2008 UK ROCK Challenge®®



RULES and REGULATIONS - where are they?

They are detailed, and they are a two-volume pack sent out to Liaison Teachers in time for them to start their preparations ... meetings, rehearsals etc etc ... for each new series. Changes are made each year, so relying on the previous year's pack can be fatal.

Sometimes Liaison Teachers lose them ... amazing, I know, but it can happen from time to time. Their always-available route back to the information is through a phone call to the UK Rock Challenge® office on 02380 617 729 or via an email to zoie@rockchallenge.co.uk
This website DID carry a copy of them once - from memory, for one year only - but the information IS copyright of Global Rock Challenge®, some of it IS commercially sensitive, and given that it proved pretty much impossible to prevent it from being copied, the decision was made not to carry it any more.


You need permission from recording companies / artists concerned to use extracts of their music in your brilliantly-conceived and superbly put-together soundtrack. It can seem horrendously difficult to get any of them to reply to you sometimes. If YOU are stuck in this situation and time is pressing on - isn't it always - then DO give the Rock Challenge® office a call on 02380 617 729 or email Zoie using zoie@rockchallenge.co.uk

EXAMS - I don't know when mine are :(

If you want a ROUGH guide to when your 2008 GCSE exams are then use this timetable link but be warned - it should only be used to check if you do SEEM to have a clash with an exam on a Rock Challenge® day. If you DO, then make a note of what it says is on that day and then go and talk to your teacher(s) in that subject (and/or your school or college's Exams Officer) to see if they've got the same date(s) too.

This information comes from Roxanne, a team member at Driffield School, who pointed out in February 2005 that team members in England and Wales who were worried about possible Exam Clashes could check out the QCA's "find out your exam timetable" website..

She added "As long as you know the exam board you're fine. Make sure you set the session/year to March or Summer 2008 and - just in case you don't know ('cos I didn't) "GCE" on the website means exams like AS and A level!!"

It should have been easier in Scotland, for there's only the one Exams Board to check out, but I've failed so far to find details of their provisional 2008 Examinations timetable. If anyone knows where it is on the web so that I can put in a link to it, please let me know ! :)

PHOTOS - where are they ?

Because the world has moved on and no longer seems so innocent, and because of the possibility of the cutting and/or pasting of images of young faces by porn merchants in particular, and concerns over what paedophiles may be using our Rock Challenge® images for, the former practice of carrying good-quality images on both this and the Rock Challenge® photographer's website has been ended.

He takes a vast number of shots of each team's performance, and makes available a selected set of images (at a reduced price :) for each team's Liaison Teacher to order. His photographs are widely praised by the teams and can also help make really good displays in school ! Contact him through www.nickscott.co.uk

Poorer-quality images of most of the recent teams can be found here

HOW DO I JOIN ROCK Challenge® ?

Entry is open to teams of young people aged 11 to 18 in attendance at a school / sixth-form college etc. The entry is made as a team and has to have the full permission of that school or college's Head Teacher or Principal. Skip to this page for all the details.


An entry is most likely to succeed where there is a committed teacher to act as what we call the Liaison Teacher. It would be highly unusual for a team to have no Liaison Teacher - or no teacher involvement at all - and if no adult at all will take on the role then an entry only really stands a chance of happening where a sixth-form student has taken it on. Almost always that's what happens anyway where the entry comes from a college.

Sometimes it's not a teacher who gets involved and takes a team through to success - though it almost always is - but might be a Support Assistant or Technician (etc) instead. (Here we're measuring success as getting and keeping a team together all the way through from the initial call for volunteers, to arriving and performing at an Event - that alone is a Challenge®, and we genuinely feel that every team that arrives at an event is a winner !!)

If you can't think of what such a willing teacher might look like, they might be the ones who used to put on an annual school pantomime at Christmas, or a school musical (you know ... Annie ... Little Shop of Horrors ... Dazzle ... Rocky Horror Show ... Oklahoma ... those sorts of things) or they run Talent Nights or they might have no experience of school shows at all but they do dance - maybe dance aerobics - in PE, or perhaps they're straight on to the floor at the school prom (and don't embarrass TOO many :)) or they're the world's greatest air-guitar exponent, or they put on an occasional Karaoke Night at school. (Y'know, they might even actually run a dance class across midday or after school.) They're stars - every single one of them - and are the ones you need to nobble to get their interest in Rocka.

You might also like to get support from your PSHE teachers - being a part of Rock Challenge® has been shown to have real benefits regarding health / school attendance / reduction in substance use/abuse because we DO encourage team members to make certain commitments in these areas, and participation can very easily link through to their work too :)

Enquiring about entering doesn't finally commit you, not does putting a signature - plus that of your Head Teacher - on the "We Intend to Enter a Team" form we'll send you. Honest. The UK Rock Challenge® team won't call round if you fail to show up ...

UK Rock Challenge® are HUGELY helpful and will be on the end of a phoneline/email to assist pretty much every inch of the way should you be finding difficulties.

Liaison Teachers and supportive Head Teachers find that their "street cred" climbs exponentially among their team-member students, and so does their school's profile within the wider local community. The Rock Challenge® team will possibly be the only extra-curricular activity in school that has students queueing up at the door begging and pleading to be allowed in ... year after year after year, and it can generate column inches of favourable reporting :))

Entry is free to school/college teams in their first year (it used to be free to all) but after that first year UK Rock Challenge® now ask for a contribution based (at the moment) on the formula "Number of Performers X £5 = Team's Contribution".

Without that fee - which is taken in as a donation to the charity behind Rock Challenge® (the Be Your Best Foundation) - it would be unable to continue to operate in the UK, for the amount raised from ticket and merchandise sales together with the amount raised from sponsors is no longer sufficient to cover the hire of venues and equipment and the (rising) costs of insurance etc., despite the continual cost-cutting and the fact that so many volunteers labour away for free in the background to help keep it all going


Schools / colleges get to know their tickets allocation about 5 or 6 weeks before their particular Event, and sell what they can to their team members etc. before letting Rock Challenge® know if any are left over or if they need any more. If there is a school or college local to you, it might be a good idea to ring them and ask their Rock Challenge® Liaison Teacher if you can get a ticket through them BUT be warned ... in the 5 or 6 weeks before a team's appearance, that Liaison Teacher will almost certainly be completely tied up in the team's preparations in addition to their normal work, and may never get back to you ... might even forget all about you ...
When it can be seen how many tickets will then be available for the general public, those remaining tickets go on sale through that particular venue's ticket office only about two weeks before the Event you're interested in.
Rock Challenge® has become so popular that venues often sell out completely ... you really have to ring whatever Box Office might be involved as soon as you can in the "couple of weeks" period before the show (or even a bit earlier ... just in case) if you are completely unable to get a ticket through any of the schools or colleges taking part.