Matthew Humberstone
"The Race for Aztec Gold!"

    In a sleepy Mexican village, a map is for sale. A map that leads to lost Aztec gold. Indi and Lara are in a race to get there first, but are the ancient Aztecs ready to give up their treasure ?

The Lindsey School & Community Arts College
"Bet Your Life !"

    The story follows a family's journey both physically and emotionally as they leave their home to lead a better life, but along the way dark forces are at work to tear the family apart. Glamour - Addiction - Poverty

"New York - United We Stand"

    United We Stand - a phrase adopted by New Yorkers after September 11th. Baysgarth's performance captures this spirit from its origins and unfolds the tale of the American Dream - whose fame, fortune and determination to offer inspiration across the world.

"Come In Out of the Rain"

    Mankind has failed to heed God's warning. His punishment is to flood the earth, destroying everything. The biblical legend "Noah's Ark" is a classic story of good surviving evil and one man's faith, unshakeable in the face of ridicule and scorn.

"Art Shapes Life"

    Through the arts, the viewer reflects upon the shape of her life. The paintings recall outings, childhood's enjoyment of fear, pressures of life, confused teenage years, bullying and victimisation and finally fun, dance and Rock Challenge.

Intake High School Arts College

    KIDnap is a thematic choreography about the controversial issue of child abduction. The dance intends to provoke and explore emotions that are synonymous with this challenging theme. A dynamic and energy-inspired choreography hitting all ages.