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Lots to do!!!!<br><B>Looking forward to hull and grimsby<br><I>Keep up the good work in rehearsals</I></B><br>Mrs B xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey! <B>Hope everyone's pieces r goin well!!</B><br>We're working hard ... we just need to work out some music for our section and work out complicated timings! It's getting a bit stressful but we've got about 2 months to sort it, so i'm sure it'll b fine!!<br><B>Can't believe it's the last time for me!!!</B><br>No-one's sed this about Driff yet so i will - GO DRIFF, SHOW WHAT YOU CAN REALLY DO!!<br>Luv - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya all<br>Good luck 2 all Mackie Academy pupils 4 rock challenge - hope u do well!! U know u will mke us proud!<br>Lindsey stark we r gonna win?!?<br>Well, <B>good luck 2 yaz all! I can't wait - it will b such good fun!!</B><br>xoxoxoxo Love from Heather and Natalie xoxoxoxoxoxo<br>!*~<B><I>MACKIE ACADEMY</I></B> GOOD LUCK~*!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiyaaaaaaaaaaa!<br><B>We sooo can't wait till rock challenge ! We're sooo excited - gonna be great!!!</B><br>HORNSEA's is looking ace - can't wait till we see it all together!!<br><B>Not long till the showcase now!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... it's sooooo good!!<br>Good luck to everyone! Wish we could'a seen everyone's b4 the final ... oh well, surprises are good !</B><br>Got to go uz we're in it lol:P<br>Love - Bekki and Lottie from <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B> xxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!<br><B>I'm really looking forward to rocka this year!</B><br>xxx Love everyone and really looking forward to performing! xxx<br>xxx <B>Good luck to everyone involved</B> and a big shout out to all <B><I>st vinnie ppls</I></B> xxx<br>Ashleigh M<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all!<br><B>Good luck, everyone xxx Really looking forward to the day!!!!! xxx<br>Had loadsa fun last year, abd, n i'm really looking forward to it this year as wel!</B><br>Thank-you to helen, sam, kaylee, scott, matt, lauren ... you're all absolutely fantastic and i love you all very much xxx<br>See you soon x smile x Krystal<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Right wayle..<br>Oopz ... i suppose i will have to write this in <B><I>english</I></B> since not everyone will understand broch/fraserburgh code :))<br>Our <B><I>rehearsals</I></B> are going great - well i think they are oopzie.<br><B>I can't wait untill tuesday the 14th lol! </B>(I think that's when we are on anyway :)<br>Well.. i don't know what to write... honestly. Baa baa happy sheep... that's better. OK - i think this message is just going to be random like (but that's me all over ;)<br>Well, i suppose am nae gan to waste your space soo i will just say HEYA!!<br>Love - Rachael D (aka cutie rach) lol hahaha fae <B><I>the broch academy (aka fraserburgh academy)</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey - <B>only a month to go!!! woo!! I've got the rocka feva!!!</B><br>Making the <B><I>costumes for st. vincents</I></B> this year - they're gonna rock!<br>St. V rock da house say St. V rock da house!!<br><B>Good luck, everyone!!! WOOOO!!</B><br>Lauren M<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone! Hope all is well.<br>Things are <B><I>a bit tough at st vinnies this year</I></B>, with lack of enthusiasm due to course changes, people leaving and - of course - not forgetting the good old exams, but we are hoping to pull through and still have a good performance. <B>We are all in it for the long haul and in the end all we want to do is have fun and promote a good ethos.</B><br>I just wanna say a huge thank-you to those who always turn up and put in 100% enthusiasm! It puts a smile on the committee faces and is nice to see you enjoying yourselves.<br><B>Can't wait until the day</B> (and don't worry, guys, i will be there on the day as i have changed the date of my uni interview :)<br><B>I'm so excited now - can't wait to see you all on stage.</B> We've just got to get going on costumes and tuning now.<br><B>Can't wait to see all the other schools on the 28th and of course flic - if you are still volunteering that day!!!!!</B><br>Huggles n kisses - helen.x.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya guys!!! Georgia and Sophie here from <B><I>RHS</I></B>!!!<br><B>OMG..... so excited about germany!! (Actually can't breathe!!! :))</B> (<I>Ed: sound of "Thud!"</I> :)<br>Newayz we're at skl so best b off!<br><B>C u there - love u all</B> x-x-x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey all<br><B>Woohoo - barnhill's Mock Rocka Show is on tonight!! All proceeds go towards the final entry into st.albans arena day 2!!! Good luck, everyone !</B> We'll be fine - just remember to smile, guys!!!!<br>Also hey john - how u been? <B>I'm gonna be at the grimsby arena northern finals dis yr as a rockateer</B>... gonna keep me company? (Otherwise i might get lost ! :)))<br>C u on the 21st of feb - michaela x x x<br>(<I>Ed: see you there, Michaela ... making sure you don't get crushed in the rush !</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Tim is slaving away at the Rock Challenge office PC and has just sent me the following additions to the 2006 Tour:-<br><br><B>Cowes Primary School</B> (Cowes, Isle of Wight), <B>Boundstone Community College Feeder Schools</B> (Lancing, West Sussex) and <B>Wildern Link Schools</B> (Hedge End, Hampshire) all join in at the Southampton Junior Event;<br><B>St Louise's College</B>, Belfast joins in at Belfast, and <B>Cox Green School Juniors</B> are entered at Portsmouth Day 4. WooHoo !<br>John (Editor)</I></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 30th 2006</b></font> (10 messages)</p> <p>Hiya!!! Amy from Hanson...been a while since I been on now lol!<br>Anyway, <B><I>woo - casting is done... we can get going now!!</I><br>Hope all the other schools are doing fab... speshly ones in the Bradford heats!!<br>We need to keep fundraising.. doing well so far but need to keep going, guys!</B><br>Anyways.. I think i'm going to bed coz i'm pretty tired!!! Speak to you all later!!!<br>Love - Amy xXxXx (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>I found it! Hooray! Super happy now!</B><br>Charlotte (<B><I>ex Cathedral</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Wow ! Can't believe the biggest ever UK tour is about to start in less than two weeks! Suddenly the Southampton heats seem so much closer ... and the treck to hull even more daunting then it did earier!<br>Happy rehearsals and see you all in southampton, hull, bournemouth, pompey and finals</B> - wot a load to do!<br>Rosie (<B><I>Rocka Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello all.<br>I am <B>exceptionally annoyed</B>. I wanted to listen to the music from the school that did the "<B><I>Big Brother is Watching You</I></B>" dance and i <B>can't find it on my computer</B> *sniff*<br>Oh well...<br>Charlotte (<B><I>ex cathedral</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyyy!!!!! 'Tis emma frm mackie here!!<br><B>Cnt believe it's 2 weeks 2day and we wil almost be on the stage performing!!!!!<br>Evryone at mackie is getting really excited</B> and the <B><I>rehearsals</I></B> are going pretty good!! <B><I>Costumes and stuff</I></B> are pretty much sorted for most of it and fingers crossed it will go fantabulous on the night!!!<br><B>I hope that everyone else's rehearsals are going well and i wish GOOD LUCK to all the schools participating not only on the 13th but evrywhere!!!!</B><br>GOOD LUCK especially to the performers at Mackie Academy and t<B>hanks to everyone who has put in time and effort to make our performance goooooood!!!! Thank you!!<br>See you all soon !!</B> Byebye ... emma xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> HIYA EVERYONE<br><B>Only 14 days - WOW !!</B> (Well, <B><I>i've</I></B> got a few months to wait yet, but rehearsals are well underway with Miss Green who has started this year at our school (<I>Ed: WELL DONE, Miss Green !!</I> :)) and considering we've only been working just a few weeks, things are already beginning to take shape.)<br><B>All of us that have done it before are disappointed that it's not in Brid this year</B> (<I>Ed: I know - fancy them closing the Spa for almost two years for refurbishment !!</I> :)) <B>but it's gonna be great anyway.</B><br>Last year i was the first and only comment on the Messages page from WITHERNSEA so why not be the same again !<br><B>Literally cannot wait! Good luck to everyone who only has a few weeks to go.</B><br>Speak to you soon - Aime (<B><I>Withernsea</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya Guys !<br><B>Just to say we cannot possibly wait for the next Rock Challenge.<br>The ideas are flying in and we cannot wait to choreograph and get to the Rock Challenge</B> - and see the games they have to offer this time lol. This time we will be better at them, I swear.... :))<br><B>Cannot wait for the ultimate adrenaline rush</B> lol! Believe, our dancing is better then our spelling. We'll be seeing you soon....<br>Cazza and Milly from <B><I>the 100% Motivated Meopham Ladies</I></B>.... oh, now we have <B>MEN</B> to dance too !!!<br>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br>PS. Meopham Sound are Light Rock!!! We love ya guys<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya folks<br><B>It's only 2 weeks to go! Woohoo!<br>Hope your performances are going well!<br>Gd luck</B> from louise and claire from <B><I>st. machar academy</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi John<br><B>Did you know that Cox Green are entering two teams this year?</B> One is the premier, one an open - KS3 team, but <B>we're not on the calendar!!</B> Both teams are entering on 28th April.<br><B>We're looking forward for it all to kick off again!</B><br>Nic xx<br><I>Hi Nicola ! No, I didn't know !! (I'll check with the Fab Office Crew to make sure I get it right :))<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> It's dan n faye from <B><I>tamarside (plymouth.)</I></B> We performed last year and to be honest we were a bit poo, but dis ear it's gonna b different ... LOOK OUT!!!!<br><I>Good Luck, guys ! (The first year can usually be a bit of a shock :))<br>John (Editor)</I></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 29th 2006</b></font> (4 messages)</p> <p>Hey guys!<br>It's great to see loads of messages from the Hanson team!<br><B>Hey to miss stow! Gd luck to ure school!<br>Can't wait till bradford day 1 event! Hanson r back! Woooo! (I've well missed rock challenge! :))</B><br>Hope to all u Hanson rockas at <B><I>rehearsals on monday n tuesday</I></B>!