Lytchett Minster School
"Bui Doi - The Dust of Life"

    In the street of Vietnam, children fight for survival. Rejected after their American fathers left, the children dream of flowers, butterflies and stars, wishing for acceptance in a world that seems blind to their fate.

Redbridge Community School
"A Matter Of Style"

    Our dance shows the difference between two dance styles - contemporary street modern and street jazz. It shows that how they conflict with each other in techniques is similar to how groups of people differ in their approach to life.

King Alfred's Community and Sports College Team Two
"Dangers and Consequences"

    Sometimes we're sick of listening to our parents, when they're actually advising us for our own good. When we block this out, we forget about serious consequences. We should be aware of dangers in society that may be disguised as something we trust.

Regents Park Girls School Juniors
"Insert Coin"

    Computer game technology - evolving faster than your fingers can move on the console. Can you remember the origins of this phenomenon ? Where two lines and a dot amused children for hours ? Regents Park review the eras of change.

Burford School
"Pressure On"

    Our theme is the pressures of alcohol on young people, with binge drinking at a frighteningly high level, saying "No" is harder than ever. In our piece, we show how five girls struggle to fight against alcohol abuse.