Withernsea High School & Technology College
"15 Minutes of Fame"

    The media is full of celebrity gossip. Programmes like "Pop Idol" and "Fame Academy" offer everyone their fifteen minutes of fame. But a celebrity lifestyle has its downside - alcohol and drug abuse, loss of privacy and - finally - rejection.

Longcroft School & Performing Arts College
"Rock Baroque"

    Inspired by the legend that is Charles II and his fascination with everything French - women, dancing and theatre. Because of this flamboyant rogue, we celebrate the restoration of theatre and welcome the first actresses to our stage.

Bridlington School
"What's Missing ?"

    Presents and money have been lavished on teenager Levi all her life, but is it enough ? Will the street kids provide her and her parents with a clue as to what's missing ?

South Hunsley School
"The Journey of Life"

    Life is a journey - a tour of people and places, achievements and experiences. But where are we going ? Who will we become ? The choices we make along the way shape our lives and our future. Our journey begins at conception ...

Howden School
"Celebrating Success"

    Rock Challenge is about being your best: when you try, you can succeed. Today we want to celebrate the many kinds of success: academic, creative and sporting. Watch the youngsters overcome personal and practical barriers to succeed!