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Dec 30th 2002

Hey u lot!!
aaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh ..... rock challenge in like 3 months, yikes!!
i can't wait tho. this'll be my FOURTH year, oh my gosh i don't half feel old at the rehearsals. it's hard bein one of the only 6th formers!! but enyways this year will kick so much rear-end!!
i'm pleased us (bennies) n whitehaven r startin to bond. i'm sure u'll al perform absolutely fabulously on the night ... (my group - u r all so fantastic!)
nichola, u r a godsend. i don't know how u handle all us lot (hey i got sum more cool ideas 4 our cossies!!)
good luck to all the schools performin in carlisle coz u know cumbria does rock the best!! especially good luck to cockermouth!!
anyhow i cud talk 4eva bout how cool it's gonna be but u kno....
natasha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ps. chris, u r a superstar
pps. remember - girls' attitude!!

Dec 29th 2002

hey up fellow rocka's, how u all doin'??
hope ur all ready for a fantastic new yr! i cannot wait!! especially with it being the yr of rock challenge!! AGAIN!!!!
i'm from buttershaw high school and i want to thank every1 for all ur good luck messages. thankyou so much guys they mean sooo much to our school with it being our 1st time last yr entering !!! we were so nervous and did not know what to expect and since we did everything ourselves (like we are nxt yr) i thought our performance was a credit to our school - just like everybody else's!
i couldn't believe how much talent there is out there!
Sadly we aren't on the same nyt again as you, Hanson, but we wish you all the best next yr with ur performance. i'm sure u will do fantastic
how are rehearsals going?? hope ur working hard and also all the other schools. good luck, john smeaton - not long and we'll be seeing you guys again - cannot wait!
i wanna wish everybody a happy new yr and good luck people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S Keep Rocking!!!!!!! B.U.T.T.E.R.S.H.A.W!!!!!!!!

Dec 28th 2002

it's kathryn here from hanson school.
Just want to say that i agree wit lauren from the hanson school team, we are all working really hard (i've been rehersing hard during the crimbo holidays.)
just want to say thanx to our teachers MR SMITH and MISS STOW for been the greatest and helping us gain in confidence.
Good luck buttershaw!

hey evri1..
I hope u al had a very gud christmas... I did n i'm lukin 4ward 2 goin bak 2 school 4 da rehearsals..hehe...
hope all schools have a wkd new yr n cya l8r
xXx Stacey xXx (Hornsea School)

Dec 25th 2002

Hey everyone, it's 9am here in the USA and I'm surrounded by snow up in the mountains.
This is just me saying that I hope everyone is having a wicked Christmas over there and is having great fun in their holidays!
All the Best Xmas Wishes
ps. I'm like 5000 miles away and I still can't get Global Rock out of my mind!
pps. have a great Christmas, john!
(Ed: great to see you managed to get through to us, Tim. Have a brilliant time !! :))

I hope santa was good to everyone and can't wait to see you all v. soon
hi Tim! hope ur havin fun!
best wishes to everyone and rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!
kirsty (ryde high)

merry xmas and happy new year 2 all.
rock challenge is getting closer. gud luck 2 everyone involved - c u in march
sam ov smeaton
go s.m.e.a.t.o.n.go

Dec 23rd 2002

hi all rockers!
i'm just readin the rock challenge page as i seem to do nearly every day and am still amazed at how addicted to rock challenge we actually are! There is always a new message from someone nearly every day!
have a very merry christmas and get ready for the new year!
kirsty (Ryde High School)
P.S take a well deserved rest, john, coz you're not gonna stop next year!
(Ed: hi. kirsty - have a very Happy Christmas :))

howdie rockas
On behalf of buttershaw high school we wanna wish everyone a merry christmas and a fantastic new year!!! However i'm sure it will be fantastic as the new year brings Rock Challenge 2003!!
So i'm sure everyone will be working so hard to finish their performances and i just cannot wait till march when it's our event!!! its going to be sooo great seeing every1 again and making new friends!!
so a merry christmas to you all and all the rock challenge crew who work soooooooo hard for these events to go ahead (and also to jon) and we'll see you next yr
until then......MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! AND KEEP ROCKING!!!!!!
Buttershaw High School.

Dec 22nd 2002

BIG MASSIVE MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone at Bennies and Whitehaven!!
Well done in your rehearsals so far. You are all working very hard and I am very proud of you all. Have a good holiday and plenty of rest because it will be all go from January!!
(ps. have a good Christmas John)
(Ed: thanks for that, Nichola - all the very best to you and yours too. See you at Carlisle :))

Dec 21st 2002

hey evri1
i just wana wish every school a very happy christmas
from all at hornsea school

Hiya! This is Soph, Jack and Danni from the WAVELL school!
i just wanna say good luck to all the teams this year! And i hope you all have a wicked time at your events!
Big kiss from Danni to all the Wavell Team! Good Luck!
Lotsa Luv
Danni, Soph and Jack

eazi rockers!! smeaton rockers wanna wish ya all a merry xmas and crackin new year!!
Good luck guys and lasses we've just performed for an assembly it was amazing
Cu all next year!!!
adam ov smeaton
GO s.m.e.a.t.o.n Go s.m.e.a.t.o.n GO!!!

