern Premiere finalists ! The standard was soooo high and you were all fantastic.
I must say that Hornsea were brilliant-n-a-half, like! Really impressed!
Wel dun to archbishop for winning!

We're delighted to stil be in th premieres next year... just a pity it's my last year but don't worry, i'm makin sure i wil be there for next year!!!
Congrats to peterhead for pickin up a lot of awards - u were fantastic n deserved a place, honestly!!

Finally, big round of applause for dan n smiler my two gargoyle homeboys, who r the real stars of our performance... it shows true grit to pull it off despite what u went through.
Anyhoo, adios a'body as we say lol!!
Liam fae Torry

Haha ! Just to straighten things out - I am actually known as Kimberley "the great" and not the pathetic "'scottish"' as named by Max "the ned" haha.
Again, congrats to all the schools - roll on 2007! SURPRISE PICTURE! -x-

Hey Everyone
Just A Short Message To Say Well Done Everyone - You Were All Amazing!!!! Both Finals Were Brilliant And Everyone Worked Their Butts Off lol
Thanks For Your Message Tori n Emma From Ashfield...Well Done For Getting 5Th N Also We Actually Did Get Placed As Well As We Got 7Th:D So We Shall See You All At The Premier Finals Next Year !

Steven (Torry Stagecrew)

Hya evry1
Totally gutted about friday, ppl.. marvell - we shud av so got placed ... we wer miles btr thn last yr, weren't we? I was cryin n evryfing ... we deservd most entertainin n dint evn gt that ... all we gt was best hair.. gr8 achievement, peeps!
I cn neva do rc agen n i'm stil tryna come 2 terms wiv it ... i luv rocky challenge - it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo so gud - n i'm gonna miss all the crew!
Well dun, archie - u proved ppl wrong, i rekon!
I def fort on fri tht buttershaw was gonna win
Cud th 2 girls frm lindsey skool plz gt in touch
hu wer on stage collectin the awards ... u wer tlkin 2 me n me lil m8y n we lykd u!!! So plzzzzzzzzz try gt bk 2 me!
I cnt bleve it's all over ... unluky marvell, we wer robbed! If ne1 shuda won, it shuda bin buttershaw - u wer ace, ppl!
N i lykd th gory one too lol
... cnt memba hu it wer na, tho! (Ed: I'm guessing you mean Stainburn, Amy ... their "gory" pic is on this page :)
Neway, thanku 2 all the teachers 4 a gr8 5-yr experience at rock challenge n i will c u all nx yr, eitha wen i'm competin frm a college or helpin owt, so il b thr 1 way or another leapin across th stage lol!
Ryt, lil chums ... i'm off 4 sum slps n cry ova rocky
Thnku 2 all th crew - ur all mint n it wudn't happen wivowt u!
Luv ya - amy (marvell) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Heyyy!!! Long time no write!!! Bn busy wiv exams!! 'Tis like the worst week 4 me!! Had 2 exams 2day! And science 2mora!!! Ony 5 to go :D:D:D:D!!!!
I've bn hearin how gud the final was on sat!!! It sounded amazing!!!! We wa gettin all the goss frm miss w on mon lunch!!!
I wanted 2 stay and watch the vid bu had 2 go 2 maths exam !!! :( Ah well ... some other time!!!!
OOOO the weather!!! I'm glad our exam hall is extra big wiv no windows!! We dnt get tha hot!!
Stacey - omggg, u get colour !! :(!!! I jus like sit ther 4 4hrs n go pink n then white agen!! :@! Aahhh well, b rite!!!
Well, hanson rockers, i will c those of u in vocal group 2mora lunch!!! I need goss updates :D!!!!
Lv - Emma xxxxxxxx(hanson)xxxxxxx

Well done all of da schools at da northern prem final.
Thanx to beckets set crew
- you were amazin (even tho u didn't tell me dat my frame was unsafe!)
Thanks to miss rimmer (pleeeeeeeeese do it nxt year) mrs wright, miss gosling n rachel shand!
Nat (and mrs w) think Ruddy (RC crew) is fit!

Naomi (1 o da flyin 1s from Beckets) xxx

Does anyone know where Baysgarth came in the Northern Premier finals!!! Plz let me know
(Ed: only Baysy can tell you, Jade)

OMG WOW! I was in the southern finals this year, and i thought our dances were all amazing, but i just looked at the mini -pics from the northern ones, and all i can say is WOW!! Your dances all look amazing!
No matter where you came or what you won, you should all feel so proud for putting together an amazing dance, and getting this far!
Well done to all the schools that won or got placed, and well done to everyone that won awards. and also well done to everyone else, because from experience, i know how much effort goes into these dances and how hard everyone works to achieve their best!

I thought our dance this year (remote-controlled reality) had so much hard work and effort put into it that once we came out of portsmouth on may 9th, we didn't care that we didn't get placed, because everyone had worked so hard doing the dance, tried so hard to achieve their best on stage, and had such an amazing day meeting so many new people, that all of that added up to the excitement of winning.
We all made some amazing friends that day (crickhowell) and hopefully everyone in the northern finals did too.
Well done to everyone who has competed this year, and no matter where you came, you should feel proud of yourselves for putting so much effort in.
Hopefully we'll have the same experience next year
(and let's see if sitting in a box helps us achieve that, eh, Year 10s ??!!) (Ed: a little tantalising hint there ??? :))
Well, i guess that's it for another year ...

Thornton- we were ace!
Thank you to Danika and Mrs C, who made our performance look fantastic!
Well done to our stage crew - you lot were ace!
Hello to Robyn, Vicki and everybody else at Ashfield (you were brilliant !)
Hello to Lottie and friends at Whitehaven - you deserved to win a prize cos you were FAB!

Naomi (Thornton)

Heyazzzz every1!!!!
Wel, sat was jus weker ... a swear i loved it!!
5th place, girlies wer flyin.
We needed a wee break frm 1st, you must admit lol bt dnt worry ... we'll b bck better than ever next year:):):):)
Wel done ARCHIE ! Uze wer brilliant ! Cyas nxt year.
Thornton, uze didn't deserve dat, bt jus think of it this way ... der's always nxt year and we can't w8 2 c u al again ... we r countin down the days lol!!!!

So ... b prepared, ashfield, 2 pul ur socks up because ROCK CHALLANGE 2007 HERE WE COME!!!
We love u ashfield we do we love u ashfield we do we love u ashfield we do oooooooooooooooooo ashfield we lv u yeoooooo!!!!
Cyas al next year lyl x0x0x0x0x0x Jamie h (Ashfield make-up team)

I was just wondering which three schools from the premier league have been relegated and what place did driffield and thornton grammar come?????????? Please help me with my question ... thanks - stacey w
x x x x x
ps well done to the editor of these messages. Do you enjoy your job?
(Ed: Hi Stacey !
I think doing this is called a "labour of love" or something ! Yes, of course I enjoy doing it ... almost all the time, too. And - by the way - only each of the three schools can answer your question, though Roxy yesterday (I think) suggested that her team - Driff - were 8th, if that helps you ?

Well done to every1 at Rock Challenge on Saturday! Every1 did really well!
Christina (St Thomas à Beckets)

Well done to everyone at Beckets. We ruled!
I can't believe we got second!

Well done to all the other schools too!

Emma x

Well dun torry ! We truly rocked !
I'm deffo doin rock challenge nxt yr ... it was sooo bril n meetin ppl 4rm different yrs was wkd ... uz r all so kwl lol.
Smiler n Dan -
hope uz get betta sn ... tht was soo brave ! Well dun, guys!
Peterhead - uz wer kwl ... uz deserved 2 get placed !
We wer all in the front couple ov rows cheerin u on lyk nuffin in the world lol. Mark cudn't even say Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire or Grampian wivout us screamin the place down lol
Well dun 2 all the scottish skwls - we dun ourselves proud xx

Quote from Jen from Wales:-

"To the judges and rock challenge crew... as someone who has loved every min of Rock challenge i feel that the whole ethos of rock challenge is no longer about encouraging children to "be your best". I'm sure each school could select the top 20 dancers to put on a "dramatic" show but surely rock challenge is about incorporating all abilities to get up, have a laugh and DANCE!!!"

Hear hear! Absolutely agree with you 100%.
Despite the fact we had a fantastic couple of days down at the Northern finals and commend the team SO highly for all the work they do (they really do an excellent job, not to mention the fact I don't envy the judges their job, it's TOUGH) I still come away a little disappointed at the outcome of the whole thing (particularly the open final). If too much weighting is placed on individual dancers then the comprehensive schools aren't going to stand a chance in the future.

Heya all!!
Big well done 2 all hu performed in the northern premier finals.... but dnt b dwnhearted, ASHFIELD cus we know we dancin 250% on saturday nyt so be PROUD ... uze r BRILL!!
We seriously cudn't have dne it without u, WATTY + VICTORIA and EVERY1 ELSE!!!!!
COME ON **ASHFIELD** =)=)=)=)
LOVE YAZ ... sarah-jane, lynsey, kelsey and amy xxxx

Hiya everybodies ! Tori n emma ere from ashfield !!
Go us ! We came 5th lol'z ... 1st tym out of the top 3 but sur wat can ya do tehe ! It will make us wrk harder 4 nxt year so watch out england lol ! "The ashfield bus is comin, an all of england's runnin !"
Cnt wait til nxt year da c all da ones from torry! You wer all soo friendly ... cnt believe yaz didn't get placed !! Dnt worri ... ashfield is soo gd n we onli got 5th ojoj !
Well newayz gtg ... x0x tori n emma x0x (the front row jive dancers nd the gurl cow tehe )

Just like to say well done to every1 in the northern prem final !
Yer, thornton, u deserved a place but u wasn't robbed of anything - at the end of the day it was the judges' decision
Love - Colin (Archie Rocka) XX

Hiya to roxy from driffield ! I really thought ud get a place ... same to rachel and evry1 from thornton!
Hiya to the dude whose hoodie i stole as wel!
Wooo - me n terrie rockin on our mini-pik lol

Love - charlotte (bennies n haven!) xxx

Heya ashfield
Well dun !
We all know yas deserved betta lol but ther's always nxt yr nd were gona try r best to win.
All da ppl frm da comp were well friendly ... love ya all millions


Just come in from the lovely weather... i seem to be going a little bit pink! (Best slap on the Factor 50! Hehe!) so thought i'd pop on a quick message seein as though i haven't for a while!
Hope everyone is okay! Everyone still seems to have the Rock Challenge buzz - not surprised ... heard the finals were amazing!! I soo can't wait for next year!!
John - Gutted ... I missed it! Hmph! Next year! Woohooo! :-D
(Ed: see you there, Stacey :)
Anyhow, i'll get back to the sun..while it lasts!
Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx

Hello folks !
Just uploaded the Northern prem mini-pics selection, plus a special "bonus" pic of the brave team gargoyles from Torry ... congrats, you two ! Go straight to the mini-pics from here.
John (Editor)

Hi Everyone !
WOW ... what an evening!! What a day!! Thank you to EVERYONE who made Saturday's Prem possible ...it was truely FAB!!
I'm so proud of everyone there ... you were part of something AMAZING!!!
ARCHIE.... you really are CHAMPIONS!!

A few words to the ARCHIE CREW..
  • Stage Crew... you were ACE! You gave the performers the confidence to ROCK!
  • Performers... You ROCKED!! Your eyes, smiles and moves blew us away!!
  • Supporters... You were the loudest in the Auditorium ... thank you for all your support!!!
  • and (personally) ... YEAR 11s... Saturday was truly your night!! I am so happy that you can now leave ARCHIE knowing that you are ROCK CHALLENGE NORTHERN PREMIER FINAL WINNERS ! Thank you for all your commitment - especially this year - and good luck in all your exams!!!ALL the other schools - WOW - what competition!!
    Ashfield - you never stop to amaze - that Helicopter was FAB!
    Hornsea - I love your choreography, your huge sets and another FAB soundtrack this year!
    And Thornton - WHAT an ending!!!
    Can't believe its all over for another year!! Missing it all already!!

    Caroline (Archie)

    Well done to everyone who took part in Rock Challenge this year - you were all brilliant!!
    Well done matthew humbertsone!! :-P (We came 4th :D)
    Hi to Brad & Amy from St. Thomas à Becket!!
    :-P:D Hope to see ya all next year !! Luv ya all!
    Wasn't it a great day! :D
    ** Amy T and Dani From Matthew Humberstone!! **

    Still buzzing from Saturday. So....so proud!
    Just want to say a big thank you to all the other schools for your kind messages of congrats and support.
    Saturday was really terrific and everyone is a winner.
    Here's to 2007 rocka!

    Big Love - Mrs B x

    Hello!!! Well, it's lyk 8 in the mornin but i thot i'd get a message on b4 i head into school! (First day of 6th year today!!)
    Great to hear the 2 gargoyles from Torry are ok! Heard about the incident and i mus say well done to u 2 guys! That's commitment for ya! (And 2 every1 from torry, i was the one in th pink t shirt and black skirt from peterhead who came through at the end of the night t say well done!! U certainly did scotland proud!!)
    I thought Hornsea were amazing - we were gobsmacked sitting up the back!! It was a truly great performance!!
    Oooo ... toast's popped!! Hehe better go to school!!
    Mhairi (peterhead!!)
    PS Message to claire st machar!! "HI!!!!" (Had to add that bit at the end since u love see "messgae to claire" so much!!! :) xxxxxxxx

    How amazing was saturday - you were all so brilliant and you all should be so proud of your achievements!!
    The standard was so high - where does everyone get their ideas from?
    Japanese planes ... wow, i'd be too scared!
    I had a wonderful day and would like to thank all my new friends for giving me a giggle!!! : )
    Well done to everyone who took part - you all rock! I think rock challenge is so cool !
    Well done archie

    (ps my mum didn't mean to sound so controversial in her message - she really had a great time!! :)


    Jun 6th 2006 (49 messages)

    Now for the mentions, for some VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE...

