Applemore College
"Fusion Confusion"

    Barriers between cultures exist worldwide, leadingto intolerance and conflict. Could this be due to an unwillingness to accept differences ? "Fusion Confusion" attempts to portray that, with acceptance, barriers can be broken down, bringing people together in harmony.

Ridgeway House Special School
"The Elements"

    Like the elements, we are each different and unique.
    Like the elements, we each have different strengths.
    Like the elements, we need and value each one, but together we are strong, and we have harmony.

Archbishop King RC Middle School
"Toys in the Attic"

    In the attic, the abandoned toys dance to express their unhappiness: the angry robots, the aggressive ballerinas and sad Pierrots. Then for a moment the sun shines through the skylight freeing them from their emotional chains.

Hamble Community Sports College

    How do we fill that empty hole in our lives ? We search for excitement, we search for that something to make us feel better. We can be tempted into lifestyles that often corrode still further the quality of our lives.

Somerton Middle School
"The Four Elements"

    "The Four Elements" is inspired by the Californian fires and floods. It suymbolises how the Earth co-operates with forces, but when they get out of control, havoc is let loose. We end with the earth, a survivor through some of the world's worst natural disasters.

Queen Elizabeth's School
"Soul Searching"

    Inspired by the poem "footprints", we follow a teenage girl's struggle to beat the spirits in her head. We see her fight for freedom from loneliness and the battle between good and evil for her soul. But who is strongest .... ?

St Peter's Catholic School
"The "Reel" World"

    Demonstrating how people can become too involved with the world of film to live their own lives. Showing the changes in film genre from silent movies to futuristic, we follow someone who is sucked into films and cannot excape.