<br>Cya ... lv - lauren xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well, ppl, just 2 let yaz all know <B>dis will be da first yr little flower school has entered rock challenge</B>. It's been hard 4 us 2 get da hang of the dances ... hope that we will not mess up on the day.<br>Janine m (<B><I>little flower performer</I></B>)<br>(<I>Ed: good luck to everyone, Janine! Glad you found the website</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi ... just thought i'd pop on ... in between doing <B><I>coursework</I></B> stuff! :-))<br><B>Hope all is going well for all the schools competing in Rocka this year! Only 15 days, till the tour gets started! Yey! :-D</B><br>Right i'm going to pop off, now! Loads to do before Monday....and that's tomorrow!<br>See fellow Hanson Rockers at <B><I>Rehearsals</I></B>!!!<br>Love - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br>Am bak from france on the <B><I>science trip</I></B> - wa fantastic!<br><B>Hiya 2 bekz-</B> hope ur bruise as gon down afta walkin in2 all dat stuff :)<br><B>Rocka is sooo fab - can't w8 4 our next rehearsal and the final show !</B> Woooo - GO THORNTON! :o)<br>Sarah (<B><I>thornton soldier n tree</I></B>)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 28th 2006</b></font> (2 messages)</p> <p>Hi all!<br><B>Getting very close to the start of the tour (I can't wait!!) but there's prelim (mock) exams in the way before the tour kicks off here.</B> At least I have two weeks of study leave before rocka (bliss, apart from the four days I have exams on - five Highers) but hey, at least there's rocka to look forward to straight after the end of study leave!<br><B>I'm still on the lookout for 3 tickets from allocations for aberdeen day 1. PLEASE get in touch if a school has any spare. Though it's doubtful. it's worth a try.</B><br>Everything's been hectic this couple of months. On top of rocka, there's been <B><I>Irish exchanges</I></B>, with concerts with them (i did <B><I>a piano solo and the piano part in Pink Floyds "Wish You Were Here"</I></B> with the Irish rock group. The song was ace!!! :D ) and next month (the week after rocka aberdeen) i'm <B><I>off to RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire</I></B> for my RAF Scholarship applications and such. Very hectic indeed.<br><B>I hope everyone's performance is coming along superbly.</B> Our set is almost finished, and my part in this show is almost written up (the monkey's script :P )<br>Anyhoo, i must go and study some Shakespeare.... catch y'all later!<br>Steven (<B><I>Peterhead Lighting Monkey</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi John<br>I've had a thought ... <B>I could volunteer for the Premier final - that's on a Saturday (no exams on Saturdays! Ah Ha!)<br><I>Don't know how I could get to Grimsby and back from Wakefield, though </I>:(</B><br>Charlotte (<B><I>ex Cathedral</I></B> =)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 27th 2006</b></font> (9 messages)</p> <p>***** GO ASHFIELD!!! *****<br>Can't wait to see your brilliant performance at the Waterfront.<br>I'll also be at Grimsby cheering you all on in the final. Go & show em how to ROCK!!<br>Can't wait!!!<br>Love - Sarah xoxoxo<br>GO <B><I>ASHFIELD</I></B>!! GO ASHFIELD!! GO ASHFIELD!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br>Had our <B><I>first few rehearsals</I></B> for our section at <B><I>Hornsea</I></B>... it's gonna be ace! All <B><I>mrs hylton's ideas and mrs webb's costumes</I></B> sound really gud n i can't wait to see it all come together!<br>There aren't many messages from hornsea ppl yet... come on ! :)<br><B>Hiiii and good luck to aaaaallll schools competing in rocka this year!</B><br>Lotsa love - Ellie xx (Hornsea)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!<br>Susan ere, <B>gettin so excited ! Only 18 days to go!!!</B><br>I canna believe how gd the <B><I>set</I></B> is this yr - it's so kwl n it's mjk<br>Susan and sean (<B><I>peterhead academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone.<br>I just want to say <B>good luck to everyone competing in rocka this year! Hope you all have fun!</B><br>I <B><I>can't volunteer</I></B> like i thought i could because i don;t know when my exams are. Oh well... there's always next year!<br>Love - charlotte (<B><I>ex cathedral</I></B>)<br><I><B>Charlotte -</B> what exams are you taking ? Email me !<br>John (Editor :)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!<br><B>Good luck to every1 takin part in this year's ROCKO ! Can't wait to see everyone and their performances on monday the 13th.</B><br>Does ne1 know if <B><I>Nikki D fae Peterhead</I></B> is takin part this year? If so, <B><I>Nicola fae Mackie</I></B> (Amy Forbes's cuz) says hey, n am <B>gutted</B> wer nae on the same day is year.<br>Hello Mildred, Starks, Marizzet and everyone else takin part fae <B><I>Mackie</I></B> this year!!!<br>Loadza luv - Nix xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>ATTENTION HANSON CREW!!<br>THE CAST LIST IS UP!!!!<br>We're all fired up and ready to go</B> - Dancing on Mondays and Tuesdays after school in the Drama Studio.<br><B>We still need people for the "chorus" bit</B> so keep advertising Rocka to your mates!<br>Also <B>keep up with the fundraising - we need more cash!</B><br>Anyway, <B>good luck to all schools, especially to the Bradford events!</B><br>Love - Miss Ward x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya people.<br><B>OMG am soooooo excited now! It's like 19 dayz! Woohoo!</B><br>Our <B><I>set</I></B> is so fantastic this year. Everyone needs to work real hard and we know we can do it!<br><B>Hope everyone is well and dead excited :)</B><br>Lots of hugs and kisses - Sarah G & Laura S (<B><I>Peterhead</I></B>) x X x X x X x X<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br>Just lookin at your <B>new artwork</B>. It's good, but where's <B><I>our</I></B> school??????????? We ain't on it anywhere and was told we would b!!!!!!! We're like in premier league and we ain't there!<br><B>See ya soon, guys. Can't wait til march</B><br>Stripes (<B><I>matty humberstone</I></B>!)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya guys<br><B>Was looking at the photos. Last year was wicked! Can't wait to see you all again in March.<br>Good luck to every1 who is competing!!</B><br>Luv yaz all - Amy T, Danni, n Sasha (<B><I>Matty Humbo</I></B>) x-x-x</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 26th 2006</b></font> (9 messages)</p> <p><B>Ryde High stagecrew-</B> the dresden gig is just down from the river... right near the famous dresden cathedral. The venue loads in from street level on a lift ... once inside, there's lots of space SL.<br>Gaddie (<B><I>UK Tour Tech</I></B> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I><B>FOUND it on a Dresden map !</B><br>Hi again, <B>Ryde High</B> ... it's taken me AGES to find it ... with no "How to get here" or street address on their website, it's not been made easy, has it ! (Nor could I immediately find a straightforward online map of Dresden's city-centre streets, either, but the search is over ...)<br>OK - <a href="http://www.chm.tu-dresden.de/gdch/jcf/bilder/kartedd2.jpg" target="win2">first go to this map</a> and then zoom in on the top bend of the river. Come straight down the map from the southern end of the little white <B>Augustusbrucke</B> bridge to the second yellow street (<B>Wilsdruffer</B>) and the Kultur Palast is just above the "<B>er</B>" of "Wilsdruffer" ... got it now ???<br>Blimey ... don't ask "whereabouts in Dresden is it ?" again for a while, will you ! Hehe ... :))<br>John (Editor) on a slightly-starry night in Yorkshire</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!!<br>Wow - da music less!! It wos soooooooo funny!!!<br><B>Emma-</B> gud luk in ya show bbz - u supa star<br><B>Stacey-</B> appy bifday 4 nxt thurs!!!!<br><B>Da casting list should b up in da mrnin guys!!! Yayayay!!</B><br>Cyaz all l8a - heva (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Thanks, John, for finding <a href="http://www.kulturpalast-dresden.de/index.php?id=7&L=1" target="win2">the link letting us see the new theatre</a>! OMG it looks HUGE!! Scary stuff, although i actually can't wait till we're off 2 dresden, it's gonna rock!!!</B><br>Do you know whereabouts in Dresden it is??? Don't remember seeing it ... and it <B>is</B> pretty big!!!<br><B><I>Ryde Highers</I></B>, u guys r great - keep up the good work for us, eh ?!!! xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there!!<br>Just got back from <B><I>rehearsal</I></B>. My muscles r hurtin, but apparently they're meant to be hurting so i think it's good!<br><B>Can't wait for everything to properly start coming together, it's all so exciting!!<br>Hope everyones pieces r coming together nicely!</B><br>Got to go, but have fun!<br>Luv - roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello All<br><B>Just a quick message to wish everyone good luck on this year's tour. I'll be doing quite a lot of it this year before departing around hull and returning around bradford so see you all soon, especially you scottish folk ... how fast it has come round !</B><br>All the best - Gaddie (<B><I>UK tech</I></B>)<br>PS john - i have been to the new venue in <B><I>dresden</I></B> on many a few tours now, and i think it will be a rocka-friendly one !<br><br>++++++++++++<br> I'm long overdue a message on the website so i thought i'd sneak 5 minutes away from work to post<br><B><I>I'm going into overdrive with our set design and build now</I></B>, and the <B><I>rehearsals</I></B> are starting to gradually get going<br>I hope everyone in the far north is well prepared ... you've only got just over 2 weeks, whereas we've got just under 4 months ... but i'm sure that the time will soon be upon us once again<br>John, i hope wendy is on the fix cos the merchandise stand just wouldn't be the same without her presence. Yes, andy is the "merch king" but wendy is the "merch queen" :)<br>Anyway, must do some work now. <B>Stay safe, everyone, and good luck</B><br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and Volunteer</I></B>)<br><I>Hi Jonny.<br>I'll pass on your message to Wendy! She has felt strong enough to drive the Micra on a few short occasions this week - a first in almost 3 months - and we both think it's a nice sign that things are stabilising, however slowly :)<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey there, Royds Rockas ! Welcome to the world of Rock Challenge and the message board.