The Grange School (?)
"Talking to Myself"

    Sometimes in life, obstacles are thrown in our way to test us. Life has to go on, but we often need help to overcome these obstacles. This piece shares with you the state of mind we may end up in until we talk to others rather than to ourselves.

Bognor Regis Community College"Lights, Camera, Action"

    “The Dysfunctional Family” – a title many would not want to own up to! Behind closed doors, some families experience mental or physical abuse, which can have far reaching effects on both the children and society, now and in later years.

Davison High School for Girls
"Deeds Not Words"

    The fight for the right for women to vote was a violent struggle for the rights of equal citizenship led by Emmiline Pankhurst and her fellow Suffragettes. Parliament’s indifference to their cause didn’t put them off, it only helped to stiffen their resolve?

Filsham Valley School
"Le Chic Disco"

    Whatever your age, whenever you’re down, there’s always a guaranteed natural pick me up – a good old-fashioned night out dancing! We present to you ‘Le Chic Disco’.

Ifield Community College

    “Be the same, be included, be part of, association, duplicate, identical…IDENTITY…existence, individuality, oneness, selfhood, self…ME” This dance explores our need to be individual as well as our desire to belong and fit in with those around us.

Manhood Community College
"Bring Me To Life"

    Our story begins, we are taken into the underworld, dead mans’ land. Visitors too will face the death sentence, but when death and life collide, there is friction, gang warfare, can they survive as one? Only time will tell!

Oathall Community College
“Because I’m worth it?”

    Our dance highlights the issue of animal testing by cosmetic and make-up companies. It shows how our vanity is responsible for animal suffering and cruelty, and the possibility that one day, nature will take revenge.

Peacehaven Community School"Domestic Blitz"

    Everyone loves a movie blockbuster.
    But it’s a fine line between success and disaster.
    So what recipe for the perfect flick?
    Start with some action to give it a kick
    Add some humour and flair
    Then sass and you’re there

Bexhill High School

    There’s always two sides to a city. This piece will take you for a roller-coaster ride showing you this, and that no matter who you are, where you come from, whatever your background, you can achieve anything.

Tideway School
"Born to do it!"

    Our theme explores Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Some people, like Charlie, were born to do it. You don’t need to be greedy or spoilt you just need a little bit of luck, and most importantly believe in yourself.