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Here again! A year on and back at rock challenge, this year again with woodlands.</B><br>A year's passed and so much has happened at uni (doin watersports - working lots - meeting great new ppl.) but still <B>rocka's back and going to be great ... been doing it for years now but still excited about the day.<br><I>Good luck to everyone i know ... obviously woodlands team as well as brune park. Can't wait to see everyone.</I></B><br>Good luck - .AD (<B><I>stage crew once again</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys<br>Can't believe it! <B><I>It's taken me ages 2 get round 2 doing this but WELL DONE St Machar! Can't wait 2 go down to grimsby! (A whole 8hrs 1min 30secs ...</I></B><br>Love Ya all at St Machar - David<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello<br><B>Wheeey! A week tomorrow! Good Luck to everybody performing at the same heat as us (Longcroft!) Looking forward to it :)</B><br>Final rehearsals just coming up..... Come On <B><I>Longcroft</I></B>!! :D<br>Emilee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Come on St Hughs. I know u r all buzzing but keep your heads on as we only have 10 days left!!!!<br>Remember - BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!! Look where it got us last year - the grimsby finals!!!</I><br>Big thnxs to Mrs Abba and Mrs Menhennett for puttin this together again!!!</B><br>Remember - you are all stars<br>Roxy xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi! It's Louise here, the liaison teacher from Somerton Middle in Cowes<br><B>A big good luck to Cowes High tomorrow. I know you've worked really hard on this and from what I saw on Monday it looks really fab!! Also good luck to Solent who are performing tomorrow.<br>I can't believe another year has passed and it's Rock Challenge again. We are really looking forward to the day ... everyone has worked really hard and it has all come together.<br>Good luck also to ABK who are on Friday with us.<br><I>GO SOMERTON and enjoy the day!!</I></B><br>Louise (<B><I>Somerton Middle School, Cowes</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck 2 every1 performing this year - ul all be gr8!</B><br>The <B><I>DAVISON</I></B> dancers!<br>Loadsa luv ... MWAH - Alix and Jade x x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG! Onli 23 hours 36 minutes and 15 seconds til global rok starts for us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><I>Will be bringin' ma carnival whistle (so watch out!) and ma fibre-optic jiggy if i can find it!</I>br>See u all there!</B><br>Mark!!!!!!!! (<B><I>cowes</I></B>)<br>ps. <B>good luk SOLENT</B> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Rock Challenge is so mint - WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!<br>Can't w8 2 be dere cya on da 8th and I just can't w8 2 be dancin!<br>I hope da other skools r doin gr8 2 - it's been so much fun 4 me 2 do Rock Challenge 2006!<br>C ya dere, evry1, n Gud !!!!!!!!!!! LUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Gavin:):):):):):):):):)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Evenin' :-))<br>Hope all is well! Glad to see more of the <B><I>Hanson Rockas</I></B> getting their messages posted - Keep it up guys!<br><B>Emma -</B> Sowwi, you know I couldn't live without it! What a genius invention the mobile was! :-)) Hehe!<br><br>Hope the <B><I>Rehearsals</I></B> went well this week, guys! Didn't get to tonight's as I have been off school :-(<br>Anyhow best be off! <B>Pancakes to make - or at least attempt! Happy Pancake Throwing! (...or dropping in my case!)</B><br>Love - Stacey xxx (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>) xxx<br>++++++++++++<br><I><a href="http://www.rent-a-mobile.co.uk/PHONE2/history/b-history.htm" target="win2">Here's a quick page to pop over to</a>, Stace - scroll down to the pic of the gent on a rooftop, holding a VERY snazzy-looking mobile, and say "Thanks" to him :)<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hhheeyy!!! PANCAKE DAY!!!!!!!! I've had my lovely pancakes!!! Evry1 else enjoyin em????</B> (Wot dus evry1 av on theirs??? Sum1 wa tellin me he put chocol8 on em n i did on hols cz u used 2 get these massive ones ... mmmm ... but neways, at ome i put syrup on mine lolol (although i think i once put cream on em:S:S:S:S :))<br><B>It has bn really cold 2day!!!</B> Bit of advice - DNT 4GET UR GLOVES WEN TIS COLD lololol!!!!<br>Hw's evry1's rockas comin on???? <B>Must b abou 2 munths b4 our event!!! Arrrhhhhh ... tha dnt sound long :S :S :S!!!<br>Stace -</B> u gettin betaa???? Wa quiet agen in music lololol!!!<br><B>Gud luk 2 skools performin at Southampton !!!!! :)))</B><br>Lv - Emma xxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!<br><B>Good luck to everyone this year!</B> You're all gonna do so great (lol)<br>Come on, <B><I>archie</I></B>, we can do it. If we put our heads together we can come away with one of the top prizes (hopefully 1st place lol)<br><B>Anyway, good luck to all the other schools competing against us and see y'all around</B> (lol)<br>Lve - rach xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hallo everyone - hope all is well! Just wanted to pop on here and wish all schools good luck, we know how hard it is!<br>Rocka is rocking 2006 already! Can't wait to see the new themes for '06 (and reveal ours!)<br>Good Luck and "Hi!" to everyone at Ashfield Gurls in N. Ireland! See you in ye olde grimsby!</B><br>Lewis X (<B><I>Archie</I></B>) !ESIDARAP TSOL!<br>(<I>Ed: shouldn't that be "!TSOL ESIDARAP!", Lewis, or am I missing the point ?</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B>We're luvin rocka @ da mo! Everything's goin fab!<br>Gud luk 2 all da uva skools!<br>Any idea hw 2 get tikets 4 bradford day 2? Cos we wanna go c all da uva skools? Any ideas pleez help!<br>Soo excited ... wooo hooo</B><br>GO THORNTON ! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)<br>Luv From Sarah, Bekky n Rachie! (<B><I>thornton</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!<br><B>Good luck with Rock Challenge. I can't wait until i see it at Grantham</B> (but i might be busy.) <B>and can't wait until i see you all - especially <I>The Gartree Community School</I></B>.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>ONLY ONE DAY TO GO!!!<br>Good luck, everyone in Southampton Heat tomorrow (March 1st) <I>especially Cowes High</I>!!!</B> Our dance is looking fab and I love the whole idea of it all!<B><br>Know I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight but I'll be so hyper tomorrow that I won't feel tired at all!</B><br>Go Cowes!!! <B>V good luck to Solent too - can't wait to see your entry!</B><br>Jenny (<B><I>Cowes High</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG I AM WELL EXCITED! Global rock 2morro - it's gonna be so much funnn!<br>Hopefully i will be able 2 get 2 sleep tonight!!!!!<br><I>Well done everyone - you have all worked so hard to make it the amazing performance that it is! Good luck,</I> and also good luck to all the other schools and Solent!!!<br>YAY - IT'S TOMORROW!</B> (OK ... that was me havin a bit of a spaz becus i am so excited!)<br>And also my converses came 2day so i can wear em 2morro! (Not that u wanted to know but an extra bit of random info neva hurt ne1! :)<br>I'm suuureee you'll all hear the cheer on the day so i am not gonna bother typin it out right now!<br>Good luck from Lawrence T (<B><I>Cowes High School</I></B>!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi guys!!!<br><B><I>Good luck to solent and cowes high!!!!! You rock!!</I><br>Thnx, mrs hawtin, for organising solent this year - it's been gr8 !!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Katharine (<B><I>Solent Middle</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><B>It's been great fun taking part in Rock Challenge and i can't wait till the 1st of march. <I>GO SOLENT! GO SOLENT!</I><br>Thank-you Mrs Hawtin and Mrs McVicar for making it such a fun experience!</B></B><br>Charlotte P.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to everyone at rock challenge. Hope everyone does well.</B><br>Katie (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi John<br><B>I hope everyone does well at Rock Challenge this year! It was fun last year presenting Southampton 3 with Lloydie! I'm sure the Power FM jocks will have a great week, and the students too!</B><br>I have left the sunny south coast for the Midlands, and career-wise, it's the best move ever - however, I couldn't be further from a beach if I tried! Roll on summer!<br>Take care - <a href="http://www.emmascott.co.uk/index2.html" target="win2">Emma</a> x (<B><I>now at Kerrang! Radio</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> to the C<br>to the O<br>to the W,E<br>bring on the S<br>n come dance with me<br>"go cowes, go cowes, go , go , go cowes"<br><br><B>Global Rock is number 1<br>so come on guys<br>and have some fun!</B><br>"go cowes, go cowes, go , go , go cowes"<br>GO COWES!!!!!<br><br><B>Thnks charlotte for makin up da well kwl cheer!!!<br>GD LUK EVRY1 - WE'RE WAW XCITED!!!!</B><br>Luv - fay, hannah, mark and candyce at <B><I>Cowes High</I></B>!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thank-you to everyone who has taken part in this year's global rock from cowes high! You have been amazing this year and we are very proud of you ... you have done us so proud! Thanks and good luck 4 2moz! Love you all!<br><I>The Cowes High Management Team</I> xxx</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!<br><B>We're all dead excited to be taking part in the Rock Challenge. It's a fab idea and we can't wait to meet loads of new people and see what everyone else has come up with.<br>Can't wait till tomorrow ... see u then!</B><br>Heidi, Rosie and Jodie xxx<br>(<I>Ed: blimey, guys ... don't know how you did it but it's taken ages to pull your message out of what I've just received ... it looks as if it was all somewhere else and not in the name / email addy / subject / message boxes, and it came out looking like this (I'll just show you a bit :) --> </I>"hey+everyone%21+WE%27re+all+dead+excited+to+be+in"<I> (etc etc :))</I><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hi james - long time no speak!</B><br>Yip, you're right ... we're cracking on now (now i'm back and refreshed from a skiing trip in italy in which <B><I>we shared a hotel with driffield school</I></B>)<br>How are you, john? Are you going to the grimsby event? (<I>Ed: see you there, Jonny</I> :)<br><B>Good luck, everyone</B> - Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I><a href="http://tinyurl.com/pkpag" target="win2">Here's a nice newsy item</a> in yesterday's online "This is North Scotland" newspaper, in which Stewart Stevenson (Banff and Buchan Member of the Scottish Parliament) praises those who took part at Aberdeen - in particular, Banff and Peterhead Academies.<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> John<br>Tried link to <B>the face</B> but Demon is not playing the game again!<br>Vanessa<br><I>Hi Vanessa ! <B>Not</B> Demon's fault but <B>entirely mine</B> (sob!) - there was a typo in the linking - sorreeeeeeeeee! <a href="http://www.johnarro.karoo.net/2005rock/face1a.gif"><B>Click here to try it now</B></a>, and let me know ?<br>John (Editor)</I></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 27th 2006</b></font> (29 messages)</p> <p><B><I>Baysgarth back-stage</I></B> here!<br>Rock Challenge in a week ... hopefully gonna take best back-stage again!<br><B>Gettin all excited ... see u all at grimbo!</B><br>Tom<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well, here I am again, guys! Just thought i'd post a message before I drag myself to bed! Need to try catch up on sleep!<br><B>Good Luck to everyone!! Hope you're all as excited as we are! :-))</B><br>Now - I must be goin! Falling asleep on keyboard ... not good! (<I>Ed: oh, I know that feeling, Stacey ... </I>:))<br>Love - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Liz at Cowes High here.<br><B>HUUUUUGE big thank you to Theresa Cook from the Matthew Humberstone School, Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire for the blank face make-up charts ! (<I>That'll be me playing with my crayons and face paints tonight, then</I> :) Seriously, hugely helpful, so big ta.</B> Have asked John about the possibility of having a link or resources place on the website so that everyone can access useful stuff like this. What d'ya reckon, John?<br>(<I>Ed: the face is already on the website, Liz ... click on TECH HELP over on the left, then scroll down to Costumes</I> :))<B><I>We've just had our final rehearsal</I></B> and it looks FAB! We're giving everyone the day off tomorrow for a well-earned rest, so that's it until Wednesday.<br><B>Can't believe how quickly our heat has rolled around. Surely it was only a little while ago we were in theoretical discussions? But now only 2 more sleeps and we're on our way! Hurrah! V exciting!<br><I>Thank-you to everyone for all the hard work and dedication shown to this project. Felt a bit of a fraud when they presented me (and Pidg) with flowers today to say thank-you. It is them who have done all the hard work and deserve the thanks. NEARLY made me cry - that'll happen on Wednesday, you can guarantee!<br>Wanted to take this opportunity to publicly congratulate the student (yr 12) management team - they have done an amazing job. Just wait till you see it up there on the big stage, guys - it is an indescribable feeling. Cannot wait to see your faces!</I></B><br>Sorry for all the shouting and the hassling and being harsh at you all. You've taken it all and come back fighting, every time. Exceeding my expectations time and time again. I am in awe of you all!<br><B>I CAN'T WAIT TILL WEDNESDAY!! (Blimey, I'm such a big kid!) See you all there, guys, and don't forget - ferry at 7.30am (eek).<br>Bring your big voices and massive energy with you - you're gonna need it!</B><br>Lots of Love - Liz (<B><I>Liaison, Cowes High</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br><br> Hiya everyone.<br>Not long to go now till the Grimsby heat! Can't wait! The rehearsal was great tonight and the piece is looking fab!<br>Big thanks to everyone, specially to Mrs Hylton and Ms Webb and all the stage crew. The set looks ace!<br>Good Luck to all the other schools competing. Can't wait to see everyone again.<br>Luv - Sammy(Hornsea)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>One day to go - well, less than 24hrs!!! Yey!<br><I>St Vinnie guys</I></B> - you rock - legends, that's what you are!!<br>Just want to say sorry for being a silly mousse today - you know what us girls are like ... Thank-you for being very sensible with the situation which occurred 2day and to say you responded well ... sorry we couldn't rehearse properly but thanks for getting on with the set.<br><B>Luv ya all to pieces and thanks for being such a great team! Don't forget to have fun and enjoy yourselves.</B><br>MWAH ... huggles n kisses - helen.x.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to all teams on Tues, Weds & Friday this week in Southampton! Esp.the Wildern teams! Go guys!<br>This is my last RC with my school ... it's the end of an era :(<br>Hopefully see you next year with my new college?!<br>Good luck and hope to see ya soon ...</B>Ferni XxXxXxX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyy! Long time no write!!! Bn hols n i bn gettin outta routine of evryfin :S!!! (N stace as bn in new york!!!! N avin a grd time lolol!)<br>Well, i ope rehearsals went orite 2nite!!! I cnt w8 till my group's needed!!!<br><B>Hey 2 all ova schools out ther!! The rocka tour is well undaway by the looks of it!!</B><br>Ooooooo ... <B><I>pancake day 2mora!!!</I></B> I ain't ad em 4 agesss!!! I luv em!!!!<br><B>Stace -</B> i ope tha fne will b turned off 2mora wile u get ur wrk dun :p!!!! Well, at least on silent lololol<br><B>Hey 2 all ova rockers out ther!!! Hope y'all dancin away!!!!</B><br>Cya l8a<br>Emma xxx (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow ... i'm soooo excited about the 1st of March. Here we come, southampton!!<br>This is my 5th and final year of performing (tear) It's really sad. I don't want to leave school.<br><I>Good luck to Cooper School and all the others schools performing on the 1st. I will be personally cheering you all on. Good luck ... love ya</I></B><br>Peace!! xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi guys! <B>1 WEEK TILL GRIMSBY!<br>Everyone's getting really excited now - can't wait - grimsby auditorium here we come!<br>Good luck to everyone on the 8th of march!</B><br>xx sophie at <B><I>hornsea</I></B>! xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone - thought i'd drop a line on the good old rock challenge message board!!!!<br>Where are all the messages from the <B><I>buttershaw crew</I></B>!!! It's very quiet, guys.... Are you going to shock us all at the bradford heat!!!?? (I'm sure you will!!!! :)<br><B>Big Hey to Johnny from buttershaw!</B> Trust you guys are working very hard! I'm hoping to come up and see you all in the next week or so ... just got back from 5 weeks in London! (Living in a beautiful hotel ... all paid for by British Airways! Wooo! :))<br><B>I hope i can make the bradford heat ... knowing my luck i'll be flying (working)<br>Anyway, huge good luck to Thornton Grammar, Hanson, John Smeaton and the rest of the bradford entrants!!!</B><br>Now I must go - i have a <B><I>Malaga</I></B> in the early hours of tomorrow and <B><I>Paphos</I></B> the day after!! Loving it!!!!<br><B>See you all soon, and Congrats to those who have made the finals so far!</B><br>James (<B><I>Ex Buttershaw)</I></B><br>Good Luck, BHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Good luck 2 every1 at hornsea!<br><B><I>Big thanks 2 every1 who made it possible. Big thanks 2 Mrs. Hylton - she is a great support</I><br>Good luck 2 all the other schools, especially to all the schools at grimsby on the 8th</B><br>GO <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B><br>Luv - Hanna xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Yo, <B><I>hornsea school</I></B>!<br>Best of luck for rock challenge 2006! <B>Can't wait to be in my very first rock challenge! Been lookin forward to it for donkey's years! March 8th comin closer and closer!</B><br>Luv - natalie xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMGGGGGGGGGGG - i can't believe it is nearly here. Only 9 days till the showcase n i'm sooooooo exciteddd!!!!!!!</B><br>Our piece is <B><I>really</I></B> coming together now n it looks mint. <B><I>A big thanks 2 every1 involved</I></B> - i won't name em coz it will go on 4 ever :)<br><B>Gd luk 2 every1 competin n gd luk 2 all the 1st-time rock challengers<br>Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... can't wait. See y'all on march 8th</B><br>Luv - bekki k. from <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B>***************<br>WE LOVE U HORNSEA WE DO WE LOVE U HORNSEA WE DO WE LOVE U HORNSEA WE DO OHHHHHH HORNSEA WE LOVE U OI OI OI<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>HEY EVERYONE! ONLY 2 DAYS TILL GLOBAL ROCK!!<br><I>SOLENT MIDDLE SCHOOL</I></B>, YOU LOOK FAB, AND <B><I>GOOD LUCK TO COWES HIGH</I></B> - I KNOW U R GONNA BE TRULY AMAZIN!<br>Wooooooooo !<br>Luv - millie<br><B><I>ps thanks to all the people who helped with costumes and stuff at solent middle school, espesh you mrs.hawtin!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyaa girlies....<br><B>OMG ... wednesday 1st ... southampton, here we come.<br><I>It's my 1st year in Rock Challenge and guess what - i'm leader ... ahhhhh!</I><br>Wel, i hope it all goes well for Cooper and all the other schools. Cya dere.</B><br>Love - sarah x.x.x.x.x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya ppl<br>Gettin closer n closer 2 ARCHIE'S rock challenge performance in hull ... ooooo i know u all know ... am gettin really excited lol<br>Our <B><I>costumes</I></B> are going to be WOW!!!!!!! Also the <B><I>hair and make-up</I></B>, BUT MOST OF ALL our <B><I>performance</I></B> will be COMPLETELY AMAZING!!!!! It will blow the audience AWAY!!!! THE ARCHI CREW ARE GUNA ROCK THE NIGHT TO 1ST PLACE IN GRIMSBY!!!!! :)))<br>C ya all soon, rockers.<br>Lv - kirsty c (<B><I>archie</I></B>) xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG - 1 WEEEEK till rock challenge! 1 WEEK! We hav no costumes AND STARTING 2 PANIC A TAD!</B><br>We won last year at crawley (hope 2 da same this year!) ... got thru to the southern open finals and came 5th - hey, wot can u do! :))<br><B>I am obsessed wiv rock challenge and CANNOT wait any more ... HURRY UP, CRAWLEY!</B><br>COME ON BOUNDSTONE!!!<br>Love from Bryony *MIGHTY MIGHTY <B><I>BOUNDSTONE</I></B>*<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey linzi n lucy fae i broch</B> - it's nicola h fae <B><I>mackie</I></B> here, jus enquirin bout <B><I>the aberdeen pics uz r speakin bout</I></B>. Are they all o the pics fae all schools, just the pics fae ur school, or the mini-pics. If it's all the pics, can u plz tell me where they are, cz the only ones i've seen here are the Aberdeen mini-pics n i really want 2 c all the pics fae all the schools<br>Plz reply ... thanx a lot<br>Oh, n hey to everyone, especially - dj scouse, robert, mildred, starky, maree, (steve, chris g, n liam fae <B><I>torry</I></B>)<br>*nikki phd*<br>xxxxxxxxxxxxx nicola h xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey, annie from <B><I>St V's</I></B> here!<br><B>Well, tomorrow's the big day. Really looking forward 2 watching all the other schools' rehearsals, cuz i know u will all be fab.<br><I>To every1 from st v's - just wanna say thanx for the last few months cuz it's been really brill getting 2 know u all and making friends! (Hopefully can make some more tomorrow from other schools!)</I><br>Anyway, i shall see you all bright and early tomorrow</B><br>x annie x<br>(<I>Ed: remember to take along a notebook and pencil or something if you hope to make new friends and want to remember who the heck they were afterwards !</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG i really can't wait until the 10th march!!!!!!!<br><I>St Hugh's ROCK!!!!!</I></B> Come on, guys! Made it 1st before so there's no stopping us now !!!<br>Roxanne<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Gooood Afternoon! (Stace) ... Hheeyyy (Emma) ... Hiya guys (Heva)<br>We r lukin at <B><I>stacey's NYC pics</I></B> of all the famous sites and places and ... erm ... her dinner :s!!! (The music dept is bak to normal nw - yeyeyey!!! :))<br><B><I>Rehearsals 2nite 4 certain characters!!! We rnt needed !!!!! :(((</I></B><br>Ova 2 heva! Sooo ... ow's evri 1 else doin?? Ope ur avin lts of fun just lyk us! <B>I cnt believe it's been 2 years since we last did rocker and i'm so chuffed bout bein part of the xcitment again!!! Wehey!!!!</B><br>(Bak 2 emma!) OMG ... we talkin about the army :s Miss W n dudes tryin 2 teach stace about the front line!!! (I dnt get it :)<br>She's just laffin !!! Ah welll!!!<br>Anyways, guys, we gonna go now cz we lyk nearly rollin on da floor laffin (ne1 would wen stace starts wid er stacyisms :)<br>Cyaz ......<br>Lv - Emma, Stacey (C.B Stanley) n Heva xxxxxxx (<B><I>hanson's music dept</I></B>!!!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Rock on <B><I>Cowes High</I></B>!!! GOOOD LUCK<br>Rachel<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! It's lucy!! (aka woody!)<br><B>Whooooo ... Global Rock in 2 days!!! Good luck for every1 on 1st march (specially evry1 from the island!!)<br><I>Go Cowes High</I></B>...the <B><I>dance</I></B> is looking amazing! <B><I>Costumes</I></B> looking extra cool... me and my plank and <B>go, gabs</B>, in your pink frills!!<br>Love you all xxxxx<br>ps <B><I>ensemble</I></B>, you're special! Whoooooo<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heylo everyone!!<br><B>Good luck to everyone involved in global rock!! Hope you all do really well!!<br><I>I'm really excited about Cowes High School's producton this year. It's looking amazing, and is so different to other years!! :) Looking forward to showing people the performance, and seeing theirs!!</I><br>I'm getting really excited now!! 2 DAYS!!!!!!!! Woooo!!!!<br>Also I want to wish a lot of luck in particular to Somerton Midle School and Solent Middle School, along with all of the other iow schools in particular (we have to stick together - there's only a few of us on the island !!)<br>Good luck again to everyone!!</B><br>Lucy (<B><I>Cowes High School</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey laura from peterhead - it's nicola h fae mackie here<br>The open finals in grimsby are on fri june the 2nd</B><br>xxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I love <B>jamie b</B>! xx Can't wait to see him dance!<br>C'mon, cowes high!<br>Shev xxx (<B><I>cowes high</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi guys - it's fay n mark ere!!<br><B>2 days till southampton 2... cnt w8<br>Alex has no idea wat 2 expect,, it's soooo fny!!!! HA HA HA...<br><I>We're @ cowes n r gettin so excited!!!</I><br>Gd luk evry 1 - c u der!!!</B><br>Luv - Fay n Mark!!<br>ps BIG FISH, LIL FISH, CARDBOARD BOX!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>FACE TEMPLATE HELP:</B><br>Hi John<br><B>I know how Liz at Cowes is feeling.<br>Hope these are what she's looking for.</B><br>Take care<br><B><I>Theresa Cook - Matthew Humberstone School</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B>Rly looking forward to the grimsby heat on the 8th march</B><br>Look out for <B><I>baysgarth</I></B> (as usual !! :P)<br>We're gonna go 4 it this year<br><B>It's also my last year this year as well :(<br>I'm gonna make the most of it!! This will b my 6th and final year (i missed it when i was in year 7)<br>Woooo - we're in the prem this year as well ... should b gd ... shame it's on a saturday :( but hey will still b as fun!</B><br>xxx glenn xxx</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 26th 2006</b></font> (11 messages)</p> <p>John !<br><B>You may be able to help with this one, or perhaps put a posting on the website...?<br>Am looking for a good Stage Make-Up design template of a blank face upon which to draw designs and instructions for our make-up team. I'm really rubbish at drawing a realistic face, so do you (or anyone out there in web-land) have a printable/ down-loadable image I could use, or know of a website where I might find one? (Kinda urgent I'm afraid - as everything IS at this stage of preparations!)</B><br>Cheers - Liz (<B><I>Cowes High</I></B>)<br><I>Aaarrgggh ... there IS one somewhere here at home ... from a face-painting book ... neither Wendy nor I can find it ... we'll keep looking but are getting lost ... where CAN it be ...<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi all<br><B>It's 10pm and i'm just off to bed ... got to be up and out of the house by 6:30am to go get the ferry to southampton (yay) where i will be for next 6 days. My schedule is pretty much like this:- get up ... get ferry ... free bus to asda ... visit shop ... arrive at guildhall for 8:15 ish ... do rock challenge (and have a fantastic time!!!) ... leave venue ... get home at 1am ... sleep ... get up again at 5:45 ... get ferry ... (etc!)