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My <B>sincere best wishes too to everyone at East Shore Special School</B>, for they are closing at the end of Summer and this was thus their last-ever Rock Challenge appearance. Additionally, some of the helpers you can see in the mini-pic have not got jobs at the new school ... my best wishes to them too ...</I> :(<br>John (Editor)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi all<br><B>Well done to everyone taking part in the rock challenge Pompey day 4! The day was amazing.<br>Well done to all new schools - you were really good<br>Well done to rachel madocks school for coming first and a big well done to east shore - you're amazing every year ... we all enjoyed watching your performance ... a very touching piece.<br>Also well done to meopham school - you were brilliant, people.</B><br>And one more thing ... <B><I>didn't our boys look great in their loin-cloths!!!</I><br>Can't wait for the finals! Good luck to all schools in the finals and good luck to all schools next year!!!</B><br>Oh yea ... <B>mark</B> - YOU NOOOOO!!<br>Callie from <B><I>WAVELL</I></B>!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done COX GREEN PREM, and JUNIORS - 3rd place! Wowowowowowowowowowow!<br>A HUGE PERSONAL THANK-YOU TO : Mr Hauxwell, Jodie, our Crew, Russell (lighting), and Marcus (video)</I></B> - all you guys did a wicked job.<br>Also <B>a thank-you to the rock challenge crew ... once again u made the day amazing</B>.<br>Thanks to John for our chat before we performed :) <I>(Ed: hi Jack! :)</I><br>Jack L aka "Raven Dude"<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow, what a week at Portsmouth!</B> There were simply too many schools that took part to mention you all, but several do stick out clearly:<br><B>East Shore</B> (it's so sad that you're closing down ... I do hope you've enjoyed you time with the Rock Challenge and that we can see some of you in the future), <B>Ventnor Middle</B> (such a touching and sensitive piece about a topic that still sends shudders down the spines of many people today ... can't wait to see in the finals), <B>Bridgemary</B> (wow, you bowled everyone over and sent many cowering underneath their seats esp. with your UV sequence with the spiders), <B>Sandown High</B> (I laughed my socks off about the policemen and felt so sorry for Jekle, adored your theme description, and loved little Tudor Newthy!) and fianlly a huge congrats to <B>Rachael Maddocks</B>! Like I said, so many schools and people to mention that I can't name you all, so <B>this is for everyone: THANK-YOU, and WELL DONE.<br>Thanks too to the RC crew for putting up with me for another week (see you in Pompey :), and thanks to Dave in particular for everything!</B><br>See you all in the finals ... Rosie (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br>ps Great to see you too, John and Wendy - hope you had a good time too on Friday !<br><I>(Ed: oh yes ! See you at the finals, Rosie :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Gud luck to all schools performing in Bradford on wednesday! Especially THORNTON - you rock! Let's make Danika even more proud of us!<br>Big thanks to all that helped with set this year, especially Danika and Cowley for all those weekends!</I></B> The set looks great by the way even if i do say so myself! (I think i might have got more paint on me than the set, though he he!)<br>Just remember, guys - "BIG CHEESE!"<br>N I Love You All!<br>xAshley SMx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys, it's emz from cowes high here!<br><B>Just over a week to go, guys, and everything is looking fab!</B> I know we changed bits and tweaked bits but trust me, it's all been well worth it.<br><B>Full costume run-throughs this week, guys, so remember to bring in all the bits and bobs you used last time!</B><br>Righto ... <B><I>coursework</I></B> is calling so i'll be off. Good luck, guys, and <B><I>let's show portsmouth what cowes high are made of!!!!</I></B><br>Emz xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to every1 who has gt into the southern open finals and gd luck to every1 on the 9th of may! Keep smilin - think positive<br><I>GO MX</I></B> - WE ALL KNOW WE CAN DO IT AGEN. JUS REMEMBER "<B><I>HERE UPWARDS</I></B>" (<B><I>words frm mrs rose</I></B> :)<br>COME ON !!!!!<br>C u all then x x<br>-x- michalea -x-<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>WEL DONE COX GREEN JUNIORS!!</I></B> You did really wel and deserved 3rd place!<br><B>Wavell, you guys are amazing. I loved your piece!<br>EAST SHORE, YOU WERE AMAZING! I loved your soundtrack ... you guys really deserved it ... well done!!<br>>Thnku miss bexson for everything, n i'm already excited about the 11th ;) Hehe ... o i can't wait!!<br>To all th premier teams, good luck and will c u at th finals!</B><br>Aimee (<B><I>cox green</I></B>) xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello Guys! Just back from Rehearsals!<br><B>Wow, i'm sooo excited! Way too excited, some may say!</B> BUT HEY (Lauren!)<br><B>Rocka is on Wednesday! Wooohooo! Only...3 more sleeps! :-))<br><I>Hanson Rockas</I></B> - You guys are amazing! The Rehearsals this weekend were fab! Keep Rockin' guys!<br><B><I>Hanson Stage Crew</I></B> - Couldn't do it without you guys! Just remember Brake! Lol! Luv you guys, epsec my lil tree friend! Hehe!<br>Anyhow, i'm going to be off! Got to go scrounge hot water off family members, as we have none in the house, and the people cannot fix it until Tuesday! Arrrrggghh! Looks like i'm pitching up camp in someone else's house until then!<br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> llo everyone! <B>OMG ... still o so hyper ...<br>Well done to bridgemary - u guys rocked ... thort u deserved a place last year so well done u, ya made it!<br>Well done to TPS - 3rd two years in a row ... go u!</B><br>And well done to us cus <B>wooo, sandown - Second Place!!!!!<br>Thank u, lauren from cowes</B> for the lovely messgae - u'l get 2 c how we rocked cus guess wat, <B><I>SANDOWN MADE THE FINALS BABY!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO</I></B>. MUST SAY THO ...........<br><B>HUGE thank you to mill chase school for lending us your truncheon. U guys r awesome.</B> Thank-you, and we will post it back 2 u ASAP!<br><B><I>THANK-YOU TO EVERYONE THAT MADE THE SECOND PLACE POSSIBLE! Lindsey</I></B>, the costumes were awesome (as always). <B><I>June</I></B>, the makeup again as fab ... thank-you for staying calm lol. <B><I>Judith</I></B>, for running around and doin o so much. <B><I>Kim n Dianne</I></B> for helping with costume n makeup. <B><I>Giles</I></B>, for the lovely letter that got us our student leadership award and for handling all the forms etc. <B><I>Set Crew</I></B> for ... well, for being the set crew. <B><I>Rachael</I></B>, for excellent choreography and organisation skills. <B><I>Rosie</I></B> for being the craziest dressed loon. <B><I>Mrs Terry</I></B>, for managing to do a bit of everything all the time! Arghhh ... o so many ... <B><I>Andy</I></B>, for lighting n being Andy the Van Man! <B><I>The Crew</I></B> for being you. <B><I>Everyone</I></B> for making the day so special and finally ... <B><I>THE CAST</I></B> because u are all fab and i am ooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooo proud of each and everyone of u.<br><B>Strat</B> - i hope the dvd is comin along well (n thanku 2 u too)<br>I'm so sorry if i have forgotten anyone but there's just too many people ... arghhhh<br><B>Woooo wooo wooo! See all you guys at the finals! Woooo - very united island front, methinks, Noisy ferry all the way ! Good luck, ventnor n cowes - we'll be cheering u on all the way.<br>Thank-you again from a megga excited sandown co host!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there...<br><I><B>Good luck to driffield school for the northern premier finals on June 3rd... i'm sure you'll do great</B>... i mean, if u were competin in ours, u would have kicked our bootys hands down!!!</I> :))<br>And a big shout out to <B>jonathan n nataly frm driff</B>... hope to see u both nxt yr... or sooner for tht matter :)<br>Jenny (<B><I>Howden</I></B>)<br>ps - howden will bounce back nxt yr... make no mistake bwt tht<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey errrrrm.... ya, i can't memba wot i was ganna say but i will say well dun mx ... again ... and can't wait till the 9th!!!! And... o ya - b4 i 4get it again, wot i <B>WAS</B> ganna say was <B>how come pompey day 4 piccies are up but pompey jnr,1,2 & 3 aren't?</B>...<br>(Sorry i don't eggsactly know wot ta say this early in tha morning!)<br>XxTammiixX<br><I>(Ed: I had the day 4 pix passed to me immediately after the Friday night show ended, Tammii, and so did them straightaway as soon as I got home because (since I was there :) I also had the results and the themes to go with them ... the complete package !<br>I've also got two ... three ? ... more packages to open since I got home to sunny Yorkshire ... they contain the pics for the rest of the Pompey events and also (with luck and thanks once again to the photographers for these :) the themes too. I'll get on with those this (it's Sunday) evening, when the visitors have gone home :))<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> I'm astonished to see the huge welcome rock challenge has given me and the life chances it's given me (I wouldn't otherwise have known my lovely dance partner DANNY - he's so nice) so <B>thank-you rock challenge!<br><I>Secondly- as it's my last year is it possible for me to come and help next year and be one of those people on stage that bob about ? It looks so much fun and i would love to join in with you all!</I></B><br>For the premier final i'm goin to really try my hardest on stage in rehearsal so if any other fit boys are around they can spot me and say wow look at that ace dancer (hope i don't sound too vain :)<br>Anyway, best go ... travelling to sheffield now to see the hunky kian, lush shane, sexy mark and fit nicky ... have you guessed ... my fave band WESTLIFE yea yea<br>Love you all at driffield school - you rock! Good luck to Hornsea in the final - hope you do well (you deserve it!)<br>Loadsa love - KATIE R FROM DRIFFIELD SCHOOL -I'M THE LITTLE BLONDE ONE :)<br><I>(Ed: <a href="work2005.htm"><b>click here to have a read of the volunteering form</b></a>, Katie ... see if it sounds OK to you and if it is then get it printed out, filled in and posted off when you can see from the 2007 Tour Calendar - ready and here before Christmas - which event/s you might be able to volunteer at !<br>ps "<B>bob about</B>" ???!! You're talking of the STUNNING Rock Challenge crew dancing on stage ??? :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow!! what a week in Portsmouth...it was fantastic!<br>Well done all the schools who took part - all the performances were amazing and i will have memories of them for a long time, especially East Shore school - a HUGE well done to you! There wasn't a dry eye on stage! Even the "big burly blokes in the wings" (as "Crispy" put it :) were crying too!</B><br>A <B>huge</B> well done to <B><I>Ventnor Middle school</I></B>. I can't wait to see your piece again in the finals<br>And - last but not least - <B>a big thanks to all the crew for a fantastic week.. see you again soon</B>.<br>Ness (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi all!<br><B>A huge well done for Portsmouth Day Four yesterday. Congrats to all the schools that took part, and thanks for an amazing day!</B> I didn't get to see many of the performances during the rehearsals, but I've heard they were all fantastic.<br><B>Wavell and Brynmawr - wow! Your productions are stunning! Looking forward to seeing you at the prem final.<br><I>Thanks to the Lytchett crew who came down to support us! Can't wait to be in Portsmouth with you! We're going to have a party!!! (If anyone from the Rock Challenge is listening, please oh please can we go in the same changing room as Lytchett???)</I><br>Cox Green Prem team -</B> well done and thank you! Love you all and you're absolutely amazing ... you've been <B>wonderful</B> to work with, and look forward to seeing the video next week! The performance looked fantastic! (Oh, and I finally worked out what you <B><I>Bomblings</I></B> look like - you're <B><I>either mutant goats</I></B>, <B><I>or more accurately Children of the Judderman</I></B> ;-)<br><B>Cox Green Juniors - WOW!!!!</B> THIRD PLACE AND TWO PRIZES!!!! You should be <B>so</B> pleased with yourselves, and I can't wait to see the video as unfortunately we were getting ready when you were performing. Brilliant work, so creative and skilled - <B>huge huge huge thanks to Mr Hawxwell for taking you lot on!!<br>Thanks again to all the lovely backstage crew and familiar faces</B>, and thanks, John, for the kind words!!<br>Miss Bexson xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WHAT A DAY!!!</B><br>It's SoPhIe from <B><I>BRYNMAWR SCHOOL</I></B>! And i ws 1 of the MINERS!!! Oh Yes! :))<br>Our dance was fab, specially the bins and the COUNCIL JACKETS (lmao :) and sticks** Yey!<br>Lights at the end! What can i say?? Perfect! *he*he*<br><B>Well done to all the schools, especially the 1 who won!! It ws an awesome dance!!</B><br>Umm ... i ws <B><I>jst wonderin</I></B> ... 4 <B><I>cox green school</I></B> ... who 1 of your representatives was! He had short dark hair, an i ws tlkin 2 him bt i didn't know his name.lol.<br>Oh well! <B>Had a fab day!! C u in the finals!!!</B> xXx<br>x SoPhIe R x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done everybody at Portsmouth yesterday!<br>Wavell-</B> yours is amazing, and <B>Brynmawr </B>were fab! <B>All of the other teams were fantastic and everyone did brilliantly!<br>Cox Green Junior team-</B> you rocked the Rock Challenge and you really deserved third place! Love you guys!<br><B>Cox Green Premier team</B> were the BOMB! <B>Everyone was fandabidasterrific! Thanks Lisa, and everyone else for doing our hair and everyone who did our make-up! But most of all thank you to Miss Bexson!! We couldn't do this without you! Thanks!<br>Can't wait for the 11th</B> ... GOOD LUCK COX GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Love - Helen (<B><I>Cox Green</I></B>!) .x.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done Bridgemary! What a performance!!!!<br>Congrats to everyone concerned - the long day was worth every minute ??!!!!!</I></B><br>Thanks for everything Miss E.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>MX----Not long now guys!!</I><br>PS: Well done to East Shore ... cue very tearful mother lol</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya.<br>Just wanna say <B>well done 2 bridgemary skool</B>. Cudn't be at the show cuz i was in wales, but i'm gonna try my best 2 go watch the finals cuz i heard u guys were awesome! (Well, u musta been 2 come 1st :)<br><B>Good luck with the finals and maybe see you there!</B><br>Andrea (<B><I>Ex Bridgemary</I></B> xx)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! Gabi here from <B><I>Cowes High</I>!<br>Only 10 days till our final! Woooooo!</B> Go Cowes!!!<br>Dances are looking fab again and <B>dress rehersals next week!</B><br>GO COWES!!!!<br>Gabi xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I'd just like to say a <B>big </B>well done to <B><I>Sandown</I></B>! I heard you guys did great at Portsmouth the other day.<br><B>NEWTHY, WE MISS YOU!!!!! COME BACK TO COWES. ROCK CHALLENGE ISN'T THE SAME WITHOUT YOU (but i think you would have been proud of us at southampton in march :)<br>Wooooo - the final's in 10 days (ahhhhhhhhh) and the cowes prom in 14 days - wooo - can't wait ... COME ON COWES!<br>Thanks to Mrs Segal, Mr Thompson and the rest of the production/management team. It is looking great<br>See ya in Portsmouth on May 9th</B><br>.:.: Lauren :.:. (<B><I>Cowes Crew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> OMG OMG OMG! How long has it been since i have left a message! Has everybody missed me? lol i'm sure you have! :)<br>Anyways <B>good to see all the other schools are coming along good!<br><I>Hanson guys</I> -</B> rehearsal went fab today! Well done to all of ya!<br><B>Can't believe bradford day 1 is on wednesday!!! Oooo...gonna be a laugh!</B><br>Anyways, gonna go ... having a chat with stacey on msn :)<br>Love ya !<br>Love ... amy xxxx (hanson)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya every1!!!<br><B>A very good luck 2 any1 who is in the southern finals on tuesday the 9th.<br>I'm quite nervous actually - u all look really good from what i have seen in the newspaper !<br>Very best of luck 2 every1 (casts, crews and teachers) and don't go getting stressed now.</B><br>Love n luck - kirsty p (<B><I>mx student</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Just another quick note from another MX parent.</B> Every one of you performers and crew are a credit to your school ... <B><I>cannot remember a night when i have enjoyed myself as much as the night you won.... you were fantastic.</I></B><br>I am looking forward to another good night on the 9th.<br><B><I>Message for Miss Rose..... thanks for having my Kirsty shot..... at last i know how to shut her up for a while.</I><br>Come on, parents! Get to the final and make a good noise for our gang - they deserve it. Everybody moans about the youth of today, but these kids prove that the spirit of fair play and good behavior does still exist.<br>Keep up the good work, MX.</B><br>MX DAD<br><br>++++++++++++<br> There's a nice little news item about the <B><I>Carlisle Rock Challenge</I></B> in the online edition of the Cumbrian "News and Star" newspaper ... <a href="http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/viewarticle.aspx?id=361013" target="win2"><b>you can read it by clicking here</b></a><br>John (Editor)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 27th 2006</b></font></p> <p><I>It's 10.45am and the messages page will now be stalled till I get down to Portsmouth late tonight for tomorrow's Day 4 ... hopefully I can get online there to update the rest of today's messages :))<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all!<br><B>Less than a week until bradford day one!!! Can't wait...</B><br>Believe it or not, everything is finished- well, to a point ... the set looks fab and the dancing, guys, is looking great! <B><I>Well done to you all at Thornton, you make me very proud!!<br>Katie - our performance is dedicated to you!</I></B> (Katie's just broken her elbow, and has been in rock challenge for the past 5 yrs! Fingers are crossed, and we'll see how u feel for Grimsby!!!!! :)<br><B>C'mon Thornton! I haven't enjoyed doing a Rock Challenge as much as i have this year - it's been so much fun.</B><br>BRING IT ON!!!<br>Love - Danika (<B><I>Thornton Grammar</I></B>) x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I can't believe we <B><I>haven't finished painting</I></B> our set ... our four 6ft flats are taking some doing ... we just don't have time<br><B><I>Buttershaw crew</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey up! It's carly ere, an <B><I>ex-cathedral school student</I></B>, just seeing how everyone is doin<br><B>Ope ya r all havin a fab time! I had the best time eva wen i did rock challenge!</B><br>I'll keep checkin to see wat's goin on n the results.<br><B>See you soon!<br>xxxxxx hey rock challenge crew xxx</B><br>Carly<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 26th 2006</b></font></p> <p><I>Hello :)<br>My apologies if this messages page disappears off beyond the right-hand side of your screen :(<br>Something seems to have happened to the formatting and I've not found where the fault is yet ... the front ie index page is also a bit dodgy ... aarrrggghh ! :((<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WELL DONE EVERYONE INVOLVED IN ROCK CHALLENGE AT THE SANDS CENTRE!<br>What a brilliant event! The whole day was fantastic.<br><I>Thanks to everyone for supporting Mayfield - you made us all feel like one of the gang. Everybody is so friendly!</I><br>A special thanks to Claire from Cockermouth who's great with our students.<br>Already they are asking about next year's event and when are we going to start practising. DEFINITELY SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR - CAN'T WAIT!</B><br>JANICE X<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi there everyone! Hope you all fine and dandy cos i am with my pigtails and blue spotted bobbles (<B>remember jordan</B>, i wore them at the hull performance and you laffed at me!! Ha ha! <B>Happy days Happy days.<br>OMG i am soooooooo excited for this year's final, it being my last and all! I love rock challenge from the bottom of my heart.</B><br>Hey, nice stilts again, <B>tommy</B>!! Loved them.<br>Anyway, my supper calls me. It's bread and butter and jam but i have to beat my target of bites!! (U know what i mean, josephine.)<br><B>Have fun, all u rockers, and good luck!!</B><br>JANE W FROM <B><I>DRIFFIELD SCHOOL</I></B>!!!! <B>WOOOOOOOOOOP.XXXXX</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well, wot a night it was (25th april)<br><I>Milton cross - u was excellent!!!<br>KING RICHARDS, YOU WAS SUPERB.</I></B> BRING ON THE FINALS ... FINGERS CROSSED WE CAN WIN (WELL, WIV UR SEXI DANCING SHOES ON, U WILL MY GIRLIES N BOYS!!!)<br>SEE U THERE ON THE FINALS ... LOVE U ALL XXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HI THERE ALL YOU ROCKERS.<br><B>Well done to all those schools that were placed and for all the schools that got their various awards. It sounds like you REALLY ROCKED THE ROOF OFF THE PLACE.</B><br>KEEP ON SENDING IN YOUR NOMINATIONS FOR THE <B>GOOD CITIZENS AWARD</B> AND THEY WILL BE NAMED ON THE "ROLL OF HONOUR". REMEMBER <B><I>ANY</I></B> SCHOOL CAN NOMINATE SOMEONE THAT THEY THINK DESERVES RECOGNITION FOR ALL THEIR HARD WORK DURING ROCK CHALLENGE.<br>John the editor has already been named for all his dedication on the Rocka website, soooo come on, folks - get naming.<br>PS <B>ROSS</B> you keep on practising and I might just nominate you!!<br><B>38 DAYS AND COUNTING...........