<br>I'm looking forward to our first entry at Bradford</B> (<I>remember - keep our theme to ourselves ... element of suspense is good</I> :) <B>and hope that you enjoy the experience (I'm sure you will.)</B><br>So <B><I>start posting your messages</I></B>, and <B><I>see you at rehearsal next Thursday</I></B> :-)<br>Miss Stow<br>PS <B>Hey to Naomi, Anita & Co</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>The Wilde household is gradually filling up with fabric for making the costumes for Rock Challenge</B> and I'm having to set up another desk in my bedroom so that I have enough room to work at when sewing!<br>Got some weird and wonderful ideas for cossies which could be quite challenging, but <B>have some good helpers lined up to help with the cutting and sewing.<br><B><I>Make-up ideas</I></B> are flowing as well, so it's all pulling together now</B>.<br>The <B><I>dancing</I></B> looked great on Monday night with everybody working really hard, and <B><I>backstage</I></B> were there either practising make-up or being made-up!<br><B>CAN'T BELIEVE WE'VE ONLY GOT 8 SCHOOL WEEKS LEFT BEFORE ROCK CHALLENGE AT CARLISLE!</B><br>Janet Wilde (<B><I>Cockermouth School</I></B>)<br>++++++++++++</p> <p align="center"><B>ASHFIELD WELCOME THE SEW SEW GIRLS !</B><br>First of all, WELCOME back to all our regulars and a BIG HELLO to all our New SEW SEW GIRLS. Everyone is busy, designing and sewing the costumes for <B>ANOTHER GREAT YEAR AT ROCK CHALLENGE.<br>It is lovely to see so many people giving up their time and passing on their talents to help in Rocka.</B><br>Every Rock Challenge Team within their community are special, but ASHFIELD think that their ladies are EXTRA SPECIAL, as we have THREE GENERATIONS all involved with Rocka this year, from performing to costume designing. HOW COOL IS THAT.<br>SO ... LET'S GO ASHFIELD LET'S GO ...<br>Love - Sparkle<br>ps <B>THE SEW SEW GIRLS ROCK !</B><br>pps <B>STAGE CREW ROCK AS WELL !!</B></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 25th 2006</b></font> (11 messages)</p> <p>Hellooo!<br>Just thought i'd post a quick message - haven't been on in a while. Life's pretty hectic at the mo, with this and that - you know how it is!<br><B>Jak - Welcome to the team!! Glad to have you on board! :-))<br>Miss W -</B> the soundtrack is very ... "prettyful"!!<br>Anyhow, must dash!<br>Love - Stace xxx (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>It's only 20 days until day 2 of the final in Aberdeen!!</B> Me n Linzi are <B>Global Rock fanatics</B> and have been counting down the days since about <B>5 months</B> ago!! :))<br><B>Hope everyone is having a great time practising</B> and I bet everyone's getting stressed!! <B><I>Fraserburgh Academy's getting on great and we're all getting very excited!!</I></B> Big shout out to everyone at Fraserburgh Academy who are involved with Global Rock - especially Linzi D!!<br><B>Good Luck to everyone on the second day - hope to see you all there!!</B><br>Mhairi xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello every1 ... it's tommy g here from <B><I>ryde high school's global rock</I></B>!!<br>Jus a little mention 2 every1 involved in our piece this year and to say that it looks <B><I>amazing</I></B> - every1 is in time and putting loads of effort into it!!!<br>The <B><I>costumes</I></B> are gonna look amazing and the <B><I>set</I></B> is apparently coming along gdgdgdgd!!! (Basically it's all peachy! :)<br><B>CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO DRESDEN TO SHOW OUR PIECE but we only have 2 months left and it's coming round pretty soonish!!</B><br>Anyways, best be off!! Going to see <B><I>razorlight</I></B> 2night and can't w8!!<br>Buh buh - Tommy xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya every1 at <B><I>whitehaven and bennies</I></B>, it's sophie!!<br><B>Totally gutted can't do rock challenge this year with ya</B>, but a know uze will do great!! Just think - if we could do it last year then you can do it this year even better!! <B>Uze are all great and do the school proud for doing it</B> (even if nobody recognises it!!)<br><B>Hopefully me and beth are going to try and come and watch and support you so until then, babes, good luck an all the best!!</B><br>Lv yaz - sophie xxx<br><B>ps hi nic!! Missin ur scottish accent! Don't get stressed - it'll be great!! xx</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya ! It's beth mcgarry, an <B><I>ex-performer from St Bennies n Haven</I></B>.<br>How r ur rehearsals going? Hope it's going well - i'm sure it will be!<br>How many ppl r doing it this year? <B>I'm coming to watch n i'll b cheering at the back!</B><br>Lots of love - beth xx<br><B>ps nicola- haven't seen u for ages! How's everything going? I got a double distinction in contemporary and choreography - ha, i'm class!!!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Ello! Kim ere frm <B><I>king richard sch, portsmouth</I></B><br>We're gonna give r best agen so watch owt! :)<br><B>Good luck all skls</B><br>*+* Kim +*+ xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi guys<br>Another Rockie Crew message - Airedale High are out of Bradford 1<br>John (Editor)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> S'up<br><B><I>Rock Challenge looked really good on monday, guys</I></B>. Scenes 4, 5 and 6 coming along really well and link together perfectly, even though through all of scene 4 i felt like my arms were gonna drop off. (Eh, claire? :)<br>My main worry is that i'm gonna fly off stage when i do the worm move. I think me, claire, rachel and dan are gonna have to work on finding a way around that ! :))<br><B>Really looking forward to the dance day next monday, even though half the rocka squad are away at "Poetry Live". Arghhhhh..... Still, havin some of st joes over will be fun. Wahey.</B><br>And it's really cool that we finally convinced <B>tom</B> to join rock challenge (and just in time as well, cos we were in dire need of someone to play the father !! :))<br>Anyway, take care, homies and peace out<br>Sam xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> JAK IS BACK !!!!! JAK IS BACK !!!!! JAK IS BACK !!!!!<br>Yes, guys, <B>i'm doin rocka again this year! Can't wait 2 c u all again</B><br>Jak (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Hi again ... just received another message from the fab Rockie Crew - Tauntons College have dropped out of Southampton 5<br>John (Editor)<br>ps if any Ryde Highers etc want a look at the Dresden venue (it's changed from previous years) here's the website url:- <a href="http://www.kulturpalast-dresden.de/index.php?id=7&L=1" target="win2">http://www.kulturpalast-dresden.de</a></I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey ! Amy from <B><I>RHS</I></B> here.<br><B>Dresden is going 2 be amazing. Just hope i can get a place with the stage crew!!!</B> (We ave so much work to do on the set but oh well !! :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heeellloooo! Kirstie from <B><I>RHS</I></B> ere!<br>We got our <B>germany</B> letters yesterday - wooo!!! I've paid and I'm ready to go! Actually <B><I>can't wait</I></B> - although we could because now this has given us about a month less to get our performance finished!<br>Kirstie x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Hi folks.<br>I've updated the 2006 UK Tour Calendar following info sent to me by the fab crew at the Rock Challenge office - Highcliffe Lower School leave Portsmouth 4, Burlington Danes leave Southampton 3 and St Marks CE Primary leave Southampton Junior.<br>John (Editor)</I></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 24th 2006</b></font> (5 messages)</p> <p><B>Whooo hooooo!!! I'm soooo xcited 4 rocka!! It's gettin sooo close!!</B><br>I've been hearin peterhead has an amazin set this year!? I can't wait to see it all together!! It's going to be amazin!! Come on peterheed - work really hard this last few weeks to get it all togehher well n performin it amazin!! Uze can do it - u know what it takes!! Blow everyone away with an amazin performance n have fun on the day then it doesn't matter what happens after that!!<br><B>Lucy fae broch</B>!! Hello!! Ken i'm xcited ina! <B>It's gan t be great fun *L*E*T*S* *R*O*C*K*</B> Hehe<br>I'll look oot oor posters n take em we ma!! Hehe - hope uz dee good again s yr ina!!<br><B>GOOD LUCK TO ABDEY! I canna wait to see abdeys performances ... c fit abdey has come up we s year!! Woooooooooooo!!!!</B><br>John- i just had a look and i'v found ur poster still from last year so i'll just print some more off again!! Hopefully be seeing ya in grimsby!!<br><B>IT'S GETTIN SOOO CLOSE!! Whooo hoo !!</B><br>Stuart (<B><I>Peterheed</I></B>)<br><I>Stuart - you are a star. Many many thanks for finding the little posters again<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Heyheyhey!! Only 3 weeks til fraserburgh academy is performin in aberdeen day 2! Aaaaa!! Exciting stuff now!</B><br>Got a <B><I>dinnertime rehearsal</I></B> 2morro (luv rehearsals but hate gettin all hot n mingin b4 next class - most of uze prob know the feeling lol!)<br><B><I>Paintin set</I></B> next week i think! Shud b fun woohoo!!<br><B>Cana wait to see everyone, spesh stuartio fe peterhead (even tho ur a volunteer! lol) and ma budz fe keith!! Wooohoo!! Yeah baby yeah!</B><br>Ciao for now!! Byebye fe lucy!! xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!!!! Jus a quick note between panto rehearsals n crswk!!! We rehearsin every nite now!!! Tis 2 cooooooooooooold!!!<br>HANSON - r the auditions officially over now then????<br><B>I cnt w8 to get bak 2 the rocka dancin nw!!!! Monday has given us the rocka spirit bak!!! TIS GONNA B FUNKY!!!!<br>Heva -</B> aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww (AT LAST!!!)<br><B>Stace -</B> i'm hopin u gettin betta n the horse tranquilizers ain't havin 2 much of an effect!!!<br><B>HEY 2 EVRY1 AT BRADFORD AND GUD LUK!!!!!!!</B><br>Lv - Emma xxxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey hey!!<br>Once again a massive shout to <B><I>John Smeaton High</I></B> in Leeds!!! <B><I>Let's get in gear - we got rehearsals tonight peeps!!</I></B> (I wish i was performing again boo hoo!!)<br><B>Good luck all u guys at bradford day 1, n hey to everyone at HANSON!!!</B><br>COME ON SMEATON LET'S GET LOUD, LET'S GET LOUD!! ROCKA'S GETTIN CLOSE NOW!<br>Adam from john smeaton<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya guys! Just fawt we wud pu a lil msg up!<br><B>Gud luk 2 evri1 on Bradford nites 1 and 2 especially!!!<br>WOWOWOW!!! Only 20 days till rocker starts! Cnt w8!!!!!</B><br>C hansoners 2nite at da rehearsal!!<br><B>Emma n Stacey-</B> wt's appened 2 dis band idea??? We chattin bout it now lolololol!!!