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(Spesh stace lolol!!!)<br><B><I>Massive spesh fanks 2 heva, pam, n stace, as well as leanne, danny, liam, laura, stu, denise, n alice</I> :D:D:D!!!</B> It wa well funky :D:D:D:D!!! I ain't gonna 4get tha 4 a wile!!!<br>OMG THA CAKE!!! NOW THA WA EMBARRASSIN LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Y the chair???:S:S:S!!! :))<br>Neways, i had a really really ace time!!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!<br>I had a really gurd day 2 day :D:D:D!!! <B>Rocka rehearsals</B> went funky afta skool!!! First kinda run-fru wiv evry1!!! Some gaps tho bu we slowly gettin ther!!! :D:D:D!!! <B>And as stace sed as we wa RUNNIN home "the rocka feelin is comin bak:D:D:D"<br>Stace -</B> errr yea! I changed my mind! I've decided 2 per4m on the 3rd like the rest of hanson!!! :p It mite b the best fing lolol<br><B>WELL DUN 2 EVRY1 WHO PER4RMD AT HAYCLIFFE DANCE NITE ON WED!!!!!!!!!! IT TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!!<br>WELL, the rocka feelin IS back!!!! I ope we get ready in time 4 the BIG DAY!!!:D:D:D:D!!!!! Gud luk 2 evry1!!!</B><br>I fink i mite end my essay ther!! :s 'Tis a bit long :s.....<br>Lv - Emma xxxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Reeyyyy, 25 Days!! Can't Wait. .<br>C Y'all (MX) Tomorrow For Tha Costume Rehearsal Etc. Gonna Be Quality. .</B><br>BIG SHOUT TO <B><I>MX</I></B>! Well Done For All Ya Hard Work. . x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Evening All! Just got in and thought i'd post a message and catch up on the latest goings-on on the Rocka site today!<br><B>Hope everyone is doing well, and are well on the way to perfecting their Rocka pieces, unless they've already performed - in which case "Well Done!"<br>We had a fab rehearsal today. Everything is looking good! Can't wait until the day! Only 5 weeks to go.....and counting! Hehe :-D<br>Emma -</B> SUPRISE Hehe! Hope you had a fandabidozi time! :-) Ano we all did! Can't wait to see the pics!<br><B>Heva -</B> Well done for organising a gr8 night! Staceyism's board definitely needs to be updated after 2nite!<br>Anyhow best go! <B><I>See all Hanson Rockas on Monday!</I></B><br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Go on Miltoncross!!!!</I></B> Good Luck and <B>make the old team proud!</B><br>Scott<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B>Any news on the theme for the day at the final ?</B> (It was wacky trousers the other year :)<br><B>I can't wait!!!!!! Good luck to all the schools still to compete</B><br>Love - Darryl (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: question passed straight on to Dave, Darryl ... I'll post the answer here and also through the newslettery email</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Heyyy Miltoncross fans !!</I></B> :)<br>Hope we win this year ! Up against a tough Competition but we have a good dance and <B>excellent teachers : Miss Rose and Mr Gray</B>. GO MX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B>Only 25 Days to go - Yay!!!! :)</B><br>Luffs you all - Chloe. A. [<B><I>Yr 9</I></B>]<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Just heard from the Fab Mitch at UK Rocka HQ - <B>Regent House</B> have pulled out of the Belfast event<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Can't Wait For Rock Challenge 2006! Gonna Be Total Offit!<br><I>Big Thankz To Everyone Who's Helped All The Miltoncross Rock Challenge Cast - Mrs Rose, Mr Spicer, Mr Gray, Mrs Evans, Backstage Crew + Everyone Else Who I've Forgotten<br>Good Luck, Miltoncross - Can't Wait For The Big Day!</I> ;]</B><br>Tanya [Y9] x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Gd luck to every1 entering rock challenge dis yr nd a big shoutout to every1 from MX (miltoncross) dat's doin it.</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thx 2 every1 that's helped out wiv rock challenge</B><br>Should b a tuff (nd gd) competition ths year though... cn't wait<br><B><I>Big thanx 2 every1 helpin out with it</I></B><br>WOOO - GO M.X :D<br>-x-l*i*z-*-<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>We had to perform our dance SIX times in assemblies today ... soooo embarrassin :)</B><br>Come on may 9th! We won't win, but there's no harm in wishin<br><B>Thx everyone for today - you were great</B><br>Ellen x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Yay! Finally our Rock Challenge photos are on the website!<br>Emma from BOUNDSTONE here, after just performing our winning dance to every year in our school. Altogether we performed it six times... but who cares when you're doing something you love, eh? ;D<br>I don't think I can wait until May...</B><br>Emma<br><br>++++++++++++<br> We got a good chance, MX. I fink our dance looks pretty good, but we won't know what we are up against until the day, so come on guys, WE CAN WIN!<br><B>Thank You Mrs Rose, Mr Gray, Mr Spicer, Miss Evans for the set, STAGE CREW! and all the cast!</B><br>James D (<B><I>Miltoncross</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Received the Eastbourne results from the Fab Natalie at the BYBF half-an-hour or so ago ... <a href="cal2006.htm#east">they're now on the Tour page</a><br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>5 weeks yesterday til bradford day two</B><br>Five weeks sounds like such a long time but it's honestly not at all ... we've got so much to do, and we've also got a fashion show on next week which we could do without.<br><B>Good luck BELFASTIANS for next week - i'm sure you'll all rock !</B><br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: hope the fashion show goes well, Jonny - sure it will</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Alrightee All<br><B>Good Luck to everyone that enters Rock Challenge 2006! Gonna be a tough one this year.</B><br>Just a lil shoutout to <B><I>Miltoncross (MX) GOOD LUCK!</I></B> x<br>Also <B>thanks to Mr Gray, Mrs Rose, Mr Spicer Etc.</B><br>Lewis<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>To anybody from Harmony Primary or Cliftonvile Primary Belfast- HAVE FUN ON MONDAY !<br><I>We're getting dressed for our dress rehearsal right now. The scenery is cool and we're all excited ... here we go ... !!</I><br>See you all at the Waterfront !</B><br>Christopher & Georgia (Knocknagoney PS)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Our dress rehearsal is getting started<br>We're all in our costumes<br>There's no time to write any more ....<br>Monday at the Waterfront hall - Here we come</I></B><br>Johnny N (<B><I>the RINGMASTER</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>We are going to do a dress rehearsal in about half an hour in our school<br>We're sooooooo excited<br>Good luck to everyone on Monday at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast</B><br>Amber and Georgia (<B><I>Knocknagoney Primary</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B>I love rock challenge</B><br>Patrick T (Yr 7 <B><I>driffield school</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxxx<br>(<I>Ed: so do I, Patrick</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Mr Ranner from ATS rules ok!!!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi<br>This is the guy that was in the red t-shirt (<I>Ed: oh ... that one ...</I> :)))<br>The girl i met from <B><I>driffield school</I></B> ... i'm sorry, i met two, and the one that's written on here i can't remember her name ... please let me know<br>Love - red t-shirt boy :))<br>x x x x x xx x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Everyone!!<br><B><I>All the best of luck to my old school ASHFIELD who are performing in the Waterfront Hall and Grimsby this year.</I></B><br>I will be out on Tuesday night to watch you in the Waterfont and i know you are going to rock the place like you always do.<br>Watch out, everyone, as ASHFIELD are going to Grimsby to keep their title and that trophy!!!<br>LET'S GO ASHFIELD, LET'S GO!!!<br>Love from Ex ASHFIELD ROCKER Justine Bell<br>Miss yaz all xoxo<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Tazmin from marvel-</B> thanks for that, huni. Ur a reli nice girl<br><B>I wish u and all the rest of andrew marvell gud luck for the final. U'll be ace, i'm sure - hope you come home with the title</B>. (Let's hope i spot u this time, tazmin :))<br><B><I>To archie (my former school) - ur ace and i can't wait to see you all at the final. Hope you've still been working hard and listening to mrs b and the rest of the staff - they do know what they are on about, honestly !</I></B> We're gonna light up that stage just like we did at hull!<br>Who knows ... this could be our year ... i hope so. I'll be there cheering you on.<br><B>See you all at grimsby.</B><br>James/jimbob (<B><I>x-archie</I></B>) xxxxxxxx<br>ps see you soon, tazmin darl<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woooh ! I'm soo excited bout the finals!!!!! Can't wait!!!</B><br>Luv - Fay XxxX (<B><I>Cowes High</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 30th 2006</b></font> (12 messages)</p> <p><I>SHOUT OUT 4 <B>MILTONCROSS</B> - WOOOO</I><br><B>Heyyyy everybody - gd luck 2 every1 that enters!!!! Gonna b a tuff competition this year!!!!<br>A big thnx 2 Mr Grey, Mrs Rose, Mrs Evans ... ermm ... cn't remember every1 ... and ov course the backstage crew :D! (sorry if i 4got ny1! :) 4 all ov ur help and suport coz u dn't av 2 put up wiv all ov us</B> ...hehe..<br>Liz *-*x*-*x*-*x-*<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Hey 2 every1 in Miltoncross (MX) School</I></B><br>Gd luck, guyz, we can do it<br><B>Thank-you thank-you thank-you to Mrs Rose, Mrs MacEwan-King, Mr Spicer, Mr Grey and all the other fabulous people hu are helping!!! xx</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heylo everyone<br>I'm Vic from Bournemouth <B><I>OAKMEAD</I></B> yeay!! (Otherwise known as the loudmouth along with lauren!!)<br><B>Bournemouth was a crease. </B>I must have annoyed every1 being so hypo though haha!!<br>I was gutted the lights didn't come on for 80secs ... came off the stage crying my eyes out, especially as <B>i've done it for 4 years now and it was and most likely will be my last as i'm going to study law. :(<br>It sux ... I LOVE ROCK CHALLENGE -Yay !</B><br>Vic xxxxxxxxx<br>WHO'S IN THE HOUSE???? OAKMEAD'S IN THE HOUSE YEAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! hehehehehe xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Big Shout Out To Everyone At Miltoncross School In Portsmouth!</I><br>Can't Wait For The Big Day!<br>Big Thanks To Everyone That Has Helped [Mrs Rose, Mr Gray Etc]</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi<br>I'm looie from <B><I>looe community school - the WINNERS</I></B>!!!!!<br><B>Thank-you for the whole rock challenge experience. It was amazing and so fun, and gave me the chance to meet lots of new people<br>I hope to see all the crew at portsmouth ... if not, then next year<br>Wwwwwooooohhhhhhhooooooooo !!</B><br>Luv ya always - looie x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HAYA!!!!<br><B>Da rock challenge was mad! It was our first time n we are definitely coming back 4 more!!!</B> (We also won which quite obviously made us even more enthusiastic, though our dance was great!!!!)<br>So to all those in da final - bring it!<br>Pertricia (<B><I>Looe</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Good Afternoon....! :))<br>Just thought i'd pop on a quick message, don't seem to have posted for ages!<br><B>Hanson Rehearsals tomorrow! Dinner and After School! Can't wait to see it all come together! It's going to be 'Prettyful' :-D<br>Hope everyone else is having fun, and enjoying the whole Rocka Experience! Good Luck to all!</B><br>Right..I best be off!<br>Love - Stace xxx (Hanson) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya, every1 from the rock challenge - it's jodie from <B><I>looe community school</I><br>U all did brilliant, all of the schools!</B><br>I LOVE U LOADZ, <B><I>RUDY D FROM TAMARSIDE</I></B> - MISS YA, BABEZ! (The boys was fit as!!!)<br>Oh yeah ... tamarside ... as we wuld say "We're da bst we know it shake our booties nd show it!" lol<br><B>Anyways, well done to every1 - u was fab!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey hey ... we want to say <B><I>congratulatins to all the schools who took part in the bournemouth rock challenge</I></B><br>You're all winners ( but not quite as big winners as us ) ... good luck and see you next year<br><B><I>Looe</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Anyone seriously involved with stage lighting might want to experiment with a lighting calculator (freeware) I've just discovered ... details are on the "Tech Help" page but <a href="http://www.paul-pelletier.com/LDCalculator/LDCalculatorPage.htm" target="win2">you can go direct to the download website from here</a><br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to everyone at the Waterfront in a few days!!!!!!<br>I'll be there!!!! Gonna b gr8!!!</B><br>Davy (<B><I>Rocka Volunteer - Peterhead</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey rockin rockas! How's it all goin? Hope all goin well.<br><B><I>Big shout to john smeaton community high school in leeds!! Wooooo! Come on, guys - ur lookin mint!<br>Big shout to jo po, meeee, jules, and mrs warnes n mrs ellis and how can we forget the crackin john smeaton 2006 global rock challenge dancers!!!</I><br>Good luck to all in Bradford on 3rd may! Lookin forward to seein all the schools!!!</B><br>Adam (<B><I>ex dancer n student from john smeaton n now choroegrapher</I></B>) Woooooooooooo!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiyaaa Everyonee who competed at Grimsby...<br><B>It woz such a great day and i'm happy for ya, Longcroft - Ya Rockedd ")<br>Loved Lindsey as wellll ")<br>Thanks for makin my first year of Rock Challenge one of the best experiences ever ")</B><br>HEY MATTHEW WE'RE LOOKING GOOOD TODAY WELL <B><I>THE MATTHEW CREW</I></B> LOOK GOOD EVERYDAY .. WOTZ UP WOTZ UP O O ! lol "P lol<br>Love - Tom P xx-xx (<B><I>Matty</I></B>) xx-xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>The long-awaited <B>Crawley photos</B> finally arrived yesterday, and the <B>mini-pics</B> are now on the website ... <a href="2006craw.htm">find them here</a><br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 29th 2006</b></font> (12 messages)</p> <p>Hiya!<br><B>Jst done a show at haycliff school - wel done every1!! We r all gonna come c ya on the second day coz we on 1st!!</B><br>It's comin on wel, every1<br><B><I>Good luck, every1 - c ya at bradford n grimsby!!!</I></B><br>Love - laura c (<B><I>thornton</I></B>) xx xx xx xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Heya every1 frm hull. Ya all did ace</B><br>I reli wanted <B><I>malli</I></B> to come 1st ... they wuz tha best 1nz der (except us :P)<br>Well, <B>northern premier finals coming soon n it's gonna b ace ... gd luck to every1</B><br>Fanx 2 every1 in <B><I>archie</I></B> - ya all did ace<br>x x x xx x Lv - DICKO x x x xx x x xx x x x xx x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi 2 everyone!<br><B>Bournemouth rock challenge was amazing! It woz gr8 fun! Well done to all the schools who took part!<br>A big tnx 2 ms. malcher and 2 all those ppl who helped us - we wouldn't be able 2 do it without u :))</B><br><B><I>Big</I></B> hello 2 everyone frm <B><I>st. peters</I></B> !! Well done 2 everyone, <B><I>especially emilly</I></B>!<br>Angel xxxx (<B><I>st. peters</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br>Rock challenge is not long away ... can't wait to c nick tom n kyle<br><B><I>BAYSGARTH</I></B> ARE GREAT - WE ARE DOING GD :)<br>Lv u all - basy u rock!<br>Lv - sophie a.k.a soph lol<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hiya to all the peeps that took part in Rock Challenge in the Hull Ice Arena on 22nd March!!!<br><I>Well done to everybody in Southy - we all did ace!!! I can't believe we won on our first time!!</I></B> (<I>Ed: and just look at the Bournemouth results too</I> ... :))<br><B>Well done 2 all the other skools hu took part - u all looked gr8!</B><br>(EASY!!! EASY!!!) (HU R YA?!?!?!)<br>Bye bye ... luv - Danielle (<B><I>Southy</I></B>) xxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!! Vicki *M* here from ashfield!! Not left a message in a while! How ya been?<br><B>Sooo excited - 6 days until waterfront! Wil be brilliant - really lookin 4ward 2 it n to see the *cool* people me n chelsea met last year from Ulidia... youz know who uze are ... were comin for youz this year haha!<br><I>Big thanks to all the helpers to our team!! The set looks as amazin as ever!! Everything's just brilliant this year!</I><br>Good luck to the schools competing at waterfront!!</B><br>Lv - vicki *M* xxxxxxx *<B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>*<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! My name's Emma and I go to <B><I>Oakmead College Of Technology</I></B> at the moment, but will soon be leaving as i am in year 11 :(<br>I am really gonna miss Rock Challenge and was wondering how another school can enter. Me and a few friends are going to try and convince Bournemouth School For Girls to enter although they don't do GCSE dance. We enjoy Rock Challenge sooo much and would love to get as many schools as possible to join in the great experiance.<br>Please could you give me some details on how BSG could enter or if they could team up with another school such as Oakmead College Of Technology and enter as a duo.<br>Thanks, Rock Challenge! You're AMAZIN!<br>Emma (Oakmead College Of Technology) x.x.x.x.x.x<br><I>Passed your message straight on to Zoie and Tim at the UK Rock Challenge HQ, Emma<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya<br><B>Well done 2 all tha skools tht competed and 2 marvell 4 winnin</B><br><I><B>Malet</B> shud av been placed</I>.<br><B>We ad a gr8 tym and cn't w8 till Grimsby !!! </B>Come on, archie ... hopefully we ll win.<br><B>Fnx to the teachers hu helped us</B>.<br>Love - Sarah n Mia xXx (<B><I>archie</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Leon Cook Rocks, OK!!!!!!<br>(<I>Ed: OK ...</I>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi to all the pupils and teachers in <B><I>Harmony Primary</I></B>, and <B>thanks for your Good Luck Card.<br>We have sent you one too - hope you get it soon !<br>See you at the Waterfront</B><br>Amber (P7)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone<br><B>Wow ... how amazing was the Bournemouth rock challenge?<br>Well done to every1 but especially Looe, St Peters and St Eddies (we were sooo good!)</B><br>All of st eddies were <B><I>soo</I></B> excited and <B><I>so proud we came 3rd ... wahey!!!</I><br>Thanx to all the sixth-formers 4 taking time to do the dances n stuff! N miss sinnott!</B> YEH, EVERY1 - SOME OF OUR TREES R FIT!!! :))<br>Yaz xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey, everyone who competed at the bournemouth pavilion on the 24th of march! <B>Everyone looked amazing!<br>Well done, Looe, who came first (you looked great) and also to St Peters who came 2nd!! Wel done...<br><I>Wahey.. third place for st eddies...!</I></B> (N yeah - our trees were fit )<br><B>Lookin forward to next year.. Love ya all!</B><br>Lucy x x x x <B><I>st eddies</I></B> x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>The Fab Natalie from the BYBF office emailed me the Bournemouth results sheet a short while ago - <a href="cal2006.htm#bour">they are now up on the 2006 tour page</a>.<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Nick's CD of Bournemouth pics plopped through the letterbox at 11am ... <a href="2006born.htm">pop here to see the selection now</a> :)<br>John (Editor) in sunny Yorkshire<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 28th 2006</b></font> (10 messages)</p> <p>Just wanna say "<B><I>Good Luck to my old school ASHFIELD</I></B>" - hope youz have a brilliant time at the Waterfront Hall and Grimsby.<br>Watch out, everyone, cause ** Ashfield ** are coming and if they are anything like the previous years, (which i'm sure they are) then they're gonna blow your socks off!!<br>Love from Sarah Williamson<br><B>PS Hello to all my chums - miss yaz all xoxo</B></I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello all... bit l8 now ...<br><B>Been nearly a week nd i'm missin rock challenge already.<br>Bournemouth rock challenge was the best year yet!!!</B><br>It's a shame our lighting mucked up in our opening section...<br><B>I think a big well done is needed to go to looe as it was their first year @ bournemouth...<br><I>Oakmead</I></B> didn't come a rankin place. :'( but were still strong lol... we <B><I>watched the dvd today @ lunch time</I></B>.. what a crease that was...<br><B>Well done to lytchett- you looked professional.. and the drama in it was amazin...<br>St edwards just had me sat there boogyin the whole way through</B> lol... A lot of schools used our old music from old rocka soundtracks but hey, i think the music is running out now... being as most of our schools have been doing rock challenge for 10 years now:O<br><B>Hope to see everyone next year..</B> Didn't really get to know anyone this year but if anyone wants to chat nd become m8s before next year.. i'm up for that... let me know and drop me a message on here;)<br><B>Well Done To All The Bournemouth Schools... nd i hope lytchett and looe do really well in the finals nd premierships</B>...<br>Geoff From <B><I>Oakmead</I></B>..<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wel done everyone from the bournemouth rock challenge, especially looe, st peters and st edwards<br><I>(OMG the lads from st edwards were sooooo fit - i am loving the topless look, guys)</I><br>Hope to see everyone again next year</B><br>Luv - chloe x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya everyone<br><B>Well done ! Every performance was fab at hull ice arena.<br><I>Thanks to haley and everyone at archie [caraline, art department, laura, jan, mrs oneill]</I><br>Well dn marvel for winning ! You were fab. You supported us as well, as well as all the other schools. Hope you do ok at the finals.</B><br>Anyhow, come on you <B><I>archie</I></B>!!!!!!!! Stay confident, keep smiling, and show everyone what we're made of ! Let's go to grimsby and show them the best!!!!!!!!<br>Love you all - rose xxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done to Winifred Holtby! U gave a really good performance and as an ex Winifred Holtby pupil (4 those who remember Les Mis, i was Cosette!!) I felt proud to be from Winifred!</I><br>Also Malet were fantastic, n u should have got placed!<br><I>Well done to everyone at Archie! U were amazing, and if u perform at Grimsby like u did at Hull I think Archie may be coming away with the Rock Challenge title!!!!</I><br>Good Luck to all the Schools in the finals<br>I'm proud to be from Hull!!!</B><br>Becky Warcup (Matt Anderson's Girlfriend)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Just got back from <B><I>PE Practical Badminton Exam - thrashed the lads!!</I></B> Yey - go meee!!<br>Sarah's bin <B><I>truggin away on the treadmill</I></B> - she's shattered. <B>Orienteering yesterday was rele fun, rele muddy - just how we like it 8-)<br><I>Can't wait for rock challenge now! Thornton r gonna rock!! Bradford 1 month on monday!! Woohooo !!</I><br>Hope hanson r back at skool now ? We totally know wat youz are goin thru with all the work nd deadlines!! (Soon be over!!)</B><br>Lunchhhhh!! Hehe :)<br>Love - Bekky (Beatrice) and Sarah (Gertrude) (<B><I>THORNTON</I></B>) xxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone<br><B>Rock Challenge was amazing this year. I just wanted to congratulate all the schools in bournemouth rock challenge you all did amazing.<br>Well done to Looe, and St Peters.<br><I>As for St Eddies, we just rock. I think a big thanks needs to go to the sixth-formers as well at st eddies: Tom, Abbi, Emily, Hannah, Kat, and Megan. We wouldn't av been able to do it without you.</I><br>As a sixth-former myself i can say i really will miss not being able to do rock challenge next year.</B><br>(Oh, and the <B><I>munchkins and monkeys</I></B> just looked great.)<br>Well done everyone - Vanessa (<B><I>St Eddies</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to all the schools who took part on friday in bournemouth - you were all amazing !<br>Specially st.eds, st. petes and Oakmead - you ROCKED!!!<br>WE LOVE ANDYYYYYYYYY FROM THE ROCKIE CREW! WAHOOHOOO !</B><br>Love - AJ, Becks and Milly (<B><I>QE</I></B>) X X X X X X<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!<br><B><a href="http://www.kulturpalast-dresden.de/index.php?id=7&L=1" target="win2">Only 3 days till we go to dresden</a>.</B><br>The dance looks amazing - keep up the hard work!!!!!<br>Good Luck!!!<br>Amy (<B><I>RHS Stage Crew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Oh mi goodness!!! Can't wait til the finals on 9th may... it's gna b AMAZING!! So much to do in so little time tho..<br><I>Come on, u boundstonians... we can do it!!!</I><br>Gd luck to everyone who is still yet to compete... =D=D</B><br>Jess (<B><I>boundstone</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 27th 2006</b></font> (20 messages)</p> <p>Hiya!<br><B>Well done 2 evri1 hu woz in rock challenge in hull ice arena - u were all great !<br>Malet did deserve a place, but wel done marvell - ur performance wz gr8 too.</B><br>Ther wz sum <B><I>propa fit stage crew lads</I></B> ... dunno wt skool u wz from but u woz nr us (archie) b4 we went on :)<br>Cn't w8 till grimsby ... just know we'r gna win !<br>Lv - Mia (<B><I>Archie</I></B>) xoxo<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>C'mon archie!!!!!<br>You were great!</I></B> I was looking forward to your performance and you didn't let me down.<br><B>Well done to hayley</B> - how you do it i don't know. You're getting better and better each year. How do you dance like that!?????<br>GOOD LUCK at the finals ! I'll be cheering you on in my archie tshirt!<br>Love - Kate E. (<B><I>the one with two left feet 2002!</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thank-you so much to Kelly Y from Royal Manor for her comment about our rock challenge b! It's really good that we make people cry!!!! Helps people realise that our theme is real and is happening to children all over the world!!!<br>Thanx to the rock challene crew for making our day on friday sooo amazing and we hope to see them all again on the 11th may - thank you again ... the show was amazing!!!!<br>Well done to all the other schools - they were all fab!!!!!</B><br>Luv - Kellie B (<B><I>Lytchett Minster</I></B>) x-x-x-x-x-x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Y'know, i thought about it, and i'm really not givin much thought to our ab fab backstage crew.</I></B> You guys rock (and jonny and simon, big up the house party nite before rocka.lol. I've grown accustomed 2 ur faces.heehee)<br><B><I>Tonite was awesome, and i know miss havard wants to strangle us, but we love her, the laal maniac.hee.</I></B><br>So glad we finally have it done (at last, and thank-you those hu finally pulled their fingers out)<br><B><I>My only joy now is i'm goin 2 hong kong b4 rocka so i'll be nice and tanned for the role. Aren't i just a peach?</I><br>Remember, guys..... 18th is rehearsal day and then ROCK CHALLENGE - YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !</B><br>C'ya all on friday 21st.<br>Toodles y'all - sam xxx (<B><I>the happy cockermouth camper)</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hiya channy-</B> just showin ya it works hahaha<br>Luv - me<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya everyone<br><B>Well done to everyone who took part on friday at bournemouth pavilion</B>, especially ST EDDIES - we totally rocked, came third and got the community support award<br><B>We'll be back 10 times bigger and better next year so people beware</B><br>Well done <B><I>ST EDDIES</I></B>.<br>Luv - Steph<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Just over 4 weeks to go till portsmouth and there are rehearsals all over easter! (When to eat those eggs??!)<br>Good luck to all the guys 'n gals at sandown high (and sandham middle too)<br>PLEASE GET THOSE CONSENT FORMS IN!!</B><br>Newthy (mister, to you)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helloo from a Sunny West Yorkshire....<B>not</B>! It's raining yet again! :-((<br>Hope everyone is well, unlike me who can hardly talk ... hmph! (Ah well ... it'll be a quiet week at school for everyone. :))<br><B><I>Hope we r back at school tomorrow.... truckloads of work needs to be done and deadlines are fast approaching..aarrrgggghhhh!</I><br>Emma -</B> A few things! Firstly, which school are you actually performing with lol, cos as far as I know Hanson are performing on the 3rd lol! :-D And you seem to be there on the 4th!? *Stacey is confused* (and it doesn't take much!) Hehe! And don't worry,I managed Harrogate,Leeds, and Meadowhall lol! :-))<br>Oh - and to answer your question from another message..today was meant to be whole-cast rehearsal...did you not see the posters?! Lol! Where you been recently lol!<br><B>Looks like everyone is having a fandabidozi time doing Rocka! Can't wait till Bradford!! It's going to be a good one...as always! :-)) Good Luck to everyone waiting to perform and a Huge Well Done to everyone who has done so already! See Bradford Day 1 people on the 3rd! Hehe! (Emma - Hint hint - That's us!)</B><br>Anyhow, i best be off! Work to do...again! :-O<br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiyaz ppl<br><B>Can't wait for grimsbo night.. gonna be great...ROCK ON!!!!!</B><br>ME FELLOW EMOS, cyaz all soon xx<br>David - <B><I>marvel</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello there Hornsea! It's Abigail Whiting, just letting you all know that <B>i finish college this week sooooooooo i will pop in to come n see you al YEY!!</B><br>Also i think i am going to try and help on the day of the final, as i wasn't able to watch you in march - really sowwieee about that (i am sure it was amazing for a change LOL! JOKE!)<br><B>Mrs Hylton</B> i am very excited to come and have a big cuddle - missed you lots! I hope you're all working hard which i am sure is true!<br>Well, Guys and Gals, i will have to go ... i need to toddle off to my singing lesson, I will see everbody soon<br>All my love - Abigail Whitingxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B>Malet-</B> you should av won - your performance was ace.<br><B>If ali and oli from driffield see this message, could you tell us if you are going to the northern final this year, cos we can't wait to see you!</B><br>Luv - channy and becky (<B><I>archie</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Massive well done to kelvin and malet- you did great at hull arena (and you all deserved a better result)<br>See you all next year - cn't wait.