<br>Good luck to all the schools taking part over all the southampton days - have a fab time (and buy lots of merch!! :D)<br><i>Vanessa - Rockateer - who is NOT doing the leap frog this year... the crew will know what i mean :)</i></b><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hellooo! :-)<br>Just thought i'd pop on the message board ... it's a <B><I>great</I></B> excuse for taking a break from coursework! Lol!<br>Well, Guys, you got me back at school tomorrow ... the peace will be disrupted. (Although i was glad to hear you all missed me soo much!! ;-)<br><B>I can't wait for Rocka, and to perform ... it's gonna be amazing...as always! :-))<br>Good Luck to all involved!</B><br>Anyhow, i'd best be off! Loads to do! Plus <B><I>Washington and New York piccies</I></B> to download!<br><B>Keep Rockin'!</B><br>Love - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br>PS <B>Hey Amy</B>, i agree! Hansoners - keep postin messages!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helloooo!!<br>Well, i haven't left a message 4 a while and it seems like no other hansoners have either! *shocked* Wot's going on there? Anyways, how is everybody?<br>I can't wait for bradford heats of rcok challenge - gonna be buzzin !!<br>I should be doing psychology coursework but it's fine coz i'll do it tomorrow in my free!<br>Anyways, i'm just chattin on now so c ya all at rehearsals 2moro, hanson, and c all the bradford heat peeps at bradford in a few weeks hehe!<br>Love - amy xxx (hanson)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!!!!!!!<br><B>Good luck to everyone on 1st march! Only 3 days left - scary stuff!!! It's gonna b great!!!<br>Good luck cowes primary tomorrow! Aaw ... bless them - they are all so small!</B><br>Wooo ... gd luck <B><I>Cowes High</I></B> - we can do it!! Friday looked great - keep it up! <B>I hear that Solent's is good too - i hope you do great!<br>Will c ya all there !</B><br>Luv - sal (<B><I>Cowes High School</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A BIG UP TO MY FELLOW YEAR 13 CONCEPT CREW!</B><br>It's a shame we didn't get a place, but i'm sure next year's Year 13s will manage it - and maybe even win the STUDENT LEADERSHIP AWARD?!<br>Hollie (<B><I>Vandyke</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya every1... (specially the <B><I>lindsey school</I></B> :)<br><B>Rock Challenge in 10 days !!!! Wow - it's gonna b ace :P<br>Gd luck to all the other schools - cya soon - at grimsby on the 8th march</B><br>x~*~x chelsi x~*~x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey its Gabi again from <B><I>Cowes High</I></B>!<br><B>Only 3 days till our heat!! :D<br><I>Had dress rehearsal on Friday and it all looks amazing!</I><br>A big good luck to Cowes Primary who are performing tomorrow night and i hope they do really well ! It is GREAT to see kids of younger ages getting involved in Rock Challenge!!</B><br>Gabi xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Frankie star vix kp here!<br><B>How good did st albans wanna be! Still hasn't sunk in! Woop Woop!</B><br>Luv ya - Frankie xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <a href="order.htm"><I>I've just uploaded an updated Merch Order Form to the website - click to get to it :)</a><br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys ... <B>not long now !!! 3 days - eek!!<br><I>Keep up the spirit, guys - you are looking fabby!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>A big thank-you to those who turned up on Saturday - much appreciated!!!</I><br>Good Luck to all the other entries (esp brune park!!) and Well Done to everyone else.<br>PLEASE REMEMBER - REHEARSAL 4 till 6 <I>(The Principal is coming to watch as well, and afterwards there is a set meeting.)</I></B> Ta, guys!<br>Huggles n kisses - helen x.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiiii! Girls from Denbigh here! WOOP WOOP! (<I>Ed: and up early on a Sunday</I> :)<br><B>Can't wait till portsmouth! Going to be sooo good!<br>Well done to the other schools! You all rocked! Luvya!</B><br>Love - everyone from <B><I>denbigh</I></B>!<br>Woop Woop - big up <B>Mark</B>! xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I><B>I've added "experimental" GPS co-ordinates to the Tour Calendar (click above) for Southampton (and now lots of the other venues too!) and would love to hear from any drivers using these if in fact they got you remotely within a gnat's semi-quaver of the right place !!<br>If anyone has <a href="http://earth.google.com/" target="win2">Google Earth</a> on their computer, then entering N 50 54.28 W 1 24.2 into that search box up in its top-left should get you a view of the car-park immediately in front of the Guildhall</B><br>John (Editor - "Everyday" by Phil Collins softly playing in the background :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 25th 2006</b></font> (8 messages)</p> <p><B>Writing this at 18:18 hrs Saturday and it's 4 days 00 hours 41 minutes and 20 seconds till Cowes High's heat! Woooo!</B><br>Mark from <B><I>Cowes</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Can't wait for rock challenge this year!</B><br>It's looking fab so far! <B><I>Set</I></B> is looking ace! Can't get the <B><I>songs</I></B> for it out of my head.<br><B>Good luck to all the schools at grimsby on the 8th March, and hope everything is going well with your performances.</B><br>Love to all - Beth (<B><I>hornsea stage crew</I></B>) and Sian (<B><I>hornsea dancer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi y'all!<br><B>Congrats to all those that have come 3rd, 2nd and 1st.<br><I>I'm disappointed that we (De Aston) can't do Rock Challenge this year, but we will be back in 2007 and it will be worth waiting for. I'm so excited about next years Rocka!</I><br>I hope every1 enjoys this year's, and Good Luck to all!!!</B><br>Nathan - <B><I>De Aston School</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Could tell me wot date the grimsby open finals are, plz?</B> Tht would be helpful as my work r telling me to get my day off work put in as soon as...<br>Thnks agen an well done, peterhead (wot is it ... 95 dayz? )(Some crazy person ... not naming any names ... <B><I>steph</I></B> ... counted thm! :P<br>Lots n lots of luv - laura (<B><I>peterhead</I></B>)<br><I>Hello, Laura !<br><a href="cal2006.htm#northopen"><B>Click this link to go straight through to the Northern Opens on the website's UK 2006 Tour Calendar</B></a><br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Carisbrooke have moved from So'ton 5 to Pompey 3 !<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hiya Nicola!</B><br>Yeah- am 1 at back<br><B>Gd luck we yer prelims - cya at rock challenge 2007</B><br>Chris G (<B><I>Torry</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Bonjour - welcome to "Parees!"<br>Ken it's a bit late but <B>"Well done!" to everyone in aberdeen on the 13th</B><br><B><I>Old Machar</I></B> were the best, but <B>well done to st.machar and good luck for grimsby - do scotland proud!!!</B><br>Carly xx (<B><I>Torry lip dancer</I></B> ; )<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey evrybody!<br>Soz it's l8 but <B>well done to St Machar for reaching the open final in Grimsby! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did (Torry Academy) last year!<br>Commiserations to the other schools' competitors - you were all fab and if only you could all have got to the Final.<br><I>Come on, Torry - Premier Final here we come</I></B><br>What time wil it be???? It'll be Stevo Time!!!!! :))<br><B>Hey to Nix frum Mackie</B> (u hottie!!! xxx) Well done in ur Geography prelim! Hope all the others go as well!!!!<br>Steve<br><br>++++++++++++<br> OMG ... <B><I>you guys from hinchingbrooke are amazing</I></B>. I loved you so much ... you were actually awesome, and were so great keeping me calm (even though i messed up me dance, i got my kick in haha)<br>Well done for your two awards - <B>you did awesome for first time</B><br>I hope <B>yasmin aka flower girl</B> still has my ribbon!!!<br><B>Hope u guys had a good time.</B> Write back on here!!<br>x x x x Deany M x x x x</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 24th 2006</b></font> (14 messages)</p> <p>Hey hey hey to <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> - i hope you are all enjoying it! Sorry if we nag u too much but it's all for a good cause.<br><B>Goooooddd luck to all the other schools (even if you have already performed - you will have done great) but a major good luck to the people who will be at grimsby on the 8th ... hehe, i can't wait now. <I>(Thank you so much for letting me be a choreographer, Mrs HYLTON !)</I></B><br>Every1 - you will be great. Good luck once again ... love ya all to pieces<br>Mwah - sophie w xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I knew I'd think of something else ... <B>JAMES-- thanks so much for everything. We couldn't have done it without you. No - seriously - we couldn't have.</B> Luv ya and thanks again.<br>Amy (again) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG!!!!!!!!:):):):):) I am still on such a high from rock challenge! I love doin it and being there with Wye Valley (Love you guys) and Francis Combe was great!<br>Thanks to the Rocka Team (luv ya Mark!) You guys are all fab!</B><br>(Oh - as Sam said earlier (lol) <B>thanks Luke (from Francis Combe :))</B> (Sorry if we embarrassed you that day!)<br><B>Everyone from Barnhill- you were all fantastic and we are all still screaming about it!</B> You bois are jka (luv ya!) and obviously all the girlies are stars!<br><B>I bet I'll be thinking up new comments about rock challenge every day until the next one !</B><br>Luv - Amy xxxxxx (((<B><I>Barnhill Rock!!</I></B> 3rd Place!!)))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>HIYYYYYYYAAAAAAAA!!! Soooo excited!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkk!!!<br>Good luck to everyone performing! Only ten days for our showcase!!<br>Can't wait to see all the schools' pieces. I'm sure they won't fail to impress me.<br>As you can probably tell, I am starting to get that uncontrollable Rock Challenge feeling!!!<br><I>Everything is coming together now and thank you to every single person involved in any aspect of our entry - WICKED!! Hehehe.....</I></B><br>Luv ya, team. Loads of gud luck wishes and well dones from megs xxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helooooooooo hornsea!!!<br>Been at rock challenge 2 day! It's lookin <B><I>really</I></B> good - the stage crew are doing really well, the dancers are doing really well and every1 else involved is doing great 2! (I can't name all of em - it wud take all day!)<br><B>I'm soooooo excited, tho! I CAN'T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Charlotte o' ( O' <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> WE LOVE YOU!!! OY OY OY!!!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WAHOOOOOO - rock challenge nearly here!</B><br>COME ON SOLENT!! Our theme (regeneration) is really gd this year! Big up the ants!<br>Thanx for mrs.hawtin for arrangin it - it's gonna b class!<br>Bye ...... xx tasi xx (<B><I>solent middle school</I></B>)<br>ps <B>gd luck cowes high!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!<br><B>Lookin 4ward 2 rock challenge this year! Onli 12 days 2 go!!!</B><br>Lv - charlotte (<B><I>hornsea dancer!</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone! <B>Hope everybody is enjoying 2006 rock challenge (i am) hehe.<br>Good luck to all schools in this year's competition</B>, especially <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B>!<br><B><I>Thank you to all Hornsea school's team, including Mrs Hylton! You all make the experience something to remember!</I></B><br>Bex x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done, francis combe school (you did great) and well done to miss tate for the great dance</I></B><br>Rhys h xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey Everyone that was in the rock challenge at St Albans!<br>You were all amazing nd denbigh- you really deserved to win.<br>Dean, charlotte and nathan from vandyke- you guys are amazing and thanx for making us feel so welcome lol!<br>It was our first year this year nd it definitely won't be our last! Can't wait till next year.<br>Cheers to all the rock challenge crew as well.</B><br>Also wanna say <B><I>a speshal thanx to all the brookie backstage crew and makeup artists: tallis, georgie, amy, jess (makeup) sammi, roxy, josh, joe, bruno, (thanx 4 takin me to donalds-haz) vrynwy nd anyone else i forgot.</I><br>Cheers also to ms dunn, miss poole nd chip- thanx for winning the air guitar comp (lmao!)<br><B>See you all next year !!</B></B><br>Love ya - soph and haz xxxxx (<B><I>hinchingbrooke</I></B>)<br>ps yay - two awards lol xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Well done Vandyke 6th form team!!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!! We hope we did you proud!!!</I></B> Would have felt better if been placed but i still say this is the best rocka team i have been able to work with!!!<br><B>You better come bck to see us next year!!!!!</B><br>COME ON <B><I>VANDYKE</I></B>!!!<br>Richard!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone.<br><B>To chris g fae torry-</B> i think i know who you are now, coz i saw ur pic for west side story in the evening lol (Uze all look great in your poses ha ha ... o n james (the guy at the front with longish hair) ur hot lol)<br><B>Hi steve n liam!</B> Good luck for west side story - a was gonna come c yaz but there's no tickets left<br>Yes, claire my fellow rocker fae mackie - steve is texting me :)<br><B>Good luck to everyone who's got their higher prelims coming up</B>! We at mackie are all done with ours (thank goodness) and i got an <B><I>A for geography ... woo hoo</I></B>!!<br>Am in a free period the now, so better get back 2 ma revision<br>Byeeeeeeee - nicola h (<B><I>mackie</I></B>)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>GRIMSBY HERE WE COME!!!!</B><br>Louise (<B><I>st.machar academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Like Awesome,<br>oh wow,<br>you totally freak me out i mean right on......<br>'coz <B><I>VANDYKE</I></B> SURE ARE NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!<br>WOOOOOOOOOOOOO<br>Sally A</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 23rd 2006</b></font> (14 messages)</p> <p>Hey everyone - <B>just wanted to say what a great day St Albans Day 2 was. I had such a good time</B> (but was disappointed our piece didn't get the recognition we thought it deserved.) Having said that, <B>Denbigh and the other schools WERE amazing - well done everyone.<br><I>A huuuuge thank-you to everyone involved from Vandyke (you were all incredible!!) and a special thank-you to the Year 13 team who devised our piece this year. Without you we wouldn't have had such an amazing and hard-hitting story</I></B>, and don't be disappointed we didn't gain a place - the main thing to remember is that we got out the message of gun crime and had a lot of fun. Will be sad not working with you guys next year but Vandyke will do our best as we always do!!<br><B>See you next year!</B> Vicki B<br>PS - <B>You guys at Hinchingbrooke school are great - was really nice sharing the marquee with you! Xx</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there everyone, especially everyone from hornsea who've given up their precious spare time to be at the rehearsal today (everyone looked great.)<br><B>See you all tomorrow ... less than two weeks to go. Good luck to everyone at all the other schools as well.<br>Right, i'm off to go look for some old clothes (especially for u, mrs hilton!)</b><br>Helen (<B><I>Hornsea school</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all.<br><B>OMG ... BARNHILL FINALLY DID IT - WE GOT 3RD PLACE!!! All we did was scream and cry with tears of happiness and complete shock! We'd only got one award (best drama skills) and we thought we were sunk like all the other years we've been in it<br>All the teachers at school won't stop saying how proud of us they are... and broadcasting the news to all my classes... I was one of only two yr 11s hu did rocka at my school.<br>Big thnx to all the rocka crew, spesh ruddy, tim and mark... will b c-ing you guys in the northen finals wearing my rather retro-lukin rocka t-shirt.</B><br>Oh - john... i'm going to send you a fab pic of tim on the air guitar i took on the st.albans day two ... maybe you could pass it on to him :-P (<I>Ed: passed it on, Michaela!</I> :))<br><B>Well done Wye Valley - i love you guys - coming from nowhere n getting 2nd - u rock, man. Also francis combe</B> (spesh <B><I>luke</I></B> ... man, u r sweet ... n so dnt luk like ur in yr10. (Amy fancied u!! (da blonde one))<br>Anyway, best be off - i've got drama c/w to b on with<br>Cyaz - x x michaela - da gal with the wigs!!! (U know wat i mean :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>I would really like to thank the year 13s from Vandyke who put so much effort into making the costumes, set, soundtracks and so much more. They made us proud and did so well!</I></B><br>We may not have won but you know you did well, especially since gun crime is so relevant at the moment ... a police officer was shot just the other day. What if an incident like this happened in our schools?<br><B>Everyone was amazing and i would like to congratulate all the schools in their efforts - it was a fab day.</B><br>And Vandyke- we were loud, we rocked, and we will carry on rocking next year.<br><B>Loved it!<br>Good luck in the finals, Denbigh</B><br>Kassey<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>BIG UP TO THE VD MASSIVE. All you little guys did us yr13s proud and you were amazing. You really were fantastic!!</I><br>All the other schools who took part were amazing, and you first-timers did great.<br>Well done, denbigh, for your win again - good luck in the final.</B><br>Look out for us next year - VD will be back and giving everyone a run for their money!<br>PEACE ... OUT x x x x<br>Deany M<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone<br><B>Just got to say ST ALBANS DAY 2 ROCKED!!!<br>To everyone there: what a fantastic day and well done to you all! The show was amazing. Big congrats also goes out to all the new schools involved - stick at it ... Rock Challenge is an amazing event.<br>I, like most of the 6th form team, am proud to have represented Vandyke in Rock Challenge for the past 5 years but - sadly - this was my last year ... uni is calling. The whole experience for me has been amazing and I would gladly do it all again.<br><I>All that is left for me to do is thank Mrs A. and Sally for all the hard work they have put in over the past 5 years and big up the fantastic 6th form team i was part of this year.</I></B> It was all worth it in the end, regardless of the result.<br>A final reminder to all the <B><I>Vandyke team</I></B>: all your hard work paid off and you should all feel proud of yourselves. Keep your heads up high and carry on the Vandyke spirit next year. AND SMILE!!!!!<br>Rosemary<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>A big thank-you to all the rock challenge team at vandyke! Out of all the years I've done RC I've never felt as proud as i do this year.<br>To all fellow year 13s - i've had a great time with you devising this piece and you all did amazingly. We all know how well we did this year !</I></B><br>Hugs and kisses - Franny B - xxx xx xxx xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Congratulations to all the schools who took part - you all did an amazing job.<br><I>I am so proud of all my dancers from the Wye Valley School - you worked so hard and I am very proud of you all!!</I></B><br>Clarkie<br><br>++++++++++++<br> OH DEAR ... COME ON YOU DENBIGH!!!<br><B>Well done, everyone who participated in rock challenge 2006 at St Albans! I especially want to big up wye valley school who came 2nd - them lot are quality!</B><br>But <B><I>denbigh - first!</I></B> All i can say, gals n boys, is "Denbigh denbigh - we r the best 3 years in a row!!"<br><B>Love rock challenge soo much - highlight of my school life !</B><br>Love ya - mwah laura (aka lil law) xxxxxxxxx<br>ps <B><I>DENBIGH SCHOOL LUV MARK FROM THE ROCK CHALLENGE CREW!!!</I></B> xxx<br><I>Ed: reckon I'd better have a chat with Mark !!<br>John (Editor :))</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helllllooooooooooo! Thought i'd check the Rocka Site (seein as though i've been away for all of 8 days!) and post a quick message (before I catch up on much needed sleep) to say "<B>I'm back from The Big Apple!!</B>" (After a long and turbulent journey home!)<br><B><I>Wow - what a city that is! Had an amazing time, but missed everyone loads! I'd defo recommend it to anyone!!</I> :-)<br>Anyhow, hope you're all doing good! Can't wait for Rocka now!</B><br>Love Stacey (CB) aka Stanley (NYC people understand!) xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>A Tour Calendar change - the Fab Office Crew tell me that <B>Steyning Grammar</B> have opted to move from the Crawley event to Portsmouth 4<br>John (Cooooold Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>I've now uploaded mini-pics for both the St Albans days ... click on "RESULTS TOO" and follow the link after each day :)<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thank you so much, everyone in Vandyke's performance.</B> You guys were <B><I>amazing</I></B> and even though me and the rest of the sixth form team got stressed a couple of times <I>(okay ... maybe just me)</I> you guys totally showed what we're all about - putting on an amazing show.<br><B><I>I am so proud of everyone involved in this year's production, and you should all be proud of yourselves</I></B> - you're winners (even if the judges didn't see it that way) - you guys rule.<br><B>Congratulations to Denbigh and good luck in the final and to Wye Valley for doing so well on your first time.<br><I>This may be my and the rest of Year 13's last year doing this, but if everyone who did it this year puts as much into it as they have this year... you guys will carry on making Vandyke proud after we're long gone.</I></B><br>Thanks - Iain (Josh :P)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey to everyone at <B><I>outwood grange college</I></B>! (<I>Even though nobody reads this apart from me and my sis</I>)<br>I hope practices are going well! <B>I'm coming back to help with some choreography! (*thinks* *did they really think they could get rid of me that easily* :)</B><br>Even though i'm really liking college, <B>i really really want to be able to do rocka wi you guys!<br>Miss ya all!</B><br>Love - becka x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WELL DONE to all schools who competed at St Alban's Day 2</B>... but <B><I>especially to my fabulous Barnhill students!</I></B> You've done really well this year and have worked <B><I>soooo</I></B> hard - you really <B><I>deserved</I></B> to get 3rd place!! <B>I am so so proud of all of you guys and I've been on a high since Tuesday night (watched the DVD as soon as I got home!!)<br>Well done especially to our fantastic 6th form helpers: James, Teri, Hannah, Cally and Helen. We couldn't have done it without you!<br>Can't wait until next year!</B><br>Ms Shannon xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey abd! Am meant 2 b dein IT bt o weel ...<br><B>Any1 from the aberdeen days shud check oot i pix - ther r sum v gd eenz.</B><br>Linzi fae <B><I>i broch (fraserburgh)</I></B></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 22nd 2006</b></font> (23 messages)</p> <p>Hello<br><B>I attended the Rock Challenge at the St Albans Arena last night (21st February) and I have to say it was a fantastic event (<I>made all the better by the fact that my daughter s school - Denbigh High - won</I> :) It was great that children from all years were involved in the various sets and brilliant to see such commitment to what they were doing and the pride they took in what they did.<br>I wasn't sure what to expect of the Rock Challenge but was very (very, very) impressed by the end. I was absolutely amazed by the standard (<I>and absolutely blown away by what Denbigh did</I>.) It was fantastic.<br>It was a pleasure to be there and I am proud that my daughter was a participant. LONG MAY THE ROCK CHALLENGE EVENTS CONTINUE. THEY ARE SOMETHING THAT THE ORGANISERS SHOULD BE PROUD OF.</B><br>Steve Cullis<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Ahhhh ... we love u, denbigh, we do. O denbigh, we love u! We're not the best but we're still quite good!</I><br><B>Yesterday was great, everyone - all the schools were so good! Well done...<br><I>Really looking forward to portsmouth, Can't wait! Gonna be a hard competition but c'mon, denbigh, we can do it!</I><br>Big up, Mark - you're great</B><br>Luv - Nix (<B>Denbigh</B>) woooo!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>BIG UP VANDYKE!! Well done everyone, you were great!<br><I>Thanks, sally and sarah and - of course - the 6th form team for all your help and making the whole thing even more amazing than we thought it would be!</I><br>Well done to the other schools as well - c y'all next year!</B><br>Matt<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thank you so much for a fantastic day on Tuesday.<br>Well done to all the the schools that took part in the St Albans day 2 Rock Challenge 2006.You were all amazing!<br>Also well done to the schools that took part in the day 1 performance - i am sure you were fantastic too!<br>I am looking forward to next year and hope i will see you all there.</B><br>Hannah x (from <B><I>Francis Combe School</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! <B>I CNT BELIEVE WE WON!!!!!</B> 3 TIMES - IT'S GR8 WOOOHOOO!!! KEEP IT UP!!<br><B>WANA FANK MISS TETLOW SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!</B><br>WELL DUN, GUYS N GALS - WELL PROUD OF U ALL.<br>LOVE ALL TO DA STARS N BACK XXX LOVE YA KATIE XXX<br>PS <B>LOVE U MARK!!!! :)</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya everyone, Lindsey from Vandyke here :)<br><B>Well done to everyone who took part in the St Albans day 2 event - it was a good day.<br><I>To all the Vandyke team: you guys were amazing - every single one of you - and as cheesy as it sounds, you should all be really proud of yourselves! (And keep smiling!! :))<br>To the Vandyke Y 13s: YOU GUYS RULE!</I><br>It's gonna b sad for us 13s never being able to do rock challenge again, but we're just gettin too old for this business...</B><br>(<I>Lindsey, you're NEVER too old for Rock Challenge ... <a href="work2005.htm">get checking out the Tour Volunteer Application Form for 2007 !</a><br>John ... your 67-year old website editor and occasional volunteer stagehand :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well done everyone who took part in Rock Challenge</B>, especially <B><I>VANDYKE</I></B>!!<br>Thank you so much, 6th-form team. You worked really hard on this and you deserved the best! We rocked and we know it! Love u!<br>Lisa<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys! <B>You were all awesome ... love you loads ... everyone was amazing.<br><I>Chin up - we know we rocked!</I></B><br>Cya at school, guys<br>x Dean M x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!! Faye from denbigh here!