Hiya! It's Danni from the Wavell School!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! And good luck in your events!
I just wanna say hi to liam, hana and nick! i'm soooooo excited ... it's all happening so quickly now!
WOW! see you all soon at crawley! Luv u all!
Lotsa luv and hugs
P.S watch out coz wavell are comin back bigger and better this year!

Dec 18th 2002

Just a short note from everyone at Peterhead Academy to wish all Rock Challengers a wonderful Christmas and a hectic New Year.
When we restart after the holidays we will only have six weeks until the Aberdeen event (OMG !!!) so we are going to have a really busy time ahead of us.
We look forward to seeing everyone again and look forward to making lots of new friends. Happy Holidays.
Diane Keith

Hey everyone!!!
Just want to wish you all Merry Christmas and have a fantastic New Year!!! Hope santa is good to you all!!!!!!
When we go back to school only 6 working weeks, ahhhh!!!!
Marisa (Peterhead Academy)

hey all the rockers out there
i'm soooo excited about rock challenge this year. I'm just sad to say it's my final year (I don't want to leave!) I've been a rock challenger for seven years now and I don't know what I'm gonna do without it!
Anyway good luck to everyone
(Hornsea's rehearsals are fantastic!!!!!!)
loads of love
Fiona xxx

Just a quick note to say hi to everyone!!
I'm off to the states today and though I'm taking my laptop, I'm not positive I'll be able to log on out there, so I thought I'd put my "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" message on now just in case! Anyway, speak to you soon, I'm off to play in the thick snow of New York.
All the best for the end of 2002! UK Rock Challenge 2003 is just around the corner!
Tim (Sandown)
(Ed: just in case you log on and check the messages, Tim ... New York's Rock Challenge was held at the Van Eyke Theatre - also called the 'Egg' because of its shape - in April this year. The theatre's in Albany State Plaza, Albany ... might be interesting to check it out if there's a spare second in your hectic schedule :))

hiya all
it's lesley-ann from northfield academy here and i just want to say very good luck to peterhead academy who put on an excellent performance last year and hopefully will do very well this year and have an inspiring dance.
we are all looking forward to seeing you again and hope you are too
lots of love all the gals in the northfield academy production
p.s good luck to all the other entrants!

Dec 17th 2002

it's adam from john smeaton once again!!
just wannid to say gud luck once again, our dance is gettin there ... luckin pretty mint.
how's everybody doing? does ne one know why rhodesway and bootle have dropped out from 19th march in bradford??
ne way have a smashin xmas and crackin new year!!
adam ov smeaton
S.M.E.A.T.O.N GO S.M.E.A.T.O.N!!!!

Hiya every1
Just wanna say i hope bennies and whitehaven are making progress. last i heard is that they had a fab idea - hope it'z all going well
Sarah x

hey, it's adam from st vincent,
i'm a lil worried as i know a lot of colleges have done their dances and some costumes as well and we haven't got our dances done yet!
but we have a strong group and i know that we will definitely pull through and have a great time!
hey to tim from ryde and stella and sonia from south downs, i can't wait till the big day!!! it's only just over 2 months now!!
ok, i'm off now but i'll c u guys l8r!

Dec 15th 2002

Hey people! I just felt like jotting some thoughts on the new year and RC after i become too old to be in it!
Firstly I am glad to see that Bishop Challoner School are going to be in the RC project in 2004 - trust me, guys, you will not regret it! :)
The journey might be long and hard and sometimes it might look like the piece is going to fall apart but (i speak from experience) it will fix itself and be better than before! (Sadly this 'crash and burn' situation always happens to us just days before we compete, but somehow we pull everything together and give all the other schools a run for their money!)
Good luck to all the other schools. I will see all the Southampton and Portsmouth teams as I'm a volunteer there so so look out, guys, I'll be the one giving out the loud cheers whilst working!
Have a Happy Christmas!
Rosie (Cowes)

Great News ... the meeting with the head teacher went well and he has said "YES." Hopefully we will be competing in 2004!
Thank You again for being a great help.
Sarah (Bishop Challoner School)

hi all rockers everywhere! how'z it going? i can't believe it's nearly the new year already - that means we have three months until march 6th and it has to be done - aaaahhhhhh!!
I want to say a quick hi to Brune Park. we met you last year and you guys are absolutely wicked! can't wait to see you again this year!
Also to Richard Aldsworth we met you too! you had red t-shirts, right?! Hi to Solent Middle (a fellow isle of wight school!) can't wait to see your performance.
And a big GOOD LUCK to Hamble, Ridgeway, Staunton Park and Woodlands! can't wait to meet you all!
Quick hi to Tim too and all the Sandown High peeps! yours will be wicked! I have great faith in Tim! He won't let you down! hav fun and keep rockin
Kirsty (Ryde High)

hiya everyone!
can't believe that it's nearly that time again. not long to go, and it's starting to all come togeather.
With there being quite a lot of us we have split up the rehearsals so it's easier for all of us.
I don't know how nichola does it, but we have all been good this year (i think). We all thought it would be scary working with another school, even though we know most of the people anyway. But it has been great fun. We even have a few boys (yey) but still not enough !
I think, by what we've got so far, we have a winner! so watch out for whitehaven and bennies!

