Matthew Humberstone School
"The Race for Aztec Gold"

    In a sleepy Mexican village, a map is for sale. A map that leads to lost Aztec gold. Indi and Lara are in a race to get there first, but are the ancient Aztecs ready to give up their treasure ?

Walton Girls' High School"Elemental"

    Earth, Rain, Wind, Fire.
    Rain - we need water - as alcohol it kills.
    Fire warms - burning tobacco kills.
    Wind - deep breathing of a trained dancer.
    Mother Earth nurtures all living things. Choose Wind and Earth - choose life over death.

Ambergate School

St Hugh's CofE Maths & Computing College

    A teenager is finding life difficult. Everyone is arguing at home. The teachers are picking on her. Nobody understands her. She doesn't fit in. Who can she turn to? The outcast goes on a journey of discovery.

The King's School
"Boys at War"

    We start with boys playing children's games: go on to teenagers where we compete in dance styles and then on to fully-grown men at war. The climax is the whole cast realising the futility of war.

Grantham Church VA High School
"Whose Stereotype ?"

    Society can make life difficult for some individuals. We create stereotypes and put people into categories. But what if some people don't fit quite where they should ? Are they accepted or rejected ? Are they feared or respected ?

Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School
“The Ugly Duck & The 3 Bears”

    Fusing "The Ugly Duckling" and "Goldilocks" demonstrates many issues facing today's adolescents. Bullying, self-loathing, inadequacy, loneliness and the overpowering need to "fit in" are all portrayed through this modern adaptation. However, where would society be without a happy ending ?