<br>Tar tar - heva, alice and laura (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) x x x</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 23rd 2006</b></font> (8 messages)</p> <p>Hey everyone! <B>Hope your rock challenge pieces are coming on well.</B><br>I had my <B><I>third rehearsal</I></B> today and it went really well. It is starting to come togther - can't wait to see the rest of our pieces though.<br><B>Not long till grimsby now. It should be really good and i can't wait</B>, but bit of a shame that <B><I>driffield</I></B> won't be at the showcase at grimsby with us - i would have liked to have seen your performance. Never mind ... goin to have to wait till the final (and to see everyone else too.)<br>Well, i am really excited this year as i am going to <B>AUSTRALIA</B> to see my friend who emigrated there, and all the <B><I>OZ rock challenge performances are on while i am there, so i mite be goin to see one</I></B> - can't wait, it should be really kool and interesting.<br>Anyway, i'd betta get back to my coursework. Cya all soon.<br>Danny from <B><I>HORNSEA</I></B>!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helloo ! It is finally sum1 from <B><I>sandown on the yonda Isle of Wight</I></B>!<br>Things are up and running. We have some eager beavers this year, working hard ... phwoah!<br>How is evryone else getting on? Hopefully any more global rock news will be good news but there u go! Looking forward to seeing the interesting ideas of those in our heat.<br>Will have to introduce this site to the team!!<br>Anyhow, byebye for now ... Sam!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!!<br>Well, we all got parts today!! I'm in the big scene and we're getting started 2moro so that's really excitin!!<br>W<B><I>e're trying to think of fund-raising ideas to get the money for this year as we're not allowed to get in debt again, so that could end up bein fun lol!!</I></B><br>Anyway, gtg!<br>Luv - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya all<br>I just want to say <B>a big good luck to everyone and hope you all do well</B>.<br>I also want to say HI to <B>Ness (rockateer)</B>and hi to all those at <B><I>ryde high- dancers and backstage crew</I></B>.<br>The set and dances are coming along great and we actually kind of know what we are doing with the set this year (For once!!!!!!!) This is more than likely down to the organisation by Sarah and all of the crew who put so much effort into turning up and helping.<br>The last thing i would like to say is <B>welcome to all those for whom this year is their first time at being at global rock!</B><br>See ya all soon ... Dani B (set crew at Ryde High School)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey folks<br>Nae lang to go!! <B>Hope all you skools are getting along fine and we'l be seeing some of you at Aberdeen on day 2!!</B><br>Amy xXx (<B><I>Fraserburgh Academy</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!! Hope evri1's good!!<br><B>Aye aye, sarah</B> - mine n rachies dance is coolie. Tis goin gr8 this yr, we av a gd 1:) Hey t yaz both :D<br><B>Paris 2moz</B> :D:D:D Mickey Mouse ere we come!! Yey - can't wait (but gotta do the exam earli so we can go ... boohoo ... i h8 exams :(<br>Well, better go ... off t mi grans 4 t then it's <B><I>6th form open eve</I></B>!!<br>Luv yaz - Bekky (<B><I>thornton</I></B>) xoxoxox<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!! Just thought we'd pop a quick msg on the site!<br><B>Good luck everyone, spesh to those performing in bradford days 1 and 2! We can't wait to get started!<br><I>Hello miss stow!!</I></B> Just heard the <B><I>soundtrack</I></B> ... very impressive!<br><B>Good luck everyone!</B><br>Love - Naomi, Katie, Anita and Miss W! (*<B><I>HANSON</I></B>*) x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!!!!<br><B>I hope the list is up on mon mrnin, hansoners ... da suspense is killin me!!!</B> Wos der more castin on fri or nt????<br><B>Gud luk 2 u 2, smeaton, and 2 everyone on bradford night 1! C ya soon ... i cnt believe ow close it is!!!<br>Emma-</B> ope ya rehearsals r still goin wel n i wil gt 2 c ya wid alice n laura cz we gunna come if it kills us!!! We wil find a nite wen we al free lmao! (Cn i just say 2 ne1 hu knows wo dis means "we are past da "seein" n now we r official as of fri nite" Wahooo! Lolololol! Finally!<br>Gotta dash off 2 laura's ouse<br>Cyaz ... heva (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxx</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 21st 2006</b></font> (5 messages)</p> <p><B>Hi Guys - Dave here (Stage Manager) - just wanting to wish everyone the best of luck and remind you that if you've left school or college and want to volunteer for one of your local events <a href="work2005.htm">you can get the application form from this website</a>.<br>See you at your local heat !</B><br>A very busy and tired Dave!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Woo ... rocka wa sooooo much fun on fri!</B> I can't believe how wel it's goin - it's gonna b fab!!!!!<br><B>Hiya 2 bekz n rachie</B> - ur dance is soooo cool!<br>Can't w8 4 our france "science" trip! Only 3 days n 1 ict exam 2 go ! :o)<br>Luv from Sarah (<B><I>thornton</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya everyone!!<br><B>Woooo! Nearly time for rocka! I'm soo excited!!<br>GOOD LUCK TO ALL COMPETING</B>, especially <B><I>LONGCROFT</I></B> - you guys rocked at grimsby last year!<br>Cya in march<br>Love - hannah from <B><I>baysgarth</I></B> xxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck to all schools competing this year.<br><I>Special "Good Lucks" go to my old teams - Healing Comprehensive and Peterhead Academy (24 days!!!!) Go rock the house - impress - you never know who may be watching</I> : )))))</B><br>Vanessa Geib (<B><I>ex Liaison Teacher</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi all<br><B>Well done to all the schools who performed in the 2005 rock challenge!<br><I>Beckets</I></B> won the 2005 Bradford and Grimsby rock challenge and it was all down to the dancers, n a great well done to <B><I>miss rimmer n miss wright</I></B> who created the winning performance!<br>We're coming back in 2006 strong and ready for another challenge!<br>Rebecca</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 20th 2006</b></font> (4 messages)</p> <p>Hiya! Just a quick message to say hey to everybody!<br><B>Well done to all those who turned up for casting this week! Can't wait to get started with everything! It seems ages since Hanson was last doing Rock Challenge! Can't believe we are back after school now!</B><br>Hope all exams went well for all you 6th formers! <B><I>Good luck with ur panto, Emma!</I></B> Might have 2 pop in and watch! lol!<br>Anyways, gotta dash! I got a <B>tonne</B> of maths equations to do! (Haha! Don't be jealous! :))<br><B>Good luck to all rocka teams</B>, and hey to john!<br>Love - lauren - <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WHOO HOOO!!! ROCKA IS SOOOOO SOON!!! I can't wait</B> (but it's gonna be weird not performing!!!)<br>John, that's a shame about wendy. Hope she gets better soon!! (<I>Thanks, Stuart - so do I</I> :))<br>Hopefully i'll cya at grimsby if uz can't make it to aberdeen!! Awwww!! (If u need me to do the poster thing again in aberdeen i'll easy do that for ya!!! I think i may still have it saved on my computer!!) (<I>Ed again - Stuart, you are a star !! Let me know if you can't find it and I'll send another copy. Thank-you thank-you thank-you !</I>)<br><B>GOOD LUCK to all the aberdeen teams in the last few weeks of rehearsals!!<br>Peterheed</B>, i can't wait to c what uz do!! Hope uz do me proud!! (Sure uz will!! :)<br><B>GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!</B><br>Stuart (Peterheed)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hellloooo! :-D<br>Me again ... thought i'd pop up a quick message and check out the latest posts!<br><B>Emma -</B> Lol! I couldn't believe it! Oh and i'm coming to <B><I>Panto</I></B> on the 3rd Feb! P.S Thnx, i should have a good night! :-))<br>Anyhow, i'll be off! <B>Good Luck to all - see Bradford Day 1 people soon!!</B><br>Loadsa Luv - Stacey xxx (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi every1!!<br><B>Rocka rehearsal 2nite!!!! Can't wait!<br><I>Lauren frm ashfield-</I></B> hope you gt da card we sent u! (Soz it was l8! :)<br>Goin 2 <B><I>paris</I></B> nxt week on a science trip!!! We're goin 2 disneyland as wel! Can't w8. (I can't w8 4 a lot of things reali!!! :)<br>Betta go ...<br>Luv - rachael n sarah (<B><I>thornton</I></B>)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 19th 2006</b></font> (6 messages)</p> <p>Heyyy!!<br>John- <B><I>panto</I></B> starts on the 27th n finishes on the 5th of feb wiv 2 per4mances the sats n tha suns!!! We r ther like evry nite 4 rehearsals loloL!!! Shud b gud tho!!! <I>(Ed: thanks, Emma - hope it goes well !!)</I><br><B>Stace -</B> easy like sunday mrnin....<br><B>Miss w -</B> have the auditions actually finishd??? Or r they still goin on, cz sum girls wa askin me abou it!! (Cz miss v had sed summat!)<br><B>I hope every1's well n every1 is havin loads of fun!!!<br>Hey 2 smeaton, n the girls tha wished us gud luck!!! Gud Luk 2 u 2!!!! Cnt w8 2 c all ur routines!!!!<br>Ooooo ... dancin soon!!!</B> "Neva stopped dancin yet..."<br>Lv - Emma xxxxx (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone.<br><B>I am gettng very excited now... and i'm not even performing. My train tickets arrived this morning and my hotel is booked for the night so I will definitely be in aberdeen!</B><br>I have been hearing from my mum and sis that Peterhead's costumes and set are amazing. I am <B><I>really</I></B> sorry I didn't make it to the first rehearsal back. I was in Peterhead but I had just been to the dentist and was in a lot of pain! I really wish I could see you all for your <B><I>dress rehearsal</I></B> but I guess it will be even more exciting when I see you in Aberdeen!<br>I am going to go post the rest of my <B><I>volunteer form</I></B> now because if I don't I may have to gatecrash my way into the Music Hall!!!<br>Lynne Greig (<B><I>Peterhead Rock Challenge Dundee Branch</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey there, fellow rock challengers<br>Gd luck and hope it goes well</B><br>Louise and claire and the rest of <B><I>st. machar academy</I></B>.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!!<br>It's stephanie from <B><I>Peterhead</I></B>. I've left school now and i'm at uni but <B>i just want to wish all the teams performing in Aberdeen all the best!!<br>I'm gutted not to be doin rock c this year</B> after bein in it for 6 years but Good luck t Peterhead - u guys will Rock just like we have every other year. I'll be supporting uz all the way and i know it is going to be fab!!