St Vincent College
"Three Wishes"

    In a mystical fantasy land, a young street urchin stumbles upon an all-powerful genie. The genie offers to grant him three wishes, but will his choices make him happy ?

Sandown High School
"The Snow Queen: A Timeless Tale of Friendship"

    An ice-hearted evil riding on snow finds someone as frozen as she. Kaya is bewitched, her friendship with Gerda broken. Can she be saved? Attend to the commencement of our story ... all will be revealed before the end.

Gosford Hill School
"Seven Deadly Sins"


Brune Park Community School
"Don't Always Believe What You Read"

    Every day the national press is full of sensational stories. With each passing day it gets harder and harder to tell fact from fiction, and that's why ... you shouldn't always believe what you read.

Henry Cort Community College
"Earth 2010"

    When chaos and destruction surround us, we begin to wonder how life continues after the world has collapsed. Does our total reliance on artificial intelligence give us hope our fear in our lives in space ? Our survivors face this dilemma.

King Alfred's Community and Sports College Team One
"Talking to Myself"

    Sometimes in life, obstacles are thrown in our way to test us. Life has to go on, but we often need help to overcome these obstacles. This piece shares with you the state of mind we may end up in until we talk to others rather than to ourselves.

The Grange School
"Journey into the Unknown"

    In a technological world, we often think we know it all, but our universe is full of mysteries too vast and infinite to comprehend. Our dance explores the possibilities of life on other plants, as spacemen visit Mars, Jupiter and Venus.