Hi Everyone, Laura from Hornsea here again.
I had another rehearsal for Rock Challenge last night. It was ace!
I wanna say thanx to everyone who has helped our team in the past years especially Mrs Hylton and Mrs Webb and the team members.
Good luck and Merry Christmas to all the teams!! Love Ya All loads.
Laura xxxx

Hi John, thanx for replying so quickly!
Me and Kayleigh had the meeting with one of our teachers yesterday, and we have found ourselves a Liaison Teacher, but he said that we need to have a meeting with our headteacher first so we have arranged a meeting with him for Friday - (We work Fast)
Do you reckon that there is anything else we need to know that isn't in the information booklet ?
Thanks for being such a great help and hopefully we will see you in 2004 (with a "winning" performance! :))
Sarah and Kayleigh (Bishop Challoner School)
(Ed: replied by email )

Dec 12th 2002

howdie people!
Thanx for the message of support, thornton grammar! i can't believe you ain't entering next yr, but all the best with your next performance. i'm sure it will be fantastic!
i wanna wish every1 a very merry christmas and happy new yr, rock challenge is gettin soooooo close and we as a school can't wait to have another fantastic time down at st george's hall!!
rehearsals are gettin longer and longer and our performance is coming along amazingly!!! thanx to every1 who is giving their support and a big thankyou to our choreographer!!! who made last yr's performance amazing!! i'm positive nxt yr's will be soooo much better!!!
gud luck, people - it's gettin soooooo close!
From Buttershaw High School....

Hiya every1. It's Lauren from Hanson School in Bradford.
I can't believe it about Thornton, They have always been our competion! (Maybe we'll have a better chance of winning this year!)
Good luck to every1 from Bradford, keep rehearsing hard (I know we are) esp. schools on Day 2 at St George's Hall and Buttershaw.
Well done to our teachers (MR SMITH & MISS STOW) for preparing all the things we need to make our performance beta! And to the student leaders!
Come on, we can win it this year, Hanson!!!!!!


heup rockers. adam from smeaton once again!!
how's everybody's dance coming along?? ours is looking pretty mint!!
Thornton, good luck with ya fundraising, buttershaw can't wait to see ya piece!!! and the rest of ya, good luck!!
Can't believe how good our dance is looking guys! ne way i'll leave you lot and da judges to pick the best school!!!!
Good luck Everybody and go on SMEATON!!!!

Dec 8th 2002

just thought i would big up the cumbrian massive :)
good luck to all the schools taking part at carlisle in march. especially to COCKERMOUTH SCHOOL!! see you all in march!

"Freedom, Justice and Chocolate for Everyone !!"
(Sorry, guys - just been watching Part 1 of 'Bootleg' on BBC 1 :)))

hey again ppl ...
My friends have been in rock challenge before and tell me how the atmosphere is so good when you perform to everyone and how each school is so supportive of each other. So for me this is all new.
SO ... a big good luck to every school and I can't wait to see you all at the events.....
Bye from hornsea school and bye from me
(Ed: .... commenting while Vanessa Amorosi's CD "Power" plays away behind me quietly .... oh, OK, fairly noisily !! Anyway, Stacey and everybody else new to Rocka - come along determined to yell and whoop and holler and party and to have a heck of an enjoyable day with everybody else from every other team AND to do your best in your own performance. Sure, coming away with loads of certificates is nice but coming away exhausted after having had a blast all day is totally amazing :)

Hey to everyone in the HORNSEA SCHOOL rock challenge team, Good Luck in 2003. Can't wait to see what all the other schools have come up with.
We started our rehearsals last week and it is getting all exciting. Can't wait till the event in Brid!
Katherine (Hornsea)

thornton are not doing rockchallenge this year but we'll be back next year to win again
i hope that buttershaw win this year they are really good
good luck. see you all in two years

Hi John
As the weather draws in the cold, and the night's grow darker, one school in Cowes is helping to keep all those inside warm with the magic of Rock Challenge. (Hmmm ..... Xmas on my mind a little too much this week, I think!)
Rehearsals are going well so far. As we break up in two weeks' time for Christmas we are not going to overload the kiddies with dance but we are bonding together.
Not only am I taking on RC again (my second year as production team member), I'm also undergoing massive amounts of school work (when aren't we ??!) and I've been asked to advise a middle school (also in Cowes) in their GR! And of course there is the small matter of Uni stuff (I'm still waiting for an offer from my choices - oh, the tension) and the joy of begin accepted as a volunteer doing some Work Exp at GR!
Look forward to seeing you.
(Ed: you too, Rosie. Pace yourself !! :))

Dec 7th 2002

Wow ! I just went on the Viking FM website and they are advertising Rock Challenge !! The word is spreading.
Good luck again everyone
(Ed: thanks for the note about Viking FM's website, Sally - I'll go and have a look - oooh yes, here it is. Does anyone else have FM radio station websites in their areas that are already carrying ads for Rock Challenge ??? Let me know !!)