    • FOR ALL SCHOOLS.. for coming together and forming great friendships and sharing experiences that hopefully will last forever
    • EDWARD.. the technical wizard
    • ROSS.. who can put his hands to anything
    • VICTORIA.. comes up with some awesome moves
    • EILEEN.. the brains behind rock challenge themes
    • JOAN.. for designing amazing sets and costumes
    • THE SEW SEW GIRLS.. for making the stunning costumes
    • THE STAGE CREW.. for being the best yet and pulling together as a team - you gave it your all. Brilliant
    • THE GIRLS.. who danced their very best and put 200% into their performance. Stunning
    • LINDA.. who does all the organizing right down to every minute detail
    • THE BEAUTY GIRLS.. who work wonders on hair and make-up on the day
    • DAVY.. the best cheer leader and legs to die for!!!
    • ASHFIELD SUPPORTERS.. who travel anywhere to support the girls and gets into the full spirit of things
    • GARY.. who can make anyone look good in front of a camera
    • ROCKA STAGE CREW.. for all your dedication that makes rock challenge a fun filled day packed with energy and excitement. You guys really rock
    • EMMA.. who gives all the encouragement to the girls and keeps vicky sane
    • THE PARENTS.. for all the encouragment and patience that you give the girls
    • JOHN.. last but not least. the fastest fingers in the country. (Ed: heh ! I wish !! :) Keep up with the good messages

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LOVE YA - SPARKLE. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Thornton were robbed
    Excellent show - good laugh.
    Archbishop - well done.
    Everyone did so well - can't wait til rock challenge 07
    Thanx guys
    ... kellie xox

    Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh! How fab was sat!!!
    Congrats 2 all ... it woz so cool.
    Archie are ace - we rock!!

    Hey There
    Huge Congratulations To Everyone Who Took Part In Friday & Saturdays Finals! It Was Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Huge Congrats To Torry For Being The First Scottish School To Keep Their Place In The Premier League - You Guys Were Amazing!!!!!!!!!

    In My Opinion Some Of The Teams That Were In The Top 7 Deserved It & Some Of Them Never But Anyway...
    See You All Nixt Year & Torry - I'll be Back To See You All In The Premier Finals In 2007

    Congratulations, archie, on your success on saturday !
    Well done to all the other schools who made my first rock challenge experience one to remember.
    To the staff and pupils at ashfield - well done ! You were all winners and i am very proud to be part of the team!!!
    Mrs Watson - thank you ! You are an inspiration and I can't wait to be part of next year's rock challenge team.
    Well done, everyone.

    Miss Rees

    Hello to all the schools who competed in this year's prem & open finals. Everyone did extremely well and should be very proud of themselves.
    To the citizens 06, pearl harbour and ww2 - you were all brilliant and deserved to be the top 3 respectively.
    To the judges and rock challenge crew
    ... as someone who has loved every min of Rock challenge i feel that the whole ethos of rock challenge is no longer about encouraging children to "be your best". I'm sure each school could select the top 20 dancers to put on a "dramatic" show but surely rock challenge is about incorporating all abilities to get up, have a laugh and DANCE!!!
    To ashfield teachers and pupils, I look forward to travelling up especially to see you next year ! Well done on a thoroughly enjoyable and exhilarating performance. LOVED THE HELICOPTER!!!
    Jennifer (wales)

    In answer to the question from the Video Director at baysgarth - the song from our piece was called "Whisper" (i think ) and yes, it was by evanescense

    Hia everyone!!
    Right ... before i forget ... Amy from Baysgarth - you said you wanted to know the name of that evanescence track we used ? It's called "whisper"!!! It's great, isn't it?!? haha!!
    Anyway... i'd just like to say well done to everyone who took part in rock challenge on saturday night ! You could tell everyone had worked their socks off ... it was FAB!!! =P
    A big well done to hornsea ! We all worked really hard and we came out with a good result! =) Also a big thank-you and well done to mrs hylton for all the work you've done and for putting up with us all!! haha!! And to the choreographers... you were great!! Ohhhh ... and stage crew - we couldnt have done it without you all... even if we did manage without tim!! lol, dear me!!
    Well done archie for coming first... you were great!! (As were all the other schools!)
    Well, it's all over now till next year, isn't it!?! =( Awwwwwww!!!
    Look forward to it, though!!

    A big hello to michael from baysgarth!! As if it was you last year! Aww!!
    I wish everyone the best of luck with your exams if you're doing them... hope you all get the results you deserve! =)
    See you all next year...

    Love - becky t (hornsea) xxx

    Wow what a day on saturday!
    Well done to Hornsea for another superb performance ... everyone was amazing.
    Even though i couldn't see the performance, myself and the other stage crew behind the set could feel the atmosphere and at the end the hairs on the back of our necks were on end, it felt that amazing!
    Of course well done to Archbishop Thurstan for coming first - congratulations !
    Well done to all the other teams for their fantastic performances on the day.
    Once again thank-you Mrs Hylton, wat else can i say but THANK YOU!! And WELL DONE.
    Also Luke Conlon ... thank-you for turning the stage crew into such a fantastic team!!

    Paul (Hornsea)

    Just listened to the rocka theme tune... it's sooo good ... it makes me all happy and wooooo again!
    Saturday was ACE! I had so much fun, as usual, and performing first and opening the show was great!
    Well done HORNSEA - we all knew that it was THE BEST performance we've EVER done, and I was so proud to be part of such an ace team!
    Thank you so much to Mrs Hylton ! I don't know how you put up with us all every year. I hope we made you proud! (And thank you for the t-hirts!)


    Ellie (Hornsea) xxxxxx

    Hey everyone!! :)
    I had a great time on saturday at the prem final ! All the schools did really well - there were some ace performances this year!
    Well done hornsea guys 3rd place!!! :) Fifth year running in the top 3!!!! Thank-you to everyone who made our entry so fab this year! :D
    Huge congrats to all the other schools on saturday. All the pieces this year were ace! And espesh archie who got 1st place :) Well done, u guys :)

    I'm so gutted it's all over, though!! :'(
    I just can't wait until next year so we can come back with another great entry ! (I don't know how u come up with all those themes mrs.h!!! hehe :D)
    Oooh ... got to jet ... well done again to all the schools on saturday night n we'll c u all next year xxx
    Lotsa luv - Lizzie.T (Hornsea School) xxx

    Well well well archie!!! We all had a fabulous time, got five awards and we won as well!!!!!!!! How gr8 is dat!
    Well done every1 n fanx mrs b 4 everyfin! We cudn't av dun it wivout u lol!
    This really is a dream come true 4 archie, n wot a way 2 be sent off, eh, yr 11s ??

    Love ... jodie-leigh ((Archie)) xxxxxxxx

    Hello to all the other schools .. ! ! What a great day, eh ? Congratulations to everyone else hu took part in this event .. you was all great .!
    I can't wait to see you all next yr wen i will be watching in the seats ..! As i have left now ..!
    Archie .. u was gr8 .! Same with hornsea ... we had some tuff competition .!!


    Alright guys !
    Cheers for the comment about the set, stuart ! It took me and adam ages to build our set and the swing had to be just right to have the desired effect.
    I hope everyone is starting to recover. The premier finals were amazing ... i can't wait for the 2007 tour to start ... BRING IT ON!!!
    Jonny (Buttershaw / Rocka Volunteer)

    Hiya evry1 ... amy ere frm PETERHEAD!!!
    Well done to evry1 in the open and well done to torry, even tho u dint get placed (i gt told u were brill)
    Well done to st machar - uz did majik.
    Hope to c evry1 agen nxt year xxx

    Oooooooooomg ... well done HORNSEA - i'm so proud of ya!!
    Well done to the other schools ... u wer all brill!
    I had such a grt time on sat n ther was a massive buzz on the night ! I loved it ... cnt wait to do it nxt yr ... hope i get in lol !!!
    Thnx to everyone that made that FANTASTIC piece come together!!! That final was soo high a standard
    I'm soo sorry to hear abwt driff!!!
    Cnt wait till nxt yr !

    Love ya - lottie .b. (HORNSEA) mwahhhxxxxxxxxxxxx
    We love you hornsea we do, we love you hornsea we do, we love you hornsea we do ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hornsea we love you oi oi oi

    Heyy.. that's us back from the prem rock challenge 2206.
    Well, wat can i say? Onli that ASHFIELD - WE WERE FANTASTIC !!!!!
    We got 5th place ... it's still gd bt we really deserved that 1st again, n we r coming bk next yr 2 get that 1st again!!
    We travelled lots of hours in getting there and back again! Big thankz 2 mrs watson and joan ... all ... every1 that helped ... yaz were amazing!!
    After all the cheers and tears we all finally realised dat we r still the prem champions ... we r the only skool who has got 3 1sts
    Well done ashfield - yaz were fab (n that helicopter whipped every1 away)
    Loves yas all x0x0x0x0x .....
    We love u ASHFIELD we do, we love u ASHFIELD we do, we love u ASHFIELD we do ... ohhh ashfield we love u !!
    Ashfield performer xx

    LUKE at THORNTON!! It was meeeeeeeee who took ur hoodie!!!! I wore it all the way home as our bus was practically freezin!!! Get in touch !
    Love - charlotte (st benedicts and whitehaven!) xxxx

    Fit Like Folk
    Well Done To Archie But Watch Out Torry Will Be Back Next Year
    Cheers To Alison From The Heed
    For Telling Me And Dan To Get Well Soon And A Big Hello To The Ashfield Girls - Fine Young Ladies They Are - And Also Hello To All Crew Members
    See You All In Aberdeen

    Chris G (Torry)

    Ellooooooo every1 who went to rock challenge at grimsby 2nd june 06! U were all sooo gd!
    Am soo proud of my school (earlsheaton) u were all fab!!
    There were some reeeeall nice ppl at rocka this yr ... petershead n st machar were so incredibly kind n gd to talk to! (Thanx 4 ma lil yelloww thingy lol - they wa dead cute!)

    Anywho, am offskis ... ope to see ya all soooon
    Lv - chazy xxxx
    ps tim n ruddy frm the rock chal crew are sooooooooooo fit :P

    Well done to everyone taking part in the Rock Challenge on Saturday! I think every1 deserved to win and i really enjoyed dancing!
    Thanks to Ms Rimmer, Ms Wright n all other teachers who helped Beckets come 2nd!!! Every1 worked really hard n we did really well, specially cos it's only our 2nd year in Rock Challenge and 1st year in the Premier league! Thank u!!
    Cya all next year hopefully!

    Christina Frm St. Thomas a Beckets (2nd)

    Hiya rockers - it's vicki Y ere from ashfield! Yeeha!
    A big well done to Ashfield Girls' to come in the top 5! We were amazin and we are already countin down the days til nxt yr!
    A big congratulations to Archie hu came 1st in the northern grand final!
    Also a biggg hello to all ma friends from Thornton ... Bekky n Sarah
    , luv ya both millions and i can't wait to see u both again! Thornton wer amazin! Love ya all millions! Uze r sooo friendly :):)
    A big thank-you to Mrs Watson cuz we luv u watty watty :):)
    Also a big thank-you to Watty Junior (Victoria Watson)
    hu helped me through the nerves! hehe! Thank-you Victoria! :D:D
    Can't wait to see u all next year wif all ur new ideas!
    Ashfield will be back bigger and better! Watch out cuz ere we come!

    We love u ashfield, we do, we love u ashfield, we do, we love u ashfield, we do, o0o Ashfield we love u!!! WE DO!!

    Heya All!!!
    298 Days!!!!!
    OOOOOHHHHHHH can't wait!!!! (I MUST get a life!!! :)
    Rock Challenge 2006 - superb this year! Had a wonderful time! What will next year bring??? Who knows??? BUT BAYSGARTH WILL BE BACK TO KNOCK YOU ALL DEAD!!!
    - (In as nice way as possible!!! :)
    To all on our brilliant team, keep the spirits up, and ideas for next year, let us all know - we have already started thinking about next year's theme!!!
    Driffield School and Bennies and Whitehaven Schools - sympathy to you too - what were the judges looking at ? Not us, obviously!!! We all should have received recognition for something!!! - (surely?!) Anyway...
    Archie - enjoy your success along with all the other placed schools!!
    All the very best to you MAD MAD MAD Rocka fans!! See you all in 298 days!!!
    Baysgarth, we are the best team to conquer the world!!!