</B><br>Colin (<B><I>archie</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey sophie (kelvin)-</B> you are well fit an ope to c u again soon. Sunday was quite a laugh, don't u reckon<br>Text me 2nite<br>Love - colin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Archie</I></B> rule ..............we are ace..<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B><I>Just wanna say hello to the Mortal Crew! Keep up the good work.</I><br>Only 3 weeks to Carlisle. Can't wait.<br>Good luck to all the other schools taking part at Carlisle.</B><br>Luv - lau x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Nice to see <B>Dacorum Borough Council</B> have put <a href="http://www.dacorum.gov.uk/dbcweb/Default.aspx?page=3543" target="win2">a page on their website about the St Albans Rock Challenge</a> - thanks, folks !<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>A week 2morra, people ! Happy days !! Hope everything is going well 4 everyone ... can't wait 2 c you all !!!</B><br>Donna and Rowan (<B><I>ballee high</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Rock Challenge Cru totally rock</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Thr an't been a message from <B><I>hornsea</I></B> for a while soo we thought we'd put one on.<br><I><B>Can't wait till the final</B>, and if hornsea's is az amazin as it was on the 8th march then we are very very strong contenders</I> (and if the judges' comments r enything 2 go by then we should be extremely excited about going to the final in june. Woooooooooooooooo !!)<br>Gotta go now but <B><I>GO HORNSEA - WOOOOOOOOOO</I></B>***********<br>Luv - bekki k. n amy t.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hi to everyone who took part in hull on wednesday. Everyone was great<br>A big well done to south holderness for winning - u deserved it.<br>Hi to kim and friends who i spoke to on the day.<br><I>Well done to driff ... let's hope we can win in the final</I>.</B><br>Lots of luv - leanne x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Who won bournemouth Rocka?</B><br>(<I>Ed: not having yet received the official results printout from the crew, I haven't a clue</I>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 26th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hheeyyyy!!! <B>HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!<br>'Ope evry1 got their mummies summat nice :D:D:D!! I wrk in a shop n tis amazin how many peeps came in this mrnin to buy cards :O:O:O:O!! I wa well shocked peeps had left it so l8!!!<br>Stace -</b> OMG ! How on earth did u manage 2 do <B><I>Harrogate, Leeds and Meadowhall in one day</I></B> ?? :O:O:O!!! (I get tired after doin jus one!!!)<br>Well, i need 2 get bak 2 skool :S!!! Got 2 much cswrk 2 fink abou!!! Am STRESSIN!!!!<br>Neways, <B>well dun 2 all rockas so far!!! :D:D:D!!!</B> Well bbk!!!!!<br>Lv - Emma xxxxx (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br><B>Well done marvel!!!!<br>Sorry to malet - can't believe you didn't get a place<br>I had a great time! Can't wait for grimsby!!!!</B><br>Anyway, <B><I>come on you archie!</I></B> We were ace<br>Love you all - rose xxxxxx <br><br>++++++++++++<br> We're from Portland, mighty mighty Portland, and if you can't hear us, we'll SHOUT A LITTLE LOUDER!!! (One thing tho, we ain't mighty! :)<br><B>HEYA and well done to everyone who was at Bournemouth on the 24th - u all did great!!!<br>Guys from QE and St Edwards - most of u r fit as!!! :P<br>Lytchett - in rehearsals yours made me cry both times!!</B><br>If any of you peeps who were in it are on bebo, check your school forum - i've left a message! ;)<br><B>WELL DONE EVERYONE!</B><br>Loadsa love - Kelly (<B><I>Royal Manor cheerleader!</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done QE 4 friday nite! You did me n all of QE proud!! We were amazing!</I><br>Also well done to Looe, St Peters and St Edwards - you did a great job!</B><br>~*~ElLiE~*~<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Woooooooooooo! Go on, <B>ashfield girls</B></I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 25th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hey there!!<br><B>What a week ... wednesday - Rock Challenge, thursday - Grade 8 singing exam and saturday my birthday, 18! yay!!!</B><br>I'm absolutely exhausted now and really ready for a rest ... holidays soon though!! We're having a few weeks off Rock Challenge so that everyone can have a rest and catch up on all that work that got neglected because of rehearsals!!<br><B><I>I saw the dvd yesterday</I></B> - it looked pretty good ... there are things to work on and changes are going to be made but as a whole i was impressed!!<br>Best go, cos i'm shattered<br><B>Hope everyone's enjoying all the events so far!!</B><br>Love - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br>(<I>Ed: Happy Birthday, Roxanne</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hiya to everyone who was at bournemouth yesterday!<br>It was well good - well done to ya all.<br><I>COME ON ST EDDIES! We were well pleased we got third</I><br>Hope to see ya all next year</B><br>Luv - jess from <B><I>st edwards</I></B> xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.</B> Yes, that's right ... <B>IT'S YOU, EILEEN WATSON !!!!</B><br>Hope you get spoilt rotten on your big day. I must say this - ROCK CHALLENGE is agreeing with you as you don't look a <B><I>day</I></B> over 60!!!!!!<br>Sooooo Happy Birthday to you, from your good friends (oh yes, bet you didn't think you had any :)<br>Love - Cathy and Joan aka Sparkle and Sun.<br>X X X LET'S GO EILEEN LET'S GO X X X<br><B><I>And - by the way - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY as you are THE MOTHER OF ALL MOTHERS FOR ROCK CHALLENGE and all your children love you.</I></B><br>x x x x x x x x x x <br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>WOOOO! WELL DONE QE!!!!!!<br>That was a fab day and we were great!</I>:D<br>I am sooo tired now, it was such a long day ... but it rocked! Can't wait till next year!</B><br>~~Jess~~<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>All you lads from the Rock Challenge are FIT!!</B><br>Well done to <B><I>Tamarside - we wuz class</I></B><br>Luv - Hannah<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya everyone<br><B>I had a fab time at the hull rock challenge!<br>Well done to all that performed! Fantastic year!<br>Marvell-</B> well done to you - well deserved<br><B>Kelvin-</B> well done ... you've improved loads!!<br><B>St Mary's-</B> well done and good effort<br><B><I>MALET LAMBERT</I></B>! Well done, girls and paddy! We <B><I>know</I></B> we deserved a placing, most emailers seem to agree with us, and that's all that matters. (<B><I>Thank-you to everyone from other schools</I></B> that have left messages of support for malet saying we deseved a placing!)<br>BRING ON NEXT YEAR! IT WILL B OUR YEAR, MALLY!<br><B>Thanx again and see yaz next year!</B><br>Luv - beki-anne (<B><I>yr 11 malet lambert</I></B> ... unluki mally! :(<br>xxx xxx xxx xxx<br>ps <B>hi to g-babez from winnie</B> - u wor fab, babez!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HELLO TO ALL AT <B><I>ASHFIELD GIRLS</I></B>.<br>Just would like to say a <B>HUGE</B> Hello to all my friends at Ashfield - some new, some old. I think you have done soooo much for ASHFIELD that you deserve a SPECIAL MENTION. Sooo here we go....<br><ul><li><B>THE ROCK</B> (a dab hand with a paint brush)<li><B>SUN</B> (keeps on shining and the backbone of Ashfield)<li><B>THE PLANK</B> (so good with your hands in many ways)<li><B>READY</B> (rock challenge wouldn't be the same without you. You are our rock)<br><B>AND</B> (a chip off the old rock, sorry block. A real city girl)<br><B>CHOPPER</B> (multi-talented in every way ... our real life model)<li><B>SEW SEW GIRLS</B> (our rockin material girls)</ul><B>These are all individual people giving up a lot of their spare time and pulling together as ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY, each learning along the way and sharing their experiences. THIS IS WHAT ROCK CHALLENGE IS ALL ABOUT. The road may be ROCKy and life may be a CHALLENGE but put the two together and you get an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFE TIME.</B><br>X X X X X X X X X X LOVE - SPARKLE X X X X X X X X X X<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done all st edwards - we were all fab</I><br>I loved the day so much<br>Well done to all the other schools.<br>We were all so happy to get third!<br>Thanks to all the 6th-formers ... you were great at makin our dances ... and Tom and Abbie, u r the best dancers eva! I wish i was you :))</B><br>Jade (<B><I>st edwards</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I had a fab day yesterday and everyone was so nice.</B><br>I come from Q.E and we won performers choice and best sound track.<br><B>Well done to all the other skwls <I>and well done, QE - we ROCKED</I></B><br>Luv - charlotte XxxxxxX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>We're from Portland, mighty mighty Portland, and if you can't hear us, we'll shout a little LOUDER!!!<br>.... except ... we aren't mighty, but all you other schools were! Well done to all of you (especially the one with the topless fit guys! :P )<br>No - seriously - you all did great and i had so much fun. (I think Richard did too, gettin all ya numbers! hehe)<br>I will hopefully be seeing you next year, giving you another chance to kick Royal Manors butt!! :P<br>Well done to all the schools; Lychett, QE, St Edwards (my brothers were watching you! Carl and Reece! Mwah ha ha!) Tamarside, Highcliffe, Kings High, Looe, Oakmead, Sir John Colfox and St Peters! Loved you all! MWAH!</B><br>Luv - Kelly Y (<B><I>Royal Manor</I></B>!)<br>ps <B>Lychett, yours made me cry in rehearsals, BOTH times we watched it! It was excellent!</B> Everyone at Royal Manor was expecting you to win more than you did! But well done everyone in getting what you did!<br>(<I>Ed: can't wait to see Lytchett in the Prem Final after what you've written here, Kelly</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hiya to all the schools at Bournemouth yesterday. Well done 2 Looe, St Peters and St Edwards and thanx 4 voting QE performers' choice<br>Good luck, Lychett and Looe</B><br>Thomas (QE)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done schools at Bournemouth!</B><br>We had a right laugh up there<br><B><I>Those lads (trees) from St.Edwards were HOT! Hehe ... see ya next year if you're there</I></B><br>Love - ruby (<B><I>Tamarside</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br><B>Da lads n girls from St.Edwards wer klass (the boys wer proppa lovely!!!)<br>Can't w8 til nxt year!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi there everyone<br>I have just got back from an <B>amazing</B> week of rock challenge, with 2 days in Hull and 1 in Bournemouth. <B>Thank-you sooo much to all the crew and everything you guys did for me. It was fantastic, and thanks for the experience i had up in Hull :)</B><br>Huge congratulations to John and Wendy Arrowsmith on getting your 10 year awards :)<br><B>Mark-</B> hope your ear gets better soon!<br>See you guys in Portsmouth - Vanessa (<B><I>rockateer</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: thank-you so much for the congrats, Vanessa. We're totally chuffed to bits with the awards ! Smashing to see two schools (Hornsea and Howden) get "ten-years" awards too.<br>It was lovely to see you again ... hope you didn't get toooo frozen in Hull</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Let's Go, Lytchett!<br><B>Rock Challenge was amazing during the day. I had the best time ever.<br>Cn't wait till portsmouth (it's going to be a great day :)<br>Well done to the other schools. Your performances during the day were really good.<br>Mr Smith (my dad)-</B> well done for doing all the set for our performance (he is a great person :)<br><B><I>Portsmouth is the last Rock Challenge for some Yr 12s and Yr13s ... It mite b my last one too ... if it is, i'm gona miss doing it so much. I love doing the rock challenge and meeting new schools and friends</I></B><br>Luv - Jo Smith (ps Let's Go, <B><I>Lytchett</I></B>, for Portsmouth ... go lytchett go lytchett go<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done Tamarside!! We all did klass!!</I><br>Well done to all the other skools too - u was all brill!!</B><br>Lv - Zoe<br><br>++++++++++++<br> This is a bit of a belated message about the <B>excellent</B> performance i saw on the 8th March . . . .Well what can i say ... WOW!!<br><B>Every</B> school was amazing, but a big well done to HORNSEA SCHOOL - you really were fandabedozy. <B><I>I was so gutted not to be in it this year as i am too old :( but i still felt the excitement and felt all sick and dizzy when they said GIVE IT UP FOR HORNSEA SCHOOL</I></B> . . <br>Every aspect of the performance was outstanding and theme, set, choreography, music, costume dancing (i heard the judge compliment on the streching of the hands) and stage crew, and -like you usually do- you made family and friends proud of saying "We're here supporting Hornsea School!"<br><B>It was so good to see the members of the team i made friends with last year and all the new members. I'm gutted i missed the day but not to worry - i will be there for the final in June.</B><br>There's only one thing left to say . . Give It Up For <B><I>Hornsea School</I></B>. . Oh Hornsea We Love You OIOIOI<br>Love - Ex Hornsea member Lauren C XXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Highcliffe- well done yesterday! We wer amazin!</I></B><br>Lov ya - amy xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 24th 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>Well done to all pupils who performed in the Hull event on 21st of March and thanks for your comments about Malet!!!!!!!!!<br><I>You all did me proud, Malet - your performance was excellent.</I></B><br>Love - Miss Huzzard (<B><I>aka birthday girl/guitar winner - come on!</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyy! Long time no write!!!<br><B>OMG we got a stupid bug at skool!!!! So we r off skool wen i got loadss of wrk 2 do in class!!! :@:@:@!! Plus we mite nt b able 2 do Haycliffe Dance Nite or Music Show :(:(:(:(!!! 11 skools in bradford closed!!!<br>Stacey -</B> i did ur favour!!! N i'll keep up 2 it this time :D:D:D!!!<br><B>Wen is the massive rocka rehearsal??? :S!!!</B> R ther gonna b signs up around skool???<br><B>Hope evry1's got the rocka feelin!!!! I want it bak!!!<br>C y'all on 4th may!!!!!!!!</B><br>Lv - Emma xxxxxxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Could you get the mini-clips on the Crawley section of the 2006 Tour and Results ?</B> I've been dying to see the pictures of Boundstone and all the other schools performing for ages now! PLEASE!<br>Bryony (-<B><I>Boundstone</I></B>-)<br>(<I>Ed: - I will when I receive any, Bryony ... I'd love to see them too</I> )<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>It was a propa gd day on tuesday n every1 luved it!<br>Well done to marvell 4 winnin it - ur dance was well gud</B><br>All ya dat wrote bout mally are right - we <B><I>did</I></B> deserve a place. We all worked propa hard, <B>specially miss huzzard (n it was er birthday n all :)<br>Neway we will be goin bk next yr n we will be even betta thn this year!!</B><br>Jodie from <B><I>mally</I></B> xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to all the schools who took part in rock challenge on the 22nd March (especially south holderness technology college,who won - you guys were ace!!!)</B><br><I>I met a guy from tht school, who i talked to but didn't actually get his name or number lol. <B>He was part of the stage crew, had brown hair, and was wearing a red top with light stripes across it!!</B> Do any of you guys know who i mean? If ya do please let me know, so i dn't lose contact with him. Please write back on this if ya do!!</I><br>WELL DONE again ... c ya at the final<br>Love - me xxxx (from <B><I>driffield school</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> ARCHIE PAIR O'DICE LOST - WOW!!!!!<br><B><I>What a show. Well done to all the schools but my archie 2006 team are just too stunning for words.<br>Enjoy the grand final!!!!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hiya to jimbob from archie!</B><br>We know u wern't performing ... shame coz we was dying 2 c u on that stage! Anywayz, me n my m8 think ur fit! <B><I>Wil u b in town on sat?</I></B> (Mite cm ask 4 ur number)<br>Lv ya - tazmin and jade (<B><I>marvell</I></B>)<br>WWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO U KNOW WE WON!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Back in 2003, <B>Hollie from Aberdeen</B> wrote a Press Pack report about Rock Challenge and <a href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/club/your_reports/newsid_2824000/2824969.stm" target="win2"><b>it's here on CBBC Newsround for you to read.</b></a><br>The following year, <B>Callum from Hornsea</B> created two episodes of a personal Video Diary about Rock Challenge on the BBC website - <a href="http://tinyurl.com/zvp4a" target="win2"><b>they're here if you too would like to see them</b></a> (and - for me - 56k worked best, and you do need RealPlayer on your computer for the video clips to work :)<br>My thanks to <B><I>Rocka Volunteer Jonny from Buttershaw</I></B> for finding Callum's Video Diary, and to <B><I>Callum</I></B> for letting me link to it :)<br><B>If you too succeed in creating either a Press Pack report about Rock Challenge on CBBC, or a Video Diary about your Rock Challenge experience - perhaps on your regional / local BBC website - DO email in and let me know !!</B><br>John (Editor) in the rain</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hiya archie ! Here we come !!</B> Hopefully we might b in th premier nxt yr<br>Luv - amy xxxxxxx (<B><I>marvell</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey every1.<br>Just <B><I>a big thanks and well done to all our gurls and boys at South Holderness ! We are sooo proud of u... We didn't think we'd get this far bt we did it and it was awesome.</I><br>Thank u 2 every1 that supported us, especially u Driffield gurlies ... u were soo nice and supportive and we can't wait 2 see u again in grimsby!!!</B> (Hehe EAZY EAZY!! :))<br><B>Well done to all the other skools - u were great!!</B><br>Love - Kymberley and Danielle xxxxxxxxxx<br>SOUTHY!!!!!! xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hya ppl<br><B><I>Well dun, marvell! We did it agen - didn't fink we'd get a place this yr wiv only 2 awrds bt we did it</I></B><br>The pix r gonna b awful wiv me big grin lol lol!<br><B>Wel dun 2 evry1 who was at hull on tues - u all deservd a place<br>Malet Lambert-</B> i'm shocked u didn't gt placed<br><B>Newland-</B> u go wiv all ur awards!<br><B>Yay - marvell r off 2 grimsby!!!</B><br>Luv - amy frm <B><I>marvell</I></B> xxxxx-+<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to the schools on both nights at Hull, and good luck to all the PL Finalists in grimsby in June.<br>Malet, what's going on ? You deserved a place. Gutted.<br>Well done to Marvel (again lol) your theme was different and original.<br>At the end of the day the competition is nothing compared to the experience and feeling you get from just being there.<br>Bring On Grimsby!!!</B><br>Oh - and <B><I>well done to all those great supporters from Newland - i could feel your stomping from the stage !</I></B><br>Lewis - <B><I>Archie Co-Host & Fighter</I></B> ;-)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya every1! <B>Cn't wait for the final - am so excited.</B><br>This year is our best and cn't wait to show u wat we've got. First place in the award list... 8 awards... fab, init. Just goes to show how fantasic we are<br><B>Gud luk to every1. Cya all soon</B><br>Luv - kirsty from <B><I>archie</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi - it's colin from archie<br><B>A massive well done to kelvin hall skool - you were propa amazing.<br>"Hi!" to the girl who played the clown.</B> She was awesome, and fit - ope to c her again soon.<br>Well done, guys. U shudda beat marvell coz u deserved betta then 3rd ...<br><B>C y'all agen next year!</B><br>Love - colin (<B><I>archie</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Rock Challenge was awesome!<br>Well Done Marvel!<br>Malet shud av got a place (Damn!) but it was gr8 neway!<br>Cn't w8 till Grimsby - it's gonna b propa amazin!<br>Congrats 2 al da skwls dat competed!<br>Thnx 2 al da teachas, espesh Mrs B! We Rocked! We're gonna rock at Grimsby too! Bring It On!!</B><br>Lauren n Mainy (<B><I>Archie</I></B>) xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!!<br><B>The show at hull ice arena on 21st march was AWESOME!!! I enjoyed the whole day.<br><I>MALET deserved 2 win!!!!! Their performance was really good</I><br>Can't wait for Grimsby now!!! BRING ON THE PREMIER FINAL!!!</B><br>Love - kirsty c (<B><I>ARCHIE</I></B>) XX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>The Fab Michelle at the Rocka Office tells me that <B>Earlsheaton Technology College</B> have abandoned Bradford 2 in favour of Bradford 1 :)<br>John (Editor) in the rain</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 23rd 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>Pompey here we come !!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooo !!!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Howden School</I></B> was the best ... we deserved 3rd place<br>Rock on, howden skool - we wos ace ;)<br>Luv - ven<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well Done andrew marvell for winning the hull heat on tuesday!</I></B> I wasn't there 2 see you win but i'm sure u were brilliant! <B><I>Mrs J obviously did a fantastic job like always!</I></B><br>3rd year on the trot now, guys! WELL DONE!<br>Loadsa love - aimee xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!<br><B>Rocka is definitely well under way now! Been loving looking at all the prettyful pics in my frees! All your performances look ace! Well Done! (And Good Luck to all those waiting to perform, like us at Hanson! Can't wait! It's going to be fandabidozi! :-))</B><br>Anyhow, I'll be off! Hope everyone has a fab weekend! And to us at Hanson, an extra long four-day weekend! Wooohooo! :-D<br>Love - Stace xxx Hanson xxxx<br>PS Hanson Rockas - Where are all your messages guys?! ;-))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thanks to everyone who took part in Hull s Rock Challenge. More schools taking part!!! Great atmosphere. Everyone supporting and cheering on all the teams.<br>Well done Marvell.</B> You were deserved winners.<br><B>Malet</B>, you have made incredible progress ... thought you d be amongst the winners. Strong ideas and really committed performance. Next time, eh?<br><B>Winifred and St Mary s</B>, welcome back. Neat ideas and props, not to mention rocking help behind the scenes.<br><B><I>Kelvin</I></B>, liked your theme and classy scenery. Clever details everywhere.<br><B>And Newland</B> ... wow! You set the standard from the first run-through in the morning. Great team spirit.<br><B><I>ARCHIE that was your best yet. You make me feel so proud</I></B>. All of you give 100% buzz to the audience. They just clap along waiting to see what tricks you re going to show them next.<br><B><I>Full marks Hayley, Caroline, Marie and the Stage Crew. Next stop, Grimsby!!</I></B><br>Would love to see Marvell promoted to the Premier this year.<br>Mike the Clown.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HIYA<br><B>Still on a major high after Wednesday's "Bridlington at Hull" rock challenge.Gotta say we really did miss brid but still had a great day anyway.<br>Well done to everyone there and well done South Holderness for winning.<br><I>I am so proud of our Withernsea lot. We worked hard and saw decent results. Second place... best result yet, guys. One better next year, right?<br>Well done, guys and gals - see you all next year ... CAN'T WAIT !</I></B><br>xxx Aimee from <B><I>Withernsea</I></B> xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Bournemouth rock challenge tomoz nd i can't wait :D:D:D:D<br>My costume jus keeps gettin better nd betta:D:D<br>Gd luck to everyone especially the new schools comin this year:D<br>Well, i'm fallin asleep writing this message cos we rehearsed for 7 hours today:( but all in a gd cause...<br>Cya tomoz :D:D</B><br>Geoff from <B><I>oakmead</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hiya 2 every1 @ hull last night - u were awesome!<br>It was our school's 2nd year, and it was just as good as last year :)<br>Thanks, Mrs Hill - you rock!!!</B><br>Woo - go <B><I>boroughbridge</I></B>!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello EVERYBODY<br><B>Huge well done to south holderness for winning yesterday. Found it amazing that a school that had never competed before could get a place, never mind win. When you all ran to the front when you found out, i was so happy for you and wish you lots of luck in the final.<br>Hi to kim and friends from south holderness - you were all really nice and my fingers were crossed for you.<br>All the other schools did really well so well done to them too!<br><I>Driffield</I></B>, what can i say - felt rather proud last nite. Yet again we managed to pull it off and wow everyone. (Still lots to improve on though, but everyone put in 100% which is what it's all about, so A <B>HUGE</B> WELL done to <B><I>driffield</I></B>!!!!)<br><B>Cannie wait till the final - oooohhhhhhhhhh!</B><br>PS A big hello to a very fit boy who goes by the name of <B>oliver from south holderness school</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br>Just want to say <B>a big well done to everyone who took part at the hull heat. It was ace, the best yet ... the competition was brill.<br>Well done to marvell - 3 years ! Much deserved!<br>What happened to malet lambert?</B> U guys deserved a place - it was well good.<br><B>Well done to all the others too</B>, but my <B><I>biggest</I></B> mention has to go to <B><I>archie (my former school)</I></B> - u guys rocked the show, deserved all the awards, and i knew you would pull your socks up and put on a great show.<br>I think the biggest thank-you has to be to <B>mrs b, the genius. You've worked ur magic over these years and it's paid off every time.<br>Watching on tuesday was gutting - i wanted to be up there on stage :))</B><br>Good luck for grimsby, both marvell and archie - i'll be there.<br>Bye ... jimbob xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!!<br><B>It was brilliant yesterday, i had a great day!! The "yay" square caused a lot of amusement for us, hehe!!<br>Well done to all the schools, they were all amazing and I had no idea who was going to win!!<br>Really well done to South Holderness for winning! I can't believe it was your first time - i'm really impressed!!<br><I>Driff</I></B>, we did it pretty well ... it wasn't perfect but it was still ace!<br><B>Now it's time to look forward to the final - can't wait!! I think it's going to be a brilliant competition this year!!</B><br>Love - roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well, what a couple of days it's been. I'm absolutely cream-crackered ... i don't know about you, john, but it's taken it out of me. (<I>But we were home for midnight which wasn't too bad</I> :)<br><B>Well done to everyone who performed over the 2 Hull days</B><br>See you in 4 weeks, john.<br>Jonny (<B><I>Rocka Volunteer)</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW (one for each award and I believe that was the words of the judges as wel!)<br><B><I>Well done 2 every1 from Archie, performers, stage crew, every1</I></B>. You all were so fantastic and so so professional (as always)<br>You certainly showed why ARCHIE is a <B>PREMIER SCHOOL</B>!!! Every part of the performance was faultless. I told you to wait until the awards were given 2 c how great you are and that definitely showed ... 5 EXCELLENCE AWARDS, HOW GUD'S THAT!!!<br>IT IS BY FAR THE BEST YEAR YET, THE WHOLE ARENA WAS ROCKING!!! <B>You did the school, me, mrs buchan, mr ranner, every1 involved and yourselves proud!</B> COME ON ARCHIE and <B>COME ON THE PREMIER FINAL!</B><br>Matty<br>ps <B><I>Malet</I></B> definitely deserved a place!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi 2 Everyone from archie<br><B>Well done at hull! you represented the school brilliantly and we worked as a team. Can't wait until Grimsby.<br>Thanks to all the stage crew , and especially Mrs Buchan, Mr Ranner, Caroline, Mrs King and Mr Houston for making the dream of rock challenge come true.</B><br>All my love - Leah from <B><I>archie</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Yo!<br><B><I>BAYSY ROCK</I></B>!<br>We are lukin ACE!<br>Gudbye frm kate jo tierney sophie katie liam monkey sam adam n joe!--baysy xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOW! Hull was amazing</B><br>We did great ... <B><I>8 awards ... that's the best we've dun</I><br>Cn't wait till grimsby<br>Well dun 2 all the skools<br>Hard luck, mally</B> ... shocked ... expected u to come 1st or 2nd.<br><B>See you all at grimsby</B> ... C'MON, ARCHIE<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi<br><B>I took part in Rock Challenge 2006 Hull (Hull Ice Arena) 21st Of March. It was one of the best experiences I have had and I loved the day. I wish I could do it all again but I am due to leave school in June :(<br>Thank-you for a great day....</B><br>Vicky of <B><I>Newland School For Girls</I></B> (WE ROCKED :)<br><B>The other schools were great too</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 22nd 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>Well done to all the schools who were in the Hull competition (21st march). Everyone did so fantastically!<br>Good luck to future schools who will compete in rock challenge. It's all about having fun!</B><br>Ema xx (<B><I>lighting designer from Kelvin Hall</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br>Well done <B><I>marvell</I></B> for <B><I>winning - 3 years now</I>!<br>Come on, grimsby - we cn't wait!<br>Well done 2 the other skools - u were all gr8 2 !<</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Big well done to everyone at hull last night - it was a gr8 day an a gr8 night.<br><I>Well done to marvel for winning but shame about mally - they deserved a place.</I><br>Massive thanks to Mrs B and the other teachers involved. Can't wait for grimsby now.</B><br>Dane (<B><I>Archie</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to all the schools who took part in the hull rock challenge and to andrew marvell who won.</B><br>COME ON <B><I>MALET</I></B>!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi<br><B><I>Well done, Marvell</I></B>, you have done it again. Marvell was the best.<br><B>Wish i was stil at marvell to be in Rock Challenge again.</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> HIYA!!!!!<br><B><I>Well done 2 marvel 4 winning in hull n well done 2 ARCHIE 4 winning all dem awards n we're gonna do so well in grimsby!