Fairfield Halls, Croydon - March 13th 2003




BAYLISS COURT SCHOOL: the Be Your Best Foundation Performers' Choice Award

BEECHWOOD SCHOOL: the Award for Best Lighting Design

BRYNMAWR SCHOOL: the Help a London Child Award for Best Drama Skills, the Connexions Award for Best Choreography, and overall Second Place

CRICKHOWELL HIGH SCHOOL: the Award for Best Stage Crew, and overall Third Place

ELTHAM HILL TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE: the Avon & Somerset Police Award for Most Entertaining Performance

FROGMORE COMMUNITY COLLEGE: the Mercury FM Award for Best Soundtrack, the Sewing World Award for Best Costume Design, the Rob Mullins Award for Best Set Design & Staging, and overall First Place

THE BULMERSHE SCHOOL: the Award for Best Hair & Makeup

WORLE SCHOOL: the Ansvar Award for Best Concept

Not Awarded: the Award for Student Leadership, the Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness, and the Award for Media Management


Beechwood School
"Celluloid Dreams"
They long to be rescued from the dull monotony of their lives. The only escape and excitement they have is the cinema. The big screen in its Technicolor glory allows a temporary reprieve from boredom.

Brynmawr School
"A War With No Winners"
We've embarked in the 21st Century and still the divides in our society we have claimed to remove are deeply rooted. When will it end? What price will we pay?

The Bulmershe School
"1 In 10,000"

This performance focuses on obsessions with body image. We are constantly exposed to images of the 'perfect shape', in an attempt to be perfect teenagers use cigarettes as an appetite suppressant, unaware that genetically 1 in 10,000 of us could be that shape.

Crickhowell High School
"Every Picture Tells A Story"

As we move through life we each have a different view of what we see. It is important to make sure we always make decisions based on true facts. It is important always to stay in the picture!

Eltham Hill Technology College

In the not too distant future societies' leaders have decided that music is a dangerous drug. They send timelords back in time to gather evidence. Only the timelords come to realise that music is a wonderful thing!

Frogmore Community College
"Life's A Circus"

People, places, smiling faces: growing up, growing old. A lifetime of experiences with people gazing on. And what's left? A box of much loved memories, not lost nor forgotten. Little bits of life to remember when we're old!

Worle School
"Dark Matter"

'Dark Matter' was inspired by the play 'Scratch the Surface' by Vita Nova. A young man, Jay, is influenced by the Raven - plus lots of friends to back him up - to go in the wrong direction in life.