</B><br>XXXXXXX LOVE TO YOU ALL - CITIZEN SPARKLE XXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>WELL DONE Dover Park Primary School on Monday 24th April. First time entered and SECOND PLACE!!! We are all so proud of our dancing stars!!</I><br>Thank you to all the staff that made it possible!!!</B><br>Proud Mum!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thanx RYDE HIGH 4 puttin up wif us screemin hypa Milton Cross cast n crew :))<br>Your performance was..... Wow ... and your costumes nd make-up were DOUBLE WOW! (<I>I'm glad you were a premier school - you're amazin!</I>)</B> ND ... I WANT A DEVIL TAIL!!!!!! NAH JOKE - I'M SERIOUS - I <B>REALLY REALLY WANT</B> A DEVIL TAIL LOL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX<br>Thanx, RYDE<br>Well Dun again, Milton - we soooooooooooo rock (like the devil tails!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxx)<br>PS Lol i can't believe sum1 from Ryde thought i was wearing a wig.... them rollers WERE really in my hair, trust me!<br>XxTammiixX (<B><I>the girl wif the rollers in!</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!! <B><I>Go miltoncross</I></B>! We did it!! All the hard work paid off!<br>Every1 looked fab and the performance was unbelievably fantastic, but <B>none of it could have happened if it wasn't for the outstanding amount of work put in by mrs rose and mr grey and all the other teachers and adults that helped out, so thanx soooooooooooooooooo much!<br>AND it's still not over cause we won and we have to perform again ... WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!</B><br>XXX Alix XXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Who won on tuesday? Oh yeah, we did! <B><I>GO MILTONCROSS</I></B>!!!!!!<br><B>We couldn't have done it without you, Mrs Rose.</B> We're gonna win this whole thing for you!<br>Emily (<B><I>a devoted member of the Greek Chorus</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>MX WE WON!!!!!</I></B><br>A <B>massive</B> thanx to every1 who made this possible for us :D<br>Prisoners, we were lege !<br><B>WE'RE GONNA DO IT AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!</B><br>*___hannah.s___*<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!<br><B>A really really massive thanks 2 mrs Rose and mr Gray. We couldn't have come in 1st place if it wasn't for you 2!!!!!!!<br>I would also like 2 say another big thank-you 2 all teachers and parents that came 2 support us last night. (Lovely banner who ever made that.)<br><I>Last of all, a massive thank-you 2 all of the miltoncross cast and crew- it definitely wouldn't have been possible without u.<br>Congratulations 2 holly s who did a lovely intro- well done!!!!!!</I><br>LET'S DO IT AGAIN, MILTONCROSS!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Oh yeah............... <B>big thanks 2 spicer 4 helping out with the performance and warm ups..................</B> meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooowaaaaaa ... <B>and thanks 2 miss evans for helping out with the set!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Keep meaowing, miltoncross.<br>MILTON MILTON MILTON MILTON.<br>Kirsty p<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi to every1 at rock challenge!<br>Firstly, <B>thank you for making my day one to remember! Sadly, chesham park only got one award but the taking part matters more and we had the courage to stand up there and do it in front of those people (some of whom we will never see again.)<br>THANK YOU TO ALL THE ROCK CHALLENGE PEOPLE FOR MAKING OUR DAY FABULOUS!!!!</B><br>Amba-Rose B! (<B><I>chesham park student</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOW! How amazing was portsmouth last night?</B><br>We (<B><I>KING RICHARDS</I></B>) got the awards we set out to get!!!!! (<I>Well, saying "awards" ... being a premier team we couldn't really win the proper ones, but bring on the final!!!!!!</I> :D<br><B>Well done to miltoncross - your's was brill - and big up SOPHIE P, star of what?!?!?!<br>Good luck for finals, everyone - 2 weeks!!!</B><br>Nicola from KRS xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> OMG!!!! <B><I>Miltoncross</I></B>!! Wot can i say?!?!?<br>We were Amazing!! We Performed Like True Superstars!!! <B>And in 1 and a bit weeks time we have to do it all again!!<br>Thanks sooooo much to Mrs Rose and Mr Gray for putting up with the whole cast for 6 months and for producing a winning Performance!!!<br>Thanks To Mrs Evans for producing our set (Which won us the "best staging" award!) and also Thanks to the whole cast and crew because without just one of you it wouldn't have been the same performance!!!</B><br>..:*+*Becki*+*:..<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya all... amy and liz here from <B><I>miltoncross</I>.<br>Congrats</B> 2 every1 in our team... we were gr8!!<br><B>Saying a big thank-you 2 Mrs Rose most of all cos without her... there would b no miltoncross performance!<br>Also say thank-u 2...Mr Grey, Miss Mac, Mr Spicer... also every single person who helped us, from parents to brothers/sisters and X miltoncrosses lol...</B><br>We put on a great show and <B>cannot wait untill the 9th! We're gonna to rock the stage again!! Yay!<br>Finally, i would lyk 2 say a big thank-u 2 all the other schools who cheered us on... u were a big help ... thank-u so much every1...</B><br>All our love - Amy and Liz x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well Done Milton Cross!!!!!<br>(Didn't get to say it to you in the dressing-room ... you were all screaming and jumping around hehe!!!)</B><br><B><I>Come On Ryde High</I></B>! You looked fab yesterday and we got <B><I>4 "excellence" awards ... Wooooo!!!</I></B><br>Actually can't wait til' the PREMIER FINAL now!!!<br><B>Another Well Done, this time to Forelands- you guys looked AMAZING ... we are all so proud of you!!!<br>Oh ... and Cheney- your performance looked soooo good!!!<br>See you all on the 11th</B><br>Kirstie (<B><I>Ryde High School Committee</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done Cheney School for coming 3rd and winning 5 awards!!!</I><br>Sorry to see you go, Alicia AND all the other sixth-form students ... rock challenge won't be the same without you!!!</B><br>Holly<br><br>++++++++++++<br> WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!<br>GO MX!<br>MX!!!!!<br>What can i say? <B>You all blew me away! It was a fantastic night for all the mums, dads etc who sat and watched a brilliant performance. I have been attending rock challenge events for 5 years and you were awesome!! We are all very proud of every single one of you.</B><br>Bring on the finals - i know you can do it!!<br>PS: <B>GOOD LUCK TO EAST SHORE ON FRIDAY!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I'm confused!!</B> Please explain to me ... on 24th april, dan said that the maximum points you can get is 3 (for premier schools in the heats) but we were told it was out of 10 and on the score sheet we have more than 3 so i'm confused!! Please explain, John????<br>(<I>Ed: nope, I can't, Roxanne ... haven't got the rules book to hand ... maybe at the weekend if no-one else has chipped in before then</I> :)<br>On a less confusing point we had a meeting today about our plan for between now and the final so that's all sorted and the hard work begins again!! Yay!!<br>Luv - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> MILTONCROSS RULES - CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL<br><B>You should all be very proud of an outstanding performance.</B> You deserved to win and to carry on and win the FINAL !!!!!!!!!!!<br>Good luck to you all in May.<br>From a very proud mem and parent and friend of <B><I>MILTONCROSS</I></B> - Love you Michaela, from MF mum<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG I'M SO ...HAPPY</B> LMAO<br>Well done every1 - the performance was gr8 ,omg,!!! lol ...WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B>AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH</B><br>lmao ...arrrrrrrrrr ... <B>thx Mrs Rose + Mr Grey - we all love u 2</B> lol<br>Lizzi *x*<br><br>++++++++++++<br> OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! <B><I>Milton Cross</I></B> We won!!!!<br><B>Thanx to every1 who helped us with set and costumes and a MASSIVE thanks to Miss Rose and Mr Gray for putting up with all the stress.<br>Thanx to Mr Spicer</B> who helped improve embarrasment and other senses and <B>thnx to all the teachers like Miss Aires Miss Evasns and Miss Raper etc</B> who helped with make up and things.<br>I'm well proud of us all and we can rock the judges' socks off even more in the final...SO COME ON MX WE CAN DO IT!...<br>PS How could i forget... <B><I>Thanx cast nd crew</I></B>!!! Luff yoo all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx woooooooooohooooooooooo<br>Luff - XxTammiixX (Mummy) lmao<br>OH YEAH...<br>PPS <B>Thnx to all the people who came to watch MX ... i'm well grateful... you noisy lot!</B> lol xxx luff yoo all x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi<br>Woop woop - bring on <B><I>driffield school</I></B>!<br>Katie R x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMG!!! Miltoncross - we did it!<br>Congrats to all who helped make it happen!</I></B><br>We deserve it after all the hard work everyone put in it!<br>We are going to win on the 9th and blow everyone out of the water! GO FOR IT!!<br>Yeahbabyyeahbabyyeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<-- <I>Lisa wrote this!</I>)<br>Lisa + Nicola x x x x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi People! Jess B, Clare W, and Sophie P here!<br>MX RULES !<br>We would just like to say <B>THANK-YOU to all of the parents and staff who gave up their time to build our set, help with costumes, and turn just a great performance into a WINNING ONE!!!!!<br>Thank-You to Mrs Rose- <I>without you, miss, we wouldn't be here!</I><br>To Mr Gray... <I>Thank-You for keeping us in line, and de-stressing Mrs Rose!</I></B> (Don't worry ... the tuffs will grow back soon :)<br>To the <B>Spicey Spicer</B>... Thank-you (PS MMMMEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWAAAA) <B>Ryan, Scott and Tyler</B>... Thank-you for coming in after college to help us!<br><B><I>And To All of the Students who took part and gave it their all ... We did it!</I></B> The only way is up! And WE WILL WIN!!!<br>Thanks Again, and CONGRATULATIONS!<br>Luff - Jess B, Clare W and Sophie (<B><I>MILTONCROSS</I></B>) XXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> MX, I am lost for words.<br><B><I>I am so proud of you all. The performance was incredible and you were all brilliant.<br>Stage Crew, you did us proud. Your professionalism was awesome.<br>Special thanks to Ryde High for putting up with us in the green room - your support was fantastic.<br>Here's to a great night on the 9th. COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!</I></B><br>Mr Gray<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>To my wonderful, beloved cast and crew -"Jack the Lad" - it's Mrs Rose here, with puffy eyes and sore throat, wanting to let you know how fantastic each and every one of you were last night.<br>Words really can't describe how I feel about what we have achieved. We have been rewarded for six months of true hard work. The self-belief and total commitment displayed on stage filled me with absolute joy, and I will remember this uplifting, passionate and funny story that you projected with such brilliance for the rest of my life.<br>I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! WE'RE GONNA DO IT AGAIN!!! FROM HERE UPWARDS (WITH APPROPRIATE ARM GESTURES)!!!!!!</I></B><br>Lots of love and respect - Mrs Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Good Luck to Meopham School for Friday 28th April 2006 at Portsmouth!!<br>You have all worked so hard and we are very proud of you. Remember to give it everything and "Be Your Best"</I></B><br>MEOPHAM ROCKS!!!!<br>Luv From Gill Russel<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thanks for all the support for Mayfield School on friday. Both staff and pupils had a fantastic time and loved every minute.</B><br>We had nightmares over the set and were <B><I>delighted</I></B> for Frank and his crew Mike Darren and Wayne when they got their award.<br><B>Many thanks to the staff and supporters who made it happen</B>.<br>Although some of our stars will be leaving us this term ... look out ... we <B><I>WILL</I></B> be back, with a revitalised team and lots of new ideas! <B>We learn so much each time we join in.<br>An amazing and powerful day and night.<br>Rock on, Cumbria - the spirit of Rock challenge is alive and well all year, NOT just for the performance!</B><br>Sue Leathers (<B><I>Headteacher and Hamelin Rat</I></B> !)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Miltoncross</I></B>! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross! Miltoncross!<br>CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS<br>Scott<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>It's coming and i can't wait ... one week tomorrow til bradford day 2 and only 7 days till bradford day 1 !</B><br>It's all come round so fast but i suppose everyone else is in the same boat ... our set <B><I>STILL</I></B> isn't done - it's hard juggling my job fixing computers AND building a good set - but i hope i haven't disappointed.<br>Anyway, enjoy your week off, john (well from rocka, anyway ... not from your grandchildren, i'm sure :) Hope you get plenty of rest cos as usual i'm sure bradford will be a physical day as always, with some pretty big sets.<br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: hmmmm ... not sure where these "days off from Rocka" thoughts come from, Jonny ... the website's messages page is busy again ... we're heading off down to Portsmouth tomorrow night for Day 4 on Friday before heading back on Saturday (via grandchildren in London :)<br>ps <B>DO</B> hope Portsmouth 4 and Bradford Days 1 and 2 <B>are</B> physically demanding ... soooo much more fun where there are big sets to help heave around, don'tcha agree ?</I> :))<br>Oh definitely, John, tho i'm not too sure DanX would agree with you at the moment (but once his finger grows back i'm sure he'll see the funny side ;-)<br>Jonny<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!!<br>I would like to nominate <B>Sarah-Jane C</B> for the citizens award of *<B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>* because she is kind, caring, and keeps us all happy in I.C.T.<br>Hope uze are all looking forward to Grimsby<br>XxXxX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! Vicki *M* here from ashfield!!<br>Woo ... CITIZENS OF ASHFIELD! I NOMINATE <B>NADIAAAA G</B>! She cheers me up in I.C.T when coursework gets on top of me! You're a star!!<br>Lv - vicki *M* (<B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>) XXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Vicki *M*</B> keeps me sooo happy in ICT and history so i think she deserves a citizen award 4 it, cause she's sooo nice n lovely!!! Go vicki!!!!<br>Sarah-Jane<br><br>++++++++++++<br> We won<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Congrats MX!!!! Absolutely fantastic performance and a real team effort!</I></B><br>Miss Mac<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ... well done, every1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>I'm sooo excited ... it's 6 in the mornin but i cnt sleep ... ahhhhhhhhh .... AND we get to keep performin as well :D<br>WELL DONE EVERY1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>-*-lizzie-*-<br><br>++++++++++++<br> CONGRATULATIONS TO <B><I>MILTON CROSS!</I></B> WHAT A PERFORMANCE! YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO THE FINALS<br><B>WELL DONE TO ALL THE PUPILS AND TEACHERS</B><br>MX MUM<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>M.I.L.T.O.N.C.R.O.S.S WON!!!</I></B> WELL DONE!!!<br><B><I>BRING ON THE FINALS!!<br>YOU'RE ALL LEGENDS!</I>:D:D</B><br>Daviz<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 25th 2006</b></font> (13 messages)</p> <p>John - congrats on your "SENIOR CITIZEN AWARD" :)<br>May I nominate someone for a citizen award.... <B><I>Gemma H from Ashfield stage crew</I></B> who turns up for every rehearsal whether needed or not and takes on any task ... <B>even</B> the really boring coffee making ...<br><B>THANK YOU, GEMMA - we appreciate your thoughtfulness.</B><br>Are there any other unsung heroes out there who need a mention????<br>Joan (<B><I>Ashfield</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyy!!<br>Last year a few ov us <B><I>bennies n haveners</I></B> made gd friends with some girls from <B><I>andrew marvel</I></B> school at the finals in grimsby. <B>Although we are in the premierships this year we r comin to watch you guys and to give our support to stainburn. If any of you from andrew marvel read this plz plz leave a msg as we wud lyk to get bak in touch!!</B> xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya everyone!<br><B>This was my first year doing rock challenge and it was brilliant!!<br>All the schools at the Carlisle heat were absolutely brilliant.<br>Thanks to all the mortal crew-</B> like someone said before, we're like one big happy family.<br><B>Thanks to everyone for being so committed, including the cast members, stage crew, Miss P, Mrs Ohagen, Chickenator, Miss T, Mr E, Mr S and Scott.</B><br>Bring on Grimsby!! Let's show em what we're made of!<br><B>Well done to all the other schools ... again, you were all brilliant, as were all the rock challenge staff - especially Ruddy (aka Stuart ... what's that about, eh?) and Tim.</B><br>xxx Emma<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyy!!<br><B>Oooo ... rocka's really comin on nw!!! Cnt w8 4 wed :D:D:D!!<br>Teeshirts will b ere soon!! Yeyeye!!!</B> (Hpe they dnt clash too much lmao!!!)<br>The <B><I>set</I></B> looks ace!!!!! <B><I>Timin</I></B> needs srtin bu is welll grd!!! (Ya nicked our drama set lmao! Ah well ... 4 a gurd cause!!!:P)<br><B>Heva -</B> ur mum n her team are doin soo ace!! I cnt w8 2 c evryfin!!!<br><B>Stace -</B> the chicken dance shud b gurd :D!!!! n TREES ????:S:S:S:S!!! Plenty of corridors in st. gs!! LMAO!<br><B>HEYYY 2 ALL SKOOLS AT BDFRD ON DAY 1!!!!! Cya on weds :D:D:D!!!!! GURD LUCK!!!<br>n OPEFULLY we will get 2 c bradford day 2 as well :D:D:D!!!!!!!!<br>OOOOO ... AM ALL EXCITED NW!!</B><br>Lv - Emma xxxxxxx(<B><I>HANSON</I></B>)xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well, we start our rehearsals this week for the final in june and i'm already gettin xcited... i've strted 2 customize my t-shirt lol.</B><br>We look <B>fantastic</B> on stage and off... we look more like a family than a school :)<br>Neway byez x x x xxx x GO <B><I>BAYSY</I></B> .....XXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I have only just recovered enough to get on to the web page after Friday at the Sands Centre in Carlisle :)<br>Thanks to all the RC staff! They were great, and as helpful and supportive as ever. Thanks to you all the day goes so well and the students gain a great deal more from the experience. Thanks once again......see you next year.</B><br>Lynn Trussell<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Congratulations and well done to Cockermouth School for coming 2nd at Carlisle on Friday - your performance was magnificent</I> :))</B><br>This could be quite a long message because I would like to say thank-you to quite a few people who helped me particularly with the costumes and make-up, so here goes...<br><B>Firstly a big thank you to those parents (mums!) who helped me with the making of the costumes.</B> Without their help I would not have got them finished in time (though it was still a very close run thing).<br><B>Also to Emma Horsfall</B> for all her help with sewing and for everything she did at the rehearsals and on the day.<br><B>Thanks to my friend Margaret</B> who did not have a child in the performance, but who always offers to help.<br><B>Thanks to the back-stage crew</B>, particularly those that also helped me with applying make-up onto 80 faces (and in some cases necks, arms and legs!) and to anyone who helped with the hairstyling. Without this set of people we would not have achieved the Best Costume and Best Hair and Make-up awards.<br><B>Thanks to the Drama Dept</B> for lending us costumes from their Shakespeare Festival, <B>to the Art Dept</B> for providing some fabric <B>and to the Site Management Team</B> for helping with some of the props and putting up with stuff being left lying around in odd places while it dried.<br><B>I hope I haven't left anyone out - so many people have been involved.</B><br>Spending a day in the marquee was an interesting experience. Had a bit of a panic when we were told that 4 schools were going to be in it and that there was no electricity, water, tables or chairs! But ... a quick shuffle and we were soon down to 2 schools, and tables, chairs and electricity were eventually provided. <B>One of our pupils (Yaz) did a sterling job</B> going to and fro getting water for the facepainting and emptying the dirty buckets. Thank goodness it was a sunny day and the kids could get outside!<br><B>Well done to everyone who performed on the day - hope those first-timers enjoyed their day and that they will be back next year.<br>Congratulations to Stainburn and good luck to you and to St Benedicts and Whitehaven when you perform at your finals in Grimsby (but can anyone tell me why the Northern Finals are held in Grimsby and not somewhere more central?)</B><br>Sorry to have gone on for so long!<br><B>BRING ON ROCK CHALLENGE 2007!!</B><br>Janet Wilde (<B><I>aka Wilde Designs</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!!!<br>Just a message to say how GREAT John and Wendy are! (<I>Although you were missing your Mortal Crew top this year... so we will get you one for Grimsby. You too Wendy!</I> :)<br>Also to say <B>hello to STUART McGREGOR (ooops - we mean Ruddy :)</B> He kept us garn in that corridor, and our little transvestite friend. She were good looking. He was very nice...<BR>Anyway, <B>all of Mortal Crew (especially Karl and Tom aka Frankenstein's Monster and Frankenstein) were gutted that St. Joe's never placed, but Southfield and Cockermouth deserved it too.</B><br>Right...off to lessons ...