Rhyddings High School
"Performing Art"

    Visiting an art gallery sounds dull? Have your eyes opened at the magical opening of a new Indian Exhibit. Be dazzled by Optical Art and see Grand Masters in a new light. A tribute to Lancashire’s Lowry. Performing Art – literally!!

Bootle High School
"Do You Have To Be Fake To Be Famous?"

    Our dance is based on fame and reality TV shows such as Big Brother and “I’m a Celebrity…” Do celebrities and fame control our lives? Do we want to watch them or be in them?

Southfield Technology College
"Simunye – Friends Will Be Friends"

    Our title ‘Simunye’ is the African for ‘we are one’. We believe that wherever you come from, whatever your background, we are equal. Our example of cheerleaders shows that friendship overcomes all.

Cockermouth School
"It’s A Hard Rock Life"

    Rags to Riches. An orphan rescued from drudgery and abuse experiences the luxurious lifestyle. Encompassed by love and money, she remains loyal, never forgetting her roots. Unselfish in her new found fortune she shares her dream, bringing hope to many.

Whitehaven School

    Welcome to 1984. Big Brother controls everything. Your freedom, your appearance and even your innermost thoughts. Can Winston and Julia find a place to support love, truth and individuality away from the omni-present Big Brother? 1984. A chilling story of the past, or a terrifying warning for the future?