</I><br>Gud luk 2 all d ova skools in the northern premier final - cya all ther!!!</B><br>xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I enjoyed performing and being in the atmosphere at Rock Challenge</B><br>Luv frm jess xx <B><I>kelvin</I></B> xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi All ! X)<br><B>The finals will soon b here ! I can't wait !<br>Hope everyone is working hard ! Hope to se ya all soon</B><br>Love - kellie ( <B><I>matthew humberstone</I></B> ) xxx<br>ps matthew humberstone pupils think every1's got a chance ov winnin n matty is da best - <B>we shout above da rest</B>:P<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello all u rockin rockers!!!! It's adam ere from john smeaton in leeds!!!<br><B><I>Smeaton, u r lookin ace, guys - wooo!!! Can't wait for the event.</I><br>Hey, all at thornton! Good luck to hanson n garforth, also thornton n thomas a becket in premier league - woooo!!<br>Sooo can't wait for global. Woooo!</B><br>Smeaton- keep up the good work!!!<br>Big shout to <B>james (<I>ex buttershaw</I>)</B>!!!!!<br>Adam (<B><I>ex, n now choreographer from john smeaton leeds</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Why hello!<br>There's not been many messages for... <B><I>BAYSGARTH SCHOOL</I></B> lately, so i thought i would spend this time to big up the baysgarth crew! <B><I>June 3rd, Premier Final. Cannot wait. OMG - back to those awesome costumes that we all love so much, and the t-shirts ... we looked amazing.</I><br>Hornsea/Matthew Humberstone - u were awesome at the showcase. It's gonna be a difficult competition!</B><br>Ciao for now, amigos, and <B>see all you prem schools in june. Cannot wait to see all your performances.</B><br>Love from moi xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG G!!!!!!</B> (<B><I>Peterhead Stage Manager 2006</I></B>)<br><B><I>Warning to all peterhead folks - craig will be on the roads soon ... Be careful out there - you have been warned !!!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!! Howz everyone doing??<br><B>The tour looks as if it's going great n everyone is havin fun, which is wot it's all about!!!<br>Good luck to everyone still to perform, n well done to everyone who has already!!</B><br>I've got to get organised really soon with trains n that for <B><I>grimsby finals</I></B> cuz they're <B><I>gonna be here b4 we know it!! I can't wait ... it's gonna be soooooooooo much fun!!!</I></B><br>The line up for the open final so far is lookin very similar to the one in 2004 ('opefully it will be as much fun as that one was!!) and i can't wait for the prems!! They're gonna be soooo good!! Let's see how high the standard is this yr!!! WOOOOOO!!!<br>John, it'll be the 1st time u'll have seen me, marisa, steph n kimberley together since aberdeen 2004!!! U been havin fun at the events uv managed to get to?<br>Stuart (<B><I>Peterheed</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: only been to Grimsby, Grantham and Hull so far, Stuart, and am at Hull again today for the "Bridlington" event. They've all been great, the audiences have been even more packed in for the evening shows, and the Hull one yesterday was once again also notable for the friendliness and support offered to each team rehearsing in the Arena through the day ... other Hull schools' team members pack the space in front of the stage for every first rehearsal (a sea of faces) and the other rehearsals were very well supported too</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> OK <B>tom</B>. Tell nick n kyle i sed hi<br>I bet she misses u 2<br>Cya in june<br>Me birthday soon lol<br>Lv - sophie<br><B><I>Baysey</I></B>! Come on, baysey - you rule. Let's show them wat we're made of!<br><B>Scrutonator - u rule<br>Thanx, miss v - ur da bst! We luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxx</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 21st 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hiya!<br><B>Well done to all the schools who performed at hull tonight, and well done marvell for winning.<br>It was a good day!!</B><br>Kelly from <B><I>archie</I></B>..<br><br>++++++++++++<br> A huge good luck to <B><I>Buttershaw High School</I></B> for Day 2 at Bradford!!!!! You guys are going to be amazing!!!!<br>James and Kiera (<B><I>EX Buttershaw</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Yay!! Hull Ice Arena 2moro - can't wait!!<br>Good luck to all the teams! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone!!<br>Right then, better go iron my costume and make it all pretty and smart for 2moro!! C u there!!</B><br>Love - Roxy xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OI OI ... another sandonian ere</B> so u may read Becky and the many other hundreds of us<br><B>Today's rehearsal was so much fun! Have not had a laugh like that in ages :)<br>Elunyd</B> thank u for being bendy and guys what can i say - a pyramid hehe :))<br>I'm sorry, cast, if u feel ur bein moaned at - it's for a good cause, honest! It looks fab n all ur effort will not go 2 waste<br><B><I>U all look so fantastic ! Can't wait to see u all in costume - yay!<br>Hello to my fellow back row - ur always so giggley - it's fab! Really shows the true message of rock challenge</I></B><br>Neways, i'll let the rest of u read, enjoy, n type ur own message<br>Hope evry1 is enjoying the 2006 tour. See u on the 27th April!<br>Sam<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyyy.... <B>Hope Evri1's well and that everyfin went gd in hull 2day!!!</B><br>Bekky nd Lids Here ... Our Honourly lighting director is Lydia!!! (Hehe ... hope we dn't av t dance in the dark now!!)<br><B>Not long to go ....</B> byeeeee xxxxxxx<br>(ps hi t rach n sarah!!!)<br>Luv - Us (<B><I>thornton</I></B>) xxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone, <B>just want to wish u all the best of luck and we look forward to seeing you all. See you soon!!!!<br><I>Ballee High</I></B> Carly and Lynsey xoxoxoxox<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 20th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hellooo....long time no message! :-)<br><B>Hope everyone had a fab weekend, and having a fab week at school! Yey!<br>How's everyone doing?! Hope Rocka prep is coming along nicely for those schools waiting to perform! Can't wait till Bradford, only about 7 weeks!!</B><br>Right, best be off! Another trip to Ramsey Street not so long in the distance! (Oooops! I got told not to admit to watching that! Sowwi! :-)<br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!!<br>I'm really tired ... <B>i dn't do gettin up at 4 in da mrnin</B> bu i guess we did go 2 london on a music trip n it wo soooo much fun!!! Da weekend din't make up 4 ma sleep eva :(<br><B>Fanx, Miss W, 4 takin us:D:D:D:D!!!! (We wo tellin all da rest ov our music class ow much ov a blast rocker wos:D lol! )<br>Stacey-</B> u should ave been allowed 2 come ... it wo ace bu u gt all da gossip lololol!!<br><B>Emma-</B> i ope we do gt 2 go 2 <B><I>haycliff</I></B> 4 da <B><I>dance nyt</I></B> ... oooo, if neone's gonna b der c ya der opefully!<br><B>Newayz, ope evri1's still avin lots of fun!!!</B><br>Cya ... heather (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya any <B>Sandownians</B> that may be reading this (Sam included)<br><B><I>I know that the comp isn't that far away and it is all coming together like a gluey thing. Don't get disheartened coz it seriously looks AMAZING ! Eeeeee i'm just so goddam excited at the moment!! It is much better than last year's, trust me!!<br>So ... don't get down! It is looking fab!! WOOOO !!!</I></B><br>BECKY (<B><I>SHS</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Now Then!!! Well Done to all the teams at the Grimsby Heat the other week!</B><br>We are continuing to keep the <B><I>Hornsea Stage Crew</I></B> flag flying high! We have got a <B>fantastic</B> team and an <B>exceptional</B> team spirit. <B>Best thanks go to Luke Conlon (<I>stage manager</I>) and Mrs Hylton (<I>the best teacher in the world!!</I>)<br>C-O, C-O-N, C-O-N-LON, CONLON!!!<br>Looking forward to the finals!</B><br>Swanny, Smithy and Paul (<B><I>Luke Conlon's Barmy Army!</I></B>)<br>PS <B>For you, Luke, for you.</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> HI! It's tom 'ere from <B><I>MHS</I></B> :p<br>Yer, sure <B>sophie -</B> i will send one 2 adrian next saturday.<br>Cn't wait 2 c vikki (missing her loads :((<br>Nick wants me 2 ask u out 4 him sophie??<br>Cya in june (long time)........<br>Tom (mhs):))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> WELL, WOT'S DA CRACK?<br>This is random ...<br><B>Woooooow ... can't wait to c u people - NOT LONG 2 GO - WOOOOOOW !</B><br>Donna xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya ppl ... how's u al?<br><B>Can't wait til rocker now - it's only 2 weeks - woow, can't wait 2 see ur dances in belfast <I>(especially ashfield ... good luk 2 u in the prem final)</I></B><br>Love - donna + faye xxx (<B><I>ballee</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Last day today to get things sorted before hull tomorrow.<br>It should be an awesome day - good luck everyone ... see you tomorrow</B><br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw / Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy all!!!!!!!!<br><B>Good luck 2 all, <I>but i'm supportin me old skool highcliffe comp!!!!</I></B> (Hopefully we win again but i dnt know what we r up against this yr, but good luck.)<br><B><I>I'm goin to watch on friday - should be a laugh. Good luck to all at highcliffe</I></B><br>Love - maria (<B><I>Highcliffe Comp sixth form</I></B>!!!!!!) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 19th 2006</b></font></p> <p>This year's rock challenge really does have to be in memory of suzie. It seems so strange without her here! She is missed so much ... all her randomness and all her pointless jokes ... she really was an amazing dancer, and i bet she still is up there! I'm sure she wishes she could be with us still but she can't!<br>It never has sunk in that she really is gone, but i'm sure she'll always be looking over us, making sure we get far! We all do miss you, suzie, oh so much!<br>xx wish you were with us now xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well, this is <B>the last message from me before the showcase at Hull on tuesday. Can't wait!</B><br>Just a last gud luk message 2 Archie, even tho i'll b ther on the day! Everyone believes in ya, especially me. I know that <B><I>if you perform like you can, you'll blow everyone's socks off!<br>Can't wait 2 c u all on tuesday and possibly "the best performance yet". Just go out n enjoy it! COME ON ARCHIE!!!</I></B><br>Matty<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!!!<br><B>I still can't believe how quick this year's comp has come around ! <a href="http://www.kulturpalast-dresden.de/index.php?id=7&L=1" target="win2">We are going to Dresden (Germany) in ***12 days*** to take part in the Rock Challenge there.</a> We've got our hoodies, t-shirts ... oh, and performance ... and we're ready to go!<br>Everyone is pretty excited!!! See you all there ...</B><br>Kirstie (<B><I>RHS</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>My thanks to <B>Theresa Cook from Matthew Humberstone School</B> for sending me details of <a href="http://tinyurl.com/h27zc" target="win2"><B>this artcle in the online "Grimsby Telegraph" about the recent Grimsby Rock Challenge</B></a><br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 18th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hi everyone!<br><B><I>I'm in the rock challenge from lowton community sports college, and this is the first time i've ever been to the rock challenge ... i'm quite scared, tho i have reli tried hard and been to every practice</I><br>Good luck to everyone that's in it, n see u all there</B><br>Ria XXX<br>(<I>Ed: hope you have fun at the Sands Centre, Ria - enjoy the day</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hi nick tom and kyle (MHS)</B> Adrian will be our messenger boy ... that way we will keep in touch ... we will send messages to kyle nd nick sumhow<br>Can't wait 2 c u lot :))<br>Lv u - sophie from <B><I>baysey</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>ARCHIE CREW!!!<br><I>Dress rehearsal looked truly stunning today!! I am so proud of you all!</I><br>Caroline-</B> the costumes look fantastic. It is all down to you!!<br>Set is looking great! Special thanks to <B>Hayley Mansfield and Carla Eyles</B> for their constant hard work, long hours and commitment.<br><B>I seriously can't wait for Tuesday now. Sleep well this weekend and I will see you for last minute prep on Monday.<br>This could be the best yet!!!</B><br>Big love - Mrs B x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey all that took part in the Aberdeenshire heat and well done to Peterhead!!!<br>I was the lead jock in the lossiemouth crew but I am currently serving in Her Majesty's Royal Navy down in Plymouth!<br>Going to try and get leave next year to come and see everyone!!! See you all then</B><br>Naithan<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>HIYA!!!!!<br>Can't wait.... really can't! TWO MORE DAYS TILL ROCK CHALLENGE IN HULL!!!</B><br>We had a <B><I>dress rehearsal 2day</I> and OMG and did i get really excited ??!!! :))<br>Can't wait to see all the other schools' performances AND show ours!! Aaarrrgggghhhh!!!</B><br>Love - kirsty c - <B><I>ARCHIE</I></B>!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> 'Ello - geoff ere from <B><I>oakmead</I><br>Rock Challenge friday - can't wait.... We gna b biggin it up the whole day.<br>Jus remember to lose yaself in the music the moment u want it u beta neva let it go ... u only get 1 shot - do not miss ya chance to blow cos opportunity comes once in a lifetime</B>... U'll know wot i mean on the day ... jus look out for our routine:D:D:D<br><B>Gd luck to evry1 competing.... <I>We arn't bvered if we don't come a rankin... We are jus lookin for a gd day</I>.... SPECIALLY the Year 11s in GCSE dance, seein as it's our last year doin Rock Challenge :(:(:(:(</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Global Rock Challenge 2006!!! Wooo!</B><br>I'm from <B><I>john smeaton community high</I></B> (as u prob no lol!!)<br><B>Hope evryone is gettin prepared for bradford day 1 ! Can't wait to see you guys, spesh thornton - last time saw u guys wa antony n cleopatra!!!! That wa mint!<br>Good luck to all the schools in our heat! Hope ur all ready !</B><br>Smeaton are lookin mighty fine!!! Wooo - come on, smeaton!<br>Anyway, rockin rockas, i'd best dash before i carry on typing hehe<br><B>See u all in 7 weeks !! OMG !!! 7 weeks!</B> (<I>N i'm not even a performer</I> :))<br>Adam from <B><I>john smeaton in leeds</I></B>!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya ! It's holly from <B><I>HAVEN n BENNIES</I></B>!!!<br><B>We're all getting reli exited for rock chal now !<br>Gud luk 2 every1 performin at Carlisle nd also in the grimsby prem finals ! C every1 soon ...</B><br>Bye ... Holly xxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 17th 2006</b></font></p> <p><I>The online edition of "Grantham Today" carries <a href="http://tinyurl.com/ggk4x" target="win2"><B>a nice report about the Grantham Rock Challenge</B>!</a><br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Cn't wait to c ya all on tuesday !</B><br>I hope u all do well, but u gotta big it up big style for us ... <B><I>ARCHIE</I></B> ! Dis year our rock challenge is bigger n better den eva b4 ... nothin is gonna get in our way.<br><B>Cn't wait to c ur performances - cn't wait to show ya ours. GUD LUCK TO YA ALL.</B><br>Luv - Kirsty G (ARCHIE) xxxxxxxxxxx<br>PS <B>CHEERS, MRS B, N CHEERS MR R FOR ALL DA WORK U'VE DONE N FOR HOW FAR WE AV ALL GOT AS ONE BIG ARCHIE TEAM ... WIVOUT U TWO, NONE OF DIS WUD AV APPEND<br>XXX FANXS XXXX</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I can't wait till Belfast - I'm volunteerin!!! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>OK ... rant over :))<br>Davy (<B><I>ex peterhead</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>A SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR NIOAMI FROM ASHFIELD-</I></B> everyone is thinking of you and hope that you are up and about soon and joining ASHFIELD again so you can ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!<br>Hope to see you back with the squad soon. You might be in a couple of casts but there are still lots of things you can do, so <B><I>KEEP ON SMILING</I></B> :) :) :)<br>XXXXXXXXXXXXXX LOVE - SPARKLE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi every1 ... it's kelsey frm <B><I>Ashfield</I></B>.<br>We're coming back <B><I>BIGGER AND BETTER</I></B> so yaz all watch out and watch this space cause Ashfield's coming back to rock and roll!!<br><B>Good luck to all the schools this year!</B> xo<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey All!!! :-) SJC here frm <B><I>ASHFIELD</I><br>Good luck 2 all the skools takin part this yr!!!</B> R skool's really startin 2 shape up ... keep it goin, guys, we're comin bk even <B><I>BIGGER and BETTER</I></B>!!!!<br>SJC (performer)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi guys! First time leaving a message!<br><B>Well done to all the schools that competed in our heat - and longcroft, well done!<br><I>To everyone in our team - great job, guys! It's nice to be involved in such a fantastic team with such a great team spirit.<br>Mrs Hylton - thanks for giving me the opportunity to be stage manager. It meant a lot to me.<br>Stage crew, you were fantastic - never been so proud to work with such a quality team - and i've worked with quite a few!!</I><br>Just can't wait for the finals now ... counting down the days.</B><br>Luke (Hornsea Stage Manager)<br>PS "For you, swanny, for you!!!"<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>5 Days to go!! So excited!! Can't wait to showcase at Hull!!</B> (<I>Ed: but wrap up warmly. Roxy</I> :))<br>We've got a massive rehearsal on Monday afternoon and after school ... we've got to make things a bit tidier so we'll try do that then!<br>We've had our <B><I>first dress rehearsal</I></B> as well ... just little things to sort out. We're maybe thinking of making some small changes for the Final but we don't have time before Hull!<br><B>Anyway, hope everyone's doing well and enjoying Rock Challenge! I just hope we do well this year cos I know we've got the best performance we've had for years ... let's just hope it's good enough!!</B><br>Love - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Dear Archie Year 11s - this is our last chance to make the best of our last few weeks in school! It all depends on us to make this year the best ever</I></B> ... our year to <B><I>win</I></B> the grand final in grimsby!<br>Beki, colin, stefan and katie x x x x x x x x x x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>C'mon archie! This is our year, our time to prove how much talent our school has! Let's win it and make the best of it<br>Just remember, this is our last chance, Year 11s....LET'S DO IT</I></B><br>All the best - colin x x x x x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi! It is colin from <B><I>archie</I></B><br>If any of the <B><I>peterhead girls</I></B> from last year are reading this, please tell <B>nikki</B> that i miss her, and <B>lauren</B> as well. Oh ... and <B>becky</B><br>Also a <B>massive congratulations to you all for winning your heat this year and hope i get to c u all again. Wish you all the best of luck for your final.</B><br>Bye, nikki and lauren ... lots o love<br>Colin (<B><I>archie</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey every1!!! Lauren n viki ere from <B><I>ashfield</I></B> !<br><B>Yeeeha ! 2 weeks to go until we perform r premier showcase ! Yeeeha ... cn't wait<br>Also cn't wait to see wat all ya skools r lik in the final! GOOD LUCK :D:D:D</B><br>The only thing we rn't lookin forward to is <B><I>the journey over</I></B> to grimsby! We travel on the boat for about 1 hour and a half n then we sit on a bus for about .. roughly 4 hours (maybe more) but we get to stop off for some munchies ! It was worth the journey anyway when we got there and on the night we won!!! (Still cn't believe it!)<br><B>Hope we meet a lot of new mates over there and we cn't wait to start dancin on that day in rehearsal !</B> (Also the night time, but you don't c us at night!!)<br>Luv yaz ! xxx vicki nd Lauren xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi ... it's paul g<br><B>Thank-you 2 mrs mcCartney 4 all the hard work and patience and 2 all r team workers</B><br>Can't wait 2 perform as a floozy.<br>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i love everyone especially MYSELF xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> FOUR DAYS 2 GO! I cn't wait ...<br>C'mon, ARCHIE!<br><B>Gud luk 2 all the ova skools performin in Ull!<br>We r all excited and cn't wait ... c u soon</B><br>Stefan<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 16th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Heya evri1! (Wow!!! Lookin good in da piccies, guys!!)<br><B>Emma-</B> oooo just u w8 n c wo we've gt planned 4 u!! (It's emma's b day soon, evri1!!!!)<br><B>Stacey</B> - need 2 fill ya in on da details - der's yet mre !!!!<br>'Ope evri is avin fun?? Cn't w8 till all our dance comes 2geva!!:-]<br>Cya - heather (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all u lil rockers!! Lizi n Vicki ere frm <B><I>Ashfield Girls</I></B> :D<br>We're glad 2 b on this again since last year (woho - the year we won!!:D :)<br><B>Good luck to all the schools in rock challenge this year and hope to c yaz all soon !!</B><br>Let's go, Ashfield, Let's Go!! Yehaaaa!<br>Lve from Lizi, Vicki, n all the <B><I>Ashfield crew</I></B> xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br><B><I>OMG we can't believe we won ... we r so proud and happy. We might sound all humble and modest but we just can't believe it! We <U>really</U> weren't expecting to win!</I><br>All the schools did really well and even if you didn't place, you all deserved to come 1st for all the hard work and input!<br>The whole experience was amazing and we'd like to thank Bognor Regis School for being so kind and sociable! We'll see you at the finals in May! :)</B><br>Love - Amber XX (<B><I>BOUNDSTONE</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Good luck to driffield next wednesday<br>Wish i could be with you all</I></B><br>x x x x leanne x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey peeps!<br><B>Can't wait till final<br>Gd luk 2 evryone else takin part</B><br>Luv - fay (<B><I>cowes high</I></B>) XXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello! :-)<br><B>We are just visualising our set on Pro-Desktop! How posh does that sound! Go us!</B> (Really, we are just making camels out of a virtual Stacey!) Lol! Don't ask!<br>Anyhow, how's everyone doing?! Hope you're all fab!<br>Right, best be off!! Soul band is calling!<br>Love - Stacey 'n' Sam and everyone in Music!<br>xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Come on, archie! We love you archie we do, we love you archie we do, we love you archie we do, oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh archie we love! Say we are premier league, say we are premier league!<br><B>Only 5 days to go. Keep smiling, keep happy and look forward to tuesday! Can't wait!</B></I><br>Matty<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I am ace! And i am when i perform in rock challenge i always look really good when i perform i am the the tall boy with blonde hair i look funny and cool like smooth criminal! I am called joe and i attend driffield school<br>I would love to be a rock challenge helper when i leave school. My ambition is to live life to the full and never turn away an amazing opurtunity. Please never forget me<br>I love you all x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Wooooo! SMEATON!!!<br><B><I>Hey, rockin rockas at john smeaton community high in leeds!! It's adam ere!! Hope ur all enjoyin rock challenge so far!!<br>Big shout to all smeaton dancers n of course jo po, mee, jules, n kelly! Also mrs ellis n mrs warnes!! Thanks for all the help, guys! U're all amazin!!</I><br>Wooo - not long for our heat in bradford - soo cannot wait!!</B><br>I wanna perform ... grrr! Who's up for an Over-18s rocka?????!<br>Adam from <B><I>john smeaton community high in leeds</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 15th 2006</b></font></p> <p><b><I>The Gartree Community School have lost an expensive pair of ballet shoes. If any school has got them, please let us know - we would like them back!<br>Meanwhile, has anyone lost a pair of white trousers!? We seem to have acquired some and they aren't ours!</I><br>We had a wonderful time at Grantham - congrats to everyone!</B><br>Lara<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Come on, mally!!!!! Strike that pose!!!!!!!!!!!</I><br>OMG ... only 5 days till hull rock challenge! We can't wait!<br><I>Good luck to all schools but espesh mally</I></B> ... we've had second place too many times now, and the only way is up!!! THIS HAS GOTTA BE OUR YEAR, KIDS!!<br><B>Thanx to Sally Huzzard for everything you've done! We couldn't have done it without you, miss !</B><br>Now remember...<br><ol><li>keep smiling<li>enjoy urselvs<li>stick to the choreography<li>STRIKE THE POSE!</ol>LUV YAZ, MALLY!!!!<br>Luv - beki-anne, jade, adau, aguet, korina n stacey babez!!! See yaz there! xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Not long now (can ya believe it ?!) and archie are back</B> wiv their <B><I>best-ever</I></B> performance. We hope u r lukin forward to seein one of the best skools eva wiv their <B><I>fantastic</I></B> theme dis year - nofin is gonna get in our way. 1st place, here we cum ... in the finals ... FIRST PLACE.<br><B>Hope da rest of u do well.</B><br>Luv - kirsty g xxxxxx (<B><I>ARCHIE</I></B>)<br>ps <B>dis is me last year - AM GUTTED</B>.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> ~ B*E*K*I ~*~ B*O*O ~<br>oxXxOxXxo<br>Hiya everyone!! <B>Whooo! I'm so excited for the HULL ROCK CHALLENGE event on tuesday! I can't wait - but i'm soo upset cos it's my last year :(<br>Should be a good one though, as usual!<br>A MASSIVE GOOD LUCK to all hull schools competing, especially my school - <I>MALET LAMBERT! Good luck, boys and girls - just do ya best n strike that pose! lol It's gotta be our year, kids!</I><br>Gud luk to every1 a know @ marvel nd archie, nd gud luk ta all lasses @ winnie - espesh laura g!!!</B><br>Well, that's enough of me rabbiting on lol <B>SEE YOU ALL ON TUESDAY!!<br>Whooo !<br>Last Time :((</B><br>Good luck ... luv yaz ... Beki-Anne (<B><I>Yr 11 Malet Lambert</I></B>) xxx xxx xxx<br>ps <B>dus anyone know how i can get tickets for the bridlington rock challenge event the next night?</B><br><I>Good question, Beki ... I'll check with Zoie and Tim ... meanwhile, might there be a team taking part on Wednesday that has a spare ticket for Beki ??<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helloo! Thought i'd post a quick message before i pop off to catch up with the latest goings on in Ramsey Street!<br><B>Hope you're all well and having a fab time! :-)<br>Bradford Heats are fastly approaching us! Yey, can't wait :-)<br>Right, I'll be off! Good Luck all!</B><br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone! It's jo smith from <B><I>lytchett minster school</I></B>.<br><B>Good luck to all the other schools that are going to be performing on the 24th march at the pavilion.<br>This is my last rock challenge this year (it is for some others as well)<br><I>Hello to the rock challenge crew, and thank-you miss mcgill, mrs pullen and mr smith (my dad.)</I><br>C ya on the 24th</B><br>Luv - jo<br>Let's go, Lytchett !!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey - it's laura.c. frm <B><I>basy</I></B> (we rocked!!!!!!)<br>"Yo!" to tom frm <B><I>matty humbo</I></B> and cooky!!! Hope we will c ya on 3rd ov june (n tom will probably be waitin 4 vikkie lyk mad!!!! :)<br><B><I>GO TEA POTS!!!!! Flash.......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh</I></B><br>Gud luk 2 peeps on 3rd but u've gotta admit - we wer gud :D<br>CN'T WAIT TILL JUNE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO<br><B>GUD LUK PEEPS!!</B><br>ps x.x.x.x.x.x vikkie sez luv ya 2 tom gale x.x.x.x.x.x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey tom - it's vikki from <B><I>basy</I></B>!!!!!!!!! We rocked n so did u!!!!!!<br><B>Can't wait till june 2 c every1 - gud luck n well dun</B><br>I lyk da name <B><I>matty humbo</I></B> - it's ace lol<br>Am a little tea pot, short n stout<br>Here's my handle n here's my spout<br>Wen da kettle's boilin, hear me shout<br>Tip me up n pour me out. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))<br><B>Yo yo yo 2 every1</B><br>Luv yah x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.<br>ps tom, i still lyk u x.x.x.x.xx.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow!! what an opening to the Commonwealth Games! Pyrotechnician's dream!!! Utterly stunning and mesmorising.</B><br>Vanessa (<B><I>Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Wow - <B>Well Done, Melbourne</B> ! </I> :))<br><I>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 14th 2006</b></font></p> <p><B><I>HORNSEA!!!</I></B> I am <B>so</B> gutted that I couldn't be there for your showcase performance but from what I've read on here, you have most certainly lived up to your reputation (which is pretty formidable)!!<br><B>This is the second year I've had to cheer from the background rather than strutting my stuff on stage, and it's soooooooo frustrating!! Guys, seriously, enjoy every last second of Rock Challenge 2006. I'm living the dream vicariously!! I'd be back there with you all in a second if I could.</b><br>We've (still including myself, you'll notice!!) been in second place too many times now, and the only way is up. The team deserves the recognition ... we've got the most <B><I>fantastic</I></B> behind-the-scenes team (that - unlike myself - don't leave, they come back year after year) <B><I>and they're fab</I></B>. Make sure they know how important they are, make them proud at the final guys. I know you will.<br>I haven't seen the competition so I don't know how feasible winning is and you've probably got your work cut out as usual!! EVERY school just keeps getting better and better. But so do Hornsea, and if we don't lift number one (get ready for the cheese!!) you'll always be number one to me!! (Eugh!!- but true!!)<br>So some words of wisdom from a has-been Hornsea Rock Challenge choreographer...<br><ol><li>Stretch!!<li>Smile, the audience (and judges) can feel when you're enjoying it.<li>Pull together as a team, no talking in rehearsals, and no moaning about costumes!! (<B>Webbo is a legend!!</B>)<li>No smoking!!!!<li>Rock like you've never rocked before!!