<br>Love - Tom, Karl and Claire (<B><I>Stainburn</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello peeps!<br><B>What a good day on friday! The whole thing just makes you buzz ... i was so high when i got home that i couldn't sleep ... all that hard work just pays off.<br>Well done to all the schools that took part. Saint Joe's -</B> u deserved to get placed ... well, everyone did ... it was one of the best rock chal shows i had ever been in.<br><B>Well done mayfield - you rocked.</B> You just show us the real meaning of rock challenge and that is just to go out there and have the most fun you can. Well Done ... you're all angels.<br><B>Well done stainburn</B> - you put on a great performance! You have some real talent there - well done to all.<br><B>Cockermouth</B>, your costumes were amazing!<br><B>See yaz next year ... love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</B><br>ps <B><I>like the pants rock chal people were wearing ... they were groovy</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Just a quick message to say thank you John for putting the pictures up of Carlisle - what an amazing day!!! :)<br>Lv - rachel xx (<B><I>Cockermouth</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: but I'm sooo sorry it took so long, Rachel ... was planned as work for Sunday, but five grandchildren and their parents descended on us, and then the two eldest were with us for Monday as well ... was going to do it late last night but I just fell asleep instead</I> :(<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hi Royds Rockas! Glad to see you all back yesterday at rehearsal, and thank-you for starting the rehearsal.</B><br>The dance is coming together well and you should be starting to get excited about performing it next week. <B><I>You have done so well and can't wait to see you in costumes and make up performing on St George's Hall stage.<br>Whatever happens, you are all stars. Let's keep up the good work in this final week of rehearsals. See you all at rehearsals!</I></B><br>Miss S xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done stainburn! I knew we would rock that stage at Carlisle, now let's rock that stage at grimsby!<br>I would like to say a great big thank-you to Mortal Crew for making it a day to remember - we are just one huge happy family<br>See yaz at next rehearsal ... love ya all.</I></B><br>Thanks to <B>scott, STODD, MATTHEW, mr S</B> who put THEIR HEARTS INTO MAKING OUR SET. CHEERS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX<br><B>Well done to other schools ... you rocked, n we all made a buzzin performance</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Morning!<br><B>We just wanted to wish everybody a massive Good Luck to all involved in Rocka this year!<br>Only a week to gooo!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>C u all der!</B><br>Luv - Stace n Lauren B xxxxxxxxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 24th 2006</b></font> (19 messages)</p> <p>Hi Everyone! Thought i'd leave a quick message as i haven't for a while.<br>First of all, <B>a massive well done to everyone at Carlisle. Was a wicked day and everyone was SO supportive for everyone else. It truly was what Rock Challenge is all about and you guys should be proud of yourselves. That's why it's always a pleasure to come to Carlisle.<br>Charlotte from Bennies and Haven -</B> the maximum is 3 points so you got top marks. Well Done!<br><B>Terrie from Bennies and Haven -</B> I'm sure the crew would love spending two days in Carlisle as long as we don't have to drive straight home after the show like we did this year ... we arrived home after 5 AM!!!!!<br>Once again congrats to everyone. Was particularly keen to see if <B><I>Stainburn</i></b> would have a big comeback and you didn't disappoint.<br>Hope you're well, John. <B><I>My feet are killing me as i've been running drama workshops at the juniors in Portsmouth all day!</I></B> Hours of fun as i'm sure you can imagine!<br>Dan (<B><I>Rock Challenge ASM</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: I is well, Dan ... pumping not iron but Mayfield's set and Bennie and Haven's steel up and down from stage edge to floor level really works wonders on the system ... speaking of which, hope your crush injuries are recovering ... ooops ...</I> :) <br><br>++++++++++++<br> WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!<br>COME ON <B><I>MILTONCROSS</I></B>!!<br>WE WILL WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!!<br>Daviz<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Evening All! Hope everyone had a superdooper holiday! I know I did, hehe!<br>Well, <B>first day back at school today. Wasn't so good ... already we have had exam timetables, coursework deadlines, the works... dropped upon us! Aaaarrrggghh! But hey - one good thing DID come out of today... ROCKA REHEARSALS!</B><br>Wow the piece is looking fab, guys, and I can't wait to perform it! Just the last little push now,over the next week, and it will be Magical!<br>Woohoo, <B><I>go Stage Crew</I></B>, you look the business! <B><I>Better get on down to the gym though, guys 'n' girls</I></B>... u've got ... ermm ... all of 8 days! Haha! <B>Only joking, couldn't do it without ya! You're Fandabidozi!</B><br>Anyhow, best make a move! Got loads i could be doing BUT HEY (haha Lauren CF) <B>Rocka only happens once a year sooo i gotta make the most of it! Wooop i'm soo excited *sings*!</B><br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> A message to say <B><I>good luck 2 all you cheney rockers for 2morrow!</I></B> We know you will do great and bring home the gold!<br>LOADS OF LUCK, GUYS<br>x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY! IT'S AMIE FRM "<B>MORTAL CREW</B>"<br><B><I>WELL DONE STAINBURN for comin first once again!!!</I></B> YAH BABY!!!!! Can't wait til GRIMSBY even though i don't know if i'll be able to go because i might be in TENERIFE ... awww ... am gutted!! But am gonna try and be there!!!<br><B>WORKINGTON WERE FAB - STAINBURN, ST JOE'S AND SOUTHFIELD - WE ROCKED THE JOINT!!!!<br><I>How class is SAM FRENCH FRM COCKERMOUTH</I></B> - fanx for havin crack wid us!!! U wer great (loved ur costumes, AND u pinched our tune but it'l be right!!)<br><B><I>ST JOE'S</I></B> WERE GIVIN IT A BIT OF "WIGGLE WIGGLE". They also pinched that tune off the stainburn gals!!lol Lurve yaz tho!!!<br><B>GUD LUCK TO WHITEHAVEN AND BENNIES AT UR PREMIER FINAL! WE EXPECT A LOUD BIG UP WHEN U COME AND WATCH US AT GRIMSBY<br>COME ON CUMBRIA!!!! WHoOOOOOOOOOOOoOoOo!!!<br>SEE YAZ ALL NXT YEAR!!!! OH YEH N RUDDY - LOVED UR HAIR! UR HEAD BAND WAS CLASS!!!</B> LOL!!! (FUNNI MAN)<br>LURVE YAZ ... MORTAL CREW DENWOOD (aka Sarah) PATTY (aka amie) and bruiser (lauren c)<br>MORTAL CREW BUZzin ZzZzZz XXXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi.<br><B>Well, we've started rehearsals agen:P 4 the FINAL in Grimsby on june 3rd ... 40 days now:P<br>How's the baysgarth lot getting on?:P</B><br>Neways, c ya l8r ...<br>Tom G (<B><I>Matty Humbo</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi every1<br><B>Huge congratulations 2 all da skewls taking part in carlisle's rock challenge - it was amazing.<br>Stainburn</B> - your interpretation of frankenstein was fab, and <B>mayfield</B>- i neva seen da pied piper told lyk dat b4 ... it was incredible (just lyk last yr) <B>Good luck and i ope u come bk nxt yr.<br>St joe's</B>- i lved ur soundtrack ... i cudn't help but sing along 2 9-5 during da day. I now ave 2 fond memories 2 think about wen i hear dat song. I also really lyked da flag dance with da poor countries on 1 side n da rich on da other - dat worked really really well.<br><B>St bennies and whitehaven</B>, we rocked. Dat was fab ... i loved every part of da dance. Stage crew- we did it we did it we did it in 3:25 ! Didn't think we cud but let's keep dat up 4 grimsby.<br><B>Once again, congratulations 2 stainburn - ope u do well at grimsby</B><br>Andrea :<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi john :)<br>I'm a bit confused about the rules of rock challenge lol :| Because we're now a premier team, we were given 3 <B><I>excellence awards</I></B> (in choreography, costume design and drama skills) and received 3 points. What does this mean?? Are the points carried through to the premier competition, and what is the maximum number of awards and points you can receive? :s<br>Love - charlotte (st bennies n haven) x<br>(<I>Ed: hello Charlotte ! Yes, you take 3 points through to the final ... you've already scored ! Don't know the maximum ... sorry ...</I>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> COME ON <B><I>MILTON CROSS ....BIG DAY 2MORRO</I> :D</B><br>Woooo - hope we are gonna win ... reckon we will ... wooooooo hehe<br>Well, we'll have to see, i supose....<br>liz -*-x-*-<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>IT'S TOMORROW GUYS!</B> WE CAN DO IT!<br>MXers, post some more stuff on the site! <B>Positivity is important!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiii!<br><B><I>A really big well done to every1 at st benedicts and whitehaven.. especially the egyptians and the COLOURS!! We wil rok down at grimsbyyyyyyy - woooooo!!!<br>It was my birthday on the day of rok chal n i had a really good day :)</I></B><br>Love - charrrrllll x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG ... 1 DAY TO GO!!!!</B> Come on, mx - we rok nd yoo know we can do it. Our performance is just... wow, really, so keep smiling nd don't worry.<br>Well, must b offskies ... <B>cya all at 8ish... nd mx peeps, dun't 4get ur forms 4 2mozza</B><br>GUD LUCK, MX - WE CAN DO IT!!! WOO<br>PS I DUNNO Y I HAVE DUN SO MANY ...'S LOL O WELL GO <B><I>MILTON CROSS</I></B> XXXXX<br>XxTammiixX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>GOOD LUCK WAVELL!!</I></B> The messages for you are clearly bountiful!<br>GOOD LUCK, <B>AARON AND KANE</B>- YOU WILL ROCK ROCK CHALLENGE... <B><I>the dynamic duo in their loincloths</I></B>... hehe ;D<br>See you all Friday for what had better be a polished performance, coz i can't get there for the final!<br>Hayley (<B><I>RC Veteran</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>10 days is all that's left before bradford day 2 and i can't wait</B>, although that means only 10 days to get everything finished ... no chance! (Well, i say that but every person will know that it all seems to come together in the end :)<br>Good luck everyone, especially this week at the pompey events<br>Jonny<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya ppl, it's Karl (<B>Frankenstein's Monster</B>) from <B>STAINBURN.<br>A big well done to the other schools, and Mayfield</B>- yaz wer brill. <B>Cockermouth</B> - congrats on gettin second ... same t <B>southfield</B> for 3rd.<br>I'd also lyk t say <B>a big well done t all the first timers - yaz wer all brill fr ya first attempts. Hope t c yaz all next year.<br>Gud luk t st bens & whitehaven at prems ... myt b able t come n cheer yaz on.<br>St joe's</B> - yaz deserved t b placed ... dn't giv up...<br><B>Grimsby, here we come!!!!!</B><br>Karl (<B><I>Frankenstein's Monster</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to all the schools who took part on Friday, particularly the new ones.<br>Well done Cockermouth and Southfield for their places.<br>Mayfield were amazing - the true spirit of Rock Challenge.<br>It was great to see the students mixing and getting on with each other. Carlisle is a great event and it's worth all the hard work.<br>See you all next year!</B><br>The staff at <B><I>Stainburn</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Big day 2morrow mx</I></B> - we is goin to win!!!<br>Good luck every1 @ miltoncross ! It's not the taking part that counts, it's the winning hehe!!<br>T<B>hanks rose and gray ... love ya</B><br>xxx good luck xxx scott and marles<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done Cockermouth - 2nd place is amazing!</I><br>Thanks for all the support we got from everyone in the audience on the night - it was so good to hear all the cheers from you guys!!!<br>Everyone at Carlisle was so good. The standard was really high. Can't wait to see you next year!! (And can't wait to see the mini pics from Carlisle! :)</B> (<I>Ed: late this evening</I> :))<br><B>Good luck to Ryde High School! You will rock in Portsmouth on Tuesday, don't worry! Can't wait to see all the mini pictures of your event too.</B><br>Love - Rachel xx (<B><I>Cockermouth School</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all you <B><I>Thornton Rockers</I></B><br>I <B>know</B> you're in the middle of some major rehearsals with "D" and "L", but <B>a huge good luck to all of you teachers, students and parents for the big day at the finals. I'll be thinking of you and waiting for the phone call "D"!!!</B><br>Luv, luck and big smiles - Jodie (<B><I>Doble Down Under</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 23rd 2006</b></font> (15 messages)</p> <p>Howdy Hanson Rockas! Sorry i havn't left a message for ages, but i've been really busy doing some charity work for the <B><I>Children of Chernobyl</I></B> (went to Belarus this easter - it was totally amazing but emotionally draining.) (<B>For all of you in the Yorkshire area, check out Calendar news on Wednesday 26th April!</B>)<br>Anyway, back to rocka stuff. <B><I>Hanson rehearsals</I></B> last week were really good - i got the rocka buzz when i watched the last rehearsal! We've still got loads of work to do but i know that this year's piece will be fab!!<br><B>There's gonna be loads of rehearsals this next week, so keep an eye on the rocka notice board outside music.<br><I>I've spent today making bits of costume, designing makeup and buying fake beards and wigs off the internet! The joys of being a liaison teacher!!</I></B><br>Right, i'll stop rambling and go to bed. <B>I'll see the Hanson team for rehearsals tomorrow lunch and after school, and i'll see the rocka crew a week on wednesday! I CAN'T WAIT!</B><br>Miss W (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG ... 1 day to go ... MILTONCROSS</B>, we can win it this year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep smilin, and ... WE ROCK !<br>*___hannah .s___*<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>A big well done to all the schools who took part in Rock Challenge on Friday!<br><I>Come on, Stainburn - we can do it at Grimsby.</I><br>Good luck to whitehaven and st benedicts at the finals.<br>St Joe's... you were BRILL!<br>See you at Grimsby, people!</B><br>Claire (<B><I>Stainburn</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG, friday woz absolutely class.<br>Well dun, stainburn, you wer well gud and frankenstein's monster wos soo fit!!!<br>Well dun, cockermouth! I woz so proud to be involved and i loved the day so much!!<br>Big ello to damon, nicky, baker, BOB and the rest of the crew from southfield school! It woz fun sharing a tent wiv yaz!<br>Mayfield rocked - wel dun carolin and mum (liz) and the rest of the crew - u did urselvs proud!!!<br>And wel dun 2 rach - mi cousin from the lakes school - u did class!<br><I>Cockermouth - we'l do it nxt year :))<br>Loadz of love, and hope to c every1 nxt year</I></B><br>XxX Clare C XxX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wooooo ... only 2 dayz 2 go every1!!!<br><I>Come on, milton cross</I></B> - we can do it lol<br>Liz x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there!<br>Just a little message to say <B>Well Done to Cockermouth School for coming 2nd on Friday! I've been talking 2 Rachel and have seen some photos of you guys and you look wicked!!!<br>I actually can't wait until Tuesday now!!!<br><I>Ryde High Rock The House, see you all @ Pompey bright and early!</I></B><br>Kirstie-Louise (<B><I>Ryde High School Committee</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyhey!!!<br><B>Wow! A massive well done to everyone who took part in rock challenge on friday! (Was such a long day :) Hope everyone is very proud of themselves.<br>Congratulations to stainburn! Carl was particularly amazing. Hope you represent at grimsby n hopefully i'll be there cheering you on!!<br>All the schools were fantastic but i especially enjoyed cockermouth (costumes were amazing as usual!!!) and nelson thomlinson were fantastic ... even in rehearsals your enthusiasm came across and i was really rooting for you!</B><br>And - last but not least - a <B><I>huge congratulations to whitehaven and st benedicts!!</I></B> I know there were some bumps along the way and a lot of stressing out but you did us proud - the colours at the end brought a tear to my eye lol!! <B>All your hard work paid off...drama, choreography and costumes are such awesome awards and i know you'll work even harder now to give the best performance ever at grimsby!!<br>Thanks for letting me be part of rock challenge yet again ... when you've been doing it as long as i have it's hard to leave. I hope i can be with you in grimsby again this year!!<br>See you at rehearsals when i'm back!! Love to you all!!<br>Woop woop!!!!!</B><br>Natasha x x x<br>ps a big shout out to my fellow dogsbodies kate, kayl, shiv, soph n beth!!!!!<br>pps hope you enjoyed whitehaven, john!!<br>(<I>Ed: Whitehaven was interesting, Natasha! COLD, but interesting !!</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Dear John<br><B>Just writing to say that the 2006 Rock Challenge t-shirts have a different tour date for the NGF prem final to the web site and wanted to know which date it is ... the 3rd June (website) or the 4th June (t-shirt) ?</B><br>Terrie from <B><I>Bennies and Haven</I></B><br>PS could i please have a pair or two of crews trews for being such an avid RC fan that i read everything published that i can find which - as you can see - includes the t-shirts !<br>PPS. big shout out to all of the Bennies 'n' Haven RC cast, crew and teachers (and colours we won't forget you again.) We rocked, as did all who were at Carlisle. <B>Getting bigger and better every year but if it gets any bigger we will have to have it over two days ... do you think the RC crew could cope being in Cumbria for that long ?</B><br>Terrie ... xxx to all<br>PPPS John- did you know that there are vouchers for some <B><I>Dr Who episodes</I></B> in the sun all next week ?<br><I>Hello Terrie !<br>I WILL check, but the northern Prem Finals are on a Friday and a Saturday and since all the 2006 calendars / diaries have Friday as the 2nd June and Saturday as the 4th, I'll stick with the website being right and the teeshirts being wrong ... but you're the first to mention it !!<br>Thanks for the note about the "Sun" newspaper, and of course the crew will LOVE Cumbria for two days ... you've only to look at the great people you meet there to know that :))</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyy!! Am bak! Frm ... er ... well, <B>not</B> very sunny spain! :) 'Tis well nice in england this mrnin! (Well, yorkshire neways!) We left palma airport las nite and it wa rainin :S! Neways, tis nice 2 b bk!!!<br>N talkin abou gettin bak ... <B>ROCKA IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS :S:S:S!! OMGGGGGGG<br>Neways, rehersals will b full on next week!!!</B><br>Ooooo ... betta go nw! Goin 2 meet stace!!<br><B>Hey 2 evry1 doin rocka n GURD LUK!!</B><br>Lv - Emma xxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! It's kirsty frm <B><I>stainburn school</I></B> (da co-host) ere.<br>Fanks 4 all the lovely messages but we knew we could do it. <B>We love rock challenge - it's fab n every year we get really good support from all the cast at the sands.</B><br>I really ope we do well at grimsby. I am sure we will as we are SIMPLY the BEST. (No offence to any other schools.)<br>Every1 was great tho and every1 deserved a place sumwere.<br>Well, betta b off ... lotz love frm little kirst xxx<br>ps "go stainburn u rock"<br>XxX kirst XxX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG guys - we came second! That is absolutely amazing!! <I>AND best costume as well - mrs wilde, u must be so chuffed.</I><br>Stainburn, u were gr8 (especially karl.. was a bit hot under the collar :) Good luck in grimsby!<br>Bennies and whitehaven, u were amazin too.. i know u'll be gr8 at grimsby! Kayl and natalie.. dn't worry.. be happy<br>Rachel frm stainburn is so nice and an amazin dancer.. even if ur heart WAS ripped out ! :))<br><I>Well done cockermouth - expect gratituous praise on monday</I> :))<br>Until next year....</B> Sam xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wel done to every1 who waz in carlisle rock challenge! U guys wer al awsum!<br>I really like st jo's flags, n stainburn- ur endin was class.<br><I>Go cockermouth! We rocked once again! Wel done mrs wilde and her team for gettin hair and make-up (I loved my tiger face as well n my sxy costume!)<br>Wel done to amber n alison - u really deserved it gettin ur studnt ldrshp award.<br>Thanks to all the teachers, miss h, n every1 who helped on the day!!!</I><br>Hiya to megan frm southfield xx<br>WELL DONE GUYS xxx</B><br>Helen c (<B><I>cockermouth</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>A BIG well done to everyone at the sands on friday. It was a brilliant day.<br>Well done Mayfield - you were fabulous and made me very proud! It was worth all the hard work!<br>THANK-YOU to everyone for all the support for Mayfield! We had a great day out and love meeting all of the schools.<br>Well done to stainburn - you rocked!! - and good luck to you and Whitehaven and Bennies in the finals.<br>SEE YOU ALL AGAIN NEXT YEAR !!</B><br>Carolyn xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Could u please tell me what the global rock challenge song is and who sings it?</B><br>Thank u!<br><I>(Ed: guess you might be after "Can You Feel It?" by the Jacksons / the Jackson 5 ? You should also check out "Right Type of Mood" (Herbie Crichlow) while you're after "Rock Challenge anthems" :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B>Well done to everyone on friday at the sands centre. It was the longest day everrrrr!<br>Stainburn, you were fantastic! I only got to see the rehearsal but you could see how fab it would be with the costumes and everything.<br><I>Everyone at whitehaven and benedicts, we were fab... us colours/jail are always forgotten about lol but well done to all in the group!!!