<br><B>Wanna say how proud i am of denbigh ... omg girls n boys, u r sooo good. The competition was pretty hard this year and i was so happy to find out we won</B> (as everyone saw from how much i cried ! :)<br>Can't believe it - 3 years in a row!!<br><B><I>Fanks so much to miss tetlow, natalie, katie, nix n all da other choreographers n every single person who made an effort n helped to win!!</I><br>Thanks to all the RC crew - but we all know that denbigh love you, mark!!!<br>Big up the Rat Pack</B> (but i'm annoyed to hear someone has stolen the idea so will have to check that one out!! :))<br><B>Good luck to all the schools in the final, and a very very big well done to barnhill and wye valley - you guys were good sports - thanks!!</B><br>Whoa - i've written an essay so i'll shut up now!! See ya soon, everyone - love ya all<br>Faye (<B><I>denbigh aka RATS!</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Correction! <B>TWO</B> pics on poster 4 <B><I>cowes high</I></B> !!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone - squirt here :)<br><B><I>Every1 from denbigh did totally amazing. U rock - 3 years in a row !!!!!!!!!!!!!!</I><br>Well dun 2 all d ova skls - ya were well nice!</B><br>Luv u loads - Sophia (no arms) (Denbigh) xXx<br><B>ps we luv u, mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<I>AND every1 from stage crew - and don't try to push me over!!!!</I></B> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WE LUV U, MARK !</B><br>LUV - EVERY1 FROM <B><I>DENBIGH</I></B> XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Awesome Day 2 at Rock Challenge ! ! Shame we left on such a low but *ARE WE BOTHERED???* NO!!! *Vandyke Team Rocked the house!!!*</B><br>Well done, everyone in the Vandyke Team - we are all soooo proud of you.<br><B>Well done to all the other teams who weren't placed too - was a really high-quality competition this year.<br><I>Special shoutout to ma homies in yr13 who devised the WHOLE PIECE ourselves for our last ever Rock Challenge.</I></B> Even though all our hard work and effort wasn't recognised officially, it definitely showed in the performance and *the audience loved it* which is all that matters to a true performer.<br>Flabi. A x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Does any one know if <B>Mark</B> from GRC Crew has a girlfriend?<br>G<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Denbigh</I></B>!!!!!!!!<br><B><I>Gals n guys i'm so proud of you!!! WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</I></B> Thank you so much for all your time, effort, and havin to put up with my rather loud voice again for 6 months.<br><B><I>Thanks to Miss Tetlow for all the hard work ... all ma choreographin girls as well.</I><br>Want to thank all the other schools for being so supportive, and the competition was immense this year!<br>Thank-you to all the Rock Challenge Crew for making the day so much fun and being so supportive! SEE YOU IN PORTSMOUTH!!! 3rd year running!!! WEHEY :-)</B><br>Denbigh... we're not the best... but we're still pretty good !!! :)))<br>Lots a luv - natalie x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I><B>St Albans results are in (click above :)</B> Thank you to the Fab Crew !<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey every1 who was at St Albans Day 2!!!<br>Big it up Wye Valley!!! So glad we met you guys - you are great! Hope 2 see you next year!<br>Also luvin you guys at Francis Combe!<br><I>Well done everyone at Barnhill - we were great! We came 3rd and don't you forget it!!</I></B><br>Cya (and as I said before - hope 2 see you again next year, Wye Valley! :)<br>Amy xxxx<br>PS <B>thanks to the rock challenge crew - you guys were great!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>On behalf of my colleagues from Druglink and Communities Against Drugs (CAD), may I thank everyone involved in the 2-day Challenge Event in St.Albans - this includes the effort from all of the schools represented there.<br><I>Yet again the standard of performances has risen.</I><br>I very much look forward to seeing old (and new) friends again in 2007 at St. Albans.</B><br>GIVE PEACE A CHANCE<br><B><I>Tony Bolt - DRUGLINK/CAD HERTS</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey thr!! Sposed to be in PE at the moment but our teacher is off so time on computers! Woo ! (Except it's quite boring because everything is filtered - even msn!!!! Aaaaaaaaargh!!!<br>Oh well - catch ya l8r - byeeeee<br>Lucy liu fe <B><I>broch academy</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Michelle ere frm DENBIGH!!!!<br><B>OMG ... AMAZING ! Still</B> cnt believe we have won <B>3 years in a row</B>! We did so well, and i'm rly proud of ya all !<br><B>We had such a gd day n even if we hadn't won, we wud still have been cheerin!!<br>The competition was rly hard this year tho, so well done to all the other schools!!!<br>We LOVE u, Ms Tetlow n natalie - none of this would have been possible wivout u!!</B><br>Big up portsmouth, gals ! We know we can win if we try hard enough !!!!<br>Michelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br>ps ... b4 i forget ... <B>we love you, mark!!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow - did we ave a gd day or what ?!</B> Well done, denbigh - we merked it again ! Wot's that, girls - <B>3 years in a row</B>!<br>Gotta say i'm rly proud of all of us! <B><I>Rly</I></B> didn't think we cud pull thru this - <B>the competition was amazin! Well done 2 all the over skools!</B><br>Cnt wait till portsmouth - it's gonna be gr8!<br>Oooo - n <B>thnks 2 zoie the rock c producer</B> 4 helpin me get that splinter out.. ouch!<br><B>N OMG ... we love u, mark :)</B><br>Thnks 2 <B><I>every1</I></B> that helped denbigh get this far<br>Love - star xxxxx (<B><I>DENBIGH</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HIYA!<br><B>Well done to everyone who went to st albans day 2!!!<br>Wye Valley, you were wicked (and really nice to us barnhill lot!! :) Hope to see you next time and well done on getting 2nd place!!<br><I>Well done to everyone who was in the barnhill entry!! I was soooooo happy to be apart of it, and so happy that we came 3rd!!!!!!</I><br>Luke from francis combe (the boy who gave a barnhill girl her purse back when she dropped it) - thank you for doing that!! You were a really nice person!!<br>It was a great day. The whole of francis combe and wye valley - you rock!!! Hope to see you lot next year!!!!!!!</B><br>Samantha (<B><I>Barnhill Community High</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey everyone involved in St. Albans day two. You were all fantastic. It was amazing how much work had gone into all the individual pieces.<br>To the winners Denbigh:- well done ... your costumes were immense and we loved the choreography.<br><I>To our team Vandyke - huge applause - you were brilliant. Special mention to our year 13 team who sorted the whole piece - our rock challenge was superb and will live as a lasting memory to all victims of gun crime.<br>We feel privileged to be able to showcase at Rock Challenge and to have our concept realised. Let's celebrate- we rocked</I></B><br>Sally A<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Whoop it up for Ricky skl.... we are so very proud of you !!!!!!!!!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Peterhead's success</B> at Aberdeen 2 made it into the online version of "The Buchan Observer" newspaper - <a href="http://www.buchanie.co.uk/archived/2006/week_08/news/rock.asp" target="win2">you can read the article here</a></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 21st 2006</b></font> (12 messages)</p> <p>Hi evri1 at <B><I>royds</I></B> ! Hope ur havin fun !<br><B>Cnt w8 2 start dancin agen wen we come bk 2 skool ! Evri1 rememba tht it's thursday AND friday !</B> (And i'm already changing my hairstyle so it looks more rock chik - talk about too OTT :))<br>And hey - <B>gud luk evri1 ! GO CRAZY !</B> (Actually ... DON'T !lol :D)<br>x-x-x-x-x-!steff w!-x-x-x-x-x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Two changes to the UK 2006 Tour entry list emailed in from the Fab Rocka Office !<br>Bishop Lovett C of E Middle School pull out of Portsmouth 4, and a waaaaaaaay late entry - Swanmore College of Technology come in to Southampton 5 !<br>John (Editor ... on a cold night in Yorkshire :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Whooo - just uploaded mini-pics (one each) of the Aberdeen teams - go to the "RESULTS TOO" (above) and click on the link after the results list :))<br>John (Editor) (watching occasional snowflakes drift by the window here at home ... brrrrr!)</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there everybody!!!!<br>Big it up Hanna Bananana and red lorry yellow laurie here from <B>BRUNE PARK COMMITTEE!!!!! Soooooo nervous rite now - it's like 8 days omggggggggggg.<br>Really hyper bout it - sooo excited but really scared - but it's all gd !</B><br>Well, got to go coz i'm gettin crumbs in laurie's keyboard :))<br>Hope every1 does well! Can't wait<br>Love ya all - Hanna banana and laurie b xxxxxxxxx<br><B><I>BRUNE PARK</I></B> ROCH DA HOUSE I SED BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE (<I>Ed: no you didn't ... you said they "ROCH" the house ... hee hee</I> :)<br>(ALI G STYLE)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>HELP!! HAS ANYONE GOT ANY SPANISH-STYLE SKIRTS WE CAN BORROW?<br>Have run out of time for organising costumes due to whole host of issues that I won't bore you with here. We need about 12 for our competition day on Weds 1st March in Southampton. We would obviously pay costs for posting them to us in Oxfordshire.</B><br>Thanks - Sally Harvey (<B><I>Cooper School, Bicester</I></B>)<br><b>Anyone who can help, please email Sally on <a href="mailto:sally@rockchallenge.co.uk?subject=Spanish-style skirts">sally@rockchallenge.co.uk</b></a><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOW, rock challenge coming up! Can't wait - bournemouth show 24th March.</B><br>Our school started <B><I>rehearsals</I></B> about 2 months before christmas, so hopefully all this hard work up to march is gna pay off - we are trying so hard this year to get first place :-D<br><B>It's my last uniform year of doin rock challenge *sniff sniff* but hey-ho, there's always sixth form ... u r not gettin rid of me yet :)<br>Good luck to all rock challenge participaters</B>, and <B><I>especially</I></B> good luck to my school.<br><B>Also good luck to all the bournemouth teams this year:D:D</B><br>Geoff<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey - seen the aberdeen piks - thr gr8!!</B><br>The one for <B><I>fraserburgh</I></B> was the little bit with army people and u c all of us in that group <B><I>except me as i'm chopped off at the end - boohoo</I></B> :( nvr mnd :)<br>Cya - lucy fe broch xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone... <B>can't wait till the 8th ... it will be so good.<br>Good luck to all the other schools and hope everything goes well.</B><br>Everyone has worked really hard to make our piece work - <B><I>special thanks to Mrs Hylton (couldn't have done it without her.)</I></B> Good luck, <B><I>Hornsea</I></B>!!!! :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG!! The pik is of me! Ahh ... i hate it !</B> All the rest are good ! Oh well, wot can i do :)<br>Now all the ppl who were wondering y i kept calling myself <B><I>the gold one</I></B> can see what i was on about!!!<br>Mhairi (<B><I>peterhead gold 1 i the pik!</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well Done Rickmansworth! Really good piece<br>All the best in Portsmouth.</B><br>G<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I love liz and rob - they have made global rock amazing this year - thank you<br>Good luck to everyone!</B><br>Jason I (<B><I>cowes high</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Ello sexy people<br>Good luck 2 cowes high - you guys have all been great and i am very proud of everyone!<br><B>Good luck to all the other schools from the isle of wight!</B><br>Simon W (<B><I>cowes high</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I can't wait to see all the amazing good looking girls who are gonna be at Rock Challenge!<br><B>Good luck, everyone!</B><br>Jamie B (<B><I>cowes high</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I can't believe it's already a whole week since rock challenge ! It's crazy!!</B><br>The long weekend up here is nearly over ... so that means back to school tommorrow! :-(<br>It's been so long since i was at school that i really don't think i'll manage to get back into the way of it again, but <B>the practises for Rock Challenge will start again soon, so that should encourage me to go to school!!</B> :))<br>Mhairi (<B><I>peterhead</I></B>) xxxxxxxx</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 20th 2006</b></font> (14 messages)</p> <p><B>Good Luck tomorrow, Vandyke! My thoughts and hopes are with you.<br>I"m sure you'll do great and make sure you make it to the final so I can watch!</B><br>Ben (<B><I>from LA</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya<br>'Tis sooooo long since i av put a msg up here!<br><B>Am well excited bout rocka - it's gonna b sooooo fab ... really cannot wait!<br><I>Hello to Lauren from Ashfield! Shame we won't b able 2 c u this year!! Will write soon!</I><br>Hiya 2 bekz -</B> glad you're feelin better, chick!<br><B>Am soo glad it's the hols!</B><br>Wooooooooo ... Thornton are gonna b soooo fab this year! GO THORNTON!<br>Luv - Sarah (<B><I>ex thornton soldier and tree, but not at the same time!</I></B> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya, guys - it's kenny from <B>vandyke upper school<br>Gd luck 2 every1 performin this yr and extra special gd luck 2 every1 in st albans day 2!<br>I have performed for vandyke for 5 yrs now. Rock Challenge is a great day and every1 gets so hyped up.<br>Well, i'll c u all there coz yes, once again, i am comin ... as a helper. This will be my 6th yr - i'm so xcited</B><br>Gd luck to <B><I>vandyke</I></B> (obviously) coz ur my school and u have done so much this yr and ur goin to blow every1 away wiv ur performance<br><B>Gd luck to denbigh (last yr's winners) and also all other schools particpating ... c u all there 2mo</B><br>Love - kenny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br>ps if ya wanna write a message in the box to me, go ahead and do it - i love it :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey guys ... hope you are all well.<br><B>Good luck to you other schools - hope all the rehearsals and that are going well. (Not long now!! Eeek.)<br>St vinnie guys-</B> well dun and keep up the good work ... it's all finally coming together (But <B>must apologise to tracey</B> -in charge of our drill hall- for the mess!)<br><B>Can't believe it's a week away!!! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!<br>PLEASE REMEMBER:<ul><li>Tuesday-everyone<li>Wednesday-plastics<li>Thursday-set<li>Friday-everyone</ul>Turn up, please ... we are so close to the day now that it is vital you come to perfect your dances and try costumes<br>Thank-you!</B> Mwah ... helen.x.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya every1 frm <B><I>WOODLANDS</I></B><br>Can't wait till dis yr's rock chal - we goin to do beta dis yr!<br>Only 9 days. <B>Good luck, every1, n do ya bst! Let's just go out der n av a laugh - don't forget r team spirit :))</B><br>Loves ya all, and once agin - good luck x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x amy<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya, people from <B><I>woodlands</I></B>. Good luck and come on - we can get first place this year!!!!!<br>abi<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!! Emma from Torry here.<br><B>The skls on the first nite in aberdeen were ace!! Congrats and good luck to st machar - uze were awsome!! Here's hopin tht u enjoy Grimsby as much as we did last year!! It's totally kl an our skl can't wait to go down again this year to the premiers!! <I>(C'mon TORRY :))</I></B><br>Anyway, a'll luv ya n leave ya<br>Emma frm torry XXXXxxxxXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya.<br><B>Good Luck to everyone who is taking part in Global Rock and Well Done all that have already participated in this year's event. Not long to go till Our Heat - WOOOOOOOOOO</B><br>Luv - Lauren and Sally (<B><I>Cowes High Technical Support Crew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey every1! It's Gillian (<B><I>water god</I></B>) and Mhairi (<B><I>gold god</I></B>) from Peterhead here.<br><B>Big shout out to every1 we met on Aberdeen day 2 - every1 was majik!!<br><I>Can't believe our heat's over already - time flew in so quick.</I><br>Can't wait til Grimsby - gonna be majik! Every1 who makes it to Grimsby, you'd better come up and find us and say hello.<br>Good luck, Torry - uze were majik ... do us proud in the Prems. Also St Machar - we will be there cheerin u on at the finals - can't wait!!</B><br>Anyway, we got to go have our dinner! We will be back to post another message in the near future! Bye!!<br>Mhairi n Gillian (Peterhead) xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>The rock challenge was great this year!!! We all had a magic laugh</B>... but <B><I>lossie high</I></B> won the most entertaining award. (<I>Ed: do Lossie's results shows the wrong awards ? I'll check them as soon as I can</I>)<br><B>Keith- you were brill along with all the other schools<br>Well done to everyone - c ya all next year</B><br>Luv - lisa n kara xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys! 1 week til Brune Park perform - yay !<br><B>It's gone well quiick dis yr ... i cnt believe its nearly ova lol<br>Dis is our last yr of Rock Challenge:(<br>But it is gonna b a gr8 yr! Cnt w8 til da day - it's gonna b so much fun<br>Good luck 2 every1 else hu is performing!</B><br>Luv - Laura nd Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)<br><B><I>BRUNE PARK</I></B> ROCK DA HOUSE SAYIN BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>MAKE-UP HELP FOR CLODAGH-</B> Snazaroo are the best bet! (snazaroo.co.uk I think)<br><B><I>Dan</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wahey - cowes high's on the poster again! 2 years in a row - go us!<br>Good luck to solent, downside seniors and of course COWES HIGH!</B> (Thanks to all <B><I>choreographers</I></B> at cowes - ur gr8!)<br>Can't w8 till nxt wed!<br>Mark!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi - it's jodie from <B><I>outwood grange college</I></B>, just checking out the website to see how everyone is getting on with their rocka practices.<br>Our <B><I>rehearsals</I></B> are going well. Our theme is tricky but it's looking good already.<br><B>I can't wait till rocka and it's not till march.<br>Good luck to everyone who is competing at bradford day 2.</B><br>Bye xxxxxxxxxxxx jodie from OGC</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 19th 2006</b></font> (12 messages)</p> <p><I><B>THANK-YOU, STEWART STEVENSON !</B><br>I've just found a lovely item (below) on a "Motions" page at the website of the Scottish Parliament, and it's really nice to read :))<br>John (Editor)</I><br>====================<br> <B>S2M-3963 Stewart Stevenson (Banff and Buchan) (SNP) : Global Rock Challenge 2006: That the Parliament congratulates the Be Your Best Foundation on two successful Global Rock competitions in Aberdeen which involved Banff Academy, Ellon Academy, Fraserburgh Academy, Keith Grammar School, Lossiemouth High School, Mackie Academy, Northfield Academy, Oldmachar Academy, Peterhead Academy, St Machar Academy, Torry Academy and Westhill Academy; wishes heat winners, Peterhead and St Machar, every success at the finals in Grimsby; commends the strong anti-drug and alcohol abuse message promoted by Global Rock and the sponsors who have supported the event, and expresses the desire to see this successful event expand into other parts of Scotland in 2007 where its message is equally relevant and where the "natural high" which comes from participating in music and dance can also be enjoyed by all who take part.</B><br>Lodged on 15 February 2006; current<br>====================<br><br> <B>Clodagh-</B> you don't necessarily need "stage" make-up. Thornton just buy make-up from cheap shops such as Extras, Bodycare and markets. As long as you get the right colours it works just as well!!<br>Hope that helps!<br><B><I>Danika x (Thornton Grammar)</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br><B>Can't wait for st albans day 2!! It's going to be really good!! I'm looking forward to it!!<br>Good luck to everyone performing and can't wait to see you there!!!!!</B><br>Samantha (<B><I>Barnhill Community High</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOW!!!!! Aberdeen was so much fun, though I am now so run down after 2 days of rock challenge I am quite ill! I have no clue how some of you guys can do a whole tour!</B><br>I am <B><I>soooooooooo</I></B> proud of the Peterhead guys and gals. You certainly did great work with my theme.... <B><I>never thought it would look like that in a million years!!!! I have never wanted to be on stage as much as i did when i saw you perform</I></B> (almost had a tear in my eye!)<br><B>Talking of tears.... Well Done St. Machar! I tried to find Miss Bennett to say congrats but i couldn't find her. I couldn't make out what every St Machar person I met was saying through the sobs! But it's ok I will see you in Grimsby! (If I make it.... I'm sharing the driving with my mum.... motorways - ARGH!)</B><br>Get rehearsing, peterhead.... <B><I>finals aren't far away!</I></B><br>Lynne (<B><I>Peterhead Rock Challenge Dundee Branch</I></B>!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone - it's matt, ex-st vinnies liaison teacher. (Still at <B><I>drama school in london</I></B> studyin technical and production management which is going great!)<br><B>It's the first time in years that i'm not properly in a team, tho I'm involved with st vincent and will be there on the day :-)<br>It's so weird as i've been on committees or liaison teacher for the last 5 years so this time of year has been sooo stressful! Miss it like mad, tho! I can't wait to see some of the events (i'm hoping to volunteer in lots more this year.)<br><I>Well done to peterhead - can't wait to see you guys in grimsby!</I><br>I can't wait</B> till southampton day 1 - st vincent are gonna rock!<br><B>Good luck to everyone preparing their pieces, especially for southampton! Good luck to Brune Park and St Vincent!<br>Hey to the crew and everyone i met last year :-)</B><br>Matt (<B><I>ex st vincent and brune park, and Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Aww ... am gutted ... cnt blieve Dundonald has pulled out of the Belfast heats! :(</B><br>Got a few friends up thur n had heard a rumour bout it ... had wished that was all it wer, tho !! :(<br><B>Hope yas r bac in it next year (my 7th and final year n we'll all c ya thur!!)<br>Ldz and ldz a luv !</B><br>Christine (<B><I>Ashfield</I></B>)<br><B>ps hope everyone has a great half term!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Orite bor! :)<br>OMG bt <B><I>hornsea</I></B> is looking propa gd this year!! <B>We are really excited - the choreographers are doing a great job<br><I>Our showcase is soon - 8th march ... whhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!</I><br>Thank-u Mrs Hylton for making 2006 happen, n thnx to the choreographers - ur doing an ace job!!</B><br>Ermm ... so all we cn say is we love u hornsea oye oye oye!! Whhhuuuuu!<br><B>Good luck to all schools!!</B><br>Love ya - laura b n chelsea b!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!<br><B>Well done to everyone on Aberdeen Day 2.. what a laugh it was!<br><I>Was so scared bout my wee Co-Host bit, but went well apparently!</I><br>Everyone was brilliant, and created a great atmosphere.<br>Congratulations to Peterhead, and all the best for Grimsby!!</B><br>Stephie (<B><I>Westhill Team 2</I></B>) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Quick note of congrats to Peterhead on winning ur heat. U guys were brill at Grimsby last year n ur Rock Challenge spirit was probably the best i've seen in my whole five years of being involved</B>. I've still got my <B><I>scottish flag</I></B> with Archie on, n the <B><I>blue ... erm ... "things" </I></B>u gave us:-)<br>U were gr8, n well done. (I'm now a huge Peterhead fan:-)<br><B>Can't let this chance go by without saying GOOD LUCK ARCHIE!!! And to all the other skools involved too.</B><br>Matty (<B><I>Ex-Archibishop Thurstan</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thank-you very much for all the stage make-up answers!</B><br>Clodagh (<B><I>Cheney School</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Quick question- when we perform at the ice arena in hull, will we need to wear ice skates, as i'm rubbish and i don't think i'll be able to do the the dance on ice. This will put all the schools at a disadvantage - please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Katie<br><i>Not just ice skates, katie, but you're expected to be on <B>STILTS</B> too, with the ice-skates at the bottom of them !<br>No ... <B>sorry</B> ... joking :))<br>You're on a STAGE, and the ice is all covered up with wooden flooring, so it's almost normal (but - in my honest opinion - still a bit chilly :))<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Yyyyyyyyyyeeeeesssssssss.Let's go, <B><I>peterhead</I></B>!!!!!!! First place<br><B>I shouted so loud for you guys i lost my voice lol (not neccesarily a bad thing lol ;))<br>You think you've got rid of me? I'll hitchhike to grimsby if i have to </B>lol<br>Davy (<B><I>ex-peterhead and sooooo proud!</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 18th 2006</b></font> (12 messages)</p> <p>Hey everyone!<br><B>Well done to all the schools from Aberdeen for making such a great start to the new tour! (Congrats especially to St Machar and Peterhead!)<br>Also good luck to all those competing in the 2 days at St Albans.<br><I>Very busy this week trying to get stuff sorted at uni so it takes the pressure off me a bit for the Southampton week which I'm looking forward to very much. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!</I><br>Good luck to all who are taking part in the Southampton events - probably won't get chance to come back on here to say that before the events start!</B><br>Hi John - hopefully see you again for the finals in Grimsby??? (<I>Ed: I plan to be there, Simon</I> :))<br>Simon (<B><I>Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone at Hornsea... just want to say how well everyone is doing this year. The piece is looking really slick now, and although I nag you quite a lot, it should be worth it in the long run!!!<br>Keep up the hard work during the next few weeks <B><I>(and I will see you all on Thursday and Friday of half-term for some more tiring but fun rehearsals</I>.)<br>Good luck to all the other schools, especially at Grimsby. See you all on the 8th.</B><br>Callum.<br>(And to get your spirits going...OH <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> WE LOVE YOU OY OY OY!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well done tae abidy fae Keith Grammar - <B>woo, we got 2nd place!!!<br>Well done tae peterhead on winnin - uze were amazin!<br>Well done tae fraserburgh on gettin 3rd - uze were as gd as ever!!