    Jack D (Baysgarth Super Heroes)
    PS Lauren, Katherine, Bridie, Jen, Hannah, Kas - you are SEXY nad AMAZING Wonderwomen!!!!
    See you all soon!!! :)

    Hey everyone !! It's tori ere from ashfield girls high skul !!
    Wel done 2 all the skuls dat performed on sat nyt !
    Wana say hiya 2 all the ones from torry
    - yaz wer da frendliest skul der !! Cnt believe yaz didn't gt placed !!! Yaz wer so helpful da us wen we wer cryin << how stupid ... cnt believe we wer cryin now jst cuz we came 5th ! >>
    Cnt wait til nxt year ... hopefully we will b bk in the top 3 as usual if nt even 1st again !!
    Well done archie - didn't get 2 watch uze bt u musta been gd !!
    C yaz all nxt year n gd luck !

    x0x tori x0x

    Whooooooooo !! Well done to everybody hu was at the premier finals on saturday ! everyone was amazing especially hornsea. We rocked the show and yet again earned ourselves a top 3 spot (3rd) whooo.
    Well done to archie - u guys were real gd.
    It's sad 2 hear tht driff n baysgarth dint get enything - u guys deserved something.
    Every1 was brill. The whole day was fantastic and i can't wait to hopefully be picked for it again next year.
    Well done 2 stage crew
    - cnt believe u guys dint get enything - and a huge thank u to all the choreographers and mrs hylton, tony and every1 else involved in this year's piece coz without you 3rd place wouldn't have been possible.
    A big hello to jenny, j and kirsty from ashfield
    - u were real nice and hopefully i'll see you again next year.
    Well done again to every1 and ESPECIALLY ******HORNSEA ******* WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    We love u hornsea we do we love u hornsea we do we love u hornsea we do ohhhh hornsea we love u oioioi.
    PS cannot believe it is over ... after all our rehearsals and everything, that's it ... it's over. but the whole day was just fantastic and so were the performances
    ********** HORNSEA **********

    Hello EVERYBODY !
    Well then ... driffield school not even getting an award ? How rubbish is that! We spent so much time and effort making our rock challenge performance and i feel we weren't even recognised!
    The schools that got places were brilliant, and my personal favourite was HORNSEA (you are all so talented!) I also loved thornton grammar school's ... i really thought you deserved a place!
    Hi to thornton grammar girls Katie and Elisa
    (don't how to spell it sorry) you were both so nice! Also HOW FIT was the guy from your school ... i think he's called Tom
    Lastly... that was my last-ever rock challenge so weep weep and bye bye to everybody!
    A big well done to all the volunteers - you are so much fun !
    Can't wait to come and watch next year, although driffield have been relegated so i'll be watching the opens!
    Also everybody keeps asking about "matty from driffield" ... i really don't know who that is! What does he looks like?
    x x xx

    Well, rock challenge is OVER 4 ANOTHER YEAR :((
    It's gone so quickly ...
    "Hi!" 2 the ASHFIELD GIRLS lauren,rachel and the rest....GOOD LUCK 4 NEXT YEAR, COZ MATTY HUMBO WILL BE BACK :p

    Tom G (Matty Humbo)

    Hi !
    A huge wel dun 2 all of da skools on da nothern premier finals!!! =D
    Thornton -
    u all did fantastic! We deserved better! Every1 put so much effort in and seemed 2 reali njoy thmeselves!
    A huge thanx 2 Danika and mrs c n every1 else involved 4 making this rocka da best it's ever bin!
    A big hello 2 all ma m8s from ashfield
    - there's so many of u i can't remember all of ur names, but here goes - robyn (spelt it rite!) jen, n vicki!!! lol
    Hi 2 u all frm st benedicts n whitehaven! - lotti n all u lot! Hello 2 tanya wen u get dis msg! lol It wa gr8 seein u agen! Luvd da jacket!
    Hello 2 john ... didn't get 2 c u dere but o wel! N hi 2 wendy as well!
    Luvd it wen da rocka crew papered up da office door! Dat was sooooooo funny!!! (Ed: and I'd better mention that they "gift-wrapped" Dave's car, and gaffered Ruddy to the wall too ... :)
    Once agen, wel dun 2 all da other skools!
    Luv frm rachael n sarah (thornton)

    Hiya johnnn!!! It was fantastic to see you again :>
    I did go on saturday too but i didn't see you ? (Which i wasn't happy about :((
    But at least i saw u friday :>
    Stuart from peterhead - tut ... rude ... jst plain rude :P (Didn't get to chat to you :P lol :)
    WELL DONE MATTHEW HUMBERSTONE ! Was well proud of you... did us proud :> 4th place again ... check u guys out..lol Also well done to all the other skools - u was fab!!!
    I miss rock challenge soooooo much :(:(:( ..... let me back in, plssss..lol
    A big hiya to all the hornsea stage crew... lol u guys r mint
    ...haha... leg ends... also hiya to bruno - love yaz and miss yaz :P :P :P
    Anyway... gr8 to see everyone again
    Love yaz - Jade (ex Matty Humbo) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    ps also.... a massive hello to vickie...was lookin for you all day... well, evening... and then finally found you
    Love u misses :P:P

    Like en!
    Well dun to all the teams on sat nite!
    Well dun peterhead n mackie
    - i screamed ma lungs out basically on friday btw! (I was part of the plonkers at the front lol!)
    Everyone was a laff on sat n created a well interestin day ... best part was wen sum guy frum driffield thot my mate looked like lee evans n got a pic of it! Cracked me up (oh, and the other one kept callin me ni-cola!!lol)Mbr>Well anyway, it's a bit late i know, but torry only got home today!
    I'll see uze all nxt year hopefully!
    ttfn ... xxxx nicola from torry xxx

    Come on Archie! We full-on rocked and we deserved to win! All our hard work has finally paid off! We came from the bottom all the way to the top! We knew it was our year! Lol
    Thanks to all the staff espesh Mrs B, Caroline, Mr Ranner and Jan! Without any of u, we could have neva got this far!
    Well done to all the performers and stage crew! The Rock Challenge team was just simply brill!

    WE canít get any betta! Lol BEST IN NORTHERN BRITAIN! CíMON ARCHIE!
    Love - Lauren n Mainy xxx

    Well done thornton - you rocked ! Shame bout the results, tho ... we deserved much beta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope we do RC nxt year so we can come back n show every1 what we can do n get the results we deserve!
    Well done again! I am wel proud to be part of thornton!!!!!!

    Natalie (TGS) XXXX

    Hiya!! Just thought i'd come on and see how the northern final went!!!
    Well done to all the schools, speshly buttershaw, earlsheaton, st thomas a becket, thornton, garforth from the bradford heats!!
    It was lovely to meet some of you at bradford day 1 (speshly the peeps i was talkin 2 from garforth behind the stage wen it was tme for awards - i was a student rep! lol)
    Us girls from hanson also came to watch bradford day 2! We were the noisy ones at the back with the blow horns if u heard us haha!
    Neways, well done again to everbody!

    Love - amy (hanson) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hope to see you next yearr!!

    I had a fantastic day at the Northern Prem Final, so thanks to you all. I managed 43 hours with an hour and a half sleep!
    I apologise for not getting to more of the northern shows but am sure I will rectify that next year - so you can see more of me then :(
    Thanks to all the RC crew for being so nice to work with. I really enjoy being on tour with the guys and nope, still not tired of it. Can't wait till next year now!
    Max - RC ASM
    PS Kimberley...the great...? I think not ... "Scottish" is how you will be known from now on ;)

    Heya ! It's Fern and Emma from Driff! (The one who didn't get any awards !! :))
    Well Done to all the schools who performed on Saturday ! It was a good show!
    Well done to Ashfield girls - you did really well and we're pleased you're still in the premier final - unlike us - we think !!
    A message from Laura and Emma
    - "Rachelle Bell is FIT" lol- private joke.
    We really want to do it next year so please let us - we promise we will do better!
    Hope everyone is revising well for exams ... as you can tell, we are not!
    We would just like to say that Torry's boys were VERY fit!!!
    And to all the theatregoers you did me proud as the only sixth former in that scene Becky and Sam you kept me going Smile!! Smile!! Smile!! Nice pose, Becky!
    Anyway, we better get back to revision!! Remember ... 8th is better than 10th!! Seems we are going down but we will improve and hopefully get back to the Premier final :)
    Bye ... hopefully we will be back next year! And remember ... drinking alcohol can result in pulling a minger !! :)
    Emma and Fern xxx "SAFE"

    What a day on saturday ! It was amazing - we did so well, getting third and awards too! I'm so proud of everyone!
    Well done to Archie the winners - you were fab ! Can't wait to see all the schools again next year now!!

    Can't believe we got best video performance ... and I did it!! So thankful to Karen for letting me do it!
    Just to let people know, I've found my purse (if people knew i'd lost it!!) Lauren had it!
    Well done to all the dancers, stage crew, hair and make-up people (we rock!) and everyone involved ... we wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for everyones effort's ... mainly thank-you to Karen for your patience and belief in Hornsea - you're a star!
    Thanks to Charlotte and Kirsty
    for those fab car rides! (loud quiet!!!)
    It feels so weird not dancing with the team but feels so fantastic to still be part of it - love you all!
    See you all next year, i hope
    Take Care, Hornsea and all the other schools involved .... Bye!!

    Love - Amy Rodmell (HORNSEA)

    Five years of really really hard work from EVERYONE who's participated in those five years to finally be named THE WINNERS OF THE NORTHERN PREMIER FINAL!!!
    It is absolutely unbelievable ! It still hasn't sunk in what you all achieved on Saturday Night. I still cannot forget the first year when we got absolutely nothing but we all kept working hard, never let it get us down, stuck together as a team and now look ... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
    Your performances on Saturday Night were stunning - the piece had everything ... style, character, wonderful set, and more importantly the best kids ever in it. You truly were amazing. Everyone connected with Archie believes in you - especially me - and hopefully now you do too.

    On a personal level huge thanks to Mrs Buchan, Mr Ranner and Mrs King for sticking by us every year and to Mrs O' Neill, Caroline and Janet for all your hard work.
    I also personally want to thank Clair McDougall who, all those years ago, truly believed in the kids at Archie and knew that one day this moment would come!!! I was so close to not getting involved but you believed in me, persuaded me to do it and Rock Challenge has given me THE BEST EXPERIENCES IN MY LIFE, ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!!! The number of times I've dreamed of Winning the Rock Challenge and getting my hands on that trophy, and WE'VE DONE IT ! It's a dream come true.
    This is the proudest moment of my life by far to finally say, after five years of tears and feeling down, ARCHBISHOP THURSTAN SCHOOL ARE THE BEST, THE NORTHERN PREMIER FINAL CHAMPIONS!!! :-)
    A very very very happy Matt

    WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS TO ARCHIE FOR COMING NUMBER 1 and well done for all the other schools that took part. This was the most exciting Rocka Show yet - any school could have taken the title.

    Now I think ASHFIELD WERE FANTASTIC ! THE BEST - and we came 5th! Other schools didn't even get placed!

    So next year EVERYONE has something to aim for ... Archie to keep the title and other schools to win it from them!!!! Keep smiling, keep in touch, and very soon it will be time for Rocka 07.
    I have sooo many thank-yous that it would take all day so that's later, but first a few messages for people so here goes.....
    HANNAH - It was lovely to met you and find out who the mystery person was that I was driving MAD!
    LAURA (stage manager from 1 of the schools ... sorry can't remember what school) Hope you are feeling a lot better now.
    TIM (think that's his name) Hope your knee isn't hurting too much by now, BUT WHAT AN IMPRESSIVE INJURY TO HAVE FROM SUCH A STUNNING PERFORMANCE OF AIR GUITAR. YOU SHOULD HAVE WON. This is hard for me to admit this as I TRAINED MY ROSS FOR MONTHS TO WIN THIS TITLE AND WHEN IT CAME TO THE MOMENT HE GOT STAGE FRIGHT!!! Imagine!! Maybe next year....
    JOHN (Ed) - Lovely to see you again and maybe next year I will say more than 5 words to you. I never got a minute to chat.
    AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST ... PEDRO (my stage husband as we got married on Saturday, although I don't think he knows that yet ... he's still in SHOCK!!!) BUT WHERE'S MY RINGS!!! Still waiting for the engagement ring, and now I need my WEDDING RING too. Please get that sorted!!!
    (You see ... we're only married a few days and I'm nagging already!! Isn't it great being married to me!!!!!!! :)
    Well done for Hosting the show on Saturday - you're a natural. Maybe I'm rubbing off on you (you've got a lot of SPARKLE!!!)

    John ! Thought I'd better email you after having my wrist slapped on Saturday! o) (Ed: you deserved it :)
    Just to say - wow! What a fantastic performance Saturday was ! Caroline and I really enjoyed it and are now bursting with ideas and enthusiasm for next year's Rock Challenge! We already have our theme decided and are looking forward to being part of the Rock Challenge experience once again - Bring on Rock Challenge 2007!
    Take care, John ... enjoy the rest.
    Cath Lyden (Hunsley)
    (Ed: it was lovely to see you both there, Cath :)

    Hey hey !! Forgot to say a big hellloooooooooooooo to stuart ex peterhead.. everyone knows ya lol! Jus met ya this yr wif vicki m (ashfield) ur sooooo kool! Hope ya njoyed ur first year volunteering! Ya dne a gr88 job! N keep al the lafs up.. even won my mum over! lol Good stuff, chum :D (Oh yeshhh and i luv the hair! hehe!)
    ttys ... hopefuly get in contact soon!
    Christine (Ashfield) xoxo

    What an action-packed few days it's been at Grimsby, with many strong performances and MASSIVE sets! It was the first time I'd been to a Northern Final and I'm sooo glad I went, as it is completely different to the Southern ones in style, yet the overall standard is just as high.
    Congrats to all those who took part over the entire tour - hopefully I'll seein loads of you next year.
    HUGE HUGE thank you to the RC Crew for allowing me to do more of the tour than I've ever done before, and vary my work too which was a highlight. Massive thanks to Dave, Zoie, Tim, Mitch, Angie, Tony, John and Wendy for just being you, and Mark, Dan, Ben 50, Olly, Ruddy and several of the vollies for making me laugh so much - priceless!

    Rosie (Rockateer)
    See you all in 2007 !

    I just want to send a huge congratulations to Hornsea School for their commitment and professionalism on Saturday at the Premier Finals. I was extremely proud of your achievements and I know that so many of you have been in the team for the last 5 years when we have consistently gained a top 3 place at the northern finals - 3 as a premier team.
    It was very rewarding to see all your hard work recognised yet again - the Performers' Choice Award was particularly special.
    I want to thank the large number of people who make being part of the Hornsea Team such a rewarding experience - you all know who you are - and I want to let you know how much your support is valued and appreciated.
    Well done to all the schools in the open and premier finals - but especially Arcbishop Thurstan for lifting the premier title ! You must all feel very proud of your achievements and rightly so.

    Kind Regards ... Karen Hylton (Hornsea Liaison Teacher)
    ps It was great to finally meet Stuart from Peterhead after all this time, and thank you for your kind words!