</I></B><br>Love - natalie xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 22nd 2006</b></font> (16 messages)</p> <p><B>Can i just say how much i enjoyed rock challenge at the sands centre (<I>even though i was stuck in a tent for over 4 hours</I> :(</B><br>My school (<B><I>southfield</I></B>) came 3rd<br><B>Well done to mayfield</B> ... your set was too good to be true !<br>Dean<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to evry1 yesterday! Had such a great day! Thanks, mrs wilde (<I>n am so happy we got hair n costumes!!! Loved my tiger face!</I> :)<br>Wel dun evry1, and see you next year!<br>Good luck, stainburn n whitehaven!!</B><br>Mary<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi John. How are you?<br>I hope Rocka is going better than ever!<br><B>I was wondering if you could send me the link to the website that has the exam timetables on it please?</B> Also, do you know if this site has past exam papers on it?<br>Thank-you very much ... Charlotte =)<br><I>Hi Charlotte ! 10pm and Wendy and I are not long back in Yorkshire after a drive back from the Sands Centre in Carlisle via <B>Whitehaven</B> (Market Day - had a walk-around), <B>Cockermouth</B> (just drove through), <B>Whinlatter Forest Park</B> (jacket potato there :), a short retracing of part of the road and then the <B>Honister Pass</b> and <b>slate-mining visitor centre</B> (cup of tea for me :), then <B>Hawkshead</b> via <b>Keswick</b> and <b>Ambleside</B> (a walk-around in Hawkshead), small picnic at <B>Tarn Hows</B>, and then finally headed for home. <B>Cumbrians will see that we didn't exactly take the shortest route :)</B><br><a href="http://www.modernisationonline.org.uk/comptimetable/" target="win2"><b>Your exam timetable website is here</b></a> ... don't think there's anything about exam papers on it, but confess I've not looked :))<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi evry1!<br><B>Wot an amazing day yesterday woz!<br>Congrats 2 stainburn 4 winning - we will b coming 2 watch u at da open finals at grimsby to giv our support ... gud luk!<br>Also a big well done 2 all other skewls, especially da first-timers ! Evry1 did really well.</B><br>xKiRsTx (<B><I>bennies n haven</I></B>) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOW! Tht was my first ever tym doin rock challenge and it was awesome! OMG ... i loved it, and all the support for mayfield special skwl ... it was so lovely. I can still hear in my head "Let's go, mayfield, let's go!" Wow ... i really hurt my elbow clapping for them ... it was soooo sweet<br><I>We came 2nd, which i'm really pleased with! I'm so proud of everyone who was involved</I><br>Thanx for a great day, and i can't wait till next year</B>!<br>xXx sian (<B><I>cockermouth school</I></B>) xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>'Ello everyone frm Beacon Hill!!!!!!!!</B> Give us a D give us an I give us a S give us a C ... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LET'S ALL HAVE A DISCO LET'S ALL HAVE A DISCO NAH NAH NAH NAH HEY NAH NAH NAH NAH HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B>We had a gr8 time</B> - dat was until da end, eh jordan!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!<br>Luv yaz all (n well done BEACON HILL!!!!!!!!!!!!)<br>x!xJodiex!x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done to all schools involved at the Sands on 21st april. but especially to Beacon Hill! I know how hard you all worked and how much effort went into the performance from everyone involved ... teachers, parents and pupils.<br>You're all winners to me!</I><br>Can't wait till next year to have another go!</B><br>Best wishes - Clare xxx.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!<br><B><I>Wahay Cockermouth!</I></B> We were great and am <B>sooo</B> pleased that we won best costumes and best hair and make-up! (<B>The big double-whammy for Mrs Wilde! You deserved it, miss, and i hope u will b back next year to try and beat this year's costumes! We looked amazin!)<br>Well done to Alison and Amber for gettin student leadership on ur last year! We will miss u next year!</B><br><B>Well done to Stainburn!</B> U guys were amazin - blew me away! Frankenstein and his monster were absolutely brilliant!<br><B>Mayfield-</B> yet again you rocked the venue!<br><B>And a big well done to all the new schools that entered this year- St Aidans, Lakes, Nelson and Lowton! Hope to see u all next year!!</B><br>Helen (<B><I>Cockermouth</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya evry1!<br><B><I>Wel dun cockermouth!!! 2nd place!! Thanks miss h!!</I></B><br>xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> WOOHOO<br><B>Go stainburn!</B> I knew you wud win! Even tho i hadn't seen it, jus got a feelin dat u wud.......<br>'Ope 2 b able 2 help nxt yr ... cnt bleve i missd it dis yr<br><B>Well done to st.joes as well!</B> (Sorry i cudn't keep comin 2 da rehearsals)<br>GOOD LUK STAINBURN AT GRIMSBY - BLOW DEM AWAY!<br>Lurrrve ... Emma Tootz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heeyyyy! Dis is ella n lisa frm <B><I>GARFORTH</I></B>!!! :)<br><B>Cnt wait for bradford rock challenge 3rd may! Gd luck t every1! It's gonna b a wickd day! Cnt wait! C yaz der - woooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeee!</B><br>Big shout out t shaz kels n paylor<br>XXXXXXXXX lv yaz XXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Can i just say <B><I>a massive well done to everyone at st benedicts and whitehaven</I></B>.. you pulled it off as always and i have to say it was amazing!!!! <B>Crows</B> you were evil... <B>stars</B> you were all energetic... <B>brothers</B> you were all miserable (which is good) and you showed joseph some good love..<br><B>Lottie-</B> well what can i say ... everyone was drooling...<br><B>Billy-</B> you were evil ... it was amazin... <B>Egyptians-</B> you were fab ... all in time with all your effort...<br>And last but not least, <B>our terrie-</B> you were amazin....<br><B>A massive well done to stainburn - you really deserved 1st place - you were brilliant!<br>I think nelson thom were badly done to.. they deserved to be placed...<br>Good luck for the premiers, bennies and haven, and good luck for the opens to stainburn..</B><br>Love - sophie x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Have you guys seen how many messages <B><I>Miltoncross</I></B> have posted on the site? <B>We are committed amd we rock!</B> We will especially rock on tuesday when we win!<br>Emily<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done everyone who performed last night! The standard was really high, and every performance was fantastic.<br>Mayfield's set</B> was awesome, and the <B>dancers in Stainburn</B> were so good!<br>I also really liked all the <B>choreography</B> in everyone else's and I loved the <B>flags in St Jo's.<br>Looking forward to next year!</B><br>Louisa (<B><I>Cockermouth school</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOW! What can i say!!<br>The support - once again - for MAYFIELD SCHOOL from all the other pupils fills my heart!!!!!<br>I love being a part of rock challenge, and so proud of our kids and staff (and love being on stage myself :)<br>See everyone next year.<br>A BIG, BIG THANK-YOU to all at Carlisle last night</B><br>Lynne Mawson xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Congratulations Stainburn! I knew we could do it.</I><br>Can't wait 'til Grimsby.<br>Long live the Mortal Crew!</B><br>Miss P x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Good morning, folks ! It's a Sunny Saturday morning, I'm BACK in the Sands Centre at Carlisle, because I'm enjoying wireless internet access (at 6 quid an hour :) from their oh-so-lovely www.thecloud.co.uk radio link here in the foyer / cafe area.<br>Lovely venue, lovely staff here, and lovely teams last night ...<br>OK ... the page will now be be stalled till late this evening ... I've got the slightly roundabout drive home next via a couple of Lake District beauty spots :))<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 20th 2006</b></font> (10 messages)</p> <p><B>MX----Come On, Guyz - We Can Do It This Year</B>, Make It Worth All That Effort, And....Keep Shinin' People --- You Know Who You Are Becki Lol<br>xXBrionyXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Almost there... it only seems like yesterday that we were at the Sand Centre last year.<br>Good luck all schools tomorrow. The 7th time for us and still as enjoyable as ever.<br>Well done all the Beacon Hill pupils - almost 100% more involved than last year! Have a good day.<br>Thanks also to Claire for all her hard work with the dance.</B><br>Lynn Trussell<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Is there a <B><I>theme</I></B> 4 this year's rock challenge? U hav had hats and trousers etc in the past ... is there 1 4 this time?<br>Thanks xx<br>(<I>Ed: I've asked Dave what there will be at the finals this tear and ... he's not telling me yet ... aaarrrggghh !!!</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Miltoncross</I></B> rock!!!!!!!!!!! Miltoncross rock!!!!!!!!! Miltoncross rock !!!!!!!!!! Miltoncross rock!!!!!!!!!<br>Owen<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya! It's sophie from thornton.<br>I am sooooooooo excited now about bradford and esp grimsby! Our set looks ace n the choreography is the best - can't wait to show it off.<br.Just a big thanks 2 danika n evri1 at thornton who has helped us wid the set - it luks fab!<br>All that's left to say watch out cs thornton's about! :))<br>Good luck evri1 hu's takin part at brafdord and grimsby!<br>Good luck, thornton - we can do it!<br>Love ya all - Sophie (THS) xxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Guess who's back back back ??? SPARKLE'S BACK....<br>John (ed) - you asked me to get some gems while I was away and share the SPARKLE with EVERYONE and that's exactly what I'm going to do.<br>CITIZENS OF ROCK CHALLENGE:-<br><B>I've just finished my all-important conference on "HOW TO BE A STAR WHILE PLAYING AIR GUITAR"</B> You will be glad to know that Ross is out of his field practising (along with the cows) and I - being his manager - shall pass on the knowledge that I have acquired over the last 18years!!! (Well..ok then, maybe a little bit longer than that!!!) So this shall be my LEGACY to him. (That was clever ... LEGACY ... CITIZENSHIP etc I liked that bit ... witty, wasn't it!! NOT :)<br>Now here's the Good Bit. <B>ASHFIELD have decided to have a "ROLL OF HONOUR" and to be on it you must fit the criteria..<br>You have to fulfill 4 things....</B><br><ul><li>YOU MUST NOT BE MANIPULATED BY OTHERS (but Ross really should win air guitar.. please!!!!)<li>BE A LOVING AND KIND PERSON (and that can include goats!!)<li>SERVE AND HELP PEOPLE THE BEST WAY YOU KNOW HOW (and that can include helping people get that Rocka message across or taking family members on outings!)<li>LEAVE A LEGACY (I'm sure you have a few!!!!)</ul>NOW, WITH THAT IN MIND ... MAY ASHFIELD BE THE FIRST TO CONGRATULATE YOU, JOHN, OUR BRILLIANT WEBSITE EDITOR,ON BEING THE FIRST PERSON TO BE NAMED (... wait for it ...) "GOOD CITIZEN 2006" (or - dare I say - Good Senior Citizen 2006!!:)<br>WELL DONE IN GETTING THIS SPECIAL CITIZENSHIP AWARD AND YOUR NAME WILL BE ADDED ON THE "ROLL OF HONOUR" Sooo.... YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR VERY SPECIAL AWARD AT GRIMSBY.<br><B>NOW THIS IS WHERE EVERYONE ( and I mean everyone) IN ROCK CHALLENGE COMES IN........ CITIZENS OF ASHFIELD would like to HELP YOU, HELP SOMEONE ELSE.</B> If you have anyone that you would like to nominate for a GOOD CITIZENS AWARD (G.C.A), come back online and let us know who they are and why they deserve the award and ASHFIELD will SHINE THEIR LIGHT on the GOOD CITIZENS OF ROCK CHALLENGE and give them the recognition they deserve. So when it comes to GRIMSBY their names will be on the "ROLL OF HONOUR" for all to see.<br>So for CITIZENSHIP 2006, ASHFIELD might shine a light on you or they might "SHINE A LIGHT ON ME"!! Who knows...get nominating...and you could be a TRUE CITIZEN.<br>XXXXXXXXX LOVE YOU ALL - CITIZEN SPARKLE XXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyaaa everyi!! Jst wanna say <B>a big gud luck 2 all the skwls tht r competin soon !! Jst rememba - av fun !!<br>Nd also wanna say a big hello 2 every1 at garforth comp!!</B> Lv ya all nd we're gonna win this year, ain't we!!!<br><B>Gd luck 2 every1 at bradford!! Lv ya all !!</B> x<br>xx gemma xx (<B><I>garforth</I></B>) xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well here we are - the night before the Carlisle Rock Challenge event. The dress rehearsal went well on Tuesday and all the little problems that arose have now been sorted out - just finished tightening some headbands. The van is packed and all the extra stuff I need is ready waiting to be loaded into the car at some ungodly hour of the morning! Just the sarnies to make.<br>Good luck to all those performing at Carlisle tomorrow and a big shout out to COCKERMOUTH SCHOOL. You looked great on Tuesday and tonight at the final rehearsal.</B><br>If you are in a Travelodge in Carlisle, John, I take it you will be joining us after all, which is great news :))<br>GO COCKERMOUTH!!!! :))<br>Janet Wilde<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya! It's charlotte and francesca from <B>lowton community sport college.<br>We are looking forward to this rock challenge cause it is a great experience and i love dancing.<br>The rock challenge has brought our school together - we have met lots of new friends and have loved every minute of it<br>We are well looking forward to it - 'tis going to b fantastic ... YAYYYY :)</B><br>Bye<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! It's Lauren, Marles and Marnie here.<br><B>THREE DAYS TO GO!!!! Can't wait now!<br><I>MILTONCROSS IS GONNA DO SOOOOOOO WELL!!!!</I></B> Watch out if you're on april 25th!<br>Good luck everyone in it! Don't be downhearted - we've got a WINNING PERFORMANCE, but only if you PERFORM! So keep those smiles going guys!<br><B>A HUGE thank-you to Gray and Rose for ALL their hard work, and to the stage crew as well!<br>SO ...Nice and early tuesday morning! Good luck everyone!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 19th 2006</b></font> (12 messages)</p> <p>Hi.<br>Are there any more pictures of ashfield's performance at the waterfront ?<br>Thankz ... Claire x<br>++++++++++++<br><I>Hi, Claire.<br>I only put one mini-pic per team on the website's mini-pic pages because that way I'm pretty certain to get a decent web-friendly shot of each and every team from the limited selection I'm sent to choose from. It also means that I don't run into storage-space problems so soon.<br><B><a href="http://www.nickscott.co.uk/default1.htm" target="win2">Teams' Liaison Teachers can always get their hands on MANY more pictures from the Rock Challenge photographer.</a></B><br>Hope that answers your question ?<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY EVERY1!!!<br><B>Good luck to every1 competing in the portsmouth rock challenge at the guildhall.<br><I>MILTONCROSS ROCK</I></B> and are gonna win on the 25th of april - <B><I>our set, cast, crew and theme rock this year and we have really pulled our performance together since we started!<br>I'm proud of us, MX, and know we r gonna rock on the night!</I></B><br>..:*+*Becki*+*:..<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>MILTONCROSS ROCK CHALLENGERS READ THIS:<br>Less than a week, guys! All Miltoncross Rock Challengers - try and find a music vid on the net or at home by a band called OK GO. The song is called A Million Ways. The members are dancing in their garden and all the movements are in unison, they are performing from the neck up and their focus is Fantastic. Remember this is a band full of boys that have obviously never danced before in their life! Study this video and try and act like them! They look so stupid but do they care? No!</B><br>Emily (Y 9)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Yay! Gus and ramzi are finally in rocka! SO glad u 2 will be there ... we'll be the crazy year 12 drama lads ... and so chuffed u'll be performin next year. 'Bout time !! :)</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Go On Miltoncross - We Can Do It This Year!!</I></B> Just Remember To Smile :) [&] Prisoners Remember Tha Arms!!!<br><B>Thank-you To Everyone That's Helped This Year!<br>Liz-</B> I Won't Bang Into Tha Stage Again Lol Promise :P<br>Go On, Miltoncross<br>x Tanya x [<B><I>Prisoner</I></B>]<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Woo! Come on, milton cross.</I></B>.<br>The 25th ov april is nearly here so watch out, competitors lol....<br>Liz x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>MILTONCROSS c'mon</I></B> ... 6 days to go ... i think we can win this time<br>Dan Mc<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Come on mx - we can do it this year</I></B> - all we ave to do is keep the drama going.<br>Well, good luck for tuesday ... 6 days away ... arrrrrrrrrrr, scary or wat.lol<br>Luvs ya - annia xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hello Hannah!</B><br>What day did you go to see that certain show on?<br>Ness (Rockateer)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone.<br>I would just like to say <B><I>one huge good luck to everyone going to carlisle on the 21st and especially to Cockermouth School</I></B>. I have been hard at work with all of your costumes and it has come together great.. better late than never!<br><B>It will be a great day - hope that you all enjoy yourself and I am happy that I can be there every step of the day with you all.</B><br>See you then.<br>Emma (<B><I>Community helper from Cumbria Institute of the Arts, and ex rocker</I></B> :-)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> John, you are the king of puns ... even if they ARE baaaad :))<br><B><I>Two days left till carlisle. Let's go, cockermouth (and my "interesting" costume :)</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> URGENT...IT'S SPARKLE HERE. GOT AWAY FROM CONFERENCE FOR A SEC TO GIVE SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION.<br>John- first of all <B>PLEASE</B> excuse my sister's sense of humour (she has obviously finished cleaning the living room!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Sooo.. JOHN I think I can make it up to you with some BREAKING NEWS..............<br><B>THROW AWAY THAT TRACEY ISLAND CAUSE SOMETHING IS ACOMING. I have just heard that TONIGHT on BLUE PETER they are ..(WAIT FOR IT..ISN'T THE SUSPENSE KILLING YOU?..)<br><br>GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE YOUR VERY OWN DR WHO'S TARDIS!!!!!!!!</B><br><br>YES,CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. YOUR OWN TARDIS TO TRAVEL THROUGH TIME!! OMG, I HEAR YOU SAY..(Just think ... something to pass down to all the grandchildren) and <B>you heard it first here on RC web site - first in technology for breaking news!!</B><br>SO SORRY EVERYONE - THE SITE MIGHT BE DOWN FOR A WHILE THIS EVENING WHILE JOHN CONSTRUCTS HIS VERY OWN TARDIS SET. (SO ENJOY MAKING YOUR OWN DR WHO'S SET! <B><I>JUST MAKE SURE IT FITS THROUGH YOUR IMAGINARY DOOR!!!!!!!!</I></B> :)<br>BACK ON FRIDAY(I think)...<br>LOVE TO YOU ALL - SPARKLE.<br>(<I>Ed: messages today were late again, folks ... I beg forgiveness ... been playing with the outdoor water features at <a href="http://www.leics.gov.uk/museums/snibston" target="win2"><B>the Snibston Science Discovery Park in Leicestershire</B></a> most of the afternoon (in the pouring rain too :) and haven't long been back from there. Four grandchildren were with me, of course ... can't have a soaking wet geriatric playing with the water all on his own</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 18th 2006</b></font> (7 messages)</p> <p><I>Sorry for the lateness of today's messages, folks --- skipped away from the PC for an idyllic day out with 5 of the grandchildren, so been cuddling baby lambs, goats, calfs, sheepdog, scratching pigs' backs etc etc etc in totally gorgeous North Yorkshire weather <a href="http://www.monkpark.co.uk/monkpark.swf" target="win2"><b>at Monk Park Farm near Thirsk</b></a>.<br>Not been back long ... best head off for a bath ... pong a bit (of goat ... mostly :))<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Does anybody smell goat????</B><br>Joan (<B><I>Ashfield</I></B>)<br>++++++++++++<br>(<I>Ed: you're in trouble now, I kid you not ... still, fun to milk the situation, I guess, so no nannying from me - he said, bleatingly ...</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Go On Miltoncross</I></B>, we can do it this year!<br>x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well hello all ! Just thought i would break off from my sewing to leave a little message!!!!<br><B>Finally finishing off our set tomorrow....... it looks fab.... can't wait to see it all together on monday!! MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALL THERE!!!!!<br><I>Thank you sooo much to all the people that have lent a hand, however big or small, and Margaret- i hope your knees aren't too sore!!!!</I><br>Gone for sparkles this year</B> but by the time we've actually stored it and moved it in and out of its little home i feel our set will be a little less sparkly!!!!!!!<br>See you in a few days, John (well ... 18 to be exact!)<br>Love - Danika (<B><I>TGS</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi All! Been a while since I've been on here! Hope everyone is fine and dandy.<br><B>Very much looking forward to Portsmouth next week! <I>Can't do the Junior one though</I></B>- trying to placate my boss by saying I'll work late night that night then he wouldn't put me down to do any more in the week and - thankfully - HE HASN'T! Also things are starting to wind down now at uni so should hopefully be there for the majority of days.<br><B>Looking forward to seeing all the schools' pieces- I'm sure they will be stunning just like the Southampton ones were! Well done to everyone who took part in that (just shows you how long it's been since I was on here!)