<br>Hope tae see abidy a spoke tae next year!</B><br>Bye - Dazzie fae <B><I>Keith Grammar</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey rocky c people!<br><B>Good luk 2 all the skewls competing dis year.</B><br><B><I>Longy's</I></B> gunna b at grimsby dis year n dis year we r gunna bring it!<br>xxx ps <B>we cnt wait 2 c <a href="tim.htm">tim</a> again! Phawww!</B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><B>Thank you to Peterhead Rocka Committee for takin the time to give us some of their ideas for raising money so we can go down Grimsby.</B></B> I will keep you posted what's happening.<br>Claire (<B><I>St Machar Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to all the schools competing this year in rock challenge. It is now my 4th year dancing in rock c, and it is just as amazing as the first.<br>Can't wait til the Grimsby showcase - gonna be an awesome day. xx</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey to all from phd - you all did so well - i can't believe we won !!!!!!<br>We all know it's down to one special person - <B>my sister claire!</B> We never would have been there if it wasn't for her so thank-you, claire, for all your hard work - it's been great!<br><B>We all had a great time and i personally can't wait to start rehearsals again, but for now those exams are comin so get revisin lol!!!!<br>Thanx to all who supported us and for all the encouraging messages from everyone !!!!!<br>Good luck to st machar with your fundraising - hope to see you soon in june (that rhymes !!!)</B><br>Another round of applause for <B><I>claire, mhairi, gillian, leanne, ericka, rebecca and robert (the gods and goat-herd)</I></B> ... you guys are great!<br>Keep up the great work - Alison (<B><I>Peterhead Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey every1, Gabi here, from <B><I>Cowes High</I></B>, just to say that <B>i'm really looking forward to this year's global rock - not long to go :)</B><br>Cowes' entry is looking <B><I>amazing</I></B>!<br>Also <B>a big good luck to Somerton Middle and ABK Middle!!!!</B><br>Gabi xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I am so glad it's half term</B>, but i'm off 2 <B><I>manchester on monday for the a+ drama trip</I></B> - gonna be awesome<br>Can't believe <B>we only hav 5 rehearsals left until rocka</B> (not including the rock challenge day in easter :)<br><B>Missing ma babies sid, kym, claire and claire. PLZ come back and do rock challenge next year</B> (it doesn't feel right without ya) but big shout out 2 those in it dis year including <B><I>jonny, simon, daniel and danny, rachel (ma hunn), claire, amber, steph, ashton, nicola, elspeth and everyone els in the cockermouth squad</I>, and well done to terry for baggin main part in benni's piece this year.<br>Good luck to those competing (can't believe the tour's started) and to miss havard and mrs wilde - u guys are working so hard and it's looking amazing. We love you both so much and appreciate it loads</B> (and i'm chuffed bout the fact i've got ma wristband/hoodie/shirt :) but <B>not</B> chuffed i may hav to get stuffed into that huge doll box ... it's really hot inside :))<br>Sam<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya everyone!<br><B>Thanks, peterhead, for the suggestions re raising money - it helps a lot, and hopefully see youz all down at grimsby</B><br>Louise - <B><I>St. Machar Academy</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>St. Machar have made it on to <a href="http://northtonight.grampiantv.co.uk/content/default.asp?page=s1_1_1&newsid=8324" target="win2">the Grampian TV website</a>. Though it's not necessarily happy news, I hope that the publicity they are generating brings them some positive help and support !<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br>Heya again - it's laura b, just saying tht <B><I>hornsea</I></B> are doin ace and the choreographers are doin a great job! I really enjoy the rehearsals and i can't wait for the showcase at grimsby! Ermm... good luck to every1 especially hornsea n the schools who are entering for the 1st time! I can't wait to see everyone perform! It's very exciting!! Thnx to everyone !<br>Love ya - laura xxxx<br>gogogoggo hornsea!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>An email from the Fab Rock Challenge Crew - Adeyfield have pulled out of St. Albans Day 2, and Dundonald are out of Belfast :(<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B>I'm very very very sorry - i had so many people to thank that i missed out a good few of them, so here's the rest of my list... Aileen David Lewis Steven Greame Ms Kirk (keep rocking on your air guitar!!!!) Ms McConnel, Mrs Dougall for helping us at our Dress rehearsal and for your inspiring text to Claire! Also the Art and Technical Departments Mr Swan, Mr Alley and most importantly PC Andy Sawyers. Also Sandy Jamieson for taking our scenery to Aberdeen.<br>If i've forgotten someone i'm very sorry.<br>Andy- if you need a lift to Grimsby, let us know - you've gotta be there!!</B><br>Mhairi (<B><I>Peterhead Academy gold 1</I></B>!!!!)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 17th 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>9 MAKE-UP REPLIES FOR CLODAGH FIRST (20 other messages follow below :):-</B><br><br> International Dance Supplies, Devon do mail-order Snazaroo face paints in every colour (including the very hard-to-remove silver and gold:)))) Will invoice schools if you set up an account first. Sorry don't have the number or address at the mo as it is in school, but a search on the net should do the trick.<br><B><I>Vanessa Geib (Liaison Teacher)</I></B><br>(<I>Ed: Carolyn from Mayfield has given the correct phone number just below, and the web gives their address as International Dance Supplies, Harlequin House, Forde Road, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4BT ... there's no website as far as I can see, and a number of email addresses all go there via different routes so I'd stick to phone / surface mail</I> :)<br>++++++++++++<br> IDS dance catalogue is very reasonable. Tel 01626 36 32 32. Hope this helps!<br><B><I>Carolyn (Mayfield Special School)</I><br>ps Can't wait til april at carlisle x</B><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey John.<br>The best thing for make-up in Rocka is just ordinary colorful make-up. No special brand is usually required. There's no point in shelling out loads of cash when cheaper stuff will do!<br>Local make-up companies will offer good prices but if that fails just buy some face paints and get someone that s really creative.<br><B><I>Lewis B - Archbishop Thurstan School in Hull</I></B><br>++++++++++++<br> A great place is <a href="http://www.facepaintingdesigns.co.uk" target="win2">FACE PAINTING DESIGNS</a><br>Loads of advice as well as everything else, but on the left hand menu bar is "shop" - go to this ... they have pretty much everything you could need!<br>Also, they deliver to the school, and if you put a note on the bottom of your online order, they can invoice the school direct as well. Makes things very easy! (Oh, and it's not too expensive either :)<br><B><I>Nicola (Cox Green School in Maidenhead)</I></B> <br>++++++++++++<br> Hello John - i know of two places where Clodagh could get stage make-up from: they are: www.makeupeffects.co.uk and also www.theactorsstore.co.uk - don't know if these will help.<br><B><I>Ness (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)</I></B><br>++++++++++++<br> Superdrug and Boots do great make-up that's not too expensive either - hope i could help :)<br><B><I>Rach</I></B> :)<br>++++++++++++<br> Hey john - the best place is actually ebay if you are wanting it in bulk<br><B><I>Michael J Smallman</I></B><br>++++++++++++<br> If near southampton try "Just for Fun" - east street, opposite debenhams (if not, keep looking.....)<br>Hope that helped!<br><B><I>Tash J - Applemore College, Southampton</I></B><br>++++++++++++<br> John- I may be able to help the school who require stage make-up for a competitive price.<br>Please could you ask them to email me their requirements and I shall provide a quote.<br>Regards - <B><I>Peter Hargreaves<br>Web: www.stagemanagementcompany.co.uk</I></B> <br>++++++++++++<br><br> <B>We are looking for stage make-up in quite large quantities. Is there anywhere you can recommend buying it from and where it isn't too expensive?</B><br>Thanks - Clodagh<br>================================================<br> <B>ST MACHAR- JUST SEEN YOUR APPEAL ON TELEVISION AND HERE ARE A FEW IDEAS THAT WE HAVE USED TO RAISE MONEY.</B><ul><li><B>Bag Pack -</B> on average at a large store you can raise approx <B><I>&pound;1000</I></B><li><B>Hold a raffle -</B> give every child just ten 1 tickets to sell and ask a larger company/shop in your area to donate a prize<li><B>Get begging -</B> ask small companies to sponsor a child. We did it last year and we got about 20 companies raising <B><I>&pound;2000</I></B></ul>Miss Geordie Bennett, you know how it's done! Get going!! <B>Contact us if you need to! See you in Grimsby!! (We are travelling home overnight on the Friday so that saves a night's accommodation.)</B><br>From the <B><I>Peterhead Rocka Committee</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey <B>mhairi (the gold one from peterhead lol!)</B><br>Yup - wid b gr8 ti get in touch - i thot i recognised u from sumwhr then it clicked ... <B>the "Elevate" auditions!</B> (That wis a long time ago tho n i thnk i had blonde hair then as wel lol!!!)<br>A'll talk 2 u soon hopefully! Bye for now ... <B><I>lucy fe broch</I></B> xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well done <B><I>ellon</I></B> for coming second this year (wooooooo hoooooooo !) and for gettin most entertaning, choreography and originality - well done!<br><B><I>Canna w8 till next year</I></B> when we win<br>Calvin<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Bethany</B>, there are lots of people on this message board from <B><I>Peterhead Academy's team and "branch" supporters</I></B> too (you just can't keep them off this site:))) but not all have "Peterhead Academy" or "ex-Peterhead Academy" after their names.<br>Vanessa (<B><I>LT</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone at <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> - we need to keep the page going<br>It's really starting to come together now, people - not long, and <B><I>i hope you all enjoy the rehearsals in half-term</I></B><br>Sorry i can't b there, Mrs Hylton - u know i wish i could.<br>Have fun<br>Lots a luv - Jade (yr 12)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya <B><I>Hornsea</I></B>!<br><B>YAY - less than 3 weeks 2 go!!! I'm well excited to see how all the other schools have got on this year!<br>I'm really enjoyin it - Rock Challenge is great!</B> Great <B><I>choreographers</I></B>, great <B><I>sound track</I></B>, great <B><I>team</I></B> and <B><I>Mrs Hylton</I></B>...just great hehe!<br><B>Hope everyone out there's having as much fun!</B><br>Emma xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow, it's just a few days till St. Albans. The Vandyke team are soooooooooooo excited. They have all worked really hard<br>Good luck to all the rockers, whoever and wherever you are.<br>Really looking forward to 21st Feb at St Albans Day Two</B><br>Sally A<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya folkies!<br>How gd woz we! <B>Go peterheed! I love uze all - i just wnted t b on the stage!</B><br>I have t ask - i'm only 16 bt <B>can i plz plz volunteer for grimsby</B> cz i have t support i home team o peterheed!??<br><B>U woz i greatest - o gr8s, we woz sittin wi a bunch o broch quines sound as a pound cheerin for peterheed ana!</B><br>I'll try my major hardest t get down! I loved cin every1 again n sarah g, if ur nae stil i cutest thing i dina ken fit is! I love ya!<br>Faz all gan out in the broch is saturday, cz i am?!<br>Nikki xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey - <B><I>the gold 1 again</I>!<br>Lorna-</B> i am <B>still</B> gold after a good few showers and lots of scrubbing! I <B><I>might</I></B> just manage to get back to my normal colour before Grimsby and then i'll have to go through it all again!! (Aahhh - it's worth it tho! :)<br><B>Big shout out to everyone that spoke to me ... all the boys from keith, and Lucy from the broch -</B> sorry i didn't have much time to speak ... was being ordered to practise a bit of the dance but am sure we can get in touch somehow!<br><B>Peterhead now have their buses booked for Grimsby and the hotel rooms are provisionally booked so that's good!! SO excited already!!! Ahhhhhhh!<br>Good luck to all the teams at St Alban's - wish uze all the best of luck!<br><I>Finally, big big big thank you to all the following people... Mrs Alley, Miss Mears, Miss Geib, Miss Marshall, Mr Strachan, my Mum, Christine, Iain, Lorna, Rhona, Carolyn, Edith and all the costume ladies, also to Robert, Leanne, Gillian, Ericka, and Rebecca for making up the dances, my sister Lynne for the theme, and finally to Claire for all her hard work over the past few months - without u it wouldn't have been possible to get to Aberdeen, and i hope we all do u proud in Grimsby coz u deserve it, u r the best!!</I> :D</B><ul><li><B>Keith-</B> uze deserved a place so much ... u guys were ace! Loved the theme, and uze were all so friendly - enjoyed meetin everyone - can't wait to see you all again!!<li><B>Fraserburgh-</B> wow! U guys were truly amazing. Ur dancing rocked - uze definitely know how to perform!! Well deserved place!!<li><B>Lossiemouth -</B> I never actually managed to see your performance or practices due to being painted gold, but all my mates told me it was fantast'c so hopefully i'll be able to see it on the video when we get it (can't wait!)<li><B>Westhill-</B> both teams were amazing! It must be a lot of work for u to produce 2 outstanding teams! Well done<li><B>Northfield -</B> good to see you back to rock challenge this year as good as ever! Keep up the good work - uze were ace!</ul><B>I was lucky enough to see the show on Monday night and i have to say every performance was very enjoyable and the half-time dancers were ace! Looking forward to seeing St Machar at finals and u lot better come and see me</B> (I'm the one who is gold, all gold!! U can't really miss me, but if u tell me what u look lyk i'll come up and say "Hi!" :))<br>Well, i should maybe stop talking now ... ppl will get bored reading this!! (<I>Ed: never</I> :)<br>Mhairi (<B><I>peterhead "one and only"</I></B> heehee!!) xxxxxxxxx<br>PS John hope to see u in Grimsby!!! (<I>Ed: see you there, Mhairi - touch wood etc</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!<br><B>Looking forward to this year's rock challenge - it's going to be great!!!</B><br>Tash (<B><I>Applemore College</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Ahhhhhhh ... we are gan ti Grimsby - canna wait<br>Well done ti all the other skools in aberdeeen. Me n ma pals all saw the other skools (especially keith and the broch) and uze were brill!!</B><br>Cyaz - <B><I>Peterheaders</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya everyone! I just thought i would write a message on the website as there don't seem to be any people who have signed the message board from peterhead academy. (I am the girl in the middle of the "one and only" Zeus scene.)<br><B>Tuesday was actually amazing. I never expected to win.<ul><li>Broch- you guys were rly brilliant - well dun in getting 3rd place! Loved the glowsticks!<li>Keith- loved your nine-till-five part with the scissors ... that was cool.</ul>I can't believe that we won and are going down to grimsby! Ahhhh! It's so cool! Only 104 days or something to go! Haha!<br>Well done again to everyone</B>, especially all the gods and robert from peterhead - you were brilliant.<br>Bethany (<B><I>peterhead academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!!! It's me again!!!<br><B>I'm getting waw excited now - we only got bout 11 days!!! I cnt w8 2 get der!!!<br>Gd luck everyone!!!</B><br>COWES HIGH ROCKS!!<br>Fay xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck 2 every1 in rock challenge</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> HIYA PEEPS - Natz n Emma here<br><B>Gd luck to all going 2 grimsby - c ya there!</B><br>Canna wait 2 see <B>scoot n liam n garlic man fae torry</B> - uze are stunnin alongside r very own callum :)) (Natz says "Callum, ur jst so stunnin :)<br>C ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - natz n emz (<B><I>st machar</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey to everyone that was there on the very first night of rock challenge! It was the best! Made loadz of new m8z!<br><I>Woo! Ellon came second! Well done to st. machar tho!</I><br>Torry are absolutely amazing - good luck for the finalz</B><br>x Luv y'all x<br>Leanne (<B><I>Ellon Academy</I></B>) xxxXxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WELL DONE PETERHEAD!<br>YES! =)</B><br>Love - charlotte (<B><I>ex Cathedral</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HELLLLLLOOOOOO!! Keith People here!<br><B>Well Done to all the schools! It was a toughie on the second day of aberdeen!!<br>It was an ace day and we can't wait for next year!!<br>Hello to everyone we saw and spoke to! Cya all next year!</B><br>Bye - Sharon, Craig and Meggan (<B><I>Keith Grammar</I></B>) xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow - can't believe rocka has kicked off so soon!!!!</B><br>Hey, it's adam here from john smeaton community high school in leeds!!<br><B>Big shout out to smeaton, also all the schools in our heat! Sooo lookin forward to rocka 2006 even tho i'm nt peforming - the buzz and adreline rush will be intense!<br>Well done to all the schools who have already competed in aberdeen!! Also a big shout to buttershaw!</B><br>Neway, rockers, i'd best go! Speak to ya all soon nd oh - <B>i guess i'll see some of u in bradford day 1 - woooooo!!</B><br>Adam (<B><I>ex dancer n now choreographer (wooo!) from john smeaton in leeds</I></B>)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 16th 2006</b></font> (22 messages)</p> <p>Hiya everyone<br><B>Well done to peterhead (and hope to see youz all down at grimsby) and well done to everyone on night one - youz were all great and it was so close.</B><br>Louise (<B><I>st.machar academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello again fellow rockers!<br>Lynz s n nicola h fae mackie would like to say <B>hello to john and euan (nae sure how to spell ur name soz) fae ellon</B>. and we'd also like to say <B>well done 4 comin 2nd!</B><br><B><I>Well done, phd, for ur win on aberdeen day 2 - am sure uze were as oustanding as ever</I></B> - and hey again 2 nikki d even though u weren't taking part!!<br>We also have 2 say <B>a huge hello 2 holden 1 + 2, robert n iain fae mackie - well done on gettin the lights award, boys</B><br>Lve - nix n starks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY abdy!<br><B>Wooohooo - well dun t PETERHEAD! WE'RE ALL GAN T GRIMSBY!!<br>Well dun also t a the teams that took part - seriously, abdy was majik<br>A big hello t abdy i was spiken t fae Keith on the days. Abdy fae Keith, i think ur awesome</B><br>Can't wait t get practicing 4 rocka but noo i'm awa t ma bed as i'm workin i morn<br>Fae Dawn xx (<B><I>Peterhead Co-host</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi people<br>It's jade from <B><I>solent</I></B> here, just to say <B>good luck to both solent middle and cowes high [IofW]<br>It's my first time this year - can't wait till march the 1st.</B><br>The rehearsals at solent are going really well - just want to say <B><I>thanks to Mrs.J Hawtin and to Mrs.McVicar for making the experience of global rock so much FUN ... you rock, Mrs.Hawtin</I><br>Good luck to everyone taking part in Global Rock!!!!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>This is the 3rd time i'v done Rock Challenge and it's a wonderful experience!!! I've done it twice with solent and now i'm doing it with cowes<br>I can't wait to get there!!! We don't have long and i'm getting so excited!!!!<br>GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!</B><br>Fay - <B><I>cowes high</I></B> xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOOOOO - 3rd place ! How Awesome is at! Am so pround o our school!<br>Well done ti ivery school it took part - uze wiz awesome, and Keith n Peterheed - uze deserved ur places - uze wiz GR8!!!!</B><br>Well, cyas later - <B>good luck in grimsby, Peterheed!</B><br>Luv - Shari xx (<B><I>Broch</I></B> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Meroo, or "Hi" as some ppl call it!<br>I was just reading the message board and i couldn't resist putting yet another message cus i luv doin global rock!<br>Well, the uk tour has finally begun and it draws closer to southampton every day!<br>Less than 2 weeks to go now ... 2 weeks to make our performance look even better than it does (which may be impossible but they say there's always room for improvement!)<br>I have been helping <B><I>solent middle school</I></B> make their costumes (not that i am much help but they appreciate it, i hope! :S ) so i <B>really</B> feel a part of rock challenge this year!<br>Go, Cowes High - we rule 4 eva!<br>Also <B>good luck to all the other schools!</B><br>Lawrence T from <B><I>Cowes High School</I></B>!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys<br><B>Good luck to you all taking part in rock challenge 2006!! Especially ETC!!!!</B> Love you guys Mwah x<br><B>Too bad i'm too old to take part now!</B><br>Love - Faye (<B><I>ex earlsheatoner</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey St Machar! WELL DONE I LOVE YA ALL.<br>We deserved that - it's about time our school got credit for the performing arts side and not just the sports!</B><br>Every1 was great. <B>Alison-</B> u r not alone, i miss my goaty! Lol.<br><B>It was a really fantastic day! THANK YOU MISS P, MISS I, MISS B, MISS K! THANX EVERY1! GOOD LUCK 4 GRIMSBY! GO SAINT! COME ON ST MACHAR!</B><br>Love yaz all - David xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there<br><B>Well done to Peterhead 4 winning on Tuesday nite in aberdeen day 2. I wish i could have seen ur performance but i will get to see it in grimsby. C u there, Peterhead.<br>Also well done to all the other schools that performed in aberdeen - i know aberdeen day 1 performances were amazing and i am sure aberdeen day 2 performances would be as well.<br>Thanks 2 mackie 4 their message and ur performance were amazing.</B><br>We had our little meeting 2nite and <B><I>watched our performance</I></B> - it was really good and everyone was laughing.<br><B>Good luck to all schools that still have to perform.</B><br>Claire (<B><I>St Machar Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya peeps<br><B>Can't wait till 1st march... it's gonna b brill!!!!<br>Gd luck to ALL the Island Schools!!!! (Especialy my middle school - SOLENT!!!) Cya der, guys, n i will b cheering you on all day (good luck Mrs Hawtin)<br><I>Rehearsals</I></B> at COWES HIGH are going really well!!! <B><I>They are sooooooo fun!!!</I></B><br>Thanks to all the team - the choreographers, Mrs Seagull... and the rest... and especially the dancers. It's looking great !!!!!<br><B>Good luck, everyone involved</B><br>Luv - Fay (<B><I>Cowes High</I></B>) XXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Ryde High</I></B> Rock The House!!!<br><B>Just over a month till Germany!!! We actually all can't physically wait, especially us the committee!<br>Good Luck, everyone taking part sooon!</B><br>Kirstie xxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello - Danika here from Thornton<br><B>Thank-you to all the Thornton cast and crew on this year's rocka team.</B> The piece is starting to look absolutely amazing - you are <B>REALLY</B> working hard to make this year's performance our best ever and it's really working.<br><B><I>Rehearsals are a giggle</I></B> when we're not in the gym ... and we are not going back in there - it turns me a bit loopy - and i apologise - you know what i mean lol!<br>Keep up the hard work, guys, and thank you <B><I>so</I></B> much for making this year so enjoyable with your enthusiasm and craziness<br><B>Nat</B>, you are a star - you never complain even when i twist and turn you into the most weird and wonderful positions.<br><B>Jess</B>, thanks for being so willing to work on your technique - you pirouette like a pro now!!!<br>And my <B><I>stage crew</I></B>... well, what can i say ... when the set gets too big to manoeuver, we'll stop, but then again it is going to look fantastic.<br>Thornton, i truly think you have pushed the boat out this year! Keep up the good work guys!!!<br>LOVE YA ... Danika x x x x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> COME ON YOU <B><I>COWES</I></B> LOT! It's in the bag.<br><B>But good luck to everyone else too! Cannot wait till 1st march ... wahhhhhhhh</B><br>Jenny xxXXxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heeyyy!!! Hw is evry1 ????<br>Ain't bn on in a while!!! Jus abou dun all cwk!!! Jus tech nw!!!<br>Hanson- i hear <B><I>rehearsals</I></B> r goin well!!! Opefully i will b needed afta hols!!! (I will b ther neways!!!)<br><B>Stace -</B> u prob in the sky as we speak!!! Well, i jus ope u av a gr8 time!!!! Nt 2 much shoppin!!!!!<br><B>Gud look 2 all ova skools!!! Rocka season has started!!!!!!! Wahooooooooooo!!! Bring on bradford!!!!</B><br>Lv - Emma (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya! This shout goes out to <B>all of those peeps at st machar as they were great on the 13th and they deserved 2 win!<br><I>Also jonathan from oldmachar</I></B>, who i believe was the co-host and was dressed in a suit and tie - ur hot, and would like u 2 message me back please! (<B>Nicola</B> h says hi 2)<br>Cya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lauren at <B><I>mackie</I></B> xxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Just a quick note to say <B>well done to St Machar on Monday night - you guys were really good!<br>Also well done to all the other schools - you all had great performances.<br><I>Bit gutted we didn't get a ranking place, but we got a fair few awards - which is ace!</I><br>Finally a big good luck to both St Machar and Torry in Grimsby - you guys will be amazing!</B><br>Also a quick hello to <B>liam and steve from torry</B> ... steve, you better be texting nicola!! lol!<br><B>Unfortunately I won't be doin rocka next year but I'm hopefully going to try and come along to help.</B><br>Cya guys soon, hopefully<br>Love - Claire xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey all you guys from Peterhead! Have you climbed down from Cloud 9 yet?</B><br>I just want to say a <B>HUGE congratulations to Claire</B> for all the work she's put in this year so far. I'm sure this will be echoed by the whole team cause you've been absolutely amazing. You absolutely deserved to win on Tuesday and I'm so proud of you. <B>Only the liason teachers out there will know just how much work you've put into this and you should be so happy with all you've achieved.<br><I>And to the rest of the team (incl. teachers, parents, set builders, Mrs A and especially all the Gods and dancers, not to mention Eddie Swan) it wouldn't have happened without you guys, you've all worked so hard till now.