<li>and most importantly take a big pack up!!</ol>Well, all that's left to say is <B><I>Hornsea, I love ya, and I'll hopefully be there at the final screaming and waving an embarrassingly large banner!!<br>Good luck, guys ... you can do it. Really, you CAN do it.</I><br>Karen - you rock!!</B><br>Loadsa love - Crystal. xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>We've just had the Winners Party for our school and the feeder schools!!! It's been a week and i still cannot believe we won! Boundstone is the best!</I></B><br>I screamed at a cat on the way home tho, and i <B>still</B> haven't found out that song!!! Gahh, i'm going to cry! :(<br><B>Rehearsals start again tomorrow!!! Time's going to fly by to May 9th</B><br>xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B><I>I used to do set at ryde high!! Just wondered how everything was going for my old mates on the set crew?! Sorry I haven't made it down to help you, work work work at the mo!!! I'll be there in April to cheer you on, though, so we will catch up then. Good luck - do me, Dan and Emma proud!!</I></B> (Talking of them, does anyone know if they are coming to watch the heat?)<br><B>Good luck in Dresden - had great fun there last year!!</B><br>See you soon! Claire xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!!<br>BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE!!! <B>OMG that day was amazing ... can't believe we won - we had loads of competition cos everyone was really good!!<br>Well done 2 everyone who was in it and especially ridgeway house!!<br>Bring on the finals at portsmouth guildhall now!</B><br>Lv - Becky (<B><I>Brune Park</I></B>) reado rockers!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> COME ON <B><I>ARCHIE</I></B>! <B>Only a week 2 go til the showcase at Hull - how excitin's that!</B> Can't wait 2 c u all perform n do archie proud!<br>C u all soon!<br>Matt<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heloooooooo ... Bekky, Sarah and Rachie here!! Long time no speak ...<br><B>Time's been flying fast (very fast) and Rocka is now approaching (month nd half hehe) but we still can't wait!</B><br>It's getting well gd!! We're kinda unsure about the finale costume, sure we will all look good though!! but stil...<br>Life is going good at the mo, but exams and coursework deadlines approaching so we'd better dash here!!!<br>Luv - Bekky, Sarah And Rachie xxxxx (<B><I>Thornton</I></B>) xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I cannot wait to c uze all at da waterfront.</B> It was great watchin uze all last year during rehearsal ... i wonder wot it's going 2 be like this year?<br><B>Jus 3 weeks 2 go! Good Luck 2 everyone performin</B><br>Faye (<B><I>Ballee Community High School</I></B>) xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi! It's Rowan again<br><B>I just can't wait for rock challenge 2006. It's just another 3 weeks ... can't wait - happy days - can't wait 2 c uze once again.</B><br>Let's go, <B><I>ballee</I></B>, let's go. xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>News just in from the Fab Rocka Office:- <B>Carter Community Sports College</B>, Poole, Dorset have pulled out of Portsmouth 1 and <B>Steyning Grammar School</B>, Steyning, West Sussex (who moved to Portsmouth 4 from Crawley) have now pulled out of it.<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>This time next week we'll be well into the rehearsals at hull - yiippee !!</B><br>Can't wait to see what hull and "brid" have to offer<br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 13th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hello...ain't been on for what seems like ages! (probably cos i haven't)<br>Well, it's been a pretty busy week. <B><I>Music Tech trip on Thursday which was ace (apart from coming home when the motorway was more like a Car Park)</I></B> but hey, that didn't dampen spirits. We had a laff, even if the laff was at me :-D<br>And then on Friday, my year (Yr 12) got a shock when <B><I>exam results came in early... enough said!</I></B><br>Anyway, hope you're all doing good. By the look of all the messages, everyone is having a fab time :-)<br><B>Good luck to everyone waiting to perform ... hope you're as excited as we are ... and Well Done to everyone who has already performed. (Bring on next year, eh?! :))</B><br>Right, i'll be off! Much needed work to be done..again!<br>Love - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br>PS <B>Emma -</B> Hope your exams are going well! By the way, where are all your messages :-o You have no excuse - you're on study leave! Hehe<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya to everyone at <B><I>archie!</I></B><br>Yeah, we are gunna roc da show dis year. We been hard at work for the past month and it's lukin gd, i must say :)<br><B>Can't wait for hull, but mostly can't wait for grimsby. This is my last year unfortunately, so i ope we do reli reli gd<br>Gd luck</B> to all the other schools in da comp and cant wait to see ali and oly again :))<br>Love - chantelle<br>ps <B>thanks miss clarkson n mrs ranner - without u roc chalenge wudn't b</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya rock challenge!<br>I dn't believe <B>it's a week 2mrw to hull's event! I cn't wait for it n neither cn every1 at skool!</B><br>We're all workin real hard so well done.<br><B>We cn't wait 2 c the other skools - gd luck 2 them!</B><br>COME ON MARVELL!!!!!<br>Lv - tazmin (<B><I>andrew marvell</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Premier league finals are going to be awesome ... everyone's going to be great<br>Good luck</B> to you guys 'cos baysgarth are gonna rock your worlds ..... flash .... ahhhahhh!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!<br><B>Whoooo - rehearsals 2nite, and only 3 more till carlisle<br>So excited it's unbelievable. It's gonna rock, <I>and cockermouth is gonna bring the noise,louder, bigger and better - u cn count on that</I></B><br>Let's go, cockermouth<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hi to everybody who is performing in da Waterfront in Belfast! Good luck - can't wait 2 c uze all.</B><br>Let's go, ballee, let's go<br>Rowan (<B><I>Ballee</I></B>) xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>C'mon cowes! (<I>We mite be rivals on the island, but we need an island team to show 'em jst wat we're made of!!</I>) Gud luk to all of ya</B> - joniece (u mite know me :) - <B><I>medina gal</I></B>!!<br>ps <B>C u at netball</B> ... we <B><I>wil</I></B> beat u one day (u16s :)) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done 2 LONGCROFT in the grimsby heats</B><br><I>Hiya 2 vicky, sophie, ruby, amy, lauren and zoe from <B>BAYSGARTH</B>, and i shall c ya in the finals on june 3rd</I><br>Tom (<B><I>MHS spotlightman</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey sophie- good luck at the finals!</B> It was brill to meet and <B>hope we see u at the finals</B> (<I>tom really misses vicky</I>)<br>Cya - Kyle (<B><I>M.H.S</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 12th 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>Well done longcroft</B>, u did gr8..but my skewl (<B><I>matty humbo</I></B>) r ready 2 win ;)(At least i think :))<br><B>Dn't ya think june is ages away ?? :((</B><br>Hi 2 sophie, vicky, lauren, zoe nd amy from baysgarth..... this is the only way 2 keep in touch unless adrian m is nice enough 2 be messenger boy :P lol :))<br>Tom (M.H.S)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya ppl! <B>Can't wait now - it's only 3 weeks :)<br>Good luck 2 all the schools in belfast</B><br>Love - faye (<B><I>ballee</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey ppl!!!<br><B>Gud luk 2 evry1</B>, especially <B><I>royds</I></B>!!! <B>Cnt wait 2 c all yas dances!!</B> Cya<br>Lv - cara xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B><I>Only just found out that longcroft won their rock challenge event this year. Well done to everybody and hope you do great at the finals.</I><br>I'm so gutted that i didn't get the chance to take part as i don't go to longcroft any more</B> ;-)<br>Sarah-jane<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well dun, longcroft - u were brill. Every1 else was as well. Well dun 2 baysgarth - 1st time premier skool.</B><br><B><I>Omgggggggg hornsea rocked on wednesday</I></B> - it was an <B><I>amazin</I></B> performance. I was watchin on the tele thing in the wings waitin 2 come bk on n it looked absolutely <B><I>fantastic</I><br>I am soooooooooooooooooo excited for the final in june ... it is gonna b mint. Cnt wait to see evry1 else's performance.</B><br>Thnks 2 <B><I>every1</I></B> involved, n <B><I>stage crew</I></B> - u did an awesum job ( as always )<br><B><I>Calum</I></B>, u were so gd (i was holdin back the tears for the sake of the great makeup lol) as was every1 else<br>Gd luk every1 for the final n see u thr<br>Wooooooooooooo bekki.k from <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B><br>************** wooooooooooooooooo we love u hornsea we do we love u hornsea we do we love u hornsea we do ohhh HORNSEA we love u oioioi *****************<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Yes that did help<br>Thanx =D<br>++++++++++++<br> (<I>Ed: ?????!!</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey every1, it's louise !!<br><B>Gd luk to al the skwls hu r duin rok challenge this yr :D</B> Opefully i'll get to come n see ya al !<br><B><I>I wish we woz duin it bt we're not</I> :(:(</B><br>Anyway, c ya all l8r (n <B>a special gd luk to thomas a beckets !!</B>)<br>Love ... louise-oxo (<B><I>cathedral</I></B> :D ) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>YAY!!! Rock Challenge was awesome on 8th March. TRULY an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE!<br>Well done to Longcroft on their win. And well done to every other school that competed or showcased (especially BAYSGARTH) for putting on a FANTASTIC show!</B><br>I am very pleased with myself as the Lighting Technician person for Baysgarth as we got an <B><I>Excellence in Lighting Design</I></B> award (obviously I'm happy because I designed it :P) and also I wrote the little essay that won the <B><I>Drugs Awareness Award</I></B> for us too... so as you can guess, I'm feeling slightly (yes, that <B>WAS</B> "slightly") big headed! <B>But if it wasn't for ALL of the FANTABULOUS BAYSGARTH CREW AND CAST (Not forgetting Mrs "Valentino" Valentine, Mr "Screwballs" Scruton, Mrs "BB" Billinger and all the other staff [+Natbags]) none of the experience would have been possible... and well done MRS V for her 10 YEARS Rocka Participation Award.<br>I am really, really, really looking forward to the final, and next time... I'M SINGING! (So save me a spot in the queue! You won't regret it!)<br>PS Thanks to Chumba and Faye for the spot lighting (you were saviours) and Dr Tony the lighting technician for doing a wonderful job plotting and controlling our lighting... YOU WERE FAB, YOU THREE WERE!</B><br>PPS To the person who wondered who the <B><I>Super-Hero theme</I></B> was... It's US... BAYSGARTH! But technically (here goes me reading into things too much) it wasn't a super-hero theme. It was actually about <B><I>child abuse</I></B>. It portrays how people can find strength from inside themselves and others and use this to overcome personal difficulties. This theme was chosen because it was felt it was a relevant theme to students' lives today. BUT WHO CARES, WE ALL LOVED RUNNING ROUND WITH SUPERMAN T-SHIRTS ON ALL DAY (Well, <B><I>Baysgarth Superman</I></B> ones anyway... if you were there you'll understand!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B><I>Can't wait till june wen baysgarth do ther stuff ... u r well gd ... i come an see u evry year and this year too<br>Gd luk - u can do it, teapots xx!!!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Dear Baysgarth High School - if your Name Is Sophie, Amy, Vicky, Zoe, Lauren, thn <B><I>plz</I></B> write back 2 me.........<br>Vicky Fe.., I really really really lyk ya ... <B><I>plz</I></B> write back on here 2 stay in touch....<br>Tom<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>The words "I wanna be just like you" (sung by a man) are in the song "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy" from the Walt Disney cartoon film "Jungle Book" ... I'm assuming the song you're thinking of wasn't remotely that one ?<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> When will the <B><I>pictures from crawley</I></B> be on the website?<br>++++++++++++<br><I>Hello, oh anonymous one :))<br>I don't know when they'll be on the website because I haven't received them yet and don't know when I'll be getting them. When they come, they'll be on the website within the next couple of hours after that.<br>Did that reply help ?<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey rockin global rockas!!!! Wooo ... i'm soo excited.</B><br>I'm not performing in rocka 2006 (grrr) ... i'm <B><I>choreographing</I></B> now!<br>Hope u are all gettin on with ya pieces? I know we are (we're lookin good, guys - wooooo!)<br>Big shout out to all our <B><I>dancers - ur mint</I></B>! Also shout out to <B><I>jules n jo n kelly n meeeeee also mrs warnes n mrs ellis!</I></B> Global this yr is goin well<br><B>Well done to the schools who have competed already, and big shout to all the schools in bradford day 1!</B><br>Good luck smeaton! And i will cu guys on tuesday!<br>Adam from the one and only <B><I>JOHN SMEATON COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL IN LEEDS</I></B>!!!<br><B>Let's get loud, let's get loud!!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hiya vanessa!<br>That song you said</B> (<I>Ed: "Lifter" by the Deftones</I>) <B>wasn't it! It's driving me mad!</B> If it helps, there's an advert on itv about films with the song in it<br>I really hope someone can help me ... aahhhhh<br>Thanks newayz xxx<br>ps I think it may have been used by <B><I>oathall</I></B>???<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi 2 vicky, sophie, zoe, amy, lauren from <B><I>baysgarth</I><br>Gud luk in the final 2 every1 at grimsby auditourium<br>Thnks 2 mr.c.and all utha teacherz at matty hu do rocky</B><br>I lyk vicky f from baysgarth ;)<br>Cyaz all on june 3rd - Tom (<B><I>m.h.s spotlight man</I></B>):))<br>Matty humbo r ready 4 sum competition!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Good morning (I've woken up after Grantham :))<br>UPDATES:-<br>Michelle at the Fab Rocka Office tells me that Trinity School and Performing Arts College from Newbury have pulled out of Portsmouth 2<br>Natalie from the Fab BYBF Office has sent me the Crawley results and themes, so they're now also on the website.<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 11th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hello John<br>In one of the messages, someone is asking if anyone knows <B>one of the songs that a school used in Crawley</B>. <br>Tho i wasn't there, their description makes me think that the song might be LIFTER by the DEFTONES, tho i can't be sure - but it's worth a shot.<br>See you in Hull<br>Vanessa (<B><I>Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>I'm so tired ... my legs r very tired!</I></B> We had a rehearsal this morning, got to use the set and we had some of the costumes and props and stuff! (It actually went surprisingly smooth! Everything's getting so much better every rehearsal! :)<br>Only a week on wednesday though, but this Rock Challenge is miles better then the last two years ... I get excited watchin - it's ace. So happy!<br><B>Just a bit further to go! Can't wait!!</B><br>Love - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> WELL DONE TO EVERYONE AT <B><I>BAYSGARTH</I></B>!!! WHOOP WHOOP ... WE ARE ACEE!! WHOOP WHOOP!!<br>FLASH ..... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!<br>ROCK ON, TEA POTS!!<br>xXxXxXxXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> You're lucky, john! Me and adam didn't get home until <B><I>2.45am</I></B> cos we stayed more or less for the full bump-out. (I didn't get up until midday)<br><B>Grantham was a fantastic night - now bring on hull</B><br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw High and Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY THERE!!<br><B>I'm sooooo excited bout goin 2 belfast waterfront hall on April 4th - gonna b so much craic!! Lookin forward 2 da whole day ... the production meetings, meetin nu peeps and performing at the end of the day!! Really lookin forward 2 meetin ya all!!<br>GOOD LUCK FRM BALLEE HIGH!!!</B> XXxxXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HELLO to all da sculs - it's josh frm baysy (da little boy lol)<br><B><I>Well done, baysy, n it was ace</I><br>Wel done 2 all da other schuls (especially longcroft) Luk forward 2 ceein u all at da final!!!! :D</B><br>xx josh (quidder) xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br><B><I>Our showcase woz brilll!!!!</I><br>Well dun 2 all da other skools dat were dere!!!<br>Big well dun 2 longcroft for winning !!!!!!!!!!!<br><I>Thanks so much, stagecrew, makeup and mrs hylton - it woz ace!!!</I></B><br>Love - emily frm <B><I>hornsea</I></B> xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done, everybody who was in the crawley heat!! U were all rly good!!<br>Good luck to everybody in the final at pompey!</B><br><I>We missed u, john, and u rule, o o o and also <B>Ben</B> lookin 4wrd 2 seein u again lol! :D (Pens at the ready......!!)<br>(And <B>dave</B> is hot stuff!!)</I><br><B>Gd luck and well done!</B><br>Love - ALIX and JADE - <B><I>DAVISON</I></B> (Can't touch us!) x x x<br>(<I>Ed: I missed you guys too ... sob! SO sorry we couldn't get there (Wendy's not been well through winter and is only now slowly getting better.) DO hope we might manage to get to see you all at Portsmouth - fingers crossed</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hii everyone from Hornsea.<br><B>A huge well done on wednesday (everyone was amazing) and well done to all the other schools competing in the grimsby heat ... every1 worked really hard and the atmosphere was fantastic<br><I>A special thanks to mrs hylton, mr hylton and luke - we couldn't have done it without you</I><br>Good luck, everyone at the final</B><br>Lv - lottie (<B><I>Hornseaaaa</I></B>) x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>ASHFIELD GIRLS'</I></B>.. ASHFIELD GIRLS'..ASHFIELD GIRLS'..<br>What a performance last night. <B>The fashion show was BRILLIANT</B> ... the clothes, the lights, the atmosphere ...<br><B>It was very well put together - a very well done for those who did the organising and helping out ... you did the girls' proud. And of course well done Mrs. Watson for ALL your input.</B><br>I never knew Ashfield had soooooo many good looking models, tho' in my opion that gorgeous bride at the end of the night stole the show (it made a change from the uniform) well done Davy.<br>And I can't forget David and Melissa - you two were brilliant. Melissa was SOOOO beautiful and David was SOOO cool strutting his stuff !!!!!!!!<br><B>A great Community effort. Well Done everyone.</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B>Well done, longcroft - c u in the finals. Baysgarth- u rocked too, but well done to all the schools.<br><I>There is a boy in longcroft who is soooooooo fit</I></B> ... he was on the front row and sat on a box in the middle, and then he throws it around... <B>*PLZ TELL ME WHO HE IS*</B><br>Thanx - hannah b<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>One month, one week, 3 days and 18 hours, 38 minutes and 52 seconds til rock chal begins - wooooooo!<br>I'm really xcited cz it's my bday as wel!!</B><br>Love - <B><I>haven girl</I></B> x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 10th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hi ppl<br><B>Well, it's our last year 4 rock challenge (n that's not fair) but we wanna leave with a bang n win coz we know we can do it n it wd b so kool if we did<br>Good luck all n good luck 4 ppl in hull n archie</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done every1 at rock challenge grimsby - you were all great<br>Hi 2 kyle nick and tom at m.h.s. See you all in the finals<br>Well done, longcroft - you were great</B><br>Sophie at <B><I>baysgarth</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I love rock challenge! I am goin 2 audition nxt year 4 defo</B><br>I love all da galz in it - i hope i get ta dance wiv 1!<br>Love - Alex T AKA Tomo (Longcroft School and Performin Arts College) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey y'all!<br><B>I still can't believe we won (it's awesome!!!!) and i can't wait to do it all agen!<br>Well done to all the other scules - u were ace!<br><I>Hello to chelsea and danny from hornsea, and jack and bridget from lindsay, and also scotti from matthew humberside - u wer all fab n hope to see ya agen !</I></B><br>Wel done to every1 at <B><I>longy</I></B> - we blew them away :)<br>Luv ya - xox krista xox<br><br>++++++++++++<br> GREETINGS!!!!<br><B>Gud luck in finals 2 every1, especially <I>BAYSGARTH</I></B><br>I cnt wait 2 c the baysgarth lot agen ... u all know hu u r;)<br>Tom<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Hey Hornsea Team!<br>A huuuuuuuge well done to each and every one of you for the performance you showcased on Wednesday. You have certainly kept the Hornsea flag flying high! You were all absolutely brilliant and your hard work certainly came shining through. Theme, choreography, set, soundtrack, costumes, make-up...brilliant brilliant brilliant</I> :)</B><br>It was so nice to see everyone again on Wednesday - caused a few tears (Miss you guys! :))<br><B>I reeeeally enjoyed the night, tho was a bizarre feeling watching and not performing ... i still got nervous and excited when they announced "Hornsea School" hehe!<br>I miss Rock Challenge soooooo much!!</B><br>Sending you lots of luck for the Final - show everyone how it's done :)<br>All the best ... love - Rachael (<B><I>"Oldie" Hornsea Rock Challenger!!</I></B>) xxxxxx<br>(PS Please let me know how the finals go!!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Come on longcroft, we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>HEY,HEY YOU GET OUT OF OUR WAY BECAUSE TODAY IS THE DAY DAY LONGCROFT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY,HEY!!!!!<br>Jak (<B><I>Longcroft School</I></B>) !!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hee hee ... sorry to the message from the person from lindsey, but the fit boys are OURS! :)</B><br>Love - Leanne (<B><I>longcroft</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to all the schools that were at Grimsby on Wednesday<br>Longcroft- well done!<br><I>To all the teapots out there- we were amazingly awesome, the costumes were fab and the make up was slightly scary! To all my baysgarth homees- can't wait until June- that's when the competition really starts for us! So peace out- love you all, thanks for making Wednesday another enjoyable day at rock challenge!</I></B><br>Quidder you looked so awesome on that stage matee! Nicola- yes you are the roller queen! Love from the girl who was dancing constantly- lol, bridie katty, gwen- love from Lauren (and her awesome hand dance) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!!<br><B><I>Woooo! Corfe Hills won!! (I know it was a week ago now bt i'm stil smilin frm it!! :)</I> I av neva screamed so much in my lyf haha!!<br>Wel dun 2 d welsh skwl hu shared da lucky changing room with us too!! C ya in portsmouth !</B><br>Good luck 2 al d ova skwls hu r going 2 portsmouth - cos u ain't seen nething like corfe hills!! We ruuuule!! Haha!!<br>Love ya!<br>Holly (<B><I>corfe hills</I></B>!)x.X.x.X.x.X.x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Wooo hooo, longcroft, we won!!!! I was sooooo pleased i cried my eyes out!</I><br>What a way to end my rock challenge experience! Been doing it every yr since i joined longcroft in yr 9 and i'm gutted that i'm 18 now!!<br><I>Thank you to all the teachers that were involved this year! You put so much time and effort into our piece and it paid off!!</I><br>Gonna miss this buzz wen i leave!! Well done to the other schools at grimsby! You were all fantastic!! We all had such a good day !!<br>Can't wait to do it again in june now!!</B><br>Lots of love ... x jess x (<B><I>Yr 13 longcroft school and performing arts college</I></B>!!!) xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!!!!<br><I>I'm so proud of all the pupils and staff from Longcroft.</I><br>It was better than Christmas Day!<br>Well done to all the schools...<br>Still haven't slept!</B><br>Mr Chapman xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Hornsea, well done for the Grimsby showcase. Once again it was another terrific Hornsea performance</I></B> ... even though I couldn't see the piece (because I was behind the set) i could feel, as did all the other stage crew, how much emotion and passion all you dancers put in, and ultimately it showed.<br><B><I>Thank-you Mrs Hylton for letting us be part of such a great team spirit.</I><br>Well done to Longcroft, for what can only be described as an amazing performance, and i want to wish you the best of luck for your final.<br>Well done to all the other schools that also competed on wednesday, and good luck for future rock challenge events.</B><br>Paul (<B><I>Hornsea Stage Crew</I></B>)<br>(THEY'VE GOT MOURINHIO, WE'VE GOT LUKE CONLON)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow! This time last week we were at rock challenge as at 9:36pm exactly we were anounced winners of the Southmapton day 4<br><I>Winnners!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Henry Cort!!!!!!! Finals here we come !!!!!!!!!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 9th 2006</b></font></p> <p><B><I>HUGGGE HIII to everyone in the Hornsea Rock Challenge team, especially Mrs Hylton!!</I></B> We're sure you were all brilliant yesterday at the showcase!!<br><B>Really</B> excited to see you won The Student Leadership award - two years running!!! - and we hope you had a really fun day.<br><B><I>Realllly missed not being there, and the production meetings and the crazy atmosphere in the dressing room!! (And keepin Mrs.H. sane):P<br>We'll defo come see you rehearse for the final when we're back from travelling. WELL DONE!!!</I></B><br>Lots of love - Kat, Emma & Stacey (<B><I>all the way from new zealand</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!<br><B>I had such a great day Yesterday! Everybody's piece was amazing, and I could not believe Hornsea's set - it was so good!<br><I>Well done to eeeeverybody involved in Longcroft's! I can't wait until the final!! :D </I>... We get to do it again - thankyou!!</B><br>Emilee x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone<br><B>OMG - yesterday was so much fun, tho I'm so tired and worn out from helping all the crews<br>Thank-you to everyone who helped us with our stage crew etc ... much thanks from everyone of our crew<br>I loved every second of yesterday and i loved just getting high from the whole atmosphere ... it's such a good experience ... am gonna miss it so much</B><br>Guess we'll keep on practising until we get it perfect and i'll see u all on june the 3rd<br><B>Well done to everyone yesterday and a big well done to longcroft - u did very well</B>!<br>See u at the finals - Mary (Vamp)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey...<br><B>Well dun to everyone at the crawley rocka on monday - it was a great day :D<br><I>Goooo boundstone - we won 4 the second year running !!!!!! Cnt wait till the portsmouth final - it's gnna b mazin!!!!</I><br>Fnx 2 all the other schools and ov course the rocka gang 4 makin the day so enjoyable!!!!!<br>Bognor wer reeeeelllleee nice 2 us and hopefully we r goin to the finals 2getha !!!! Hopefully we do well at the finals as we did last year - it's gna b fab !!! Woooooooooo !!!<br>Monday had sooo many gd memories that i will memba it for the rest of my life</B>..... what time is it ..... init pathetic....i didn't kill the deputy !!! lmao !!!!<br><B><I>Awwwwww ... and how cute wer baby boundstone?!</I></B> They rocked the show, bless em!!!!!<br><B>Fnx 4 a gr8 day, every1, n c ya all at the finals in may !!!</B><br>Lv ya all ... xXx-J3s5-XxX ... (<B><I>boundstone</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyyyyyy......!!<br><B>Every1 tht was at the crawley heats were all propa mazin !!! Thx every1 - u made it a gr8 day - u were all so friendly and welcoming !!! The rocka crew are sooo funi as well - u made it even more mazin !!!<br><I>GOOOOOOOO BOUNDSTONE! We won! Yay !!! 2 yrs in a row !!! Best hair n makeup too !! How gd is tht !! :)) Well done to baby boundstone as well... u deserved to win - ur all sooo cute !!!</I><br>Well done to bognor.... luvin ur lil dance fing... u know wt i mean :P Gta beta u agen now at porstmouth !! U were all mazin n so friendly too ..... GO BECKY !!! Hehe !!<br>Haha - james (angmering)</B> u soooo shoulda given kirsty ur msn addy !! Hehe ... bless ya !!<br><B>Thx every1 for an mazin day !!! Cnt wait till next yr - cn see u all agen :D</B><br>Luv ya all ldzzz xxx<br>xxxx jade xxxx (<B><I>boundstone</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyy up!! Smithy from <B><I>Hornsea Stage Crew</I></B> here!<br>Would just like to say <B>top effort to all schools at Grimsby yesterday! Specially to Longcroft!!</B> Hope we see you in the Premiers next year, Emilee, Rachel, Tasha! You're all wikkid!!<br>Hornsea Stage Crew did our job and we got fantastic team spirit! {<B><I>Who needs Mourhinio? We got Luke Conlon!!</I></B>}<br><B>Looking forward to finals! Huge thanks to Mrs Hylton and Luke!! Never fail to do a good job!</B><br>OH HORNSEA WE LOVE YOU! OI OI OI!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>We won, we won, we won...ab fab!! What a day!!<br>And finally we won some awards! The tech team have put so much effort in for this, especially Mr Orchard who got his soundtrack, set and lighting all rewarded!<br>See you again soon, Grimsby!!</I></B><br>Shandy (Techy)x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Can someone from crawley rock challenge on monday help me !?</B><br>There was <B><I>a song</I></B> used by one of the schools ... i have no idea what it was called, or who it was by ... all i know is that <B>it had the line in it "i wana be just like you", was sung by a man, and was quite slow. If anyone knows this, it would help me out so much cos it's really buggin me!!! Thx!<br><I>Oh, nd wel dun 2 boundstone. I was one of the dancers for our skl nd i'm so happy! None of us expected to win</I><br>Bognor- ur dance was amazin, and you were all so nice! GO ON, BECKY!!!</B><br>See you in portsmouth xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya everyone.<br><B>Yesterday was fab - i really enjoyed it. Well done to all the schools who competed, especially Longcroft (have fun at the final!)