    Wow ! How much messages have appeared since grimsby!! It's great!! And the open piks r amazing!!
    Well, here goes my big list of thank-yous ...
    • 1st thanx to all the parents that travelled on the long journey to support us, and also Torry for supporting us - was great!!
    • Thanx to every single parent that made it possible to get into the finals, making costumes etc ... couldn't have done it without u!!
    • The people who made our set...must say it was great!! So professional!!
    • Rhona, Edith and Carolyn for doing all the hair - it looked so good!! Think Rhona enjoyed doing Leanne's and Becca's ... theirs was so cool!!
    • Lorna and the other make-up people! How great was the make up!! It took so long but was well worth it in the end...
    • Christine and my mum (lesley) - uze have done so much work over the past few months to get us here, organising everythin from buses to food etc... i think it's gone unnoticed just how much work has gone on and how much hassle uze have had to get us here but i'm sure i speak for the whole team here when i say thank you so much ... without u it wouldnt have been possible!!
    • Also to me fellow gods for all the hard work you put in to choreograph our performance - was so good!!
    • Finally CLAIRE!!!! Well what can i say.... 1st year we have a student-led team and u take us to the finals and get us 6 awards! U have put in sooo much work over the past few months it's been crazy!! Without you peterhead wouldn't have entered rock challenge this year... YOU'RE A STAR!!!
    Mhairi (peterhead gold 1!!)

    Hey everyone !
    Sounds like a good time was had by all up in Grimsby! Really gutted I missed it but just couldn't afford to come up, plus wasn't very well at all earlier in the week. I had a real bad stomach bug and a long-distance drive whilst I was still recovering from that was really the last thing I felt like doing. Will definitely be coming up next year, for what will probably be my last tour! Boo hoo! Really missed all the crew too!
    Well done to everyone from all the schools who have competed in all the heats and finals and juniors - it's been a great tour and I hope everyone comes back next year and with entries that will be even more superb than they were this year!

    Hey John- hope you and Wendy are good and recovering slowly from the Finals!
    All the best, guys, and see you all next year!
    Hugs and kisses - Simon xxxx

    Sorry ... forgot this ... would also like to say that i think hornsea were robbed of the first place prize ... you guys were truly amazing
    Alison (peterhead) xxx

    WELL DONE to all the schools on saturday!!! It was a fantastic day :) I had the time of my life hehe :D
    Can't believe how quick it went, tho ... as I've said before ... time really does fly when you're having fun lol
    Can't wait til next year...
    See you all soon...

    Kaye (HORNSEA 4 EVA)

    OK ... So i'm a little bit late for the messages but ah well ...
    Thank you to all the teachers that helped us all the way through. After five years we finally got 1st place. All the rehersals finally paid off. It was a great day and night but finding out we won was brilliant - all the laughter and tears ...
    Also well done to all the other schools. All your performances and costumes were brilliant.
    A shout out to vicki.m. (from ashfield)
    for the lil present she got me ! Hope to see you again some time, vicki, although you're over in ireland =]
    Well Done again, everyone
    Love - kelly [ARCHIE]

    Firstly l would like to say well done to peterhead ! We may have not been placed but we sure performed it the best it eva has been!!!!
    Well done to claire and all the gods for your wonderful leadership skills ... "Student Leadership" - woooo !
    Well done to matt and the wonderful video performance - i must say it really deserved the prize it got ("Best Video Performance" !) Woooo!

    Also big high waving hands to the people from the lindsey school (we are the very best - go lindsey wo wo go lindsey wo wo) lol !!
    Reecie- what can i say ... you were in the right type of moood saturday night lol (even if the folk in front werent! :) You are well and truly our "honerary scot"! We must start your lessons soon lol! (BTW i am still yellow we red bits and it won't come off :(! lol
    Clobbo- it started as chloe then clobo then accidentally became clobbo! lol
    China- have you still got that guy's sweat band?
    The crane- how many folk actually signed your t-shirt ?!
    Hi to all the ozzy folk i met ... mel and her gang and the guy who was 15 but looked 17! You know who you are! Thanx for putting up we my hypa bouncin! Oh, n hi to the guy who blew kisses off the bus an ate wif his mouth open! (What was that??!)
    Hey to torry - well done for stayin in the prems ! So glad we don't have to compete against you next year!:) Hope the gargoyles feel better soon! Torry you were great, and "spirit" got a double whammy of scottish schools lol!
    Thornton - just like to say you were robbed!!!!
    Well done to all schools, both premiere and open - you were all fab!

    ps reecie bird flu is now successfully spreading thru scotland lol you know what i mean!
    Luv ya all ! Well done phd!
    Alison (peterhead the yellow till the end!) and her bob and bird flu!!! xxxxxx

    Cnt believe the results of saturday night ... thought that thornton wud hav won or evn got placed at least.
    Wel dun 2 other schools but all i can say is gd luk nxt yer, thornton - u deserve 2 win!


    Jun 4th 2006 (55 messages :)

    I seriously need to get to sleep ...
    OK, guys - there's a 2006 Crew + Volunteers pic now on the website ! It's on the "HOME" page, or you can click here to get it.
    John (Editor :)

    Heyyyy !! Jus back home from the final comp!
    Congrats to all schools - everyone was fantastic!... Wot a weekend!!
    ASHFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done!!! Everyone worked soo soo hard on saturday and stuck together like a true team! I'm so proud to say i'm part of ashfield's Citizen 06!!
    Mrs watson ... wot can i say... U ROCK!!!! The whole weekend was a rollercoaster of events but u brought us thru them all and still came out on top with a huge smile!!

    The team has learnt and achieved so much this yr and we've been encouraged by the best!! "Ur the best watty watty" :D
    Christine xo

    Well done archie ! We finally did it ... that first place is finally ours
    It's all thanks to mrs buchan and the rest of the teachers, because if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have succeeded! SO THANKS!! Hope this carries on next year ... i'm sure it WILL!!!
    We even got 5 awards, which just shows that even if we don't or didn't think we did well, the judges did! Now whenever anyone puts archie down, just think where we came in the rock challenge grand finals .......FIRST !!!

    Love - Sarah G (ARCHIE)!xxxxx

    CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE AT ARCHIE ! You rolled the dice and got the six !!! A really uplifting performance and a treat to watch. You are a credit to the school.
    It was also lovely to see so many staff there to support the rockers ON A SATURDAY NIGHT OF HALF TERM !! Crowds were great too (I'm still a bit deaf today, and it's nothing to do with my age !!!) Well done !


    Hey!! Vicki *M* here from Ashfield *FARMERS WIFE... big puffy dress * Just (10.30) arived home here after our 32 hours travelling since friday morning - really wild like!
    Well, what can i say! Northern prem finals were outstanding! One of the highest standards i have ever seen!
    Wanna say a big massive well done to our school! Gettin placed top 5 and back again next year was soo happy!!
    THANK-YOU to All our teachers and parents ! We really would be nothing with out youz!
    I mean ... Come on.. Mrs watson! What other teacher would stay in our school from 7am-10pm most days planning rock challenge or take 150 people on a 14-hour trip both ways ?!! You are brilliant - thanks for everything!
    Joan- Costumes award! Definitely most deserved working all those long hours ... the costumes were immense!
    All the crew of teachers - youz are all such a laugh!
    N a special mention to Victoria Watson (watty jr) ... you're brill, helping me get my big costume off in about 4 seconds without a panic! And you and emma on your bus and we still beat u at charades! Youz r a laugh!
    Big well done to all schools that performed at Grimsby - youz were all outstanding - really loved every performance!
    And Archie! What can i say! Fantastic !
    Loved the wee group of friends i have from your school ... we met about 3 rock challenges ago and we're still good friends! Kelly, Lewis and Beky! Lewis, your co-host and the other student reps! (AHH ... years on and still laugh at my accent haha) Soo funny ... really lovely people and i'm so glad uze done so well!
    Big hello to staci n sarah ex hornsea who were backstage (again, 3 rock challenges ago and still really close chums hehe) and jade (ex matty humbo) - was sooo amazing to see youz again (Another 3-rockas-ago friend!) and was brilliant to see Stuart (ex peterhead) - all proud of him being a rocka helper hehe !! All you lot r amazing - love yaz all!
    Well done to another n irish skol on the open final 4 winnin - st louise's!

    John! Brilliant to see you again!!
    Vicki *M*

    Hey, ex rocka Sarah from Hornsea. (Helped Hornsea at the Premier final)
    All i can say was wow! It was fantastic ... all the teams were brilliant and the atmosphere was amazing. It was pretty weird not taking part and performing, but it was nice to sit back and take a different perspective to it without being stressed about the competition. Everyone was winners just for being there so I want to say a huge well done to everyone who was there ... you all shone and were mind-blowing.
    , it was brilliant to be with you all again. I really miss rock challenge ... the rehearsals and the excitement ... and i loved feeling part of that again yesterday. Your performance was superb as well ... you did me so proud, I'm proud to say that I come from Hornsea.
    I also want to say well done to Archie and St Thomas à Becketts. Didn't realise it, but i go to uni in wakefield and i go past your school nearly every day on the bus ! Was so pleased that there was a rock challenge near where I am! Everyone I talk to here in Wakefield doesn't know about it so I was so pleased to know you were in it. You were fantastic, I loved it.
    Also want to say hi to Vicki from Ashfield and Stuart rocka volunteer ! Was ace seeing you guys again ... you kept me great company through the day. Thanks for the bun too, Stuart!
    Well done every team though ... you were all fantastic and had a brilliant day ... was so pleased to be part of it again. And hopefully, I'll see you again next year!

    Lots of love - Sarah R (HORNSEA)

    Well, that's me just got home at like half 10 sunday night!!
    It's been such a great weekend!! The long trip down and back was well worth it ... i've had sooooooo much fun!! There's sooo much to say about the 2 days ... it was just so great!!
    First of all, the standard at the open final was soooooo high ! It could easy have been the prem - everyone was amazin!! It was such fun watchin all the rehearsals!!
    Well done to all the skls that competed, especially Peterheed and St Machar (the 2 scottish teams) Mayb uz didn't get placed but uz were great and uz did scotland proud!!
    Peterheed -
    fit can i say? Uz were amazin as usual ... was sooo proud oh uz up on at stage ! The set ... WOW!! It was one of the best sets of the whole weekend - it was stunnin!! And uz a performed sooooo good!! Well done to claire for organisin it all - u did a majik job n well done n gettin student leadership!! (N guess fit ... WE GOT SPIRIT..... AGAIN!!! Whooo hooo!!! Who's got spirit ? We do!! And torry got it in the prem!! Well done to them - SCOTLAND DEFF HAVE SPIRIT!!
    Well done to St Louise's, KGGS n Longcroft for top 3!!
    Enjoy goin to the prems nxt year!!! Wooooo!!!
    Must mention BUTTERSHAW n their SWING!! Loved it!! It was amazin ... well done to the girl who did it!! Looked like sooo much fun!! Hello to the ppl from buttershaw that was speakin to me n some ppl from peterhead in the auditorium! (The boy with the mullet who laffed when i said "u have a mullet!?!" :S lol :)
    And then the prems.... WOW ... as usual just WOW!!!
    They were amazin and it was soooo good to watch!! Everyone was soooooo sooo good!!

    It was such a good day!! I loved just sittin watchin the rehearsals!! I loved them all, but i must say HORNSEA was my personal favourite!! I LOVED IT!!! It was amazin ... well done hornsea crew and Mrs Hylton ... it was nice speakin to you "stuart fae peterheed on the message page" lol!! I really thot u was going to get that 1st with that performance ... i loved it, have to add it to my list of "all-time favs" ... have to get a copy of the vid somehow!!
    Well done to Archie for gettin 1st ! Really enjoyed urs too ! All the love hearts n the wheelie bins were cool!! Uz looked sooo chuffed and u really deseve it ... seen uz improve yr upon yr since i 1st saw uz in 2002 at the finals in york!! Well done!!
    Also St Thomas - well done to uz ... 1st yr in the prem and uz get 2nd ! Woooo!!!
    TORRY - uz did Scotland proud!!
    Uz were AMAZIN!!! I loved it, everything about it was just fantastic!! The set, costumes ... everything!! N uz r a majik i team ... i love uz like my own!! Awwwww!! lol GO SHELLEY!!!!!!! HAHAHA how loud was that!! U did majik!! "WELCOME TO PARRISE!!" Hehe!! N JAMES ... GOOOOOOOOO TORRRRRRRYYYY!!!!! OMG how high did u shout that? UHTBT to understand!!
    Uz were all majik, n cupid up ere boogyin on down!! HELLO MY NAME IS JOE worked!! lol Cyaz in aberdeen nxt yr for another fantastic perfomrnace, i'm sure!! Oh yeah ... the gargoyles!! Uz r sooooo brave well done!! At's commitment!!
    EVERYONE at the prems was AMAZIN!! Well done!!

    Some hellos to say!! Hello to Roxy n Jen from Driff ! Was great speakin to uz, uz were really nice and well done for uz - i loved it ... it was such a well told story!! Also hello to all the ppl from driff i was speakin to in ur dressin room.. the phantom and all uz!! Well done - uz were great (n josh.... can u get any smaller?! hehe!! :)
    Sarah from Hornsea
    - was great speakin to u again ! Knew u wouldn't manage to stay away ... u had to come see ur team perform!! We had a great chat - was sooo good - and helpin u do them buns was fun!! lol when i saw the lollipop lady on stage i was like THAT'S MY BUN! haha U have to go again nxt yr ... cya there!!
    Vicky from ashfield
    - hello, u were great as the farmer's wife ! The pics of us are cool!! hehe Cya again nxt yr i'm sure!! To anyone else i spoke to durin the 2 days!! Hello!!! I was the one with blue hair!! hehe!!
    Thankz to the rocka crew for lettin me volunteer ! It was soooooooooo much fun ... enjoyed it soooo much.... and see uz all in 8 months in aberdeen!!! I'll show uz all the "surprise pics" then!! Uz are great and uz do a great job!! Espesh Zoie n Dave - uz are majik!!
    Hello to all my fellow volunteers!! It was great fun!!
    Can't remember everyone's names ... vanessa, rosie, the teachers ex hanson? Jonny.... all the rest of uz and epesh...... HANNAH, DAVEY N ADY!! And KIMBERLEY my travellin bud haha!! We had such a good weekend ... the laffs in the hotel and going round Tesco at like 1 in the mornin ... oh it was fun!! hehe!! Cya all nxt yr!!!
    JOHN AND WENDY!! Hello, and i'll cyaz in aberdeen 2007!! 8 months!! Whooo hooo ! Can't wait - it was fun seein uz again!! Uz are great!!! Whooo hoooo !
    Well, i think that's everything?! If i have missed any1 ... soz!!
    CYA ALL IN 2007 !!!!!!!!!