</I><br>And to all the other schools from both Aberdeen days - you guys were all awesome. Fraserburgh- Your dancing will always be the best up here, you guys are so fantastic. And thanks to Torry for the Good Luck messages. You guys were great. Enjoy Premiers - I'm sure you'll do us proud.<br>And to St. Machar- can't wait to see you in Grimsby! It's gonna be ace. You should all be so proud of yourselves cause you put on a great show. CONGRATULATIONS!</B><br>Lorna (<B><I>Peterhead make-up crew</I></B>)<br><B>PS Mhairi-</B> did your fingers go green with the gold ? I don't think the underneath of my fingernails'll ever be the same again?<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya everyone.<br>Not long to go now. Everyone is working really hard and the piece is looking ace.<br><B>Good Luck to all the other schools competing. Can't wait to see what everyone's come up with.</B><br>Luv - Sammy (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya ... this is lauren fae <B><I>mackie</I></B> here, just putting a message out to <B>jonathan fae oldmachar</B> (who was dressed in a suit and tie and you may have been a co-host) ... anyway, i say "Hi!" and u were lookin well hot on mon! <B>Nicola h</B> fae mackie says hi 2! <B>Well done for gettin placed</B> x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Nicola-</B> I wiz a gargoyle in the rock challenge n have black hair<br>Chris G (<B><I>Torry</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>It's all right for some people getting to go to new york for half term ... i only get to go skiing in italy;-)</B><br>(That's if i don't sleep through it all, cos we're doing <B><I>bugsy malone</I></B> this week and it's as exhausting as rock challenge, but <B>with rocka there's that sure-fire adrenaline rush whether you're performing, stage crew, or (like me last year) a volunteer ... as soon as that curtain opens for the first school, it's all systems go and everyone goes into overdrive which is just fantastic to watch and to be part of</B><br>See you soon, john<br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 15th 2006</b></font> (29 messages)</p> <p>Hey everyone<br><B>Well done to abdy that took part on aberdeen day 1 - uze were all really good - n well done to the top 3. St Machar, uze deserved to win.<br>Torry-</B> once again ur set was amazin. Well done n <B>good luck for grimsby! (Same to st machar.)</B><br>I'm sorry, <B>chris g fae torry</B>, but am nae exactly sure fa u r?? Wot u look like n wot part u play in ur drama??<br><B>Can't wait to see everyone again next year</B> (n hey to <B><I>liam n steve (onion jonny :) fae torry</I></B> - thanx for wishin me good luck with ma french speaking ha ha<br>Cyaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx nicola h xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx fae <I><B>mackie</B></I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> (again!) Already posted on here once but i'm sure posting again won't do any harm. :P<br><I>Really getting excited about the showcase at Grimsby now. I've just realised how close it is!</I> I'd like to say a big thanks to the whole Hornsea team this year really. <I><B>Miss H, choreographers, and everyone else who's involved</B></I>. :)<br><B>Good luck to all the other schools this year too!!!!</B> Can't wait to see what our set and costumes looks like... kinda scared bout it actually. (<B>Scared in an excited way</B>. lol. :D)<br>Luv yaz - CharlotteR HORNSEAAAAAAAA (gogogogogogoooooooo hornsea! yayayay lololol). :D<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya everyone<br><B>Not long 2 go until da show case in Grimsby on march da 8th - wooooooohooooo - i'm well excited n cant wait 2 get out der :)</B><br>Big thanx agen 2 da <B><I>choreographers, n especli Mrs Hylton</I></B><br>Once agen <B>gud luck 2 all da schools in dis yr's "Rock Challenge" - we can't wait 2 c everyone performing on stage.</B><br>Aaron B (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hellllloooooooooooooooooooo........ just thought i'd pop on a quick message as my <B><I>hair dryer</I></B> has sort of cut out, so have a bit of time on my hands before i finish packing!!<br>Just to say hope everyone has a fab February Half Term!! I know I will...in <B><I>New York</I></B>! Hehe!<br><B>Well Done and Congrats to everyone who has performed their Rocka pieces and Good Luck to everyone else involved! :-))</B><br>Anyhow must dash! Love - Stacey xxx Hanson xxx<br>PS Hope you don't miss me too much!!! Espec Music! :-D<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys<br><B>How amazing was yesterday!!! I woke up yesterday at 5 30am to travel to Aberdeen and i honestly was on an adrenaline rush the whole day.<br>Peterhead</B>, you were fantabulous - i am so so proud of you guys! I think <B><I>Claire, Mari, Gillian, Dawn, Erica and Rebecca</I></B> deserve a special mention (sorry if i have missed anyone) as you guys put so much in to the whole thing and it certainly paid off.<br>Also <B><I>thanks to all the parents who helped out with the makeup and costumes.. they certainly were amazing! Miss Allee, you totally rock- you arriving was the best thing that happened to our school !</I><br>Yesterday was amazing</B>, although at the awards i think i was more nervous just watching the performance than actually performing. <B>The standard was so high and anyone could have won.<br>Fraserburgh- </B>you guys were great! <B>Paula -</B> you better go to dance school after sixth year as you are so fantastic!!<br><B>Cannot wait for Grimsby... i'm going to volunteer again as i had such a fun time yesterday!</B><br>Marisa<br>ps We shall see you at Grimsby, John. How fantastic! It's been too long!<br><I>Waaaay too long, Marisa ... see you there<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey peeps!<br>Just wanted to wish <B>the best of luck to all the schools taking part in global rock 2006!</B><br><B><I>I'm from Cowes high school and this year has been the best experience so far! </I></B>It's coming along really well!<br><B>Thanks to all the teachers helping and running global rock.. u rock!!<br>Well done 2 all the other schools!!</B><br>Lucy & Rosie xXxXxXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY!!!<br><B>Wooooohooooo!!!! 3rd place-GET IN AIR!!!! I wiz soo chuffed!!!!<br>Well done, peterheed- uze were amazin ... uze stood out a mile!!!!</B><br>I had a <B><I>big</I></B> problem when i got hame last night - i couldna get ma <B><I>body paint</I></B> aff! My skin turned a murkey brown/green colour haha!!! Wiz in the shower for about an hour!! (Plus ma hair wiz like a bush - tuk aaaagees t get it out b4 a could get it washed!!)<br>I hid such an amazin time yesterday n soo cana wait for next year!!! I was completely knackered when i got hame last night cause i had used so much energy!!<br>Luv - Amy fae Broch (<B><I>fraserburgh academy-3rd place YEAH!!</I></B>) x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! It's Pies from <B><I>Keith Grammar</I></B> here, just sayin <B>well done 2 all the teams from last nite and especially Peterhead Academy- uze deserved 2 win.<br><I>Gutted</I> </B>we never won the <B><I>stage crew</I></B> award 2 make it 3 years in a row but <B>i enjoyed masel on ma last year of rock challenge</B><br>Yours truly - Pies x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey <B><I>hornsea</I></B>!!! It's charlotte<br>Jus got in from a rehearsal! Everyone's doing really well and it's lookin fab! The choreographers are excellent! Well done<br><B>Good luck to other schools! Cya soon!!!</B><br>Charlotte x x x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Peterhead!!!!!!</B> TRULY AMAZING PERFORMANCE. Well done, everybody.<br><B>Big congrats to St Machar and the ex-Peterhead member Miss Bennett.<br>Loved the pink Parisian poodle from Torry - and Liam certainly was a hit with the ladeez once again!<br>Nice to see so many of the Peterhead "oldies" volunteering and some fond trips down memory lane (as 12 year olds in Carlisle 2000 ... when Steph and Kimberley thought they were going rock climbing! :)<br>To the "Little team" from Banff- I saw your teachers cry with pride. Keep up the good work<br>Good to see Northfield back again.<br>Alan and the Broch team sure can boogie.</B><br>And I think the <B><I>Peterhead Community Policeman</I></B> will need sedating for Grimsby (cop idol is on his way:))))<br>Vanessa Geib (Liaison Teacher)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi aye....<br><B>OMG!...2nd place at Aberdeen (day 2)...who'da thought it, eh!? Big up KGS! :))</B><br>*breaks n2 song*<br>we gt 2nd place,<br>we gt 2nd place,<br>who gt 2nd place (??),<br>we gt 2nd place ^^ lol<br>I am so proud of every1 - we were brilliant :)<br><B>A massive well done t Peterheed on comin 1st - u guys were mental!<br>Well done t i broch (3rd) n all th other skuls that performed.<br>We had an ace day n EVERY skul was fantastic!! ONLY ANOTHER 364 DAYS TIL NXT YEAR!!</B><br>Love fae Lisa...xx (<B><I>Keith Grammar School</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Not long now - can't wait!!<br>Well done to the schools who've won so far, especially Peterhead - u guys were so nice with the bugs last year!! (Has everyone still got theirs?)</I></B><br>I've bin ill so i'm not sure how our Rock Challenge is going but i'm back 2moro, and i'm sure its going really well!!<br>Just wondered- are <B><I>premier schools</I></B> just "showcasing" at the heats this year or are we being marked and then they go forward to the final cos we were told they were? Just wanted to know if that was right!!<br>I'll get back to the <B><I>winter olympics</I></B> now - i love it ... it's great!!<br>Luv - Roxy from Driff<br><I>Roxanne - can't put my hands on the handbook at the mo (just in from lighting a fashion show at my local school :) but yes, there's a bit of a "carry forward" thing going on with the Prem teams this year ... you need to be good TWICE :))<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WELL DONE PETERHEAD!!!!!<br>Looking forward to seeing u in grimsby - it should b great fun. (Wish i could av cn all the skls last night - sure u were all amazin</B><br>This is total random bt me n ma m8 natz decided that there should be a <B><I>hot boy</I></B> comp in rocca as there are so many lush guys (espesily <B><I>torry</I></B>)<br><B>Gd lk to all those left 2 perform</B><br>Emma fae <B><I>st machar</I></B> xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!!<br><B>Congratulations to Peterhead on their win last nite!! Well done! C u in the finals down at Grimsby.</B><br>Kai (<B><I>St Machar</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B>Well done 2 all that took part in Aberdeen day 1 - wish i had been there on the 2nd day too ... bet uz all did ace!<br>It's only our second year (st machar) but i can c the standard gets higher evry year - they wer all so gd<br>Loved torrys</B> - so appropriate with valentines day n tht.<br>This is the first chance av had 2 come on, so <B><I>well done 2 all from st machar - uze musta SMILED your wonderful smiles!</I></B><br>I'm quite missin my stubble ... was fun bein a man, but <B>i can look forward 2 GRIMSBY!!</B><br>Love yaz xxx Alison<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Why ... hello there, fello global rockeees!! <B>Third place...ohh yeah!!<br>Well done to Peterhead- you guys can fairly dance, and your set...wow!!!<br>AND wel done to Keith- i loooovvvveeeeedddd your performance!!!</B> (You see, i didna see your practice runs - as i was in the process of hair formation - so wen i saw it on the night i was like WOW! It was such a good idea!! Really loved yours)<br><B>AND i really really liked lossie!</B> I didn't see your practices either but fan i saw it wi costumes and everything i really really liked it!! I really wanted youz to get a place!!!<br><B>Anyhoo ... gd times gd times lol! Hope to see everybody next year!!</B><br>Love - Lynne from <B><I>Fraserburgh Academy</I></B> (<B><I>army paint very very hard to get off!</I></B>)x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well Done PHD - cya in grimsby</B><br>Chris G (<B><I>Torry</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everybody!<br><B>Last Night was amazing</B> although we came 3rd.. but i didn't go there to win like! (Since we got to grimsby last year)<br><B>Well done to peterhead for making it down again :)<br>Keith- you Guys rockd</B> lol! U see me standing up cheering for i wanted uz to get a chance n grimsby this year too but <B><I>there is always next ... i will not be performing but i will help with hair and make up!<br>Wayhey - 3rd place - that's still amazingly awesome! I mean ... in the top 3 schools.</I><br>Thanks for the schools that voted us for performers choice - i mean, at means a LOT.</B><br>I met some really cool people yesterday, with loads of different attitudes and styles.. especially <B>ryan fae keith</B>!<br>Well.. <B>till next year!</B><br>Rachael from <B><I>the Broch (aka Fraserburgh Academy)</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG!!!! I honestly can't believe peterhead won!!!! I was so sure Fraserburgh or Keith was going to win.<br>I thought all the teams yisterday were brill! I can't believe how much fun it was!! I know i've been doing Rock Challenge for 3 yrs now but every time it seems to be more and more fun!!</B><br>O well, i better be going lol!!! <B>Good luck, abdy - hope i see ya a next year :D</B><br>Miranda xxxx (did uze a hear me screaming lol!!!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya - it's laura b with <B>a quick note to say good luck everyone<br>I can't wait for grimsby as it's my first time in rock challenge!!<br><I>Thanx to all the choreographers and a special thanx 2 mrs hylton! I'm very excited - i have enjoyed everything so far! Thanx!</I><br>Lots of love and good luck to everyone!!</B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey every1!<br><B>Good luk 2 all the schools in this year's rock challenge!<br>I'im so excited 4 grimsby on 8th</B><br>Ours is lukin MINT!!!Thanks 2 the <B><I>choreographers n 2 mrs hylton n 2 mr hylton n kristen 4 da ace soundtrack! Thanks too 2 mrs.webb n al da stage crew!<br>OMG, i'm so excited!</I><br>Gud luk 2 longy as wel - c u ther! C every1 soon .... byyeeeeeeeeeee!</B><br>xxxx Lizzie T (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya everyone!<br><B>Rehearsal was gr8 tonight</B> - the piece is looking really goooooooooooooood!<br><B><I>Thanks to all Choreographers, Mrs Hylton and everybody who has made this year's rocka happen!</I><br>Can't wait 2 c all the performances and to show ours - <B>GOOD LUCK to everybody!</B></B><br>Han xxx (<B><I>Hornsea school</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey - it's Ellie from <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B>!<br>Wooo! Everything's started to come together really well and it looks so good already!<br><B>3 weeks to goooo til the showcase - i'm so excited!<br>Good luck to everyone competing this year, specially everyone who has their heats coming up soon!<br><I>Thanks to Mrs Hylton and everyone else who makes rocka happen for hornsea school ... mrs webb, kristen, stage crew, choreographers (is that how u spell choreographers?! lol)</I><br>See everyone in 3 weeks!!</B><br>Lotsa love - El x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya abdy<br><B>Well done 2 abdy last nite. The standards were really high<br><I>Well done 2 peterhead academy, and 2 Keith - u guyz were amazn.</I><br>I hope abdy hid a gd day n nite air, cuz i did<br>Gd luk 2 abdy it's about to compete<br>Hey nix-</B> at's true - it took me an hour 2 get it aff.<br><B>Hope 2 c all the sklz agn next year</B><br>Luv uze - April fae <B><I>i broch (fraserburgh academy)</I></B> XxxXxxXxxXxxXxxXxxXxxXxxX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone.<br><B>A big well done and good luck to everyone taking part in Rocka this year. Im an ex-Hornsea team member and i miss it loads! I would give anything to be back at school. Rocka gave me a unforgettable experience so don't don't ever take it for granted.</B><br>Good luck again to everyone, especially <B><I>Hornsea - i miss you tons! Hi to Mrs Hylton, Mrs Webb, and everybody there. (Plus Kristan:- get in touch with me - there's a certain dvd that i haven't gotten hold of yet, but others have!! Not fair!)</I></B> (<I>Ed: in that case, I probably haven't got hold of it either, Sarah ! I'll email Kris now, for BOTH our sakes ... hee hee</I> :))<br>Lots of Love - Sarah R (OIIII HORNSEA WE LOVE U OI OI OI!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B><I>We're frm longcroft skul in Beverley and we're performin on the 8th of march in grimsby!! Reeeeely lookin 4ward 2it - can't wait - it's gonna be ace!<br>C y'all there!</I></B> GOOD LUCK LONGY<br>Loads a love - lucia n ellie (n alex !!!) x x x x x x x xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey - it's nicola from fraserburgh academy (we came 3rd ... woohoo!)<br><B>Well done to all the skools in day 2 at aberdeen - it was a great day.<br>Well done to peterhead for coming first. U were amazing.<br>I am so glad that keith got placed as they were great.<br>Good luck to everybody else who is in global.<br>Lucy-</B> am having the same problem as u trying take the body paints off lol<br>Luv - nicola xx (<B><I>Fraserburgh Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> St.Albans Day 2...<br><B>This year is going to be awesome. I have no idea what me and the rest of the Year 13s who've organised this year's performance are going to spend all our free time doing after it's finished but it's all going to be worth it on the day.<br>I think we're all quite sad that this will be our last year but at least we'll be going out with a "bang"!</B><br> (<I>Ed: but remember ... no pyros ... instant disqualification ?</I> :))<br><B>See you in St.Albans - <I>Vandyke Student Team Member</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woooooo - we won!</B> yay! Can't believe it!<br><B>Every team was amazing - uze all did fab!</B><br>Am so tired and in agony ... can't b bothered for school but we have to go! Oh well !:(<br><B>Hey to all the ppl who spoke to me during the day, although i didn't have much time to talk due to getting all golded! (<I>That was murder to come off ... people at school will wonder why am slightly off-colour today</I> :))</B><br>I have to go to school now. Talk soon!<br>Mhairi (<B><I>peterhead ... the gold one</I></B> !!!) xxxxx</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 14th 2006</b></font> (23 messages)</p> <p><I>I've found a Rock Challenge full video on the web! It's of what was a reportedly controversial take on the war in Iraq by Australia's Davidson High School in 2003. <a href="http://seven.com.au/news/popup_video_eisteddfod" target="win2">This link takes you to Channel 7's video box</a> ... and you really need broadband to watch it successfully<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey! Bak from aberdeen 2!!<br>Wat a day!! The skls were amazin! <I>So</I></B> glad we came 3rd place - woooo - cus the skls were -WOW! lol!<br>I hav a bit of a problem like ... my <B><I>army body paint</I></B> i had has stained ma skin so now i am a nice green n brown tinged sorta colour n i have a prom on friday! Aaaa ... oh dear! Never mind - hopefully it will eventually come off.... even tho i have scrubbed for ages!!!!!<br>Oh wel, <B>today was amazin!! Can't wait til next yr!!<br>And well done to PETERHEAD ACADEMY!!! Woooooo - GO NORTH EAST lol!!! Good luck for grimsby - i'm sure uze wil do gr8 cus ur performance wis ace- spesh that set! Wow!</B><br>Wel, i'm off to ma bed so cya for now!!<br>Byeeeeeeeeee fe lucy from <B><I>fraserburgh academy</I></B>!!! Wooo!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Just returned home from 2 amazin days at aberdeen!!! Whooo hooo - it was great</B> - n be4 i say anything else just want to say:<br>WE'RE ALL GOING TO GRIMSBY NA NA NA!! NA NA NA! HEY!! WR'RE ALL GOING TO GRIMSBY NA NA NA! HEY NA NA NA HERY!!!! YIP PETERHEED WILL BE GOING TO GRIMSBY ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOOOO WE WON ABERDEEN DAY 2!!!!<br>Well done, u guys - i'm sooooo proud - i wish i cud perform with uz again but i'll be supportin uz all the way!!!<br><B>Wot a great 2 days it's been n all the teams have been great!!</B> (Think there was deff more noise on day 2 tho!!! :)<br><B>Torry- uze r great.</B> I'm like a lill honorary torry team member too - it's sooo fun!! Uze are sooo good!! <B>Shelly</B> "Welcome to parreise! " hehe!! N <B>scott</B> - ur lill cupid was really good 2! Givin away on ur lill podium thing - <B>good luck 4 the prems!!</B> I'll be there cheerin for yaz again!!<br><B>The Rocka Crew- uze are all great! Was sooooo fun seeing uze all again!! Only a few months till grimsby n we can do it all again!!<br>It was soooo fun volunteering!!! N we learnt the lil crew dance - it's cool - thankz tim!!</B><br>Hello to <B>stella</B> too - our fellow volunteer ... maybe cya sometime now u live in scotland hehe!!<br><B>Crew- have a great rest of the tour n we'll cya at the end of it at the wonderfull grimsby auditorium!!! Woooo!!!<br>To all the teams- uze were all soooo good !!</B> So much to say i'll leave another message when i'm less tired, but <B>Lossie- uze were soooo loud n supportive the whole day</B> (good to c lots of boys takin part as well!! Well done!!)<br><B>BROCH- fit can i say - uze were amazin</B> - uze r like i best dancers!! Uze fairly ken how t boogie!! Thankz 4 all i support n <B>PAULA</B> U BETTER GO DANCE!!!! Or else!! N <B>linda ruth</B> - we'll hae t *p*a*r*t*y* sometime!! Hehe<br><B>The 2 boys from westhill that wanted to be part of peterheed n came n sat beside us for the results- HELLO!!!</B> lol I'm sure u cud join our team!! Well done, ina - uze hae like so much boys doin it - it's majik!!<br><B>PETERHEED!!!</B> Uze were AMAZING!!!!!!!! I'm sooo so so proud of u guys - uze have worked sooo hard n it paid off - it looked sooo good on the stage. That set - WOW!!! It is something else - so impressive - n the costumes look outstandin too n the hair and make-up as usual was great! Adds so much to the performance!! Just put in heeps more hard work 4 grimsby n go doon n rock n hae so much fun!! I'm deff comin!! Whooooooo<br>Well, that's all i got to say 4 just now, cuz i'm soooo tired!!!<br>Stuart (<B><I>peterheed n volunteer n rockaholic!!</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Just a big well done and thank-you to everyone who worked soooooooooo hard from St Machar. All the weeks of me yelling finally paid off! Thanks Again!</I></B><br>Bryan<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Oh you better believe it!!!!!!! Hehe ... Go Peterhead GO!!!!!<br><I>Another</I></B> crazy year for my old gang (FIRST PLACE EH!!)- cannot believe i didn't perfrom with my school this year - you guys were absolutely amazing - I'm super proud of what we've all become!!!<br><B>I'm extra tired and have absolutely no voice left but just want to say a HUGE well done to all the schools who competed in day one and day two of Aberdeen Rocka 2006!!!!!! What amazing days and amazing performances! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I and the rest of the volunteers did !!!!<br>See you in Grimsby, St Machar, Torry and Peterhead (Sorry, guys, but you're going to have to put up with me again - hehe)</B><br>Luv - Kimberley (<B><I>rocka volunteer</I></B>)-x-<br><B>PS Thank you to all the rock challenge team for making us feel so welcome!!!</B><br>John- you were missed!!! See U in grimsby?????<br><I>You're way too kind, Kimberley :)<br>See you in Grimsby, I hope.<br>John (Editor :))</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyaz<br>I'm jst wonderin when the results for tuesday's rock challenge schools will come in ... like who is 1st thn 2nd thn 3rd!<br>I'm 1 of the pupils who was in oldie when we were on last nite n we got 3rd - we are so happy - but when will the results be on like tonight or tomorow???<br>Best wishes - oldie kid xxxxxxxx<br><I>See my reply to Nick (below :)<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Waiting for the results of tonight's show!!!!!!!</B> (<I>Ed: so am I, Nick! Tim is phoning me back as soon as he can</I> :)<br><B>Hope you all did well and can't wait to see who is joining us in Grimsby!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>Nick - <B><I>St Machar Academy</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Can I say a big congratulations to all the teams that competed on Monday in Aberdeen, because it was one of the best days out of school ever!!! It was a great atmopshere and such a fab day, although I have suffered today!<br>It was great to see the Peterhead volunteers - how old are we getting now? My 4th year of rocking and your 5th!!<br>Peterhead, you should be performing around now (8.12)and I can't wait to find out how you did today!!!<br>St Machar, we are so proud of you!! Rumours about staff tears are all true!!!! Can't wait to do it all again!!!<br>Anyway, A BIG, MASSIVE, HUGE thank-you to all staff, pupils and rock challenge crew for splendid day.</B><br>Miss Geordie Bennett (<B><I>that nutter that got to air guitar - did I really get paid for that??????</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thanks 2 all who have said well done. U were all brill too !<br>I am positive that we will have a fun time in Grimsby - jst disappointed we won't have all of u lot 2 cheer us on - u were all brill, n look 4ward 2 cn u all again next year<br>Fanks again 2 da crew</B><br>Emz fae <B><I>st machar</I></B> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B>Thanks 2 all schools that have put on a message 4 the gang at St Machar. We all had a great night and thanks 4 all the support.<br>Torry-</B> your performance was amazing. Thanks 4 ur support during the day. Good luck 4 grimsby and we might see you there - you never know what will happen.<br><B>Mackie-</B> your performance was great.<br><B>Ellon-</B> well done in coming 2nd. Your performance was good.<br><B>Oldmachar-</B> well done in coming 3rd.<br>It was a really a close competition, and (of course) <B>Banff-</B> your performance was really good and u managed well with no stage crew.<br><B>Well done 2 all schools - u were amazing.<br>Mrs Innes, Miss Kilgour, Miss Pendleton, Miss Bennett and the rest of the gang- thanks 4 ur support and we all love you 4 takin the time 2 help us and i think we made u proud last night.</B><br>WE CAN DO IT. GO ST MACHAR!<br><B>Good Luck to all schools 2nite. Can't wait to find out who will be joining us in grimsby !</B><br>Claire (<B><I>St Machar Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br><B>Still can't believe we won last nite - it was absolutely amazing hehe.<br>Well done to all the other schools - u were great.<br>Good luck to all the schools who still have to perform. C u in the final.<br>Thanx 2 all the rock challenge crew 4 making it a brilliant day.</B><br>Kai (<B><I>st machar</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya - it's emily from <B><I>hornsea</I><br>Happy Valentines Day, everyone!!!!<br>Good luck to everyone that's taking part in rock challenge this year - i hope you will enjoy it as much as i am going to!!!!</B> lol !!!!