Buttershaw High School
"Citius, Altius, Fortius"

    Welcome to the 28th Olympiad – Athens 2004. Join us in our interpretation of the greatest sporting celebration in history that crosses boundaries, builds bridges and truly unites a nation. Sit back and enjoy ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ or ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’.

Whitcliffe Mount School

    The theme for this performance is developing skills through our everyday life. Everyone starts life with very little. It is the choices we make and the people we socialise with that make us the people we are today.

Hanson School
"Light The Fire Within"

    Can the Olympic dream really come true? Our story gives hope to all those who witness the glory, passion and desire within sport. Citius Altius Fortius, Swifter Higher Stronger. Light the fire within.

Haycliffe School

    It's time we took a hard look at all the trouble happening around us, all over the world. A world full of ‘Bullies’ Children and teachers afraid to go to school. If only everyone could live in peace and harmony.

Ralph Thoresby Arts College
"The Curse of the Mummies"

    Our performance not only celebrates the culture of the Egyptian dynasties, but also questions the morality of archaeologists who exposed the culture after thousands of years. Did these explorers unearth treasures of a lost civilisation or merely, by disturbing them, cause suffering to the spirits of the dead kings?

John Smeaton Community High School
"The Spirit of the Forest"

    Our dance is a fantasy – where the spirits of the forest are all powerful and humanity’s greed and destruction are rendered harmless.

Earlsheaton High School Technology College
"Individual Habits"

    Our piece is trying to show the importance of being individual in an organised world driven by routine. Expressing individuality whilst still conforming to rules is a tricky art for young people to juggle. Being unique doesn’t have to mean getting into bad habits.

The Cathedral School

    As Megan dreams, her toys come to life. Dolls are dancing and table-footballers are scoring goals. Until … the evil toycatcher hypnotises the toys and captures a doll. Will the Action Men be able to save the day?

South Leeds Arts College
"The Celts"

    Our piece combines Celtic myths and history into an original story told in dance.

Thornton Grammar School
"Tarzan and Jane"

    A young man brought up by apes befriends a beautiful lady from another world. His animal instincts and physical prowess entice her as he shows her the wonders of the jungle and leaves her confused as to where she belongs.