    Fae Stuart (Peterheed/ volunteer/ suprise pic photographer lol)

    Well, dat's it ... all ova 4 anova year....
    Well done 2 da winners Archbishop - uze were reali gd
    ASHFIELD GIRLS truly rocked dat stage last nyt ... completely amazin and omg dat HELICOPTER and da DANCIN COWS blew every1 away.

    Cnt w8 til nxt nxt year n da trophy will b comin bk 2 ASHFIELD AGAIN ... well, hopefully ! :))
    We cn always say we r the WORLD CHAMPIONS ... onli skool 2 eva win da finals 3 times, n we're b k nxt yr in da premier agen so watch out every1
    ASHFIELD performer xxx

    Well, thats it! Didn't exactly end well as we got nothin ... it would have been nice to get at least one award, even just a sympathy award!!
    I also have official news ... Driffield School got 8th place and are back in the open league
    It was so sad yesterday ... I finished the finale, went into the wings, just went "that was the last time i'll eva do that" and burst into tears! I was crying loads ... it's really sad!!
    Thank-you to everyone who has made Rock Challenge amazing over the years!
    First, the teachers
    for letting me in2 the team in the first place! (and taking us to Oz cos that was jst amazing and a one-off experience)
    Second, everyone at Driff School ... I love you all. I would mention individuals but i'll b here forever!
    Third, the Rock Challenge team ... every year they do such an amazing job and we should all be so grateful - they're fab and thank-you for making it wot it is!
    Last, just everybody really ... Rock Challenge is great and i think everyone should do it cos it is so good. The day itself is fab and even if u don't do so well (or absolutely appallingly like us) the day can make up for it!!
    Sorry to the teacher from Ashfield i didn't get to speak to
    ... after the results it always goes a bit manic, so sorry, i'll try and come next yr as a volunteer and maybe i'll meet u then!!
    Also hi to the girls from Bennies and Whitehaven i was talking to ... you were so nice. Sorry i dont know ur names. I have to say tho, i seriously thought you guys could win ... i didn't think at all that you'd get nothing. (Baysgarth - i neva saw urs but woteva it was like, to give schools nothin i've always thought is really harsh !!)
    Well done to the winners and everybody. It was the weirdest competition there's eva bin ... in rehearsals no-one seemed amazing yet costumes and the night suddenly brought everyone alive ... i think anyone could have won!! Well done everyone!!
    Love you all guys!!
    Love - Roxy (who now is ex-Driff) x x

    Wow ! What a brilliant 2 days up in Grimsby ! It was fantastic!!
    Just want to a HUGE well done to all the schools who took part this year ! You were all fantastic :)
    Also want to say a HUGE thank you to all crew:- Dave, Zoie, Tim, Mitch, Mark, Olly, Dan-X, Ben-50, Angie, Tony, Max, Ruddy, Gaddie, John, Wendy, Visions (and anyone who i may have missed) for making the tour possible this year
    Ness (Rockateer... who is now wondering what to do with herself other than one carnival and possibly two others, Children's theatre, six productions, one Xmas production...oh, WORK... (and anything else that may crop-up!!) before the 12th of Feb 2007 :))

    First off, well done to all the schools !
    Unlucky to thornton (if u ask me, we were robbed!) Our stage crew woz ace n we finally pulled it together. Dancers, u were great bt didn't get the reward that u deserved ... bt hey, there's always nxt yr to do it.
    Thanks again to mrs c n D for making it all possible again!! Dunno wot it would be like without ya both...
    Cheers n cya all nxt yr.

    Luke c (thornton)
    ps who woz it that took ma hoodie?

    Oi oi!! It's Kimberley (rc rockateer) here :)
    Finally FINALLY just got home back up to scotland just now (it's 10.30pm sunday) Hehe!
    What a weekend we've had! These finals were immense - I haven't enjoyed myself as much as i did these couple of days! Man, where do i start:

    • ALL OF THE SCHOOLS - One word (according to stu) WOW!....Every school that performed deserved to be there - you all did yourselves, and your schools proud =) Can't wait to see what everyone is going to come up with next year!
    • JOHN!!! - I finally got to see you after your disappearing act in aberdeen hehe - and what a giggle it was!! Cant wait to see yourself and Wendy again up here in the land of the Scots!!! :)
    • MY OTHER HALF - HANNAH! Haha - she literally is the english version of good ole me! Miss ya already, woman! Hahaha - and i want your babies too!! And you're the "flat slapper" not me (haha)
    • ADE & DAVIE - you crazy cats - i'm soo glad i met youz but i mustache you a question.......hahahaha. SEE YOUZ SOON!
    • THE ROCKA CREW - Thank you soo much for allowing me and crazy stu to come help out again this year - i dunno why you put up with us but we are grateful all the same :) hehe (Mark - stay away from me when you have ironed shirts ... Tim, your 'happy' dance is insane haha! And Max - quit calling me "scottish" - the name's "Miss Kimberley the Great", thank you very much!)
    Special mention to James from Torry - O M G....U H T B T!!!! hahahaha
    See you guys all very soon - I gotta go and crash now, after having only 10 hours of sleep in the last four days, i think i deserve it!
    Take care ...
    Luv - Kimberley B -x-

    Hiyaa Everyonee..
    Well Well Well ... Wasn't Yesterday Just The Best Day Ever ? Loved Every Minute Of It...
    Well Done To All The Other Schools ..You Were All Truly Amazing ..

    Well Done Matty Humbo !! 4th Place ! Come on !! =P
    Shout Outs To Brad, Amy And Tilly From St Thomas à Becketts .. Enjoyed talking to You Throughout The Day
    Hope To See Everyone Next Year...
    Danielle -x
    We Love Ya Matthew, We Do
    We Love Ya Matthew, We Do
    We Love Ya Matthew, We Do
    OOoo Matthew, We Love You Oi Oi Oi" Hehee =P

    Hi !
    Can anyone from hornsea tell me what the rock and roll music was called in your soundtrack ? (The one when your main character was about to be carried away.) I think the artist was evanescene, but i'm not sure... I need to get hold of the song for something but i need to know what the song is called. I'd really appreciate it if someone could reply to this message asap.
    Cheers, guys, and Well done!!!!!! It was great to see you all in the premier finals - you were all brilliant :-)

    Amy W. (Baysgarth school's Video Director) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi everyone ... I've just finished processing and uploading the selection of mini-pics for the Northern Open Grand Final ... go straight there from here or use the link on the results page.
    I was planning on doing the Prems tomorrow, but have just discovered that my two eldest grandchildren's Primary School is closed for a "Baker Day" tomorrow, so I'm looking after them all day (Wendy is already booked ... she's painting set for an upcoming show she's directing :)
    I'll TRY to get them done tomorrow evening ... I'll try ...
    John (Editor) ... zzzzzzz ...

    Well done 2 all who took part in grimsby last night but a big well done 2 st thomas a beckets especially 1 person who when she reads this will know who i mean! She did her school proud and she did all her friends and family proud - she was amazin and I'm so proud of her!! Beckets should have won but the big winner was the person who I'm talking about!!!

    Hey !
    I had a great day at rock challenge and to top it off we won and got 5 awards!!! (C'MON ARCHIE)
    Well done to the whole team who put in their best efforts and thanks soooo much 2 miss B and also mr ranner, miss o'neill, jan, caroline and everyone else who helped us!
    It still hasn't sunk in and i apologise for crying all the way home (hehe)

    All the other schools were all great!
    Archie's dream came true last night! Can't believe we are the first people from Hull to win the grand final !

    Archie well and truly ROCKED!!!
    Love to everyone at archie - Ashleigh x xx x

    Hey,hey,hey lol ....ARCHIE...ARCHIE...ARCHIE.... we WON ! Come on archie... 1st place... a dream come true!!!
    BIIG thanx to Mrs Buchan, Caroline, Mrs O'Niel, Mr Ranner, ma Mum nd everyone else who helped in making our dream a reality!!!
    (Hehe ... big sentence lol) No - seriously - i think these people are amazing and made the archie crew the happiest they've ever been!!!
    A BIG well done to all the other schools who competed in the NORTHERN PREMIER FINALS yesterday ! You were all great nd did really well!!!

    Once agen a big WUHU 2 archie ... lve u all so much xx

    Hello every1
    Well done to all the teams in the open finals, especially st machar (u wer all great) and torry who were in the premieres ! (I didn't see uze but i've been told u wer majik !!)
    I was really happy we got 6 awards altho i was a bit disappointed we just missed getting in the top 5, but we all had a majik time !
    Hello to all the people i met, especially claire kat karl aaron sheldon shaun danielle and jenni !!
    I can't wait till next year !!! It's going to be majik !!

    Bye ... Toni fae peterheed min xxxxx lol

    OMG ! We finally dun it ! After all them years full ov laughter, tears, n feeling low, we have finally dun it
    I canít believe it ... all ov the other schools was fab.
    But we all know Archie came to do one thing and one thing only and that was to win - and we did!!!!
    Big big thanks to miss b, Caroline, the fab mr ranner, Jan n miss OíNeil and the performers and the stage crew
    but all those names mean one thing, and that was THE ARCHIE TEAM and thatís why we rock cuz Archie is a team effort and we all know it !
    We walked away wit our hearts in overdrive n walking ten feet tall (and so we should have cuz we deserved it. Five awards and 1st place :))
    Can't wait for the party, miss (nudge nudge) and can't wait for nxt year, eh miss???????????
    Love you all - chantelle xxxxxx

    Beccy T from hornsea schoool!
    Well done to all schools who took part on saturday at grimsby - everybody was great.
    Especially well done to archie for winning!
    A great big well done and thanks to everybody at hornsea school, ! Mrs hylton - no way could we have done it without you! Stage crew, dancers, makeup, costumes etc were brilliant. Thanks again.

    Beccy x

    Hiya ! It's Jenna from thornton grammar
    Well done everyone for last night ! If you ask me, we were robbed, but hopefully everyone will be back for next year (except this year's year 13) because there's nothing better than the rock challenge experience. It's just a shame I can't do it at uni.
    Well done to the top 5 and thanks again to everyone who helped us during the day and especially danika and mrs cowley.

    Cya ... Jenna x x x

    Does anyone know Mary from Matthew Humberstone and if so, will you get her to post on here please ?
    Daniel M (from Green Driffield)

    Well done to everyone that performed - youz were all ace!
    Well done st.louise's for winning - youz were very gd!
    Hiya to all the peterhead folk i met at grimsby !
    (I was david's friend with the blonde hair ... don't know if youz remember me but ah weel, hiya anyways lol! :)
    Louise (st.machar academy)

    Well done to all the schools in the open n premier northern finals!!!!
    A big well done to us - longcroft - for gettin 3rd place in the open final.
    Can't believe rock challenge is all over for this year!!! It's gone soo quickly and i'm upset it's gone!! It's prob been my best rock challenge yet, but i've still got nxt year AND NOW WE'RE PREMIER!!!

    We were soooooooo happy (cnt think of a better word!!) with gettin best choreography!!! An award we've wanted for sooo long! And mac and boy should be sooo proud! It's all ur work!
    Every1 at rock challenge was reali nice this year! Some ppl thought bcos we're a performing arts college that we thought we were better dan every1, but not at all! It reali doesn't make ne difference!! We are nice, reali, n we jst all love 2 watch all d performances!!
    Cnt wait 4 nxt year!!!!!!
    Love - tassia xXxXx (Longcroft)
    (Ed: 297 days, Tassia ... :)

    Hey, u guys - it's hannah (rc volunteer !) It's 18.53 on sunday and i've just got home from grimsby! AND I'M STILL SPEAKING SCOTTISH, DAMMIT! (Thanks, kimberley!)
    I had a wicked time and have just a few messages n shout-outs!!
    i want ur babies ! Haha u flat slapper hehe (u know what i mean!!)
    Stuart - fit like?? Hehe ... i mustache u a question!?
    Citizen Sparkle - i finally met u and i must say ur lovely :D
    Liam (torry) well done, u lil beast! D'ya like onions?
    Other than all of my random lil note, i just want to say what a wicked couple of days it was, and apart from fallin on my face (lol if ne1 saw that...so funny) n hurtin my knee (thanks john hehe) (Ed: Doh ! SO sorry, Hannah ... again) it was an amazing weekend and we're already planning flights to aberdeen :D
    Lots of love to all the crew!

    Hannah (rocka volunteer) xXx

    Hiya people!
    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WON !!
    but we were STUNNING !!!!!!!!
    Love ya, Mrs B and laura and caroline and jan and julie and Mr ranner Mrs o'neil and everyone who put that little bit of effort in to make ARCHIE'S DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!!!
    We have waited for this for so many years and STILL EVEN THOUGH IT'S HAPPENED IT DOESN'T FEEL REAL!!!!!!!!


    Thanks to the judges for bein so honest cause we KNOW we rock ... 1ST 1ST 1ST ... OMG - STILL CRYING WITH EXCITEMENT !!!!!!