<br>Also <B><I>thanks (again)to mrs hylton and everyone else in our team</I></B> - it's gonna be fabbbbb!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait<br>Cya all sooon xxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Monday night I came to watch <B><I>Hornsea</I></B> rehearse. The dances looked amazing, and <B>can't wait to start playing with the set</B>. Every single one of you have worked and rehearsed so hard and it shows in the performances. Well done all<br><B>Good luck to all the other schools who will be taking part throughout this tour, especially the schools which have entered for the first time.<br>Can't wait till the showcase at Grimsby, so good luck to all the schools there</B><br>Paul (<B><I>hornsea stage crew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well Done on your win, St Machar, and just enjoy grimsby like us last year (and maybe u will get through to premier like us too)</B><br>Would also like to say <B>hello to Nicola from Mackie</B> - ur hot<br>Chris G (<B><I>Torry</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HI folks!!<br><B>Well done to everyone who took part aberdeen day 1. It was a totally awesome day.<br>Well done to st machar - good luck in grimsby.<br>Thanks to all the rock challenge crew. Cya all next year.</B><br>Kyle (<B><I>ellon academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey evry1!<br>OMG- <B><I>hornsea's is lookin ace now</I>. Can't wait for grimsby - not long now</B> hehe. The <B><I>choreographers</I></B> have dun an amazin job this year<br><B>Gd luk 2 every1 and esp all the schools who are entering for the first time!</B><br>Gooo hornsea - woooooooooooooooooooooo<br>******* Luv - bekki, amy n lottie!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!!<br>Just wanted to leave you all a message to say <B>I am very jealous that you are nearing your rock challenge show and that some of you have already taken part!! My first show is not until Southampton and I know I am missing some amazing shows :(<br>I will be keeping up to date with the rest of the rocka crew (who don't have a dissertation to write :) to see what's been going on. If I don't see you this year I hope to see you next year.<br>Best of luck to everyone. Treat the rocka crew well, and make some amazing videos for me to watch.</B><br><a href="max.htm">Max</a> (<B><I>Propsmaster</I></B>) xx <br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B><br>OMG... i still can't believe that we won last night - i don't think that it has sunk in yet !<br><B>We had really tough competition last night. all the schools were amazin (well done 2 u all)<br>good luck 2 all the other schools that still have to perform - looking 4ward 2 cn u in the final<br>THANKS 2 ALL THE ROCK CHALLENGE CREW 4 MAKING OUR DAY SO MUCH FUN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX<br>WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</B> GO ST MACHAR GO (LOL)<br>emma (<B><I>st machar</I></B>) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Congratulations to St Machar on their success last nite, and commiserations to the other teams - you were all excellent as well.<br>Well done to everyone involved... see ya in Grimsby ... ROLL ON!</B><br>Liam from <B><I>Torry</I></B> x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>"Thank-you!" to all the guys at Hornsea for working so hard to make Rock Challenge 2006 a success - the atmosphere at rehearsals has been fantastic so far and I am really looking forward to the Showcase at Grimsby on March 8th - just to see all the other schools perform is great. Big thanks to the choreography team for all their great ideas and teaching skills - I am sure the team will do you proud!</I><br>Good luck to all the other schools working hard up and down the country - hope you have lots of fun - I am sure you will!</B><br>Best Wishes - Karen Hylton (<B><I>Liaison Teacher</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey ! It's nicola from <B>fraserburgh academy<br>Well done to all the skools yesterday. I can't believe it is our turn today. Good luck to everybody !!!!</B><br>Luv - Nicola xxxxxxx<br>ps <B>That's the first time u have been up this early, lucy !</B> I got up at <B>3.56am</B> and i thought it was morning ! :)<br><I>(Ed: it was :)</I><br>pps <B>our poster</B> is amazing !!! :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there!<br><B>Can't believe we won last night. Well done to all schools - u looked great in ur costumes etc and ur performances were amazing.</B><br>Claire (<B><I>st machar academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey! I cna sleep so i thot i'd come and rite a message ... it's 6.36am ... ne my knda time lke ! :)</B> (<I>Ed: 'tis mine, tho - hi Lucy</I> :)<br><B>WELL DONE to ST MACHAR!!! U'll luv it in grimsby - it's amazing!!! Won't be long b4 u will be findin out who's joinin ya there from aberdeen 2!! Aaaaaaaa!!<br>Well done to all the other schools - by the looks of the awards n stuff u all must hav been amazin! (Well done!)</B><br>Wel, i'd best be off. Think i woke my mam up ... she just came down anow wondering fit i wis doin! Oopzies! !! :))<br>Right, i'm offski.Al c faiver is aberdeen day 2 soon ... <B><I>we will be late, am afraid, cus we arna allowed to leave til 9.30</I> :(</B><br>Cya!!! Lucy lui fe <B><I>broch (fraserburgh)</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WELL DONE 2 EVERY1!! U WERE ALL GREAT!!!!!<br><I>GO ST MACHAR!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!! GRIMSBY HERE WE COME!!!!!!!</I></B><br>Lindsay (<B><I>St Machar</I></B> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 13th 2006</b></font> (21 messages)</p> <p>Hey everyone! It's Jenny (<B><I>ex-Vandyke</I></B>)!<br><B>Just wanted to wish you Vandyke Rockas good luck - I'm sure it'll be fab! I really wish I could be there but it turns out I'm being assessed in one of my modules, which is a bummer :( I can't even make it to the performance! I'm well annoyed.</I>)<br>When I came back to Northampton Uni after xmas, I brought back my copy of last yrs rocka (the Mousehole Lights one) and the yr before (Your Choice- MY CLASS RULED FOR OUR ROCKA!). I just want to watch them time and time again :) Rocka is one of my best memories of Sixth Form.</B><br>I hear the <B><I>Yr 13s</I></B> have been working hard and I hope your hard work is acknowledged :) (And that of the <B><I>performers</I></B> too ;)<br><B>Do Andy Pandy and Sally proud (and us oldies too!)</B><br>OK ... need to go do my <B><I>next assignment</I></B>- I've got an inch worth of reading material to trawl through!<br><B>Miss you all!</B><br>Luv - Jenny xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Wel, John, WOW - cana bleev it's a year already ... aaaaaaa!!!!!!<br><B>Hey paula!</B> Yeah - brusha brusha brusha! lol 2 or 3 flumps????? :)<br><B>Aaaaaaaaa ... woohoo!<br>Stuartio fe pthd- are you ready to *P*A*R*T*Y*!*???</B><br>Me n nicola made a <B><I>poster</I></B> the day for global n i must say i am kwite impressed with it lol!<br><B><I>Folk in aberdeen day 2 - look for i dove on our set (I painted it! :))</I></B><br>Rite ... g2g. <B>Cyaz imrn aaaa! bBe n good luck to every1! Have FUN and SMILE and SHOUT and PARTY! Woop! Woop!</B><br>Bye! Lucy liu fe <B><I>broch</I></B>! xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya guys<br><B>Well omg ... it's less than 2 weeks till the big day. Woohoo! I can't believe it'll be over soon (well ... apart from the final which we are hopin to be in :))</B><br>To ya all- <B><I>u been workin hard. Keep up the commitment and enthusiasm n it will be a gr8 performance</I></B>. (Got ur plastic costumes 2day girlies, they are so lush lol!!! :)<br>Gd luck to all u other guys, specially <B><I>brune park</I></B>!<br><B>Remember ... 10-3 on friday, guys! It's mega important to turn up!</B><br>Love ya all loadza<br>St v rock the house say st v rock the house!<br>Lotsa love n kisses - SARAH (<B><I>committee member</I></B>)<br>ps: committee- u r all fab n lovin ya. <B>HELEN</B>, U ROCK HUN - UR A GR8 LIAISON TEACHER MWAH XXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys! Just thought i'd come on and leave a message as i haven't for a while (oops!) and i won't be able to next week as i'm off to america!!! (<I>Ed: they have the internet too, Lauren ... internet cafe somewhere, maybe ?</I> :))<br>Wooooo! Only 3 more sleeps left, guys! Me n da CB (Stacey) are gonna have a rite giggle! <B>America watch out!!! lol! (Plus washington and new york r 2 feet under with snow!!! I've bought some funky wellies!)</B><br>Can't believe that rock challenge starts so soon! <B>Good luck to everyone performing and behind the scenes!!</B><br>Hanson's piece is coming on fantastically but <B>we stil need the fundraising</B> to make it truly shine!<br>Cya soon ... love - lauren xxx <B><I>hanson</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello there rockies (bet u like that one - slang for u volunteers)<br>Erm ... yeh ... wel, i go to <B><I>westhill academy</I></B> so it is our big day tomoro. Feeling pretty confident ... we got some pretty awesome stuff for u an eh yeh<br>Wel, i guess that's it for now.<br>David D<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!<br><B>Jus to wish everyone good luck in the Rock Challenge this year! Sure another great time will be had by all.</B><br>Steph (<B><I>Westhill Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya<br><B>Iz abdy excitd 4 i morn ? I kana wait :))<br>Gd luk 2 ah i sklz, n enjoy urselz n hae FUN.</B><br>Come on <B><I>i broch (fraserburgh academy)</I></B><br>Luv uz all ... XxXApRiLXxX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Gud luk people! Hope u do well in rock challenge if ur from aberdeen!<br>Rock Challenge is so cool - it's the best thing that has ever happened 2 me!!!!!!! I luv it!!</B><br>Gud luk again - Gavin<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya everyone<br>I just came on 2 say <B>a big thanx 2 Mrs Hylton (and also Mark 4 doin a wicked soundtrack dis year), da choreographers, n everyone else involved in Hornsea's entry dis year.<br>I can't wait 2 c everyone at our first heat. Good luck 2 all da skools out der n in particular <I>Archbishop Thurstan</I> (especially Amy B) n <I>Driffield Skool</I> (particularly Natalie) lolol<br>I hope everyone s piece is comin along well</B>.<br>C ya both at da final in Grimsby,<br>Aaron B (Hornsea School) xxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OM!!!! No way rocka is amorn!!<br>Hehehehe ... i canna wait! We been practising all day n it looks really good so let's hope for the best, peterheeders !<br>I canna wait 2 meet a the ither skools n see their stuff cos i'm sure it's fantastic!</B><br>Hahaha ... i've been <B><I>hyper all day</I></B> since we started dancing n noo i've got dancing fever (which is quite cool) and my feet hurt !! :)<br><B>Ooooooooh, i canna wait till amorn :D I'm soooo hyper i da hink i'll get 2 sleep again (this is lyk the 2nd time for aberdeen, for me ony y!)</B> U'll probably a see ma - i'm the quine that is always screaming n dancing hehehehehe i canna wait!!<br>C yiz a amorn :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Oh yes, paula,</B> i am indeedy lol! Am glad to see my global buddies have got off there bottoms and typed something lol! I cana spik like eh lol! Sorry i dinna kn fit to dee we maself ... shud i be hyper or nae or shud i go fall off a cliff ? :))<br>Cya - Rachy xxxxx (<B><I>broch academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!!<br><B>Can't wait for tomorrow!!! Hope everyone performing tonight does really well - good luck and have fun!!<br>Looking forward to meeting lots of new people tomorrow and seeing everyone's performances ... sure they will be great!!</B><br>Sarah - <B><I>westhill academy</I></B> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey<br>I know i have written 2 other messages and you are probably bored of me but <B>i am really starting to get excited about our global rock this year!</B><br>Hi 2 evryone at cowes! We are gonna have <B><I>so</I></B> much fun, and doesn't our <B><I>set</I></B> look good! Our piece has really come together! <B>Thanks to everyone, and thanks to juliette who is my partner in the night scene!<br>Good luck to all the other schools especially fellow island schools! O yer ... and hi to miss segal and the lively production team - you are all such good motivators! That's why it looks amazing!</B><br>Good luck from Lawrence T from <B><I>Cowes High School</I></B>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck 2 every1</B>, especially <B><I>ROYDS</I></B><br>We are al excited. It iz da 1st time we av done dis so i ope we win it (lol ... am only joking :)<br><B>Salty-</B> it tuk me ages to find ya message lol.<br>xxxxx Danielle<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heey ... hope you're all doing well!<br><B>Just thot i'd wish all the teams in aberdeen good luck (esp Torry even though i know ur already through lol)<br>A bit sad i couldn't make it tonight or for the finals :((But best of luck and have fun!!! :)</B><br>LoveLuv - Lauren (<B><I>ex-torry academy team member</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br>Gosh ... it's been a long time since i have put a message up!<br><B>Woop woop - just managed to swap all my uni tutorials that i had on tomorrow... so i shall def be there volunteering!<br>Got a very early start tomorrow, but don't think it will matter as i shall be so excited!!!<br>See you all tomorrow.... Good luck Phd!!!!</B><br>Marisa xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WOO!<br>8 days till BARNHILL perform at St Albans day 2! Can't wait now - tis gonna be one fun day!<br>Good luck to all the other schools! Have fun! :D</B><br>Hollie xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY HEY HEY!!<br><B><I>Broch Academy starts i mrn n abdy cana wait! We hae oor last rehearsal a4 the big day n athin is gan great!<br>Well done ti Paula, Mandy n Nadiya (leaders) 4 a their hard work on the performance! Also thnx ti Allan n Mrs Gall 4 helpin oot ina.<br>Gd luk ti abdy imrn n a cana wait ti c abdy's performances! Cyaz imrn !!</I></B><br>Tata xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya ppl<br><B>Can't wait til rocka!!</B><br>R dance is like so boss!!<br><B>Good luck 2 all the schools takin part in belfast!</B><br>Love - faye xx (<B><I>BALLEE HIGH</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Mackie academy -</I></B> you rocked the stage today in rehearsal - we were ace<br>I nearly fell over when coming off the stage! It was so funny ... i jumped on laura so sorry girl, i love you really - you're the best, girl<br>I really hope we win 2nite and i think we're in with a very very very good chance of getting a place cause we rock<br><B>Good luck to everyone, though - i love you loads</B><br>Sarah xx x x x x x x xxx x (<B>Thanks to all the teachers too - love ya all</B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>JUST AWAY TO LEAVE TO GO THROUGH TO ABERDEEN DAY 1!! WHOOO HOOO - ROCK CHALLENGE 2006 - BRING IT ON !!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE A ROCKIN 2 DAYS!!<br>Paula fae broch-</B> good t hear fae yi!! I canna wait t c you guys again! Ken it's been since aberdeen 2004 that was a igither - will be fun all catchin up!! I'll come n find ya, or i'm <B>sure</B> u'll c us a duncin away on i stage we i rocka crew cuz <B>me, kimberley, marisa n steph r all volunteerin cuz we're too old noo!! :(<br>GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!! HAVE FUN!!!</B><br>John- i got your posters with me to stick up!! On coloured card!! Very bright!!<br>Stuart (<B><I>ex peterheed, n volunteer</I></B>!! Whoo hoo)<br>++++++++++++<br><I>Stuart - make sure you and all the other volunteers have a <B>GREAT</B> day! <B>HUMUNGOUS</B> thanks for thinking of the posters !!<br>John (Editor)</I><br></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 12th 2006</b></font> (21 messages)</p> <p>Good luck to <B><I>Lossie High</I></B>!!! Got plenty supporters comin to cheers yez on!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey hey!!!!<br><B>Oh ma heed - am gettin so excited 4 abdn day 2 on tuesday (Valentine's Day!! oooh!)</b><br>Had <b><i>i broch's big rehearsal iday</i></b> and it's comin igither: all ma global buds r doin ace! It's been crazy iss last wik organisin last bits n pieces, along we work, revisin 4 prelims (& a social life!) but seein it noo it's been all worth it.<br><b>Cheers 2 alan & mrs gall 4 all yer help (get well soon Mrs G! We're missin ya! & thanx 4 gettin ma ""'s in i right place! haha) & 2 nadiya & manders (i other 2 bosses)<br>Aahh, 2 days!!<br>A big shout 2 all i other schools in oor heat!! Cana wait 2 c yaz all. Peterhead-</B> it's been a while but <B>it'll be gr8 2 be we yaz again!! Yay, cana wait! Hope uze r all doin fine.<br>Ma heed's on i poster this yr which is really cool. (Am i 1 with i red feather in ma hair in i right corner, so if ony1 recognises ma on tue, come up & say "Hey!" :)<br>Lucy</B>, r u ever off iss site!! Brusha, brusha, brusha lol. & <B>rachy -</B> u happy noo r's sum mare broch msgs?!<br>Well, am gan awa 2 revise 4 ma exam i morn (info systems- nae so gd!)<br>Luv - paula (<B><I>Broch!! aka Fraserburgh</I></B>) xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Uh-oh ... it's paula again<br>Jist remembered <B>Nikki fae phead</B> wrote a msg aboot gan 2 c i broch panto like a month ago! I wiz in i chorus we lianne, and i wiz i little mermaid (nice wig! lol) Well i mined at anoo so thot i'd say hey!<br><B>Still excited 4 tuesday!! Gd luck 2 all i schools performin! C yaz soon !</B><br>Luv - paula xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HIYA<br><B>I'm really excited!! It's only a little while till my school performs at st albans day 2!!! I can't wait!!<br>Gd luck to all the schools doing rock challenge this year!!!</B><br>Samantha (<B><I>Barnhill Community High</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well hey abdy - <B>only 2 days to go!!!!<br>Gettin really xcited now like it's gonna b so much fun! Can't wait 2 c all the other scools performances on aberdeen day 2!</B><br>Paula (ma big sis n co-choreographer 4 those who don't know!) has gone past her nervous stage now so its all calm lol! <B>JKS!</B><br>Our <B><I>all-day rehearsal</I></B> today went really well - saw the set and it looks really good and our costumes are cool too so it's all go 4 the broch!<br><B>Good luck to everyone in aberdeen day 2 and i'll c uz all there!</B><br>Luv - Debbie (mini-boss hehe) xxx (<B><I>broch academy aka fraserburgh</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!!<br><B>Lucky you, going to new york, stace!!</B> I rn't going.. just going to be ome in good old bradford! (Bring me lots of prezzies bak, yeh !!!! :)<br><B>Can't wait til rocka 2moro as i was away last week</B> (stupid - being ill! lol)<br><B>Can't wait til bradford rocka! Woooo!</B><br>Love - amy xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Another quick message from me - if anyone has <B>GoogleEarth</B> on their computer, type the following into the "Fly To" box at the top-left: <B>N 57 8.71 W 2 6.28</B> (exactly as I have ... space between the N and the 57 and the 8.71 and the W ... etc :) and <B>then press the blue button</B> to the right. When you get there, zoom in and you SHOULD see the <B>Aberdeen Music Hall</B> roof and the white steps leading into it from the main road in front.<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Quick note from me - don't forget to take a pen or pencil and a notepad with you to the Music Hall - jot down the contact details of any new friends you make so that you don't forget them afterwards !<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helloooo!<br>Just thought i'd pop on a message ... might not have another chance until towards end of Feb, as <B><I>I'm off to New York on Thursday!</I></B> :-D (Along with some fellow <B><I>Hanson Rockas</I></B>! Woohooooo! *sings I'm so excited....*<br><B>Wow...just 1 day until Rocka 2006 starts! I can't believe how the time has passed! But i'm soo excited, and can't wait to perform!<br>Anyhow best be off! Good Luck to everyone taking part! Have fun! :-))</B><br>Love - Stacey xxx Hanson xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo !!!!! 1 DAY!!!!!! Tomorrow!!!!<br>I can't believe rock challenge is kicking off 2moro!!! I'm soo excited!!!<br>Good Luck to all schools</B> and especially to <B><I>MACKIE</I></B>!!!!!!<br><B>Thanks to every1 who helps and i'm sure it will run smoothly!!!<br>See you all soon!!!!! TOMORROW!!!</B><br>Love - Emma xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there<br><B>Can't believe our performance is 2morrow. Everyone is really getting excited and is lookin 4ward to putting on a great show and i'm sure all the other schools think the same. Come and speak 2 us 2morrow.<br>Good luck banff, mackie, ellon, oldmachar and torry - may the best school win and join torry at grimsby</B><br>Claire (<B><I>st machar</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Can't believe that it's the big day 2morrow - been busy rehearsin 2day - come on, St Machar Academy<br>Good luck 2 all the schools that are takin part.</B><br>Lisa (<B><I>St Machar Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey thr!<br>Hey john - it's amazin, eh?! <B><I>Brown hair</I></B> - never heard the likes before ! :)) (Kidding! :)<br>Wil u be at aberdeen, john?? (<I>Ed: I'm possibly at hardly any events this year, Lucy - Wendy's not been well for ages and I'm sticking here at home with her</I> :)<br>I'm kwite tired now. Had a fine long shower after rehearsals! Gr8 stuf! :)<br><B>Everything is a bit hectic and abdy's getn excited at fraserburgh! Yeeh! (Still to finish paintin the set! Aaaaaa! But no worries - it'll b done tomorrow! :))</B><br>Got another rehearsal 2moz but it wil just be a hair and makeup one since we haven't done that yet! Am kwite excitd... don't have a clue wat they'v got in mind!<br><B>!!! *** hey to all the schools in aberdeen day 2****!!!<br><I>Who's all ur co-hosts? I'm it for fraserburgh, so i shall c yaz thr!</I></B><br>Bye for now! Lucy Liu - <B><I>broch academy</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> COME ON <B><I>ARCHIE</I></B>!!!!! <B>Not long to go now - it's real exciting.<br>This year's Rock Challenge is ace - dare I say it could be the best one yet!!!</B><br>Can't wait to see you perform your premier showcase at Hull and then perform at Grimsby in the Final - it's gonna be wicked!!! <br>It's coming on great now ... just keep working hard (like I know you all will) and do Archie proud - it'll be ace!!!<br><B><I>Loads of cheers and support, all the way from Chester.</I></B><br>Matty (Mr Anderson to you lot:-))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Global rockaz!!! How'z everyone doin?? Kool, ya??<br><B>Weel, here we go - nearly here - only one more sleep!! Wootawooo!!!<br>Am hyper like nae real!! Shuda seen ma iday at rehearsals - ohh mighty.... bit ony y.....<br>Good luk to abd at's taking part in Aberdeen Day Two (Valentines Day - Yeehaa)</B><br>Loads a luv... Katie a.k.a (K80DOl) :) xxxx :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woooooooooo!! Rock Challenge starting soon!<br>Only three weeks til hamble perform on southampton night three and we are so excited!!<br>Good luck to everyone performing - have fun!!</B><br>Love - lucifer and emeel! xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nae lang noo, folks!!<br>All i can think bout is rocka :D:D:D:D:D:D</B><br>Oh me ... i better just say a few things then be aff cos knowing me i will gi 2 far:<ul><li><B>abdy hae fun - i ken we will but a the ither skools too<li>abdy mine n smile :D<li>n good luck abdy cos i'm soooooooooooooooooooooo excited :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D</B></ul>Miranda<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>OMG! I'm rock challenge in the head.<br>Am so excited - <I>2 days, peterhead</I>!</B> Come on - let's show them what we're made of !!!<br>Luv Laura x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B>Good Luck to all you guys taking part in aberdeen over the next two days.</B><br>Ness (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good Luck to all schools taking part in Aberdeen this week!</B><br>COME ON PETERHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Love - Janice (<B><I>ex-Peterhead</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow! Just 2 days now!</B><br>Just waitin ... bored ... to be picked up for our <B><I>rehearsal today! (11-4 :)</I></B> so i thot i'd come on ere and leave a wee message!<br><B>Really excited now! Gonna get our costumes today and also our tshirts for the day- thy'r very nice! Woooohooo!</B><br>Oh me oh my - i dna ken fit else ti write!<br><B>To every1 on aberdeen day 2- feel free to come over for a yap! It'll say LUCY LIU on the back of my tshirt</B> (but to those that wr same heat as us last year- i now have brown hair :) (<I>Ed: WOW !!!</I> :))<br>Rite ... g2g now! Spk 2 uze l8r!! Bye bye bye bye ... xxxxx (lucy liu - <B><I>fraserburgh academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to everyone!! Can't wait to see your performances!<br><I>Westhill Academy</I></B>! xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br><B>Only a couple of days until rock challenge in Aberdeen - am sure everyone is well excited.<br>Can't wait 2 c all the schools - am sure they'll b awesome!</B><br>xxx claire (<B><I>westhill academy</I></B>) xxx</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 11th 2006</b></font> (11 messages)</p> <p><B>2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Cnt wait! All mackie gals r so0o0 excited n cnt wait<br>Good luck 2 all skwls</B> (but mackie beta win!! :)<br><B>Thankz 2 rebecca clare miss gifford n lauran for all the hard work xoxo</B><br>We ave 2 go 2 regi n then say we r goin 2 rock challenge then leave !!! yay :))<br>xoxoxoxo Heather xoxoxoxox (<B><I>Mackie</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey rockin rockers out there!! It's me - yeah, meee! "Who?", u ask ... adam from john smeaton in leeds!! Woooo!<br>How r u all crackin on wi ur performances... good i hope. We're lookin good too hehe!<br>A BIG shout to all the john smeaton crew!!! Come on, guys - let's do this!<br><B>Good luck to all ov u in global, spesh all the ace schools in bradford heat 1 n also buttershaw!!<br>I soooo can't believe rocka actually starts in 2 days - wow!!!! Good luck to u all in that heat!!</B><br>Neway, guys, hope u all are ready for rocka. Smeaton will be lookin forward to the day n seein u all there. We will be cheerin u on so come on - cheer on for <B><I>JOHN SMEATON COMMUNITY HIGH IN LEEDS</I></B> ! WOOOOOOOO!<br><B>Good luck, people!</B> Adam from john smeaton !!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya people - fit likey ?<br><B>Hope everyone's dances are comin together. Three days till aberdeen - woohoo. Have a gr8 day, everyone.</B><br>Bye for now ... Laura and Stephy (<B><I>peterhead</I></B>) xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey !<br><B>Gud luk 2 all skwls hu r performing their dances soon!!</B> Espesh gud luk 2 r skwl - <B><I>royds in leeds</I></B> !!!<br>Luv x - lauren -x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there<br><B>Cannot believe only 2 days to go. got a busy day 2morrow getting ready for monday - that will be a gd day and a right laugh.