Our Lady of Lourdes School
"I am of Ireland"

    The mists of time merge
    Uniting those who have gone before
    Those who are yet to come
    We celebrate. Leave our isle of hunger. Share dreams of a new world.
    Searching – we discover, we carry within us our own cultures.

Belfast Model School For Girls
"Daydream Believer"

    This is a cautionary tale about daydreaming. Michelle, the schoolgirl in our story, daydreams endlessly about being rich and famous. Gradually as each of her daydreams dramatically disintegrates, she comes to realise that she is indeed happy, just being herself.

Ashfield Girls’ High School
"Rock Challenge – the movie!"

    - a tribute to the dads who build the sets; the mums who sew the costumes (and have great fun trying them out!); the classes in puppetry and dance – a great team effort to get to ‘showtime’ and that ‘Drug-Free High’.

Glenlola Collegiate School
"A World for All Seasons"

    There are sixty billion people in the world today. One of the most unifying features – something that we all share and experience is the season cycle. Different cultures all wake up to the same sun, feel the same wind on their faces, rely on the same rain. Our entry aims to celebrate the seasons.

Ulidia Integrated College
"Freedom’s Cry"

    ‘Freedom’s Cry’ shows the journey from slavery to freed, ad personal expression. Tribespeople are captured by European masters. They are taken by boat to the New World and made to work in the fields. The slaves revolt and reclaim their identities as individuals who have voices and stories to tell.

Ballee High School

    The failure of Adam and Eve to exert self control over that apple gave birth to the seven deadly sins which human and fictional characters struggle to resist, by juxtaposing fairy stories and deadly sins, our theme of temptation emerged.

New-Bridge Integrated College
"Gimee! Gimee! Gimee!"

    Cinders needs a man, a dress, a makeover, but time is running out! Sometimes what you wish for is what you get! Beauty isn’t just skin deep, it’s in the eye of the beholder!