Heya rockas!!!
so is everyone ready for the new year, the year of 2003, the year of another amazin' rock challenge!!!!!!!!!?? i just cannot wait!!!! it's goin to be fantastic!!!!!
i've heard buttershaw high school are goin to be there and i can't wait to see their performance!!! Even tho' last yr their dance was absolutely spectacular i'm sure this year they are going to be loud, crazy, energetic and like last year very very friendly so come on, rockas, let's get loud together for the bradford event 2003!!!!!!!!!!
c ya soon guys

Hi it's Laura from Hornsea School here
I'd just like to say Hi to everyone in our team and to Amy in Endeavour High School - I might come and watch your Event if I can!! Tell Chris I said a massive hi to him and i love him to pieces!! (I will see him Saturday though, I think!!)
Well, bye for now. Love ya all Loads
Laura XxX

hey every1
good luck with ur teams
it's my first year in the hornsea school team n i can't wait to start!!!!!
Look forward to seeing you all there and meeting you
xXx BYE xXx
Stacey (Hornsea School)

Dec 6th 2002

heup rockers. just wanna wish all schools participating in global 2003 a very merry christmas and new year and guess what ... global's getting closer!!!
all the best and good luck
Adam ov John Smeaton


Dec 4th 2002


hi everybody!!!!!!
Hornsea have started rehearsing for Rock Challenge 2003, and I have to say I'm so happy and excited that I am in again this year!
Even tho' we only started rehearsing yesterday, I can't wait for the day and I want to be the first person to say good luck to everyone in the Brid event. Can't wait to see u all!
Sarah (Hornsea! Hornsea!)

Hiya all!
I can't believe Sarah beat me to it :) Never mind. Just want to say good luck to everyone who is going to be at the Brid event (we'll miss ya, Driffield) and everywhere else.
I'm so happy I got in again this year and I can't wait to start rehearsing again.
Merry Xmas and c ya all at Brid
Sal (Hornsea)

Hey everyone!!!
Oh my goodness, only 8 working weeks till Aberdeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, it's passing so quickly.
Rehearsals are going so well and we are well on with our performance!! We are back and we are going to be even more amazing this year.
Aberdeen, prepare to have your eyes opened, because u have never seen anything like it!!!!!
Marisa (Peterhead) xx

Hi, i'm from Wavell and i just wanna say ..... good luck to every skool participating, i hope you all have fun, cos i know i will.
yet again, good luck everyone!

Dec 3rd 2002

I'm from ashfield girls' high school in BELFAST !

Dear 'whoever it may concern'
Please could you tell me how i can get my school involved ?
I first suggested it last year, but my school didn't know about Rock Challenge.
I have since spoken to two of my teachers, and they are interested. Please could you pass on as much information as possible?
(Ed: replied to by email )

Heyup rockers! it's adam again from john smeaton!
can't wait for march. our dance is looking fab, peeps. i'm sure your's is too!!
good luck buttershaw, and good luck to all the schools participating on the 19th march
n remember, it's not about winning, it's the taking part that counts! i hope the atmosphere at st george's hall is the same as in the past 3 years - what an atmosphere !!
o well, cu in march, u guys. keep on rocking. i'll be emailing again soon!!
adam ov JOHN SMEATON!!!!!

Dec 2nd 2002

Hi! Just wanna say i love the rock challenge and we are lookin forward to perform in crawley! watch out, wavell is comin!!!!!
i also wanna say hi to liam danni shannon and every 1 on the team ! LOVE U ALL. can't wait for the big day!
hannah, lewis and jake (wavell school)

Hiya all, I can't wait til WAVELL perform in Crawley. Every year me and my friends ( hannah, danni, nick and shannon ) all get excited about the ROCK CHALLENGE because it is such fun to do.

Hope you all have a fun time at ur heats because i know we will.

OK, so my knees have just recovered from rehearsals last week!
That's right - we've started, and we've won already! No-one is gonna beat us this year,
So, Stevenage, prepare to be taken over by the Kings Langley Rock Challenge crew!!
Oh yes, WE'RE BACK!

Hiya! 'tis me, Danni, from the WAVELL TEAM!
Wow! It's all happening again! I really can't wait!!
Good luck to everyone who is competing against us! C u all soon!
Lotsa luv

Nov 30th 2002

Just a quick note. There's nada on el television, so I'm watching the TOTP Awards. Kylie's just been on, and her performance just looked like a mixture of City of Portsmouth Girls' and Davison High School for Girls' performances this year! The costumes, lighting and choreography all seemed remarkably similar ... I think Miss Minogue has been taking a sneaky pick at the videos and 'borrowing' some ideas!?
Is this a trend? Will we see Britney's next video as a mixture of Batman and Anthony and Cleopatra? We will have to wait and see..........
All the best

yo me homies. love ya all. fink ur amazing.

Hey John
I was just flicking through the website and noticed that you still have all the stuff about the 2002 merchandise. I presume there will be the same/ similar stuff for 2003?
I hope so ... those glow sticks were fab.
Juno has given me the all clear to do work experience but she has to see my form and a reference from my liaison teacher - hopefully if all goes well you might see me in the southern events as a volunteer!
Hope you are OK
(Ed: more on the 2003 merch as/when I get it, Rosie, but in the meantime it's great to hear that you'll probably be a volunteer ... I'm hoping to do at least 1 day at each of Crawley, Southampton, Portsmouth, Oxford and Stevenage so look forward to seeing you there with the rest of the fab crew. Bournemouth would be nice too if I can possibly manage it ... sheeesh, so much choice, so little time !! Keep the faith !:))

Nov 29th 2002

hiya! it's sophie and hayley here from good old kings langley!
we just wanna wish every1 the best of luck this year. we hope you all do really well.
we wanna send our love to our wonderful team this year. we think we've got a good one, guys!!
lots of love
sophie & hayley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Nov 28th 2002

Hello...... Just writing a quick note to say St Vincent are looking forward to our event on the 5th March. Good luck to all the schools/colleges with us there - we look forward to meeting you all on the day.
A big hello to everyone in our team. Thankyou for your support - it's all going to pay off. Glad to see we have a few more people this year ... we seem to have grown.
Big shout out to Holly, Nat, Mr Fraser and all the dance team and all our ex BruneParkers. Also hey, Leigh - you had better be coming on the day? Pls!
Hope to see you all soon. Can't wait!
Kate xxxxxxxx (St Vincent.)

