"The World’s your oyster, your future’s a clam"

    Our production highlights - through dance - the difference between opportunities available to children who only differ in terms of geographical location. Some have a future of endless possibilities, some have a future that is slammed shut before it has fully opened.

Sir Frederic Osborn
"almost nearly could have been"

    Life is full of hits and misses. Being in the right place at the wrong time, unable to avoid the pavement cracks, desperately clutching the losing ticket - there are no rules to life’s game of chance, but what if you’ve invited a deadly opponent to the table ?

Kings Langley
"Shining Through - Accomplish Your Dreams and Achieve your Individuality"

    As you climb the ladder of life, there’ll be obstacles to overcome to reach the next rung. No matter what holds you back, follow the rules, but be an individual to break that red tape and realise your dreams.


    The Hopi Indians tell how the world was destroyed three times: with fire, ice and flood. We are now in the fourth world. If we do not learn to live in harmony with each other and the earth, we will have lost our fourth and last chance; it is up to us, there is very little time.

Hemel Hempstead
"Stolen Youth / False Reality"

    Wanted: female aged 12-17 for immediate fame. Must Be: Moderately talented, prepared to work 25hrs a day, willing to leave friends, family and academic future. Please note: that any employer has the right to dump you without notice, reference or respect.

Francis Bacon
"Is Fame Worth It?"

    Growing up is difficult and dreams and hopes become your goals. When you finally achieve them it can be more exciting that you realise. But if your goal is fame, is it always worth it? Our piece shows that sometimes you can take your dreams too far.

"Sin Within"

    This performance uses the 7 deadly sins as a symbol. It is a reflection on our daily battle to do the right thing and work together to make the world a better place.