    Hello! Ah, tis Lauren the wonder-woman here from Baysgarth!
    We are gracious in our defeat for the top spot, but for us - and driffield - to come away with NOTHING... is sacrilege. But there's always next year to strut our stuff !!
    Again it was an experience never to forget, as is every year.
    Thank-you to Miss V and Mr Scruton alongisde the amazing team we have, for making this experience possible.
    Congratulations to Archie - who were awesome, and deserved their place - and to all the other schools who took part.
    We got to the premier league! (Our first year!) And even better...we got to compete against the best schools in the North of England, in Scotland and in Northern Ireland - which is a huge achievement in itself.
    I cannot wait until next year
    - i love ALL the Baysgarth team - and fellow wonderwomen.
    See you dudes next year.
    xxx Lauren xxx
    (Thanks mr editor John for emailing me back :D)
    (Ed: how could I NOT email back to such a gorgeous Wonder Woman ? See you guys in March ... in 299 DAYS !! :)

    Well, that's me just finally back safe and sound in my house!
    How amazing was grimsby!!! Well done to every school that took part !!
    Big well done to st louise's!! First year in rock challenge and u can win the finals! Pretty impressive!!!
    The premier finals were amazing!! I really enjoyed watchin them!
    (Oh ... and the people who went mental every time something to do with scotland was mentioned ??? Yeah ... that was me!!! :)
    Can't wait till next year!!! Brainstorming already!!
    Hey to every1 i met there ... all the st machar crew... also the people from Lindsey, especially jade and louise - u guys were ace!!

    Was great seein u again, John ... hopefully u'll make it up to aberdeen this time!!!
    Well, time for a BBQ!! YUM!!!
    Mhairi (peterhead's gold one)
    (Ed: hello again, Mhairi ! Glad to see you've finally got home ... Nothing's planned for the second full week in Feb except Rocka Aberdeen so - touch wood - Wendy and I will see you there ! Can't believe we've missed the last two years in the granite city :(

    Archie- wooooo! Cnt believe we won ! Still cnt get ova it ! What a great day and night!
    Well done 2 all the other skools involved - u were gr8 !
    Thanks 2 all the people who made it possible! All the teachers, helpers, and rc people x
    ROCK ON ARCHIE - NUMBA 1 !!!!!!!

    Hi ppl!
    I had an ace time yesterday ! Even if our team came away with nothing, we got in the grand finals and we will come back next year so beware ! :))
    Thanks a lot to Mrs V and Mr S and all the other helpers - we couldn't have dun it wivout ya !
    Also thanks to all the ppl hu took part and spent hours practising for such a great experience ... it was fun and i hope every1 else had fun too
    Also big well done to Archbishop Thurstan hu won

    Joker (Baysgarth)
    ps. does any1 know Matty from the driffield team ? If u do, cud u get him to write a message on the site ?
    Thanks, and once agen well done every1

    Hi ppl!
    Well done to Archbishop Thurstan who won! (We rocked anyway !)
    Thanks to Mrs V and Mr S ... thanks ... we cudn't av done it wivout all ur help and encouragement ... thanks !
    (We will do better next year so beware :)
    ps. does any1 know matt from driffield skool ? If so, cud u ask him to write summat on the site coz i wonna keep in touch wiv him ... Ta
    Luv - hannah (basygarth) (we rocked :)

    Well done HORNSEA!!!! 3rd place! Yay!!
    It was such a gd day yesterday n can't wait 2 hopefully b involved in it next year as it will be my last year :(
    Thanx 2 every1 involved in Hornsea's piece this year ! It couldn't hav bin possible 2 compete without your help! Hornsea's performances just keep gettin better n better!!!
    Well done to all the other schools involved - you were great - especially to Archie for coming 1st!
    Hopefully c u all next yr at ROCK CHALLENGE!!

    Luv - Molly! (Hornsea!)

    Hey john!!
    I didn't get to see you yesterday!! I was pretty run off my feet though :))
    I had a lot of fun in grimsby, although so tired ... we didn't land back in whitehaven till half 5 this morning. The kids were disappointed they didn't get anything but were so gracious about it ... i was really proud of them!!
    Hope you are well and had a good day!!
    (Ed: missed you, Natasha ... I seemed to spend more time than usual talking to people not directly tied in to a team yesterday - which was I hope to the good, but meant I missed all you guys ... didn't even get to spend time in the sports hall area ... doh ! I'll be in touch again before you head off across the pond this summer.)

    I simply cannot believe that we did it!!! I have to keep pinching myself. Watched the video over and over ... it is fantastic!!
    Big well done to all the schools taking part yesterday. Everybody was a winner!! Such top-class performances and so much talent from all.
    Archie, I am so proud of you. We have worked long and hard for this title and it means so much to our school.
    Thank you to ...
    • all the rock challenge crew especially Zoe and Tim for your support. You guys are amazing !!
    • Mike, Caroline, Marie and Jan ... absolute super stars!!
    • Everyone else who has helped and supported us.
    Biggest thanks has to go to the Archie team who were quite simply stunning last night!! You guys can achieve anything you want in life now!!
    Big Love from the happiest drama teacher on the planet, who will quite possibly take weeks to come down from this natural high !!

    Mrs B xxxxxxxx

    Hey there everyone
    That's rock challenge over for another year, and what a great one it has been. This was my last year doin rock challenge and it has been the best - especially winning in aberdeen.
    Congratulations to all the schools that won in the Northern Finals.
    St Machar only went away with best costume but we had a great day and met loads of new people and you all knew who u are? Well done to Peterhead for winning all those awards - you were all great and it was nice to meet u all.
    Torry- well done 4 the finals and it was good to see u all there supporting us and Peterhead.
    See you all next year ...

    Claire (St Machar Academy)

    Wow... from what i've heard and read on here.. sounds like the Finals Rocked!!
    Well Done to all who performed - i'm sure each and every one of you was amazing! :-D
    A special congrats to the winners!!
    I can't wait to get back to it next year! Woop woop!

    Anyhow, must dash! Biology exam tomorrow...arrrgggghhh!
    Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxx
    PS Hey John!
    (Ed: Hey Stacey ! Missed you ! :)

    Hi guys !
    Well done to all the schools at the premier final ! You were all ace.
    Hornsea - another great year and 3rd place!
    Well done and thanks to everyone involved - it was an ace and very enjoyable day. Can't believe its all over til next year
    Love - Darryl (Hornsea)
    Oh Hornsea we love you..oi oi oi

    Hey everyone! It's jen from DRIFFIELD!!
    Well done to every single school who competed in the Northern Premier Final last night ! It was tight competition..... although i must say i thought Thornton did REALLY well and shame it wasn't recognised.
    I am disappointed that Driff wasn't given anything at all ... ok, so we maybe weren't at our usual standard but we put so so much work in and i feel we deserved something!
    Katie A n Emma C - thanks again for everything you did ! It's another year over and we quite literally wouldn't have done it without you - you did so much for us!! Ur brill!!
    Rachy -
    i love you ... hope you're doing it next year with me!!
    Roxy - I'll miss you. I'm glad you spent your last Rocka with me... apart from anything else, it meant a lot to me! You're a brilliant person and an amazing performer. You'll do so so well at uni and with the future. I can't wait to see you again.... on all ur hols back home!! Thanks for all you've ever done for me!
    Well done again to all the schools last night ... brilliant competition!

    One last point......... Thornton's got some very pretty people (errr ... boys) in it......('',) lol
    Love ya all - jen jen xxxx

    Heyyy! Yesterday was sooo good! We got 3rd place (yay!) Hornsea - we rocked!!!
    Well done to all the schools there, especially Archbishop Thurstan - well done !!
    Rock Challenge was greatttt ! I hope i get to be a part of it next year as well! (Fingers crossed :)
    So glad we got to open the show, we got huuuuuge cheers from the crowd as well - we had so much support and i'd like to thank everyone who was their supporting!
    Eermmmm...... hope i get to experience it next year as well :)
    Aaaahhhhhhhhh ... still extremely excited ...
    ... have to keep reminding myself that it's over :'( NOOOOOOOOO .... !

    Chilli R (hornsea school)

    This is it.... All over for "Stubertos"... Ahhh dear. It's right depressing ... 4 years of performing with a great production team and dancing for a great choreographer (Miss Laycock)
    I'm gonna miss St Georges Hall in bradford but i'm going to miss it more when it was full and i was standing there in the centre of the stage. I've been a Gangster, Monk, James Bond and - to finish it off - i've been an Australian Aboriginee
    I really want to thank the three teachers from ETC which made our performance a massive success. Mr Ryder, Mrs Sutton-Jones and most of all the little Miss Laycock. You guys are the three that have helped not only me but many others in year 11 to achieve a goal that was not even thought of in year 7. On behalf of the year 11 pupils "I thank you all!"

    Right - forget all the depressing talk lol!
    Wish every single dancer next year the best of luck ! I'm sure you will pull off an excellent production (Yet again) You never know ... i might even see some of you guys in Bradford soooo be afraid :D
    Great year - thanx, Rock Challenge Crew. Cya XxxxxxX
    Stu AKA "Stubertos"

    Well done to Stainburn!!! We totally rocked!
    Thanks to Tim and Ruddy for making us feel so welcome.
    We are an awesome team

    Well... what a day!
    Had a fantastic day at the premier finals!!
    Huge well done to Archie - what a brilliant performance and congratulations to you all.
    To everyone involved, the whole day was a great team effort to be part of, and our first premier experience!!
    Well done to all of us on the Baysgarth crew ! So
    unfortunate that we were not awarded for the millions of hours of work that so many of us put in! Oh well, there's always next year!!!
    We did ourselves and the school proud, and nobody could have have done any more - our piece was superb!
    Here's to next year...who knows what will happen??? But we'll fight back!!!

    (Catwomen- you all looked great, especially you Nat!!!)
    Mrs V and Mr S - thank-you sooooo much ! You worked so hard for our benefit and you are wonderful people. Maybe next year??? :)
    All the very best to all of you Rock Challenge Addicts.

    Jack D (Baysgarth School)

    Does anyone know matty from driffield school ? If so, cud u ask him to post a message on this page ? Ta
    Luv - hannah

    ARCHIE! 1st place ! I still dnt believe it - NORTHERN CHAMPIONS! That sounds gud, dunnit !! :)
    Thank-u 2 every1 who made it possible ... mrs b, caroline, mr ranner, jan and evry1 else who supported us.

    Well done to all the uva skools who took part but we pulled it off

    Let's go, stainburn, let's go let's go
    Well done quys ! Thanks to all teachers and dancers and crew and costume and make-up people ... we are a fantastic team.

    Well done 2 all the schools last nite but the worthy winners were st thomas à becket!! Their performance was amazing (and a special mention must go 2 one of their dancers in particular, and she will know when she reads this who i mean!!)
    First time i've been 2 watch the RC and wasn't disappointed! Amazing night and well done 2 all involved - especially St thomas à becket!!

    WOW!! Just (1 pm) woken up from a major power-sleep after a totally amazing day of volunteering at the finals !!

    Anyway, i'd just like to say how amazing EVERY school was - you all did yourselves proud!
    Big thank-you to all the Rocka team for letting us help out - it was so nice to be able to give something back to the Rocka experience! We felt like part of the Rocka family! I'm soooo up for volunteering again next year - i can highly recommend it!!
    Thank you, Rock Challenge ! Without you we wouldn't have made the friends we have!
    See you next year!

    Clair (Hanson LT & Finals Volunteer)

    Hey hey hey everyone ! Hope everyone's had a good sleep !!
    Well done to everyone - you were all amazing !
    A big thank-you to all bennies 'n' haven crew, especially our teachers and helpers - nicola, ramsay, carol, susan, david and everyone else who iv forgotten ... i'm really sorry but my brain isn't functioning properly yet.

    Hi to everyone i met yesterday (i spoke to loadz of people :) Hey kirsty 'n' jay from ashfield - hope you've got home ok
    Loadz of love - Kirsty (bennies n haven egyptian)

    I can't keep myself frm writin ... well, there's nowt else to do.
    Bak to skwl tmoz ... at leas i won't b bored ... get to talk to all of ma m8s
    C all the hanson rockas bak at skwl

    Jade (hanson) x

    HEYA GUYS!!!!!!!
    Well done, Hornsea - 3RD PLACE ! We wer ace, guys, n look at the awards we won :)
    Thnx 2 everyone hu helped us like all the choreographers, our make-up team n all da people hu did our hair n da fab stage crew (Luke's army) and - of course - thanx, mrs hylton ... uve been ace all the way through n u always had hope in us ... CHEERS, MISS !!!
    Can't wait till next year ... hope i get in !!
    Can't believe it's all over now for 2006 ... all gone :(
    Well done to all the others schools ! U wer brill !

    Love - michaela (HORNSEA XXX)

    Hey ! Danika and Mrs C here from Thornton Grammar
    Just want to say a huge well done to Thornton for last night ! You guys made us so so proud ... we really couldn't have asked you for anything more... it was truly perfect in our eyes!!!! It's just a shame that we didn't get rewarded but hey - at least we know we did our best !
    The energy from both the cast and (the best!!!) stage crew when you came off stage was amazing!! A real team effort ! An absolute pleasure working with you all and BE REALLY PROUD OF YOURSELVES!!!!!!!

    Just organising our after-show / end-of-year rocka party... watch this space!!!
    Jess -
    thank you so so so much for the effort you put into my little montage - chin up, hun... just because you leave school doesn't mean you leave rocka... take me for instance LOL! You are a star and a fantastic dance captain!
    Have a well-earned rest, everyone

    Love - Danika and Mrs C (Thornton Grammar School) x x x x

    I can't believe it ! We got 5 awards as well!!
    BIG THANKS TO MRS B!! We couldn't have done it without u!!! U made it happen!!! Ur amazing!!!!