</B><br>Hi John- hope you are Wendy are both well and hopefully see you for the Northern Finals? <B>I'm driving up again so will probably be comatose on the sofa in the crew room most of that first afternoon again! Vanessa or Rosie (and Hannah too) -</B> just need to have a quick chat with peeps about next week! (John is passing my email addy on to you all.)<br>Hugs and kisses all round - Simon (<B><I>Rocka Volunteer</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey people! Long time no message, i know.... long story tho!<br><B>Can't wait till next monday... my rocka volunteering 2006 finally starts - in pompey! Really am excited as i get a break from uni as well</B> (although i have only just had an easter one! Hehe!)<br><B>Can't wait to see what my old school have come up with this year!<br>See you all in portsmouth!</B><br>Love - Kate (<B><I>Rockateer!</I></B>) xxx<br>ps heya john - how r you?<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Just slipped away for 2 minutes to give an important message to 2 IMPORTANT PEOPLE<br>I have a <B>VERY VERY special belated message</B> for 2 VERY VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE (no, John, not you and your good wife, tho you'd come close :)<br><B>It's for you, EILEEN AND EDWARD WATSON, ON YOUR 25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS.</B> TWO of the <B>nicest</B> people I have ever met and you compliment each other beautifully.<br><B>YOU ARE BOTH A.R.C.H., which stands for Ashfield.. Rock.. Challenge.. Heros.. and our Angels too - put the two together and you get ARCHANGEL... WHICH MEANS ANGEL OF THE HIGHEST RANK.</B><br>THAT'S WHAT YOU BOTH ARE. <B>I</B> LOVE YOU BOTH, <B>JOAN</B> LOVES YOU BOTH AND <B>ASHFIELD</B> LOVE YOU BOTH. OUR VERY OWN ASHFIELD ANGELS. HERE'S TO THE NEXT VERY HAPPY 25 YEARS TOGETHER. WELL DONE.<br>(<B><I>OK Chopper - you can stop throwing up now, and Citizen Watty - stop laughing!!!!</I></B>)<br><B>X X CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH X X</B><br>SPARKLE.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>JUST A REMINDER TO ALL THOSE FROM PETERHEAD WHO HAVE BEEN ENJOYING YOUR EASTER HOLIDAYS. BACK AT SCHOOL TODAY AND BACK TO REHEARSALS ON MONDAY HALF 3 GAMES HALL.<br>Loads of work to do before Grimsby and not much time to do it so you all MUST be there. Hope you've been practising!<br>SPREAD THE WORD</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 17th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hello John - long time no see! How are you? (<I>Ed: I is well, Hannah</I> :)<br>I just thought i would message 2 say that <B>i went 2 that certain show at the Mayflower as well, and OMG it was good!!!</B> (<I>I actually saw Nick of the rock challenge crew there as well hehe!!</I> :)<br><B>So how are we all? All good i hope. Are we all raving 4 portsmouth? I've only got 4 days left at work till i'm off 4 a week - yay!<br><I>I'm really looking forward 2 seein manhood community school actually cos my lil baby sis is performin 4 the 1st time. I'm so glad i told her bout rock challenge! I think i'm gonna cry when i see her dancing lol ( i think i'm getting old!! )</I></B><br>How are ur, grandkids john?? Running rings round u and wendy? (<I>Ed again: yep ... 3 staying with us plus the 2 older ones I'm picking up soon, so 5 today, 5 tomorrow ... 2 older ones plus 2 London ones Weds ... then head off to <B>Carlisle Rocka</B></I> :)<br>Hope ur all good, everyone<br>Must dash ... things 2 do!<br>Loves ya - Hannah xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>A big Good Luck to all schools taking part on April 28th from all of us at Lytchett Minster<br><I>Especially thinking of Cox Green - we will be supporting you - BOTH teams !!<br>Best of Luck and Keep Working Hard!!!!!!!</I></B><br>Lesley McGill and <B><I>the Lytchett Team</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 16th 2006</b></font> (6 messages)</p> <p><B><I>Miltoncross</I></B> will go all the way dis year. Our <B><I>costumes</I></B> rock, the <B><I>set</I></B> rocks, the <B><I>cast and crew</I></B> rock, <B><I>gray and rose</I></B> rock, we will rock and win <B>so watch out - april 25th is nearly here!</B><br>Scott<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys! <B>Happy Easter!!</B><br>Jst a quick msg to say a <B>huge good luck to every1 taking part in rock challenge this year!<br>I can't wait for bradford day 1!<br>Good luck Bradford!</B><br>Love - Naomi x (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well Hellooo! <B>Happy Easter to all you Rockas out there! Hope the Easter Bunny was kind to you</B>? Was to me, but i could do with another visit again next week, hehe! Mmmmm! ;-))<br>Haven't posted a message in a while :-O! <B>Hope everyone is doing well, and still having loads of FUN! Hope the holidays are been good to you all! (Only a week left.) We even got a bit of sun here in Yorkshire, woohooo! :-D</B><br>Anyhow best be off, much chocolate to munch (<I>...that's the New Years Resolution out of the window!</I>)<br><B>See all Hanson Rockas next week! (Woohoo.. you're letting me loose with paint, hehe!)</B><br>Love - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Aghhh... less than a week ! So excited. It's gonna be gr8 !</B><br><I><B>Hong Kong was gr8</B> ... I'm tanned and blonde. (Aren't i vain ?! :)</I><br><B>Hope everyone is excited bout 21st. I have been for weeks.<br><I>Tuesday rehearsal, so will be very busy day. C'mon cockermouth ... let's show em what it means to put the rock in Rock Challenge</I></B><br>Sam<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>IT'S EASTER - WHAAAAWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!<br><I>LOVE the bunnies !</I></B> <I>They're sooooo cute - NICE ONE, JOHN</I><br><B>Hope all YOU ROCKAS OUT THERE got lots of EGGS !<br>ROSS</B> (<I>yes, that's you, ROSS - the one and only <B>FROM ASHFIELD</B> - I haven't mentioned you in a while</I>) - I didn't get you an egg as <b>YOUR FAN MAIL is up to 7 A WEEK (INCLUDING SOME EASTER EGGS)</b> and I didn't want any distractions from your "PRACTISING", but <b>I CAN TELL YOU THEY WERE LOVELY!! (Especially the one that was SOOO BIG that it took me 5 MINUTES to finish it!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm :)<br>LOVE YOU ALL</B><br>A VERY FAT BUT <B>VERY</B> HAPPY SPARKLE (<B><I>CHOCOLATE CITIZEN OF THE WORLD</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi! Me again ... SPARKLE<br><B>Forgot to say - I have to go away for a FEW DAYS</B> (<I>on a "<B>HOW TO MANAGE A ROCK STAR</B>" course</I>) but <I>don't worry... <B>I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!</B></I><br>So, John ... you might get more time to yourself now!!<br>XXXXXXXXXXX LOVE YA ALL - SPARKLE XXXXXXXXXX<br>(<I>Ed: you have a nice time, Citizen Sparkle. Maybe spare a few gems from the course to spread amongst the rest of us on your return ?? (Heh heh ... :) but I fear for Ross ... all alone in his field while you're swanning around with the rest of the high-powered executives from the Airy Music Industry ... I'm quite ASHen with worry at the thought</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 15th 2006</b></font> (8 messages)</p> <p>Mr editor man... is that <B>tim person</B> gonna be at the portsmouth open final??????<br>xxxxxxxxxx<br>(<I>Ed: as Event Manager, he'd better be</I> ... :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well, John - was it good for you ??</B> (<I>Ed: yes, ma'am, it sure was</I> :)<br>I was on the other side watching our young magician friend. Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine.<br><B>Have a happy and peaceful Easter, everybody<br>Love from all in Belfast</B><br>Joan<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Ahhh ... <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/" target="win2"><b>Doctor Who</b></a>, followed by (I'd forgotten all about this part :) <b><a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/confidential/" target="win2">Doctor Who Confidential</a></b> over on BBC 3 via the wonder that is FreeView ... what a pleasant mid-evening's viewing it's been!<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello Everyone<br>With a few people on here talking about large sets etc. i've just been to see a well-known show in the Mayflower Theatre this week.<br><B>Tho there wasn't a lot of set, it was the way in which the set was used that made it seem more. A stage-crew is just as important as the performers ... the crew's skills and visions are shown within the set, and the performers' skills and visions are shown within their piece.</B><br>Ness (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: guess you went to see <a href="http://www.the-mayflower.com/event.asp?show=ROCKY06" target="win2"><b>this</b></a>, Vanessa ? Great show</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Yes, it was "<B><I>Rocky Horror</I></B>", John. <B>Wow! What a fantastic show! It was a great laugh and the set was Fantastic !!!!!<br><I>It was rather strange tho - going to Southampton and not going to the Guildhall</I> :))</B><br>Vanessa (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br><B>Can i just say thanks to that Tim person who managed to get hold of Oathall's songs! You don't understand how happy you've made me - I've been searchin for that song for weeks and you found it!!!!!!!!!! Feeder-feeling the moment!!! <br>Ahh ... brilliant ... that's made my day!<br>Thanks again - very happy rock challenge person :D<br>x x x x x x x</B><br>(<I>Ed: that "Tim person" is <a href="tim.htm"><b>THIS "Tim person"</b></a></I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Just back from watching "<a href="http://disneyonice.disney.go.com/disneyonice/magicaljourney.jsp" target="win2"><B><I>Disney on Ice</I></B></a>". <B><I>Fantastic show, and the costumes and set were amazing.</I></B><br>With all the talk at the minute about big sets it was a real treat to watch the professionals at work. The many and various scene setters appeared and disappeared as if by magic.<br>I understand what Dave means by "clever" as opposed to "massive" sets ... for example, the show opened with one lonely, smallish, crooked but obvious Big Ben putting us right in the middle of London. <B>Very</B> effective. Then it even exited by concertining into itself to fit <B>their</B> "imaginary door".<br><B>Thanks to Sparkle for organizing it!!!<br>Got lots of ideas for next year! Roll on '07 !!</B><br>Joan<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WHO ?<br>WHEN ??...... 7.15 TONIGHT<br>WHERE ??..... LIVING ROOMS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY</B><br>(I take it the message page will be temporarily closed for business around then ?!!!)<br>Enjoy :)<br>Joan (<B><I>Ashfield</I></B>)<br>++++++++++++<br><I>You'd better believe it. Joan ! Yes, the Messages Page will be temporarily closed from around 7.13 to 8.01 tonight because it's Part One of the new Dr Who series on Beeb One - yeehaaaa !!<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>TO ALL FELLOW ROCKAS OUT THERE...<br>Have a really GREAT EASTER.</B> Don't eat <B><I>TOO</I></B> many Easter Eggs and <B><I>enjoy a couple of days of REST, EVERYONE</I></B>. (That includes you the Editor, John, although that might be a bit difficult ... there'll not be a dull moment in your household at this time with grandchildren visiting. It's lovely to have family around you (even if it does exceed 40 !!!!!!!!!!!!) Have a good one! I'm sure you won't be putting messages on for the next couple of days!!<br>xxxxxxxxx HAPPY EASTER xxxxxxxx<br>xxxxxxxx LOVE - SPARKLE xxxxxxxx<br>++++++++++++<br>(<I>Ed: Blimey - "exceed 40" ??? Hope that's you, not me !!!</I> (<I>And messages will continue, of COURSE!</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 14th 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>A MESSAGE TO DAVE (Rocka Stage Crew Manager)<br>Thanks for clearing a few things up and giving everyone a bit of insight into staging</B>, and although I agree with what you say I also think that it is a CHALLENGE for most schools but especially also for our girls (<B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>), as we are an all girls school.<br><B>I feel it is important for all ages to enjoy the experiences of EVERY aspect of Rock Challenge.</B> I understand how difficult stage crew's job is, and although it would be lovely to have senior stage crew for our set, it's not always possible and thus as I said before it is a CHALLENGE for everyone - especially our younger girls - as they learn all about dance and stage crew, ie safety and regulations etc <B>and most importantly of all working as a team.<br>But after saying all that I DO KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.<br>Thanks for taking time out to send a message and IT'S LOVELY TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE FROM THE ROCKA CREW - "THE TRUE PROFESSIONALS".</B> Great to hear from you and by the way - <B><I>hope everyone in HQ are practising their AIR GUITAR PLAYING !!!!!!!! I think competition will be ROCKIN this year in Grimsby.</I></B><br>XXXXXXXX Love to you all - CITIZEN SPARKLE XXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG i can't believe rck chal is in lyk a week<br>Cnt wait t c evry1 at carlisle.</B><br>Luv - gina frm <B><I>haven n bennies</I></B> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>TO VICKI *M*<br>WELL ... THANK-YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT!</B> (How very thoughtful of you ... <B>NOTTTT</B> :)<br>In fact it was more of a CLOSED QUESTION, yet I'm <B>SURE</B> that if I DID open up the question I would get some POSITIVE FEEDBACK. (But I'm not going there!!!!!!)<br>XXXXXXXXX CITIZEN SPARKLE XXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 13th 2006</b></font> (8 messages)</p> <p>Heyy !!! Vicki *M* frm ASHFIELD! WOOOooooOOo! :))<br><B>Thnx, kelly ( frm Archie) - can't wait to see you in grimsby agen!!</B> Hope every1 is well!<br><B>To Our Citizen SPARKLE...</B> your comment "Just because I'm blonde and have a bimbo nickname doesn't mean I AM one (does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)" got neither a reply that agreed with you or disagreed !! Haha ... only joking! :o)<br>ps our sets always do rock! lol They're <B><I>brill</I></B>, thanks to our <B><I>brill artists!</I></B><br>Lv - vicki *M* XxxxxxxxxxxX <B><I>Ashfield</I></B> XxxxxxxxxxxxxX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Miltoncross wil win our heat dis year!</I></B> We wil! We can beat dem all!<br>Only 13 days 2 go, and our <B><I>costumes</I></B> aren't as bad as some ppl fink dey r! I fink dey're gr8!<br>Emily (Yr9)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hi everyone! Dave here, the Rock Challenge Stage Manager.</B><br>I've been keeping up with the sets discussion with great interest and thought it was about time I put my 2 pence worth in!<br><br>I think it's great that this is such a positive discussion and agree with most points wholeheartedly. <B>I would add this:- the set design and staging holds as many points in the judging as any other area of the criteria and therefore should be given the same amount of attention as any other area of a Rock Challenge entry. We cannot be too far away from having to stage the finals at some seriously big venues.</B><br><br>One point I would make is something I and the rest of the stage crew are coming across more and more regularly. <B>With a big set MUST come a big stage crew.</B> You are allowed up to 20 students and 4 non-students in a stage crew so <B>please - if you are planning on having a large set in 2006 or beyond please bring a stage crew who can handle it.<br><br>(Personally I love a big effective set and would encourage all the schools to go as big as they like. I especially like seeing <a href="olly.htm">Olly</a> sweat as huge set after huge set is emptied into a venue!)</B><br><br>That's about all from me for now but I'll just give 2 more quick points:-<ul><li><B>Big sets don't always equal big points</B> ... a smaller, cleverer more original set will score big points too.<li><B>The Rock Challenge stage crew do not make a decision about where your 4 minutes will start from until the event day</B> and this decision will depend on where we have to store sets once they have arrived.</ul>Take Care, have a good Easter (and keep up the great work, John :)<br>Dave<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Great to see the <a href="2006belf.htm">pics from Belfast</a> - they all look fab! It was definitely worth all the blood, sweat and tears! :)<br>I can't wait to see all the actual pics from the photographer now and I'm sure all the kids will be excited too. Just have to wait until after the Easter hols tho!</B><br>Julie Officer<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><a href="horns203.jpg">Talking about big sets, guys, how can anyone forget Hornsea ?</a></B> They seemed to build a new stage on top of the venue stage last year - now that IS big!!<br><B>We thought our sets were big until we went to Australia.</B> We had our "<B><I>Fire of London</I></B>" set which didn't fit on the Brid stage at all, really, and only just fit on at Grimsby, but in Australia it was about <I>half</I> the size of their sets! The category that we were with do have an awful lot more to spend on sets than we do, but still the size of the sets was amazing! We don't use stages in the UK big enough to fit them on!!<br>Compared to other years, our set this year is relatively small, although we do have about 3 stage crew inside it so it's not THAT small !! :))<br>Love - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Concerned Citizens of Staging!!!!!</B><br>I am glad about this talk of HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS and it just goes to show you how deceptive sets can be. <B><I>It was mentioned that ASHFIELD'S set was BIG last year and I'm sorry to tell everyone that IT'S EVEN BIGGER THIS YEAR but here's the thing - its still WELL BELOW the allowed height.</I></B> It must be the <B><I>EXCELLENT TEAM OF ARTISTS</I></B> we have for the set that gives the illusion of it being bigger than it really is.<br>LET'S GO, ASHFIELD... LET'S GO....<br>Love you all - CITIZEN SPARKLE (<B><I>Stagecrew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>The Fab Tim at the FAB UK Rocka HQ now tells me that John Smeaton have pulled out of Bradford 1 :(<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>The Fab Mitch at the FAB UK Rocka HQ tells me that Chipping Norton School have pulled out of Portsmouth 2 :(<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Steven (Peterhead) -</B> you say that your set at its tallest reached 15ft but you say you've seen "much bigger". Well, if you have then they were breaking the rules, as a set can only be 5 metres tall or about 16ft !<br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw / Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Counting the days down till grimsby northern final!! Not long now ... just under 2 months!!! It might SEEM long but it's not !</B><br>Looks like it's back to staying at school til 8 o'clock getting scenery sorted!! What a drag!!!!!!!!<br><B>Good luck to all schools - hope you enjoy the day as much we do!!!!!!!!!!<br><I>The Archie Crew</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 12th 2006</b></font> (9 messages)</p> <p>Hi folks!<br><B>Set Discussers - as much as sets get bigger and bigger as years pass (and worried looks from Rocka crew increase along with them :P ) the satisfaction of seeing set standing on stage and part of the final performance makes the effort all the more worthwhile.</B> I believe our main set tops a height of around 15ft, but I have seen much bigger sets! (Cue <B><I>Ashfield's</I></B> set last year and also <B><I>Torry's</I></B> big flat of yesteryear's rocka)<br>As always, they <B><I>may</I></B> be a logistical nightmare, yet we <B>always</B> enjoy seeing the lorry either fully loaded with the set or when it's emptied out for a day of Rocka :)<br>It always amazes me the ideas that come from schools for set and the end result. Set does improve every year and every idea is always new and innovative. I will be looking forward to seeing the sets (and also the performances!) in the opens at Grimsby :)<br><B>Best of luck to all the finalists, and also to all those who are yet to compete in their local heat.</B><br>John - four heats so far! (<I>Ed: I know - not many, is it</I> :(<br>I hope you can grace us with your presence in Grimsby... hope for the best :D (<I>Ed again - see you there</I> :)<br>Steven (<B><I>Peterhead Lighting Manager</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey everybody!! Just thought i'd pop on to say <B>good luck to everyone performing at carlisle's rocka next week, ESPECIALLY THE NEW SCHOOLS!! WELCOME TO ROCK CHALLENGE!!<br>Hope you all do cumbria proud and whoever wins goes on to represent at grimsby and then maybe..... oooh ... i'm giddy at the thought ... we could have two cumbrian schools in the premier next year!!!</B> (Because i am positive haven and bennies will keep their place after seein rehearsals over the past couple of days! I never thought you could top last year, but i think you might just do that, so have a good rest this weekend, and good luck for your last rehearsal (I'll b there helping as much as i can) and <B><I>good luck for rock challenge 2006 whitehaven and st benedicts - after 8 years you really deserve to be where you are! You're all awesome!</I></B><br>Love - natasha (<B><I>ex st benedicts and general dogsbody</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Hey Milton Cross peeps</I></B>...<br>Well dun 2day - it was well gud...<br>O ya ... ma dress <B>ain't</B> got flowers ... it's strange patterns nd squiggles lmao - that's even worse... so if you are at pompey on 25th watchin rocka... look out 4 me still x<br>Luff from Tammii<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everybody... i just want to ask who... no.. <B>privacy for everybody, right?</B> ;)<br>Im no member of any school in britain.. Im from germany and have found some pics of the rock challenge.. and now Im on this website .o<br>Just want to say <B>Happy Birthday to emma... if you are the emma I think.. your bithday is on saturday, right?