The Sholing Technology College

    The magnificent Titanic is built, sets sail and we watch her passengers. However, all is not as it seems – the values that constructed Titanic have been to work. Disaster strikes, with shock turning to the realisation that few will survive.

Cooper School
"Growing Up”

    The performance takes the audience on a journey through life and illustrates the changes we go through from start to finish.

Cowes High School

    Our theme incorporates the Greek ideas of love. These are Storge (materialistic love), Eros (sexual love), Philos (family/friendship) and Agape (charity love). We show how overindulgence of each love can be destructive, but each in moderation equals true love.

Regents Park School Seniors
"Fiesta Forever

    Different civilisations, cultures and religions have their own ways of expressing the joy of life. From the druids ‘Solstice’ celebrations, to the rhythm and spectacle of a Brazilian carnival. Regents Park explore the differences and similarities of ancient and modern festivals from around the globe.

Costello Technology College
"Black and White

    It would be a peaceful world if everyone accepted people for who they are. No matter what race, religion or colour. We would like to see the world live in harmony, not conflict. It is our future.

Headington School

    Is it a disease that eats a mans’ mind or the mind of a murderer? Our society has always been good at disguises, but how much longer can we hide from ourselves, the true meaning of the word?

Aldworth Science College
"Not Another Teen Movie!

    Everyone enjoys a good teen movie. Boy meets girl, boy gets girl. These movies often have a hidden meaning; whatever your dream is, work hard enough and you will get it. Will our dancers reach their dream?

Solent Middle School
"Frozen in Time

    The Titanic disaster symbolizes man’s ambition pitted against nature and human weakness. In our version, a group of pierrots, or clowns, personify our hindsight. They can be seen as ironic commentators, man’s conscience – even ghosts, watching the inevitable unfold.

Royal Manor Arts College
"An Oriental Dream

    Sometimes our dreams take us to unexpected places, showing us new and colourful ideas of culture and being. A boy finds himself taken into a wonderful world of Oriental charm and fantasy.