<br><I>Big Well Done to the Hornsea Team! You were fantastic</I>.<br>Can't wait to see everyone at the final.</B><br>Luv - Sammy (Hornsea)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!<br><B>I hear that Rock Challenge at Grimsby was ace last nite! Some people from our school went and watched and they really enjoyed it!<br>Well done to Longcroft! It's great seein East Yorkshire Schools doing well - i heard it looked amazin!</B><br>We've had a <B><I>massive</I></B> rehearsal today and i'm exhausted (we've got one on saturday as well, although we're still not going to be as ready as we want to be!)<br>For anyone who sees us at the heat, that won't be exactly the same performance as at the Final. We've got some brilliant changes to do, we just don't have time yet!!<br><B>Right then, everyone have fun and enjoy yourselves!!</B><br>Love - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Big Up To <B><I>Matthew Humberstone</I></B>!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!<br>Hey guys!!! 'Tis Jade... Formerly From Matty Humbo!!<br><B>Wasn't rockie yday just amazing??? It was gr8 to be back tho i was only der from 3pm... everyone looked amazing and it was gr8 to be der helpin out with matthew agen!!</B> They knew they wouldnt be able to keep me away :>:><br><B>Well done to Longcroft!!! And a massive well done to ma lil bro, Reece, and the Linzi skool for comin second...u was reeet good!! Hehe</B><br>Also was lovely to see u agen John :> (The highlight of ma day hehe!!)<br><B><I>A massive well done to all the teachers from matty tho!! Once agen done urselves proud... where on earth wud we be without u, ey?</I><br>Heya to liam from hornsea!!<br>Well done to all the skools and see u all in june!!! Woot</B><br>HEY MATTHEW, YOU'RE LOOKIN GOOD TODAY... WELL, THE MATTHEW CREW LOOK GOOD EVERY DAY WOOT WOOT!!<br>Loads of love - Jade xxxxxxxx<br>(<I>Ed; wow ... we get to see you again, Jade ? See you in June !</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>How come <B>longcroft skool</B> had all the fit lads? I think tht is well unfair ... can't ne1 thr come to lindsey?!!! <B>PLEASE ??</B></I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey, yesterday was real fun.<br>Well done to Longcroft - you were real good.<br>Good Luck to all the other schools still to compete. I can't wait til June, but sure it will come around soon enough (i hope.) Can't wait to see all the other schools at the final.</B><br>Love - Darryl (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wel done 2 al the skools @ grimsby on wednesday! It was ACE! Stil buzzin now!<br><I>Thnq to mrs.hylton n evry1 who made hornsea's entry MMMMMMMIINT!</I><br>I reali enjoyed my day @ the showcase n can't wait 2 c the other prem skools @ the final in june - can't wait!!!! :)</B><br>C u all then soon xxx<br>ps glad we all energised enough 4 u, mrs.h! lol xxx<br>Lizzie T (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Yesterday was awesome - i really enjoyed it</B><br>I liked <B><I>healing</I></B> best of all - they rocked<br>Love - dano<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey, yesterday was cool!! I really enjoyed it nd thanx to all of the skools tht made it such a gd day!!!<br>Baysgarth, you wer fab!!!<br>Congratulations to longcroft - u wer really gd!!<br>Well, cnt wait till the premier league - it will b gd fun!!</B><br>Bye ... Darcy<br><br>++++++++++++<br> WELL ONE BIG WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TO THE ONE AND ONLY...........<br>L..O..N..G..C..R..O..F..T S..C..H..O..O..L<br>WE WON!!!! BRING ON THE FINALS BECAUSE WE'RE READY FOR ANYTHING!!!! GO <B><I>LONGCROFT</I></B>!!!! WE'RE MINT!!!<br>WE WON!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done to all the dancers from longcroft</I></B>.... you totally "put","blew" or "washed" (which ever one you say) everyone away!<br><B>We had a fab day and i cannot wait to repeat it in june</B> (with hopefully the same outcome!)<br><B>Lorna</B>, you did us all so proud...iya!!! Well done dude! See u all round school as the celebrations continue!<br>Love - catherine (<B><I>tech crew</I></B>) x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey u, keep out of our way bcoz <B><I>longcroft</I></B> was here and we blew u away!!!!<br><B>Well done to every1 involved in rock challenge yesterday!!! It was such an amazin day!!!<br>I loved our dance sooo much and i'm sooo glad we get to do it again!!!! I truly thought we hadn't won after we received sooo many awards!!!! And the competition was sooo high! I loved every1's pieces and thought that they all were amazin!!! (<I>But i'm still glad we won!!!</I> :))<br>Must say that i was truly touchd by the hornsea crew and the section of the dance Eeverybody hurts" - rem' stunnin!!! Gud luck 2 d showcase pieces in ur final and well done to the schools we competed against! Hope to see u all again next year!!!</B><br>Much love - Tassia xXxXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!<br><B><I>Well done, baysy - we did ace, n i cnt wait 2 do it again in june!</I><br>Well done to all the other schools who were at grimsby!</B><br>Lv - nicola b xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!!!<br>Wow, we performed at grimsby last nyt n it was soo ace!<br>Well done to all the other schools that competed :)<br><I>WOW, HORNSEA- GUYS, WE SO ROCKED!!!!</I> Thanx to all da stage crew as well ... we cudn't hav dun it without u, n ofcourse da choreographers - love ya as well :))<br>Heehee, da atmosphere was amazin as well - CAN'T WAIT TILL 3RD JUNE!</B><br>C ya xx michaela (<B><I>HORNSEA</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>WELL done, baysy- u did us proud once agen. Can't wait till da final!<br>I'm still rle hyper but i'm rle tired... we did gr8 ... make-up was fab!!! It all was fab.. and it's all down to SV n PJS coz wivout them there would b no rock challenge so thank you!!!!</I></B><br>x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done, Longcroft- you were fantastic, It's my first time watching rock challenge and i thought your performance was brilliant.</I></B> I loved the idea of the sea and the fish, and the mermaids and mermen were full of talent ! lol i was fully inspired by them all!<br><B><I>And also well done to the other schools (hornsea was very good 2)</I></B><br>Thank u all - kate<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY!!!<br><B><I>We won!! Go Longcroft! Well done everyone! I cant believe it! Yay!<br>Well done to all the other schools too!</I></B><br>HEY! HEY YOU! GET OUT OF OUR WAY COS YESTERDAY WAS THE DAY LONGCROFT BLEW YOU AWAY!<br><B><I>Can't wait til the final! Woohoooo!</I></B><br>Leanne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hayyy!<br><B>Great ystrday grimsby competin ppl!<br>Well don... cnt w8 til june! :)</B><br>Jo - <B><I>baysgarth</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heeyyyy!<br>Jus dun <B><I>german</I></B>!!! Erm ... it wan't 2 bad!!! Will av 2 w8 4 the results!!!<br>It wa well quiet in music 2day!!! <B>Stace</B>, we missd u and erm ... like evry music teacher :s (Y did they all go??)<br><B>I hope the rocka spirit is still ther wivin the skools!!! N rehearsals - gta keep on goin!!! :))))</B><br>Cya soon ... Lv - Emma B xxxxxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone<br>Just seen our <B><I>scenery</I></B> and it's lookin brilliant!!<br><B>Gud luck to all teams and gud luck to our own team - ballee high!</B> Rehearsals are going brilliant as we are coming close to our competition ... good luck ballee!!<br>Love - louise vicky and rachel (<B><I>Ballee High School</I></B>) xoxox<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>We just want to congratulate all the schools that took part at Grimsby Auditorium yesterday. The atmosphere was great during the day and everyone worked really hard to make the evening a great successs for the very supportive audience. <I>We want to especially thank the Hornsea team for their really hard work and let you all know how proud we are of you. You certainly "energised".</I><br>Looking forward to the final in June!</B><br>Kind Regards - Karen and Mark Hylton<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>T H AN K S John, Dave, Tim, Wendy, Zoie for making my pop-in at Grimsby buzzing. It was GREAT to see you all despite my temporary physical limitations - you made sure I was mentally on a high!!! ROCKA cures and lifts you up just when you need it the most. Hope to see you all again in June - might be able to stand up and walk for longer then....<br>Well done in the rehearsals to all the schools - it was great to see you all perform and get to grips with the stage and sets etc.<br><I>Was VERY frustrating to be in the audience and not backstage in the thick of it all where I usually am!<br>Would have been nice to see the everyone in costumes later on, but I had to go home and put ice on my leg and rest it due to it swelling and pain from walking.</I> Hope to manage more in June ... see you all then!</B><br>Thanks again - Mrs T. <br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well, Year Number 9 has come and gone. I keep saying I'm getting too old for this, and then I remember I'm 21 and I still love it as much as I did at 12 when I started!<br><B>What I can I say about this year's Rocka at Grimsby!!! Fantastic as always!<br>The sets were as large as ever (Baysgarth, Hornsea, Matthew Humberstone, I'm looking at you!!)</B><br>Being on the "load off" side with John himself, Paul, the two Baysgarth lads, and the two guys from Rocka is always fun, and this year was no exception! <B>We come back year on year, and the crews were again all brilliant - everyone helps everyone else, and it all goes smoothly and without a hitch.<br><I>I'm very pleased for my little charges! BEST STAGE CREW - HEALING!! Well Done to you all ... for a complete set of first-timers, you were totally brilliant! You even managed to impress the Rocka Crew, and that takes some doing! (I know, it took the Matthew Humberstone crew I was part of years to do that!</I> :)</B><br>I was a bit upset that I had to be at work most of the day, but I managed to pop down and help Mr H and my adopted school, Healing!<br><B>I saw some of the rehearsals, and all of the performances from the back of the stage at least. A lot of praise goes to the dancers. Year on year I wonder how you do it, I love my work with the crews and lighting design, but the dancers deserve a lot of praise for getting up there and doing it! Every single one of you should feel happy with your performances, you looked great!<br>Well done to "the sea one" (Longcroft.) It was a very very good performance, and you fully deserved the win!<br><I>Well Done to Healing</I> -</B> for 95% of you it was the first time you have ever done anything like that, especially Rocka being what it is! Mr Hudson crafted you a creative story, and I think you can feel happy that you did him proud, and just think, there's always next year!!<br><B>To Dave, Gaddie, Zoie (and the ever-present John)- another great year! It's like meeting old friends every time I come back.</B> 9 years means I'm getting to be almost an institution at the Grimsby event, alongside Mr C and Mrs Cook. Ten year milestone next year for the 3 of us! (Even I'm beginning to go grey, it's been that long!!)<br><B>Good Luck to all the schools still to compete, and to everyone I'll see you in the Northern Final! I'm definitely volunteering.</B><br>James/Jacko/ 'The big guy at the side of the stage in the shirt'<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Congratulations to everyone at Baysgarth on their awards. I'm so proud of you all and you have never looked better :))<br>It was a mad dash to get everything done but we all survived...ish.</I><br>Thanks to Mrs V and Mr S (the scrutonator) for all the hard work and we'll see you all in June.</B> (Be ready)<br>Lotsa love - Sammie<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WoW, How Amazing Was That..<br>All The Schools At Grimsby Were Great!!<br>Loved The Day - Thank-You Everyone<br>Can't Wait Till The Finals !!</B><br>x x Lots ov Love x x Dani (<B><I>Matty Humbo</I></B>) x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I'm so pleased i met u, vicky f.<br><B><I>Well done to EVERY1 in the Grimsby heats and i wish 3 months wud hurry up... so i can c sophie, zoe,ruby, amy, lauren and vicky (definitely) again from baysgarth school.....c'yaz in June (ages away)</I></B><br>Tom G (<B><I>MATTY HUMBO</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> WE WON!!!!"HEY HEY YOU GET OUT OF OUR WAY BECAUSE YESTERDAY WAS THE DAY <B><I>LONGCROFT</I></B> BLEW YOU AWAY!!<br>Love - simpson jadz n norton xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 8th 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>And so it begins...<br>6:45 and I'm up and raring to go! (V v early start for me!) We set off for Grimsby from Baysgarth at 8am and I CAN'T WAIT!! Good luck to all of the schools competing today and to those showcasing their performances.</B><br>We all look "super" in our new <B><I>t-shirts</I></B>!! The <B><I>flags</I></B> that Micheal, Faye n Caz (n anybody I forgot :S!!) look fantastic and thank-you.<br><B>OK, it's 6:53 and hyperness has kicked in!!!! YAY! Need to go and pack my stuff. Rock on my Teapots!!!</B><br>Sofi the Sexy Teapot (Miss America) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Woooooo ... <B><I>corfe hills</I></B> are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Just to warn u all - we will win the nationals in portsmouth, but don't worry, u will get over it!!!<br>Our dance was amazing ... everyone said how different it was to the others and the music was so original!!<br>GOOD LK, PPL - U WILL NEED IT<br>Love - Emma H (<B><I>Corfe Hills</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi all!<br>I'm from <B><I>Garforth</I></B> and we're not performing till May 3rd bt <B>i'm already really nervous as it was announced today that I'm the understudy for the girl who's supposed to be in the love duet but hasn't come to practice for a couple of weeks!! So I'm very nervous in case i mess it all up but very excited at the same time!</B><br>Come on, Garforth, let's bring it on!!!<br><B>Good Luck to the other schools performing on Day One at Bradford!!</B><br>Luv yaz - shaz xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to all the schools and colleges in the gosport and fareham area who took part in rock challenge.</B> Only a stone's throw away from each other and <B>two 1st places and a team who won 6 awards! How amazing is that!<br><I>Hi to everyone at st v and brune park (ex member of both teams) and glad the rockie spirit is still strong! Well done guys!</I></B><br>I don't know the team but who is it that's doing the super-hero theme? <B><I>Ryde High</I></B> did an extremely similar theme with batman and stuff a few years ago and won so it definitely works (theirs was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey... don't suppose anyone knows Jeremy J from <B><I>St Vincents</I></B>?? If u do, he's a good mate of mine at university and me and him were talkin about rock challenge cause we were both in it....different venues tho.<br>Henry T (<B><I>John F Kennedy School</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helllooooo!<br>Wahay...<B><I>Music Trip</I></B> tomorrow! Not sooo "Wahay" about the time we have to be leaving! <B><I>6am</I></B> :-(<br><B>Anyways, hope you're all doing fandabidozi! Hope everyone's Rocka preparation is going well (for those who are yet to perform) and hope all you who have already had the fab experience of performing had an ace time! (I'm sure you will have!)</B><br>Right, best be off!<br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Just to say i was in the rock chal on 4th march in southampton and we WON!!!!! It was <B>such</B> a good day and i really can't believe we won. <B>The whole thing was amazing nd it was a great day!!</B> We also won best set and best entertainment which is what we have won for the last 4 years!!!<br><B>See u all at the southern opens on the 10th of may in Portsmouth!!!!</B><br>Emma<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well Done Every1 That Was In The Boundstone Rock Challenge This Year!! You All Did Great n You All Looked Fab!</I></B><br>Gud Luck In The Open Final At Portsmouth In May! You Can Do It!<br>Wanna Say Hi To: Chan, Jade, Hayley, Jess, Ellen, Tash, Terri And The Rest! Keep Up All The Good Work! Love You All<br>Love - Cass xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey, another great rock challenge! 7th year but seems only yesterday we were cowboys and indians (theme for our 1st), and wot a treat that one was!!!!!<br>Would like to thank the team for all the hard work this year, and staff of course - couldn't have done it without you.<br>Lucy/Emily - you better be running it at your college next year and volunteering!!! (No pressure tho!)<br>Good Luck and well done to all the schools involved - the standard just gets better and better.</B><br>Jane Tear (<B><I>Hamble</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 7th 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>Wahay ... rock challenge tomorrow!</B> Bed-time for me ... i'm setting off in 9 hours for grimsby<br>Come on, <B><I>baysgarth</I></B>, we've all worked very hard. And <I>backstage ... we <B>must</B> beat last year's time</I><br><B>See everyone tomorrow! Gd Lk to all the other schools</B><br>Come on, baysy<br>Tom (<B><I>backstage meister</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Good luck Hornseaaaa!! Woooooooooo!! <B>Can't wait to perform 2moro at Grimsby<br>Good luck to the other schools as well!</B><br>Lots of love to u all at <B><I>Hornseaa</I></B>!! (Ohhh...Hornsea we love you!! OI OI OI!!!) X x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woooo! Rock Challenge! So excited!!!!!!!!!!</B> Come on <B><I>hornsea</I></B> !!!!!!!<br><B>Gd luck evry1, n av fun!!</B><br>Hana (hornc skool)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya people!!<br><B>OMG ... 2 weeks till the hull heat</B> and <B><I>Archie</I></B> can't wait to show our PREMIER SHOWCASE ! <B>I can't believe how quickly the time has passed since last year and all the great performances, and now once again it's here and can't wait to see what other schools have done, so good luck to everyone in the hull heat and all the performances leading up to the final and cya all soon!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!</B><br>DANIELLE(archie)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!</B> Go <B><I>Hornseaaa</I></B>!! <B>Rock Challenge 2moroo yayy!! Can't wait :)</B><br>The <B><I>dress rehearsal</I></B> we had 2day lukd ace! Well done guys!! Can't wait to show all the other schools our performance!!<br><B><I>Thanks to every1 who made Hornsea's entry possible. Mrs.Hylton you've done a great job along with Mrs.Webb, stage crew, Mr.Hylton, Mr.Sellars, the choreographers and of course the ENERGISED dancers hehe!</I></B><br>Good luck to HORNSEAAA!!<br><B>C u all 2morooo!!</B><br>Love - Mollyyyyy!! x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>A little teapot shout out to all the Baysgarth Luvvies.<br>Congratulations on all your hard work. You have been the nicest team yet and have taken all my shouting and little tantrums in your stride. I hope we all have a fantastic day tomorrow - enjoy every minute of it.<br>Good Luck to all the other schools and Thank-you to the Scrutonator for all his Wonder Woman knowledge !!<br>Flash... Ahhhhhhhh</I></B><br>x Mrs V.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to everyone tomorrow! I can't wait to see all the performances people have been working so hard on for ages.<br><I>The set's looking gr8 thanx to aaron's mum, the stage crew, claire newton (and me n sammy helped a wee bit too) ... sorry if i've missed out anyone there! Nerves and hyperness are kicking in now and i'm sure i'm not the only one. GO HORNSEA!!!!</I></B> Sian xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Davison, we rocked it last nite! <B>Emma-</B> how high did you get on that final jump!!!!! - u r fab!!!<br><B>A big shout out to MRS JAMES, MRS P and MRS BINNY. We couldn't have done it without u.<br>Backstage crew-</B> u were the best (and u can prove it with an award !!!)<br><B>Everybody was fab at the crawley heats ... i was impressed by every1, and boundstone were gr8. (And how cute were the junior kids from boundstone feeders!!!)<br><I>Bring on 11th may! Davison, we r gonna rock da house!!!</I></B><br>All my luv, hugs and kisses - becs (<B><I>dewick monster</I></B>!!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey you get out of our way because today is the day <B><I>longcroft</I></B> will blow u away! HEY! lol...<br>Well ... <B>2moro ... i'm so xcited.</B> Gud luck EVERYONE ... ur all amazing dancers!<br>xxxxxsarah kxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>ARCHIE CREW!!!!!!<br>2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!<br>Listen to MRS B - you know she talks sense.</I></B><br>ARCHIE IS FOR WINNERS!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMG i'm so excited!!!!! So is everyone at longcroft!! Best of luck tomorrow - Grimsby will be ace!!!</I></B><br>Remember our <B><I>sexy lil chant</I></B> and blow them away!!! It's one of the best pieces we've ever had n we're rock!!! <B><I>We've got everything this year: topless lads, girls in lycra, older people n younguns, drama, dance, costumes, make-up n chapers!!!!</I></B> SO GOOD LUCK LONGCROFT!!!! We're gonna be mint<br>Loads of luck n love, olivia!!!!!<br>xxxx leanne, tasha, ellie, erin , becky n everyone else ... we are the best nemos ever!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi every1 ... BAYSGARTH rules haha no offence to any of the other schoolz but we r the best<br><B>I can't wait till tomorrow ... i'm havin me hair died green ... whoo, it's gonna be sooo much fun</B><br>Our <B><I>dance</I></B> iz ace, the <B><I>rehearsals</I></B> r goin great !!!!! <B>Thanks to miss v</B> (did almost everythin - gd job, mrs v) (<I>Ed: got married too, eh ?</I> :)) <B>mrs s</B> (helped out wiv things) <B>mr m</B> (the scenery - it's ace - <B><I>we all luv u mr m</I></B>) <B>mrs b</B> (sewing and stuff - sadly broke her wrist) <B>and the sixth formers and every1 else who helped out doin stuff ... thanx</B><br>Baysgarth rules - we r the best<br>gooooooooooooooooooo <B><I>baysgarth</I></B> whoooooooooooooo !!!!!<br>Hollie and tasha k the jokers hehehe lol <br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>GRIMSBY TOMORROW!!!!----<I>BAYSGARTH</I> </B>ALL THE WAY, THEY ARE SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!!- WHOOOOOOO<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>PEOPLE PEOPLE!! It's rock challenge tomorrow!!!! Jack- no more hyper maths lessons for a while :(</B><br>OMG i have a feeling this year is going to be an awesome one for <B><I>BAYSGARTH</I></B>- we are looking hotter than hot this year. - so watch out!!!<br><B>I sincerely wish all the schools the best of luck when competing tomorrow- Can't wait to see all the performances- going to be another amazing day of rock challenge.<br>Good luck to all my fellow year 10 science buddies- who have 2 exams in the morning :(--- but thankfully we have a bus to catch straight after!- whoo!!- so i will see you all in the morning!<br>Argh ... better go revise!<br>Love you all, you mad tea pots!</B> BAYSGARTH all the way!<br>xxxxxxxxxxxxxx SUPER LAURENZO xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>TOMORROW IS D-DAY!</B> (Or should that be B-Day for Baysgarth? :)<br><B>It's that time of year again when we can all go CRAZY over Rock Challenge and have a WHAM! BHAM! CRASH-ING! day at Grimsby Auditorium!<br>Everyone I'm sure is gonna be great tomorrow.</B> (But Baysgarth will be best :P) And we'll all be there with our I'M A LITTLE TEAPOT and FLASH! AH-AH! chants (no one go stealing them this time... <B><I>IT'S A BAYSIE THING!</I></B>)<br><B>Good luck to everyone and try not to get too excited (Yeah right! If I'm there I'll have loads of people going crazy!) Tomorrow would be the perfect day of general fun stuff, but thanks to the GCSE people its dampened by SCIENCE GCSE MODULES! Still, even though this dampener is on the day, I'm gonna ROCKA on in style! HAVE A GREAT DAY!<br>PS CHEERS TO: Mrs "SV" Valentine, Mr "Scrutonator/Screwballs" Scruton, Natalie "Natbags" Smith and EVERYONE ELSE AT BAYSGARTH</B>... THE BEST ROCKA SCHOOL OF THEM ALL!<br>PPS <B><I>If you drive by a car with a MASSIVE superman logo on a pole stuck to a car tommorow... DON'T BE ALARMED! It's only Michael!</I></B><br>(<I>Ed: oooh nooo .... Mikey's not loose on the roads again, is he ?? Is that going to be Superman AND a piratical flag as well, or just the Superman one ??<br>John (Editor :))</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br><B>I go 2 lowton community sports college and my school is entering rock challenge this year. From all the photos it looks really good & i'm looking forward even more forward to it</B><br>C ya then - meg xxx :O)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> AAAAHHHHHHH Hello People!!!!!! It's Rachel M N Tassia W here!<br>Just wanna say <B>can't wait for tomorro and gud luk 2 everyone there!! Gonna be such a great day!!!</B><br>Sooo here we go "ooooooooooooooooooooooo HEY, Hey you, get out of our way cos today is the day Longcroft will blow u away" :)<br>Love ya all at <B><I>Longcroft</I></B> ... MWAH<br>Love - Rach n Tassia x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG OMG, it's nearly here, i can't wait, i'm nervous (but a good nervous), can't wait 2 get there and get sort everything out.<br><I>Baysy</I></B> is da best... we are the baysy heroes oh we are the ones that gunna last 4eva..think of spiderman and cool superman...<br>and remember WHAT WE DO IS WHAT U JUST CAN'T DO. WHAT WE DO IS WHAT U JUST CAN'T DO....<br>GO BAYSGARTH<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiaa Everyone ..<br><B>Can't Wait Till Tomorrow !<br>Big Birthday Shout-Outs To Mee =D<br>Hope all Of Matthew Humberstone Year 10 Do Gurdd In Their Science Exam !<br>Can't Wait .. Tomorrow Gonna B Ace ! =P<br>Gurd Luck All The Other Schools =)</B><br>Lots of Love .. Kelliee ( <B><I>Matthew Humberstone</I></B> ) x X x - X - x X x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya every1<br><B>I can't wait for the rock challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have neva done this competition before and i'm really looking forward 2 it.<br>My school - lowton community sports college - hasn't entered before either so this will be a new one for us. Our team leader (Mrs Winstanly) has entered before and she has won best choreographer :)<br>A big thank-you to all our team, and a BIG BIG BIG good luck to ALL competitors at the carlisle sands centre on april the 21st. I hope you all do well in the competition and that you had a good time designing costumes, hair and make up.<br>I've really enjoyed my time working with my school and we're still trying to have a really good time while making our performance.<br>Once again, good luck to all competitors and hope you have fun on the day. We look forward to seeing you there as this will surely be a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>C u soon - lorna (<B><I>lowton community sports college</I></B> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey rocky-c! How excitinggggggg! It's tomozz!! Woooooooooooooooooooooo!</B><br>Had <B><I>dress rehearsal today</I></B> and it was soooooooo mint - everyone looked so good in all their clothes!!<br><B>This year has beeen ace!! Can't wait to showcaseee our performanceeee!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Made loadssss of mint buddaaysss...alreadyy! Hehehe!<br>Can't wait to see everyone's performances and show ourss!!! See you all tomoz....bright and earlyy! Mwahhhh!</B><br>Love - gracieeeeeeeeeee-hornsea!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG !! It's Tomorroowww !! I'm Sooo Excited Right Now lol !!<br>Can't Wait To C Evryone Elses n Show U All Ours<br>Good Luck To ALl Those Competing n C'ya Tomorrowww</B><br>x x x Danni - x x x (<B>Matty Humbo</B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone. Sarah, ex Hornsea team member here.<br><B>I can't believe it's been a year since last year's rock challenge - so much has happened since then and it's just gone past so quickly.<br>I miss Hornsea loads ... I had some fantastic years there, made some brilliant friends, and was involved in rocka for five years. I remember seeing Hornsea's 2000's piece about wars and it blew me away and knew then I wanted to be in it. I've loved every part, and it was great making friends from loads of different schools as well who I still talk to now.<br>It was so rewarding last year to be part of the choreography team (although many weeks were spent in pot with a broken toe, i still got up and got involved whilst on my crutches!) and to be made co-host was one of my proudest moments representing my school.<br>I hope everything goes well tomorrow for you, Hornsea. I wish I could have made some of your rehearsals or popped in just to support you.<br>A big hello to Mrs Hylton as well ... I miss everyone, and I'll be cheering for you!<br>Also, good luck to everyone taking part in their upcoming heats - you'll be brilliant.</B><br>Lots of love - Sarah Rogers<br>(OIIII HORNSEA WE LOVE YOU OI OI OI)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello to everyone!!<br><B>Just a quick note to everyone at the Crawley rock challenge yesterday! I was in the Boundstone performance as one of the main dancers but I just wanted to say how amazing all of the other dances were (We really didn't expect to win!) and all of the other schools were so kind and I hope I made a few new friends!<br>Loads of love to everyone!</B><br>Marc Y (Co-Host for <B><I>Boundstone</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well done to everyone from <B><I>BOUNDSTONE</I></B>! We totally rocked hehe<br><B>Thanx, miss blake, miss atkins and all the teachers! =D<br>Woohoo! We won!</B><br>Lv ya all - Georgie xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to everyone who took part in rock challenge last night (at crawley) it was a great night!<br><I>Thanks to every1 at bognor for doin their best and gettin us into the finals!<br>ps thanks to emma, jenny and sue</I></B> xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Let's go hornsea - gd luk 2 <B><I>hornsea</I></B> ****************<br><br>++++++++++++<br> GOOD LUCK <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! <B>CNT WAIT XXXX</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Wooooooooooo ... we cnt wait for tomoz to show our brill piece<br><B>Gd luk 2 every1 else competing n we cnt wait to see the other premier schools - we're sure they'll b great!!!!