<br>(but maybe Im wrong with you.. that would be very embarressing xD )</B><br>Bye - Julia<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Dear CITIZEN JOAN.<br><B>Thanks for that useless piece of information.</B> (I KNOW what "that big red thing is and where it is"!!!!! And talking of big things ... do I need to mention SUN or perhaps SUPER NOVA or should I not go there!!??<br><B>Perhaps you should spend more time CLEANING THE LIVING ROOM, stay away from the computer and leave the FUNNIES to me!!!</B><br><I>(Don't worry, everyone ... she's my sister and I can get away with saying these things :)<br>Just because I'm blonde and have a bimbo nickname doesn't mean I AM one (<B>does</B> it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)</I><br>LOVE YOU REALLY (very intellectual) CITIZEN SPARKLE. X<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!!! It's us here<br><B>We're havin fun lukin at all da picis frm other showcases!! They're ace! (Our's wil b just as gud tho! :))</B><br>Hi 2 <B>lauren frm ashfield!!</B><br>Luv - naomi, becca, rach n sarah!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyz guys<br>Well, <B>it's 2 weeks to our portsmouth showcase and all is lookin gd. Can't wait to get back to school and finish off the set and see everyone afta our trip to Germany.<br>Gd luck to all the other schools</B><br>Amy (RHS Stage Crew)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Go on, <B><I>miltoncross - 13 days to go!!!!</I></B><br>Scott<br><br>++++++++++++<br> CITIZENS OF BELFAST AND BEYOND.<br><B>CONGRATULATIONS TO KNOCKNAGONEY SCHOOL AND ST LOUISE'S COLLEGE FOR THEIR WINS IN BELFAST. The mini pics look FAB. All the schools have worked really hard this year and EVERYONE needs to be proud of the results and that all important message that comes with THE PERFORMANCE.</B><br>And if you didn't get placed or get that special award you wanted <B>there's always next year FOR YOU TO BE YOUR BEST AND GO FOR IT IN ROCKA 07. (Can't believe I'm thinking of next year's Rocka.)<br>WELL DONE to all the schools that have finished their Rocka Challenge this year and GOOD LUCK to all the schools that have theirs yet to do.</B><br>(Oh ... and don't forget to practise on your air guitar technique, CAUSE ROSS IS COMING TO GET YA!!!! )<br>XXXXXXXXXXXXX LOVE FROM CITIZEN SPARKLE XXXXXXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 11th 2006</b></font> (9 messages)</p> <p><I>It's cold, it's raining, and I've just uploaded the Belfast (both days) mini-pics to the website. <a href="2006belf.htm"><B>To go directly there, click here ...</B></a><br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyoo every1... again...x<br><B>Rehearsal 2mozza nd i can't wait...</B> we wearing costumes again i think so that meens the mingin red dress wif flowers on comes out nd i get 2 wer it! :))<br>Anyway, <B><I>not long till our big day ... 2weeks i think so i can't wait! Yay - cya all soon.<br>Gud Luck Miltoncross x nd ya x</I></B><br>Bi ... Tammii x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Citizen Roxy,and other interested parties</B><br>So you'll recognise our Ross at Grimsby I enclose a photograph of him playing guitar<br><br>%:)< P < <br><br>(Just tilt your head to the left !!!)<br>Of course he's much better looking in real life!!<br>Joan<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Maybe we should change the name to something like "<B><I>Air Rock Challenge</I></B>" (or is that toooo Australian ???)<br>(For Sparkle's benefit that would be Ayres Rock (the big red thing in the middle of Australia))<br>Joan (still clearing the living room :)<br>(<I>Ed: <a href="http://www.atn.com.au/nt/south/uluru.htm">here's an Ayres Rock page ...</a></I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG ...... if HAYLEY & CAROLINE read this, then r u SERIOUS bowt the &pound;1000 thing</B> cos it rele din't seem like we made that much!!!!!!!!!<br>OOoooo ... n a late<B><I>HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CAROLINE N</I></B> from ARCHIE who was <B><I>our saviour in the costume dept.. which by the way looked absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</I></B><br>All our luv - <B><I>D ARCHIE CREW</I></B> XXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya! It's Emma here, an ex <B><I>ryde high</I></B> set crew member.<br><B><I>Well done to ryde high for in Dresden. I wish i could come and see you all perform but unfortunately work won't let me have time off.<br>To all the stage crew- keep smiling, keep laughing and remember ... like a light bulb. I miss u a lot.</I></B><br>Bye ... Emma (<B><I>A very sad ex rocker</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Helloo MX students & teachers!</I></B> Da performance is lookin gr8 and u all know we can win if we try! Woohoo!<br><B>Fanx 2 all da teachers dat helped, yet again!</B><br>Emily (yr9)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone (all u citizens out there :) Just thought i'd join in with all u <B><I>ashfield</I></B> lot!!<br>How is everyone doing? Enjoyin the hols?<br>I haven't left a message on here for agggggeeeess!! (I still check it every day tho - keep up to date :)<br>Well, a big chunk of the tour has happened since my last message, n by the pics n the messages n everything <B>looks like everyone has been amazin as usual!!<br>Well done to everyone who has got thru to the finals, n a big well done to everyone who has just competed, cuz it takes sooo much work to get a rocka together and onto stage!!<br>I'm really looking 4ward to the finals in grimsby now - they're going to be great!!! Whooo hoooo !!<br>Also looks like a few skls that have never been to the finals b4 have got thru which is great!!<br>I can't wait for the prems - they're going to be amazin, AND i'll get to see ROSS GOING FAR WITH HIS AIR GUITAR!! lol!!<br>Everyone still to compete - good luck and enjoy!!<br>Thornton-</B> i know what u mean by the sets every year ! They seem to get bigger n bigger n even better, <B>but no matter how big they r, the stage crews manage to cope - no bother!!</B> Ours this yr is the best one we have had ... it's really cool! I can't wait to see it up on stage again!!!<br>John- how'z u? Been enjoyin the events u've managed to get to? And is wendy better now? Will u be at the finals?<br>Stuart (<B><I>peterheed</I></B>)<br><I>Hi Stuart! I'm well, I've enjoyed the ones I've been to this year (Only 4! Sob :) Wendy's SLOW improvement continues, and we'll see you guys at the finals :)<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>ROXY from Driff -</B> what a good idea, and I might just take that idea on board... This could be the start of something big. (<I>Mmmmmmmmm ... good way for getting funds. Brain now going into overdrive</I>.)<br><B>THANK YOU ROXY</B>.<br>xxxx Keep up the good work - Sparkle xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>CITIZENS OF THORNTON GRAMMAR STAGE CREW</B>.<br>I <B>totally</B> agree with you about the SET (AND BY THE WAY IT SOUNDS AWESOME.)<br>How about next year we <B>SET OURSELVES A CHALLENGE</B> and have no more than 6 pieces of set under 6 feet!!!!!!!! Just think ... there would be more time to chat, eat and chill out ... all stage crews would be able to sit back ... the ROCKA STAGE CREW wouldn't have that CRAZED LOOK OF PANIC ON THEIR FACES and LIFE WOULD BE WONDERFUL!!!!<br><B>But then again, on the other hand.........</B> I GET SOME KIND OF PLEASURE WHEN ASHFIELD'S PROP VAN PULLS UP AND ROCKA STAGE CREW TREMBLE WITH FEAR!!!!!!!!! And i'm sure it's the same with all schools..... Maybe we will keep everyone on their toes but WHO KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B>XXXXXX LOVE TO ALL STAGE CREWS - CITIZEN SPARKLE XXXXXX<br><I>ASHFIELD STAGE CREW</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 10th 2006</b></font> (10 messages)</p> <p><B>ARCHIE CREW!! LOOKS LIKE WE JUST ABOUT REACHED THE &pound;1000 MARK WITH OUR FUNDRAISING ON SATURDAY. THANKS TO EVERYONE 4 WORKING SO HARD !</B><br>Hayley & Caroline XX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Evening All! Hope everyone's having a <B>fab</B> holiday...well so far! Hope weather's not too bad in ur neck of the woods!<br><B>Heather - Stop, think, and breathe!</B> All will be resolved. <B><I>Firstly</I></B>, costumes...arrrggghhh! Lol! I'm sure your Mum (in fact i <B>KNOW</B> your Mum) will work <B>wonders</B> with whatever material she has to hand! Soo don't worry about that.<br>And <B><I>secondly</I></B>, your trouble with a certain thing...hmmm. Just remember i'll help in anyway i can!<br><B>I can't believe how quickly the Bradford heats are coming round ... doesn't seem two minutes since last year when we came to watch! But however soon it is coming round, i can't wait!</B><br>Well, i'd best be making a move! <B>Good luck to everyone on final preparations for Rocka!<br>SEE ALL HANSON ROCKAS FOR THE REHEARSAL A WEEK FRIDAY!</B> WOOHOOO!<br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>We understand how u feel about scenery, Danika !</B> We had to build a lot of set n paint it <B><I>n now they want more added!</I> However there is that good thing about it - WE GET TO PLAY WITH POWER TOOLS AGAIN - HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!</B><br>CARLA N HAYLEY (<B><I>archie stage crew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey Citizen Sparkle!</B><br>I thought ur song was <B><I>fab</I></B> ! It may interest you to know that rock challenge songs have done very well in the past! On our trip to Australia, some guys made up a song called "<B><I>Rock Challenge Mania</I></B>" ! It was a big hit, and they even put it on CDs which we all bought, with the proceeds going towards paying for the <B><I>rather expensive</I></B> trip to oz!! A success story which i'm <B>sure</B> u could repeat!!<br><B>Looking forward to the final and the air guitar competition!!</B><br>Love - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well howdy all ! Just thought that we would put a little message on the website as <B>we have been rockering all day ! (We have managed to get out of quarantine finally and survived the winter "superbug" ... and a good job too :))</B><br>With <B><I>24 flats to paint and only 6 completed</I></B>, i feel <B><I>it's going to be a lllloooonnnngggg "holiday"</I></B>... well, i hope so, or my set won't get finished. Still, at least it's all drawn...how long did that take...... ?!!<br>I vote that for future rock challenges we should <B><I>downsize</I></B> and respect our fellow stagecrew and all the heaving around they have to do and save their backs because <B>oh no, we have not stopped our scenery at 24 flats ! LUCE WANTS MORE !! "More ??" i hear u scream ?</B> That's exactly what i did ... but <B>MORE</B> she got, <B><I>and our amazing superb crew move it like feathers.....</I> YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!<br>(Remember, Jason</B> ... "trial and error" (and less of the "error" in future!!!! :))(AND - believe it or not - it all fits through our imaginary door frame fit together... <B>I love you all!!!!!!!! Couldn't wish for a better crew-</B> well ... more artists might have helped but u try your best!!<br>Just getting in the bath to clear off the paint...or should i even bother??? Any of my trusty cast and crew reading this message - feel free to come and lend a hand ! No artists needed - we've gone for painting by numbers - it's great!!!!<br><B>See some of you may 3rd and the others june 3rd!!! Can't wait!!</B><br>Danika and Lucy - <B><I>Thornton</I></B> (slowly going delirious) <B><I>Grammar</I></B> !!!!!!!!!!!<br>(<I>Ed: CREW ... Danika means "lend a hand painting the remaining 18 flats", not "lend a hand helping me get the paint off in the bath"</I> !! :)<br>(<I>Ed again ... well, that's what I THINK she meant ! Danika ??!</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hi to the school tht won on the 8th march i think it was, and had a boat scene wid the mermaids and the net lol!!!</B> Can u tell me who the cute boy at the beginning was who sat on the box and then threw the box ? He was stood in the middle on the front row ... <B>HE IS SO SO CUTE ! PLZ TELL ME WHO HE IS</B> ... I FANCY HIM :)<br>Hannah B.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Citizen Roxy from Driff.</B><br>I am pleased that you are enjoying the campaign for "ROSS SHOULD GO FAR.... WITH HIS AIR GUITAR!" and I can tell you that <B>ROSS WILL BE ON STAGE AT GRIMSBY</B> for the final <B>and YOU along with everyone else will have the PLEASURE of watching a PRO AT WORK</B>. It will be worth waiting for ... <B><I>trust me, I'm his manager</I></B> (just in case you had forgotten that.)<br>Hope lots of you sang along to the theme tune (which, by the way, should be number 1 next week!)<br><B>Hope your cake sale went well and hope the money comes flooding in soon for your school.</B> If I get enough ROYALTIES for "BACK IN THE DAYS OF ROCK CHALLENGE" I could maybe help you out!!!!!!!!!<br>XXXXXXXX LOVE TO YOU ALL XXXXXXXX<br>XXXXXXXX CITIZEN SPARKLE XXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Oh no!!! Hansoners!! Liam's dad cnt get da material and miss w is on holiday so ma mum's gonna go shoppin n c wo she cn gt 2 morra!! Ahhhhhhh!!!</B> (But on da bright side, <B><I>we gt anuva sponsor</I></B> !!! :))<br>I hope evri1's avin a nyc easter holiday (espesh if ur in da sun sum wer, or - lyk emma - u've taken ya ice skates lolol))<br><B>If any1 has rehearsals ova da hols lyk us, have fun!!! I cnt believe bradford is lyk 3 weeks away!! Ahhhhhh!! :)))</B><br>Newayz, g2g ... havin trouble with a certain thing (<B>Stace - help me!</B>)<br>Heva (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Really can't wait for grimsby on the 3rd of june<br>Good luck to everyone competing - <I>especially ARCHIE</I></B> ... this is your year so bring home the trophy!!!!!!!!!<br>COME ON!!!!!!!!!<br>From <B><I>archie crew</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> 'Ello<br><B>I've got a list of songs that Oathall used, but that's all I can offer I'm afraid:</B><ul><li>Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Higher Ground<li>Feeder - Feeling a Moment<li>Chemical Brothers - Loops of Fury<li>Jakarta - American Dream</ul><B>Hope this helps!</B><br>All the best<br>Tim<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 9th 2006</b></font> (12 messages)</p> <p>I'm finding the whole Ross and his air guitar really funny, but <B>i have a question:- is he playing at the grimsby premier final? I want to see what the excitement is all about!!</B><br>Loving the Easter Hols right now! <B><I>We raised a bit of money with our cake stall before the hols ... wasn't much but it's a start!! We'll be fine in the end!!</I><br>Can't wait for Grimsby - it'll b fab!!</B><br>Love - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> OMG! Isn't it funny - <B>a month today, we'll be in portsmouth competin at the finals!!!!!!!!</B><br>I wana do better than last year, but i <B><I>really</I></B> don't think we will ... would be <B><I>great</I></B> to come in top 3 but you have to be <B>amazin</B> to get that far ! <B>Ah well - no harm in wishin !<br>Good luck to all the other skls</B> (bet you're 10 times better than our skl)<br>Anywayyyy ... <B><I>best get practicin.....!</I></B><br>Bubi xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Who from <B><I>ARCHIE</I></B> votes that rock challenge has sent HAYLEY, HAYLEY B, CARLA, CAROLINE N MR RANNER <B>flaming loopyyyyyyy ?</B> We do !<br>From Hayley and Carla, the loopyyyyyyyyy ones that just wrote this message bowt themselves :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>A belated message 2 every1 from archie, just to say a very BIG THANK-YOU to MRS B, MR R and CAROLINE.</B><br>Also <B><I>well done</I></B> to all the dancers, stage crew and the costumiers (looked great.)<br>We can't believe that mr ranner and mrs buchan are making us <B><I>build more scenery</I></B> (although we <B>do</B> get to play with the power tools again <B>cos we are the DIY girls of rock challenge :)</B><br>Good luck to every1 competing in the grimsby northern finals but you know ARCHIE ROCKS and this is our year which means 1 thing......... that the trophy is ours for the taking :)<br>CARLA and HAYLEY (<B><I>nuttas from ARCHIE stage crew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Dear CONCERNED CITIZEN WATTY (SENIOR)<br><B><I>You need not worry. As I am the MANAGER of ROSS I have this covered, for by the time we arrive at GRIMSBY Ross WILL BE DRESSED TO IMPRESS as will the STAGE CREW. Who needs Trinny and Susannah when you've got the SEW SEW GIRLS.... (Oh - and Joan's living room!!!!) TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. I didn't get the name SPARKLE for nothing!!!</I></B><br>LOVE FROM CITIZEN SPARKLE (Yes - I'm the CLEVER ONE that comes up with hidden messages and ALL THE BRILLIANT IDEAS FOR <B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>!)<br><B>Well, must go to check the charts to see if we have gone straight to number 1.</B><br>XXXXXXXX LOVE YOU ALL, CITIZENS OF THE WORLD XXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey !<br><B>Just want to say Good Luck to all the schools who are going to be performing at Grimsby on the 3rd of june.....<br>Also a shoutout to Vicki *M* from Ashfield.. I'll be seeing you again this year for the last time :(<br>(and i won't forget your present...I PROMISE...</B><br>"COME ON ARCHIE - WE CAN DO IT"<br>xxx Kelly from <B><I>Archie</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Look out, everyone, 'cos <B><I>archie are back</I></B> this year with a vengeance and as they say "ARCHIE ROCKS"<br>We are gonna give it everything we have got so EVERYONE look out<br>Carla and Hayley (<B><I>archie stage crew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Big well done to all <B><I>ASHFIELD performers</I></B>!<br>We were fab!! Just more work needs put into it<br><B>Cn't wait now!!</B><br>Lv - Natalie (ashfield performer) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to the teams who came first and second at Belfast !</B><br>We (<B><I>Ballee High School</I></B>) came third ... <B>we are all very happy and glad dat we got placed!!<br>Well done again, and hope ashfield do well in grimsby</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Just wana wish a BIG GOOD LUCK to all the schools taking part in RC 06............ <I>especially Miltoncross</I><br>Keep up the good work, everyone.<br>Remember - to win is great but it is the taking part that counts!</B><br>Stay Safe All x<br>An MX Mum<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello John<br>Since all this hoo-ha started in Belfast my daughter has not shut up about wanting one of these guitar things. I've been to all the music shops and through all the catalogues and can't find any. <B>Can any of your readers be of any assistance? I need a left-hand one ... preferably in pink.</B><br>Many thanks - a demented mother<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Dear John<br><B>Disregard the last message ... I've just found one on E-Bay (yes - really !!!!)</B><br>Don't know if it's left-handed yet ... <B><I>awaiting E-mail reply</I></B>.<br>Aren't there some nutters about????<br>A very sane mum (compared to some)!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 9th 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>Dear Citizen Sparkle<br>The song lyrics were absolutely awful</B> ... I mean <Big><B>AWESOME!</B></Big><br>The intensive training in air guitar in A.. Shh.. Field is all very well but you have missed the point - <B>the reason our Ross didn't win was his IMAGE!!!!!! Black is simply not his colour</B>.<br>I suggest we get a <B><I>Trinny and Susannah makeover</I></B> arranged ASAP- we <B>must</B> get it right for Grimsby.<br>Concerned<br>Citizen Watty (Senior)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Dear Citizen Sparkler</B><br>Are you <B><I>really</I></B> as clever as your cryptic message implies. or is it just me?<br>Is the FIELD where Ross is going to play his very VERY quiet (shhh!) guitar A SH FIELD ??????????<br><B><I>Must go ... have to tidy the living room ...</I></B><br>Citizen Joan (I was busy yesterday)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 8th 2006</b></font> (11 messages)</p> <p>Dear Citizen Watty (SENIOR)<br><B>The worry is over.....</B> I have been approached by the AIRHEAD SOCIETY and they have <B><I>assured</I></B> me that <B><I>ROSS will have all the space and time he needs as they have very kindly given us the use of one of the members' fields!!!!</I></B><br>The only problem is that he has to share it with a few cows but Ross tells me that this won't put him off as he's had to work with some during this Rock Challenge!!!!! (<I>Ed: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh !</I> :)<br>Hope this frees up the Sports Hall as I hear that "THE CHOPPER" needs it to lose a few inches!!!!!!<br><B>Must dash - I have to work out how to install a sound system in a field ...</B><br>Until we meet again<br>SPARKLE x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> GoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo Milton cross Milton cross Milton cross<br>and goOoOoOd luck<br>From <B><I>ex milton cross student</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Alryteeee. . <B><I>RC Is Starting To Look Great Now Tha It's Coming Together!!!<br>BIG SHOUT TO MX!! C YA ALL WEDNESDAY!</I></B><br>Lewis-Peter//* xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! It's Tammii from milton cross (again)<br>I think i have <B>3 husbands</B> lol. 1st Jack Jones then James Dolly and i think Miss is puttin him in a different sequence so i have my 3rd hubby lol.<br><B><I>Anotha gud luk 2 all at mx and an extreeeeeeeeeemly massive thanx to Mrs Rose for putting it all together!</I></B> (You're a legend, miss...and i hope Jamie didn't hurt you when he didn't catch yoo today!)