Wildern School Team One
"Couch Potatoes"

    "Couch Potatoes" reflects the amount of time spent glued to the box! We used our team's favourite and most influential programmes and genres; such as f.r.i.e.n.d.s, The Simpsons, Big Brother, Sport and MTV, to show how much they infuence what they do, think and like.

Wildern School Team 2
"My Body is a Temple"

    Spurred on by images in the media and opportunities like health spas and plastic surgery, we are constantly looking to improve ourselves. Too much of a good thing can be destructive. Balance and harmony in our lives should be our aim.

Sutton Valence School
"The Darker Side"

    The basis of our piece is Golding's novel "Lord of the Flies". We try to show how quickly order becomes chaos when life has no structure and the weak give in to the bullies.

Chamberlayne Park School
"Rhythmic Conflict: Earth v Pollution"

    The Earthlings are trying to save the planet and keep it clean. Pullutens are overruling the world with their smog. A healthy planet results in healthy humans with the resistance of substance abuse. Can the Earthlings save the planet in time or will the Pullutens conquer all ?

Peter Symonds College
"Confessions of Urban Sin in a Dance in Limbo"

    Oblivious we may be. However, the seven deadly sins constantly haunt our daily lives, especially through an urban lifestyle, where vanity and lust have become routine and greed or envy the norm. Tonight we confess these sins to you in a dance in limbo.

Worle School
"Life Changes"

    Remember that place of oneness, peace and no separation. Then we are born. We live our different ages. We become separate, together, independent, the to-ing and fro-ing of relationships until we die. To return to oneness, peace and no separation.