</B><br>Love - bekki.k lottie.b and amy.t from <B><I>hornsea</I></B> - woooooooo****<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Hornsea</I></B> is looking soooooooooooooo good ... cnt wait to see it all on stage with lighting n that ... gonna be ace n soooooooooo original ... they is gonna rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooo<br>Love ya - hornsea mwahhhhxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow wow wow wow ... i can't wait - it's 2morra<br>Gud luk every1. I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited - have fun</B><br>Love - charlotte w xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woooooooooooooo! 1 day 2 go! Can't wait til Grimsby 2moro - it's gna b MINT!<br>Gud luk 2 every1 competing in the open heat! Hope u do well!<br><I>We're really lukin 4ward 2 performin! Thnx 2 every1 involved with hornsea school rock challenge - wouldn't be wer we wer wivout u guys! Thnx!</I><br>OMG i'm soooooooo xcited! C u all ther</B><br>xxxxx Lizzie T - <B><I>Hornsea</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Good luk <B><I>hornsea</I></B><br>We luv u all ... it will b gr8 ... n <B>gud luk 2 every1 els dat is goin 2 grimsby 2mora</B><br>Luv - lottie amy bekki n charlie<br>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wooooooooooooooooooooo rock challenge tomorrow!!!!!!!! Can't wait - it's gonna be soooooooooooo fun :)<br><I>Our piece is looking soooooooooo good especially the last run we did today ... omg it looked sooo good</I><br>Good luck everyone!!!</B><br>Love ya - lottie b (<B><I>hornsea</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey to all u teapots out there!!!!!!!!<br><B><I>Baysgarth</I></B> have done so well this year with all the enthusiasm and great team effort!!!!!!!<br><B>Good luck to all the schools taking part in any area of this year's rock challenge!!!!!!<br>Unfortunately it's my last rock challenge and i'll miss it greatly, but as usual i look forward to the fun-filled day tomorrow at grimsby!!!!!!<br><I>I'm even looking forward to wearing the cat-woman outfit (you guys from baysy know what i mean!!!!!!!!)<br>Thanks as usual to all the great people including sarah and mr s</I><br>C u tomorrow</B> ... lots of love - natalie (natlie, nat bags, etc etc) xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>HORNSEA have just had their dress rehearsal and it's all come together perfectly ready for tomorrow!!!</I><br>Mrs Webb</B> needs a mention cos the costumes just looked amazing...<br><B>Mrs Hylton</B>, that radical idea of yours definitely was a good one!<br>Thank-you to everyone who's made Hornsea's 10th Rock Challenge a <B>BRILLANT</B> one.<br><B>SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Whooo miss owens - your air guitar and splits combo was fantastic! Well deserving the orange inflatable guitar that we won wooo!</B> (Great for bashing you over the head with!)<br><B>Get miss tear to put a message on here - it's soo cool!</B><br>This is like my third, i rock! <B>I don't want that to be my last rock challenge tho it might be depending on which college i go etc! Boo hoo! But i aspire to be a volunteer when i'm 18! Go me!<br>Well done and good luck to all schools, and remember: above everything else HAVE FUN!</B><br>Lots of love - lucy, lucifer w, from <B><I>HAMBLE</I></B>!!! (clap clap clap)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>BRUNE PARK</I></B> ROCK THE HOUSE WAHOOOO!!<br><B><I>OMG can't believe we won</I></B> ... we didn't even think we wud get placed let alone win it!<br><B>Well done to all the other schools - u wer all gr8, especially ridgeway house!!<br>Gd luck 2 evry1 for the finals - portsmouth guildhall, here we come!!</B><br>Love - kim xxx (and jodie, part of the reado rockers committee) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>News from Mitch at the Fab Rocka Office (but it's sad) ... Evesham High School, Worcestershire, have just pulled out from Bradford. I've updated the Tour Calendar accordingly<br>John - Editor - in the rain</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> I've received the <B>Southampton results</B> overnight and have now - just - got them edited and uploaded to the website - click on the "RESULTS TOO" link (above) to get to them<br>John (Editor)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Oh Gosh - there's just 1 day left!!! Starting to get nervous now!!! :)</B><br>Once again, <B>good luck to all the schools - particularly at the regional event tomorrow in Grimsby! I am sure we will have a cracking day!</B><br>Come on Baysgarth - let's do us all proud! We can do it - and I know we will succeed!!!<br><B>Best of Luck to all..... see you tomorrow!!!! :)</B><br>Jack the Riddler Diddler (<B><I>Baysgarth School</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 6th 2006</b></font></p> <p>HEYAZ!<br><B><I>Rocka is going to be amazing this year! Thank-you to EVERYONE involved for giving 100% effort in the dancing and to all the people helping with make up, hair, costumes, scenery... just... EVERYTHING! THANK-YOU and I love you all!!</I></B><br>It's amazing how much the dancing has really improved since last week,(thanks to a lot of shouting and constructive critisism) and we have got it perfect just in time!<br><B>Thank-you soooooooooo much to Mrs V and Mr Scruton for everything you always do and to Mr Mellors for doing the Scenery. WE LOVE YOU!!<br>Phew! I'm just so hyper and can't wait till Wednesday Night!! <I>Rock on my Teapots!!</I></B><br>Love from Sofi the Sexy Teapot!! (or just Miss America!) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well done everybody at <B><I>Longcroft - today's rehearsal was fab!</I> I can't wait till Wednesday! :)</B><br>Just thought i'd add a bit to the last message - forgot to thank the <B>costume designers</B> :P<br>x x x X Emilee X x x x x <B><I>Longcroft</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya Everyone!<br><B>Two days to go and we can't wait! Can't believe how quickly its come around again. Can't wait to see all the other schools.</B><br><I>Well done to the whole team! Can't wait to see it in costume tomorrow.</I><br><B>Good Luck to everyone competing this year!</B><br>Luv - Sammy and Darryl from <B><I>Hornsea</I> (We're in the right type of mood!)</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!<br><I><B>Soooo excited now! 2 days to go!</B><br>Big congratulations to <B>everyone</B> at Longcroft for the hard work and commitment put into rehearsals this year! We rock!<br>Big thankyou to <B>mac and bhuyan and the rest of the team</B> for everything they have done this year and hopefully we will do them proud! <B>Special mention to my friends</B> in rock challenge who keep me going throught the long( but wonderful!!) rehearsals.....Olivia, Ellie, Tasha, Erin, Becky, Norton, Jade, Bekah, Lucia, Nat, Sarah, Emily, my baby Beth and of course all ma boys! Can't wait!!!!<br><B>Good luck to all the other schools on wednesday!</B></I><br>Hey! Hey you! Get out of our way because today is the day LONGCROFT will blow you away!!! HEY! :)))<br>Love - Leanne M (<B><I>longy</I></B>!!) xxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Awww! Well done, guys at Corfe Hills! I was stunned at ur amazing show! U were great (and the nicest school by far! Well ... maybe i'm just biased cause we spent more time with u guys! :)</B><br>I hope everyone at rock challenge at southhampton loved mine and liz's rendition of bonny tyler's "<B><I>Turn Around</I></B>" ! hehe<br>I would have sent this msg earlier but have only just become alive again after the long day lol<br>Sian - <B><I>crickhowell high</I></B>!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey cockermouth crew<br><i><B>Rehearsals</B> went really good 2nite, even if we do drive the havard meister mad. (<B>We love u really, miss havard</B> :)</i><br>OMG ... <B>4 more rehearsals till carlisle</B>. C'mon guys, let's make it good. We can do it.<br>It is looking really good, and now the <B><I>soundtrack</I></B> etc is done, we are good 2 go. <B><I>Can't wait till carlisle and can't wait 2 see my otha peeps - emma t, carl, natalie... really can't wait 2 c ya.</I><br>One downside to my costume--- LYCRA??? Oh ye gods no !!! :)))</B><br>Sam - <B><I>cockermouth school</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey....<br><B><I>Baysgarth</I></B> are the best. <B><I>Rock Challenge seems 2 be better every year - keep up the fantastic work, peeps.<br>Mrs V and MR S as usual putting 150% in and same goes to all dancers, backstage crew, make-up, costumes,etc etc...</I></B><br>Just watch out, other schools, coz we're here and full of enthusiasm ready for anything.....<br>Lv yaz all<br>Go BBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYSSSSSSSGGGGGAAAARRRRTTTTHHHH!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heeeyyyyy people of <B><I>Longcroft</I></B>!!!<br><B>Can't wait til wednesday!!!! <I>It's lukin soo gud now, thanks to everyone's hard work, and especially Mac n Bhuyan!!!</I><br>Good Luk 2 all the other schools 2... wooohooooo!</B><br>Love - Rachel N Ellie x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOOHOO! OMG ... NOT LONG NOW, GUYS!!!!! YEY!!!!! I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED! I CANT WAIT TO SEE WAT THE OTHER SKWLS HAV GOT!!!<br><I>Hornsea</I></B> is lookin so amazin ... <B><I>Big thanx to all da choreographers n stage crew n miss hylton - u guys r workin sooooo hard n i know everyone appreciates it!!</I></B><br>COME ON HORNSEA WE CAN DO IT WOOOOO<br>Lv ya all - michaela xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Hey Cowes High!!! Well done guys.... just heard bout ur amazin win last week!!!!<br>Totally miss u all...good luck for the final!!!</I></B><br>Lauren Casson (<B><I>previous global rocker</I></B>!!!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey<br><B>Well done to all schools that have won so far and Good luck to all schools still to perform and in the finals.<br><i>Hey to the Peterhead Crew. Mhairi- thanks for your message (and thank you for the support from yourself and the crew) and the same to you - if you have any fundraising events give me a shout and I will try and get some of the St Machar crew to come along to support Peterhead and meet u all since we missed each other 'cause we performed on different days.<br>If not, I m sure we will meet in Grimsby. Also I hope your rehearsal is going well and that u r all looking 4wards to Grimsby like we are.<br>Hey to Torry as well R u looking 4wards to the northern finals ? Hope everything is going well and that you put on an amazing performance like you did up in Aberdeen day 1.</i><br>Good Luck again to all schools</b> - Claire<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Tea pots rock!<br>Good luck to everyone at baysgarth.<br><B><I>Big thanx to mr scruton and miss v and everyone else who has put lots of effort in. We have worked well together as a team.</I></B><br> *lauren*- (spider woman) (<B><I>baysgarth</I></B>) xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>FLASH!<br>ARRRRRR!</B><br>should really be<br>AIN'T NO STOPPING US NOW!<br><B><I>rehearsals</I></B> going great!<br><B><I>effort</I></B> at an all time high!<br>and those <B><I>t-shirts</I></B> make us look suave!<br>COME ON <B><I>BAYSGARTH</I></B>!<br>L x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMG.... i never knew my air guitar was so good!!<br>Well done to the whole Hamble Crew! You made a good day a great day and I am so proud of you all. You performed so well and deserved even more than your 4th place. Hope that you keep going with it next year...<br>HAMBLE ROCKS!!! ;OP</I></B><br>Miss Owens<br><br>++++++++++++<br> We are <B><I>baysy</I></B> n we will win - we're the best hahahaha<br><B>Thanks miss v - ure the best teacher we cud wish 4 - and mr scruton, u r ace<br>Thank-you 2 evry1</B><br>Jordanne xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helllooooo!!<br>I'm in such a good mood to say it's a Monday! :-))<br><B>Emma -</B> Nope :-( No calls at all. Received messages though, hehe! I still want to know what the call I missed was about! Hope your exams are going fab! Just think...if Ditzy can do it (aka Me)...and pass...then you defo can! :-)) PS Loved the music last night, it well suited!<br><B>Heather -</B> I was around at dinner, you weren't lol! See you soon!<br>Anyhow back to Rocka... sorry for that little side track! (I often just go off on one!)<br><B>Hope you're all doing fab! Seems like everyone's caught Rocka Fever (if there ever was such a thing!) I know I have! Lol! Can't wait for Bradford!</B><br>Anyhow, gonna go! Got to go make myself look "prettyful" lol! Going out for Lauren's (CF) and Viki's birthday! Happy Birthday Hun(s)!<br>Keep Rockin' Guys :-D<br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br>PS Hey John! Hope you're doing well!<br>(<I>Ed: we is well, Stacey - couldn't be otherwise ... we'll be at our first Rocka Event of the tour on Wednesday</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br>Superteapots r gonna win!<br>Evrythin's goin great! <B>Thanx 2 mrs v, mr s, mrs b n WE LUV U MR MELLORS!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Gd luk 2 evry1... ul need it!<br>Luv - sam x (joker) <B><I>baysgarth</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG OMG can't wait till wednesday<br><I>Scenery</I></B> luks fab ... <B>thank-u so much Mr Mellors for all the work you put into doin that 4 us!!!!!!!!!!!!! We luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br><B>Thank-u so much, nats</B>, 4 everyfin that u've dun, n all the <B>stage crew, make-up n every1 especially mis B hu has just broken her wrist :(</B><br>Gud luk 2 all the other skwls but watch out coz the teapots r comin 2 grimsby!!!!!!!<br>Luv ya all x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Jenny x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Baysy</I></B> r da best !!!!!!!! The <B><I>dancers</I></B> r lookin fantabulous, the <B><I>scenery</I></B> is fantastic, the <B><I>music</I></B> is gr8, <B><I>theme</I></B> fabulous, it's perfect he he. Gd luck baysgarth x x x x x x x x x xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Baysgarth</I></B> are awesome.....end of...<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>THE TEAPOTS ARE COMING!</I></B><br>Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's <B><I>BAYSGARTH-MAN</I></B>!<br>We are all ready to go. <B>FINALLY</B>! and I eventually finished me windows! (I hope!) WE WILL ROCKA YOU ALL!<br>To everbody at the Baysgarth Team... YOU ALL LOOK GREAT! <B>Enjoy it, keep your chin up, and remember to STRETCH!</B><br>BAYSGARTH ARE COMING....... 8th MARCH 2006 (And so is Superman! [Hint, Hint!])<br>John (again)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!!<br>YAY 4 LA AMAZIN TEA POTS !!<br><B>Gud luk every1..<br>Thanks mrs v n mr scruton!!<br><I>Baysgarth</I></B> iz gona win.. as usual =D<br>Luv - the bestest jokers in the world ... Sam n TashTash xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi! It's hannah from <B><I>baysgarth</I></B><br><B>Rock challenge is goin really well<br>Hope everyone does well</B><br>May the best win (baysgarth)<br>Gooooooooooooooo baysgarth!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Haylo!<br><B><I>Baysgarth</I></B> are so gonna win =P<br>2 days n i can't wait! OMG!<br>Gud luk 2 every1.. [even tho ur gonna lose x]<br>Lvlv - Tash (Joker =D)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all<br><B><I>Rehearsals</I></B> r fantastic as usual. We are ready for wednesday 4 sure, and we're gonna be the best there.<br>Good luck, guys, and enjoy the performance<br><B>Fanx 2 Mrs V and Mr S for all their hard work and effort as usual.</B><br>C ya l8r<br>GO BAYSGARTH WHOOOOOOOOOO<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Come on sexy teapots!!!!!! We can do it!! lol! 2 days!!!!!!!<br><B>Woohoo - gud luck every1!!! Hope all goes wel!</B> May the best skool win! lol! <B>Cannot wait! Soooooooooo excited!!!</B> Let's go, baysy, let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol hehe!<br>Love - amy n gemma (jokers!)(<B><I>baysgarth</I></B>)!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx<br><B>PS ta 2 miss v n mr scruton n mr mellors n mrs billinger n all other ppl tht have helped in sum way frm costumes to set!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ... rock challenge was amazin! I loved every minute of it AND we came in first place</I></B> - helllllllllllll yer, we cme first in our heats woooooooooooooooo!<br>C all u winners at the final and <B>well done to everyone and good luck to all the others !!!!!</B><br>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lv rosie frm <B><I>brune park</I></B> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi! <B><I>Rehearsals</I></B> r going great and the scenery is looking great too<br><B>Thanks 2 every1 that has put loads of their time in to help and thanks 2 mrs v and mr s - we will all do fine and have loads of fun<br>Can't wait till wednesday. Good luk to all the schools in rock challenge - you will b great too ... enjoy</B><br>Shep (poison ivy) <B><I>baysgarth</I></B> xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Baysgarth</I></B> are number one!!!!<br>Can't wait till wednesday and our fab performance. Keep up the good work and don't worry - <B><I>I'll go easy with the make-up</I></B>.<br>Lotsa - love Sammie<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Can't wait till wednesday!!! I'm sooooooooooo EXCITED!!!<br>Good luck to all the schools going to Grimsby *see you all there*<br><I>I'd jus like to express my thanks to Mrs Hylton (ur the best!!!) Thank-you sooooo much for letting me b part of Hornsea school's rock challenge choreography team - it has been the best experience ever and i have thoroughly enjoyed it :D (It will def. b something i will never 4get!!!)</I><br>GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!</B><br>Love ya - kaye xxxx (<B><I>HORNSEA</I></B>)<br>WE LOVE YA HORNSEA WE DO,<br>WE LOVE YA HORNSEA WE DO,<br>OHHHH.... HORNSEA WE LOVE U... OI,OI,OI XXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya guys!!! I'm in a really <B><I>hyper</I></B> mood and i'm sat in ma maths class wid evri1 lukin at me as if i'm a weirdo! (But bein hyper is fun!!!!!!)<br><B>Emma-</B> on study leave!!!!!! Dat's nt fair ... hu wil i ave ma girly chats wid?? I ope u'll b dwn 2morrow or i'll b al alone!!!<br><B>Stacey</B> aka stanley aka anteni stacey!!- i hope ur gunna b der 4 our girly chats lolololol!!<br><B>I hope evri1 is havin lots of fun - good luk 2 evry 1!!</B> I hope u cn b as hyper as me now - it's sooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!<br>Ryt, i'm off now ... i'm gonna attempt 2 play sum mafs games bu i fink der 2 ard!!! :S:S:S:S:S<br>Cyaz - heather (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyy!!!<br>We is on <B><I>study leave</I></B> n we jus dun our <B><I>lit exam</I></B> :(((!!!! (I dnt like eng exams lol!!!)<br><B><I>Comp crashd</I></B> las time i put messg up n it din't go fru :((!!!<br>I ope all yr 11s are avin as much fun as we are in lessons atm :S (<B><I>sarcasm</I></B>!!!)<br>Jus ad my dinner and am goin in 2 c peeps in music!! (N 2 wrk on our <B><I>drama final per4mance</I></B>!!! 'Tis gonna b ace.... eventually!!! :)<br><B>Stace -</B> nemre missd calls??? Or received calls tha include a conversation?? (Hpe ya liked all my emotional/hyper/dwn music las nite!!!)<br><B>GUD LUK 2 ALL SKOOLS AT NEXT EVENT!!!! <I>(Baysgarth have got a lot of fans!!! Bn readin all ur messages!!!)</I></B><br>U still in yorkshire, john??? Cz tis freezin as usual!!! Am walkin 2 school in the ice lmao!!!<br>Well, i'm comin 2 rehearsals if they r on 2nite, guys, so c y'all ther!!!!<br>Emma B<br>(<I>Ed: still in Yorkshire, Emma, and still snow patches in the garden pretty much everywhere the sun hasn't shone ... brrrr !</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>WOW!!!!!!!! I can't wait until the showcase performance of baysgarth school on wednesday!</I></B> I've seen all the <B><I>rehearsals</I></B> and made out <B><I>my plan for the film (to make people look even more fabulous!)</I></B> The <B><I>t-shirts</I></B> are ace - we are <B>all</B> super heroes in them!<br><B>Can't wait! Good luck, everybody</B>.... Amy :-)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WHAM! BHAM! CRASH!</B> - we will rocka you! -------<B>FLASH</B>--- ah- ah ------ <B><I>BAYSGARTH</I></B> - init mate. .great mate.<br>Baysgarth are ace... end of..<br>Lauren, Katty, John...<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to all in the regional event at Grimsby on March 8th.</B><br>Our entry for this year is looking great - the <B><I>super hero theme</I></B> was a great idea! I know we will all succeed.<br><B><I>We are show-casing this year, so</i> best of luck to all the schools competing! Here's to a great day!<br>Thanks as always to Mrs V and Mr S - what would we do without you?! :)<br>Can't wait now, good luck to all - just 2 days left!!!</B><br>Jack the Riddler Diddler...<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Gud luk 2 every1 in the N. PREM in April! We can't wait!!</B><br>Gud luk agen frm <B><I>da Archie Crew!!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!<br><B><I>Congrats to everyone at Baysgarth. We have all worked so hard and everything looks brilliant. Whether we win anything or not (we'll definitely win something) everyone has done so well and the routine looks fab.</I></B><br>All that's left to say is <B>good luck and may the best school win</B> (and we will)<br>Lotsa love - Sammie<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Come on mighty smeaton! We can do this...<br><B>Good luck to everyone competing today at Crawley and all in this fab competition!</B><br>Come on, smeaton!!!<br><B><I>John Smeaton Community High School in Leeds! Woooooo!!<br>Love u guys!</I></B><br>Adam n Jules n Jo Po!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Good luck to everyone at Baysgarth on wednesday!!!</I></B><br>I'm going to help you all look even more FABULOUS than you already are with <B><I>my funky lighting designs!</I></B><br>The whole Baysgarth Entry is looking FANTABULOUS! The <B><I>scenery</I></B> is fantastic, <B><I>thanks to Mrs V. and Natalie (Nat Bags) and all the rest of the Art Block Crew</I></B> (but if we have to paint ANY more windows we will go CRAZY!) The <B><I>dancing</I></B> is looking fantastic and everyone is giving 100%. Not forgetting the <B><I>costumes</I></B> which are ace thanks to <B><I>Mrs B (who's broke her wrist now :()</I></B> Plus we all get to be super heroes! YAY!<br>IT WILL BE SENSATIONAL! GOOD LUCK! (<B>And good luck to everyone in Yr 10 who has their science exam in the morning too!</B>)<br>John (<B><I>Baysgarth</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 5th 2006</b></font> (33 messages)</p> <p>Where is the rc finals and when??????????????<br>Emily<br>++++++++++++<br><I>It's on the website's 2006 Tour Calendar, Emily - <a href="cal2006.htm#opena">click here to go there</a></I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya<br>OMG ... rocka in 2 days ... yaaaaaay! (I'm counting it down. I m so excited)<br>I just came on agen 2 say <B><I>a big thanx 2 Mrs Hylton, da choreographers n every one else involved in hornsea rock challenge dis yr</I></B>.<br>Apart from dat, I want 2 wish <B>gud luk 2 all da otha skools out der, n Archbishop Thurstan- I hope u hav a gud showcase on da 21st of March (<I>GO AMY B</I> :) n i can't wait till June da 3rd wen we c everyone in Grimsby.</B><br>Once agen gud luck from Aaron B (Hornsea Team)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> C'mon <B><I>baysgarth</I></B>, you can win this year. I've seen u at practices - <I>the effort ur all putting in is amazing - <B>especially you, miss v and mr scruton!!!</B></I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Ashfield Girls.<br><B><I>Boy, are things looking good. Keep up the great work. Remember. keep dancing, keep practising, keep smiling and most of all keep on rockin.</I></B><br>And last but NOT least <B>STAGE CREW... are you all set??????</B> Set ?? Get it? <B>Stage !... Set !... oh, never mind!!!!</B><br>LET'S GO, <B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>... LET'S GOOOOOO.<br>x x x x LOVE - SPARKLE x x x x <br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiyaaa Guys<br>Well, Just Done Our <B><I>Dress Rehearsal Today</I></B>. Costumes lookin Fab .. <B>Can't Wait To C Evry1 Elses. Not Long Now - Only 3 Days WooHoo!!<br>Hope To C Sum of yaz on Wednesday !!</B><br>Luv From Me ... x x Dani ( <B><I>Matty Humbo</I></B> )<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya<br><B>OMG i can't wait till Wed 8th - I'm so pleased i got into the team again as i luved it last year.<br>Good Luck to Everyone taking part in rock challenge this year ... it's a brilliant thing to be involved in and i always make loads of new friends in the Hornsea team but also people from other teams!!!!!<br>Cyas on wed</B> - annie xxx<br>Go <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B>!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Baysgarth</I></B> will win!! Good luck to you all! (Good work on the dance routines! :)<br>Lovelove - Dave (<B><I>backstage</I></B>) x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I just wanted 2 say <B>a great big Fank-U 2 every1 hu has put in so much effort<br>The biggest fank-u 2 Mrs V n Mr Scruton - u are both FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!<br>Good luk 2 all the other skwls 4 wednesday</B><br>We're gna b amazin (as usual) x x x x x x x x x<br>Jenny (Miss America) and Jade B from <B><I>Baysgarth</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all my ppl at longcroft!! Our <B><I>rehearsal</I></B> rocked today n we are amazing! Every1's done so well this year and i think it's a really good piece... so good luck to every1 - u will be fab!!<br><B>See all da ova skools on wednesday, n good luck to u all as well!!!! Ciao!!!<br>Much love</B> - ellie b (<B><I>longcroft school and performing arts college</I></B>) mwah x x x x<br>ps <B>thanks to miss mack, boyun etc 4 all da work they've done ... they're fab!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> HIYA EVERY1<br><B>I can't wait till Rocky C on Wednesday - it's gonna b sooooo fab!<br><I>Our performace is brill dis year! (I'd say even beta dan BOND!</I><br>C every1 der!</B><br>Jade, Krista, Tasha n Bex XXXXXXXXXXXXX<br><I>PS <B>LONGCROFT</B> ARE THE BEST!</I> (<B>and we all luv TIM!</B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Go baysgarth!</I></B><br>Rehearsals are great. We're gonna win. We are ace. Our scenery is amazing - so are costumes and the tee shirt<br><B>Can't wait till wednesday - it's so much fun !!! Everyone is enjoying themselves. Thanks, crew, for making it soooo much fun. Thanks to all the teachers and 6th-formers for bossing people around - it helps! Thanks!<br>Can't wait - whooooo !!!</B><br>xxx baysgarth's the best xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> GO YOU TEA POTS!!!!!!<br><B>Good luck to baysgarth and the other schools taken part!!!!<br>Thanx for the set, Mr Mellors - we luv u!!!<br>And a gr8 thanx to all the ppl tht helped out with the costumes - they're fab!!<br>But most of all Mr Scruton nd Mrs Valentine - thanx a lot for giving us the chance to do this!!!</B><br>!!!!Go <B><I>Baysgarth</I></B>!!!!<br>Darcy<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I'm a lil teapot!!!!!!!!!!<br>Wel, i reeli think we r in wit a gud change lol! Hope our <B><I>show piece</I></B> goes gud on wednesday! <B><I>Cannot wait for our dance, hair, makeup, set 2 b revealed!</I><br>We love u, miss v n mr scruton! Thanks also 2 evry1 4 ther help on costumes, n mr mellors 4 set!</B><br>Wel, gud luck 2 all the otha schools! I think u may need it! lol! hehe ! No, reeli ... gud luck ppl!<br>Let's go, baysy, let's go!!!!!!!!!!<br.Amy g frm <B><I>baysy</I></B>!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Come on baysgarth - we've worked so hard 2 get into the premier final</I><br>Gud luk 2 every1 in the showcase at grimsby on wed</B><br>Lv - Nicola, Emma and Sophie B<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyyyyyy<br><B>OMG - 3 days till grimsby ... i'm real excited!!!!!</B><br>Friday's <B><I>rehearsal</I></B> was mint n i can't believe we made mrs.h cry hehehehehe (The bit <B>callum</B> duz is soo gd tho - it nearly made <B>me</B> cry :)<br><B>Gd luk every1 - cnt wait! See u on wednesday</B><br>Love - bekki.k from <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> ************************<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone<br>Our <B><I>rehearsal</I></B> today was kwl. The <B><I>costumes</I></B> look cool and for the first time ever i did a french plait<br>It was really kwl ... everything going kwl - just hope we're totally ready for wednesday lol<br><B>Good luck to everyone ...</B><br>Luv - mary (otherwise known as vamp) - <B><I>matthew humberstone</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>WOOO! We Won! Go Corfe Hills!<br>I can't believe we did it</I> (and especially in my last year of doing Rocka :(<br>Can't wait for the finals! They're gonna rock!<br>Also well done to Crickhowell High for coming a close second! You were amazing, and we were glad to share a dressing room with you, you were so friendly! Well done with the Costume award too - they were great!<br>Can't wait to do it all again and see all the schools at the Southern Open Finals!</B><br>Craig (<I>Corfe Hills Stage Manager</I>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wooooooooo - I can't wait for tomorrow!!! Rock Challenge has finally come!!! <I>Come on Boundstone; we can do it</I>!!!</B><br>* Bryony * ;p<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woooooooo ... not long till grimsby - wednesday !!! Oooh, i can't wait - it's going to be soooo good!<br>I'm sooo happy that i got to be in the team agen this year ... i had sooo much fun last yr, soo thnx<br>Cya ya all there, and gd luck every1</B><br>Mwahhhh - Lottie B<br>Ooooooooh <B><I>hornsea</I></B> we love you! HORNSEA HORNSEA HORNSEAxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>I'm a lil teapot<br>Short n stout<br>Here's my handle<br>Here's my spout<br>When the kettle's boiled<br>Hear me shout<br>Tip me up n pour me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</I><br>Come on, <B><I>baysgarth</I></B>!!!!!!! <B><I>Woohoo! Cannot wait 4 our showcase piece! Gud luck, ppl!!!!!</I></B><br>xxxxxxx (Baysgarth)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>COME ON BAYSGARTH! All that hard work is really going to pay off on wednesday</I><br>THANK-YOU MISS V AND MR SCRUTON!<br><I>Catwoman</I></B>... let me see your whips, ladies!<br>COME ON BAYSGARTH!<br><B>Good luck to all the other schools too</B><br>Laura C x :]<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Good luck to everyone at baysgarth for wednesday!</I></B> We're gonna do great as always :)<br>I also want to say <B>a big thank-u to miss v and the one and only scrutonator!