Nov 27th 2002

heyup rockers!!! how ya all doing? it's adam from john smeaton
thanks, buttershaw. can't wait for your performance this year
adam ov smeaton

Hey evry1!!! It's lauren from Cowes High.
This is gonna b the 5th time i'm in Global Rock (twice wiv osbourne middle n 3 times wiv cowes),
i love it so much, but this is the big 1!! I'm helpin wiv choreography! EEEEKKK!!! Well scared!!
Well good luck 2 evry1, ur all fab! C ya there if ur goin 2 southampton on 7th march!!
Big hi 2 Rosie, c ya 2moro prob!!! giggle!
Lauren xx

Hi John
Just a quick note to say hello before I disappear to a three hour rehearsal !!! Eighty performers so far and they are totally HYPER!!!. It looks like we could be the only schools joining together!!
The kids have been very supportive of each other, even though they find it a 'bit weird' being in someone else's school for rehearsal.
bye for now
nichola (bennies and haven)

just wanna say good luck to all the participating schools on the 19th march in bradford
we're back bigger and better
Sam ov John Smeaton set crew

Hi i'm from Ballee!!!
i really can't wait 2 rock challenge 2003. i loved it last year (and the rehearsals get u out of the house!)
hope 2 c all the skls there this yr that wer there las yr
c yal soon luv oxox!!!

i hav just read the message board and 1st of all i wanna thank john smeaton for sayin such a nice thing about our performance last yr!
it's buttershaw high 'ere, and i thought even though it was our 1st time entering last yr it was such an experience for us and coming 2nd added to this dramatic impact on us
with fun schools like john smeaton especially and also others who were on our day last yr i think that just helped us a lot!
and i'm sure nxt yr it's going to be even better - i kno it's a lot of hard work rehearsing and keeping to deadlines but i'm sure like last yr it's going to pay off totally!
so i wanna wish everybody taking part nxt yr in rock challenge all over the UK and Ireland the best of luck!
it doesn't matter about winning - taking part is the best feeling ever and we experienced it last yr for the 1st time!

thanx guys, and a big thankyou to john smeaton!
from buttershaw high school......keep rocking!!!!:):)

Hi evry.1 i guess i'm the only one who's bothered writing from KINGS LANGLEY SCHOOL after the southern grand final.
I just started practising this week and it's one of the most demamding dances i've ever seen.
big shout to van dyke upper - you were great last year and deserved second place. another big shout to all you rudens at kings.
well i'll see you all next year.

yo. i'm from st.peters skol and i wud just like 2 say dat i really enjoyed doing da rock challenge and our's woz da best!
only jokin - it was a rite laugh! i really wanted 2 do it nxt year but am at college now, but i'll definitely be coming to watch it!

Nov 26th 2002

I wanna thank you, everyone who auditioned at Cowes. You were all very good and it was very hard to decide who we should keep in.
Hope you guys won't be too disappointed if you didn't get in. There will be other things you can do. Just let us know.
Rosie (head of backstage, Cowes)

heup rockers!!! It's adam from John Smeaton High School!
Just wanna say good luck to ya all in our event this year. It's gunna be so good this year! Our dance looks great but i'm sure yours does too.
Good luck, Buttershaw - for your first time last year your dance was spectacular!! Good luck, guys, and everybody else!!
Adam ov John Smeaton!!

Nov 25th 2002


Nov 24th 2002

OK Fort Hill - you should all be logging on by now!!!!
This is going to be our best year ever and we can't wait until 27th March and Oxford.
I know you will all make me proud - we have a great tradition of having the best time of any team at an event, winning is not important - although it would be nice ..... :)
Love you all
Ms Watkin

The GIRLS are back! Come on, The Model !!
(Ed: I guess that's Tuesday April 8th in Belfast ??)

hiya. i'm from st.peters school and we entered the rock challenge 2 years running
i'm not 2 sure if st peters were entering dis year as i'm not there anymore (i'm at college.)
(Ed: there's a St Peter's taking part at Bournemouth on Mon Mar 3rd ... maybe that's 'your' St Peter's ? :)
i really enjoyed doing the rock challenge but found some of the ova schools really bitchy which i thought woz stupid as it was meant to be a fun day, not bitchy!
i think it'z cool wen the crew start dancing on the stage and gettin everyone involved, and i liked it wen they wore the cow pants (coz i've got sum just like them!)

Just a note to Gemma who says she will be more attractive than Dave Beal - it won't be that difficult, will it!!!! (Ed: oooooohhh !! :) Gd Luck 2 all Portsmouth entries, especially South Downs! [hope you can all find time in your busy schedules to turn up!]