<br>Good luck to Old Machar, Ellon, Banff, Mackie and Torry Academy - cannot wait to see ur performances.<br>C u all on monday</B> - claire (<B><I>st machar academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hornsea is really coming on minted noww!! I'm <B><I>loving the soundtrack</I></B> - some really cool tracks on!!<br>All the sections are ace!! <B><I>Big thanx to choreographers, mrs hylton and of course everyone who makes the team a mintedd one!!</I></B> Love you guys - my teammmm!! Hehehe!!<br><B>Can't wait to see everyone, espesh longcroft (lil beverley peeps!! - see you there!!!) and can't wait for final!!</B><br>Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo! <B><I>Hornseaaaa</I></B> ROCKKK!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love you alll! Katie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Only 2 days ! Can't wait !<br>We r trying so hard and putting all our energy into it. This is our second year and we r all excited<br>Good luck 2 all schools, especially those on day 1 - will c u there<br>Good Luck again</B><br>Emma (<B><I>St Machar</I></B>) XXXXXXXXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Rock Challenge is mint! I'm goin to try to do it every year from now cos it is so cool. The best bit is it is so much fun to do - the dances are hard but they look awesome!</B><br>Cool Dude<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Ahoy Hoy 2 all!<br><B>I hope everybody's ready 4 rock challenge! Just 3 days till Westhill's on!<br>Hope we do well this year, n hope everybody else duz well too, so come on, guys - let's make rock challenge a rocking show! :)</B><br>Kyle Y x X x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey folks!<br><B>Ohmee ... only a couple mare days ! It's gan ti b majik - yesss !<br>I canna wait! Hope all the other skools r lookin 4ward</B><br>Fae stephi b (<B>peterheed</B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey abdy!<br><B>Woohoo! Rock Challenge in 2 days! Cna wait!<br>I just wanna say good luck 2 evry1 on day 1. Cna wait 2 c all yar performances! They'l b amazin!<br>Evry1 from makiem is really excited! It's all goin really really wel!<br>Good Luck 2 al the folk on day 2! Won't c ur performances but i bet they wil b amazin!<br>C evry1 on monday! Hope 2 meet sum new m8z!</B><br>Luv - .x.Hannah.x.</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 10th 2006</b></font> (12 messages)</p> <p><B>WHOOO HOOOO!!!! Just a weekend, then it's ROCK CHALLENGE IN ABERDEEN!!!<br><I>I can't wait ... can't belive it's been a whole yr since lst time!! Tho it's gonna be soooo different without performing, it'll still be a great 2 days!!</I><br>I can't wait to see everyone's performances!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! SMILE!!!!<br>Hello miss bennet -</B> we'll come and find u on day 1!!!<br>Stuart (<B><I>Peterheed</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya guys!<br>Wow!! <B>Liz from Cowes- it's nice to hear from you</B> (it's been a while.) I'm just kinda responding to your message, just to say that <B>i think Kaiser Chiefs' "I Predict a Riot" will be huge this year</B>, mainly for the lyrics because it could be used for drug-related pieces. Also <B>my other weird thought was Sugarbabes and "Push the Button"</B>. I have no idea why ... maybe cos i like the song, i don't know.<br>I remember the year when <B><I>the "can can" from Moulin Rouge</I></B> was massive. In our event it was used many times, tho i do think that Cowes had the best mix by far :)<br>Neway, gtg now. <B>Hope to see you in Southampton, Liz !</B><br>Ness (<B><I>Rockateer and ex-Cowes High ... many moons ago</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Just a quick note to say <B>good luck to you all taking part in Rock Challenge this year. It's a great day out and i hope everyone has fun</B><br>Thanks to <B><I>the whole of the production team at Cowes</I></B> - you've all done a great job and our piece is going to look ace!!!!!<br><B><I>I hope everyones rehearsals are going well!<br>Come on you Islanders. Big shout out to - Somerton Middle, Solent Middle, Sandown High, Ryde High, Ryde School, Medina High, Carisbrooke High, Osbourne Middle, Ventnor Middle,Bishop Lovett,Downside Middle, Archbishop Kings and of course the baby editions going from the Island Cowes Primary School ... awww bless! I hope you all do really well</I> :)<br>GOOD LUCK TO ALL SCHOOLS COMPETING IN ALL THE EVENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT, GUYS.</B><br>Cya all soon - Lauren (<B><I>Cowes High Technical Support Crew</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> My other message is now waaayy down the page so i thought i'd do another just to say hi to the rest of the team at <B><I>cowes high</I></B>, and <B>good luck to all the other schools! (<I>Especially solent! They rock!</I>)</B><br>Lawrence T<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya Guys!!! It's Emily here from <B><I>Cowes High Production Team</I></B>!!!<br>I just want to say <B>a HUGE good luck to everyone competing in Southampton Day 2 along with us! Global Rock this year is huge at Cowes High and I really can't wait until March 1st!</B><br>Our piece is coming together really well and I can't wait to see the finished piece. We've got a new approach to it this year and the whole thing looks fantastic! <B><I>Set, costume and the actual dance is amazing and a big thanks to everyone who made these possible.<br>Also a BIG thanks to Liz for putting up with the production team when things have gone wrong and helping to celebrate when things went right!</I></B><br>Right, I've rabbited on for long enough but one last thing - <B><I>MASSIVE THANKS TO OUR DANCERS!!!!!!</I></B> We are going to rock and we wudn't be here without you! Keep the energy going and we will have a great day!<br><B>Good luck to every other school in Global Rock all over the country!!! You're going to be fab!</B><br>Love ya all - Emz xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi folks!<br><B>Nae long to go - it's gettin exciting. Good luck to all the skewls tht are takin part in day 1 at aberdeen.</B> We have got a <B><I>busy week-end ahead of us here at ellon</I></B> ... 10 to 4 on sunday!<br><B>Cya all on monday</B> - Kyle (<B><I>Ellon Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone<br><B>Wow - can't believe it's only three days until Aberdeen and the start of the 2006 tour!<br><I>Great to see familiar names on the message board, and esp my ex LT at Cowes - Hi Liz!</I></B> I have heard rumours about your entry from a friend at the Apollo, but still have to guess at ninety percent! See you soon<br><B>Good Luck to the schools in the Aberdeen events</B> in case I don't write another message in time<br>Rosie (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi guys<br><B>Can't wait til rocka - not long now.</B> Our piece is lookin ace now it is being put together. <B><I>Big thanks to mrs hylton and the choreographers</I>.<br>Can't wait to see the other schools. Good Luck to all those competing this year ., see u all at grimsby.</B><br>Love - Darryl (<B><I>Hornsea</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everybody!<br><B>We ve never done rock challenge before so this will be our first - we're scared but also soooooo excited !</B><br>We ve been practising real hard at our routines ... some are better than others but we hope that we ll all be the best we can by the time we go to the Waterfront Hall in Belfast.<br><B>Best of luck to the other Primary schools in our group - Cliftonville, Elmgrove and Harmony. We are looking forward to seeing you there.</B><br>Georgia & Abbie at Belfast (<B><I>Knocknagoney Primary</I></B>)<br>++++++++++++<br><I>Good to hear from you !! Have a FUN day at the Waterfront !!<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hellooooo!<br>I'm sat in Music Office, <B><I>full of cold</I></B> and wondering what to do! :-((<br><B>So ... just thought i'd wish everyone taking part in Rocka "Good Luck!" :-D<br>Hope Everyone has a Fab weekend!</B><br>Love - Stace xxx (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi guys<br><B>OMG - soo soon, isn't it.<br><I>Everyone here is doin reali gd - keep it up ... it will look so good on the day wid all the costumes n set</I></B><br>Soz i'm not ere in the half-term for rehearsals (I'll b sunnin it up :) but i'l b practisin while on my hol<br>xxxxxxxxxx c u all soon xxxxxxx<br>Rachel (<B><I>committee at st vinnie</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY EVERYONE!!!<br>OMG! Like 4 days left is it?<br><B>Canna wait till 14th o feb cos that's ROCKA TIME!!! WOOHOO!</B> (i'm gettin hyper anoo :))<br><B>Gud luk 2 abdy competing! Canna wait ti see abdy's. <I>Torry-</I></B> ur theme n ahing wiz majik last year! Let's hope we get 2 see u in grimsby :D (I'm sure abdy else is majik ana but we winna find oot until rocka haha - at's all i can think aboot! im so excited !!!!!!! :)<br>Abdy in <B><I>peterheed</I></B> mind n smile :D <B><I>(I'm just smiling n a am deen is thinking o it hahaha)</I></B><br>C yiz a on monday, peterheed x x x<br>Oh - n btw - <B><I>Happy Valentines Day</I></B> abdy!! (in 4 days!!)<br>Miranda<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>I'd like to try a wee experiment ... :))<br>If any sets / equipment van that's delivering round the back of <B>the Music Hall in Aberdeen</B> over the next few days navigates using a GPS unit, could you check that the co-ordinates are pretty much <B>North 57&deg; 8.7' and West 2&deg; 6.3'</B> for me, and <a href="mailto:ukmess@rockchallenge.co.uk?subject=GPS co-ordinates for Aberdeen load-in">let me know if those were about right or - if not - what they SHOULD have been</a> ?<br>I'd like to add the GPS co-ordinates for each load-in door to the list of useful details for each venue, but <B><I>don't</I></B> know how accurate I can get them by sitting at home in front of a desktop PC :))<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Hi folks !<br>Aberdeen City Council have given Rock Challenge and <B>Northfield, Oldmachar, St. Machar and Torry Academies</b> a nice write-up on a web page they put up yesterday:- <a href="http://tinyurl.com/9shkd" target="win2"><B>it's here if you too would like to read it (theme details too ... tut! :)</B></a><br>Meanwhile, the Fab Rocka Office have emailed to say that <B>Peter Symonds College</B> are out of Southampton 1 (sob)<br><B>I'm guessing a lot of weekend rehearsing to come in sunny (I hope!) Scotland? Good Luck, everyone, and above all - HAVE FUN !</B><br>John (Editor :)</I></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 9th 2006</b></font> (10 messages)</p> <p>Rock Challenge Crew! It is <B><I>sooo</I></B> long since I have sent a message - apologies all round. We have been extremely busy getting everything ready, and it is now starting to come together here at Cowes High.<br><br><B>It s all a bit exciting (and scary!) this year as we are going for a completely different approach. The project is still being run by a fabulous group of students, but this year it is part of their studies for AS Performing Arts, which is really cool. They would probably have been involved anyway - this way it helps towards their coursework as well. It also means that we can devote quite a bit of lesson time to planning, organising etc. Would recommend this approach to anyone.<br><br><I>Lots of participants as usual this year - we had nearly 300 people audition for the 80-odd places on the dance team. Fortunately lots of those who didn't make it are helping out with stage and costumes, which is an incredibly valuable and important role. Everyone is putting in so many hours - dead proud of them all.</I></b><br><br>As I mentioned, it s all a bit different this year for us. Don t want to give too much away (not yet!) but everything has undergone a radical reappraisal. Really hope everyone else enjoys the new direction that we are taking things in.<br><br><B>I am so excited about this year. There is already such a good buzz. I can't wait to see what the other teams come up with - the standard just keeps getting higher. It will be great to welcome the 2 new schools to our heat (day 2 in Southampton) as well as see some of our old buddies again ... we re travelling over with (and "buddying" with) Solent Middle as usual. I love seeing the amazing stuff they come up with, especially their soundtrack which is always cool.</B><br><br>Speaking of which, some of my management team students and I were discussing music for this year, and trying to guess which tunes were going to be the "big" Rocka tracks in 2006. Anyone like to throw some ideas into the ring? <B>What will be THE songs that we all go for this year? Remember a few years ago when Moulin Rouge was released and everyone was using FatBoy Slim's "Because you Can"? About 5 schools in our heat used it - but all in completely different ways. I love the way Rocka encourages people to be really creative in their use of popular music. So come on, what are we going to hear a lot of this year??</B><br><br>Anyway, have written a ridiculously long message (as usual!). Really ought to go and do some planning or marking, or something.<br><B>Good luck to everyone who is competing at Aberdeen (not long now!) and all the other schools across the country. Have a fab time, you wonderful people!</B><br>Liz (<B><I>Liaison Teacher, Cowes</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya everyone! <B>Hope you are all gettin excited about rock challenge!!<br>Good Luck to all the schools at st albans on the 20th feb</B>... and a <B><I>BIG</I></B> good luck to <B><I>Kings Langley School</I></B>! You are <B><I>back on form and lookin gr8 this year, guys</I></B> - such an improvement on the last few years.. n they were pretty damn amazing!!<br>Can't wait 2 c ur final performance and i will be in the audience cheering like crazy 4 u!! <B><I>Choreographers</I></B> have dun a gr8 job this year - <B><I>WELL DONE, GIRLS!</I></B><br>Love u all and good luck! xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyheyhey! Just back from <B><I>summer show rehearsals</I></B>!<br>Had a hectic day 2day! <B><I>Started paintin the set after skool and it's still not totally completed ... aaaa!! Must be ready (obviously!) Got our whole-day rehearsal on sunday! (11-4!)</I><br>Wowowowowowow! So excited now like! Only a few days til tuesday - aaaa lol! Yeah! Let's *P*A*R*T*Y*!*!*</B><br>Cyaz all later ... lucy liu fe fraserburgh academy!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HEY!!! <B>Not long now! 5 days! Hope everyone is excited and looking forward to it!<br><I>Westhill</I></B> xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya - it's emily l from hornsea here<br><B>Can't wait to be able to do rock challenge for my FIRST TIME!!!! Thanks for pickimg me and i am loving our music - it's wicked<br>Thanks sooooooooo much, Mrs Hylton - you're ace, and so is rock challenge! I hope i will be able to support our team in dancing my socks off!!!</B> lol<br>Love - emily xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HI TO EVRY1 AT <B><I>COWES HIGH SCHOOL</I></B>!<br>Our piece is really coming on well, isn't it - looks well gd! I am amazed at what a team of people can do!<br>Hi to evryone at cowes high and <B><I>solent</I></B> (solent rule too!) and <B>hi to miss segal and the cowes high prodction team!</B> u all know who i am! :P<br>Lawrence T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeesssssssssss ! :))<br>I can't wait til aberdeen day 2 now - it's soooooo close!!!!!!!!</B><br>Davy (<B><I>ex Peterhead</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br>Sounds like everyone's getting on pretty well with Rocka this year! <B>Really looking forward to March 22nd!</B><br>I've missed some rehearsals this week cos i've bin ill so i'm not sure what it's looking like at the mo, but i'm sure it'll be great!! (<B><I>There's so many viruses and stuff going round school at the mo ... half the teachers are off as well as loads of pupils!!)</I><br>It's all so exciting tho - i love Rock Challenge!!</B><br>Luv - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! What da crack!!?<br>It is getting so close now to our performance in belfast! Our rehearsals are going very well and all our dances are pure brilliance !!<br><B><I>Gud luck to all schools and hope you do well!!</I></B><br>Let's go, ballee, let's go!!<br>Lots of love - louise xoxo (<B><I>BALLEE HIGH SCHOOL</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey peeps!<br><B>Our piece is slowly starting to come together - yey!!!!</B> It's looking good and you're really starting to make me proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><B>Please keep up the enthusiasm and high spirts - it helps, and makes it all worth while.<br>Please remember that there is set build tonight til 7, rehearsal tomorrow from 4 to 6 (Keep eyes open for rehearsal scheuduals for the next couple of weeks :)</B><br>Huggles n kisses - helen (<B><I>St Vinnie Liaison Teacher</I></B>)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 8th 2006</b></font> (14 messages)</p> <p>Hi - it's Charlotte R from HORNSEA SCHOOL here! :)<br><B>Really looking forward to the showcase at Grimsby. This is my first rock challenge so it all seems a bit kinda big at the moment.</B> Rehearsals are going great - the other sections are mint! It was real good seeing all the other sections tonight hehehe<br><B>Aarrrrrgggggghhhhhh ... so excited!! Not long to go when you think about it. The rehearsals seem to go so quickly! Have another one tomorrow. :))</B><br>Oooooo goshhhh ... looking forward to seeing it when it's all pieced together. The <B><I>choreographers</I></B> are great. :) Big up to em - <B><I>and Mrs.H ofcourse!!!</I></B> lololol BIG UP !!!*!!!<B><I>HORNSEA</I></B>!!!*!!!<br>Luv yaz all - Charlotte R<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> have had their <B><I>first rehearsal all together</I></B> today and it was sooo good.<br><B><I>I can't wait til we go to grimsby on march 8th now! Really looking forward to seeing everyone else at grimsby.</I></B><br>Everyone's hard work has definitely paid off and of course <B>Mr and Mrs Hylton... the sound track is brill!!!<br><I>Another rehearsal tomorrow night. See you all there!!!!</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Yoohoo abdy! Fit likee?<br><B>Ooooooo it's getting xciting noo like! Only 6 dayz, people!<br>Gd luck ti a the ither schools and hope uz r gettin on fine!<br>Wel, c yaz in aberdeen!</B><br>Bye ... Shari XxX (fae <B><I>Fraserburgh Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone! Hope my message reaches the lovely green page.<br><B>Sadly, my last rock challenge this year</B><br>Driffield school are back in action this year (i'm thinking we're looking hopeful this time :) <B><I>Watching the piece come together is very exciting</I></B> and i'm liking the theme a lot this year.<br><B>I'm coming to watch at Grimsby soon to cheer Hornsea on and i'll look forward to performing at hull soon as wel!!!!!</B><br>Love - jane w (<B><I>Driffield School</I></B>) x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya Mackie!<br><B>Only 5 days 2 go, girls ! Can't wait - it's goina b bra!</B><br>Gd luck 2 al the other schools - but let the best 1 win lol !!!<br>We've been rehearsing a lot! Been hard work but we hav got it all wrapped jst about!<br><B>Hope evry1 is workin hard n getin ready! We're all soo excited!<br>Oh wel - we're off now! GOOD LUCK 2 EVRY1! CYAZ ALL THERE! CAN'T WAIT!</B><br>Love ma mackie gals! Hannah n Holly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (<B><I>mackie</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> OMG!! <B>We've just had our first rehearsal in 2 weeks - our scwl has been closed ... HELP! We've gt 3 weeks left to get it right and people are only just getting in time - the committee only just know their dance. (We are doing great but it's a nightmare !)<br>Keep it up, evryone - we're gunna be great !! :)</B><br>Sarah<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there folks!<br><B>OMG! Only five days to go. So exciting.<br>Gd luck to everyone - sure you'll do great!</B><br>Louise (<B><I>st.machar academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Right - where is all the broch qwines whn u need them ?<br><B><I>HELLO EARTH TO: Lucy, Nicola, April, Katie, Nadiya, Paula, Debbie ?!</I></B> We have to keep up with the notes ... i mean - <B><I>hello!</I></B> We are loud and plus we are from the broch like eh!<br>Am makin a pact - my name is gan to b on this site all the time from now on until the show ... mmm, that's right ... you heard me, ladies and gentlemen !<br>Rachael fae <B><I>the broch</I></B>, shoutin out to u all! :P xxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!!!!<br>Ppl..... the message board has had hardly any messages from the <B><I>ARCHIE crew</I></B> !!!!! Well, here's 1 lol.<br>Just over a month till the ARCHIE!! crew perform our premier showcase at hull ice arena ... <B>oooooo ... i can't wait. The excitement's starting to build up wiv me :)<br>Good luck 2 all the schools competing such as andrew marvel etc..... c ya all soon - it's gonna be wicked!!!!<br>BRING ON ROCK CHALLENGE 2006!!!!!</B><br>Lv - kirsty c xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey evry1<br><B><I>We're all in music and we're all ill!!</I></B> Stacey is being forced to sing.. even tho she's asleep!<br><B>Gd luck hanson n every1 else involved in bradford day 1! Have fun!</B><br>Love - Anita, Naomi n Stacey! (x<B><I>Hanson</I></B>!x)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>AHHHH GEORDIE BENNETT!!!! We miss u!! Heehee! Can't believe we won't get to see you, but am sure Lynne, Stu and Marisa will catch up with u for us. Am goin to see the show at night so we might bang into each other then!!<br>Good luck to all teams.. <I>peterhead's dress rehearsal</I></B> looked amazing - cana wait! Ahhhh ...!<br>Mhairi (<B><I>peterhead</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!<br>OMG ... been a while since i have been on here :)<br><B><I>Can't wait for rocka this year, and I am so glad NORTHFIELD ACADEMY are back in it this year! I have helped them out a wee bit but i can't wait to see the final production. I am sure tanya n lauren did me proud</I> :))<br>Can't wait to see everybody at the Music Hall - me, stuart, marisa n steph are all volunteering so that is going to be an interesting fun day lol.<br>Good luck, everybody, and i will see you all in FIVE days - woo hoo!</B><br>John- r u coming to aberdeen this year?? (<I>Ed: answered by email, Lesley-Ann</I> :)<br>Lesley-Ann (<B><I>ex northfield academy student leader</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow!!! Only 5 days to go! Gd Luk 2 Everyone!</B><br>We ave had to stop most of the <B><I>set work</I></B> at RHS because of the <B><I>mock GCSEs</I></B> but i'm sure we will be ready on time ... <B>even if we r working till 11pm the nite before (as usual :)</B><br>Luv - Amy (<B><I>RHS</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I was <B><I>ice skating</I></B> at the bradford ice rink yesterday night and GAYNOR from "<B><I>Dancing on Ice</I></B>" was there rehearsing ... the lift they're doing on saturday is pretty spectacular, let me tell you!<br>Anyway, it's work time :-(<br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and Volunteer</I></B>)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 7th 2006</b></font> (6 messages)</p> <p>Hey rockin rockers!! It's adam here from john smeaton in leeds - woooo!<br>Sooo lookin forward to our performance - we're lookin good, smeaton!<br><B>Wanna say good luck to you all. Hope u are all crackin on n struttin ya stuff in the global spirit wooo!<br>Can't believe global rock 2006 is gettin closer! Good luck all the schools in our heat!</B><br>Adam from <B><I>JOHN SMEATON COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL</I></B> IN LEEDS<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... a week today for aberdeen day 2!!! AAA!<br>Good luck to everyone for day 1, and all the best! For those in day 2... cana wait ti see the performances - am sure they'll aa be amazin as usual!!<br>Wahey - bring on the *P*A*R*T*Y*!* Wooo - it's gan ti b crazy iss yr!!! Yeah - wooo !</B><br>Wel g2g avnoo to <B><I>summer show rehearsals</I></B> so al catch yaz l8r!<br>Bye bye ... lucy fe <B><I>fraserburgh academy</I></B>!!! :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there all<br><B>Can't believe it's now only 6 days to go til our performance in Aberdeen Day 1. Everyone is getting really excited and all can't wait to perform. This is our second doin rock challenge and if it is anything like last year it should be even better this year.<br>Hey to Peterhead crew - good luck 4 ur performance and Miss B is telling us to Remember to Smile as well.<br>Good luck to all schools - especially day 1 - and can't wait to see ur performances. Let's put on a great show and have a right laugh!</B><br>Claire (<B><I>St Machar Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya peeps !! <B>Wishin evri1 gud luk nd hiya 2 all th royds students nd miss stow+miss benett !!!<br>Cnt w8 2 start th dance - gud luk 2 all th utha scools !!! Cya soon !</B><br>xxxxxxxxx luv - stef xxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Dear all<br>Just to let you know that <B>Miss Geordie Bennett will be around for Rock Challenge once again this year.<br><I>Been reading all the messages from the Peterheed crowd- hello to all of the old gang. Gutted I won't get to see you, but glad we aren't competing against each other!!!! (I am with the St Machar crowd this year!)</I><br>Best of luck to everyone. Remember to SMILE!!!<br>Good luck to all teams</B> - Miss B<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey people! :)<br><B>7 days.... aghhh, how exciting!</B><br>In admin at the momemt but <B>can't think about much other than rock challenge. OMG!!!</B><br>How are everyone's rehearsals going ?? Get it right :)))<br>Bye for now x x x xlaurax x x x</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 6th 2006</b></font> (13 messages)</p> <p>Hey! It's nicola from <B><I>fraserburgh academy</I></B><br><B>Can't believe it is only 8 days! Am soo excited.</B><br>Just bk from my <B><I>practice</I></B> - it was really hard work but our performance is looking really gd.<br><B>Gd luck to everybody who is in global this year.</B><br>Luv - nicola xxx<br>ps.<B>lucy and april -</B> i hope i remember the 3bz lol :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Guys!<br>Wow - had our <B>first proper "Dancing" rehearsal today</B>, and it was fab! :-D<br><B><I>(Although i did seem to be having minor difficulities in counting...... to three!! Lol! The rest of yaz were ace!)</I></B><br>Anyhow, has to be a quick message. Lots of work to be done!<br>Loadsa Luv - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone<br><B>OMG i am soooooooo xcited lol! It's goin 2 be a good year this year, i can feel it.<br>GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE - hope u all do well! Good luck to all da new guys too heehee</B><br>Luv ya all - xxxxx michaela (<B><I>hornsea</I></B>) xxx(kla)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!! <B>Can't wait till rocka!!!! It's not long ... a week tomorrow i think. Woohoo!