</B><br>x stacey x <br><br>++++++++++++<br> BIG UP THE BAYSGARTH CREW!!!<br><B><I>Rehearsals went awesome today- we rocked!</i> Can't wait until Wednesday!<br>Good luck to all the schools competing- see you there!!</B><br>Love from the WONDERful Lauren x*x*x (<B><I>BAYSGARTH SCHOOL</I></B>!) --whoo-<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Emily - no, i'm not going to Itchen!</B> Hopefully i'm going up to Oxford to a College up there (if not <B><I>Barton Peveril</I></B>, but they do RC!)<br><B>However, good luck with getting the Itchen guys going - loads of my mates are going there and it would be great to see them doing Rocky Chal agin next year, and it would be great if you could get the college into it! :)</B><br>Ferni xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Crickhowell High School!!!! I knew we would do well!!!<br>Well done 2 everyone who took part and a big thanks to all the teachers.</B> We deserved it!!!<br><B>Bring on the final!!!! What a day - will be twice as good in May!</B><br>Well done, guys - Mike<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya evri1!<br><B>I cnt believe it's al started again - i'm sooo xited!! Wel dne everybody<br>Readin sum msgs ... evri's avin fun n gettin xcited bout der heats - lyk me n our skool - wahoooo!! Good luk evryone!!!</B><br>Newayz g2 dash - <B><I>english cw</I></B> 2 do :[<br>Cyaz - heather (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done to everyone from Somerton Middle Southampton Day 4<br>We won the Best Costume award, and I have just watched the DVD and it looks brilliant. All the hard work paid off in the end.<br>ROLL ON NEXT YEAR!!!<br>Also a big well done to the Year 7 netball teams, who must have been so tired after Rock Challenge but having to get up early on Saturday morning. It paid off - the A team were runners up and the B team came 3rd</I></B><br>Louise Southwell - <B><I>Somerton Liaison Teacher</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>!TO THE <B>WILDERN JUNIOR TEAM</B> ON FRIDAY 3RD MARCH!</I><br>You were <B><I>absolutely amazing!</I></B> I love you all so much - espesh. my section at the very beginning (even you, Katie and Abbie!) <B>I don't know how to thank you because you made my last ever Rock Challenges the BEST EVER!<br>Everyone at HENRY CORT- you were fab! Definitely deserved to win.</B> I loved playing all the card games with you during the rehearsals - <B><I>hilarious</I></B> trying to teach little James from my school to play (!)<br><I><B>Best of luck in the Southern Finals - i'll be cheering for you in the crowds.<br>GO TEAM HC! HENRY CORT WILL ROCK THE HOUSE</B>, AND <B>WILDERN</B> WILL TRY NEXT YEAR!</I><br>Ferni<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>We won! Whoooo - finals!!!</I><br>Well done to all the schools involved! They were all amazing!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you all again next year!</B><br>Christopher<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done and thanks to everyone in the Crickhowell Team - your performance of Alice was wonderful!!<br>A big thanks to all the parents who travelled from Wales to Southampton to support us - it was great to have you with us.</I></B><br>Mrs D<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>MRS T calling - Matty Humbo<br>Good Luck for Wednesday!! Rocka your Best!! Enjoy!!!</I></B><br>Sorry i have not been able to be with you all this year (missing you loads) but <B><I>you can do it! The stage crew will have your set ready, they are well trained and ready to go!</I> Dancers -</B> encourage them for me, <B>Stage Crew -</B> support the dancers for me - you are the crew!!!<br><B>Will miss the "teacher dance" on stage due to the knee operation but hopefully will be back next year fully fit (does anyone have the phone number of the million dollar man??? :))<br>Huggz 2 John, Dave and Tim - look after my team - will miss you, but I ll be back!<br>To all the participants - enjoy the day! Good luck to everyone, and keep the spirit of Rocka alive - the true natural high!!!!!<br>Rocka on!!</B><br>MRS T<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMG WE WON! Cowes High first place on wednesday the 1st of march! All that hard work reli payed off! Finals here we come!!!!!! Aaaa<br>Thanx 2 everyone - i had a great day and a great time generally and i get it all over again at the finals in may!<br>Thanx to miss segal and the rest of the crew that sorted everything!!!!</I><br>Good luck to all the schools who got through to the final with us<br>Aaaaaa ... excitement! (<I>That was a bit random but i am so psyched that we won!</I> :)<br>Luv rock challenge!!</B><br>Lawrence t (or larry as sum o u know me :D)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello <B><I>hornsea</I></B>! Jus sayin dat <B>i'm sooooooooooooo excited 4 the heat at grimsby!</B> I can't wait 2 show every1 our piece!!!<br><B>Gd luck 2 every1 else competin! I'm soo excited! :p :0 :)</B><br>Lv *x*x*x charlotte O *x*x*x<br>OH HORNSEA WE LOVE YOU OI OI OI!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 4th 2006</b></font> (21 messages)</p> <p>HEY HEY<br><B><I>WELL DONE!!! We made it at last, Barnhill!</i></b><br>You have made me so proud. I still can't believe how far we have come together and i can't tell you how proud i am ... <b><i>you all looked stunning!</i></b><br>I would like to thank you all for your help, enthusiasm and co-operation through these last few months - <b><i>and to miss shannon who was simply an angel and made all our dreams come true - thank you all!!!<br>Can't wait till next year!!!<br>BARNHILL 3RD!!! I love u !!!</I></B><br>James XXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey y'all<br><B>So so so so so excited bowt rocky.c!!!! We can't wait to perform our routine (n obviously meet tim coz we love him!!)<br>Hope every1 enjoys ther self coz us lot certinly will!!!<br>We love ya all!!!</B><br>And remember................ <I><B>longcroft</B> rock</I>!!!!<br>Luv y'all ... laterz - Krista, Tasha, Jade, Becky!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiyaa Everyone - Dani (<B><I>Matty Humbo</I></B>) ere<br><B>Can't believe Rocky is on Wednesday. Where has the time gone lol! Can't Wait to c y'all.<br>Good Luck To All The Schools Competing.</B><br>Luv Yaz All - Dani x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! I just had to post again! <B>In our dance lesson yesterday we watched our performance of RC and we looked amazing! Well done Hamble!<br>Thanks to the lovely Regents Park girlies that we did set study with! You guys rock and totally deserved to get placed! All the best with your GCSEs! Keep up the great work with set study!!<br>I hope i can take part in Rock Challenge at college next year otherwise it was my last one :(<br>Rock Challenge is an amazing competition to get involved with ... thanks to the whole RC team and everyone involved/supporting it! Not forgetting all the schools/colleges taking part - without you, it would be nothing! (I hope to be on the rock challenge team when i'm 18!!) To everyone - Thanks!!!<br>All the best to the teams that got through to the finals! I hope to come watch you!!!</B><br>Lots of love - Emily xxxxx (Emeel)!! xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone at <B><I>Hornsea</I></B>... just a message from Callum-<br>The <B><I>rehearsal</I></B> on friday was so good ... you have all been so committed and last night showed it... because as everyone keeps saying, we made Mrs H cry! That's how much it means and I'm so excited for wednesday cos I know you will do the school proud.<br>Once again <B><I>Mrs Webb</I></B> has done a great job with the <B><I>costumes</I></B> (they look so effective) and - as always - the people involved with the <B><I>set</I></B> have made it look ace!!<br><B>KEEP IT UP, EVERYONE! SEE YOU ALL ON THE 8TH.</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B>I can't wait till wednesday - i get to do rock challenge for my first time ever!!!!!!!! - i can't w8! Thanks very much for pickin me 2 help represent da skool ... i'm soooooo happy!!!<br>Good luck 2 all da other skools in rock challenge and i can't w8 2 c wot da other skools are gonna do for their themes<br>I hope i will be able to do rock challenge again nxt year!!!!!!! Thanks mrs hylton ... thnks everyone!!</B><br>Emily from <B><I>hornsea</I></B> xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hellooo! Ain't been on in a while - well, since Thursday!<br>Hope all is going well. Hope you're all okay and having as much fun as we are!<br><B><I>"Teachers' Stars in Their Eyes" was fab, and i didn't blow anything up - suprisingly enough!</I> :-D<br>Wow, not long now till the Bradford heat. Can't wait!</B><br>Love - Stace xxx (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>) xxx<br>PS <B>Emma -</B> Missed calls :-((<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woooooooooooo! Rocka on wednesday! Can't wait!</B><br>Set looks amazing, guys, and costumes are ace!<br>Still can't believe we made the hylton cry! Hehe!<br><B>Can't wait to see every1's piece and to amaze everyone with ours!<br>Good luck everyone! Cya all weds! Wooo</B><br>Luv - sophie (<B><I>hornsea</I></B>)<br>OH HORNSEA WE LOVE YOU OI OI OI!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG ... we can't believe that we won last night!</B> As soon as they said <B><I>HENRY CORT</I></B> we all screamed and burst out crying cause we were all so happy<br><B>A HUGE THANK-U 2 all the skools cause they were very gd (especially Headington Skool - their dance piece was amazing) and the skool that we shared a changing room with were really supportive 2 us when we won!!!</B><br>OMG ... i just cnt believe that we won ... it's well kwl<br><B><I>Now we ave 2 practise twice as hard</I> - yey!!<br>We can't wait till the finals - it is gonna b sooooooo amazing</B><br>Love - Gemma M and <I><B>HENRY CORT</B> - THE WINNER OF 3RD MARCH</I> XXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>ROCKA ON TV NEWS:</B><br>Hey there!<br>Just to let people know that there was <B>a brief mention for Rock Challenge (specifically some of the Island schools) on Solent TV News on Thurs 2 March. It is available to view from their archive vault of news programmes at <a href="http://www.solent.tv/videoarchive.aspx" target="win2">http://www.solent.tv/videoarchive.aspx</a> although as it is the last item, you do have to sit through all the other "interesting" news of that day. Anyway, it's all good exposure for Rocka.<br>Enjoy!</B><br>ps Oh ... meant to ask - <B><I>anyone have any news on how Somerton and ABK did at Southampton last night?</I></B><br>Liz (<B><I>Cowes High</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: my Windows Media Player encounters a "Network error" whenever I try it</I> :(<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone!!<br>Looks like the 2006 tour is well underway!! Hope everyone had (<I>Ed: still having, I'd guess</I> :) a good week at southampton - i'm sure uz were all great!!!<br><B>There is soooooooooooo much snow up here! It's amazin!!</B><br>I was sledgin in the park today (woooo!) n where i was, the snow had all drifted and at the edge of the park if u ran n jumped in it was like up past ur waist nearly to your chest at some points!! It's crazy!!!<br>Any1 watchin the <B><I>eurovision possible entries?</I></B> If u are then the hip hop kinda one with the skl desks is a bit like our openin scene last year!! :))<br><B>Good luck to everyone still to perform!! I can't wait for the finals - they're gonna be great!!</B> (Have to organise trains n that soon!! Whooo hooo!!)<br>"We're all going to grimsby na na na hey na na na!!!"<br>Stuart (<B><I>ex peterheed</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Woooo!<br>Well, i'm a little late to write about soton day 3 but i haven't had a chance yet! <B>Thanks to everyone there for making the day soooo fun! Wooo - a big whoop to the uber fab rock challenge crew!<br>Also well done to everyone! RIDGEWAY HOUSE-</B> you rocked!! Congrats on your awards - you deserved them!<br><B>Prospect-</B> you were amazing - that was such a great first entry - you deserved to get placed, your piece was sooo good, gave me goosebumps!<br><B>Regents Park-</B> yours was amazing too - your beginning with the hoops was beyond fantastic!<br><B>Guys of Burford-</B> you were yummy! Hehehe!<br>Well, that's all for now ... <B>best of luck to Brune Park for the final</B><br>Lots of love - Lucy from <B><I>Hamble</I></B>! xxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Quick note to say <B>GOOD LUCK TO ANY1 PERFORMING ON THE 8TH! Can't wait for it - see you there.</B><br>Beccy T x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG it's on wednesday! I can't wait - it's gonna be so fun</B><br>We have a <B><I>rehearsal tomoz</I></B> - argh! So can't wait to get there and just have a laugh as per usual :)<br>If any of ya see a black-haired lass with a black tshirt on and baggy trousers (the tshirt saying vamp on the back) it's me - <B><I>come say hi and i'll wish ya good luck</I><br>Can't wait to see all the performances - cyaz on wednesday :)</B><br>Luv - mary (<B><I>matthew humberstone</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Ferni from wildern</B> - wot college u goin 2 dat don't do Rock Challenge? Is it itchen, cause if it is den we is gonna make em do it !!!???<br>xxx emily xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Showcase on weds! Can't w8!</B><br>The piece is lukin gr8 and the set is brill!<br><B><I>Big round of applause 4 mrs hylton 4 makin it al happen. And a huge THANKU 2 da choreographers 4 helpin us wiv da piece!</I><br>Gd luk 2 al da other scools!</B><br>Lv ... xxxxxxxxxx nat xxxxxxxxxx<br>O <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> WE LUV U! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I><B>Miltoncross School</B> Is Back!!</I> 1st year we done it, we came second. Now - for our second appearance - we are gonna win!!<br><B>Can't wait to get back on the Guildhall Stage!!</B><br>MX are Back In Business!!!<br>Davizz<br><br>++++++++++++<br> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <B>iTs On WeDnEsDaY</B> !!!!!!!!!!!!<br>wElL dUn HoRnSeA - Ur AmAzIn<br><B>ItS My 1St RoCkY N iVe WaItEd 4 fOuR yEaRs<br>TnX 2 EvErY1 - Da sEtS mInT, Da DaNcEs r ace, N sTuFf<br>Woooooooooooooooo</B> (<I>Ed: Mark - you missed a few opportunities for CaPiTaLs EtC iN tHe WoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO ?? </I>:)<br>Go <B><I>HoRnSeA</I></B><br>n <B>GoOd LuCk 2 eVeRy OtHeR sChOOl DoIn It</B> !!!!!!!!!!<br> !!!!MaRk!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>We honestly can't wait to take part in this year's rock challenge 2006!!!! It's gonna be mint - and hopefully we will get to see tim from the rockchallenge team crew again!!!! We love him!!!!<br>Good luck to everyone else doing rock challenge on the 8th march at grismby!!! Luv ya all!!!!</B><br>Go longcroft!!!<br>Krissy N tasha from <B><I>LONGCROFT SCHOOL</I></B>!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well, it's all over for me now ... no more Rock Challenge with the ever more fabulous Wildern :(<br>AS FAR AS I KNOW, THE COLLEGE I'VE APPLIED FOR DOESN'T DO RC, SO ON MY FIRST DAY I'M GOING TO GO AND SORT IT AND GET A TEAM PUT TOGETHER - THEY OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE MISSING OUT ON! :)<br>If i get told it's not going to happen, i'm going to volunteer for all the southern heats and finals etc (which should be good :)<br>To everyone who hasn't performed yet, or is going through to the finals - wherever you are, GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!!</B><br>Ferni<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone<br><B>Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited 4 wednesday - can't wait to show everyone our piece and c everyone elses!!<br><i>Rehearsal</I></B> was gr8 last nite<br>Luv - han (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>) xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 3rd 2006</b></font> (35 messages)</p> <p>Hey everyone!<br><B>Can't wait for wednesday - it's gonna be so much fun</B><br>One big thing that's different this year is that <B><I>my mum (MRS T) isn't doing it - she's had an op on her knee and we're all missing her loads and wish she was doing it.</I></b><br>This year i've taken up <B><I>stage crew</I></B> -lol- it's gonna be great<br><B>I hope everyone is doing great for their shows and i can't wait to see how everything is going<br>Missing all the rock challenge crew members and it's so unfair that this is my last year ... am gonna make it the best one by far for me ...cant wait to see u all again and i'd so better get my hug from tim!<br>Anyways best go! Luv ya all and good luck everyone</B><br>Luv - Mary (<B><I>matthew humberstone</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! Haven't written in a while so i thought i would!!<br><B>Well done to all the schools who've taken part so far!<br>I'm looking forward to our heat!!</B> This year hasn't been going so smoothly ... our stage crew have been strugglin with <B><I>illness</I></B> and so have the team so we're a little behind where we'd like to be, but i still think it's looking good!!<br><B>Not long until Brid aka Hull ... tho it'll be my last eva heat!! :-( (We've still got the final at Grimsby tho, so yay!! :))</B><br>We've seen our <B><I>dresses</I></B> the other day and they're brilliant. <B>Our usual costume lady (Mrs V) hasn't been able to do it this yr so we had a bit of a stress but we've sorted it and one of our teachers' mums is sewing away for us, so thanks to her!!</B><br>Well, as u can tell, it's not going so smooth for Driff this yr but we'll make it!! <B>Can't wait!!</B><br>Love - Roxy xx (<B><I>Driffield</I></B>)<br>ps it's even better this year cos on the saturday after the heat <B>i'm 18!!</B> YAY!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woooo - Finals, ere we come!<br><I>BRUNE PARK</I></B> <I>ROK DA HOUSE SAY BRUNE PARK ROK DA HOUSE!!!</I><br><B>X X X THANKS COMMITTEE X X X</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyas!!! It's Jasmine, <B><I>Regents Parks Co-host Jasmino stylie</I></B>!! (Kirstino - my partner in crime (t-shirts! :))<br><B>OMGOODNESS!!! I can't believe last night. I'm soo shocked... how quickly it came round!<br>I'm sooo gonna miss Rock Challenge with Regents Park!! I can't believe it's our last one! (Yr 11s)</B><br>Luckily the <B><I>college</I></B> i'm goin to does it too, so i'll be back next yr!!!<br><B>Thanks to everyone who gave us such a great day!!<br>Well done brune park for 1st place! Good luck at pompey (and all the other schools!!)<br><I>I well appreciate we got placed - so much effort was put into it - thanks teachers ... love y'all. Regents Park performers, u made it a great day and u were all so great!</I><br>I met some really kool people.. and thanks to all the RC team who were amazing and made it so fun! Met some lovely crew members! Ya are all wicked!<br>Gonna miss everyone! Rock Challenge is awesome :))</B><br>J xxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey 2 evryone at <B><I>Brune Park</I></B>!! <B><I>We well n truly rocked!! Everyone was fab!! O-M-G! Aah! we won!<br>Thanx so much 2 da committee</I></B> - u wer al gr8 n of cors to miss.<br>Wooo!<br>Luv ya - Em xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!<br><B>Last Rock Challenge for me yesterday. Had the time of my life - the day was amazing and i will never 4get it!<br>Everyone was really good - well done, brune park, for winning and burford for coming second!<br><I>As 4 us comin third wot can i say? Thanx to every1 @ rock challenge regents park and every1 we met on the day that made it so amazing.</I><br>The hamble girls we did set study gcse with - heya!! Was kl meeting u guys!<br>We watched our vid today and yr 11 cried... sad, i know, but the fact is it will never be the same again. so once again a HUGE MASSIVE THANK-YOU TO EVERYONE IN REGENTS PARK ROCK CHALLENGE! TEACHERS, PERFORMERS AND CREW! Thank-you for making it soooooo amazing!!! FIGHT THE POWER, GIRLIES! Love you all!</B><br>xXx Hana xXx - <B><I>Regents Park Performer Year 11</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Year 2000 Brune Park won their heat in southampton...</I> 6 years later you're back on form! WELL DONE GUYS! The last few years have been hard on u but u've finally done it! Am v.chuffed for u.<br>Best of luck in the finals!</B><br>Becci<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Woow! Will do, <B>jess</B>, my lil pimpette ^_^! The <B><I>boundstonians</I></B> rule! We are all amazin so ya boo sucks to everyone else, even though we're like great sports, so good luck!! (Ahh, too much ice cream and tea for mee......... woow!)<br>Go jess, georgie, lizzie, sarah, aimee, marc, erm . . everyone!<br>Bye! xxxxxxxxx Ayesha<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey evry1!<br><B>I'm sooooooo excited for showcase on wednesday!!!!!! I'm buzzin!!!<br><I>Thnx millions 2 evry1 hu has made this yr's hornsea school entry possible! Wudn't b wer we wer wivout u rite now! xxx</I><br>Gud luk 2 al the other schools n can't wait 2 c u ther!</B> <br>TTFN ... xx lizzie t (<B><I>hornsea</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to Hornsea and all the other schools competing! Can't wait till Grimsby, not long to go now :)<br>Thanks to every1 involved with making it possible!<br>Rehearsals</B> are going well and our piece looks really great!<br><B>Hope everyone does well! Cu on the 8th!</B><br>Love - Molly W at <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B>!!!! :P<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>WOOO - ONLY 5 DAYS TIL GRIMSBY! GO HORNSEA!<</I></B>br>The rehearsal on friday night was so good... I can't believe we made mrs h cry hehe!<br><B>Dress rehearsal on tuesday - can't wait to see all the costumes - it's gonna look ace!<br>Can't wait til the showcase - it's gonna be so fun as it is every year, and performing is just the best thing ever!!<br>Big thanx to mrs hylton, mrs webb, choreographers, stage crew and everyone else involved in making the set.<br>See everyone on wednesdayyyy!</B><br><I>OOOHH <B>HORNSE</B>A WE LOVE YOU OI OI OI!!!!</I><br>Lotsa love - Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Every1!!!!<br><B>I was sooo bummed out yesterday morning becoz i thought that it was my last Rocky C day at BRUNE PARK but thanks to Smurf, Readoo and of course the amazing Readoo Rockers Committee ... we get to do it again!!!</B> BRUNE PARK WELL AND TRULY ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!!<br><B>Well Done to all the other schools n colleges that competed on 2nd March! That was the toughest competition we've had in a while and I fink every single school/college there deserved to win!!</B><br>All that's have left to say is WATCH OUT POMPEY becoz <B><I>BRUNE PARK</I></B> PUT THE ROCK IN ROCK CHALLENGE!! :D<br>Speak soon, guys ...<br>Bye ... x x x Ally - <B><I>Lighting Dude!!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY <B><I>ROYDS</I></B>! It's kim here - ur <B><I>student rep</I></B>!<br>You're all doin <B>fab</B> and if u keep up the work it's gonna look ace! Trust me!<br>Love u all<br>Byeeeeeeeeeee!<br>***Kim***<br><br>++++++++++++<br> BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE SAYIN BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE!!!!<br><B>I cnt blieve we won. Thx, guys, 4 everything, nd i know we get nagging ya bout facial expressions nd energy but it worked nd u looked brilliant!!!!!!<br>Well done 2 all da ova skools. U were amazing - u looked gr8 up on stage!!!<br>Thx reado nd smurf 4 everything u ave dun 4 us ... we cudn't ave dun it wivout u!!!<br>Thx 2 every1 else hu helped wit set makeup costumes lighting (allana lol) ... u were abfab!!!!!<br>All da dancers-</B> u were amzing i love ya all 2 bits!!!<br><B>Spence-</B> i know ya h8 me 4 gelling ur hair ova lol but it woz worth it hehe u looked very handsome lol! <B>Sam-</B> woz luvin ur donuts lol! <B>Laurie-</B> u were lovely wit ur chopsticks!<br><B>Hannah-</B> u finally found a way 2 get ur hair up lol it looked very kl! <B>Spence-</B> u didn't do nefing 2 ur hair lol nd jod- luv ya french plaits !<br><B>Guys, i am so happy dat me got student leadership! I love u guys loadz nd cudn't ave dun it wivout ya!<br>I am so excited 4 da final!!!!!!! <I>Brune Park</I></B>, we well nd truly rocked da house!!!!<br>Luv ya - Laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Woooooooooooooooooooo<br>Hey ppl.... <B>soooo excited for monday</B>... BOUNDSTONE iz gna rock socks bruv!! :):)<br>Big shout outs to... georgie jess sophie marc & my lil chicken! :D<br><B>Good luck, ppl.... see u monday!!</B><br>Sarah x x x x<br>ps <I><B>BOUNDSTONE</B> RULE!! WOOOOOOOOO</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I can't believe this is my last global rock :(<br>Hope they do it at college :(<br>Well dun to everyone and well done to the skools tht got 1st and 2nd too<br><I>Big ello to medina high</I></B> (changing room neighbours) and especially <B><I>james</I></B> f ha ha Well dun, medina<br>Ello to <B><I>hamble tash, steph and jess</I>. Wel dun everyone - yesterday rocked</B><br>Luv frm shelley & rosie frm regents park (aka the playboy bunny ear people, or blondie and rosebud xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMG we did it ... we offically rocked the house true brune park style!!! We Won!</I><br>Can't wait for finals!<br>Well done to everyone else - it was a tough competition this year!<br><I>I'm soooo proud of all our team - u did great!!</I><br>Big up 2 mrs read and smurf!<br>And max- if you're reading this u better not let me down ... i'm expectin a bracelet!!<br>BRUNE PARK </B>ROCK DA HOUSE!<br>Hanna (<B><I>Reedoo Rockers Committee</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wahooo - 1st place !!!</B><br>Damn but those guys in da changin room with us wer fit<br>Ur all great, guys!!!:P<br><I><B>Brune Park</B> Rock !!</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG - still can't believe we won - i mean, all the other teams were amazing!<br>Can't wait till finals !!</B><br>Just like to shout out to the <B><I>prospect boys (ur gorgeous)</I></B> nd to the <B><I>burford lads as well</I></B> - woooo<br><B><I>Brune Park Girls</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello guys!<br><B>OMG ... i cannot believe we won it... we were utterly amazed!</B><br>I'm <B><I>so</I></B> proud of all the <B><I>dancers</I></B> - they were amazing and all their hard work paid off<br><B>I've had such a good time and so glad Rock Challenge doesn't have to end for us yet!<br>There was so much competition there and evry1 was well good - that's why we were so shocked !</B><br>1st place ... ahhhhh ... D D D D D<br>C u all at finals<br>Luv ya - laurie xxxxx (<B><I>brune park committee member</I></B>)<br><I><B>BRUNE PARK</B> ROCK DA HOUSE, SAY BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>OMG .... brune park, u guys are the BEST!!! I'm so proud and happy for every single one of you :)<br><B><I>We are finally ... after a sweat-breaking hardest-tryin 5 years ... back up the top, and you did it with style!!</I></B><br>Can't wait to see your performance in the finals<br>Hope you're all going to be <B><I>my lil fan club</I></B> again for me when i'm on stage (that was so cute of you all - i felt all important lol) and again i will be screaming my head off for you in the evening.<br><B>Well done to all the other schools from last night! It was a fab show and I hope you all had a wicked time.<br>See every1 at the finals!</B><br>Love - flic xxx<br><B>BRUNE PARK</B> ROCKED THE HOUSE SAYIN BRUNE PARK ROCKED THE HOUSE!!! YEA!!!!!! WOOOO!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>BRUNE PARK</I></B> ROCK THE HOUSE!!!<br><B>OMG! We totally won! Wooooooo!<br>Committee- you guys totally rock, and we won cos of u guys! (Not to mention miss and miss, cheers =0)<br>Gud luk to everyone and will see u all next year!<br>Prospect-</B> you guys were great!<br><B>Burford-</B> you guys were great as well!<br>Jason<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi to anyone involved with <B><I>driffield's rock challenge entry</I></B>, especially if they went skiing to <B><I>bormio</I></B> over half term. Good luck, guys, and i'll see you on the 22nd march<br>Jonny<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!!!!!!!!!<br><B>Cnt w8 till monday... am sooo excited it's unbelievable! (Early mornin tho.. lol :p)</B><br>Gd luck 2 <B><I>boundstone</I></B>!!!!!!! Jade, hayley, jess n tash - COME ON!!!!!!<br><B>Thx 2 all da teachers - u r starz!</B><br>Ldza luv n luk 2 ya all...<br> Channy g!!!!!! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Woooo - Us Boundstonians r gna rockkk!!!</I></B><br>Gotta shout out to my minstrel--<B>Esha</B>!!! (Teehee.. we love youuu!!! (As long as you do our make up nice =D))<br>Jess xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> May i just ask how you get into the premier league?<br>Tim<br>(<I>Ed: generally speaking, by making sure that your team finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your Open Final, Tim</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited! Can't wait till monday!! It's gonna rock \m/<br><I>Woohoo ... go BOUNDSTONE!</I></B> Can't wait to c fit chris eh?! ;)<br>Good luck to all the other boundstoneians!! Spesh to Jess, Sarah, Aimee, Lizzie and Marc =D<br><B>Woohoo ... ROCK ON \m/</B><br>Georgie xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa ... 3 days til Rock Challenge!!!!! Woooooo!!!<br><I>Come on, Boundstone... we is gna rock like rocking rockers dancing the rock.... !</I><br>Good luck to everyone else going to crawley on monday!!</B><br>Special shout out to ... Georgie, Sarah, Marc, Aimee n Lizzie... n all the other boundstonians!!<br>Peace ... out!<br>Jecca<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey<br><B>Well done to every1 who did rock challenge yesterday - all the dances were gr8<br>I had the best time eva yesterday - it was gr8. Would definitely do it again.</B><br>xxclairexx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyy!<br><B>Well done to everyone from Day 3! It totally rocked!</B><br>There was LOTS of competition but i personally thought <B><I>Regents Park</I></B> should have won (you guys were clearly the best for me!) and <B><I>Prospect</I></B> should have got placed!<br><B><I>As for Hamble - WE ROCKED! Well done to everyone - you should be proud!</I></B><br>HAMBLE (clap clap clap) HAMBLE! Woooooo!<br>xxxxxx Love - Emily xxxx!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMG - Chamberlayne came 2nd! Two days later and i still can't believe it!</I><br>Cowes- well done! U deserved to win - u was amazin!!</B><br>Hopefully we'll have 1 of the highest scores so we can go 2 finals!<br><B>Roll on next year!!