I hear that Wendy's acting as mentor for a southern school ? I thought she wouldn't stay 'idle retired' for long! Say 'hello' to her for me.
Regards to you both.
Lesley (South Hunsley)

Nov 22nd 2002

hey rockas, i just checked out the entries for bradford day 1!!! and wow there are some great schools taking part!
i'm from buttershaw high school - even though we came 2nd last yr and won 5 awards (yes, 5 awards!!!!!!) we are coming back bigger and stronger!! and boy are we bigger!!!
can't wait to have another such wild and exciting time! i can't believe thornton grammar ain't in it this yr! o well, neva mind guys - gud luck with your fundraising!
and hey, john smeaton, ur on the same day with us again like last yr
gud luck ppl!! u will be fantastic im sure!!
james from buttershaw high school

Nov 21st 2002

Hi everybody.
It's been ages since I left a message on the site.
I am a long-since-retired Rocka. Ah yes! I remember all the days of gruelling hard work, slaving away, running around getting nervous just to have your five minutes of fame and go mental on stage ...... and that was just last year in Dave's stage crew!
I am looking forward to being a volunteer again this year and giving a little back to the competition that gave me so much.
I want to wish good luck to South Downs College who make a surprise return in 2003. (Let's hope they show up this year. Come on guys!)
And of course also to King Richards - good luck, guys.
A massive shout out to East Shore and Medina House. Can't wait to see your entries this year, guys.
Best of luck to you all. See you in 2003.
Dan (often found in the middle of long and lonesome roads.)
Live The Dream!

Nov 20th 2002

Alright everyone how'z it goin?? How'z the rehearsals comin along?
how many teams r takin part in aberdeen next year?? I can't wait!! (Ed: check the entries page, Stephie - they're listed there :)
I love dancin and the rock challenge helps me do summin i love!! its ace!!!
Someone wb soon
Stephie E

Hi John! It's Gemma the volunteer here. Just thought I'd write to you as I haven't seen you for so long.
Not long now 'til the next tour. I'll be doing most of the Southern dates (Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, SGF and hopefully the NGF if I can afford it) but that all depends on my exams as I am at college finishing my A-levels.
Rock Challenge should be good for me this year as I am in the process of applying to do Stage Management courses at Universities. Yes, I could be the next David Beal - but obviously a lot more attractive! (Don't tell him I said that :)
(Ed: OK, Gemma ... I won't ... it's just between you and me :))))
See you next year
Take Care

it was great winning in 2001 (and although we didn't last year, we will this one) but i would like to wish all the other schools GOOD LUCK

Nov 19th 2002

Hey Rock Challengers everywhere, just wanted to drop a note in to say hi!
I have to agree with some of the others about the 2003 Artwork: I think it's been better in past years, but what the hey, it'll still make for some good posters, etc!
I'm off for an Interview at Imperial College today (Ed: good luck, Tim :)) and what will I be taking to do on the train? You betcha: all my global rock stuff so I can finally get our team on the right tracks!
Our soundtrack's done, costumes are being made, just haven't cast any roles or come up with the choreography yet! Ah well, it's all for fun and we'll have a laugh doing it!
Can't wait for the Southampton events: I'll be there volunteering all three days so I'll be able to see some of those fantastic performances that are always there, likewise with the schools we perform with on Portsmouth Day 1.
On a final note, I'd like to say I really think we (the participants past and present, the Liaisons,and everyone else) should all start making an effort to get the Rock Challenge famous in the UK (more so) through the media.
Maybe schools can put a few people in charge of sending letters and videos to national newspapers and tv studios. That way the whole thing might get some more sponsors and be able to put on more shows, etc. If we really showed others how important it is, it might get more coverage!
Anyway, can people respond to this idea please ? It wouldn't take a whole lot of work ... we could maybe put together a huge petition, send it round all the schools participating now and those that have in the past ... who knows how many signatures we could get ??!
Anyway, tis just an idea!
All the best, always.
Tim (Sandown HS)

hi all!! our global rock is up and running now with some of the copperfield crew with us!!
just wanna say gud luck to u guys and dance is looking fab!!!
adwoode ov smeaton

Nov 18th 2002

Yay! The list is up at last! At last we can each weigh up our competition - and OMG! I counted 11 Isle of Wight schools in it this year! Just five years ago there was just one!
Still not sure about the new artwork that's been put up, tho it will certainly turn a few faces!
Hope all you schools are having fun with RC so far and i'll see some of you in Southampton (providing nothing real bad happens... it doesn't bear thinking about!) :)
Roise (Cowes)

Copperfields College are sadly no more doing rock challenge but you can see a few lasses from copperfields takin part in rock challenge at south leeds art college and john smeaton

HIYA!! i'm from Cockermouth school nd i just wanna wish evry1 that is competing up at Carlisle gud luck!!
hiya 2 evry1 from mine and Rhodesway school, i thought urz was gr8 last year!
cya in March
(Ed: Cliare, I've just - Nov 19 - heard that Rhodesway are now appearing only at Bradford )

Nov 17th 2002

Hey, we are sooooo excited about Aberdeen and can't wait till Feb 13th! It seems so far away, but it isn't that long!
I (Lynne) really like the artwork ..... sorry Miss Geib!!! I can't wait to buy the t-shirt!
Well, we look forward to seeing all the other teams at the A.E.C.C. in Aberdeen!
Lynne and Mhairi (Peterhead Academy!)

