Guildhall, Southampton - March 5th 2003






BARTON PEVERIL COLLEGE:the Ansvar Award for Best Concept, the Award for Student Leadership (with St Vincent's College), the Award for Best Lighting Design, and overall First Place

BROOKFIELD SCHOOL: the Isle of Wight Healthy Schools Award for Most Entertaining Performance

CARISBROOKE HIGH SCHOOL: the Hampshire Learning & Skills Council Award for Best Drama Skills

CRESTWOOD SCHOOL: the Be Your Best Foundation Performers' Choice Award

HIGHCLIFFE SCHOOL: the Southampton City Council Award for Best Hair & Make Up

LYCEE 1ER FRANCOIS: the Power FM Award for Best Soundtrack, the Hampshire County Council Award for Best Choreography and overall Second Place

ST VINCENT'S COLLEGE: the Award for Student Leadership (with Barton Peveril College), the Hampshire Police Authority Award for Best Stage Crew, and overall Third Place

WILDERN SCHOOL JAMMIN' DODGERS: the Sewing World Award for Best Costume Design and the South Central Connexions Award for Media Management (with Wildern School Obsessions)

WILDERN SCHOOL OBSESSIONS: the Award for Best Set Design & Staging, the Hampshire Constabulary Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, and the South Central Connexions Award for Media Management (with Wildern School Jammin' Dodgers)


Barton Peveril College
"Freedom of Expression"

Young people are made to go through education and employment without having the opportunity to express themselves. We show how one revolutionary can change peoples' views so that a monotonous life can be turned into a fulfilled existence.

Brookfield Community School
"Brookfield Circus"

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, welcome to our fantastical world. Skilled acrobats, flying trapeze and silly clowns bring you to your knees, roaring tigers and tamers too, and the strongest woman to entertain you. We hope you enjoy our show - it's a must and loads of fun without any fuss.

Carisbrooke High School
"Speed Trap"

300 children are killed or seriously injured on our roads annually. Hit and run, drunk drivers and use of mobile phones are common causes of accidents, but so too is the invisibility of young people on the roads, especially at night.

Crestwood School
"Fatal Reaction"

Through this dance we venture into the social life of youngsters today and decisions that they make that will influence their lives. One girl makes a fatal decision and through her body we see the consequences.

Highcliffe Team 1
"The Watchers"

In the 21st Century, we are a society of 'watchers.' At times it seems like our every move is being monitored. Our piece is set slightly in the future and asks the question: Who watches the watchers?

Lycee Francois 1er
"The One Who Stole The Light"

As with any bygone tale, our story begins in a fantasy world where light moves free and bright and where she can dance without a care in the world. The lord of shadows is watching and waiting, both dazzled and enthralled. He longs to capture the light, to feel her warmth and to keep her with him forever.

St Vincent College
"Adverse Reaction"

We see them everywhere in all the adverts: those perfect people we're all supposed to want to be. Should we fall into the media's perception of perfection or fight for individualism? Our three adverts will help you decide.

Wildern Jamin Dodgers
"The Club"

'The Club' has seen changes in decor music and dance. Drugs culture is ever present, but only as an undercurrent. The story follows Will Wildone and shows how music and dance can be more addictive than drugs.

Wildern School Obsession

We are all told how much the media can influence and inform us. As another teenage magazine hits the news stands, join us as we flick through the pages of 'Obsession'. What will you learn from this highly visual experience?