<br>Good luck abdy!!!! (And abdy mind and smile xxxxxxx :)</B><br>Luv yiz a - miranda fae <B><I>Peterhead Academy</I></B> x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Come on <B><I>cooper</I></B>!!! You rock!!<br>Luv ya leah, mandie, kelsey, jade, amber, hannah n anna xx<br>Amy<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>AM BACK!!!! Panto has only just finished!!!</B> (Well, last nite, after like 4 weeks solid up at drama, we just finished!!!) I am well gonna miss it!!! Ah well - <B>time 4 rocka n wrk nw!!!</B><br><B><I>I'm soz i ain't at rehearsals 2nite, evry1!!!</I></B> Miss W sed i wsn't needed and i wud av come 2 watch but the work has been pilin up n <B><I>tech</I></B> is due in ... n <B><I>drama</I></B> ... n omg <B><I>the list is endless</I></B>!!!! Ah well!!! (Am in middle of <B><I>citizenship</I></B> nw!!! :)<br><B>Stace-</B> wahoo! Am glad u ad a gd bday!!! (I ope the show wsn't too long 4 ya!!!)<br><B>Heather -</B> lmao at lunch time!!! All i can sing now is ..."this is my happy birthday song am singin it jus 4 u!!!!" Lololol<br><B>Hey 2 all ova rockas out ther!!! OMG i cnt believe 'tis ere!!!! Gud luk 2 all schools performin at first events!!!!!!! Wahoooooooo!!!!</B><br>Lv - Emma (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya abdy !!!<br><B>OMG ... week 2 go ... gettin excited</B> ... it's goin 2 be a good giggle.<br><B>Cheers scouse</B> for ur msg - appreciated lol<br><B>Good luck 2 all the other skls takin part on the 13th - sure u will al be smashin!!</B><br><B>Big up, gail!</B><br>Luv ya all - starky xxXxXxXxXxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!!!<br><B>Sorry, hanson guys..</B> i'm not at rehearsals today. Been off school ill but i'll be back asap!<br>Anyways, hope everything's going well!<br>Love - amy xxx (<B><I>hanson</I></B>)<br>ps <B>hiya stace</B>!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br><B>Can't wait til rocka - it's only 2 months!<br>Gd luck 2 al schools takin part in belfast!!</B><br>Lov - faye xx (<B><I>BALLEE HIGH</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!!<br><B>Wow - mega excited now !! A week tomorrow!! AHHH ... it's mental</B> lol!<br>Got a <B><I>busy day</I></B> ahead of me today... gots to meet my mum at dinner time to go to the rock challenge cupboard in school and get everything out that we need.. <B>and see if we can find the bugs!!! (Watch out, aberdeen - the bugs might be makin an appearence!!! Wooo! :)<br><I>Peterhead's Dress Rehearsal today</I></B> (oh, and on the subject of costumes, <B>big apologies to Doreen</B> who i forgot to add to my list of thank yous!!!)<br><B>Hello to Miss Geib</B>.. thanks for your little comment! :) Hopefully Peterhead's well organised.<br><B>Good luck to Lorna</B> for the weekend and the day before Rock Challenge as both my mum and her mum are away.. just remember to keep calm lol! Everything will be fine ... my mum will have you well organised before she leaves!!<br><B>I'm looking forward to seeing every1 again and also meetin new friends, so every1 has to come and find me and say hello... to find me just ask one of the peterhead team for mhairi n they will point you in the right direction i'm sure lol :)</B><br>John - what's the story with u and aberdeen this year - can u give me an email about it, as <B><I>my mum (Pizza Lady for this year)</I></B> has asked me to ask you if u would like a pizza, and if yes i have a list of toppings for u to choose from...<br><B>WARNING TO EVERYONE AT PETERHEAD - IF UR PURPLE CONSENT FORM ISN'T RETURNED ASAP U WILL NOT GET TO GO TO ABERDEEN AS THE SCHOOL CAN'T LET A CHILD OUT OF SCHOOL ON A TRIP WITHOUT ONE AND WE WOULDN'T WANT TO LEAVE ANY1 BEHIND!!</B><br>Well anyway, i better get going and get ready for this rehearsal! <B>See you all soon!!!</B> :))<br>Mhairi (<B><I>peterhead</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> If <B>lauren m from last year's rocko at mackie</B> is readin this message, then go check out <a href="http://tinyurl.com/97m2t"><B><I>the poster</I></B></a> - ur on it! Haha ... nice 1<br>Luv - nicola h xxx<br>ps i'll ask u at work lol<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Uh-Oh ... we only have a week, peeps! Am sure rehearsals will be interesting this week!<br>We hope everyone taking part does well and has a great day on monday the 13th! We hope to meet some new friends in the other schools and don't be scared - us from mackie are all really nice and just looking to have fun! As everyone that has ever taken part knows, the day of your performance is great and it's even better if u make new friends!!<br>Can't w8 to see what other schools have produced this year. C yaz on monday !!</B><br>Lve - nicola h and millar (<B><I>mackie</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Good luck for <B><I>baysgarth</I></B> this year x<br>Jack, Bridie, Lauren &amp; Lauren</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 5th 2006</b></font> (8 messages)</p> <p><B>Anyone else here performing at St.Albans day two?</B><br>We are from Vandyke Upper and are working incredibly hard- <B><I>our concept and initial ideas have all come from the year 13s- we've run all the rehearsals and choreographed all the dances, now comes the moment of putting it all together- it's all very exciting.</I><br>Looking forward to the special day! Good luck to all the teams everywhere !</B><br><B>All the best - <I>Vandykers from Leighton Buzzard</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! A week tomorrow a week tomorrow!!<br>I'm pretty darn xcited bout the 13th! Rehearsals r going to be mad this week, with the excitement and nerves building!! It's going to be sooooooo much fun!!<br>Again, thanks to every1 who puts in effort to making it look so awesome!!!<br>See you all soon n GOOD LUCK!!</B><br>Emma from <B><I>mackie</I></B>!!xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone at <B><I>HORNSEA SCHOOL rock challenge team</I></B>.<br>I have another rehearsal tomoro, the last one before we all join together in ur sections on thursday. <B><I>Excited to see what the other sections look like and start putting it together.</I></B><br>We haven't really got much support on the messages page this year so i thought i'd better leave a message. <B><I>Really looking forward to this year and we have some great choreographers i.e. Callum who's heading my section but all the others are great too... u know who i mean.</I><br>Hope everyone's having fun! Can't wait til the showcase and i hope everyone who's in the team for the first time this year is enjoying it - i know the ones in my section are doing really well.</B><br>See you all on Thursday<br>Luv - Jade (yr 12)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helloooo! Haven't been on in a while!<br><B>Wow, can't believe it's only 8 days till Rocka 2006 kicks off! Won't be long till we perform Bradford, Night 1! Woohooo!<br>Good Luck to all involved! :-))<br>Lauren (CF! lol) -</B> What a <B><I>lovely</I></B> message you put up a few days ago lol! Hehe. Speaking of that message... John - Hiya! Just to say thnx for the advice about the oven, but I got rather confused as to why running around with a brown paper bag on your head, and making chicken noises would prevent the oven bleeping. (<I>Ed: it wouldn't, but it would seem as if it had</I> :)<br><B>Heather - Thnk-u!</B> My birthday was fab! U Music lot made it extra "prettyful" with balloons, banners, buns etc. (I'll be putting my order in for some more buns soon!)<br><B>Amy - </B>Just thought i'd say hiya to you! :-))<br>Anyhow, i must dash. <B><I>See all Hanson people at Rehearsals!</I></B> :-D<br>Loadsa Luv - Stacey xxx Hanson xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Just another message to the <B><I>mackie crew</I></B> to say that our <B><I>soundtrack is sorted</I></B> and that i hope you like it, cos me bex and claire spent ages making it (and we had a few laughs along the way, to say the least!)<br>I'm so happy everythin is pulling together nicely and i <B>can't wait til the 13th!</B><br>Cyaz all later ... xx lauren xx mackie xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi all<br><B>Hope your rehearsals are going well<br>Good luck to those of you up in Scotland - not many days til you guys strut your stuff. <br>Hi to Dan at RWCMD -</B> ta for all the info you gave me today over the phone to solve a problem - many thanks to you :)<br>I think i have everything up together for the events i'm doing, as well as the shows i'm doing at home at the same time... so ness is on-call like last year :) (Ne off the bed now as i'm not well..:(<br><B>Will see you in southampton in a few weeks.</B><br>Ness (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello to all out there...<br>I've finally managed to get myself, my laptop and working internet connection in the same room for long enough to be able to post a message!<br>I'm currently just about to spend my fifth week working on our <B><I>Welsh language production</I></B> at the college. It's good fun, although <B>none</B> of our crew except the DSM speak welsh...and the tech ran from 9.30am till 5 pm and still not finished! (Plus we were next to the bar where they were showing the <B><I>england/wales</I></B> game...not the quietest place to be! Cue tab piles behind the link doors :) (<I>Ed: and WHAT a sad result too ... sob</I> :)<br><B>I hope everyone is getting ready for Rocka, especially those in aberdeen...8 days to go!<br><I>Ryde High</I> - </B>hope the <B><I>set</I></B> is going well and the <B><I>dances</I></B> are going OK. I had a look at <B><I>the dresden venue</I></B> as well... <B>looks ace</B>... now just need an excuse to go look round :) I'm going to try to get to see you at an event - hopefully the finals - but it depends on how the rest of my placements go.<br><B>Also...to all the tour crew - break a leg - hope this year is a good tour for you all!<br>Everyone else - have fun in the 11th year of UK Rocka... have a good one!</B><br>Dan (<B><I>ex Ryde High</I></B>)<br>ps before I go - just being curious... <B>has anyone in their final year of school signed up for a tech theatre course? Or even the RWCMD ?? (And if you have, and you've got an interview coming up at the RWCMD, say hi to me when you get here...)</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi peeps<br>Hope you're enjoying it<br><B>Good luck - hope you do well</B><br>Luv - Heather</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 4th 2006</b></font> (3 messages)</p> <p>It's gemma ere from <B><I>cathedral</I></B>!<br>I've left school now n i'm at college but <B>i'm going to miss rock challenge loads !</B><br>Tho i don't think my school are doin rock challenge this yr (<I>Ed: sob ... no, they're not, Gemma</I> :) <B><I>every1 who was involved is fab! Keep goin!</I></B> (They're now a performing arts school and I hope they do well!)<br><B>Stu from earlsheaton -</B> i'm missin ya lds! Glad we stayed in touch, tho!<br><B>Good luck to every1 takin part this year!!!</B><br>Loadsa love - gemma xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Hey Hey!<br><B>Am gettn sooooo excited for aberdeen day 2!! Only 9 days to go!!!!<br>Hope evryone is gettn on good</B> ... we're just dandy :))<br><B>Only 9 days, folks!!!!! See you all then! Good luck to each school taking part along with us! NINE DAYS!!!!!!</B><br>Luv - Amy fae <B><I>Broch Academy xxx (Fraserburgh Academy)</I><br>ps NINE DAYS!! (Am a tad excited! :)</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone - how's abdy?<br>Our rocko is in like <B>9 days</B> bt we'll b fine, i hope :)<br><B>Thanx 4 the reply, nikki</B>, n yeah i do have msn bt am nae gna tell u it over this :) (<I>Ed: I wouldn't put it on anyway, Nicola</I> :))<br><B>U comin 2 watch ours? If u r, i'll come n mt up wi u n the interval r sumin.<br>Thanx, scouse</B>, 4 the lovely message u put up bt me, illar, maz n starks lol! Have fun wi the <B><I>set</I></B><br><B>Good luck evry1</B><br>Cyaz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx nicola h xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (<B><I>mackie</I></B>!!)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 3rd 2006</b></font> (5 messages)</p> <p>Hey 2 evry1 at <B><I>ryde high</I></B>!<br>Yay - it's my <B><I>bday on sat</I></B> - so excited!<br><B>Gud luck 2 evry1 else in GR dis yr. R rehearsals r gr8</B><br>Cya l8rz ... sheena x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey people!!!<br><B>Oh my goodness ... am so excited and really nervous</B>. This yr's set is going to be fab :))<br><B>Good luck to everyone competing in aberdeen and hope you all do gr8. 10 dayz !!!! :)))))<br><I>Claire's done a brilliant job of keeping everyone organised. Thnk you !</I></B><br>X x X Luv - laura X x X (peterhead)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya! It's charlotte and emily here!<br><B>Good luck to every1 who's doing rock challenge this year! We're having fun rehearsing - hope you all are!<br>Not long to go now - whoopeeeee!!!! C u all soon! Bye!!</B><br>ps hi to every1 at <B><I>regents park</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> To quote the very wise Chantelle.... <B>OMG!!! I am gettin very excited.<br>I think it's even worse when you're not performing because I have no idea what anyone is doing!</B><br>My sister, Mhairi, has been tryin to show me pictures of the <B><I>set</I></B> over the internet (webcams are amazin!) but it's not the same. I have seen a few <B><I>costumes</I></B> and they look sooooo good!<br>Can I just ask peterhead one favour.... <B>if anyone breaks their leg or any other appendage, can I take your place??!!!!</B><br>Lynne (<B><I>Peterhead Rock Challenge Dundee Branch</I></B>)<br>ps <B>Mhairi and Gillian from Peterhead</B> - if you are sharing a room with me, you <B><I>WILL</I></B> be sleeping!!!!!! I'm sure I will find ways of knocking you out if need be!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey rockin rockers! How's u all rockin along?? It's adam here from <B><I>JOHN SMEATON COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL</I></B>!!!!!!<br>Just wanted to have a big smeaton cheer!!! Good luck to all u guys! Can't wait to see u all in bradford day 1 - woooooooooo! come on, Smeaton!!!!<br><B>I sooo wanna dance in rocka but i'm too old now boo hoo!!! Oh well, least i'm choreographin<br>Neway, peeps, good luck to u all. Big shout to hanson, buttershaw, and to all of ya in rocka - GOOD LUCK GUYS - WOOOOOOO - IT'S GLOBAL ROCK 2006 - WOOOOO!!</B><br>COME ON, SMEATON!!<br>Adam from smeaton (<B><I>ex dancer n now choreographer</I></B>!!!) and also from julie, amanda n jo po!! wooooooo</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 2nd 2006</b></font> (8 messages)</p> <p><B>Hey Royds Rockas<br>Nice to see you today at our first gathering.</B> Hope you liked the <B><I>soundtrack</I></B> and are now getting creative with your ideas for <B><I>dance moves, costumes, set and hair and make-up</I></B>. Oh and don't forget about those <B><I>fundraising ideas</I></B> too!<br><B>Feel free to come down and have another listen to the soundtrack so you can plan things out.<br>See you all next Thursday (if not before)</B><br>Miss Stow<br>PS <B>Hey Shaza</B> - long time no hear! How you doing?<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Nice to see <B><I>Mhairi from Peterhead</I></B> thanking all the <B><I>adults involved</I></B> in making their Rocka piece - I think that this is so important!<br><B>Good Luck to all the schools competing this year.</B><br>Vanessa Geib (<B><I>Liaison Teacher</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello!<br><B>Best of luck to everyone competing in the Rock Challenge taking place in Aberdeen on the 14th of February! Let's make a great show!</B><br>Kyle and Merry from <B><I>Westhill Academy</I></B> xXx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> WOW! Just seen what we've done so far in Rocka in all the scenes and it is looking <B><I>so</I></B> good!! (The 6th form are really happy as well which makes a change ... i think we're back to more traditional Driff - yay! Finally!! :))<br><B>Can't wait to see everyone else's. I love seeing what everyone comes up with!! It's all so exciting!!</B><br>Luv - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya Guys<br><B>Happy Birthday Stacey!!!!!!!</B> Ope u ad a gr8 day!<br><B>Remember, hansoners - rehearsals for opening on mon!!!<br>Ope evri1's avin fun n gettin xcited lyk we r!!<br>Gud luk evri1, n c all u bradford nite 1 peeps soon!</B><br>Heather (hanson) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi all! It's me!!!<br>Ain't put a msg up 4 a while cos i've bin in <B><I>paris</I></B>!! It was gr8, n gt sum fab fotos (like da 1 of bekky with da pirate!) Had a gr8 time ! :))<br><B>Hi 2 lauren frm ashfield</B> - hope u had a gud birthday - even tho it wa like a month ago!<br>Hi 2 all ma m8s frm thornton<br>Luv - rachael (<B><I>thornton</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I'd just like to say heya and good luck to all of the teams performing in aberdeen day 1!<br>Our team are especially excited this year and we all can't believe that is is so close now! Argh!<br><I>I'd just like to take this opportunity to say to my group in particular thanx all for the hard work and effort you have all put in as you have made this a very memorable last rock challenge for me! I dont want to leave!!!</I></B><br>Also i'd like to give big shouts out to <B>miss g and our school's police liaison officer</B> for all of their support, and lastly a big shout out to all of those fit guys who will be attending aberdeen day 1 and <B>don't be scared to come and say hi to the MACKIE CREW!<br>R*O*C*K*O*N*M*A*C*K*I*E</B><br>LUV 2 UZE ALL FROM MACKIE ... LUV LOLZ X X X X X<br><B>GOOD LUCK EVERYONE</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey every1... I ain't posted a message on here in so long!<br><B>I'm mega excited now... got tickets for Aberdeen Day1</B> n then I'm stayin in a Travelodge with my sister and gillian! Don't think i'll get much sleep that night lol!<br>Peterhead's doing really well this year - <B>thanks a lot to Claire, Christine, Lorna, my mum and all the costume people (Edith, Elaine, Kathrine, Holly's gran and Steph's gran) couldn't have put it all together without u. Big thanks to Mrs Alley and her family for the set. It's amazing!</B><br>Can't wait now.... <B><I>Every1 in Peterhead has to be there on Monday for dress rehearsal! If u r not, then u'd better have a valid excuse ready!</I></B> And make Monday the best u have ever danced - i'm wathchin uze all!!! :)<br>On Monday we will all be gettin our <B><I>Rocka Tshirts</I></B> out..and don't lose them ... there are no spares!!! Also every1 will be gettin out a letter sayin all the usual stuff lyk remember this n that, and also lots of instructions. Follow them all very carefully as it helps all the adults keep us organised!<br>Well, i think that's all the lecturing done.. now for the important part! <B>Every1 remember to have fun and smile lol makes the whole day seem more enjoyable for you and every1 else!</B><br>Mhairi xxx (<B><I>peterhead</I></B>!!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Feb 1st 2006</b></font> (9 messages)</p> <p>Hey guys! <B>Hope everybody is feelin fab and that preparation for rocka is going well!</B><br>Guess wat?? It's <B><I>stacey's bday 2moz</I></B> .... *sings* happy bdy to me happy bday to me lalalalalalalalala! (watch out when walking on them pavements coz she can now officially learn to drive a car :) However, at the moment stacey is down in the dumps, so we r popping on here 2 leave her a message so she'll cheer up and think happy thoughts! Woooo!<br>Lauren is feeling much better now after being off skule 4 the past few days but couldn't keep her away much longer. Hehe<br><B>Big shout 2 every1 at Hanson - espesh the teachers who make it happen!! U know who u are ;) Also a big up 2 Miss Stow and the Rocka Crew at Royds!!!!</B><br>Anyhow must dash, the saga of life is about to begin. Take 2!!<br><B>Good Luck to evryone involved. Love y'all ... see ya soon</B><br>Lauren CF 'n' Stacey CB xxxxxx (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxxxxx<br>PS The oven is bleeping... dunno how to turn it off! Any ideas?!<br>PPS hey john! How's u?<br><I>(<I>Ed: I is well, ta, and to turn the oven off you put a brown paper bag over your head then run outside the house making a noise like a chicken ... works for most people, I believe</I></I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WHOOOO HOOOOO!! ROCKA IS GETTIN SOOOOO CLOSE NOW!!! I'M SOOO EXCITED!!<br><I>Can't belive it's been a year since lst time at aberdeen, and 2 years since we performed MAID IN SCOTLAND in aberdeen!! TIME FLIES!!!</I></B><br>It's really weird cuz like normally u get the build up at rehearsals the lst few weeks where everyone is really hyper but now i've left school i'm missin out on that!! <B><I>If peterheed are havin any other practises nxt week other the monday, let me know</I></B> - i might make it in to c yaz!!<br><B>I'm really really looking forward to the 2 days in Aberdeen!! Really looking forward to seeing what Torry have come up with to top last year's amazin performance, and i guess it's gonna be a team that's never come 1st before that is going to win, which is really good - gives more scottish skls the chance of going to the finals, which is a great experience!!</B><br>Day 2 ... well all i can say is it will be <B><I>a LOUD day!! Peterheed and Broch between them can make some NOISE!!!</I><br>I'm really lookig forward to the finals!! This will be my 5th yr in a row at the finals!! They're just something else!! Amazin to watch!!</B> I think i'll be tryin to get some lifts from some skls!! I'd love to go to southerns but won't manage this year ... maybe one day!!<br>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH i'm soooooooooo xcited!! I wish i could perform tho!! :(<br>Well, <B>GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Espesh everyone at the ABERDEEN HEATS IN 12 DAYS!!! WOW!!!!</B><br>It's a shame u'll be missin aberdeen for the 2nd yr, john, but i'm sure u'll hear all about it!! Wendy gettin better? (<I>At last ... has started to smile again, drive her wee Micra again after a 3-months gap, even doing some gentle rehearsing for a show she's in the chorus with</I> :)<br>Stuart (<B><I>Peterheed</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello there!! Sophie ere from RHS!!<br><B>I'm so excited 4 the GR challenge this year!! <I>Rehearsals at ryde high r goin great :D! Our committee rule!! :))</I><br>OMG the theatre in Dresden is HUGE ! Looks so good!! So excited!! Germany, ere we come!!</B><br>Anyway, c ya all later<br>Lovin Ryde High's GR.... xx sophie - jessica xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to everybody taking part in rock challenge</B>, especially <B><I>mackie academy</I></B>. I'm sure the stunnin nicola h,marie b,lyndsay s and claire m will bring the place down.<br>All the best to everybody - Scouse and Drewshki<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey evry1!<br><B>Good luk 2 every1 performing, especially @ bradford 1! Cya dere, guys!<br>Am soooooo excited ... we've been gone 4 a year n it feels like ages!!<br>Cnt wait 2 be dere agen - feels gr8 2 b bak.<br>HELLO MISS STOW!!!! :))</B><br>Shaz wxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B>Really sorry, nicola from mackie</B>, but i can't take part coz i've left skool now (Tht's so unfair! )<br>We wouldn't have been on the same day anyways doll! Have u got msn ? I'll get ur thing off amy n spik t u ... i've got <B><I>heeps</I></B> o picz o me n her n beca n jannicke at halloween lol!<br>I'm hearin all about <B><I>peterheed's</I></B> thingy n i'm so excited! I got my tickets so it's spot on ... i'm gan wi my chum fae the broch, though, so we might end up fightin lol!<br>Luv uz all - Nikki xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya every1<br><B>We're getting really excited 4 Carlisle to perform and see all the new people coming this year.<br>Best of luk 2 evri1 going 2 carlisle and to the grimsby premier final!! Cyaz soon ...</B><br>Love - rachael nd holly from <B><I>HAVEN and BENNIES</I></B> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!<br><B>The dance day on monday was amazing. Cheers 2 miss havard and albie (the energy sucker) for making it a real fun day - it rocked!</B><br>Rocka that nite looked amazing 2, even though i was in sooooooooo much pain.lol :) Nae pain nae gain ... <B>Can't w8 for 21st now :)</B><br>To all the <B><I>southfield/stainburn/st joes ppl</I></B> hu came 2 cockermouth open nite, i meant it wen i sed "Bring it on" :))<br>Cya - Sam xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Easy mush, wat's appening<br><b>Hav a gud rocker and hope you all do well. Keep it safe.</b><br>Luv - Scully<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Mitch in the Fab Rock Challenge Office emails to tell me that <B>Hampshire Collegiate School</B> have moved from Southampton 4 to Southampton 5<br>John (Editor)</I></p> <p><a href="uk200601.htm"><strong>Jan 2006</strong></a> - <a href="uk200512.htm"><strong>Dec 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200511.htm"><strong>Nov 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200510.htm"><strong>Oct 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200509.htm"><strong>Sep 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200508.htm"><strong>Jul/Aug 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200506.htm"><strong>Jun 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200505.htm"><strong>May 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200504.htm"><strong>Apr 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200503.htm"><strong>Mar 2005</strong></a>- <a href="uk200502.htm"><strong>Feb 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200501.htm"><strong>Jan 2005</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes04.zip"><strong>2004 Messages (zipped)</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes03.zip"><strong>2003 Messages (zipped)</strong></a> - <a href="uk111202.htm"><strong>Nov/Dec 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk071002.htm"><strong>Jul/Oct 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk050602.htm"><strong>May/Jun 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk030402.htm"><strong>Mar/Apr 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk010202.htm"><strong>Jan/Feb 2002</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes01.htm"><strong>Messages from 2001</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes00.htm"><strong>Messages from 2000</strong></a></p> <p align="CENTER"> <b>PRESENTED IN 2006 BY THE BE YOUR BEST FOUNDATION</b></p> <p align="LEFT"> <em><a href="#top"><b>Top</b></a></em></font></font></p> </td> <td width="12%" bgcolor="#99FF99" valign="top"> <FONT SIZE="2"><FONT FACE="Verdana,Arial,Times,New,I2"><FONT COLOR="#000000"> <p align="center">SUPPORT US!<br><a href="http://www.givenow.org/charityprofile/bybf"><img width="111" height="27" border="0" alt="Support UK ROCK CHALLENGE<SUP>&reg;</SUP> through the Be Your Best Foundation" title="Has being in Rocka helped YOUR young family? 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