Yo all you rockas! How'z it all going? Everyone at St Vincent is sooo looking forward to performing in march. I can't wait!
Hope everyone's rehearsals are going well and I'll see y'all soon.
Love you all
Becci xx (aka Spoons)
P.S A big hello!! to Chez, Heva, Glenn and everyone else who performed in the charities concert!

hi. we were just wondering if Copperfields College are taking part in rock challenge this year as they were well fit
from the lads at rhodesway
(Ed: check out the 2003 Tour dates, Rhodesway ! All the schools we know about so far are now listed there :)

I've been waiting for the Artwork for my publicity - I wish I hadn't bothered now. Where did they get this from?

hiya every1. really enjoying rock challenge this year, its gonna b fab (tho' still haven't got used to dancing infront of the bennies lot!)
does any1 know of any lads that r comin? we NEED them!
see u all on tuesday night!
keeley (whitehaven)

H1i John
I just checked out the new artwork for 03 - is it confimed that this is it ??
Hmmm ... i have mixed opions on this ... it's soooo not like the others (which i liked much more) but i think perhaps i'm afraid of change to some extent too.
It's certainly very bold ?

Alright there everyone! It's Steph from Westhill Academy!!
The rock challenge is mental and awesome!!! Thanx 2 all da crew and everyone who took part in Aberdeen! Best day ever!
The break dancin's still goin good!! Someone wb soon

Hi Rocka's howz it goin? it's kirsty here from ryde high! hey, Tim, hope all the rehearsals are going well my love! Has it taken on well over there at Sandown? hope so!
can't wait to meet all the people in our event on march the 6th - we are against some great schools! does anyone know who has dropped out? (Ed: check out the entry list, Kirsty - it's now on this website :)
i have t say i never knew how much work global rock entailed! it's so hard organising all the people and the set and stuff, and that's before we even try and work out how to do it all! blimey! but it's worth it, tho, just to see the cow print trousers!
hey, Juno - thanks for putting up with all my phone calls worrying about entry forms. Much appreciated!
Loadsa Love
Kirsty (Ryde High)

hi john
OMG !!!!
that is the worst artwork i have ever seen (even the blue face is better) :(
(Ed: hey, Vanessa ... I liked the blue face ! Still got the teeshirt too !! :)))

hi all!!!
good luck for next year's rock challenge.! we hope to be competing against all the same schools as last year and we could have a 5th year in a row title, but we'll just have to wait and see!!!! :-)
(Ed: check out the entry list - it's now on this website - let us know what you think :)
hope to see u all again soon.
luv from sarah,laura and jan.

hi everyone. i'm from ballee but i can't do rock challenge this year since i have got too many hours at work and i won't have enough time to learn the routine.
i really do want to do it - it's the best thing i have ever done!!! i hope i get to do the make up so i can come back and see you all.
i would just like to say a big GOOD LUCK to Ballee and all the other schools which are taking part in it this year. Rock Challenge is brilliant and i think everyone should do it!
loads of love

Nov 15th 2002

This is to the person who doesn't have the confidence to audition:-

why not come along and volunteer on my stage crew at your local event ?
I'm sure John will be more than happy to pass on all the relevant information. (Ed: will do, Dave :) Hopefully we'll see you there!
Dave (RC Stage Manager)

Nov 14th 2002

hey u rockers, hope you irish lads are there next year
we also had a great day showcasing at beverley racecourse and hope all the schools who went there did too - see ya soon
jane and leanne from driffield

Nov 13th 2002

Hi, this is leanne from driff school.
just wishin everyone good luck for 2003. i hope i get in again this year!!!


hiya all! hope every1 has a gr8 dance this year, n ur all gettin totally hyped. I'll c u at st george's hall in march.
lookin 4ward 2 bein amazed @ every1's dance (wish i could dance like that, i can only do set)
Vicky in Smeaton, Leeds

Easy now everyone! It's Clare from John Smeaton Community High School.....
We've now got our theme and are currently going through the process of the auditions (summat we've never done before.)
This year's global rock is gonna be the best!
Especially good luck to RALPH THORSBY if you're in it this year...thnx 4 da support.
Anyway..........GOOD LUCK
Love ME!!!

Nov 10th 2002

Hey, it's Abi from Hornsea.
The auditions are going great, and we've got the second ones next week.
I just want to say a big thank you to all the choreographers and especially Mrs Hylton.
I can't wait 'til the big day!! See you all later and good luck to the other schools. Love ya all!
Abi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i would just like to say how i think Rock Challenge is really good and how much i wish i could be in it but i would never have the confidence to audition.
so to all of you who have been in rock challenge, don't take it 4 granted.
(Ed: Hello, and thank you for your message. Don't forget that there are MANY opportunities to be a totally invaluable member of a Rock Challenge team that don't involve you having to audition to be a performer !! Get back to me if you want to know more :))

Mackie Academy need to get music clearance for their performance and I am in charge of doing this.
How do I go about it?
(Ed: answered by email )

Hiya! It's us (again)
Just to say that our dance is brilliant with a great concept.
Jack has done Rock Challange before but I haven't and I'm so excited!
We visit the website regularly, looking 4 newer news (which we fine) (Ed: 'fine' ??) and it's gonna be really, really, really, really, really, really good!
Aarrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhh ... can't wait!
Soph and Jack (Wavell)

Gud Luk 2 Malet Lambert in Hull 4 nxt yr!