<br>Miss u, John - hopefully i will be able to come to the heat and see you.<br>LET'S GET LOUD!!! Hehe<br>Steph x x<br><I>Hi Steph ! There may be very little RC for myself and Wendy this year because she's not been at all well since the end of October / beginning of November, and I just can't see us getting to any - or many - Rock Challenge events at all this year, apart from (maybe) the very nearest ones to home if we're lucky, so possibly it'll just be Bradford. Hull and Grimsby for us unless she begins to get a lot better, poor lass.<br>We're keeping our fingers crossed for better times ahead.<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hellloooo!<br><B>With Casting over you can tell Rocka is getting closer! Woooohooo! :-D! Can't wait!<br>Hope everyone is doing well and most importantly having FUN!<br><I>Heva -</I></B> Aye, New York is 4 weeks 2day!! Woohoooo!! :-)<br>Right, must dash! You can tell we're back at school ... the work comes in bucket fulls! And lots of em!<br><B>Good Luck to all involved!</B><br>Loadsa Luv - Stacey xxx (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>) xxx<br>PS Hey John! Hope you're ok! :-))<br><I>Thank-you, ma'am ... bit full of cold but otherwise great</I> :))<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey rockers!!!! How's everybody comin along??? (I'm <B>way excited</B> this year)<br><B>Good luck to hanson and all the schools in our heat on bradford day 1! <I>Smeaton are looking forward to seein u all there and also competing once agen this year!</I></B><br>I've been global for years and to come back and choreograph is the best feelin, and knowin i'm doin it again (wel ... just not competin!)<br>Big shout to laura ellis mrs wairnes, and also julie, amanda n jo po n mysen lol and all the john smeaton community high school dancers!!! Come on guys!<br><B>Global Rock Challenge 2006 is nearly here so let's get loud!!!!!!</B><br>Adam, julie, amanda n joanne from smeaton! (<B><I>ex students dancers n choreographers</I></B>)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 18th 2006</b></font> (6 messages)</p> <p>Hello folks!<br><B>Can't wait for rocka to come! It's gonna be brill fun this year. Hope to see y'all there on the 14th!<br>ONE THING THOUGH ... does any school performing in aberdeen day one have three spare tickets in their allocation? The public tickets have (to the best of my knowledge) sold out and some of the Peterhead (Day 2) stage crew (myself included) are fancying a meander to watch you guys. So if anyone has any tickets spare could they give me a buzz of some sort?</B><br>Cheers - Steven (<B><I>Peterhead Lighting Monkey</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hey gartree!</B> I hope ya do really well - the best of luck to all of you! (I'm sure you will do well - just think positive)<br>Hope to see ya all there ... once again GOOD LUCK<br>Leeann (x gartree pupil) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya ppl<br><B>Wohoooooo - auditions was gd - ope u all get in</B><br>Keep up the good work<br<Lv - Jade (<B><I>Hanson</I></B>) XxXX<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya!!<br><B>Phew ... casting's over !</B> Let's all see what parts we get!<br><B><I>Everyone did fab</I></B> from what i saw of the practices as we couldn't watch the actual auditions!! (Wel ... cept us 6th formers who all wanted to watch each other lol!)<br><B>Can't wait to start dancing!!! Woooooooooooo!!!</B><br>Love- amy (<B><I>hanson</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!!!<br><B>Woooo ... casting!!! I can't w8 4 da list 2 go up now!! Ow did every body else fink der routines went??<br>Aunty Stacey</B> (or should i say "anteni" stacey ?!!) Does dat mean u r bk in skool now?? Ave lts ov fun in <B><I>new york</I></B> - it's soon, init??<br><B>Emma-</B> gud luk wid ya <B><I>panto</I></B>, huni, n i should opefuly gt 2 come n c ya shine!! (Y r u shocked?? I ain't dne nefink wrong!)<br><B>Miss W-</B> plz plz plz cn we ear da adjusted <B><I>sound track</I></B>??<br>Ow's evribody elses rehearsing coming along? I hope it's all gud fun?? I cnt believe da Rocka Season starts so soon!!!<br>C evri1 soon!!<br>Heva (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone.<br><B>Just to remind all St Vinnies peeps that there are loads of things for u to turn up to like set in saturday. Please turn up to things.<br><I>See you all friday lunch</I>.</B><br>Scott - st vinnies</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 17th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Heyyyyy !<br><B>Phew ... castin's ova!! Well dun 2 evry1 who went afta skool!!!</B> Didn't c many of the routines but the ones i saw wen we wa practisin lurkd well gud!!!! <B>I hope evry1 gets in!!!!</B> (I jus wanted 2 laff all the way fru ours lmao!!!!! Oh ... n <B><I>miss w</I></B> - i saw ya tryin not 2 laff at the wavy leanin bit lolol!<br><B>Stace -</B> i didn't get 2 c ur routine!!!! :( :( :(<br><B>Heva -</B> am still very shocked young lady!!!! Lolololol<br>Aahh well. Still goin strong wiv panto, bu am sick of "You raise me up" lololol!!! How many times can ya chop a bunch of thorns dwn!!!<br>Neways, <B>i hope evry1 is avin a gr8 time rehearsin!!!</B><br>Lv - Emma xxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)xxx<br><I>When does panto end, Emma ?<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Yay!! I'm in Rock Challenge!! Really happy, especially as it's my last year!</B><br>First proper <B><I>rehearsal</I></B> on Thursday so we'll get the format for this year explained, and work out what parts we all are. <B>Can't wait!! Loving it!!<br>Hope everyone's enjoying their Rock Challenges!</B><br>Luv - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><I>Well Done, Roxy ... looking forward to seeing everyone at the Hull Arena (touch wood :)<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Hope abdz rehearsalz are comin along good!</B> (Oorz iz doin fine :)<br><B>Hey 2 Lucy</B> ... ft like!<br>Er'z <B>only 4 wix 2 go!!!!!</B><br>Hey 2 abd in <B><I>i broch team (Fraserburgh)</I></B> espeshially <B><I>Mhairi</I></B>!<br>Fae Linzi xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> COME ON, <B><I>SMEATON</I></B>! U ROCK<br>Adam</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 16th 2006</b></font> (6 messages)</p> <p><B>HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID !<br>A BIG ROCKA BIRTHDAY TO YOU</B><br>Love - Sparkle.<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!<br>Last day of <B><I>study leave</I></B> 2morrow (Oh no!) and exams may be over for u, <B>stace</B>, but some of us still have exams left! (Hehe! I only got 1 more! :)<br>Ooo ... it's <B>casting 2morrow! Should be fun! Good luck everyone!</B> I'll see ya all there!<br>Cya ... love - lauren xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey!<br>Noticed thr's not been many messages from fraserburgh! Tut tut! (My computer has a mind of its own, to be honest lol --- it's annoyin!<br><B>Hope everyone's rehearsals are coming along well. Can't wait to see the performances ... they're always wicked! They blow me away!! :))<br>Big shout out to every1 that's at aberdeen day 2!</B> That's wen fraserburgh is thr! I am warning u now ... we can be a bit crazy if we want to ... but hey, it's all part of the spirit eh??<br>Our performance is taking place now. Got the bulk of it sorted, just other little things to sort- am sure you all know how it goes!<br>Want ti say a <B><I>huge thank you ti mrs gall- u do a gr8 job - and ti alan (or nigel lol)</I></B> - u r gr8 .... ur jst like a big bairn as we say lol!!<br><B><I>Well done ti paula, mandy and nadiya for all the organising this year...ne lang to go!! Aaaaaa!!</I></B><br>So, brochers ... let's get ready to rock and make this year a good one!! Wooohoooo<br>Catch ya l8r, ma fellow rockateers!! Byeeeeeeeeeeee<br>Lucy (<B><I><B><I>fraserburgh academy... aka broch</I></B></I></B>!!) xxxxx :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B><I>Beckets</I></B> won the 2005 bradford n grimsby in our first year! Wow! Down 2 the gr <B><I>miss rimmer n miss wright! They're kwl</I></B><br>Well dne 2 all the dancers n the peeps who helped.<br>WATCH OUT: we're comin bak beta n stronger! Go beckets<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Helllooooooo!<br><B>Hanson Rocka's "Casting" tomorrow! Yahhhooooo! :-D</B><br>Well, <B><I>exams are over</I></B>! Back to school on Wednesday!<br>Just been catching up on the messages! <B>Leanne M (Longcroft) - Hey! Just wanted to say I'll be - hopefully - watching Stars In Their Eyes, and will be sure to vote for a fellow Rocka'! Hope she does fab! :-D</B><br>Right, must dash! <B>Good Luck to all involved in Rocka! Keep on Rockin'!</B><br>Loadsa Luv - Stacey xxx (Hanson) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey there from all of the team at <B><I>mackie academy</I></B>.<br><B><I>We are extremely excited this year, but we have had our fair share of problems in the process due to the school being unable to fund us this year. To solve this problem i took on the project of organising a talent show to raise money for us to take part and the night was a huge success!</I><br>Good luck to all of the teams out there and we will see you on the night.</B><br>Lauren fae Mackie<br><I>Well Done to you, Lauren, and all who helped in any way !!<br>John (Editor)</I></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 15th 2006</b></font> (3 messages)</p> <p>Hello Everyone.<br>I just wanted to say <B>good luck to everyone as the event days are getting nearer (29 day until aberdeen) ... it will come round quicker than you think</B>. I also should also say hi to <B><I>Dani Bish</I></B> as i've not said hi to you for a while.<br>Also this year <B><I>Rosie</I></B> (the other rockateer) and i have added named scalfs to our personal rock challenge belongings ... <B>it's cold on the ferry first thing in the morning from the Isle of Wight :)<br>Hope all goes well - see you all soon</B><br>Ness (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyyyyy !<br>Jus got bk from <B><I>panto rehearsals</I></B> (wer up ther evry nite!!!) n i av got sum well funky costumes this year, spesh my palace one n my finale one!!! (Wer doin sleepin beauty and i am playin the prince this yr!!!! <B>PRINCE FLORIZAL!!!</B> Freaky name, ain't it lmao!!! Ah well ... costumes rock! (Most of em!)<br><B>Oooooo ... castin!!!! Finally ere!!!</B> Hhmmmm ... 2 do contemporary or funky dance ... hhmmmm ......<br><B>Heva -</B> we still doin the kt tunstall???? We need 2 practise!!! Oh, n the kez fing! Well, let's say it ain't wrkin yet!