<br>Well - best b off... cya ... Tammii xx<br><I>GO <B>MILTON CROSS</B></I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi! Laura from <B><I>miltoncross</I></B><br>We can do it! Go milton cross<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi! I'm daniel from <B><I>miltoncross</I></B><br>Today's rehearsal was <B>so</B> embarrassing, Mrs Rose, and I still can't get that move right :(<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi y'all ! It's annia ere<br><B>Soz dat i missed da dress rehearsal</B> ... i was in <B><I>hospital</I></B> because of that damn skiin slope. Neway, hope it went well nd i will <B>c ya on wednesday 4 another</B>.<br>It looks great at da mo so well done, milton cross - keep it up<br><B>Mrs Rose- you're a darling, and Mr Gray- ur a darlin too.</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>WOOOO - GO <B>MILTON CROSS</B></I><br>Liz<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HI THERE, EVERYONE - SPARKLE HERE.<br>Campaign for "<B>ROSS SHOULD GO FAR... WITH HIS AIR GUITAR</B>" is going nicely... so it gives me much pleasure to announce that <B><I>AIR RECORDS have approached me and this is THE NEXT NUMBER ONE .........<br>(To be sung to tune of "SUMMER OF 69" by Brian Adams.)</I></B><br><br>I got my 1st real air guitar<br>Back in rocka 06<br>And when i didn't win<br>I knew it was such a fix.<br><br>Me and some guys from school<br>Got on stage and we tried real hard<br>Sparkle quit,<br>Pedro got married!!<br>Should have known i'd never get far.<br><br>(Chorus):<br>Standin on rocka stage<br>The music seemed to play forever<br>And if i have the chance i will have to bounce around more.<br>This will be the best day of my life!!!!!<br><br>There's no use in complaining<br>When you've got some playing to do<br>Some time when i'm in grimsby<br>That's when I'll show you!!!!!!<br><br>(Chorus.)<br><br>Oh yeah, back in the days of rock challenge<br>Man we were killing time<br>We were young and restless<br>And you didn't win a dime<br>I guess nothing lasts forever ... forever ...<br><br>And now the days grow nearer<br>Look at everything that's come and gone<br>Sometimes when i play air guitar<br>I wonder what went wrong !!!!!!<br>(Chorus.)<br>Oh yeah, back in the days of rock challenge......<br><br>(Repeat to fade........)<br><br>YES, I <B>KNOW</B> I'VE TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS !<br>XXXXXXXXXXXX SPARKLE XXXXXXXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyy!<br>Jus a random quick message!!! <B>Our house is chaos!!</B> We are goin on hols 2day :D:D:D!!! The taxi is comin in precisely 90 minutes!! Sooo ... cz our cases r 2 heavy ... we r runnin abou goin mad :D! Hey - 'tis typical holiday!<br>WAHO - <B>MY BDAY!!</B> :D! Fanks 4 all ur prezzis, guys - they are allll sooooooooooooo ace!!!!!!!!<br><B>Stace-</B> am luvin the eeyore - he's sssssssoooo cute :D:D:D!!!<br><B>Heva -</B> CHOCL8!!!!!!!! OMG LMAO!!! I cnt take all tha wiv me lololol ... 'tis stayin in fridge until get bak :D!!!<br><B><I>Sorry i cnt b ther 2 help wiv set or at the rehearsal in the 2nd week of hols!!! I will email u all 4 goss!!!</I><br>Gurd luk 2 all ova teams givin up ther easter hols 4 rehearsals!!! Cya at bradford heat!!! 1&frac12; weeks afta easter :S:S:S!!!</B><br>Lv - Emma xxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)xxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>URGENT MESSAGE FOR ASHFIELD PERFORMERS, STAGE CREW, WARDROBE AND SUPPORT STAFF</B><br><I>Congratulations on a superb TEAM EFFORT in Belfast - I am so proud to be a part of the Ashfield Team.</I><br><B>It is essential that all team members keep "tuned" to this site as a critical situation has arisen!<br>Sparkle (yes- Ross's manager) has prebooked all SportsHall rehearsal space between now and Grimsby for his air guitar training!!!!!!!</B><br>Mrs Dinsmore is in talks with Sparkle to try to persuade them to use the assembly hall but Ross says the accoustics are no good there <B>and</B> he needs a bigger power supply.<br><I>Don't worry - if talks break down we can move our rehearsals to Joan's living room.</I><br>Lots of Love - Citizen Watty (Senior)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 7th 2006</b></font> (12 messages)</p> <p>XXXXXXXXXXXX <B>DAVY from PETERHEAD</B> XXXXXXXXXXXXX<br>YOU SEEM LIKE A MAN WHO KNOWS TALENT WHEN IT'S THERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.<br>HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON. (<B><I>Maybe you could be my PR GUY?</I></B>)<br>xxxxxxxxxxx SPARKLE XXXXXXXXXXX<br>Remember. ROSS SHOULD GO FAR...WITH HIS AIR GUITAR!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> DEAR JO.<br>Indeed, <B>my client and I would be interested in your product if the price is right!!!</B> This is <B><I>such</I></B> a coincidence as I have recently heard ROSS talking a lot of FRESH AIR and on a few occasions it has been somewhat clouded, <B><I>especially</I></B> after his <B>brilliant</B> performance at the Waterfront when he didn't win. (He was muttering something about how he was robbed!!!!!)<br>We look forward to hearing from you soon.<br>ps Please people, let's start a campaign "<B>ROSS SHOULD GO FAR...WITH HIS AIR GUITAR!!!!!!</B>"<br>From a very deflated Ross. (SPARKLE) x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi John<br>I hope the Rock Challenge website can be of some assistance.<br>I work for a <B><I>large</I></B> chain of retailers and hope to promote a new range of <B>organically produced "FRESH AIR" (both clear and clouded varieties)</B>.<br>I was hoping somebody could put me in contact with <B>the young musician who played so well in Belfast</B>, as I would like to have talks about <B>the possibility of him advertising our brand with his guitar</B>.<br>If his manager (SPARKLE) would contact me we can exchange contracts ASAP!!!!<br>Jo<br>xxxxooooxxxx<br>(<I>Ed: uh-oh ... this is just going to run and run ... I can see it now ...</I> :)))<br>(<I>ps and you suddenly seem to have waaaay too much spare time on your hands ! Heh heh ...</I> :)))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> If the "<B><I>Ross</I></B>" everyone from Belfast is on about is the dude who was air-guitarin on his back right across the floor then he <B>DEF</B> shud have won !!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Davy (<B><I>Peterhead / Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi.<br>Vicki *M* from <B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>:- that's ok. No hard feelings, and you <B>didn't</B> stand on my toes - but i <B>DID</B> notice you standing very close to a certain person's toes and giving them a hug!!!!!! (<I>Who says I don't notice anything ?!</I> :)<br>Speak to you soon. Ha ha.<br>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love - Sparkle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br>(<B><I>Manager of Ross, Air Guitar Champion 06</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!<br><B>I did rock challenge for the 3rd time on March 22nd, and i must say it gets better every year. I had a laugh with all my mates...and made new ones in the process.<br><I>My school (Howden) came 3rd n it was the first time in the whole 10 yrs that we've been placed...we were well chuffed</I> :))<br>I'm definitely coming back next year...altho it will probably be my last one :( ...... so i'm gonna make it count</B><br>Luv - jenny n xxxxx<br>ps - <B>big shoutout to all RC Crew</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>And the Rock Challenge experience continues for Harmony Primary School ... !<br>Not satisfied with performing in the Waterfront Hall on Monday - we had to perform yet again at an Ulster Scots night. The kids did great again and all the parents were there again showing their support. Now all the teachers are well and truly shattered and thankful that it's Easter - 2 weeks of lovely holidays. Bliss!<br>Keep enjoying the Rock Challenge experience, everyone!</B><br>Julie Officer<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyoo everybody x<br><B>I'm well looking 4ward 2 RC this year as it's ma 1st year. Our school is performing on the 25th of April and i'm well excited.<br>Gud luck every1</B> (specially <B><I>Milton cross</I></B> :D ) and look out 4 me... I'm ganna b the 1 with an old ladies looking dress on (red with blue flowers on! :)<br>xx GO MX xx<br>Luv - Tammii xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!! How r u all doin? I'm good!!<br><B>It's the Easter Hols now, yay!!</B> We've already started proper <B><I>Rocka fund-raising</I></B> today ... we put little <B><I>cake stalls</I></B> in the staff rooms so hopefully it'll be a good start!!<br><B>I'm missing doing Rocka</B> ... my arm's gone really weak since i've stopped waltzing :) I'm excited about starting again though cos we're making some changes so it should be much better at the final!!<br><B>I hope everyone gets lots of easter eggs (and other chocolate :) in the hols!!</B><br>Love - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi<br>I'm from <B><I>ballee</I></B><br>It waz weak <I>(Ed: ?)</I> good crack in <B>belfast - loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Jamie<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I always have a good time at rock challenge without fail, though the one thing that annoys me is just that the other schools seem like kinda shy or something ?<br>However, <B>Larkin was one of the friendliest schools i've met in the whole three years i've done rock challenge, and Girls' Model were really friendly too last year!!!!<br>BIG UP TO TIM AND DAVE AND ALL THE GOOD LOOKIN BOYS FROM LARKIN TOO!!!</B><br>Love - <B><I>ballee student</I><br>LOVE ROCK CHALLENGE - COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!!</B> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!! It's Vicki *M* frm Ashfield... Hope all r grand!<br><B>If my countin is corect it's 58 days til grimsby! Woooooo! Cn't wait - will b brill!</B><br>4got 2 mention the other day on my msg - <B>sorry to Cathy</B> for standin on ur toesss hehe ... n a <B>really reallly big thanks to joan for makin r beautiful sets - they're fab!! Thnx so much - ur a star!!</B><br>Big thnx 2 every1 else tht i mentioned in the msg the other day!<br>N it is <B><I>definitely</I></B> fixed.... Ross <B><I>shuda</I></B> won air guitar contest!!<br>Youz all rock!!!!!!!<br>Lv - vicki xxxxxxxxx (<B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 6th 2006</b></font> (10 messages)</p> <p>Hiya rock challenge crew!<br><B>We can't wait to come on 28th april. It is gonna be a proper laugh !</B><br>Hope we win again this year ...<br><B>See ya soon!</B><br>Luv - kirsty and keely (<B><I>MEOPHAM SCHOOL</I></B>)<br>ps WE ROCK!!!! Come on girls - we can do it.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Tyler ere from <B><I>ASHFIELD</I><br>Wow !! Rock Challenge 2006 at the waterfront was fantastic!! Was a brilliant day!<br>Well done to all the schools who were competing!</B><br>A big thankz 4 every1 hu supported us especially <B>larkin - yaz were fab!!</B><br>Too bad we were only a showcase so we cudn't compete!! :(<br>Well, now we r all looking forward 4 GRIMSBY!! It's gona be fabulous as we r competing!! CN'T WAIT!!<br><B>A big well done to Mrs watson 4 everything!! And especially to all the costume makers and just all the crew!! THANKZ XXX!!</B><br>C yaz all at grimsby. Lv yaz xxxxx<br>Lv - Tyler (LET'S GO ASHFIELD, LET'S GO!!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyyy!<br><B>WAHOOO !! Broke up 4 easter 2day :D:D:D!!!</B> Jus had a funky drama rehearsal and am lookin 4ward 2 my hols nw!!! I fink :S!!!<br><B>Stace -</B> u finally finish design 4 the 2nd time round?? Hw come it took ya all mrnin and afternon and afterskool??? :S:S:S!!!<br>Oooo - am likin the ... er ... "<B><I>foundations</I></B>" 4 our set! Errr ... spesh the wood, sam :S:S:S!<br><B>Heva -</B> fanks 4 the pics!! They are soooooooooo ace!!!!!!! Must av taken u ages :S! :D:D:D<br>John - it was my music teacher! Tld me off for usin txt talk on the website!!! (N she really hates using '8'lolol!!) Her estimation of me had gne dwn :S lolol!<br>Well, <B>gud luck 2 all teams!!! Bring on bradford! 4 weeks!!!</B><br>Lv - Emma xxxxxxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> GO ON <B><I>MILTONCROSS</I></B>!<br>Scott<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helloo!<br>Well <B>the Rocka t-shirt design is done! Woohooo... Only taken all day and previous weeks...3 computer crashes,2 people to delete un-saved work, a number of Staceyisms, various random drawing techniques from me, and a box of choccies, but hey it's done!</B> (And looks fab even if i do say so myself! Hehe!) (You'll defo see us coming!)<br>And the <B><I>set</I></B> is coming along nicely, so too are the <B><I>costumes</I></B>....wow, not long and we'll be ready to Rock! :-D<br>Anyhow... <B>hope everyone is okay and having an ace time preparing for Rocka! I know we are! Can't wait for our heats now! Not long to go!<br>Good luck to all schools waiting to perform, and Big Congrats to those who already have! Hope everyone has a Fandabidozi Easter holiday!</B><br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!<br><B><I>Thanks to all that were part of the Miltoncross Rock Challenge! Especially Mrs Rose. Thank you Mrs Rose for all that you've done for us. I know this is probably stating the obvious but we could't have done it without you. And I know we can be a pain sometimes but I most likely speak for all the MX Rock Challengers when I say we really appreciate your help through this. Thank you Mrs Rose! (And I'm glad to see you aren't losing any hair! :)</I></B><br>Emily C (Year 9)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello, tis us agen!<br>Dunno wat 2 say! Just wanna send a message!<br><B><I>Lukin 4wad 2 2moz!!! Wil be a fab rehearsal!<br>T-shirts lukin good n we can't w8 4 the 3rd!!!!!!!!!!<br>Finally break up 2moz - yaaaaaaay! 'Bout time! :))</I></B><br>Luv 0 Sarah, Bekky n Rachie (<B><I>thornton</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello! We're home!!!<br>Just a <B><I>massive congrats and thanks 2 everyone who took part in Ryde High's entry in Dresden!!!</I></B> I think we looked amazing and I hope u all had fun!!! You've made the committee so proud!!!<br><B>Actually can't wait til Portsmouth!!! Watch out 4 us!!!<br>A big well done 2 wildern for winning in Dresden!!!</B><br>Thanks again ... see you all soon<br>Kirstie-Lou (<B><I>RHS Committee</I></B>)<br><I>ps it was so weird in Germany without any of the rock challenge crew! We cudn't understand anything this time <B>and</B> we had to do a thriller dance at the end of the show!!!</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey everyone from the rock challenge in bournemouth!<br>All the schools did fab nd it was nice to meet u lot.</B><br>Loadza da lads were fit as mate spesh <B><I>RUDY D FROM TAMARSIDE</I></B><br>Anyways, well done !<br>Love - jodie b (<B><I>looe</I></B>)Xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! It's looie :)<br>Just wanna give a <B>huge</B> shout out to looe! They were the best and yes they won. (I'm so glad to be a part of that school)<br><B>I wanna say a well done to all the schools that took part. I'm sooooooooo proud of you all ... you're all so brilliant ... and i love tamarside - they're all really cute :)</B><br>Luv ya all - looie from <B><I>looe</I></B> xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 5th 2006</b></font> (24 messages)</p> <p><B>Rock Challenge was great! It's reli fun - loved it loadz<br>Fnx ta all da rock challenge crew fur makin it enjoyable !<br>Well dun ta all da schools hu competed......<br><I>WE CAME 2ND - YEOOOOOO!!!!</I></B><br>x*x - DANIELLE - x*x (<B><I>ULIDIA</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOW!!!! Sounds like the Belfast days were a blast</B> (as usual it was great???)<br><B>I'm sooo xited about our heats now!! I cn't believe it's less dan a monf away!!!<br>Ope 2 c evri1 der n gud luk:D:D</B><br>Heva (<B><I>hanson</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> *********** <B>ROSS THE AIR GUITAR KING</B> ***************<br> ******* <B>OH HAIL, MASTER OF THE AIR GUITAR</B> ***********<br>I agree with Joan 100% - Ross <B>was</B> the best on stage at air guitar and <B>I am CHALLENGING ANYONE at GRIMSBY to beat him AND THAT INCLUDES ROCKA STAGE CREW !!!!! SO COME ON, PEOPLE, BRING IT ON !!!!!!</B><br>xxxx SPARKLE (<B><I>Ross's new Stage Crew Manager!</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B>Big congratulations to all the schools who took part in Belfast last nyt - uze wer al absolutly fantastic! Hope yaz njoyed urselvs - cn't wait 2 yaz soon!<br>I had a reali gr8 day and loved every min of our showcase! :D<br>Also wel done to Knocknagoney Primary for winning monday nyt's jnr event!</B><br>Lots and lots of love - ~*~*~*Christine*~*~*~ (<B><I>ASHFIELD Performer</I></B>)<br>C ya in Grimsby! :D:D:D:D:D . . (oh yeah ... and <B>ross</B> rocked that air guitar lol)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyy!!! Jus a quick messg, peeps!<br><B>I ope evry1's piece is goin gr8! I jus wana get on wiv ours n get it done and polished!!<br>Stace n miss w - the tshirt design looked funky 2day!!!</B> (Sorry abou ur design, stace!!!! Least i found it!!!)<br><B>I hope evry1 has a great</B> (<I>no "8", miss cole!!</I>) <B>Easter holidays!!!</B> I hope the rehearsals go well (i will miss sum of ours cz i will b on hols!!!) and that the set gets sorted!!!!!<br><B>OOOO ... we need stage crew!!!! (U get a funky tshirt!!! lololol!!!)</B><br>Neways, hope evry1's doin well and gurd luk 2 all upcoming events!!!!<br>Lv - Emma xxx (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxxx(br>(<I>Ed: d'you think your English grade's just gone up a bit, Emma ?</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> We rocked yesterday, o yeah !<br><B>All the schools were brilliant! They were really friendly when we were about to go on and when we were coming off stage. I loved all the schools<br>Congrats to the schools that got 2nd and 3rd (larkin and ulidia) - you were really good!<br><I>Well, we all can't wait to get to england now! Hope we win, but i have to say good luck to all of the schools and i hope we all have fun!</I></B><br>Love - nicole xxxxxxx (<B><I>st louises's dancer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow! What a fantastic day on Monday at the Junior Rock Challenge Belfast. All the Harmony crew, staff and kids had such a positive experience.<br>Well done Knocknagoney - your performance was brill.<br>Cliftonville, what can I say!! Fantastic costumes and choreography.<br>I am especially proud of all our kids from Harmony for their sportsmanship, and of our parents for their positive feedback - it really means a lot.<br>Ann</B>, put the glitter away until next year!<br><B>Thanks to the Rock Challenge Crew for all your fun and support!! Can't wait for 2007 !!!</B><br>Claire Davidson<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyyyyy ppz ! It's Orlaigh 'ere frm <B><I>Little Flower</I></B>.<br><B>Had such a day yesterday. Congrats to St Louise's and a big WELL DONE to all the other schools hu took part - uze all rocked!<br>Hey to al ma new buddies frm Balee and Larkin High<br>Loves yaz all, n hope to c yaz all nxt yr<br>Good Luk in Grimsby, St Louise's - uze will do great</B><br>Orlaigh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Right - this is gettin annoyin :))<br>I've signed on this webby like <B>15 times</B> now .... come on, <B><I>milton cross</I></B> - <B>stop caring</B> about if u'll "still b kl after signing this webby" or about how u look - <B>just get on with it</B><br>We can actually win this yeah. The finale is comin along gr8!!! Just remember SMILE, SMILE, SMILE (and if u cn't, just think ov sumthin funni like when tanya ran into the stage :)) (That was well funny :)))<br>Well, cya all at nxt rehearsals....<br>[x]liz[x]<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Since "the CHOPPER" has to lose 10cm before Grimsby may I suggest banning all chokky bikkies, buns, sweets, chips and extra sugars in coffee ...... a jog round the sports hall might also be beneficial :)</B><br>Love from Joan (<B><I>Ashfield</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys! <B>Just got back from Dresden Rock Challenge 2006.<br><I>Well done to Ryde High!!! You all looked amazin.</I></B> Even though there was a slight language prob, everything looked so good.<br><B>Looking forward to the next 2 shows in pompey!!!!</B><br>Love - Amy (<B><I>RHS Stage Crew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to all the schools at the Belfast Junior Rock Challenge! You all did brilliantly!!<br><I>We are all so proud of our children at Harmony - you did fantastic, kids, and I know you're all still buzzing from the experience at the Waterfront Hall. I know you won't forget it in a hurry and maybe next year will be an even better experience for you!</I></B><br>Love - Miss Officer<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Hello all you Miltoncross Rock Challengers!</I></B><br>You guys need to <B>pump your game</B>. We all do. This is <B>important</B> to all of us and <B><I>we have to give it our all. If it's not for you, make it for Mrs Rose and Mr Gray. Think about all they've done for us.<br>Also big up to the stage crew. The set looks awesome!<br>Remember: if you don't feel stupid you're not doing it right! Just talk to Mr Spicer. Just do your best, for all of us. We can win it this year!</I></B><br>Come on, MX Rock Challengers!<br><B><I>The Greek Chorus @ Miltoncross School</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>My thanks to Katrin Reis in Dresden for sending me the full results of the Rock Challenge in Dresden, Germany (in which Ryde High and Wildern schools from the UK took part.)<br><a href="cal2006.htm#dresden">You can get to the results from here</a>.<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heylo pplz! It's cassie frm <B><I>ulidia</I></B>!<br><B><I>Yeooo !!! We came 2nd last night :)</I><br>Was a cracker night. Got to say the lads we were talkin to from Ballee wer fit n real sound!<br.Wel done to th winners! Yaz deserved it! N larkin pplz- yaz r legends!<br><B>Big thanks to miss scott, all the other teachers and 6th formers!</B></B><br>Bye - cass xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyy .... Vicki *M* here from ashfield!!! (*<B><I>The Farmer's Wife</I></B>* from last night !! :)<br><B>Hope all of the schools enjoyed the waterfront! I really thought all the schools were very impressive! Really enjoyed them all ! Everyone has done well!