Hey everyone, it's Stephanie from Peterhead!
Four months till we perform and everything is going excellently.
We are coming back this year bigger and stronger!!! WE ARE GONNA ROCK THE ABERDEEN CONFERENCE CENTRE!!!
John, u better be there cos it's been a while now! (Ed: Hello, Steph! Thursday Feb 13 sounds good to you too ?? Touch wood, see ya there !! Assume fond parents will be there in the evening too ?? Say 'Hi' to them for me meanwhile :))
I am sooooo excited, and we have many new schools entering our event which is ace!!
Can't wait to see ya all again

Nov 9th 2002

Sad to see that Jodie is leaving. What will the day be like without her and the Thornton Rock Challenge crew in 2003?.
The whole of the Peterhead team would like to wish her the best of luck in Aus and we are sure that it will not be too long before we hear about her exploits at Rock Eisteddfod Challenge! Keep us posted via the U.K.message page.

Hello it's Tim again.
I've just logged on to look at the messages and have read the one from Jodie the Liaison Teacher from Thornton Grammar.
I just want to say what a great shame it is that Thornton won't have a team in the 2003 events. You're one of those schools whose performances have been fantastic from what I've read and the pictures I've seen.
Anyway, good luck in Aus, Jodie (thinking of getting involved with it over there?) and good luck to the rest of the team in your fundraising for 2004!!
Tim (previously of Ryde High, now of Sandown)

Nov 8th 2002

Sad news in many ways - I'm leaving the UK (to teach in Aus) in January.
Wanted to call but not quite sure what to say.
Dresden is off for the team and, secondly, Thornton Grammar will not be taking part in the 2003 Rock Challenge. Following my departure, the school will be going to a two year cycle (year one fundraising, year two performing).
Mixed feelings of sadness and excitement.
I'd love to see you all again some time.
Say hello and goodbye to everyone for me. It's been a great ride, and I've met some fantastic folk on the way.
Jodie (LT, Thornton Grammar)

I'm at school at the moment and thought I'd check the message board to see what was happening with everyone (okay, so I do that everyday, I won't deny it) and I thought I'd leave a message.
Hey to Kirsty, and to be honest, last year it was the cast and crew that made us get to the final! Can't wait to see your performance next year, I hear you're against Brune Park again, so that's wicked!! I'll be there to see you all!
Hey to everyone else I know through Global Rock, Brune Parkers and St Vincent's especially. I'm volunteering at the 3 Southampton days next year so AWAHOO, I can't wait to see what great performances you all have come up with.
We're getting our performance up together at Sandown slowly but surely: we should have our soundtrack done by the end of the week, so straight on with rehearsals after that (i hope!!!)
Anyway, best to all!
tim (sandown high)

hey everybody! it's the foxy ladies from buttershaw high school :)
can't wait to perform again at st george's hall! Our performance is gunna be betta than ever! one word to describe this is fandabydosis, or in other words FANTASTIC!
good luck to all the other schools who are gunna take part! can't wait to cya all and get down to a bit of groovy dancing!
cya all later and good luck to everyone!
buttershaw high school RULES !!!

HELLO people! adam again from smeaton! just to let u know, peterhead, u are great. hope u get to the finals. ur dance looked amazing - even though smeaton wasn't there (but we'll be there this year!?)

Nov 6th 2002

Hey, how exciting is this - we will be performing in Aberdeen in less than 4 months!!!!! I am so excited, I cannot wait.
Our team is better and stronger than ever this year, and we are gonna come and blow u away once again!!
Marisa (Peterhead Academy)

Hi it's Kirsty here from Ryde High.
We have just taken Global Rock over from Tim who sadly left us this year to go to Sandown. Not only have we lost Tim, we have lost Rory, Linzi and Vicki too! So we are all absolutely on our own this year.
I was one of the cat dancers last year, and this year am on the committee, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much to everyone who has said hi to us, especially all of you from brune park. We are in your event again this year and I reckon we hav got sum great friendships forming with you bunnies and the rest.
Can I just say thanks to Tim for getting us to the finals last year, and can't wait to see you and Sandown's entry this year!!! What event are you in? I would love to come and watch!!

Loadza globalrock love
kirsty xx

hello john
i have been told that you are using the city of portsmouth girls' school performance for the new poster of 2003.
if this is true would it be possible to email me back and tell me as i was in that performance
(Ed: I haven't a clue what's on the 2003 artwork, Danielle, but rest assured that as soon as I get the file it will be added to the artwork page! (And - if you join the ukrc email list - you'll be among the very first to know !! :))

We're sooooooo excited bout doin rock challenge this yr. It is gonna be really good.
Gd luck every1 (specially Wavell)
Soph and Jack (Wavell)

Nov 5th 2002

eazi, people, it's adam once again!
i'm so excited this year. i'm choreographing my own section and also da main part!!!!
can't wait to see da other schools! ow's everybody doing?
cya then.

Nov 3rd 2002

Hey all u rock challengers out there!!!
2 start off i'd like 2 say ...... GO LYTCHETT MINSTER SCHOOL FROM DORSET! we're gonna win this year!
good luck 2 all the other schools performing @ b'mouth this year, watch out though...LYTCHETT'S PERFORMANCE IS GONNA BLOW U AWAY!!!
lets make this year the best ever
kerry xxx

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