<br><B>Stace -</B> i ain't got a drum fing yet!!! (Bu i had an idea from oklahoma! lolololol)<br><B>Oooooooo ... the big countdown at the top of the page lololol!!!!! ROCKA'S COMIN!!!! Wahoooooooo</B><br>Lv - Emma (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) xxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi every1!!! Havn't put a msg on 4 a while so i thort i shud put 1 on 2 say hi 2 every1!<br><B>Happy birthday to Lauren from Ashfield</B> - ur card is in da post!!! (I've bin so busy so i'm sorry.)<br><B><I>Hi 2 Bekky, Lydia, Sarah n every1 else from thornton!!!!</I></B><br>Luv frm rachael</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 14th 2006</b></font></p> <p>Hey all!<ul><li>Go Go Global Rock Team 1 - Aliens from Wildern School<li>Go Go Global Rock Team 2 - Marilyn from Wildern School<li> Go Go Global Rock Team 3 - Robonation From Wildern School</ul>We have a lot of support lol<br><B>Good luck to everyone for global rock</B><br>From Kate, Lizzie, Lizzie and Hannah<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hiya! Am hopin this wil get on ... just gt my internet connection sorted on my new laptop. (<I>Ed: it worked</I> :)<br><B>Can't wait 4 rocka!!!!!</B><br>Big hello to beks n lydia!!!<br>Sarah<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!<br><B>My best friend Lucia (who takes part in rock challenge every year!!) is appearing on Stars in Their Eyes Kids a week today (the 21st january)</B>. She is amazingly talented and i am so proud of her so to EVERYONE who reads this, please vote for her in the public vote at the end of saturday's show. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!<br>Thankyou!! :)<br>Leanne M (<B><I>Longcroft</I></B>) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Just updated the 2006 Tour details ... <B>South Hunsley</B> exit the "Bridlington" event, and new school <B>John Fielding</B> pull out of the Grantham event.<br>John (Editor)</I></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 13th 2006</b></font> (4 messages)</p> <p><B>ATTENTION ALL HANSON CREW!!<br>Auditions (or should i say "Casting") will take place this coming Tuesday after school (that'll be the 17th Jan) It will take place in the Drama Studio and you will have to create a dance routine and have it prepared and ready for Tuesday!</B><br>We (well, sam) put posters up today, but can you please do your usual "jungle telegraph" and circulate the news around school!! Especially you sixth-formers!<br>Right, i'll pop off now, as <B><I>Mrs V wants about 12 cuts and changes to the soundtrack!!</I><br>Good luck to everyone involved in Rocka this year - see you all on Bradford Day 1!</B><br>Love - Miss W (Hanson)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Well, <B>auditioned</B> ... hopefully i'll get in ... find out on monday! The audition piece was <B><I>ace</I></B>, and (knowing the theme) it will get used as it fits it so that's cool!<br><B>We're trying to think of some fund-raising ideas this year, so that's part of the plan for the next few weeks and hopefully we'll raise some money which will help our Rock Challenge account!</B><br>Just wondered ... <B>has anyone else noticed that the northern premier is the second saturday of half term?</B> It might just be half-term for this area that week, but i just wondered if anyone else had noticed?<br>Anyway, best go!! Luv - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Guys!<BR><B>Miss W -</B> Sowwi if it's just me being blonde but what is "Jungle Telegraph"? Sounds like a newspaper!<BR>Anyhow, must dash! <B>Only 30 more sleeps until Rocka starts ......Faboroooney!</B><br>Lots Of Luv - Stacey xxx<B><I>Hanson</I></B>xxx<br><I>Stacey - try this reference:- <a href="http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-gra2.htm">www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-gra2.htm</a><br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey everyone!<br><B>Not long now til rock challenge starts!! We are doing rehearsals and exams at the same time all this week.</B> (Makes it a really full week so this weekend me and my mates are just going to chill!! :)<br>Gd luck to all schools and come on, ballee - let's show them.<br>Rehearsals are going really really well and i jst can't wait til the belfast division<br>Luv - Louise, Donna, and Faye (<B><I>BALLEE HIGH SCHOOL</I></B>) xoxooxoxoxo</P> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 12th 2006</b></font> (4 messages)</p> <p>U guys rock too, <B>kirstie</B>...<br>It's a pretty beasty dance u lot av thought up n cnt w8 2 actually perform in.<br>Cya l8rz x sheena (<B><I>ryde high</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heeeeyyyyy!!!!<br>HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! (I sed tha on my las messg lolol!) I hope 2006 is evryfin y'all want it 2 b!!!<br><B>I hpe evry1s exams r goin n have gone well!!!</B> Well dun 2 all peeps gettin gcse maths results from nov!! Prepare 4 retakes!!!!<br><B>Stace -</B> u in 2mora??? Wahoooo - <B><I>samba</I></B>!!!! (Ooooo ... n <B><I>pop choir</I></B>!)<br><B>Heva -</B> SORRY!!!!!!!!<br>Meetin wa a bit sparse on mon, peeps!!! Hopefully the <B><I>auditions</I></B> will bring mre peeps in!!! We need 2 get goin!!!<br><B>I hope every1s rocka pieces r comin on well!!! I know ya will all b well in2 rehersin, spesh those of ya competin at aberdeen!!!! It's nearly ere!!!! Rocka Season is on its way!!!! GUD LUK 2 EVRY1!!!!!!!!</B><br>Lv - Emma xxxx(<B><I>hanson</I></B>)xxxx<br>ps <B>Miss W-</B> r we guna hear the soundtrack since it's been updated?????<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi To <B>Bekky G-</B> get well soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bin bit weird without you.<br><B>Gt science results!!!</B> A, B, B - WOOO HOOOO! Wel dun 2 lidzy too- B, A, B!!!!!!!!<br><B>Can't wait 4 rocka ... am sooooo excited!</B> Thornton r gonna b ace this year!<br>G2G. Am usin my valuble ICT skills again but av 2 do sum work now<br>Luv - Sarah (<B><I>ex thornton soldier and tree</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Although i won't be at bradford day 1 with my school i <B><I>will</I></B> be there as a <B><I>volunteer</I></B> ... come hell or high water ... i wouldn't miss it for the world<br>Jonny (volunteer)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 11th 2006</b></font> (8 messages)</p> <p><B>Sew-n-So Fabrics are pleased to support The Be Your Best Foundation and all those taking part in the UK Rock Challenge. We are offering all schools taking part in this year's Challenge a 15% discount on all our ebay prices and, along with that offer, we will donate 10p of every pound spent by the schools to The Be Your Best Foundation.<br>We have a large range of fabrics available online at <a href="http://www.stores.ebay.co.uk/sew-n-so" target="win2">www.stores.ebay.co.uk/sew-n-so</a> and can supply most fabrics, in lengths from 1m to 100m!<br>Please contact us by email at <a href="mailto:ljmacf@hotmail.com?subject=Global Rock Challenge">ljmacf@hotmail.com</a>, online through ebay or by phone at 01983 812050, and ask for Lindsey or Marie. <U>Please make sure you quote "Global Rock Challenge" in all your enquiries.</U><br>Meanwhile, may we wish everyone taking part the best of luck for 2006 !<br>Lindsey & Marie (Sew-n-So Fabrics)</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Guys!<br>Sowwi if I offended any of the "<B><I>Music Crew</I></B>"!! Lol! :-D (But if I am right, it was Heather who started calling us it lol!!)<br><B>Hope everyone is doing well and having fun preparing for Rocka! Only 32 more sleeps to go!! Woohoooo!!<br>See you all soon!</B><br>Lots Of Luv - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello fellow rockers!!! How are you all? Good... that's what i like to hear!<br><B><I>Last "Lost" on TV 2nyt</I></B>... it's going 2 be a struggle 2 keep awake!<br><B>Global Rock 2morrow! Was really scary wen we first started to teach, but it's all good now. Love my lil guys - they rock!!! It's really coming together and really nice to see everyone doing the stuff that we've made up!!!<br>Can't w8 till the 25th april!!! Wooo!!! Good Luck Everybody!</B><br>Kirstie (<B><I>Ryde High School IOW</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya guys!!!<br><B>AUNTY</B> STACEY!!! MUSIC FREAKS???? Ow evil r u 2 us? (Lv ya really :))<br>Gld 2 know ur in music now agen n i betcha xams ant goin as bad as ya fink!<br><B>Emma-</B> da kezz fin.. u know dat it wil b alright on da nite (or day in yr case lmao)<br><B>Miss W-</B> plz plz plz dnt say nefink in class or i'll die of embarrassment!!!<br><B>Ope evri is avin lts ov fun ... cya soon</B><br>Heva (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) x x x<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B>Gd luck 2 yaz all ! :)</B><br>By the way, i love u, <B><I>mel from outwood</I></B> xxxxxxxx<br>Shane from <B><I>Earlsheaton</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys - it's <B><I>Brune Park</I></B> ere!!!!!!<br>Our dances r lookin gd so far<br><B>Rock Challenge is nearly ere ... yay!!!!</B> (It's <B><I>well</I></B> scary tho! Sam nd me keep tlkin bout wot we need 2 do 4 it lol!!!<br><B>Hope every1 else is doin gd!!!</B><br>Luv - Laura xxxxxxxxxxx<br>BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE SAYIN BRUNE PARK ROCK DA HOUSE!!!!!!!!!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Whooooooooooo !! &pound;1200 raised at the bag-packing.</B> Let's go, cockermouth - that's sure to get us some fab costumes and scenery :)<br><B><I>First rehearsal</I></B> was kool even though dancing seemed out of the question. Poor danny ... the tape measure was too small to measure him. Awwwww.<br>Hey, that <B><I>day of dance at the end of january</I></B> sounds cool, even if some of st joe's r comin. (Love em really :))<br>Remember, <B><I>cockermouth rockas</I></B> - rock challenge rehearsal day is 18th april so don't 4get to bring H20 :)<br>LOL ... Sam xxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>The Tour Calendar has been updated again - a new entry to Southampton 5, and an address / website found for Trinity on Portsmouth 2<br>John (Editor) in SUNNY Yorkshire</I> :)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Adam-</B> we moved to help the rock challenge crew even the numbers up (cos now there's 7 teams on each day) but it was better for us too because some students had exams and coursework deadlines on the 3rd. Nevertheless we are <B>still</B> gonna rock st george's hall ... just a day later ;-)<br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and Volunteer</I></B>)</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 10th 2006</b></font> (9 messages)</p> <p>Hey 2 abdy fae <B><I>i broch n peterheed n torry</I></B> - fit likey?