    It still isn't sinking in... but WE DID IT!!! When we stood on stage waiting for the results it was the most nerve-racking feeling!!!
    Lv - kirsty c (ARCHIE!!!!!!)

    I cannot believe that we won the northern premier schools final !
    I've waited five years to win it ... i've taken part in every rock challenge my school's has been in and in my last year at school we've won it and in my last rock challenge year we've gone and won it ! I cannot believe it.
    All the other schools were fantastic.
    ARCHIE ROCK!!!!!!!!!

    Jamie from archie ;)

    Well done to stainburn for coming fifth in the northern open at grimsby. I knew u'd do well. Carl and rachel... u must've rocked big time
    How did bennis and whitehaven not get owt at premier???? I'm so sorry, guys.. but hey.. u did ur best and u can come back to carlisle next year and rock even harder
    Once again... well done to the both of ya

    Love - sam (ex cockermouth)

    HI Hornsea!!!
    Just want to say how well you did on saturday - very proud! 3rd place is fantastic and we got some great awards!
    Well done to all the other schools that competed - what a great day!
    Archie - you were fab ! Very well done!
    Can't believe 2006 is all done and dusted now! Bring on next year- can't wait!
    (That is, if you want me karen!!x)
    Oh ... before i forget ... if any one found my purse on sat can i have it back please ! It's got everything in it like driving licence etc so i kinda need it back! Trust me!
    Thanks to Karen for letting me do the video thing !! (We got video performance too!! :)
    Mark- dude!
    Callum (where is it now?!!!!)
    Charlotte and Kirsty - quiet loud quiet loud!!
    Lauren- you're a star and always will be
    All of Hornsea School- you should be proud of yourselves - you did brilliantly !
    Thanks to all the rock challenge team for once again giving us a fab day!

    I think that's covered everything ! Like i said before ... if anyone finds my purse, please give it to Mrs Hylton or some one at school- it's important that i get it back ... thanks...........
    Over and out - Amelia !!! xx

    Well ... 4th place in northern prem final :))
    It was a dead gud day and it ended with a gr8 result at the end of the night.
    Well done to al the other schools 4 competein and a big well done to ARCHIE for winning the 2006 prem final - it was well deserved.
    Anyways, good luck next year
    Tom G (Matty Humbo :))

    I am soooooo sorry for not getting the Northern Premier Grand Final results up on the results page earlier than about a quarter past nine this morning ... they SHOULD have been here at around 2 am but ... yep, I fell asleep over the keyboard while I was entering them up ... doh :((
    I'm just heading off to the kitchen to get some breakfast and then I'll get back here and start on the messages that have arrived over the past two days while Wendy and I have been away at the Northern Finals at Grimsby (and hello to everyone in trucks, cars and coaches who waved goodbye as you left the car park! :)
    Catch you later ...
    John (Editor)


    Jun 3rd 2006

    Well done peterhead!! xx 6 Awards - come on ! :)
    All skools were amazing an everyone left a winner.

    I think it's fair to say claire's done us proud xx
    GOOD LUCK TORRY FOR TONIGHT!! Shame we cudn't stay another night :( Do us proud !

    xxxx lots of luv ... laura xxxx (PETERHEAD)

    Hey everyone!!
    OMG ... yesterday was sooo fantastic!!
    Well done to all the schools in the Northern Open ! You were all great
    , but a HUGE congratulations to Longcroft for winning our awards and third place!! We're going premier!!! Yay :D
    Thank-you to all the other competitors for being so kind yesterday !

    I feel so sorry 4 the cleaners having to tidy up all of Peterhead's cute little yellow things!!! (Ed: but not the fifty or so I saw stuck over a car driving out of the car-park at the end of the day, Leanne :)
    Good luck to all schools in the Northern Premier Final today!
    Thank-you to all the teachers for making yesterday possible and to all my friends for making it sooooo ace!

    Love - Leanne M (LONGCROFT!!!) xxxxx

    Hi ! I'm from southy and I just wanna say that we rocked. We were the best and we thought we had a really good chance.
    It was our first ever year, and south holderness did rock challenge and we got to Grimsby.
    We were really good. We had footy players, swimmers, dancers, basketball players and a lot more. We did our best and it was ace. We all had a really good time. We really deserved it.
    I hated the way most of the schools relied on their props to do the dancing for them. Half of them didn't even dance. We had it all and I thought it was really good especially for our first ever time. We're all really good dancers, especially Sarah. (Sarah was upset cos she went on a bit late. Nobody noticed though so it doesn't matter.)
    Next year we are hopefully going to go out there and show them that we're the best (because we are)
    I also want to say a huge thanks to mrs truran, mrs havercroft, mr cotson, mr burgess and the rest of you who have helped us get this far.
    Thanks everyone for the great experience and the opportunity to show everyone what south holderness can do. See you next year

    Jenna xxx

    Hi ! I've just slept for 7 hours after yesterday at the finals !
    We didn't get placed but got six awards, including spirit of rock challenge (one we really wanted !) I was soo pleased! :))
    Made loads of new friends at Grimsby yesterday (and i still can't believe how warm it was down there!! Well, compared to peterhead anyway! (=-D)

    Well, a performing arts school which is dead serious is going to win over an academy with friendly hyper people! Well done to the winners, and congragulations for getting through to the prems!!
    Bethany from Peterhead Academy xxxxx

    Hiya ! Ells bells frm garforth community college!!
    Well dun t st louise's for winnnin!! It wa reali gd.
    N t every1 else, especially earlsheaton, where i met sum wickd ppl
    ... SIAN, STU, DAMO, JONNY, FISHER, RODGER, CHARLOTTE ... u wa all wickd!! Well dun for gettin 4th!!!
    I wanna say well dun t every1 at GCC - we did wickd ! Reali did! N even tho we dint get a position we're all winners !
    Jus bein der wa amazin! Ad a wickd day!!!
    Paylor- we propa gonna miss ya ... u wa wickd ... ooo ... best stop ... i'm wellin up!! :)

    Big shout out t miss kilburn, miss guy (aka mavis lol), Miss solley (aka ethel) eddie, n mr grey - u wa wickd n cudn't av dun it witout u!
    Miss ! We gotta do it nxt yr !! Plz!!!

    Thnx t da stage crew - reali gd, leader, john, michelle, ashley, hazel, miss solly's son, damo, n hueva i've missd out, n thnx vicki n jamie for hair n make up - it wa wickd!!!
    Opefully c ya all nxt yr ...

    Loada love ... ells bells xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    Jun 2nd 2006

    It's 1am (actually on the 3rd of June :), I've just got home and put the Northern Open Grand Final results up on the website, and now I'm off to bed.
    SOOOOO sorry about no messages ... no internet access in Grimsby for me, I'm afraid :(
    It looks like the Messages page will be stalled till Sunday morning, for which my HUGE apologies.
    Thank-you to SOOO many of you for waving to Wendy and myself as you left the car and bus park tonight, and to St Machar and Andrew Marvell coach drivers for flicking the headlights as we sped past on the way home, waving madly :)
    See everyone in the Prem final tomorrow ... no, in about 7 hours' time ...
    John (Editor)

    OMG ... i cnt believe tht the prem final is like tomorow ... i'm soooooo cannot wait. (I can't sleep so i decided to come on here and leave a message :)
    We had a fab rehearsal today n every1 worked reallll hard.
    Gd luck every1 tomorrow. See every1 at skool at 7 ... ohhh lol
    See ya soon - woooo - i cnt wait.

    Love - bekki k from HORNSEA ***************
    We love u hornsea we do
    We love u hornsea we do
    We love u hornsea we do ... ohhhh, hornsea - we love u oioioi
    ******** HORNSEA ********

    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd drop by to wish everyone competing tomorrow in the Northern Grand Final good luck, especially Hornsea School!!
    I wish I could be there dancing but I'm too old now, and uni exams mean I can't get to Grimsby to come and see you :-(
    I really hope all the effort that you guys have put in pays off for you ... you definitely deserve it.
    Best of luck
    - Sally Simpson (Ex Hornsea Rocka)

    Hi ... it's jade agen ... i'm stil bored
    It's the finals 2moz and i want to go bt i can't. I think miss ward's goin ... tek me!!!! :)
    Ther's nowt to do ... i'm jus listenin to red hot chili peppers.
    Went to leeds yesterday and we missed our train an lucy wa on it on her own ... she want pleased wen we found her hehe
    I'm gonna go an try to do sum hwk ...
    Bye bye ... jade (hanson school) xxx
    Keep rockin!!!!

    Heya everyone !
    Rocka 2moz - I can't wait ... Iím well excited ... woohoo !
    Gud luck to ppl who r in da open final 2nite at Grimsby, and once again gud luck 2 every one 2moz in the premier final
    Big thanks to everyone involved in Hornsea's this year, n especially Mrs Hylton n da choreographers. Also gud luck 2 Amy Bassett from Archie
    Well, c ya all der 2 moz ... GO HORNSEA!

    xxxx Aaron (Hornsea)

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OGM!!! I can't believe it's here already ... it only felt like yesterday that i was writing a message saying rock challenge in grimsby was a month away - time does really fly!!!
    HUGE GOOD LUCK TO THE ARCHIE CREW!!! All the hard work and effort that has gone into our piece will pay off ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICALLY !! COOOMMMMMMEEEEE OOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!

    Lv - kirsty c (ARCHIE!!)

    Hey every1 !
    I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited 4 tomoz! Can't w8 to c every1's pieces and to perform!
    Go hornsea - wooooooo !

    Luv ya lots - han (hornsea) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

    Can't wait for tomorrow! Going to beee minttt! Hehehe!
    Wheyyyy! COMEEE on HOrnseaaaaaaAA!! lol! We love you, hornsea, we do ... we love you, hornsea, we do ... love youuu hornseaaa we doo oohHHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH hornseaaaa we love you OI OI OI hahahahahhahahahahahahah
    It's gonna be such a wickeddddayyy!!
    Loveeeee to every one in hornseaaa teammmm! Espeshh alll ourrrrr crew, choreographers, conlon's armyyy! And hyltonnn and webbbooooo themm twooo are legendsss inittt! Ahahha!
    Well, i'll see you all tomozzz! Woooooooooooooooooooooo!

    PEACEEE OUTTtt xxxxxxxxxxx

    Heya guys!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG ... can't wait till 2moro ... i'm so xcited i won't b able to sleep 2nyt !
    HORNSEA!!!!!! This is our year, guys ! We are gonna rock !
    Good luck to everyone 2moro ! It's goin 2 b ace.
    Luv yas all, n can't wait to see da other schools ... GOOD LUCK !
    >Michaela xxxxxx

    Oomggggggg .... can't wait for the final tomorrow ... it's come so quick ... i can't wait ... i'm soo excited
    Hornsea are gonna rock this year!! Everyone's put in soo much hard work n it's all gonna pay off on saturday when we perform!!!!!!!!
    Cnt wait to see all the other schools n cnt wait to show our piece - cya all on sat, and good luck, everyone !

    Lots of love - lotte .b. (hornsea)
    Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ... go hornsea - u can do it !!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hiya !
    Can't believe it's the prem final tomorrow ! I'm soooo excited!!
    Well done to Hornsea for a fantastic rehearsal today - everyone was working really hard.
    Best of Luck to everyone competing tomorrow night ! It'll be great to see what everyone's come up with !

    Luv - Sammy (Hornsea)

    Best of luck to all the schools 2moro! We're really looking forward to seeing u all perform and hope u enjoy ours too. The day time is just as exciting as the night itself so let's turn up tomorrow and rock grimsby!

    Love - Sian and Helen xxx

    Hello everyone !
    Just wanted to wish good luck to everybody at Baysgarth School. We've all worked very hard this year and i'm sure it will pay off.
    Well done to everyone dancing, painting scenery, making costumes etc., and of course a huge thank-you to miss v and the fabulous scrutonater for all their hard work. We couldn't do it without u!

    Good luck to anyone competing tomorrow night !
    Come on, Baysgarth!

    Love - Hannah C (wonderwoman) xxxxx

    Hiya guys !
    Well, it's finally here ... Rocka Final 2006 and i can't wait ! Can't believe it's 2moro!!
    Good luck to all the schools competing and i am sure everyone will all have an ace day.
    A special good luck to Hornsea and well done for all the hard work that has been put in this year.
    I can't wait to be up on that stage again ! See you all nice and early 2moro morning lol

    Love - Darryl (Hornsea)
    Oh Hornsea, we love you..oi oi oi

    Heeyy !!! Jus a quick grd luck messg to evry1 in the finals! Make sure ya all ROCK GRIMSBY!!!! (And if this gets put up afta day 1 then WELL DONE TO EVRY1 WHO COMPETED!!!!
    OMG ... ROCKA 2006 NEARLY OVA :(:(:( ...
    BRING ON 2007!!! D:D:D:D!!

    Lv - Emma xxxx(hanson)xxxx

    Hiyaaaaa Guys ...
    "Tomorrow, Tomorrow.. I Love Ya Tomorrow..." Okay Okay ... Enuff Of Singing .. I'm Just So Excited =D...
    Can't Wait To See Everyone !!
    .. Look Out For Me In The Blue Matthew Humberstone Top With Danni On The Back Hehe !!
    Hope You've All Been Practising.. Gotta Shake Ya Thing On Stage =P
    Good Luck Everyone And I Hope Y'all Do Really Well
    Danielle - x (Matthew Humberstone)

    Well, It's The Final Tomorrow =D
    OMG !! I'm Soo Excited ... and Really Nervous !
    This Is My First Year Performing ... and Hopefully Not The Last
    Gurd Luck To Everyone There - Hope Too See You Bright and Early Tomorrow !!
    Can't Wait !

    Lovee - Kelliee [Matty Humbo All The Way .. x]

    OK ... it's 14 hours and 20 mins till i have to be at school tomorrow!
    Good luck to all the schools taking part!!!
    Go Baysgarth!!!!!!