<br>Well done to st.louise's winning, Ulidia who came 2nd, n ballee 4 coming 3rd!<br>Big "Hey!" to the chums from Ulidia! You lot r absolutely brilliant - really lovely ppl... Joanne, Suzy, Kirsty, Robin n Megan n the rest! You lot were sooo nice! Thanks 4 makin it a lovely day for us!<br><I>Can't wait til grimsby! Will b brill! Really proud of youz!<br>A really really reallly reallllllly BIG thanks to mrs watson! You're a star! Also to Victoria Watson who helped me get all my costume off in my really quick costume change!<br>Big thanks to all the stage crew</I></B> - youz did well esp bcuz of the size of the set!<br><B><I>Big thanks also to all the costume makers, the parents etc who supported us</I></B> (youz r all brilliant - <B>we'd b nowhere without any of youz!</B>) <B><I>and to the rest of the performers</I></B> - you all did well!<br>Lv - Vicki *(<B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>)* xxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Miltoncross</I></B> rule<br>Greek chorus (freek chorus) rule<br><B>We all rock this world<br>!!!!!!!!!!! greek chorus is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Owen, Tyler, Emily, Kim, Emma, Alex, Lewis and Annia<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Rehearsing in the Easter holidays.<br>We gonna rock the rock challenge ... 20 days and counting</I></B><br>Scott (<B><I>Miltoncross</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>We had a great time in Belfast. Thanks to the other schools for voting for us - especially Ashfield.<br>Congratulations to St. Louise's.</B><br>Shauna from <B><I>Larkin</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OH WHAT A DAY AT BELFAST.<br>Well done to all the performers at the Waterfront! It was a BRILLIANT show! All that hard work paid off.<br>AND A VERY SPECIAL MENTION TO ALL THE ROCKA STAGE CREW FOR ONCE AGAIN DOING A BRILL JOB! OLLY, ZOIE, DAVE ... there's just too many to mention ... OH, AND -OF COURSE- THE ONE AND ONLY PEDRO !! WHO COULD FORGET HIM!!!!!!!</B><br>(<I>If ROSS is reading this, Pedro and Mark are the same person!!!!!</I>) (Oh ... and <B>Pedro - I really love diamonds as well !!</B>)<br>OH ... AND ONE LAST SPECIAL MENTION FOR YOU, JOHN, FOR ALSO DOING A GREAT JOB ON THE WEB!!<br>XXXXXXXXXXX LOVE TO YOU ALL - SPARKLE XXXXXXXXXXX<br>(<I>Ed: you are very kind</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WE WUZ ROBBED!!! WE DEMAND A VIDEO REPLAY!!!<br>Our Ross should soooo have won air guitar.... :))<br>Watch out, Grimsby (the friction burns on his knees should have healed by then)!! We're comin ta get ya!!<br>Thanks as always to the Rocka stage crew for a high energy, fun-filled, cracker of a day ! Just makes ya want more....<br>Love to all after a fantastic night in<br>BELFAST</B><br>Joan<br>PS <B><I>Tell Pedro that Sparkle is particularily fond of sapphires!!!</I></B> (Say no more :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>WELL DONE TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE BELFAST SHOW!<br>Special congratulations to all the girls and staff from St. Louise's - you were brilliant. This competition has allowed you the chance to once again show your unique talents!<br>We are so VERY PROUD of you and will be there for you all the way. Tonight you "rocked"!</I></B><br>CONGRATULATIONS to each and everyone of you - your commitment and loyalty do not go unmissed.<br><B><I>"THANK-YOU" for your vitality and energy. Look forward to June!!!</I></B><br>Mrs F. Nelson<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hheyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!<br><B><I>OMG... jus bk from da waterfront. It was amazing.<br>Well done 2 all da ova skools and 2 da winners - gd luck in Grimsby.</I></B><br>And as da judges said ... <B><I>"WOW" ... we were amazing</I></B> (We're keepin r champion title :)<br><B>Cn't wait til Grimsby ... cya all der.</B><br>Loadza luv - Laura (<B><I>ashfield performer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>I would like to thank you all for the great night at the waterfront on Monday.<br>Knocknagoney Primary did brilliantly ... all the kids were great and there wasn't a dull moment in the show.<br>Miss White and all the staff at Knocknagoney- what a great night! Youz did our wee school proud!<br>Kids- youz were all brill</I></B><br>Julie Menagh xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done everyone at Belfast Junior Rock Challenge Monday night and CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS - KNOCKNAGONEY!!!!!!<br>We are so proud of you !</I></B><br>M. White<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 4th 2006</b></font></p> <p>It's kate from <B><I>hunsley</I></B> again!!<br>We didn't do rock challenge this year and I know this is a bit cheeky of me to ask, but is there any way anyone could get me and my dad tickets for the northern premiership final? We really want to go but don't know how to get hold of tickets.<br>Kate xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya guys!! I ain't put a msg on in ages bu i figured as da last rehearsal gave us higher spirits i cud put summat random on lololol!!<br><B>Miss W - ma mum's gonna b readin da rocker msg l8a:)<br>Evri1-</B> just 2 let u no it's <B><I>emm's b'day on sat HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!</I></B> (But she's goin on holiday so last week we ad a lil suprise get-together 4 er... wow!!! It wo soo much fun!!)<br><B>I hope evri1 else is goin and lookin 4wrd 2 da day like us!! C evri1 der on brad nyt 1 :):):)</B><br>G2 dash ... love - heva (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya! Amy from <B><I>Hanson</I></B>!<br><I>(Me n emily sat doing english coursework... not very much fun so thought i'd leave a quick message ! :))</I><br><B>Only 3 weeks to go - I can't wait!</B> <br><B>Good luck to all the other schools in the bradford heats on day 1 & 2!</B><br>Bye - Amy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Guys! I haven't left a message for ages! (<I>Ed: I noticed ... </I>:))<br>We kinda hit a <B>low</B> point in rehearsals <B>but after seeing the rehearsal last night, we're on our way up!! The piece is really starting to come together and i got the "rocka" feeling for the first time this year!<br>I'm well excited now! Just got the set, costumes, props, makeup and hair to sort now!! Aarrrggghhhhh!! (I must just say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Heather's Mum for coordinating all the costumes - you're a STAR! :))<br><I>Right ... i'm off to fill in all my rocka paperwork that was meant to be in ages ago - sowwi xx</I><br>Can't wait to see everyone at Bradford Day 1!</B> (John, are you and wendy going to be there??) (<I>Ed: yes, ma'am - see you there ... wouldn't dare do otherwise</I> :))<br>Miss W (<B><I>Hanson School</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WHOOOOOO !! A BIG WELL DONE! to Ryde High who won Best Hair and Make-Up and also Best Costume Design over in Dresden, Germany! Wow - can't wait till pompey to see you guys.</B><br> PS just want to say <B><I>hi and thanks to Dani Bish</I></B> for keeping me informed over the past few days! Ta, mate - see you wednesday.<br>Ness (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <i>Just heard from Tim at the Fab Rocka HQ that Wildern School also took part in the Dresden (Germany) Rock Challenge as well as Ryde High, so I've just amended the Tour page to show them.<br>With luck it's possible that I might find the results somewhere on a Dresden web page some day ... if I do, I'll include those there too.<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all (and you John)<br><B>A quick message to say hello and well done to all the schools that have performed and best of luck to those still to perform.<br>Hope all the Bradford chools are ok?! This Winter Superbug thats hit Bradford has affected 85 schools in some way!!!!<br><I>To all my cast and crew...... stay fit and healthy, and keep away from anyone that doesn't look right</I> :)) (Especially you, Natalie -</B> I'd like to see someone else try to do scene 5...... actually that would be quite amusing (you know which part i mean!!!!! :))<br><B>Keep it up, Thornton!</B> Really loving it this year and you guys are making it extra special...... it looks fab!!!!!!! Just remember to keep that energy up and we'll blow everyone away....... You are all stars!!!!!<br><B>Take care, everyone, and stay fit and healthy!!!!!!</B><br>Loads of Love - Danika x x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hi 2 every1 competing in grimsby final on june 3rd....!!!!</B><br>Hi 2 <B><I>vikki, sophie and all the uthas at baysgarth... Happy Easter</I></B><br>Come on, <B><I>matty humbo</I></B>....we can do it!!!!<br>Tom G (<B><I>MHS</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 3rd 2006</b></font> (13 messages)</p> <p><B>Hi guys!<br>Only 90 minutes ago <a href="http://www.kulturpalast-dresden.de/index.php?id=7&L=1" target="win2">rocka in dresden</a> was going on. It was such an amazing experience. I enjoyed it the whole time.<br>Wish you all good luck for your next performance!</B><br>Maria Caroline<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey All!<br><B>Hanson Rockas- sorry</B> for not being on time for rehearsal today. And even more :-( ... unfortunately <B>i won't be able to make the rehearsal tomorrow - Biology! (Says it all, really!) Arrrggghh!</B> Oh well ... today (when I eventually got there :) was Fab!<br><B>Hope everyone is doing good! Hope you're all ready to Rock! Good Luck!:-))</B><br>Anyhow, best be off! <B><I>Psychology coursework</I></B> needs to be in tomorrow!<br>Love - Stace xx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xx<br>PS Hey John! :-D<br>(<I>Ed: "Hey!" to you too, Stacey ... hope the coursework got finished before 1am ... 2am ... ?</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Come on Milton Cross!!!!!</I><br>Big thx 2 every1 that's helped out... mrs rose, mr grey, mr spicer, mrs evans nd loads ov ovas; not 4gettin cast nd bk stage crew!!:D<br>REMEMBER CHARACTER</B>, u <B>NO</B> smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or w.e ur character's mood is in he he)<br>Come on - we av a gr8 performance ... just need 2 put it all 2gether if u get me lol<br>[x]liz[x]<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone<br><B>Can't wait until grimsby on the 3rd of june ! Loving it this year<br>Hope you're all working hard and as a team all the time.<br>Rock Challenge gets more exciting every year - GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE !!!!<br>GOOD LUCK TO MARVELL FOR THE 2ND OF JUNE - HOPE YOU GET A PLACE !!!!</B><br>COME ON YOU <B><I>ARCHIE</I></B> XXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> GO <B><I>MILTON CROSS</I></B> - GONNA WIN THIS YEAR<br>Dan<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Come on, M.X! 2nd last year - 1st this year ... ya never know...</I></B><br>Woooo ... come on ... mk us proud!!!<br>Keep going, every1... remember, if u didn't wana do this in the first place, y r u still in it eh?<br><B>Nxt rehearsal, every1, just give it ur all ! I ain't got a big part but i still give it my all ...<br>WOOOO !<br>AND REMEMBER - SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyy ! Vicki *M* here from ASHFIELD!!!<br><B>Woooooooo - can't wait til tomoro to do our showcase ! It will be brilliant - so excited!!<br>I'm heading out now to watch the jr rock challenge 4 the primary schools! Good luck to all of them, n good luck to the schools performin on our night tomoro! Can't wait to "mingle" in the crowd hehe!</B><br>Hope uze all enjoy r performance tomoro as we have worked really hard on it (like every other school - wooo !)<br><B>Seeeeeeeee youz tomorrrow!! (Didn't think i'd get to say that 4 a long while but this year has flown in!!)</B><br>Vicki *M* (<B><I>ashfieldddddd</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Let's go, ashfield</I></B><br><b>Tomorrow - yeoooooooooooooooooo !</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>GO ON MARVELL!</I></B><br>Well done in hull! It was ace - <B>3rd yr runnin now !<br>Grimsby 'ere we come - can't wait!<br>Gd luck 2 all da other schools!</B><br>Luv - pittock, scab n harrison!<br>x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>MARVELL</I></B> TO WIN!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Go on, <B><I>marvell</I></B>! You can light up the stage just lyk u did in hull!<br><B><I>Gd luck at grimsby!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyy !<br>We are sat in music! 'Tis lunchtime!!! Stace is orderin peeps abou (sendin em 2 venders :p!!!) while cravin Milky Ways lmao!!! (She was also writin a message bu managed 2 crash the computer :S:S:S:S!!!)<br><B>Oooo ... rehearsal 2nite!!! We r lookin 4ward 2 it - THE ROCKA FEELIN'S COMIN BAK :D:D:D:D!!!!</B><br>Ah ... stace ain't gt er milky way :S!!! She got mars bar instead !!!<br>Well, betta get sum wrk dun!!!<br>Lv - Emma and Stacey xxxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B>Good luck to Ryde High, who are in Dresden (Germany) today! Hope you guys are having a fab time.</B><br>Vanessa (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 2nd 2006</b></font></p> <p><i><a href="2006east.htm">The Eastbourne pics are now here - click to view</a><br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya all!<br>This is a shout for mx!!<br>It's tuff this year but we're goin pretty strong...<br><B>Mrs Rose- you r doing us proud, as are all the mx teachers that are behind us! We luv u all!!</B><br>Lots of love - Amy, Cait, and Liz (<B><I>Miltoncross</I></B>) xoxmwahxox<br><br>++++++++++++<br> How very dare u !! Tara stealing our idea ! :O (We rootin 4 da same team)<br>Wooo ... go <B><I>MX</I></B> - we luv u xxxx<br>We gonna win! We nmbr 1 !!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Apr 1st 2006</b></font> (17 messages)</p> <p><B><I>To all the ASHFIELD performers - we've all done our bit, now you get out there on Tuesday and dance your socks off !</I><br>Good luck to all the schools taking part in Belfast (juniors and seniors)<br>Hope you all have a brill day and make lots of new friends!!!</B><br>Joan<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>GOOOOOOO DUNCAN</B> <I>("Billy Elliot" from Peterhead's "Maid in Scotland" performance)</I><br><B>He was the one that did the sword dance on tonight's "Strictly Dance Fever" and he is through to the final 100</B><br>Vanessa Geib (<B><I>Liaison Teacher</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Wooo! Big shoutout to mx<br>Got great competition this year. We can get 1st place and you all know that all we need to keep in mind is SMIIIILE<br><B>Big thank-you to Mrs Rose, Mr Gray, Mr Spicer, Miss Evans and all the backstage crew. (Great costumes today, every1 - we looked great :)</B><br>Tara (Y9 <B><I>Miltoncross</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Wooooooooooooo go <B><I>mx</I></B>! We came 2nd last year ... let's go for 1st this time, eh ?!!!<br><B>Miss Rose ur a star nd every1 in it is too!! Luvs ya xx<br>Mr Gray-</B> thnx 4 helpin out! Stage crew, record time !<br><B>Go georgia</B> wit da camera<br><B>Jordana</B> get out,lmao..... and <B>Miss Evans</B> ... and basically <B>every1</B> ... but we will b ere 4 ages if we write every1! :))<br><B>Mr Spicer</B>! We's practically family lmao (4rom cait):P<br><B>Stay in character nd remember ... SMILE SMILE SMILE :) :) :)</B><br>Luv - lizzie & Cindzy (<I>Ed: and Cait ?</I>) XoXoXoXoXo<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Ahhhh ... finally!!!! The crawley pics are here!!!!!!</B> Been waitin ages lol but just 1 question.....why the worst pic of our school ever??? (<I>Ed: I'd not much to choose from, Ellen ...</I> :) Bless us with our lovely hair nd make up! (Which we <B><I>did</I></B> win an award for, i might add! :))<br><B>Anywayyyy ... what's happened to rehearsals??</B> We've got like 2 left, and then it's may 9th lol ... apparently we don't need no sunday rehearsals ... they're jus gno make the ones that we're doing anyway longer ... grrr lol<br><B>Thanks for gettin 'em here at last anyways....</B> (<I>Ed: passing your thanks on to Nick as I write this</I> :))<br>Love - Ellen (<B><I>the boundstone girl</I></B>!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys<br><B>OMG - i'm sittin in heathrow airport right now, gettin ready to go to hong kong. So excited. It will be ace.</B> (I'll be well tanned for rock challenge on 21st.)<br><B>Gud luck to all belfast schools, especially ballee.. wave the ballymena flag lol<br>Cn't wait now till 21st. Will be ace</B><br>Let's go, <B><I>cockermouth</I></B> !<br>Wahey !<br>Hong Kong baby ...<br>Sam xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I><B>Miltoncross</B> Are Back, And Ready For Action. Watch Out Rock Challengers!</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya ! It's Kelsey frm <B><I>Ashfield</I><br>Just 3 dayz left until we perform in da Waterfront.<br>Can't wait until Grimsby - it's gonna be brill. Good luck to all the skools.</B><br>Love yaz - Kelsey (<B><I>performer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone.<br>Just want to say <B>good luck to everyone in this year's Rock Challenge.<br>I also want to say a big thanks to Mrs Rose, Mr Gray, Mrs Evans, Mr Spicer, Miss Mac and anyone else I've forgotten.</B><br>Charlotte [Yr8 <B><I>Miltoncross</I></B>]<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Good luck 2 every 1 doin rock challenge at <B><I>milton cross</I></B>!! Not long 2 go now, n we've been practising 4 sooooo long, hopefully it is all looking ok.<br><B><I>The dress rehearsal 2day was funny</I></B>, especially u n your weird TIGHTS, lou haha. Me n lou (we missed ya 2day, jess!) hav 2 say it was better than we expected 4 a first time in costume.<br><B>We know everyone else has said this but thank you soooo much 2 all the teachers that are puttin all their time n effort into making our rock challenge the best, especialy Mrs Rose who has been a star!<br>We are all really excited n can't wait until the big day :)</B><br>Luv ... *holly*-*jess*-*and*-*lou* x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Hiyaaa all you lil rockers!! It's some of the gurlies frm Ashfield Girls.</I><br>We r all so excited for the 3 days at the waterfront (Aaah!!) and are also lookin 4ward 2 Grimsby!!!!!</B><br>Good luck 2 all the schools competin at the waterfront, and in grimsby may the best team win :P<br><B><I>Thnx 2 all r supporters of r team and all hu help out - we couldn't hav done this without uze !!</I></B><br>Let's Go, Ashfield let's go!!! Let's shine r winning title agen on everyone<br>Love yas - Lizi, Kerry, Lori-anne, Leah, Nadz n Vicki n all the others xxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMG ... go mx ...</I></B> this yr every1 needs to go out there, give it ur best, b happy and keep smilin. Live it up frm last tym and do so much beta and hopefully get wat we want - 1st place.<br><B>Big shout out to every1 helpin out and huge shout out to mr gray and mrs rose<br>Rock Challenge is great and gd luck to every1 that is competing this yr</B><br>Miltoncross r bk and hopefully we will win this time as we came 2nd the first yr we did it<br>Michaela x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all!!!<br><B>Rock Challenge is gonna b bril this year.<br>Thank u to miss rose, mr gray, mr spicer, miss evans nd all the backstage crew for ur work!!!<br>Gd luck hilss n all, i know u'll b ledge!!</B><br>GO <B><I>MX</I></B>!!!!<br>Jesse B<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Wooooo - go <B><I>milton cross</I></B>!!!!<br><B>Big thx 2 every1 that's helped out and who's in it</B>...<br>Cait x-x-x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> 24 DAYS 2 GO!!!!! Come on, <B><I>milton cross</I></B>, we can do this... <B>and remember - character</B>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Liz xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey every1!<br><B><a href="http://www.waterfront.co.uk/" target="win2">Waterfront</a> on tues - cn't wait!</B> Our skul (<B><I>ASHFIELD GIRLS'</I></B>) will be rocking the show jus like they do every year. Come on ashfield - we can do it. Let's go, ashfield, let's go - yoooooo<br><B>Good luck to every1</B><br>Luv yaz xxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Wow ... what a beginning to the week at the Waterfront ... <B>Junior Rock Challenge on Monday, "Senior" Rock Challenge on Tuesday, Katie Melua in Concert on Wednesday</B> ... can't be bad !!<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><a href="uk200603.htm"><strong>Mar 2006</strong></a> - <a href="uk200602.htm"><strong>Feb 2006</strong></a> - <a href="uk200601.htm"><strong>Jan 2006</strong></a> - <a href="uk2005.zip"><strong>Messages from 2005 (zipped)</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes04.zip"><strong>2004 Messages (zipped)</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes03.zip"><strong>2003 Messages (zipped)</strong></a> - <a href="uk111202.htm"><strong>Nov/Dec 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk071002.htm"><strong>Jul/Oct 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk050602.htm"><strong>May/Jun 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk030402.htm"><strong>Mar/Apr 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk010202.htm"><strong>Jan/Feb 2002</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes01.htm"><strong>Messages from 2001</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes00.htm"><strong>Messages from 2000</strong></a></p> <p align="CENTER"> <b>PRESENTED IN 2006 BY THE BE YOUR BEST FOUNDATION</b></p> <p align="LEFT"> <em><a href="#top"><b>Top</b></a></em></font></font></p> </td> <td width="12%" bgcolor="#99FF99" valign="top"> <FONT SIZE="2"><FONT FACE="Verdana,Arial,Times,New,I2"><FONT COLOR="#000000"> <p align="center">SUPPORT US!<br><a href="http://www.givenow.org/charityprofile/bybf"><img width="111" height="27" border="0" alt="Support UK ROCK CHALLENGE<SUP>&reg;</SUP> through the Be Your Best Foundation" title="Has being in Rocka helped YOUR young family? 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