<br><B>Am so excited er iz only like 5 wix left 2 go!!!!!</B><br>Hey <B>mhairi</B> (broch) - ur ma global buddy lol!!<br>Luv y'all ... xx linzi fae i broch xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Good luck everybody! Have a good show!<br>I can't beleve Rock Challenge is starting again :))<br>This year's going to be the best</B> (even tho my skule's theme isn't - but hey, they will try their best)<br><B><I>Stagecrew people</I></B> in southampton's 2nd day of compo (1st march 2006) had best be prepared ... we ain't lost best stage crew yet ;)<br>Ben A<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey rockin global rockers!!!! How are u al rockin along?<br><B>I'm waaaayyy excited bout blobal</B> but.... i ain't performing ... i'm too old! :))<br>I'm gonna get an over-18 global ... think be fun to see if we all still strut our stuff!!!!<br><B>Hope u all are gettin prepared for global! Good luck all the schools in our heat (bradford day 1)</B> ... cnt wait to see u all perform ... am so glad <B><I>thornton</I></B> are back!!<br>Why have <B><I>buttershaw</I></B> moved days???? (<B><I>Good luck guys!</I></B>)<br>Anyway, hope u all cheer <B><I>smeaton</I></B> on coz i'm gunna cheer u all on!!!!<br>Come on smeaton ... wooooo<br>Adam (<B><I>ex dancer n still choregrapher from JOHN SMEATON IN LEEDS!!!!!!!</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Oioi guys ... an <B><I>ex-brune parkie</I></B> here<br>I'm not very pleased bout this but <B>where</B> are all of the brune parkers' msgs? Come on, guys - last yr we wrote lots and had the most on the site. Just not good enough, guys !! :))<br>Neways, <B><I>good luck for this yr's performance. Hopefully miss smith and our new committee are going well.</I></B><br>I'll see ya wen u perform ! Lots of luv and gd luck xxkmmxx (kirstie meades) xxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya guys! It's me ... Vicki 4m <B><I>ashfield</I></B>! Haven't been on ere in ages and jst thought i wud come on here and hav a chat!<br>Ashfield's gettin on their way! <B>Can't wait! It's gonna be soo much fun again this year!<br>Can't wait to see my chums in Grimsby!! Love yaz<br>Every1's lookin forward to the Waterfront as well!<br>Talk agn soon ... good luck 2 every1 who will soon be competin!</B><br>LYL ... Vicki xx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>WHOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ROCK CHALLENGE IS JUST OVER A MONTH AWAY!!!</B> I just realised this the other night, and realised i hadn't sent my <B><I>volunteering form</I></B> off cuz i've had a broken printer :( so i went to my aunties n printed my form and have sent it off today (<B><I>soz to the rocka team for being so unorganised</I></B>) n <B>MARISA- U BETTER HAVE SENT URS TOO!!</B><br>I'm soooooooooooo xcited ... it will be the 1st time me n marisa have been at an rocka event together since ABERDEEN 2004!!! I'm really really really looking forward to havin no stressing n just havin fun!! WOOOO!!!<br>Me n Marisa went to a <B><I>rehearsal</I></B> b4 christmas n the dancin is looking really good! Come on, peterheed - just dance it like <B>massive</B>, like exaggerate everything n it will look so good!! (N if uz get ur set done how it was explained to me it will be really cool!!)<br><B>Torry- i'm lookin 4ward to c'n urs ... a lil birdy has told me it may in fact be better than last yrs if that's possible!!<br>GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE SCHOOLS COMPETING IN THE ABERDEEN EVENTS N IF IT'S UR 1ST TIME DOIN IT, UR GONNA HAVE SOOO MUCH FUN!!</B><br>Stuart (<B><I>ex peterheed</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heyy !! Vicki *M* ere frm <B><I>ashfield</I></B>!!!!!<br><B>Woooooo ... had auditions on friday! Was brill, list was up yesterday and ... i'm in!! Woohooo! So happy!! Can't wait to get everything started and 2gether! Wil be great!!</B><br>Good luck to ashfield this year - <B>can't wait to perform!!!!</B><br>Love - vicki *M* xxxxxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya Guys!<br><B>Well, what a day today has been! Exams Exams Exams! Anybody else feel like that?!</B><br>Glad to see some of my <B><I>Music Freaks</I></B> at dinner and glad to see your messages!! Lol! But what were you all doing ... not doing theory yesterday?! Just shows i'm <B>not</B> the bad influence after all! Hehe!<br><B><I>Luv y'all and don't miss me too much! I'll be back in the dept sooner than you know it! (Most probably causing havoc and entertaining y'all with my Staceyism!) Haha :-))</I></B><br>Anyhow, I'll see everybody soon! <B>Rocka in 34 days....Wooohooooo! :-D</B><br>Lots Of Luv (Auntie lol) Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya guyz ! Beckie ere frm <B><I>cathedral</I></B>!!!!! <B>Happy New Year to evri1 ope u all ad a fabi crimbo 2 !! :)<br>Rock Challenge is very close now n i just wana say a massive gud luk 2 all da skwls competin cuz ya r all gr8</B>, n jst also wana wish <B><I>BECKETS</I></B> da best ov luk n <B><I>do wakefield proud!</I></B> (Show em wot wakie is made of ! :))<br>Also a <B><I>HHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE gud luk 2 jenifa frm beckets</I></B> wi ya solo. Ya are a wikd n talented dancer so am sure u wil b absolutely stunin, so go on gal!<br>Big hello 2 <B><I>"MaTtY" FRM Thornton</I></B> cuz e is ma lil spesh lol!!!!<br><B>C ya guys later n GUD LUK (Am comin 2 watch so i'll c ya guyz soon.)</B><br>Luv ya all ( n u 2, editor ;) hehe<br>Byeeeeeeeee ... luv - beckie x x x x x x<br><I>Thanks for all of that, Beckie ! Give us a shout at Bradford :))<br>John (Editor)</I></p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 9th 2006</b></font> (4 messages)</p> <p>Heya!!<br><B>Amy -</B> Lucky you! I was in school for <B><I>Biology Revision</I></B> this morning!! Bright and early! Exam is 2morrow!! Arrrrrgggghhh! <B>Good Luck with all your exams, and to anybody else sitting them! :-D</B><br>Wow ... <B>only 35 days till Rocka 2006 starts....Yey!</B><br>Anyhow, must go! See y'all soon!<br>Lots Of Luv - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br>PS Apologies (big word for me!) for not being at the meeting today! :-)) As you heard from the phone call i was looking after my 6 year old cousin!<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <I>Hi everyone :)<br>Michelle updated me yesterday, Tim has just updated me today. OK - there are some changes ... Buttershaw move from Day 1 to Day 2 at Bradford, St Albans Day 3 is cancelled, and a few more highest-scoring second-placers are going into each of the Southern Open Grand Finals to make each night into a twelve-teams competition (woohoo !! :))<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hello everyone!! <B>Hope you're all doing well, and settlin back into school ok!! (Our first day back today!!)<br>Can't wait for 2moro ... we're learning the Rock Challenge audition piece then ... so excited!! It'll b really good 2 start it all again, altho it'll be the last time for me :-(</B><br>Right ... beta go. <B>Have fun, guys!!</B><br>Luv - Roxy from <B><I>Driff</I></B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Heya music freaks</B> ... we r in music doin theory and fawt we wud pop a msg up!!<br><B>We cnt w8 4 da RC day now ... it's gonna b so xitin!!!</B> I hope we cn make it so <B><I>aunty stacey</I></B> can make da hanson rehearsals!!!!<br>Gud Luk evribody<br>Love - heva alice sara n emma (<B><I>hanson</I></B>) x x x</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 8th 2006</b></font> (3 messages)</p> <p><B>Hey Stacey!!!</B> Wooo - study leave! lol... get a nice sleep-in tomorrow (altho i'm going into school in the afternoon for <B><I>psychology revision - need a good grade</I></B>! lol.)<br>Everybody forgot i'm going to be there for rocks meetings?? I'm <B>always</B> there - how can you forget me - and i'm hardly quiet, am i!! :))<br>Anyways, see every1 soon .. for "casting" lol<br>Love - amy (<B><I>hanson</I></B>)<br>p.s <B>HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!</B><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey every1. <B>Good luck to all the schools takin part this year!<br><I>ASHFIELD</I></B> - do what you do every year & youz will be fine!! C'MON ASHFIELD!!<br>Love - Sarah xoxo (past pupil at Ashfield)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya everyone! How yaz all doin ? <B>Everyone got the rocka fever again ?<br>Things r reali startin to get underway down at ASHFIELD! Cannot wait til the belfast showcase (it'll b gr8!!!) n then every yr the finals always keep topping the last !! Woohoo - cnt wait! :D<br>Can't wait to c yaz all again n the crew! Miss yaz all loadsssss !!</B><br>Talk agn soon !<br>xoxoxox christine xoxoxox</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 7th 2006</b></font> (3 messages)</p> <p><I>Hello :)<br>I've tidied-up the 2006 UK Tour Calendar so that it finally looks almost "normal" instead of the pretty bare appearance it's had till now. Still got the "Finals" section to finish but my eyes are beginning to ache so I'm leaving it for now !<br>John (Editor) at 4.30pm Saturday</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey Guys! Hope everyone is doing well! :-)<br><B>Heather -</B> Yup, i've started my <B><I>study leave</I></B> now, yey! But all is well - I <B><I>will</I></B> be in school some days for much-needed "Extra Revision" and Coursework stuff so you're bound to see me, plus (of course) I'll be in for Rocka and not to forget Samba "on Tuesday Dinners" lol!! (You know what i mean!)<br><B>Wow ... Rocka's not long now ... only 36 more sleeps till it all kicks off! Can't wait! :-D Hehe!</B><br>Anyhow must dash! Remember, keep Rockin', and see y'all soon!<br>Loadsa Luv - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys!!!!!! <B>I ope evri 1 ad a "rockin" good nu yr!!!!<br><I>I cnt w8 for the casting at Hanson now ... i ope it's some time in da nxt week</I> :S<br>I ope evri1 elses rehearsals are goin bril???<br>STACEY-</B> ure on study leave=(( We r wel gonna miss u, bu we wil c ya at rocker rehearsals cz i know der's no way u'd miss em lmao!! :)<br><B>EMMA-</B> looks like stacey's leavin us unifrmers!!!!! :)))<br><B>HANSONERS ... DNT FRGET ... WE STILL NEED 2 RAISE DAT MONEY!!!!!<br>Gud luk 2 ne1 dat's tekin xams n stuff soon</B><br>Bye - Heva (hanson) x x x</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 5th 2006</b></font> (4 messages)</p> <p><B>HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!