</B><br>Kirsty (<B><I>chamberlayne park</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys - it's cat (<B><I>ex brune park ka committee</I></B>)<br><B><I>WELL DONE BRUNE PARK!! You must have done smurf proud!! I could hear you guys getting off the coach last night screaming and stuff (i live nearby :)</I><br>I MISS ROCK CHALLENGE SOOOO MUCH.</B> (I didn't do it at college this year bcos i had other commitments.)<br>Definitely gonna come see u guys in ur finals and may pop into school to see you all- if not to say well done but to kick all ur asses for waking me up :-P (He he only joking!)<br>Love - cat xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Brune Park ROCK da house! <B><I>Go Brune Park - we won!</I></B><br>I hope we do well in the finals<br><B>Good luck to everyone.<br>Thanx to Miss Smith, Mrs Reed and all the committee</B><br>Luv - lauren and jessie xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMG !! Brune Park rocked da house, Brune Park rocked da house!</I></B><br><I>I just want to say <B><I>how proud i am of all of you!</i><br>Committee- well done for student leadership -</I></B> you really deserved it!<br><B>Finals at portsmouth guildhall - watch out - brune park are coming to rock da house!</B></B><br>Luv and huggles - smurf X X X<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Gooooooooooooooooooooo SOMERTON! Hope you all do great! Go out and give it your all! My Mum will be sooo proud of you all</B><br>And a special mention to <B><I>Kitty -</I></B> we've all got our headache tablets<br><B>Good luck to ABK xx</B><br>See you guys there this afternoon!<br>Gabi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br>PS <B><I>Cowes Rocks</I></B>! Still cannot believe we won!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 2nd 2006</b></font> (26 messages)</p> <p>WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>I just can't w8 but still i hav 2 thank mrs Hylton, the coreographers and the stage crew 4 their help and of course da rock challenge dancers 4 bein gr8 support at rehearsals<br>c ya dere den ... Gavin :):):):):):):):):):):)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Gd luk to somerton and all the other schools e.g abk solent cowes high</B><br>we're gonna get up on stage and try r very best and <B>give it 200 percent</B> out of 100 percent<br>t<B>hnx 2 ali,mrs southwell and frau shulte</B><br>Sam W (Global Rocker)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> heya- <B>rock challenge was wicked last nyt- my last yr of doin it wid woodlands!<br>we got 4 awards wich was wicked and we got the award for 'best team spirit' wahooo!</B><br>2nd place last yr but not dis yr but it's k cause we know we done good neways!!!<br>well done woodlands we were wicked!!! well done da rest too<br>byes x emily x and <B>well done wildern!!!</B> xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx<br>wahey woodlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>ps <B>thanks 2 mrs murray and kelly also every one who came 2 support us on the night!!!</B><br>em (<B><I>Woodlands</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone<br>Well, <B>tomorrow s the day!! You have all worked hard and there s no turning back now!! Enjoy the day - I know you will!! (Year 7s - you won t believe your eyes!! :)</B><br>Just one last thing to say ... <B><I>GO SOMERTON</I></B>!! Well done everyone!!<br><B>Good luck also to ABK our fellow Island school<br>Well done to Cowes High last night - you were amazing, an inspiration to us all</B><br>Louise Southwell (<B><I>Somerton Middle Liaison Teacher</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello guys!!!!!!!!!<br><B>well done everyone!!!!!!<br>well done solent for getting best costume y/day!! it looked well good in rehearsal!!<br>well done to all other schools that took part yesterday - everyone did really well. i thought they were all amazing.<br><I>a big well done to cowes high for their 1st place!!! there was a lot of screaming in our dressing room when we found out!! my throat now really hurts!!</I></B><br>my hand went shiny from hairspray - was very funny!! loved doing everyones hair cant wait untill may!! gunna be great!<br><B>good luck to everyone else taking part! hope you all do amazingly well!!!!</B><br>luv - sal xxx (<B><I>cowes high hair and makeup</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> good luck to everyone that's entering, especially (SOMERTON MIDDLE SHCOOL!)<br>special thanks to all of the teachers such as mrs Southwell and alli and everyone who made it happen. GOOD LUCK<br>Emily T xXx xXx xXx (Go SOMERTON!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Huge Good Luck to Somerton and ABK for tomorrow<br>we had an amazing time on Wednesday (of which more later, when I'm less tired!) and we (Cowes High and Solent) did the Island proud.</B><br>Get in amongst it and show 'em what us Islanders can do!<br><B>Have fun, and keep on rockin'!</B><br>Liz - <B><I>Cowes High</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hellloooo!<br>Just a quick message today, folks, to say hey, and <B>hope all is going well for everyone! I'm sure everyone who's already performed, Rocked, and i'm sure all of us waiting to perform will do the same! :-))</B><br>Anyhow, best be off! <B>Stars In Their Eyes - Teachers tonight! They're letting me (Ditzy) loose with soundy stuff - i did warn em previously!</B> Lol. (Although i suppose i should be getting good at that sorta stuff seein as though i'm an A-Level Music Tech Student!<br>Keep having fun! :-D<br>Love - Stace xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> We can remember how we WON global rock 06 like it was yesterday!! Oh ... w8 ... <B>it WAS!!<br><I>Cowes</I></B> rule da house!<br><B>well done 2 evry1 who took part, it was like a TOTALLY AWESOME DAY!!<br>global rock on! :D :D :D</B><br>Fiona, Josh and Dan<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>OMG COWES</I></B> - WE RULE. We WON, came 1st and with all the drama that happened throughout the day as well. you all coped with it <B><I>brilliantly</I></B>. The performance was excellent and you did everyone proud. i still can't believe.<br><B>A big well done to all the schools that took part yesterday (March 1st) you all looked fab and the competition was tight so 1st place could have gone to anyone so thank you for such a strong competition.<br>A VERY BIG well done to Solent - you guys rocked.<br><I>THANK YOU TO THE COWES HIGH MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTION TEAM BECAUSE WITHOUT YOU WE COULD HAVE NEVER HAVE DONE IT SO THANK YOU - Jamie, Shevs, Becky, Jason, Simon etc.<br>Well done Thompson on your 10 year Award - we love you to bits.<br>And thank you soooo much to Mrs Wiltshire (or pidgeon as we still call her), Mrs Segal, Mr Webber (excellent air guitar by the way) and Mr Thompson and everyone else who came with us.<br>WOOOOOOOOO GO COWES.</I><br>Good Luck to Somerton for Tomorrow (friday 3rd March) - you can do it, guys, and i'm sure you will do yourselves proud.</B><br>right i think i've ranted enough. Cya at the Open finals ... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!<br>Luv - Lauren x x x x (Cowes High Stage Crew).<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>good luck brune park, hope you do well!!!!<br>smurf let me know asap where you come.</I></B><br>luv ya ... mwah ... helen.x.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone from <B><I>BOUNDSTONE</I></B>!! <B>can't wait till rock challenge 06 - it's gonna totally rock!</B><br>gonna win this year, just like last time ;)<br>lv ya all - Georgie xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Go somerton</I></B> - u rock!!! u can do it!!<br>a special hello to all r ma8es! u know who u r!!!!!!!!!!!!! not forgettin <B>kitty</B>!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B>thanxs mrs southwell and ali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>luv - elz and emz x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WON !!!!!!!!!</B><br>yesterday was the best day ever!!! i can't believe it's over!!!<br><B><I>Cowes High</I></B> are number 1!!!!!<br>we had a couple of <B><I>bad moments</I></B> like when we weren't allowed to use our scaffolding, but it came out alright in the end!!!<br>wanna say <B>thanks to; mrs segull, mrs pigeon, the choreographers, Charlotte and jenny!! and rose (if i have forgotten anyone i'm sorry!! but thanks anyway!!!!)</B><br>it was great, guys and i can't wait til the final!!!! wwwwooooohhhhh!! GO COWES!!!<br>luv loads - FAY xxxx<br>(and <B>good luck to anyone else still to perform!!</B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> COWES HIGH are No. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B><I>2 nights a week, miss segal shouting and sophie kicking and at last it's all paid off! lol!<br>Thanx to all choreographers and miss segal and of course Sophie! it woz awesome and the choreographers have done a gr8 job.<br>Cheers to the stage crew, u pulled it together amazingly after 'technical hitches'! woooooooooooooo!</I></B><br>M x<br>ps. go cowes, go cowes, go go go cowes!<br>pps. bring on may at pompey!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya guys n gals!<br>I just wanna say <B>well done to every1. Ravens Wood school - you were amazing and your performance was brill. Everyone was so nice that day and i just wanna say thanx for making it such a brill day.<br><I>Every1 from st v's you were fantastic! Best Set was a brill award to win, made all that time after college so worthwhile! Luvz u all 2 pieces and hope to see you all again next year.</I></B><br>Luv - Annie (St V's xxx)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>well done all the skools.and well done to cowes for winning<br>we all had a gd time at wildern and we won 1 award (best entertanment) i made a load of new friends.<br>i can't w8 till next year. it was really good and when i saw you all w8tin to go on stage you all looked realy gd.</B><br>thanks <B><I>WILDERN</I></B> michaela<br><br>++++++++++++<br> COME ON <B><I>ARCHIE</I></B>!!! WE LOVE YOU ARCHIE WE DO, WE LOVE YOU ARCHIE WE DO, WE LOVE YOU ARCHIE WE DO, OH ARCHIE WE LOVE YOU!!!<br><B>Less than 3 wks to go, it's real exciting. Like Mrs B, I believe in u guys too - u really are the best group of kids,</B><br>Loadz of shouts and cheers from Chester n i'll b there at the showcase 2 cheer u guys on - can't wait 4 u 2 blow us away!!!<br>Matty<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone! Howz it going? I havent been on here in what seems like forever... 2 years ago when competing with St V's...."Three Wishes" brings back memories....<br><B>a HUGE GOOD LUCK to my old school Brune Park and also WELL DONE St V's... heard ya performance was spot on like usual...and i bet ya chuffed with student leadership!</B><br>Sorry I havent been around much, uni kinda does that to u.<br><B>Hope everyone's having lotsa fun - make the most of it...!</B><br>Love - Becci x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> just a quick message to <B>Claire from St Machar - so glad you will be getting to Grimsby!!! That's amazing news!<br>If you have any fundraising events such as discos, talent shows concerts etc, give us a shout and i'll try and organise some peterhead crew to come through and support you</B> - would also give us all a chance to meet since we missed out as we were on different days... but hey, never mind, that we can do it Grimsby!!<br><B>WE GOT SNOW!! LOTS AND LOTS OF SNOW!!</B> Got sent home from school on Tuesday and was off yesterday and today! So much fun...right now i have the urge to build a snow man!! mmmmm ... i would be rather cold!! but o well....i'm away to play in snow!!!<br>Mhairi (<B><I>peterhead</I></B>)xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> hey rockin global rockers of 2006!!!! wooo it's adam here from <B><I>JOHN SMEATON COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL IN LEEDS</I></B><br>can't believe rocka's gettin so close ... wooo<br>come on, smeaton, we can do this guys!!!!<br><B>hope all the other schools are on their way, really can't wait to see all u guys in bradford day 1 also all the rest of the rocka challenge ie good luck buttershaw!!!!! good luck all the schools all in bdford day 1..wooooo<br>smeaton's soundtrack is amazin, guys, and the dance is lookin damn fine!!! i sooooo wish i was allowed to perform but i'm too old ... grr</B><br>adam - <B><I>ex dancer n now choregrapher from john smeaton in leeds!</I></B><br>come on - let's get loud!!! wooooo<br><br>++++++++++++<br> omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B>cowes high won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>yes - bring it on!!!!!<br><B>well done to all the other schools who competed on march 1st at southampton, you were amazing!!!!!!</B><br>bring on the final !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B><I>huge thanks to liz and the production team who made it all happen!!!!</I></B><br>well done to <B><I>our dancers</I></B> - you rocked!!!!!!!!!<br>love ya all - emz xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Well done to everyone from the Cowes High Team from last night's Global Rock!<br>Everyone was awesome and we deserved our first place!! Bring on the final!<br>Jenny (Cowes High)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo<br>well done Cowes</B> - yesterday's performance was amazing!!!! We won!!!!<br><B><I>A big thank-you to all the 6th formers for making it such a great piece!!!</I> Also, well done to Solent for getting best costume, they looked fab!!<br>Rock on the open finals!!!</B><br>Go Cowes!!!<br>Gabi xxxxxx<br>P.S A **HUGE** Good luck to Somerton and ABK 2moro - hope you all do great.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> omg! i can't believe we won! <B>go cowes high!<br>well done to all the other schools that took part!</B><br>Liz - <B><I>cowes high team</I></B>!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> gd luk to <B><I>somerton middle - we're gonna try our best</I><br>gd luk to the other schools e.g solent abk cowes high<br>thnx to ali, mrs southwell and miss frau schalter!!!!</B><br>Sam W<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Mar 1st 2006</b></font> (22 messages)</p> <p>Heyas!!<br><B><I>OMGOSH! IT'S ROCK CHALLENGE 06 TOMORO!! I can't believe how quick it's come round!!</I><br>Awww ... it's our last one with Regents Park, cos us yr 11s are leavin!!<br>Yeah, i agree wid Hana ... thank-yous are most definite! Mrs Chance & Mrs Anibaba are legendary Rock Challenge co-ordinators/dance teachers! And Miss Lloyd, who's worked really hard on all our costumes.. all tht sewing for the drug costumes! The PE teachers, who have always helped and been well in to it! Miss Cryne, Miss Herridge and Miss Dunkley!<br><I>Aarghh ... i really hope i don't trip over a hoop again after co-hostin!?! (That was caught on film! arghh lol :S how embarrasin! :)</I></B><br>Ladiezz, let's rock.. the rock challenge 06!! Ooo cameras, sweets (hana sainsbury's :S lol) and fun fun fun tomoro for the last time.. before we hit the colleges!<br>Give it all u got, girlies!!<br>Love ya ... peace - Jasmine xxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>ARCHIE CREW!!!!! 3 weeks to go!! Come on, let's pull together now. Lots of hard work and fun. All archie crew check and double check rehearsal board daily now please!!!<br>Looking forward to seeing the other teams at Hull and NGF.</I></B><br>I Believe in you all, team!!!<br>Mrs B xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helo guys - it's laurie here!<br><B>OMG i cannot believe it - the day is tomorrow ... it's come around round so quik, but i am so excited about it!<br><I>Evryone in our team has put so much effort in this year and i'm so proud of evryone! I've had such an amzing time with my fellow committee members and can't wait to go up on stage to take part!</I></B><br>Luv ya - laurie xxx<br>BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE, SAY BRUNE PARK ROCK THE HOUSE<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG! Can't believe it's Rock Challenge 06 alredy - can stl rememba wen we WON last yr lyk it ws yesterday ! lol<br>Stl can't believe it's ma last 1 tho... (wel with RPGS newayz) bt even if we do it agen @ college it's not guna b the same without all the amazin ppl here, especialli d PE Dept - ur all legends! U make global rock so memorable (Gonna b even more so 2ma with ur air guitars!)<br>I don't fink i'll ever hear d words "rock challenge" wivout finkin nethin ov it eva agen!<br>All d gurls in it - ur al amazin!!<br>Can't w8 till 2ma - so excited (case ya cudn't tel 2day) so c'mon gurls, let's make it a gd 1! U know we gt it so let's give it n FIGHT THE POWER! :))</B><br>Lvz ya all - Becky R xxx<br>ps <B>gd luk 2 all d ova skls in d southampton heats too xxxx</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Here we come again. The amazing Longcroft are back. Watch out grimsby here we come.</I></B><br>Shandy (<B><I>the reliable but often lazy tech guy</I></B>) x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> GO <B><I>SOMERTON</I></B>! Let's beat them other schools!!<br><B>Can't wait till friday when we actually do Rock Challenge ... it's amazing being up on the stage doing ure dance and i can't wait 2 do it again - it's well fun!!</B><br>Charmaine<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi to everyone out there that is in somerton middle school<br>We ROCK! Go <B>SOMERTON</B>!<br><B>Thanks to ali and miss southwell<br>Good luck to all the other teams</B><br>Shaun xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone - <B><I>Smurf here (one of the liaison teachers for Brune Park!)<br>Huge congratulations to the team, and especially the committee!!!! Committee - you guys have done great! You have a great theme this year, and great dances. All your hard work has paid off - the team are ready, as are you! I couldn't be any more proud!!! Well Done!<br>BRUNE PARK</I></B> ROCK DA HOUSE, BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEYA!!!<br><B>AHHHH ... ROCK CHALLENGE 2006 TOMORROW!!<br>Last year with Regents Park!! I can't believe it has come and gone so fast!</B><br>This year we are gna do <B><I>great</I></B>, girlies, just like last year!! FIGHT THE POWER!! Hahaha!<br><B>As it is my last year with my Skul I figured i should say "Thank-you" to Mrs Chance, Mrs Anibaba, Miss J, Miss Heridge, Miss Cryne and Miss Dunkley for the sets, costume, choreography and generally being the best PE Teachers ever! And (OF COURSE!!) Miss Lloyd for Sewing and Ironing and being a great Teacher (and form tutor!!)<br>We are relying on you all to SHOW US YOUR AIR GUUUUIITARS! Tommorrow - we made you promise!!<br><I>I also have to thank all of the performers and crew - especially Year 11 - because I love you all and you've been a great year group to do Rock Challenge with and it will never be the same rock challenege when we all get split up and go 2 do it in college!!</I></B><br>We are GOING TO FIGHT THE POWER TOMORROW, LADDDEEEZ!! Love you all<br>Good Luck and show them wot Regents is made of!!<br>Love You All - xXx Hana/Hanz xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Guys - well done for those who hav competed and good luck to all those waiting.</B><br>SHOUTING A <B><I>LOUD</I></B> GOOD LUCK TO <B><I>SOMERTON MIDDLE</I></B>! We're all gonna rock their worlds on friday so ... GO SOMERTON!<br><B>Also a great thx to Ali and Mrs Southwell !<br>We had fun</B> - Emma H xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi Everyone!<br>Blimey, its been <B>years</B> since I've been on here (one of the downsides of not being online at home....i feel so <a href="http://www.800padutch.com/amish.shtml" target="win2">Amish</a>! :)<br>Lots of people to say hello and thanks to, so sorry if this mail goes on a teeny bit ......<br>Firstly I'd like to say a <B>massive "Congratulations!" to all the teams that performed yesterday. Since starting Rockie many moons ago, it's amazing to see how many schools are now involved and how fantastic all the performances are!<br>A special congrats to Ravens Wood School. I don't think a nicer team could have won....plus you guys really were good ! (Choreography was fabulous!) I wish you all the luck in the world at the finals ... hopefully should be going along to cheer u guys on! (BTW, whichever of u guys sang that Maroon 5 song ... cracking voice!! You're a legend :)</B><br>There's a million people I could thank from my team, firstly for letting me come back and gatecrash stage crew, but for putting something so amazing together that <B><I>really</I> did St. Vincent proud! Well Done Helen and the Gang!</B> You guys are geniuses and should be smiling from ear to ear for weeks :) And - of course - I have to give a <B>massive</B> shout out to everyone on <B><I>Stage Crew</I></B>: you all made my day what is was, couldn't have asked for a more mental group of people! :)<br><B><I>I think a special mention definitely has to be made for my best Rockie friends, Matt Henry and Rich "Piffy" Limburn! I've done Rockie with both you guys since (what seems like) the beginning of time, and it most definitely wouldn't be anywhere near the same without you! I love u guys! You both make me laugh so much and we've had so many good times together...! Big Hey to Stella too, who will always be a humungous part of Rockie History :)</I><br>Its strange looking back over the years and seeing how much Rockie has changed and progressed, and every year just gets heaps better than the last! It just has that "X Factor" that has had me and everyone else I know coming back year after year ... you meet so many amazing people and have the time of your life when you're taking part, from the first rehearsals to the coach ride home with all the goodies you've won :)<br>It's turned from an 8-minute performance to forming a huge part of my life for the past 9 years, and I want to thank all of you guys that help make that possible!</B> (Especially you, Jon! U still rock and are an honorary bunny from Brune Park all those years ago :) (<I>Ed: moi, Sarah ??? Hey to you ... loooong time no see</I> :)<br>Quick question for you guys ... are there any <B><I>volunteer spaces</I></B> left for all the finals (Northern and Southern)? Really really want to go, and have convinced my boss (after lots of moaning and constant Rocka talk!) to let me have the time off :) Would be amazing if there are...... (<I>Ed again: I've emailed your request on to Zoie</I> :)<br>Take Care Everyone!!<br>Sarah x x (<B><I>Random Stage Crew Girly on St V's team and ex St V/Brune Park member</I></B> :) lol)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Just to say <B><I>Good Luck to everyone taking part in Global Rock tonight in Southampton representing COWES HIGH SCHOOL AND SOLENT MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!</I></B><br>Both teams are awesome, so be great tonight and enjoy every minute!!<br>Love - <B><I>The Girls At Winchester University!</I></B> (aka Sarah and Jess xx)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Hey st vinnie - you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</I></B><br>Well dun for all your hard work - it looked <B>amazing</B>!<br>Wot can i say ...i know sum of u were disappointed that we didn't get placed but remember - it's the taking part that counts <B>and</B> we came away with sum fabby awards - who would have thought we wud have got <B><I>best set</I></B> (saturday we re-did the whole set and were still up the night before finishing it :) It shows all your team work and dedication paid off!!<br><B>Well done to the committee for student leadership - wayhey!<br><I>"Thank-you" once again ... i love you guys to pieces and glad that i've got m8s like you!!!! You are the people who have made my 7 years of rock challenge great ones!!!</I></B><br>C u all soon ... mwah<br>Helen .x.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done to all the schools that have competed so far and good luck to those who haven't.<br>Can't wait til grimsby - only a week now.</B><br>Our piece is really coming together and looks ace. <B><I>Thanx to Mrs Hylton, the choreographers, the stage crew, Ms. Webb and everyone else involved. I can't wait ! :))</I></B><br>Love - Darryl (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>) <br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!<br><B>OMG! We came 2nd! Well chuffed!</B><br>Well done to the other schools (but we were best!) Next year IT'S A FIRST! BEWARE! HAHAHAHAHA!<br><B>Jonny-</B> u were amazing as the princess! I'll make sure i do well on the cabaret night in your place! Everyone at Ellon waz amazing! 100% effort! Giving it some welly!<br>xlolx see y'all later! xxluvshaxx<br>Leanne and Hayley! (<B><I>Ellon Academy</I></B>)<br>PS WE RULE! xXxXxXxXxXxXxXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!!!!<br><B><I>It's less than 24 hours til BRUNE PARK perform! I'm so excited! All da dances r gr8!</I></B><br>Thx, guys, 4 putting up wit da <B><I>committee</I></B> lol u r gr8!!! U r all gonna do gr8!<br><B>Thx, reado nd smurf - u've bin gr8 nd helped us out loadz!!!!<br>Thx, mrs walmsley (or as i wud usually call u "daryll's mum" :)) for makin da costumes!<br>Thx, mr pethick, 4 making set nd thx 2 da stagecrew - u ave bin amazing nd i'm sure u will get da set up in 4 mins lol!<br>Good luck 2 all da ova skools competing!!!!!!!!!!! Cnt w8 2 c wot u ave come up wit!</B><br>Luvs ya loadz - laura xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)<br>BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE SAYIN BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey ppl!!<br><B><I>Wow - did my first day of volunteering yesterday (southampton day 1) and it was amazing.<br>Well done st v</I></B> - you looked great. Pity you didn't get placed but you did your best and should be proud.<br><B><I>Ravens Wood -</I></B> what can i say - you guys (and girls!) were <B><I>amazing ... you really deserved 1st</I></B> and those masks were really scary!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh<br><B>So well done, all of you and all the other schools that were there :) and wo all those people who say you lot have so much talent!! I was gob-smacked!!!</B><br>Well, back again 2moz to watch <B><I>brune - wooooo go guys</I></B> - rock da house!!! So excited about seeing you<br><B>Good luck to all the schools yet to perform i wish you all the very best :)</B><br>Bye - flic (<B><I>rocka volunteer and performer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there every1<br><B>Well done to all the schools that have performed and good luck to all those still to perform.<br>Peterhead- i said i would keep u posted on what was happening about the appeal we did on grampian tv. Just to let u know - ST MACHAR WILL BE JOINING YOU DOWN IN GRIMSBY.</B><br>Claire<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Maybelline NY have a great <B><I>image/blank for stage makeup design</I></B>. They supply the Australian schools with A4 size faces and an A1 size face.<br>If you contact Maybelline I'm sure they will send out the same faces for the UK. If not, I'll post some out for schools to use.<br><B><I>Jodie in Australia</I></B><br><I>(Ed: I note that <a href="http://www.maybelline.co.uk/" target="win2">Maybelline NY</a> were a major sponsor of Australia's Rock Eisteddfod in 2005, weren't they, which presumably explains the handouts of face templates to the schools? )</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> If that person from vandkye upper school looks carefully, i'm <B><I>sure</I></B> he'd find there's actually one pic from each school (<I>same as our pic from peterhead on the Aberdeen page</I> :)<br><B>Hope everyone is well and is still practising loads!<br><I>Watched our video the other day which was excellent</I> :P<br>Hope to see u all soon</B><br>Bye - Laura xoxoxoxox<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <a href="http://www.rent-a-mobile.co.uk/PHONE2/history/b-history.htm" target="win2">The guy on the roof with the mobile phone</a> has the look of our very own JOHN ARROWSMITH ;-)<br>(<I>Ed: OH NO HE DOESN'T !!</I> :))<br>It's not long to go now til the <B><I>bradford heats</I></B> (although saying that, it's still 2 months :)<br><B>Good luck to everyone who's competing this week and next, and well done to all those who have already competed.</B><br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOW! Congratulations Ravens Wood for Southampton Day 1! You guys were amazing! We wanted you guys to win if we didn't, and we came 2nd place! So Wey, you guys deserved it!<br>Well done to everyone else who entered and good luck to all of the other schools involved in Rock Challenge 2006!<br>And all of the Rock Challenge team ... you rock!</B><br>Vicky G xoxo<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><a href="uk200602.htm"><strong>Feb 2006</strong></a> - <a href="uk200601.htm"><strong>Jan 2006</strong></a> - <a href="uk200512.htm"><strong>Dec 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200511.htm"><strong>Nov 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200510.htm"><strong>Oct 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200509.htm"><strong>Sep 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200508.htm"><strong>Jul/Aug 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200506.htm"><strong>Jun 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200505.htm"><strong>May 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200504.htm"><strong>Apr 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200503.htm"><strong>Mar 2005</strong></a>- <a href="uk200502.htm"><strong>Feb 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200501.htm"><strong>Jan 2005</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes04.zip"><strong>2004 Messages (zipped)</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes03.zip"><strong>2003 Messages (zipped)</strong></a> - <a href="uk111202.htm"><strong>Nov/Dec 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk071002.htm"><strong>Jul/Oct 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk050602.htm"><strong>May/Jun 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk030402.htm"><strong>Mar/Apr 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk010202.htm"><strong>Jan/Feb 2002</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes01.htm"><strong>Messages from 2001</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes00.htm"><strong>Messages from 2000</strong></a></p> <p align="CENTER"> <b>PRESENTED IN 2006 BY THE BE YOUR BEST FOUNDATION</b></p> <p align="LEFT"> <em><a href="#top"><b>Top</b></a></em></font></font></p> </td> <td width="12%" bgcolor="#99FF99" valign="top"> <FONT SIZE="2"><FONT FACE="Verdana,Arial,Times,New,I2"><FONT COLOR="#000000"> <p align="center">SUPPORT US!<br><a href="http://www.givenow.org/charityprofile/bybf"><img width="111" height="27" border="0" alt="Support UK ROCK CHALLENGE<SUP>&reg;</SUP> through the Be Your Best Foundation" title="Has being in Rocka helped YOUR young family? 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