    Darcy (joker)

    Hiya ! It's laura .c here frm thornton
    Jst got bak frm our last run-throughs ... it looks amazin now
    Gd luck 2 everyone, n especially all you thornton lot ... we know we can do gd

    Wow! It's the final 2moz! I'm real xcited!
    Hornsea had a really good rehearsal 2day!
    Good luck to all schools competing tonite and all the schools competing 2moz!
    Can't wait! Dnt fink i'l get much sleep tonite!
    Claire - Hornsea

    Hiya peeps of Hornsea school!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited about the big finals TOMORROW!!!!!!!!
    It's gonna be real gd coming bk to grimsby and gettin up on that stage and sayin "Hey, other peeps out there! We are hornsea school and we are gonna show you what we're made of!" And we'll make sure that they don't forget it!
    Best of luck to all da other schools competin as well!!
    Lv - natalie x

    Gd luck to all the other skools 4 2morrow's final ! Goin to be my first northern final as i missed last year's
    Come on matty humbo !

    Nick c

    I would just like to wish Hornsea School lots of luck for the Final tomorrow in Grimsby!!
    Show everyone how it's done :)
    Go Hornsea!!!!

    With love from Rachael Rooks xxx

    Helllooo.. ain't put up a message for ... what ... a couple of days! Hehe!
    It's the FINALS today! Good Luck to all competing in the Opens and tomorrow in the Premiers! Wishing you all the best of luck! :-D
    Emma n the Hanson Rockateers
    - Yes, Stacey went to Fall Out Boy! Wooop ! Wooop! Have some fab piccies you can all look at... and this time it's NOT me with "The Face In Most Photos"! Haha!
    Well... this year is coming to an end with the Rocka tour ... hmmmphh! But ... the end of one year must mean the beginning of another! Yippeeeee!! How many days!? Haha!
    Anyhow, i must dash! Need to grab the deckchair moment.. before Round 2! (Haha Emma!)
    Love - Stacey xxx Hanson xxx

    Hi ! It's me AGEN!!! I just cnt keep away!!!!
    Anyway ... reli bored today so i thought i'd say "Hi!!"
    I wish we were there today at the finals but neva mind ... we'll win nxt year! (Hopefully:D)
    Cnt wait to see all the rocka crew and volunteers at bradford agen! ("Hi!" by the way!)

    OK ... i'd betta go now be4 i start rambling ... even tho i already am!
    Tlk to u l8er ... bye !
    Daisy (hanson) xoxoxoxox

    It's 5.23 am and i'm just about to set off to pick some people up for today ... then we'll be leaving school at 6.30 am
    Good luck, everyone !

    Jonny (Buttershaw today / Rocka Volunteer tomorrow :)

    Hi to everyone. This is the last time for messaging for me until I get back from Grimsby. (It's 5.20 in the morning and we are getting ready to set off ... someone tell me why we do this each year!!! (Yawn!!) I know once I get there I will be really into it and FEELING SICK! (WHY DO WE DO THIS AGAIN ??!!!!:) ONLY JOKING !!! :))

    GOOD LUCK ROSS (with your air guitar) ...


    Jun 1st 2006

    wow only two sleeps till the northern premier final,i am so excited especially after todays rehersal!! first things first a HUGE good luck to those performing in the open final tomorrow night, especially our fellow cumbrians stainburn,who i'm sure will represent and knock veryones socks off.i can hardly imagine your performance any better than it was at carlisle but im sure you'll have pulled something out the bag to make it even better....so good luck dears!!! secondly an even bigger GOOD LUCK to all teams performing in the premier final,i'm excited about meeting some new schools and seeing some we have met before. this si our first prem final and im you resident prems will ake us feel welcome,so excited!!!!! and heres to the important thank yous and good lucks....NICHOLA!!!your a shining star,i dont know how you've kept your head,the dance is amazing so dont worry bout it,and enjoy this weekend millions!!thanks for letitng me get involved again (and do you mind if i neick some of the dance to show the kids this summer,spread the havens and bennies rock challange legend across the water) thank you also to fiona for being awesome and never seeming to lose hope and energy!!thanks to susan and jackie for the costumes and any other parents and teachers who helped out.This is probs our best set and costumes ever!! stagecrew etc....goodluck,although im sure you dont need it after those times today...just try not to break anyones fingers this time,heehee!! and here comes a repeat of the pep-talk!!to all the haven and bennies performers, you positively have the potential to win this, every year gets better and better, and although the prems may be intimidating, you totally deserve to be there!!im really proud of you all and just remember all the little naggy things and your performance will be awesome,i have every faith in you putting in 110% on the night but most of all have fun this weekend!! so yeah, northern premier final, here we come!!!!!!!see you all midday tomorrow!!! natasha (st. benedicts and whitehaven general dogs body) x x x ps. looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the RC crew john!!!

    Hi Guys ! Just logging on from the Uni library to wish everyone good luck for tomorrow!! I'm sorry I haven't been around for many of the northern heats this year but I have been keeping an eye on the web site for the results :)
    I shall however be making an appearence on Saturday for the Northern Permier Final!! I shall be leaving at 2am Saturday morning to drive up and see you all, so I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and some new ones too. I hope you are going to make me stare in wonder at what you have all acheived.
    I'm sure you will make my day, as I will by then have finished a research paper and two mind-boggling essays so I will need to have some fun!!
    Will see you all there

    Max - RC ASM xx

    Hi ! It's Jenna from southy (aka south holderness)
    I just wana say that when we won rock challenge it felt excellent. I literally cried. I had an amazing time and I really really want to feel like that again.
    I know we can all do it girls (and the few lads - you're great) We just need to put as much effort as we can in. I think you're all ace and we have a great chance to show everyone that we're the best - because we are !
    Come on Southy!!! xxxxx

    Wow ! Only two sleeps till the northern premier final ! I am so excited, especially after today's rehearsal!!
    First things first - a HUGE good luck to those performing in the open final tomorrow night, especially our fellow cumbrians stainburn,who i'm sure will represent and knock everyone's socks off. I can hardly imagine your performance any better than it was at carlisle but i'm sure you'll have pulled something out of the bag to make it even better.... so good luck, dears!!!
    Secondly - an even bigger GOOD LUCK to all teams performing in the premier final! I'm excited about meeting some new schools and seeing some we have met before. This is our first-ever prem final and i'm sure you resident prems will make us feel welcome ... so excited!!!!!
    And here's to the important thank-yous and good lucks....

    NICHOLA!!! You're a shining star ! I don't know how you've kept your head ! The dance is amazing so don't worry bout it, and enjoy this weekend millions!! Thanks for letting me get involved again (and do you mind if i nick some of the dance to show the kids this summer ... spread the havens and bennies rock challange legend across the water)
    Thank you also to fiona for being awesome and never seeming to lose hope and energy!!
    Thanks to susan and jackie for the costumes and any other parents and teachers who helped out. This is probs our best set and costumes ever!!
    Stagecrew etc.... good luck, although i'm sure you don't need it after those times today... just try not to break anyone's fingers this time heehee!! (Ed: grins :))
    And here comes a repeat of the pep-talk!! To all the haven and bennies performers - you positively have the potential to win this. Every year gets better and better, and although the prems may be intimidating, you totally deserve to be there!! I'm really proud of you all and just remember all the little naggy things and your performance will be awesome. I have every faith in you putting in 110% on the night but most of all have fun this weekend!!
    So yeah ... northern premier final, here we come!!!!!!! See you all midday tomorrow!!!
    Natasha (st. benedicts and whitehaven general dogsbody) x x x
    ps looking forward to seeing the crew, and you john!!!
    (Ed: see you there, Natasha :))

    Hey! Only 2 more days!
    Good luck to all the schools on saturday!
    Especially basy! We rock!!!
    Cnt w8! Woo! Thanx to mrs v n mr scruton!

    Loadsa luv frm emz
    ps: GO BASY!!!

    Wow - rocka on saturday! I can't wait! It's gonna be great to see everyone again! I'm so excited!
    Hornsea is gonna rock! This year is our year! Everything is ace! The routine and choreograpy, the costumes, the set - it's all amazing! Can't wait to show everyone what we can do and how fantastic we do it!
    Good luck to everyone competing at the Open tomorrow and the Prem and on sat! Can't wait till sat!

    Lv - soph at hornsea!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! OMG - prem final on Saturday! :o
    I don't believe how quickly it has come this year!
    I'm totally hyped up for our last rehearsal tomorrow and i'm definitely in "the right type of mood" for saturday!
    HUGE thank-yous to everyone who's made Hornsea's entry so great this year :)

    Wel, got to jet ... c u all at the final
    Lotsa luv - lizzie xxx
    We love you hornsea we do
    We love you hornsea we do
    We love you hornsea we do
    Oh hornsea we love you ... OI OI OI
    Lizzie T (Hornsea School)

    OMG ... 2 dayz till rocka ! I cnt believe it - it's gone so fast - bt cnt wait till i'm there
    Gud luk 2 all the uva skools and c u at grimsby

    I ain't put a messg up in ages!!!! (Well ... exams have pretty much taken ova, bu we have had a break so i suppose that's no excuse :s! Maths on mon aft!!! :S:S:S Third time takin maths gcse :O:O:O:S:S!!!
    Hws ova yr11s findin exams???? Ne1 take music?? Was it hard or is it jus me ??? :S:S:S!!
    STACE -
    am gonna echo exactly wot hanson's baby rockas have sed - "OMG STACE ... U GOT 2 GO 2 "FALL OUT BOY" !!! :O:O:O!!! lmao! Aawwww! Well, i will cya 2mora 4 round 2!!! :S:S:S!!! STEPS!!!
    OOOO ... FINALS 2mora???? WOWOWOWOWOW i wana come n c em! :(
    Cnt get ther tho ::(:(:(

    OOO ... evry1 likin the display??? OMG tha wa like a week ago wen we did it! Seems aaggggeeeeesssss ago!!!
    Well, i wana get bak 2 skool :O! N i g2 w8 till sept! ah welll..... SHOPPIN!!!
    Is ther ne1 out ther who is going on a university residential 2 hull this summer???
    Ah well ... will b bk in skool on mon 2 c y'all!! B4 exam!!!
    Lv - Emma xxxxx(hanson)xxxxxxxxx

    Last chance to wish everyone at Archie a huge GOOD LUCK before trekking up a mountain - don't ask!

    Can't wait to see the piece agen! COME ON ARCHIE!!! SEE YOU THERE!!!

    Just Wanna Say A Big Hiya To Everyone
    Finals In 2 Days =D Soo Excited !
    Hope All Schools Do Really Well - Try Your Best !!
    Big Shout Out To Matty Humbo
    - Everyone Try Your Best =D
    It's The Last One This Year ! I'm So Excited.. So I Hope Everyone Has A Really Gurd Time - Make The Most Of The Day !
    Hope To Meet Loads Of New People - Hope To See Everyone Again Next Year Too !
    Gurd Luck =D

    Lots Of Love - Kelliee [ Matty Humbo .. x ]

    BAYSGARTH ! Hell yeah!
    2 days....cannot wait...
    Love - Lauren (*wonder woman* :D) xxxxx

    Well, that's it ... all packed. Home to sleep now !
    Jonny (Buttershaw / rocka volunteer)

    OMG ... cnt wait till the final ... only 2 days to go (i cnt believe it !!)
    I'm really lookin forward 2 seing every1 else's pieces ... i'm sure they'll b great.
    See every1 in the team tomoz at the full call ... whoooo - go hornsea !
    Lots of love - bekki k
    We love u hornsea we do
    We love u hornsea we do
    We love u hornsea we do ... ohhh hornsea we love u - oioioi !

    Hello everyone from st bennies n whaven!
    I wish you all the luck in the world for this weekend at Grimsby! You'll be fab ... just strech your arms and smile ... I know you will!
    I'm so gutted I'm missing it and am sooooo jealous of you guys!!!!!!
    Nic and fiona - gud luck !
    You should be so proud ! I'm sorry I couldn't be there! Please get in touch and let me know how you get on, and don't stress - everthing will be fine!!!
    Lots of love and best wishes - Beth McGarry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    It's van-loading time in about 2 hours ! Just gonna have a quick stage-crew rehearsal first, then it's pack up time and try not to stress about the day ahead ... which is easier said than done !

    Jonny (buttershaw / rocka volunteer)

    2 DAYS AND COUNTING.........
    Can you believe that all these months of sweat and tears (and that's just the staff !)are nearly over and the end of ROCKA for another year is nearly here ?? AWWWWWWWWWWW :(

    Must get on my broomstick and fly ... lots to do before Saturday.
    AND A WARNING TO ANYONE .... IT'S NOT JUST PEDRO THAT NEEDS TO BE AFRAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx LOVE YA - SPARKLE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Only lyk 13 hours till we leave for Grimsby!!!! And then it's sumthing like 11 hours on the bus!! Oh i'm going to be tired!!
    This will no doubt be the last chance i have to WISH ALL THE SCHOOLS the VERY BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FINALS!!
    I can't wait to see all the other schools' performances on Friday! It's going to be well ace!!
    See you all tomorrow!!!!!!!!! :D

    Jackie!! (Peterhead) xxx

    Heyyy!! Smithy from Hornsea Stage Crew!!
    "Luke Conlon's Barmy Army" are putting in extra time today to rehearse moving the set about, and then again on Friday for the full call!!
    Look forward to seeing you all at Grimsby and doing the warm up again!! That's always a laugh!!
    To all the dancers - please put all you can on that stage on Saturday ! I'm sure you will!!
    This is also my final year in rock challenge and I am sure I will miss it!
    Love and Luck goes to my friends at Longcroft on Friday night (Emi and Rach)!! I hope you do well!!
    Bring on Saturday's Premier Final!!
    Interested to see the other schools' sets! I'm sure they won't disappoint!!

    Rich S


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