</B> (<I>Better late than never</I> :D) Hope evri1's oryt<br><B>Now back at skool (noo !) but tht means tht rocka's nrli hear again!! Wayyyyy:D</B> (Got <B><I>rehearsal</I></B> 2mozo nite :D)<br><B>Missing evri1 from ashfield soo much.</B> Am gutted i aren't gonna c u this year, lauren :( Luv yaz all!!)<br><B>See everyone soon - only months to go for us :D</B><br>All my love - Bekky (<B><I>thornton</I></B>) xoxoxoxoxoxo<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi everyone, hope that you had a great new year?<br><B>I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you have been planning at school/college for your rocka pieces.<br>Dan-</B> my legs have just recovered from that <B><I>dance-mat marathon</I></B> the other day. U gotta admit, it was a funny sight :P (It was <B><I>worse than a rocka mosh</I></B>..lol :)<br)<B>THANK-YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR MY ROCKA TREWS! THEY ARE FANTASTIC !! I WILL WEAR THEM WITH STYLE :)</B> Anyway, good luck for the rest of the term at the RWCMD. Hope all goes well :)<br><B>See you all soon either at Southampton, Bournemouth, Hull, Portsmouth or any of the southern finals.</B><br>Nessa (<B><I>Rockateer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Heya!<br>Thought i'd just pop up a quick message seen as though i'm on computer. (Filling in an <B><I>online UCAS Card thing - already. Lol! Scary thought ... me and Uni!</I></B> :)<br>Hope everyone's okay and settling back into school after Crimbo (Yey!) but I break up 2morrow again, for <B><I>Study Leave</I>! Yey, the joy of exams! Good Luck to anyone else doing exams! :-D<br>Good Luck to everyone in Rocka!</B><br>Loadsa Luv - Stacey xxx <B><I>Hanson</I></B> xxx</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 4th 2006</b></font> (6 messages)</p> <p>Hey every1 ! Had a brill new year??<br><B>Can't wait to do rock chall now - gonna be so good, n the otha scools too !!<br>Gud luk to every1</B> <br>Biiiiiiiiiiiii ...<br>Lv - nat (<B><I>beckets</I></B>) xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi All! <B>Hope everyone had a good christmas, and that santa brought you all you wanted. I also hope that 2006 will bring you all more fun in the world of rocka!!</B><br>Just a quick aside - Ness and I discovered the other night just why I am <B><I>not</I></B> a dancer... about five hours on dance mats resulted in a night of much hilarity as I tried to beat her at Dance Dance Revolution (The things I do when I get bored!)<br>Anyways, that's all from me now. <B>Good luck to everyone taking part in the 2006 Rock Challenge, and a big thanks in advance to all those in the office and at the BYBF for putting on such a brilliant event, and also to John for many hours of keyboard bashing!</B><br>Dan Butcher<br><I>Cheers, Dan - thanks! (And the mind boggles re the dance-mat :)<br>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi guys - it's Han (<B><I>ex st vinnie and volunteer</I></B>)<br><B>A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, and I'll warn y'all now that i am hopefully coming 2 grimsby again with matt hehe!!</B><br>Take care, everyone<br>Love and hugs - Hannah xxxxxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hey guys ... me again<br><B><I>Ughhhh ... last day of hols</I></B>. Bk 2 school 2moz and bk 2 the fun that is AS levels. Lol<br><B>Hey emma t</B>... missin u like crazy. We hav 2 meet up (u only live 7 miles dwn the road ! :) U bk doin <B><I>stainburn's or st joe's</I></B>?? (Well, eitha way, hu cares? <B><I>Cockermouth</I></B> are gunna kick ass :)<br><B>Seriously... good luck not only 2 our squad and every other but thanku soo soo much 2 mrs wilde and miss havard. U 2 are working so hard and it's not going unnoticed</B><br>And on a happier note... "<B><I>Desperate Housewives</I></B>" starts again soon. Wahey<br>Peace y'all<br>Sam<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi to everyone taking part in Rock Challenge this year.<br>We just wanted to wish everyone a <B>Happy New Year and hope you all had a good Christmas.<br><I>Rehearsals will soon start at Hanson and everyone is looking forward to it. Hope everyone else is having fun because i know we soon will be.</I><br>Good Luck to everyone taking part</B> - Anita & Naomi (Hanson)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> Hi!<br><B>Hope every1 had a gd xmas n a gd new yr!<br>Paula fae i broch-</B> i came t c ur panto coz my chum wiz in fa wiz u!?<br><B>I cnt wait t come n c rocka ... nae long now!</B> Phd- u gan t dee us proud again?! (I'm sure uz will, but for now i need t b supportin phd against rangers!! I know u can do it <B><I>peterheed</I></B>! lol! :)<br>Nikki xx</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>Jan 3rd 2006</b></font></p> <p>I've been chatting to tim and dave today and they're just about ready for the 2006 tour to kick off up in the north of britain !<br><B>Good luck to everyone who's taking part this year ;-)</B><br>Jonny (<B><I>Buttershaw and RC Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> GUESS WHO'S BACK! Woohoo ... <B><I>st joes</I></B> are lookin HOTTTT ! Gonna b a belta dis yr!<br><B>Ope i get 2 b a volunteer agen ... dat was fun last yr (mad, bt fun :)<br><I>HELLO 2 stainburn n cockermouth n sam-f</I></B> ... i'm missin u, babe - cnt wait 2 c u agen!<br>BLESS<br>Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</p> <p><font color="BLUE"><b>JAN 1ST 2006</b></font></p> <p><B>MY BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A PEACEFUL 2006<br>FORTY-THREE DAYS !! :))</B><br><I>John (Editor)</I><br><br>++++++++++++<br><B>Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you had a smashing Christmas too</B> (to make up for mine having to work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day and being bed-ridden in between with illness!)<br><B>Now it's 2006 the events days will come round in a flash, so good luck to all those taking part - and hopefully I'll see loads of you on the road !<br><I>I have lots of spare time coming up from work and like Ness I'm advertising myself as an extra helper for Island schools. I'm particularly good at paperwork, the part that most teachers hate, plus almost everything else! So if you want me, just drop a line to John and he'll pass it on.</I></B><br>Rosie (<B><I>RC Volunteer</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>Well, Guys.... it's here ... 2006! Hope everyone had a very Happy New Year!<br>I can't believe it's only 43 days till Rocka 2006 kicks off! But, wow am i excited!<br>Amy -</B> yeah, first set of <B><I>A-Level exams</I></B> when we get back, less than two weeks away! We've just got to remember - as soon as we get them out of the way we can start concentrating and looking forward to Rocka! :-))<br><B>Good Luck to everybody else sitting exams! Bet you're as excited as we are!</B><br>Anyhow, best go! If I don't get chance to pop up another message before going back to school on Wednesday, then i hope to see all <B><I>Hanson Rockas</I></B> soon! Can't wait until <B><I>Casting</I></B>! Hehe!<br>Loadsa Luv - Stacey xxx Hanson xxx<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <B>HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY1<br>Hope evry1 had a gd xmas n will have an even better 2006</B><br>Sheena (<B><I>Ryde High</I></B>)<br><br>++++++++++++<br> <p><a href="uk200512.htm"><strong>Dec 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200511.htm"><strong>Nov 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200510.htm"><strong>Oct 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200509.htm"><strong>Sep 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200508.htm"><strong>Jul/Aug 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200506.htm"><strong>Jun 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200505.htm"><strong>May 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200504.htm"><strong>Apr 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200503.htm"><strong>Mar 2005</strong></a>- <a href="uk200502.htm"><strong>Feb 2005</strong></a> - <a href="uk200501.htm"><strong>Jan 2005</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes04.zip"><strong>2004 Messages (zipped)</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes03.zip"><strong>2003 Messages (zipped)</strong></a> - <a href="uk111202.htm"><strong>Nov/Dec 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk071002.htm"><strong>Jul/Oct 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk050602.htm"><strong>May/Jun 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk030402.htm"><strong>Mar/Apr 2002</strong></a> - <a href="uk010202.htm"><strong>Jan/Feb 2002</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes01.htm"><strong>Messages from 2001</strong></a> - <a href="oukmes00.htm"><strong>Messages from 2000</strong></a></p> <p align="CENTER"> <b>PRESENTED IN 2006 BY THE BE YOUR BEST FOUNDATION</b></p> <p align="LEFT"> <em><a href="#top"><b>Top</b></a></em></font></font></p> </td> <td width="12%" bgcolor="#99FF99" valign="top"> <FONT SIZE="2"><FONT FACE="Verdana,Arial,Times,New,I2"><FONT COLOR="#000000"> <p align="center">SUPPORT US!<br><a href="http://www.givenow.org/charityprofile/bybf"><img width="111" height="27" border="0" alt="Support UK ROCK CHALLENGE<SUP>&reg;</SUP> through the Be Your Best Foundation" title="Has being in Rocka helped YOUR young family? Help keep us going for next year!" img src="givenow.gif"/></a></i></b></font></p> <br><br><img border="0" src="cdanim.gif"><br><font color="red"><a href="battle.htm"><font color="red"><b>ROCK CHALLENGE POWER FM ROCK SCHOOL !</b></font></a></font><br><br><b>ROCK CHALLENGE WRISTBANDS<br><i><a href="http://www.johnarro.karoo.net/2006rock/braclt06.jpg">PIC</a> and<br><a href="bands.doc">ORDER FORM!</a></i></b><br><br> <big><b><a href="shows.htm" alt="Is YOUR school/college show listed ?" title="Is YOUR School/College show listed?"><font color="blue">YOUR OWN SHOWS !</font></a></b></big></p> <p align="center"><a href="http://www.immobilise.com" target="win2" title="National Mobile Phone Register" alt="National Mobile Phone Register"><img border="0" src="immobile.gif" alt="Register Your Mobile Phone Here"></a><br> <b>REGISTER YOUR MOBILE PHONE</b><br> <i>(1) it's blocked on all networks if it's lost / stolen<br> (2) you get it back if it's traced</i></p> <p align="center"><a href="http://www.oakharbor.org/subcategory.cfm?id=10&sid=75" target="win2" title="Put ICE (In Case of Emergency) into YOUR mobile's contacts page" alt=" ICE - how it's used in part of America"><img border="0" src="ice.gif" alt="Mobile Phone "In Case of Emergency scheme></a><br><b><i>GET YOUR <acronym title="In Case of Emergency">ICE</acronym> NUMBER INTO YOUR MOBILE !</i></td></tr> </table> </body> </html> <script language='javascript'>postamble();</script>